Still patting themselves on the back

The Cathedral believed it was unthinkable that Putin would annex Crimea. When Putin annexed Crimea, they believed he had made a terrible mistake, and they just needed to allow him some face saving way to back down.

Mother Jones tells us: Russia Is Not Exactly a Big Winner in the Crimean Dispute

Here is how Russia has won: The Cathedral has murdered its allies, and been unable to murder its enemies. Russia has shown willingness and ability to protect its friends.

Two thirds of Ukrainian troops in Crimea have deserted or gone over to the Russians. More will probably follow now that Ukraine has ordered Ukrainian troops to leave Crimea. Ukraine has been going through defense ministers at alarming rate, which may well presage yet another coup, or worse, the hollowing out of the government as the illusion of government becomes dangerously transparent. Government is a collective illusion. Like the divine right of kings, it exists so long as people pretend it exists, sustained by the power of faith. The Ukraine government may well vanish from between the fingers of the Cathedral as the faith falters, and if on the other hand, the government of Ukraine does not vanish, but continues to exist, it has already cost the Cathedral more than it knows.

Shortly before Russia intervened in Crimea, Russian loyalist militias spontaneously appeared and Ukrainian regiments spontaneously disappeared. In this, Russia has won, and the Cathedral has lost.

Obama and the Democrats attached a pork barrel rider to their bill sanctioning Russia, dispensing some gravy to their pals, demonstrating to the world and to Putin that internal politics, back scratching, and pork barreling completely outweigh foreign affairs. In this up side down priority, the power of America in world affairs has been undermined. Washington is revealed as distracted and unserious.

And now, for absolutely no logical reason, yet another picture of the world’s cutest prosecutor general:

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  1. funpercent says:

    Desertion doesn’t mean they agree with the Russians. It just as easily means they have strong self preservation instincts in the face of an overwhelming superior military foe and recognized the futility of their position.

  2. Zach says:

    No idea? I’m cool with that.

    Don’t give two fucks.

    I’ll let them talk, if they so feel the need to.

  3. Zach says:

    I’d love to split that mother loving whore wide open. And I would.

    That being the case, I think you’re over thinking this. I don’t read a lot of news, but isn’t Putin acting like some jewish b-loving whore right now? That is, trying to get into talks to walk away etc?

    • jim says:

      No idea what you are talking about. The Crimea has been united with Russia. What is left to talk about?

  4. Erik says:

    “Obama and the Democrats attached a pork barrel rider to their bill sanctioning Russia, dispensing some gravy to their pals, demonstrating to the world and to Putin that internal politics, back scratching, and pork barreling completely outweigh foreign affairs.”

    Which one is this? The seemingly most relevant bill I found searching on this topic was the Russia Visa Sanctions Act, c113HR4154IH, that appears to be mercifully short and pork-free, though also toothless.

    There was also quite a lot of less relevant opinionating like “Condemning the violation of Ukrainian sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity by military forces of the Russian Federation” which condemns, commends, declares, states, calls, calls, calls, supports and affirms various things, but doesn’t seem to have much in the way of content.

  5. Samson J. says:

    Please stop using the word “cute” to refer to adult females. “Cute” is for puppies and kittens, or babies when they do something adorable.

  6. Holger says:

    Arch-Cathedralist George Soros disagrees with you:

    A snippet:

    Putin woefully misjudged the situation. Last autumn he had no difficulty in outmaneuvering the European Union, which was hamstrung by its internal political and financial problems. Under German leadership it offered too little and demanded too much. Putin could easily offer a better deal to Ukrainian President Yanukovych. But the Ukrainian people rebelled, upsetting the calculations of both sides.

    The rebellion wounded Putin in his Achilles heel. The idea of a spontaneous rebellion simply did not enter into his calculations. In his view the world is ruled by power and those in power can easily manipulate public opinion. Failure to control the people is a sign of weakness.

    • Holger says:

      Of course, lest anyone misunderstand, I disagree with Soros’ conclusions.

      • Red says:

        He’s not wrong in the fact that Putin misjudged the west’s intentions in the Ukraine. The Cathedral didn’t appear to be ready for a new cold war with the Russians, but the Cathedral was so pissed off over Putin making fools of them in Syria that they struck before having built up the ground work needed to bring Putin down.

      • jim says:

        Also his facts. There was nothing spontaneous about the coup, while the Crimean rebellion does appear have been spontaneous.

        • Candide III says:

          Yeah, and Russian Tigr APCs and newest grenade launchers and stuff just materialized out of thin air, together with the ‘little green men’. Vice did quite a nice report on Crimea.

          • jim says:

            When I saw video of the militias, they looked like the real thing, not astroturf.

          • Al Fin says:

            Ukraine does not separate neatly from Russia, there is too much ethnic overlap on every level. Things being blamed on one side were actually planned and executed by the other. It is a propaganda war. Russia’s propaganda outfit dates back to the KGB, so is a lot better at it. Outsiders would do better to stand back and let things play out.

            BTW, the Russian army is a crackerjack outfit, so instantly massing 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border was a piece of cake. Anyone else would require a lot more time. Maneuvers, don’t you know.

  7. Glenfilthie says:

    Who are these ‘murdered allies’ you spoke of, Jim?

    • jim says:

      First they murdered their own astroturf in a false flag operation to create martyrs, and, once in power, murdered Oleksandr Muzychko

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  9. She certainly puts the ‘cute’ in prosecute.

  10. spandrell says:

    She is pretty but the logical conclusion is that she’s there because she’s somebody’s mistress.

  11. dr faust says:

    I don’t go for all this politics. What interests me is war, conflict, and fighting. So that’s what I want to know. When does the fighting start and how big is it going to be?

    She is so cute.

    • jim says:

      Most likely outcome is that Cathedral power in the Ukraine simply evaporates, while they continue in denial, as happened in Libya. They will continue to pull on strings which are no longer attached to anything.

      I predict a more civilized, nearer to first world, version of Libya.

      • Red says:

        I’m really shocked at how quickly and blatantly they murdered the people who put them in power. Leftism works best when applied slowly with lots of misdirection about their goals.

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