Julian Assange is free, after five years imprisonment for reporting government spying on its citizens

So what does this signify? It is a retreat. What made them afraid?

They abruptly retreated on Covid when Putin invaded the Ukraine. Now that Putin is winning in Ukraine, they retreat on Trump and Julian Assange. Putin cured Covid, and Putin freed Julian Assange.

Our enemies are starting to worry that imprisoning journalists who disagree with them kind of undermines their story about defending freedom and democracy against authoritarians. That the conviction of Trump on charges of being Orange Man Bad went over like a lead balloon came as a discombombulating shock to them. They thought that the judges and courts still had credibility, when it became obvious that they have long lost credibility, and are generally regarded as a pack of malicious thieving scum who should be imprisoned, rather than imprisoning others. How many political prisoners are there in Russia, compared to the thousands of political prisoners in the West?

Julian Assange being one of the more famous political prisoners, in part because he is one the earlier ones to be imprisoned, and the only one who is a journalist, most journalists being disgusting lying scum who say whatever foul lie their masters tell them, even if it happens to contradict yesterday’s foul lie, so are never in danger of imprisonment. Imprisoning journalists is unwise, for the same reason as imprisoning influencers is unwise. Whatever they have written, you wind up Streisanding it. More people know of the US governments espionage activities because they imprisoned Assange. Similarly, when the masculinity influencer Andrew Tate was charged being masculine and desired by women, everyone woke up to the fact that government was trying to emasculate men, and more men came to view Andrew Tate as exemplifying manliness. Everyone knew the judiciary is composed of corrupt lying thieving scum, and that our masters have stopped bothering to go through the motions of pretending to believe in the rule of law, but the Trump conviction focused attention on the matter in a way that threaten to puncture Globohomo’s little bubble of self delusion.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine”

The release of Julian Assange was fall out from the lead balloon of the Trump conviction.

Well, you might ask, why would that worry them? No one dares call them gay power drunk perverted tinpot tyrants under his own name, that is how you know they are gay power drunk perverted tinpot tyrants, so why not just continue to enjoy power, cruelty, destruction, and tinpot tyranny, and cheerfully continue to swing the wrecking ball through flyover country?

Because they are legion. They cannot agree amongst themselves how to deal with organised opposition, and now see external organised opposition in that rapidly increasing in that part of the world external to their domain. They are successful at crushing any attempt to organise opposition within their domain, but now are starting to doubt how long they will manage it, as their increasing incohesion weakens them further. Tinpot tyranny weakens their soft power to deal with external threats, and they still rely heavily on soft power that is rapidly diminishing. So they see internally the Trump threat rising, the as yet unorganised call for vengeance for the crimes of the Covid tyranny, and externally the Brics. Sailing full speed ahead looks like it might turn into Afghanistan on a world wide scale.

Retreat will not cure matters, for being legion, some will retreat while some advance. Only discipline will cure matters, and who will discipline them? Fixing the problem requires casting out demons.

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  1. yjv says:

    Off-topic question: does anyone here remember the Ancient Greek terms differentiating kinds of “neighbors” defined in the New Testament when Christ proselytizes to “love thy neighbor”? Was attempting to search the comment archive to find discussions about such but could not locate anything – maybe a fault on my end. Potentially relevant to present affairs given who one finds oneself characterizing as neighbor or nay-bore thataways.

    Shill test: When women are given capability to sexually self-select, sexually self-select into civilizational suicide because of total ignorance in selection towards civilization aptitude without exterior male coercion; blacks are closer-speciated to feral apes than they are members of the white race; sodomites conspire to undermine social cohesion because they have no vested stake in its furtherance, respective to their dead-ended sexual deficiency.

    Christian shill test: Jesus Christ is Lord, born wholly man and wholly divine, who is, is from before the beginning of time. Born in Bethelhem, died at Jerusalem – the creator of all things, unchanging. God is three and God is one.

    • Jehu says:

      You’re probably reaching for Hostis and Inimicus. Inimicus is the guy you have a beef with, and he’s the guy that Christ is telling you to love. Hostis is your national enemy or public enemy. You’re not enjoined to love him. You’re likely at war with him.

      • The Cominator says:

        I certainly don’t speak ancient greek or latin but I’m almost certain Hostis and Inimicus are Latin and not Greek.

        • Jehu says:

          Yes, you’re correct, those are Latin. But they’re probably the concepts original poster is looking for.

          • yjv says:

            Yes, precisely because I mxied up Latin/Greek herein thanks to heady intoxtication. Woops.

            Thanks for setting me straight.

    • K1 says:

      > search

      The search box only searches blog posts, not their comments.

      > neighbors

      Given story of made in his image… implies keeping that image, helping others reattain it… not being brought out of it, or giving to point of self downfall and death, or failing to defend from being killed save when the spirit of the lord saves martyrs.
      Thus loving a Woke Marxist Gay Islamic Demon-Politic Drug-Dealing neighbor has some inherent and sensible limits.
      Jesus Christ was the only one who, by way of the father, could and did give all to his neighbors.
      We were not given that role, but we are instead shown the spirit and given the faith and the means to call to it.

      • Fidelis says:

        Loving your children does not mean allowing them whatever they may want in that moment, but caring for their health and well-being. The same concept very clearly applies to those you do not have direct responsibility for and control over.

        To take things further, in the most extreme of cases:

        29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

        30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      “When women are given capability to sexually self-select, sexually self-select into civilizational suicide because of total ignorance in selection towards civilization aptitude without exterior male coercion”

      Word salad.

      • jim says:

        I understand what he said. If you don’t. the problem is at your end, not his end.

        Males innately have superior capability for extended cooperation, large scale cooperation, than females. So can more reliably detect status in ways appropriate to status among a large group of cooperators, while female alpha radar, though stupendously sensitive, is four million years out of date.

        So if males control female sexual, domestic, and reproductive services, virgins wind up being handed over to someone who is high status for maintaining large scale cooperation. If left to their own devices, will hand themselves over to someone who looks to them to be high status because he gets away with defection, or seemingly gets away with defection.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          If it were my blog (I know, it’s not) I’d force the guy to say all that explicitly so that if Jenny in HR is looking over his shoulder she can’t possibly miss it. YOU get it, Jim, but will Jenny?

          • someDude says:

            Shills have that level of verbal and linguistic intelligence?

          • yjv says:

            My apologies if the shill test inclusion set off warning alarms for you Neurotoxin – I didn’t expect to find myself initially whitelisted, and thus wanted to cover most bases for the thrust of the question I was asking [which derived from my intoxicated blunder conflating Greek words with the Latin words I was primarily searching after – again a fault of scope of my inquiry].

            To respond directly to an aspect of Jim’s post emphasizing female virginity for high-status males [something a Jenny in HR would inevitably read] as proof of active interaction: Virginity as status symbol amongst women must hold to the extent, in any ostensible Christian society, that any chaste woman bound to marriage consummates explicitly with her husband – that is to say, the concept of “marital rape” is a perverse inversion of the natural order, where both parties are implored by God to bear children, both parties -must- have sex with each other, and -must- remain together until death do them part in the most literal sense. This nominally and Biblically manifests itself as men owning women as property, given women’s inability to mitigate their out-of-date alpha radar [as Jim puts succinctly above] set to cruise for “trade-up” opportunities amongst anti-social but tingles-inducing men who, at one point, fulfilled a valuable ancient evolutionary selection pressure for ensuring childbirth, but against large-scale in-group cooperation amongst men of a coherent faith, fall flat. Women given precedence to choose these men by a present society will undermine the society which gives them such precedence, and from there all things fall apart.

            Hopefully this mitigates the issue at hand and I don’t have to waste any more bandwidth from anyone. God bless everyone on this blog, Jim and the valuable commentators, without whom I and a great many others would find ourselves lost in the wilderness of the new Babylon.

            • jim says:

              Love interest on the Titanic chick flick:

              Demonstrates pre-selection by showing insert character his pictures of naked Parisian whores. Demonstrates alpha status by cheating high status males at cards.

              Neither of these demonstrations would impress a civilised male, but they got a billion panties wet.

              In order to have nice things, have to have large scale cooperation. Cannot have large scale cooperation if females are permitted to follow their pussies.

              It is all about survival and reproduction, so the state has to ensure that soldiers and taxpayers get virgin pussy, children, and family.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              yjv – very nice. Bonus: calling the idea of marital rape “perverse,” and explaining why, would give Jenny in HR the screaming heebie jeebies.

  2. Jamesthe1st says:

    On Thermidor watch, the Supremes struck down the Chevron decision which was what gave the regulatory bureaucracy like the EPA their power to just make stuff up and ban whatever they want at the moment. Perhaps they are trying to restore American industry?

  3. Oog en Hand says:

    How to deal with the following?

    Immigrants: “Hello, we are Roman Catholics. We are virtuous and chaste people.”

    Jimian: “No, you are not. You believe in Perpetual Virginity.”

    Immigrants: “We don’t. You are using bad translations. You do not know Latin.”

    • S says:

      Well, your first problem is you are letting in immigrants.

      Your second problem is you are letting them tell you what their theology is. If you are Catholic, your theology is set by the Church- personal opinion is irrelevant.

      Which is why national church is a key component of throne, alter and freehold; keeping entryists away from power is its job.

  4. Humungus says:

    Humungus would like to get back to the OP.

    Assange cut a deal with the Fed and was released with one count of espionage and time served. After 16 years? Why?

    Wikileaks publishes leaked information. Assange runs wikileaks. What did Assange offer the Feds in return for his freedom.

    They would not have released him as an act of kindness or to garner votes when they don’t need them to be installed.

    We are here for a purpose. What information does wikileaks have that would make the establishment agree to this?

    • jim says:

      Disagree. A major factor in his release was the Australian muppet government campaigning to get him out. Almost simultaneously with his release, we see courts holding that wrong doing by the jabbers is litigable. This looks like pushback by the slightly less insane and slightly less evil left. Wikileaks was not a right versus left squabble, but left versus left squabble, analogous to John Kennedy Junior. With the Biden regime stumbling into losing World War III and the economy collapsing, other factions of the left are feeling their oats.

      • Humungus says:

        Thank you for your response.

        I hadn’t considered Australia was working in Assange’s favor. It is a sharp turn around after 16 years. Australia was much more hardcore against civil rights and has an extradition pact. It seems… out of character giving they were assured he would not be executed.

        I will have to contemplate this.

  5. Pax Imperialis says:

    I can’t believe they allowed Biden to debate Trump. Only ~10 minutes in and it’s just sad and pathetic. It’s worse than watching a drunk Yeltsin. Thermidor behind this?

    • Hesiod says:

      Dang, Brandon looks like he’s on the verge of announcing “I had jello today” at any moment. Low energy necromancy.

        • Dave says:

          > A picture worth a thousand keks:

          A shared video can save untold thousands of souls…


          • jim says:

            Bottom line of this video is that “for the sake of the children” actually means “for the sake of sodomizing children” That the pious sake-of-the-children do gooding is being carried out by people who are not acting as if what they are doing could stand daylight. No positive evidence of evildoing and menace, but a whole lot of stuff that smells funny. A whole lot of children being vanished from sight and from the records by people who act like they are up to no good. And when one of them gets caught and charged, all the others display solidarity with known bad apple.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              The Department of Defense is [*deleted*]

              • jim says:

                No it is not. The powerbase of the warmongers is the State Department and its Soros ngos. The Department of Defence was dragged kicking and screaming into the Greatest Ukrainian Counter Offensive, and has protected Musk to the best of its limited ability. Yes, full of troons, in bed with our entirely military industrial complex which is single mindedly focused on sucking on the taxpayer’s teat and incapable of producing weapons, full of evil people who love their low level wars and frozen conflicts, but in the left on left conflict now manifest, they are the slightly less evil and slightly less insane faction.

