Clinton’s Booby Trap

Hillary wants the alt right to take over the right, to become the Republican party.

Which means that the alt right gets all the lovely beltway gravy that the Republicans are getting today – and like the Republicans, gets no power. Like the Republicans, becomes the outer party.

The Republican party then becomes the white male party because white males are about to permanently outvoted and rendered politically irrelevant.

It is an improvement on the current plan of the Republican leadership, which is that elections from 2020 out consist of the Republicans saying “White males are hateful, evil and deserve to suffer”, and the Democrats saying “White males are really horribly hateful and evil and we are going to make them suffer even worse”. And the beltway gravy will be nice.

But remember. Demotic politics is never where the power is, it is just theater to manufacture legitimacy for rulers, never a source of power. It can, however, be a source of beltway gravy, which is not nothing.

The booby trap is that we will rationalize pursuit of the lovely beltway gravy by coming to believe, or at least pretend to believe, that demotic politics is where power comes from. The alt-right taking over the Republican party is not the booby trap. The alt right being exposed to the same incentives as the Republican party is the booby trap.

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  2. Zach says:

    “Nonsense. Cruz would have consolidated the Obama transformation of open borders and radical financial transfers from white males to those pouring across the borders. Trump may well do the same thing, but at least he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.”

    Complete and utter bullshit about Cruz. But I want to stop the cruz stuff. He’s gone. Fuck him. Need to deal with reality now.

    Obvious flaws turn into genius political strategy under your analysis.

    • Anon says:

      Don’t be vague. Explain how he’s wrong.

      • Zach says:

        Read my books 😉 It makes a mockery of those few sentences he offered.

        Trump’s recent speech was exactly what a guy like me needed. He said exactly what he needed to say. The fact that he said it was something I simply could not predict or put faith in. But it happened.

        If he keeps this up, I would have supported him all along. This was fantastic.

        • Zach says:


          The larger point is that the funnel unto which flows the liquid needs to be changed. The winning needs to be done on its own terms. Hence, the observation of Clinton’s booby trap, and hence the observation that I was wrong.

  3. Randy says:

    How come the USA’s largest ethnic voting block will suddenly become “permanently outvoted and rendered politically irrelevant”? The White vote will be seriously influencing elections for many years to come, rest assured.

    • jim says:

      Arguably the white male voting block has already become politically irrelevant. Republican strategists say that the party has to appeal to hispanics and fatherless single women, since it can pretty much take for granted the votes of people who are paying the money to support hispanics and fatherless single women. The 2012 election was arguably already
      Outer Party

      “We hate white males, and are going to punish them for being white and male.

      Inner Party

      “We really hate white males, and are going to punish them for being white and male with great severity.

      Republican strategists were planning to run the 2016 election stridently, ostentatiously, and angrily on those lines, and pretty much everyone agrees that the 2024 election will be stridently on those lines, because of demographic changes that are already baked in. This is the last election that the white male vote can win.

      • pdimov says:

        I come to the opposite conclusion – the anti-white-male strategy is dead, not just for Republicans, but for Democrats as well. Bernie Sanders was the Ron Paul equivalent, next will be Trump-like. 2024 will not be on those lines.

        I wouldn’t even be surprised if we witness a(nother) role reversal between Republicans and Democrats, with the Democrats becoming (again) the white party.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          How many “Hispanics” are really White, or at least passable White?

          “Hispanic” is a polite word for Mestizo which nonetheless encompasses people who would simply be considered European in Europe. They align with the PoC coalition because no one who can escape it wants to be in the low status White category. But if Whites do seem to be retaking power, I’d bet a lot of “Hispanics” will try to flee into the unhyphenated White category, which could seriously shift the balance of power in elections decided by ethnic bloc voting.

          • pdimov says:

            “Hispanic” is a made up word for a hypothetical synthetic identity that has not, and will not, materialize. It’s a voting bloc what Republican and Democrat “strategists” want to effect and then exploit, but have not, and will not, be able to.

            • peppermint says:

              OK, call the spics what you want to, makes no difference to their childlike fat cheeks and thick heavyset black hair and eyes

      • R7_Rocket says:

        Actually, the next elections can be won by the efforts of white males… Russian hacker white males that is.

        Apefirmative action hires for e-vote cybersecurity are no match against Russian hackers. It will be a nice wrench in The Cathedral’s plans. Russia has already made test runs against the US Election system.

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  5. Zach says:

    “What did winning ever do for the cuckservative movement?”

    Reagan conservatism worked just fine. It worked better than this clown you’ve fallen in love with. The nowheresvilleman.

