“Don’t call my bluff” says Obama

“Don’t call my bluff” says President Obama, thereby implicitly admitting he is bluffing. He then storms out of the meeting.

Any white trash redneck can negotiate better than that.  If Obama played poker, he would lose his shirt.

This is one of those days when the affirmative action job holder needs a white male to do his job for him.  You should never acknowledge the slightest possibility that you might be bluffing, or that any reasonable person might think you are bluffing.  And you never storm out of negotiations.  You wander out acting bored, and tell the other guys that you might contact them again sometime, maybe in a few days.  Or maybe not.  If you were to storm out, it would show you care, which would show the other side that they have hand over you.

Supposedly, the borrowing limit has to be raised before August the second, or the US stops paying its bills.  This is baloney, a fake deadline.  The president could cancel the stimulus, thereby freeing up the remaining unspent stimulus money, or could start selling off the gold in Fort Knox, or hold a land auction for some of the immense area of unused and under used land owned by the Federal government, but the closer the president gets to the real deadline, the worse his negotiating position.   If Republicans hold tight till after the fake deadline, then shortly after the fake deadline but quite some time before the real deadline, the President will concede.  He has already implicitly admitted it.

Although there is substantial overlap between the dumbest whites and the smartest blacks, affirmative action has the unintended effect of abolishing that overlap.  The bell curve is flat in the middle, but falls of very rapidly at the edges. So if you take an extreme group, the very worst at something, such as crime, or the very best at something, such as maths or running, they will overwhelmingly be of one particular race and sex.

If people are admitted to some elite activity on merit, then those admitted will be rather similar in merit.  If it is difficult to get in, most people admitted will have just barely made it in, so they will mostly be of very similar merit.  Apply affirmative action for some people of a readily identifiable group, for example females to engineering, and then almost everyone of that group will be of strikingly inferior to those admitted on merit.  In a group of a hundred or so, chances are that every single member of the non affirmative action group will be of visibly greater merit than the very best of the affirmative action group.  Overlap will be insignificant, and in a highly elite group, there will be no overlap.

I suppose there must be some white trash rednecks who negotiate worse than Obama, but of course they would never negotiate, so if you ever see a white trash redneck negotiating, or playing poker, he is a better poker player and a better negotiator than President Obama, because there is no affirmative action for white trash rednecks.

6 Responses to ““Don’t call my bluff” says Obama”

  1. Susy says:

    That isinght solves the problem. Thanks!

  2. bgc says:

    And, as Economist Gary Becker pointed out half a century ago (as well as being noticed by baseball pitcher Jim Bouton in Ball Four) where there is *real* prejudice aginst a group, members of the discriminated-against group who do make it will be *better* than average (because they have-to be).

    • Bill says:

      Right-leaning economists are rare. Right-leaning economics Nobel Laureates are common. For example.

      • Alrenous says:

        Does that mean you can force yourself to be better by deliberately provoking discrimination against yourself?

        • jim says:

          No: It means that if there is discrimination against group X, those few members of group X that make it into elite group Y will be markedly better than the typical member of elite group Y.

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