Not the Zionist Occupation government

The presidency grows ever more powerful, becoming more and more a total regime, dominating and effectively replacing every other level of government except the federal judiciary. Every school board, every local police shop, answers to the feds, not to local authority, and the power of the presidency aggressively extends into every business, every home, and every family. At the same time the merely elected government, including the mere president, are fading away to shadows conducting empty rituals, like the Queen of England proceeding in a stagecoach to open Parliament.

I had hoped for and predicted a Trump coup, in which Trump seizes control of the presidency. I still have hopes, but I predicted the coup would happen by now, and it has not happened yet. Rather, a reverse coup threatens, in which the special counsel indicts Trump of obstruction of justice on the grounds that his statements about Russia rigging the American elections in Trump’s favor are supposedly untrue, inconsistent, etc, and then the special counsel has men uniformed as cops make Trump do the perp walk, thus effectively impeaching Trump in place of an the archaic and obsolete procedure of a two thirds Senate vote. Of course, such coup by the permanent government against the merely temporary government has a significant risk that the secret service or the army might interfere, answering a coup with a counter coup. CNN is one of the voices of the permanent government, one of many loudspeakers connected to one microphone, and the recent firing of some CNN reporters indicates the permanent government is retreating from a coup.

The permanent government, or some in the permanent government, have been walking away from the increasingly improbable impeachment by two thirds senate vote and have been prepping for impeachment by special counsel. The firing indicates that they have been told by others in the permanent government to cut the special counsel option out. Retreat, once started, is hard to stop, hard to keep under control, tends to get out of hand. So I still have high hopes, but I have already been wrong on this topic.

Which brings me to the topic of this post. Who are the permanent government? Are they the permanent government of Israel.

On this topic, I have information from a well placed Jewish member of the American permanent government. When Jews from Israel’s permanent government talk to members of the US permanent government, they say “May I kiss your ass sir?”. When told to jump through hoops, and with great regularity and harsh and casual abruptness, they are told to jump through hoops, they ask “How high should the hoop be and should it be on fire?”

The American permanent government is disproportionately Jewish, and the Jewish members of the permanent government do not identify as white in their own minds. But they definitely do not identify as Israelis.

When we purge the universities, the civil service, and the judiciary of progressives, there will be a lot of Jews taking a swim in the pacific. There is going to be a lot of disparate impact. But the their equivalents in Israel are not going to miss them one little bit.

If we were to purge the genes, rather than the memes, if we were to gas the Jews, rather than drown the heretics, we would be goring the matador’s cape and would miss the matador.

That said, there is a disturbing visceral hostility to whites and white civilization in the US permanent government, which is particularly noticeable in Global Warming “science” and in “environmentalism”. Even if it were true that Global Warming is happening and is exactly what official science said that it is, the Paris treaty was not to stop global warming, but to punish whites in general and Americans in particular.

Remember Angela Merkel shrinking from the German flag, like a vampire from the cross. That is very much the attitude of many in the government to any science or technology that invovles getting your hands dirty. Except it is grandfathered in, it tends to be deemed self evidently illegal and immoral.

Jews have made many important contributions to science, and we would be poorer and less powerful without them, but to technology and applied science, not so much. Like the classic Greeks they theorize without getting their own hands dirty. For this reason I am inclined to doubt the Jewish nuclear force. Feynman made a big contribution to the Manhattan project, but he never actually laid hands on an actual piece of plutonium. The kind of person who could actually build successful nuclear weapons, rather than merely theorize about them, would insist on actually testing them. That Israel has not tested any nukes inclines me to doubt it has the kind of people who could successfully build them.

There is deep and wide hostility in the government to technological civilization, to commercial application of technology, to technology applied and developed to create wealth and power, to what makes white civilization powerful and importantly different from past civilizations. Not all Jews are hostile to technological civilization, Feynman certainly was not, and not everyone hostile to technological civilization is Jewish, but it is a disproportionately Jewish characteristic. Not all Jews are like that, but that is the way to bet. Blacks will tell us “You did not build that” and tell us “we wuz Kangs” and whites stole all our stuff from them, and history taught at our best universities tells us they were Kangs and we stole all our stuff from them, but Jews, unlike blacks, will condescend that actually building stuff is for menials and inferiors. Blacks would like to be capable of techno-commercial civilization, but are not. Jews snear and condescend at techno-commercial civilization. Which is irritating, but not usefully addressed by gassing them.

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  1. Turtle says:

    >> purge the genes, rather than the meme

    There might not be a difference- what if the human genome is changed by memes? Then, everyone influenced by meme X has X-related genes. We could call biology and sociology parallel descriptions of one and the same human creature.

    > > Not all Jews are hostile to technological civilization, Feynman certainly was not, and not everyone hostile to technological civilization is Jewish, but it is a disproportionately Jewish characteristic

    I think there is a correlation between being liberal and being anti-civ., while conservative Jews do like civ. (industry and commerce), and so the issue here is, as Jim almost points out, that Jews, as mostly liberal people, are mostly against civ. But, how do we check my hypothesis? I think we could see if liberals of other ethnicities/races are anti-civ., and for example, while there are fewer Japanese anti-tech people, they do have a current of taoist and other pagan, sort of luddite, not Roman-style civ. religiosity (which I think is why they still use fax machines in their offices, and their hospitals are closed on weekends- weird religion makes them irrational).

    Also, are conservatives simply more represented in business, heavy industry, etc.? I think so, considering that Elon Musk, an archetypal businessman, supports Trump, while Ted Cruz’s business-wench running mate, Carly Fiorina, does not get her hands dirty, and to my memory, did not endorse Trump while Cruz did (reluctantly, and late, but he did it).

    I know some men who do get their hands dirty, as in gardening and plumbing, but totally believe in global warming, at least socially speaking. They might get a hybrid car, but they won’t donate to global warming ‘non-profits,’ which is a more serious marker of commitment, because it’s private and impractical to donate. They are somewhat gnostic, believing the mind is greater than the body, and this generally indicates people who like tech like both sensual (sex, flowers) and cognitive (poetry, math puzzles) pleasures.

    Conservative Jews are noticed differently, in part because they go against the grain, and are more difficult to understand. I have heard from Jews who get their hands dirty (e.g. construction, commercial cooking) that human suffering is regrettable, and wonder if liberals have an unusual attitude about it, such that when tech-derived wealth and power could alleviate suffering, they think, “So what?” If the point of civ. is to glorify God (or for Rome and Japan before conversion began, pagan idols) and raise up mankind from this fallen world, then liberals are saying things like “We can’t be fixed, humanity just sucks” and “Fuck God, let’s be stone-age hippies.” The funny thing is that hippies relied on LSD labs, which are very high tech, and Volksvagen vans, and fishing rods… and so almost nobody is a bona fide eco-fascist.

    It might be impossible to live a Luddite life, aside from hermits and stolbniki (amazingly, ascetics who live on tall poles or in trees, never coming down except to go to church, for years; they might not even eat or go to the bathroom while up there). It is not necessary for Christians to be hermits, but asceticism is good when done in any context. It includes fasting, but not starving oneself. Liberals want the benfits of asceticism, without hte prayer and fasting required. They’re trying to cheat God out of His blessings.

    In Moscow, one can see huge coal-burning power plants emitting their water vapor/ smoke. It’s a delight to normal people, but many there consider it dirty. They are surprisingly often anti-fossil fuel, in part because of the stereotype that Russia depends on oil exports for its economy. These environmentalists are sadly cucked, in that they have coal nearby, materially blessing them with electricity they need and use, but they are ungrateful. I loved Moscow’s smokestacks more than the new, shiny skyscrapers, but there’s a sub-issue here- is heavy industry better than corporate business?

    I like both, but think business-religion (as in marketing theory being a philosophy of society) is as wrong as Newton’s “God is a clockmaker” meme. Newton got his hands dirty as Feinman did, not as his mother asked him to, farming the family lands. He refused to farm, hated it, and yet was a good currency officer (fighting money counterfeiters) much later. So, people don’t need to have every talent humanly possible, only one for their own career. Newton might have been better as an ingenious farmer, inventing new tools and ways to boost crop yields, but that’s a big “What If?”

    I wonder if anti=civ. people have daddy issues. Jews who like civ. tend to adore their fathers and husbands, or themselves if they are men. There’s some connection between inherently male-souled men’s work, like soldiering, and patriarchy. I do think being anti-dad correlates with anti-civ. impulses.

    Consider Amazon buying Whole Foods, which represents tech biz elites in Seatttle, WA taking over an Austin, Texas food-hipster/ libertarian corporation -does this deal even matter? Yes- Amazon is actually going to use robots in the W.F. warehouses, which indicates they get their hands dirty more efficiently. W.F. people like, as hipster-libertarians do, to hire poor people to do work robots could do. I guess Amazon people are tech-libertarians, who are exemplified by opposing the FDA’s heavy regulations of medical-tech, not wanting open borders or the right to raw dairy products in every state (it’s often illegal, sadly, because pasteurization-OCD sufferers hate bacteria and in a Puritan/occult way, want to CLEAN THE MILK WITH PASTEUR’s MAGIC RITUAL).