    It’s utterly incomprehensible to pretend nowheresvilleman is a good candidate. He has no purpose. He has no vision. He has nothing. He doesn’t know what he is, what he wants, and where he wants to go. Everything he’s said, has been unsaid.

    It concerns me that this isn’t absolutely obvious to all.

    Trump did one thing, he noticed one thing, and because he noticed this one thing, the drones are attached to him like vermin. It could have been ANYBODY, and the same thing would have happened. But it was the guy that makes no sense, is not consistent, and knows fuck all.

    The pretend intellectuals failed hard this go ’round. Fuckin’ laughable you put nowherevilleman near conservatism – or, even contesting it.

    Scatter the ashes, the remains of life’s passages….

    • Salger says:

      Your beloved Reagan enabled hordes of Illegals to pour into America.

      • Zach says:

        Not my beloved. I raise him as a point of contrast. Trump will, I guess, just “follow the laws” when it comes to immigration.

        Sound familiar. Changing his tune, as the wind blows. The clever rationalization that Jim will say I presume, is this is a special code word for something else.

        • Anon says:

          You said

          >Reagan conservatism worked just fine

          It didn’t. Changing your tune, as the wind blows.

          • Zach says:

            Has everybody lost their minds? Imagine how stupid this is…

            Trump is great, even though nobody knows what he stands for, because of the massive piles of evidence. Each one of you has to pretend to be in his inner circle and know exactly what he’s doing, because, I guess you each create a version of trump in your own heads.

            Jim, has to pretend he knows exactly what trump is up to, and only he, can distill this retard down to the true him.

            Contrast this with Ted Cruz. We all know what we’re getting, for good and for bad.

            Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible that Trump is the better version of someone’s distillation analysis out there. Very possible. But intellectually… it’s a vacant candidate. It has an aura of fanboyism, like what I see in videogames. That version of No Mans Sky didn’t exist. Only in your head. Only in the media. Only in the lies.

            Similarly, I like Trump, I think. I think it’s good to have someone else pushing the conservative parts of conservatism that are good, and purging the bullshit parts, there are lots of those too. But impossible to know if Trump is even close to doing that.

            Vacant, and all parts that will end up being true will be mere coincidence. Just as those that are false. Keep liking that version of Trump you created in your head.

            Possibly the “No Mans Sky” candidate.

            • jim says:

              Trump is great, even though nobody knows what he stands for,

              Trump stands for a wall and for removing twenty million mestizos.

              Ted Cruz reluctantly and belated said he stands for a wall, while signaling as hard as he could to the ruling elite that he was absolutely lying barefaced when he proposed his wall.

              • R7_Rocket says:

                Lyin’ Ted showed his true colors when he sided with BoonLivesMatter after the BoonLivesMatter thugs attacked peaceful Trump supporters in Chicago.

                • Zach says:

                  Did he? Got a link or something?

                  If he did, he’s a fuckin’ idiot.

                • R7_Rocket says:


                  Type in “ted cruz” “trump” “chicago rally” in your search engine.

                • Zach says:

                  An expected result. Verdict: not true.

                  Cruz says:

                  I also want to mention something about the events this evening in Chicago. This is a sad day. Political discourse should occur in this country without a threat of violence without anger and rage and hatred directed at each other. We need to learn to have disagreements without being disagreeable, to have disagreements while being respecting human beings on the other side.

                  Earlier today over thirty people were arrested at one rally. And then tonight as violence broke out the rally was canceled altogether. Now, the responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands. But in any campaign responsibility starts at the top. Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign. And when you have a campaign that disrespects the voters, when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that’s facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord.//

                • peppermint says:

                  Everyone including Lügenprësse knew he was blaming Trump at the time.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  When you say “but” in that sentence it means that everything preceding it was formulaic and to be ignored.

              • Zach says:

                You haven’t been following Trump closely have you. He won’t be purging anybody. At least not of late.

                Trump says a lot of things. We’ve already been through how meaningless that is. So the wall. Great. Trump said it. Great. Now, what of all the other things Trump has said, or is this your immortal fall back plan?

                Anything else? Or are you the fan in this video?

                Cruz would have been just as tough, if not tougher than Trump, on immigration. But on this single one issue, Cruz didn’t say what Trump said. Shall we go issue by issue? I don’t think that’d fair well for you. So, play a true game, not a fake one.

                • jim says:

                  Cruz would have been just as tough, if not tougher than Trump, on immigration.

