Leftists have a word “entryism”, which they use when privately talking amongst themselves. They never plainly state what entryism is, but if you are part of the in group, it becomes obvious that they are talking in code. If the chans got hold of some emails about “entryism”, would probably interpret it as referring to satanic rituals involving sex with children.

I don’t know what “pizza” means in the pizzagate emails, other than that it obviously does not mean pizza, but I know what entryism means:

  1. Identify a respected institution.
  2. kill it.
  3. gut it.
  4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect

Since outsiders have never heard the word “entryism” used, they invented their own word for this: “Barnacling

Science died with peer review, and is now a skin suit worn by a demon. As social justice warriors moved into technology companies, the same has happened with technology. If you are a gamer, you will have noticed that you no longer need new hardware every year. If you are a fan of self driving cars, you will have noticed that they can self drive just fine 99.99% of the time, which is 0.01% less than is useful, and that impressive as this is, it is not getting any better, nor is it likely to get any better. Similarly, Google Translate was a gigantic achievement, but no real progress has been made in automatic translation since Google went social justice, quite a long time ago.

Musk is a serial scammer, always hyping technology that does not exist and that he has no real intention of producing, but his reusable booster was a real technological achievement. It was, of course, produced by male geeks, and now that the eye of Soros has fallen upon them, they are finding their job redefined from producing a reusable earth to orbit rocket, Musk’s proposed, and genuinely intended BFR, to proving that black muslim women produced all technology, and whites stole it from them. Musk’s electric cars and solar city are scams, which could have only produced a profit through Hillary’s crony capitalism, but he really did intend the BFR, the re-usable earth to orbit and back again rocket. Reading between the lines, I feel him giving up hope for it now, which is going to destroy the lives and careers of a horde of really great rocket scientists. If no BFR, there is not much for them to do now. Their careers are going through the same dead end arc as a Fortran engineer’s, or a nuclear engineer’s or a climate scientist who tells peer reviewers what he actually observed, instead of observing what they tell him he observed.

The term “Barnacling” was coined in reference to the Social Justice takeover and destruction of the Star Wars mythos and intellectual property, but I have seen the same thing happen to various open source projects that adopted a contributor code of conduct. Instead of the objective being to produce good software to serve some valuable purpose, the objective becomes giving black women STEM credits, and the project suffers bitrot and technical debt. The creators are, sooner or later, accused of mansplaining, sexual harassment, rape and racism, they become radioactive and permanently unemployable. And without them, the project mysteriously languishes while being used to adorn the resumes of progressives who do not know what a dongle or a fork is.

If you adopt Github’s community code of conduct, your STEM career is going to die, because you are giving people who hate you and everything you stand for, who hate your race, hate your sex, and hate the entire civilization that your ancestors created, the tools with which to destroy your life.

If you have heard leftists talk about entryism (and you will have only heard them talking about it if they are confident you are a fellow leftist) it swiftly becomes obvious that they are talking in code about something that gives them great pleasure. You might suppose that the code is code for satanic rituals and diddling little boys, which is probably how the chans would interpret it, but they are talking about something more fun that that: They are talking in code about destroying the lives of people that they hate. And they hate you, and they hate everything you represent.

Stealing from the best, here is a detailed description of how social justice warriors destroy games and movies:

  1. SJW CRITICISM – The intellectual property is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things.
  2. Intellectual property IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO REBOOT – or reimagining, or remake, or whatever term is fashionable at the time.
  3. THE BARNACLING – SJWs barnacle themselves to the intellectual property both within its production and without in the fan base, and start lecturing long time fans.
  4. FAN CRITICISM – Long time fans of the intellectual property voice legitimate criticism of the new direction.
  5. SJW RESPONSE TO FAN CRITICISM – A large fan backlash is created when SJWs both within and without the production falsely accuse critics of being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic etc.
  6. DISMISSING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces declaring the backlash doesn’t exist.
  7. IGNORING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority.
  8. SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs and websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech.”
  9. BACKLASH INTENSIFIES – As an inevitable side effect of suppression, backlashers seek out other venues to express their criticism, and some publish their own, growing the backlash exponentially.
  10. HATE HOAXES & FALSE FLAGS – The rank and file SJW activists get heavily involved in shouting down critics, and creating false flags and hate hoaxes in an effort to discredit critics.
  11. Intellectual property FAILURES – The intellectual property starts to falter as fans drift away and sales plummet.
  12. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a gay man) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the intellectual property, and shame critics into silence.
  13. DESPERATE PLEAS FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – “White Knights” in the media call for creative authorities to smack down the backlash and restore control of the narrative in response to The Damsel In Distress event. Media publishes multiple articles with the same talking points and buzzwords such as “toxic” in an effort to mischaracterize the fan base. Major news outlets report on the story, and quote these “think” pieces as authoritative.
  14. ANSWERING THE CALL – Celebrities and creative cast & crew answer the media’s call, and make public statements admonishing critical fans, typically over false accusations.
  15. THE FINAL PUSH – Media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time fans to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all.
  16. Intellectual property BLEEDING – The intellectual property continues to hemorrhage money, as long time fans continue to abandon the intellectual property in droves.
  17. FANBASE OBLITERATION – The fanbase is utterly destroyed, leaving behind only the small handful of SJWs who don’t make any purchases.
  18. THE END – The new incarnation of the intellectual property comes to an end. Since the majority of the fan base has abandoned it, there’s no more controversy or discussion about it. It’s over. The best case scenario is that the original intellectual property is largely forgotten with the exception of a few die-hards who still carry the torch. The worst case scenario is that the new incarnation of the intellectual property overwrites the original intellectual property, and the original intellectual property is forgotten altogether and overshadowed by the new incarnation in all future media mentions.
  19. MIGRATION – The remaining SJWs jump ship to devour a new intellectual property that is popular, and undergoing a transitional phase.
  20. REBIRTH – The process begins anew.

