Creeping coup in the Ukraine

The fascists took over Japan in the 1930s by a creeping coup. There was a fair bit of violence and assassination by people with friends in government, and people in government had friends in the violence and assassination business. Similarly, that is how Mossadegh “democratically” came to power in Iran, without ever facing the inconvenience of an election.

And that is how the Cathedral installed a puppet regime in Ukraine.

I read, in google translation, a Russian web page on the amazingly cute Prosecutor General of Crimea

Natalia Polonskaya

Natalia Poklonskaya cartoon

She has survived one assassination attempt. She is guarded by two men with machine guns. She got the job because the first four candidates they approached were frightened to take the job.

Before she became the Prosecutor General of Crimea, she was a prosecutor in the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. In that job she complained because people in Ukraine were engaged in political violence, and yet not being prosecuted – and so was “invited” to take a holiday.

And that is how a creeping coup works.

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  1. zorro says:



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  3. Just Saying says:

    She’s a fox – that’s qualifications enough today… 🙂 Heck, that is way more qualified than most women in positions of power – to be easy on the eyes… That’s a couple of big thumbs-up from me…

  4. Zach says:

    One Woman tames a lot of Men.

    It is good to have a mostly a Male workforce, but it is far better to insert a vagina into certain strategic points in that same workforce.

    Why? You insane mother loving whoreish fuckers. You can either be for white knighting or against it. If for, then X. If not for, then Y. Y and X are not opposed. Thus the reasoning is incomplete.

    My theory… yes being a male rights advocate is just retarded. But similarly, so is WHITE KNIGHTING EVERY WHORE YOU KNOW.

    So where is the middle ground? Jim can’t know. Sorry, Jim no offense.

    You strapping young lads… make your arguments.

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  8. Konkvistador says:

    Off topic: Do you have an email address I can write to?

  9. Johnny Caustic says:

    How incongruous she looks in that uniform. She reminds me of the cute teen girls of my 80’s youth about to go to a Duran Duran concert.

    I hope she succeeds, though. More courageous than almost every guy I know.

  10. moore is better says:

    ot: intel has been fudging how they define their process tech for generations. interesting tidbit: at 22nm, m1 (metal layer 1) was 90nm not 65nm. more facts that support your theory that fraud, not physics, is slowing progress in semi tech.

    • peppermint says:

      cool story bro. let me know when GlobalFoundries, with most of its fabs in Singapore and a new one coming online soon in Texas, and TSMC, short for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, most fabs in Taiwan, catch up to Intel, allowing AMD to compete on high-end desktop chips again.

      Somehow, every company in the market, most of them based in Asia, have an agreement to slow down equal amounts.

  11. Foolish Pride says:

    Could you go into Mossadegh and how the official history is wrong?

    • jim says:

      The short of it is that Mossadegh became prime minister not by his party winning an election (not very many people ever voted for his party) but by murdering the previous prime minister

      The militant fundamentalist group Fadayan-e Islam was in his pocket. People who opposed him got murdered by Fadayan-e Islam, but somehow, members of Fadayan-e Islam never got prosecuted.

      The change from the overwhelming majority of parliament disagreeing with him, to Parliament appointing him prime minister and giving him powers to rule above the law by a 79 to 12 majority, occurred without an election. Suddenly, parliamentarians found him much more persuasive than they previously had.

      79-12 majorities and extraordinary powers don’t happen by democracy. The abrupt change in his fortunes derived from the open and unpunished murder of the Shah’s previous prime minister, General Haj-Ali Razmara.

      • FoolishPride (@FoolishProud) says:

        Well his death served American interests so I’m not crying any tears over it, for sure.

        Hating what happened to him is just American leftist hand-wringing. Same with Lumumba.

  12. Bulk Van Der Huge says:

    It seems like the Cathedral is getting less subtle.

    Right Sector was the most effective force on the Maidan, but they outlived their usefulness and started generating bad PR.

    So their notoriously thuggish leader was… immediately murdered by police.

    “Notorious Ukrainian right-wing militant leader Aleksandr Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, has been shot dead during a police raid against his gang, confirmed Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior.”

    Couldn’t they have at least arranged an accident for him?

    ” A former senior official at the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told RIA Novosti that the objective of the operation – carried out by SBU with the help of the Interior Ministry – was to kill Muzychko, rather than to detain him.

    “The goal of the operation was not to detain, but to neutralize Muzychko, to remove him from the stage,” the source said, adding that the militant leader was undermining the new Ukrainian authorities and pursuing his own interests through his leadership of the Right Sector movement.

    Muzychko himself earlier said he believed he could be killed. In a video address recently posted on YouTube he said that the leadership of “the Prosecutor General’s office and the Interior Ministry of Ukraine made a decision to either eliminate me or to capture me and hand me over to Russia, to then blame it all on the Russian intelligence.”