                  Nonsense. Cruz would have consolidated the Obama transformation of open borders and radical financial transfers from white males to those pouring across the borders. Trump may well do the same thing, but at least he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

        • jim says:

          Following the laws means that all illegals get deported and a wall gets built. What is your point?

          Now some people claim that anchor babies are the law, but this is not written law, nor supreme court opinion, just something the government has gotten away with for many years, so following the law on anchor babies is almost by definition ambiguous.

          I realize that judges are likely to interpret the law as meaning that everyone in the world has the right to come to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting democrat, but Trump said he would follow the law, not the judges.

          • Zach says:

            Really Jim. What’s your point? Trump is awesome because he said something?

            Look, the reason this bothers me so much isn’t so much that I dislike Trump. His followers annoy me yes. But if he loses to this wretched cunt… which seems entirely too possible given the options we had, then all hope is lost, isn’t it?

            I think he’ll lose. If not, then I’ll be drinking a long with ya in celebration.

            • jim says:

              Really Jim. What’s your point? Trump is awesome because he said something?

              Trump is awesome because he said lots of things that no one else dares say. Thereby making it possible for other people to say those things.

              But if he loses to this wretched cunt… which seems entirely too possible given the options we had, then all hope is lost, isn’t it?

              Sure. But if Ted Cruz won, then all hope would also be lost. Indeed, Ted Cruz is worse than Hillary, because we might get civil war under Hillary, while Ted Cruz would quietly consolidate the Obama revolution, open borders and massive financial transfers from white males to people pouring across those borders. And if Trump wins, but fails to become God Emperor, then all hope is also lost.

              • Zach says:

                Yes, I saw that in your back pocket for like 3 years. If you want civil war now, good for you. Start your marches.

                I think some kind of weird equilibrium is possible, with a slow evening of the culture back to where it was. I know the counter arguments. Don’t believe them, yet.

                Our lives aren’t really too fucked with right now, compared to war. So trying to survive will be the only way people will do it. You argue the Frog scenario. Maybe, but I need more time to establish abject cultural failure.

                • peppermint says:

                  That’s not how it works. Since the dawn of storytelling it’s been understood that there are two honorable vocations, a man can work for his family or fight for his nation. Today’s young White men see that they won’t be able to get jobs and families except through extraordinary talent or effort.

                  Do you think manchildren like chicken tendies and vidya?

                  They will fight because they have nothing to lose. They will not be bought because the dead empire has nothing to offer them.

                  The ideology is so dead its contradictions can be pointed out without violating its taboos, and it doesn’t matter that it has always been utopian and procrustean and spiritual and just plain silly, what matters to an ideology is keeping people working and paying taxes, and that is its final failure.

                  Civil war will happen whether you would have it or not unless and until the government stops preventing White men from having jobs and families. It doesn’t matter that you GenXers had an agreement with the system that they don’t rock the boat and they get to retire at 65 to social security. That agreement is worth as much as the Constitution.

                • jim says:

                  I think some kind of weird equilibrium is possible, with a slow evening of the culture back to where it was.

                  For two hundred years, moving lefter and lefter, faster and faster. Not going to change short of coup or civil war. They are not going to change their policies because of the votes of two hundred million black Muslim military age males screaming for infidel blood and white pussy. Rather they need the votes of two hundred million black Muslim military age males screaming for infidel blood and white pussy because they are already changing their policies.

                  Ever leftwards policies are baked in to a holiness signaling spiral, and the government elects a new people to vote for these policies that are already baked in.

                • pdimov says:

                  “I think some kind of weird equilibrium is possible, with a slow evening of the culture back to where it was.”

                  Not possible for both demographic and economic reasons.


    • jim says:

      Trump is a very able politician, and if he has contradicted himself on every point, if he is inconsistent on everything, the rest of them have failed to contradict themselves on one point: The rest of them are all entirely consistent that white males are villains who willfully cause immense harm and deserve immense punishment.

      Does Trump lie like he breathes?

      In his book “The art of the deal” he pretty much says he lies like he breathes, but he is running against Hillary Clinton, and compared to her is a paragon of truthfulness.

      Is he a crony capitalist who bribes senior politicians?

      Well Hillary Clinton is a senior politician who takes bribes from crony capitalists.

      • Zach says:

        I don’t dislike Trump. The clever rationalizations for pedestalization defy common sense, and obvious observation.

    • peppermint says:

      » It could have been ANYBODY, and the same thing would have happened.

      Yes, we are using Trump, as opposed to Trump using us.

