Purple shirts:

And so it begins: Purple shirts

In democracy, it is always a winning move to raise the ante, for example politicize car designs, or to politically determine who gets the job and who gets the promotion with the state enforcing political correctness in the workplace. Since democracy is all about building the biggest coalition, and splitting the other guys coalition, it always an advantage for political activists have more stuff, and more important stuff, politically determined.

And once what is at stake is large enough, it is always a winning move to become violent, and the only answer to violence by one faction is violence by the other, thus the end stage of democracy is exemplified by the Wiemar parties, where the major parties were the commies and the nazis, and all the other parties were necessarily remaking themselves into something very similar.

Hotair thinks this will rebound against the Obamessiah, but history tells us otherwise. People love the strong horse, and despise the weak horse, and beating people up looks very much like strength if you can get away with it.

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