    Ther are many such variations in ‘civic personality types.’ I like all charitable civics, even tepid Independence Day parades (I would like the parades if they were more military and prayerful). One question is, what do different attitudes towards civ. associate with about fireworks? Some people hate them, as Puritans or hypersensitive ‘ow my eyes, I need a seizure warning’ phobics, while some will fire their own, ones legally or not, but not attend municipal shows, which is strange. I don’t see the point of private fireworks, because the pro’s are so much better at this entertainment-art. I am surprised anyone buys fireworks for personal use- it’s like getting your own hospital supplies, from my perspective. What do you think?

    I think anti-civ. people are hateful, and secretly crave civ., but have impossible standards for it, like perpetual motion machines instead of power plants, and the idea that farms should offer high-paying jobs. It’s funny how they come up with these notions.

  2. peppermint says:

    This isn’t a game that was going to end in March. It’s a war with contingency plans.

    Theoretically Trump should order the professors and their journalists and their pet clergy and lawyers massacred. What’s actually going to happen was always going to be different.

    CNN is dying because Trump just dragged out the Russia thing in order to destroy their brand. They will never recover because owning a distribution network and paying for on the scene journalists doesn’t actually have all that much value anymore.

    The legacy education system will be smashed, but whether the professors get their useless brains bashed out or are allowed to beg for hot dogs outside 711 remains to be seen.

    What kind of ideology would take over an institution dedicated to educating and grading the youth while providing a place for men of letters to advance their arts and sciences? “Your philosophy is basically the same as mine, but you haven’t thought it through, so you should listen to me lecturing you more, because people are basically good but do evil things out of ignorance”. Then the kiddies get lectured about the most important thing ever, and since everyone is basically the same graded only on their understanding of the most important thing ever, and then they end up running the institution.

    The legacy media and legacy education markets are shrinking and the personnel are facing population pressure that they only know how to respond to by signaling greater insanity. Trump is currently humiliating the legacy media which they understand is the first step towards discrediting and death squads.

  3. vxxc2014 says:

    Not the problem.

    Our weakness is the problem, not what fills the void.
    We must be masters of our own house this is true, but that doesn’t require Hitler or even pogroms.

    It requires manning up and taking back our own lands.

    • viking says:

      true but when motivating correctly people can accomplish much, if ethno centrism works use it obviously we are past crusades and commie purges the tea party went no where. Trump came down an escalator and said the brown niggers are raping our women they gota go even the children and the world caught fire.I say lets go with that.

  4. viking says:

    The second is Trump is failing, yeah he is but the russia thing was never serious once its played out they will go on to another then another if they cant impech him they will distract him to death hes easilly distracted and low IQ how you dont get how low IQ is beyond me, and his entire entourage is jews so theres that they are only sort of the better jews but jews be jews.

    • Garr says:

      No, those who are “sort of the better jews” are taking care of their disabled wives, reading Don Quixote, and working on their manuscripts about Inwardness. I know this for a fact; I visited my parents this past weekend.

      • viking says:

        Garr My preference would be to incorporate jews into whiteness, i was neither raised anti semetic nor converted by the alt right rather I always noticed things about them as i did things about everyone else.But as I thought more deeply about the problem of leftism post moldbug HBD etc the jewish problem really becomes central. For a while I tried to shush those who would become the alt right because hey we need the jews in if reaction is to succeed right. after a while that starts to sound crazy like hispanics make natural republican I may have wished these things were true because Im basically a nice guy and it would make my problems easier to solve but just aint so. Theres little old black church ladies I instantly love even though I say nigger constantly now I really love people from all races but I see no way to save my people unless they all leave my nations and thats probably only going to happen with a race war of some sort. moldbug and land are wrong there will be no collapse and reaction being called by Davos to assume power, we will have a civil war or we will die.

        • viking says:

          If it makes you feel any better if you think about it East Asians will likely be a bigger problem than jews if we survive long enough.And Jews might be able to change if they wanted to, genetically they are as white as say Greeks and culturally have contributed as much as say greeks. Theres very little anti semitism in the west Jews could be white technically why they are not is a mystery but if they were going to ever convert it would have been the USA post ww2 but instead they tripled down. The other way around the problem was if whites were not so open but we are and that makes all races a existential threat to us.

    • jim says:

      hes easilly distracted and low IQ how you dont get how low IQ is beyond me,

      When you have a flying palace, a hot wife, and have defeated the mainstream media, you can tell me he is low IQ

      • viking says:

        People get lucky jim and he did get a little boost from dad.Im sure his IQ is over 100 just not a lot over admit it you know this youre not stupid so you have to know hes not particularly bright. stop being a stubborn irishman.

        • Alf says:

          Trump’s verbal IQ might be little over 100, but Trump’s performal IQ is well above 100.

          It wasn’t Trump’s dad who tweeted a lefty-head-exploding meme that is nearing half a million likes.

          • viking says:

            Im not saying hes a moron Im saying he could be much smarter, Hes too dumb to understand whether he likes reading or like to be detail oriented hes now president and must understand whats going on in healthcare foreign policy etc he obviously is clueless, it seems in private life he would surround himself with well paid smart jews then let them fight it out and try to suss out the consensus, Thats suicide in his present circumstance.He also is socially autistic concerning the upper classes, it helps that hes in tune with the lower classes but he needs both.

            • Alf says:

              Anyone can be smarter, awesomer, perfecter. But to accomplish what Trump has already accomplished — it is exceptional. You’re looking a gift horse in the mouth.

              • Cavalier says:

                Not just exceptional — superhuman. The man is 70, sleeps 4 hours a night, looked 30 at 50 and 40 at 60, and for a year and a half held a rally a day (and sometimes two or three) with no detectable fatigue.

                Anything inhibiting Donald F. Trump from getting what he wants must be formidable indeed.

              • Cavalier says:

                Just for punctuation:


                Taken in 2007, I think, making Donald Trump 60 and the guy in the middle 42… yet Trump looks younger.

  5. viking says:

    Jim you combined two posts. The first is if the jews are running USG thus the global cabal -erh i mean cathedral. You answer is stupid No because two sets of jews are actually running it thus no Jews are running USG; oh and one set is obsequious and the other arrogant.And the bit about the matador and cape JEEEZ the matador is the jew you know the person the cape is his tools you know the media finance academia lobbyists etc The secular Jews and the Israeli Jews are just betting on different scenarios down the road Its really dubious to think they are completely at odds. One wants a safe place no matter what the other wants to rule the world to make it safe for jews. Nether of them for a minute think of themselves as whites or whites as anything but stupid animals to be overcome.So while we may wish tilll the cows come home more jews were like Feynman very very few are.This is the problem with multiculturalism you cant go after the leftists because that would have disparate impact on niggers and jews.get rid of the niggers and jews and Voila leftists area a minute problem again and we can do what we want with them

    • Garr says:

      Viking: “Neither of them for a minute think of themselves as whites or whites as anything but stupid animals to be overcome.”
      Nietzsche (Zarathustra I:3): “Man is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All creatures hitherto have created something beyond themselves: and do you want to be the ebb of this great tide, and return to the animals rather than overcome man?”

    • jim says:

      get rid of the niggers and jews and Voila leftists are a minute problem again

      Once again, nazis are socialists. Leftists were not a minute problem in Nazi Germany, and even less were they a minute problem when King George failed to divorce Queen Caroline.

      Exterminating blacks and Jews would roll back leftism about thirty years, when we need to roll it back two hundred and thirty years.

      Hitler had some success in reducing female status and increasing German fertility, but it was clearly his intention to restore female status and German fertility to 1909 levels, which he failed to do.

      Nazis were conscious of this failure, but found it hard to understand, explain, or even describe.

      Thus, he got the cape, but not the matador.

      • jim says:

        One wants a safe place no matter what the other wants to rule the world to make it safe for jews.

        We can and should cooperate with those that want a safe place, though we need to pressure them to shift from cooperate/defect to cooperate/cooperate.

        Though I do not think Israel is a safe place for Ashkenazim. Israel is likely to finish what Hitler begun. Ashekenazi Jews got in trouble in large part because they were a market dominant minority here, and they are a market dominant minority in Israel. Israeli progressivism will destroy them, or Israel, or both. They need to create a state Jewish religion with a powerful hereditary Ashkenazi priesthood in the line of Aaron to replace the progressive state religion. The state religion of Israel needs to be Judaism, not progressivism, for progressivism will either kill them all, or kill the Ashkenazi.

        And, as a protection for market dominant minorities, need to reactivate the long ignored final commandment, rather than ever escalating the fight against boiling a goat in its mother’s milk. Judaism would be a great religion if it applied one percent of the effort it applies against boiling a goat in its mother’s milk to coveting instead.

        Market dominant minorities do not get killed because of “racism”, let alone boiled goats. They get killed because of coveting.

        And those that want to rule the world do so because everyone wants to rule the world. They are assimilating, hence not ruling the world to make it a safe place for Jews, but rather to make it a safe place for people culturally resembling themselves, which culture tends to be disproportionately Jewish, but not all Jews belong to this culture, nor are most people belonging to this culture Jewish.

        • viking says:

          Jim drop the judeo christian numerology its silly we dont give a shit what the jews need to do and we certainly dont want to be taking advice from their book.If reaction is to have any religion it needs to be something like the nazi shit.reaction is a reasoned understanding of reality religion is anathema to reason. If we want to study the sociobiologic need for a culture and conclude we need a religion it must not be one full of other races shit or that is anti reality, hitlers religion of race was not a bad start.If it triggers you then do without religion but please enough with the slave religions.

