This blog is going down

This blog, and the associated email addresses are going away until it becomes apparent which way the wind blows.

I am going to sell the domain name.

When it becomes apparent which way the wind blows, a similar blog, with all the original content and comments, will re-open on a less valuable domain name in a safer administration.

Bets on the outcome of current events should be settled in 2020 january 21 with
gpg fingerprint: 0D6ABF58AA31AF9594E70E4673E4BC62E92B87D7

The blog will go into maintenance mode in due course. If things go well, it should start redirecting to a domain with a cheaper domain name on which the blog is no longer in maintenance mode. If things go badly, I am pursuing a course of action based on blockchains and cryptography, while waiting for a Sulla, a Cromwell, or a Stalin. If a Cromwell or a Stalin, I will prepare the way for a General Monck or a Putin.

Whether this domain name will start redirecting to a new domain name depends on my judgment of events. A new blog with all the original content will probably open somewhere, but you may have to discover it.

166 Responses to “This blog is going down”

    • jim says:

      I would love to see my blog available in print.

      The only reason I have not done so myself is the money trail leading to me. If someone else, such as West Martian, does it with absolutely no connection to me or interaction with me, solely on the basis that every page of this blog is explicitly licensed for such purpose, that would be great.

      As it says in the footer, the complete database file for the blog, suitably expurgated, is freely available this purpose or any other, as specified in the license.

  1. Karl says:

    It was a sad day to read that your blog is going down. Thank you for all your writing.

    What puzzles me is that you post how your bets on the outcome of present events should be settled in the same post. I understand that things will be very dangerous when Trump is out of office, but in that case you lost your bets and you have to pay. For this case there is no need to post information on how to settle bets.

    So I conclude this means you expect things to be very dangerous even if Trump stays in office. This is scary.

    • onyomi says:

      The very near future will be scarier and more uncertain for everyone, though likely better in the long run for us, if Trump does cross the Rubicon than if he doesn’t, I’d say.

  2. Halion says:

    I’m going to miss you Jim. You taught me a lot and helped me refine my ideas. If one day I achieve my dream of building a kingdom worthy of Christ Rex, in part I will owe it to you. May God bless you and keep you.

    PD: it would be an extraordinary contribution to the reactionary cause in the long term if you could write a reactionary study bible, where you would explain the passages of the holy scriptures in the light of game theory, evolutionary psychology, material causality and social technology . A bible for statesmen.

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    All right that’s it. Light the Rooster signal and paint Foghorn Leghorn across the midnight clouds. Engage NrX Black Ops.

    Watch me recursive-download this big bastard, sneaker net it to the printers with a sack of silver pesos, and roll it in crates by donkey cart to my Oaxacan cave to edit, gloss and transcribe onto parchment like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Like those dark age monks living on wild turnips, pooping in the woods and translating Roman law back from Arabic.

    We’ll print excerpts onto 3X5 cards by dot matrix and leave them in NYC newspaper boxes. Between anthologies of state-sponsored transdildo theory at the Black Lives Matter Bookstore, on Black Lives Matter Avenue, by Black Lives Matter University #3856.

    How did I even get here? Spearhead? Roissy? The FBI knows but I have no idea. It’s like the best friend you can’t remember meeting.

    I’ll tell you new guys this. Very rarely have I regurgitated what I’ve picked up here, maybe watered down and taqqiya’ed a bit, to even the more faggy and Jewy and Libby and BLMy people in my life, and had them NOT come back to me anyway. They never say why, but there they are. It’s amazing. In a land of the damned, the one-eyed retard is Morpheus.

    There’s magic to this stuff. Many of Jesus’ persecutors went on to be Christians — some to horrible worldly ends — because they’d seen the Real Deal, right when they needed it, and right when they wanted it least.

    We know where piles of skulls come from.

    Do we care about others or not?

  4. onyomi says:

    Like, “It’s Okay to be White,” this seems like it has a lot of potential to make our enemies look stupid:

    (Headline: “Cops Question Man for ‘Hate Speech’ for Writing ‘Islam is Right about Women’ Outside Mosque”)

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Well IIRaW has been out for years actually, but some mushrooms spend years in the compost before busting the surface.

      But doing it AT THE MOSQUE is some divinely inspired Neo Hacks the Matrix type shit.

      I salute!

  5. Mr.P says:

    I will grieve the (hopefully temporary) loss of Daily Jim but just as much Mister Grumpus, who nine times out of ten spoke for me.

  6. Awoke says:

    I will miss the power, even if never exercised, to shake someone’s world to the core with five simple words: blog dot jim dot com.

  7. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    [*The Marxist tells us that Trump is an insufficiently pure reactionary to be a leader, and we should start holiness spiraling even before we get into power*]

  8. European Mutt says:

    Two questions, feel free to ignore any of them if the answer would endanger your safety:

    – If the right is totally defeated or incapacitated, is it worth infiltrating the left? For example can and should a young, secretly rightist guy with a degree in victimology and all the other leftist credentials and with the right temperament try to become a Stalin, or find and support potential Stalins? Maybe it needs to be a tranny or I don’t know what other abomination they come up with, but is the principle sound?