      » But it was the guy that makes no sense, is not consistent, and knows fuck all.

      if he’s such an idiot, why is he so rich?

      if he doesn’t stand for anything, why is he not a conservative and literally Hitler?

      if he’s losing so badly, why did Hillary feel the need to openly tie him to the alt-right and ask for votes from cuckservatives?

      • Zach says:

        Yes, that’s exactly accurate. You are using Trump. Maybe a few more of ya. Many more are being used. I wish more people would admit that. Take the fanboy right out of the strange movement. The alt-right obviously weighs one issue more than any

        He is not an idiot, like Obama is not an idiot. A liberal in sheeps clothing. He’s magnificently stupid. Tariffs? What da fuq?

        He does stand for something, of critical importance. But he’s gone back and forth with that. His fans heard the first sentence, didn’t hear the second, now they are zombies, but the kind of zombies Jim likes! Trump can say anything or do anything, they will follow. The zombies that will give us Trump or civil war. He actually could be Hitler, and maybe the zombies wouldn’t care. Who knows. Have they heard the true secret sentence? His speech will tell us.

        I don’t think he’s losing badly. Did I say that? I just think he’ll lose.

        I get your perspective. I’m not hear to bash Trump too much. It just pains me to see this election get flushed for the wrong pick, and I had a Sean Hannity moment, I was going to spank my wife, Jim style. But he made it even worse by championing the zombies to cause civil war. 😉

        • peppermint says:

          Get used to tariffs m8. Your ideology is dead.

          • Zach says:

            Not my ideology. C’mon man. How many times must I say this?

            Similarly, caring about the result of an election, for x, y or civil war, is not believing IN democracy.

            I liked Trump’s speech. It was incredible actually. It’s good news. He can’t roll it back. I can check the one box now.

  6. Karl says:

    Jim you wrote: “Now the remaining questions are whether he will become president, and whether he will become God Emperor.” There are options in between. For, example the Roman Republik ended with the reign of Augustus; he left most of the constitutional system intact. People kept electing two consuls every year. It was just that the consuls didn’t matter any more. All the improtant decisions were made by Augustus. It wasn’t unconstitutional that the electect consuls always chose to follow each and every advise Augustus would give them.

    The Roman constitution wasn’t abolished at the end of the Republik. It just stopped working as intended.

    Sure, eventually Augustus become god-emperor, but that process took decades in which the appearance of the old Republik was kept up.

    • peppermint says:

      The US constitution stopped working the way it was intended immediately.

      The Founders were so liberal that after fighting a war they thought they could prevent people from forming political parties by asking them nicely not to.

      Technically, the Court of Inquiry has the authority to set limits on what legislation the Legislative Council can make and overturn most of its decisions, but a result of partisan gridlock in the Court of Inquiry, the Legislative Council has de facto supreme legislative authority and anything the Court of Inquiry passes not only needs the President’s signature but is provisional until it receives the assent of the Legislative Council.

      The Court of Inquiry is what people vote on, and its purpose is to hold hearings to read facts into its records. People also vote on the President, whose role is to make minor legislation, and appoint the permanent bureaucracy and the Legislative Council with the assent of the Court of Inquiry. Actual legislation is thus kept as far from the votes of the racist masses as possible.

    • TheBigH says:

      >The Roman constitution wasn’t abolished at the end of the Republik. It just stopped working as intended.

      The Roman form of government changed many times regardless of the constitution. First they had direct democracy with the people’s assembly. After a while the advisory counsel (the senate) took over full governing powers while leaving popular elections for other posts. Finally there was a lurch to mob democracy that the Military put down under Sula. Then there was Military rule mixed with mob democracy until the Monarchy under Augustus. The empire in the west really started to decline hard when bureaucratism took over in the 200s.

    • jim says:

      That is what we mean when we say Trump for God Emperor – that Republic is done, and he should do what Augustus did.

      • the raven says:

        “Trump for God Emperor” – Just popped a boner.

      • R7_Rocket says:

        The funny thing is, Augustus and his uncle, Julius Caesar, were elected first before they seized power.

        History rhymes!

  7. vxxc2014 says:

    Congrats Jim. You’ve got a full paid up Prog Troll.

    Expect more. Expect you’ve got countermeasures.

  8. lalit says:

    You’re thinking Booby trap. Richard Spencer seems to think that she shot herself and the progressive religion in the Foot.

    The next few days should be interesting

  9. Jack Highlands says:

    Good point, Jim. And the Alt-right is starved near to death. I began to realize the booby-trap when Richard Spencer boasted about attending Milo’s invite-only party at the RNC in Cleveland. Doesn’t take much gravy to entice a starving man.