          Og sure you want to try and meme the israelis are the real racists so i can be one to? see how far you get with that.its true so what leftists and jews dont car about truth they care about cant out argue them, they only lose an argument with a bullet through the head.
          You know jim I dont give a shit that nazis were the real socialists either how far has that gotten you with the cuckserves i wish they had won id rather socialism among whites than among niggers with jew overlords. economic socialism is like the 70s problem when we read ayn rand and worried about socialism destroying the world, guess what the ussr collapsed and bounced back in a decade and capitalist turned us into a nigger farm. obviously the problem isnt economics both sides will ensl;ave us given half a chance and have teamed up to cover both sides of the aisle. The problem is we lost our sense of ourselves and we cant get that back on another jew theory, blood and soil is what its about, the capitalist sa nd socialist will have to be subjugated to the people white fucking people or we will die

      • Alrenous says:

        After some of Vox Day’s recent comments on Europeans vs. individual nations, it occurs to me that Hitler was degenerate and ‘white nationalists’ are degenerate nazis who Hitler would likely have summarily shot. Hitler was a German nationalist, not a European nationalist. Can you imagine Hitler letting Poles be first class citizens in his Reich? Or god, the Spanish…

        • viking says:

          No I cant from the little I know, but Obviously his mistake was then trying to subjugate the world. I havnt read vox comments but this sounds a familiar theme; theres no such thing as “white people” only french polish etc. I think both are true some nations still have enough of their heritage to resurge some like the basques have yet to emerge this should be encouraged, the finer the granularity the better, but some white nations are mutts but they are certainly founded by whites and built by whites and should be maintained as generically white.
          nations, if like australia and canada they wanted to work towards restoring the particular brand of whiteness that stocked them then they ought to if not thats fine too.

          The stormfront lads are undoubtedly white trash i doubt i would like to hang out with them long and I doubt I would have liked to hang out in hitlers germany. But they are trashy because they are products of a badly run white society that ruined them and their reaction while not optimal is at least healthy resistance.Hitler from the little I know seemed to intuit that christianity was cucked but that the people needed a culture to bind them, and so he used what he had and we can laugh at his aryan themes and the crude interpretation of science but if we are fair it worked pretty well at fusing historical heritage with modernist science etc. and wow how worked well and quick because he hacked into powerful instincts, until we can genetically edit those instincts we will ither hack them or other will

  6. alt-right academic Jew says:

    Einstein spent a lot of his professional life filing patents all over the world for his refrigerator design with Szilard. His most-cited work is not on relativity or his other famous contributions to theory, but an equation from his PhD thesis that became important in the chemical industry. Feynman was a consultant to Thinking Machines Corporation on the construction of their parallel computer. The Lockheed Skunk Works (US stealth bomber) was run by a Jewish engineer.

    Are there unusually many Jewish chemical engineers using that equation of Einstein’s to make real things? Maybe not, but if it’s not higher (vs population numbers) than the proportion of Gentiles, that is probably a result of Chem E not requiring a lot of math or physics. Those are what boost the Jewish participation rate per capita, as a side effect.

    In the anecdotal direction opposite to your story, my family tree is full of engineers of physical stuff (including patent holders and tinkerers). More practical than the average for scientifically inclined US-born Ashkenazi Jews, but it would not be out of the ordinary for Israeli or Russian Jews, either the immigrants or in their native countries, of similar age and education levels. I am not Ashkenazi, but did marry into a Russian Jewish family and the same story holds on that side, with mechanical and electrical engineers and experimental physical scientists being more common than law and finance. The engineers like to build things and one of them farming as a hobby.

    Some of the stereotypes you are talking about are determined by geography. Industries like petroleum, steel, agriculture and manufacturing developed in areas with lower Jewish populations. The causality runs in both directions, true. But in places like Israel or the USSR where Jews were in closer proximity to physical industry, more of them studied those subjects.

    • jim says:

      Patents are frequently detached from actual hands on development. Though the law theoretically requires that a patent be “reduced to practice” this requirement is massively violated in actual practice.

      Patents are not an indication of building stuff. Building stuff, as for example Edison and Shockley, is evidence of building stuff.

  7. alt-right academic Jew says:

    A side effect of the extremely disproportionate Jewish representation in mathematics and physics is a disproportionate number of Jewish engineers, and as a side effect of that a disproportionate number of practical inventors, builders, patent holders and tinkerers. Maybe relatively more nerdy Jews than nerdy Gentiles prefer to be engineering professors instead of building something with their hands, but for every professor there are dozens of engineering students who do not become academics, and many of those really do want to make things. (Working physical objects, not Zuckerberg’s phony “I like to make things”. His father, a dentist, was preoccupied with the actual physical machines used to fix actual physical teeth.)

    It’s similar to the way that high Jewish interest in politics leads to an over-representation of Jews in the upper ranks of Republicans and Trumpists, in addition to the classical Democratic and Communist channels. As in the USSR, there are plenty of Jewish rightists available to cheerfully inflict disparate impact on their co-ethnics by pushing political opponents into and out of helicopters. Stephen Miller grew up near the ocean in Santa Monica, so just imagine him piloting while people like Julia Hahn, Boris Epshteyn and David Horowitz drop lefties into the water shouting “this one’s for Andrew Breitbart!”.

    I don’t think it’s an accident that Moldbug had (Jewish) grandparents in CPUSA and parents who were career civil servants. The same interests can lead in multiple directions.

    • jim says:

      a disproportionate number of Jewish engineers, and as a side effect of that a disproportionate number of practical inventors, builders, patent holders and tinkerers.

      I am an engineer, and that is not what I see.

  8. J says:

    It is extraordinarily twisted thinking to call American nuclear achievement – failures. The Nagasaki bomb, Jim, a failure? Putting an American on the moon – a failure? Why am I commenting in this idiot’s blog?

    • jim says:

      OK, not failures. Almost all bombs exploaded the very first time they were tried. But a lot of first use of new designs were seriously underwhelming, by a factor thirty or a hundred, as compared to fourth, fifth, or tenth try.

      OK, still overwhelming compared to conventional explosives.

      But the kind of man who would build a bomb, would not be content with building a bomb that only fissioned one percent or so of its fissionable materials.

  9. Cavalier says:

    Ben-Gurion wanted nukes “to ensure the survival of Israel, etc. etc.”, and got them. Israel has had nukes since shortly after the Apollo Affair, and USG has had to treat them with kid gloves ever since. Soft power still works, but the Samson Option is an open secret.

    • jim says:

      Bluff, not an open secret.

      No tests, no nukes.

      • Cavalier says:

        Nukes simply are not that hard to build. 1970s South Africa, with a population base of 5 million generic white guys, in the middle of a cannabalist insurgency and not exactly on the best of terms with the outside world, managed to mine and enrich its own uranium and construct several viable nukes. Well, Israel has had nukes for 50 at this point, and the 70s were four decades ago, maaaan.

        • jim says:

          Did it?

          The kind of man who will build a nuke will insist on testing it.

          The Vela incident was not a nuclear test, because no one detected the radioisotopes that nuclear tests release in very large amounts. No fallout.

          • lalit says:

            Forced to second Jim here. I have never met an Engineer (not corporate Drone) in my life who did not want to check out if the stuff he built works. Compared to the IQ required, the sacrifices required (lack of social skills with the Ladies) it is not a very high paid (monetarily/sexually) profession. The only reason to do it is that Engineers get orgasms from finding their ideas actually working.

      • Hidden Author says:

        Who’s to say they weren’t tested in South Africa? Anyways they aren’t telling to please the likes of you–just think of how they treat Mordechai Vanunu!

        • jim says:

          Would not be tested in South Africa because you don’t want to leak your technology.

      • PV van der Byl says:

        Sorry, Jim, but I think you are a bit off-base here.

        Manhattan Project scientists were so confident that their U235 enriched bomb would work that they never bothered to test it. They just dropped it on Hiroshima and it worked just as expected.

        They were not so confident about their Plutonium 239 bomb and so a version of that was tested at Alamagordo before they bombed Nagasaki with it.

        • jim says:

          Approximately 1% of the fissionable material in Little Boy fissioned, a result so poor that no one ever used that kind of bomb again.

          Testing the bomb on Hiroshima was not exactly a failure, but it was not a success either. No one ever built another bomb on the Little Boy design, which means that the test on Hiroshima was in practice treated as a failure.

          • PV van der Byl says:

            Of course future bomb designs were far superior! That’s the nature of technological change. But even the relatively low-yielding Little Boy and Fat Man delivered something like 15-20 kilotons of explosive power each. That was as much or more than delivered collectively by formations of several hundred B-29s dropping conventional bombs.

            At the time, that seemed like an extraordinary success.

            It’s not fair to criticize a P-51 Mustang of 1945 by comparing it to an F86 Sabre much less a present day F-15.

            The Israeli bombs may not be (probably are not) in the megaton range but I am sure they would still make a helluva bang.

            They jointly tested long range (~4000 mile range) Jericho missiles with the South African Air Force around 1989-1990 in South Africa. I don’t think either would have gone to that trouble and great expense without being very confident that they could carry nuclear payloads yielding tens of kilotons or more.

          • Alf says:

            La Wik on Fat Man: “An estimated 35,000–40,000 people were killed outright by the bombing at Nagasaki. A total of 60,000–80,000 fatalities resulted, including from long-term health effects”

            Pretty deadly for a dud bomb.