    – With the crypto idea, how would you achieve initial uptake? It needs to have some great client software right from the start especially to enable social networking, and all the walled garden systems are probably not going to publish it (they will later of course if you are in a position to bribe/threaten them). Many normies nowadays only have Apple/Android hardware or at least they don’t have a laptop with them at all times and nobody knows how to install apks. Web based is also difficult because where to host it safely? You’re stuck in the domain namespace again.

    • The Cominator says:

      You can’t infiltrate the left the way it is as a rightist…

      Beria never infiltrated the secret police KNEW he was a rightist (as he was literally on an execution list as one) when they hired him and Stalin knew Beria was a rightist when he kept promoting him.

      The various factions of leftists couldn’t trust each other, they could trust a rightist to be eager to kill other leftists.

      Stalin wasn’t exactly a rightist, he was cynical about a lot of the left’s more utopian aspects but he certainly believed in a command economy and even believed he could shape man to be more collectivist in nature long term.

      • European Mutt says:

        Well not exactly a Stalin, more a Stalin like figure. Western leftists are vastly stupider and more interpersonally naive than the Soviet leftists were and therefore much easier to infiltrate. Probably nothing for me personally either, but it would beat being Havel’s greengrocer. At least then faking it is not totally for nothing.

        Becoming Beria works but it’s not something you can plan for.

    • The Cominator says:

      I didn’t write that quite correctly… I mean you are not going to be able to pretend to be a leftist the way they are now and pull it off… not up close. The level of insanity you would have to imitate… I couldn’t do it.

      • European Mutt says:

        I’m not ideally suited either, too naturally honest which I paper over with a lot of charm.

        Works very well on rightists and normies (and women) but not on leftists. I can fake it pretty well but prefer strongly not to. Problem is that you have to emulate the crazy as Havel’s greengrocer too and there it doesn’t give you any power. Many of the people I could somewhat redpill have an easier time faking than me. For them the answer might be become infiltrator.

        For me it’s probably the Russian sphere.

    • Infiltrating: no, because Bioleninism. A healthy, fit straight white male who is relatively succesful at making money at the marketplace is inherently suspicious. One could perhaps play the I am bisexual just happen to have a girlfriend this time trick, but it would not work. I think it is not only labels or group membership. Sometimes it is. There are surely healthy fit straight slightly brown males who are relatively succesful at making money at the marketplace in there and milking everything they can out of it, but I think for a white a label is not enough: he has to come across as somehow broken or damaged. Who just radiates bitter envy. And still the lowest status, he never gets promoted into leadership.

      Perhaps one could form a team where a decent somewhat brown Christian man works on the inside, others on the outside.

  9. The Cominator says:

    Rubicon looks very likely… Jim be prepared to come back quickly at least.

  10. Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

    The shill Turing tests have been hilarious. It’s a mark of affection that several commenters have come to imitate aspects of Jim’s writing style.

    See you on the other side of the singularity, be it Rubicon or Rainbow Curtain. I’m prepped, have taken some personal risks behind enemy lines since the election, but am reasonably secure come-what-may and waiting for GO. I am optimistic that either Trump continues as President or solutions that are far stronger and more permanent to the Cathedral problem are implemented by 2023 +- 1 year, with Trump probably still the leader in the second scenario, or a much more uncompromising replacement (full vitrification of enemies) should Trump be purged.

  11. Anonymous Reader says:

    I’ve been reading your blog since it began. Your insight has been invaluable.

    Thank you Jim, for everything you’ve done, and hopefully, will continue to do.

  12. ten says:

    Hell world.

    God bless us all.

    Until we meet again!


  13. someDude says:

    We’re going to miss you, Jim. Going to miss your wisdom, your sense of humor, irony and sarcasm, your insight, your clarity.

    For many of the younger guys here, you were much like a father figure. Some of us did not even have a dad around to teach us stuff about life and women growing up. Many of us did have a dad, but never learnt about life and women from our Dads. Our Dads grew up in a foreign country (the past), see? We learnt these things from you, on this blog, from your posts and from your comments.

    In Life, you only get one Jim.

    Damn, I really want to cry, but that wouldn’t be very Alpha. So I’ll hold the tears in. Damn, the tears still flow involuntarily. I’m just going to look away, so none of you can see the salt water on my face.

    • FrankNorman says:

      Don’t be ashamed of tears. Who told you that men are not allowed to have feelings?

      • The Cominator says:

        A stiff upper lip is more alpha than showing weakness though…

        • someDude says:

          Agree with you, but it’s just that I feel like the roof has blown off my house and now I’m exposed to the elements like wind, sun and rain. Somehow I thought that the roof will be there forever. And now it will be gone. It’s just not a pleasant feeling. I don’t like it.

    • A Honest Indian says:

      Don’t know about others but I’ll miss Jim’s unique deletion messages of Shill posts. I’ve never seen the like on any other blog and it adds some entertainment value.

