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Google still evil

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Despite an announcement that it has stopped censoring in China, still censored

Correction: A commentor points out that if we search for Tiananmen+Square+massacre instead of just Tiananmen+Square, we get uncensored results. Nonetheless, there is something smelly about that page rank.

Also, google continues to censor right here:  Type “Christianity is” into the search box, and it will drop down the following suggestions

  • wrong
  • a lie
  • bullshit
  • not a religion
  • a cult
  • a joke

Type “Islam is” and see what you get.

Google’s free blogging service yanks politically incorrect blogs, and while its search engine found Climategate web pages, Google participated in the blackout by censoring its suggestion box and counts.  Search results are not obviously censored, but everything else is.