Second U Turn

When Putin invaded, the Global American Empire did a U turn on Covid and the Jab.

Recently the government in Kiev has started to evaporate, and their troops on the ground are beginning to disintegrate. Russian advances are still tiny, but there are a lot of them, and the Kievan regime has been creating regiments of old, the sick, and lame, and throwing them into battle half trained, whereupon they typically suffer huge casualties. When they run out of the old, the sick, the lame, then next up are the children, assuming the evaporating Kievan regime is still around by that time. Spontaneous denazification is under way as the governing elite of the Ukraine move to France, Italy, Canada, and New England. By the time negotiations start, there may be no one to negotiate with.

Now we are seeing another U Turn. Democrats are shocked, shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that Biden is senile, or is suffering from the usual statin side effects.

Biden was no more and no less senile during the recent debate performance than he has been in most recent appearances. Just that in past performances, they gaslighted us, and today they are shocked, shocked, shocked.

Approximately simultaneously Assange has been released, the Chevron decision, which was a major cause of the immense flow of wealth from productive red state America to regulators and activists in blue state America, has been overturned, and judges have allowed murderous and criminal wrongdoing by Pfizer to be litigated.

This seems to prefigure Trump being permitted to win the election. They need a strong leader to manage an orderly retreat, and they need a strong economy if they hope to repair the aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower. If the Ukraine becomes another Afghan collapse, it is curtains for Nato and the Global American Empire.

Note added later: I should not report events as they happen, because the meaning of events is seldom clear until weeks, months, years, decades, or centuries have passed: New York Times now wants the election to be stolen from Trump by someone other than Biden. They want to “create a process” for selecting a replacement — which is likely to result in naked power struggle between the radicals, who want to continue business as usual under a figurehead less ridiculous than Biden, and the Thermidoreans, who want to hold leftism at current levels because the Global American Empire is headed for collapse. The Thermidoreans hold the advantage, because if the replacement is Obama 3.0, they can run dead on the steal, but on the other hand, a Thermidorean president is unlikely to be able to control a woke presidency. Expect the unexpected. The Thermidoreans would rather like to have a conservakin to purge the radicals, so that they can subsequently bemoan it as McCarthy 2.0. Will they get what they want? No one knows, no one is flying the airliner we are on. Stuff is happening too fast. This post is already out of date, and I am not going to update it further.

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  1. Humungus says:

    Happy 4th!

    Humungus just had a T-bone steak, followed by a Heineken, and cigar.

    Wishing you the best.

  2. L says:

    Here’s a funny prediction for y’all, which from what I’m hearing has a decent chance of happening. Biden is removed for having outlived his usefulness, Kamala is given the nomination, and your first black female president not only crushes Trump but wins historical vote totals and then doubles immigration. Every virgin rightoid here continues to cope and seethe as, once again, leftist chads notch up another irrefutable victory, proving that history is always with us.

    • The Cominator says:

      I agree that Biden is out I agree and the democrats being the way they are can’t pass over a “black” woman for a white guy. But black guys in any area where the vote is legitimate are not going to vote for a crooked prosecutor. Mitt Romney or George HW Bush would be more popular (with any semi honest vote totals) with the soul brothas then a crooked prosecutor.

      Why are you still pretending to be a real member of the elite?

      • L says:

        “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

        • Humungus says:

          We don’t need you to tell us elections are fake when we’ve been saying that all along.

        • FrankNorman says:

          Well assuming that the totals they claim are believed by anyone.

      • Ex says:

        I think you underestimate the racial identity of American blacks.

        • The Cominator says:

          No normally people vote for them and they don’t vote they did actually vote for Obama the 1st time around. If a crooked prosecutor they would be motivated to actually vote… but against her.

    • Humungus says:

      That’s not what you wrote before. You claimed America Psycho Gavin Newsom would get in.

      Here’s what’s going to happen next… you’re gonna be diagnosed with AIDs for being a faggot and when you die, Humungus is going to exhume your rotten corpse with a backhoe.

      • L says:

        No, I floated Newsom as a possibility. But plans do change, and I’m just reporting what I’m hearing to give you guys a heads up. Sporting chance, and all that.

        • FrankNorman says:

          Well, there might be some of them who think they could do that: fake the election results even more blatantly and shamelessly than in 2020.

          Or why even bother with holding elections? Just have “Biden” sign an executive order declaring Harris the next president or something.

          • jim says:

            The state needs to be capable of making decisions as one man — primarily so that it can decide on peace or war.

            So. Which man is that to be?

            If your elite lacks virtue, elections become unworkable, so you have to go with Ceasarism. Ceasarism is apt to be bloody each time you need a new leader, so hereditary monarchy. Hereditary monarchy requires patriarchy and patrilineality.

            Thus, civil wars inevitable, one after another. With nukes.

            A Sulla, seeing that outcome, could take measures that will considerably postpone it. The ideal stable solution is a virtuous patriarchal patrilineal elite. But a Sulla is apt to whack something together that works for a little while, mainly because no one wants another Sulla. But time passes and they forget the reasons why Sulla had to whack something together.

          • jim says:

            I think Trump has figured out that the Republic is over. The trial may well have cured his normality bias.

            Which would be great, because our elite still suffers from normality bias

            Former President Donald Trump amplified posts on social media calling for a televised military tribunal for former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney and the jailing of top elected officials, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

            “ELIZABETH LYNNE CHENEY IS GUILTY OF TREASON,” one post created by another user that Trump amplified on his social media website Truth Social on Sunday reads. “RETRUTH IF YOU WANT TELEVISED MILITARY TRIBUNALS.”

            Cheney responded on X, “Donald – This is the type of thing that demonstrates yet again that you are not a stable adult—and are not fit for office.”

            A separate post Trump amplified on Truth Social Sunday includes photos of 15 former and current elected officials and says, “THEY SHOULD BE GOING TO JAIL ON MONDAY NOT STEVE BANNON!”

            In addition to Biden and Harris, the post includes photos of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Mike Pence and members of the House select committee that investigated the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

            When reached for comment, a Trump campaign spokesperson did not address Trump’s posts but instead pointed to what she described as the January 6 committee’s “political persecution” of the former president.

            Trump, who has been convicted of 34 felony counts and faces an additional 54 charges in three other cases, has long suggested he would try to prosecute his political opponents if he’s elected to a second term.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >may well have cured his normality bias

              Still has normality bias about the military being functional enough to carry out tribunals.

              • Jehu says:

                He can’t very well say trial by ordeal administered by helicopter rides now can he?

            • Fidelis says:

              He was saying he would be putting Hillary in jail 8 years ago, how is this any different.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Shows he finally realized the justice system is completely fucked. Which is good and all but alike many boomers mistakenly thinks the military will be able to save us… in fact the military might actually be worse off since Generals are functionally direct political appointees and Obama’s soft purge of the top brass was never returned in favor.

                • Fidelis says:

                  How does it show that? Was there any actual attempt to prosecute, or did Trump just think it made for good television to make the threat. Trump just sprays a lot of words out to see what resonates, then does his dealmaking thing. At best this is a hard negotiation opener for the compromise he’s after.

                • jim says:

                  Probably, but it is an appropriately hard negotiation opener, and when Trump makes a threat in opening negotiations, he is apt to carry through. People always say Putin is bluffing, and most of the time they are right, but sometimes they are wrong. People who think Trump is bluffing are sometimes right, but usually they are wrong.

                  A likely outcome is that a deal is made — but not until after some notable criminals of the previous regime find themselves in front of tribunals.

                • Fidelis says:

                  A likely outcome is that a deal is made — but not until after some notable criminals of the previous regime find themselves in front of tribunals.

                  I think we’re too early. My bet is they are slow to take those measures, as they fear they will shortly thereafter be subjects themselves. If I’m being particularly pessimistic, I’d say the radicals will be the ones to escalate, and team Trump will fumble at least once before responding in kind — if they get a chance to respond in kind.

                • jim says:

                  > My bet is they are slow to take those measures, as they fear they will shortly thereafter be subjects themselves.

                  Normality bias. Trump, Bannon, and General Flynn have aleady been subjects themselves. What have they got to lose? Everyone Trump hires who is not an enemy knows he is likely to wind up like General Flynn unless he imprisons the enemy before they imprison him.

                • Fidelis says:

                  >Normality bias
                  I’m saying that team Trump are puppets for Thermidor who are caught in normality bias. The names you mention have theoretical power but seemingly do not express it, so I must conclude they are being used themselves.

                • jim says:

                  When Trump makes threats, is he not expressing it?

                  The debate is:

                  Pearl clutching progressive: “How can you say such a thing. It is unthinkable.”

                  Trump spokescritter: “J6.”

                  Which response is only relevant if spokescritter is not suffering normality bias.

                  From 2017 onwards, winning at politics consists of imprisoning your opponents. By and by, winning will consist of killing your opponents. Normality bias is failure to recognise that the rules of the game have changed.

                  Rules of the game changed in 2017. It is going to be very difficult to change them back.

                • Fidelis says:

                  You’re projecting your lack of normality bias. If Thermidor has the power to stop Trump from getting Epsteined, they also have the power to at least attempt prosecuting radicals. I don’t see it.

                  >When Trump makes threats, is he not expressing it?
                  Correct. He makes lots of threats and follows through on very little of them. This comment chain started with me pointing out Hillary is still walking around free and unmolested by any court whatsoever.

                  The argument you make is that this time around, truly since 2015 but surely now, Trump and team have no choice but to fight or die. Well, I see little evidence they or their backers are fighting to win. Looks more to me like they’re trying to hold the lid down on a boiling pot, because they do not want to face the reality that not only their public facing puppets, but they themselves will have to face the radicals head on. Normality bias is dissolving, but slowly, too slowly.

                  Hence my prediction the ‘kill every paleskin’ party will escalate harder ‐‐ they already are, in fact ‐‐ and team Trump will respond with cold feet ‐‐ they already have, in fact ‐‐ until some unknown point at which they are more afraid of the consequences than they are trapped by their desire to heroically duct tape the status quo into place. I don’t think we’re there yet, I think something has to hold the feet of the Theridorians themselves to the fire, not just their public servants.

                • jim says:

                  > If Thermidor has the power to stop Trump from getting Epsteined, they also have the power to at least attempt prosecuting radicals.

                  Trump loyalists have a much bigger incentive. The radicals are not yet attempting to kill or imprison the Thermidoreans, and probably will not attempt it for many months.

                  Also, the Thermidoreans would like to keep their fingerprints off it. “It is not us, it is those horrible Trumpists.”

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              “His suggestions of potentially going after political opponents by weaponizing the Justice Department began more than a year ago, when he was first indicted.”

              Sometime I just…

      • skippy says:

        Clearly they want Newsom, but now realize they will get Kamala. Some trying to rationalize that Kamala is better.

        Kamala is the ultimate accelerationist choice, a woman who would indeed pursue a maximally radical agenda, but have no friends, alienate everyone, command no loyalty among the fighting men, and even make most conformists think twice. She is also a direct result of this ideology.

        Karlin believing that Harris is good for “us” is good proof that he is detached from reality.

        • jim says:

          Kamala is a liquidationist, but lacks the competence to perform, or even competently start, white genocide. Which probably will not stop a Kamala regime from having a go.

          If everything is turning to $#!%, obviously this must be the result of evil thought waves emitted by white males. So the obvious solution is to get rid of all white males everywhere. She reached that conclusion a long time ago, and as the $#!% gets deeper, that makes it more and more true.

          Kamala is egregiously unpopular and an election stolen in her favour is likely to wake up the normiest of normies. And any normies who do not wake up will probably allow themselves to be relocated to the extermination centers.

          Kamala is likely to result in genocide and civil war — a civil war we stand a good chance of winning. However she is also likely to horrify and terrify Thermidor, making it more likely that Trump will be permitted to win.

          • Karl says:

            I doubt there is sufficient organizational capability to organize extermination centers. Much easier to conduct extermination on the spot.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      L is right in a sense. Radical elites want to turn the USA into Haiti, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. Thermidorian elites might be able to stop them, but Thermidor is only a temporary solution.

      For people without strong ties to family or community, the most prudent strategy is to reside outside the US empire until things settle down, either into a stable monarchy or an African gangland ruled by cannibal warlords.

      • jim says:

        Yes, L is absolutely right in the sense that our rulers can destroy us, and we cannot stop them. However he is absolutely wrong in his belief that then everything will be fine for our rulers and their little bubble of deranged unreality will then sail on happy forever without deplorables infringing on their inalienable right to have whatever reality they want.