  14. notglowing says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this Jim. You’ve been the most optimistic person I follow in politics until now and it’s sad to see you gone like this.
    Your writing has been very insightful and I hope I’ll find you again one day.

  15. Oscar C. says:

    From somebody with different political and economic ideas, thank you Jim for your advice months ago. Best of luck.

  16. notglowing says:

    Is there no way we will be able to find your blog again?

    • Random lurker says:

      I have no idea how I found jim’s blog to begin with, so I doubt that I’ll be able to find it again. Most of the blogs that I used to read have become boring or are gone now, so I doubt that I’ll see a random link to the revived blog.

      Jim, what kind of places will you post announcing your return? If voat still exists, that would be a good venue (I use it).

      • jim says:

        Feeling more cheerful after the recent news. Perhaps there will be a redirect. Albeit if the news turns bad, redirect stops.

        Failing a redirect it will be one of (possibly several) Jim’s blogs.

  17. jatt arya says:

    tldr of blog: honor killing good, guy & girl.

    • jim says:

      The shortest possible summary.

      But a little on the cryptic side.

      The largest difference between men and women is inside. We pursue very different reproductive strategies, which shapes everything we do in life.

      The evil form of this strategy is players and bitches, defect/defect equilibrium. The virtuous form of this strategy is husband and wife, marriage 1.0, eighteenth century marriage, which is now illegal. All happy families are quietly and furtively eighteenth century. All happy families are alike. There is only one way that works, only one form of cooperate/cooperate equilibrium between men and women. Women and dogs need a master, and are never happy if they lack a master, will always behave very badly if they are the alpha of the pack.

      Proscribing honor killing is unwise, because good men will engage in honor killing anyway (there is always a handy swamp or ocean) and because you are pressuring men to adopt the player strategy so that they will not feel the compulsion to kill adulterers.

      If state, church, society, and family, do not impose strong control over women’s sexual and reproductive choices, we get defect/defect equilibrium, resulting in failure to reproduce and dysgenic reproduction, and resulting in only a small minority of men getting all the pussy, thus demotivating the vast majority of men. If you have a woman, you want a nice house and a nice garden. A third world peasant with a wife and children is apt to live in a very nice mud and bamboo hut (it is very impressive what can be done with bamboo and a machete) with a very nice garden while a first world involuntary celibate is apt to live in a tiny, but high tech, box with crap furniture, even if he has a very high salary. The third world peasant has a much larger, more comfortable, and more attractive living space with nicer furniture than the first world webmaster in his little box, because the involuntary celibate, despite his affluence, does not care about his space and his furniture.

      • John C. Calhoun says:

        Hi Jim,

        Honor killings and slut shaming are good state / societal control of women’s sexual choices. Burning widows (Sati) after their master dies is also important otherwise the new stepfather will aim to kill their stepsons and fuck their stepdaughters.

  18. FrankNorman says:

    Well this is sad news.

    Jim, whatever you do, DON’T sell the domain name!

    Doing so would allow other people to take it over and besmirch your name with parody stuff. I’ve seen it done.

    • jim says:

      Someone taking it over and bismirching it is a necessary evasive tactic.

      You will know the real Jim, because the real Jim speaks the truth.

      As an out of power priesthood, truth, and commitment to the old Royal Society values of truth speaking and primary sources, is the only way we can demonstrate virtue.

      A virtuous priesthood will win in the end, maybe soon, maybe after centuries of darkness.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        “You will know the real Jim, because the real Jim speaks the truth.”

        According to Heinlein, that’s the one universal crime. I’m agog that this blog survived as long as it did.

  19. Wayfaring Stranger says:

    Do you have any advice for people still in the US, what would be your COA?

  20. Bigwig says:

    Thank you Jim. God be with us.

  21. Huerfano says:

    It’s unfortunate things have gotten this bad. Thanks for this island of sanity amongst all the bullshit. Happy hunting Jim.

  22. Cadfael says:

    Sorry to hear this. Good luck to you, Jim, and stay safe!

  23. arqiduka says:

    Të vaftë mbarë, mjeshtër

  24. Cis Scum says:

    I still retain a measure of hope that the winds will indeed blow our way. We’ll know soon enough; within 48 hours. The EO on election interference has tomorrow as its deadline. One wants to draw one’s enemy out before striking so if a strike is to come it’ll be tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    But if it is not to be then thank you Jim for taking the risk associated with managing this dissident platform and may God bless you in your future endeavors.

  25. Oog en Hand says:

    Hahaha, dit had allemaal kunnen worden voorkomen door geen Engels te gebruiken. Wij kaaskoppen trekken een lange neus naar jullie.

    We always get our sin!!!

  26. Ron says:

    Thanks Jim, you were a real inspiration

  27. onyomi says:

    So long as Foghorn Leghorn is still there.

  28. J says:

    I will miss your writing, Jim. You’re one of the last of the great real-talk bloggers. Best wishes.

    • jim says:

      I will be back.

      With a different website and a different email, and no solid evidence that I am the same person. The rooster is going away.