    And each generation throws up an Oscar Wilde or two who is oh so fashionable.

  10. Cavalier says:

    If demotic politik is not the real source of power, then why does voting matter?

    • jim says:

      Voting does not matter.

      • Cavalier says:

        Then why does it matter if white men are outvoted?

        • jim says:

          Things are not going to go bad because white men are outvoted. They are going to make sure we are outvoted because things are going to go bad. Hence the sudden and unprecedented urgency of bringing in hundreds of millions of black Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy. They need to get in enough low IQ voters living on welfare and crime in a hurry so that they can maintain the appearance of democracy when things go pear shaped.

          • Cavalier says:

            If white men have become permanently outvoted and politically irrelevant then why should we care about democracy or its appearance?

            Frankly, I just don’t see how importing millions of black Moslems screaming for infidel blood and white pussy is going to do anything other than radicalize white men.

            If white male votes don’t matter, is this not the exact wrong thing to do?

      • vxxc2014 says:

        That’s an error.

        Voting picks legitimate power war captains. POTUS, Governor, Sheriff, Mayor [local police]. Voting can deny hard core enemies legitimacy and worse for us position. The voters don’t have power but the elected official in time of actual danger DOES. Voters don’t have economic power but they can pick the War Captains. Look at all the 2d Amendment sheriffs.

        • coyote says:

          war to the knife. when the grid goes down, so will all fedgov control of anything.

    • peppermint says:

      Voting is part of the various detentes of how this endless civil war that is democracy is organized. Voting matters because when the red team wins an election it means the gains the blue team has made need to be cemented. Voting matters because it keeps people thinking they support one cuck or another.

      • JRM says:

        @ peppermint said: “…when the red team wins an election it means the gains the blue team has made need to be cemented.”

        Excellent point. You just summed up the last 65 or so years of American politics.

        If the GOP is really dead as some pundits say, that should be the epitaph, possibly worded as the question “Who will cement your gains now?”

  11. peppermint says:

    Liberal democrats believe that the only consideration on which it is legitimate to not include someone is money, or maybe being an oppressor.

    So the last thing the liberal democrats will do before we rip their arms off and beat them to death is offer to buy our race’s future from us for money. The Boomers didn’t even sell us out for money, they sold us put Dora money and social accolades.

    What profits a man to get dat money get dem hoes if he loses his race, nation and family? And with government finances finally on the verge of collapse after decades of fiscal conservatism, it would be too expensive to buy us anyway.

    • peppermint says:

      The Boomers were not bought with money, but with delusions of personal immortality and endless sex and drugs, either to be achieved in a few decades or after they die. Since they sold us into slavery for nothing, they deserve death.

      The GenXers were bought with their own money, since to have any kind of prestigious job they would need to at least pretend to be a commie, and in the end the commies were rooting them out everywhere, even marrying a nigger wasn’t enough.

      Milennials can’t be bought as a generation because the commies have run out of other people’s money. They won’t even be able to buy or intimidate enough of the chantards. The only thing they can do is destroy the Internet, which would only delay the inevitable.

      Commies are done, one way or the other.

  12. JRM says:

    Actually, as I think Trump more or less said, the Democrats *always* portray the Republicans as racists. They even did this to Romney, almost certainly a SJW himself.

    The difference in this election is that the racist epithet no longer has the sting of fatality inducing poison it once carried; and there is actually a sincere group of White “racists” who are rooting for the “Republican” candidate this time around; that is, with some real enthusiasm instead of a fatalistic “lesser of two evils” mind-set.

    Any non-cucked White male voting Republican should expect to be labeled a racist by the Dems; they do it every four years, after all.

    • pdimov says:

      Democrats calling the Republican candidate racist looks like business as usual, but it’s different this time around.

      Before, the target audience was liberal voters, and the charge was “Republicans are racist, and so is their candidate.”

      Now, the target audience is conservative voters, and the charge is “Trump is racist in a way proper Republicans aren’t.”

      If/once Trump is defeated, proper Republicans will revert to being racist, from which they will learn no lesson, as is their custom.

      • JRM says:

        @pdimov : “Before, the target audience was liberal voters, and the charge was “Republicans are racist, and so is their candidate.”

        “Now, the target audience is conservative voters, and the charge is “Trump is racist in a way proper Republicans aren’t.”

        Very perceptive post; thank you.

