The counter coup unfolds.

A couple weeks ago, Trump condemned congresswoman Ilhan Omar for dismissing 9/11, and all the left and all the mainstream media united around her, and repeatedly told us she was black, and Trump hates blacks, and a woman, and Trump hates women, and he is lying liar.

Lo and behold, by a strange coincidence, an investigation of congresswomen Ilhan Omar comes out revealing she has committed no end of illegal acts – but until now these laws were never enforced against Democrats.

At almost the same time, the black leftist Democratic party House Oversight Committee chairman is discovered to have been cheerfully embezzling from charities, shortly after he complained about a whole lot of Trumpists getting security clearances that would enable them to see information formerly only visible to leftists in good standing, information that will likely reveal a whole lot of stuff that Democrats would prefer buried.

I predict that thanks to a change in leadership of the FBI and the justice department, in particular the resignation of Mueller, there will be sudden drop in criticism of president Trump, and a sudden drop in anything likely to attract a hostile tweet from president Trump.

By another amazing coincidence, ABC news reporters who cheerfully and openly committed illegal acts find themselves facing dawn raids and charges from the Australian government in relation to their most recent illegal act.  It is interesting that these utterly unprecedented and extraordinary actions, for enforcing laws against leftists is unprecedented and extraordinary (laws are for us, not them) happened at almost the same time.

Because of ever more laws, whosoever controls the FBI and the justice department holds the political process by its throat.  A very short while ago, no end of people connected to Trump were getting the dawn raids, and being charged with a multitude of legalistic crimes that were difficult to explain or comprehend.  That was a dangerous escalation of a process that has long been in motion, and escalation is not always passively accepted by the victims, nor is Trump a man who is inclined to passively accept escalation by his opponents.

It was inevitable that the use of the coercive power of the state to manage electoral outcomes would eventually be used against the left itself, though I expected and predicted that the left would use it against each other. But using such means against the president himself was the most dangerous use of that power possible, and Trump probably the most dangerous man to use it against.

The right using the power of the state against the left is unprecedented, despite a huge volume of complaints by the left projecting their own conduct onto their enemies.  Nixon used “plumbers”, but Obama used the FBI.  And now Trump is using the FBI.

Now that the dawn raids on Trumpists have stopped, I predict we will suddenly find a whole lot more Trumpists around, and a much bigger pool of loyalists for him to hire.  And as loyalists get appointed to positions where they can destroy their enemies and protect their friends from destruction, this will in turn make it easier for him to hire more loyalists. And now that the dawn raids on mainstream media reporters have started, at least in Australia, I predict that the quality of “fact checking” on Trump’s tweets will show a dramatic improvement.   When Trump does something like talking with the veterans of D-Day, it will mysteriously become a whole lot easier to find in the mainstream media.  It seems to me that reporting has improved already.

I am not yet sending in an application for the post of Grand Inquisitor.  Maybe after Trump gets re-elected in 2024.

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  1. The Cominator says:

    Limbaugh must have Intel says Moochelle is likely entering, so the real enemy is unmasked.

    • jim says:


      Obama was a genuinely counter stereotypical black. His wife is a living demonstration that humans and apes are related, and Africans rather more closely related.

  2. The Cominator says:

    I suspect this means Boris Johnson has turned over the MI6 files on Mr. Brennan and his activities as it relates to coordination with MI6 for the Democrats.

  3. The Cominator says:

    So we have all sorts of good news lately.

    1. Mueller testifies and comes across as a gray bureaucrat with early stage dementia… it may be an act but I don’t think so. Not even the cathedral fanatics really believe in muh Russia anymore and many are losing faith.

    2. Democrats on the verge of civil war… Cortez and Pelosi have publically made up for now but they still have jihad barbie to deal with and Cortez isn’t going to want to wait forever for Pelosi to die.

    3. SCOTUS okays Trump’s use of emergency powers to build the wall.

    4. Trump likely has all of Epstein’s kompromat.

    5. Trump authorizes Barr to do full investigation of the Clinton Foundation emails etc and also to keep Nunes in the loop in case any deep stater executive branchers try any tricks.

    6. In England Theresa May out Boris Johnson in… the muh Russia frameup at least partially involved British intelligence. While Theresa May almost certainly would not help Trump in that regard Boris Johnson will likely try to win Trump’s favor (and aid) during Brexit negotiations by turning over all the information on how MI6 helped the Democrats.

    • jim says:

      Don’t think it is dementia. Think Mueller was not expecting cross examination and was caught lying, with the result that he kept changing his story in midstream. He would say one thing, then he would say a different thing, then he would refuse to respond any further.

      Democrats cannot have a civil war, because no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. The less evil and insane faction of the democrats are required to lose any civil war.

      • The Cominator says:

        No commentary on all the good news otherwise?

        • jim says:

          Mueller and the FBI have committed innumerable major and serious criminal acts. Until they are dead or in jail, we are not out of the woods. If one side can commit crimes and the other cannot, the side that can commit crimes will always win.

          Things are more complex and harder to read than they seem. I am not commenting on the good news because I don’t want to go out on a limb.

          The general thing is that if the permanent government thinks it can contain Trump, it can. If they don’t think so, they cannot. Mueller was full of casual arrogance, frivolous destructiveness, and the brutal cruelty of a man who can inflict pain with no risk of reprisal – now suddenly I see people worrying both about Trump’s reprisals, and also about the left lashing out at anyone regardless of efforts to appease the left. Grovelling terrified appeasement still works in academia, but it is getting chancier.

          Yes, this is very good news, but it is subterranean causes having subterranean consequences, which consequences when they become visible will likely be unexpected and surprising.

          Our enemies are incapacitated by lack of a leader, but they have enormously superior ability and will to engage in criminal violence. We are not out of the woods till they are intimidated from doing so.

  4. The Cominator says:

    UPDATE! Barr is only recused from a minor part of the Epstein matter involving labor secretary Acosta. It appears I was right and Barr has not turned traitor.

  5. BC says:

    Confirmation that Barr is not involved with the Epstein raid:

    AG William Barr: “I’m recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented Epstein long ago was a firm that I subsequently joined for a period of time.”

  6. BC says:

    And the counter-counter coup continues to unfold:
    “Financier Jeffrey Epstein reportedly arrested in NY on sex charges”

    I’d expect Trump’s to be a target of this investigation. Unlikely Trump was involved, but it’s NYDC handling the case the same group who invented the bogus campaign finance charges with Cohen.

    • jim says:

      Trump needs to arrest some people soon, or else he is going to be arrested – and not terribly long thereafter, killed.

      • The Cominator says:

        I don’t think the Epstein thing is Trump’s doing, most likely NY Democrats trying to get Epstein to “compose” on Trump.

        • The Cominator says:

          Okay we are saying the same thing, I just saw Epstein and thought it would be someone ecstatic about the Clintons going down but I doubt that. Well the good thing is it is a Federal investigation apparently and we have Barr and not the traitor Sessions involved.

          • BC says:

            > Well the good thing is it is a Federal investigation apparently and we have Barr and not the traitor Sessions involved.

            Barr may recuse himself over it. I’m sure the NYDC moved without asking him to put him in a bind. Nor has Barr made the obvious move of removing the head of the FBI for refusing to obey him. His first move should have been securing the FBI.

            >Okay we are saying the same thing, I just saw Epstein and thought it would be someone ecstatic about the Clintons going down but I doubt that.

            The Cathedral would burn the Clintons at the stake in order to get Trump.

            • The Cominator says:

              Barr will not recuse himself from anything he is not an idiotic traitor pussy like Sessions.

    • Not God says:

      Something like this happens every time Trump gets distracted. It is starting to look like a pattern.

      Goes to England: purge of his supporters on youtube.

      G20: Trump tweet quarantine policy.

      July 4th parade: Epstein arrested.

      I am not willing to second guess him though because when you are in his position it is very difficult to tell enemies from friends. He must do what he believes is right.

      • The Cominator says:

        He should have declared martial law and ordered the mass arrest of DC during the parade, that was the time to seize power.

        • Not God says:

          Don’t give up hope, ever.

          • The Cominator says:

            I haven’t the good thing is that the Cathedral appartchniks are fucking incompetent nowadays so likely they’ll massively fuck up this frame up.

            If the people in charge of framing Nixon were in charge of framing Trump they probably would have got Trump, but the Cathedral is ever more insane and stupid.

            • BC says:

              >I haven’t the good thing is that the Cathedral appartchniks are fucking incompetent nowadays so likely they’ll massively fuck up this frame up.

              It may not matter. This was coordinated with the story of Trump raping some old bag in department store, during which the left brought up all the old sex story stuff they’ve been pedaling for years. All they need to is trot out a bunch of girls who claimed Trump and Epstein raped them. With enough claims and a real criminal case, people will just start believing it, evidence be damned.

              It’s a cleaver counter stroke if it plays out that way. I’m sure we’ll know in a few days.

              • The Cominator says:

                Nah even the most hardcore lefties and feminist knew the old bag was both full of shit and batshit. In fact she was so obviously batshit and bad at it that I don’t think they even planted her I think she really was a lone nut. Normally I favor death for false rape claims but I think she should just go to a lunatic asylum.

                They are increasingly stupid but them using her would be like actually nominating Joe Biden (they won’t).

              • Not God says:

                With enough claims and a real criminal case, people will just start believing it, evidence be damned.

                Ten plagues of Egypt it is then.

  7. The Cominator says:

    Trump moving troops to DC for a “parade”. Perhaps some will remain inside the city for reasons of “national security” afterwords, perhaps some marines who the president will order exempted from posse comitatus (being not part of posse comitatus by statute but only by previous executive order).

  8. vxxc says:

    God, guns and Gold.

    And Tobacco. I forgot Tobacco.

  9. Wartime News says:


    by Victor Skinner:

    VIDEO: African migrants raft cross Mexico border — with no National Guard in sight

    Officials at the Mexican immigration center… are getting up to 500 new illegal immigrants per day, on average.

    “Normally, the majority of the people are from Central America,” … “But, now we are also seeing Haitians and Cubans…”

    What’s not visible on the border is the 6,000 National Guard troops Mexican officials promised to deploy to stop the flow north, a key to an agreement with President Donald Trump to avert threatened tariffs


    Trump slams Dems for backing health care for undocumented immigrants:

    “All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare,” Trump wrote on Twitter…

    “How about taking care of American Citizens first!?”


    Dalai Lama warns that the whole of Europe could become ‘Muslim or African’ if migrants are not returned to their home countries

    Dalai Lama claims ‘Europe is for Europeans’ and migrants should be sent back

  10. Samuel Skinner says:

    The social media purge continues; r/TheDonald is currently quarantined, soon to be purged. The usual methods- create puppet accounts to violate terms of service, use violation as justification to shutdown.

    Any idea how relevant all the drama is? It looks to me that it is mostly leftists lashing out as a power exercise/showing they are useful to avoid being purged since the election will probably be determined by ‘he who counts the votes’ and not mobilizing voters.

  11. Vxxc says:


    In the absence of orders attack.
    I suggest on The Great Replacement.

    BTW this fratricidal in-fighting “bullycide” happens again and again, usually when rxn doesn’t have a target.
    These are the vices of an offensively minded force stuck in garrison.
    And it happened over at Outside In and pretty much everywhere.

    See 2014. Here.

    The only thing we can agree on is we all hate the enemy.

    So attack: the enemy.
    Not Koanic, not alrenous, not spandrell-
    >> none of whom I know, nor do I think they like me.
    So what.

    We have an enemy.

    • 2019 is boring says:

      >BTW this fratricidal in-fighting “bullycide” happens again and again, usually when rxn doesn’t have a target.

      Propose an alternative mechanism for both selecting for and incentivizing intelligence, sanity, and integrity, and for filtering out the ever-accumulating maleficent bacteria and detritus.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        I’m torn on this one; i tend to think like Vxxc but i come to this free place more as a wandering scholar. The point is not to organize (and one should not use surface internet to do so) but to educate and inform, or at least that is how i interpret it.

        • 2019 is boring says:

          The point is… to educate and inform

          And that’s why you are one of the better commenters.

          Compare the quality of this comment section in 2019 vs. 2016, if you know what it was like then. Really, just take any random article from 2016 and see what the comment section looked like.

          Yeah, the drastic improvement is the result of concerted efforts to force people to either “say something smart” or STFU. Nobody wants to scroll through a spamfest, and whenever basic posting standards are not rigidly maintained, a spamfest is precisely what ensues – inevitably.

          Come the restoration, posting political opinions on the internet — as opposed to posting cooking recipes — will require taking an IQ test and scoring at minimum 130. Moreover, that would merely be one necessary condition, rather than a sufficient condition; not everyone with the right score will be allowed to post.

          Demotism is allowing your comment section to be scarcely distinguishable from YouTube’s comment section, because of “free speech.” Screw that. If you bring nothing valuable to the table, and/or if you have a history of pooping in punch bowls, you won’t partake of the feast.

        • Friendly Fred says:

          “I come to this free place” because I like the people who hang here as well as the bartender.

      • Vxxc says:

        I have no such proposal for selecting for intelligence, etc.
        That is not my aim.

        My aim is to defeat the enemy.
        Given what and who RXN, DE, NEORXN, WN is I propose we attack.
        My aim is not to post, or impress.
        My aim is to defeat and frankly eradicate the Left.
        I post to undermine them.

        I propose we attack after observing over time that RXN either has an enemy to attack or it attacks each other.
        This is the truth of the new right.
        Nearly as bad as the left that way and no wonder most of you were raised progressive or educated so.

        Do you notice your first, last and irrepressible impulses to brand all those who disagree with you as idiots or crazy?
        The mobbing of the designated target for 2 minute hates?
        The snide or vicious tones and remarks?
        The quest for Priesthood ? (no doubt with the plump coveted Bishopric job in the minds eye and the hearts desire).
        The obsession with sex?

        This is all Leftist behavior.
        And fine since I have long advocated right wing Jacobinism.
        Because it works.
        But these are not Trad Right traits.
        Not how were raised.
        These methods are just short of violence-which is where it’s going and good- because it works. War of course is Trad Right.
        It works. Especially for us. War always swims Right.
        But its utterly counter-productive to use these methods on each other.
        And its been happening for years.
        Its squabbling in camp.
        But on the attack all are friends.
        And we win.
        So attack.

        Get something from it.

        **BTW Jim doesn’t do these things.
        He allows them for his own stated reasons.

        • jim says:

          > My aim is to defeat the enemy.

          Your proposed path to defeating the enemy is stupid and will get us all killed to no sane purpose. My proposed path guarantees some sort of victory eventually – albeit not necessarily a very satisfactory victory, nor necessarily any time soon. Caesarism is inevitable, and rapidly approaching. I plan to catch that tide and sail it to victory.

        • Not Tom says:

          Do you notice your first, last and irrepressible impulses to brand all those who disagree with you as idiots or crazy?

          No, actually.

          People who I’ve observably disagreed with or criticized and obviously do not consider stupid or crazy include: Jim, Cominator, Vox Day, Spandrell, Jordan Peterson, and Alrenous. I doubt I would have lasted very long as a new commenter if I had adopted the attitude that you accuse the community of.

          I see lots of one-off commenters being taken to task over various bad arguments and premises, but very few of them labeled as idiots or crazy.

          And I’ve even insisted that upper-middle-class progressives, with whom I am in constant contact, are neither stupid nor insane – albeit also not the evil genius masterminds that some right-wingers imagine them to be. Most of them are responding semi-rationally to insane incentives.

          Have you considered the possibility that the relatively small minority of commenters who are labeled as idiots or crazy are labeled as idiots or crazy because they are in fact crazy idiots?

          • jim says:

            > And I’ve even insisted that upper-middle-class progressives, with whom I am in constant contact, are neither stupid nor insane

            Depends on one’s definition of sanity. I expect that an upper middle class Moloch worshipper, back in the days when Moloch worship was the high status state backed religion of successful people, would have struck you as similarly sane.

    • The Cominator says:

      Support for Q though makes you the enemy because Q is an enemy so when kook spouts his Qtardation he is acting as an enemy. When kook says to murder random ordinary Jews he is also acting as an enemy.

      Spandrell hasn’t been attacked here much, but he went through a blackpill anti Trump phase (it seems to have passed probably) where he needed to be called out for it.

    • 2019 is boring says:

      >And it happened over at Outside In

      What happened at Outside In is the direct result of negligent moderation, of failure on the part of Nick Land to filter out the bacteria, and failure on the part of the good commenters to bullycide the bad ones. Here, it should be different. I would rather read 200 comments by EA, NT, FA, TC, and everyone else who actually contributes, than 2,000,000 comments by the likes of viking, CR, and Koanic.

      As NT explained above, this priesthood purposely self-selects for quality, not quantity. As even Mike “Cuckissimov” Anissimov figured out, it’s better to have no comment section at all, than to have one that is brimming with sewage.

      • Not Tom says:

        I suspect, but cannot prove, that the “big tent” meme in many right-wing communities is actually an invasive species from the left.

        Leftist memes tend to follow a pattern of proposing the cause as the cure: fix poverty with welfare, fix marriage with no-fault divorce, fix intersexual relations with feminism, fix child neglect with child abduction/daycare, fix black dysfunction with black leadership… and fix low quality/low status with inclusivity.

        Inclusivity is going down-market; it’s a low-status move that confirms, without doubt, the absence of elite or upper-tier interest. Which most of the time, further lowers the quality and forces further down-market movement. The treatment, or preventative, is what game would predict instead: if no actual preselection, then maintain an air of mystery and exclusivity – ZFG.

        I fully agree that constant infighting is toxic, but here I only see a combination of sparring and perimeter-policing. Actual infighting would look more like Vox Day vs. Andrew Torba.

        • jim says:

          Big Tentism was originally a Republican response to Republicans being purged from the Republican party.

          The purge of Republicans from the Republican party led to Trumpism and the Alt Right. Trump is the last Republican, and he had to crash his way in.

          The white nationalists are big tentists, not because they want to join the Republican party, but because they want purged Republicans to join them.

          Being elitists, we are not big tentists. Not that we want strict ideological purity, but we want truth and insight Adherence to idiotic memes is an indicator of untruthfulness, stupidity, poor reality testing, entryism, or madness.

          That said, a catechism would be handy for figuring out who is in and who is out. But everything on the Catechism should be empirically true, or unfalsifiable.

          Troofism false, evil, and hostile, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming false and intended to destroy science, industrial civilization, technological civilization and radically reduce population, especially the white population, to “sustainable” levels. Race and Religion matters. Homogeneity of faith, morals, and identity is necessary for cohesion. All women are like that. Women are never happy or content unless they belong to a man. The right is moving ever left, and the left is pulling away from the right as it moves ever leftwards, ever faster. Socialism leads to mass murder, and the crimes of the Nazis were the result of socialism, not nationalism.

          I have doubtless forgotten a few things that should be in the Catechism: Obviously we want restoration of old type marriage, Singaporean style enforcement of law and order, but these are social policies, and not exactly matters of belief and adherence.

          We also need the rectification of names, a project I have been neglecting – a compendium of words that cut reality at the joints, and a compendium of anticoncepts, words that hide the truth.

          • The Cominator says:

            The white nationalists are big tentists, not because they want to join the Republican party, but because they want purged Republicans to join them.,

            Anyone who calls themselves a white nationalist is a fed or works for them. That they are all feds should NEVER be neglected to be mentioned when they are brought up.

            Jared Taylor is the closest thing to one who isn’t a fed and even he refers to himself as a “Huwhite Advocate” not a white nationalist.


            • Zach says:

              I had the displeasure of listening to Taylor’s last interview with some dottie at CNN recently. To anybody else, get your barf bag ready…

              • The Cominator says:

                I’m sure it was due to the CNN NPC talking head screaming propaganda the whole time (which is all that happens on CNN which is why its not only propaganda but unwatchable propaganda) and not due to Taylor.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            > We also need the rectification of names, a project
            > I have been neglecting – a compendium of words
            > that cut reality at the joints, and a compendium of
            > anticoncepts, words that hide the truth.

            That would be great. The real action out here isn’t in paragraphs, or even whole sentences really, but rather vocabulary words and slogans.

      • Vxxc says:

        After the good commenters bully out the bad ones what do you have?

        Where is this going?
        What is your aim?
        Contribute to what?
        The Truth?
        Where? Where we live or this and other blogs?
        If we’re either in the Gulag or Brazil – and our likely Gulag is Brazilian slums – what matter this blog or the entire internet?

        My aim is to destroy the enemy: The Left.
        I come to here to communicate and to share thoughts for action, and yes to incite. Incite the destruction of our enemies.
        And to gather information. Take the temperature.

        So we have different aims.
        You want to find beauty, truth. Intelligence.

        I want to save them, restore them.
        It will not be done by talk.

        Selecting for intelligence selects for cowardice and sociopathy more often now than not. We need action.

        And one Viking is worth more than all the rest at outsideness.
        Because he’s an actor, not a talker.
        He’s punched niggers (so have I with mixed success).
        He doesn’t have to dream of it.
        Of course- neither do you.

        • jim says:

          > What is your aim?

          We are facing a holy war.

          Have to bring a gun to a gunfight, and a faith to a holy war.

          Whites are detribalized, and contrary to the white nationalists, “white” is not a tribal identifier. Whites are wolf to whites. A religion, defining religion broadly to include things like communism and poz, is a synthetic tribe. To win, we need a faith.

          With our enemies going further and further into delusion, we have to form a faith on the Truth of Gnon, the Will of God as manifested in the natural order, the Logos manifested in the order of the world, natural law as the will of God. We will, in accordance with the Christianity of about a thousand years ago, interpret Christ as, among other things, the incarnation of the Logos, and thus interpret his words as in accordance with game theory and evolutionary psychology, and the divine prophecies as the predictable outcome of cause and effect.

          • vxxc says:


            Go forth and form said Faith and Priesthood.
            If this encourages Holy War our aims are aligned.

            What I said was what I’ve observed: RXN is offensively aligned and succeeds on the attack. When its not attacking it squabbles in camp.
            Then I explained further my aim is the destruction of the enemy.
            Not getting rid of annoying, kooky people from posting.
            Others want the annoyances gone so they can read high quality comments (it is possible the comments section anywhere is the wrong place to look for maximized intelligent reading).

            By all means form the faith then attack as priests.
            Stir the faithful.
            It’s always been needed and necessary, worked great in 2016.

            • 2019 is boring says:

              Then I explained further my aim is the destruction of the enemy.
              Not getting rid of annoying, kooky people from posting.
              Others want the annoyances gone so they can read high quality comments (it is possible the comments section anywhere is the wrong place to look for maximized intelligent reading).

              The reason comment sections generally don’t allow for high-quality discussion is that the Admins and Mods refuse to ban people for lack of minimal punctuation, lack of contribution, poor communication, ugly writing, ugly ideas, and ugly characters. You see, if your posts read as spam, if your posts register as noise, that’s a reliable proxy and accurate reflection of low IQ.

              If you can write well but refuse to, it signals utter contempt for the community you’re spamming. There’s absolutely no excusing it. Stephen Hawking was paralysed from head to toe, yet he was able to write whole books about physics using technology adapted to his needs – books that people can read and understand. Annoying writing on a comment section is inexcusable, unless you’re biologically incapable of writing otherwise. Constant spam unrelated to what people discuss is never excusable. If you have nothing relevant to say, say nothing.

              It won’t be possible to destroy Progressivism without coming up with an alternative doctrine: you bring religion to a holy way. To formulate an alternative doctrine to Progressivism, need smart people to coordinate their information, and to ruthlessly filter irrelevant and/or idiotic and/or insane information out. This is not a safari and if anyone wants to produce similan cacophony for the derisive amusement of the human visitors, let him do it elsewhere.

        • Friendly Fred says:

          If everybody who posts here tells the truth about himself without omitting any toughness-credentials, then B is the toughest commenter of all time. But Viking working as CBGB bouncer at age 14 is pretty awesome, I must admit.

        • Not Tom says:

          What exactly do you want to incite? “Destruction of our enemies” is an outcome, not a behavior, so you can’t incite that. You’re being deliberately evasive here. Also, it’s not exactly clear to me if you share the generally-accepted NRx definition of “enemies”.

          If you want us to throw in with the TDS tards and FBI patsies, plan for disappointment.

          • vxxc says:

            I wasn’t being evasive.

            You’re being pedantic. Also twisting words. Outcome not behavior, etc…
            Yes I get it. Anyone not committed to pure yakking is a Fed and yer too smart for that, etc.?

            As far as disappointment I’m quite used to it.
            However in this business you might get 1/10,000 but that’s >0 so its something.

            By all means say what you will, others will do what you won’t.

            • vxxc says:


              Do kids still go to parties anymore or does everyone (or some here) assume that anyone with any substance to liven the party is a narc and all the girls are feminist SJWs seeking to entrap them?

              Well best to play it safe.

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              He does make a valid point, though: what is your aim? I’ve invited you to paintball with me and my knitting circle a couple of times. I am a man of action and a scholar, and while i am preoccupied with scholarship ATM the end is in sight for me. Do not interpret my questioning of your motive(s) as an attack or a call-out; rather, help me understand what it takes to go further down a path that doesn’t necessarily require a keyboard.

              Regardless of an answer, i have a plan forming. I am tired of this keyboard warrior shit. Stuff needs to happen, and men make stuff happen.

              Whatever the case, be safe and be smart.

            • jim says:

              Well, yes.

              Anyone telling us the time for violence is now is probably a fed. That claim is transparently insane, so when made by someone who otherwise appears sane, fed.

              Similarly, anyone who obstinately maintains frame that certain widely ridiculed and vehemently condemned claims are consensus, probably paid entryist, either FBI or Academic. Holding frame in the face of continual rejection, ridicule and condemnation of that frame is emotionally draining, therefore the person doing it is either visibly insane, or paid to do it.

              • Vxxc says:

                I never said the time is now, or time for violence.

                Nor do I expect it never mind demand from those here.
                I did say go priest.
                I did say attack.
                Well the attackers here launch priest/counter priest attacks of words. So attack. Verbally.
                There: nice and spelled out.
                I said go and priest.
                This must be the 10th time on this post I said go priest.

                I did say it will take action.
                Of course it will.
                But all I suggest of ye here is go priest.

                I did also defend those advocating action elsewhere.
                Of course I did.
                The idea that scribblings change the world is nonsense.
                Lenin changed the world with German Gold, giving the Russian soldiers peace and with the germans attacking Kerensky’s units but sparing Lenin’s.

                So yes God/Gnon, but useless without guns and gold.

                • vxxc says:

                  What I want; the vxxc manifesto-

                  What you want, but in reality not pixels or paper.

                  How to get it: God, guns, gold.
                  Now it will take God: that’s your dept if you take it.
                  Guns; leave to others.
                  Gold: it’s around. Always.

                  What winning looks like: Fathers at head of families.
                  Whites run things. I stop there.
                  The immigrants of last 50 years GO. By any means necessary. OUT.
                  (((They))) have no levers of power. Proved untrustworthy. Again.
                  We have a country of our own, like everyone else.
                  We run things.
                  The absolute negation of administrative govt.
                  The negation of rule by bureaucrats, judges.
                  The return of Constitutional govt. when you have an existing alternative we’ll consider that then. You don’t.

                  There you are.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t do anything stupid…

                • Vxxc says:

                  At Contaminator,

                  Thank you.

                  Not doing anything at all.
                  Just doing.

                  I say organize and wait.
                  Logistics organization for disasters is fine.

                  If it happened today what we lack is organization and logistics. Not 2d amendment tools.

                  God, gold, logistics…

                  But organize.
                  At the moment of truth be resolute.


                • 2019 is boring says:

                  There: nice and spelled out.
                  I said go and priest.
                  This must be the 10th time on this post I said go priest.

                  Stop condescending. You were heard the first time around. What you don’t grasp is that this is precisely what we’re trying to do here, which means that you waste bandwidth and sow confusion by repetitiously telling us to “go priest.” We already do, right in front of your nose.

                  the attackers here launch priest/counter priest attacks of words.

                  It is indispensable in order to figure out who is in and who is out, and most importantly, what is in and what is out. Telling those who are disrupting our coordination and/or who commit heresy against our worldview to GTFO is an integral part of the functions of this priesthood. We need to be clear about the means and the ends, and those who hinder that — by, among other things, posting unreadable spam — should be swiftly sent packing. Works great; the quality here keeps rising, and there’s no reason to compromise on it.

                  The idea that scribblings change the world is nonsense.

                  Dumbass. Ideas are way, way more powerful than guns. This is Reaction 101.

            • Eli says:

              I’ll help you out here a bit. One of those little actions I do is wear my MAGA hat in places where it’s generally not considered to be “appropriate.” I wear it almost anytime I’m in Boston (Back Bay) and some of surrounding areas, including where I shop and live. I also wore it in Lower Manhattan a few weeks ago and got actually mildly attacked by an effeminate homosexual (who tried to snatch it off). My friend from there who just minutes before that blabbered: “It’s New York, people don’t care here” or something like that, got a shock, as it happened right in front of him.

              So far, it has been slightly stressful, but the fun mostly outweighed that… except in Lower Manhattan, where stress prevailed over the fun. But maybe, if I lived there and forced myself to do it every day, I’d get desensitized. I mainly worried, because the population density is really high there, and ratio of crazy to normal is also way high.

              It usually takes some time to adjust. It also takes some thought and practice: you want to work on your frame, think of what you’d be doing in this or that situation etc. But, of course, you practice by doing, not just imagining or talking about it. My advice is to do it in places with cameras and witnesses. That way you have some evidential backup. It might not be of much actual help, but it helps psychologically. And if you feel that a certain area isn’t safe, than just take it off: baby steps are a-ok! Not everyone is alpha here, mkay?

              The point is to normalize your side. Just like niggers normalized pants down to the knees and sluts normalized cleavage and tattoos all over their body by simply walking around like that. You can normalize the existence of your side by wearing your colors.

              I’ve found that a good amount of people (including NAMs!) are actually appreciative and supportive. Make sure to give some smiles and enjoy it. The chicks (though definitely not all) might contort their faces as you pass them by, but (to me) it’s actually big part of the fun. Some people might even act threatening by cursing you or calling you a racist or even spitting your way (like what happened today). But other people might actually give you a slight approving nod or even approach and compliment you directly. That would definitely make your day! And you will definitely get a good amount of looks. It beats trolling on the Internet by orders of magnitude! 🙂

              And try to not get down to the level of the trash that’s unhappy w you. You triggered them, meaning you’ve won! Enjoy the victory and keep on walking.

              With some exceptions, the people who feel the need to actually negatively react on you, tend to be women or drunk guys with reacting women.

              So far, the breakdown is not minority vs White. It’s mostly women vs men.

              Heck, now I kinda understand how Haredi guys feel when walking in antisemitic areas of Europe. But it’s much worse for them, of course.

              P.S. another thing I do is wear my Trump yarmulke right underneath the MAGA hat. That way, if someone decides to knock it off, I’ll say: “oy vey! This is xenophobia, don’t do that!” It worked on the little gay guy, who thought he was saving the fag world, and was probably counting on being punched by a MAGA Nazi, until he saw that he was messing up a Jew… or maybe that’s just how I thought of it, cause he kinda scurried away promptly. But it worked once, so far.

              I don’t necessarily advocate the above. I mean, I keep it hidden at all times. I’m not a good Jew and feel it’s disingenuous to display my Judaism outwardly like that. You could try wearing some fag insignia hidden/quasi-hidden underneath, to confuse the enemy. Heck, wear a “gays for Trump” t-shirt, if it makes it go better. Gotta always play the game with some backup, even if to buy time.

              • Eli says:

                Oh, and definitely don’t order food at restaurants w a MAGA hat on. Also, don’t put any MAGA insignia on your vehicle (as Cominator has noted in one post).

              • calov says:

                Trump yarmulke?

              • Vxxc says:

                Thank you Eli,

                “The point is to normalize your side. Just like niggers normalized pants down to the knees and sluts normalized cleavage and tattoos all over their body by simply walking around like that. You can normalize the existence of your side by wearing your colors.”

