Pepper spray theater

Observe that when the video begins, all the students obviously know that the designated group of pepper sprayees is going to be pepper sprayed, and everyone has taken their positions to spray, to be sprayed, or, for the great majority, to watch the spraying in the confident knowledge that only the designated evil bad guys will be spraying, and only the designated innocent victims at the designated spray point will be sprayed.

In the first five seconds of the video, top right, a cop pats a protestor on the shoulder, murmurs something in a friendly manner and the protester replies in a friendly manner “you are shooting us, that is fine, that is fine”, which sounds like the actor playing the good guy discussing the upcoming scene with the actor playing the bad guy, a few moments before they get into character.

The police in this video are not Davis City cops. They are university cops Their bosses are far left, far, far left.

If the students are obstructing the cops, they are all obstructing the cops, yet most are acting like the audience for the prospective spraying, and the prospective victims are acting like the prospective victims.  The script, evidently, has been leaked.

If a Southern Sheriff was the bad guy in the video, it might be believable. If they were Davis City police, might almost be believable. But these are University cops answerable to management that is to the left of Mao, answerable to the same management that astroturfed the students to the protest. Chances are the kids are being sprayed with tomato sauce.

You will notice that when the protestors attempt to occupy an office building, the rentacops handle it without creating a spectacle for the cameras, while here, everyone knows well in advance that a spectacle is going to unfold, and what the spectacle will be – it is the cops whose bosses are enthusiastic supporters of Occupy, and who are sending in student astroturf for course credit, that act out the spectacle. The spectacle, as at Oakland, is played by the cops with the leftmost bosses, not the cops with the rightmost bosses.


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  1. Brynell says:

    A mutine saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

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  3. njartist49 says:

    The street theater was successful: many otherwise intelligent people have been self-decieved.

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