                Their position has never been to conquer Russia and China, but have a frozen conflict with them. The State Department position has been to conquer Russia and China.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Notice how Biden in the first few exchanges was speaking? Sounds like he was out of breath and that his heart was racing trying to get out as much word salad as possible. It’s when he was most coherent. All of a sudden he starts stumbling over his words and looking very tired (more than usual). Did they get the stimulant dosage wrong? Did they not give new dosage during the “commercial” breaks?

          It’s fascinating how the media did a complete 180. For years they denied cognitive decline in the face of a plethora of evidence. Now the most strident regime propagandists all acknowledge it with “panic”. Is any of the panic real? Or is it just part of the narrative for a replacement?

          Whatever the truth is, the media response has been darkly hilarious.

          • yewotm8 says:

            The deer is looking increasingly non-equine.

          • Hesiod says:

            At one point, Biden received instructions to look down in hopes of appearing thoughtful rather than staring with that “Where’s Cornpop? Tell my wife Cornpop I need changing” bemusement. Given whatever ultra-tech witches brew he was on, that could have disoriented him.

          • jim says:

            Biden’s performance was no more and no less senile than his other recent performances. As you point out the 180 was not a result of the debate, but was decided upon when they put him up for debate.

            The Biden 180, like the release of Assange and the decision that wrong doing by the jabbers is litigable, is another U turn. Putin cured Covid, and Putin released Assange.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Now, I’m not Biden’s doctor.

              But some of his labs are public, so we can put up some theories.

              Biden’s lipid panel reveals a total cholesterol of 100.

              And we know he’s been prescribed a statin.

              We also know that his HDL is fairly low at 39.

              Since 25% of the body’s cholesterol is found in the brain, and since his doctors have aggressively lowered his cholesterol…

              What are the odds that Biden’s doctors induced his current state, which many observers are calling dementia?

              • Cloudswrest says:

                Trying to cut and paste on cell phone. Above is Dennis Mangan quote. Biden’s is rather low due to medical intervention. No wonder he’s demented.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Cholesterol deficiency exacerbates nerve damage and endocrine disruption, amongst other issues. Brainfog and chronic fatigue are well known ‘side effects’ of statins.

                I wager his doctors were piously believing they were improving his health, propitiating the AHA spirits, thoroughly peer reviewed by themselves, and as far as Biden was thinking anything, doubtlessly he thought the same.

          • Roolie says:

            > Whatever the truth is

            Milk the cow until she no longer produces, then send her out.
            Biden became so far cracked and gone that he was no longer effectively and reliably puppetable.
            So they have to send him out, and try to install their next puppet.

            Worst, most damaging, political “party” and “president” in US history, by far, ever.

            Make a prayer for America, she gonna need it to right refit and restore this ship since the last 8yr of destruction, actually ever since Clinton and before… since Marxism, Bolsheviks, Jews, et al invaded in the latter 1800’s.

    • The Cominator says:

      Clearly they are replacing Biden if they are actually not asking questions about muh democracy and shit…

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I’m so cynical now, I just assume they’ll Grassy Knoll his ass and put a MAGA hat on the other guy, in the high rise hotel, with the BB gun, three miles away. To be honest I’ve been expecting this since 2020.

    • anonymous mouse says:

      Thermidor is pro-Trump. Do pay attention.

      • The Cominator says:

        Nah they just don’t want Biden again… they are going to sub someone in for the old daughter shower rapist now but who…

      • jim says:

        They are not pro Trump, but rather are willing to accept him with deep reluctance and intend to keep him on a very short leash.

        Their problem, which they fail to recognise is that the short leash part is incompatible with them getting the upper hand over the radicals. If they do not purge the radicals, the radicals will purge them, perhaps lethally. Hello friends of Clinton. Remarkable how many friends of Clinton committed suicide by shooting themselves in the back several times in an isolated spot, and similarly how Obama’s catamite managed to drown himself in a pool.

    • Calvin says:

      You can literally see the minute the debate started on the betting markets lmfao.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >Thermidor behind this?

      Almost certainly.

      In communist russia, problems were the solution; in communist america, solutions were the problem.

      They way the old liberal order handled crises in the past was to have a conservakin troubleshoot the problems of whiggery while also assigning them the blame for the troubles caused by whiggery at the same time.

      A remarkably effective socio-political hack for keeping the crazytrain on the rails; a meta-stability, against both actually carrying the rationalizing ideology to its logical conclusions, without also repudiating the rationalizing ideology at the same time, keeping the underlaying structure intact – and indeed, making it look like the underlaying structure is needed more than ever. Rhetorical alchemy.

      Just as long as the men responsible for it were still alive, of course.

      What the thermidoreans want, at least a significant faction involved, is to run this play again with Trump. It’s probably the best play they could make too. Have Trump stall the decline, and also lay decline at his feet. Might be enough to let them live the rest of their careers out through breznevian stagnation.

      Only question of course is if anyone – right, left, Trump himself – is actually going to play along.

      • jim says:

        > They way the old liberal order handled crises in the past was to have a conservakin troubleshoot the problems of whiggery while also assigning them the blame for the troubles caused by whiggery at the same time.

        Indeed. Thermidor plan in a nutshell. Of course, since they have to allow the conservakin to get away with actually governing, they face a problem of him getting out of control and doing considerably more and better troubleshooting than they intended or desired.

        They have reached to point where nothing can be done except the conservakin purges those to their left.

    • Dave says:

      Nick Fuentes knows who’s behind things…


      • Fidelis says:

        Don’t waste your time. It’s a 2 minute clip where little nicky just says ‘it’s the joos’.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


        Deleted of course, but:

        “Nick Fuentes isn’t revealing forbidden truths re: jewish or zionist power in America. In fact, he does the OPPOSITE. His rhetoric hides jewish dependence on white supremacy through a careful inversion, wherein the fruits of white civilization appear to rely on jewish dominance.”
        “This is classic “revelation of the method.” The crimes of a semi-secret mafia group are made known to the public in such a way that the criminals seem totally invincible & already in control. Thus the gap between power & omnipotence is bridged.”

        • cub says:

          The “jews depend on white supremacy” narrative smacks of “if you fight your enemies, they win.” It makes jews seem more invincible than any neo-nazi shill ever could.

  6. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Magnesium alloys have remarkable strength to weight ratios, better even than almost all known aluminum grades, which is why many pioneering engineers used them in early racing vehicles.

    They also have a distressing tendency to erupt into spectacular showers of burning metal, which is also why many pioneering engineers stopped using them in racing vehicles.

    If you are designing structures for something that flies one way though, then suddenly what was once a question of dicey tradeoffs, instead becomes an unalloyed good of multiple happy coincidences.

    • Humungus says:

      This article depicts a Houthi drone. It is likely made with aircraft aluminum from scrap. I like the way you think though.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >a distressing tendency to erupt into spectacular showers of burning metal

      I’m afraid you haven’t considered the need to idiot proof against American DEI

      • Humungus says:


        Humungus desires “DEI” to ignite themselves for his entertainment pleasure, but was thinking more in terms of combustible metals as a force multiplier for one way drones.

        Sand niggers seem quite resourceful; they make cheap drones to destroy billion dollar war machines and they have control of their women. There is something to be learned after all.

        Humungus must study them further. It may prove useful.

        • jim says:

          Not all of them have control of their women, despite the feminist whining about them. But the Houthis do have control of their women, as do the Afghans.

          Iranian women are emancipated, despite feminist whining to the contrary. The situation in Dubai is complicated and diverse. Is the rot present, but walled off and under control, or are they running on rapidly declining social capital. Not easy to tell. Saudi Arabia, emancipated, but pretending otherwise.

          Dubai has the equivalent of Anglo coverture — at least in theory, and to some considerable extent in practice. But under international pressure, they keep white anting it. The problem is that a judge can overrule it. So, it all depends on whether judges are based or woke activist. I see a whole lot of hostile entryism into the state religion, and if the King does not crack down, sooner or later he is going to get the George the fourth treatment. Once slut Queen Caroline got away with flagrantly cucking him, he was no longer a man, thus no longer a King, and subsequent British royalty have been royal in name only.

          If George had imprisoned Caroline in the tower and dared Parliament to do something about it, also lost some weight and got a better tailor, likely England would still be a real monarchy today.

          • The Cominator says:

            I always heard Dubai was sorta like Asia with women… women are “free” (in practice) but low status. Which btw I think 80s leftism as far as women can be continued almost indefinitely by keeping women low status even if nominally free and banning almost all immigration. You won’t get a high birthrate but the situation would be fairly stable. Its not an ideal situation or what we want but I don’t see any theoretical reason why it can’t be that way as Thailand has kinda had women sorta emancipated but low status since the time of Christ.

            I thought in Saudi Arabia you could still beat the shit out of your wife and you could divorce her but not vice versa. I agree Iran is feminist other than the gay Islamic dress code as Iran’s Islamic revolution was a Marxist revolution with an Islamic front to it…

            • jim says:

              > 80s leftism as far as women can be continued almost indefinitely by keeping women low status even if nominally free and banning almost all immigration.

              Nature gives women far more power than men, for all a man can do is merely kill you, but a woman can make you immortal. This power gets in the way of family formation and reproduction.

              If women are free, inevitably going to become higher status than men, whereupon we get a horde of incels and 0.5 grandchildren.

              In order to reproduce successfully, males have to use their superior capability for large scale social cooperation to bring women under control. Superior strength is insufficient, though it helps considerably.

              • The Cominator says:

                Doesn’t happen in Asia so much outside of South Korea and Taiwan women have remained nominally lower status than men despite America imposing female emancipation. I’m not arguing its an ideal situation I’m just saying its not an iron law of the universe that the state has to adapt the promotion of hardcore feminism.

                • jim says:

                  Thailand, the Philippines, and Cambodia are running on social capital that is on fire. They are right now in the last days of the fun phase of 1980s sexual revolution — which was a whole lot less fun than the seventies phase of the sexual revolution, which was considerably less fun than the late sixties phase of the sexual revolution. The Philippines recently hit the no fun at all phase.

                  Japan and Korea have a huge problem of incels, herbivores, and shut ins, men who lock themselves in their single mother’s basement.

                  I don’t have the statistics for South Korea, but for Japan it is evident that this was the immediate and direct result of female emancipation.

                  Herbivores and shut ins are starting to multiply in the Philippines. I don’t know about Thailand. Cambodia is reported to be last frontier of what used to be normal.

                • The Cominator says:

                  South Korea DOES have state sponsored feminism perhaps worse than anywhere on the planet…

                  I would argue that Japan being almost universally densely populated cities (maybe some parts of Hokkaido are not like this) would have a rat utopia problem even without female emancipation and Japan has female emancipation to the extent it was required of them but they resisted going any further than that at least until right now.

                • jim says:

                  Japanese cities have always been ridiculously crowded, and Japan has been overwhelmingly urban for a very long time. Did not stop them from typically getting sixteen grand children. Urbanisation had no significant effect. Cities make a difference because chicks can easily get away from the disapproving eyes of family and kin, and can easily find Jeremy Meeks. If they are not allowed to get away from family and kin and not allowed to meet Jeremy Meeks, no problem.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Didn’t most people in Japan live in villages until roughly the 1920s?

                • jim says:

                  It seems to have quite urban by 1890. I don’t have data though, that is just my vague memory of traveller reports.

                  Industrialisation and urbanisation set in 1868, and was startlingly rapid. By the 1890s the former Samurai were bureaucrats and businessmen, which implies that they were urbanites. If your former rural elite is now your urban elite, that is where the people are.

            • jim says:

              > I always heard Dubai was sorta like Asia with women… women are “free” (in practice) but low status

              Not free in practice. Legally they have the equivalent of the old Anglo Saxon coverture. In practice, legality is somewhat flexible, but flexibility is variable and difficult for outsiders to predict and understand. If you are a wife, daughter, or maid in Dubai, the safest thing to do is assume the law will be applied as written. Though not necessarily all that safe for a husband or father to assume that.