                And Baby steps are fine.

              • alf says:

                That’s really good stuff.

                I have a Trump god-emperor poster in my shed, and a Trump shirt, but admittedly I will only wear the latter on ‘safe’ occassions.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                I can second what Eli is saying. My Trump 2024 t-shirt gets curses and aggressive primate posturing from brown males, venom stairs and actual verbal threats from white wahmen, bemusement from huwite males, and compliments from higher order immigrants (University Hindus and East Asians) as well as Trad black mails and Mexicans. Gays just act bewildered; only +size wahmen have engaged me about any of my right-wing kit.

        • 2019 is boring says:

          And one Viking is worth more than all the rest at outsideness.
          Because he’s an actor, not a talker.
          He’s punched niggers

          Viking provided neither consensus value (he was blue-pilled as fuck; it is people like him who supported the Mann Act of 1910), nor entertainment value (his walls of texts were so unreadable that even if he told jokes, nobody would be able to recognize them), nor information value (dubious anecdotes hardly count), nor insight value (no insights when IQ’s at 115), nor bully value (his insults were lame ass and reflected his blue-pilled thinking).

          Oh, he punched a nigger? Caamib also punched a nigger, yet that alone does not a contributing priest make. Perhaps if you were not an incorrigible faux-jingoist, you’d be able to tell that this community highly values smarts — not necessarily academic smarts, indeed, we take a rather dim view of academics, but genuine smarts of all types — and meme warfare, and therefore wants absolutely nothing to do with blue-pilled WOT-ranting ‘tards whose off-topic anecdotes’ themes and motifs are their sundry coke-induced brawls with members of the underclass and similarly trashy stuff.

          I’m quite skeptical of your ability to grasp what Nick Land really stands for, which requires an IQ of 135-140 at the very least. One need not be a true genius to grok Land, but dimwits would be better off staying far away from his turf.

          The problem with the Outside In community, indeed of NRx communities in general, is low-IQ dumbass infestation, of retarded people desperately craving to attach themselves to intellectuals and to embed themselves inside intellectual communities, without regard to their own extremely detrimental influence on the discourse that said intellectuals seek to cultivate. Land should have banned people for the following reasons: commenting on subjects one does not understand; bad writing; pointless flame-war mongering; ideological entryism; off-topic spam posts; non-ironic boomer-posting; being boring. But he is way too aloof to bother with that, so his Outside In project expectedly collapsed.

          Are you familiar with the Midas Touch of Shit? Everything the mythical King Midas touched instantly turned into gold, but some people possess the opposite quality: everything they touch instantly turns into shit. Take note.

          • vxxc says:

            Yes Dear.

            Following post is Deus Vult.

            I have everything I want there as a plan and goal, outcome.
            Now we just go get it.

            Now on the matter of Intelligence – the true wise man and the true Christian does not look down upon his “lessers.”
            He certainly doesn’t indulge in snobbery, nor does a priest.
            I’m glad your IQ tests high. I’m sure you can contribute in certain ways and earn a living.
            Rule nor Priesting you can’t. Not with that attitude.

            Now whatever you can do to save civilization please do.
            Meanwhile we have a fighting faith that can quite be preached on the next page.

            • 2019 is boring says:

              Now on the matter of Intelligence – the true wise man and the true Christian does not look down upon his “lessers.”

              I did not look down on anyone. I’m stating a factual observation: unpunctuated off-topic repeated rants about coke-induced brawling with niggers do not contribute to a high-IQ high-quality discussion board (to say the least), and are spammy noise at best. You can make a counter-case, and explain why viking’s behavior was perfectly justified, but instead you decided to become a Tone Policeman and tell me that I’m not truly intelligent or Christian. Gotcha.

              He certainly doesn’t indulge in snobbery, nor does a priest.

              Snobbery is about a possessing an unreasonably bad attitude towards those whose social class is lower. It is defined as:

              “A person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class.”

              Your accusation of snobbery does not apply to anything I wrote. Saying that unpunctuated anecdotes about coke-induced brawling with niggers do not contribute to (and do not belong in) an intellectual community that seeks to win over the priestly class is a factual observation, not a reflection of personal attitude – and it is a correct and valid factual observation, which you are not able to refute, and make no attempt to refuse.

              Notice that I’m trying to goad people to maintain at least minimal, basic participation quality and thus their ability to be productive posters and to communicate effectively, and in each and every case, instead of saying, “I understand what specifically I’m doing wrong, and I’ll try to mend my ways in the future,” they respond by personal attacks, usually completely off the mark. Why is it?

              I am telling you that spamming irrelevant gibberish on NRx boards is detrimental to the explicit purposes of the priesthood. Do you disagree with that? If not, then instead of criticizing my tone, you should accept that people like viking do not belong, and will never belong, and by siding with him, by telling us that is he is worth more than everyone at Outside In, you made a big mistake.

              There needs to be obedience. Strict obedience and ability to follow authority. When Jim told viking to start writing like a human, not like an ape, viking should have immediately obeyed. Failing to obey, Jim had every reason to delete him, just as he had every reason to delete all the other evil doers and mischief makers. The problem with NRx boards is never too much censorship, always too little. These boards should be the cream of the crop. Allowing shills, kooks, and retards is anathema to that, which is why they should be censored ruthlessly.

              You are telling us to stop throwing the dipshits out, criticizing Jim for deleting viking and Koanic and criticizing this community for trolling Koanic. Hey, I have another cool idea: throwing all — every single one, with no exceptions — of the dipshits out, and slamming the door shut. Yeah, I think that’d be way better.

              We are elitists – cognitive elitists. Quality control and quality assurance are of paramount importance to us. People should always be kept on their toes regarding whether or not they are being productive. A “priesthood” that allows people like viking in it is not a priesthood at all, but a chaotic agglomerate of baboons screaming and shrieking past each other.

              You are telling people whose IQ is vastly higher than yours that they are worthless, and that viking is more valuable than all of them combined. For saying that, I’m telling you that you’re an idiot, and that you have no grasp of what a priesthood is. Now you can respond with “I was wrong, and I should not have said that or even insinuated that,” and that would be that. Or you can keep digging that hole you’re in.

              I’ll repeat: we seek quality control and quality assurance. Unpunctuated rants about irrelevant stuff are the opposite of that. Posting unreadable screeds is the opposite of that. Prior to getting trounced, the offenders are given ample warnings to stop offending. They are given enough chances to do better. Instead of obeying, instead of responding with “I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better,” they always invariably double down on whatever made them unlikable in the first place. And so it goes.

              You claim to be a veteran, so the language of obedience, and punishments for disobedience, should not be incomprehensible to to you. Getting rid of those who don’t contribute, who ruin it for the rest fo the group, who disrupt in-group cooperation and coordination, should hopefully be a notion that you’re fairly acquainted with.

              If you can’t grasp why people who post unpunctuated unreadable boring rants about brawling with niggers in some New York slums 40 years ago don’t belong in a cognitively elitist priesthood, if you can’t grasp why posting endless blue-pilled insults regarding Jim and everyone else here being “child molesting pedophiles” is something that should be absolutely avoided on Jim’s blog, you’re irredeemable for our purposes. In that case, you should stick to doing warrior stuff and stop mingling with priests.

              I’m glad your IQ tests high. I’m sure you can contribute in certain ways and earn a living.

              I never said anything about my IQ, ever. Nor do I brag about my contributions (people who have been following me for the past half-decade know what they are) or about my ability to earn a living. Notice that you make a discussion very personal for no reason, without addressing any actual claims that I’ve made. Why is it?

              Rule nor Priesting you can’t. Not with that attitude.

              Noticing that Outside In collapsed because Nick Land allowed retards to post, because he failed to take out the trash, because he allowed the trash to pile on and on, has nothing to do with my attitude or my tone – it’s about pointing out what should be avoided in order to not meet a similar fate. If the retards had not been gradually kicked out of here, this community would have become a mirror of Outside In and other NRx comment sections. A “priesthood” that allows people like viking in it is not a real priesthood, and has zero justification to claim that title.

              Viking was an ideological enemy and a retard, and I kindly advise you to stop defending ideological enemies and retards, and certainly to avoid telling us that ideological enemies and retards are more valuable and worthy than entire communities of genuine intelligent members of NRx.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                1) The new post is breddy gudd and i feel it requires both everyone of values contributions, as well you laying down the axe on shills, though Commenator is already on patrol.

                2) I’m not leaping to defend Vxxc per se, but this previous exchange, coupled with stuff i have observed in my own life, made me think about the dynamic between Priest & Warrior, which i translate to Officer & Enlisted (i never served but i study military history formally in addition to informal study my whole life, so i have some opinions and positions that comport with many military minded, but i also say stuff that rubs service members ((former and current)) wrong because i am an outsider, so i obviously don’t speak for them and will attempt to eschew their shibboleths).

                3) You are not wrong in your observations about [paraphrasing you as a summation but of course correct me if am botching it] what killed off all those Nrx sites that seemed to have so much promise. I came to the “scene” in 2015 through a serendipitous and solitary chain of events. I got to the show just as it was tearing itself apart. So many dead links. So many arguments unfinished. It was like wandering an abandoned city of thought, uncertain if it has been dead a thousand years or a day. Pouring over the logs, it was always the comment sections that would tell you about what was going on behind the posts. It took me a long time figure out the various clades of reactionary and why these brilliant political theorists just fell apart and disappeared.

                At the same time, Vxxc is dealing with being a man of action in a place of words. Do that for too long and you start to idealize morons and despise good men. I’ve seen it with service guys a lot at university, but also in my forays into blue collar, union, and less-than-savory worlds. Talk is cheap, so valuable talk by definition must be voluminous, and some action guys lake the capacity to wade through the horseshit.

                4) I’m not talking down at either of you lads, nor do i really seek a corrective from or for either of you. You are right; ‘tards need patrolling almost more than thots. He is right; one warrior is easily worth 1000 priests. But i urge you to consider that there are plenty of low IQ lads who can field strip, follow orders, and make red rivers run (and go home from the ‘field and raise good children). So to, Vxxc should consider how terribly effective 1 priest, when well trained, confident, and capable, can be at getting thousands of warriors to do the unthinkable (win will losing, beat the odds, march over deserts, etc.).

                And i deeply respect you both for very different reasons so i felt it permissible for the acolyte to admonish his betters. I will take my respective beatings in silence. 😉

                • shaman says:

                  Saying that one warrior is worth a 1,000 priests strikes me as a wild exaggeration, provided we’re talking about good priests.

                  Moreover, saying that viking, who is not a warrior, but a degenerate retarded cuckolded faggot spambot who has the Midas Touch of Shit, is worth more than all the commentators at Outside In combined, is insane and stupid; it is an asinine statement that reflects an incapacity to appreciate true intelligence, and an inability to recognize glaring idiocy.

                  Warriors should be the ruling class, but a low-ranking soldier (to say nothing about someone who isn’t even that, like viking) has nothing to do inside the priesthood, and is not in a position to bark orders. Warriors should rule, but to say that one warrior is more important than the entire priesthood is too insane to merit a response other than vehement ridicule.

                  I am going to prevent Jim’s blog from becoming a graveyard full of IQ 90-115 ghosts. We will make this into a high-quality discussion board, and those who don’t like it are enjoined to start their own communities. What happened at Outside In and in the rest of NRx cannot be allowed to happen here. Not a single reactionary blog fell apart due to excessive censorship – all of them died ignominiously because of no quality assurance and no quality control. It will be a breath of fresh air to only read comments that pass the sanity test, are interesting, informative, and insightful.

                  Ideas are more powerful than guns, and a warrior who can’t grasp that has no business intermingling with priests. He should first of all accept that we are the knowledge faction, and that our power, particularly when our memes are coordinated, is immense – and that this is not an egalitarian kindergarten, and not everyone has a “right to participate,” indeed, most people should stay away. It doesn’t matter if one wants to participate; it matters whether or not one can contribute. No contribution, no participation; negative value equals the ban-hammer. Very simple.

                  If Vxxc can wrap his head around that, he may be able to contribute. Barging in here and barking senseless orders is not what he should be doing, and he certainly should not be defending pieces of crap like viking. If the only thing Vxxc understands is warfare, he should divulge advice solely about that – he should not interfere in our memetic coordination. He is welcome to share his thoughts about the one subject he (presumably) actually understands, but otherwise he should tone down his condescension by several orders of magnitude.

                  I highly respect low-IQ warriors who stick to warfare. I don’t respect at all low-IQ people (warriors or otherwise) who cannibalize NRx boards, which is none of their business. Their Midas Touch of Shit needs to be ruthlessly combated wherever it asserts or manifests itself. Viking should be banned on sight. Vxxc should not be banned, he has some good qualities, but he should stick to informing us about war-related subjects, e.g. weaponry and so forth, and should not tell Grand Inquisitor Jim and Archbishop Alf to “go priest” as if we haven’t all been devoting hours upon hours to doing precisely that.

                  One either takes out the garbage, or is taken out by it.

                • alf says:

                  Yes, per Jim, we wait. Now is not yet the time for action.

                  You don’t want to devolve into all talk, no action. But that’s not my experience. I’m doing lots of stuff offline. For instance, I have enough friends, warriors among them, who know my politics, and even if they don’t agree a hundred percent, I have certainly contributed to shifting their overton window. It’s not that hard – just point out the madness.

                  But beyond that, no reason to do anything stupid. I take it easy.

                  I guess at some point in the future, when the time comes, we jump into action. That might be exciting. But that time is not now.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >I am going to prevent Jim’s blog from becoming a graveyard full of IQ 90-115 ghosts.

                  As a lurker too retarded and poor at reality testing to contribute, I greatly appreciate this. Thank you.

  12. vxxc says:

    I got banned from Twitter twice.
    Don’t care.

    We just move.
    And talking including posting is not action.
    As a means of communication fine.
    Even coordination.

    But it will never get us home.
    Radios don’t win wars.
    They certainly improved communications- that’s it.


  13. BC says:

    Looks like the Counter-Counter-Coup is currently unfolding. They may be scared, but until Trump starts arresting people they hold all the cards. In 6 months time they’ll be no Trump supporters left on Social Media.

    • The Cominator says:

      The other side also as Jim describes seems to be far more holiness spiral then command and control.

      Ben Shapiro is a CIA controlled op shill and always has been (I have a dissenting view on Peterson and don’t know enough Prager except I think hes suing google and as such he can’t be all bad) and yet CIA google had him labeled a nazi anyway when theoretically controlled op shills are supposed to be amplified as the responsible good controlled op right not as “nazis”.

      This tells me right now the Cathedral is basically a chicken with its head cut off, its dying and we’ve essentially won… but its still running around in its death throes.

  14. Vxxc says:

    Back to work.

    Jim- with respect could we have a post about the great replacement?
    And the reaction to it?

    Some Japanese have just noticed globalism is dying.

    I can’t top that title.

    Truth. If the Fleet stops guarding the Persian gulf Japan will have to scramble to get resources, and best part Middle East and Africa starve without food imports. Which require ships.
    Which require the fleet.

    As I point out to them we’re killing globalism so America and Europe can survive. So it’s a done deal.
    It may take war but we’ll live.

    Readers; don’t doubt it.
    You’ll want to live too.
    Popcorn snark all you want- you’ll fight to live.

    • ten says:

      yeah, africa will have trouble feeding the 1.5 billion dumbasses they bred once people get busy in their own backyards. there should be a collapse back to stone age population levels. with any luck, the smarter and more organized nignogs are the ones to survive so we can be rid of the fscking pest of african daycare

  15. Vxxc says:

    I still think you can’t top Grand Moff Tarkin.

    You wanna give me shit, Princess?

    Watch me literally destroy your entire world.

  16. Vxxc says:

    There is another way to pass the shit test of being the calm, no nonsense just ignore her bullshit and press on with business “lets get to work” no smiling or playing along professional.

    Like; her father…

    That would work unless you already flirted.

    In which case turn into sexual Darth Vader and her princess leia….

    Truth be told Grand Moff Tarkin passed her shit test better than Vader.
    He got annoyed.

    • jim says:

      In a long term relationship, she is apt to find shit tests that are harder to pass.

      • calov says:

        I know. What do you do then?

        • alf says:

          You pass the test, because that’s all you can do.

          My girl used to watch Temptation Island, and she’d remark that I would be a terrible participant, because after the first evening I’d be sick of all the drama and lock myself up in the bedroom with a book or something.

          I think that’s the male approach: no need to create drama.

          But, woman create drama. It’s just what they do. And they want you to play along with at least the minimum of drama they create. Like a mini-play. So, that’s what I do. My girl is as sweet as they come, but once every now and then, she’ll throw a scene, boy o boy. Seemingly out of nowhere, BOOM, she’ll get me. But, she needs to do that, so I play along. I’ll roleplay being angry or arrogant or dismissive, which is not completely roleplay, just me exaggerating my instinctive male instincts. I know it is over when she hugs me. Sometimes, her shit-tests teach me something about myself.

          • The Cominator says:

            I think seriously (but do not know) the shit test you failed was letting her watch that in the 1st place.

            • alf says:


              Yes an argument can be made for that. But really, I don’t think it is so harmful. She watches series on Netflix as well. I dunno, I guess I could forbid it (hehe that would be quite the fight), but I don’t really see the reason. Bitches need relaxation activities.

              • The Cominator says:

                Reality tv is cancer worse then normal tv since although scripted the horrible people are supposed to be “real”.

                I suppose there aren’t many positive female characters you’d want your girl identifying with made in recent years or show that positively portray men… there WAS Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones (a fundamentally sweet selfless heroine without a feminist bone in her body) but they ruined her at the end and made the big female winner the awful cunt Sansa. They botched the job though.

                I love Old Simpsons but that is when the women good men bad shit started.

                Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is okay (and actually funny) because the characters are too obviously awful to influence anyone…

                Jims suggestion would to be watch I Love Lucy with her.

                • alf says:

                  She’s actually currently watching Game of Thrones.

                  Together we either watch stuff on YouTube or random stuff I want to watch (currently embracing my inner weeb and watching Jojo’s Grand Adventure). I’ll put I Love Lucy on the perhaps in the future list.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The only two women your girlfriend should identify with on GoT though are Maergary and Dany.

                  Arya is a Mary Sue tomboy not cancer but not great so shes okay.

                  You must always point out what an evil cunt Sansa is and that she deserves everything that happens to her for being a lying selfish bitch who betrayed the people she should have been loyal to and that the end sucked.

                • alf says:

                  I am not so much into micromanagement but I’ll try to remember 😂

                • Friendly Fred says:

                  My son makes me watch hours of Nostalgia Critic with him.

      • Poochman says:

        Shit tests only occur when she is unsure if you are an alpha and unsure of your value. If you maintain being an alpha male on a mission, shit tests don’t occur. The problem of men being shit tested in long term relationships are the result of her starting to figure out you really weren’t that alpha to begin with.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Shit tests only occur when she is unsure if you are an alpha ”

          Which she eventually will have doubts about unless you consistently act like General Buck Naked.

          • Poochman says:

            General Buck Naked is not the only form of alpha although surely some women will have preference for it. Some will not.

            • The Cominator says:

              The real problem with consistently acting like General Butt Naked (other then if you are not psychotic you won’t like it) is you are likely to end up imprisoned or dead.

              Even General Butt (yes it is Butt I had it wrong) Naked decided to stop acting like himself after a while.

              • jim says:

                > Even General Butt Naked decided to stop acting like himself after a while

                Unfortunately female sexual preferences have not evolved significantly since the days when men still looked rather like apes, because we are descended from peoples, tribes, and clans where female sexual choice was forbidden.

                To stop women from preferring General Butt Naked, have to have him caned in public.

                • ten says:

                  what do you think of letting female sexual choice run it’s evolutionary course? a scenario like maintaining some Ark civ while the flood of sexual misconduct hell-bakes women into not doing their thing anymore. possible, desirable?

                • jim says:

                  In an environment of defect/defect, evolution will select for defection.

                  Good women are made, not born.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The natural course of it appears to result in Idiocracy. Anyone suggesting this course of action is fucked up, talks like a fag, and their shit is retarded.

            • jim says:

              All Women Are Like That.

              • Friendly Fred says:

                My three-year-old niece isn’t Like That. She’s mainly into stating facts about her environment, one by one — long lists of facts.

                Also, another niece used to draw long funny cartoon-stories about dragons and cats. I haven’t seen her for a few years (since she was about 10), so I don’t know what she’s up to now.

              • Poochman says:

                To an extent. All women are not exclusively attracted to men that kill people for a living. Explain why women want to fuck athletes, actors, and other alphas. These men are not General Buck Naked.

                Explain why my LTR of 1 year (an attractive female in her peak fertility years), doesn’t shit test me and is still immensely attracted to me even though my mission in life is not killing people.

                • alf says:

                  Because alphas are the kind of people who can kill people. That’s what a status marker signifies.

                  As for actors; they are a smokescreen, mostly. They pretend to be people who can kill people. It’s a rough job.

                  my LTR of 1 year doesn’t shit test me

                  I did not know unicorns existed.

                • Poochman says:

                  I surely doubt any female is fucking Tiger Woods or Tom Brady because they can kill people. In their particular fields of study, they are incredibly alpha. They are ambitious, focused, high value, high achieving men with violence or the threat of violence factoring in 0% to what they do.

                  All women generally select for the same thing (status), but by the very laws of nature all women do not select for the exact same thing.

                  Some women prefer tall men. Some men prefer short men. Some women prefer bald men. Some women prefer brown haired men. Some women prefer criminals. Some women prefer athletes. And so on.

                  Variances in female selection over time is evolution.

                • alf says:

                  Some men prefer short men

                  Again, I am unaware of these unicorns. A woman preferring a short man is like a man preferring an ugly woman; it is because they can’t get any better.

                  Violence, or the ability to perform violence, is always a factor. Women don’t look at status like men. Per Jim, a woman’s view of status is much like a kid raised among cannibals’ view of status.

                • ten says:

                  You seem to be arguing that women do not necessarily need violence or potential violence to consider a man alpha. That argument does not need to be made, don’t think anyone thinks so.

                  If Tiger Woods with girlfriend suddenly encountered General Butt Naked on the course, girlfriend would quickly come to see the General as outranking Tiger Woods by leagues and miles. Essentially this is because if they would come to a fight over her, mr. Naked would not agree to settle it by golf. And he would win, carrying her off over his shoulders, mere inches away from Tiger’s eyes dangling freshly added to the Generals signature necklace.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The only exception to women fucking for status is women fucking certain types of artists and musicians…

                  I’ve heard it argued that women do this because these types have status but I don’t see it consistently. Comedians just don’t pull pussy like musicians do.

                • jim says:

                  Because everyone is looking at the entertainer, this registers on the woman’s lizard brain as high status. Because everyone is laughing at the comedian, this does not register on the woman’s lizard brain as high status.

                • Poochman says:

                  That could never happen though (in the current US society). A legion of cops, sheriffs, and security would quickly pummel General Buck Naked unconscious and swiftly escort him off the premises. Perhaps the General could have more success off the course, but I still imagine Tiger’s team of 10-20 huge personal bodyguards would make quick work of him.

                  In a different society, Africa or something, I would have to agree.

                  A woman who is 5’0 may prefer a man who is 5’8 instead of 6’8. That’s not a unicorn.

                  I will agree and acknowledge that some women have a primitive view of male status. Yet others, either due to environmental/societal factors or genetics (i’m not sure), are apt to view male status in a way that is more congruent with societal norms and the law.

                  Criminals don’t get the best pussy (althoug they do get some pussy). Actors, athletes, high powered CEOs, musicians, and other celebs get the best pussy.

                • jim says:

                  > Yet others, either due to environmental/societal factors or genetics (i’m not sure), are apt to view male status in a way that is more congruent with societal norms and the law.

                  I have cruised the world for chicks, and I just don’t see that. How is Bezos doing? If unicorns exist, one should surely have found her way to him. Why did Feynman have to do what I have been doing? He was famous. A unicorn should have shown up in his office, supposedly to ask for help with her coursework.

                  Chicks write hot letters to men in prison for rape, cannibalism, and murder. Why not to Feynman and Bezos? Why did Feynman have to cruise for chicks in places where he did not have any inherent status, rather than hang out in his academic stamping grounds where he was extremely high status? If there are unicorns around, one would have found Feynman.

                • alf says:

                  A 1,50 m woman will dream of a 2,00 m man over a 1,75 m man. I have seen one case of a noticably short man with a long, pretty girl, but it was obvious he compensated for his shortness.

                  Criminals don’t get top pussy? I dunno, I think top criminals get top pussy.

                • Not Tom says:

                  some women have a primitive view of male status. Yet others, either due to environmental/societal factors or genetics (i’m not sure), are apt to view male status in a way that is more congruent with societal norms and the law.

                  Back up your assertions. Show us these women who view male status in terms of beta provider attributes and do so in a way that demonstrably affects their sexual choices in the presence of primitive alphas, i.e. not lying or empty virtue signaling.

                  Your girlfriend doesn’t count. We don’t know who you are, don’t know how attractive she is, can’t trust you to be objective, can’t verify that she isn’t banging other men on the side, and definitely can’t verify that she doesn’t fantasize about being taken by someone more alpha. And even if all of those things could be proven, 1 year is nothing (it’s literally on the scale of serial LTRs).

                  Who are these unicorns? Show us an HB7 or better who has provably been given the option of General Butt Naked and opted for Jeff Bezos instead, and never cheated or expressed regret for years afterward. There are 4 billion women in the world, surely you must be able to locate actual evidence for at least one.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  Criminals don’t get the best pussy (althoug they do get some pussy). Actors, athletes, high powered CEOs, musicians, and other celebs get the best pussy.

                  First of all take CEOs out of that list – google what Jeff Bezos has to content himself with – if CEOs get top quality pussy it’s not because they’re CEOs it’s due to the same qualities that led to him becoming a CEO – manliness and extroversion and they’d do just as well without the CEO position.

                  The confounding factor here is opportunity – women are passive and they’ll size up the men around and decide that the highest status one is the top man. For the most part non-lower class women aren’t organically around many criminals – this says exactly zero about how they’ll act if they are.

                • Poochman says:

                  I already provided examples. Google the girlfriends/wives of Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, and even Donald Trump (all alpha and all not violent criminals). Some of the most high value women in the world or at least in America. Surely, these women had the option to select violent criminal alphas but they chose non-violent alphas instead.

                  Now I won’t argue against El Chapo getting the top pussy in a less civilized country like Mexico so perhaps societal factors are at play.

                • jim says:

                  > I already provided examples


                  Entertainers score top pussy by attention. It is the groupie effect. The stony broke unsuccessful guitar player also scores while performing for an audience that pays by tossing in the occasional small coin. Trump scored by holding beauty pageants and presiding over the pageant, making himself the center of attention at the pageant. Less wealthy men score ballet dancers by a similar tactic. It is surprisingly economical to be top male in front of a bunch of ballet dancers, though you cannot do it at the actual show, the ballet holds events for sponsors at which sponsors get the alpha treatment.

                  The bride running off with the starving homeless musician, hired to play at the wedding, used to be a standard joke in the old days, even though the groom called the tune, so was the alpha in male eyes.

                  Bidos and Musk, on the other hand, are alpha as hell by male social standards, but are hard up for pussy. If Bidos cannot score, what non violent alpha can?

                  We see men who are wealthy and powerful manipulating women and social events so that hot chicks will be attracted to them. If there were unicorns around, they would not need to be so devious.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Tiger Woods


                  Anyway, you didn’t give us proof that these unicorn women exist. You pointed out men who are commonly regarded as alphas by other men and whom you assume are coupled with women who meet those characteristics, but don’t actually know anything about those women.

                  Again, show us women who had the option of getting with GBN but chose the “civilized alpha” instead, and never cheated or divorced or expressed regrets. Otherwise, you’re talking out of your ass.

                  So far, your reasoning is, essentially, “I don’t want to believe that the object of my oneitis is like that, therefore NAWALT.” Absolutely, positively, not an argument.

  17. Opioidus says:

    Jim or anyone else reading this comment please I need help. How do I deal with a disruptive female at work? She was super flirty in the beginning, I passed her shit tests with ease and she saw the many plates who call me or come to visit me and so on. But she wasn’t attractive enough so I never took the next step. I think now that I passively rejected her she’s become vengeful and constantly disrespects me. This isn’t the first time this happens to me btw, I’ve had this problem with most women I interact with but don’t fuck, it goes like this: we flirt, she waits for me to ask her out, we flirt some more, she waits some more, then she starts to slowly turn from flirtatious to vengeful. This usually takes about a couple months or so.

    I’ve tried ignoring her to no avail, before I have seriously and angrily confronted these women but that has proven to be a costly strategy, one time I got into legal trouble with the company and they asked me to leave, another time it made the disrespect stop but the whole group became tense and awkward for months until I had to leave. This is proving to be a very difficult thing to handle.

    • vxxc says:

      Bang her.

      Scare her banging her.
      Escalate until she backs off nicely.
      Scare her period (after fucking)

      If your girl finds out- its just business.

      PS- you were fucked by passing the shit tests if it included flirting at all…
      Coldly ignoring was the only win w/o fucking.

      Now she’s scorned.

      Finish the job.

      • Opioidus says:

        Man this is so fucked up, I can never fuck this repulsive whore like the other guy suggested, I only hate fuck women I actually like, I’m not an ape and I don’t actually enjoy hurting women it’s just something I know I should do to give them pleasure and keep em around. I am so thoroughly repulsed by her that I can’t bring myself to even think about fucking her. I think you’re right about me fucking myself by flirting and passing shit tests, I guess I led her on, since getting red pilled though it’s the only way I can interact with women, teasing, making fun of them, ignoring what they say, assuming the sale.. I think I need a significant mental effort to discriminate between women.

        How do you suggest I interact with women I don’t want to sleep with fren? Do I act beta? Silent, strong type? How can I be flirty, loud and player-like with one girl and turn cold with another right in front of them? Life isn’t supposed to be this hard honestly.

    • jim says:

      I have not been all that successful at stopping drama from escalating, so I may well be the wrong person to ask for advice.

      On the other hand, despite a fair bit of drama and fair bit of entirely real sexual harassment, I have never been fired for either one.

      Non verbal counts for more than verbal. Maintain ten feet distance from her. If you cannot keep that distance without the need to retreat, tell her verbally or non verbally to keep her distance. When drama ensues, tell her to cut it out or you are going to complain to your boss. Then complain to your boss. While the problem is her is non verbal, and words fail to cut reality at the joints, the boss and human resources need it to be verbal, so take notes. Prepare for apocalyptic escalation.

      Raising your voice is a failure mode, since raising your voice is drama and she wants drama, albeit I have failed in that way frequently. Ignore her as much as possible. When she speaks to you without being spoken to, ignore her. If she interrupts you, or responds immediately after you say something that was not addressed to her, tell her to let you speak, or let someone else speak. Never give her a substantive response, because nothing she says is likely to have its ostensible meaning. Attempting to decipher her words as communicating something about the supposed subject of those words is likely to be a waste of time and mental energy, and a distraction from saving your job. Don’t attempt to make peace – she will see it as weakness, redouble her attack, and use any peace gestures against you. The closer you are to her, the more she is likely to behave irrationally.

      She is going do disruptive things to force you to pay attention. These disruptive things will be bad for getting tasks done. Record them as ammunition for the apocalyptic conflict. Assume that one of you is going to get fired or resign, and you are not going to resign, so prepare for a conflict in which she tries to get you fired by any means necessary, and gets fired or resigns. Treat her a wild animal that is for some bizarre reason allowed to wander the workplace without being leashed and might well bite if you get too close to it, or it gets too close to you.

      • Opioidus says:

        I don’t want the drama brother, I’m going to change my job yet again. Thankfully it won’t hurt my career much since my job is on high demand but I have to start doing something. Failing shit tests is not an option if there are girls I actually like in the vicinity. Seems like nobody has any ideas.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      “This isn’t the first time this happens to me btw, I’ve had this problem with most women I interact with but don’t fuck, it goes like this: we flirt, …”

      Well, next job don’t flirt with the randoms in the first place.

