A preliminary review of the works of Anders Behring Breivik

Shortly before killing a bunch of people, mainly the children of the elite, Breivik published two works:

A movie, the knights templar which has too much fine print for the medium, and proceeds too fast for the amount of fine print.   I suppose the intent is to get you in the right frame of mind for his print works, or it might be he was just in too much of a hurry to get killing people to do a good job on the movie, and of course, his extremely lengthy, well read, scholarly and well researched manifesto thesis 2083 A European Declaration of Independence by Anders Behring Breivik.docx.  Did I mention it is rather lengthy, because it is rather lengthy.

His rationale for killing a bunch of people is that in order to defeat Islam, it is first necessary to defeat the Cultural Marxists (i.e. diversocracy, enforced political correctness), then restore patriarchy, then nationalism, and only then will it be practical to defeat Islam.  His schedule has war with Islam for control of Europe starting around 2083.   Before 2083, the job is to remake Europe to be capable of resisting Islam.

The analysis is sound as far as it goes, but the trouble is that while Charles the Hammer could remake Europe to make it capable of resisting Islam, a guy with some guns and a few tons of explosives cannot.

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  1. PRCalDude says:

    I think Karl the Hammer just existed during a different Zeitgeist where the ideas of Church, Christendom, Us vs. Them were deadly serious and people lived short miserable lives in Europe anyways, so why not go out with a bang in some climactic battle (Tours)?

    The Muslim gangs in Europe are bad but as you mentioned in your follow-on to this post, they’re entirely a creation of the government just as our gangs are here. Both their government and ours seem pretty adept at making the gangs just enough of an annoyance to ethnically cleanse areas of Americans/Norwegians, but not enough of an annoyance to where Americans/Norwegians conclude, “F-ck it, I’m going to fight back.”

    This status quo will likely continue until either country runs out of money to pay for cops and prisons or until either country runs out of Americans/Norwegians.

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