If you are working in tech or science, as for example Musk’s rocket, expect the same, though with far less reporting by major newsmedia. I have seen the same at Google and at projects that adopted a community code of conduct, and reading between the lines of Musk’s tech announcements, I can feel his reusable earth to orbit rocket fading from a real project that would create income, purpose, dignity, and status for a great many rocket scientists, to yet another of his many tech scams. (As, for example, his self driving car: When Musk decided to produce a self driving car without lidar, it was obvious he had given up on the possibility of producing an actual self driving car.) Today, only a scammer can produce science and technology, because you have lie to social justice warriors, and scammers are apt to scam all sides, scamming those who have high hopes for science and technology, and scamming those who hope to have income, purpose, and dignity in creating it. Trump is the only notable scammer who seems to be genuinely on our side.

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100 Responses to “Barnacling”

  1. Jesse Forgione says:

    The original example is the infiltration of Rome by the Christians. They’ve been ruining things ever since.

    Some other recent ones are “left-libertarians” replacing libertarianism with Marxism, and characterizing real libertarians as “right-wing,” (as had originally happened with “Liberalism”).

    The locusts also did the same thing with “Atheism.” There had been a growing movement of Gray Tribe (or at least Grayish-Blue) Dawkins-style pro-reason atheists. Now it’s “Atheism Plus,” and Dawkins is persona non grata.

    And of course Star Wars and Marvel, video games, news media, movies and television in general…

    But the biggest example over the past century has been the Academy.

  2. […] — are engaged in entryism the way parasites invade our bodies via polluted water or dirty food. Jim describes the process via the classic Iowahawk tweet (he seems to have discovered […]

  3. […] are engaged in entryism the way parasites invade our bodies via polluted water or dirty food. Jim describes the process via the classic Iowahawk tweet (he seems to have discovered […]

  4. Ember says:

    I’ll sign a code of conduct when the projects that include them remove the unprofessional “no warranties, not fit for any purpose” clauses from their licenses.

  5. viking says:

    Batteries suck the only grid independence is in the country with the right land like i did 25 years ago. it needs to have water, be defendable, large enough to grow food and fuel and have the hydro electric capacity of at least 1000 watts @12v 24/7/365 with more power you can do more but no need to store in batteries that don’t last and wont be available post apocalypse, since hydro is 24/7/365 you will have extra electricity you can build a hydrogen electrolyzer and make hydrogen gas which can be stored in propane and other tanks and used like NG/LP for heating refrigeration generators etc or build a fuel cell PEMs are affordable now
    for vehicles electric toy cars are useless except for city faggotry before collapse. collecting cooking grease is a dream of the past but any gas vehicle can run on ethanol and ethanol is easy to makes build a wood fired still depending on location feedstock I am far north one acre of jerusalem artichokes gives me 1000 gals a year of almost 200 proof I also get silage for the pigs from this
    You can heat your greenhouses from well managed designed compost piles with heat exchangers (poly pipe manifolds) 12v pumps and fans when compost stops heating its ready for greenhouse as compost
    you can also make diesel from pig and other animal fats and kerosine from pine slash for jet engines if you want to maybe have rocxkets jus sayin they are working on bacteria that can break tougher woody feedstocks lignin for ethanol making any forest lot an easy place to make alcohol
    there plenty of these mountain sites with creeks in the pacific northwest dirt cheap 20-30 years ago no cheap now but not impossible however you need skills and i dont mean coding country life requires man skills and frankly these places are expensive to build and maintain you can have satellite internet and cellphone even ham radio packet internet when SHTF but you want to be able to keep machines running to live comfortably post shtf of course these are skills we boomers all learned growing up but millenials not so much unless country security is best done intensively see guys making 300k on an acre as market gardeners is best combined with animals to complete circle
    Forget gold btc and other faggotry if shtf gold may be only currency but few transactions will be done using gold since few will have it and those that do will quickly spend it to stay alive. Obviously firearms and ammunition will be the main currency but everything else thats needed and wanted will be traded.if you have a bunch of dead ford trucks to keep one running and similar for your other machine and make fuel food you rule imagine what some tobacco grown easily in your greenhouse would be traded for how about some morphine from your poppies or some alcohol from your still what would you want that is worthless now you can buy bales of blue jeans socks and underwear and shoes that thrift stores sell into third world for nothing, having a machine shop is easy for 20k i bought enough equipment i can rebuild the world from scrap metal running on a army diesel generator that will run on almost any fuel i want. Most country co ops sell pharmaceuticals for animals at 1/10 the cost same shit your dr prescribes used books on every skill man uses are thrown away daily knowledge is invaluable. you need to know how to use drones too and ought to have some type of personal aircraft you can build a plane or helicopter for as little as 30-60k

    • pissantclive says:

      Your place is an excellent idea as a SHTF backup plan, but if you decamp there permanently with a “civil war is just over the horizon” delusion, you will wake up one day old and wrinkly and realize that you wasted your prime on a phantom.

      If 9/11 didn’t cause a complete fucking meltdown, absolutely nothing will.

      Get /fit/, get a hair transplant, and come back to civilization, such as it is.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        Well, there’s something immensely satisfying about building your own civilization just the way you like it so I’m guessing he will stay the course.

      • viking says:

        wow you’re really hooked right up to the matrix huh?
        There’s no better life than country life among good white people, the time i spent in NYC to make monet i regret every minute of it, i have never regretted a second of time spent in my mountains BTW Im built like a brick shithouse and have quite the mane of hair and plenty of money so its a choice. 911 was nothing and whats coming is certain white men are not going quietly into that good night expect civil war within a few years. and we now have ten times the credit default swaps we had in 08 so there’s that and a possible war with china and camp of the saints the smart money is shtf soon

        • Yara says:

          >911 was nothing

          9/11 was proof that anyone can be made to believe anything.

          >expect civil war within a few years

          Sure, if by “expect civil war” you mean “expect Donald John Trump, first of his name, to move ‘slowly, carefully — and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet!'”