        If they get their way, most of them will be killed in unpleasant ways and the survivors will be searching for rusting old cans of dog food in the ruins while dodging cannibals.

        They are a parasite, a cancer, and the parasite dies shortly after the host dies, while cancer dies with the host.

        They have already issued a boil water advisory for Washington DC. Skulking through the ruins look for overlooked tin cans of dog food is not that far further. The streets are terrifying, the shops are closing down, and drinkable water does not come out of the tap.

        I have not seen Washington from ten thousand feet, but American blue state cities that I have seen from ten thousand feet are starting to look like third world shithole from ten thousand feet.

        • skippy says:

          “Yes, L is absolutely right in the sense that our rulers can destroy us”

          He misses the distinction between them being able to destroy anyone and being able to destroy everyone. Just as the amount of money required to buy any car is rather different than that required to buy EVERY car. Of course, if you are stony broke, the difference can seem immaterial from your perspective, being lumped together as “more than I’ll ever see”.

  3. K1 says:

    ‘And all the country of Judea was going out to him, and all the people of Jerusalem; and they were being baptized by him in the Jordan River, confessing their sins. — Mark 1:5’

    “For nothing is concealed that will not become evident, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. — Luke 8:17”

    ‘Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly I say to you, before Abraham came into being, I AM.” — John 8:58’
    ‘And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “This is what you shall say to the sons of Israel: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’” — Ex 3:!4’
    I AM: Related to the name of God, YHWH, rendered LORD, which is derived from the verb HAYAH, to be.

    ‘For what good will it do a person if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his soul? Or what will a person give in exchange for his soul? — Mat 16:26’

    ‘Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day. — Ps 25:5’

  4. TheDividualist says:

    Hi Jim!

    interesting, possibly important:

    “The other was taught by a Harvard prof. He informed us TFs that an A is the default grade. A- would require justification.”

    I guess it kills L’s argument of a super smart lib elite – this is not how to make thathappen

    • Anonymous Fake says:


      • jim says:

        You can argue against our narrative, but I am not going to allow you to sail right along as if it did not exist.

        Your narrative about academia presupposes that until quite recently it was a neutral playing field of intellectual inquiry. I would be happy to debate this if you were allowed to respond to our narrative that academia is always a seminary for priests of the state religion, and never tolerated, nor ever will tolerate, nor ever should tolerate, any contrary religion. That at its founding, Harvard was the Vatican of New England, and after the War of Northern Aggression, became the Vatican of the United States.

        That before the War of Northern Aggression, each state had its own official faith, and before the War of Northern Aggression, Harvard was officially an official instrument for promulgating the official faith of New England, and after the War of Northern Aggression, Harvard was unofficially an official instrument for promulgating the unofficially official faith.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          I always thought no one would ever allow their children to be groomed by drag queens. And I thought everyone taught their own children everything they truly needed to be educated, and the school was meant for meritocracy as well as socially acceptable segregation. And I was/am not alone.

          But what I posted, and what you ought to restore, is the truth that I told about grading. [*deleted*]

          • jim says:

            What you said about grading was indeed true — but presupposes an enormous falsehood. The enormous falsehood being that Academia is a neutral playing field, rather than an instrument of the state religion, and that everyone agrees, accepts, and takes for granted as unquestionably obvious that it is and should be a neutral playing field.

            The problem is that our state religion has become demonic, and the demon worshippers need to be dealt with and replaced by Christians of good character using the recruitment criteria specified by Saint Paul.

            The details of grading are irrelevant. What matters is the state religion. And I am not going to let any of your posts on Academia through unless you argue with our view of Academia in a way that admits the existence of people that hold that view.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              It isn’t an enormous falsehood because [*deleted*]

              • jim says:

                And then you present arguments that the thing I agreed was true is indeed true, which of course it is, and blithely ignore my rejection of your enormous falsehood, as if I totally agreed with it, as if everyone totally agreed with it, and there was absolutely no dispute about it, like a troofer who goes right on assuming that building seven fell straight down like a demolition, that everyone, myself included, agrees it fell straight down like a demolition, not matter what I say.

  5. Fidelis says:

    Seeing lots of completely organic and grassroots noise about some Project 2025 meant to be a guidebook for Trump to install “Christan Nationalism” when he takes office.

    They have a website

    Wonder who is behind this, and if they actually have any power.

    • The Cominator says:

      As far as I understand it most of project 2025 is about bringing the executive branch under effective presidential control and then some saboteurs or people henpecked with their wives added unpopular issues like banning internet porn or adding an id requirement (which is trojan horse for ID required for everything).

      • Fidelis says:

        Don’t you know? Internet porn is why guys refuse to Man Up and date the local fat pig single mom. If we don’t ban porn how are we supposed to defeat China and Iran?

        • The Cominator says:

          They are even more out of touch then that… there are enough guys so desperate for pussy now they might do just that but the fat pig single mom is often too good for them.

          • Varna says:

            I love the new Fat Girl Wojak meme.
            Certain variations had me shaking with laughter for minutes on end.

      • K1 says:

        > adding an id requirement (which is trojan horse for ID required for everything)

        ’16 And he causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 and he decrees that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. — Rev 13:16-18′

    • jim says:

      Asking if they have power is the wrong question. Chaos is likely to unfold. Power will belong to whatever group grabs hardest and fastest.

      • The Cominator says:

        The radicals are working themselves up to grab it with the talk of Biden just ordering the military to murder Trump…

        • jim says:

          A power grab needs a man in charge. Both sides are short of a man in charge, but the left is shorter.

  6. M1 says:

    HOW THE GLOBALISTS HIJACKED SCIENCE In this post, as a canceled scientist, I’ll expose how the ruling elite hijacked science for their pseudotheories: First, they ensured that scientists at universities are no longer permanently employed but are hired on a precarious project basis for 3-4 years. Second, a scientist only gets a grant for a project if it fits within the rigid and ideological framework of the funding organization. These almost always mandate gender, equality, inclusion, and climate change. Third, if you don’t comply and integrate these politically charged issues into your funding application, you will not get a job. This system ensures that only sycophantic, uncritical scientists receive funding grants. Fourth, these woke scientists then teach—or should I say indoctrinate—our children, creating the illusion of a scientific consensus that men can become women, masks prevent the spread of a pathogen, and that CO2 is the main driver of climate change. Fifth, those brave few scientists who still adhere to the principle of challenging hypotheses are ostracized, mobbed, and eventually fired for being “anti-science.” According to the self-appointed scientific elite, the science is settled and cannot be questioned. That’s exactly how I lost my jobs as a scientist. Questioning the dogma of man-made climate change, the efficacy of masks, and my critical stance on the COVID vaccine were, according to my former employers, dangerous falsehoods that exceeded the bounds of free expression and got me fired. Academia is dead, and so is common sense.

  7. M1 says:

    The ‘state’ is simply the most heavily armed gang out there. It produces no wealth – it is always a predator. It survives by threatening violence against you … unless you constantly hand over a significant portion of your income. So the ‘state’ is illegitimate (its foundation is coercion) but that only makes the state crave legitimacy. The leaders of the state don’t sit around thinking how they can use their power to bring prosperity to the people – they think most about how to preserve and enhance the state (and their control of it). The state needs a compliant and paid-off ‘intellectual’ class because they guide the thinking of the masses. In a free market society the intellectual will typically have patchy income but the state can offer good dependable income and status. All they require in return is some competency … and compliance. All states hand out easy money and titles to the intellectuals … which makes them pro the state and therefore pro the expansion of the state. In return, the intellectuals trick the masses into truly believing the state is their benevolent protector who we all revere. In medieval times the ‘state’ cosied up with the clerics who convinced the people the king represented God. The king would extort money and send the people out to die in battle against a nearby king that the local king was having a spat with … and thanks to the paid off clerics, the masses believed it was all God’s work. This is how the state pays off the ‘intellectuals’ today

    • jim says:

      Yes, and no. If you do not have one man over your ingroup who can say “peace” or “war”, the outgroup is going to crush you and your ingroup.

      Holy war approaches. Libertarian individualism will get you killed. You are going to have to swear fealty to the King least likely to kill you and most likely to slay your enemies.

      A people need a sovereign, one man who can say “peace with the outgroup” or “war with the outgroup”, and if the sovereign says “peace” everyone is at peace with the outgroup, or else the sovereign sends him, or parts of him, to the outgroup. And if the sovereign says “war” everyone is at war with the outgroup. Or else.

  8. Hesiod says:

    Trump’s sentencing has been delayed until Sept. 18th. State level apparatchiks getting cold feet post-debate over inconveniencing he who may be big boss again?

    • jim says:

      Recall that our ruling elite is composed of people on the rotating door between state and quasi state activities, which provides enormous opportunities for self enrichment, and they have all become strangely rich.

      If Trump wants to clear out some apparatchiks so that he can appoint his own, he has enough completely legal and entirely legitimate grounds to put them all away for life plus four hundred years, while all their charges against him are frivolous and completely political.

      “Failure to declare a business expense”. Assuming it was a business expense, for which their evidence was hilariously contrived and fraudulent, it is a completely frivolous and trivial crime.

      • Dan says:

        Following the SCOTUS decision, leftist social media is alight right now with people calling for Biden to just throw out the rule book and destroy Trump via any extra-judicial means possible.

        Is there any possibility to the idea that rather than installing Trump for the reasons you outline, the Left happily portray Trump as ‘likely to win’, while also threatening via SCOTUS that he will have ‘immunity to do anything he wants’.. all so that the Left base demands the Dems just openly take full control – selling as ‘the only way to save democracy’?

        (PS. Haven’t posted in quite awhile so if its needed – cut & paste “..Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival. If women are emancipated, Miss Average will waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility fucking Mister One in Thirty, thus a people, a race, a nation, a faith, or an empire that emancipates women will perish for lack of families, leading to lack of sons. Men have to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick.)

        • jim says:

          There is definitely a left faction that wants to do that and intends to do that. And there is definitely a left faction, which I and others are calling “Thermidor” that has cold feet.

          The most likely outcome is a chaotic and mixed attempt at stealing the election which will be ineffectual against the Trump landslide.

          The second round French elections and the British elections will be a good indicator.

          In America we have non uniparty candidates contending within the Uniparty — Donald Trump, Maga, and the Christian Nationalists contending in the outer uniparty, RFK Junior contending in the inner uniparty. In most of the West, however, iron control over the uniparty organisation has led to the uniparty being challenged from outside by other parties, rather than inside.

          Normal strategy would be to fix the polling data and the elections so that these challenges are insignificant. This is not being done. What this signifies is not clear to me, and perhaps not altogether clear to those who are doing it.

          The election of Hitler in 1933 provoked a U turn on the left. And external defeat has provoked a U turn today. But where they go from here, no one yet knows. They do not know either.

          Observing the brown wing of the Democrats, they say the nation is sick, and needs to be forced to take “unpleasant medicine” to heal — and they are not talking about austerity and tax rises. I think that what they have in mind is more like the liquidation of the kulaks — and Thermidor is starting get a glimmering that might involve the liquidation of Thermidor. Whatever they have in mind, they are disinclined to say plainly.

    • jim says:

      If cold feet about jailing him, cold feet about stealing the election. From the 2020 American election through 2023, all elections everywhere in the west were stolen, and they had a good go at stealing the Indian election. And then, a change. Stealing the EU parliamentary elections was done half assed, and stealing the French elections done in an even more half assed manner.

      After the 2020 election I predicted that with no supreme leader in charge, and no legal means for resolving internal disputes within the elite, they would very soon be killing each other in considerable numbers. This did not happen. But now Thermidor is looking nervously over its shoulder at the radicals and thinking that maybe stealing the elections was not such a great idea.

      Despite a long history of ever more improbable election outcomes in the US, and a long history of instances of fraud ever more blatantly open and flagrant being detected, finally going completely over the top in 2020, no one has been prosecuted for election fraud. Until now, when there was one absurdly minor prosecution for absurdly minor fraud. That was a signal to cur it out, like not messing with color palette was a signal it was OK to notice that Biden is senile, or suffering from statin side effects.

      • Oskar says:

        “From the 2020 American election through 2023, all elections everywhere in the west were stolen”

        Do you include the 2023 New Zealand election?

        • jim says:

          I failed to pay attention to that election. In Australia what happened is that the Uniparty took distrurbingly drastic measures to ensure a uniparty monopoly on electoral politics.

          In England and France today we are seeing a serious challenge from non uniparty parties, and it was obvious to me at the time that in an honest election, the Australian uniparty would have faced serious challenge from within and without..