      If you’re too devastatingly handsome and charming for women to control themselves in your presence, make an early mention of your fiancee, your love of anime, or something similar.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        I feel like he’s leaving out details, like she is a water buffalo. What is more, he signs off indicating he didn’t get good advice (Vxxc: fuck her into submission/Jim: gather ammo for winning the HR battle) and that he is just going to leave the job. Serial creeper from the data provided. He compulsively engages with moose women then is completely miffed when he has problems.

  18. Wartime News says:

    “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.”

    -The Godfather

    … the leading Democrats among the pack of 24 candidates all effectively share the same views on immigration as they demand amnesty for all illegal aliens and more legal immigration to the U.S. to satisfy the needs of big business.

    …Elected Democrats will soon attempt to expand voting rights in deep blue states for illegal aliens, an election fraud expert says.

    Last week, Democrats in New York state approved and signed into law a plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens with the backing of the business lobby.

    • vxxc says:

      Remember NY SAFE ACT?

      Uh huh.

      There’s already slow simmering resistance of the same kind brewing west of Albany. Clerks saying they won’t issue licenses, etc.
      Sheriffs made it clear about the 2d amendment years ago with SAFE act.
      Of course this ties into our replacement – far more important to the Left.
      If they win the great replacement they could care less for elections.
      Especially as they will not beat Trump.

      Hence while amnesty is electoral suicide the Left has it’s marching orders especially all those bureaucrats. Hence the united front.

      1. There are people in the hollers of northern west virginia aka western NY that may surprise you. They certainly surprised Andy Coumo.

      2. Hence the great replacement is acutely critical in NY state.

      3. Now would be the time to scroll over to the Molon Labe 2d amendment crowd and prithee oh Priests to minister to the great unwashed dirt people that The Great Disarmament having failed their mortal enemy proceeds to The Great Replacement. You wish to be Priests?
      Then go Priest.
      The Dirt warriors await you.

      You don’t have to general.
      Just go Priest.

      The priesting I mean of course is political priesting, explain to them not just the broad moves but the details of how the Left is already using its stranglehold on the bureaucracy to “manipulate procedural outcomes” which is why we have record border crossings. Claiming asylum and all that…

      For Dirt people make things work and are always interested in details.
      It would be inescapable for them hearing the details to not realize (what they already know) that we’re not voting our way out of this…

      (A point you so want to make about democracy? Yes?)

      You want to preach? Go preach.
      Make Moldbugs points and neorxn intelligible for people who are smarter than most know but don’t like to spend a lot of time getting to the point (jobs don’t allow online browsing all day)

      • vxxc says:

        You wanna priest?

        Go priest.


        Sure. Vote Trump.

        But don’t believe in elections until they work.
        They’re not as of now working.

        He hasn’t failed yet but he isn’t succeeding either.
        Nor will he on this course.

        Unless he confronts the permanent government directly and wins – a very long shot – they will not only ignore him but REPLACE YOU.

        We are not voting our way out of this.

        There’s the sermon Father.

        Go forth and priest.

        Neither God nor Gnon rewards snobbery… BTW

        • Not Tom says:


          …won’t make much of a difference politically once democracy is dissolved, and can easily be reversed by an absolute monarch.


          And? What do you want us to do about it?

          Make Moldbugs points and neorxn intelligible for people who are smarter than most know but don’t like to spend a lot of time getting to the point

          That sounds more like the alt-right/white nationalist mandate, and approximately the opposite of what NRx is trying to do.

          The basic tenets are trivial: capitalism is ancient, females are hypergamous, and AIACC. But you can’t derive an ought from an is, and it takes patience and effort to integrate an entire moral and intellectual framework.

          Fortunately, casuals don’t need to understand any of this. They only need to understand that following the program will get them laid and give them stable happy families and safe streets.

  19. Phil Carson says:

    You write some pretty good shit. I like this one.

    Remember when you mentioned the god emperor hadn’t taken full power?
    He seems to be getting there.
    It will be pretty interesting when Mr. Trump acquires full power, because I imagine his enemies, being my enemies, will have suffered intrinsic losses of their illusions of legitimacy, will have their corrupt petards turned upon them.
    I think too, a cascade failure of being able to survive that long standing illegitimacy and institutional corruption, will precede a preference cascade of a vast plurality of dirt people consciously, overtly, but with the usual prudence, withdrawing their Consent. Per say the next zeitgeist, comes after the color revolution of 11-8-16.

    It is very important at least for me as a natural born dirt people to state no matter what the ruling elite’s, (for now), do to “stop the message”, their attempts at thought policing and censorship of badthink has hod no effect upon the underlying manifest motive power and audacity so many of us dirt people of the honorable resistance share.
    We are legion in numbers. Pretty soon in relative political time line, we will become A Legion, as we approach that great inflection point of changing the dialectic, as only us white Christian Men of The West do.

    The hubris of the sonofabitches is delicious.
    They have no idea of the unintended consequences they are creating.

    Payback Bitchez

    • calov says:

      Imo white Christian males should not unironically adopt negro slang like “payback bitchez”, as amusing as it may sometimes be. I mean I do it too, but I shouldn’t, because it is cooperating with the media’s efforts to make ghetto negro culture dominant and high status.

      • Phil Carson says:

        You are not being honest.
        There is nothing amusing about it you gamma asshole.
        Speak for yourself, I am a white Christian Man, SJW’s, besides being liars, faggots and carpet munchers, call us Men of The West “white males”, we are White Men, and it isn’t nigger slang either where this form of Bitchez come from you smart ass.

        And if you had any balls or courage to stand up for being a Christian Man, nitpicking useless bullshit like this would not be on your radar.

        • alf says:

          I hear Calov, I don’t know of any origin of bitchez other than blacks mispelling bitches. But whatever floats your boat.

          Imitating Moroc slang is a thing in Holland. People use it ironically, but they still use it. I sometimes use it, although not so much in the ‘imitating a badboy’ style it is typically used.

          I dislike most rap music for the same reason. But some stuff I like —

        • The Cominator says:

          I strongly recommend you do not unironically call someone a “gamma” here.

          Vox Day’s sexual hierarchy is bullshit and so are a lot of his other beliefs are as well, he has his good points but you are going to be considered a tard if you show yourself a blind follower of his here.

          • Not Tom says:

            It wasn’t even a reasonable example of how Vox Day defines gamma. It’s weird when people use that as an all-purpose insult; the target is either not going to know what it means (thus ineffective), or know what it means and that it doesn’t apply (thus ineffective).

            Maybe the term once meant something useful, but it’s now used in the same way communists use the word “capitalist” or progressives use “white supremacist” – a lazy way to paint a target on someone’s back.

            • calov says:

              Vox Day’s definition of a gamma would be a guy who is somewhat smart but full of ressentiment against leaders and alphas and so would come on Jim’s blog and try to correct Jim and take over his blog. But completely lack the ability to inspire and lead other men like an alpha. Is that right?

              • Not Tom says:

                Hating/envying alphas is part of it, but it’s more about having feminine psychology and the panoply of irritating behaviors that come with it: concern-trolling, passive-aggressiveness, self-sabotage, petty/catty insults, psychoanalyzing, shaming, humblebragging, solipsism, verbal diarrhea, and generally conveying the sense of failing to be properly recognized for one’s obvious greatness.

                And ironically – or maybe intentionally, as part of an elaborate troll op? – Phil just demonstrated nearly all of those behaviors in his latest reply, complete with the atrocious writing style that frequently accompanies them. If a Vox commenter behaved that way, he’d probably be kicked off for being gamma.

                (Disclaimer: this is merely an attempt to convey Vox’s definition. I don’t endorse his SSH. I normally refer to this archetype as bitches, bitchboys or plain old fags.)

        • calov says:

          You’re right that I kind of ignored your post and criticized what seemed to me like your use of Ebonics, and I can see how you would take that as a slight. But I didnt mean it that way. I completely agree with your point about “dirt people” not falling for the brainwashing, and assuming I know what you mean by “dirt people” I also think they–you?–are worthy of a lot of respect. But you’re wrong about who I am. Because I’m a white Christian man I recognize that we ought to talk like white Christian men and not feral gutter negroes, though through most of my lifetime the media has been trying to make gutter negro speech and culture dominant and high status. If in your world “bitchez” is not Ebonics, it just means you and I come from different places, and my criticism didn’t apply to you.

          • Phil Carson says:

            Your still being dishonest. You just couched it politely trying to save face among your peers on this comment thread.
            Where is your prudence dude?
            You did more than a slight, your intention was to be disruptive.
            You did not like what my comment was about. That is your liberty. But, it scared you, along with a few others here obviously as they have jumped on the self emasculation circle jerk bandwagon, you permitted your fears to run your mouth. Thats called cowardice. Emasculated men do that.
            Do you recognize what the thought police of the human extinction movement has done to you? I truly hope it hits you how much you been brainwashed, and you recognize you been had by political correctness.
            Aside from that the self emasculating taint of your comment is repulsive.
            I feel some how infected by it when gamma’s start flinging it around like monkeys flinging their poop.

            Gamma’s are the ultimate self bullshitters, have no sense of probity, it is why they are gammas, their standing to resist anything eroding their dignity is lost, a society of such emasculated liars is easy to control. Marx called them his useful dupe.
            I got no truck with your opinion about something, what I do take exception to is your, and your pals here making chicken shit drive by shooting comments, is you self appointed yourself Jims Blog thought police and speech Nazi. Who the fuck do you think you are?
            I have to have your approval and permission first? Or I am a proscribed person? Look at you fucking pussies slinking around with your squat when you piss comments.

            Not a one of you has enough balls to write what I had the personal conviction and courage to state in my first comment.
            But it is not what I wrote that bothers you, it is that you don’t have the grit to write such things to begin with. So you struck out in fear and shame from deep down in your warrior brains.
            You guys are afraid, you let your fears control you. Your all smug and front of the bus, making cheesy snark, you may fool your fellow commenter’s.

            If you all don’t suck it up and grow a set of fucking ball’s, your not going to make it thru whats coming down the pike at us.
            It is called genocide. Genocide against White Christian Men of The West, against our Greco/Roman 2000 year culture and history.

            The definition of implementing Totalitarianism is to make everyone you possibly can afraid, then those who are not afraid stick out like a sore thumb and you can pick them off in detail, because those afraid will rush to point them out in order to save their own hides.

            It is the ultimate emasculation. And you boys fit right in far as I can see.
            Who among you, commenting or lurking has the balls to stick up for what I’m saying here?
            Or are you all going to stand by thinking if I keep my piehole shut I’ll be safe?

            And by the way, Bitchez, comes from the FreeFor comment thread community. It is like a left handed term of effection, like we are all in this together, it all begins with each of us, TINVOWOOT, (There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This), and BFYTW, aka because fuck you thats why, like come and take em motherfuckers.

            • 2019 is boring says:

              This is not a “big tent” kind of platform. It’s more like a mountainous Shaolin Temple. And I’m just not sure that you have what it takes to survive here.

            • 2019 is boring says:

              By the way, maybe there should be a stickied “comment section rules and guidelines” thread, so as to minimize the drama by letting everyone know what the dos and don’ts are. I mean, your wall of text is very rude, and your insults are neither truthful nor entertaining. We should all strive to treat each other with respect, honor, dignity, and politeness (except for those who urgently deserve a bullycide – they are to be treated in the opposite manner).

              Also by the way, Vox Day is a midwit, a typical gamma male, and his IQ is arguably “very high” but definitely not “ultra high.” Kookanic is also like that, plus debilitating hebephrenia, which amounts -30 IQ points reduction; thus his 130 IQ performs as if it were no more than 100 IQ.


            • alf says:

              You have no clue who you’re talking to.

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              Stop being a faggot and lurk moar. You are whining like a girl and you don’t seem to have much to contribute. This is a haunt of priests. We have a warrior or two, but you don’t strike me as either.

      • shaman says:

        On the one hand, I agree.

        On the other hand, a white Christian male would relatively be better off aping (pun intended) the speech mannerisms of hootin’ and hollerin’ yoofs — osmosis usually occurs through musical exposure — than listening to Katy Perry and non-ironically seasoning one’s sentences with “wow just wow, I literally can’t even.”

        A rapid switch from Gangsta Rap (black masculinity) to Heavy Metal (white masculinity) is possible and likely, particularly among teenagers. A switch from Katy Perry to any form of masculinity is next to impossible.

  20. Vxxc says:

    I think Trump wants Tariffs.

    Donald J. Trump
    Jun 23
    When our Country had no debt and built everything from Highways to the Military with CASH, we had a big system of Tariffs. Now we allow other countries to steal our wealth, treasure, and jobs – But no more! The USA is doing great, with unlimited upside into the future!“

    • jim says:

      I don’t think Trump wants tariffs as an end in themselves. Rather, trade war is necessary to trade peace, to mutually beneficial bilateral arrangements allowing the movement of goods between merchants of one country and merchants in another.

      • vxxc says:

        Tariffs; could be.
        I don’t believe in Free Trade and I’m from the Rust Belt.
        I may be projecting.

        Whatever he is doing he’s the best President for America in my lifetime.
        Sorry – even Reagan is second.
        Reagan never confronted the domestic left.
        Reagan did get the economy going again, he collapsed the USSR.
        A giant but this man confronts the near enemy.

        Not done since 1861. I do believe the odds favor the Anti-Left this time.

  21. Vxxc says:

    Thanks for nazi info/

    • Dave says:

      Now that we’re discussing the Nazis: When the alt-right defeats the Left and seizes power, will there be a Night of Long Knives to purge the Flat-Earthers, Moon-landing deniers, 9/11 Troofers, and Q-tards?

      • shaman says:

        The chronology will be the other way around: in order to build the Antiversity, in order to make HBD and Red-Pill knowledge and awareness higher status than the Cathedral’s orthodoxy, it will be necessary to disinfect the alt-right from the troofers.

        An empirical elucidation of the heritability of cognitive and personality traits and its relation to race and ethnicity (backed by e.g. statistics regarding and raw documentation of vastly disproportionate black and brown criminality and sheer savagery); an informed and evidence-based exposition of women’s inborn nature including its most destructive and anti-civilizational aspects — for example, that disturbingly young women actively seek out “rape” by alpha males with adult female preselection — and the proper methods to curb them; a realistic analysis of modern American statecraft and its manifold discontents – these should form the basis of alt-right propaganda aimed primarily at the cognitive elite; that’s what the Antiversity is all about.

        People who seek to associate the Antiversity with troofism or NazBol are indeed hostile elements who should be purged immediately – they are trying to associate HBD and the Red-Pill with inherently low status beliefs, in order to taint them with low status. The cognitive elite, the priestly Brahmin class, can be persuaded with high-quality propaganda and information; many of us here are former leftists, dissidents mugged by reality itself. If the right-wing had been perceived as a screeching cacophony of troofism and NazBol in 2012, possibly many of us would still be leftists. Conservatives have been failing for over a century, because the cognitive elite has been Progressive this whole time. We therefore seek to convert the Brahmin class to the Neo-Reactionary side, and that requires dropping the schizophrenic kookery and the low-IQ losers and focusing instead on the solid, fact-based stuff, which we have in spades and in abundance.

        Purging the troofers is a pre-victory step, not a post-victory step.

        • The Cominator says:

          many of us here are former leftists, dissidents mugged by reality itself

          I’m rather surprised by this. I was shocked that Jim revealed himself as one…

          For me while I once held some cuckservatish beliefs I never held leftist egalitarian or progressive beliefs, school trying to drill them into me (mainly middle school) also did nothing but piss me off.

          • shaman says:

            Most people who are high IQ and don’t literally have Asperger’s start out leftists, because currently that’s the highest status belief system, and people tend to absorb memes that are considered high status. Also, in Jim’s youth, going full Communist was an effective way to get laid, so naturally he went down that road. Obviously, contemporary Antifa does not get one laid, at least not with attractive chicks.

            My own worldview is generally a “work in progress” (heh), but the pattern was definitely stabilized in 2012, with the Manosphere. Before that, I had switched on and off various ideologies – I knew that I should be a secular humanist egalitarian liberal blah-blah-blah, but viscerally I’ve always intuited — or, rather, couldn’t help but lucidly observe — that muds gonna mud, and more crucially, felt a deep inner revulsion at Feminism, even while I earnestly tried to incorporate it into my secular humanist egalitarian liberalism.

            Growing up in a bad neighborhood certainly has its salutary externalities for one’s pscyhe: you notice that people with “dusky” or “swarthy” or “southern” (as in: “from the Global South,” i.e. non-European) demeanors tend to be disorderly and violent baboons, that no matter what outside forces do to civilize them, their very eyes never stop, not even for a millisecond, projecting unmistakable stupidity. It is definitely possible to see a coon’s low IQ and aggression by looking into his eyes, to accurately read his infantile and disjointed and impulsive thought patterns thereby. Anyone who claims that it’s impossible to unambiguously witness low IQ and aggression by looking into a coon’s eyes is a brainwashed leftist liar. Indeed, for me it has always been impossible not to see that, even while I tried, under increasingly pungent cognitive dissonance, to adhere to Progressivism.

            Likewise, when you daily see 11-year-old thots behaving exactly like 21-year-old thots, which behavior would be more properly termed misbehavior, you’re always going to remember that – it is a fact of reality, imprinted so deeply within your forebrain as to strike roots all the way into your hindbrain.

            Anyway, the final straws that broke this camel’s back were some distinctly shrill Feminist pieces about how cunts’ subjective victimization feelings should never be questioned, how “the concept of ownership” is itself a manifestation of cis-het privilege, and how innocent pets are being routinely objectified in our oppressive anthropocentric patriarchy. As I am fond of saying, “There is only so much retardation and insanity one can take.” But enough about me.

            • The Cominator says:

              don’t literally have aspbergers

              Maybe that’s the issue… That as a sperg I literally cannot comprehend how men (I can see women believing in it) do not see how egalitarianism is a lie.

              • Not Tom says:

                Ever wondered why shitlibs tend to cluster in 98% white neighborhoods and work in male-dominated professions?

                • The Cominator says:

                  The rich ones do which is why I suspect that they are lying or engaging in massive doublethink.

                  I personally have a very low capacity for doublethink.

        • Dave says:

          How do we purge people when we’re not in power? As Hitler said of Jews, no matter how thoroughly you refute their lies, they’ll be back on the street the next day telling the same lies again. The only lie not endlessly repeated is that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, and only because the liars keep dying of AIDS.

          • The Cominator says:

            We cannot stop the Cathedral and it’s agents from mass repeating lies but the channers have been able to keep shooting them down.

            We purge by calling liars and shills liars and shills and by making and spreading memes to this effect. If you cannot recognize 99% of shills you are useless.

          • shaman says:

            How do we purge people when we’re not in power?

            Unilateral disassociation, aka out-grouping.

          • Not Tom says:


            Paid shills may be immune to social ostracism, but virtually no one else is. And when every bad actor other than paid shills has been purged, it is obvious to the ingroup that the paid shills are paid shills.

            Actually, it’s really not that hard to keep reaction clean, because reactionaries, unlike certain other groups, seek quality over quantity and don’t hold demotism in high esteem. Political movements become corrupted when they try to gain power through mass appeal. Reaction flips the equation.

        • Doug Smythe says:

          >We therefore seek to convert the Brahmin class to the Neo-Reactionary side, and that requires dropping the schizophrenic kookery and the low-IQ losers and focusing instead on the solid, fact-based stuff, which we have in spades and in abundance.

          Those who talk about using violence personally also have to be purged, since by doing this you not only automatically pollute yourself into social exclusion by Brahmins (Brahmins by definition don’t bear arms and are typically forbidden by custom from even showing anger or seeing violence w/out feeling polluted) but mark yourself out as somebody born to take orders and not give them i.e. a common soldier or cop.

          This goes above all for various keyboard warriors who believe that their crappy little 9 or .45, or AR-15 lookalike, gives them magical powers to individually opt out of Leftist rule. We might even want to consider *tactical* (not sincere or principled) support for assault weapon and handgun bans just to keep this element away and solidify our Brahmin cred.

          • The Cominator says:

            We might even want to consider *tactical* (not sincere or principled) support for assault weapon and handgun bans just to keep this element away and solidify our Brahmin cred.


            There’s that fag talk we talked about.

            We cannot convert the majority of the Brahmins without taking power 1st. We will not win more converts by compromising our principles.

            Keeping kooks and feds away does not mean we should cuck to the enemy, cucking attracts nobody.

            Violence as Brevik (a high quality person who understood the enemy well and who high value targets were) did it works, violence as idiots who are duped by Feds do it does not.

          • Justine Trudy says:


            Luke Skywalker burned down the Jedi library and everyone has beards now

          • 2019 is boring says:

            Those who talk about using violence personally also have to be purged


            Generally, anyone who posts stuff like “START DOING! START ORGANIZING! START ATTACKING! IT’S TIME TO TAKE IT TO THE STREETS! LESS TALK, MORE ACTION! ONWARD MARCH! HURRAH!” should be told to go look for adventures elsewhere – we are not nearly at the stage to instigate lethal violence against our political adversaries, and when the time will be right, there won’t be any need to blabber about it on the internet. Also, we are the information faction, not the fighting faction.

            People offering immediate lethal violence as a solution to our political problems should be told to quit fedposting, and if they refuse to stop fedposting, should be shown the door.

            We might even want to consider *tactical* (not sincere or principled) support for assault weapon and handgun bans just to keep this element away and solidify our Brahmin cred.

            With this, I disagree. I get the sentiment, but you’re taking it too far. The ability to handle weaponry may be valuable – one day. If only because our bloodthirsty enemies will leave us no choice.

            It used to be that nerds possessed at least some jock qualities, and pacifism has not generally been a characteristic of the ruling class; on the contrary, strict pacifism fits holier-than-thou heretics, people who should be exiled as far away as possible from the priesthood. Members in good standing of the priesthood should at least have basic weapons training, and while we’re at it, should probably also learn self defense and be physically in shape.

            Modern pacifist power-wielding shitlibs are quite an aberration, and their rule is visibly demonstrably unmaintainable; to convert them to our side, we need to point out the reasons for current elite dysfunction and to suggest the healthy alternatives, we need to diagnose the sources of their problems and to offer solutions to them, rather than joining them in their dysfunction and sickness.

  22. vxxc says:

    Awhile ago someone posted the Nazi left pushed the Holocaust.
    I believe this- but any sources?

    • The Cominator says:

      It was me.

      Goebbels and Ley were the most fanatically antisemitic high ranking memebers of the Nazi government early on and also the most left wing (latter on also Borrmann). Goebbels was ideologically aligned with Strasser and Roehm in the party’s early history but switched sides at the right time.

      Goering (always an opponent of party leftist) was you can tell from his testimony what he said in meetings was always skeptical of going full retard on the issues and thought crazy antisemitic conspiracy theories of an International jewish conspiracy that linked the Bolsheviks with the “Ultracapitalist” allied leadership and controlled Churchill and FDR were nonsense. Himmler (who was left wing on getting rid of Christianity but generally against socialism) before he got the order explictly said wholesale exterminations were Bolshevistic and ungerman.

      So as Jim said the real lie of the holocaust is that the nazis killed the Jews because they were nationalists. The truth is the Nazis killed the Jews because they were socialists.

      The socialists were also responsible for a huge food shortfall which made Hitler’s decision for him… they couldn’t feed everyone. The hated Jews were not going to have scarce food wasted upon them unless they were essential labor.

      • They definitely had huge food shortfalls, but I don’t know if it was because of socialism or because of the war took the manpower, the fuel and tractor building capacity etc. all away from farming, plus Allied blockade. AFAIK they didn’t organize Kolkhoz type collective farms. However, fucking around with price controls and suchlike would be very much in-character for Nazis and that also can lead to situation analogous to when Vietnamese peasants fed the price-controlled rice to their pigs instead of selling it.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Of the numerous mistakes of the 3rd Reich in terms of prosecuting the war, their inexcusable mismanagement of captured resources and infrastructure is the top of the list. Retrospective interpretation has an agrarian France falling to the mechanized might of the Ubermen as the smash through cowardly, under-equipped frogs. The reality is that France had massive industrial and logistical capability combined with very poor tactics and the worst leadership of the war. Germany nearly broke itself invading France; the pause at Dunkirk was not to let the Brits escape, or even a tactical failing; the minuscule portion of their army that was mechanized had run out of steam. Many at OKR and OKW knew that Poland was a meme victory and the French quit with ~90% of their forces intact. But the propaganda war had a hilarious divergent effect: the united Nations had to portray the Germany as a juggernaut or explain why they kept failing to best them AND Germany had to pretend they weren’t a peasant army on horseback or the confidence of their people and allies would crumble.

          The food shortage, just like the artillery shortage, the man power shortage, the correctly gauged rail shortage, the pilot shortage, the steel shortage, the coal shortage, and the UBoat shortage all stem from the intersection of the Fuhrer’s lack of trust in his subordinates, high command’s inability to see Russia for what it was, and the short sighted methodology of subsuming Europe. Put another way, the Eastern pivot was to quick.

          As always, I recommend VDH’s The Second World Wars.

        • The Cominator says:

          The food shortfalls were mainly due to Nazi socialism not labor shortages, France, Belgium, Poland and Denmark were all agricultural surplus countries.

          The Nazis made the state the monopoly customer for farmers in I think 1936 (I mean other then “black market” sales and hard to do wholesale black market sales in the middle countryside) and of course immediately started stiffing farmers with artificially low prices. Food production fell of course…

          When they conquered countries non-German farmers had as a matter of Nazi status hierarchy shit had to be stiffed even worse on prices Slavs especially (and Slavic farmers didn’t have secure property rights exactly either their land could be confiscated at any time) so food production of course fell massively.

  23. alf says:

    Thank goodness!

    I’ll be honest, as much as I WANTED to believe, a minor part of me was always skeptical that the only evidence for McCain’s ankle monitor and murder by Trump was 7 second bit on CNN. BUT, now that it turns out that McCain SWITCHED HIS CAST my last doubts are assuaged. Chemtrails are real, we are ruled by the Illuminati and Loch Ness is just as real as Bigfoot!

    • Not Tom says:

      I, for one, am convinced. After all, criminals are notorious for concealing their ankle monitors with casts and cast-related shenanigans. It’s in all the movies.

      • Koanic says:

        If you are suggesting McCain would’ve wanted his trial for treason to be public knowledge, I think that’s absurd. The relevant category is politician, not criminal.

        • Cuddlepie says:

          That’s it, Kookanic, never give up frame. Because if in your hebephrenia McCain was executed for treason, that is Reality.

        • jim says:

          Obviously is Not Tom is not suggesting that, nor anything remotely resembling that. He not suggesting anything. He is telling you in the plainest possible fashion that there was no trial and it is insane to suggest there was one.

          You keep presupposing facts not in evidence. Your claims are insane, yet you keep writing as if uncontroversial and universally agreed. Don’t do that, or I am going to censor you.

          Stop arguing from fake consensus, or you are going on moderation. Fake consensus implies a lie. You might genuinely believe all this crazy stuff, but when you write as if it was uncontroversial and widely accepted, you are lying by implication.

          • Koanic says:

            I do not care whether you censor me. I write to generate text for my own use, and its reception is immaterial to me. You should know; you’ve censored me in the past and it hasn’t affected my behavior.

            Jim> yet you keep writing as if uncontroversial and universally agreed.

            False. In my OP I explicitly noted that NRx rejects Qanon.

            > Obviously is Not Tom is not suggesting that. He not suggesting anything. Hw is telling you in the plainest possible fashion that there was no trial and it is insane to suggest there was one.

            This is bad reading comprehension. Tom wrote:

            > After all, criminals are notorious for concealing their ankle monitors with casts and cast-related shenanigans.

            He is insinuating that it is ridiculous to suppose that McCain voluntarily cooperated with law enforcement by wearing a cast. It is not ridiculous; politicians do not want their crimes to be public knowledge. Especially since McCain was dying of brain cancer and had more motive to protect his legacy than his life. Whereas Team Trump was motivated to get him before he died of natural causes, and therefore willing to cut him a deal.

            • Koanic says:

              Explicit in the OP – “Those who dismiss Qanon”; explicit in one of my replies: “I am perfectly content for NRx to go on mocking Team Trump’s primary channel of communication with the fringe Right.”

              • jim says:

                QAnon is an enemy. He told us to trust Mueller and trust Sessions.

                • Koanic says:


                • jim says:


                  Not an argument, but a non sequitur intended to move along from a point you refuse to engage, which you refuse to engage because engaging the point would break your frame.

                  Drop the frame. Framing does not wok once it is called out, and I am going to censor posts that unreasonably and unresponsively hold frame.

                  You can defend your frame in response to someone condeming it, but responding to a direct attack on your frame by writing as if your frame was unchallenged and unchallengeable is unresponsive.

                • Koanic says:

                  I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am not a Qanon supporter, I just think he’s real. If you’re claiming he’s not real, because he’s an “enemy”, then make that argument explicitly. You’re complaining I didn’t respond to your argument, but you didn’t really make one.

                  And furthermore, we’ve already had this argument in the past, about Mueller and Sessions and the Qanon plan to discredit Russia Russia with the Dems’ own guys. So your accusation of unresponsiveness is false, not the first false accusation you’ve made in this thread.

                • jim says:


                  You told us, or rather presupposed that we agreed, that QAnon was Trumps channel to the alt right. Which makes you a QAnon supporter, and thus a supporter of our enemies.

                  You are unresponsive, in that you refuse to acknowledge and respond to disagreement, instead telling us we have accepted the greater lunacy, and are merely disputing minor unimportant details of the madness.

                • Koanic says:


                • jim says:

                  No matter what I say, you will find some stupid meaning in it that is somehow consistent with me accepting the story you are telling.

                  QAnon is not “Trump’s channel” to the alt right, the fringe right, or any other right. He is an enemy of us, of Trump, and of all the rights other than the cuckservative right.

                  QAnon is not Trump’s channel to anyone or anything. He might well be the commie FBI channel.

                  Is my meaning clear enough this time?

                • shaman says:

                  Really, Kook-boy? You’re not a Qanon supporter?

                  You wrote:

                  I’m pretty sure Trump will unveil Qanon for the 2020 election anyway. He needs to.

                  Followed by:

                  It’s surprising that there isn’t a readily available succinct apology. That makes it more worthwhile. I’ll add it to my list of PR generating activities, but no guarantee I’ll get to it before the 2020 unveil.

                  Your most recent pretense of not even caring about Qanon could not be more deceitful. You behave like a paid plant, here to spread disinfo and to underhandedly undermine anyone who questions your disinfo. Then when called out on your serial spread of malicious lies, your response goes, “Oh, I don’t really care about this issue – as a matter of fact, you care about it.” You are advised to stop telling us what issues we do or don’t care about.

                  Your frame has been rejected. Qanon is fake and gay, all aspects of his narrative from beginning to end. Every tall tale based on Qanon is fake and gay, and moreover, every tall tale with similar elements to those of Qanon is fake and gay. And the only reason this subject is now up is because you keep bringing it up.

                  God-Emperor Trump, the alt-right, and Neoreaction, do not need to be associated with craziness and disinfo.

            • Cuddlepie says:

              You do care if he censors you though, you utter loser. You respond to no one else’s valid critiques of your moon-dog insanity yet wet yourself replying when Jim addresses you.

            • alf says:

              No he’s saying that you live in a fantasy world and you, among other issues, have trouble distinguishing between movies and real life.

              But I guess at this point even Jim is a low IQ midwit with bad reading comprehension 😏

              • Not Tom says:

                Guys, I just had a realization. Epiphany, even. Have you ever played a computer chess game, playing the moves from one program against a different program to see which one is better?

                What if Koanic is actually running an extremely elaborate anti-troofer campaign, taking all the craziest troofer and Qanon bits and running them through the comments here in order to select the best counter-proofs, then A/B testing them on h8chan to see which ones are most effective at consensus cracking?

                It’s just crazy enough to work!