          >and we now have ten times the credit default swaps we had in 08 so there’s that

          BIS charts say otherwise, but if you have evidence to the contrary, sauce me up, baby.

      • peppermint says:

        do you know why Italian immigrant gangsters and kike immigrant pedophiles took over? Because our men were too busy fighting each other. Even after 9/11 we were fighting each other and my family was firmly on the side of our enemies.

        Now that’s all over. We won, no one sides with our enemies without knowing he’s a traitor. We might be able to take a rump state with men like Viking.

        • viking says:

          we have quite a few states ironically the biggest threat to them is lefties and normies fleeing to them from the messes they made elsewhere which can quickly overwhelm low population rural states.those rural states tend to be poor so dont have much welfare keeps niggers out but wages low poverty with a veiw we call it.wealthy outsiders are the first wve and usually welcomed since they bring some wealth and are often right wingers who get fed up first with left states. But theres always a chamber of commerce that are born to cuck and want to improve everthing to attract business wtf its not their business but thats how they do the next wave is mid normies often with families and not as much money they divide a farm in twenty lots but the tax base still doesnt cover increased cost for services now needed like more schooling and of course they are not happy with dirt or gravel roads this bunch will have some liberals as well and so it goes slowly but surely they start improving it to look like what they some point theres enough leftists and jews to begin politics. Yesterday new hampshire had a meeting to figure out how to make 98% NH more diverse because they were told they need diversity to attract diverse workers for low wage jobs. of course they will pay more in welfare than they save in wages and would be better either just giving welfare to small business and save on crime or better yet raise wages to attract whites with their excellent quality of life. one problem is millennials or rather gen z wont get off their asses so jobs that were done by teens now have to be done by adults niggers. its not as bad as left places but every generation kids get lazier more spoiled and so do adults who also wont deign to get their hands dirty like the faggot above whining about the greasy handed local mechanic he has to interact with because spark plug thingys he doesnt mow his lawn his wife if the faggot has one only cooks sometimes he cant put up a shelf so they also need more low skilled workers and their kids are super faggots and cant even so mexicans it is only what they save is picked up by fiat debt. today we find mid eastern refugees cost 65k each man woman and child per year and have no skills and so probably will like the mexicans still be costing this five generations from now. obviously even a 3 family arab family (as if) [hispanics cost a bit less until recently because until recently couldnt claim refugee and had to collect mostly through anchor babies]- cost 195k thats a lot of lawn mowing shelf hanging and spark thingys in fact its worse not only because families are so large but because hardly any of them actually work at all and when they do they work off the books and so pay no taxes and collect the welfare on top so this white faggotry is insanely expensive you are probably supporting 100 niggers to get a few handymen and one small business mans low wage crew.But we cant expect mister red faggot to figure out how to maintain his car and lawn and get his wife to cook let alone maybe live in hellhole like NH or ID where you might have to even collect firewood or keep a garden to make ends meet perish the though better white nations are turned into haiti
          Theres only one answer for this and its not twitter memes it civil war.Now theres a lot of ways these days to fight such a war smart white guys ought to be able to figure out how not to get run over by tanks holding only pitforks but until the left feels real pain they will keep the immivasion up until civil war is no longer possible. i told land and moldbug a decade ago a thousand times their plan is stupid for many reason but mainly tech and the future are not the white mans friend they are owned by DARPA and will be deployed against us and the first thing they will do is shut down the communication the privacy and the money. well here we are at techno future and our dear (((patchlords))) are deplatforming us, and in many places imprisoning us for hate. pretty soon there will be no more nrx alt right just some basement dwellers tryng to explain to mommy why the state says the house is banned from the interweb permanently

  6. yewotm8 says:

    You mention Electric Cars as a scam. Do you mean Self-Driving cars? Human-driven electric cars are not at the level of gasoline-powered vehicles, but to say they will never be is a bold statement.

    • peppermint says:

      Self driving will eventually happen.

      Battery electric will never happen. Fuel cells will eventually happen, probably with gasoline or LNG if not ammonia as fuel.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Jim believes battery lifetime (both trip and time till replacement) limits electric cars to permanent niche; the only reason they exist in numbers is because people like to show how green they are and don’t pay attention to where electricity actually comes from.

      • peppermint says:

        Methane has weight 16 and when it burns the result weighs 80, but it’s more likely that people will use something like ammonia which is naturally liquid.

    • jim says:

      Battery technology is not yet adequate. Range too short, batteries need replacement too often, and recharge times too slow.

      • Mister Red says:

        Over a ten-year period, which is more costly: a) oil, brake fluid, brake pads, spark plugs, fuel injectors, catalytic converters, transmission bullshit, random crap going wrong with the engine, and miscellaneous getting fucked over by your greasy-handed neighborhood mechanic, or 2) an In-N-Out battery swap?

        • Oliver Cromwell says:


        • jim says:

          I have been looking at batteries a great deal, because I need grid independence. There are some economic batteries on the tech horizon, and maybe batteries will be economic soon, but they are not economic yet.

        • jim says:

          Tesla’s cars have the worst rate for returns under warranty among all car manufacturers.

        • viking says:

          electric car has all of the above plus an electrical motors and batteries which cant be repaired locally or at all and if shtf will be bricks even if internet goes down will be bricks and pretty sure internet will be going down a lot very soon
          as to your faggotry about repairing cars nothing a teenager cant do- greasy handed? YOUR A FAGGOT

        • peppermint says:

          Yeah, swap out fuel in a solid container, like propane, only with worse restrictions on how to treat the container. No thanks. We also need to kill car thieves and LoJack.

          Once you get to car size, a mechanical engine is better, trains are doing mechanical engines and electric motors and trucks are still mechanically linked. A large enough capacitor for regenerative braking and boost power might be nice to have.

          People with small lawns to mow once a week can use batteries.