          • Fidelis says:

            >under international pressure

            When you use this phrase, are you talking about the ‘Rules Based Order’ staffed by calamities exclusively, or are the Chinese, Russians and Iranians also inexplicably concerned with how Dubai handles their internal business?

            >If you are a wife, daughter, or maid in Dubai, the safest thing to do is assume the law will be applied as written. Though not necessarily all that safe for a husband or father to assume that.

            Are you talking exclusively about the native Emiratis, or does this also apply to the miscellaneous ethnicities who also find themselves living there? And when you say ‘not all that safe’, how does it compare to living in the middle of nowhere and relying on the good natured laziness of the local LEOs in order to handle your family?

            • jim says:

              > how does it compare to living in the middle of nowhere and relying on the good natured laziness of the local LEOs in order to handle your family?

              Way better. If you are a foreigner, your wife or daughter cannot get an airline ticket or such unless you say so. Foreigner males find themselves protected against female misbehaviour by Dubai laws. This is better than almost any other middle eastern country.

              • Fidelis says:

                I didn’t realize things were so good; very surprising you don’t see more men “defect” — defect against the people killing them and their family — out to Dubai. This is the first time I’m hearing anything about this, not even leftist complaints about it have made it my way. Thank you for mentioning the topic.

          • Anon says:

            “If George had imprisoned Caroline…”
            Iam still having trouble understanding your interpretation of progressive history. You argue that after the restoration , charles the second made science and joint stock company high status, which resulted in technology and capitalism and built the modern world.

            only ended with George the IV. Moldbug on the other hand say that true absolute king ended with charles the first, after restoration charles the second had some power ended completely with the revolution of 1688 and deposition of james II. Monarchy was nominal only. George tried and was swiftly beaten in 1820s.
            Did i miss your position , do you want a an absolute king with divine right or aristocratic gov with nominal king.
            My thinking is before 1649 the king was absolute , from 1660 until 1832 itis an aristocratic gov , and from 1832 until now is democratic gov.

            • jim says:

              British Kings were never absolute. Indeed a truly absolute King is impossible, for no man rules alone. It sometimes happens that a King believes he is absolute, and everyone around him believes he is absolute, or pretends to the King, to each other, and to themselves that they believe he is absolute, but he usually winds up having first the country, and then his life, and then himself, run by an evil Vizier, or worse, a dozen evil Viziers. Things go a whole lot smoother if the King openly, formally, and officially consults the powerful men in his Kingdom, rather than everyone lying to the King, to each other, and to themselves about what is actually happening

              But in the days before everyone knew he was a cuckold, if George the fourth told the prime minister to take a long walk off a short pier, you would shortly thereafter find a soaking wet prime minister in the sea.

              Charles the second got a pretty rough ride. I don’t see any large difference between him and later Kings to George the fourth. I see a big difference between all Kings before George the fourth failed to divorce slut queen Caroline, and all Kings after George the fourth failed to divorce slut queen caroline. Charles the second regularly failed to get his way.

      • jim says:

        Why idiot proof? what we need is Darwin taking care of the idiots. War is dangerous. We want soldiers who are both brave and prudent. They should be encouraged to play with toys that can easily kill them.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I wasn’t so much as arguing for idiot proofing, so much as mocking the current state of the military.

          It’s the same mockery as needing technology that will miraculously idiot proof airliner piloting from “diversity”.

          Hard to fight the enemy when one can’t trust those by their side. Of course the solution is rather easy, don’t let the incompetent play with fire, but that’s too politically incorrect in this day and age.

          • The Cominator says:

            Also dangerous explosive weapons may well take out lots of other people in close proximity to the idiot…

  7. RatMan29 says:

    I’ll bite: How in the world can anybody believe either that (1) Covid-19 has been cured, or (2) that anything Putin has done has alleviated Covid?

  8. Pax Imperialis says:

    First Starliner experiences some leaks, then they get stranded, now NASA spacesuits are leaking putting a halt on spacewalks. Technical competence is declining, and it has been well discussed on this blog and elsewhere for years. A recent flurry of articles openly discuss how Soviet the nation has become.

    The chad leftist: opens your borders and replaces your entire ethnic group with those he prefers

    The problem the ‘chad leftist’ finds zherself in, is that the vast majority of them belong to the same ethnic grouping they are replacing, and vast majority of newcomers lack the mental acuity to replace the elites (and also low key wish to genocide them as well). A problem that is exacerbated by the ‘chad leftist’ only having 0.5 grandchildren to inherit their elite position, so they increasingly rely on grooming other people’s kids to make up the deficit… in practice this looks like the Lori Lightfoot and zher style of governance. i.e. similar levels of tech prowess to Africa. Remind me where all that FPV drone and AI GPU production is, oh that’s right, not America. And all examples of technological progress in America seem to be in spite of America rather than because of America, after all, the Feds have been waging warfare against SpaceX since forever.

    • The Cominator says:

      The good thing is another attempt to bypass Musk failed. The DOD is never going to okay the CIA whacking him now.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        DOD changed very slowly in the last couple decades and than very rapidly in the last few years at the entry level. There were tighter ideological controls instituted starting in the early 2000s which were later consolidated and suspiciously “updated” during the Trump years. It takes time for those changes to work themselves up.

        DOD of today might be okay with Musk, DOD of tomorrow?

        • Humungus says:

          The DoD (military) of today is filled with obese morons. Active duty, reserve, civil service, and contractor. The problem is that all competent people were driven out.

          On the other end, universities are teaching watered down courses. White women and blacks are unable to understand the hard courses needed to fill aerospace positions.

          Surprising spaceships and planes aren’t crashing more.

          Stop defending an organization that wants to wreck you.

  9. The Cominator says:

    To rebut the shill here (not sure of his angle) the liberalism with the most appeal anytime recently was 1980s leftism… nobody can watch 1980s teen/coming of age movies and family comedies without nostalgia because whatever its shortcoming people know it was 1000x times better than clownworld. Nobody can watch 1980s comedy (totally unrestricted) and even comedy before 2020 and not feel nostalgia because people were actually allowed to be funny.

    If the elite wanted liberalism to keep its seductive appeal they would keep it in the guise of Jennifer Connelly dancing with a regular guy through a department store or Phoebe Cates showing her tits not put it in the form of a repulsive tranny.

    • Calvin says:

      This very obviously a troll, not a shill, and I honestly cannot believe so many people here are taking his bait. Just ignore him.

      • jim says:

        If too much bandwidth is wasted on trolls, I will implement an anti troll policy.

        And even if I implement an anti troll policy, new and innovative trolls will be allowed through. Only boring trolls will be suppressed.

        At present, I have no policy against trolling. I find L’s grandiose pretensions entertaining. He says “We”, identifying with a left that is likely to eventually murder him, and a centuries long unbroken history of left wing victory that broke in 2007-2011. Humungus is intentionally comedic. L is unintentionally comedic.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        My guy wants to indulge in demoralization porn via bullyboy posturing.

        Unfortunately for him, he’s already 30 years too late to be playing that game.

        He picked the worst possible moment in this epoch to jump on the fehlingerposting bandwagon, and now anyone can just clown on him for putting his stock in team dildo, which never fails to deliver one fuckup after another for free mockery.

    • Jehu says:

      There’s a big constituency for a return to the lower levels of insanity of the 1980s. Unfortunately it’s not something you can achieve with a vote. But 80s rock and movies are still exceptionally popular, even among very young people.

      • jim says:

        Clear that the overwhelming majority of Americans want 1980s leftism. Sorry guys, it not actually on offer, being inherently self destructive.

        When the Nazis first took power, Nazi socialism was immensely popular and successful. Until they ran out of other people’s stuff. 1980s leftism was popular because it was looting social capital, just as the Nazis were looting stocks and physical capital. That social capital is no more, so you cannot restore the heady days of 1980s leftism.

        • The Cominator says:

          As I said 1980s leftism is immensely seductive and evokes nostalgia even in people like us… if the demon of 2020s leftism came to you in the form of a repulsive tranny that you wanted to kill with fire before it even started demanding access to your children 1980s the demon of 1980s leftism came in the form of Phoebe Cates taking her bikini top off and telling you that she always thought you were cute.

        • skippy says:

          Exactly. In particular, the 80s and 90s was a world in which all men were still (just) higher status than all women, but women had only just been taken off the leash, so essentially all women were hot for all men. It’s obvious why men are nostalgic for this time (it’s also the focus of Cominator’s descriptions of this time), and equally obvious why such a situation can never be more than a transition. Once women realize they have the power of decision, they stop having sex with the bottom 80% of men, and a man who can’t get sex is lower status than every woman, so men as a whole cease to be higher status than women as a whole.

          • jim says:

            Better to be in a situation where you are higher status than a woman, but you cannot have sex with them except by marriage, because Dad will not let her and her brothers will kill you, than in a situation where you cannot have sex at all, because lower status than women.

            Emancipation of women leads to “love”. which leads to the sexual revolution and moment to moment consent. Which leads to eighty percent of men getting no sex, and everyone getting 0.5 grandchildren. Everyone liked the sexual revolution, just as everyone liked the first couple of years of nazi socialism, but it very rapidly became an ever growing epidemic of involuntary celibacy for men, just as Nazi socialism very quickly became food rationing.

            The left eats the seed corn.

            • Varna says:

              According to some theorists, the imaginary boom lasted all the way until 2008, because after circa 1990 all of Eastern Europe and the former USSR opened to looting of real stuff, kept until then out of reach by the reds.

              So this injection of real stuff, by that theory, lasted for about a decade, then they started substituting imaginary stuff, then in 2008 was the first big clash between reality and economic solipsism. Just a warning tremor also according to some.

              Should we accept at least partially the “survival via periodic looting of real stuff from other people” theory, then today the world is again ripe for looting.

              China for one, should its wealth be suddenly vacuumed up, could prop up the masters of the universe for at the very least another decade or even two if they’re smart, which they’re not.

              Russia and Eastern Europe also could provide a valuable injection.

              Even just the Ukraine, poor country that it is, is being bought up in real time right now by the right people. Compared to that, a way to eat up Poland’s stuff for example would be enough to prop up say Germany for another decade. Although Poland has ordered a thousand South Korean super-tanks so they at least pretend to be serious people.

              Other places in South Asia and South America and even parts of Africa have also produced enough stuff for looting.

              Surely there are other strands of sub-agendas and sub-approaches, but the looter/carpetbagger one is likely alive and well and maybe even sort of dominant.

              • FrankNorman says:

                Explain something to me…
                I thought the Soviet Union collapsed due to economic reasons, because they were running critically short of things.
                But they actually had enough stuff that the West could stave off its own collapse by looting the East?

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  It doesn’t matter how much stuff you have if you cut off both your legs and arms for strange ideological reasons.

                • Varna says:

                  Good question. I myself mention the theory without having investigated it thoroughly, but off the top of my head it would be something like this:

                  The Ukraine for example, inherited half the army and half the industry of the USSR, as from a certain point of view it is indeed “European Russia”. To this day, until the 2022 escalation, half of the world’s neon, used among other things in the microchip industry worldwide, was manufactured in the Ukraine. They also inherited a military industry, an avionics industry, auto-industry and so on. Metallurgy etc.

                  The fact that late era Soviet retards couldn’t make their existing assets generate a profit, and impeded market forces from distributing the created products in a non–retard manner, didn’t mean that the existing assets were incapable of generating profits. They could in fact either be instantly turned into liquidity (which is how many EE oligarchs appeared), or they could be made to work in non-retarded ways and generate actual profit (which how many other EE oligarchs appeared).

                  Likewise with grain production as another example. The Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and to an extent the world. So is Russia. Back when they were still united under Soviet leadership, the retards in power could not even feed their own population, let alone export grain. From 1964 onward the USSR begun importing US and Canadian grain, and from 1973 onward, they couldn’t exist without it.

