Worshippers of the Obamessiah start to wake up

The New York Times almost gets it right:

Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism

What the Obama administration is doing is far worse than nationalization: it is ersatz capitalism, the privatizing of gains and the socializing of losses. It is a “partnership” in which one partner robs the other.

Close but no banana.

It is crony capitalism, which at its more socialist extreme is fascism, the corporate state, where business and the citizen are subjugated to the state, to the benefit of the rulers and favored businessmen. Not just any business is going to get is losses socialized and its gains privatized. Obama is coming down like a ton of bricks on certain businesses, but not, however, other businesses.

Good thing we did not elect McCain – then fascism would have had bipartisan support.

And talking of fascism, here is something where fascism is plainer to see.

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