            • B says:

              Jim’s position on Wikipedia is that where it contradicts his crackpot theories, it’s just made up.


              Wikepedia is official truth. And official truth changes and frequent intervals, and when reporting the distant past, frequently lacks or blatantly contradicts contemporary sources

              See for example
              Denying Darwinism
              A tell revealing central authority over the official line
              The past is always changing
              What is wrong with Wikipedia]
              So, how do we even know that there was a nuclear explosion in Nagasaki?[Because we have contemporary sources, people who lived through this event and wrote down what happened to them. Which sources you can easily click through to from Wikipedia, albeit you usually have to click on Wikipedia to get a twenty first century document, which the links directly to a document created shortly after the bombing.

              Which we lack for most politically sensitive parts of official history]

              • jim says:

                B asks where is the whiskey I owe him?

                Link removed at B’s request.

                • B says:

                  Not so-there was a customs charge, which you did not pay. I’m certainly not going to pay money to collect on a won bet.

                  Also, please remove the link as it has my location.

                • jim says:

                  Fair enough, but neither you, nor Israeli customs, nor the whiskey company contacted me to pay them the customs charge.

                  So you should not have complained, but instead done whatever necessary to sort the matter out.

                • Cavalier says:

                  >I’m certainly not going to pay money to collect on a won bet.


                  And you wonder where antisemitism comes from.

                  >Also, please remove the link as it has my location.

                  Yeah, we had no idea that you lived in Tel Aviv. What a surprise [rubs hands].

                • Cavalier says:

                  And just to emphasize,

                  >I, an Israeli, am certainly not going to pay the taxes and fees demanded by Israel, my legitimate government, in order to receive a won bottle of whiskey from an Internet stranger.

                • Cavalier says:

                  G-d, I can feel my antisemitism swelling.

                • Anonymous says:

                  He doesn’t live in Tel Aviv… he’s a retard. Give up B, my meme magic is preventing you from ever getting that bottle

                • peppermint says:

                  i once tried to send a care package of American food to [relation redacted] in [eurocuck country where its illegal to say mean things about jews redacted] and despite being unable to control mudslimes they sure knew how to assess the value of American food and charge an appropriate amount. Dunno how Jim figured out how to send booze out of the country.

                • lalit says:

                  What was the ratio of the custom’s charge to the actual cost of that Whiskey in Israel? Is the Custom’s charge so high that B would rather buy the whiskey himself in Israel?

  10. Cloudswrest says:

    Thought the folks here might find this analysis, re. Trump and the Tomahawk cruise missile incident interesting. From here:

    Excerpt below:

    Remember, Trump’s tough stance on Saudi Arabia, his desire for a closer relationship with Putin, and his desire to back away from NATO all started taking shape early on in the Trump administration but the President suddenly did an abrupt 180 turn. Suddenly, Trump was provoking WW3, praising NATO and Saudi Arabia. Presidents backing away from campaign promises is one thing. Presidents realizing they have no power upon being elected is quite another. I would suggest that we are witnessing the latter with the requisite and expected dose of the former. Trump has likely found himself in the same situation as JFK: allowed to assume the role of the presidency due to his own ignorance and willingness to play ball and self-incriminate in his personal life only to realize that, upon becoming president, he is surrounded by enemies on all sides sharpening their knives if he dares get out of line.

    In this regard, Hersh’s article is possibly a limited hangout operation, not on the part of Hersh, but on the part of the intelligence community who wish to do more damage to the President’s public support and his ability to act independently of the “Deep State.” It is their ability to announce the tragic massive fraud of Khan Sheikhoun while looking like the level heads and the good guys of the situation. Trump, of course, comes off looking like the lone assassin, the lone madman so eaten up with narcissism that he is putting the country at risk. But while Trump is undeniably a narcissist and he is undeniably putting the country at risk, it is the fact that he is listening to and obeying the Deep State apparatus that is the danger, not that he is ignoring them.

    While most of the above is speculation, it is also put into proper historical context, not only in the Trump administration but also in the history of other administrations over the past several decades, most notably that of Kennedy and Nixon, neither of which point to a promising end for Trump.

  11. ron says:

    “But the their equivalents in Israel are not going to miss them one little bit.”

    Personally, I don’t believe it has to go down this route. One of the side implications of r/K theory as put for by Anonymous Conservatives, is that r/K is behavior is not static. External influence will modify behavior within the parameters of what an individual is capable of.

    In English: if you publicly give a smarmy jerk a wedgie (as famously happened during the Battle of Berkely), then people will be a lot less inclined to act like smarmy jerks.

    This is why I am hoping we can avoid the bloodshed and torment of war.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      I love the anonymous conservative r/K theory of politics.

      It immediately brands anyone who mentions it a moron – or did you fail to notice that the conservative side is the earlier reproducing / lower parental investment side? Antifa living with their parents at 30 – boy is that r selected. The r/K classifications for the left and right are all over the map – because the theory is complete bunk – just way of saying “yay our side, boo their side!”.

      Yes, there’s a place for that – but the place for that is mocking their pretensions with memes that make a joke out of their holy relics. Mocking them as rabbits makes sense and is effective because they’re cowards but they’re not literal rabbits.

      • Samuel Skinner says:

        “conservative side is the earlier reproducing”

        Because birth control exists.

        “Antifa living with their parents at 30 – boy is that r selected.”

        People get homes to raise families.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          K selected people get homes to raise families. r selected people get homes to attract mates.

          • Samuel Skinner says:

            R selected are less discriminating towards potential partners then k individuals. Free resources mean displays of the ability to get resources are less important to then. We should expect them to be more likely to rent or have alternate living arrangements.

    • peppermint says:

      Need to say territory-limited and food-limited instead of R/k, and also stop saying r/c when talking about White liberals from White liberal families.

  12. Joe says:

    I don’t really care if jews are more or less this or that than whites. I just want a separate country from them. It doesn’t work to mix with them any more than it works in any country for any people to mix with another people…everyone is naturally always trying to make the country their own.

    • Dividualist says:

      The problem is the usual one. You think of Jews as one clearly defined, largely endogamous ethnic group. In reality outmarriage rates are huge and there a large numbers of whites with some amount of Jewish ancestry. I’ve heard some semi-serious joke a while ago that the stereotypical American is 1/8 Native American, 1/8 Irish, 1/8 Polish etc. Well, the stereotypical academic intellectual, as far as I can tell in both America and Europe is 1/4 Jewish. If you are a physicist, and if your family is rooted in my region (Central Europe), I will probably find a Jewish grandparent, or worst case great-grandparent on your family tree. If your ancestors moved over from here to America around 1930, I will find more than one. Yet you will be mostly just a normal white guy, you are no more a Jew than Trump is a German.

      OK it is probably not these people you mean. But you see these people are many and they tend to think that when people have a problem with Jews they have a problem with them. They inherited almost nothing from the Jewish side of ancestors except a generic paranoia that a violent pogrom could be coming any day.

      • Anony-maus says:

        Are you a Jew?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ashkenazi Jews are highly endogamous because they *must be*, to retain the narrow band of personality traits in tune with their cultural memeplex.

        If a country was trying to lose the Jew, it could ignore the Mischlings. They’re far less “Jew” than the 1/2 or 1/4 numbers suggest. They left the narrow band of necessary traits, with high probability at 1/2, almost certainly at 1/4.

        • Garr says:

          That’s true, but we like Jews because since we’re almost all ADHD/borderline we look for other Outsiders to connect with and imagine that here’s an entire population of Outsiders — only they’re not Outsiders at all — but they still tend to be nicer to us, in a somewhat patronizing way, than the SWPL NWEuropeans are (except for the ADHD/borderliners, of whom there are many — e.g. Viking, with whom I feel a deep kinship).
          Here’s my analysis of social tendencies (in casual settings; I’m not characterizing people on a deep level here): NWEuropeans want to talk in a randomly ranging, associative, superficial way about many superficial things; Ashkenazim want to talk in depth, exhaustively and exhaustingly, about one mid-depth thing (e.g. a “scientific”, historical, or economic issue); we “Mischlings” want to talk in a randomly ranging, associative, way about deep things. (Hitler’s conversational tendencies alone are enough to convince me that he was a “Mischling”. His appearance and facial expressions make it utterly obviously.)

          • viking says:

            Garr can the Jews be flipped or not man.Can they be convinced whites are going to win and if they dont get in now and hard they will take the fall. Its actually true we are going to eventually lose our shit and begin killing people and its quite likely if not inevitable if the jews dont change sides convincingly and early they are going to be seen as the puppeteers of all that needed to be avenged war is hell people wont be thinking clearly. If jews cant come out as uber whites and stomp the shit out of leftism they better start leaving while they can.moldbug is wrong this is not an economic problem capitalists already formally own everything and global multiculturalism is what they want to do with it, and denigrating whites is the only way to get away with it, this can only end up being a race war because its a war to preserve a race. The east asians see this and our taking steps, the rest of the races see it as an opportunity. soon enough whites will see it for what it is. when white men start chimping out white women will shut the fuck up, niggers and spics will shut the fuckup. jews will have to rally the niggers or better be well positioned behind the goy lines.socialism i dont even give a shit about it any more we are so fucking beyond worrying about inefficient economics

            • Garr says:

              Well, my father’s a 77 year old retired civil servant, so he won’t be flipped; my brother’s a Trumpist; I’m a Trumpist; my one (fully) Jewish work-friend (I only have two work-friends; the other’s a Sicilian sort-of-old-school-anarcho-Marxist) is a Trumpist …. let’s see … your friend Collen Ryan has a half-Jewish son, doesn’t he? Is he a Trumpist? Lionoftheblogosphere’s another loser-class Jewish Trumpist — You should check out his site. I guess my point is that I only know individual people, none of them powerful. I think that, as always, if the local warlord is friendly to us we’ll back him. I hope you become the local warlord. (Sure, the full Jews should all be in Israel — everyone would be happier that way — and the half-Jews like me and Ryan Jr. won’t ever fit in anywhere, so require special protection from warlords in return for propagandistic services.)