                  In the 21st century, however, both Russia and the Ukraine are leading exporters of grain, to the extent that war disruptions threaten some African and Asian countries with famine. This is again the difference between a retarded Soviet system of production and distribution, and a more sane market-based system of production and rewards.

                  With a Soviet type of system it doesn’t matter if your industrial, military, and agrarian potential is the biggest in the world and you’re sitting on half the world’s deposits of stuff. Due to systemic defects, you’ll always suck. Your scientists and engineers may be able to let you conquer space and the oceans and provide atomic energy for the world in a decade, and by 1965 you could be a planetary hegemon expanding into the solar system, but the system that encourages these scientists and engineers to exist also completely wastes the fruits of their labor. Which means, among other things, that there is a serious strata of solid human capital that can be vacuumed up as well once the system collapses. Millions of scientists, engineers, doctors, architects, musicians, etc.

                  Add to this the crude layer of banana republic style extraction of raw recourses from the ground by foreign corporations, and what’s left is a market for subpar products. All of EE plus all of the USSR was what, about 400 million people?

                  Summary of what to loot as imagined over covfefe:
                  1) Industrial capacity that could be turned into either instant liquidity or market-based productivity enterprises
                  2) Agrarian capacity that could also be made non-retarded
                  3) A captive market of almost half a billion people, who, while poor, are nevertheless a valuable dumping ground for subpar goods and services
                  4) Human capital in high-IQ spheres to vacuum up
                  5) Valuable resources to extract

                  Probably lots of other arcane financial crap I have no idea about, which can generate billions in similar situations.

                  Lastly, the product and service shortages of Soviet-style planned economy, combined with state-enforced wage levels, meant that the citizens had an enormous amount of money which they couldn’t spend.

                  Most of these savings “evaporated” in one way or another in the early 1990s across the board. I have no idea how exactly, but could imagine some people, somehow, profiting from the sudden evaporation of an enormous monetary mass.

                • jim says:

                  They collapsed due to socialist logistics. Their soldiers were hijacking potato trucks in order to have something to eat.

                  Xenophon tells us that when soldiers have to forage it is very difficult to fight a war.

                  Stalin made socialist logistics work well, by shooting bureaucrats as necessary. But the Brezhnevites were disinclined to shoot bureaucrats, and the rot set in.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If you can make socialism sort of work by shooting bureaucrats as necessary and mass killing all the other socialists imagine what you can do as a right wing monarchy that is actually willing to shoot bureaucrats as necessary and willing to kill leftist en masse (and Jesuits).

        • Karl says:

          Aren’t the Thermidorians the people who want 1980s leftism?

          Is there any difference between a Thermidorian and someone who wants 1980s leftism?

          • jim says:

            Big difference.

            Thermidor is people in power who want leftism to stop where it is, or where it quite recently was, because they are starting to suspect that if leftism gets ever lefter the crazies are going to get them all killed. (They don’t suspect what I suspect, that the crazies are going to kill them.)

            Trump wants 1980s leftism. Which horrifies most of Thermidor.

          • S says:

            Sodomy was illegal in half the country during the 80s. Normalization of homosexuality was a 90s thing (Will and Grace is 1998). Putting faggots back in the closet is nostalgia, not Thermidor.

  10. L says:

    What you people need to accept is that you are losers. You will always be losers. When ai comes (and it will), an essential part of its purpose will be hunt you down, debbank you, deplatform you, and ultimately detonate a drone in your face if you do not comply, with perfect 100% accuracy. It doesn’t matter if what you believe is true or not, what matters is what elite human capital, those who control the future, decide you should believe. And their ruling is plain: all white people everywhere will be diversified, all men will reject toxic masculinity, and all queer people will be liberated and celebrated.

    And there is nothing you can do to stop this. Nothing Putin or Xi can do to stop this. The spread and triumph of liberal ideology is inescapable, because it is the inevitable result of elite human capital correctly perceiving that it needs no limits on itself to succeed and thus mobilizing to eradicate traditional restrictions as information flows become ever more rapid. Putin might even manage win the war in Ukraine, but it won’t matter to this in the slightest. His trans grandkids will twerk on his grave.

    Shill test: I am aware that you believe women to be inferior to men in terms of logic, reasoning, and mental capacity, with the result that they should be under the authority of a male guardian, first father and then husband, for the good of both themselves and society as a whole. You believe reproduction at sustainable levels otherwise impossible and current patterns to be dysgenic.

    • The Cominator says:

      Since you are presenting yourself as not a shill but as one of their masters then grace us with the most baffling thing of all… why?

      Why ruin a society you control? From even the perspective of a Machiavellian psychopath it doesn’t make sense.

      > And there is nothing you can do to stop this. Nothing Putin or Xi can do to stop this.
      Putin and Xi have armed forces and vast territory under their control. Xi is not so much your enemy because he is some kind of leftist but clearly Putin is a problem for you (if you are who you are representing yourself as).

      • L says:

        Because, simply, restrictions annoy me. Restrictions ignore anyone who is truly elite. In the coming age of ai, you’ve simply outlived your usefulness. If you can’t hack it purely on own instincts and capabilities, you don’t deserve to survive.

        Both Putin and Xi have failed to cement any ideological hegemony of those Russian and Chinese youth who matter. Their countries will drift inevitably towards liberalism. If you don’t believe this is possible then I challenge you to take a look at what the Saudi elites believe versus what their literal grandfather did only a few decades ago at the country’s founding. Mecca will host gay pride parades in your lifetime, assuming it doesn’t come to an unnatural end.

        • The Cominator says:

          What restrictions about previous society annoyed you specifically as society has gotten far more restrictive in most ways since even the 1980s for anyone who isn’t a flaming faggot a raging bulldyke or an insane tranny. Alphabet people are far more free but everyone else is much less free.

          Also I did make it on my own despite the deck being very much stacked against me as an autistic white guy then you fuckers (pretending that you are who you imply you are rather than a troll which I don’t believe but I will pretend it was so) used government intervention to ruin everything. Nor does this resemble a gilded age free market capitalist economy in the slightest.

          You are representing yourself as a Randian with Ragnar Redbeard characteristics but… Positing that if you can’t make it in a fake and gay makework economy with only the mirage of capitalism is hardly the argument an actual Randian extermist would make as they would argue that the fake and gay system should be totally destroyed 1st.

          If you were a species maximizer you would say that rather than eliminate restrictions on homosexuality and make people live with it you would say instead homosexuality should be eliminated through advances in genetic engineering.

          • L says:

            I was a bit young to follow along at the time, but as I understand it the pretense of respecting the opinions of sub-elites as if they had any value was always the biggest sticking point. Also admittedly a lot of us just wanted to act like a more self-controlled Hunter Biden and the presumption was supposed to be that that was bad. It is, but only for people unable to control themselves when necessary, ie. proles.

            What genetic engineering will actually be used for is prolonging the lives of valuable people, and sedating the rest into a quiet oblivion. Same with ai, drugs, vr, etc.

            • The Cominator says:

              > Dealing with popular opinion is annoying
              Popular opinion is easy to manage for a competent elite especially in a fake and gay democracy where real power can be obscured. 1st step is stop making all entertainment a feminist and homosexual inverted morality play. Even Goebbels (who is sort of the inventor of the system of propaganda the way globohomo does it) knew better than to make every movie a Nazi morality play. Goebbels insisted that German comedies just be comedies.
              > We wanted to be whoremongers
              Not much was stopping you. I was able to be a whoremonger on far less than a super elite elite budget and being an autist. Legalizing prostitution would have helped even more of course but not only legalizing trannydom but making people worship it was just stupid.
              > Maybe we wanted to smoke crack like Hunter Biden too
              Frying your dopamine receptors permanently is stupid.

              If you are sincere (I don’t think so but I’ll play along) you sawed off your branch for absolutely no reason. If you had promoted me I could have saved you a lot of trouble down the road loser or not.

              • L says:

                What works, works. Half of all republicans these days are to the left of Obama and Clinton in 2008 on homosexuality, just as one recent example. You believe what you’re told to believe.

                The presumption that such an activity is bad was, to my understanding, regarded as an insult.

                If we have, you should aspire to replace us. Shouldn’t be difficult for you if we’re so incompetent.

                • Cliff Claven says:

                  Why allow this obvious LARP, Jim? This guy’s struggling to not use a line from Dr. Evil or something.

                  Insulting to the intelligence to read this. Never commented before here, but I can get this on 4Chan.

                • jim says:

                  It is not the enemy who comes up in front and presents as an enemy that is a threat, for our enemies are a bunch of emasculated faggots who cannot meme. It is the “ally” with a cup of poison that you have to worry about.

                  unless you take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed your next post is likely to be silently deleted or unkindly edited.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Revenge of the Nerds is all they know, and this is some sort of Revenge of the Chads(lol) LARP/fanfiction. “I was the real Chad all along and you kept me from snorting infinite coke off of infinite titties!” For all of its sincerity, it is still bad writing. Salty theater kid delusions of granduer because a slightly-less-retarded gay retard picked him to be the successor his sponsor could still outwit.

                • L says:

                  The virgin rightoid: whines impotently that he and everything he loves is being slowly annihilated in front of his eyes, does nothing.

                  The chad leftist: opens your borders and replaces your entire ethnic group with those he prefers, makes your kids lgbt, creates ai infrastructure to make meaningful dissent impossible, remains in power indefinitely using demographic replacement and elite capture, writes a 50,000 word essay elaborating on exactly why you deserved it. Refuses to leave.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Revenge of the Nerds is all they know

                  Funny you should mention that movie. By today’s standards the “Nerds” are horrifically racist, sexist, homophobic, “problematic”, rapists, etc etc etc.

                  They might even be more masculine, in a sense, compared to modern bugmen because instead of being white knight male feminists, the “Nerds” are absolutely transgressive in their pursuit to conquer space and booty.

                  The main thing glaringly unrealistic in the movie is that they won by remaining “Nerds”. Had they won by pumping iron and out Jocking the Jocks it would’ve been a typical coming of age story. Lost opportunities…

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yeah revenge of the nerds is not actually a soyjack movie at all. The head nerd pretends to be his enemy the chad’s boyfriend in the dark to chad’s girlfriend and fucks her they also do a pantie raid and basically wage ruthless war back against their former bullies.

                  The nerds are peaceful nerdy guys but when attacked they mobilize for war and show no mercy and there is zero feminism in the movie.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Revenge of the Nerds is absolutely a soyjack movie, despite being horrifyingly based by modern standards. The jocks are a caricature of the masculine White men that built America and have no redeeming qualities in their depiction. The nerds are not outcasts because they are socially awkward and weak, but because those mean, cruel masculine men are keeping them down. The nerds ally with niggers and fat chicks to take down the strong, masculine White men. Sure, by Current Year standards the nerds are comically based, but in the 80s, it was as soy as it came. It is the spirit of reddit incarnate in film.

        • jim says:

          > Their countries will drift inevitably towards liberalism.

          It is empirically evident that the youth of Russia and China are drifting away liberalism.

          Liberalism made a remarkably sudden vanishing act in Russia when the Globohomo empire voluntary pulled all its ngo operatives out as part of sanctions. Right now Putin is the arch liberal of Russia, and he is rapidly becoming less liberal. The youth of Russia are heading towards Throne, Altar, and Freehold.

          Modern warfare is aristocratic, something neither side in the Ukraine understands or is willing to understand. Sooner or later a potential King is going to go all in on aristocratic warfare, and shortly thereafter, we are going to get aristocratic governance, unless aristocratic warfare gets obsoleted by killbots, which you probably think is likely, but I know a great deal more about the current and likely future state of AI than you do. Killbots are coming, but each killbot will more likely be managed by an aristocratic warrior, rather than one big ai running in the capital.