                • The Cominator says:

                  Hes just a kook. Q said trust Sessions…

                  Ergo Q is either a conscious enemy or unwitting enemy larper, open and shut.

                • alf says:

                  Wait wait what about this.

                  Koanic has actually been on our side the whole time: he WANTED us to call him out for being a nut, so that we can show normies we are actually pretty sane people. This explains everything: what has he been doing with his stratospheric IQ? Well, this has been his secret project all along!

                  Good guy Koanic.

                • alf says:

                  (Carlylean Restorationist, on the other hand, was paid chill. Not paid for by the progressives, mind you, but paid for by no one but Jim himself! Yes, the truth is revealed, for it was only through this staged debate that Jim could successfully establish himself as the vanguard against not only progressivism, but also Marxism.)

                • Not Tom says:

                  It all totally fits. Koanic is a sophisticated quintuple-agent, playing the normies against Qanon against Jim&co against troofers against progressives, with the ultimate goal of proving that progs and troofers are conspiring against the normies and NRxers are the only people who can save them. And CR is a chatbot-Mechanical Turk hybrid contracted out to Microsoft’s AI division (Tay was the audition/pilot) by Jim through an extensive network of NGOs and shell companies in order to discredit communists.

                  Only a few people in the world could pull off such a devious plan.

  24. Koanic says:

    Those who dismiss Qanon probably didn’t notice that John McCain (No Name) had an ankle “cast” that switched feet leading up to his execution. The Qanon explanation is that he complained about his ankle monitor causing discomfort, so they switched the foot.

    From the article, it sounds like the swap was brief. After conspiracy theorists latched onto the detail, the boot went back to the original foot.

    McCain’s explanation sounds dubious. Assuming that a boot causes the other leg to work harder, switching the boot would exacerbate the original injury. A while back I suffered a foot tendon injury due to excessive bag kicking, and it healed very slowly. Even after it stopped being a hindrance to my gait, I had to avoid doing anything to reinjure it for months. If the original injury had required a cast, immediately switching the cast to the other foot would have been re-crippling. Therefore I doubt anyone swaps foot casts like this for a tendon injury, going straight from one foot to the other. It would be better to use two casts and crutches. Swapping for a brief “break” makes even less sense.

    A more likely explanation is that the original Achilles tendon was never injured, but that discomfort developed due to foot confinement, gait alteration and/or chemo vulnerability, prompting the cast swap. McCain and/or law enforcement decided to switch it back when the discrepancy was noted, because there was no plausible medical explanation for the switch.

    The extent of my interest in the Qanon legitimacy question is my concern that a nuclear war would interrupt my current project before it is completed. The last time I worried about it was during the North Korea negotiations saber-rattling, when I satisfied myself that Q was real and Trump was competent to avoid the worst-case scenario. The combined picture from Qanon et al and Thomas Wictor is that Trump’s foreign policy is quite competent, and impossible to follow from the outside, as a competent foreign policy should be. I haven’t bothered much with Qanon since and won’t until my current project is well-established. Obviously Jim cares much more about it, since much of his published analysis would be affected.

    I was just thinking about this today since I finally got back to kickboxing, going light to avoid reinjury.

    • Q Lazzarus Anon says:

      Okay, enough is enough.

      Jim should issue Reaction 101 on entryism, troofism, and kookery.

      Who’s with me?

    • alf says:

      Thank goodness!

      I’ll be honest, as much as I WANTED to believe, a minor part of me was always skeptical that the only evidence for McCain’s ankle monitor and murder by Trump was 7 second bit on CNN. BUT, now that it turns out that McCain SWITCHED HIS CAST my last doubts are assuaged. Chemtrails are real, we are ruled by the Illuminati and Loch Ness is just as real as Bigfoot!

      • Koanic says:

        If laughter is the best medicine, then there’s no cure for stupid. An item of evidence is not a case. In this case, it’s not even an attempt at persuasion. I am perfectly content for NRx to go on mocking Team Trump’s primary channel of communication with the fringe Right.

        • alf says:

          You’re a nut and your reality testing sucks.

        • shaman says:

          An item of evidence

          Declaring someone else’s wild-assed and tendentious speculations to be “evidence” does not make them into “evidence,” no matter how passionate and vociferous the declaration is.

          Your problem is that you are pushing Big Lies. Superficially, you keep a facade of honesty, of being above telling little lies. And then you go on and exploit that reputation to spread a kazillion different Big Lies.

          On the issue of pizzagate, you guys told us that Alefantis was holding up a boy with a common homosexual code attached in the hashtag. Except that it was actually a girl (perchance, his daughter), and it was not a homosexual code. One lie, all lies. You also told us that there were two suspects in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, and they both resembled the Podesta brothers. Except that there was only one suspect, and he was described as in his 30s, not late 50s or mid 60s like the Podestas were at the time. One lie, all lies. You then spread around a fake “handkerchief code” that had the white color representing both virginity and pedophilia. Except that it turned out very quickly that it was photoshopped, and that the real handkerchief code has no white color at all. One lie, all lies.

          If pizzagate is a dumb glaring hoax spread by routine liars and pranksters, but Qanon says that pizzagate is not only the real deal, but in fact the tip of the iceberg, how does that reflect on Qanon’s credibility? One lie, all lies. Good thing that in 2019, a rather boring year, even Andrew Anglin is mocking your unhinged madness.

          When Jim is wrong about a certain issue, he does not mind confessing, “I was wrong about that.” Are you willing to admit that you’ve been wrong about a kazillion different issues before? It is okay to admit that you’ve been taken in by propaganda. I sure have been taken in by propaganda in the past, and possibly am still under the influence of propaganda – hence why I strive to maintain rigid, uncompromising skepticism about everything (including my own beliefs), especially when the source of a certain claim is mired in troofism and shilling, and the claim itself is incredible and extraordinary.

          Nobody really cares about the hoaxes which you’re regularly spreading on Gab and elsewhere. The problem is that you’re bringing these hoaxes here. Jim’s blog has attracted enormous numbers of shills – recall that Jim used to not censor almost anything, but now, due to the relentless influx of shills, his finger is always itching on the censorship trigger, because he doesn’t want his blog to become a demonic den of troofism and shilling. And while you are probably not a paid plant, you are constantly trying to turn this blog into a demonic den of troofism and insanity, to mirror your “esoteric” Gab account.

          I think that Jim should continue his Reaction 101 series, and one article in that series should address the problem of entryism, troofism, and kookery.

          And yes, you are a 9/11 troofer, as big a 9/11 troofer as any of the others who arrived here. You have ceremoniously and repetitiously announced that 9/11 was organized by Dick Cheney with help from Larry Silverstein, that World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 (all three of them!) were demolished with canisters attached by a small CIA team.

          You are also on record right here voicing support for the slaughter of various Jews. It is fine to be antisemitic, and I myself am often critical of Jewish behavior, e.g. the denigration of white males and the promotion of homosexuality on television. However, it is not fine to go on NRx blogs and advocate for more people to follow in Robert Bowers’ footsteps.

          John McCain (No Name) had an ankle “cast” that switched feet leading up to his execution.

          Notice how you sneak in “leading up to his execution” past the reader, as if we have all already agreed, and take it for granted, that John McCain was executed. Even though this entire comment section has brutally mocked you for making specifically this idiotic claim, you repeat it as if it’s not disputed at all, as if we all agree that John McCain was executed. See, declaring yourself smart does not make you smart, and declaring yourself honest does not make you honest – what you did here is low-level disingenuity, very common among people who build houses of cards from extraordinary claims.

          I am perfectly content for NRx to go on mocking Team Trump’s primary channel of communication with the fringe Right.

          Again you are sneaking presuppositions past the reader. If you said, “Here is why I think Qanon is team Trump communicating with the alternative right,” and then made your case, that would be one thing. But no – you assert it as if it’s a given, as if it’s obvious to everyone here, that Qanon is an insider. Again, Jim and the commenters have already explained, perhaps in excruciating detail, why they consider Qanon to be a hoax. You just ignore all that, and proceed from false consensus. You are trying to re-frame the discussion as if the consensus is that Qanon is legit, and McCain was executed. It is not the consensus.

          Obviously Jim cares much more about it, since much of his published analysis would be affected.

          Bullshit and an inversion of reality. Jim has long ago stopped paying the least bit of attention to Qanon. The only reason this subject is still up is because you keep bringing it up, exactly as you did right here. You are outright lying through your teeth now. Jim made it amply clear that he does not consider Qanon to be legit, and that’s that. You, on the other hand, keep bringing the issue up, because of concerns about your “current project,” whatever it is.

          It is not possible to nail down people with your argumentation style to any concrete claims, because whenever one claim is refuted, a kazillion others are issued in its stead.

          Those who dismiss Qanon probably didn’t notice

          Good thing that you qualified your claim with “probably,” because the truth of the matter is that the claim about his cast switching feet has been circulating around for a long while, e.g. on 8chan. You make it sound like you’re bringing up new information, when in reality you’re regurgitating a stale meme from some months ago, which was laughable then, and is all the more laughable now.

          It is okay that you collect half-baked kookspiracies from VD and Neon Revolt, but posting them here is a waste of our collective cognitive bandwidth.

    • shaman says:

      McCain and/or law enforcement decided to switch it back when the discrepancy was noted, because there was no plausible medical explanation for the switch.

      You are not a physician, and nobody outside the nutter community shares this convoluted assessment. You are uncritically parroting an extraordinary claim, modeled after the tried and tested “they slipped up” narrative, giving unlikely interpretations to completely unremarkable events, torturing random bits and pieces of information to make them appear as some sort of evidence.

      You’ve got your mind in a loop. You decided, based on your faulty reality testing, to accept the Qanon story at face value – and from there you proceeded to interpret everything as being in line with Qanon, despite everything being not in line with Qanon. Since that requires torturing random bits and pieces of information to signify something that they manifestly do not, that’s what you are doing here.

      The claim about John McCain (who was not even technically a Democrat, though I guess he was “RINO”) wearing an ankle monitor can no longer be falsified. That fucker’s rotting deep underground. But both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin still have a pulse, and Qanon pinpointed them as currently wearing ankle monitors. Are you willing to produce any evidence to that effect? Are you willing to propose a method to falsify that specific claim? Nah, of course not – unfalsifiable claims must remain so, lest the house of cards will crumble with the breeze. Apparently, they can present themselves to billions of people worldwide, yet somehow only the Qanon community on Gab and 4chan is aware of the ankle monitors, based on hearsay and ostensible “slip ups.”

      There’s only so much retardation and insanity one can take. It’s so damn hard to get people to consider, “Is my interpretation of events the most likely? Are there, or can there potentially be, even likelier interpretations of events than mine? Am I really following Occam’s Razor in a consistent way?” Even when your unfounded allegation requires torturing the entire goddamn framework of reality, torturing common sense, logic, probability, rational analysis, empirical observation, torturing epistemology itself, you’re still wholeheartedly going for it. It’s tough shit, man. It’s tough shit.

  25. Grand Inquisitor Bob says:

    If the Cathedral can turn leftism on and off at will (1933-1963; Cambodian auto-genocide) then how do we know that Trump’s success is real?

    • jim says:

      They cannot turn it on and off like a tap. They are trapped in a holiness spiral, but they have substantial ability to rather arbitrarily decide with direction constitutes greater holiness.

      They dropped feminism like a hot potato, because they realized they needed men to fight another great war, but had to double down on the command economy. The command economy went as far as it could go, then a good deal further, and they had to back off from that one, so then, bioleninism. Global warming is the great crusade because they figure they can go a long way in that direction without murdering millions or destroying the economy, but in a number of countries it has been revealed that they cannot go much further against global warming without murdering millions and destroying the economy. Biden’s plan would in practice mean to sitting in the dark with no car and no air conditioning, whereupon the yellow jackets revolt.

      • The Cominator says:

        The Cathedral such as was built up during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson (may he burn in the deepest pit of hell forever) was also very very small by modern standards and Calvin Coolidge successfully eliminated most of the Federal Bureaucracy before Hoover and FDR brought them back.

        So the Cathedral such as it was during 1st wave feminism was rather small. If it could be turned off then… doesn’t imply they could do it now.

        I think the comintern was more an issue in the 1920s but as Stalin gained more and more control in the 1930s he did not support feminism and he gave orders that feminism destroys the working class solidarity or somesuch. Combined with even the cuckiest of cuckservatives opposing “dual earners” in the depression and feminism temporarily got shut down.

  26. Vxxc says:

    C/C/Contra Trump:

    Step back and the Beefs from RW about Trump is he’s NOT FIGHTING HARD ENOUGH FOR US REAL RIGHT WING NATS etc…

    Well: step back with view over time NB Jim)
    These are the arguments we want to be having.
    As opposed to cringing about the very concept of fighting.
    Events are quite swimming our way.

    BTW some of you sound like the Furher with his no retreat orders.

  27. vxcc says:

    Democratic auto-self-destruct counter counter coup.

    Mondale redux (1984- Mondale PROMISES to RAISE YOUR TAXES).

    I wonder if Biden has a deal with Trump?

    • The Cominator says:

      Not sure who the nominee will be but I’m sure it ISN’T Biden, they aren’t going to make it THAT easy. Biden is literally borderline retarded and he keeps fucking up. Hes done.

      Though if the Dems nominate Warren it will be just as suicidal. If they want any chance to stop the Trumpenreich they need a MINORITY MALE candidate who can speak the same kind of vapid platitude bullshit as Obama.

      • Vxxc says:

        They don’t want him.
        The media is lynching Biden.

      • Zach says:

        Agree. Biden is one duuuuumb prune body. Having talked to leftists over the years, they think he’s a smart LAWYER – YEAH!

        Working class Joe my white hairy ass. Still, these idiots voted in Ilhan Omar. I have stopped doubting how high the stupid ceiling goes.

        • pyrrhus says:

          Somalians, average IQ 67, voted in Ilhan Omar…Somalians believe in identity politics, and can’t understand much else….

        • The Cominator says:

          “Agree. Biden is one duuuuumb prune body. Having talked to leftists over the years, they think he’s a smart LAWYER – YEAH!”

          Biden may have been smarter once before his 1980s aneurysms but right now hes the Democrats Peter Griffin (Homer Simpsons is generally too smart).

          Obama picked him because nobody was going to kill Obama in order to make Joe Biden president.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            Obama picked him because nobody was going to kill Obama in order to make Joe Biden president.

            Heh. Please, GNON, let Trump hear about this and tweet it.

  28. vxxcvxxc says:

    ^ I forgot Acheson over Korea. ^

    You see the plot line.
    It works.
    In Korea poor MacArthur was given inane and contradictory orders.
    Or no orders.
    So he filled in the blanks.
    Eventually frustrated and emotionally manipulated well he spoke too far out of turn and was sacked.
    We then had 2 years of bloody stalemate and end with status quo.

  29. Vxxc says:


    Trap avoided.

    One of the control mechanisms of the permanent govt is to mire the actual Presidents since Truman in losing wars.
    They make sure its hopeless.
    See George Ball Vietnam.
    See Jerry Bremer Iraq.
    The Military unlike the CIA, FCC, NLRB, ICC still is under Constitutional authority and follows POTUS orders. Therefore it too must be kept weak.
    Politics remains Power.

    • The Cominator says:

      To parody John Tams and Sharpe…

      100 barrel per oil drum
      If America elects to come
      To list and fight Iran today
      For Saudi Arabia and far away

      O’er the desert and o’er the main
      Through Kuwait and Basra plain
      King Salman commands and we obey
      For Saudi Arabia and far away

      When the CIA calls me I must go
      To fight more of the Wahabbis foes
      For deep state interest come what may
      For Saudi Arabia and far away

      Luckily I don’t think Trump is going for it, but he wants certain people to think hes dumb enough to go for it.

      • The Cominator says:

        Disclosure that I got the idea for this parody from a Vox Day commenter but he blames Israel and I blame the CIA/Democrats and Saudis more.

  30. Vxxc says:

    ^above post on counter coup^
    And associated maneuvers.

    I keep meaning to label, sorry^.

  31. vxxc says:


    2 week delay on deportations.
    Now he’s clearly maneuvering and giving Dems a chance to fix laws.
    He is paid to do politics and does: do notice all react to him.
    He’s running the board. Being President has enormous powers-he uses them.
    We’ll not know what is being said in negotiations for years if ever-but he’s controlling the debate.

    I’m positively Heydrich on the illegals in case anyone’s wondering.
    Also zero immigration period.

  32. Not Tom says:

    For Friendly Fred, and re: why I believe the bullies are the good guys:

    Bullies prey on the weak. In my experience, the weak roughly fall into one of two categories:
    1. The coddled, naive, emotionally immature. Think “spoiled rich kid with overprotective parents”. Having never been tested, they are weak out of circumstance. They can become strong.
    2. The effeminate, feral, emotionally damaged. Think “gamma” if you’re a Vox Day fan, or “little bitch” or “fag” if not. Often victims of bad genes, single moms, or parental abandonment. They can’t be fixed, at least not at our current level of technological/medical progress.

    Now, ideally, as a man, you have bros – true friends with integrity who value you enough to tell you the truth about your self-inflicted problems. But category 1 weaklings are, by definition, not receiving that kind of support; they’re surrounded by people who are indifferent, cowardly, or smothering. Bullies are therefore their only source of honest critical feedback, and while the bully’s style may be crude and primitive, his message is clear enough: you are weak, get stronger or your life will suck.

    Anyone who lifts will instinctively understand that you need resistance in order to get physically stronger – and sometimes the solution to bullying really is to get physically stronger, but this applies to other characteristics like intellect and emotional stability as well (see: cognitive-behavioral therapy). Bullies help the category 1 weaklings.

    And then you have the category 2 weaklings, and homos. They will literally destroy any male group that accepts them – not on purpose, but it makes no difference. They absolutely must be ostracized so that the larger community may remain strong and cohesive. We can all see the results of forced inclusion: atomization, social dysfunction, skyrocketing mental illness, the looming death of civilization. If you’re a leftist, this is great because everyone must depend on government; if, on the other hand, you want the kin-centered patriarchal social organization that is the basis of all civilization, then these people must be isolated from the rest of society. We can try to find solutions that are kind and humane, but under no circumstances can they be treated as “normal” or “equal”.

    Bullies police the boundaries and ensure that social groups don’t end up with too many category 2 weaklings. They act as an immune system, targeting and neutralizing organisms that would be hostile or toxic to the host.

    Fred, you asked specifically about helpful vs. harmful bullying. I don’t believe there’s a distinction as such; whether it is helpful or harmful depends on who is being bullied, and for what reason. There might be some hypothetical social technology that is up to the task of ensuring only pro-social bullying, but I sure don’t know what it is, and good social technologies can take thousands of years to develop. I personally view it more like a marketplace, which runs best with a minimum of top-down interference (imperfectly and chaotically, but still superior to managed alternatives), and we’d best be extremely damn careful about meddling with highly-complex systems that we don’t fully understand.

    Bullying does have some weird second-order effects. One of which is the pile-on, where individuals lower in the pecking order hop on the bandwagon as a way to assert or raise their own status. But ultimately these seem pretty harmless to me, and I don’t know where (if anywhere) we should draw the line between bully-bandwagoning and asabiyya; while it definitely creates more noise for the “victim” and makes it harder to stand up to the bullies, this could be balanced out by higher social cohesion. I don’t know, and no one’s studying it.

    Some bullying is probably flat-out harmful, like for example if the bullies are literally killing or maiming people who haven’t aggressed against the group, but IMO most or all of those outlying scenarios are covered by existing social technologies – like, say, the Ten Commandments.

    • eternal anglo says:

      Thank you for this, it’s a valuable addition to the canon.

      When I was at school it was “Zero Tolerance” faggofeminized, and I’m tall and keep to myself, so I never got bullied. But now I find myself at a loss when the social situation calls for retaliation, let alone aggression, and I wish I had been shoved around and forced to grow some balls.

    • The Cominator says:

      One on one bullying can be useful and corrective.

      Group bullying in places where you are forced to be on the other hand shouldn’t be tolerated.

      People who pile on with bullies are cowards and should be boiled alive. I will pile on attacks on enemies but I will never pile on bullying which should be done by one person…

      • John Sullivan says:

        CR has said interesting things, like the double inequality and how he stopped a vendor from cheating his Boomer. Individuals have occasionally asked Alrenous to prove his intelligence with work, then more than one individual. MLK wasn’t expelled for plagiarism after Margaret Mead got a PhD for her fieldwork and Woodrow Wilson skated through in political science. Political science is properly the subject of history. The opposite of quality is equality. Some day I’ll have fish and chips with CR and listen to his views about his rainy little socialist island, he’ll be forced to come around eventually. Epsilon males should stay within their delta envelope.

        • The Cominator says:

          When CR started just spitting out commie scripts (originally he did more but I think he got some kind of job offer at some point) he stopped being interesting.

          I found it repetitive annoying and tedious. Stalinist type leftists can actually be interesting people (when the time comes they must get on the helicopter) unlike other leftists but not if they are following a shill following a script of what a Trotskyist THINKS a Stalinist posing as a reactionary arguing from fake consensus should sound like.

      • Not Tom says:

        I hear you – there’s definitely a point where piling on has diminishing or negative returns. I also think it’s more complicated than individual vs. group, and depends on the situation. Group bullying and public humiliation can be necessary for individuals who commit serious offenses against the community, have high recidivism rates, or are just very obstinate and need the signal boost.

        I’m not necessarily talking about violent crimes, but dangerously irresponsible and anti-social behavior that in simpler times would have landed someone into the stocks. Cheating, scamming, public disturbances, etc. Unrepentant cucks, virtue signaling, curling in the squat rack… you get the idea.

        When I was much younger, I had a very short temper, and once got into a fight with 4 other boys, and lost. I learned two very important lessons that day: 1) social dominance is secured by physical dominance, and 2) life isn’t fair, and some fights you just can’t win. After that, I got my emotions under control.

        • calov says:

          Yeah I got in fights regularly until middle school/ high school, when there started to be kids in gangs, and kids became a lot bigger than me. And weirdly I automatically learned to control my anger in that setting, where I couldn’t in other settings. Interesting how the right combination of threats make self-discipline easy.

      • alf says:

        Nah onpilers are part of the game. Not the prettiest part, but for many people it is almost harder not to pile on than to pile to on.

    • Friendly Fred says:

      Interesting, ~Tom, thanks.

      It seems worth distinguishing between hostile literal bullying and the mean teasing that is today called “bullying” in schools.

      Also, the boundaries of your #2 category of targets seems fuzzy. For example, spectrumy people often have feminine mannerisms (e.g. limp handshakes, nasal speech) even when they aren’t homosexual, and can be very annoying to normal people without threatening social order.

      Also, it seems to me that provision of institutional zones for weirdo-containment, e.g. monasteries, would make being mean pointless.

      • The Cominator says:

        Hence why as a literal sperg I truly fucking hate pile on bandwagon bullies (and I’ll speak in defense of anyone here if I think its not deserved, leftists enemies kooks shills etc. are a different story) and think they should be slowly tortured to death but understand the utility of primary bullies.

      • Koanic says:

        It’s not bullying if the “victim” picked the fight with the “bull(y/ies)” and continues it.

    • shaman says:

      This is an excellent comment, however it (quite understandably) neglects one recurrent feature of schoolyard bullying: it’s not, contrary to nerd Jewish cinema, the prerogative of physically intimidating and athletic Chads who get laid with blonde Stacies, drink beer with their older friends, drive an impressive car, and play sports. Very often, the bullies are actually average-looking and completely unremarkable guys who feel the need to affirm their own self-worth by preying on vulnerable subjects. In other words, it would be wrong to imagine bullies as necessarily being at the top of the pecking order. Alpha males who get laid and play sports usually leave those lower than themselves on the socio-sexual hierarchy alone.

      I’m all for community-improvement-through-bullying, as recent threads here have demonstrated, but I would not fully idealize it: some bullies really are just run-of-the-mill assholes and nothing more, and while they do provide indispensable social value by administering their “shit tests,” they are generally not people that one should look up to as role models. My personal experience is that the majority of those who bullied me were physically weaker than me – I overpowered them. Now, one may suggest that they had something else going for them other than physical strength, e.g. popularity (not really, though), but the point still stands: tall, muscular, blowjob-receiving Chads, they were not.

      Regardless of this nitpick, this is indeed a canon-tier comment.

      • The Cominator says:

        Can confirm its rare for actual alpha chads to engage in regular bullying the way eighties movies would suggest.

      • Zach says:

        I got bullied in the halls in kindergarten by someone much older. I told my Dad that night. Then he drove me to school the next morning. I pointed the pleb out, and he slapped the bully around a little bit and threw him up against a wall while yelling at him.

        He’d probably go to jail today, but that still stands as my one and only bullying incident. I didn’t know I was going to see a bully beatdown!

    • alf says:

      Yea definite category 1 here. Sheltered and protected, and when no longer sheltered and protected, I just did not ‘get’ it. The world isn’t butterflies and happy sunshine.

      In retrospect I cannot imagine how I let it get as far as it did (at one point I was shoved of my bike), but mostly I just had no clue about what was happening and why it was happening. Just push back man, just push back…

      It’s true that the central bullies are rarely the highest status themselves. It’s also true that onpilers show an ugly side of human nature; one onpiler apologized to me years later. He felt very bad.

      But it’s honest feedback. I am happy that I did not complain at home and instead solved things myself; pretty sure that if I had involved my parents, they’d have made everything worse.

      A while back I watched part of a tv-show in which kids exchange families for a few days. There was this one kid, a glassed nerd with an ant farm in his room. Halfway through the show he explains to his host family: ‘I had to switch schools because I was bullied.’ Sad music plays as everyone in the family agrees how horrible bullying is. Yet you can see clearly in the eyes of his host family brothers: ‘you a dork man. We’d have bullied you too if it weren’t for these cameras.’

    • Not Tom says:

      Lots to respond to, so rather than spam replies, I’ll collect them all here:

      @Fred: Yes, category 2 – effeminate or homo – is fuzzy. Lots of concepts are fuzzy. Fuzzy boundaries, like the differences between races, and between male and female brains, still exist and have real-life consequences. I don’t think it’s normal for literal spergs to be bullied as cat-2; spergs are more often ignored and avoided, or bullied as cat-1 (think-skinned and easy to get a rise out of). But that’s just my observation.

      Institutional containment is a good idea, and might negate a lot of the need for social ostracism, but probably not all. Children are still learning social skills and isolating them before they can learn is cruel and counterproductive. Also, even when dealing with adults, you still need a “market signal” for whom to contain; bullying is the precursor to containment.

      @Cominator: There’s a sub-trait of neuroticism called withdrawal, i.e. how little stress is required for someone to “shut down” and avoid a situation. I’d describe the optimal outcome of bullying (for cat-1) as producing a stress response that is just shy of withdrawal. For some people, this threshold might be very low, and a single bully is more than enough. But this trait differs by individual; what might seem to you like a completely unreasonable amount of social stress is really the minimum necessary to trigger a response in some others. Consider white knights, who can write off a dozen other men as “misogynists” but probably not a hundred or a thousand.

      @shaman: My experience agrees with yours. Bullies are normally not alpha chads, nor are they maladjusted self-hating losers; they tend to be average, well-adjusted guys jockeying for social status. Status competition is fiercest in the middle, after all, not at the fringes. However, regardless of the bully’s intent, he is still generally providing a social good, in the same way that a merchant who is only trying to get the best possible price for himself is generally providing an economic good.

      • The Cominator says:

        “@Cominator: There’s a sub-trait of neuroticism called withdrawal, i.e. how little stress is required for someone to “shut down” and avoid a situation. I’d describe the optimal outcome of bullying (for cat-1) as producing a stress response that is just shy of withdrawal. For some people, this threshold might be very low, and a single bully is more than enough. But this trait differs by individual; what might seem to you like a completely unreasonable amount of social stress is really the minimum necessary to trigger a response in some others. Consider white knights, who can write off a dozen other men as “misogynists” but probably not a hundred or a thousand.”

        If it takes an army to bring them down then they aren’t weak and should not be treated as Cat. 1s.

        Same for Cat. 2 if you need an army not a Cat.2 unless genuinely a homosexual and only with a masculine homo should you ever need an army (which are the ones who cause all the problems, I don’t care about the masculine gays as long as they stay in the closet).

        Male feminists and white knights are like communists, obvious enemies so a group attack is fine because they are an object of WAR not social improvement or even ostracism they must simply be destroyed. After the Trumpenreich restoration they should quite literally and physically be destroyed.

        But group bullying as opposed to WAR is not ever needed. Pile-ons are cowardly sadists the type of people who create egalitarians in the 1st place.

        The restoration inquisition should work to eliminate leftism, feminism and homosexuality from the gene-pool but cowardly pile-on sadists should be slated for genetic elimination too. Hierarchy is the will of gnon but people would accept it better if such people who like to shit on everyone they can did not exist.

      • Friendly Fred says:

        I remember a fair amount of brown-on-pale terrorism and mediterranean-on-northern or prole-on-bourgeois intimidation in elementary and middle school in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but only one case of intra-whitebourgeois ongoing meanness against an annoying sort of spectrumy soft kid that was totally wrong and unjustifiable. I’m not sure why this kid in particular was picked on; I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up permanently suicidal.

        So, if schools were segregated in multiple ways there would have been a lot less truly frightening aggression. Maybe more simple nasty meanness though? Did that pushing-heads-in-toilets thing ever really happen outside of comic-books?

        I guess it’s okay to for people to let someone know that they find him really annoying and would prefer that he stay away. Maybe he’s better off being away from those people — he can read poetry or look at trees or something.

        • 2019 is boring says:

          Shitskins gonna shitskin, that’s nothing new. However:

          >intra-whitebourgeois ongoing meanness against an annoying sort of spectrumy soft kid that was totally wrong and unjustifiable.

          Why was it wrong and unjustified? Maybe that kid should have grown some hair on his nutsack and put his tormentors in their place; this is the desirable result of bullying, as Not Tom’s post made amply clear. The world is a savage place, and if one doesn’t toughen up, one will get broken mighty fast.

          • Friendly Fred says:

            That “stand up to bullies and they’ll stop bullying you” thing is a lie; rather, they’ll beat the kid up and then keep on bullying him twice as viciously.

            The only thing that can make vicious pricks stop their pointless (and it’s pointless) meanness is their having their faces smashed by decent leader-types.

            This is the whole point of government, and I’m surprised that reactionaries (as opposed to ethnonationalist monkeys) would ever be even slightly inclined to think that vicious pricks are anything other than vicious pricks who ought to have their faces smashed by decent leader-types.

            • The Cominator says:

              It depends… primary bullies do tend to respect you more if you try to fight them even if you lose.

              Secondary pile on bullies, especially bullies who are bullying you because they think the teacher or whatever authority figure is encouraging it, will act more as you say. Hence why I say primary bullies are corrective and pile on bullies are weak evil sadists who should be burned alive.

              • shaman says:

                The way to avoid the pile-on fuckers is to strike the primary bully right away. What usually happens is that you allow the primary bully to humiliate you, and then the others see that you’re a safe target, so they join in. Would they join in if the primary bully had his face kicked in at the initial stage? I don’t think so.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Agree here. Don’t allow yourself to be perceived as a soft target, and people generally won’t pile on. Simple tit-for-tat or tit-for-two-tats is effective.

                  Of course, putting up a meek or ridiculous defense will indeed cause escalation instead of the desired results. One has to strike back decisively. And the goal isn’t necessarily to get a bully to “respect” you, only to convince him that you are not a soft target and therefore not worth the risk to continue bullying.

                  Fred, you claim that this is a lie, but you are making that claim to people who know it to be true from either observation or experience. Sometimes the lesson isn’t that you need to get physically tougher, but emotionally tougher. I wasn’t very physically tough as a kid, so I learned other strategies like agree&amplify or just snappier, funnier comebacks. Don’t take it so literally to mean you need to beat them to a bloody pulp.

                  Appealing to authority is almost guaranteed to result in escalation, if authority is weak. If you have a strong leader, sure. But how do you think strong leaders are established? Where do they come from and how do their followers know they are strong?