      But, depending on how things go, I may be relatively quiet for a while.

      The rooster will show up again, once I have made certain changes in my life.

      • Reziac says:

        Best of luck. Greatly appreciate your making archives available.

        • jim says:

          Working on preparing a blog archive. Deleting IPs appears to be trivial. WordPress appears to take

          UPDATE wp_comments SET comment_author_IP = '';

          in its stride, somewhat to my surprise.

  29. Rhovanost says:

    This is a question I had been saving for a time when we would have the luxury of discussing more philosophical topics, but if this is your last post –

    Could you redpill me on William Wilburforce?

    Is your stance that the Clapham Sect was subversive, even if it fought other social evils, or is your position that the slave trade was an out and out good?

    The Trans-Atlantic slave trade directly involved evil, and any good that might have come from it seems…indirect…at best. To advocate for the slave trade, in the name of preventing future harms seems like a “sacrificing the near on behalf of the far” type of argument.

    Time is probably too short to have an actual debate. I simply want to understand your position. (You might be the only person in the Venn-diagram intersection of ‘is alive’ / ‘knows who William Wilburforce is’ / and ‘disapproves of abolitionism’).


    This place is/was the most interesting discussion corner of the internet. I think I will miss it.

    With luck, America avoids a ‘1930s Spanish Civil War’, ‘1917 Russian Civil War’, or ‘Qing Dynasty Collapse’. (But at this point, it will take luck.)

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Slavery is too good to waste on people not your own.

      But that’s not a frame of mind that was possible for most abolitionists, they were just plain run of the mill cuckolds looking for low hanging fruit to make easy status posturing over.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      “You might be the only person in the Venn-diagram intersection of ‘is alive’ / ‘knows who William Wilburforce is’ / and ‘disapproves of abolitionism’).”

      Wikipedia says he married a woman named Barbara Spooner (sic) and had six kids in ten years. Well with a name like that … LOL

  30. Countermeasures says:

    Jim, if you can get behind enough layers of Tor / VPN / proxies, please come join us over at Judge Dread is inspiring people there (including me) to work on technical measures to make pseudonymous content distribution easier and safer so that memetic warfare against the insanity and corruption can continue.

    You have been a voice of sanity for us in so many ways over the years — it is unfortunate that you need to go dark but I understand.

  31. Mike says:

    Started lurking here sometime in 2017 I believe. Started commenting as a bit of a normie still, rapidly gained knowledge. Had began to feel something was wrong with our country in about 2015. What a rollercoaster of learning the last five years have been. May all the sages, prophets, blessed monarchs, and symbols of GNON continue to guide you in these coming years Jim. And hopefully (since I know you are getting up there in age) may you make peace and amends with a true Christian Church before your twilight years arrive.

  32. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    While I still have a chance, I’d like to ask here about what other people and blogs are worth following? And are there any old/inactive NRx worth going back and reading?

  33. Mike in Boston says:

    Jim, heartfelt thanks for having provided this oasis of clear thinking, clear writing, and camaraderie. I’ll hope to see you on the flip side.

  34. Paul Jones says:

    God speed, good hunting, and we’ll see you on the other side.

  35. Pooch says:

    Thank you to Jim and every man here of good will. There has been no better discussion of the events and laws of this material world with no exceptions. Godspeed.

  36. Thank you for all your writing, Jim. In a world of endless variations on stale conservative themes, your blog was always a place to come and reliably read something new and thought-provoking that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I look forward to its return.

    Stay safe.

  37. A Honest Indian says:

    Although a relative newcomer to this blog and community this has come as a bolt in the blue. Your clear insights will be missed for the duration of your disappearance which I hope will be brief.

    Without risk of self doxxing is it possible for you to say whether this move is a sudden decision or whether you’ve always had this plan in mind?

    • bc says:

      I can’t speak for Jim, but there’s a feeling in the air…. of mass murder. I’ve shredded all my online accounts in the week that followed or talked about anything political.

  38. Neurotoxin says:

    I just felt a tremor in the Force, as if a million shills suddenly cried out in pain, realizing they’ll have to find work elsewhere.

    I will miss Dr. Jim’s patented combination of game theory and evolutionary psychology.

    Also, this blog made significant progress in getting “holiness spiral” into the conceptual lexicon of the broader right. Slow work, but it’s moving along.

    • ~loclun-midwyt says:

      Yeah, the holiness spiral stuff is great, and was my first exposure to Jim some years ago. That and the articles on hitting women with sticks and its effect on birth rate lol. Two big things Jim got completely correct that Moldbug could never quite get.

  39. Penrose says:

    Thanks so much for what you’ve done. I will miss reading your thoughts.

  40. Theshadowedknight says:

    Jim, is there a way you can post an archive of this blog and comments? That way we can download and keep the knowledge of Jim. It would be a fucking shame if we lost this information.

    • jim says:

      There is an archive of available on

      I prepared an archive of the, but all the content is in a database, which contains, among other things, everyone’s IP, so I did not want to make it public.