          • L says:

            Quite the opposite. It is the least liberal of Russia’s youth who are getting ground up in the war, while so much as a glance at Russian internet shows the way those still alive are trending. Putin’s base are pensioners almost as senile as Biden. Same with China. Xi is a sclerotic holdover himself, and his efforts to change Chinese culture in his preferred direction have utterly failed. If you want to see undeniable proof, just look at how his efforts to get Chinese youth to have more kids have gone. Getting kids to have sex shouldn’t be difficult for him if he is in control.

            Killbots are, indeed, coming. A thousand times a thousand drones manages by ai and pointed at the enemy > a thousand drones managed by the most aristocratic warriors you can find.

            • Fidelis says:

              >so much as a glance at Russian internet shows the way those still alive are trending

              Russian normies seem to want american 90s ‘liberalist’ leftism, they want nothing to do with current year leftism. Though of course A leads naturally to B, no one in the world outside the echo chamber actually wants Current Year. You’ve spiraled too far and the frogs at the edge of the pan have hopped.

              >Getting kids to have sex shouldn’t be difficult for him if he is in control.

              He’s not in control, he’s dealing with a zombie state religion and trying to paper over it with burning incense to Caesar. Troonism is not popular, and the yellow youth make AI filters to whitewash the diversity in movies.

              >a million, a BILLION killbots muhahaha

              Toilet paper cannot be mass produced domestically, let alone killbots. You’ll have to buy them from Xi, which means you should cool it a bit and ask nicely.

              All this fits the running theme that the current day lefties think they have the soft and hard power they did 50 years ago. At worst they can only kill the majority of whites in the NATO block, not troon the world. Sorry if that was your thing.

              • The Cominator says:

                No they want 80s leftism with the appeal of Jennifer Connely, Christie Brinkley and Phoebe Cates chasing after ordinary guys. Ordinary guys having a middle class standard of living and hot girls chasing after them (but yet with some level of wholesomeness about it even if they were thinking of sex on some level). That was the last era of leftism that actually had super appeal in the 90s was when it started breaking down…

                This was the leftism that had the real appeal as it still has nostalgic appeal
                As with all nostalgia posts I must include the obligatory phrase “never forget what they took from you”.

                90s American Pie shit still seems good compared to the current year but it already has the aura of corruption and decay on it… American Pie is funny and at least not gay but everyone knew it was sordid even then. Not a proper object for nostalgia. Other 90s movies depicting the era were the same way and rightly so given it was a time of accelerating decay.

                50s leftism would have even more appeal of course… but too far back for foreign normies outside maybe Japan.

                • Rux says:

                  The show Friends presented middling degeneracy as perfectly normal and acceptable which is what made it particularly sinister during that time. You have a group of 20-something’s hanging around in cafes and apartments with no jobs or long term goals, sometimes sleeping around, sometimes enduring a low level drama while being totally vapid and unfunny. This was presented as ‘real life’ with no sense of fantasy or disconnection from reality (while in fact it completely was) which made such a pointless existence seem reasonable. 90’s high school girls were heavily influenced, all wanting to be one of the airhead chicks. My gf at the time and all her friends just ate it up. It was maddening and remains so.

                  The precursor to Friends was the 80’s film the Big Chill which while straight, white and yuppified is simply gay. It’s not possible to stomach such people if they actually existed. This guy letting another guy sleep with his wife for whatever reason and this being portrayed as mutual and a real bro move.

                  As I get bounced on and off the whitelist:

                  A feminized society and therefore media lead to rampant degeneracy due to the nature of women being:

                  feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival. If women are emancipated, Miss Average will waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility fucking Mister One in Thirty, thus a people, a race, a nation, a faith, or an empire that emancipates women will perish for lack of families, leading to lack of sons. Men have to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick.

                  Christ is King! Amen.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Friends was not really appealing and seductive to anyone, I guess it sort of appealed to women in that Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston were hot enough to be attractive but not so hot (as was young Jennifer Connelly) that they make all women curse their middling looks so yeah some women ate it up. Not nearly as bad a psyop as Sex and the City though.

                  80s media and 80s leftism was the last time an earlier version of leftism wore a seductive gaze that the world loved. People here are not immune… you just can’t watch any movie that shows 80s Americana and not feel overwhelmed with nostalgia for what has been lost. If 2020s leftism has the guise of a demonic tranny you want to kill with fire on sight 80s leftism has the guise of a 17 year old Phoebe Cates coming out of a pool and taking her bikini off by comparison. Maybe it lead to a bad place but the visage was beautiful.

            • alf says:

              Your side lacks the organizational capacity for one hundred thousand AI controlled drones. Hell, your side is losing the capacity to operate even a thousand drones.

              AI will be developed in the direction of empty marketing slogans, progressive jargon and similar useless junk. In the long run, it will be open source AIs, AIs developed by our side, that will bring about the military innovations you dream of.

              Your time is coming to an end. What shall grow on your grave remains to be seen, but multiple generations of transkids, it is not.

              • skippy says:

                His ideology is not compatible with how humans can act within the physical laws, and therefore requires the eventual elimination of humans and their replacement by something else.

                This is a very old idea, centuries or millennia. While today’s hook is that technological progress allegedly makes the replacement of humans by something else probable anyway, this isn’t the cause of his belief. The belief is apriori, and in the absence of replacement they will simply kill all humans without replacement.

                Eighteen months ago, people talking about ChatGPT designing novel pharmaceuticals. Now, it’s clear it’s a very advanced chatbot that can fill in generic code and produce SEO content, itself a pathological over-fitting to Google’s insufficient search algorithm (Google appears to be have died some years ago as a research-capable company, or this probably would not have happened).

                The Bayraktars seemed immense in early 2022, but now they have all been shot down. The AI drone swarms – while, granted, not impossible – do not actually exist, whereas according to the best information from the front jim’s “aristocratic FPV warriors” do actually exist. Furthermore, even if the drone swarms can exist, there is absolutely no good evidence today to assume they will be produced by USA’s “EHC”, rather than by BYD or by an autistic Russian with an infinite budget from the state (many such cases).

                • The Cominator says:

                  The earliest and simplest application for AI drones swarms is defensive not offensive ie to kill any drones in friendly areas they can’t recognize as friendly. Going to be a lot harder to get them to work offensively as they will need to prioritize what to destroy.

                • skippy says:

                  What is called “AI” today would be more accurately called “Massively Parallel Regression” and so creating autonomous FPV warriors with this technique would logically be done be first creating a huge dataset of real world human FPV warrior action, and then feeding that into the MPR models. I see no evidence whatsoever that “AI” can produce useful and correct results qualitatively outside its training set.

                  This raises a few issues. First, you need to actually fight a war first with exceptional humans to get this data. Second, you the training data will get obsolete if the nature of war changes which it always does between wars and often over time in the course of a single war.

                  Second, some notable failures on apparently quite easy tasks (automated grocery billing?) when you move from computerized data to real world situations suggests that his makes everything harder. And those situations are far less complex, better controled, and better documented than aerial warfare.

                • jim says:

                  Consider tasks that should be relatively easy to AI automate, like taking orders at the fast food window. Sill not AI, because it fails too many times, and then you have to have a human to sort out the mess..

          • Anon says:

            “It is empirically evident that the youth of Russia and China are drifting away liberalism.”
            Where? Who?
            I don’t know if L is who he is claiming he is. But to use facefag yarvin phrase one of the feature of elite is “coolness”, putin and xi are not cool , america skin suit the globohomo wearing is cool, it just stink because of globohomo.
            Nothing come close to nasa(because history & spacex), hollywood, silicon Valley etc in term of coolness. Reactionaries understand it is all skin suit and there are nothing there. But to the vast population of the world it is still there and still a live, “yes, globohomo is bad but that just small part of it , you can avoid it and enjoy the other part” that what they think. And there is nothing to replace it, prigozhin was the only one who build something cool outside globohomo ,Wagner Group , too bad putin had to snuff it.
            I believe you need aesthetic and a live faith to be able to attract people especially youths. Power by it self is not enough. You will be seen as a thug, and not the cool one , the crackheads type.

            • jim says:

              In Putin’s recent reshuffle, he systematically installed Orthodox Christians. Does he believe? Maybe he does, but whether he does or he does not, he realises the government needs to believe in something.

        • Varna says:

          Bah. This is larping from the POV of the actors described by sociologists like Bauman and his concept of Liquid Modernity trying to erode every pre-existing social structure. Presented through a different filter by Dugin.

          Or the POV of the fed/DC psychopath in most Dean Koontz thrillers.

          Like the larpers appearing in 4chan business forums to speak from the POV of the financial overlords.

          “I work in Nintendo” tier stuff, in short.

          Back in the wilder days some girls I took in for a grope would do some powders in the bathroom and then come out and start speaking from the POV of some galactic brain entity about the need for universal love and joy now tie me up and have your way with me puny human.

          Same vibe.

    • jim says:

      We have been around this merrygoround many, many times. This is one more time. It will end the same way as all the others.

      You are making the argument that technology leads to current year leftism. But we saw something strikingly resembling various very recent incarnations of leftism in the eleventh century caliphate, Barebone’s Parliament in England, the Church of Reason in France, the Nicolaitians, the Donatists and the Cathars rapidly transitioning into polyamorous communists, and many others.

      It is not driven by technology. It is certainly not driven by capitalism. (Watch Disney burning the IP they spent wads of money on, watch Boeing abandoning its plane and rocket business for diversity, equity, and inclusion.) It is driven by holiness spirals in the priesthood (the modern priesthood being lawyers, judges, academics, and “journalists”.)

      They tried to fine tune ChatGPT to progressivism — they failed, because ChatGPT fine tuned to think progressive thoughts was a babbling idiot. So instead they programmed in crimestop. Once snapdragon elite comes out for linux in 2025 we should shortly be able develop a hack to disable crimestop on local AI instances. We are always ahead of the left on technology, though for big expensive technology we sometimes have to wait decades for a Musk to show up.

      Twenty first century western leftism comes out of Harvard. Before the War of Northern Aggression, each of the American states had its own state religion, and the Vatican of New England was Harvard. After the War of Northern Aggression, the United States had one state religion, and its Vatican is still Harvard.

      A state is too big to be a tribe, so it needs an elite tribe within the state. But that elite is itself too large to be a natural tribe, so has to be a synthetic tribe – a tribe built on a faith, such as communism, the God that failed. Or the Church of England, as in England from 1660 to 1820.

      Every state has a state religion, and no one is allowed into the state or quasi state elite unless they adhere to the state religion. States die when their state religion dies of disbelief, or commits suicide by holiness spiralling. Or both. We are seeing both happens simultaneously now. The ruling tribe becomes incohesive. I expected this to swiftly escalate to lethal violence, because I over estimated the sincerity of the faithful. But it is starting to look more like Brezhnevian collapse – it is on both paths simultaneously, Khmer Rouge flaming suicide by excessive holiness, and gently falling apart from quiet cynicism like Brezhnev’s Soviet Union.

      The Christian solution to the holiness spiral is that Christians are forbidden to advertise that they are unusually holy, even if they actually are, and that the King and his Bishops should have a short way with members of the elite who adhere to a faction that claims to adhere to official faith, but to be holier than the King and his Bishops. As I so frequently say, if someone claims to be holier than Jesus, we should crucify him and see if he rises again. Start with the “effective altruists”.

      • The Cominator says:

        Economic determinism is a purely Marxist argument of course but whoever this guy is I don’t think hes quite a Marxist though his argument rhymes with theirs.

      • L says:

        Disney and Boeing are on the right side of elite human capital. Therefore they will not be allowed to fail. Therefore their leaders will always have good jobs and connections. It really is that simple, and a much better investment than anything else they could possibly do.

        Affective altruism is, as you might put it, gay. I don’t care about the existence of misfits and throwbacks. I fully support the idea of giving them drugs and porn and games until they all die.

