Normality bias

In the year fifty eight years before Christ in Rome it became obvious that elections were rigged. Courts and due process had ended in the sense that some political violence went unpunished, and attempting to defend oneself against political violence was the gravest of crimes, in the sense that political disagreement was a crime, as Roger Stone and Sheriff Joe recently discovered, while political violence was not, as those who cheerfully had themselves videoed while attempting to murder Kyle in Kenosha demonstrated.

And yet, not until shortly after the assassination of Caesar, fourteen years later did people adjust to the new reality. And Caesar himself did not adjust to the new reality. Before he crossed the Rubicon, he made an offer and attempted a strategy which would only have made sense if legality and free and fair elections were still in effect, though had not been in the slightest effect for seven years.

Similarly the French and Russian Revolutions, though reality set in faster in those cases. When Napoleon took power, ten years after the revolution, he had to lecture those that his soldiers dismissed that they were appealing to a reality that no longer existed and they themselves had destroyed ten years ago.

I fear that Trump, suffering from incurable optimism, will attempt such a strategy, as Caesar did. It is likely to prove as fatal for him as for Caesar.

That Caesar allowed himself to be in a position where he could be assassinated shows he was still suffering from normality bias, and the immediately following the assassination, the assassins demonstrated massive normality bias, believing that with Caesar dead, the old normality would spontaneously return. When normality failed to return, Romans only then finally realized it was dead and not easily resurrected.

And when Napoleon finally declared himself Emperor, we see a fair bit of outrage from those who imagined that the old normality was still in effect, even though it had abruptly ended in the French Revolution fifteen years earlier.

If Trump thinks he can run again in 2024, he is terribly mistaken. He will be in prison by then, and very likely dead by then.

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  1. Referred here from a commenter at Vox Day – fits right in at DaLimbraw Library. Right now I am sitting at the Rubicon – will he or not – can he even if he wants to?
    But I know there is a bigger picture – – none of us has DaTruth in total!
    Not for casual readers!

  2. Ex says:

    And another plague report from England. Back to normal? No, emergencies are going to be the new normal now!

  3. The cominator says:

    So is there anyway I can get a complete archive I’m not a hacker/programmer/it type.

  4. anon says:

    Students at Cornell University can use their status as a “person of color” to be exempt from the university’s flu vaccine requirement.

    “We recognize that, due to longstanding systemic racism and health inequities in this country, individuals from some marginalized communities may have concerns about needing to agree to such requirements,”

    What they are actually saying is that the obligation of the vaccine applies only to “persons of non-color“.


    Worth thinking about that, isn’t it—but let me break it down a ways for you:

    if the vaccine is good for you, not a killing agent, why would they want to deny it to treasured blacks, injuns and other persons of color—does this make sense?

    On the other hand if whites are identified as the prime enemy to be culled or exterminated, then it proves beyond doubt that the vaccine is indeed a biochemical compound and program of genocide.

    And it will be interesting when it comes into broader application, i.e. admittance into public spaces, institutions, banking, travel (esp. flying)—the whites will be harassed at checkpoints, asked to produce passports, certificates, booted from participation while the coloreds will be exempt as the new nobility along with white-seeming Jews.

    I wonder furthermore how the white women will be categorized, e.g., privileged pussyhats or despised Karens but undoubtedly their status will be above white heterosexual (“cis”) males—

    yet another proof that it is precisely the white heterosexual males whom Jew considers his most dangerous enemy that must be obliterated at all cost, first and foremost—”black brothers” will present no big trouble and white women a bonus,

    “Break their racial pride. Take them as your lawful booty.” (Ilya Ehrenburg had the right idea). They will then learn the price of the “suffrage”.

  5. Libero C Lo Duca says:

    Are Prions in the COVID Vaccines?

    This is of life and death importance. Share far and wide! Your life depends on it!

    I am now 100% certain that covid-19 vaccines contain genetically engineered prions with long incubation periods designed to cause transmissible encephalopathy, thus brain damage that leads to death.…

    The first covid-19 vaccine victim to have suffered brain damage has been reported in India a few months after being vaccinated, which is why test subjects are observed for only one or two months by vaccine producers and regulatory agencies.…/volunteer-s-doc-blames-sii-vacci…

    The military-industrial complex has been studying prions for decades and has not only been able to make them in the lab since 2016 but also to have precise control over their pathogenic behavior.…/2016/…/160104081251.htm

    The prions chosen for this method of depopulation were most likely taken from minks, which are their natural hosts. The encephalopathy pandemic caused by the covid-19 vaccines will then be blamed on the minks. In preparation for this deception the system has manufactured an unspecified epidemic of a supposedly “covid-19 like virus” among the mink population of Denmark and has euthanized with big fanfare millions of these animals.