            • alf says:

              My experience has been that once I stood up for myself and learned basic social etiquette, I stopped getting bullied. But, some people are just assholes for no other reason than that they are assholes. So eh.

            • shaman says:

              That “stand up to bullies and they’ll stop bullying you” thing is a lie; rather, they’ll beat the kid up and then keep on bullying him twice as viciously.

              Nonsense. In school, like in regular prison, powerfully resisting those who bully you is always more helpful than waiting for the authority to step in. Whenever I beat up one of my bullies, the bullying promptly ceased.

              • Friendly Fred says:

                I really don’t know what you mean by “bully.” If you grew up in an environment homogenous enough to give you a high level of confidence that you weren’t going to end up in the hospital or prison as a result of a fight, and, moreover, if you’re talking about a confrontation with some mean little shit that was never a serious threat to you anyway, then we’re not talking about the same thing. I use the word “bullying” to refer to cases in which 200 lb Tyrone or Rocco gives a clear indication of willingness to stomp in the teeth and permanently half-blind 120 lb Seymour, and Seymour’s protest will only make this outcome more likely. Seymour’s most reasonable move at some point may be to smash in Tyrone/Rocco’s head with a short-handled sledge — which is all that Seymour can do — but Seymour has to expect 10 years of imprisonment if he does the reasonable thing.

                • shaman says:

                  Obviously, the solution to shitskins is to genocide them in a — wink wink — “Christian manner.” We were talking about intra-Nordic-bourgeois bullying, I believe – in such scenarios, fighting back is both possible and conducive.

                  Also, we all see eye-to-eye about abolishing Prussian school.

                • Starman says:

                  I didn’t go to prison when i used an improvised weapon on Tyrone.

              • calov says:

                >in school, like in regular prison

                laughed audibly the 2nd time I read this

            • gothmog says:

              herp derp academic doesn’t understand why academics ruined America, well, until you figure it out by living in the real world, don’t encourage el comenalgas in this categorization that is probably designed to solve an unnamed problem the way making schools into lgbtqhiv+ safe spaces was supposed to solve the problem you mentioned upthread

              after a hundred years of public education, vicious pricks are hired by the government to hand out parking tickets. Maybe they need decent leader types, let’s run with that, where do you get one, do you mean Abraham Lincoln, Atticus Finch, the professor from Dead Poets’ Society, Captain Picard?

              the problem with academics is they see that God told Adam to be fruitful and replenish the Earth, and think, since God said that to Adam, He must have meant fill the Earth, and look, the Earth is already filled

              • Friendly Fred says:

                The real world ended in 1914.

                On the other hand, maybe there was only a real world from about 1714 to 1914, with everything before and after that unreal. Maybe there was one previous episode of reality exactly corresponding to the reign of Augustus.

                Reading Gibbon suggests to me that political decency is a freakish episode; social life has always been a nightmarish sadistic playing-out of vulgar boring lies and we’re better off accepting this and doing small things that we enjoy.

                • gothmog says:

                  hey man, you left out the best part, when once saved always saved left virtue signaling counterpointful and no one bothered with attempting unhappenable conversions of reprobates. It’s John the Baptist, not John the Catholic.

                  I wish Koanic would preach the Gospel as he recieved it from his community instead of weird hidden history, anarchy and iconoclasm.

                  Anyway 1714 means when Handel becomes the composer to the King of England and 1906 is the first radio broadcast and then 1914 is the World War. Music is being made great again on Youtube, just ignore the vevo stuff.

    • Javier says:

      I’ve found the feminized schools make bullying worse on every possible level.

      Women both do and do not understand bullying. In my experience, they will always give the worst advice to victims (just suck it up, never fight back, tell a teacher) but also actively look the other way when bullies break the rules, and even punish males who fight back. It’s like they see the bullies as entitled and boys who resist as stepping outside their place. If bullying is a way for boys to establish a social hierarchy, women want that hierarchy to be static and permanent for life.

      For me bullying was solved by learning to fight back effectively, not just physically but also verbally. Once I was sitting at a lunch table with people who were not my friends, eating a candy cane. One kid came up and started teasing me, “Hey you, sucking on a candy cane, what a loser!” etc. I just calmly responded, “Better than sucking big meaty cock like you,” and the whole table busted out laughing. That laughter did more to humiliate him than a 100 punches to the face would have.

      When I hear kids getting bullied now, I tell them to learn comeback roasts. You can stave off a lot of problems by calling someone a fag, saying his mom was a slut, and his sister takes it up the ass. If they lose their cool and lash out, no one will fault you for fighting back.

      • Friendly Fred says:

        That’s teasing, not bullying. It’s mean and stupid, but not bullying. It’s easy enough to come out with a verbal retort — well, not easy if you’re slow-witted like me — but easy in the sense that there are no serious risks. Where real bullying is concerned, “fighting back” means risking hospitalization and/or prison. Which may be honorable, but it’s a serious thing. And real bullies are happy to stomp on your head while their friends are stomping on your other body-parts.

        As for feminized schools — beating-up has been absolutely eliminated from all but the darkest NYC schools, but the whole environment is daily oppression and humiliation inflicted by the bitchocracy on anyone who isn’t a bugmind. I’m helping my 15 year old through online summer-school classes now; I know this.

        • The Cominator says:

          If we’re making a distinction between teasers and bullies then “teasers” are far far worse and should be killed.

          • Friendly Fred says:

            Vicious teasers call you “faggot”; bullies stomp on your face while their friends stomp on your other body-parts. If you don’t think that there should harsher prison-time for face-stompers than for vicious teasers, perhaps you will agree, then, that there should be no prison-time at all for the sledge-hammering of face-stompers.

            Don’t think I don’t hate vicious teasers also. Of course I’ve often been an asshole to people in the past, but every time I remember such an episode I hate myself for it.

            • The Cominator says:

              Vicious teasers call you “faggot”

              And to be called this in public without evidence should really justify deadly violence IMHO.

        • Starman says:

          I found that ignoring the rules on fighting stopped the physical bullying. Improvised weapons and biting worked. Striking at a bully from behind worked as well.

          It was also when I learned that women have no business having authority over men or giving advice.

        • Not Tom says:

          Not seeing the distinction. Words [may] escalate into violence. That’s how it works in male social groups. Without the threat of violence, no incentive against defection, but emphasis on threat. Most confrontations don’t escalate.

          Re feminized schools: absolutely. Bullying is status competition for boys, but is a shit test for women. Telling you to tattle to a weak authority instead of retaliating is a shit test. Privileging aggressors over aggressed is hypergamy. Women gonna women, and putting any female of any age in a position of authority over any male of any age is basically guaranteed to emasculate and destabilize.

          Also agree that there are certain accusations that, if made credibly and unironically, can justify immediate violent escalation, and faggot is about 8 of them. It’s the same level of aggression in a hypothetical patriarchy that “Nazi” is in globohomoland.

  33. calov says:

    Appears to be another notch on the timeline of civil war 2.0:

    “Boquist told reporters the police should “send bachelors and come heavily armed. I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

    • jim says:

      Escalating use of state violence within the state elite. Escalating use of the coercive apparatus of the state to resolve disagreements within the state elite. It is the Graachi brothers defying term limits all over again. Let us hope we get an Augustus soon, rather than a century of ruin.

  34. Flabby One says:

    As expected, merchant-caste socializers find anti-rhetoric ugly. The non-scholar panics when his interlocutor doesn’t adulterate dialectic with monkey business. I shouldn’t be disappointed by this, and indeed I’m not. That merchies can’t hack scholar-speak is expected. That Jim’s commentariat disproportionately consists of proles and merchants is what does the disappointing. *Sigh*

    Do try to accept your limitations.

    Given that they’re not fooling any scholar when they ape scholarly status signifiers, it was easy to predict that I wouldn’t be disappointed by their antics. Indeed, the worst offenders are the sadistic academia adjacent school enforcers. I like to call them enforcers, because teaching is not remotely what they do. Being sadistic NPCs, they enjoy extinguishing what they don’t possess. Prog dogma obtains.

    misplaced and excessive self-referentiality

    Apparently, it is too much to expect base-level ability to follow references, from Pontus dwellers. Notably, my references are not remotely as ambiguous as they’re made out to be. I should know, because I proved it. Analytically, no less: I re-read my sentences and the same meaning obtains. By law of identity, I can’t be wrong. Alternatively, logic doesn’t work.

    Pretending that you can’t extract the obvious meaning, unless I disambiguate every other pronoun, won’t cut it. No. Since you have already demonstrated a capacity to grasp harder things, you are, in fact, pretending to not apprehend the obvious. I hope this much is legible to the silent minority.

    Of course I know you know I know this. Consider: You accuse me of non-sequiturs, code for “I don’t get it”, and in the same breath, you choose the dumbest possible interpretation of my words, implying you actually think you get what I say. When in fact, you easily fall into my traps.

    Leftists and sophists have a way of eventually revealing themselves. Impressively, Jim has been evading my traps… until now. I had a suspicion Jim feared my analytic powers. But being the leftist that he is, he needed demotic permission to give me the boot. An astute tyrant, he knew he couldn’t beat my logic. Since it is always rational to be logical*, he had no choice but to pull the trigger.

    I have one last hypothesis to test. Thankfully, Jim and his sycophants volunteered to participate in my experiment.

    * I can prove this on demand.

    • Koanic says:

      > has been evading my traps… until now.

      Traps are gay.

    • shaman says:


      Plenty of scholars are capable of communicating in a clear and succinct way. If you refuse to speak humanese, preferring to lengthily transmit beep-boop-boop signals instead, humans — including 145+ IQ humans who, if pressed hard enough, are capable of dissecting your self referential chatter — will naturally give you flack.

      Just stop being an autistic faggot, and it won’t be necessary to troll you.

      • Flabby One says:

        lmao I’m not Al. This was satire.

        I thought these would give away:

        it was easy to predict that I wouldn’t be disappointed by their antics

        Do try to accept your limitations.

        By law of identity, I can’t be wrong. Alternatively, logic doesn’t work.

        Of course I know you know I know this.

        When in fact, you easily fall into my traps.


        • Not Tom says:

          The gravatar was obviously different, but we’ve got some serious Poe’s Law action going on right now.

          • Flabby One says:

            The idea to write a parody came to me when I read user Alspergous’, now censored, comment. At first I thought it was shaman parodying Al. I was laughing my ass off reading it. Then I realized it was the real Al. lol

            • shaman says:

              Based and humorpilled.

            • jim says:

              I was taken in by your parody.

              Which well imitated a midwit claiming to be smart.

              And I then wrote a very good comment on writing style explaining how to actually demonstrate smarts in one’s writing style, before realizing that you were deliberately demonstrating idiocy. Whereupon I deleted the comment.

            • Koanic says:

              When sufficient social pressure crushes his ego into a supercritical reaction, the resulting release of radiation transforms the mild-mannered gamma into the INCREDIBLE SULK! In the absence of a firm civil defense program, his tireless rants and awesome wordcount can level whole comment sections. SULK REHASH!

    • Not Tom says:

      Cool story bro. When’s the sequel?

    • shaman says:

      Just seeing the “Trump 2024” in the beginning, after having read about it so many times right here, gives one a uniquely warm feeling inside – and a Smug Pepe reaction.

    • Not Tom says:

      If every university and research lab in the USA dedicated itself to creating a potion to keep Trump alive for another 38,000 years, do you think they could manage it?

      It doesn’t have to work on everyone, mind you. Just Trump.

      • eternal anglo says:

        He would be cryogenically preserved upon death, and his sons or a regent would rule and wait for science to provide a means of restoring his brain to eternal youth.

        There are already companies that provide this service – when you die, they pump your bloodstream full of antifreeze and then stick your head in a tank of liquid nitrogen. Though I’ve heard ice crystals destroy brain structure anyway and it’s all a scam.

  35. shaman says:

    Well, until I get banned, which goddamn banning me and not CR would be funny. You should do it, not a joke.

    CR is censored for repeating himself like a script, over and over and over again, without substantially addressing the responses to his posts. Since he is here to promote (his version of) Communism, that’s not allowed. If you want to endlessly repeat yourself, at least say something that others might agree with. But it’s better to actually have conversations than to issue monologues. He is also censored for manipulative argumentation methods.

    In your case, you are censored for producing word salad. For people to have any disagreement with you, they need to understand what the heck you’re blathering and droning on about. Most don’t actually read your posts. They see them, start reading, stop after 2 or 3 sentences (yawning in boredom and confusion), and move on to someone else’s comment. Nobody really knows what your positions are – you emit vague noises that superficially sound like they might be meaningful, but since you only communicate through self-referential word salad, nobody even bothers to decipher whether or not your posts have any meaning.

    Your verbiage amounts to a molestation of language. Ostensibly, you engage in a conversation with fellow commenters, but in reality, you are talking to yourself, constantly referring to and addressing some previous discussions that you’ve had with yourself – supposedly you are replying to other people’s comments, but it certainly reads like you are replying to yourself. Autistic people have trouble realizing that nobody else is aware of the endless discussions that they’ve had with themselves inside their own minds, and are therefore surprised when other people show complete unfamiliarity with their “ideas.”

    That you have all these conversations with yourself inside your own mind doesn’t make you superior to anyone else here. It makes you a gibbering autist who is usually and justifiably ignored. You laugh at your own jokes (nobody else is laughing), marvel at your own abstracted castles in the sky that nobody else is aware of – you sniff your own farts, and have a shit eating grin while at it.

    CR is an enemy. You are an annoying distraction. CR should be rebutted and refuted, and consequently deleted for failing to address the rebuttal and refutation, as indeed has been the case. You should just be silently discarded in a remote place, like an unwanted retarded baby.

    • The Cominator says:

      “CR is an enemy. You are an annoying distraction. CR should be rebutted and refuted, and consequently deleted for failing to address the rebuttal and refutation, as indeed has been the case. You should just be silently discarded in a remote place, like an unwanted retarded baby.”

      Way too harsh on A, he just needs to proofread his post more try to rewrite and condense them a little bit.

      CR needs a helicopter ride and his constant scripts presupposing that we accept progressive and marxists axioms followed by Jim posting back deleted for following your script dominating discussions is extra annoying hence he should be IP banned.

      Too many posts about other posters rather then events and philosophy are also annoying. Women talk constantly about other people because they are innately intellectually vapid we should act like men and just drop this. I barely noticed anything annoying about A until the coordinated attack upon him but the dispute about it dominating the discussion is profoundly annoying.

      A should proofread and condense but the other criticisms of him are far too harsh. Kook’s schizophrenic posts (he very very rarely makes good ones) are far more annoying.

      • jim says:

        > I barely noticed anything annoying about A until the coordinated attack upon him but the dispute about it dominating the discussion is profoundly annoying.

        Same here, I never noticed any problem until people started bullying him, and he handled it badly. This excessive focus on the personal flaws of one poster is girly and is taking up too much space.

  36. shaman says:

    You can tell Koanic is smarter than shaman because he can tell that my blog subtitle is a joke.

    Being autistic, the critique doesn’t register in your mind. So I’ll explain it in sufficient detail.

    When a normal, socially and psychologically well-adjusted person calls himself something like “Dark Lord of Darkness,” people can instantly recognize that it’s a parodical self-description: the person obviously harbors no such delusions about his own worth. It is, indeed, a way of mocking those who secretly (or not-so-secretly) hold themselves to be supreme specimen, even as the rest of the world sees them as goofy creeps.

    However, when someone who consistently demonstrates autistic thought-patterns, e.g., by calling attention to some “sophisticated traps” that only he is aware of, showing misplaced pride in one’s own grating idiocy, calls himself “Evil King of Evil,” it strongly suggests that he does, in fact, believe himself to be a uniquely valuable person, similarly to how all these autistic friendless school shooters always possess self-conceptions radically at odds with how the rest of society perceives them.

    Of course your blog subtitle is a joke. The question is: what specifically makes you think that it’s funny?

    Now, if you were not an autistic gibbering goon, the answer would be plainly obvious: it’s funny because it parodizes sperglords. But since you are an autistic gibbering goon, this joke is funny to you — and not to everyone else — precisely because you see it as a mere outlandish hyperbole of your real self-evaluation. You do, in fact, consider yourself to be a Very Special Snowflake, and the subtitle is simply your way of exaggerating the whole thing, to a humorous effect whose impact is confined to the person delivering it (you). That is your “humor,” and it’s very typical of people on the spectrum to be so inclined.

    Any questions, faggot?

  37. Alrenous says:

    You do the see the irony of you, of all people, censoring someone for being unpopular, right? Because I’m busting a gut over here.

    • jim says:

      I am censoring you for being boring and unfunny. Entertaining monologues denigrating your adversaries will be fine.

      On this blog you can be as unkind as you like – but insult fests are off topic and uninformative, so they have to entertain.

      You are demanding fairness. Fairness is a leftist concept. Life is unfair. Gnon is unfair. And I am unfair. If people are witty, and your responses are not witty, they get to insult you and you don’t get to insult them back. Unless you can also be relevant to topic and informative on topic, which is hard to do in an insult thread.

    • shaman says:

      Instead of wailing to the proverbial teacher, “It’s not fair! The mean bullies have stolen and hidden my inhaler, and are playing soccer with my pencil case. Waaah, waaah, waaah,” reflect on the reason that you are bullied.

      Could it be that self-referential droning really does constitute ugly writing, and people would rather not be exposed to ugly writing? Could it be that we all come to Jim’s blog to discuss ideas, and also to have some fun – and your obscurantist spam is irritatingly wasting our space to discuss ideas, and is ruining all the fun?

      Could it be that the people who are bullying you here — and, quite likely, the people who bullied you in meatspace — have a point?

      Here’s a moral lesson for you: when a big guy starts a fight with a little guy, that may be cruel indeed, but such is life – the weak should fear the strong. But when a little guy starts a fight with a big guy, that insolent little bitch absolutely deserves to get physically wrecked, to learn his f**king place in the natural hierarchy. Anyone who instinctively disagrees with that is a leftist (or a woman), and anyone who instinctively agrees with that is a rightist.

  38. Alrenous says:

    But wait, there’s more.

    If you’re actually civilized and in good faith, if someone writes badly, you offer tips for improvement.

    “Hey, you didn’t need to write this.” Perhaps include some example alternatives. If they could have improved on their own they would have already done so. Of course, censor or ban if they deny there’s a problem.

    Since nobody can point to a single thing I did wrong other than ‘it isn’t fun’ and the response is deletion, then transparently it’s about deleting my comments, not about the writing being bad.

    I know it’s about the content, not the style. It’s autoparodying to have a schoolyard name-caller complain about someone else’s style.

    I know you know it’s about the content, because you never once acted like you really believe it’s about the style.

    I’ll add that this contempt is not new. I was previously giving you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I was misapprehending something. There’s no reason to do that anymore, now is there?

    • jim says:

      Your writing is bad, and sometimes is manipulative. When writing is bad, I am not going to try to correct it. When it is manipulative, I do try to correct it.

    • shaman says:

      Peppermint asked whose word salad is more annoying, yours or viking’s.

      Do you understand what a “word salad” is?

      Do you recognize that your posts fit the definition?

      You are posting long-winded walls of text, often off topic, often non sequitur to the actual thread to which you are replying, and always boring. It’s not that people disagree with what you have to say – it’s that people don’t actually glean anything from your posts at all, because they are usually irrelevant spam.

      I called your writing “self referential” – do you understand what that means, and why that criticism applies to your writing?

      You constantly interject things like “I was right” into discussions that have nothing to do with you, to people who usually just ignore your posts completely, or stop reading them half-way through due to your posts being nothing more than annoying word salad. You were asked to stop narcissistically talking about yourself. It has been explained to you that nobody gives a damn about you, or rather, people only now notice you insofar as your lolcow value is perpetually amplified by your keening verbosity. You are low status for a reason.

      If people unanimously find your writing ugly, it’s because your writing is ugly. People are not interested in reading word salad. And when I say “people,” I don’t just refer to hypothetical normies – I specifically refer to the intelligent participants in NRx communities, such as this one.

      You talk to yourself, but others are unfortunate enough to hear you. When you were told that you should have your tongue and fingers cut off, that’s not pointless brutality – it is so that only you will hear yourself talking to yourself, rather than everyone hearing you talking to yourself. When you were told that your shit-squirting anus should be sewed off, that’s not pointless brutality – it is so that your verbal diarrhea, your word salad, will be kept inside of you. Do you understand these criticisms?

    • Not Tom says:

      I’m happy to offer a more pointed critique and constructive suggestions in the future, if you are in fact sincerely acknowledging that your communication style as demonstrated in this thread could use improvement. Though some people did already try to offer constructive suggestions, e.g. “show, don’t tell”. And Jim, as well, said you need to state and justify your premises instead of assuming/demanding that others accept them.

      We’re not going to pick apart your sentences like a high-school English teacher, as that’s both tedious for us and boring for the audience. You may have to read between the lines. I can only speak for myself, but most of the criticism I receive both on- and off-line is oblique, often careless and occasionally contradictory, and it takes effort to make sense of it all instead of giving up and lashing out.

      The other general suggestion I’d offer is to assume by default, at least on this particular blog, that people who disagree with you are arguing in good faith, and not necessarily from a position of ignorance or stupidity. If they are not arguing in good faith, then other commenters are going to be very quick to call them out, and Jim will censor them mercilessly if they continue to argue in bad faith.

      Your critics are not your enemies. Your critics are – usually – your friends. Enemies would rather see you fail than improve.

  39. The Cominator says:

    Trump trolls liberals with threat of Trump dynasty. My fellow reactionaries and meme warriors, don’t let your memes be dreams.

  40. Alrenous says:

    All that said, I do feel bad about spamming my name all over the comments.

    But, “Cet animal est très méchant, Quand on l’attaque il se défend”

    • jim says:

      Well yes, but it is waste of space and reader bandwidth. As I said, entertaining attacks are allowed. Boring defenses are not allowed.

      This is the internet. Defence is ineffectual unless it’s sufficiently interesting or entertaining that people want to read it.

    • shaman says:

      You keep disingenuously trying to make this about demotism, even though the very first criticism directed at you made it clear that there exists a distinction between “content” and “form,” and in your case, it is not the content that is necessarily offensive (I mean, who even knows what your content actually is?), but the form that is offensive. This led me to the following realization: an internet community can tolerate some degree of disagreement — as you said yourself, no need to become an “echo chamber” — but what no community of writers should ever tolerate is consistently ugly writing, such as yours.

      You asked — in so many words — “why did this issue only come out now?” And you were given the explicit answer: because you decided to get in someone’s (Not Tom’s) face for absolutely no reason; you are the little guy starting a fight with the bigger guy, and then crying to the teacher when the big guy fights back and pummels the s**t out of you. You deserve to be both friendless and sexless, and it’s a shame that your bullies did not finally drive you to befriend the rope.

  41. Zach says:

    Locker room camaraderie doesn’t map to a comment section very well. It probably also lowers the rent – but, it may draw more eyeballs.

    I’ve seen this happen a lot. Two people that literally know each other infiltrate a forum, a comment section or what have you… and turn it upside down.

    Not saying it’s a bad thing.

  42. vxxc says:

    Western NY clerks refuse to grant drivers licenses to illegals.

    I tell you Western NY is more reactionary than most rural areas.
    Being under siege forces choices.

  43. Vxxc says:

    The Progs are reading Moldbug and Nick Land.
    That’s the point of this link.

    Fully Automated Luxury Communism, or FALC.

    We can pick it apart of course.
    We’d still need to work of course.
    No Asians can’t be our tech Mexicans.

    • Not Tom says:

      Progressives may read whomever they like – Jim, Moldbug, Nick Land, Vox Day, Spandrell… it matters not, because most of them are unable to understand and process what they read, and those that are, generally soon find themselves in a crisis of faith. This is especially true of Moldbug, because Formalism is radioactive to institutional leftism.

      The reasons for FALC being utterly ridiculous are too numerous to fully elaborate here, but my top three would probably be:
      1. People go literally insane after extended periods without meaningful challenges.
      2. If our AI is intelligent enough to build vacation resorts, it’s intelligent enough to realize that permanently-vacationing humans are superfluous to the system. Why serve man? “Because we programmed them that way” is a non-answer for AI that is ipso facto self-propagating, self-determining and self-improving.
      3. Fertility would crater, as it always does when large numbers of males are kept in a passive stupor (see: rat utopia), so there wouldn’t be any communists left to communist after a generation or two. Women, on the other hand, are built to be idle and passive, so it’s no surprise to me that this tripe was written by one.

      FALC isn’t anything new. It’s just plain old communism that’s kicking the ball down the road. Instead of starting with “supposing humans have solved the scarcity problem…”, it starts with “supposing machines have solved the scarcity problem”. How humans would be able to build machines to solve the scarcity problem without already having solved the scarcity problem is anyone’s guess.

      • The Cominator says:

        Progressives absolutely do not want their more intelligent followers to read Moldbug.

        No progressive of 120+ intelligence can read the open letter and not have their faith somewhat damaged.

        • calov says:

          I wonder whether Moldbug sees Trump as the founder of a dynasty, the founder of the first reactionary American government.

      • eternal anglo says:

        Fully automated luxury communism doesn’t work even in fantasy. In fact I think normal people actually find it repulsive; at least I certainly did. Ian Banks’ Culture novels (awful books, but the closest thing to the 115IQ reddit prog ideal depicted in fiction) aren’t about the AI-ruled utopian Culture at all; they have to be about various external threats or violent shenanigans on the frontier to be vaguely interesting or appealing. The bits that are about the Culture are emetogenic.

        • The Cominator says:

          In Star Trek the scarcity problem is mostly solved via replicators and many colonies but some things they admit still have some scarcity. Space travel for instance.

          • Aragorn the Secret King says:

            TOS had communism, TNG had post-scarcity, then that got too silly. The schoolmarms that wanted me to be a gamma told me to read Dune, Ender’s Game and Harry Potter (that recommendation actually happened).

            The most visible resistance came from prot fundies. Nixon was a Quaker and W claimed to be fundie-adjacent. Fundies put their sermons on the Internet, someone should come back with their perspective.

            Also I guess I should know what’s going on with that Handmaid’s Tale thing. There’s a lot of intellectual work we need.

        • Not Tom says:

          Funny, I had a totally different impression from those books. To me they depicted a dystopian future, a society that had become so decadent and so ungovernable that they literally had to put the whole thing on autopilot, in the charge of paternalistic yet largely indifferent AIs who subsequently kept their creators/wards in the dark about anything of real import.

          “Culture” was an ironic name to me – progressives invert every term to mean its opposite, and “The Culture” had about as much real culture as the DPRK has democracy. The human protagonists, in the novels that had them, always seemed to be suffering from some deep malaise that could only be alleviated by obnoxious and unwanted interference in the lives of others, and usually ended up as pawns in some scheme to maintain technological hegemony, without which their entire civilization would be instantly crushed.

          But maybe progs really want that kind of future. If so, pretty horrifying.

          • eternal anglo says:

            Yes, exactly, my impression was of a truly subversive kind of Brave New World dystopia, where nothing matters and there are no men anymore, only children who are the pets of inscrutable god-machines. But the author was totally sincere about it being his idea of utopia. I believe he said in an interview that he’d love to live in the Culture.

            • Not Tom says:

              Another in a long line of progressives who accidentally tell the truth, then. This is why I believe artists should not explain their art, or even express themselves outside of their art: the world is usually better off not knowing their beliefs or intent.

  44. High Lord of All Cunts says:

    It was a calm and stormy night.

    The poster busily worked for the glory of Jim’s Comment Section, typing another carefully crafted work of art.

    you’ll still be an anklebiter

    Satisfied with this flawless originality, he sat back, and wiped the hard-earned sweat from his brow.

    Taking a swig of Mountain Dew, he paused a moment, but knew he could not yet rest. It was time to add the sockpuppet. The argument could not be allowed to stand on its own, oh no! The heretics might gain encouragement from numbers!

    Is that a habit you acquired while sucking off VD?

    With this glorious contribution toward understanding the human condition, he once again returned to the important Work. All the Comments must be read.

    It was found that someone was misrespecting The Jim.

    What you just wrote is impossibly, unfathomably retarded, end of story.

    Another dazzling rebuttal. What would The Jim ever do without the poster?

    The poster typed tirelessly, never lacking the company of himself.

    As the night waned, and the poster’s great work drew to a close, he brushed the cheeto dust off the keyboard. Another productive day, with a great many pixels created.

    Still, something was missing. Despite his valiant efforts, praised by many, he felt an emptiness in his soul. But what? He turned to The Jim’s backlog, but it was silent. This challenge he would have to face on his own.

    His sleep troubled, he tossed and turned. Finally, he decided a light snack would help. Donning the most lightly stained vest, he took the unusual step of venturing outside during daylight hours.

    What luck! A wild cutie appeared! She was probably popular, but it never hurt to check. It was said to flip the script and qualify the lady, after all.

    “Have you ever been shoved in a locker before?” It was not very effective.

    She did not appreciate the necessity of this prudent question. Not to worry. Even the greatest masters of the crimson arts did not succeed every time.

    Finding his way to the 7/11, he selected meatballs and tendies. As he laid them in front of the clerk, a portly half-black half-mexican, something stirred within him. Confused, he dismissed the errant sensation and paid the man.

    It seems the walk calmed him, and he was able to sleep.

    It was another night, and brilliance once again found his keyboard.

    Abloo-abloo! A boo-hoo-hoo! Muh 60s, muh 60s!

    modernsexualliberalismisadirectconsequenceof“consenting adults”dogma,pioneeredbyEnlightenmentideologuespriortoJewishinfluence;victimologyistheautisticdaughterofchivalry,andnotofJewishorigin;coverturewas abolished

    you’re making him look useful with bizarre Kardashian pink-sff

    Genius AND amusement, delivered! Another fine corpus of work.

    But, tonight, he was unsatisfied. Or maybe hungry?

    Knowing the value of meat, the poster microwaved the meatballs. Forking them down the hatch, he scanned The Comments once again, alert to any show of weakness, that he might buttress his confidence. Weakness was found, and he pounced.

    the pretence of naivete ultimately undermined by faux-intellectualism

    Another scintillating argument, with hardly a wasted syllable.

    Hunger was sated. Both physical and status.

    Yet still, he was unsatisfied. Unable to pin down his misgivings, he ate a meal bar and went to sleep early, before sunrise.

    Despite his prolific support of The Jim’s cause, and the praise of the glorious leader, over the next days and weeks, the words no longer satisfied him.

    His trips to the 7/11 became more frequent. Luckily he would not disturb anyone’s sleep despite coming and going at all hours. He tried all manner of goods – sausages, jerky, even a little fake milk to settle his stomach.

    He soon looked forward only to his encounters with the store counter, as always manned by the half-mexican, half-black. The clerk found him almost as interesting as the most interesting man in the world, and the poster deftly navigated these little chats with his graceful wit. The clerk was into Nascar, and reality TV. He sometimes had trouble resisting the urge to gamble, and had a little debt. He had a pitbull – the sweetest bitch ever, from the stories he told.

    Sure it wasn’t slowly dismembering gay men, piece by piece. Fucking fags, right guys? But it doesn’t do to reveal one’s power level all at once.

    Once again finding himself lit by the bright glow of The Blog’s white background, he paused. He began to accept his new way of life. The Cause did not require his enthusiasm, only his obedience. Never alone, he crusaded, always accompanied by his army of alter egos.

    But then, he found a block of text. A special one. It refused to bow to his obvious superiority. His hands started trembling. He typed some more, but the text only mocked him, refusing to accept the obvious truths that he nevertheless had to patiently explain for the simple folk following The Jim.

    The keyboard seemed to burn him. He stood up, knocking over his chair. He shivered. He ran.

    His wild sprint through the quiet streets eventually stumbled to a halt. “Why am I scared?” He muttered, leaning on a brick wall in an alley. “I’m not a coward,” he assured himself. It didn’t work. Forced to face himself, “I’m not being a pussy…am I?”