  7. Dave says:

    What of rebooting the tech revolution “in a country with affable women and no diversity quotas”? Besides that, said country would need:

    * Its own nuclear weapons, so it’s not a vassal of Americorp.
    * Some English proficiency so techies can perform basic tasks like ordering a pizza.
    * A long-standing tradition of property rights and impartial enforcement of contracts.
    * The “affable women” have to be passably white so the nerds can beget more nerds instead of mystery-meat imbeciles like Elliot Rodger.

    The rest of the Anglosphere is more thoroughly pozzed than the USA, and Mars won’t be colonized for another century at least. Do you think Putin, Xi, or Duterte would or could steal Silicon Valley?

    • >A long-standing tradition of property rights and impartial enforcement of contracts.

      >Putin, Xi, or Duterte

      That is the problem. Look up the history of VKontakte. The other two countries are not exactly the beacons of property rights either.

    • Kevin C. says:

      In addition to TheDividualist’s point on property rights, “passably white so the nerds can beget more nerds instead of mystery-meat imbeciles like Elliot Rodger” rules out Xi and Duterte, no?

      There really isn’t any place on Earth left to flee to.

    • PrinzEugen says:

      The only country in the world that could possibly steal Silicon Valley is Japan. But that would entail the opening up of the country to nerd Gaijin immigration, which would also bring them a whole bunch of problems.

      The upside is that Japanese culture is much more attractive to nerds and high-IQ people than any of its alternatives, they will have no trouble convincing them to move there.

    • Alrenous says:

      Just go all Amish. Exit-in-place is not even implausible.
      It would appear, however, that geeks, although smart, are not sufficiently smart.

  8. Mister Red says:

    >Musk’s electric car is a scam

    What of that automotive engineer man who says Tesla’s cars have a 30% gross margin?

    >autonomous cars impossible without LIDAR

    What of human vision?

    >no BFR

    Why not?

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      “What of that automotive engineer man who says Tesla’s cars have a 30% gross margin?”

      Jim thinks the whole thing is subsidized. Having a massive margin with subsidies isn’t impressive. It is what they look like without subsidies.

      “What of human vision?”

      Because it needs to be able to drive in the dark.

      • Yara says:

        The man bought a Model 3, took it apart, and inventoried every piece. When he tallied up all his estimated costs, he concluded that the difference between the industry-standard cost to make the car and the sale price was in excess of 30%. This suggests that Musk’s tent factory fiasco is Musk failing in spite of himself, that rather than squandering billions in trying to do too many things at once, namely far too much untested, unproven manufacturing automation, he should have stuck to engineering the car and hired some men from Ford or GM or VW to do the manufacturing of it, and that if he had pursued such a sensible path that Tesla would now be the most profitable car company in America and the world, flush with cash, invulnerable to Wall Street, and with all the time and breathing room in the world to do something Ludicrous with respect to manufacturing.

        • jim says:

          If you do a Bill of Materials on almost anything, you will erroneously come to the conclusion that it is unreasonably profitable. Estimating realistic costs is hard, and the less carefully you do it, the more you tend to lowball the cost of production.

          • Yara says:

            I was under the distinct impression that an apples-to-apples comparison of such Materials as seats, carpets, mirrors, door handles, steering wheels, shocks, electronics boards, display panels, and suchlike between car manufacturers was an eminently achievable task. Do you mean to tell me that this is not so?

            • jim says:

              Lots of tasks are achievable, but are non trivial to do adequately, and mighty easy to do inadequately, particularly if you do not really want to do the task adequately.

              • Yara says:

                I’m going to explicitly appeal to authority here, the authority being the Munro, because I’m pretty sure he knows far more about this topic in all its gristly, gory glory than we do.

                Munro say: market worst fit and finish; market best electronics + high tech; (should be) market best profitability. I conclude: the software engineers are running the asylum.

                So why is Munro an untrustworthy character? Alternatively, why are you more trustworthy on this subject than he is?

                • jim says:

                  Not following you. How is your authority supporting your position and contradicting my position?

                  My position is that Musk was never serious about an electric car, solar power, and all that as an actual economic creation of value proposition – that he is investing in creating holiness for political leverage and regulatory leverage, not creating value so that consumers will give him money in return for value.

                  Thus for example, implementing self driving without lidar indicates he does not actually care whether his cars will actually be able to self drive. Similarly, the batteries he is building for off grid power systems are not actually useful for their declared purpose of off grid power.

                  You claim it is technologically feasible to do this for real, to really create real consumer value in electric cars and solar power. Likely this is true. But Musk is not actually trying to do it, and even if it is technologically feasible, it is infeasible for reasons of regulation and politics, since holy activities have to be done in a properly holy manner, which is what gave us the great minority mortgage meltdown.

                • Yara says:

                  Munro, the man who does this for a living, took apart Muskmobile 4.0 and determined that it should be immensely profitable.

                  It isn’t, because Musk is not nearly as good at manufacturing as he thought he was, because manufacturing is much less a field of engineering than it is a field of colloquial experience.

                  But if the Model 3 would have been greatly profitable with standard industry manufacturing processes, why would Musk spend billions of dollars more than necessary to make the most advanced factory in the world? (advanced – adj. measure of revenue per capita) The only reason that makes sense is that Musk is far more profit-driven than you give him credit for: he didn’t want to make 30% per car, he wanted to make 60%.

                  “Holiness” doesn’t give a shit about factories.

                • peppermint says:

                  …he’s not making the 30% your source estimates because he wants 60%?

                  Apple used to sell standard but one-button USB mice for 70$. Maybe Musk did want Apple margins by making the Apple of cars.

                  At issue here, however, isn’t just how do you even quantify how much a case or power supply costs when you’re buying a million for particular hardware, but whether the usual price for a USB mouse is 30$ or 10$. RAM was expensive last year because of underprovisioning of factory capacity for the level of demand. GPUs were expensive because of cryptomining, while the GPU manufacturers prefer to sell to gamers due to their superior brand loyalty and continued existence of the gaming market.