    Do not accept any covid-19 vaccine! You have been warned!

    Since the damage caused to the brain is transmissible from the infected, thus from vaccinated people, to the healthy, thus unvaccinated people, there is no need to vaccinate the entire population. The vaccinated will infect the unvaccinated through their bodily fluids, thus through sexual intercourse.…/prion-diseases…

    The system may have chosen to get rid of the old by spiking with prions only the vaccines destined for the old, which is why the old are immunized separately from the rest and are the first to be immunized. But there is no telling. The criminals who govern us are capable of anything. The brain damage done to the old and their death will be reported as the result of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease so as to prevent honest scientists from discovering the true cause long enough to inject as many people as the system deems necessary with deadly prions.

    Preventing honest and independent scientists from discovering that covid-19 vaccines contain prions is accomplished primarily by the extraordinarily low temperatures (-70 degrees Celsius) under which these vaccines are kept; temperatures that require special freezers that enable governments to control access to these vaccines and thus prevent anyone from studying their ingredients.…/coronavirus-covid-19-why-vacc…

    In some countries the military has assumed control of the transport, storage and distribution of these vaccines to make sure no one finds out their true contents.…/digital-hotcakes-15m-download…

    For maximum control some countries have also placed hospitals under military control.…/military_management_in_some_of_romania…

    Do not accept any covid-19 tests either. I am convinced that the swabs are used to insert prions close the brain, which is why they use such long sticks and shove them all the way to the base of the brain; the brain being the organ most vulnerable to prion infections and damage. The article in the link below describes the technology by which poisons or drugs can be released slowly into our bodies.…/jhm-jhr110320.php…

    Our governments are genocidal because they are desperate and do not know how else to solve the existential problems we have.

    • jim says:

      I find this hard to believe, but the technology is well known and entirely feasible. You are not pushing UFO science, but I just don’t think our elite has the necessary cohesion to pull off such a monstrous master plan.

      I had no intention of being vaccinated, not because I think your theory is likely to be true, but because most complications of flu, and most complications of China flu, result from an excessive and mistargeted counter attack by the immune system, (thus it is likely that existing flu vaccinations kill more people than flu, which is to say, very few, but enough that it is probably safer to risk getting flu.)

      Old age security normally shows a modest excess death rate during flu season. It showed a high excess death rate in the first two months of China flu. Now it no longer does. If it is killing anyone, vastly fewer than normal flu season. China flu is over.

      Well, if they are massively lying about China flu, likely to be massively lying about its vaccination.

      • The Ducking Man says:

        I personally believe there is never the need for perfectly cohesive elites, coercion works just as well.

        Most plausible scenario I think is few elite think tank manipulating information flow and placing heavy persecution of calling out covid lie thus coercing other elites into a desired agenda and ultimately the masses into coercion as well.

        I honestly believe that most elites are just going along with COVID propaganda and they understand the heavy persecution of saying otherwise.

        Regarding the vaccine, there may hundreds of vaccine on trial but ultimately most of them are designed by Harvard/Oxford associates with funding from Fortune 500 companies (mostly likely owned by same people who start covid lie).

        All I’m saying is that the conspiracy theory might not be that outlandish after all.

        • jim says:

          > I personally believe there is never the need for perfectly cohesive elites, coercion works just as well.

          It is harder than that.

          The Sovereign cannot be everywhere at once looking over everyone’s shoulder. A lot of decisions have to be made that he is not going to know of.

          So he sets up process, from which comes bureaucracy. Process is good, but bureaucracy is entropy developing in your process.

          The idea of process is that if everyone follows the process, the collective outcome will be OK, even if some bureaucrats would prefer to be little emperors and have their own outcome. Process enables an organization composed of many people to act as one person.

          But, not everyone is going to follow it.

          There is an interesting mathematical theorem from computer science that it takes at most one third of the parties engaging in Byzantine defection to subvert any process. It does not take majority defection, and unless the process is robustly designed to resist Byzantine faults, like the processes of the Venetian Republic in the days of its greatness, which requires immense amount of bullshit and heavy overheads, it takes far less than a third defecting.

          The reason is that the people defecting from the process necessarily have a considerable advantage in getting their way over people who do not defect, an advantage that can be mathematically proven is always at least two to one, and is usually far more than two to one. Getting it down to two to one requires very very smart people designing the process. I am a very very smart person, and it is very hard. (I have been attempting to design a proof of stake algorithm for a crypto currency. It is not easy to prevent Byzantine faults, the ten percent attack.)

          So you need an elite where considerably more than two thirds will do what they are supposed to do even when no one is looking over their shoulder.

          A process that can resist one third Byzantine faults always has enormous overheads compared to a process that assumes no Byzantine faults.