        • Inquiring Mind says:

          But Ms. Clinton has conceded that “proper Republicans aren’t”? This is a novel admission by a Democrat in a presidential campaign

          • peppermint says:

            meh. proper republicans were shocked and apauled by mitt romney’s 47% comment

          • jim says:

            But Ms. Clinton has conceded that “proper Republicans aren’t [racist]

            Decoded, means that “proper Republicans” will be graciously allowed to join the Democratic party, probably as interns to lick the toilet bowls clean.

  13. R7_Rocket says:

    There’s a solution to the problem of White males being out-voted. Have Russian hackers strip women’s votes off the e-vote machines.

  14. pdimov says:

    Hillary just wants to play the alt-right against the non-alt-right, hence W Bush good, McCain good, Romney good, Trump bad, don’t vote for him.

  15. Jason_Putang says:

    LOL– you are as delusional as you sound if you think the alt-right is being offered “beltway gravy.” As if there’s lobbyist money just waiting to be laddled out to you Geeks-for-Racism.

    She’s tying you to Trump, because the majority of decent Americans want nothing to do with your refried, warmed-over, neo-Nazi bigotry.

    • jim says:

      The opposition gets a small dab of the gravy in return for making it look as if elections matter. She is labeling the alt right as the opposition, acknowledging the reality that the cuckservatives, having ceased to oppose, have ceased to give elections the appearance of mattering.

      • Jason_Putang says:

        What the hell are you babbling about? Enough with the typical pseudo-intellectual vagueness.

        What exactly is the “dab of the gravy” that you think you slavery-loving nerds would get?

        • peppermint says:

          The plan is to take the alt-right ecelebs, who become ecelebs not because they have interesting and informative and insightful things to say, but because they are on the edge of acceptability, and give them the resources to control the debate to keep their natural enemies, the people who have much more defensible positions than them and could easily beat them in an open debate, out of the mainstream.

          Additionally, Ann Coulter was Bush’s #1 cheerleader before she took up the right edge of the Overton window. She could easily be convinced to become Trump’s #1 cheerleader instead, and Trump isn’t us, he’s a “civic nationalist”.

          This plan used to work.

          Conservatives used to be worried about whether they can be on Fox News or whether their opinions are too extreme even for Fox News (not racist, but #1 with racists).

          It won’t work this time, because behind the alt-right is an alternative media apparatus that reliably is more informative than the official media.

        • jim says:

          Jobs, status, the usual.

          Faggots inviting faggots to the best parties.

          • Jason_Putang says:

            LOL– what “jobs” do you think you Dorks of the KKK are going to be given?

            Why would anyone invite you concave-chested, sexually frustrated misogynists at the “best parties”? No woman or gay man would come near your lonely corner of the room.

            Sheer lunacy! I can’t help but laugh at your sheer buffoonery of your circle jerk.

            • peppermint says:

              » still thinks the alt-right doesn’t have a halo of ecelebs and old grifters trying to stay relevant

              it’s the current year

            • peppermint says:

              by the way your website url isn’t working, which is probably for the best, because it’s probably filled with adverts for underage vietnamese sex slaves that the FBI would like images of to be in my browser history

            • jim says:

              The usual. Think tanking (gets much easier once your soul is extracted), political organization, for example Stephen Bannon. By denouncing the alt right and telling the cuckservatives that they should join the the Democrats (at the bottom) she pretty much fired the cuckservatives from their job of maintaining the appearance of a two party state.

              So somebody has to do it. The job is now open, and hiring is commencing, as she mentioned. Several times in her speech. The pay is pretty good once you get used to the taste of eating shit. Lots on the alt right hungry enough to take such jobs.

              You are evidently under the impression that girls don’t hang out with men who slap them around. From which I conclude you have have very little actual contact with girls.

              • Jason_Putang says:

                LOL– so you think Clinton somehow tricked Trump into hiring Stephen Bannon? Or is Trump part of the conspiracy, too?

                Now that Trump’s going to lose badly– in part because of you racist morons– I can why you’re trying to distance yourself from him.

                The truth is that Hillary wants to join Trump with you “alt-righters,” because she knows you bottom-feeders Nerds for Slavery are repellent to most Americans. You lose, losers.

                • jim says:

                  Nah, Trump hired Stephen Bannon and Clinton then accepted the reality that the cuckservative movement had died beyond the ability of Democratic party necromancers to resurrect it. So she declared alt right to be the official opposition, and advised cuckservatives to overtly join the Democrats.

                • jim says:

                  Now that Trump’s going to lose badly.

                  What did winning ever do for the cuckservative movement? We can never genuinely win at democratic politics. The Gimmiedat Obamaphone party single mom party always wins regardless of the nominal result. That is inherently baked in to the nature of democracy. That is what Democracy is. Democracy is single mums on my tax dollar and obamaphones on my phone bill.