      But I will send you a copy of the archive of the blog.

      But the archive is way too big to be emailed, a bit over a gigabyte. And I don’t even want to send you a link over email in the clear.

      If you have a more private form of email, tell me about it on Gpg fingerprint: 0D6ABF58AA31AF9594E70E4673E4BC62E92B87D7, and I will send you a link to the whole thing, with instructions for installing it. The instructions kind of assume you are fine with exercising root authority on a Debian system, though you could probably get by fine with a cpanel login.

      Before this blog goes away, I will likely prepare a more up to date archive, and a better tested set of install instructions.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        I will have to do some research on how to work with a database. I’m not familiar with it, but I’ll do some reading. Any suggestions for where I should start?

      • Pooch says:

        Might make sense to wipe everyone’s IP data.

        • Pooch says:

          And emails

        • jim says:

          Major task to wipe out IPs without wiping out people’s comments. I would have to figure out the wordpress schema, which is probably not that hard, but will take a little while. I will do that before I make the blog database public.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m not too much of a programmer type Jim.

        If I just email you with a yahoo email (I know you don’t like web based emails) could you send it or not… Is it something I can just unzip. I really really do want a full archive of this place…

        • A Honest Indian says:

          Jim will probably provide a link to download the site with instructions once the database is sanitized of private identifiable information. It may be too large to be emailed.

        • suones says:

          Problem is comments. I’ve found it impossible to scrape comments properly off damned WordPress. The posts themselves fit into a <5MB EPUB (sans images). I'll release it if/when Jim deletes the blog.

          As for the blog's other content, you can download it by visiting I'd recommend it as well. I've derived much pleasure perusing the stuff there, especially Jim's transformation story from a Commie to a Reactionary.

          The last chapter of Jim's saga have yet to be written, of course, and I pray they will be the best ones. May we meet in better times, friend.

      • The Cominator says:

        First step, what type of email do I need to email you at that address in a way that you would be comfortable responding. I know you don’t like web based emails… would you respond to one.

        I have no idea what fingerprint means…

        • Pooch says:

          Get a ProtonMail account first of all. It’s encrypted. Don’t ever mail jim with anything but that.

          • suones says:

            > ProtonMail

            No. Just no. Do NOT use anything that requires payment with anything except Monero, and you should already have the Monero in a personal wallet by now. I was skeptical of Jim’s “buy a domain with BTC” idea, and events have proven my paranoia accurate.

            inb4 ProtonMail “free” account: ProtonMail doesn’t support POP3, and requires a shitty “bridge” software to run on your computer to be able to extract your e-mails. Also, their origins feature CERN, and VC backing, and the CEO is Chinese (a HUGE red flag IMO).

            Do not use anything but Tor to visit any of these sites, unless you also run behind a VPN that’s also Monero-backed.

            Learn what GPG (aka PGP) e-mail is and how to use it. Over Tor ofc.

            • Not Tom says:

              Jim is already using a account as the receiver, so it’s a waste of time to email him with anything “more secure”.

              But frankly I think your concerns are unfounded. And there’s as much if not more evidence that Tor is compromised than Protonmail. It’s really silly to think that anything you do with any current infrastructure is not going to ultimately be traceable by the government; your goal should be to make it impossible for individual and corporate actors to trace, even in the event of a hack or leak, and difficult enough for the government that your presumably legal activities don’t merit the time and expense of cracking it.

              It’s the same reason you put locks on your doors. You’ll never stop the state from breaking in, and might not stop a fanatically determined criminal, but for most of us it’s enough to deter the 99% of stupid housebreakers out there, many of whom literally just prowl around looking for open garages or unlocked doors. If you fear a coordinated attack, you need beefy private security to fend it off, or the online equivalent which is likely the situation in which Jim finds himself. And if protonmail is good enough for him, it’s almost certainly good enough for you.

              Just use it sparingly, and keep any risky communications firewalled from your regular life (i.e. use different accounts, VMs, VPNs, etc. for those).

              • suones says:

                Jim is already using a account as the receiver, so it’s a waste of time to email him with anything “more secure”.

                Jim is probably paying for it with BTC.[1] Will Cominator do so? Or give them his credit card? I thought he should be warned.

                And there’s as much if not more evidence that Tor is compromised than Protonmail.

                You’re technically right. There is non-zero evidence that Tor is compromised by NSA, which feeds eg FBI; while there is absolutely zero evidence that ProtonMail is compromised.

                But that is a false comparison. There are three components:

                1) Connection security/anonymisation — Tor works at this level
                2) Email security: GMail/Yahoo Mail/ProtonMail — zero or almost-zero security, but ProtonMail requires you to run a strange “bridge” application to use your own mail client.
                3) Email content security: PGP encryption, which ProtonMail does by default

                ProtonMail offers 2+3 by default, but requires an unnecessary software to be able to use your own mail application. 1 is at a different level. I’d say that encrypting your own PGP email using your own computer and sending that over a regular email-provider, connecting via Tor/private VPN, would be a known safe route if you haven’t made any credit card purchases in the chain. Unless the NSA want you, of course.