          If Trump’s people play by the rules, and other people do not play by the rules which is what has been happening, Trump’s people are going to get screwed.

          So, by and by, everyone stops playing by the rules, as in the recent exposes of NSA misconduct, as in the recent election, as in the recent court decisions, and too many other instances to count.

          But if everyone stops playing by the rules, then collective action becomes difficult. As the Russians complained of America under Obama, “America is not agreement capable.” Notoriously the State Department is owned by Israel. And by Saudi Arabia. And by China. And by assorted Hunter Biden type grifters. All the mutually contradictory conspiracy theories are simultaneously true.

          Now in a private company, when you detect Byzantine faults you suspect Byzantine defection, and fire people till it goes away.

          Obviously this does not happen in the public service. So the public service tends to become corrupt and incapable of collective action, incapable of serving its purpose.

          If Biden gets in, then the people pulling his strings will find that the way they got in makes it impossible to get anything done. Until they start shooting judges and public servants, which I expect to start happening around 2026 or so if Trump fails to start shooting people sooner than that.

          In the Roman Republic, the processes stopped working. Caesar incorrectly assumed that it was still impossible for respectable people to publicly murder other respectable people in public. And his assassins incorrectly assumed that after they assassinated Caesar, it would once again become impossible. He was wrong.

          And they were wrong.

          • Karl says:

            If Biden gets in, they will start shooting people much earlier than 2026 although at first merely as part of the holiness spiral. Shooting evil right wingers is a great way to signal how good and holy the shooters are.

            Only after that stage will they shoot people to improve perfomance of the state apparatus. By then (about 2026) only hard core progessives will be part of the state apparatus.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            I would think that one way to help ameliorate this problem somewhat is to only allow people into the organization who wish for, and/or are enthusiastic for the goals of the organization (if not necessarily policies), rather than people who just see the organization as a meal ticket or something to exploit or converge. A pretty good example of the first is SpaceX. Every time there is a successful launch or test you hear the people in the background cheering!

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              To run a successful organization, you need people of talent; and the most important talent for success is loyalty.

    • EH says:

      Your links don’t work, they’ve got “…” in place of parts.

    • TBeholder says:

      > genetically engineered prions

      I suggest moving somewhere outside USA where textbooks aren’t ranked by covers and schools didn’t go full Payal Modi (yet), to take remedial courses of middle to high school.

      In general, Big Pharma doesn’t have your best interests in heart, but that’s not a great mystery… even for hedgehogs in the forest.

  6. Edit_XYZ says:

    “So ridiculous and unfair. Will people never make a stand!”

    Look at this tweet: Trump is escalating, pushing for active resistance.
    Trump is most definitely heading for the insurrection act.

    If he has the military on his side – at least the essential part, the tip of the spear – as many on this site seem to think, he’ll invoke the insurrection act sooner rather than later.
    When the DNI’s report of foreign interference in the election is released is the best remaining time; I assume the report will show heavy fraud in the election. That’s when he’ll roll the dice.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Yes, and now that McConnell is openly betraying him, Trump should be (and apparently is) preparing for the military/militia solution…With Chinese troops just north of the border, the optics could be pretty good…

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        The GOP, with some exceptions, was and is helping the democrats with the election fraud; and hiding behind some pathetic excuses. Look at the leadership in Georgia, for example.

        It’s all but certain McConnell made a deal with the democrats regarding the election fraud, in order to oust Trump.
        Remember how, immediately after the election, Barr and Haspel visited McConnell office? That was in order to make/cement the deal. Not to prepare some counterstrike for the election fraud, as many on the right assumed.

        So, McConnell betrayed Trump since the beginning. He was simply silent about it, in order for the GOP to keep its base.

        • Gack says:

          “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell squashed two bills intended to ensure voting security…”
          McConnell killed a voting security act that would have hammered Dominion, after receiving *thousands* from the foreign company’s lobbyists.

          On my continuing quest to understand how Mitch McConnell, who had an approval rating of 18%, managed to win reelection by 57%, I dug even deeper

          The deeper I dig, the more I find the numbers out of Kentucky hard to swallow

          Here’s a follow up on Kentucky’s election results
          In Breathitt Mitch got 234% more votes than they had registered Republicans
          Amys votes only represent 17% of registered Dems
          They’ll still say “Its just Kentucky. Look at voting history”
          Well, HISTORY shows 2 counties who NEVER before voted for Mitch gave him BIG wins in 2020
          Mitch NEVER won in Elliott or Wolfe Kentucky.
          But in 2020 he won these counties with mind boggling results

          WOLFE COUNTY
          Mitch Votes=1912
          Registered GOP=943

          McGrath Votes=945
          Registered Dems=4527

          Registered GOP=860

          Registered Dems=4276

          Mitch McConnell‘s In-Laws Bought 10 Massive Ships from the Chinese Government Since His Wife Elaine Chao Became Transportation Secretary

          McConnell Will be a problem when Senate votes on electors unless he’s in jail by then or somebody has a gun to his head.