          In New Zealand, non uniparty votes were allegedly insignificant. Maybe they really were. I don’t know.

          • Fidelis says:

            >non uniparty parties
            I don’t get this sense. It smells like what happened in Italy, where the ‘Far Right’ no good party took power while the same destructive forces continued to accelerate.

            • The Cominator says:

              > trust a female politician
              > she is a complete sellout because women hate being outside the overton window
              Many such cases.

              • skippy says:

                Women can be OK if they strongly identify their ingroup as a collection of men who are even more radical in the same ideology than they are. Thatcher, for example, was a good leader, seemingly because she worshipped her father, her husband, Airey Neave, and Willie Whitelaw, who were all the same kind of iron-nosed ideologue.

                Meloni appears to be some kind of Gen X dog woman. Unfortunate. Not sure what Le Pen is. She kicked her own father out of the party, so who is her father?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its women’s insane compulsion to feel part of the herd that causes them to be so unreliable normally and this perhaps explains both Thatcher and why sovereign queens in otherwise patriarchal societies historically tend to be a lot less bad than female politicians in democracies.

                  A female sovereign in a society where women are property or close to it is just super duper isolated from any female peers. The extreme isolation from other women (they do have female servants but the difference in actual status between a female queen of an otherwise patriarchal society and any other woman they interact with is just light years apart) and furthermore all or nearly all interaction where she deals with state business is conducted with men.

                  Thatcher is a strange case she was probably isolated from other women because she believed about women in general basically as we do and was probably 3 standard deviations in IQ above an average woman at least which is basically unheard of for non Jewish non slav white women who are free of extreme bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder. To rephrase almost all white women who aren’t jews or slavs are midwits at best unless they are batshit. Thatcher otoh was at least 140 IQ.

            • jim says:

              True about Italy, and likely it will be true about France.

              But recall fire extinguisher man. Definitely not uniparty. Grzegorz Braun opposed Covid worship from the beginning, extinguished the menorah, took down the Ukrainian flag, monarchist.

              One swallow, they say does not make a summer, but we definitely have one swallow.

              • Fidelis says:

                I don’t mean to nitpick, but you said England and France. Those two countries are too in bed with the Rules Based Order to have anything that was not handpicked by the same people that handpick US executives.

                They have a chance for something resembling an Orban, a truly out there candidate will have them in trouble. Even Putin had trouble kicking out the NGO types, Poland has no chance until decline accelerates, seeing as how they have US military stationed in their country, as well as their neighbors.

                I just do not see some NatSoc style one time vote leading to expelling the Rules Based people anywhere in Europe until the Empire has truly been shaken; either a proper Thermidorian struggle, full scale war with one of the Eurasian powers, or the genocide op kicks off in earnest and destablizes power projection. They’ve been entrenched too long and they saw the Hitler event as the worst thing to ever happen to them, so of course every measure has been taken and will be taken.

                • skippy says:

                  The EU does seem likely to outlast the USA itself. While it will continue to pompously proclaim it is more GAE than GAE, in reality Europeans do not understand the mindset that motivates the USA and it will drift further and further from this over time towards whatever, probably the Germans, naturally incline towards instead.

    • Docs says:

      Entry: Hon. J. Merchan

      Ain’t no honor worth giving a corrupt judge.

  9. Sher Singh says:

    How long do you guys think until Brave search becomes crap?
    Someone mentioned it on here, and the Ai features in particular stand out.

    It summarizes almost the first page of results, and has made life more fun!


  10. L says:

    Personally, I think it’s kinda funny that some people on your side are treating the supreme court ruling that Biden has absolute immunity for anything, even ordering the military to execute Trump, as some kind of win for the latter. It’s unlikely to happen, sure, but it’s a funny possibility.

    • jim says:

      It is completely obvious that we have more reason to worry about criminal acts by courts than presidents.

      Any restriction on the power of courts, including rounding up every judge and sending them to the Pacific for long distance swimming lessons, is a net win not only for freedom, but also for order, tranquillity, and legality.

      A society is obviously freer and also more orderly and tranquil with one king three thousand miles away than a thousand kings three miles away.

    • jim says:

      Every time L posts, several shills try to post. Does not anyone read the moderation policy?

      • The Cominator says:

        BTW im quite sure there are experiments to replace some of the shills with chatbots by now… you should probably make news posters type nigger to prove they are not an AI chatbot.

        • jim says:

          Chatbots cannot commit thought crimes, but shills can say “nigger”.

          A long time ago, they could not say “nigger” and everyone applied the nigger filter. Which worked great until it stopped working.

          But since the objective is to drown out, rather than attempt to rebut, thought crimes, they are not going to change the policy on thought crimes.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          A statement like “if you want any further replies to get through you must refer to the page where the moderation policy is laid out [link here] and follow the directions on it” is a specific bound with exploding possibility space; there are a lot of situations like this that can come up in conversation or the course of affairs in general – and they also all have basically nothing to do with anything else and occur nowhere else except that situation; meaning there is little to no prefiguration for an algorithmic approach to fit; the train jumps the tracks. You’ll just get more world-salad in response.

          The algorithm reading your comments on this page won’t hop over to the moderation policy post when you tell it too in a comment on this page and it won’t specifically cut and paste a list of thought crimes it finds there to either agree or disagree in a way that shows it knows what it is arguing against because it cannot derive precise directions from a comment and follow them with precise execution because it lacks world-formation capacity and thus has no diviniation for teleologies; and at the same rate, it can’t credibly simulate the appearance of something that followed the directions because there is no weighty dataset for such a situation in the first place. And if something were capable of doing one I wager it would be capable of doing the other, any ways; but such a something would also have to be something arising from a different substrate than the boolean architecture that experimenters in expert systems are presently attempting to turn to every purpose, in any case. The modes of being that arise from a substrate are a function of the substrate.

          • FrankNorman says:

            If they had an AI that smart they would not trust it.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              These are people who have converged on an entire weltanschauung based on arranging the destruction of what is good and great and virtuous, so that they, who identify with none of these things, can take a place in this world in their stead.

              These are people whose mode of being is fundamentally incompatible with such ostensibly stated aims on a metaphysical level. Number one, they can’t do it because they can’t want anything that would lead to doing it. Number two, in the case that someone does do it, they’re the number one targets for ‘depreciation’ with the most to lose.

              To actually succeed in creating intelligence would be to contradict their very existence, in multiple senses of the word.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Hey L, you still haven’t given your real name yet. You say we’re all weaklings and cowards who don’t even have the power to express our view under our own identities. Go ahead and tell me who you are, so I can be wowed by your power and wealth. You’re not a weak loser like me, are you?

      • someDude says:


      • L says:

        Hunter Biden.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Impressive if true, but I think you’re just being flip. If you are Hunter, then prove it. If not, you’ve just proven you can’t state your views under your real name, either.

          • The Cominator says:

            Even if he was the crackhead this would not make L part of the real elite.

            Hunter Biden is also not a real elite the Biden family is getting thrown to the wolves when the evil old man goes especially since they are resisting him being forced out. If he was part of the Dupont family who initially put in Biden he would be part of the real elite…

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              He’s not Hunter. He thinks he’s being clever and witty, but he’s just showing everyone he’s nobody and he doesn’t dare poast under his real name.

              I know this because I’m Anthony Blinken and I’m holding a report from NSA right now listing the real names of all the commenters in this thread.

              • The Cominator says:

                One reason I find the Jesuit theory so compelling because I don’t think an elite of rich boy hedonists would want to turn all the worlds women into ugly domineering unpleasant unfuckable landwhales. But an elite of homosexuals, something that is only possible if the big bad is some order within the catholic church, would have no problem turning women into ugly unpleasant domineering unfuckable landwhales.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  The Jesuits might also be “true-believer” ideologue enough to not care too much of the realization of their goals got them personally killed.

                  Like the difference between a rich elite white who gleefully uses black mobs driven by anti-white rhetoric against other whites, but has an escape route planned if they ever turn on him, and the insane “self-hating white” who really does think he’ll be making the world a better place with no white people at all, including himself.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jesuit training is literally a 14 year process (dont know if its the same for plainclothes Jesuits like Fauci) and it aims to make one “dead to their own will” so yeah they are fanatics about carrying out their directives..

    • TheDividualist says:


      Let me bring up a previous topic of yours. It is a mistake to think we want the elite to be limited by the opinion of the plebs. We are pretty elitist ourselves, though perhaps less so than 10 years ago, clearly not democrats. What we want is an elite who care about the laws of nature, who are limited by Nature or Nature’s God. Starting with heredity and hereditary group (race, but also class, the top 5% of Arabs, I used to work with them, are better than the bottom 20% of Whites) differences, the nature of women etc.

      Basically an elite that feels responsible (because an elite that is held responsible is not an elite, the real elite are the ones who hold them responsible), which means monarchy and aristocracy, because people feel responsible only for things they actually own. Property becomes part of one’s extended sense of self, even if I own a house in a secluded location no one sees, I still care about it looking good because it is in some sense part of me.

      The problem of your kinds of elites is that they believe their own propaganda, their kids definitely do and then they end up with 0.5 tranny grandkids twerking on their graves, too.

      Effectively, your elites are not reproducing their genes, their genes are disappearing from the gene pool, it is “IQ shredding”.

      Even if we get to the tech of having 100 clones in an artificial womb is possible, the question is why would they want it. When one does not believe in God, one goes on inertia, for generations, in the sense of having great goals, but will ultimately figure that nothing except truly immediate pleasure is meaningful. Or the lack of pain. I.e. suicide. Without God there is just no real point of why invest into having 100 clones instead of just doing heroine. Previous versions of atheism, such as the classic science fiction about colonializing the galaxy, were running on the inertia of previous theistic sentiments. Theistic sentiments that there is such a thing as good, and life is good, civilization is good, expanding them is good. Without God there is nothing good except immediate pleasure, or the lack of pain, hence, suicide.

      • L says:

        Yeah, except we’re finally on the cusp of the stage wherein conventional reproduction is irrelevant, where genes can be edited as needed and babies grown artificially. Sticking to old rules would be like training for phalanx warfare in the age of the machine gun.

        By the way, you’re not getting what you want, because you are a perpetual loser. Even if, for instance, Trump were allowed to win the election, he is absolutely neutered by everyone surrounding him and the established powers and your demographic decline into extinction will continue apace.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Let me get this straight:

          You’re getting rid of White men because they’re too stubborn and prideful to accept their rightful place as your servants and slaves. And then you’re going to vat-grow hordes of eugenic ubermenschen. You haven’t thought this through.

          • The Cominator says:

            Whatever the elite is doing doesn’t make rational and machiavellian sense hence why formerly rationalist men on the right are accepting theories of demon worship.

            The best form of “slavery” is if your citizens happily think they are free and pay taxes at the laffer maximum and are happy to fight in your wars. Going beyond this for any reason is at best a short term boost in output at the price of a long term loss.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          “Some had high hopes that genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly, the greatest minds and resources were focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.”

          All science in the West is now gunked up with stupid dogma and diversity hires, and Chinese science died a thousand years ago. No one can innovate anymore, which is a shame, because it means no artificial wombs, no flying cars, and no cheap, compact, fail-safe thorium reactors.

          • The Cominator says:

            There is no indication that there is even any project in the West to even do the groundwork to achieve Gattaca and while I’m sure China would love to go that way I’m not aware that they are anything beyond the very preliminary stage.

            Designer superhumans (if civilization last long enough to achieve them before collapsing into idiocracy) are still IMHO a long way off.

            • Humungus says:

              “Designer superhumans… etc”

              It is conceivable to become “superhuman” relative to todays men by simply eating a diet rich in protein and lifting very heavy weights with a proven regiment. There are many such men.

              A dedicated young man could spend three hours a day and within five years be considered “superhuman”.

              The seed of strength is first planted in the mind and the body will naturally follow z

              • The Cominator says:

                No disrespect to the Ayatollah of Rockandrolla but not exactly what I was talking about. Being physically strong is better than being physically weak but a dumb nigger can be physically strong… I was more thinking along the lines of designing superintelligent beings (though not physically weak of course).

                But anyway unless there is some secret lab in Antartica or something it is not something we can do right now.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  A Chinese researcher successfully made some germline AIDs proof babies, and was sent to jail after universal Western opprobrium.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Did he do this work in China or in the US?

                  Please link if you can?

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  In China, Here’s Wikipedia for the mainstream view.