                Jim has the added problem of having a very valuable domain name (3 letter .com in 2020 running a dissident blog? Whoa!) and could, and should, easily realise some serious money out of it while he still can. We don’t have that limitation.

                About paranoia, yes I admit I try to err on the paranoid side, but I’d be extremely wary of VC backed companies selling “privacy.” But then I’m wary of BTC too. 🙂


                • Not Tom says:

                  This just sounds like bellyaching over Protonmail not working the way you like with your favorite email client. Most people just access it through the web.

                  The security concerns make no sense. You’re either saying:
                  (a) SSL is not private
                  (b) PGP is not private
                  (c) Protonmail is not only untrustworthy but has also implemented a compromised version of the above protocols, or is routinely sharing the encrypted traffic with one or more APTs capable of cracking it easily, and who in turn share the compromised/cracked data with low-level agitators or people connected to them.

                  (a) and (b) are false, as far as we know, and (c) can’t be conclusively proven or disproven but is extremely remote, and far less likely than simply having a friend or neighbor or coworker rat you out. i.e. it’s much cheaper for the list-makers to use human methods than try to implement such obscenely complex technical solutions, unless of course you’re the NSA, in which case you’ve probably already got backdoors into anything and everything.

                • jim says:

                  We don’t know how successful NSA is in backdooring everything – Intel is definitely in their pocket, and implemented a spy in everyone’s computer. Some of their backdooring efforts have been detected, and some big companies have refused to play ball, at least on some of the backdoors. The major Chinese backdoors are well known and not very secretive, but they are not making any serious effort to install them world wide. There is good reason to believe that Chinese cpus do not have intentional backdoors, but android is written so that Google gets all your data, including a spy that listens all the time, and shares the data with Google and Microsoft. Google and Microsoft are actively cooperating with multiple (mutually hostile) spy agencies.

                  China is only now starting to produce barely acceptable cpus. Probably the Chinese cpus do not have hardware backdoors known to the NSA, and, given the rather open and aboveboard Chinese approach to backdooring, maybe no intentional backdoors at all. The problem with highly secret backdoors is that the sovereign does not necessarily know who is spying and why, and is likely to find his spy agencies have far too much power.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Speaking of “back doors” my Android phone just pushed a security update today. After rebooting I see a notification about “Digital wellbeing” and I think to myself, “What the f*ck is that?” So’s I go to Duck Duck Go and look it up. Google is now offering this nice service where they analyze your app and web usage so *you* can set limits on them. Uh huh … I’m sure they’re doing this for *our* benefit.

    • notglowing says:

      Second this, I’d love to get an archive of this site. I might attempt to do an HTML scrape of it today but I hope I’ll be able to get a full archive at some point.

  41. God bless, Jim.

    Let’s all pray for each other, and all keep in touch.

  42. Eli says:

    I will definitely miss this blog. Taken altogether, the best sociopolitical content and commentary on the web, seriously. It has been instrumental in my development. I hope I’ll find whatever it is that you create next. Thank you. Best of luck!

  43. Not Tom says:

    Totally understand. I had intended to ditch this identity and all current identities as of the 21st, even if all the blogs stayed up. The time for talk is rapidly ending, now comes the time for survival. I hope everyone is getting prepared, just as Jim is.

    I’ll watch for the Second Coming blog, and if it comes up early, perhaps post under a new identity, if the wind is blowing that way.

    It’s been quite a ride, thanks for keeping it running as long as you did!

  44. My blog will still be up until January 21, but I will also be shutting down for the same reasons as Jim. I might soon put up a short post under which readers of this blog can discuss the events of the day in case Jim goes dark before that.

  45. hcm says:


    Hope to see you on the other side.

  46. a friend says:

    Consider Urbit, like ~loclun-midwyt upthread. Hope to see you on Mars, or elsewhere.

    • ~loclun-midwyt says:

      True. Though I haven’t used it myself in some while, since I changed machines. Will likely be on in the near future, and hopefully will see some of you there.

      • Looks like there was a gold rush for even somewhat meaninful and intertesting handles, like “mydwit”, I suppose ~canhas-redpil is long gone. Latecomers get something that sounds like line noise.

  47. Encelad says:

    Thanks for spreading sanity in an era of madness. I hope better times will rise.

  48. Humble Acolyte says:

    Thanks for the mind weapons. See you on the other side.

  49. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    Thanks for everything, Jim. See you on the other side.

  50. BC says:

    It’s been wonderful talking to everyone here over the years. I wish everyone the best.

  51. Hesiod says:

    “I can’t give up Hope, Lancelot. It’s all I have.”

    Thank you, Jim, for many years of wisdom. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.

  52. polifugue says:

    Thank you for everything. May God bless you in all your future endeavors.

  53. yewotm8 says:

    Does anybody know of any currently existing archives of the blog and accompanying Liberty Files for future reference? Apologies if this kind of thing endangers you, please delete the comment in that case.