        • Edit_XYZ says:

          Follow up:
          No wonder McConnell is on the democrat’s side.
          He himself owes his reelection to massive vote fraud:

          “(…)Mitch NEVER won in Elliott or Wolfe Kentucky.
          But in 2020 he won these counties with mind boggling results
          Face with monocle
          WOLFE COUNTY
          Mitch Votes=1912
          Registered GOP=943
          McGrath Votes=945
          Registered Dems=4527
          Registered GOP=860
          Registered Dems=4276 (…)”

          He, of course, acted before to ensure elections could be frauded:

          • Pooch says:

            Trump effect and not fraud?

            • Edit_XYZ says:

              Kentucky Dems are supposed to vote McConnell due to Trump effect?

              McConnell is all in on vote fraud, thinking he has all future reelections covered.
              The fool didn’t even consider that the left performs the actual fraud. That they are not an uniparty, but different factions. That his usefulness to the left is rapidly coming to an end.

              • Pooch says:

                Trump did get a decent percentage of registered Dems. Not ruling out that he is using fraud, but I wouldn’t say it’s conclusive yet.

                • Pooch says:

                  Kentucky is a red state. He shouldn’t need fraud to win right? It’s probably more likely he made an agreement with Dems not to use fraud against him.

                  The real challenge for McConnell is likely the primary. I wouldn’t rule out that he would use fraud there.

      • S.J., Esquire says:

        “With Chinese troops just north of the border”

        Stop. There are no battalions of PLA troops up here.

        I’m beyond pissed about the training of Chinese soldiers that took place (more pissed than I can express, for reasons I won’t go into), but at the end of the day it was a handful of dudes.

        • INDY says:

          I think my neighbor is a tard. He is telling people there’s an underground bunker in Michigan with 20,000 Chinese troops garrisoned and they used a surface to air missile to down an F-16.

    • Not Tom says:

      Tweets like that sound like the exact opposite of “I’m going to round up these fuckers”. It’s all the same whining, “oh it’s so unfair, won’t somebody do something”. Sure, he hasn’t technically conceded, but he’s acting like he’s given up and just wants to be remembered fondly. He’s also retweeting people saying “may God bless him in his next chapter”, but I’m sure that’s just misdirection, right?

      I’m not even angry anymore, just numb to the whole thing. Don’t care anymore. I’d rather spend my last month of relative freedom preparing for the long winter ahead than finding hidden meanings in everything he tweets; and I’m not talking about the weather.

      • Starman says:

        Can one imagine if Octavian Caesar took Not Tom’s advice on the Donations of Alexandria?

        ”Maybe the truth no longer matters, what with magic machines and yellows in your jello, but I thought that was one bridge we weren’t supposed to cross.”

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        As I’ve said before: If, by Christmas, Trump doesn’t invoke the insurrection act, he will not invoke it at all. No more schelling points.
        It could be normalcy bias, or not enough muscle; it matters little.

        It’s certain Trump made a lot of serious miscalculations until now:
        He thought the DOJ will ensure election integrity; the DOJ did and does nothing, ensuring the election was frauded, and remains so.
        He thought the courts or legislatures would correct the fraud; they have proven to be hopelessly infiltrated by the democrats, corrupt or afraid; with very rare exceptions.
        He thought the supreme court was on his side; I am still surprised by the utterly insulting way the supremes rejected the Texas case, without even bothering with legalese.

        Which brings us to now. He has one last card to play, very little time to play it. If he doesn’t play it, he’s done.

        • Pooch says:

          Is there really a big advantage if he plays it now or waits until January 19th? Although I wish he would do it now and get it over with, the only difference I see is his supporters just being more pissed off. Any one who would fight for him now and won’t January 19th is just a cuck and was never loyal to him anyway.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            Pooch, if you want to attract political and military support in a high stakes situation, the nr. 1 rule is to convince everyone that you are the strong horse, the winning bet.

            If you are perceived as the loser, that supporting you means destitution or death, no one will support you. Everyone will cut their losses and try to negotiate with the victor.
            It’s not even about loyalty, but about survival.

            After about Christmas, Trump’s chances of being perceived as having a significant chance of victory will drop like a rock – as I explained to Cominator 2 posts down.

            • Pooch says:

              I agree with you, but once those 4am ballot drops hit and the media unanimously projected Biden as the winner, Trump has been the weak horse. His position is no different today, then it was November 4th.