              • viking says:

                theres certainly a lot of jews in nrx enough that it makes one wonder if moldbug was tinkering around in his garage realizing there was bound to be a reaction and the jews had better get ahead of it.

                I think theres probably a set of laffer curves that shows the more intelligent a jew the less conservative.I like the orthodox hasid etc jews and used to be shocked at how hateful their fellow jews are at first i wondered if it was for my benefit assuming i hated the “dirty jews” but its not that its not even the german vs slavic thing though that correlates well its just class the way whites hate blue collars.

                Actually i would be more inclined to allow the hasids to stay as long as we could cut off the welfare scams. they stick to themselves they dont try to assert influence except to get some free shit from a poll.Like i said id prefer to keep you all but i really have concluded youre all pretty incapable of assimilating its the mishlings that are barelt jewish at all but are still carrying some resentment about what a pope is alleged to have done or some medieval king or hitler and therefore its justified to ask is it good for the jews is it bad for white males then lets do it.I proposed a while back some jew whose a real conservative alt right type publish a declaration of solidarity with white men and an apology for jewish behavior something thats going to be a sort of loyalty oath for all jews it will be almost impossible for principled leftists to sign this thing but it being out there would make clear the problem, it would also make clear who signed on as part of the white race while it was still unsafe to do so.- well i explained it all better in detail before but you probably get the idea- are you now or have you ever worked against the interest of the white race. Theres a scenario where jews are just another denomination of judeao christianity as I said genetically/culturally greek jew not really that far apart The problem is this distrust of whites that leads to behavior where we have to kill or expel you and confirm your expectations- and thats another thng some relationships just hit a point of toxicity and all the therapy in the world isnt going to help this could well be the case.Trumps a jew by the way so being a trumpist is meh- oh hes not actually a jew but you know what I mean hes a new yorker hes in real estate and always been surrounded by jews. its actually comical hearing the jews denigrate him as hitler considering the reality. Yes people who fight on the right side if theres a civil war ought to be honored, but war is chaos and war could be avoided if jews switched sides now. so its quite possible a war will get racial almost unavoidable and i can easily see jews getting scapegoated Its not just the politics theres a lot of things like the debt and the way its monetized and all the rest of the economic skullduggery that jews have a big part in. theres the foreign affairs that to a large extent is orchestrated by jewish neocons that has cost trillions in treasure and so many lives ruined in war, and of course the entire marxist and cultural marxist project and its cost in blood and treasure. Im not even a Macdonald reader except excerpts Ive seen in reactionary blogs but while Im sure theire a defense of these acusations theres enough truth left that some extraordinary gesture is needed to counter it.Instead we seem to get the same treatment we get when we discuss black crime or muslim terrorism. yes i read lion and also jewamongyou theres qute a few more i have read even the neo nazis alt rights sites are jews lol.
                jews are less than 2% but have half the wealth and power, we didnt think it was cool when the wasps who were the majority had most of the wealth and power we can argue ethics and economics till the conversion of the jews but it doesnt matter its a bad situation it shouldnt be. marrying out should fix it but it doesnt it seenms the less genetically jewish an elite is the more they identify as not white. now it may be and I think it is true that the answer is you just cant have multicultural nation period. but a lkot of people get triggered and say well its too late now you said it was ok – well actually we didnt we said it wasnt them jews got into the politics and voila – reminds me voxday has a piece a few days back about expelling non whites, its funny because he claims its spencer then at the end he admits its some elite jew writing about expelling arabs then in the comments a couple guys link more articles by famous jews calling for arab deportations from israel its a fucking mess but Im not taking any guilt on no matter what has to be done to save my people and nations i dont give a shit if every non white on the planet has to be wiped off thats life if you have some judeao morality take it up with the geniuses that deployed leftism the blood will be on their heads not those defending themselves

  13. c23 says:

    I’m not convinced that it’s a fact that Jews are less practical than whites.

    A good methodology to establish whether that’s a fact or not would be to look at a list of inventors, compiled by someone who is not Jew conscious, and count foreskins. I don’t have the time to do this but an informal quick look at this list:
    shows that Jews are overrepresented. Not like they would be in a list of Nobel Prize winners, but remember their percentage of the population has been in the low single digits in the US for the last century or so, and much lower globally.

    Not being as overrepresented at this kind of thing as they are at something else is not the same as being underrepresented.

  14. oogenhand says:

    Nuke technology is seventy years old by now. Even if Jews are less practical, they would have solved those problems.

  15. A Portuguese Man says:

    While the testimony from jews indicates that there is, in fact, a big difference between Israelis and diaspora jews – Israelis tend to despise diaspora jews – whatever may be the case, I think it is quite evident that zionists wield very considerable influence in all western governments and states.

    I really doubt that the Israelis are jumping through that many hoops – although I have no doubt, that from their perspective, they are jumping through more hoops than they would like, which would be the case for every number of hoops larger than zero.

    In light of the relations between Israelis and diaspora jews, and even ethnic differences between jews, I would take the testimony of an American jew claiming to make the Israelis jump with a grain of salt…

    Also, there is significant literature that seems to contradict that conclusion: Walt & Mearsheimer’s book, Congressman Paul Findley’s “They Dare to Speak Out” and “The Lobby: Jewish political power and American foreign policy” by Tivnam, all paint a different picture: it is, in fact, the zionist lobby that has the American state jumping through hoops.

    • B says:

      Of course. Which is why, ever since the alliance was made with the US, Israel has dealt with its Arab enemies not through appeasement but through conquest and expulsion. Who can forget the time the Lebanese caused us problems, so we just cleansed everyone south of the Litani and built Israeli cities there? Who can forget how we made an example out of Gaza and Nablus and Hevron? All thanks to that Jewish lobby which makes sure our hands are untied.

      In short, fuck off.

      • A Portuguese Man says:

        Israel doesn’t need to US to make an example out of Gaza.

        It needs the US to destroy Iraq, Syria or Iran. Maybe now even Hezbollah. It needs the US to keep Russia in check. Needs the US to keep the Saudis on the right line.

        Why should I fuck off. The referred books are hard to ignore.

        The Israelis are perfectly informed about military stocks in the US. They complain to Congressmen to demand the US sell them classified weapon systems components that are even above the security clearance of the representatives. You can bet that whatever the US sells to the Saudis, the Israelis will demand for them.

        That’s all in Findley’s book. I’m not making up anything.

        • B says:

          Syria has a land border with Israel but a regime which has been fairly easy to come to an accommodation with over the last 30 years. No need to destroy it.

          None of the other countries have a land border with Israel, and thus do not pose an existential threat.

          Of course the US will sell Israel advanced weaponry-it wants that weaponry tested in combat by a military which is not composed of monkeys.

          • A Portuguese Man says:

            As if a land border is needed for posing an existential threat, let alone an existential threat for jewish overlords…

            Any country, any regime that doesn’t submit to Israel poses an existential threat to it.

            Because if Israel fails, jewishness is gone. Jews will no longer subscribe to it and will become completely assimilated as the good burgeois they are.

            Because while there is still a goy that refuses to accept he is inferior to jews, the whole jewish doctrine is threatened and so is the power of those who rule over the jews.

            • ron says:

              As God is my witness, I honestly do not know a single Jew that actually has a problem with you thinking that you are better than us. I cannot even imagine anyone caring.

              I think you are projecting my friend.

            • Samuel Skinner says:

              I’m going to have to second ron. If we are only talking Azkenazi, we have about a millennia of being surrounded by people did not accept inferiority to Jews. Presumably this was taken as evidence of their inferiority. Not clear why having Israel would change this.

    • PV van der Byl says:

      Findley wrote that book to try to explain away his laughable stupidity. His district in downstate Illinois had almost no Jews in it.

      Yet, as a 22-year incumbent Congressman, he managed to lose his historically Republican district despite spending as much cash on his losing campaign as (the corrupt and odious Democrat) Dick Durbin did winning it.

      The simple truth is, Palestinian and other Arab sympathizers are simply a very small part of the white population in the US.

  16. […] Not the Zionist Occupation government […]

  17. Gabriel M says:

    “That said, there is a disturbing visceral hostility to whites and white civilization in the US permanent government, which is particularly noticeable in Global Warming “science” and in “environmentalism”. Even if it were true that Global Warming is happening and is exactly what official science said that it is, the Paris treaty was not to stop global warming, but to punish whites in general and Americans in particular.”

    Environmentalism is far more popular in western Europe and believed with far more piety by the ruling class. Have you checked what petrol (‘gas’ LOL) costs in Britain? In fact, this is true of every form of anti-white, anti-cis, anti-men, anti-normality form of Leftism. And yet western Europe has fewer Jews than America, and in many cases hardly any at all.