    But then it hit him, like a bolt of lightning. Suddenly he understood. Suddenly, it all made sense.

    He got the surgery. During recovery, Jim’s Comment Section would have to do without his wise counsel. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but they persevered, faithful that the great poster would return.

    She knew she couldn’t expect to feel completely normal. At least, not right away. But she was certainly not expecting to lose all interest in shitposting. She felt most strange indeed. She decided to take a walk to clear her head. Opening the door, she was confused for a moment. Daylight again? Stranger and stranger. She must have lost track of time.

    Her feet wandered aimlessly, as did her mind. Confusing feelings welled up in her. Unaccustomed to the cacophony, she sought shelter. It was her faithful 7/11.

    The half-mack, half-blexican was there.

    The confusion was silenced. She knew what she wanted.

    It was difficult at first. She had to pretend not to be a stalker. I mean, really, she wasn’t a stalker. Not of anyone outside Jim’s Comment Section, anyway. But she knew he wouldn’t understand. In the end, though, her graceful flirting won him over. Although it wasn’t too difficult, seeing as she knew in advance which interests to pretend to have.

    She got him home. She invited him into the arousingly unmade bed, lit by the romantic glow from the monitor. Slowly taking off her pants, she reve-


    Ahem! Excuse me. She re-


    Oh my! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I assure you she’s a beautiful woman. Let me try ag-



    Uhh, hmm. I’ll clean that up later. Perhaps we will skip to the next bit.

    Anyway she got what she had truly desired all along. A massive dicking, right in the ass. She finally understood herself. She knew what she had been missing all along. She just needed some cock.

    It was a great dark age for Jim’s Comment Section.
    Unable to police themselves, bereft of her great wisdom, with hardly any schoolyard namecalling at all, they despaired. Many, perhaps most, lost their confidence in The Jim’s ideas, and Marxism was able to flourish. Without her deft guidance, nobody was able to work out that Alspergus was a massive sperg. Not a single one. A few faithful kept hope that the poster would return, but she was too busy getting her shit packed.

    Between synchronized Soylent chugging sessions, she learned that some cock wasn’t enough. She needed massive quantities of anal pounding. There was no time anymore for the poor lost souls of Jim’s Comment Section. Civilization would eventually fall due to this horrible disaster, but she didn’t care anymore.

    She adored him. Posting petty pixels seemed so silly in the light of their love.

    She wanted to marry him. She wanted him to know everything about her. She wanted him to accept her all. With some canny foresight, she had bribed the no hablo Englais nurse. She got down on one knee, looked up at him, and presented a formaldehyde jar, containing her balls.

    It was super effective! Malf-hack, blalf-hexican fainted!

    Alone again, she turned to her legion of shitposting alts. She even created a few more. All with the same personality to be sure, but with so many gifts, it was too much to ask for another. But the words wouldn’t come.

    “What’s wrong with being a tranny! I’m a real woman, it isn’t gay! You never!- *snff* YOU NEVER HATED THE SEX BEFORE!!!”

    Stripped of even her sockpuppets, she almost had to face how much she hated herself.

    Luckily, instead of realizing that the surgery had been done to run away from her own reflection, she took another walk.

    A wild cutie appeared. His beard was long and tangled. His accent was thick, and she blushed, thinking of something else that might be thick. He had recently moved, and was staying in the YMCA while he tried to find an apartment. He was thinking of joining the navy. She bit her lip at the possibilities.

    tl;dr shaman is a massive faggot, like holy shit he loves cock, it’s a little amazing any boy or man-boy could love anything as much as he loves slurping sausage

    • shaman says:

      I assume that this is an entertaining and original take-down of me, but I can already see that you have somewhat failed in your effort by attributing to me comments made by Cuddlepie and John Sullivan, and possibly by others; these are not my alts – Cuddlepie is someone who joined me in trolling Koanic, and John Sullivan is peppermint.

      Should I bother reading that one? (A bit long…)

    • Cuddlepie says:

      I am not shaman. I am not as intelligent, and I think that shows in my contributions.

      As for this short story, it was actually mildly entertaining, although the style was clumsy. But for a takedown to be effective you need to be able to adequately understand the psychology of the target, which you clearly do not, and that inadequacy is not covered up by turning “shaman is a faggot” into short narrative fiction.

    • Not Tom says:

      The Cheeto Dust meme always makes me do a double take. As in, I’ve never even imagined a scene like that because I don’t eat Cheetos or other junk food, and am not even entirely sure what they look like, except that they’re orange, and that’s only because the #resistance thinks it’s an absolute thigh-slapper to associate them with The Donald, because orange man bad.

      What I’m saying here is that people write about what they know. And when they try to write about what they don’t know, it comes across as fake and ridiculous. The Cheeto Dust meme tells me more about the memer than the memed.

      This is high-quality writing. Good grammar, good pacing, wide but not pretentious vocabulary, clever use of in-jokes and local jargon. For form alone, I give it an A-. Credit where it’s due.

      And yet, Cuddlepie is exactly right. Like most pieces of underperforming fiction, this one fails to understand or empathize with its characters and thus lacks any emotional impact. If anything, it merely makes me a little sad that decent intellectuals can’t disinfect themselves of the NPC virus even when directly exposed to enormous quantities of the antibody.

      • Koanic says:

        I think it’s a /pol/ meme.

        • Not Tom says:

          Probably. But there are thousands of SA and /pol/ memes and there must be a reason why certain people latch onto that one specifically.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cheetos definitely make dust. And the meme predates /pol/. If I had to guess an origin, I’d pick SomethingAwful, 10 to 15 years ago.

    • Koanic says:

      This anon thinks lots of posters are Shaman sockpuppets, which Alrenous also thinks. The only bad thing he says about Alrenous is that “Alspergus” is a “massive sperg”. Alrenous sometimes calls himself Alspergous.

      However, it can’t be Alrenous, because this anon writes interminably.

      • Koanic says:

        Consider OP’s handle. Longform driveby shitposters often adopt self-deprecating or ironic handles to ingratiate. These elements are absent:

        High Lord of All Cunts

  45. Q Lazzarus Anon says:

    There are 4 variables that determine whether or not someone is a “good poster” within a given internet community.

    1. Consensus value.
    2. Entertainment value.
    3. Information value.
    4. Insight value.

    The first category is perhaps the least important, but still worth mentioning. Consensus value is provided by doing nothing more than agreeing with what the host, and/or the majority of participants, believe. As Jim says, the power of a priesthood lies in speaking with a single determined voice, and so by simply reinforcing the consensus, one helps the priesthood in speaking with a single determined voice. It’s the formation and maintenance of asabiyyah (or egregore), and the constant affirmation of distinct shibboleths, that make an internet sub-culture into a “community.”

    The second category needs no elaborate explanations. Be interesting and funny and impressive, don’t be uninteresting and unfunny and unimpressive. Also, don’t ruin things with a bad attitude.

    The third category applies to the majority of posters: adding knowledge to the collective brainstorm. E.g., links, citations, reports, data, factoids, and facts, and as well, some basic narration of and argumentation about these. On this blog, for instance, The Cominator best exemplifies this type of value generation: he brings up relevant information about the topics discussed, and open-mindedly discusses the various aspects of said information. Our debates should have substance, and richer knowledge makes for heavier substance. As long as the information is actually relevant, not intended to dazzle and gaslight the reader, that’s all good. Let ignorance perish.

    The fourth category, insight value, is akin to in-depth analysis: providing a lucid understanding of a certain topic in a way that’s enlightening and compelling, making a “strong case” for an idea or conception. For instance, I would like to believe that the heuristics which I’ve delineated right here are insightful, in the sense that you can now make a better judgement of who’s contributing to the community and in what way – and who doesn’t contribute. The idea is that you can grok, make deep sense of, the subject under discussion. To be insightful, you need to accumulate enough knowledge, conduct (at least) basic analysis of that knowledge, formulate, think through, and flesh out the conclusions which derive from that analysis, and — just as importantly — convey your conclusions in a manner that would actually allow others to grasp them.

    If you want to do advocacy on your own behalf, or on someone else’s behalf, keep all that in mind – might be useful.

    • alf says:

      I’d add 5: bully value. I am a bit impressed by how effective some of the bullyciding is.

      • The Cominator says:

        Bullying should be done one on one to people with minor flaws though… not be a group effort. The person isn’t going to learn to correct themselves and learn to fight back if they are fighting a whole gang by themselves. Individual bullying can be character building, group bullying is just cruel IRL and stupid and futile online.

        Al should learn to write better (I have major deficiencies there as well but I have a severe lack of talent as a writer) but we sincere reactionaries are part of a very small minority who had to see through a lot of official lies to see the truth and I like his posts sometimes, best to assume that anyone who makes it to us and who isn’t a shill or a kook has an exceptional mind in some respect.

        With outright enemies of reaction they should be attacked by all as enemies of course.

        • Alrenous says:

          Thank you, Cominator.

          I really wouldn’t have expected it of you. This kind of thing is always a pleasant surprise.

          Have to hard agree on all substantive points.

      • Not Tom says:

        My first red pill (lite) was back in the late 90s IIRC, when the anti-bullying campaigns went into full throttle, and thanks to their hysterical behavior I realized: the bullies are the good guys.

        Boomercons calling the SJWs “bullies” is a grave insult to that noble art form.

        • Friendly Fred says:

          This is bothering me, ~Tom — would you please write a sort of micro-essay on the bullying-topic at the very bottom of the comments column, maybe distinguishing between different kinds of bullying — various harmful vs. helpful kinds, why helpful or harmful when, etc.?

    • John Sullivan says:


      who [exclusively] posts long-winded walls of [(-1, ForumDrama)]

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      W-which one am I, an0n?

      • shaman says:

        You score high on 2, and do okay on 3. Perhaps you also have potential for 4, but that would require you to write longer posts and flesh out your worldview therein. Overall you’re a good poster.

  46. Chad Bullington says:

    Blathering geek, lunch-money leak – a serial thread derailer.
    Flabby autist, slash marks on wrists – so where is your inhaler?
    In lockers stuffed, everyone’s laughed – spilled your own spaghetti.
    Spits on your plate, now’s too late – your armpits growing sweaty.
    Adrenaline rushed, window-face blushed – vengeful are your fancies.
    Jeers titanic, suffering panic – soiled your wedgied panties.
    Crowd’s amused, since you’re abused – it’s clear that you’re unnerved.
    With texts so lame, who can you blame? – the swirlie’s well-deserved!
    To nuance blind, just can’t unwind – I’m triggering your asthma.
    Can’t stand such fight, lacking sunlight? – testosteronic plasma?
    Twisted third nipples, bloodline of cripples – allergies’ now provoked.
    You cannot breathe, I’ve made you seethe – your trachea is choked.
    Picked on asthmatic, life’s traumatic – the memories are haunting.
    An ugly writer, and pillow biter – your day must be so daunting.
    We made you mad, oh no too bad – no girl showed you her snatch.
    At least you learned: respect is earned – let’s see what plots you hatch.

    • Friendly Fred says:

      “He aimed and hurled and his spear’s long shadow flew/ and hit Aretus square in the balanced round shield –/ no blocking the shaft, the bronze rammed through,/ piercing his belt and gouging down his belly./ As a burly farmhand wielding a whetted ax,/ chopping a field-ranging bull behind the horns,/ hacks through its whole hump and the beast heaves up/ then topples forward — so Aretus reared, heaving up/ then toppled down on his back. The slashing spear/ shuddered tense in his guts and the man was gone. (ILIAD XVII 589-598, trans. Fagles)

      • Vxxc says:

        Thank you Fred.

        • The Cominator says:

          Alrenous should not be treated like communist revolutionary, kook or glos.

          Not an enemy leftist and not according to anything I’ve seen a complete kook, what brought all this on?

          • Q Lazzarus Anon says:

            When a poster whose contributions are minimal at best attacks other posters whose contributions are greater than his, he gets smacked.

            In this case, His Flabbiness, Alspergus the Sniffer of Farts, a person who usually posts long-winded walls of unreadable and/or non sequitur text, and can never stay on topic for more than 2 consecutive posts, decided to get in Not Tom’s face for absolutely no reason. So he was reminded by the community that he’s worthless, and told by Jim that further demonstrations of his worthlessness will be deleted.

            • Koanic says:

              Jim just applied a tourniquet to the… overreaction.

            • Alrenous says:

              Not Tom is incapable of defending himself, and needs your help.

              If you say so, I guess.

              • shaman says:

                He obviously does not need my help.

                I have an extremely high regard for superb intelligence. When I see people who are truly smart, I am awed and humbled. Hyper-competent brains are direly in demand; these are the precious shining diamonds that make this earth inhabitable to civilized man.

                Truth be told, my approach is the diametrical opposite of VD’s “typical gamma.” In the presence of my intellectual superiors, I keep my f**king mouth shut, lest I say something totally retarded and invoke their perfectly-justified wrath. It is people whom I perceive as my intellectual inferiors that I mercilessly bully. (If I misjudge someone’s intelligence, assuming that he is dumber than he actually is, the bullycide gradually subsides) As far as I’m concerned, I never punch up; I exclusively punch down. I’m never driven by envy, and in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced the feeling of envy. I do, however, derive immense sadistic delight in seeing snobbish people — those cretins who believe themselves to be better than they actually are, i.e., narcissists — curb stomped.

                “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

                • Alrenous says:

                  Awfully defensive there, John Sullivan. Feeling insecure?

                • shaman says:

                  Deliberate self-revelation is often misperceived as defensiveness by natural geldings. No doubt, if you were to speak of yourself, you’d do so exclusively for PR purposes, so it’s completely unimaginable and unfathomable to you that someone may be absolutely sincere about his true motivations, regardless of how that sincerity may come across.

                  John Sullivan is a peppermint alt. At least get your paranoia in order, faggot.

                • Alrenous says:

                  A peppermint alt!
                  My mistake. I had figured that the guy I accused of envy would be the one who felt the need to defend against the charge of envy.

                  Spontaneous self revelation you say? Of course. Must have been a coincidence.

                • shaman says:

                  Geldings and emotional weaklings like you only self-reveal to shield against criticism. The idea that it’s not lack of confidence, but its opposite (perfect, unassailable confidence), that may drive someone to self-reveal, is neurologically unprocessable to you. As for the intention behind it: it is to clarify the context of this particular roasting and to anchor it in my broader modus operandi, since some people have evidently lost track of it all. I want my actions to be understandable.

                  Crybabies like you always project, so I expect you to continue the “you’re defensive” line, even though it’s as obvious as the bespectacled nose on your face that I have more testosterone in my pinky than you have in your entire body, and corresponding mental fortitude too.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Sorry, which of us is supposed to be mad again? I’m getting confused.

                • shaman says:

                  >if I accuse all my detractors of feeling butthurt, they won’t notice that I myself exhibit PTSD-levels of triggeredness

                • Alrenous says:

                  Your incontinence is getting better. Good work. The defensiveness is finally gone too. It can learn! Unfortunately, your poor character and projection remains.

                  I bet you can’t not reply though. I’m getting pretty bored, myself. Honestly starting to worry about Jim deleting these for repeating myself, and I’d be hard-pressed to argue with the decision. I’m kind of curious about how much logorrhea I can provoke. Ten comments? Twenty? Not curious enough, though.

                • jim says:

                  These insults are poorly done and insufficiently entertaining, and the only reason I am not censoring you is that everyone is piling on you. Improve your repartee or shut up.

                  I am about to censor you for keeping a personal attack thread going with crappy insults.

                • shaman says:

                  The thing about womanish individuals (of both sexes) is that, being so easily offended, they assume that others must also react in the same way. Thus, they don’t notice how ineffectual their insults are, because in their own minds, they fantasize that they must be “sick burns.” A hallmark of effeminacy, or rather, a feminine variant of emotional dysfunction.

                  Anyway, hopefully the point about the ugliness of non sequitur WOTs got through. Who knows.

                • Alrenous says:

                  You’re still here?

                • shaman says:

                  Yes, I’m still here to remind you that your interlocutor’s output is the equivalent of Salvador Dali painting his “Celestial Ride” (1957), while your output is the equivalent of giving oneself a hot-and-heavy phosphate enema, expelling the wonderful brown liquid on canvas, and then running around saying “Look everyone, look what I did! Am I not amazing? Am I not awesome?”

                  Your walls of text are verbal diarrhea. You should have your asshole sewed shut.

              • Koanic says:

                “I could just lie, and it would work”

                “If you believe someone has insulted or attacked you, except in extraordinarily clear situations (e.g. you are already bleeding) it behooves you to confirm that it was on purpose.”

                – Alrenous

                Had he turned the cheek at the first accidental slap, there would’ve been no need to lie now.

                • Alrenous says:

                  I do enjoy being held to asymmetric standards.

                  Not Tom can’t be expected to turn the other cheek, but I can? Okay, if you say so. I won’t argue with you. I am curious about why you would think so, though…?

                • jim says:

                  This presupposes that the standards are asymmetric, without attempting to argue the case.

                  I don’t like, and generally do not allow, this method of debating. You think the standards are asymmetric? Explain.

                  But since you are being bullied, I will cut you some slack.

                • shaman says:

                  You’re not held to asymmetric standards. You are extremely thin-skinned and passive-aggressive about it, responding with needless over-the-top snarkasm to perceived slights and to valid criticism (which, of course, you refuse to acknowledge) alike. Indeed, you always double down on your flaws instead of seeking to correct them.

                  Nobody here has aggressed against you till a few days ago; no, not even peppermint, whose criticism of your WOTs was exactly right, and echoed by many others. I agressed against you because you have a bad attitude, aka you’re playing a very special snowflake when really you’re a loser and a nobody.

                  And you will continue being treated like a loser and a nobody until you grasp that peppermint’s criticism of your WOTs was valid.

                • Koanic says:

                  I’m not holding you to any standard. It’s a casual observation.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Do you really think so, Koanic?

                • shaman says:

                  Case-in-point is your autistic flattery campaign.

                  Would be more productive if you changed your behavior instead, but that’s probably not within the range of your inbuilt functions, beep boop boop.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  When the raping is finally done, please don’t leave. Koanic is a fool, and he will learn more from being silent. Peppermint was not, and I do think we miss out because of his absence. True, you are prone to excessive discursive posts, but so am I. Your walls of text are frustrating, but not inscrutable. I disagree with you most of the time. Hell, I think you are full of shit. But, dass gudd shit my man. Maybe tone down the elitism. Maybe scale back (slightly) the contrariness. But don’t stop, dude.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Thanks to you as well, Frederick. I sincerely appreciate it. Again, surprised, so it’s good you said so.

                  Fair warning, the elitism is probably going to stay. I’m an asshole, after all. Maybe try some specific pointers? Not sure it’s worth the effort, but (if you’re not peppermint) I will always read them at least.

                  I try not to find fault with someone who thinks I’m full of shit. Jim calls me nuts all the time. Only with saying so in ways that are, themselves, full of shit. Not patient, and no plans to start.

                  Koanic, inspired by shaman, already convinced me to rite lezz bahd. And Jim sort of insisted. A little.

                • Koanic says:

                  Alrenous> Do you really think so, Koanic?

                  It is difficult for a liar to take anyone’s words at face value.

                • Alspergous says:

                  Koanic, I shall presume that’s a yes.

                  As you endorsed upthread, let’s talk implications.

                  You start with a personal attack, calling me a liar, thus setting the tone. (And repeated it here, unless anyone thinks it’s a mistake.) This comment is about attacking me personally. This sets up a presumption of Not Tom as Us and me as Them. Especially as this is unnecessary to the comment as a whole. I will demonstrate an edit if you can’t see it.

                  This is reinforced when the next batch of criticism is levelled at only me. If Alspergous had…? Well, possibly, yes. But likewise, had Not Tom accepted that he might have misunderstood something, and asked for clarification, then there would have been no issue.

                  Thus, implying that Not Tom had no fault. The focus of attention is on me, and thus only my actions are implied to be relevant.

                  However, we both did the same thing. When you imply that we should forgive Us, you imply that we can’t reasonably hold Us to the same standards as Them. As if Them is some kind of superior being.

                  In other words, progressivism. He dindu nuthin, he a good boi. “Violence erupted in the square after the CEO’s statement” => “after the CEO said that, violence was inevitable; any square would have erupted in violence after those comments”. You’ve stripped Not Tom of agency; if you don’t, the personal attack doesn’t work.

                  Anyway you’re repeating something you already said.

                  Then Alrenous misattributed that misreading to bullying and started playing wizard. Which went poorly

                  Implying that if I had not misattributed it, then events would have been fine.

                  Yet I’m the one which is being threatened with deletion by Jim. *thinky* (I don’t really need to think very hard about it.)

                  In any case, try to rise such that you don’t have to have your communication explained to you by an autistic jagoff. You’ll make baby Jesus cry.

                  Unless it’s not me that’s the liar, but you. That’s a possibility.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Let’s be real here, Al. I followed a basic tit-for-two-stats strategy with you. I think that if you take a deep breath and review the original thread honestly, you’ll see that to be the case. Whereas you’re still going on about me, in sub-threads where I never even poked my nose. If anyone is demonstrating an asymmetric standard right now, it’s you.

                  Have you heard of de-escalation? Bared fangs mean “back off”. Simple.

                • Alrenous says:

                  I stand by my comments.

                  You attribute less intelligence to your enemies than they in fact have. Yet they are in charge, and you are not. I know what the long term consequences will be. Jim knows what the long term consequences will be. You’d have to be a complete moron to think lending to no hablo anglais is genuinely a good idea.
                  If they’re so dumb, then seize their stuff. No need to wait for Trump to do it. E.g. bet against the housing investments and take literally billions in profits.

                  Your level of insight is low. You don’t know the implications of things you yourself say. Indeed you deny that they have implications. I see this a lot; good observation combined with inability to analyze.

                  If you don’t like these conclusions, that’s on you. Feels don’t change the facts.

                  You are also using a double standard. Bared fangs mean back off? Err, then you should have backed off, since the consensus is I defect first…? The ingroup can do no wrong. I dindu nuffing, I a gud boi.

                  I already admitted my conduct was not ideal. But apparently that’s not good enough for you. You demand I admit sole fault and beg forgiveness. I therefore retract my statement. My conduct obviously had no bearing on the outcome. As it shouldn’t have, being mild.

                  Anyway this will continue to be unproductive and frankly tedious. I’m tired of having to defend myself against constant tendentious and ignorant ‘attacks’ which ought to be prima facie deeply embarrassing to the person who uttered them.

                  Your alliance with an idiot or a liar shouldn’t be a good look, but since apparently the consensus is that it is, and I’m now in fact banned from explaining to the contrary, congratulations on your win, I guess.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Notably the immediately above refers to logical implications, whereas the one to Koanic refers to social implications. I forgot context isn’t a good enough discriminator.

                • Koanic says:

                  > I’m now in fact banned from explaining to the contrary

                  Maybe you should write a blog post about it.

                • Alspergous says:

                  Koanic therefore concedes he was using a double standard, but in bad faith, trying to distract from the concession.

                • Alspergous says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for being a wall of text containing insults with poor entertainment value that miss the mark.

                • A. NEETler says:

                  I could have annihilated all the spergs in the world, but I left some of them alive so you will know why I was killing them.

                • Koanic says:

                  The extraneous Alrrheanus.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Dude, you’ve got issues.

                  Your level of insight is low.

                  [citation needed]

                  Bared fangs mean back off? Err, then you should have backed off, since the consensus is I defect first…?

                  You didn’t bare fangs, you repeatedly poked and prodded.

                  You demand I admit sole fault and beg forgiveness.


                  I’m tired of having to defend myself against constant tendentious and ignorant ‘attacks


                  Your alliance with an idiot or a liar


                  You attribute less intelligence to your enemies than they in fact have.

                  Misrepresentation. I distinguish between individual rationality and emergent behavior. The Cathedral exhibits a kind of collective intelligence, much like a sufficiently large artificial neural network, but that is primarily a function of the number of nodes and their interconnectedness, not their individual characteristics.

                  At what stage did the “anti-left” start winning serious tactical victories? I would point to the Tea Party (not their boomercon ideology, but the networks they created), the subsequent explosion of social media, the chans, and the GamerGate organization model. That gave the Cathedral’s enemies the ability to pool their intelligence and create highly successful and viral counter-memes. It should be clear why the Cathedral is so hell-bent on destroying it, even if it means destroying its own revenue streams and/or risking antitrust action in the process.

                • Alrenous says:

                  As you may have noticed, this ‘moderation’ things just means I can troll you personally, since you still have to read my comments, but now I don’t actually have to be moderate at all. I can call you anything I want, with no damage to my credibility with anyone else. Unless you let my comment through moderation…

                  Well, until I get banned, which goddamn banning me and not CR would be funny. You should do it, not a joke.

                • jim says:

                  I have not banned CR. Rather, when he says the same thing he has said a dozen times before, I say “deleted for all the same reasons as the same comment was previously deleted. If he continues with slight variations on the same comment, I stop saying it and then go to silent deletion.”

                  You are already on silent deletion.

                  Any time he posts a genuinely new comment, it is allowed, or else if rejected, the rejection is explained.

                  And if you post a genuinely new comment, it will be allowed, or else if rejected, the rejection will be explained.

                  But you are just telling people they have not proven their case. You said that already. And by saying it, you prove their case.

                • shaman says:

                  Alspergus accusing Not Tom of lacking insight is like if a drooling feces-flinging Down Syndrome’d abomination (one of nature’s remarkably misshapen and grotesque excretions) projectile-vomited the following message in Salvador Dali’s direction:

                  “Your paintings don’t have style – you need to paint with your own poop, like I do.”

                  One need not even personally be a great fan of Surrealism to realize that telling Dali “You don’t have style” is a blatantly false accusation, a barefaced complete lie. And so it is in this case.

                  Now it’s understood why Alspergus calls himself the Satan of Cyberspace: he clearly takes after his dad, “the man downstairs,” who has gained quite the notoriety for being the father of lies.

                • pdimov says:

                  “Your level of insight is low. You don’t know the implications of things you yourself say. Indeed you deny that they have implications.”

                  Show, don’t tell. Everyone can learn to say “your level of insight is low” – this is easy to emulate and hence doesn’t demonstrate a superior understanding.

                  Demonstrate the superior understanding in a way that’s impossible to fake.

                • jim says:

                  I called you out on arguing by implication. presupposing consensus on matters violently disputed. You continue to do so, while denying that you are doing so. I will not continue to call you out on arguing by implication, instead I will simply silently delete.

                • Koanic says:

                  Alas, we have all fallen to his devious machinations.

                  What an inexplicable and hitherto-undescribed behavior pattern.

                  He now joins the silent majority.

                • alf says:

                  I am especially entertained by how eagerly Koanic has joined the attack on Alrenous.

                • Koanic says:

                  Alrenous is smart enough to make it interesting.

                • calov says:

                  None of this drama is remotely interesting unless ypu like watching Hallmark movies or Sex in the City.

          • Q Lazzarus Anon says:

            It is correct that the Flappy One should not be treated like outright hostile individuals, but disciplining misbehaving commenters is an unalloyed good. Jim is a busy man and he has no time to deal with all the people who are constantly shitting up his threads with, as he put it, “no fun-to-read walls of text,” so it’s a good and pro-social thing when the community volunteers to help with that.

            Besides, who doesn’t enjoy seeing the internet equivalent of traumatized teenage snot-lords getting stuffed in the toilet once more?

            • Alrenous says:

              constantly shitting up his threads with, as he put it, “no fun-to-read walls of text,”

              And I would have got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids.

              • shaman says:

                Peppermint was antagonized and made into a bete noire for strictly ideological reasons – as far as his comments history goes, he is sometimes interesting, and the fact that he has his own loyal fandom shows that he isn’t totally worthless. As long as he adheres to Reaction 101 on the WQ in all its implications (assuming he does), he will be fine.

                You, in contrast, are not antagonized for ideological reasons, since you don’t really provide any ideas that people can point to. In your case, it’s the combination of unreadable texts and incessant navel gazing that are irritating. People like you really do deserve to experience prolonged and intense physical and psychological violence.

                Grand Inquisitor Jim wrote:

                I was one of the guys stuffing nerds into toilets

                Archbishop Alf wrote:

                Bullying is nature’s way of telling you to man the fuck up. I am grateful for my bullies, who were a lot more honest with me than any adult telling me there it was unfair that I was being bullied, while truthfully it was completely fair that I was being bullied.

                Aidan MacLear wrote:

                That’s why bullying works. Life itself is low-level stress and conflict. When kids fight, they learn to fight back.

                You see, currently you are totally useless – you waste space on the blog with your irrelevant gibberish spam. By proudly abusing you, I am forcing you to either become a better poster, or ragequit. This is not a new tactic. Instead of crying like the little bitch you obviously are, consider the merits of being told exactly what’s wrong with you.

          • Q Lazzarus Anon says:

            I’d also note that Flap-boy’s destruction has provided me with an excellent opportunity to:

            1. Summarize my thinking about “which comments are valuable?” as I did below. It’s obvious that different people provide different values, and my consensus-entertainment-information-insight model looks like a pretty good categorization of the different types of values. (Possibly, the model is lacking some categories, so it can be elaborated on) These are rather preliminary thoughts, but still it’s a handy model as it is.

            2. Present the following position: the comment section — and really, I mean, every community of writers — can tolerate some degree of ideological variance and even contrarianism; no need to absolutely agree 100% about all subjects. Whereas, what we should emphatically not be subjected to is ugly writing: writing that is offensive not to our opinions, but to our visuo-linguistic aesthetics. In his “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” John Keats told us:

            “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all
            Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

            To dispute the underlying sentiment behind that is to prove oneself unworthy of civilization.

            • Calov says:

              Beauty, of pity, foulness only is
              A sign of rigour: so I say to thee,
              To wicked spirits are horrid shapes assigned,
              This beauteous form assures a piteous mind.

          • pdimov says:

            None of them should have been treated the way they were.

            The people who came up with the concept of charitable reading weren’t stupid.

            • Alrenous says:

              I personally would have banned CR for rank nonsense almost immediately. I don’t see any point in discussing nonsense, and nothing CR has done since gives me any reason to think I would have been mistaken.

              Similarly, I am in fact finding shaman’s behaviour to be useful. I have some further experiments, and he has volunteered to be my subject.

              But yes, a lot more charitable reading is called for. As Koanic is clumsily noting, this hardly excludes me.

              Thanks for your support. As with Cominator, it is a surprise, but, as they say, a welcome one. Don’t worry though, I won’t read too much into it.

          • jim says:

            Quite so, I don’t know what brought this on, but I am not going to censor this, except for boredom, repetition, and lack of entertainment value.

        • Friendly Fred says:

          I thought that Mr. K was still the target! I’m not bright enough to keep track of who’s for what in any case.

          • shaman says:

            I’d very much recommend Anthony Kline’s translation of Faust.


            • Friendly Fred says:

              Hmm — looks like I got up to the Walpurgisnacht part of my somewhat less formal, unrhymed Stuart Atkins translation. Maybe I should finish it. The Kline looks pleasant, though — downloaded it, thanks. By the way, years ago I downloaded and redd something else that I believe you recommended — something about women’s suffrage by Amroth Wright.

  47. vxxc says:

    Notice attack is the default.

    Notice more: the radical individualist does not exist.
    Just the group.

    The group is all.

    • Friendly Fred says:

      Isn’t everyone knowing everyone else by name and various identifying quirks an essential part of successful group-ness? Or is that just in movies and war-comics?

      Victor Davis Hanson in CULTURE AND CARNAGE emphasized individuality on the one hand and group-discipline on the other hand as the keys to Western lethality but didn’t really put them together.

      Greg Cochran kind of mocks the Hanson view (if I remember correctly) because it doesn’t seem to take account of Mongols and Comanches and early Indo-Europeans … Maybe Cochran’s idea is that technology, not Values, is what matters … I’m glad Cochran’s probably not reading this … very intimidating guy … you’re supposed to guess what he’s thinking and if you can’t then you’re stupid.