              • Edit_XYZ says:

                On the contrary, Trump’s position now is far worse than it was on november 4th.
                Back then it was not known that the DOJ/FBI, courts, legislature, supremes will so clearly support the democrats.
                The chances of Trump winning reelection are now determined by any person in the know being much lower than on november 4th.

                The only organization which can still help Trump is the military, enforcing the insurrection act.
                But soldiers won’t throw their careers and lives away if they perceive that Trump has no chance, or as close to it as to make no difference.

                A soldier must think there is a significant chance of victory – he must think that other soldiers will follow Trump.
                In other words, he must think that Trump has legitimacy to command the military – that the military or at least most of it will follow Trump.

                Trump is siphoning legitimacy these days.

                • BaboonTycoon says:

                  Your syllogisms don’t hold up.
                  Anyone who even considers supporting Trump at this point necessarily has to admit to the electoral system itself being illegitimate. Once that is conceded, the actions of the judges, the bureaucrats, the state secretaries of state, etc. since then only serve to reinforce the illegitimacy of the system (and thus also reinforce Trump’s legitimacy). Trump’s position is only worse vis-a-vis the electoral system; by any other metric he is likely faring better. The right is energized and galvanized like never before and we are all waiting for Trump’s word.

                  Furthermore, anyone in the military industrial complex is probably well aware that a Biden administration would ramp up troop deployments to the third world while also simultaneously cutting military budgets and gutting the VA. Those not already in the patronage networks have much to lose by supporting Biden even if they don’t buy the fraud.

                • Anonymous 2 says:

                  “On the contrary, Trump’s position now is far worse than it was on november 4th.
                  Back then it was not known that the DOJ/FBI, courts, legislature, supremes will so clearly support the democrats.”

                  It’s somewhat blackpilling, but what has changed is strictly speaking that now we know what we previously suspected. The establishment actually was rotten, through and through.

                • someguy says:

                  the only army President Trump has and needs is his 75+ million heavily armed supporters who must be ordered to take control of their own counties – this immediately gives Trump control of 90+% of the entire landmass (based on 2016 voting patterns, maybe more now). Until now the so-called ptb and their antifa and other minions have proceeded with essentially zero effective opposition from the people, who were not even aware they were at war. Once the people become aware they are at war, and begin to prosecute that war actively, the war is already won.

        • The Cominator says:

          “As I’ve said before: If, by Christmas, Trump doesn’t invoke the insurrection act, he will not invoke it at all”

          That isn’t at all clear, I’ve kind of thought he’d do it after the Georgia runoffs.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            The last shelling point is the DNI report on fraud in the election. It’s the last significant event that can increase Trump’s legitimacy, and focus the resolve and outrage of his supporters. If the report declares massive fraud in the election, that is.
            This event will be of actuality, at most, until Christmas.
            After that time – ask yourself, does the video showing how the election was stolen in Georgia have political consequences now, or was it already memory-holed?

            I stand by what I said: If, by Christmas, Trump doesn’t invoke the insurrection act, he will not invoke it at all.

            The Georgia runoffs (subsequent to and affirming that Trump lost Georgia) or the congress declaring Biden the winner (without insurrection act, there will be no miracle Trump victory there) does not increase Trump’s legitimacy. On the contrary, it severely decreases it.

            Indeed, every day that passes decreases Trump’s legitimacy.
            Which means less support for Trump – political support, support in the military.

            • The Cominator says:

              “I stand by what I said: If, by Christmas, Trump doesn’t invoke the insurrection act, he will not invoke it at all.”

              And I standy by not agreeing, he will probably invoke it between January 6th and the 14th.

            • Pooch says:

              Which means less support for Trump – political support, support in the military.

              I’m not sure if I’m buying that. Did you see the thunderous applause he got at the Army/Navy game? And judging by Proud Boy numbers in DC, his support in the militia is increasing.

              And did he ever have that much political support? He was basically by himself as soon as those fake ballot dumps dropped at 4am. Most of the Republicans, from the state level to the federal level, have been worthless for weeks. But speaking of which, I’m actually seeing some shocking fight in Senators Ron Johnson and Rand Paul in a senate hearing right now.


    • Publius says:

      > Look at this tweet: Trump is escalating, pushing for active resistance.
      > Trump is most definitely heading for the insurrection act.

      How is this tweet different from the thousands of others Trump has made over the years? In this tweet as in others, Trump is decrying yet another leftist victory in the culture war while vaguely wishing that somebody, somewhere, do something. We call this rhetorical pattern “whining”. Men who command men with guns don’t whine. They act.

      If Trump had the will and ability to act, he would have already. At what point do we conclude that he doesn’t, so he won’t? Sure, you can construct arbitrarily cockamamie theories to explain why Trump’s inaction is part of some grand plan, but the more you do that, the more you risk slipping insensibly into embarrassing and dangerous self-delusion. We have to face reality and prepare ourselves for losing the government and suffering leftist holiness spiraling more intense than anything we’ve seen before. Sometimes, the only news is bad news.