                  Unfortunately, for various reasons people even here are refusing to admit, no one has made a game with the destructibility of Crysis, the graphics and gameplay of DooM 2016, the water graphics of Dishonored, the multiplayer squad tactics of CS and Overwatch, and the resource game of Starcraft Broodwar.

            • Alrenous says:

              If you do a bill of materials of a regular car and compare it to its price you’ll get something like 50% or maybe even 20%, whereupon it will be clear that Teslas are dramatically underpriced relative to their competitors.

      • jim says:

        Driving in the dark is not the issue. Making sense of what it sees is the issue. What humans, and indeed spiders, do is hard, and it is not altogether clear how it is done. More data, a great deal more data, helps.

    • jim says:

      > > Musk’s electric car is a scam

      > What of that automotive engineer man who says Tesla’s cars have a 30% gross margin?

      Also a scam.

      > > autonomous cars impossible without LIDAR

      > What of human vision?

      We don’t know how to make computers see like humans, or even see like spiders.

      > > no BFR

      > Why not?

      The eye of Soros has fallen upon Musks excessively white and male rocket scientists.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “The eye of Soros has fallen upon Musks excessively white and male rocket scientists.”

        Well help me out here:

        Could Elon just move his operation to somewhere else where Soros couldn’t get to him?

        Am I naive again?

        Or rather, are there no such somewheres left on earth that aren’t China or Russia or BumFuckistan with no toilet paper or Fedex service?

        • Mister Red says:

          There’s one place where the long arm of Johnny Law doesn’t reach, but it’s pretty hard to get to.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          >Could Elon just move his operation to somewhere else where Soros couldn’t get to him?

          Kind of a circular suggestion – to do that he’d need to have working rockets…

        • PrinzEugen says:

          It would be nice if he made a deal with the Russians (and possibly the Kazakhs, too), so that he would be able to make test launches from Baykonur.

          I’m sure the Red Army would like to more closely examine those reusable designs (or, more precisely, the AI system that gets their trajectory right within such an incredibly low margin of error).

          • Yara says:

            Musk is deeply embedded with some sort of NASA/DoD/USIC/CIA-affiliated USG faction. “Rocket” is basically a nice euphemism for “ballistic missile”. He needs all sorts of clearances and oversight to build and launch his hypersonic weaponry and cannot even hire engineers without American citizenship.

            • Starman says:

              Prophet Elon Musk will have to use his connections with the Pentagon and go to Emperor Trump with hat in hand to blind the eye of Soros. The Prophet’s creation of Pravduh to strike back at the eye of Soros is a good start, but he will need to be in the God-Emperor’s good graces again.

      • Mister Red says:

        How is it a scam if Tesla’s parts are less costly? It’s the same stuff as everybody else has, except Tesla designs it itself instead of buying it from a third party. If Tesla’s materials costs are lower because they have fewer middlemen, and they use the same manufacturing processes as everyone else, at a similar scale to everyone else, then how would Tesla not be the most profitable car company?

        We don’t know how humans see, nor how spiders see. To be effective, computers need to see how computers see, which is just like how computers see now, except better.

        Is that just Jimian bluster, or there any actual evidence that Musk is currently under attack from George “Everything That Could Go Wrong, Has Gone Wrong” Soros?

        • jim says:

          Tesla is losing money on every car sold, and if they manufactured more cars would lose money faster. You are giving me a theoretical case supposedly proving that they could make money, but that is just Musk vaporware. In the first quarter of 2018, they burned over a billion dollars.

          Moody’s Investor Service says Tesla has to raise two billion more from investors by the end of 2018.

          Tesla is pissing away money at a gigantic rate, and its cars have a higher rate of returns for repairs under warranty than any other manufacturer. If his cars were ever going to make money, they would be making money by now.

          It has been obvious to me from the beginning, before the first Tesla rolled out, that the Tesla was never seriously intended to make money as a car. The Tesla is an investment in holiness, and had Clinton been elected, holiness could have been turned into cash. With Trump elected, conversion of holiness into cash has become considerably more difficult.

      • Starman says:

        “eye of Soros”

        I’m surprised that Soros hasn’t been assassinated yet. He has made a lot of powerful enemies across the world.

        • Roberto says:

          Let’s put it this way: Bizarro World Soros, who uses his billions to fund myriads of anti-Feminist, anti-Third World immigration, anti-statist, anti-Affirmative Action, pro-patriarchy, pro-secession, pro-segregation, pro-ethnonationalist movements worldwide, would be toast within a fortnight or so of such activity.

          Oh, but how I wish there would be a Bizarro World Soros…

          • Starman says:

            Well, we do have Trump and Peter Thiel… there might be others like Erik Prince.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          Facebook spends $10 million per year on security for Zuckerburg – how much do you think Soros spends?

          • Starman says:

            I wonder how much money must be spent by Czar Putin to assassinate George and Alex Soros. I wonder what the cost and benefit analysis would be?

  9. daniel says:

    This whole time I’ve been under the impression that “entryism” was a word used by neoreactionaries to describe the method by which institutions get pozzed, and that leftists called it something else, if they had a single word for the concept at all. Huh.

    Mathematics degrees/postgrad in Australian universities is at stage 3 (Barnacling), I think. In the hallways there are A0-sized posters of whatever big-name women in mathematics they could find, there are endless societies and events and other bullshit for talking about why there are not enough smelly brown women in STEM, and you get the department head sending out emails imploring that everyone show off their virtuous opinions about gaymarriage. I see no backlash, and I wonder if backlash is just not going to happen.

    I’m with TheDividualist, I can’t wait till all autistic nerd shit becomes lame and gay again.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      The AMS is being degraded in real time as well. They even have even a blog for it.

      An example.

      Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion. Statistically speaking, you are probably taking up room that should go to someone else. If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power. That’s right, please quit. Too difficult? Well, as a first step, at least get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person. Don’t have any in your department? HOW SHOCKING.

      That strong sassy black woman now taking power from stale pales thrown in the dustbin of history gotst a math PhD from Princeton. That’s right, Princeton. (Advisor: some Indian guy.) Read it and weep bigots.