    You like to split the difference on the JQ so you sound sage and moderate, but when you are splitting the difference with Nazis who DISCOVERED THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SATANIC TALMUD ON THE INTERNET!!!!, it doesn’t really work. For this Jew theorizing to be true you need a positive correlation between Jews and the things Jews are alleged to cause and this correlation doesn’t exist at all.

    And in fact there exists an explanation for all the real phenomena you want to explain:
    1) When Jews came to America they joined the winning side and after the Civil War it was pretty obvious which was the winning side.
    2) Jews are over represented on the winning side because of their high verbal IQs, especially since Leftism privileges ability to write convincing bullshit over spacial awareness.
    3) Eastern European Jews came to America with a predisposition to choose the Left on account of desperate European Rightist movements cultivating popular support by appealing to anti-antisemitism at the precisely the moment they left.
    4) They transferred some of their inherited distrust/dislike/chauvinism towards/paranoia towards Eastern European gentiles in general to Amerikaaners in particular. This was unfair since Amerikaaners have been very nice – probably too nice – to Jews, but not incomprehensible because Amerikaaners are crude and boorish.

    While we’re at it, if we’re throwing rocks, it’s not like Amerikaaners are such hot stuff at this whole science and technology thing.

    • jim says:

      I rather think that Amerikaaners are hot stuff at this science and technology thing. Edison was surely Americaner, and you cannot be more Amerikaaner than Shockley, and every transistor, every integrated circuit, everywhere, comes from an engineer who was trained by someone who was trained by … someone who learned transistors at Shockley’s feet.

    • jim says:

      Environmentalism is far more popular in western Europe and believed with far more piety by the ruling class. Have you checked what petrol (‘gas’ LOL) costs in Britain? In fact, this is true of every form of anti-white, anti-cis, anti-men, anti-normality form of Leftism. And yet western Europe has fewer Jews than America, and in many cases hardly any at all.

      Naturally the provinces of empire are more servile than Rome

      • Gabriel M says:

        I think you can get a damn sight more Amerikaaner than Shockley. He was a racist, but so was Woodrow Wilson. Amerikaaners aren’t actually very interested in scientific racism because creationism tends to get in the way.

        James Watson is a little bit racist too, but he’s very much a Brahmin. Just a Brahmin with Aspergers.

        • jim says:

          Amerikaaners are pretty much defined not by believing in old stuff, but by believing in old stuff that it is now forbidden to believe – thus tend to be very smart. Your typical creationist thinks the latest pope is a saint for dumping Catholic tradition and replacing it with the one true high status religion, progressivism.

          An Amerikaaner subscribes to low status beliefs. Stupid people subscribe to high status beliefs because they believe solely on the basis of status.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      UK petrol prices were that high decades before CAGW; it’s unrelated.

      Anglo left and Jews are convergent though. England’s national song “Jerusalem” is about turning England into Zion, and it was written by the chief propagandist of the puritan faction in the English Civil War.

      Leftist Anglos and leftist Jews are not really struggling for supremacy; they’re codependent and collaborating enthusiastically to bring about their common suicide.

      • Cavalier says:

        The Puritans thought that they were the Chosen People, destined to inherit the Earth. Them turning England into Zion, then, would have been their final triumph. And in a certain respect, they were right.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        “UK petrol prices were that high decades before CAGW; it’s unrelated.”

        Of course it’s related – CAGW exists to serve as the new excuse for the same impulse.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          Fuel duty wasn’t controversial and was/is already higher than a carbon tax would be. Everyone knows fuel is far more expensive in the UK than in the US but doesn’t much care. Probably because it is a smaller country where people drive smaller cars shorter distances.

          On the wider point the UK (and most of Europe) os more ideologically compressed rather than more left. The UK doesn’t really have an equivalent mass movement to the US southern Christian Conservstive, but look those people lose every political fight in the US too. On the other side of the spectrum the UK and Germany have much less affirmatice action and sexual craziness than the US.

          • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

            “the UK and Germany have much less affirmatice action and sexual craziness than the US.”

            Ya I don’t think so. Rotherham, State directly ordering sick people to be killed, people being arrested for tweets on top of being fired. The establishment’s response to Brexit was literally to completely crush the right, destroying UKIP and putting Theresa May, left of Labour 2014, in power.

            Last time I travelled to London I noticed with astonishment it was more diverse than any North American city i have been to with the exception of Chicago.

            • Oliver Cromwell says:

              Mmm, and compare Rotherham to the reality of every US city that there is a black ghetto controlled by black militias who will rob, beat, or lynch any non-black who enters. Americans of higher races just forget about these places because they’re not allowed to, and don’t want to, even enter them.

              You will still be punished for not being black in other ways though. In the UK you will not be discriminated against in university admissions, government employment, or lending for being white. Nor in Germany. Nor is there any public support for such policies. In the US, reversing them is unthinkably right wing.

              The establishment is in total disarray over Brexit. I agree that May is, in many ways, very left wing. I don’t agree the establishment placed her in power, wants to keep her in power, or is happy about or controlling the direction of events right now. They are uniquely historically impotent. UKIP vote didn’t collapse because of the establishment discrediting UKIP but because Labour and the Tories both became officially anti-EU parties.

              • FE Smith says:

                > The establishment is in total disarray over Brexit.

                It’s interesting how perceptions differ. Mine is that they’ll come to a deal that leaves the UK’s semi-detached status in the EU virtually unchanged, but with a few provisions to punish the UK’s little people for their insolence. I don’t think there will be a ‘hard Brexit’ (i.e. an actual Brexit) – we’ll see.

                “No change” is arguably some sort of win in that it makes subsuming the UK into the Euro superstate more difficult. One must take what one can get these days.

                And in a larger sense “no change” means we’re still on course to become a sort of Islamic Venezuela. The only question is how fast. A lot voters want Corbyn and might yet get him, which would accelerate our decline spectacularly.

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  That is what I assumed before the vote, but now it seems inevitable that Britain will leave the single market snd the ECJ. That is true withdrawal.

                  Thanks for this can go in part to the Labour Party, currently led by a hard left anri-semitic Brexiteer. Who can explain that one? The establishment got cucked in its own party.

                • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

                  Pretty sure Corbyn is as anti establishment as the Gang of Four is anti communist. He is the leading edge of the establishment.

                  America has large areas where people got ethnically cleansed out of, but I’m pretty sure Rotherham is worse considering the militias in America don’t have the right to practice sex slavery (yet). I highly doubt UK does not have affirmative action given you guys have anti discrimination laws, which necessitate affirmative action if you want to avoid disparate impact. Your TFR also suggests massive AA. Didn’t you and Jim have an argument on this earlier?

              • viking says:

                I make this point a lot to americans criticizing europeans for not killing the 8% invaders while sitting in a nation thats now 40% niggers

                • Cavalier says:

                  1. Can a nation be identified on a map?
                  2. Do borders make sense when plots of land in real space, firmly and explicitly defined by formal contract, do not comprise the predominant part of the economy and are not the mainspring of military power? I.E. Does it make sense to think of the Mongols in terms of borders, and what does this have to do with the specific structure of their economy?
                  3. When people use the phrase “national security”, what does their use of it tell us about the nature of the nation and its security?
                  4. It has been months since I last saw a nonwhite face. How is this possible?
                  5. What nation is this?
                  6. If Moslems and Mexicans are invading Europe and America, respectively, why can’t a white guy seem to cross a border without absolut alles zee richtige dokumentation, jaaa?

          • jim says:

            Women will not let you stop muds from raping them. Pretty sure you have more sexual craziness than we do.

  18. J says:

    Israel’s dissuasive power rests on creating uncertainty in the minds of our enemies. Do we possess nuclear weapons or is it a fiction? To declare possession would destroy half of the magic, and our enemies would be forced to try to reach MAD equality. BTW, American aggressive policy is causing Russia and China to arm themselves. When Jeff Clinton said he will erase North Korea, frustrated film director Kim had no choice but to build nuclear tipped ICBM and counter-terrorize America.

    • jim says:

      I am pretty sure that if Israel actually tested a bomb and it worked, that would have a lot more dissuasive power.

      • A Portuguese Man says:

        I think you would be wrong.

        Sheik Nasrallah has pointed out recently that Israeli nuclear weapons won’t help Israel against Hezbollah – for the simple reason that Hezbollah now has the capability of bringing the fight to Israel.

        The next war will be in Israeli territory, where nukes are useless. According to Nasrallah, nukes would not only not be an advantage but a liability – the sites would have to be protected against Hezbollah raids and attacks.

        The Israeli nukes, it would seem to me, are for use against Europe, not the Arabs.

        • B says:

          Arabs talk a lot. Offensively, Hezbollah has yet to demonstrate anything beyond the ability to launch rockets in a general southerly direction. It is possible that they have integrated GPS guidance modules since their last attempt.

          On the other hand, Israel has not been sitting still, either, and it’s not like GPS is an invulnerable technology. And Nasrallah, after the last war, said “if we’d known they would react the way they did, we would not have started it.”

          Israeli nukes, if they exist, are for existential threats. Supposedly, in 1973 a phone call was made to Syria and their tanks stopped. We have no immediate existential threats today.

          • A Portuguese Man says:

            What are you talking about?

            Hezbollah are not just Arabs. They effectively defeated Israel in 2006. And they didn’t even have the material, operational and doctrinal experience of a five plus years long war in Syria with massive scale operations, tactics and strategy.