      • Pooch says:

        Obviously we prepare for Trump not crossing the Rubicon, being imprisoned, and eventually executed followed shortly by Trump supporters. Yet, Caesar made weak concession after weak concession until he didn’t.

      • BaboonTycoon says:

        It’s true. I’m not expecting Trump to do anything at all. But he hasn’t given up, and I think that counts for something. My hope lies in Trump’s ego. He wants to be remembered as a great man who restored the country to its former glory. Obviously, the latter half of that sentence is a pipe dream on its face, but the former half is also a pipe dream if he leaves office now. He knows that.

        Everyone has started to radicalize as a result of this election. Even the boomer neocons are starting to fedpost while simply watching this all play out from the sidelines. And Trump, the one who turned so many of them on to ideas that weren’t in the mainstream to begin with, is being confronted with it all day, every day. The mechanisms for him to do what must be done are all there. The people are on his side. The only thing holding him back is his own faith in the American democratic regime, and I imagine that is swiftly wearing thin.

  7. Sonny Jim says:

    New Moldbug. This one is brilliant.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      Jim is right, his writing has suffered as a result of namefagging. He says some interesting things in there, but you have to peel his lips off of the prog cock to make them out. I wish he could start a new pseudonym, but his writing is too recognizable.

    • gestahlt says:

      That reads like an apologia for Globohomo.

    • EH says:

      It’s hostile psychological warfare. Yes, might makes right, yes the leaders of all sides are corrupt, yes nearly everybody is deluded and stupid, but no that does not mean Trump’s side has lost or that tyranny is inescapable. It means that leaders who aren’t corrupt or stupid have to realize that the game is rigged, that legal means are pointless, that only a complete coup that takes out the judiciary, the media and academia first can succeed, and to actually make that happen with the means that the current situation offers or can made to provide.

    • EH says:

      Expanding a bit on my last comment, all the organs of true power have to be taken out, with bureaucrats, the legislature and even the judiciary being downstream of the actual power in the military, media, communications tech and finance. Academia has power, but it is longer term, less direct and can be largely ignored for a few days or weeks of coup. The ones with true power have to be taken out all at once to make a positive coup stick.

      The military is the only force currently that has the intel, the organization, the courts, the weapons and the people all together to take out the organs of power. Even they may lack the will, the leadership, the long planning and the operational security needed to pull it off. The question is: have they already gotten these, planned well and deployed the necessary forces?

      If not, then it becomes immensely harder. The first things needed are a way to reliably tell friend from foe, vet leaders, and prevent infiltration. Tech is needed, personal or collective judgment reliably fails. I can see possibilities for being very reliable in vetting and valuing men, without which a coup won’t work, or will go bad.

      • European Mutt says:

        I agree with you completely except on the tech. I don’t see any technological solution and therefore I hope they indeed have a plan and loyal men ready.

        What is the tech solution you see?

        • jim says:

          I see a tech solution

          A proof of stake crypto currency that supports a namespace that is not rooted in the state like the current domain namespace, a truly decentralized anonymizing lightning network for making payments and crypto corporations where shares are shares in a cryptographic secret.

          Such corporations, being sovereign, will outcompete corporations rooted in the state namespace, because they will not have a parasitic accounting, human resources, and legal department which are parasitic tentacles of the state. They will do value tracking bookkeeping instead of regulator accounting. The namespace will support uncensored social networks in which posts and comments are distributed usenet/bittorrent style.

          In due course, should the worst come to the worst, we will have corporations that deploy drone strikes on their enemies. More likely they will simply bribe their way to be quietly tolerated. Or perhaps something of both.

          • European Mutt says:

            Your crypto ideas are definitely a good long-term play. I had some similar ideas. We are moving fast towards black or gray markets everywhere, like in the Soviet Union. There will be a lot of demand for a solution such as the one you are planning pretty soon.

            Actually the only thing they could do to shut this down is to shut down or somehow screw up the entire internet which I wouldn’t put beyond them but would probably lead to their defeat also.

            That doesn’t help with vetting men for a coup right now of course.

          • EH says:

            Those are useful, likely essential tools, but they can’t tell you the character of your people, whether they really are your people or just convincingly playing a role in a long con or sleeper agent script.

            Your crypto currency / distributed corporate / economic OS would be useful in a way of organizing distributed semi-automatic production that I’ve been thinking about for several years, which also ties into the first stages of quasi self-reproducing manufacturing systems, population living primarily from capital income, independent industrial base for military supply and eventually autarky.

            Need to get your crypto info and a covert way of keeping up comms before you take the site down.

