Obama’s Birth Certificate Forged

What Obama released is a composite photoshopped together from multiple documents.

Archive Index Systems spots undeniable photoshop artifacts in the released birth certificate.

The background text, from one certificate, is slightly curved, which is what you get if you scan some paper that is not perfectly flat – the document was scanned from a book, so near the book binding did not lie perfectly flat. The name of the hospital is not curved– so was not scanned from the same document. The name “Barack” has white around it, being lifted from a document without the birth certificate background, lifted from a document that is not a birth certificate. They should have hired me. I do much better forgeries than that. This is a crude and amateurish job – typical government work.

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  2. Impressive evidence of a forgery, but that hardly proves Obama was not born in this country. The PDF is probably rope-a-dope by the administration; the Great Uniter hopes he can sucker important Republicans into an attack, after which he drops the hammer by revealing a real, paper, birth certificate.

    Anyway, what’s the point? Obama transcended standard white liberal guilt and became an object of veneration precisely because he was foreign, exotic. If that fact could be proved, probably half the newspapers in the country would agitate for the repeal of the Twenty-second Amendment.

    • jim says:

      Impressive evidence of a forgery, but that hardly proves Obama was not born in this country

      It proves he is hiding something – we have ample evidence that his entire past is a lie – it is unlikely that he ever studied at Columbia, so that he was not born in Hawaii is a mere minor detail. As an adult he was using false social security numbers, so probably was an illegal immigrant as an adult.

      You are right that if it was proven he was born in Kenya, and never set foot in the US until he illegally immigrated from Indonesia at the age of 22, they would agitate for the repeal of the twenty second amendment, but the point is not so much to remove him as president, but to demonstrate the extent to which the constitution and the law is ignored.

    • Bill (not the one above) says:

      “What’s the point” is exactly the right question. Before the release of this comical forgery, I had concluded that the whole birther issue was a clever ploy by Axelrod et al to make the right look stupid. But now? Anyone with a particle of critical thinking ability must suspect that there is something wrong.

      This is not just some double-carom-shot-to-make-rightwingers-look-stupid move. What is he going to say as he releases the non-fake certificate? “PSYYYYYYYCHE! Had you guys goin’ di’int I?”

      But what is it? Why do they need to release a forgery? And, perhaps even more significantly, why is the forgery so bad?

      And it’s even weirder than that. Why, just a few days before the forgery was released, did the administration peddle that story that it was illegal/impossible to get the real birth certificate? They set their own allies up to look stupid.

      I have no clue what the answers are.

      • jim says:

        multiple conspirators and conspiracies working at cross purposes. Conspiracy becomes dysfunctional above a certain size. Truly vast conspiracies exist, but they have problems.

        Democracy is vulnerable to conspiracy, since people tend to believe what they hear from multiple seemingly independent sources, thus conspiracy is a effective way to exert influence. But conspiracy does not scale well, in fact it scales extremely badly.

  3. Bill says:

    How did they fake the birth announcement in the news paper?

    • jim says:

      That depends on what the reason is for hiding the real birth certificate.
      1. Could be hiding, not location of birth, but some other fact.
      2. Who has physically seen actual yellowing newsprint with this announcement on it?

  4. Dregs says:

    Jim, this is a road to madness.

    I think Steve Sailer best addressed all of the “birther” issues well before most people were even thinking about this issue.

    Sailer’s point is that all of Obama’s “secrets” were hiding in plain sight: his militant leftist background, associations with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, other shady Chicago people, his documented lack of identification with Western and American traditions, etc. The scandal isn’t that Obama was born somewhere else, its that America (and the MSM) sleepwalked through the election, allowing a charismatic but unexeptional polititian, who happens to be black, to hypnotize the voters into not taking notice of his very leftist background. But can’t the same essentially be said of Hillary Clinton? She wrote her damn college thesis on Saul Allinsky!

    The following Sailer piece is indespensible for understanding Obama, and for getting past the birth certificate thing.


    • Alrenous says:

      Have to agree with Dregs here.
      The certificate thing is epistemically interesting.
      However, the real question is, “Who is the best president, for the good of the country?” And the real answer is, “No one.” Whether Obama did one more or one less illegal thing on the way to the presidency isn’t important.

    • jim says:

      A crudely faked birth certificate confirms a faked past.

      Now Steve knew, and I knew, that Obama’s past was a lie, but a crudely faked birth certificate is mens rea.

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