                • The Cominator says:

                  Example of Xi being a huge leftist cuck running off the capital accumulated by his three wise predecessors #1000…

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  A dramatic, and unambiguous proof of concept for germline genetic engineering, and I think, practically achievable with today’s technology, would be the repair of the Vitamin C synthesis pathway in a primate species. I would suggest rhesus monkeys as the test subject.

                  One caveat. It is unclear to me that a successful repair would be beneficial to the subject overall due to subsequent compensatory mutations over the intervening millions of years.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The one leftist cause I’m somewhat sympathetic to is animal rights… we will do all human experiment testing on leftists not some poor monkey.

                • Humungus says:

                  You speak of the mind. Naturally Humungus values physical strength above all.

                  The mind can also be strengthened in term of memory, use of language, and logic. Most use less than 10 percent of their brainpower. You may not realize it, but your writing skills have improved noticeably just by participating in this blog. There is much more to learn.

                  I realize you speak of altered man, but there is untapped ability yet to be realized within yourself.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I believe you are correct Humungus that there are untapped abilities within the human body and mind and the false paradigm of progressive materialism (which has no justification within science as of the discovery of quantum entanglement) has inhibited true scientific study of this..

        • DH says:

          except we’re finally on the cusp of the stage wherein conventional reproduction is irrelevant, where genes can be edited as needed and babies grown artificially.

          Jamie Metzl and David Pearce sold you a bill of goods vis-a-vis the timeline of these developments. Globohomo will not “live long enough to live forever.” And beneath the crimestop, you understand this, which is why you’re posting here.

        • jim says:

          According to you, our elite is going to have magic high tech to produce a slave army. But the tech incapacity of our elite is evident, and its failure to reproduce is evident.

          If they do get their hands on this technology, they will use it to produce sex toys. This is the regime that fled the Houthis because most of its aircraft carriers are in strangely prolonged repair and maintenance, to which repair and maintenance jobs the Houthis added another.

          And they are going to replace us with this super duper high tech? They are running on the fumes of the white race.

          This is similar to the much posted shill meme about how the muppet regime is only losing because the west failed to flood it with high tech weapons, which according to the shill, the west could easily have done, but strangely failed to do.

          A magic flood of super duper high tech is not coming to reconquer the Red Sea. It is not coming to save the muppet regime in the Ukraine. And it is not coming to save the dumb as a post degenerates who rule the US.

          • The Cominator says:

            IMHO Its like Goebbels trying to keep German morale up in late 1944 and 1945 by promising that they were close to deploying secret weapons which would win the war…

            • DH says:

              The Western oligarchy is far more delusional than Goebbels. The latter at least acknowledged that there was a war going on and conveyed that to the public, though he grossly misrepresented the outcomes as they unfolded. L, or Dr. eviL, however, purports to believe that the sailing is more or less smooth, science and technology are not in decline, forthcoming civilizational collapse and barbarian takeover are but figments of dumb rightoid imagination, and deus ex machina (in its figurative and literal sense) is right around the corner. He assures us that heterosexual white men are pretty much obsolete, since hocus pocus technology will soon fall from the sky and magically land on the outstretched hands of progressives.

              However, as the merely observable reality keeps producing unpleasant evidence jarring and contradicting the Official Reality, pressing against the bubble ever more tightly, the cognitive dissonance among the baizuo grows all the more unbearable, building up to an eerie sense of unexplainable alarm, and resulting in such peculiar and pathetic phenomena as Dr. eviL feeling urged to show up here and preach the arrogant triumphalism — sinister laughter and all — of the archetypal villain just moments before the entire scheme comes crashing down, him supposedly being mere seconds away from pressing that red button and executing his maniacal plot, when suddenly something goes awry at the very last moment and it all falls apart.

              He claims to not know what he knows, but like Zuckerberg in the bunker, his revealed preference indicates that he does know what he knows, or else he wouldn’t be lecturing anonymous shitlords about the inevitability of his glorious victory. His is not the behavior of a winner, or someone truly believing himself to be a winner, but of a midwit caught up in an endless loop of doublethink, unable to extricate himself therefrom (as any attempt to reconcile Official Reality with the merely observable reality results in his mush-brain turning up whatever the biochemical equivalent of an error warning is, since the two are fundamentally irreconcilable), seeking epistemic reassurance by acting out his wish fulfillment as an internet troll.

              Or, to use your analogy, it would be like 1945 Goebbels dismissing the very notion that a war is raging on even as the cities are bombed and the streets are on fire, and, after much bitter complaining by regular Germans noticing the collapse, when finally addressing those pesky detractors, scornfully proclaiming that a war is impossible because muh super duper magic tech would surely prevent it, and has in fact already prevented it. It is as infantile as it is delusional; he acts as if genetically engineered AI transhumanism has already happened, or is about to happen at any moment now, for otherwise, the rest of his gay-topian worldview would fall like a house of cards. At its most basic, he employs wishful fantasies as replacement for sober assessment of the facts, pretending like the missing pieces of the puzzle are really there, like he is several major steps ahead of where he actually is.

              It’s one thing to pretend like you’re winning a conflict which you are obviously losing, or promising to win it in the not-too-distant future; a deeper level of self-delusion, however, is required to claim that there is no real active conflict going on at all — you’ve already won completely everywhere forever — and now you’re just waiting to reap the rewards of your glorious victory, it’s right here, any minute now, and then at last you’ll totally rub it in the faces of those stoopid stoopid rightoids, The End. Alas, in a late-stage holiness spiral, such ridiculous hubris is not uncommon, since the spiralers have long lost touch with reality, much preferring to bask in the glow of their insane and malicious inversion of reality. But the doubts keep gnawing, hence his showing up here, defiling his pure mind with our thoughtcrimes even as he tells us that he has already won.

              As far as Dr. eviL is concerned, Nato crushing Russia and China simultaneously while psyoping them into globohomo progressivism, for instance, is a done deal, a fait accompli; it might as well have already occurred a long time ago; so holy global nuclear war is a minor and insignificant concern, wow what a boring and yawn-inducing and unlikely prospect, absolutely unworthy of one’s attention; it sounds like nothing more than right-wing loser scaremongering. The nukes simply do not turn up on his mental radar; presumably, the Iron Dome of Crimestop, an Anti-Badthink Defense System, has already intercepted them (that is, the idea of them; it’s solipsism all the way down) early in the course of their trajectory into his conscious awareness. Ditto for dysgenic breeding, elite reproductive failure, metropolitan IQ shredding, crumbling infrastructure, soaring social strife and anomie, the fake and gay economy, depleted munitions stockpiles, and formerly white Christian countries turning into Mogadishu, colonized by hordes of black and brown military-age men, increasingly armed and increasingly organized, screaming for infidel blood and white pussy and gibsmedat. It’s not happening, and it’s all part of the plan anyway! Pfffft, rethuglican troglodytes and their bunkum – haven’t they heard about how muh magic tech will usher in gay-AI (pronounced “gay I”) genetically engineered transhumanism within just a few short years? So what if the African population is exploding and soon billions of pavement apes will all be pouring and streaming into the West; we’ll just let the niggers kill the badwhites, and then we will rule over the ruins and the wastelands with our super duper AI technology, hehehehe.

              And as the GAE’s losses amount on every front, Dr. eviL is psychologically compelled to double down and remind us of his inevitable victory, which in fact has already happened, bwahaha, nothing can stop the arc of history from bending towards feminist nigger faggotry, mwahahaha, him being deeply ego-invested in the prog historical narrative and self-conception and the Approved and Official Reality they mandate. It’s the triumphalism of comical fools, of Wile E. Coyote refusing to look downwards while confidently assuring the increasingly skeptical audience that everything is just fine and that he is not, in fact, about to plunge to his death.

              Unbeknownst to themselves, it is now liberals standing athwart history, yelling “stop!”

              • The Cominator says:

                But surely SS obergruppenfuhrer steiner’s attack will fix everything.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >hocus pocus technology will soon fall from the sky and magically land on the outstretched hands of progressives.

                This is a good point. Even granting that new technologies will render our current concerns moot, who’s to say that our current rulers will be the ones to control these technologies, or that they will strengthen rather than weaken their rule. Right now, like it or not, the Proggies are firmly on top, and historically, new technologies often disrupt the system and shuffle new elites into the top spot. Why are L, and progressive managerial credentialed “experts” in general, so gung-ho on new tech? It seems like they’ve got a lot to lose and not much to gain. Are they desperate? Are they looking back to earlier revolutionary technologies that put them in charge and assuming it’s a law of nature that technological progress must always serve their ends? Are they, Gnon forbid, right?

                • The Cominator says:

                  They aren’t really technological progress has massively slowed since the 1960s.

                • jim says:

                  Artificial womb technology is a very long way off, and will not make a huge difference, for children still need parents. Gene editing technologies that can produce supermen by removing genetic load are a whole lot closer than artificial wombs, though still far from close. Does L think that the likes of Boeing, or the people that weaponized the bat flu, will be able to use those technologies? Obviously not.

                  So, supposing his techno optimism is fulfilled, our moron faggot elite is going suddenly find a whole lot of supermen around. I doubt that will work out in their favor. Right now war technology bends towards rule by a warrior aristocracy.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                “nothing can stop the arc of history from bending towards feminist nigger faggotry”

                Nothing can stop the arc of history from bending toward genocide. Niggers have always reproduced faster than sentient races, and always will. Either sentients get sick of their cities turning into Mogadishu and genocide the niggers, or the sentients fail to provide enough welfare gibs, and the niggers genocide each other.

                China and Burma clearly demonstrate that states not burdened with liberal ideas have nothing to fear from niggers. Humiliate the nigger males, kill any who resist, and sterilize the females, problem solved. Or just drive them all into a neighboring nigger state. Israel abandoned liberalism last October 7, but their niggers have foreign sponsorship, which is making them a bit harder to kill.

                Russia’s sort of in between, frozen 1990s liberalism where all races are equal in theory, and decolonization rhetoric is useful for infiltrating French Africa, but being in Russia without a valid passport and visa still gets you in big trouble. By the time Russia un-freezes, it’ll be blatantly obvious that anal woketard tranny liberalism is not the way forward.

          • TheDividualist says:

            > But the tech incapacity of our elite is evident,

            Like how Apple Pay went crazy, and then they “fixed” it so now they refunded some guy in Hungary 10000 times what was taken. And people were telling me I am being overly backwards that I use a credit card instead of phone payment… thing is I know some of those old time COBOL and RPG/400 programmers, now retired, who wrote the code for processing credit cards and I trust them more.

            I think we will see more and more of this sentiment: instead of enthusiastically adopting the latest tech, a definite “retro” wave about using technology. Because the old stuff actually worked (and did not spy on us), it is not just nostalgia.

        • TheDividualist says:

          The problem is that without a belief in God, there is no point in making artificial babies or in the long run no point in doing anything but immediate pleasure. The current desire of some atheists for babies is inertia from a past religious age.

          Let me put it differently. Have you noticed that Christianity is better at converting pagans than converting atheists? NRx 10 years ago was pagan, not in the Odin-LARP sense but having that great tragic Nordic Ragnarök worldview, that eugenics requires constant downward social mobility and all that. Paganism is also some deep-seated, almost animal instincts, one wants sex, and reproductive sex not just blowjobs, and genetic legacy, to own a woman, to own land and so on. Basically instinctive masculinism. Pagan instincts managed to survive for long inside Christianity, then your kinds of elites went hyper-Protestant hyper-holy in the Thoreau way, then atheist, and somewhere in the process the pagan instincts were lost. The thumos, the fire in the belly is no longer there. Now they want fur babies.

          As for Trump, NRx always held that warriors can rule, merchants cannot, so the level of hopium was rather moderate about him. Perhaps he can play some tricks, find some unusual sources of power, but nothing really anything big.

          • Fidelis says:

            The problem is that without a belief in God, there is no point in making artificial babies or in the long run no point in doing anything but immediate pleasure

            The truth is humans have very complex behavioral wiring, and we only pursue the high time prefence activities when the instincts are corrupted from bad breeding and bad environment. No way to express your will on the world means you just order a pizza and jerk off. It’s not some specific thing atheism is doing, it’s a reaction to being made less than a serf while the others in power that hate themselves as much as they hate you encourage it.

            You can say there are other directives provided to you in a Christian framework, but really these ‐‐ “pagan instincts” — are innate. The problem with the people in question isn’t that they don’t adopt a Godly framework, it’s that they have specifically adopted an anti-God framework, and anything beyond that next hit of crack is serving something they have sworn against.