        • EH says:

          First some very quick and simple tests to weed out the stupid and the wrong kind of crazy. Then the biggest piece is computer adaptive testing / training with EEG, IR brain blood flow, and eye tracking to gauge responses to reactionary and progressive ideology and related stimuli. Can’t fake or hide disgust at globohomo propaganda, can’t hide if you don’t follow or agree with a red-pill argument, or whether you actually think through competing, apparently-right arguments. Can also judge charisma, persuasiveness to existing members objectively with similar methods (audience wired).

          Once they’re in, the easier bit is intelligence testing, along with conscientiousness, associative horizon, and competition gaming to determine appropriate roles. Competition gaming also exposés weasels and weaklings.

          • European Mutt says:

            Mainstream psychology is highly compromised and pozzed though. Stanley Milgram was based but in the 60s it went downhill. If the military has been doing its own high-quality research it might work but there is no evidence of that from the outside.

            Pretty sure the Russians are doing something along the lines you’re thinking of.

    • lambda x says:

      Unfortunately what Moldbug writes is _true_. The election was crooked. That it was crooked was commanded by the Witenagemot. If all had gone according to plan, no one would have noticed; but due to their underestimation of the reservoir of Trump’s support among the proles, and now that the result is challenged, the Witenagemot has been forced to assemble in public and announce that Biden will be King, because there are _more of them_ than there are of us, and they are better positioned besides. You cannot win an election if the courts and the media join to say that you cannot. This they have done, and it is an amazing display of cooperation. Can you name anything our side has done that has similar majesty?

      There is a distressing thinness to Trump’s support, like rational numbers in the real line. Numerous: infinitely many of them, in fact. Dense, even! But …

      The irrational numbers whisper to the remaining stalwart fractions like Barr that, if he wants his life to have the flavor he has enjoyed in the past, it is time to spend more time with the family.

      I’m no doomer. I come here every day. I refresh thedonald. I wait for a They Live moment, one from which the urban normies cannot avert their gaze. I watched Trump reforge his movement in the last days before the election. It was a visceral thrill. I had never seen the like! It felt like victory was in our grasp. A kind of victory was. Not the important kind.

      So I predict: the DNI report will conclude that there was some foreign interference, but not enough to change the result, and that will be the end. If something else happens, then the Witan overlooked something big. Did they? What could it be?

      Belief in the Supreme Court as savior is a disease. I’m old, but my fellow citizens have been agonizing about who sits on the Supreme Court the entire time. I sometimes think that this circus has distracted us from the fact that every other branch of our government is rotten to the core. At least with the Supreme Court, you get beautifully written argumentation, set down with attention to detail, fine formatting, and an authorial voice that rumbles with logic and integrity, of a kind. Now, even that is gone; good riddance, for it is now seen to be wholly operated by the Witenagemot. That simplifies things! While we plotted to nominate judges, the institutions over which they had judgment continued to weaken and fade into the mediascape.

      We think of ourselves as men of probity, but our great-grandfathers would be disgusted with us. The institutions we hate are disappointing because they are staffed by our children.

      I do not think that things can begin to change until people begin to starve. At such time, they will desire, and work for, a leadership caste that can accomplish actual work at scale.

      If Moldbug is namefagging, what is it he did not say, that he should have?

      • European Mutt says:

        If Moldbug is namefagging, what is it he did not say, that he should have?

        That Trump has an opportunity now to crash the rotten system down and buiild something new in its place, and that if might makes right, then Trump doing this is absolutely legitimate.

        • lambda x says:

          “If anyone in the Trump administration is listening, there is exactly one useful thing you can do now. The President has exactly one unilateral power which is dangerous to the regime: the power to declassify…Now, imagine if you’d conducted the last four years in this spirit.”

          “Technically he could still legally win, by persuading Mike Pence to count only his own electors. He would have to have balls and he doesn’t.”

          Trump is unable even to embarrass his foes. He is treated with open disrespect, even from those whose loyalty he should command. It follows that he does not in fact have an opportunity to crash the rotten system down either.

          Today we find:

          “BREAKING: There is ample and continuing raw intelligence about China’s intentions & actions to influence the 2020 election. Ratcliffe is considering not signing off on report if it does not include this discussion. Some senior analysts downplaying, others want to include”

          Not much of a poker hand, is it.

          If trump is mighty, then the DNI document will be a lacerating catalogue of rottenness that will convince the reader that strong medicine is now needed to reverse the course of a fatal disease. If Trump has that much might, then maybe he will be able to do as we hope. But if he is not mighty enough to compel the production of a report that will reinforce his counterattack on the Swamp, then he is not mighty enough to build a new system either.