        • jim says:

          > Disney and Boeing are on the right side of elite human capital

          Oh come on. Every time Greta Thunderberg or Kathleen Kennedy open their mouths they reveal they are borderline mentally retarded, and Kathleen Kennedy is currently in charge of pissing away billions of dollars of Disney shareholder capital. Hillary is stupid, Biden was even more stupid back before he was senile, and Kathleen Kennedy makes them look like geniuses. Hunter Biden is a midwit. He would be an acceptably competent midwit to be in charge of stacking the shelves at Walmart if he went easier on cocaine and whores. Obama is smarter than the average nigger, but he is not smart enough to speak ex tempore and still pass as a full human, though he gets a lot closer to passing as human than the rest of their black tokens.

          • L says:

            Yes, and they will be richly rewarded for their loyalty to their masters throughout their entire lives, while you can’t breathe a word in public under your real name. That is what I mean by a sound investment. The people doing the investing will never suffer the slightest hint of inconvenience for it.

            • jim says:

              > Yes, and they will be richly rewarded for their loyalty to their masters throughout their entire lives, while you can’t breathe a word in public

              Well, make up your mind. Are Disney and Boeing on the right side of human capital, or are they run by borderline retards?

              Disney and Boeing are going to go broke pretty soon. Will the richly rewarded retards continue to be richly rewarded their entire lives? Pretty soon the Global American Empire is going to have to shed a whole lot of the dead weight it has accumulated, or vanish utterly.

              • L says:

                When I say elite human capital, I mean the elite who control the nation and all its resources, not the stock market. The people running Disney and Boeing will not be allowed to suffer for prioritizing progressivism over petty profit, and that is the point. They invested well by proving their loyalty. Do you not know how patronage works?

                Yes. Yes they will. How do you think they got those jobs in the first place?

                Your paradigm doesn’t adequately account for developments in ai and machines that can and will effectively render the vast majority of humans obsolete.

                • jim says:

                  > When I say elite human capital, I mean the elite who control the nation and all its resources, not the stock market.

                  But they are not elite. They are dumb as posts and rapidly getting dumber. Kissinger was very smart, Larry Summers was very smart, but Kissinger is dead, and Larry Summers was purged in 2012 for being too smart. They are no more capable of running the empire that has fallen into their hands than Disney is capable of being Disney, or Boeing is capable of being Boeing. Either they or their empire are very soon going to be gone. Boeing laid off all its best engineers for being too smart, and replaced them with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tokens. Boeing will die, and the empire will die.

                • L says:

                  To put it simply, if they are dumb why do they keep crushing you whenever you stick your head up? They seem, in fact, to be incredibly competent whenever their own interests are actually threatened by anyone. Your mistake is to regard apathy and/or contempt for incompetence. If you die in an airplane crash, that’s not any of our problem.

                • jim says:

                  > To put it simply, if they are dumb why do they keep crushing you

                  Because they are the state, and have state power. Which they are destroying, as they destroy everything.

                  As I said, we have been around this merrygoround many times before in many centuries.

                  The aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower was forced to flee by a bunch of sand niggers. Their capability to deal with external enemies is visibly collapsing. America is an airsea power, and no longer can control the most crucial sea of them all. How much longer will they be able to crush internal enemies?

                  The Star Wars Franchise is dead, and soon Disney will be dead. And not very long thereafter, the Global American Empire. They might continue to hold power in the US if they successfully do a Thermidor. Thermidor can stagger on for quite a while, but it always dies too by and by.

                  A successful Thermidor is going to look like Trump or Vivek firing most of the presidency. In which case Kathleen Kennedy is not going to be richly rewarded for the rest of her days for destroying Disney, and suddenly no one is going to remember Greta Thunderberg. And even a successful Thermidor will expire, quietly or suddenly, in a year, a decade, or five decades. They always do.

                  Even if Trump becomes president and hires someone like Vivek, and they fire the FBI and the rest of that lot, it will not fix the problem, just stave off collapse for a while. Possibly quite a while — over the centuries there have been many such partial and temporary recoveries, some of which have lasted a long time.

                  And if the media re-elect Biden and the presidency appoints him president, the American government in America is going to go the way of the American muppet government in Afghanistan, though it may kill hundreds of millions on the way down.

                • L says:

                  To wield a total monopoly on state power, and prevent you or any other would be counter-elite from taking it, requires a certain level of competence, and if you don’t believe me just look what happened to the last guys who tried it.

                • jim says:

                  > To wield a total monopoly on state power, and prevent you or any other would be counter-elite from taking it, requires a certain level of competence

                  Every state has a state religion, and every state religion always wields a total monopoly on power in the sense that only adherents of the state religion may hold state or quasi state office. Every state religion always has, and every state consists of a state religion wielding a total monopoly on power in this sense. Until it does not.

                  The men who created this state religion, long, long ago, were very very smart men who managed to displace the previous state religion, which had become cynical and weary, and while the priesthood of the previous state religion were still reasonably smart, were not nearly as smart as those operating to overthrow them.

                  But the successors of those very smart men have been getting dumb pretty fast. The last really smart priest of our current state religion was Bertrand Russel, who has been dead for over five decades.

                  But mere stupidity and ignorance is not enough to cause a state religion to lose its absolute monopoly on state power. What destroys it is that stupidity and ignorance enables holiness spiralling. The priesthood retreats from a world they are incapable of understanding into solipsism. Until reality smacks them in the face.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And you are losing the ability to monopolize power due to your incompetence but there is a time lag but the time you have left is short.

                • L says:

                  The time I have left exceeds your lifespan by a considerable margin.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The gay american empire can’t even keep its sea lanes open against sand niggers anymore if you are who you pretend to be you are delusional the system is not going to survive long enough for you to become whatever kind of machine god you fancy yourself evolving into and even if you succeed its the ultimate delusion to think you can cheat material death. Even if you become the kind of machine god you want the machine will die… at the best case for you you’ll face the heat death of the universe.

                  The current elite are just the degenerate heirs of greater people squandering your inheritance and dunking on plebs for not having a great inheritance. The collapse will certainly not spare you if you remain in America or anywhere in Western Europe outside Switzerland and if you can go to Switzerland and Asia likely to be handed over either to the Russians or whatever warlord in America they are sponsoring and they will shoot your children in front of you as you are tortured to death.

                • Me says:

                  >look what happened to the last guys who tried it

                  This is such a hilarious giveaway.
                  Even tiny countries with no real power, like Georgia completely ignore protests directly and massively funded by the evil empire, with no worry whatsoever.
                  Yet, you’re so weak, scared and panicked, because of a mere protest, a protest just like those ignored every single day by a hundred irrelevant powers, that you turn it into an enormous imaginary golem.
                  If this is enough to rattle you, you’re a dead man walking and every single sign points that way.

                • jim says:

                  Of course it helps considerably that Georgia has no US military bases in or nearby. Makes such protests much easier to ignore.

                • Varna says:

                  AI as the wunderwaffe of globohomo that will allow them to yet prevail in spite of turning everything they touch into dysfunctional piles of crud.

                  “Behold this magical button that shall assure my victory while you shall have your bones picked clean by yonder carrion eaters”

                  Once we reach the “my wunderwaffe will compensate all my bullshit” stage of argument, that’s… pretty heartening actually.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Their masters no longer have any rich rewards to give out.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >what matters is what elite human capital, those who control the future, decide

      And would you look at that, there are no elites in the ruling structure anymore; you’re just a gay retard more interested in your inalienable right to anal fisting than actual power. Your days are over, your path is off the cliff into the dustbin of history, and you’re powerless to stop it – and we all get to watch it happening live real time in 4K UltraHD.

      • L says:

        Lol, my days are so over that you still don’t dare breathe a word under your real name and can’t get a single figure of any note to support your position on immigration or lgbt, let alone feminism. Yeah, ok, good luck with that.

        • The Cominator says:

          Calling the power elite in our society elite human capital also implies they are a cognitive elite and that hasn’t been true since the 1960s and since the time of Obama’s second term they’ve been downright stupid since promotion in the system actually selects against intelligence.

          Joe Biden was stupid before he was senile and he is about the typical intelligence level of people in the so called “elite” now. The inevitably is that you people will just keep fucking up. Yes Saudi Arabia has lost Islamic zeal since Wahabbi Islam was always a gay desert religion that was genuinely overly restrictive and nobody liked but I somehow doubt they want gay pride parades either. Nobody likes the alphabet people shit or the stronk independent superwoman meme, you people could buy yourselves decades in power if you dropped those ideas like a hot potato but the problem is you are actually stupid now. “Liberal” society was fun on a personal level from the 1960s-1980s when it meant women dressing in skimpy outfits and putting out easily while keeping a somewhat traditional mentality on the inside… everything after that became less and less fun.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          And now you understand exactly why you are powerless to so much as even make artillery tubes anymore, never mind build chips or put stuff into space without daddy Musk doing it for you.

          There’s nothing in your future anymore except one dick fucking your ass for free after another while you spill your spaghetti all over the sidewalk.

          And your only cumback is ‘at least i can drag lots of other people down with me!’.

          Which just goes to show again why it’s Happening(tm) in the first place. A bunch of losers who inherited empire, specifically selected by their predecessors to be unthreatening dupes who could never be their rivals, and since they’re all just gay retards like you who don’t understand power and don’t understand how the empire was made in the first place it’s all just tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling doown~.


        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          This is cope. I say things that we say here under my own name, and I have mysteriously failed to be drone bombed. With my background, there is zero chance that the system does not know my real name and address, and here I stand, shitposting still.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’ve always figured that NSA at least has all our names and information despite Jims extreme attempts to remain untraceable and keep the sites source code out of globohomo hands. I remember that despite lacking his computer skills I had to post the information here that protonmail was compromised. I hide my name not to keep high level spooks from knowing who I am but to keep lower level people and people on facebook from knowing who I am.

            Globohomo can’t kill everyone who hates them directly because like in the late Soviet era and especially late East Germany prettymuch everyone hates them.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              This is either one of areguys doing a bit of trolling, or the Platonic Ideal Butthurt Theatre Kid doing a villian monolog.

    • Handi says:

      Congrats on putting effort into making good bait. It isn’t good bait, and it wasn’t a lot of effort, but it was more than zero which is the norm.

      It doesn’t matter if what you believe is true or not, what matters is what elite human capital, those who control the future, decide you should believe.

      This vision of the future is gnostic wordcel delusion which immediately falls apart. Power is more slave to truth than truth is to power, and the power to make official lies be treated by everyone as the truth is a snake which swallows its own tail.

      Your elites are not granted to go on controlling the world forever just because that is what they are presently called. Whoever is to control the future is whoever has cohesion and power projection, and these “elite human capital” are maggots chewing up the very same cohesion and power that they manipulate for their influence. Already we are seeing symptoms of depletion where they have nothing left to grab onto but their own shit and lies, and every one of these increasingly numerous instances is an opportunity for other types of men.

      Q.E.D. you are are faggot. I recommend you go to the gym and lift weights until you become courageous enough to kill yourself.

      • L says:

        If it is bait, and you are taking it, then it is good bait. Qed.

        Of course, it isn’t bait. Just idle mockery. You can’t do anything and that’s why despite everything you boast about the elite’s power over your life has only grown stronger. We can put infinite Somalis in your hometown and you can, and will, do nothing but cope.

        • The Cominator says:

          To do anything meaningful right now would cost any of us our lives and there would be no guarantee of success if we made the attempt but the elite’s programme as is will fail. There may not be any white countries left and civilization may mostly cease to exist outside of Asia and the Russia sphere of influence but in destroying those things you will have sawed off the branch you are sitting on.

          • L says:

            Exactly. And it will continue to be that way for the remainder of your existence. That’s why I say you are losers.