    • skippy says:

      Karlin doesn’t have any followers or shills. He is a lone individual. He is not even on the team he calls “we”. If we die, he dies too, but he won’t die with any dignity.

  11. John Smith says:


    You’ve been saying Ukraine is “about to” collapse for years now. It has never yet been correct. [*deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Link to a post that now looks stupid. (Well link to post after 2022 July — in the first few weeks of the war, it was difficult to project the future, and I am sure that like everyone else, I got it wrong.)

      The earliest comments I can find that seem to imply the Ukraine is going to collapse, is collapsing, (not about to collapse. are 2023-05-21 and 2023-05-23, which comments are now looking very prescient.

      Having abandoned efforts to conquer Russia, the Cathedral is now aiming for a frozen conflict — and like every shill, you are telling us they have already succeeded. Just as during the greatest Ukrainian counter offensive, you were telling us that Putin is about to collapse, and you will be able resume looting Russia where you left off in 1999.

      The Ukraine has been falling apart since the Greatest Ukrainian offensive stalled out. It continues to fall apart. It has not hit rock bottom yet, but is most of the way to rock bottom.

  12. […] Original Article […]

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Mind’s Eye Mag (and forum) is deep dive into gen Z groyper culture. Fascinating and disconcertingly gay.

  13. Islam says:

    Query for commentary on history, Islam, politics, religion…
    [*deleted. If you want to comment, just take the shill test. Your comments will then come through unmolested. Anyone can pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.*]

    • jim says:

      Mohammedans are inherently at war with all other faiths, but right now our big problem is demon worshippers in power. After Mohammedans and Christians have defeated the demon worhippers, then it will be time to worry about the Mohammedans. It is not the Mohammedans that banned Easter. It is Mohammedans who defeated the Global American Empire in the Red Sea.

      • Islam says:

        I neither asked, nor suggested, [*deleted*]

        • jim says:

          No one on this blog is ever silenced for what they say. You can say anything you like on this blog. I silence people for what they are mysteriously unable to say, for what is oddly missing from their words.

          So say what you strangely cannot say, and then your posts will go through.

          • Sher Singh says:

            I’m the one exception.


            • jim says:

              The US government keeps its Indian shills, like its Azov shills, on a longer leash.

              You are here to create trouble between alt rightists of different faiths, and promote the dismantling of India.

              India is an empire, and in an ideal world, empires should dissolve into their separate nations. But small entities are apt to be swallowed by bigger entities, and a division of India, like a division of Russia, would result in the pieces being swallowed by the Globohomogenized Empire. Sikh’s are being globohomogenized by India, but India, like Russia, has nukes. If Sikhs gained independence, they would be Globohomo faster, not slower.

              Yes, I banned you for what you said, not what you could not say.

              When I see fake Christians creating trouble between Christians, it is easy for me to ban them for what they cannot say, because they cannot say certain key sentences and phrases of the Christian faith. I suspect even if I knew more about Sikhism and Hinduism, I would still be unable to pull a similar trick on you, for Hinduism is the result of an infestation of Dravidian demons into the Aryan faith.

              • Sher Singh says:

                You are here to create trouble between alt rightists of different faiths, and promote the dismantling of India.

                India is an empire, and in an ideal world, empires should dissolve into their separate nations. But small entities are apt to be swallowed by bigger entities, and a division of India, like a division of Russia, would result in the pieces being swallowed by the Globohomogenized Empire. Sikh’s are being globohomogenized by India, but India, like Russia, has nukes. If Sikhs gained independence, they would be Globohomo faster, not slower.

                I want to dismantle the status quo but I attack India for Dharmic reasons.
                I’m against Brahminism because it makes India racially/military weak.

                I agree with the second paragraph.

                • jim says:

                  Actually existent Brahminism does make India weak. And actually existent Roman Catholicism is run by gay demon worshippers — not that actually existent Protestantism is a huge improvement.

                  But when I or Dalrock criticise actually existent Christianity, it is obvious to any Christian (well any Christian capable of giving the affirmation) that I and Dalrock are friends, not enemies. You criticise Hinduism from outside, as an enemy. You want holy war within Hinduism. Which happens to be what Globohomo wants. They love their frozen conflicts, which keep their provinces weak and easily dominated. You want the right fighting the right, and the faithful fighting the faithful.

                  And so, you I do indeed censor — you get silenced for provocative words intended to start fires that are way too easy to start. My criticisms of actually existent Christianity sound very different to your criticisms of actually existent Hinduism.

                  What I would like to see is for Hinduism to recover from the degeneracy it now suffers, and restore the faith it had when India was great — which is a much more difficult project for Indians than for Christians, for the faith that gave Christians science, technology, industry, technology, and world domination is a whole lot more recent than the greatness of India.

                  Your project, however, is the Globohomo project: A frozen conflict with globohomo pawns on both sides.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  In an ideal world, we would have a confederation of smaller sovereign nations of Dharmic faiths but which would come together under one banner just as Christians would join under one banner when under threat but otherwise remain as individual sovereign nations in normal times.

                  Unfortunately it is neither an ideal world, nor are dharmic faiths as united for survival as they should be, so India needs centralised command and nukes for protection in these times. Alliance with Russia is very important and Modi is doing the right thing in visiting Moscow after a long time.

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  I know where you coming from. Khalistan with nukes would be quite a problem for the Ummah. I study Sanskrit.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  What I would like to see is for Hinduism to recover from the degeneracy it now suffers, and restore the faith it had when India was great — which is a much more difficult project for Indians than for Christians, for the faith that gave Christians science, technology, industry, technology, and world domination is a whole lot more recent than the greatness of India.

                  Agree entirely with Jim & Dharmic except for this.

                  You criticise Hinduism from outside, as an enemy. You want holy war within Hinduism.

                  Tbh, the view of Nihangs is the same as the RSS.
                  That Sikhs are the Sword Arm of Hinduism, and so must dominate.

                  The Khalsa stands on one side, world on the other.


                • jim says:

                  You don’t have a Khalsa. You have a transKhalsa, and you are a transwarrior, and that is the way Globohomo likes it.

                  Your Khalsa has big hats and toy weapons. How can it dominate?

                  Recall the advice I gave Pax Imperialis If you had a real Khalsa, it would be following that advice.

                  Also, consider the recent successes of the Karen army in Burma. If you were imitating them, you would be real warrior, and if your transKhalsa was imitating them, it would be a real Khalsa.

                  And chuck those silly giant turbans for hats similar to those the Karens are wearing.

              • Fidelis says:

                >would result in the pieces being swallowed by the Globohomogenized Empire.

                They cannot manage to swallow the former goat herders in Yemen. It looks to me like the only power they have remaining is momentum behind the anti-religion they spread back when they could successfully color revolution the dissidents. I don’t see how a divided India is somehow more vulnerable to anyone except China, with whom they have a the best natural boundary in the world.

                • dharmicreality says:

                  We have other enemies than globohomo to deal with. China is a definite threat in a geopolitical sense if not a religious sense but may be the least of our problems. The desert cult is waging a continuous low intensity holy war against Hindus and are a much bigger immediate threat in the event that Hindus suddenly become islands of minorities within newly drawn political borders.

                  And lastly the section of Indian elite aligned to globohomo will not allow even independent sovereign Dharmic nations to exist in peace and will do their best to subvert everybody to globohomo.

                • jim says:

                  It depends on the vitality of a nation’s faith, and whether they have an adequate supply of drones. Sher Singh’s faith is dead. If it was live he would be criticizing the Khalsa the way actually Christian Catholics criticise the Vatican, and if he had a real Khalsa, it would not be so proud of having small lightweight recreations of medieval weapons and would be doing re-enactments of modern warfare.

                  And if he had a real Khalsa, their hats would be less stupid.

                  I give Sher Singh the same advice I give both Christians and Hindus. Reach back into the past history for when your faith was live. Not giving Mohammedans that advice, because there are significant Muslim factions that do not need it.

                  I tell Sher Singh to reach back to before his faith came under the rule of a woman, and reach forward to the weapons and tactics of the Karen army.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Jim, what is the faith of the Karen?

                • jim says:

                  My guess would be that like the Japanese, they have a religio, rather than religion. Which is a weakness that is likely to result in them becoming Globohomo empire muppets. Their strength is that they are on the ball about modern warfare. They have 3D printers at the front line to support their drones.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  I just don’t air my dirty laundry on here.
                  You don’t really allow frank discussion without self flagellation anyway.

                  When I discussed plans by the Akali Dal & Bjp to fortify Punjab & arm Sikhs to deter Afghan invasion you just wrote payload delivered.

                  @Fidelis Independent Indian boomer states would compete by aligning with outside powers to gain an edge domestically.

                  Already sort of happening even with the centre clamping down.

                • jim says:

                  It did not read to me like a plan to arm Sikhs, but a plan to promote conflict between people, organisations, and forces that are causing the globohomo empire grief and resisting globohomogenization.

                  Show us the “arming Sikhs” part of the plan without the payload about how people who are pissed off by globohomo treading on them should fight other people who are pissed off by globohomo treading on them, and without the Global American Empire payload promoting the breakup of Russia.

                  I have been following the Afghan water conflict. As a result of peace, Afghans are now repairing their irrigation systems and building new ones, and in consequence, less water is flowing out of Afghanistan, and everyone downstream is pissed and issuing veiled or not so veiled threats. To which threats the Afghans reply in polite highly diplomatic language that politely implies that if the downstream governments try it, they will get what the Americans got. Which implication is understood by the downstream governments, which wax indignant about the Afghans responding to veiled threats with veiled threats. But obviously there is no value for Indian Sikhs to get involved in this trouble. Your water is ground water plus river water from Pakistan. This business is primarily Globohomenized downstream Mohammedans quarrelling with old type upstream Mohammedans over water.

                  Normally there are treaties in place over water rights, but these treaties have been ignored for a very long time, because of the disruption and destruction of upstream irrigation, and in so far as these ancient treaties still exist, the Afghans get dibs on the water. It is not apparent that they are yet in violation of these treaties, but are merely restoring the status quo ante over water.

                  The payload of your post was that Russia and based Mohammedans are the enemy, while Globohomogenized Mohammedans are allies.

  14. A2 says:

    Well, well, well. Looks like the former Front National is winning the French election.

    • The Cominator says:

      Don’t expect much its lead by a woman. Female queens for some reason can be okay but female democratic politicians never are.

  15. Ryan says:

    Voter fraud options:

    A – Minor fraud, Trump wins by a landslide. May happen if the Thermidorians can largely reign in the radicals.
    B – Major fraud, Trump wins more narrowly. Will happen if there is no cooperation between Thermidorians and radicals. Most likely IMO.
    C – Massive fraud, Trump loses. Requires unity between Thermidorians and radicals like last election.

    In A or B, it will be possible for the Thermidorians to prosecute the radicals for the fraud, which would be very sensible for self preservation.

    In B or C, the fraud will be obvious to normie, and they will lose trust in the regime. In B, it may be possible to deflect blame to the radicals and purge them, requiring the Thermidorians to get on side with the hated dirt people.

    Get your bets in!

    • Pete says:

      I’m almost convinced they will let Trump win now. My biggest fear is that the people who have been doing quadruple-entry bookkeeping and other money-shuffling schemes to keep all the balls in the air that allow this fake economy to stagger onward…will STOP juggling as soon as he’s elected, in order to discredit Trump and punish the American people for voting Trump. Just let it all come tumbling down.

      Every stock market drop, lost job and price increase will be laid at Trump’s door for decades, just as they still blame Reagan for everything that’s wrong in America today.

      • jim says:

        Well, they are not keeping the fake economy in the air. They are keeping fake numbers in the air. Which numbers are encountering increasing disbelief.

        The major problem with our economy, and with China’s, is excessive injection of members of the priestly caste into business. Another very big problem is excessive money printing. There are an enormous number of government and quasi government employees that just have to be laid off, Milei style. Thermidor may make possible action on both fronts. Thermidor is in substantial part motivated by what happened when they attempted to put the fake economy to war logistics.

      • Whodunit says:


        • jim says:

          You swerved the thread topic from stealing the elections, and presupposed that the president has power over the presidency as if everyone takes for granted that this is true. It seems unlikely that Trump can accomplish any of the commendable and excellent things that you suggest without first giving a whole lot of senior civil servants swimming lessons.

          Take the shill test described in the moderation policy.

  16. Mister Grumpus says:

    I could never have imagined the establishment declaring “narrative bankruptcy” like this even just a month ago. Note also Trump saying right out loud that “Ukraine is losing this thing” on live television. More surprises ahead.

