Nullius in Verba

In the past, I ridiculed the Royal Society for backing away from “Nullius in Verba” in its efforts to accommodate postmodern science – however, I recently learned that the president of the Royal Society, Bob May, that was responsible for retranslating that into something more politically correct and respectful of the consensus of the synod, is no longer president of the Royal society – which may have something to do with the the Royal Society eventually finding its testicles

Checking the Royal Society website I find that the old translation, “take no one’s word for it”, which had mysteriously disappeared from the website, has mysteriously returned.

Despite this, and despite demanding that Warmists provide evidence rather than assertion, the Royal Society under its new leadership has continued to pressure private organizations to defund those who doubt the consensus of the Synod on global warming as it did under the old leadership.  That it demands that evidence be presented by one side is rather less impressive if it continues to object to the other side also presenting evidence.

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