      Honestly, it might make you weep. Here it is.

      In summary: the AMS is dying, Princeton is dead.

      • Yara says:

        I read the article.

        Actually, that’s not true; I tried to read it, but skimming, in the end, was the best I could do.

        I’m really getting tired of this. Is this parody? I can’t tell. The current year seems to drag on and on without end. Is there an end? I’m really getting tired of this. I want off this ride.

      • peppermint says:

        Women in math:

        * Claude Shannon
        * Emil Artin
        * Lejeune Dirichlet
        * Evariste Galois
        * Camille Jordan
        * Elie Cartan
        * Pafnuty Chebyshev

        • PrinzEugen says:

          There only ever was one woman in Math, Emmy Noether.

          I can’t recall anyone else.

          • jim says:

            Peppermint’s point is that whomever some famous scientist had sex with, tends to get credited with his discoveries.

        • WowJustWow says:

          You jest, but whenever I see somebody try cite examples of prominent women in computing, they always start with Lynn Conway and Sophie Wilson.

      • Lalit says:

        That Indian guy is a fields medal winner for 2014

  10. […] Source: Jim […]

  11. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    I’m very sorry for the pain you’re expressing here Jim. I share it to some extent regarding classical music, which is oddly a long way behind popular culture (I suppose because it’s a smaller area of influence these days), but the things you’re talking about are on the front lines of it.

    That resignation that for the majority, the strategy for life success is to scam, most be even more acutely painful for hard science people like physicists, mathematicians.

    • Roberto says:

      >classical music, which is oddly a long way behind popular culture (I suppose because it’s a smaller area of influence these days), but the things you’re talking about are on the front lines of it.

      Interesting – care to elaborate? What are they doing to classical music?

      • eternal anglo says:

        Recent example:

        But this is hardly new; Jonathan Bowden talked about a British production of a Mozart opera decades ago in which a toilet was placed in the middle of the stage for the duration of the opera. “Deconstruction”. They hate us, hate our history and our art, and want to humiliate us, shit on us, and make us clap along as they do it.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        What they said.

        Proms 2018 is very feministic and has plenty of PoCs too.

        I wasn’t intending a major derailment, but I will just add this: when PoCs engage fully with the existing repertoire, it’s often pretty good. I’m thinking of a particular clip of a black woman doing Gretchen’s first aria from Schumann’s “Faust” – completely masterful.
        The trouble is, it never goes that way for long. It always ends up being a bit of jazz here, a bit of soulful ‘fun’ stuff there.

        Like I said before though, that part of the culture’s being affected relatively slowly. TV’s absolutely in your face.

        Again, and again at risk of derailment, which is not my intention, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed “Star Trek Discovery” AND “Altered Carbon”. I also throughly enjoyed “Coco” at the cinema.

        The mere presence of diversity per se is sometimes a problem, for sure, but the really obnoxious things are more about the anti-white agenda.
        It’s one thing to have Willard White singing because he’s popular. It’s quite another to have the latest token making a crap job of it and introducing a bunch of low-brow nonsense into the mix just because they have ‘nice genes’.

        • peppermint says:

          (1) find the black guy out of the millions and billions of them who can do X
          (2) shove him in everyone’s face
          (3) make everyone pretend some random one can also do Y
          (4) White women get demoralized by the blacks winning everything and stop training at ballet. White men get demoralized and try to sound like blacks with their voices and lyrics. The world becomes an uglier, derpier place.
          (5) shove rappers and the artifical black middle class in everyone’s face
          (6) now tell people that a black bastard kenyan is the president of America

          Do you even know what the only good black music is? No, everyone gets reggae and has to pretend to like it, swing and has to pretend it was invented by blacks.

          • The Cominator says:

            There used to be tons of good black music (someone denounced Ben E King and Stand by Me in this thread, why? Stand By Me alone is worth more then all the “music” of the last 10 years put together). Blacks did invent both early Rock n Roll (you can still piss off liberals with this because the inventor was one “Ike Turner”) and Doo Wop.

            Now there is very little good new music being made by people of any color and what good music there is doesn’t get promoted…

            Black “talent” in many areas may be 99% progressive propaganda but black musical talent is genuine even if the very very highest level of talent (a Mozart) is beyond them.

            Blacks don’t make good music in the current year because nobody does.

            • Roberto says:

              >Stand By Me alone is worth more then all the “music” of the last 10 years put together
              >Telling that to a “die-hard” non-ironic Taylor Swift fan

              Oh boy.

              • The Cominator says:

                Taylor Swift is very pretty, keeps her mouth shut on politics, has a good head for business and video theatrics but her music by the standard of the ages just isn’t very good.

                “Blank Space” as a song is a celebration of the worst of female behavior marketed towards herd creature teenage girls so she is certainly no trad waifu either.

                • Roberto says:

                  Musically, she’s done good work in “shake it off,” “I knew you were trouble,” “bad blood,” and “new romantics,” I would say. Catchy stuff, but which will have been mostly forgotten within half a decade, in all probability.

                  In terms of content, her cultural message doesn’t seem any different than that of her various predecessors in the pop industry, e.g. Kylie Minogue. It’s just THOTism but with enough plausible deniability that many on the spergtrum fail to pick up on it, mistaking some of her tamer material as representing traditional feminine virtue. I guess that in the age of feral jungle twerking, not sucking nigger dicks on stage automatically makes one a paragon of sexual morality.

                  In reality, Taylor simply stands for what Rollo calls the “Feminine Imperative”: serial monogamy with Chads, replete with BDSM-derived overtones of both subordinating the Chads *and* submitting to them. Unsurprisingly, catnip for WASPs.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Musically, she’s done good work in “shake it off,” “I knew you were trouble,” “bad blood,” and “new romantics,” I would say. Catchy stuff, but which will have been mostly forgotten within half a decade, in all probability.”