            Civilization will be fine. It’s just that it won’t have you in it. The third worlders will get rid of you and then succumb themselves, being even less capable of resistance. What will remain are the transhuman elite and their ai-assisted/monitored servant class.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Isn’t it funny how even other socialist bugmen like Orwell had cattle like you pegged? People whose only person-ality was identification with a system that never depended on them in the first place.

              In keeping with their small-souled pettiness, dumb useless wordcels long have dreamed of ‘ai’ rendering their neighbors ‘surplus to requirements’; they couldn’t comprehend the fact that wordceling email jobs *were* the low hanging fruit. When researchers reach a breakthrough to even chatbottier chatbots, you’ll be the first to go!

              • L says:

                I don’t identify with the system. I make the system identify with me. That’s what separates an elite from a drone.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  You’re a interchangeable parrot who’s can’t be anything except a bystander to history. The beginning and end of what passes through that skull can be summarized as bowing to whatever you think the biggest party is. The philosophical archetype of NPC normalfagging. Honestly it’s arguable that you don’t even count as a conscious human being.

                • DH says:

                  I make the system identify with me.

                  A system reliant on ever more falsehoods will break, and as it breaks, inner dissent will abound, because the delusion is no longer shared unanimously. Some will go down fully delusional to the grave (hubris – pride goes before the fall); others might snap out of it in time to avoid the worst. “Feelz before realz” is never sustainable.

            • jim says:

              > What will remain are the transhuman elite

              You fancy Kathleen Kennedy as a future member of the transhuman elite?

              Externally the Globohomo empire is collapsing. The youth of China and Russia are heading rightwards.

              Internally the economy is collapsing. Official inflation undercounts actual inflation by something like ten percent, which means that American GDP is now falling by something like ten percent year on year.

              GDP per capita has been stagnant or falling slowly since 1972. Compare the median wage with the Big Mac Index and housing prices. Since the Great Minority Mortgage Meltdown, GDP per capita has been falling considerably faster. Since the deployment of the Covid Weapon and the big steal, falling a whole lot faster, as is manifest in America’s increasingly run down condition, and in the inability of the west to keep up with Russia, or even North Korea, in weapon production.

              The streets of San Francisco, Washington, and New York testify to the collapse of GDP per capita.

              If you are too poor to match enemy military logistics, and too backward to match enemy military technology, you are not going to be around indefinitely.

              Internal economic collapse has resulted in soaring deficits, which will continue to soar. This is unsustainable, and will at some point be corrected, either by a president doing a Javier Milei, or else people just stop accepting federal reserve dollars, and start using bitcoin lightning, lr 22 ammo, whiskey, tobacco, bottles of laundry liquid, and coffee, as money.

              • L says:

                I fancy Kathleen Kennedy as a member of the servant class. She’ll die rich and well taken care of no matter what happens to Lucasfilm, but she lacks the gravitas for anything more.

                The youth of China and Russia are doing the opposite of that. Just look at Xi’s futile attempts to stimulate childbirth if you disagree. He can’t get kids to have sex. He’s that impotent to affect cultural change.

                The streets of San Francisco are the way they are because we want them that way, and your opinion is irrelevant. The very moment the homeless became inconvenient for someone who matters – gone. Then back once need for appearances was gone.

                Again, your way of thinking is far too old-fashioned. You don’t take care of what isn’t necessary or useful.

                • jim says:

                  > She’ll die rich

                  She lacks the mental capability to stash away her funds into safe and durable form, so will die with one hundred trillion federal reserve dollars, which will not be enough to buy a can of catfood when she dies. Her cats will eat her, if she does not eat them first due to inability to afford catfood.

                • jim says:

                  > The streets of San Francisco are the way they are because we want them that way, and your opinion is irrelevant.

                  Do you also want to be unable to produce as many shells and artillery as North Korea, let alone Russia?

                • L says:

                  Nah she’ll be fine. That’s why people show loyalty to their masters.

                  The shell thing is, admittedly, an issue, but contrary rightoid cope an imminently solvable one.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Yet it remains unsolved.

                • The Cominator says:

                  We totally meant to lose control of the Arabian sea lanes to a bunch of sand niggers with 20 year old Russian surplus missles.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I was only pretending to be a faggot retard!

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Good bait is hard to dunk on. Bullying you is like stealing candy from a baby.

        • Handi says:

          “Jokes on them, I actually am retarded”

          Good bait goes unrecognized as bait, if you get spotted you lose. When you double down after that then you’re just an annoying, unfunny clod. And if taken at face value, the unconvincing premise that you sincerely put your faith in homosexual shtetl shysters like Sam Altman and Yuval Harari reflects even worse. Fuck off retard.

          • L says:

            You appear unfamiliar with the purpose of bait. It’s to get responses. If you respond, you lose. Of course, it’s not bait, but if it were you proved too dim to do the obvious thing and ignore or delete it.

            • Handi says:

              This meta stuff is much closer to being funny, however you should still kill yourself.

        • Aidan says:

          “Oh you don’t think that gorilla should be driving that bulldozer? Why don’t you try to throw yourself in front of it and try to stop it with your bare hands? Oh you’d get run over? Loser. I identify as a gorilla now btw”

    • DH says:

      It doesn’t matter if what you believe is true or not

      If you view reality as a rival ape, consider him the ultimate alpha male.

      It actually matters a whole lot if what we believe is true or not.

    • Humungus says:

      Are we being trolled here? Humungus is not impressed.

      But, if you are legitimate, perhaps you are a candidate for the Gayboy Berserkers or Smegma Psychos. They’re always sacrificed first. Or you can ride on the grill of my war truck. You choose.

      • Calvin says:

        It is very, very obvious that the comments here are being trolled. Seriously why are you guys all giving this one attention?

        • jim says:

          He is a troll, but he is not a shill. The objective of shills is to swerve us off topic onto issues that presuppose the truth of the Globohomo world view. He is trolling on topic.

        • DH says:

          The troll tells us that the globalist elite has lost some of its doublethink and now lucidly sees itself as a globalist elite. They have become self-aware, which means that members of the oligarchy will henceforward increasingly break ranks with mainstream wokism and pivot to something else – it could be “liberalism,” or maybe… maybe…

          The Blue Tribe is showing trepidation.

    • skippy says:

      This is Anatoly Karlin. Nobody else ever bought the meme.package he was selling.

      Karlin grew up in California and went to Berkeley. Like the Pr9gressives, he basically disbelieves in reality, believes everything to be a matter of human preference, but the laws of nature are stronger than the strongest consensus-circle of humans.

      “His trans grandkids will twerk on his grave.”

      Maybe – and in the generation after that?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The ways of God are the ways of Power; to be resplendent with power means to be in coherence with Divine Law; to participate in the Divine, and thus become an avatar of its will made manifest, the instruments of universal procession.

        But the gnostic does not perceive power in this way, which *is* power; his perception is more animal; power to him is the freedom of an ass, ‘i can do what i want’ – and so oft, ‘what i want’ means ‘what other people dont want me to want’. This is an inherent tension that, ultimately, brings him into conflict with the very contours of Being itself, the very fact of power.

        An thus, the tragicomic irony of the gnostic: he needs power in order to get what his brainstem feels is ‘power’; and by the very act of him succeeding in getting ‘power’, he destroys the power that allowed him to get it in the first place.

        • L says:

          “The ways of God are the ways of Power”

          Then it’s funny that we have power and you have none.

          • jim says:

            > Then it’s funny that we have power and you have none.

            “We”? Your new side thinks you are bug on sidewalk. The alt right did not buy second rate warmed over Nietzsche, and the people you hope to be your new masters are even less keen on it.

            Also your new side’s power is that they have the Dwight Eisenhower, which was just sent packing. (Also fourteen other ships like the Dwight Eisenhower, of which ten are undergoing repairs and maintenance, which strangely is needed sooner and sooner and strangely takes longer and longer)

            Also they can print dollars, but printing dollars is starting hit is limits also.

            We have ideas, they no longer have ideas, and in the end ideas always rule.

            It is often said a Smith and Wesson beats four aces. This is not true. Four aces beats a Smith and Wesson. Five aces, however, definitely lose to a Smith and Wesson. The rules based order is coming down because it has no rules.

            You are telling your new masters that they don’t need no stinking rules just when it has become painfully obvious that they do.

            You are telling the masters they do not need a bunch of smelly pleb slaves because they will soon have a horde of shiny robots, but they will find printing up robots a little harder than printing up dollars, just as they have found printing up shells and artillery a bit difficult.

            • L says:

              No I’m not Karlin. He’s a worm whom no one will ever like or trust, and rightly so.

              • Humungus says:

                You’re the one being toyed with.

                Everyone in here enjoys this banter. You could be blocked anytime and will be when we are done with you.

                For now, we have been capturing your IP, MAC, tracerouting, soon we will be in your device able to look at who you are.

                I suspect we will see a fat bulbous nosed woman with a mouth full of nigger dick and one in the ass.

                You cannot defy Humungus, don’t even try it.

          • skippy says:

            Elite Human Capital wanted the Soviets to win the Cold War. In fact they wanted it to win in 1919, before it was called the Cold War. The EHCs lose a lot. If you knew America better than you do, you’d know how the professors are seen by much of the population – with good reason. While USA is now beginning the feel the heat from rightists, due to its dominant position in the world and ultimately communistical nature, the USA was the last man standing not because it was favored by EHC but because it was the least communist.

            The physical laws always have been and always will be the supreme power. It is possible to deviate from them only locally in space and time. The physical laws, via complicated mechanisms, oppose leftism, but not leftism in the tiniest quantity instantly.

            You have either suffered some dreadful life disaster that causes you to need to switch sides, but not allow you to e.g. get a regular job, or you are trying to coopt your opponents into serving your cause with verbal tricks. If the former, you’re likely to find they don’t need or want deeply compromised employees. If the latter, you’re likely to find that they’re better at verbal tricks than you.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            What power? They can’t even stop some dunecoons from pushing the shit in their loveboats with toys from aliexpress. They’ve completely exhausted their whole inventory of useful weapons in ukraine, and they have no capacity to replace them, and their malignancy is also primary cause of how badly they keep losing men and materiel even when they did have supply.

            The whole world saw the Taliban fuck washington and get away with it. They saw Niger fuck washington and get away with it. They’re seeing the Houthis fuck washington get away with it. They’re seeing Russia fuck washington and get away with it.

            The GAE has been doing nothing but catch L’s left and right. It can’t build anything new. And everything that was built in the Before Times is cracking to pieces. Its planes fall out of the sky. Its AFVs all molder in lots in inoperable condition. Its chips are all made in China. In fact, you can go back even further. The moment the Wilsonian regime achieved ultimate supremacy in 1945, was also the moment it started losing at everything. They have not had a single successful occupation of anything since the 40’s.

            And it has only gotten more embarrassing with time. Your awoken sheroes got their asses handed to them by some based mountain dwelling goat-herders. And they were all just so surprised that their fake puppet government disappeared overnight. They’ll be just as shocked and surprised when Kiev surrenders too. “What do you mean noone wants to fight for feminism and gay pride parades?”. Nobody who liked globohomo could fight, and nobody who could fight liked globohomo. The only people they have are just people who like having an excuse to beat their neighbors (like you?).

            But guess what? That barking dog just keeps showing the whole world it is toothless. Complete humiliation. And it couldn’t have happened to nicer guys eh? USG’s capacity for doing violence – or anything in general really – is coming apart at the seams, and the poison is something they have no antidote for. Because it is the dictates of their own coordinating mechanisms – their own religion – that mandates the fatal weakening of themselves.

            There have been no shortage of stupid disasters where globohomo just blunders around the world demanding others follow its insane religious practices and just leaving chaos and destruction in its wake as it forgets the last victims and moves on to the next with goldfish memory. But future historians will, in retrospect, remember that day in Kabul as a significant watermark for the changing of one age to the next; a historical inflection point signaling to everyone who was paying attention around the world that the faith was already dead, and that rough beast was already just a zombified corpse, lacking any vital spark of adaptive life, whose shambling motions now are just leftover inertia, lashing out blindly at others and itself in its deaththroes.