    • Dave says:

      You can make your own archive right now:

      Never heard of WARC before; I just create files and directories on my hard drive that I can view by typing “file:///” into the address bar of any browser.

      • jim says:

        I was not aware of this tool and this format.

        However, in anticipation of such tools, every page of this blog now carries the Creative Commons share and share alike license, at the bottom of the right hand bar.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          For what it’s worth, using wget with its default options to mirror the site will follow all the commenting links and create an unusably large backup with many extraneous copies of each HTML file suffixed with “?replytocom=XXXXX”.

          To avoid this, the trick is to use a very up-to-date wget that supports the “–reject-regex” option. I suggest:

          wget – –reject-regex (.*)\?(.*) -t 3 –waitretry=3 -p -np –no-check-cert -r

          I hope this is helpful to someone.

          Even more, I hope that, as Solzhenitsyn once put it in a rare morose moment, we won’t all die separately without having accomplished anything together.

        • Coverage Wave says:

          Jim, if you’ve got the time and inclination, there are plugins you can install to export your blog into various formats. I’m sure like all WordPress plugins they are fiddly and aggravating, but might be worth a look.

          There are many alternatives listed down the page. Some of them probably use cloud services for processing.

          If you or anyone else makes a pdf or epub of this site, perhaps many files split by year or page count, I would suggest uploading to The presence of other wrongthink and even copyrighted material there seems to indicate they either don’t care or don’t have the resources to content police for now (though the Wayback Machine is getting more pozzed).

  54. Edit_XYZ says:

    Thanks for this blog.
    Good luck to all of us.

  55. simplyconnected says:

    Good luck to all of you gentlemen. Thank you to Jim for sharing his wisdom, he didn’t have to do it, so it is greatly appreciated. I have received better advice from Jim and from commenters here than from my own father. Sad fact, but fortunate for me to find the advice nevertheless.

    • clovis says:

      I feel the same way about Jim’s advice. I never really felt like I had much to add here either under this name or the other I used until recently, but I followed the blog regularly for probably four or five years. Learned a lot and am going to miss it. You truly have a unique perspective and uncanny insight. I also hope the Spirit of God will lead you to an orthodox church Jim.

  56. European Mutt says:

    Well, then this is it, I guess. Thank you for all of your information and analyses. They have definitely helped me in my own life. And thank you for confirming I am indeed not crazy for seeing the same things you are seeing. For a long time you have been the only one in the dissident right I have trusted completely because our accounts of reality nearly perfectly overlap.

    Predicting the future is hardly possible right now so what you are doing might be a wise course of action. I look forward to a reopening of the blog.

    Take care.

  57. alf says:

    Thanks for everything.

  58. Starman says:

    Gotta batten down the hatches.

  59. Virtus says:

    You’re a smart guy and I’ve appreciated your perspective. You’ll be missed.

  60. Mackus says:

    Sad day.

    Wish you best luck.

  61. Bilge_Pump says:

    Shit. First Heartiste, then the DE subreddit, now your blog. The best places to shitpost all disappear. Ruqqus is decent but I see it becoming normified and Redditified very soon

  62. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Good heavens, now where is a body to go for their shitposting needs on a quiet afternoon?

  63. The Cominator says:

    Sad to see it go.

    I think you overestimate your personal danger… the left will be busy targetting normie right wingers and each other. Our thoughtcrimes are so incomprehensible to the left… that they probably won’t notice us because they cannot admit we exist.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      And perhaps underestimating the value-add of a platform for Trve Cvlt in these times.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        Though if a more secure mirror can be brought sooner than later, that would solve both issues.

    • simplyconnected says:

      The stakes are too high, better to err on the side of safety. The paranoid have greater chances in dangerous time etc.

    • BC says:

      Good Luck Cominator.

    • S.J., Esquire says:

      “Our thoughtcrimes are so incomprehensible to the left”

      I agree. One of the things I’ve learned lately is that their worldview literally does not permit them to “get” us, which affords a measure of protection.

      However. All the best, Jim, and thank you for the lessons. My personal hope and prayer is for you to meet Jesus during this time.

      • bc says:

        It’s all fun and games until non-believer like Beria is tasked with rooting you out.

  64. Anonymous 2 says:

    Cautious but wise. Looking forward to the reopening. Take care.

  65. Phil says:

    Probably a smart move. Best of luck and thanks for the fish.
    In the mean time I am going to keep running my mouth.

  66. Behind Enemy Lines says:

    Thanks for all the work, Jim. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts here, on Gab and so forth. And I hope to see you bob up again in happier times; barring that, in times of greater clarity.

    When I helped boot the communists out of Central Europe in ’89, I knew the whole of the West had a commie problem at home that required urgent correction, but I never imagined we’d end up with a coup in the US while the whole of the establishment press and half the senior republicucks smiled and waved.

    Enough. See you ’round!

  67. Contaminated NEET says:

    You’ll be missed, Jim. I hope to see you re-emerge soon.

    In the meantime, I’ll set up a burner e-mail account and contact you regarding our bet.

  68. Joe says:

    Good luck and may God be with you.