    • Ace says:

      The snipers in the Ukraine was the first openly false flag event I’ve can recall the cathedral using. Their propaganda model is degrading from the “Slant” to the openly false flag. As’s Jim’s noted with things like Global warming they moved from the slant model to the Pravda model with scientific subjects. Their propaganda machine is starting to break down if they can’t find men smart enough to continue the very successful “slant” model of propaganda. The wheels may be coming off the machine.

      • Candide III says:

        Heavens, not this crap again. I will exaggerate, but do you really think Baroness Ashton hired Blackwater snipers to shoot people on Maidan, and throw in a few policemen for good measure? What about police special forces shooting people with 12-mm car-stopper bullets in January? Lots of videos on youtube, filmed from both sides. Etc.

        • Red says:

          I can’t think of a better way to get 2 factions to use lethal force on each than to hire a middle man to attack both sides from a hidden position. Hell the very fact that they got up close up photo’s of the snipers should have given anyone pause about the idea that it was the government forces using the snipers.

          • Candide III says:

            Which close up photos of the snipers? So far, nobody that I know of has seen the snipers who worked out of the high-rise Ukraina hotel and did most of the damage. The only photos/videos I have seen is (a) a photo by the government forces of two snipers leaving the Cabinet building, shot sometime in January or early February, (b) some blurry long-range shots of uniformed people on roofs who may or may not have been snipers, and (c) a video of special police forces with yellow armbands retreating shooting AKs and a sniper with the same armband helping them out, shot on February 19 or 20, I forget which. OTOH, people unfamiliar with the geography are apt to forget that 99% of the action in Kiev took place on a tiny spot 0.5km on a side. Everything there is close up.

            • jim says:

              The snipers were hired by Maidan, a Ukrainian organization largely run by the US State Department, in large part to create martyrs by murdering Maidan members.

              The language used by Maidan “civil society”, meaning nothing of the kind, is the same language as the state department used in manufacturing the Arab spring.

              So the State Department manufactures astroturf in the Ukraine, then murders some of their own astroturf to justify murdering government officials, intimidates government officials sufficiently to take over with the aid of the local nazis, then, not liking nazis much, set to murdering their former allies immediately after taking power.

          • Candide III says:

            Jim, I understand you hate the State Department, I don’t like it either, but you’d better keep some common sense as well. Did State also cause Yanukovich to clear away the students on November 29? Did it cause him to abandon the EU agreement, after touting it for half a year on Ukrainian state media, and sell out to Russia?

            As for the language used by Maidan, “civil society” as you say, you cannot know anything about it because you don’t know Ukrainian or Russian. You only know what Russia Today is willing to tell you in their English translation, and you hear Paets use the expression to Ashton. Ukrainian rednecks who made up the bulk of Maidan fighters don’t use it. The Right Sector doesn’t use it, they dislike the EU and USG quite as much as we do. Take a look at their semi-official English blog — google “Ukrainian Nationalism. Third Position”.

            • jim says:

              The deal was that the students would clear themselves away in return for concessions that he made, which deal the student’s puppet masters promptly reneged on.

              The reason Yanukovich abandoned the EU agreement is that the EU progressively changed its agreement for the worse, reminiscent of Darth Vader’s famous line: “I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further.”

              Maidan, “civil society” as you say, you cannot know anything about it because you don’t know Ukrainian or Russian.

              Maidan’s program, like that of Pussy Riot, is not translated from Ukrainian into English, but from English into Ukrainian.

              Ukrainian rednecks who made up the bulk of Maidan fighters don’t use it. The Right Sector doesn’t use it

              And these groups have been promptly betrayed, in the classic fashion of the communist “united front”.

          • Red says:

            “Did State also cause Yanukovich to clear away the students on November 29?”

            Part of the agreement with the protestors was for the students to go home and wait for the elections. Both the Ukrainian government and the Russian’s where quite blind sided when the Cathedral forces reneged on their agreement and seized power.

            “Did it cause him to abandon the EU agreement, after touting it for half a year on Ukrainian state media, and sell out to Russia?”

            Yanukovich was never going to sign the EU agreement. The terms from the IMF so horrendous that even the current Cathedral puppet only signed half the agreement because the other half would turned the Ukraine into Greece economically. Yanukovich was playing both sides against each other and he got a great deal of 16 billion in loans from of the Russians thanks to his posturing.

          • Candide III says:

            The deal was that the students would clear themselves away in return for concessions that he made

            What the fuck are you talking about? The Vilnius summit, where the agreement was definitively not signed, happened on November 29th. The clearing-out “to install the city New Year tree” happened in the small hours of the following day.