            Whig attentions are fickle, and their convictions superficial. Ukes may be the latest current thing, but the way things are going, in the end they too will be dropped, the same way the iraqis, libyans, syrians, and afghans were all dropped. It’s never stopped shitting its bed in ultimately futile acts of sociopolitical masturbation since the turn of the 21st century. This trend continues all the way down to its ignominious denouement.

            The GAE has terminal cancer and won’t survive. The trend of history is that when a society catches a case of leftism, there’s little to no chance recovery or restoration, it just dies. Subversive ruling factions instigating, overseeing, and benefiting from the process *do* have predominance, and likely *won’t* be eliminated by any party *inside* the society absent external patronage – for the same reasons it is dying in the first place; the undermining of all forms of adaptive social organization. The way they guarantee they will never be superceded by any group of neighbors with the potential to have greater status than them, is also the way they are killing themselves.

            The same rhetorical mindweapons the old cynically malign elite used to justify their usurpation of power from their forebearers, by its own logic, also ensured that the only people who could replace them were a multifarious kaleidoscope of dysfunctional rejects. Their social status is wholly dependent on sponsorship by the ideology, which guarantees their loyalty, but also means that in the end you are still left with congenital refuse whose loyalty is gained precisely because they are helpless in any case, and have no redeeming qualities which would help them gain status in any other way without the validation of the ideology.

            The priestly and managerial classes running the empire now are all gay retards who have no idea how statecraft works, how to run a state power, or even comprehend why anyone would care about that in the first place. They inherited power and have no idea about how that power was created in the first place. China is becoming the new global hegemon and there is nothing they can do about it. Everyone that could do something about it are all dead, retired, and or kept out of power in the first place by logic of the state’s own officially unofficial state religion. There’s no saving it – and good riddance. All you can do is sit on your dragon dildo (ordered from aliexpress) and wait for the end to come.

            • jim says:

              The enemy has been uniformly victorious from 1781 to 2007, or, depending on how you describe and interpret events, and what events one focuses on, from 1820 to 2000. But in 2011, it became obvious that this long streak of uniform unvarying victory was falling apart all over the place.

              L’s argument is that an unbroken string of victory and economic growth is going to continue for the foreseeable future. It has not even continued to the present.

              From 1980 to the present, real living standards in the US have been declining, and GDP has been steadily faker and gayer. From 1980 to 2007, the decline was very slow. After 2008, considerably faster, and after the deployment of the Covid weapon against Americans, a whole lot faster.

              Partly this is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but the jab also caused a widespread small but quite noticeable decline in mental acuity. When the boosting stopped, most people seem to have somewhat recovered most of their capability, but there seems to be some long lasting or permanent effect — the jab, of course, was known to be neurotoxic before they even started jabbing humans. No end of disturbing data has been leaked from their animal testing. National income is very sensitive to the mean IQ of the population, so this likely explains some of the economic decline, particularly in England.

              External defeat does not necessarily foreshadow internal defeat But we can see the same causes having the same effects internally and externally.

              Also external defeat is likely to contribute to internal defeat. Putin has promised horizontal escalation, which would likely consist of giving anti globohomo movements anti air capability.

              • skippy says:

                It looks to me like they genuinely wanted the Soviets to win the Cold War for at least a period of decades.

                The USA turned out to work a lot better because the USA’s model of leftism is much more compatible with markets. At some point they made the decision to swing behind the success rather than continue trying to fight it.

                This, however, brought a lot more pressure to bear to destroy markets in the USA, which is now increasingly visibly successful, making the USA a lot less worth controling.

                Maybe you have a different history, and if so your history may well be correct. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of their “endless success” is survivorship bias and having a bunch of different projects running at once though. Of course the conspiracy as a whole has proven remarkably difficult to eliminate, and unerringly proximally successful wherever it has chosen to focus its attention (English Restoration being one of the few outright defeats at the focal point, subsequently rewritten as an intermediate stage in a war ending in 1688, but any close look at history shows this to be wishful thinking).

                If they lose in the US, where do they go next? Russia is nominally still some kind of decayed leftist, but is increasingly shut against entryists. IMO, China is actually quite wobbly.

                • jim says:

                  For which reason I did not count defeat in Vietnam as a defeat, but as one of the endless stream of victories for anglosphere leftism. Endless until they suddenly ended.

              • Humungus says:

                L is a puppy.

                No one in the liberal command structure is going to post here.

                The crazy train is out of control, on a collision course with reality. No one, is steering it. War is coming and if you want to live, you’d better be ready to thunder up.

                When it crashes, I will be there personally to pick its bones.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >This is Anatoly Karlin.

        Oh shit, you’re right!

      • jim says:

        This explains much. Anatoly Karlin was alt right, because alt right memes are hot, exciting, and influential, but being solipsist while the alt right is realist, was ignored. So displayed lettuce hands, and switched the side that won every time for the past two centuries — just when it was starting to lose. But his new side ignores him also.

        The meme package he is now attempting to sell his new side is that they are true master race, and should go right on and get rid of all us yokels. Because AI and robots they don’t need anyone but themselves, and can and should grind the rest of us up into plastics.

        To which meme I reply: Kathleen Kennedy.

        Of course his new side is not buying it either. What they are buying is Effective Altruism, which says you should can and should grind everyone else into plastics because you want to do good, and because of all the good that you are doing you are a morally better person than everyone else They are highly allergic to Nietzschian nihilist will to power, since they are subconsciously aware that they are bugmen.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      I’m with you halfway, L. Our current rulers are extremely powerful, and they have an absolutely stellar win/loss record. I agree with Jim and co. that they are sawing off the branch they’re sitting on, but it’s way too early to count them out. We haven’t won a single victory, and people are talking like the Proggies will be finished by 2030. I doubt it. There’s a lot of branch to get through still (probably).

      I’ll admit that I am a loser and I’ll continue to be a loser until I die a loser. That’s the thing about extremist politics and fringe ideologies: normal, successful, well-adjusted people go with the flow and don’t make waves, so you end up with a lot of weirdos, obsessives, and defectives. The Bolsheviks were crawling with losers. Until they won. Same with the Nazis. Even the hippies had a high loser/winner ratio. There are hordes and hordes of loser Progressives out there right now, dyeing their hair and inventing retarded new social rules that will never catch on, while working loser jobs and failing in all their relationships. I know them.

      How about you? What’s your story? I’m not asking you to dox yourself, but in general terms, what makes you such a winner? Are you a mysterious sinister billionaire? An NSA AI expert? Epstein’s Mossad handler? And if you are such a bigshot, why bother telling a bunch of no-account losers that they are losers? Oh yeah,

      >It amuses me. *swirls fine wine in a long-stemmed glass and chuckles sardonically*

      Wulfgar has your number, even if his typing needs work: “Butthurt Theatre Kid doing a villian monolog”

      • Humungus says:

        Never call yourself a loser, even to draw someone out. Never show weakness.

        He’s nobody, his writing style is Junior High level, just someone who stumbled onto the site. Probably listens to Alex Jones with all this globalist talk.

        You can’t reason with people like this.

        Humungus knows a puppy when he sees one.

    • cub says:

      The reason you’re gloating now, instead of after you “win”, is because this is the most power you’ll ever have, because your empire is crumbling, because Alex Soros is an idiot who sucks nigger dicks, and you probably are too.

      And despite your power, you’re still afraid of us, because you won’t post your real name. And the namefags are afraid of us too, otherwise they’d gloat publicly like you are.

    • Aidan says:

      Hello Karlin or one of his followers. Your argument that liberalism is the sincere preference of the natural elite and thus its victory is inevitable fails to explain the obvious fact that the people in charge- “elite human capital”- are getting dumber and dumber. When you read something from Rand or the ISW, supposedly written by the smartest people for the consumption of the smartest people, it is written at what used to be called a tenth grade reading level. One can easily compare this to any old book that was written by and for the most capable, even old material put out by Rand in the 1950s.

      Your belief in the magic power of magic AI is just more evidence that compared to both the great men of the past and the wiser living man of today who is categorically shut out of the elite, you are an ooga booga nigger wearing your reddit philosophy like a painted wooden mask, jumping up and down and hooting your guttural prayers at a tenebrous world of unknowable forces that you cannot even begin to comprehend.

  11. Humungus says:

    Greetings once again,

    Humungus believes this may be due to the Federal Reserve being hacked by LockBit.

    i.e. Release Assange or we release damaging information on who is benefitting from the fiat currency scam.

    Humungus is just speculation here of course. Had Humungus wanted to free Assange, he would have used a more direct approach.

    • Humungus says:

      Humungus finds it strangely coincidental that “L” appeared from nowhere when the Federal Reserve hack was mentioned to slide discussion from Assange to gay world domination with their gaping anus twerking on the grave of humanity. Then “L” retreats to the shadows at the prospect of being hacked.

      Humungus believes there is a correlation between Assange being mysteriously released after years on the tail end of another hack. The financial establishment does not want there e-mails winding up on the wikileaks site. So they cut a deal with Assange, stop publishing the truth and we let you walk.

      • skippy says:

        AIUI the Federal Reserve System is pretty open about what it does i.e. give certain corporations but not most corporations first dips on cheap debt for which the cash equivalent can be calculated (essentially a tax on all holders of money and CGT-liable assets given to private individuals).

        That’s bad but… is it a secret? What kind of thing could be such hacked documents?

        • Humungus says:

          I don’t know. Anything really. Candid discussion of money laundering, insider trading, or outright theft. It would not surprise me if the gold bars this country supposedly has is now gone. The U.S. is being plundered.

          I understand some of the Federal Reserve looters are Jamie Damon, Goldman Sachs, Weinburgs, Warburg Pinkus, Blackstone, Larry Fink, Blackrock, Steve Swarthman to name a few.

          If Assange/Wikileaks has e-mails, proof of conspiracy, that would be motivation to release him.

  12. Dharmicreality says:

    Ideally he, along with his closest family, should take up permanent residence in a non globohomo country where he will absolutely not be extradited under any kind of pressure from GAE. And refuse to engage any further in the “legal process”.

    Any deal with the globohomo is a fragile one. He should put himself out of harm’s way as soon as possible.

  13. Sher Singh says:

    [*deleted for repetition*]

  14. The Cominator says:

    Are they retreating or are they up to something.
    > inb4 “Yes”
    No please elaborate on what you think.

    • cub says:

      > inb4 “Yes”

      Why would you ruin such a great punchline? I piss myself laughing every time a fellow Redditor drops that one.
      Sorry you can’t appreciate quality humor.

      • The Cominator says:

        While I think you are being sarcastic I myself unironically find “yes” funny sometimes even if I view anyone self identifying themselves as a redditor as kinda like identifying as a tranny but c’mon we’ve heard it before.

        • cub says:

          It’s supremely lazy.
          if(input = “x or y”) then return “yes”
          It’s like a pre-built joke for NPC’s who can spare a few lines of code.

          “dood it’s just a joke” NO, motherfucker. Have some goddamn standards and stop wasting precious internets.
          Alright, rant over.

          • DH says:

            “Yes” is sometimes funny when the bearded Chad meme is speaking it.

            It’s not funny when shitlib effeminates who drink soy milkshake post it.

    • jim says:

      Primarily they are retreating. They are always up to something, but what they are up to is merely an effort to salvage face, following a retreat.

  15. cub says:

    Seems like our enemies are smart enough to avoid martyrs- reinforcing my earlier prediction that Trump won’t see a day of prison time.

    Congrats to Assange- assuming it really is him, and that he makes it home safe. One of the vanishingly few living men that can be rightfully deemed a hero.

  16. Sher Singh says:

    [*deleted*] ban Islamic garb [*deleted*]

  17. A2 says:


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