                  Indeed, Trump losing is in many ways a better outcome than him winning, but failing to suspend the constitution and declare himself Trump the First.

                  The best outcome is not Trump winning the election, which would make almost no difference, but Trump declaring himself God Emperor Trump the first.

                  But such an outcome would be premature. I figure on something like that happening in 2024 election cycle, rather than this election cycle, after Hillary imports a hundred million black Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy, and starts with the mandatory sex change operations for white males.

                • Jason_Putang says:

                  Oh come on now Jim-boy… I saw your college-dorm-room like hopeful posts that Trump would win.

                  Trump was like a wet dream for you losers. But now he won’t win. And it’s in part because of you bigots.

                  How does it feel to have climbed atop the ash heap of history?

                • jim says:

                  He still may win. The debates are going to be a disaster for Hillary. But I don’t recall saying that winning would make a difference. I said that his campaign had already made a difference.

                  I said that to implement his program after winning, would need to make himself King. And might well do so. And he still well might. But it is the kinging, not the election results, that matter.

                  I said then, and I say now, that democracy with Trump elected is not significantly different from democracy with Trump defeated.

                  I said then, and I say now, that to implement his program, he needs to destroy democracy, and that if he successfully implements his program, he will find he has destroyed democracy.

                • jim says:

                  Win the election, we might destroy democracy, but it is a long shot, winning the election is merely the first step on a hard road, and I always described it as such.

                  Lose the election, we will surely destroy the cuckservative party. We get their gravy, they get to be interns in the Democrat party and clean Hillary’s toilet bowl with their tongues.

                  As I said in the beginning, the campaign has done more for liberty in the US, regardless of whether Trump wins or loses, than every conservative election win in the last hundred years put together. And I said that when it was far from clear he would become the Republican presidential candidate. Now the remaining questions are whether he will become president, and whether he will become God Emperor.

                  I rather think he will become President, but if he fails now, we are still better off than with a hundred Romney/Bush victories.

                • peppermint says:

                  » Now that Trump’s going to lose badly– in part because of you racist morons–


                  » I can why you’re trying to distance yourself from him.

                  WTF? Win or lose, Trump is pushing the message. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand the message.

                • jim says:

                  The election is mere spectacle. It is far more important that it be a spectacle that propagates our message, than whether 45% or 55% vote for Trump.

                  Winning an election only matters to the extent that it is part of a plan to end democracy, and that plan is not yet in place, and when it is in place, electoral outcomes will not necessarily be part of it.

                • peppermint says:

                  » actually believing the media narrative that Trump is less likely to win now than he was a month ago

                  trump will win or lose based on factors beyond the campaign, as evidenced by hillary being hilariously corrupt and unlikable

                • Mackus says:

                  What would happen if Trump narrowly wins popular and electoral vote, but then some electors defect and vote for Hillary?
                  Could Trump pull off “march on Washington”?

                • Jason_Putang says:

                  “Lose the election, we will surely destroy the cuckservative party. We get their gravy…”

                  LOL– you basement-dwelling nerds keep babbling on about the buckets of “gravy” cumming your way.

                  No one is giving you a thing. You’re concave-chested losers.

                  The only thing resembling “gravy” is the cum you shoot into Pepperbutt’s mouth every night on your circlejerk.

                • jim says:

                  Before the 2016 election, you voted for a progressive or a cuckservative. After 2016 election, you will vote for a progressive or an alt rightist.

                  Win lose or draw, 2016 is the death knell of cuckservatism as mainstream political movement.

                  If they admit that cuckservatives are a branch of the democrats, and we are the real opposition, then they either give us the traditional small ration of gravy they have always given the official opposition, or they let it become obvious that democracy is a sham. If we get a share of the gravy, we win a little. If they let it become obvious that democracy is a sham, we win big. Hillary was signaling for cuckservatives to join the Democrats, presumably as toilet bowl cleansers. If she plans for the cuckservatives to disappear into the Democrats, she expects the alt right to become the Republicans.

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  Jason_Putang comes across like a sock of Corvinus.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Losers! Virgins! Neckbeards! Ugly, smelly, pathetic and evil! Mom’s basement! Low status!