            Maidan’s program, like that of Pussy Riot, is not translated from Ukrainian into English, but from English into Ukrainian.

            Maidan’s program? What’s that? Did Putin show it on TV? Maidan’s principal demands in the beginning of December were two: first, resignation of the Azarov government, and second, resignation of the Interior minister Zakharchenko and an investigation and punishment of those responsible for November 30 and December 1 violence. On January 20 were this: remove special police forces from Kiev, repeal January 16 laws against public gatherings etc., release of all political prisoners, return to 2004 Constitution (with much less presidential powers), changes to voting laws to prevent fraud, appointment of new Constitutional Court judges and other officials, resignation of Azarov government and appointment of a technical transitional government, early presidential and parliamentary elections. What’s so Pussy Rioty about it? Clear your mind of Russia Today cant!

            • jim says:

              Maidan’s web page is in English, and was clearly composed by someone who speaks English as his mother’s tongue, and was raised and educated in the American ruling culture.

              The writers not only speak English as their mother’s tongue, they, like Obama, speak American ruling class English as their mother’s tongue.

              That is what makes Maidan like Pussy Riot – that it is blatantly State Department astroturf, while the Russiaphone militias are obviously the real deal.

          • Candide III says:

            That web site has been around for 13 years. Click on the second link to the left of “English” on the top of the main page and see for yourself. It is emphatically not “Maidan’s webpage” if by “Maidan” one means the whole collection of people and organizations which have been participating in the 2013-2014 events, or any significant part of it. There is no such webpage and no organization or council represents the whole or speaks for it, although many pretend to. “Maidan” itself is a common Ukrainian word, meaning “public square”, often used in the titles of various movements and organizations. I see why you are confused; the particular organization (Alliance “Maidan”, use translate on Ukrainian wikipedia) which runs this website since 2005, is very much Cathedral-aligned, and gets at least some funding from Soros’s network. However, it is not a big organization, and has played only a very small part in recent events. Generally, leftist organizations and people had little presence there. I saw this myself. If you visited Kiev and Independence square, you probably could find some inconspicuous rainbow flags and lesbians and stuff tucked away somewhere in a corner, if you looked hard enough, but that was it. Ukrainian rednecks don’t like that sort of thing any more than American rednecks, Ukrainian nationalists view it with suspicion, and the Right Sector and football ultras positively abominate it. You know that the most instrumental forward brigades were the Right Sector, Automaidan, Maidan Self-defence and football ultras. None of their members have any more connection to Alliance “Maidan” than any other demographically matched Ukrainian person. I heard that some Kyiv anarchists tried to organize a self-defense sotnia (platoon), but even that didn’t work out.

          • Candide III says:

            (Oops, sorry for double post — please delete the one above)

            Maidan are the guys that recently murdered a prominent leader of the non Maidan elements, because they want the whole government, do not want to share with the rest of the united front, because the rest look rather like neo nazis.

            Wrong again. The people in government now, in the important ministries, are not Maidan people of any stripe but politicians, most of them Ms. Tymoshenko’s people. Interior Minister Avakov is one of her key aides, Acting President Turchynov is her man in charge of her party, and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk was her chief poster boy while she was in prison. People aptly call the latter two ‘Ms. Tymoshenko’s balls’. Interior Ministry staff has seen minimal changes from Yanukovich times. It was Interior Ministry’s Sokol special team that was tasked with arresting him and either botched it or killed him, accounts vary.

            The coup was made by a coalition between the neo nazis and “Maidan”, aka the state department. Now the state department is getting rid of the neo nazis.

            No, it wasn’t. For some reason you seem unwilling to entertain the idea that the whole thing wasn’t just a big hunk of State astroturf. I admire, though I don’t share, your belief in State’s awesome powers, and I can enthusiastically agree that State has tried and tries to use the Ukrainian revolution in its own interests, but astroturf doesn’t get you (i.a.) repeated million people demos in a 5-million city on a day’s notice. Why the reluctance? Don’t like Ukrainian nationalists? Nobody likes the ultranationalists (neonazis to you), Ms. Tymoshenko reportedly ordered her team to ‘clear the garbage off Independence Square’ while she’s reconvalescing in Germany.

            • jim says:

              Wrong again. The people in government now, in the important ministries, are not Maidan people of any stripe but politicians, most of them Ms. Tymoshenko’s people.

              First action on taking power was to hand over the gold (twenty three tons) to persons unknown and unidentified in the US. Sure looks like a puppet government to me.

              The secretary of state spoke about them on a phone call as puppets, they act like puppets, they have a sock puppet web site written in the dialect of the US ruling elite.