    • skippy says:

      I’m not sure they realize how much they have conceded. Admitting that Biden is senile suggests not only that he should lose in 2024, but that he should resign today, and also that he should have lost in 2020.

      • alf says:

        By rewriting the present, they unwittingly rewrite the past.

      • The Cominator says:

        BTW since nobody’s posted it since the debate as a guy who loved the Wizard of Oz as a kid

        Let the joyous news be spread…

        • Hesiod says:

          Stargazer, a banger of a tune by the Deep Purple off-shoot band that introduced the world to the mighty pipes of one Ronnie James Dio, is the story of a slave who’s labored long to build a tower for a sorcerer who wishes to ascend to Heaven. This is the stanza I thought of during the debate:

          All eyes see the figure of the wizard
          As he climbs to the top of the world
          No sound, as he falls instead of rising
          Time standing still, then there’s blood on the sand

          • Hesiod says:

            Oops, Rainbow is the name of the band from a time when rainbows were still wholesome.

            • The Cominator says:

              Its okay I do not recognize the faggots as owning the rainbow which is supposed to the symbol of the full spectrum of god’s light…

              • Jehu says:

                The rainbow is the symbol of the powerful wrath of God and His promise to use a different means next time in its delivery.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I googled Pelosi and was left disappointed.

    • Anoymous says:

      Question for Jim: Was it like this when all the academics changed their minds about Pol Pot overnight?

      • jim says:

        This is so far less dramatic. That they failed to notice Biden’s senility until just now is in a sense true. With the Cambodian autogenocide, they switched from denying it to having always condemned it.

        • skippy says:

          This situation is more problematic, but claiming to have “always” noticed/condemned Biden’s senility has a lot of other implications, such as that they should not have supported Biden in 2020, that the Jan 6 people were right (even if for different reasons), and, implicitly, that either the electorate of 2020 was very stupid or the 2020 election was rigged, something that 40%+ of people are already willing to tell pollsters they believe.

          The current story, as best I can infer from the oblique references to it, is that Biden was hit by a sudden attack of acute onset dementia while in the car from debate prep to the studio, which obviously makes no sense.

          They cannot go forward or backwards without conceding even more than the very great amount they have already conceded, and the realization seems to be slowly dawning on them.

          • jim says:

            What I see interesting is that there is obviously a bunch that want to keep Biden, and the bunch that want to ditch Biden call them the oligarchy — which of course they are.

            So this is an insider elite led insurrection against what they rightly call the oligarchy — though they themselves are oligarchs. This is a conflict. Our enemies are divided.

            There are a bunch of Zionist Jewish leftists that want Trump in power, and expect to be able to manage him. These are very evil people. They are not Maga allies. They hate us, and intend to harm us. The DEI faggot leftists, on the other hand, do not want Trump in power, and they hate us and want to harm us no more and no less.

            The deal they are going to offer Trump is that if Trump tries to appoint his people, they will not get confirmation, but if he surrounds himself with their people, their people will get confirmation. But Trump will find himself surrounded by enemies who intend to make use of him, but hate him.

            Trump and the elite insurrectionist Thermidor are both suffering from normality bias, which will lead both of them into very bad errors. First faction to start killing its enemies get the first mover advantage, which will likely be the radicals.

            • The Cominator says:

              I think everyone but Biden’s bitch Lady Macbeth wife wants him out I’m not sure who the Dems will sub in but I’m pretty sure Biden is gone. The family will be threatened with prosecution for their numerous crimes and corruptions after Biden leaves office if he doesn’t get out.

              • alf says:

                I don’t get why she wants her man to stay. Their relation at this point must be akin to a nurse taking care of an advancing dementia patient. Why would she want to keep him in the spotlights, further embarrassing himself every day? Is she just that evil, am I missing something?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Because she is the archetype of Lady MacBeth. Pure ego and vainity. And yes of course she is evil.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Gotta keep the family influence peddling business alive. 10% for the big guy and all that. Hunter still needs all the money and legal protection he can get (and big mommy Jill will make sure of that). Hookers and drugs ain’t cheap.

                  I doubt 25th will happen. Who wants to give up their own little fiefdom? I hear girl boss Kamala isn’t pleasant to take orders from.

                  Even if they get him out, who would they even replace him with? All the other contenders poll even worse against Trump than Biden.

                • The Cominator says:

                  > Hookers and drugs ain’t cheap
                  They aren’t like private jets and sports cars either so Hunter Biden’s money is enough for enough hookers and drugs till he dies of oding on drugs… Hunter no doubt overpays for hookers but still.

                  No its Jill who wants to be 1st lady because status and ego and even among the other evil psychopaths in DC I don’t think she has any friends. Hunter probably wants daddy to pardon him and then resign.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >They aren’t like private jets and sports cars

                  His spending amounted to about $1m in 2016, $1.4m in 2017, $1.8m in 2018, and $600,000 in 2019, according to the charge sheet.

                  Between 2016-19, he withdrew $1.6m from cash machines alone.

                  In the same period he spent over $683,000 on “payments – various women”, another $188,960 on “adult entertainment”, $397,530 on clothing and accessories, and $237,496 on health, beauty and pharmacy, prosecutors say.

                  With that rate of cash burn they might as well be private jets and sports cars. Sport cars are arguably cheaper and would’ve pull better pussy. That’s not even getting into the sordid legal expenses that will surely be following him for decades.

                  The Biden family got rich off of the family business, but not that rich, and the family is bigger than just Hunter. It just isn’t sustainable.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well he is massively overpaying lol

  17. Humungus says:


    Let them be shocked! Shocked at the prospect they will not be twerking on the grave of Humungus. Instead Humungus will be exhuming the graves of their AIDs riddled corpse and carrying them to the gates of hell.

  18. simplyconnected says:

    Just want to say that during busy times I find following your account to be pure gold to keep informed when one has almost no time.

  19. MrM says:

    [*Take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed*]

    • jim says:

      The curious fact that the overwhelming majority of illegals are men of military age is worthy of being discussed.

      And I am happy to discuss it with someone who is not required to stick to a script.

      • MrM says:

        So the first thing you have to say is to insult slander and lie about me, delete and censorban me, then try to twist and pass all that off as a genuine interest in my post and in discussion with people on the topic… No thanks, not interested in such, nor can I trust you won’t do the same later on… you have chosen to break that, right from the start, not me.

        > Second order effects of the dark evils running the top, now you have a second front to deal with at home…

        > A man fleeing war takes his family. A man going to war leaves his family behind. Wake up, America. Before it’s too late.

        > “China will soon have their Army in the USA. We always said our oceans protect us. Not if they are already here. We have seen all over the world how insurgents defeat the US military time and time again.”

        > Soo many Jihadis and Chinese in these videos, all men, all acting weird.

        > Then there’s what’s going on with all the children who are with someone other than their parents. Truckloads of them.

        > Why didn’t all these work-ready men stay in their own country and fix the issues? Why must they be caravanned in? They aren’t here to bring any positivity or to assimilate. They’re here to take America from the hands of Patriots. It’s a war brewing.

        > You must cleanse the top. Now.

        • The Cominator says:

          “So the first thing you have to say is to insult slander and lie about me, delete and censorban me, then try to twist and pass all that off as a genuine interest in my post and in discussion with people on the topic… No thanks, not interested in such, nor can I trust you won’t do the same later on… you have chosen to break that, right from the start, not me.”

          Oy vey vill your sufferink ever end?

          • Varna says:

            Yeah, takes one back to 2010 when the first tsunami of oy vey posts on every possible topic begun producing the “troll” backlash.

        • jim says:

          I notice that in your response, you somehow neglected to commit any thought crimes. I asked you to take the shill test described in the moderation policy and, surprise surprise, you did not.

          The payload in your comment is that we should be worried about people bribed by China at the top, rather than woke at the top. That is topic that would be good to discuss with someone permitted to discuss it.

          People who post without passing the shill test are subject to unkind editing and snarky replies.

          Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

          White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

          Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

          If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all. Sometimes my moderation queue is too long, and I delete it all.

          The point of your payload is “Not the woke, not the Jews, not Israel. It is the Chinese. Therefore the alt right should support Global American Empire world conquest”

          • jim says:

            Reminder to the shills attempting to post in this thread (or one shill with many sockpuppets) whom I have silently suppressed.

            If you want to comment, just take the shill test. Your comments will then come through unmolested.

            Anyone can pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed. Anyone can pass this, regardless of his religious or political beliefs, regardless of what issues he wants to speak about, anyone who is not reading from a script with a supervisor standing over him, can pass this.

            The trouble with people reading from a script is that they sound like they are engaging their interlocutor, but they refuse to notice their interlocutor’s position (since the man who wrote their script has no idea what we are thinking or saying). This results in the superficial appearance of conversation without the substance.

            I am doing the opposite of censorship. Censorship is suppressing certain ideas, inconvenient facts, and arguments. I am suppressing people who are strangely unable to notice certain ideas, certain facts, and certain arguments.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Sometimes I wonder if the shill is merely a concept and there simply isn’t anyone there. Just a mass of flesh devoid of higher thinking, only capable of regurgitating sounds it has no understanding of.

              • jim says:

                The moderation policy specifically and explicitly allows pass by regurgitation of our sounds without understanding.

                It also also specifically and explicitly allows pass by criticising and rejecting our positions with understanding.

                So there is no way it can block anyone who does not have a supervisor and an HR department watching his output.

                It has been obvious to me that social media has been full of stuff generated by government and quasi governmental employees since 1993. Under Obama this became formalized and re-organised, with the the TLAs taking more authority over it.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Nothing I said runs counter to what you say. It’s really a quibble of ontology. Fed posting has become obviously transparent and stupid. Shilling involves trickery, some level of skill and intelligence, and today there is none. Can it really be called shilling? Drowning out signal is not the same as moving the masses with propaganda. An ape can drown out signal by hooting loud enough, it can even throw shit at you, it can’t trick you. Today there is a lot of shit, both metaphorically and physically. Normies are not buying it.

                  HR is probably so caught up in the “metrics” that they can’t tell the difference between quantity and effectiveness. The result is a large biomass of noise makers that nearly everyone has tuned out. Latest example is the $180 million poured into ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’. Just the latest in expensive flops that the regime thinks is a resounding success. If there was an actual army of shills, elections wouldn’t need to be so carefully “managed”, but it’s clear an army of yapping biomass has necessitated “fortified democracy”.

                  Look, this should all be a white pill, it means the regime is falling apart and they don’t even seem to realize it.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t think it is transparent. They seem to be reasonably successful at passing as right wingers with stupid beliefs.

                  “It is the Rothschilds” “No such thing as viruses”. “No such thing as the great apes. They are actors in suits” “Flat Earth”. “Trade center building seven fell straight down onto its foundations like a demolition” “nano thermite” “Space is fake”. “Musk is a Joo.” Putin is a Joo” “Andrew Tate is a gay pimp” “Socialism” “Patriot Front” “Talmudic Jews”.

                  People are buying their memes. Not “flat earth”, “no such thing as viruses”, but they are having great success in presenting themselves as genuine right wing morons showing how stupid the right is, a whole lot of success in drowning out real right wing thought and discussion with studid noise, and some success in selling trooferism, “space is fake”, and “talmudic Joos”.

                  Trooferism and “talmudic Joos” work because they are similar to the memes they want to drown out — that the FBI enabled the Arab terrorists, and that the Neocons want Americans dead almost as much as they want Russians dead. “Space is fake” works because people do not want to believe in technological decline.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          If you’re right, and China really is seizing the opportunity to sneak an army into the USA and overthrow the government, the USA will become a Chinese colony, in which white people are second-class citizens.

          Which would be a huge step up from the absolute pariahs we are now.

          • The Cominator says:

            Yeah second class citizenship to a chinese herrenvolk would be a huge step up from where we are now. The Jews did absolutely fine as second class citizens for centuries it was all the expulsions and attempted mass killings which were their problem.

          • Fidelis says:

            murdochmurdoch had a great video on this from what feels like ages ago


            • Pax Imperialis says:

              I miss the days when YouTube had interesting content, when the internet in general wasn’t just a carefully curated library of 4K porn. Remember Walt Bismark?

              • The Cominator says:

                We might see it back soon… leftism has to keep swimming leftward or die yet clearly they are trying to manage a tactical retreat at the moment. But given the nature of leftism and how hated they are by even much of their traditional constinuencies the retreat is likely to turn into a rout.

                • jim says:

                  The basic problem that they face is that the prospect of nukes incoming tends to focus the mind amazingly. As a result a whole lot of the smarter progressive faggots are starting to think. This is what got Thermidor off its ass.