  69. BC says:

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

  70. Mycroft Jones says:

    Your blog was interesting, but you have consistently been opposed to the morality and vision of the founding stock. Our city on a hill will proceed until the great Gotterdamerung of WWIII comes. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law would be a good read for you. Rushdoony’s IQ was 30 points higher than Vox Day’s. Rushdoony understood the vision. You can’t succeed with half measures; the system of morality hangs together like a garment made of whole cloth. Would you make your wife walk around town in a bikini? That is what it is like when you hack and slash the bits you like out of it.

    • clovis says:

      According to you, we solve the problem of progressivism, i.e. heretical theocratic Calvinism, with another form of theocratic Calvinism. The problem with John Calvin and his successors was never I. Q., it was a fundamental misunderstanding of the Gospel.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Rushdoony was not a Calvinist. Nor were the founding stock Calvinists. Calvin was much like Yarvin/Moldbug; a (((word spewer))) sent to derail our native impulse toward self-correction. Miles Mathis had a reasonable take-down of Calvin.

        • clovis says:

          Rushdoony was ordained in the Presbyterian Church–USA, his wikipedia bio says in the first sentence “a Calvinist philosopher,” and the title of the very book you quoted stinks of Calvinism. “The Institutes of Biblical Law” is obviously a gesture at “The Institutes of the Christian Religion.” You are either an idiot or a liar.

          • Mycroft Jones says:

            You are speaking of things you now not. Rushdoony explained why he named his work “The Institutes”. To replace and rebut the faulty work of Calvin. As for Wikipedia calling him a Calvinist, well, consider the source. Wikipedia.

    • The Cominator says:

      If God had wanted biblical law before the second coming the Covenanters would not have been utterly crushed by Oliver Cromwell.

    • Ronnie Waters says:

      It’s amazing how many critics of Jean Calvini (John Calvin) have an extraordinary ignorance of his ideas. I have read all 900+ pages of the Institutes of the Christian Religion. Other than Calvin’s belief that a prosperous society should provide for the general welfare of the poor, I see nothing about Calvinism that would lead to progressives as they stand today. Calvin believed that an aristocracy is better than a democracy or a monarch. He said monarchs can be tyrants and a democracy could vote in unrighteous laws. He believed that the Church should be separate from the State, however Calvin said the State had a duty to protect the society from obvious heresy. You could argue that it was Calvin that started the idea of public schools. But, that’s like saying, “I hate water faucets because Leftists use water faucets”. Public schools were a good idea at the time. I’m sick of seeing this brilliant godly man maligned out of sheer ignorance.

      • clovis says:

        And yet, Calvinist countries have a track record of revolution and regicide or attempted regicide, Calvinist countries led the way in legitimizing usury. It’s certainly facile to blame Calvin for every bad thing that emerged among later Calvinists, but it’s not hard to notice the similarity in form among suffragettes, abolitionists, and puritans. While Luther emphasized justification by faith alone and the work of Christ, Calvin’s emphasis on the glory of God at the center of theology led to a relentless political and moral activism that is still alive in American progressivism.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Until you read Rushdoony and Miles Mathis comments about Calvin, you don’t know what you are talking about. Calvin, like Yarvin, was an agent sent in to derail a real movement toward correction and healing. And he did. And they did.

        • jim says:


          Yarvin is OK, but being a namefag, has to say stuff he does not believe and hopes you will see through.

          Calvin was fine. When his movement inevitably came to be holiness spiraled, he cracked down hard. Cannot blame him for the inevitable holiness spiraling.

          • clovis says:

            Disagree. There are some admirable things about Calvin and later Calvinists and it’s certainly not fair to blame real Calvinists for what happened to Harvard. Nevertheless Calvin was responsible for a rationalizing tendency in later protestantism that was anti-tradition and tended to downplay the incarnation. In some respects he had more in common with high scholasticism than with Luther.

          • The Cominator says:

            The problem with Calvinism as practiced by Calvin himself was he wanted priestly rule via “church discipline”. The priesthood should have zero executive or judicial power.

  71. Tsymbal says:

    At least give us a clue of the name of the new blog. There is a lot of useful information here that has improved my life significantly. It would be a pity to lose that

    • jim says:


      and probably

      Possibly still named Jim’s blog, but it is unlikely to come up until this domain name is sold, which will take quite a while.

      How soon it comes up depends on which way the winds of politics blow. If things are looking quiet, Brezhnevian stagnation, at least for a few years, which is what the deep state intends and expects, will come up before this domain name is sold. I expect they are deluded, but they are likely to be right for a short time, albeit probably shorter than they expect.

      No matter who rules, stormy weather ahead either way, even if all our hopes are realized.

      • Pooch says:

        Thanks for all that you do Jim.

        Is it currently unsafe for you to continue to operate on this blog’s current infrastructure?

        • jim says:

          Very unsafe.

          Will probably go silent for quite a while while creating an alternate infrastructure.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Prudent move, I think…Good luck and God bless you…

  72. Allah says:

    Very sad!

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