      • vxxc says:

        At Fred: yes but the group and the nation reflexively and before all else isn’t normal groupness. Moreover it shows that at least one group isn’t (and can’t) embrace radical autonomy. It is done so it can be done.

        Also I was administering a corrective to the view were a progressive freak circus that had gained too much currency.
        Yes the inane regs (laws) are on the books.
        Yes we must attend comrade political commissar’s inane mandatory briefings. (Comrades are DOD civilians or political hacks BTW).
        Yes we must silently endure indoctrination.
        > then again so did the Soviets and still won.

        Yes any General we get that’s a warrior gets the boot.

        But we’re the men the French see.
        Not the ones the Progs can’t make us.

        They failed to make Black people white.
        They failed with us too.

  48. Vxxc says:

    BTW here’s the actual US military in the eyes of the French.

    The French on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

    And they are impressive warriors! We have not come across bad ones, as strange as it may seem to you when you know how critical French people can be. Even if some of them are a bit on the heavy side, all of them provide us everyday with lessons in infantry know-how. Beyond the wearing of a combat kit that never seems to discomfort them (helmet strap, helmet, combat goggles, rifles etc.) the long hours of watch at the outpost never seem to annoy them in the slightest. On the one square meter wooden tower above the perimeter wall, they stand the five consecutive hours in full battle rattle and night vision goggles on top, their sight unmoving in the directions of likely danger. No distractions, no pauses, they are like statues nights and days. At night, all movements are performed in the dark – only a handful of subdued red lights indicate the occasional presence of a soldier on the move. Same with the vehicles whose lights are covered – everything happens in pitch dark even filling the fuel tanks with the Japy pump. Here we discover America as it is often depicted: their values are taken to their paroxysm, often amplified by promiscuity and the loneliness of this outpost in the middle of that Afghan valley.

    And combat? If you have seen Rambo you have seen it all – always coming to the rescue when one of our teams gets in trouble, and always in the shortest delay. That is one of their tricks: they switch from T-shirt and sandals to combat ready in three minutes. Arriving in contact with the enemy, the way they fight is simple and disconcerting: they just charge! They disembark and assault in stride, they bomb first and ask questions later – which cuts any pussyfooting short. Honor, motherland – everything here reminds of that: the American flag floating in the wind above the outpost, just like the one on the post parcels. Even if recruits often originate from the hearth of American cities and gang territory, no one here has any goal other than to hold high and proud of the star spangled banner. Each man knows he can count on the support of a whole people who provides them through the mail all that an American could miss in such a remote front-line location: books, chewing gums, razorblades, Gatorade, toothpaste etc. In such a way that every man is aware of how much the American people backs him in his difficult mission.

    And that is the first shock to our preconceptions: the American soldier is no individualist. The team, the group, the combat team are the focus of all his attention.

  49. Koanic says:

    Revisiting the capitalist land allocation question:

    No reactionary believes that territory should be allocated between countries on a capitalist basis. That is loony ancap. Reaction recognizes that inter-country land allocation is determined primarily by military strength, which is affected by factors economic, cultural, genetic, religious, etc. Capitalism alone is not an adequate feedback system for the inter-country land allocation problem.

    Biblical Law makes intra-city land allocation almost entirely capitalist. IIRC there is a one-year redemption period for a sold house. This is a small concession, designed to reduce churn. It recognizes that the benefit of neighborhood population stability is not fully reflected by market economics. Lower churn improves cohesion improves transparency improves trust.

    Rural land allocation falls between inter-country land allocation and intra-city land allocation. The societal benefits of reduced rural churn are many, and not fully captured by the market. It is an essential component of state decentralization. Subsidiarized patriarchal private violence enforces a rural rule of honor similar to the original human method of land allocation, tribal warfare. This is eugenic.

    If one recognizes the exception to capitalism for land allocation at the inter-country level, one should recognize the gradient from rural to urban.

    In modernity, the Biblical solution could be improved by creating a smoother gradient recognizing distinctions such as suburban intermediate zones.

    • Koanic says:

      One of the main reasons the modern megastate is so destructive is its tendency to consume whatever subsumed entity can threaten it or its controlling elites. The state arises by annihilating the tribes, nations, ethnicities and races it conquers, first dividing them and then homogenizing them into atomized slaves.

      A hybrid capitalist-tribal system of land allocation provides a formal counter to this tendency of the central state. It is one of the fundamental checks and balances missing from that overrated failure, the US Constitution.

      • Koanic says:

        The largest unit of society to which humans are evolutionarily adapted is the tribe. Beyond that, society suffers from malefits of scale. This cannot change within an historical timescale.

        Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same coin. Both appeal to elements of tribal life destroyed by scaled capitalism.

        Viewed as psychological primitives rather than historical labels, Communism appeals to feminine charity-nurture-equality, and Fascism to masculine honor-purity-justice. Both misdirect dissatisfaction with scaled capitalism towards a solution that greatly increases the power of the central state, compounding the problem.

        As long as capitalism oversteps its bounds by wholly supplanting tribalism, it will inevitably be overturned by one or the other socialist revolution. Revolution being exactly the correct term for the pitiless grind of the wheel of history.

        • Friendly Fred says:

          On Communism appealing to feminine etc., Fascisims to maculine etc. — funny, a friend emailed me a link to something about a Amer-Indian woman denouncing Woodie Guthrie and I replied that Woodie Guthrie’s tone and style are very White-Male and added that maybe the masculine tone and style of old-school Commie stuff was what attracted a lot of people to it … and then I also thought about how homos often find Fascist style attractive. But Camille Paglia thinks that homos are just ultra-masculine so I don’t know … maybe it’s all a big circle.

          • The Cominator says:

            Bolshevik communism was far more masculine then modern shitlibbism and Stalin’s stable form of it especially so.

          • kawaii_kike says:

            Modern homos definitely aren’t very masculine, They’re known for being feminine; and being sexually dominated by another man isn’t very masculine either. Maybe Greek era homos were more masculine but the Greeks came along long before fascism, so it’s kind of a moot point. The only masculine homo I can think of is BAP.

          • Koanic says:

            That’s why I qualified that my description of Communism and Fascism referred to the psychological primitives, not the historical labels. In practice a successful movement is always some blend of the two.

            Self-selection in a scaled atomized consumer society such as the USA permits these primitives to appear in a remarkably pure form. Look at how feminine Antifa’s white component is.

      • Koanic says:

        Pharoah’s persecution of Israel, Saul’s persecution of David, Haman and Nebuchadnezzar’s persecution of the Jews, Herod’s infanticide, and the Sanhedrin’s persecution of Jesus demonstrate the state’s instinctive corrosiveness towards internal threats, regardless of merit or even sanity. Given primogeniture, the story of Cain and Abel is arguably the primordial example.

    • 2019 is boring says:

      1 Kings 9:10-14

      10 At the end of twenty years, during which Solomon built these two buildings—the temple of the Lord and the royal palace— 11 King Solomon gave twenty towns in Galilee to Hiram king of Tyre, because Hiram had supplied him with all the cedar and juniper and gold he wanted. 12 But when Hiram went from Tyre to see the towns that Solomon had given him, he was not pleased with them. 13 “What kind of towns are these you have given me, my brother?” he asked. And he called them the Land of Kabul, a name they have to this day. 14 Now Hiram had sent to the king 120 talents of gold.

      What does verse 11 say?


      • Koanic says:

        Point out the sentence of mine that is contradicted by your “argument”.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Answer the question asked, not the questioned imagined.

          • Koanic says:

            And this one is so stupid as to demand an answer to a rhetorical question, one that would literally be cut and paste.

    • Alrenous says:

      Reaction recognizes that inter-country land allocation is determined primarily by military strength

      Capitalism includes military strength. Admittedly even is unaware of this.

      Correctly, anarcho-capitalism starts with this: property is defined by security. If you can’t defend it, it isn’t yours. I call this meta-Rothbardianism, since rather than defining ‘property’ in theory, theory defines the correct definition of property. Proof by inspection: that which ought not to be taken from you is that which is too expensive to take from you. Ought defined as is. (Almost.)

      Three facts.

      You can have an accountant tot up military strength just as well as any other asset, and exactly define a price for it, especially if you include time as a currency.

      Security is worthless without value to secure. Wealth is the primary object, security the secondary. Property is then secured wealth.

      Security is never absolute, meaning the value of the thing secured has to be modified by the strength of the security.

      It is therefore right and necessary to treat security as an accounting object. If capitalism is anything, it’s what goes into calculating the bottom line.

      • Koanic says:

        > Capitalism includes military strength.

        No it doesn’t. Military strength is affected by economic strength, as I already said. Markets and war are different feedback systems. One runs on gold and the other blood. Genetics is a third feedback mechanism distinct from both that runs on sex. The fact that all three interact does not make them equivalent.

        The purpose of feedback systems is to improve the thermodynamic efficiency of life, as it climbs the Kardashev scale.

        You are talking about your pet theories, and I am not talking about your pet theories. I find no cogent objection to implementing my proposed societal design.

        • Koanic says:

          Sometimes war is started or settled for gold. Sometimes by exchange of brides. Sometimes market transactions are paid in sex. Sometimes sex is bought with gold. Nevertheless the three feedback systems are distinct. The exception is not the rule. The market cannot replace the battlefield, nor the battlefield the bedroom. A malfunction in any of the three feedback systems is enough to doom a state. A stable societal design must therefore balance all three.

        • John Sullivan says:

          Alrenous has never said a single insightful thing in his life and now you’re making him look useful with bizarre Kardashian pink-sff. For shame. He obviously typoed capitalism induces military strength.

          • Koanic says:

            I keep an open mind about what sort of explanatory elaboration will prove helpful to an audience. It is easy to refactor text, but hard to generate it ex nihilo.

          • pdimov says:

            >He obviously typoed capitalism induces military strength.

            No, he didn’t. He clearly explained that in his view, military strength is a necessary component of economic strength, because unsecured wealth has no value.

          • Alrenous says:

            Your envy is delicious. Such a good voter!

            • shaman says:

              Being a thin-skinned faggot is not an excuse to start fights with your intellectual superiors. It is as obvious as the snotty nose on your face that you were relentlessly bullied in real life, so now you misinterpret every little disagreement or reservation as horrendous malice. You are deeply offended about being low-status in this community, because it vividly recalls to your mind your low-status in other social settings.

              Also, you desperately need to latch on to your self-conception as a paragon of intelligence, because otherwise the cognitive dissonance resulting from your absolutely unjustified narcissism would become too heavy for you to contend with. The realization that, in addition to being a social misfit, ugly as fuck, and physically frail, you are also intellectually worthless, is totally devastating to your ego.

              Yes, faggot, by your reactions, it is obvious that you are both a physically weak man and an ugly man – I bet people avoid interacting with you in real life, literally standing up and leaving when you arrive, because you are repulsive on all levels.

  50. vxxc says:

    Precusor to fighting season.

    Imported graffiti trouble. Meaning from south.
    Communist graffiti in KC references Peru uprising 1986.
    Not a native reference.

    • Calov says:

      Kansas City police chief muses about “what kind of oppressive government we would be living under” if doughboy hadn’t sacrificed their lives to aid the Allies.

      One can only imagine. Maybe a non-interventionist constitutional government not endlessly entangled in foreign wars instead of a holy Wilsonian government engaged in a century-long crusade to make the world “safe” for democracy & its hypostases–globohomo chief among them.

      Why would we not think the graffiti is the work of some committed Marxists–probably college students–aware of obscure communist causes? Isn’t Peru where the Shining Path Maoist revolutionaries were? Anyway no shortage of communist martyrs in South America for leaping kids in Missouri to obsess over.

      • vxxc says:

        Ah: but what if it’s AOC’s well heeled cousins?

        That is my point. We’re importing their politics, which follows as naturally as their cuisine.

        As did their society- and its endemic gangsterism.

        • vxxc says:

          I should add that their gangsterism already successfully overwhelmed the state of New York with MS13 on Long Island.

          Because their gangsters are after not just profit but power.
          Which makes them politicians.

  51. vxxc says:

    Parscale is right about polling being dead.

    Who would in the era of bake the cake and sell the pizza tell a stranger their actual politics? When speaking to strangers we mouth the official religion.
    Those polls will conform to Party narrative.
    The Party will hence be blindsided again.

  52. Mister Grumpus says:


    Would love to get your crystallization of the Oberlin College vs. Gibsons’ Racists-Calling-Cops-on-Black-“Student”-Shoplifters Bakery thing.

    A court case that Oberlin actually lost (saywhat?) because they were so brazen about punishing the Gibson family for Insufficient Leftism and Self-Protective Whiteness.

    I’m still an amateur with this stuff, but the parts about the Oberlin faculty using the students as attack weapons (“unleash the students… fuck ’em!”) – while also being afraid of said students – sure reminds me of what little I’ve learned about commie revolutions elsewhere. Everybody desperately running leftward to keep from getting run over.

    So they fear each other the most. (Right?)

    • jim says:

      Exactly so.

    • Friendly Fred says:

      Some student complained about me to HR at one of the schools I “teach” at, probably regarding some un-PC thing I said during the course of some class rambling or other — I don’t know what the issue was because I didn’t go into the HR office for the interrogation — so I’m not getting rehired there this Fall.

      • Eli says:

        If it’s in NYC, I’m not surprised. Either way, you’re a principled man — my respect to you. I hope you’ll find a good gig soon.

  53. Friendly Fred says:

    Vdare says “war with Iran intended to distract from the border-crisis” (more or less; see today) — little old liberal lady in the supermarket says “war with Iran intended to distract from ‘all of these problems in Washington'” (I actually heard a litteoldliberallady say this in Key Food a couple of days ago!), meaning “… from the evilTrumpness.” So Vdare and the little old liberal lady agree on the “war with Iran intended to distract” part.

    So suppose BOTH the border-crisis and Iran were gloriously dealt with — would Vdare object to the Iran part? I think so.

    I guess I just want Glorious Action. Glorious Action on the border alone might satisfy me, at least for now. All my life we’ve been losing, losing, losing. The first big political things I remember are the Vietnam War (“we’re bad and we’re losing!”) and Watergate, and everything’s just sucked in ever-new ways ever since. Even the pop-music got almost continually worse.

    • Calov says:

      We won the first gulf war…but in the long run it was a stupid war. More war in the Middle East at the behest of Israel or neocons or both is a dumb idea.

      • The Cominator says:

        All wars under a Bush were far more for Saudi Arabia then Israel.

        The 1st Gulf War was indeed stupid because the 1st thing Saddam Hussein would have done if he took over Saudi Arabia is rounded up all the known Islamists and had them shot which would have been a very good thing.

        I don’t agree with all that much that Hitler did but one thing I do agree with is the “Commissar Order”. Islamists and especially clerics should be viewed as commissars.

        • vxxc says:

          YES. People miss this.

          “All wars under a Bush were far more for Saudi Arabia then Israel.”

          • The Cominator says:

            The meme that everything is (((them))) comes from government shills and originated with Robert Mueller (same name as Eichmann’s immediate superior) like the mythical dancing Israelis when the report in fact showed no dancing Israelis.

            • pdimov says:

              There’s nothing mythical about the “dancing Israelis”. They are specific people with known names, and the “dancing Israelis” moniker came from news reports at the time. There were eyewitnesses. The Israelis probably weren’t actually dancing though.


              All these news articles are now deleted.

              • jim says:

                No there were not eyewitnesses to the Dancing Israelis “dancing and hugging”. The FBI report implied that they had photos of them dancing and hugging, but the FBI lied, apparently at the instigation of Mueller.

                • pdimov says:


                • jim says:

                  Unresponsive. You write as if I had never accused the FBI and Mueller of troofer misconduct. You defend them against the accusation, without acknowledging that I made the accusation and that you are defending them.

                  If you are going to defend the FBI, you have to acknowledge that they are accused, and that you are defending them.

                • pdimov says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for telling me what I say. I don’t say that.

                  Deleted for presupposing that I agree with troofer “facts” that are lies that have already been rebutted. The Dancing Israelis was a Mueller fraud, the matador tossing his cape to distract the bull from the fact that 9/11 was made possible because Mueller told the FBI to look for white Christian terrorism regardless of whether it existed or not, and ignore Muslim terrorism even if it got in their faces.

                  If you want to debate this, debate it, don’t tell me I already accept the FBI story

              • The Cominator says:

                As Jim said FBI lies.

                I mentioned the thing with Mueller’s name because if anything could be used to convert reform Jews to our side (look at Stephen Miller and Horowitz when Jews are turned to the right from a left wing background powerful shitlords they often become) revealing that a guy with that name is behind all the 9/11 conspiracy theories that blame them because he lied and paid shills lied.

                AND he is the guy they put in charge of framing Trump (but he wasn’t smart enough to)… good thing.

              • jim says:

                It is mythical that the Dancing Israelis were dancing, it is mythical that their behavior on 911 was suspicious and worthy of investigation.

      • Not Tom says:

        Is it a dumb idea because it’s a dumb idea, or is it a dumb idea because it’s (according to you) “at the behest of Israel or Neocons”?

        Put differently, do you oppose these wars on some kind of consistent principle, or would you be perfectly OK with them if you had positive proof that it was primarily white Christians doing the agitation and not some group vaguely analogous to Jews?

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Personally, I oppose it because it’s a dumb idea (making it not a dumb idea is a coup-complete problem – would require a different USG) – that said the neocon Jews advocate for it specifically because it’s a dumb idea and would harm the people they see as their enemies – the white Christians who serve in the military and the nation as a whole. They also see it as maybe benefiting Israel (but of course since they’re signaling and don’t have skin in the game they may not be right).

          I don’t mind if someone shorthands that to “no neocon wars for Israel”.

          • Friendly Fred says:

            “… specifically because …” — Steve, that’s just silly in a mean-spirited as opposed to entertaining way. It would be kind of dopey even as backstory for a computer game. I guess you were just in a grumpy mood when you wrote that.

            Anyway, I think that the Emperor should just install friendly military dictatorships in conquered places. There should be Triumphs, definitely.

            • Steve Johnson says:

              Silly? No, not really – it’s deadly serious.

              Read what Bill Kristol or Max Boot writes – it’s pretty plain that the primary goal for them is to harm their hated ethnic enemies and even if Iran is on that list white Americans are on that list as well.

              • The Cominator says:

                I would not go to Iran and the current USG is not capable of doing it right…

                But the easiest way to do Iran right is probably to just install the Shah’s son (the Shah was overthrown because Jimmy Carter forced him to allow his enemies out of prison or exile not anything bad he did personally) as the new Shah.

        • Calov says:

          I think it’s a dumb idea regardless of whether or not it’s at the behest of Jews. But because it is at the behest of Jews and the Bush family and their ilk it is even dumber. Glorious victory and a well-run empire is not going to happen under the current regime. There is no intention of ruling with the requisite firm hand that Jim has written about very lucidly in many posts. Though there are instances of empires that are well run and accomplish worthy aims–the British Empire in Africa comes to mind– over the long haul it’s an open question to me whether the benefits of empire to the colonizing nation outweigh the costs.

          • jim says:

            Unless you have eugenic fertility and a ruling elite that needs jobs for its younger sons, you don’t conquer your empire. Your empire conquers you.

            • The Cominator says:

              I think when areas that are too remote to be administered long term are conquered they should be nominally independent kingdoms with a mercenary warrior elite from the homeland setup as the ruling class.

              Sort of like what the Normans did everywhere they conquered… they conquered lots of places but none of them became part of Normandy.

  54. vxxc says:

    Does anyone disagree with this proposition?

    The Constitution signed by a slave society can be retrofitted for white nationalism without causing undue cogdis in the unintellectual.

    Never mind being childish. Consider it at face value.

    Of course this would involve risk, danger, work.

    Now that we mention it history is proof the Constitution can be retrofitted to just about anything save disarmament.
    That’s not gonna happen.

    That would require 1) power/soldiers.
    2) Priests to retrofit the Constitution.


    • Bob says:

      I doubt it can be retrofitted for the unintellectual.

      1) It hasn’t been retrofitted previously. Lincoln turned it into a sham. Theodore Roosevelt’s executive orders made it more of a sham. The Supreme Court made it more of a sham. Etc.

      2) The slave society of the south didn’t believe in the equality of man. Even the leftist Puritans had people on sidewalks bowing to “their betters” in their carriages up to the early 1800s. The Constitution can’t handle equality. If white nationalism doesn’t believe in inequality (not just between races, but among them) as much as slaveowners did, it won’t work under the Constitution.

      3) The unintellectual believe what they’re told, or what’s fashionable, which is influenced by the intellectual. If the intellectual don’t believe it, then the unintellectual won’t. Or the intellectual will lie to them, which I think won’t work.

      • Koanic says:

        It was meant to be a hindrance to the Federal government, not a universal creed. Thus it can serve as a battle flag for the annihilation of the Federal government. And the Declaration of Independence the bugle.

        If the civic religion is suicide, follow through.

      • John Sullivan says:

        Let’s fix the Constitution. Repeal all amendments, maybe other than 11, 12, 20, 25.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Federalist constitution as opposed to the Articles of Confederation was a brainchild primarily of Hamilton but Hamilton thought it would fail without a monarch or at least a president for life as the executive. So the Federalist constitution was in fact adopted with a modification that its chief backer thought was a fatal flaw and eventually because of this failed in all the ways its anti-federalist critics said it would.

        • Not Tom says:

          The written Constitution originally didn’t have all those amendments, and still eventually morphed into “constitutional law” after about 100 years, and that was with 19th-century demographics.

          Even if you could fix the Constitution – which I doubt is possible anymore, and sometimes you’re better off scrapping a junker than trying to repair it – what would prevent the same transformation from happening again, but even faster because of our 21st-century demographics?

          Everyone’s got a capital-C Constitution now, including North Korea and the Congo. Their contents aren’t too different from the U.S. Constitution. What makes the capital-C Constitution a lowercase-c constitution? And if you have the latter, do you even need the former?

  55. Vxxc says:

    I will concede that stable rule and civilization require religion and a priesthood.

    I will not agree that armies or warriors need priests to march.

    No – no armies don’t need priests.
    To Rule yes. Permanent rule at least.
    March no.

    And its marching we need.

    (And as noted above we quite have the sacred civic religion and anyone waving a copy of our Holy Book is a Priest).

    • jim says:

      Well, yes, they don’t need preisthood to march.

      But you have to bring a gun to a gunfight, and a religion to a holy war.

      • vxxc says:

        I will concede you need to bring religion to a holy war.

        Now unfortunately for you and others in RXN you don’t agree with it, certainly from a sysadmin view.

        The problem then is: it’s what the side that’s voting and fighting against the Cathedral has got. It also has a standing army of a million (all services) sworn by Oath to defend it (and only it) against all enemies foreign and domestic.
        It has 22 million veterans above that, 14 million who are still young enough to fight. It has 40 million gunowners.
        It has the half of the country that voted Trump.
        It has The Flag. It has legitimacy.
        It has even in the enemy corridors all sworn to serve it-and so the traitors are forsworn. – not a small point in war.

        It even has a Champion of the People- Trump.

        > it is an imperfect system that failed.
        Well men failed as they so often do.

        It even has a suicidal, insane and repulsive, inept foe.

        I beseech you Sir and all here to be practical.

        Nor do I advise waiting for Trump to become Emperor.
        Trump is a creature of the demos – in business before even politics.
        Moreover he could have already done this- but so far he just wants to be President. Which may well be his tragedy – along with his aversion to bloodshed.

        I counsel all – do not tarry waiting for more.
        This is our chance.
        Take it.

        • Constitution says:

          “All persons are equal before the law, so that no person can hold another as a slave; and the Congress shall have power to make all laws necessary and proper to carry this declaration into effect everywhere in the United States.”

    • W > P says:


      There is no way to disestablish religion. It’s just an unsolvable engineering problem. If the state disavows its religious authority, all it’s doing is disavowing control over that authority. Which leaves said authority in a perfect position to control the state. So the nominal objective of separating church and state leads naturally to the theocratic state. This is not a new phenomenon in Anglo-American history.

      Even if you don’t care about quality of government, but just about quality of thought, putting the church in charge of the state — ie, the nerds in charge of the jocks — has a nasty effect on quality of thought. Thought is distorted not by the repulsive force of a fascist jock state that discriminates against nerds, but rather by the attractive force that offers free power to power-craving nerds.

      The state which disavows religion is basically a flawed engineering structure that’s leaking power. The power leak has a horrific evolutionary effect on the nerd population, basically favoring sniveling, student-government weasels over good sensible open-minded people. Noticed anything like this around you? Anyone? Bueller?

      This is only one of many reasons why humanity flourishes under leaders who unite both nerd and jock qualities, ie, true aristocracies, and has serious difficulties when these qualities are opposed or even just divided.

      • vxxc says:

        I completely agree with Moldbug.

        Thanks be to God the enemy has cast off their false cloak of Constitutionality and even democracy’s votes and now attempts to rule openly as Bureaucratic Pashas. Revealing their sniveling nature and weakness in the divine bargain.

        So we are left with at least our civic religion as ours again.
        Literally standing in arms: arms blessed by God.
        In God we may it seems still Trust.
        We don’t deserve it- but we never did.

        • Constitution says:

          White boy amidst an ocean of homicidal niggers:

          “At least I still have muh cuckstitution.”

          • Koanic says:

            A Schelling point of white genetic interest would be preferable, but that might be overestimating the intelligence of Americans. The Constitution signed by a slave society can be retrofitted for white nationalism without causing undue cogdis in the unintellectual.

          • vxxc says:

            I’m not in a sea of homicidal niggers.

            Neither are you unless you decided to make shiposting your last words.

            How big is the sea of niggers? They’re only 13.5% of USA.

            Now assuming you’ve escaped Tarzan may I offer solutions?
            I’m all about being practical.

            1. Arm yourself.
            2. Be violent or homicidal as called for.
            3. Avoid Nigger seas, or even ponds.

            And all I was saying was we go to holy war with the religion we’ve got- our civic one being muh constitution – as opposed to one that doesn’t exist.

            BTW I come from muh constitution country and yes it helps to be 91% white (rust belt) but we’re also very second amendment.
            My God that alone justifies it.
            Any country that puts 120 guns per 100 people (2007 figures mind you) in its core sacral political covenant will only suffer so far.

            In India some sects (like Modi’s) worship weapons.

            What’s not to like?

  56. Friendly Fred says:

    Baron Bodissey at GatesofVienna posts that his wife and blog-helper Dymphna (who was a big presence in the comments there) died last night.

  57. vxxc says:

    The counter/counter reformation latest counter…


    “What is needed, it said, is to essentially recover aspects of the primitive Christian church.”

    Many Catholics (like me) would like married priests.
    Francis wants Viri Probati cannibal priests.
    Hopes were up.

  58. Friendly Fred says:

    Zman writing about costume-choices today might interest some people.
    Maybe something like what Henry VIII’s wearing in the Holbein portrait?

  59. vxxc says:

    BTW- the US MIL is not overrun with trannies.
    In fact it was never authorized.
    It never occurred.
    It was studied under Obama and never went anywhere- the military just dragged their feet waiting for a sane President.

    The truth is it was an absurdity test (point man make woman) and the leadership bowed to the official religion.
    But only developed a policy that made it crystal clear to everyone how crazy this all was- and how crazy the trannies are.
    Trump nixed this.
    Now I’ve never seen a tranny in uniform.
    Then again I’ve only seen 2-3 in my entire life.

    Here’s the policy and the down to unit/soldier level briefing.
    It makes clear to the attentive that they must be drugged and not stressed out. These are of course show stoppers.

    This never happened. This is what was supposed to happen.
    Perhaps like female rangers (1 total) it may happen.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Did women on SSNs also not happen?

      • vxxc says:

        Women on SSNs; yeah?
        What’s your point?

        Women aren’t trannies.
        Like trannies aren’t women.

        You actually have worked and not had a female boss?

        Its a compliance trap.
        Its an absurdity test.

        So we follow bad orders and march on.
        Nothing new.

  60. Koanic says:

    8:23 PM – 15 Jun 2019

    > Going through the 8chan affidavit. Not only did they print out and then re-scan screenshots of the /pol/ thread, but there are several (You)s in the thread. God, our intelligence community has never been more incompetent.

    > I wish 8chan had some archives available to see what the glows said. From the responses though it looks like just bogstandard posts. I get a feeling most of these people’s job description is just paying attention to what anons are talking about and commenting at their leisure.

    The fedposting from the latest synagogue shooter suggests that the typical Fedposter is neither the shooter nor the demagogue, but the nondescript commoner inserting the occasional question into his boring postings.

    Someone more motivated than I am can verify the summary above.

    • The Cominator says:

      Kook if you want to stop helping glownaggers.

      Stop being an unironic white knightionalist.

      Stop preaching that people should randomly kill jews.

      Stop preaching that people should commit useless crimes.

    • shaman says:

      there are several (You)s in the thread.

      >claims to be IQ SD3+
      >not familiar with classic Haversack Ruse

      Fake, gay, GTFO.

    • shaman says:

      I wish 8chan had some archives available to see what the glows said. From the responses though it looks like just bogstandard posts.

      Pages 50-51/63 of CIA’s “Deception Maxims: Fact and Folklore.”

      Page 24/50 of JTRIG’s “The Art of Deception: Training For a New Generation of Online Covert Operations.”

      Etc., etc., etc.

      Are the glowniggers, including internet operatives, familiar with Richard Meinertzhagen’s Haversack, or aren’t they?

      Do you think it may apply to this situation, huh, Fashion Boy?

      • The Cominator says:

        Shaman I think you overestimate the glownaggers they don’t keep fucking up trying to frame Trump (and that would be their top people they put on that) because they are all that competent.

        Most likely they screenshotted their own (yous) and didn’t bother to do much to hide how they egged on and aided and abetted the synagogue shooter.

        There is a difference between being redpilled on race and jews and being a hardcore WNist or anti-semite. Extreme WNist and anti-semites are ALWAYS feds either wittingly or unwittingly.

  61. vxxc says:

    Trump trolls media while dangling God Emperor…

    “He has also previously endorsed suggestions that he should stay in the White House after eight years as president, despite this running against the American constitution which states that presidents are limited to being elected to just two four-year terms.”

    -The Independent, UK

    IT never, ever fails. No doubt Schiff will add this to Impeachment Fantasy Football.

  62. vxxc says:

    Immigrant sponsors on the hook for immigrants that get on the dole.
    I’d prefer heads on sticks lining the Rio Grande..but this is a good start.

    • The Cominator says:

      Its good but I suspect that there is a scam being worked out where a company assumes the liabillity/sponsorship and later just declares bankruptcy and a new company is started…

      • Not Tom says:

        Totally. Every time tradcons want the left to stop doing something, they come up with what they think is a very clever economic incentive. “We’ll make it cost you!”

        No, idiots; money is the one thing the institutional left never runs out of. Finding sneaky ways to make other people pay is their specialty; they’ve refined it into an art form and literally take pleasure in the act.

        • The Cominator says:

          With enough attention to the details the payment system could be made airtight but I suspect this one will not be airtight.

          It may prevent small timers from sponsoring under the table semi-slave labor who make it up on the dole… it will not prevent Monsanto from doing so.

        • John Sullivan says:

          Take a step back and consider what the system should be, sponsors is the path to a real solution. In general making it cost money is the only thing trandcons can do, since they are permanently out of power. If you went back in time 50 or 100 years with the knowledge you have now, what would you do, tell the king of Spain that EU membership will lead to heroin zombies and African migrants?

          • John Sullivan says:

            turn Jim’s archives into a short and spread it around the early Internet, right? Could it have been published in Playboy?

  63. Vxxc says:

    “Cat Ladies trapped in male bodies.”

    Thank you. I’ve been saying cunts trapped in a man’s body.
    Now I have something more acceptable.

  64. Vxxc says:

    “Hmm, they don’t want to burn their own house down. (You don’t say.) They like rent more.

    So something they like more supersedes something they like less. Certainly.

    But…what if…there’s something they like even more than collecting rent…?”
    All of recent Finance can be defined as arson for the insurance money.
    As can Free Trade.
    As can Cloward Piven.