                  Meh… the only “Bad Blood” I’ll listen to voluntarily is Neil Sedaka’s it wasn’t THAT good either… but its a lot better then Taylor Swift’s (and the lyrics are pretty redpilled)…

                  “Bad blood
                  The woman was born to lie
                  Makes promises she can’t keep with the wink of an eye”

                  The last really good artist we’ve had was/is Billy Joel… hes still around but refuses to write new songs.

          • Carlylean Restorationist says:

            Peppermint: “Do you even know what the only good black music is?”

            I’m yet to hear any music *written* by blacks that’s any good. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that this has something to do with historical status, when it comes to historical periods.

            The Cominator: “Blacks don’t make good music in the current year because nobody does.”

            This is true and again opens the door to not holding this against blacks, regardless of what evolutionary psychology would predict, which may in fact be the truth.


            Peppermint: “The world becomes an uglier, derpier place.”

            This is beyond doubt.

            • The Cominator says:

              “I’m yet to hear any music *written* by blacks that’s any good. ”

              “High” culture or “low” culture music? They don’t generally do high culture music and Mozart level talent is beyond them. On that we agree.

              But early Rock and Roll (which I am a fan of) was Ike Turner’s sound originally. He invented it. Rocket 88 was the first “Rock and Roll” song that I’ve heard and he wrote it himself. Most of the black early Rock n Roll guys like Chuck Berry wrote their own stuff.

              • Eddie Willers says:

                I’ll go out on a limb here, somewhat, to mention Tracy Chapman; a black singer/songwriter of a more ‘traditional’ vein who, even though she was prog/pozzed from the beginning did show considerable musicianship in her early work.

    • Ron says:

      All I feel is rage.

  12. Mister Grumpus says:

    For Blue-Stater’s at least, I recommend “entrying” the Democrat party and primary-voting for Comrade Shlomo Butt Naked Ocasio Cortez, or the nearest facsimile available.

    It needs a meme and a team name to be viral and cool, though, and I can’t quite manage it. “The Entryists”. “The Cancer Squad”. “The Sabateurs”. “The Wrecking Crew”. Eh.

    Something to let Uncle Jimmy think he’s a badass for knowing about and participating in.

    • jim says:

      Progressive Jews tend to identify in their own minds as non white – but, of course, their mass of race replacement imported voters think them white, and are going to vote them right out of the Democratic Party – something they refuse to believe, and will not believe even when it happens to them.

  13. >If you are a gamer, you will have noticed that you no longer need new hardware every year.

    That’s also because going from 640×480 to 800×600 on a 14 inch screen made a big difference in things looking less blocky, but my mostly 2013 spec PC does retina level (or at least I cannot tell the difference) resolution on a 27 inch screen that fills most of my field of vision at 50-60 FPS. Things that interface with the human body – and that is like the whole point of consumer goods – hit diminishing returns when they approach the limits to which the human body can interface with them.

    No, I would rather use a different example. These days a grown man isn’t going to be a gamer, but a simmer. Car racing, military or spaceship sims, because they are pretty good at modern PCs, but nearly every game that is not a sim is childish and silly these days. Cartoonish characters wielding the most comical mail ninja level impossible swords. The big franchises getting increasingly boring and there are hardly any good new ones.

    They came up with VR. VR is very good for simmers because sitting on a seat and grabbing a joystick or a wheel in real life while your in-game self is sitting on a seat in a cockpit and is grabbing a joystick or a wheel is both an excellent immersion / simulation and a good way to not get motion sickness. But VR absolutely got nowhere outside sims. All these fancy controllers that let you climb a rock didn’t really go much further than tech demos, mobile stuff like Gear and Daydream is a joke with hardly any content, and the whole thing is looking to flop.

    I think now gaming is going to rapidly bifurcate into and handful mature thinking people enjoying realistic simulations vs. many drooling idiots shooting at each other in a cartoonish battle royale or suchlike. Pay to win, loot boxes and all that.

    I am not worried about a SJW takeover of sims because they are overly complicated hence lack mass appeal hence lack a status/prestige appeal, something akin to guys tinkering with ham radios. The small dev studios often fly under the radar and are increasingly off the beaten path (Russia, Czechia, a garage on a racing circuit in Italy).

    Similarly, I think many other kinds of tech can go on if only they can avoid the media spotlight that attracts status-seeking flies.

    At some level our problem is that technies, nerds were made into superstars. Of course it attracts the fake folks. Tech should be more “underground”, an uncool playground for those who are genuinely interested in it. I think it will go back to that.

    I am fairly confident because I saw a similar arc in musical subcultures. In 1988 techno-house music is a nearly unknown hobby of a few enthusiasts. It achieves a breakthrough and some DJs are actually treated like stars, which in turn attracts fake shitty DJs of the Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk type. (The parallel is not ideal, because a rythmic music is actually something black men like Carl Cox tend to be better at, and white bois whose musical education came from mainstream radio, like Paul van Dyk, not good at. Tech is exactly the other way around. But it is a mere detail.) Eventually people moved on to the next fashionable thing and the hardcore who actually cared regrouped mostly in a rebirth of 80’s industrial music.

    It is the same with tech. Once we had superstars like Daniel Heinemeer Hanson with the hot wife and racecars the invasion was unavoidable. Tech will have to collapse back to an uncool thing nerds are playing and then it will progress again.

    • peppermint says:

      Okay, so why hasn’t anyone made a game that looks like 2016 Doom with destruction from Crysis in destructible environments and vehicles drom Just Cause and with good looking water, if it’s so easy for 5 year old hardware and current gen middleware?

      Techno is coming back in the form on Synthwave on YouTube. Club music is for degenerates with old Boomer whores for DJs.

    • Yara says:

      Tech should be cool, but it isn’t. It’s overrun by women, mudbloods, and rabid ideologues propped up by soyfaced bugmen and the east coast media-financier axis. At least the financiers get paid; the soyfaced bugmen only get fucked – metaphorically, of course. To make tech cool again, it must be cleansed and returned to its CIA-sponsored cyberwarfare roots. Thereupon the women can find a husband willing to take them or die trying, and the mudbloods and rabid ideologues and can find honest work in the Californian avocado farms, where they belong.