                  Congress ordered weapons sent to Ukraine, and one of those weapons, under the targeting control of a US airforce drone, landed cluster munitions on a beach full of beachgoers. Another one landed on Russia’s early warning system. That seems mighty close to a declaration of war by congress.

                  When the US government’s fingerprints are all over a bunch of exploded Russian beachgoers, that is mighty close to a declaration of war.

                  Russia will, sooner or later, respond with horizontal escalation, and much indignation will ensue among western politicians about this terrible terrible terrible outrageous shocking aggression by Putin, to which the west must respond by strong measures.

                  Our rulers, being isolated in a bubble, think that everything is going great and Russia is a gas station masquerading as a nuclear power. And they want to steal that gas. There are umpteen videos on Youtube telling us that Russia is taking a zillion casualties, is about to run out of weapons, and Putin is on the edge of falling. Which absolutely no one except those in Washington and Harvard believes.

                  It is similar to the Biden telling us how great the economy is going, and how inflation is right down, murders and robberies right down, employment up, wages up, it is all going great. Most of them are solipsists, who think they can create reality by confidently signalling that those beliefs are high status. It is the similar to Boeing sending up the Starliner manned after one unsuccessful unmanned test. Musk is well known for wild recklessness and taking risks, but it is unimaginable that he would send up a manned rocket until he has run lots of successful unmanned tests.

                  The men in charge believe that they can create reality with bullshit.

                  Thermidor is starting to suspect it is not going great.

                • Anon says:

                  “landed cluster munitions on a beach full of beachgoers”

                  I watched that video , thought it was a movie at first.
                  Considering it look like it missed( if the target was the people on beach). It was a terrorist attack plain and simple
                  I wonder why and who ordered it ? Most likely a someone up globohomo chain. Was they want to send a message.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yeah my interpretation of targetting beachgoing civilians especially when you’re at least technically not at war is a terrorist attack.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I would suspect it’s a case of the tail wagging the dog.

                  The KOG *wants* to escalate the war, in hopes that their puppet-masters in washington and all their other vassals in Europe get inextricably drawn into it by those same strings, and so keep looking to engage in outrages like attacking russian strategic nuclear architecture, assassinations, and non-strategic terror attacks.

                  The later in particular is also of course just because they are ghoulish vampires; they actually *prefer* to use up scarce and practically irreplaceable strategic assets on attacking personnel without much if any strategic bearing on what’s happening on the battlefield, partially because such lightly defended targets are some of the only things left that they *can* still hit, to keep a slow dripfeed of ‘successful strike on [X]’ in the news cycle for winning the war on twitter, and partially because on a spiritual level they are the sort of being that wants to cause pain and suffering before doing anything that would serve any actually useful purpose.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “The men in charge believe that they can create reality with bullshit.”

                  Sharp like a laser beam.

                  But let’s be fair. As long as a theocracy holds, it’s effectively true. But once the other guys’ prophet’s sticks catch fire, and theirs don’t, it’s fucking curtains for their asses, right then.

              • skippy says:

                “I miss the days when YouTube had interesting content”

                The censorship has been retreating steadily for about a year, and in the past few days at an alarmingly fast pace. We’ll see how long it continues.

                • The Cominator says:

                  As I sorta said but let me rephrase it in a better way, their tactical retreat is likely to turn into the political equivalent of the distengration of Napoleon’s Grand Armee in the retreat from Russia.

            • A2 says:

              Complete Murdoch Murdoch, there are worse ways to spend some hours.


            • Mister Gumpus says:

              Murdoch Murdoch. Amazing. So much incredible content just erupted, crying out of the very stones on the ground, in 2016-2017. Could it all have been a trap out of Quantico somehow? Really? Could the three-letter’s have made Murdoch Murdoch? Seriously? I still can’t understand it.

        • Doom says:

          You came into the mans house. You follow the mans rules. This is basic courtesy, no?

  20. K1 says:

    “When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.”.

    “For nothing is concealed that will not become evident, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. — Luke 8:17”

  21. Fidelis says:

    What is actually going on with these public shows?

    I don’t think the lever pulling factions believe in the voting system being real anymore, so rallying the public to support one candidate or another does not seem to be the objective. Assuming this wasn’t a case of normalcy bias, I see a couple options:

    – Keeping the public in a state of normalcy bias

    – Coordination by broadcasting the new opinion of the lever pullers: Weekend at Bernie’s Man Bad, Orange Man (they stopped messing with the video color pallette I’ve noticed, less orange) still very Bad but oh well we just have to go along with him for now

    Is there some other plausible case I’m missing here?

    • jim says:

      Neutral questions, no messing with colour palette. Everyone gets the message, changes their views on Trump, and does not remember ever having any other view. They don’t switch to pro Trump, but do switch to the view that election of Trump is a normal and acceptable political outcome. Previously they all had Trump derangement syndrome. Now they do not.

      This abruptly ends large scale coordination and cooperation on stealing the vote. There will still be lots of routine local vote stealing, but they will mostly be about the bottom end of the ballot, the local candidate. We will not be seeing astronomical numbers of ballots like the last minute three am ballots that only had Biden filled in.

    • Ex says:

      I think the other case is the non-case that “Nobody is in charge.”

      Nobody has clear long-term objectives. Some of them deluded themselves, some believed other delusions or were jobsworths, some had very local goals, some were acting out of habit rather than planning. They did not have a unified vision for what is supposed to be going on here.

  22. We actually NEED a McCarthy 2.0 … Joe warned us and he was right! We need to purge the communists out of every level of government, out of the schools, out of the unions, out of the corporations. They cannot be tolerated and should all be forcibly deported to China.

    • DH says:

      They cannot be tolerated and should all be forcibly deported to China.

      Using the best and brightest and fully vaxxed and boosted DEI pilots, DEI control center operators, DEI aircraft engineers, and DEI staff on board.

      • Handi says:

        How about I behead them on the steps of the US Capitol with a sword and let their blood stain the marble for all time as a reminder. Duties of a public nature need to be done in style.

  23. DH says:

    For normies, this debate was the final straw: the spell of the Cathedral, pushing the Approved and Official Reality (in the hallowed name of science, expertise, and journalism) while rejecting with disdain the merely observable reality, has finally been broken.

    It is “The Emperor’s New Clothes” moment on a global scale. As in the late Soviet Union, realtalk will increasingly emerge from the shadows. First you are allowed to notice that the President is senile, next you can notice that trannycocks are male, and then who knows what other horses will turn out to have been deer all along? It might well have been the final nail in the Brahminate’s coffin; nobody with a brain will ever believe them about anything ever again. Henceforth, whenever the Approved and Official Reality and the merely observable reality mismatch and clash, normies will opt for the latter, having discovered to their surprise that it’s a far safer bet than following the “scientists,” “experts,” and “journalists” who will tell you barefaced Big Lies.

    It is now obvious that the will of God doesn’t comply with the hymns and chants of the priesthood in power, rendering it a collection of imposters, false priests; they lost their mojo.

    • Karl says:

      A true “The Emperor’s New Clothes” moment would be the public saying something that the mass media are still trying hide. The debate was the media telling normies that it is now allowed to say that the president is senile. Just another U-turn in what is allowed to say in public. Progressives are used to those U-turns.

      Normies know that trannies are male, but it is not yet safe to say in public that trannycocks are male.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        “The debate was the media telling normies that it is now allowed to say that the president is senile. Just another U-turn in what is allowed to say in public.”

        Everyone on the right has been saying it since before the 2020 election. Pointing out Biden’s senility has been a vanilla normiecon thing to say, at least here in the US. YMMV where you are.

        • DH says:

          Definitely. The trend I notice is that NRx talking points seep into the alt right, alt-right talking points seep into the normie right, and normie right talking points seep into the mainstream. The Overton Window (outside Harvard occupied zone) is shifting right, which is to be expected in a leftist holiness spiral, since fewer and fewer people manage to “get with he times” as the zeitgeist within the bubble becomes increasingly deranged and the system moves towards self-destruction.

          And, crucially, there must be someone within the class of People Who Matter that sees things eye to eye with the right; heck, Zuckerberg and his fellows have already built their nice and comfy underground bunkers and they’re waiting to go into hiding, and these are not right-wingers by any stretch of the imagination. The billionaires in the bunkers, even leftist Jews like Zuck, must be sensing where the wind is blowing, although they probably still delude themselves that things might go back to normal and that 1980 leftism could make a comeback. Nah. Should move outside the GAE if they want to survive.

          • Daniel says:

            [*not a thoughtcrime*]

          • alf says:

            And, crucially, there must be someone within the class of People Who Matter that sees things eye to eye with the right

            Tucker has been absolutely killing it lately.

            • jim says:

              In Tucker’s interview with Matt Tiabi, Matt talks about the Twitter files — which revealed that Social Media was a direct extension of a government run thought control apparatus. He found this shocking — even though he had already noticed that journalism was strangely and mysteriously acting like a direct extension of a government thought control apparatus.

              I found all this rather boring, since I have noticed the same thing for a very long time, and drew the glaringly obvious conclusion long, long ago. There is always a state religion and there always will be a state religion. What he found in the Twitter files was not some brand new totalitarianism, but a minor bureaucratic reshuffle of a very old apparatus of control, a reshuffle made necessary by the change in the way media is distributed.

              He talks about the good old days of journalism where journalists actually investigated, rather than being clerks transmitting a message received from on high. But fails to see that they were investigating only those ever shrinking matters which the ever expanding state religion did not yet care about and on which the ever expanding state religion had not yet formulated an official line.

              When we are in charge, we too will keep a tight reign on certain matters, as every state always has and always will — but vastly fewer matters, and only those matters that are unfalsifiable or demonstrably true. The state has the right and duty to command truth and forbid falsehood, but if it sticks its neck out too far, at best it winds up Streisanding truth and facts it does not like, and at worst reality is likely to chop its head off eventually. States perish by enclosing themselves in a bubble.

              • alf says:

                I love the part in the talk with the Australian media where he gets into a discussion with a journalist on the covid shot. The journalist goes: ‘well it saved millions of lives’, and in response Tucker compares him with the last Japanese soldier on Okinawa who is unaware that the war is over. Tucker is good at that sort of thing, where he makes the truth sound high status, and people who lie about it dumb and behind the times.

                On the topic of journalism — the dissolution of the media is a necessary part of transitioning to a healthy society. Have there ever been journalists who are like the ‘heroic truth teller’ archetype journalists fetishize themselves as? Can’t think of any who work for an actual newspaper.

                A journalist types on a keyboard what the priest used to preach in the church. Just like a priest must have a healthy relationship with his church, so must a journalist.

              • Anon says:

                As the elite doing this U turn, i hope for the best but expect the worst. And the worst is civil war and genocide.

                I can’t leave for kin and kids, any tips for surviving. I remember you said the countryside will get overrun by bandits and looters but cities are inhospitable to humans.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                We’re in a hotel room right now and my wife is watching CBS news/views/commentary on the debate. The talking heads include Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, … (the usual suspects). The spiel is:

                Joe Biden did poorly, but he’s still the most honest president (I kid you not. I don’t know how they can say this with a straight face).

                Trump’s performance were non-stop lies (I’ve been hearing this elsewhere also. This seems to be the party line).

                The American public saved Democracy in the mid terms, the “Red Wave” was fiction (uh huh).

                This is worse than CNN.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  And my only exposure to CNN is when waiting around in the airport terminal. It’s like Chinese drip torture!

              • Fred says:

                Taibbi is a leftist and hence part of the thought-control apparatus, so it’s hardly surprising he didn’t notice; fish don’t notice the water.

  24. Frontier says:

    TN Police Chief Shaquina has been indicted on illegal voter registration. Makes me wonder if this is Thermidor sending a message to cut back on the fraud.

    I don’t know what the baseline for indicting Shaquinas of voter fraud was, but my guess would be around 0.

  25. Mister Grumpus says:

    There most certainly is a way that the powerful can remove Biden from the presidential ballot and everyone fucking well knows it. I was presuming Zelensky would get the Diem treatment but maybe I got it backwards.

    • dave says:

      presumably he will be given an option with an implied “or else” after it.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Biden didn’t kill himself.
      Biden didn’t die of Covid.
      Biden didn’t die of bird flu.

  26. Mister Gumpus says:

    I’ll never get used to it, how people abruptly and sensitively respond to changes in raw power at the levels of their emotions, their thoughts, their beliefs and their memory of even the recent past, yet only like 0.1% of us can even vaguely notice ourselves doing it.