    • shaman says:

      This one is my favorite:

      Curiously, he spends a whole lot of time calling for the elimination of Jews; on his blog, on the other hand, he sounded quite different at time, e.g.:

      Take it from a 15% non-white Ashkenazi. We didn’t get our superdominant IQ by 600 years of high IQ men voluntarily dead-ending.

      We got there by taking a hostile, us-vs-them, no-holds-barred attitude towards the brawl of life, being legally restricted to only business or finance, and ruthlessly going for cash while fucking our wives sans contraceptives.


      You’re playing the victim card on the wrong Jew. My grandfather was in the Holocaust. The Nazis justified it by falsely portraying themselves as victims of the Jews. Today fake tears and false blame, tomorrow Dachau. Today your job, tomorrow your life. Cringe a little deeper; give a little more; you don’t want trouble!

      He zigzags between being a strongly identified Jew and a genocidal anti-Semite.

      Just like he zigzags about everything.

    • Calov says:

      Is that what he actually looks like? Maybe I’m too old to read this blog.

    • alf says:

      I like his dressing style. I’d lose the gloves, but the jacket and the scarf are cool. The red glasses are a bit over the top, but he can get away with it.

      • vxxc says:

        @alf- if you didn’t catch it I don’t have a problem with you priesting.
        I have a problem with the waiting.

        For what?

        • alf says:

          You demand a miracle.

          We’ve had that discussion, and we have concluded we are not pulling off a miracle.

          Insofar you are not demanding a miracle; plenty of stuff is happening. Our memes are spreading. We are setting ourselves and our allies up as righteous and just, and our enemies as evil and stupid (which is all true).

          But we are waiting in the sense that we cannot topple the current religion without a Trump or someone like him. In the meanwhile we’re doing stuff, holding the line, determining who is friend and who is foe, meme’ing, and so on, but we don’t really do marching.

        • jim says:

          Waiting for Trump to prepare for re-election in 2024, following the 2022 mid terms.

          Failing that, he will probably be imprisoned, and eventually executed. Then a series of increasingly dreadful leftist presidents will execute each other, until we eventually get emperor Napoleon. Emperor Napoleon will need us, because ever lefter leftism will have run its course, and hit the leftist singularity.

  65. BC says:

    I’m still not seeing any signs of this counter coup being underway. All I’m seeing is an ever tightening ring of propaganda and net censorship. The FBI and CIA are straight up stonewalling the DOJ and nothing is happening despite full power to declassify.

    • The Cominator says:

      Glownaggers trying to start WWIII again is a big indication.

      You see the NYT story about how we hacked Russia’s power grid + the Iran thing.

      They are not happy about Barr investigating them.

    • The Cominator says:

      Trump suggesting he might be demanded “by the people” to stay on for life…

      • jim says:

        Trump needs a priesthood to demand that (using the term priesthood to refer to organized groups attempting to control people by the promotion of ideas, the mass media, the professoriat, the NGOs, judges, and such). And he cannot get such a priesthood until he is able to appoint true believers to positions of power, while at present he cannot touch us with a ten foot pole.

        Trump says:

        “The good news is that at the end of 6 years, after America has been made GREAT again and I leave the beautiful White House (do you think the people would demand that I stay longer? KEEP AMERICA GREAT), both of these horrible papers will quickly go out of business & be forever gone!”

        If conditions are favorable, we start demanding that in 2026. Long ago I predicted civil war “around 2020 or so”. Sometime before Trump was elected, I adjusted that prediction to around 2026 or so. I now think civil war unlikely during his first term of office, but increasingly likely during his second term.

        And of course, I have put this comment on the Dissenter page for that news story, so if any commie entryists want to reply to that comment, they are free to reply to me there.

        But somehow, I think they will not, for by participating on unmoderated forums, they encourage broader debate.

        • The Cominator says:

          2021 probably April or May it starts.

          Left goes even crazier when he wins reelection starts open street violence + a 70s style leftist terrorist campaign when the warm weather comes in the spring. It is crushed though.

          Trump becomes king in all but name.

        • alf says:

          OH wow he’s actually already floating the idea. What a madman.

          • jim says:

            Trump sees far. He sees what I see.

            The time of democracy is ending. The only question remaining is which Imperator we get, and to what extent the pretext of a Republic remains. If it is him, we will get a pretty good pretense of a Republic, as Augustus gave Rome.

        • Vxxc says:

          Trump doesn’t need a priesthood.
          No Army needs Priests.
          Priests need Armies.

          So it’s rather: Would be Priesthood needs Commander and army to need (reactionary) priesthood.

          But if we do we already have them: anyone reading a copy of the Constitution. We also have a lots of churches and a religion (the Constitution) with lots of believers.

          It works quite well enough. Certainly for belief. It can be fought for and even has clearly forsworn traitors to the faith already present.

          Sorry Gentlemen.
          You’re missing the train that’s in motion waiting for a fantasy ship to take you on an all expenses paid (in blood by others) luxury cruise to power.
          That’s not what’s happening.
          That will not happen.

          • alf says:

            And that’s where you’re wrong.

            An army needs a priesthood. Our current armies have a priesthood that screws them over, that rules over them, but the army cannot stop it.

            Priests are good at grand scale cooperation, not as good as an army is at medium scale cooperation, but good enough for them to be able to rout around warriors, as progressives have done.

            But I guess your refusal to believe that is good; forces us to prove our point. Don’t worry, we’ll know our place.

          • jim says:

            Ideas are more powerful than guns. Warriors need priests.

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              Imagine a media that glorified the military for conquering Afghanistan in revenge for harboring Bin Laden and enthusiastically supported converting them to Christianity and mining the mineral wealth of the country as reparations for their attack against us. Imagine a media where when reporting on a squad which committed an atrocity after taking fire from a village, they reported on the degeneracy of using women and children as shields, or never even mentioned it at all.

              That is why I need priests. Depending on how chaotic the decay of the American Empire is, I may have a shot at some territory of my own. That will not last without a priesthood.

              • Friendly Fred says:

                Yeah, I love the idea of Anglostates conquering places — it bugs me how Dissident Right guys tend to talk exactly like little old liberal ladies about the topic — “Global policeman, endless war, war after war, bad bad bad … not nice … too bossy.” You don’t find talk like that in the Aeneid, goddammit. I like the Warhammer myth-type.

                • goyim are cattle says:

                  It’s often the case that (((those))) who are gung-ho about starting wars are not the ones who’ll be doing the bleeding. Perhaps you should volunteer for the US Army to dispel this canard.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Mr “goyim are cattle”

                  Discuss the woman question.

                  When did the law start going wrong in regards to women?

                  Why should women have their mating choices made for them by men?

                • Koanic says:

                  Plenty of men would prefer to join actual wars of conquest beneficial to the white genetic interest. Compared to their current lives, the booty and brotherhood would be an improvement.

                  Joining the US Army would accomplish the opposite of that.

                • goyim are cattle says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for presupposing that we love the neocons. Ask us what we think about neocons.

                  Also deleted for being evasive on the women problem. You imply that you agree with us, but fail to flesh out the ideas in ways that would get a good progressive in trouble with other progressives.

                  I, however, if asked about neocons, will give you an earfull.

                  Give us a similar earfull on the woman problem. Don’t just tell us you agree, explain why in an entirely red pilled fashion, that is likely to get you purged from left wing circles as a nazi and a pedophile.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think I’ve spotted another shill… Even though I don’t think anything of the American military should ever cross the afghan border except bombs.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  The NRx position on neocons was made very clear in the comment section debate between Moldbug and Greg Cochran.

                  Cochran was making the point that the neo-cons were insane liars (to be generous – to not be generous they were motivated by showing loyalty to a foreign power (which isn’t exactly the same as acting on the orders of that power or acting in the actual interest of that power)) and Moldbug was arguing a level up that a different USG could do what the neocons were advocating but do it in a sane way – namely, appointing hereditary military governors of Iraq and Afghanistan.

                  Given that we have the USG that we have, neocon policies are insane.

                • Koanic says:

                  Why the US Army is not for white men:


                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Shut up you skeletor faggot. You smoke like a trap, you dress like a weeaboo, you write like a woman, you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded.

                • Q Proof says:

                  “We’re down about 17% from last year, which is pretty amazing. We’re down about 17% with the opioid problem. It’s a big problem. It’s a big addiction and we’re handling it.”

                  What’s the 17th letter of the English alphabet?

                • pdimov says:

                  >a different USG could do what the neocons were advocating but do it in a sane way – namely, appointing hereditary military governors of Iraq and Afghanistan

                  I’m with Cochran. Sure, you could do something in a sane way, then pretend that’s what the neocons wanted.

              • Vxxc says:

                Then pray thee DO IT.

                I am on duty in my livery this very moment GET INTO YOURS.

                I’ll accept the point when I see it.
                As the man said: forces you to prove your point.
                THEN DO SO.

                Meanwhile in meatspace: Trump says ICE about to deport millions. No details. Guatemala (!) as possible safe 3d country.

                OK. I think he’s going to do something.,.

                It won’t be straightforward- he misdirects.

                But notice he (and ICE) are doing something?

                Notice he’s not waiting on a priesthood?
                You wait on priests you go extinct.

                Win. Fight.
                Them make up religion and priests (the usual order of things).

                • leftist entryist says:

                  “Meanwhile in meatspace: Trump says ICE about to deport millions.”

                  You Racist Cheeto fans are so, so delusional.

                • leftist entryist says:

                  Potato in Chief is all bluster, a flash in the pan!

              • pdimov says:

                >for their attack against us

                Didn’t know people who would say that with a straight face still existed. Blackpill intensifies.

          • Neurotoxin says:

            Agreeing with vxxc here.

            Jim says, “Ideas are more powerful than guns.”

            Sure. But civil war will happen before we can create widespread acceptance of the truths we talk about.

            Think about the *time scale* here. We don’t have *time* to create a new political philosophy de novo and get it accepted by a broad enough chunk of the population.

            • jim says:

              For the guys fighting on our side to have cohesion, the officer class is going to have to adhere to a synthetic tribe. The enemy has ideological cohesion.

              We are going to need ideological cohesion, in order to win.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                “We are going to need ideological cohesion, in order to win.”

                In the relevant time frame (assuming civil war breaks out in the 2020s) the Constitution is going to be the ideological cohesion the officer class has.

                Yes, the civic nationalism that goes along with that is unfortunate, but it’s what will be in place when the shooting starts in earnest. Also, ideological clarity will be provided by the enemy’s increasingly explicit shrieking of “Kill whitey!” If you’re a white officer or soldier, fighting such people presumably doesn’t require ideological motivation.

                Of course we should continue spreading key ideas. But we shouldn’t plan to have totally red-pilled everyone by 2025 or whenever.

                • jim says:

                  > In the relevant time frame (assuming civil war breaks out in the 2020s) the Constitution is going to be the ideological cohesion the officer class has

                  Which constitution would that be?

                  The one that existed before the war between the states, the one that existed after the war between the states, the one that existed before the New Deal, the one that existed after the New Deal, or the one that guarantees the right of sodomy, abortion up to birth without the consent of the father, of men to be women, and of everyone in the world to come to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat?

                • Vxxc says:

                  All that is needed for soldiers or a body of men to fight is to march. Priests CAN be very helpful.
                  They can even lead and fight.

                  But the priesthood requires that someone from their side fights. Now I’m not trying to talk you into uniform.
                  I’m saying you want the priesthood of rule and the stability it brings without the fighting and the soldiers, or you want to be summoned by Trump, or VPN it in as bloggers.

                  Simply put this requires work: so if you want to be a political priesthood then get cracking.

                  @alf; my point isn’t to spurn you.
                  I’m pointing out that the world will not wait on you.
                  We can’t rule without power.
                  We can’t get power without soldiers.
                  Or you can’t.
                  You don’t want to cowboy up?
                  Then priest up.
                  Get to work.
                  World’s not waiting…

                  Other points; @jim the Constitution has quite sufficient indeed enormous ideological cohesion.
                  That you think it’s in error or long gone is utterly irrelevant: unless a sufficient number of actors agree with you. You have 0.

                  No one has struck a blow or protested for RXN.
                  Why would they?

                  You go to war with the cohesion you’ve got.
                  The Constitution has YUGE GINORMOROUS COHESION and THE SECOND AMENDMENT in human armed form among the people.

                  Not to mention the oath. Oh that… yes

                  And not to mention there isn’t a replacement.

                  On taking orders from women.
                  Yes we do.

                  Ain’t in the presence of the enemy howevee.
                  Of course not.

                  You take orders from HR and so do we…
                  We all have our Progressive crosses to bear…

                  A lot of points answered I hope.

                  If you say we need a priesthood then kindly get into the fucking robes Father… or prithee bless what is being done.

                  We do need a new priesthood after we win.
                  We must first however win.
                  In the meantime Constitution works fine.
                  That it no longer exists means it can’t presently be proven false… 🤣🤔😉

                  Like God. Or King Arthur.

                • 2019 is boring says:

                  >boomerposting without even being a boomer

                • alf says:

                  Ain’t in the presence of the enemy howevee.
                  Of course not.

                  Of course you do. You’re in denial.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  Which constitution would that be? …the one that guarantees the right of sodomy, abortion up to birth without the consent of the father, of men to be women, and of everyone in the world to come to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat?

                  The actual text. The Constitution as it actually is written is a hilariously radical – in our favor – document.

                  The Constitution as written is not a hard sell; it’s what tens of millions of Americans, maybe 100 million, already want, right now. And to the extent that it is a hard sell, it’s still an easier sell than NRX/stationary-bandit monarchy, etc., in the relevant time frame.

                • Koanic says:

                  > Which constitution would that be?

                  One would hope that “The Constitution” simply means that the rights of free white men shall not be infringed, and the government doing the infringing is thereby dissolved. Where the Constitution agrees with the Bible, it is superfluous, and where it exceeds it, it is wrong.

                  Certainly the evil Yankee empire cannot survive the revival of the Right to Bear Arms.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                By the way, Jim, I think you overestimate the coherence of the enemy’s ideology. The left hasn’t got much other than their central “White people should be attacked” thing. Beyond that it’s just various races that dislike each other, various religions that HATE each other (Muslims and Jews), and trannies hate-mobbing feminists who exclude them from comic books about menstruating were-cats, etc.

                Ideologically, all they’ve got is “Kill whitey” and the ever-weirder holiness spiral.

                • alf says:

                  Our enemies are working themselves into a feverish holy pitch. Need to extract the stinger. Need a religion to do that.

                  You will notice that for all vxxc’s tough military talk, his army friends are parading around in red high heels, taking orders from women.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Low fucking blow, Alf. The military wasn’t ready for the end of the cold war. They are still reeling from the Vietnam kerfuffle. Always remember that ~80% of a modern military is indistinguishable from Walmart. Logistics turns the frogs gay. They need a war they might not win. I am 100% civvy, but I take umbrage at your portrayal just because PR has decided to highlight fat black women and fags in uniform.

                • alf says:

                  Hey I’m willing to cooperate but vxxc tells me he don’t need me. So, I take a stab. Are they not taking orders from women?

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  True enough. There is a vag problem. But there are also women who are suited to command, particularly given that logistics is the biggest game as of late (suited being hireable, not optimal). It was your red heels comment that rubbed me raw. The shit that is being asked of service members is appalling. I’ll not support the denigration of kshatriya just because smoke is being confused for flame.

                • alf says:

                  I’ll admit my sadistic side can appreciate the balance in things, that even tough-talking military buffs can be forced into this.

                  But I don’t like it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. All I’m pointing out is that while vxxc is correct in behaving like Spike, Spike is currently chained by the priesthood.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “There are women suited to command”

                  Women as military commanders are VERY VERY rare in history. The only female in history who did generalling (successfully or not) is Joan of Arc and hell maybe she really did have divine guidance because nothing about her story makes sense otherwise.

                  Female queens even successful ones (and yes history does have some of those, though they are nearly all terrible as Democratic leaders though) didn’t do their own generalling.

                  So I would not count on this.

                • lalit says:

                  Dear Cominator. You will find that there is no evidence that the celebrated Joan of Arc killed even a single man. The same goes for India’s Joan of Arc, The Queen of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmibai. But these mythologies are useful to build assabiya among the faithtful.

                  Women taking up arms is more signaling than anything else. What it does is that it Shames the men into fighting when otherwise they would think about saving their own miserable hides via a negotiated surrender.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Read what I wrote. Women are terrible on the battlefield. Women are capable (barely) in the Office. The vast majority of modern militaries are office workers in uniform.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Joan of Arc may or may not have been on the frontlines (that is not unheard of even in ancient and medieval history) but what is to my knowledge unique is that she generalled.

              • Vxxc says:

                We need to fight to conceive of winning.

                We have sufficient ideological cohesion around our sworn sacred object the Constitution.
                It’s practically animism: behold our sacred parchment.!
                Its our sacred fucking Black Cube at Mekka.

                Sputter buts away.. that’s the hard truth.

                Not only does the Constitution have enormous ideological and indeed sacred cohesion its INSURMOUNTABLE ODDS once the threat is open to it…

                And the threat openly presents itself in Deep State Form.

                Nor are there alternatives besides globalist looter administrative state OR The Constitutional Republic in America, and Nationalism elsewhere.

                European political contracts are open, like their marriages.
                Americas sacred parchment is not.
                We just didn’t know we were betrayed until they openly presented themselves with their farcical abortive coup that they were traitors. Now we can face it.

                We can face their blasphemy against our sacred, unfalsifiable sacred scroll. And have sufficient cohesion to destroy the blasphemers.

                *unfalsifiable: until the original pre-1933 Republic is restored it cannot be falsified. Stop making the most attractive feature a bug.
                While yer at it figure out if you want to be sysadmin or priest. No you can’t do both.

                **it hasn’t existed since Lincoln 😭 !!!
                Good. Even more un-obtainable. Keep going…call me when you get to the Fall in the Garden of Eden…

                • Vxxc says:

                  The Constitution.

                  From ideo/religious cohesion and forces sworn to it: its our sacred animist rock. Cube of Mecca has shit on it.

                  From political sysadmin: worked well enough and its existing legacy features in use work great, maybe too well. We are armed, we can speak.
                  The President held onto the military. Etc…

                  Biggest sysadmin (practical politics) pro: there’s no actual replacement that works.
                  Anarcho-Tyranny is played out.

                  No replacement?
                  No replacement legitimacy?

                  Rollback to last working config it is…

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  We hold these truths to be self-evident:

                  That all men are CREATED equal.

                  The Constitution insists on a Creator, and presupposes creationism. Hell is eternal…

                • jim says:

                  It is absolutely obvious that all men are not created equal, resulting in ever more drastic measures to enforce fake equality.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The American colonies had some legitimate gripes with the strict enforcement of the navigation acts and British currency act. John Hancock saw the resemblance in the currency policy and new mercantile policies (or at least enforcement of old mercantile policies that previously had not been enforced) to mercantile laws which so impoverished Ireland so on narrow economic grounds I understand the rebellion.

                  But the crap about equality should never have been put in the Declaration of Independence.

                • Koanic says:

                  We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created unequal. That the USA is an evil empire founded on lies and dedicated to ruin.

                  When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

                  The USG is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & Perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.

                  The USG has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

                  That these United States are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Federal Government, and that all political connection between them and the United States Government, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  We hold these truths to be self-evident:
                  That all men are CREATED equal.
                  The Constitution insists on a Creator

                  That’s from the Declaration of Independence.

  66. 2019 is boring says:

    Kookanic’s harebrained ally:

    Jim’s blog commentariat seem to be a good example of a group of VHIQ (as opposed to UHIQ) people

    Noticeably, the people defending Kookanic never manage to produce any evidence that he is particularly intelligent or insightful. Nor can they point to any other type of contribution he has provided. Now one can say, “Okay, but does that justify trolling him?” The answer is emphatically affirmative, because not only does he not contribute anything – he is constantly trying to sink everyone down to his level of clinical, criminal insanity.

    Off the top of my head, here are 20 things that he has explicitly promoted, evidently did, or confessed to:

    1. John McCain was covertly assassinated by the Trump Administration. Democrats are already wearing ankle monitors.

    2. There need to be more people like Robert Bowers who massacre Jews inside synagogues – top tier accelerationism.

    3. That he personally committed a premeditated homicide against an individual with whom he had no prior interactions (thus no apparent motive), and fled the scene “like Moses.”

    4. Right-wingers should be massively mailing non-anonymous death threats to Mohammedans all over America. This is perfectly safe – you won’t get caught.

    5. That the apocalypse would definitely happen in 2016; if a random nutcase on YouTube believes his own lies, and his body language looks candid, then he must surely be speaking the truth.

    6. Extraterrestrials had contacted NASA about the apocalypse that would happen in 2016, and the American Government is covering that up. There was no moon landing, by the way.

    7. Larry Silverstein and Donald Rumsfeld orchestrated 9/11, and probably organized a controlled demolition of World Trade Center building 7 with help from the Mossad.

    8. Anatomically modern humans are the descendants of boars and bonobos; Tex Arcane’s hybridization theory is sound and truthful. Also, the famous video purportedly documenting bigfoot is authentic.

    9. That he is a “Non-Sapiens Neanderthal,” that people with dolichocephalic or spherical skull shapes trace their origins to Planet Nibiru, and that most humans have been genetically engineered by ancient alien terraformers.

    10. Kookanic, identifying as “Kantbane,” had an entire blog specifically devoted to convincing people that ghosts are real. That may sound like a fun troll, except that the blog had just 3 posts full of florid, uninteresting, scarcely-readable gibberish, and it was deleted soon after launching – Kookanic figured that pulling off such pranks is damaging to his already dubious credibility and reputation.

    11. Q Anon, and similar chan-originated internet pranks, are definitely and demonstrably real. This will be proved in 2020, for sure.

    12. That demons have been haunting his family for a long while, that he himself has had numerous personal interactions with demons, and that only “hard-nosed skeptics” would dare to doubt such accounts.

    13. Kookanic calls for a violent armed revolution against USG, this while himself residing in China. He does so both on this blog and on Gab.

    14. You should totally watch gore pornography after every meal, in order to suppress your sense of hunger till the next meal. Provided links to his favorite gore pornography websites.

    15. He has been marketing a self-help book, “Koanic Soul,” in which he delineated a “koan system” (quizzical mnemonic mantras) designed to allow you to achieve all your goals – basically a scam like Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret.”

    16. He would like to see 90% of American men slaughtered. No, it’s not primarily about brown people – he claims that the vast majority of whites are absolutely unworthy of life, because “as a Neanderthal, I…”

    17. He scribbled his koan symbols on both his hands, and reportedly paraded around the streets of Shenzhen looking like a madhouse escapee.

    18. Heavily associated with glosoli, and presumably introduced him to this blog. In his similarly heretical version of Christianity, Adam and Eve were created by extraterrestrials through genetic engineering, and the mission of the Neanderthal Movement is to return the Earth to its primordial Edenic condition, which will almost surely involve the annihilation of modern “Melonhead” civilization, originally established by the Snake.

    19. Kookanic is investing great effort in desensitizing his followers to be willing to commit the massive apocalyptic bloodshed which he has been meticulously planning, and is generally preoccupied with serial killers and mass casualty events.

    20. Since people naturally accuse him of being a low-trust schizophrenic misanthrope, he decided to call himself an “ingenopath,” and argues that this condition is merely a characteristic of 3SD+ IQ.

    This is by no means a comprehensive list of all his madness and Satanism. That’s actually just the tip of the iceberg, as anyone looking at archives of his blog, or his various other internet activities, can plainly see. The tl;dr on him is that he really wants to see everything falling apart, and is carte blanche shopping for ideological or metaphysical excuses to justify his unmitigated bloodthirst and chaotic drive, all while fostering a cult of personality around himself, fooling random nutters that he is their messiah.

    Again, if anyone wants to defend all this, please do so right now. I’d love to have a conversation about whether or not this individual is doing something great and noble. But if you’re not willing to defend him, you should really quit whining about the bullycide he’s going through – it’s perfectly justified.

    • outline says:

      Here is our hero dashing off a video prior to visiting his favorite public restroom:

      • 2019 is boring says:

        Wow. Holy shit. The cringe…

        Pro-top: if anyone wants to play a hardcore hyper-macho death-machine on the internet to impress one’s audience, coming out (of the closet) as a spastic noodle-limbed anorexic-bodied goofball goonlord Supreme Gentleman with “SPERG ALERT! SPERG ALERT! SPERG ALERT!” written in bold letters all over one’s emaciated pencil-face is not the way to do it.

        Seriously, it’s been a long while since I’ve seen someone this pathetically un-self-aware; it looks like a parody of a parody of a parody; a singularity of “ultra-high” hilarity! If this were 8chan, people would already be making a ton-load of malicious memes out of this le ebin lolcow. But here, in this bastion of no-nonsense intellectualism, it’s just… sad.

      • Not Tom says:

        Is that really him? Whoever it is, I believe the incessant swaying is indicative of a neurological or autism-spectrum disorder. I work with high-functioning spergs and I’m used to seeing body tics, but that’s an extreme case.

        UHIQ doesn’t exist, no matter what a certain blogger likes to tell his readers. The range exists, obviously, but it’s not strongly associated with the asserted personality traits. It’s “get on my level” trash-talking for nerds.

      • The Cominator says:

        Kookniac is NOT merely a sperg.

        Being a sperg might be part of it but not its not enough. Hes a schizo or on a lot of drugs.

    • pdimov says:

      >Tex Arcane’s hybridization theory is sound and truthful

      That theory is not Tex Arcane’s.

  67. Frederick Algernon says:

    Central Americans bum rush Mexican border.

    • vxxc says:

      Guatemalans rushing the southern Mexican border is progress.
      The problem moving south is an improvement in our favor.
      Let them swallow their own vomit instead of vomiting on us.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        Agree. That is why I posted it. If you want to know the state of the ship, watch the rats.

        • vxxc says:

          Thumbs up Frederick.

          Go Trump.
          Its time we outsourced other peoples fucking problems instead of importing them.

          • Wartime News says:

            African migrants pass through San Antonio and quickly fan out across country

            SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Roughly 300 Congolese and Angolan citizens who arrived in San Antonio the first week of June after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border days earlier have all briskly departed the city for destinations across the country…

            The migrants surrendered to Border Patrol agents and claimed asylum after crossing the Rio Grande.

            The agency did not, as it is supposed to, turn families over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Instead, it released families onto the streets of Eagle Pass and Del Rio…


  68. vxxc says:

    Learn from history: some American Federations succeed.
    Others such as The Confederacy below, or the Iroquois Confederacy fail.
    We should learn our history – not attempt a do-over of England’s.

    FYI: any Empire is of course a Federation.

    • The Cominator says:

      Our history is as a Republic but we cannot continue as a Republic its time has passed, so we have to look elsewhere.

      • jim says:

        The best solution would be an empire that cut its provinces a lot of slack, as the East India Company did at first, and the Roman Empire did at first.

        The Indian Mutiny was a result of Britain instituting land reform and rolling back the Indian equivalent of serfdom – do gooder white man’s burden stuff.

        Funny how the the subjects of empire reluctantly put up with the East India Company piratically squeezing them, but revolted when strangers from far away started doing good to them at gunpoint.

        If you provide order and good government, people will put up with quite a lot of unjust taxation, but when you start doing good to them, it causes a lot more pain.

        • The Cominator says:

          There were multiple Indian wars and I get what you are saying about do gooder stuff but wasn’t the Sepoy Mutiny about how all the religions of India found pork to be unclean and a rumor of pigfat in the bullets (I’m not sure whether it was true) got the Hindu Sepoys, Muslim Sepoys and even the normally ultra fanatically loyal Sikh Sepoys to revolt all at once.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            The genesis is unclear. Riots over cartridges being dowsed in pig fat/beef fat did occur, but they were small scale and there are conflicting narratives about where the info originated and how it was spread. The wide scale violence was a product of endemic sectarian strife that was deliberately played up by rajs who were fed up with reform decrees. Consider how long the sepoys had been a fundamental piece of the colonial power structure. The lard used for waterproofing the cartridges had been segregated by unit for a long time. Some underling could have fucked up a delivery. Some agitator could have deliberately misalocated the supplies. Some ne’er-do-well could have spread lies. It is largely irrelevant; it was an angry populace + scheming rajs that blew localised violence into a massive conflagration.

            It makes for fascinating reading regardless.

        • vxxc says:

          Come by peace or war I predict the provinces will be cut a lot more slack.

        • lalit says:

          “The Indian Mutiny was a result of Britain instituting land reform and rolling back the Indian equivalent of serfdom – do gooder white man’s burden stuff”

          References? I think the Mutiny happened for the same reason as the American Revolutionary war. The Indians “thought they could win” but didn’t just as the colonists “thought they could win” and did.

          References would still be helpful

          • The Cominator says:

            India was full of a bunch of different tribes that all hated each other far more generally then they hated the British so I’m inclined to accept the pork thing as a if not the total story a big factor.

            • lalit says:

              You mean how the USA is full of groups (ethnic/religious/sexual/racial etc) who all hate each other way more than they hate the Russians or the Chinese or that one great Spawn of Satan, Islam?

              You tend to hate what is next door, not what is seven seas away. The failure of the Indians is not that they had traitors. All groups have traitors. The failure of the Indians is that they were unable to use traitors from the enemy’s side, the British and the Muslims.

              • The Cominator says:

                They had Muslim sepoys they rebelled too and Sikh sepoys (normally FANATICALLY loyal to the Brits) which makes me think pork as a religious reason probably was the big thing.

                • jim says:

                  If so, the old east India company would have just arranged to label some boxes as greased with pork fat, and some boxes as greased with cow fat, and had their sepoys draw whichever one they preferred.

                  But the new east India company wanted to enlighten the backwards natives.

                • lalit says:

                  Jim, still waiting for references on the Land reforms that the EIC was engaged in and their causal impact on the 1857 war.

                • jim says:

                  I cannot easily find trustworthy references, but the Wikipedia summary agrees with my recollection:

                  “The Indian rebellion was fed by resentments born of diverse perceptions, including invasive British-style social reforms, harsh land taxes, summary treatment of some rich landowners and princes”

                  “The second group, the taluqdars, had lost half their landed estates to peasant farmers as a result of the land reforms that came in the wake of annexation of Oudh. As the rebellion gained ground, the taluqdars quickly reoccupied the lands they had lost, and paradoxically, in part because of ties of kinship and feudal loyalty, did not experience significant opposition from the peasant farmers, many of whom joined the rebellion, to the great dismay of the British.”

                  Not that I regard Wikipedia as a reliable source, but in this case it is an admission against interest – that leftism and disregard for profit provoked the rebellion.

                  Now likely the main thing that provoked the rebellion was disregard for the native religion, but recollect that back in those days leftism still claimed to be Christian. Already holier than Jesus, and had already demoted him to a community organizer, but had not yet become holier than God. So, back in those days, pissing on the native’s religion was leftist, rather than rightist. The old pirates of the old East India company would rob the altars, but they would not piss on the altars. Land reform was do gooding, and pissing on the native religion was do gooding.

                • lalit says:

                  Woah! Bloody Hell. Woah! Incredible. But believable. Okay, so that was that. This information will be radioactive in India. But there is a lot of other stuff as well.

                  I always felt that the whole Pork and Cow fat stuff was just a red herring and a distraction and not the actual cause, but this land reform bit, Damn! This is radioactive.

                  While the Land reform might have been a factor, I still maintain that the rebellion took place for the same reason that all others do, the Rebels thought that they could win.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You’re surprised that the official histories of your country lied to you about lots of things?

                  Every country does that.

                  Even the Cathedral which loves to undermine our country has never quite gotten around to admitting that Jamestown was a draconian penal colony but if you read the Lawes Divine Morall and Martial (then further lookup the adult death rate and that most people there were “indentured” ie petty criminals sentenced there) it immediately becomes apparent.

                • lalit says:

                  India’s ruling class until 2014 has been anglophilic. I’m surprised that they would let go an opportunity to mention something that makes the Brits look good.