                • R7_Rocket says:

                  In a way, Trump getting elected President, then making himself God Emperor, closely resembles the career of Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar never actually intended to be “Dictator for Life” and never intended to start the Julio-Claudian Imperial dynasty. He wanted to run for election as a Consul (which he succesfully did). After serving his term as a Consul of Rome. He became ProConsul of Cisalpine Gaul. His intention for that was to be a famous conquering politician-general, then retire into the history books. But after Caesar conquered the rest of Gaul, limpwristed lawfags in the Roman government started playing bullshit lawfare games on him (which I expect similar bullshit lawfare games to be played on President Trump), and the rest is history…

                • Ron says:

                  Then maybe he should not have butchered his way through an unantagonistic neighboring state and the republic would not have become untenable.

  16. Oliver Cromwell says:

    The military consists of white males and Trump supporters. Establishing an official opposition tgat doesn’t accept in principle the destruction of white male Trump supporters can be dangerous.

    • some guy says:

      DoD breaks it down into only two categories: minority and non-minority. The Marine Corps is about 20% minorities. This is the lowest percentage in any branch. The Navy is almost 40%. Hispanics are counted as non-minority.

    • JRM says:

      Oliver said: “The military consists of white males and Trump supporters”

      Is this still true? The modern US military seems to be combination jobs program for women and POCs and a training ground for radical social experimentation with gender-fluid identities.

      • jim says:

        Immediately following the Crimean war, they started classifying logistics as military so that they could classify their people as members of the military. The part of the military that actually fights is overwhelmingly white male.

        We should return to the earlier system where those providing logistic functions are classified as not as soldiers, but as camp followers, along with the whores, and are directly subject to the authority of actual soldiers.

        • Mackus says:

          Aren’t modern logistics important enough to be run by professional military?

          ‘Any competent officer can command a Panzer Division, it takes a genius to supply one.’ – Hasso-Eccard Freiherr von Manteuffel

          I agree it makes no sense to automatically make nurses and doctors officers, so probably the same would apply to low-tier civilian contractors and bureaucrats who organize stuff behind the lines. Same people doing same thing, but no longer part of military?

          • jim says:

            When logistics was provided by camp followers, who were categorized as civilians, and were assumed to be generally whores, working vertically by day and horizontally by night, it was run by the military, which is to say, run by men who fight, by men who face fire and steel.

            When logistics was provided by the “military” it was run by fat assed bureaucrats working in Washington.

            • Ron says:

              Thats a good point. The logistics officer has rank, which is to say, he has status equivalent to the combat officer.

              On the other hand, if he didnt have rank, he would be answering directly to the commander of armed men.

          • Dan Kurt says:

            re: “‘Any competent officer can command a Panzer Division, it takes a genius to supply one.’ – Hasso-Eccard Freiherr von Manteuffel” Mackus

            That Quote must be totally out of context or made up. It goes against anything I remember about Manteuffel that I have read of his and conversations I have had about Manteuffel with a deceased friend who co-authored a book with Manteuffel.

            Dan Kurt

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        The part of the military that can and does fight, and can and would defeat all other party of the military or “military”, is overwhelmingly composed of white males. More so than the wider technical elite, which is substantial Asian.

        Cuckservatism did not just give the appearance of legitimacy to elections (if we are honest, a reality, as cuckservatism meant even opponents of Progressivism not only voted in effect with it, but believed in effect with it), it also produced a mythos that delegitimised any coup in the minds of the only people who could realistically perform a coup.

        The alt-right, unlike cuckservatism, does not worship a constitution and patriotic tradition that Progressives have already abolished. An alt-right military, unlike a cuckservative military, could breed plots among the officers, as Latin American militaries did.

        This process will only accelerate as the officers up to colonel – the ones actually capable of conducting military operations successfully – become more and more distinct in mindset and race from the upper level officers, the political appointees.

    • Anon says:

      >The military consists of white males and Trump supporters.

      The modern militarily consists of 1) cannon fodder of all shapes and stripes, 2) incompetent, unnecessary logistics / desk jockey / makework positions of all shapes and stripes, 3) a relatively small portion of competent, necessary, largely white male warriors, and 4) a relatively competent, necessary, largely white male logistics / command / operations positions. This only maps loosely to the enlisted / officer divide.

      Both the enlisted and officer classes have an obscene amount of makework positions occupied by incompetent people. The necessary, competent, and largely white male portion of both classes is small and dwindling, as competent people are systematically excised from the armed services. A feminized armed force will collapse in due time as some have noted: “When they’ve finished eliminating ableism from the military, we can probably all relax.” Anyone who has been within a hundred yards of the modern military knows that morale is at an all time low and rent seeking has been incentivized.

      The JSF F-35 is an unprecedented disaster, a money sink and the poster child for the incompetence of a military force that has grown soft and bored. It’s only a matter of time before the chain of command starts being ignored.

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