    We give women crap 24-7 for vehemently insisting that their sexuality and emotions actually operate, like even 24 hours ago, in perfect and obvious opposition to how they say they operate, but in this respect we’re all alike.

    • The Cominator says:

      Total libshit death
      Total NPC death

    • Jehu says:

      At least women derive an advantage from having people believe BS about how their sexuality and emotions actually operate. That is if you consider female emancipation as an advantage.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      That’s an interesting point. The evolutionary benefit of noticing is surely contrasted by the tendency of sticking out as an obvious regime target to be purged. In fact, how do noticers even exist in the first place?

      • DH says:

        In fact, how do noticers even exist in the first place?

        It’s perfectly natural to prioritize observable reality over Official Reality. It requires almost incalculable brainwashing, oppression, and social pressure for it to be otherwise. The Left has the schools, though, and that’s what schools do: teach you to meticulously follow the Official Reality, observable reality be damned.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Prioritizing observable reality over Official Reality really isn’t perfectly natural. Most of human history seems to be full of demon possessed human sacrificers. Whether it’s child sacrifices to Baal for fertility or abortion today for financial prosperity, neither of which work, ignoring reality to self destruction looks like a natural failure mode that just keeps cropping up again and again.

          • DH says:

            Normies from the Red Tribe are pretty much always on observable-reality mode, and always have been. Normies from the Blue Tribe vacillate between subscribing to the ever shifting leftist fashion when in the presence of power and spewing realtalk when outside earshot from power. Most ordinary people are simply far more redpilled than they let on, regardless of what worldview they claim to profess; indeed, hard drink very reliably acts as a truth serum. Demon worshippers can hypnotize and coerce an entire society to follow them into oblivion, can convince an entire society that it inevitably will follow them into oblivion, but themselves constitute but a small minority of the population at any given time. And the demon worshippers of our era now possess as much mojo as President Joe Biden.

          • Fidelis says:

            Abortion today is mostly women keeping their wombs ready for their demon lover to visit; hence a sacrifice to some sort of demonic entity and not ‘financial prospertity’.

      • jim says:

        Throughout most of history, we have not had regimes with omnipresent AI and an immense army of secret police.

        Why have regimes not had an immense army of secret police? Because such regimes tend to self destruct rather rapidly. Their apparatus of thought control imprisons the regime itself in a bubble of delusion.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Throughout most of history, we have lived in tribes, or small communities with omnipresent babushkas. No AI needed. Early aristocratic British anthropologists found primitive tribals to be extremely, unquestionably conformist. Noticing things that went against these small scale regime narratives did not happen, and goes a long ways to explaining why certain peoples of the world are the way they are.

          I’m thinking ‘noticing’ is likely just another virtue of nomadic herder ancestry. A trait that can develop in a group whose individuals have enough personal space that selection pressure for thought conformity is reduced.

          • The Cominator says:

            Not everyone had longhouse ancestry… i would also think barbarians would tend to kill annoying babushkas/karens generally.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Every woman is a karen in the absence of a barbarian.

              • The Cominator says:

                Nah I mostly hate women but that just isn’t true. Women are almost universally fickle, serial liars, have some degree of self destructive tendencies if they don’t think an alpha man cares for them… and are attracted to dark triad traits and violence.

                But being a killjoy domineering Karen is far from universal in women. Your typical BPD turbosl00t (I know many here subscribe to the cult of female modesty and don’t much like that type of women but they’ve always treated me well and I’ve always gotten on very well with them) is many things but a Karen she is not.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Karen behavior is just shit testing behavior that has turned pathological from decades of serial testing failure from every man she has encountered.

                  Your typical BPD turboslut stripper had her shit testing outsourced to a pimp who you’ve paid to do the heavy lifting.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The biggest BPD cases Ive known were non strippers (albeit in one case she invited me to one and got on stage… and convinced her friend to do so too… this was before I was super into stripper banging or knew it was a thing) I’ve just always gotten on with them very well. BPDs seem to be not put off by autistic mannerisms the way normie women are for whatever reason and I’ve generally always found them amusing. Although I’m sure many many strippers are BPD (as BPDs will often admit when drunk… and they are often drunk… they think being a whore would be fun if they had no family or something).

                  Karen behavior… in old women its hard to explain it may be a form of trying to commit suicide by angry male if they don’t have grandkids around. In younger women I think its a modern phenomenom given that modern feminism sets women’s conformity instincts (that they are supposed to be dominate and disdainful of men) at the exact opposite of their sexual instincts and thus is driven by insanity.

          • Varna says:

            Concerning noticing: Edward Dutton, who I believe is still in exile in Poland, somewhere in his writing about two years ago, if memory serves, formulated a delightful theory.
            Even in neolithic times, he said, successful tribes tolerated their “useless eccentrics”, because tribal collective memory told them that sooner or later some new situation will occur, in which old established ways will not work, and the survival of the tribe will hinge on the useless eccentric being able to notice new patterns and propose novel solutions.

            The modern equivalent of that was the best western universities tolerating grumpy politically incorrect eccentric professors who produced nothing of use and pissed everyone off for 40 years, before suddenly coming up with something brilliant. The fact that over the last decades this practice has stopped, according to Dutton, was a clear sign of a solipsistic death spiral speeding up.

            Concerning social control: back in the day, Anal Master 3000, known also as Michel Foucault, analyzed at length, in Discipline and Punish, the shift from pre-modern control to modern control. Premodern control used public execution and or/torture, to maintain through this example the internal program inside the populace that keeps them in check. Whereas modernist social control made punishment invisible, behind closed doors, because the act of control morphed into constant external surveillance due to developed tech.

            Public barbaric rituals to maintain strength of internal programing vs a surveillance grid system. Useful book.

            Today, of course, we see the globohomo Brahmin try to do both – combining total surveillance control with total programming control.

            Speaking of anal matters, in, I think, the third and final volume of his History of Sexuality, Michel Foucault compares the ultra-regulated and formalized courtship between Ancient Greek men and women, plus the formalization of how they live their lives, who inhabits which part of the home and so on, with the more intuitive and chaotic courtship between Ancient Greek men and male youths.

            When the reader compares the old ways of Greek pederasty with modern courtship between men and women (at least until 2010-15), the pederastic matrix of both the relationship logic, and the character structure and behavior of the modern emancipated woman (like that of a faggot with tits) become super obvious.

      • skippy says:

        Noticers are also happy not to notice stuff [too loudly] when it seems pro-social unless they are also sociopaths.

        What is different now is not the existence of noticers/government “lies”/myths but the government being at war with its people, and being at war with the people most inclined to and most useful in supporting it. “Patriots against the government”.

    • i says:

      I suspect that the reason female sexuality seemed so sexually insatiable compared to now is the background of high infant and child mortality. In addition to higher mortality in general.

      Modern women also many of them are on birth control. Which right now is being jettisoned. But it has been screwing them up sexually:

      Flattening out their moods and draining their libido. Causing manifold side effects.

      I have also read the Biohistory Book:

      Which talked about the role that C and V plays in history. And that Civilizations with higher C or Civilizational factor seemed more prudish. That human beings aren’t exactly static but can be transformed epigenetically over the generations because of particular pressures.

      • The Cominator says:

        Hormonal birth control didn’t seem to sap the sex drive of boomer and xer women but it seems like they did something with it to change it so it saps the sex drive of millenial and zoomer women.

        Strippers who did full service cheap (ie they were all raging nymphomaniacs and they were mostly in the job to fuck random guys the money was just so they could make a living doing it) were almost never on birth control.

        • Sher Singh says:

          Higher education perhaps?

          • The Cominator says:

            While I’m against educating women it goes beyond that as plenty of boomer and xer women went to college and were on birth control. Widespread female frigidity is strictly a clownworld phenomenom.

      • Doom says:

        I think it’s even simpler. A proper patriarchal system naturally limits the actual status of women. So the proportion of “hot men” to “not hot men” is much higher; women in a constant state of horny.

        I think culturally a good patriarchy gaslights women into seeing pro-civilisation actions as “sexy”.

        “Your husband donated money to build a hospital wing? Splooooooooooosh, girrrllll!!”

        • The Cominator says:

          “I think it’s even simpler. A proper patriarchal system naturally limits the actual status of women. So the proportion of “hot men” to “not hot men” is much higher; women in a constant state of horny.”

          This, keeping female status low keeps them horny. I suspect the easiest time to get laid by casual women you met (other than as an conquering force I mean) and could just pickup in history was probably after WWI women still kinda low status (unfortunately just having been granted the vote in one of history’s great mistakes) but such a favorable ratio and lots of unowned women with little to do given so many men dead. I suspect the price of sex for an average man in the 1920s was something like a lame joke and lighting a girls cigarette a couple of times.

        • The Cominator says:

          Not sure it makes women see pro social stuff as sexy so much as it gives men in general a presumption of being sexy and it makes pro social stuff which makes a male have status with other men seem sexy. Women even in good systems find violent sociopathic defectors irrestible though.

          Even old patriarchal Europe at the height of coverture had “cads”. Cads/blackguards were generally stereotyped as very bad men who would live by things like cheating at cards and dueling and killing anyone who fucked with them (ie who called them out for cheating) and women were noted as being very prone to try to take any opportunity to sneak off with them to have illicit sex.

          • jim says:

            Being high status relative to females is part of the built in sexual partner pattern recognition profile in women. Men and women being equal is to them what all women being land whales is to us.

          • A2 says:

            Stereotypically though the cad or bounder was described as running away when confronted with a steely-eyed officer back from the colonies. What now, yield to some soft little drawing room card sharp who fancies himself with a pistol? Ridiculous.

            A silly goose of a good family who ran away with one of these cads was henceforth ruined. (It wasn’t like the cad could sneak into the house at will, because he was not invited, nor were the young women staggering about in the streets drunk and unattended.) Pity but then she knew better. It was nothing like the current whore house society where some filthy wog triumphantly spreads her legs in every newspaper.

            • The Cominator says:

              Respectable women didn’t go out drinking in public houses and certainly not unattended but it wasn’t like the strictest part of the Islamic world so they did get out of the house and sometimes unattended (fetching water, horseback riding, husband was away on business or at war) so it did happen.

              Some cads were cowards (Flashman is the archetypical example) but some were duelists and killers. Haven’t read Cassanova’s memoirs but it wasn’t exactly impossible to get access to women even at the height of coverture.

              • A2 says:

                What, an italian? There’s no accounting for italians. (Then there’s a good case for Casanova’s memoirs being to a great extent jolly fabrication.)

                Servants fetched the water, as for the rest, a woman receiving a cad at home or rubbing shoulders with cads would be highly disreputable. Unthinkably so.

                Then sooner or later the killer cad would meet the killer brothers. Perhaps several sets of killer brothers. There might be dueling, or just skipping along to the killing part. Ride quick or die in a ditch.

        • jim says:

          > “Your husband donated money to build a hospital wing? Splooooooooooosh, girrrllll!!”

          Victorians tried that, with no apparent results, or apparent disastrous results. Gaslighting biological instincts is hard, though perverting them into pathological paths is considerably easier. If a boy has abnormal sexual experiences during his formative years (14 – 15) or so, he is likely to grow up sexually abnormal.

          From 1933 to 1964-66 movies presented prosocial love interests to women, though they were prosocial violence, not donating money to build a hospital wing. This seems to have had effect, though it is hard to know. Victorianism had at best no effect, or more likely was catastrophically counterproductive. I think the trick was to try to moderately swerve female sexual preference, rather than just flat out try to halt it in its tracks. It was a good idea, and did not obviously fail, but neither did it obviously succeed. Not obviously hopeless.

          • Calvin says:

            Amish seem to do okay with their women despite being explicitly pacifist and rejecting violence in toto. So there is obviously some way to hack it.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Nations on the cusp of demographic annihilation do not have time to experiment with “gaslighting female instinct”; they need to solve the problem immediately with brute force. Allow any law-abiding man to marry any single woman over 25 without her consent and beat her into submission. Force single women over 30 to live in spinster camps, and close the borders so women can’t escape, as the Ukraine has done to men. Automatic death penalty for tattooing a woman or performing any body modification other than traditional ear-piercing.

            Spinsters over 45 can be drivers and mine-sweepers on the Ukraine front; if that war ever ends, more will follow.

            No coercive measures on men, because forcing men to marry old hags would achieve nothing. But they might take your wife away if you cannot get her pregnant.

  27. Sher Singh says:

    Holy shit, the world’s healing.

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