More astroturf

The one nation rally was largely AstroTurf, students bussed by their teachers, unionists bussed by their unions. If it was not hundred percent AstroTurf, it was close enough to one hundred percent that it was hard to see the difference.

Jon Stewart’s “March to keep fear alive” rally is looking like it will be more of the same.

On the morning of October 30th, we’re loading up a fleet of buses here at 1515 Broadway and sending as many of you as we can down to DC for a free one-day, round-trip journey to join in the Rally to Restore Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive. It’s about a 5 ½ hour trip down 95 to our nation’s capital

By and large, if a rally is partly AstroTurf, it is usually all AstroTurf, because you don’t resort to AstroTurf if you can get real supporters to show up.  If one lie, all lies, if one AstroTurf, all AstroTurf.


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