    • John M Morris says:

      A big AAA game now has a production budget on par with a Marvel movie. Being in a position of authority in an effort like that will convey status, no way around it. Games also inject memes into the popular culture as readily as a top rated network program, which also makes it high status. Status, cultural influence and access to huge stacks of money attract SJWs like maggots to meat. Can’t stop any of that without somehow making tech unimportant again. Good luck with that.

      • Yara says:

        Combatting SJWism is really easy. It’s so easy. One of the easiest things ever, okay?

        Step 1: Don’t hire ideologues.
        Step 2: If you accidentally hire an ideologue, fire it immediately.

        There is no step 3.

        • jim says:

          Problem. If you have above fifty employees, you have to hire approved accountants and approved Human Resources, who are always ideologues, or else they would not be approved.

        • Morti says:

          The problem is that if your company grows bigger you’ll face some drama which will put you at the spotlight of all those SJW NGOs and activists, some kind accusation of discrimination or harassment will appear. Then the hell breaks loose. The media will start calling you racist, sexist or whatever ist, lawsuits will start coming (anti-discrimination laws are extremely vague and harsh) and you’ll lose customers.

          So the big companies prefer to donate to SPLC, NAACP and others, hire diversity officers (check their salaries!) so they are left alone.

  14. Mister Grumpus says:

    I’m reading this, seeing “intellectual property”, but hearing “United States of America” in my head.

    Pay your taxes. Fight haji in Iran. Do it for the tranny Muslim gay mulatto victims who need McMansions and Prep medication.

  15. Theshadowedknight says:

    This is a timely post. This is starting to happen to Dungeons and Dragons. I just read the new updates for organized play, and it is a mess. The last major campaign arc released had nearly every single couple as homosexual. Her wife, his husband kind of shit in a medieval fantasy world. The adventures were terribly written, with gibberish, poor editing, and bad game design. The transexual elves were introduced, as a blessing from their god that permits them to swap sexes every morning.

    It is a fucking mess, and judging on how they have received criticism on their other IPs, D&D is going to die in a few years. Which, since it is a hobby and side job, seriously inconveniences me. Right now, this is at Step 3. We will see how quickly it progresses.

    • jim says:

      The recent advances in AI, which made a self driving car almost possible and almost useful, rely on big data, on giving the car senses that provide far more information than the senses of today’s jet fighters, on giving the car far more sensory data than any living creature would use or could use. When Musk decided against lidar, he decided against using the recent advances in AI, which means he decided against providing careers for engineers with my sons’ skillsets.

      So this is very personal for me.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      I think The Gaming Den gives a good overview of what happened (although TGD is infested with leftists as well).

      First there was TSR. Then they appointed a female CEO who used the companies money to buy the license to Flash Gordon (which she owned so it was essentially placing money in her pocket) while the company made products no one had any intention of buying.

      Wizards of the Coast bought the IP and proceeded D&D 3 which was well made. However Wizards business model involved selling books so they gradually produced extraneous BS and then rebooted with 3.5 to do it all over again.

      Next came 4 which was modeled on MMORPGs. This turned out to be utterly unworkable and so the guy in charge was fired every year of 4th editions existence. It was so bad that Pathfinder (which is essentially D&D 3.75) managed to become the best selling D&D game.

      The end result is only those good at ass kissing and backstabbing were left around (Mearls). The ‘solution’ was to produce a game that would appeal to followers of all edition. One that was composed of modules that could be swapped out so you could customize your game play.

      Or, as you guys would probably call it, vaporware.

      • Ron says:

        AD&D 1, especially Deities and Demigods with the Cthulhu myth is

        Also the original basic and expert sets with Earl Otis artwork.

        That was beauty. Nerd perfection.

        The only way you could improve on that is if you got a bunch of guys like Texas Arcana from the shut down vaultco to make something.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      ****This is starting to happen to Dungeons and Dragons.

      “Starting”? Dude, why they need ever-more new editions of D&D I have no idea, but as someone who grew up with 1st and 2nd editions, the trendline was noticeable even then. Gygax’s edition was based, with women having a lower maximum strength score and demi-humans having far lower “potential” (in the form of maximum power level) than humans.

      2nd edition inched closer to PC, while still retaining some integrity, with the blurb in the foreword autistically explaining why the male pronoun was exclusively used throughout the book, because that is the way that common-usage English has evolved.

      3rd edition was when the game got completely fagged, which I won’t go into, but all you have to do is look at the gay anime-geek style of the artwork (vs. heroic realism that characterized earlier art).

      • Ron says:

        Earl Otus artwork was the best, and not just him, a lot of the art from that era had a dreamy alive quality. Alive vs robotic.

        There was an illustration in the original Dungeon Masters guide of a man wildly riding a horse up a narrow cobblestone street, and as he’s riding he’s firing a spell behind him. That one frame had so much story. Even tho it was black and white I could imagine the Italian sunlight (I pictured it as set somewhere in Italy), the smell of the sea, the noise of the city, and of course the mad laughter of a Man recklessly fighting for his life.

        I really can’t even look at the artwork being used now. It makes me ill. Something off .

        • S.J., Esquire says:

          ***a man wildly riding a horse up a narrow cobblestone street, and as he’s riding he’s firing a spell behind him. That one frame had so much story.

          Yepper, I know exactly which scene you mean, and could not agree more. I would have been a kid when I first saw that one, and I remember wondering what exactly was going on, and what spell he was casting, and searching through the book hoping it would give me a backstory somewhere. (It didn’t, as far as I know.)

          I was a big fan of the Larry Elmore art, personally; I think he did Dragonlance covers as well as AD&D.

          ***I really can’t even look at the artwork being used now. It makes me ill.

          Yeah, it should. It’s a surrealist style designed to appeal to some sort of warped Picasso-like idea of what heroes look like.

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