            They are now better armed, better organized, better moralized, better connected with allied powers. In short, they are ready, able and willing to fight on the ground with Israel. Which is very different from the Israeli case.

            Israel can afford long range low risk air strikes, but fighting on the ground with infantry bears a very high political cost, both internally and externally. If jews start dying in combat against the Hezbollah, that severely undermines the image of paradise where jews can live safely that Israel is supposed to represent.

            Zionists already struggle with low immigration to Israel. Jews don’t actually want to go live there. I believe that is the, or one of the underlying causes of the surge of islamic terrorism in Europe – to show the jews they aren’t actually safer there. There are always zionists connected with these attacks, they certainly are connected with the mass smuggling of muslims into here, and that would also explain the apparent incompetence or even what appears to be connivance of the said countries intelligence and security services.

            • B says:

              >They effectively defeated Israel in 2006.

              I said “offensively.” Holing up in villages and launching Soviet antitank rockets at infantry units is hardly the height of the offensive art. Also, Israel effectively defeated Israel in 2006.

              >And they didn’t even have the material, operational and doctrinal experience of a five plus years long war in Syria with massive scale operations, tactics and strategy.

              Yes, Hezbollah has done a bang up job there, fighting the dregs of the Sunni world who still haven’t figured out what the sights on an AK are for. That will translate wonderfully to war with Israel.

              Hezbollah in 2006 had the benefit of over a decade of fighting Israel, and was much sharper than it is now.

              >Zionists already struggle with low immigration to Israel.

              Untrue-immigration is about normal (not counting the Soviet exodus and the exodus from the Arab countries after 1948):

              >If jews start dying in combat against the Hezbollah, that severely undermines the image of paradise where jews can live safely that Israel is supposed to represent.

              What the fuck are you talking about?

              Since its founding, Israel has had six major wars, three large scale military operations and two intifadas.

              What image of a paradise?

              Jews come here not because they think it’s Switzerland with a Star of David on the flag.

              >There are always zionists connected with these attacks

              Yes, you’ve got it. The only reason the hordes of Muslims you idiots have decided to import are behaving the same way they behave everywhere they go (stabbings, shootings, bombings, vehicular attacks) is because the jooos have put them up to it. They wouldn’t have figured out how to kill the kaffirun on their own.

              • A Portuguese Man says:

                Not commenting anymore about Hezbollah. Time will tell.

                > Untrue-immigration is about normal

                Yes, and “normal” was never good enough now was it?

                From Koestlers’ book, Shlomo Zemach:

                “It was a degrading and distressing sight to see all those people who, after all, had been the first to build up the Jewish Palestine of that, publicly denying and repudiating their own past. … The passion of Uganda soon became associated with a deadly hatred for Palestine. (…) In the community centres of the first Jewish colonies young men educated in the Alliance Israélite schools denounced Palestine in the French language, with a vain pathos and a false enthusiasm, with a shameless contempt with I cannot describe in words. Their only name for Palestine was ‘a land of corpses and graves’, a land of malaria and eye-diseases, a land which destroys its inhabitants. Nor was this the expression of a few individuals. Indeed it was only a few individuals here and there in the villages and towns who remained loyal and did not associate themselves with the abusive and decrying masses. We know the nomes of these individuals. (…) The whole of Palestine was in a state of ferment. (…) All opposition to Uganda came from outside of Palestine. In Zion itself all were against Zion.”

                What image of a paradise? The image of the Promised Land, where jews were supposed to live freely and safely.

                If it wasn’t for the new holy of holies 6 million, jews wouldn’t give a toss about the land of corpses and graves. And even despite that, If it wasn’t for the ones deceived in thinking they were going to the US and ended up in Palestine instead, would Israel have the manpower for all those wars?

                I get it that (you?) Sabras might not like it, but that doesn’t mean it is not true.

                > is because the jooos have put them up to it.

                Not the joos. Zionists. Which means some jews and quite a few non-jews. What, you’re going to tell me that Israeli intelligence doesn’t manipulate islamic radicals? That it does not manipulate Saudi Arabia? That zionists aren’t and always have been heavily invested in promoting mass migration into Europe? That before the last intifada it was all about islamofobia and after that we got islamofascism?

                Yeah, right.

                Just so we are clear. I don’t subscribe to the racialist point of view. I don’t think there is anything substantive to jewishness except a shitty culture of segregation. I don’t believe there’s any evolutionary advantage or predisposition whatsoever. Only a culture of segregation so strict that when you can’t learn the language of your hosts, can’t learn any trade that requires settling, you become a middle-man, a merchant, because that’s the only thing your masters allow you to be – and a good one at that because all your “brethren” are doing the same, so you better not be last.

              • jim says:

                Hezbollah won, Israel lost. Yes, Muslims have a problem figuring out how to use gunsights, but Jews have a problem with gay parades.

                Putting women in the military is not too bad if you stick to pretending that nurses and camp followers are actual soldiers, but when you start putting women and gays into actual fighting units, everything goes to hell in handbasket mighty quickly. Israel started integrating combat units in 2000. Won any wars since 2000?

          • Magus says:

            Can you plz stop with this “can neither confirm Nor deny” and “supposedly exist” crap it’s really f annoying even by the standards of your people.

            • Anonymous says:

              Why should they stop?

              It is better to respond in kind with “the alleged holocaust” and “the holocaust, if it really did happen.” If the Jews are making you doubt your own firmly-held convictions, the answer, it seems, is to aggressively assault theirs. The media speaks of “alternative facts”. Well, if the Jews aren’t going to dispel the ambiguities surrounding their own suggestions, it is best to shroud in ambiguity your own suggestions. Both sides can play this “alternative facts” game.

              Jew: “the Israeli bombing in Syria, assuming it happened, …”

              You: “the antisemitism prevalent in the Arab world, supposing it to be a real thing, …”

              They should be made to doubt their own sanity. And find it lacking. Confuse the Jews!

            • ron says:

              It is essential to maintain understood fictions so that people do not have to get into a fight.

              The moment we officially say “we have nukes” then the entire Arab world will have no choice but to develop nuclear weapons programs at full force.

              They don’t want to, because they know how far bad that can go. Especially in this region. You think things are difficult with Muslims now? Just wait until the wealthiest countries on earth with the most batshit crazy populations and the most chaotic governments get their hands on ICBMs.

              They also know that if we did have nukes, which I’m not saying we do, then we aren’t insane enough to turn them all into radioactive glass unless we saw that someone was crazy enough to try it on us.

  19. Anonymous says:

    When feminists say “women are more creative than men”, you promptly ask them to “name a device or a machine invented by a woman” and they shut up.

    When black supremacists go “we wuz kangz” you agree and amplify for comical effect by showing them a pic of Ignatius Sancho as “definite proof” that Beethoven was a black man, and everyone laughs maniacally because it’s really really funny and jigaboos are dumb apes.

    When Israeli chauvinists like some 6 or 7 commenters here claim that you stupid goyim have been running around naked and eating your own kids until Jews singlehandedly invented morality, just as Jews singlehandedly made the West great by all the scientific contributions they came up with, you respond by asking them to list all the non-software-related, non-abstract, and non-mass-death-causing inventions, machines, and devices they have ostensibly engineered that are *actually great* and *actually theirs*, at which point you’ll encounter accusations of antisemitism because how dare you question semitic supremacy. The actual list may contain more than 0 items but for all the hype it’s incredibly thin and dubious.

    And then you point out how Israeli Ashkenazi males are a bunch of sissy cucks who sit in the corner and masturbate and/or futilely caress their chastity-belted-penis while a virile and fecund Moroccan, Kavkazi, or Ethiopian male is pounding the shit out of their women, and ask them if the “clean up after the bull” practice gave them AIDS.

    If they point out that the Technion is full of caramel-colored mongrels, it’s the exact evidence you need that Ashkenazi sluts are taking Mizrahi loads in their pussies while Ashkenazi males are in denial (physically as well as mentally) because otherwise they’d burst in bitter weeping and subsequently join the alt-right.

    “Don’t talk to me or my wife’s Tunisian son ever again” sez lil’ ashkie-cucky indignantly. Yeah, I’ll keep mocking you until you get the memo. Your wife’s Tunisian son invented nothing and your average national IQ is 90, ye zionists. How are you going to “contribute to science” when your descendants all carry significant oogah-boogah admixture lolololololol. Impossible, dumbasses.

    • Cavalier says:

      I suggest not worrying about Jews because they simply are not terribly important.

      Iron Dome is pretty cool.

  20. Rape says:

    >Jews snear and condescend at techno-commercial civilization. Which is irritating, but not usefully addressed by gassing them.

    But genocide works.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Only if you have enough power. If you don’t, someone else will genocide you on the grounds you are a potential threat.

  21. Alrenous says:

    commercial application of technology

    Commerce confers status without state blessing, so proggies hate it.

    Proggies can’t get away with banning use of technology without state permission, so they hate that too. Proggies would much prefer that you were required to obtain a patent to do anything novel, and then they were allowed to deny you your own patent. In any case, openly distributing technology licenses to their friends would be too suspicious.

  22. Issac says:

    The truth of the matter is that most Jews don’t see any way out. With the neocons and neolibs converging, the politics homes of both J-street and Israel are rapidly becoming as one. On the other side of this new aisle is a populist movement that’s increasingly explicit about its whiteness. The latter obviously makes Jews extremely uncomfortable.