              For some reason you seem unwilling to entertain the idea that the whole thing wasn’t just a big hunk of State astroturf

              I am unwilling to entertain the idea because we have two phone calls in which the State Department speaks of them as astroturf, because their website is obviously state department astroturf, and because some person or group in America has helped themselves to Ukraine gold.

              Whoever has the actual power, is going to keep the gold nearby. See where the gold goes, you can see where the power is. There is a coup which immediately results in gold mysteriously leaving, therefore it is not a Ukrainian coup.

              The coupists talk like puppets, they act like puppets, the state department talks of them as puppets. What does it take to convince you?

          • Candide III says:

            You can’t hear them talk, you only hear what Russia Today lets you hear (this includes leaked phone conversations and such obvious canards as PM Yatsenyuk carrying $20B worth of gold to the USA in his luggage — put gold at $2K per ounce, $20B will be 300 tons). I have already explained about that website you hug to your heart. If you’d rather know for yourself than repeat warmed-over Russian propaganda, buy a ticket to Kiev and I’ll ask a friend there to interpret for you for free.

            • jim says:

              Sure I can hear our ruling elite talk. Their reaction to the leak shows it was the real thing. And the leak shows that they regard the Maidan movement as sock puppets and astroturf.

              Even without the leak, the Maidan movement is blatantly sock puppet astroturf, which is apparent in hearing Maidan speakers talk, in reading what they supposedly write – which is in fact obviously written by members of the American ruling elite located in Washington who know little and care less about the Ukraine – and in seeing what Maidan actually does – such as sending Ukrainian Gold to unknown persons in America.

        • Red says:

          This isn’t the first false flag of late. It’s very clear the Syrian gas attack was a false flag attack as well. Even the UN admits it was the rebels.

    • jim says:

      The communists, notoriously, when coming to power as part of an alliance, would then immediately murder their allies. In the short run this worked, but in time it led to a shortage of allies.

  13. Candide III says:

    That’s a good photo op work by the Russians, but she’s a slut. Also there was so much saccharine in the article — flying out of an interview to a murder scene, my foot! Such public-spiritedness! Where is your suspicion of female achievement now? (Incidentally, here is another item for your collection: Ms. Obokata and STAP cells.)

    I can’t imagine how you can believe she speaks the truth on anything related to the new government of Ukraine. She calls them devils dancing on the ashes. Her and Crimean bandits go way back, you can use Google Translate on that link above and read on from there. She served as prosecutor when one bandit-MP got out from under a murder rap in 2011, and was appointed city environmental prosecutor in Simferopol — maybe that’s what she meant about people in Ukraine not being prosecuted for political violence. She was employed by Ukraine’s central prosecutor-general’s office until she accepted the office of prosecutor-general in Crimea from the same Crimean bandits (Aksyonov being one), whereupon Kiev understandably fired her and stripped her of rank.

    In related news, the second man in the Right Sector, notorious for pulling another prosecutor by his necktie, was assassinated by the new Ministry of Interior last night.

    • jim says:

      I saw the video of the interview. Did not seem staged. She is camera shy, a prosecutor not an actor. If she is making stuff up, it comes from her heart, not from a script.

      I am not claiming she is exceptionally qualifed – obviously she was selected for choosing the correct side in a timely manner. How many other people in the Ukraine prosecution department were sent on leave?

      • Candide III says:

        I meant the interview printed in Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Of course the youtube video of her press conference in Crimea both you and RG linked to wasn’t staged (any more than any other press conference). And of course she, like most Russians, hates Ukrainian nationalists from her heart, I wouldn’t claim otherwise. Incidentally, isn’t a prosecutor supposed to be able to speak in court?

        > How many other people in the Ukraine prosecution department were sent on leave?
        Not nearly enough, I’ll warrant. As in Russia, law enforcement in Ukraine is no good for maintaining, much less creating, rule of law.

    • spandrell says:

      I’d bet one arm that Obokata was sleeping with her bald fuck supervisor yet nobody will come out and talk about it.

      Prob the same here with this chick. I had forgot Jim is an anime fan, not a good thing in my book.

      • Red says:

        I’m sure she is. So? Women are only generally useful running things useful when a men is telling them what to do.

        • spandrell says:

          There’s a reason Putin has real men in his government instead of giving a ministry to every woman he’s fucking.

          It’s one thing to fuck your secretary, another to make her prosecutor general.

          • jim says:

            Natalia Polonskaya’s real and obvious qualification for the job, is that she chose her current side when it was still dangerous to do so. She is not appointed for ability, or for beauty, but for loyalty and courage.

        • jim says:

          Quite so. It was probably a mistake to appoint her, and in fact she does not seem to be very effectual. When someone asks “what are you doing about X?” she says “we are investigating X” which is not reassuring.

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