    • viking says:

      Ah finally an intelligent rather than a clever Jew. Might i suggest you get ahead of this and declare yourselves white whiter than white the most powerful belligerent prowhite people of all start acting and speaking for white people and white nations in short reverse course use all that media law capital etc to fight like hell as whites for whites, This john the baptist Trump with his jew family is your opportunity, its true you will have your wok cut out for you but youre good at this and you will have to throw some of the really really bad jews under the bus but thats life. As you said you dont have a choice the rough beast is woke and slouching toward bethlehem.Israel is not really going to be safe n the long run unless you get ahead of this. Oh sure you will have to actually cease to be jews outside israel I mean it will be a hundred years before they stop looking for evidence youre not fronting the grand inquisitor Jim will be on it or we have have Jim on the rack after all he is kinda soft on jews. Its a risk but I dont see the neo nazis getting much say for quite some time this thing could be steered through a narrow path of bloodless deportations and non nazi nationalism nations like the USA unlike say france have to admit they are white not say french or italian,jews could claim to be basically a really southern european. You have things to offer, but you will have to give up your jewish identity you will likely have to have fetuses assigned to you at random or marry goys. But as Alaric replied to the romans at the gate you will have your life.

  23. J says:

    Stereotypes never die: Those bookish nerds may be good in Math but are clumsy and useless in sports and cannot change a tire. Explain how is that little Israel is the third largest military hardware exporter. Highest yielding cows, most productive agriculture.

    • jim says:

      Imagine you hired the Mythbuster duo to build a nuke. You need people like that to build stuff.

      Do you think they would let you get away with not testing it? And you have to admit there is something mightily unJewish about the Mythbuster duo.

      Stereotypes never die because they are in large part true.

      • Alrenous says:

        My original hypothesis set was
        1. Stereotypes are sometimes true
        2. Stereotypes are usually false
        instead it turns out stereotypes are ridiculously reliable. It seems these groups go out of their way to adhere to the stereotypes. It’s often no so much a stereotype as it is their actual culture.

        • viking says:

          you must be young, when all this civil rights crap started it was well understood that stereotypes were ‘usually true’ no one dared suggest something so absurd as the emperor was wearing clothes. the first click in the leftist ratchet back then was that stereotypes were not always true, so we should not be pre-judiced, because we might have stumbled upon a magic negro.In other words we ought to discriminate. stereotype was not used as a pejorative.This it seemed reasonable, it always starts reasonably. Soon reasons were found why niggers who were acting like niggers were really victims of whites and needed extraordinary help for the insidious effects racism, See that “racism” has now replaced pre-judiced, its now criminal evil and crazy to notice the stereotype difference. science proved negroes were equal if not for evil whites.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      “Explain how is that little Israel is the third largest military hardware exporter.”

      Who else would export that much? Israel needs a large output of military gear, doesn’t care who its buyers are, works with American firms and technology and a good testing and feedback loop (the distance from the labs to the front lines can’t be more then 100 km).

      “Highest yielding cows, most productive agriculture.”

      In all employment sectors except for agriculture

      labor productivity in Israel is the lowest among developed countries with data for recent years,

      • B says:

        Well, yeah. You expect us to compete with China in low tech manufacturing? We are a small country and have to focus our resources on areas where they can create the most leverage. Namely, high-tech and agriculture (and ag tech, and clean tech.)

        • ron says:

          No, he’s right. Check out the article. The remains of the Leftist bureacracy has been choking the country for years.

          I don’t see why it has to be like this at all. We do not have to compete with China, what we have to do is nurture our own home grown industries. Something we are failing to do even with the things we are good at.

          I understand why so much focus, because we think by being a part of international trade we can be accepted. But it’s a mistake. A country with a robust economy is healthier than a country that needs to depend on others. it’s also a better neighbor in my opinion

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          OECD doesn’t include China. It isn’t clear why the incentives for Israel relative to Chinese competition are different than those of Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Greece or Turkey.

    • viking says:

      I would explain it by Jews are fucking liars, Israel is number ten after Ukraine Italy and Spain. And we all know they steal their technology not invent it, and bribe and blackmail the buyers
      Rank Supplier Arms Exp
      1 United States 47169
      2 Russia 33186
      3 China 8768
      4 France 8561
      5 Germany 7912
      6 United Kingdom 6586
      7 Spain 3958
      8 Italy 3823
      9 Ukraine 3677
      10 Israel 3233

  24. Magus says:

    Israel did likely test. Vela Incident. Joint test with South Africa.

    • B says:

      can neither confirm nor deny Vela. Keep in mind that this is the incident where a supposedly defunct US bird happened to be overhead. Presumably, if there were others where no bird was overhead, we would not hear about them.

      >but to technology and applied science, not so much. Like the classic Greeks they theorize without getting their own hands dirty

      Do you know who Hyman Rickover was? He built a little thing called the US nuclear submarine force, and ran it for decades. Do you think he did that by sitting in an ivory tower?

      Similarly, I guess you think Andy Grove built Intel by concentrating on kabbalistic emanations and string theory.

      >Feynman made a big contribution to the Manhattan project, but he never actually laid hands on an actual piece of plutonium.

      Recommend looking at the names of the people affected by the Demon Core for a random sample of the ethnic composition of the people who were actually laying their hands on pieces of plutonium during the Manhattan Project. Or examine the life of Zalman Shapiro (whatever you think of him personally, he worked on the practical side of things on a high level.)

      But, yes, sure, what do we know about building things?

      • Anonymous says:

        Israel has nukes; it’s all but a certainty. Jim has a well established trait of absolutely refusing to acknowledge reality.

        In all likelihood he would continue to deny it even with more overt evidence. He is lost in a fantasy of Trump-as-second-coming dreaming of “helicopter rides” and purges that will never happen. And even if they did which, again, they will not, Jim would almost certainly be one of the victims. The nrx movement has some perverse notion that their particular strong man would stick strictly to their own ideology, allowing them to profit in the outcome. Donald Trump can’t even spell the word ideology. A Trumpist revolution would be so confused and unpopular the backlash would be horrific. And, no, the current beleaguered, unpopular and impotent Trump administration in no way constitutes any kind of major change from the status quo, except for the depth of loathing on both sides (with Trump hated significantly more than loved or feared).

        • jim says:

          Israel has nukes; it’s all but a certainty. Jim has a well established trait of absolutely refusing to acknowledge reality.

          Murphy’s law applies to nukes doubly so. If Israel has untested nukes, they are unlikely to work.

          Making nukes that have high yield and are light enough to be deliverable involves a great many complicated systems, whose behavior and interaction is not readily predictable from theory.

          In principle, making a nuke is easy. Just take two lumps fissionable material each slightly below critical mass, slam together to form one lump of above critical mass, and Boom! In this sense, anyone can build a nuke and be sure it will work.

          But for the boom to be interestingly large and devastating, things get a whole lot trickier and less predictable.

          • Issac says:

            I’d be included to agree with that if not for the fact that our IDF spends an overwhelming amount of its time and energy on any existential threat. Living on a bluff sounds like our kind of chutzpah, but we Israelis are more paranoid than we are brash.

            It would be my supposition that Israel’s nuclear arsenal is a subset of the American nuclear arsenal. At least that is what our more braggadocios insiders have alluded to from time to time behind closed doors.

            Curiously, that makes me all the more nervous about the J-Street approach to American politics. The more they subvert the American military, the more likely it becomes that our last line of defense becomes compromised.

          • lalit says:

            Being an Engineer, I have to agree with Jim on this. Untested anything is problematic.

            What if you made an error in your theoretical calculations? What if you messed up a decimal point? What if you make a small 0.1% error early on which has a high sensitivity and balloons into a 200% error after going through several iterations? What if your approximations break down under the conditions of deployment. What if your simulator used a small relative tolerance? What if some hot-shot coder missed a semicolon? What if What if? The only way to get rid of all these what-if’s is to test the damned thing!

            • viking says:

              Ok now apply that engineering ethic to moldbugs theories. Hes proposing a radical new social organization along the line of stalin, Rather than repair a malfunctioning machine of known history he want to throw it away and start over, he doeesnt tell you how to convince the owners to accept his diagnosis what they are to do in the interim what evidence he has the new machine will work, no evidence to support why he thinks the old machine is malfunctioning except it is.How long he expects the work to take or how to handle the niggers trying to get in while he works, just trust hm hes a clever jew

              • lalit says:

                Good Point, I place Moldbug out there with Ayn Rand and the Libertarians.

                Modlbug does not answer the question of how to get there from here and why any one will be incentivized to do so. I find it amazing the Libertarians talk about the incentives of the free market but they do not talk about the incentives to the people who are to bring about such a system. Why would anyone risk his all to bring about a libertarian system if he or his clan cannot specially benefit from it? A massive oversight caused by the system going in open loop which in turn is caused by non testing of hypothesis.

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          The left has one joke, “He’s stupid,” and one insult, “You’re stupid.” Even when it makes no sense, they lack the imagination to come up with anything else. The man who beat the Clinton political machine on its own ground and is rigjt now beating the media on theirs is an “impotent, confused, beleaguered, unpopular” idiot. Sure, which is why the left is so existentially terrified.

          Fuck you. You have to go back. And you are not smart enough to stop us from sending you back.

          The Shadowed Knight

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