          If Trump were mighty, then he would have stopped the legitimation of looting. When I was a kid, it was understood that looters could be shot. This is no longer true. Looting has been reclassified as political speech. While this was happening, folks on our side theorized that Trump was playing 3D chess.

          Looks to me like our enemies sent the Queen out to hoover up a few pawns.

          I don’t want to defend a doomer narrative. But maybe there is _not_, in fact, an opportunity for a military coup here. If there is not, it would be as well to understand why not. I will defend Moldbug against the term “namefag,” though, since you have not found fault with any part of his analysis of the situation

    • Nicodemus Rex says:

      Hmm … Moldbug is of course constitutionally a coward and blackpilling too early, but nothing he says here is purple-pilled or wrong. I’m beginning to hope that there’s a point to this “Gray Mirror” series other than a retread of Old Moldbug in even more obscure language.

    • lambda x says:

      Within hours of the death of George Floyd, our cities were in flames, and a short while after, the mayor of Minneapolis knelt in front of Floyd’s golden casket and wept.

      THAT is what a coup looks like.

  8. Rage Cage says:

    Trump doesn’t think he will be able to run in 2024, dummy. When he says things like that it’s because it’s funny. And because misdirection is optionality. Get with the pogrom, d00d. Trump for president 2021.

  9. George C. Wilson says:

    Look what Trump just re-tweeted:

    Granted he did not directly say it himself, but it looks like an endorsement to me.

    • jim says:

      If Lin Wood is not blowing smoke, then he is part of a circle around Trump that is preparing to proclaim the insurrection act.

      Trump is known to make empty threats. But he is also known to make perfectly real threats. May the Lord grant Trump the people he needs to restore the Republic, and the sight needed to do it.

      • clovis says:

        For the king trusts in the Lord, and through the steadfast love of the Most High he shall not be moved. Your hand will find out all your enemies; your right hand will find out those who hate you. You will make them as a blazing oven when you appear. The Lord will swallow them up in His wrath, and fire will consume them. You will destroy their descendants from the earth, and their offspring from among the children of man. Ps. 21:7-10

    • BC says:

      I trust Lin Wood about as far as I can throw him. Most of the Dominion stuff is conspiracy level stuff designed to discredit more reasonable stories about the software being used to alter votes by the operators, not by some dark network in another country.

      • The Cominator says:

        The proper attitude to machine fraud is AGNOSTICISM. Maybe it existed maybe it didn’t but hardest thing to make a case for.

        Lin Wood I see as less focused on machine fraud then Sydney Powell but not entirely out of it either.

        • Pooch says:

          Make a case for you? The judiciary is defunct and aren’t interested in hearing any evidence.. The Republicans are cucks. All that matters is the military and men with guns now.

          • Pooch says:

            Make a case for who*

          • BC says:

            All that matters is the military and men with guns now.

            Only if Trump calls for them and the longer he waits the weaker he will look. Trump’s smarter than me, but I’m not seeing the point of the game he’s playing.

            • Pooch says:

              Maybe he is counting how many men he has. There’s no way to know what’s going on behind the scenes right now, but like Jim, I pray the lord grants him what he needs and the will to do what must be done.

              • clovis says:

                Because the poor are plundered, because the needy groan, I will now arise, says the Lord; I will place him in the safety for which he longs. The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times. You, O Lord, will keep them; you will guard us from this generation forever. On every side the wicked prowl, as vileness is exalted among the children of man. Psalm 12:5-8

            • Pooch says:

              I will say the audit of the Michigan Dominion machines was pretty damning. They are subpoenaing machines in AZ now. If they produce similar results that only helps his case for Insurrection Act, as if he didn’t have enough already.

              • Edit_XYZ says:

                A lot of evidence is damning – statistical impossibilities, affidavits, recording of the election fraud.
                The left’s strategy is obvious – shamelessly lie the election was fair, memory hole the evidence, try to bog down conversations with ~’prove there was fraud’ while raising the burden of proof to infinity.

                And Trump did suffer from normalcy bias.
                He should have invoked the insurrection act long ago, before the courts threw the cases and the FBI/DOJ showed they’re complicit, before results were certified and the RINOs feel comfortable betraying him openly.
                I doubt the left could have used the institutions to cover up the fraud until now with the military present, with guns pointed at them.
                Trump actually thought the institutions will correct the fraud. He gravely underestimated how far gone the republic is.

                And now, he has only a little time left. How many soldiers does he still have? How many saw that practically all of the power centers are corrupt and are hesitating to take them on?

              • Not Tom says:

                The audit proves that the problems were not some mere glitch, but they don’t prove “algorithmic manipulation”, in fact the apparent retroactive edits prove operator and/or technician manipulation.

                Muh Dominion is a shill story. Maybe the truth no longer matters, what with magic machines and yellows in your jello, but I thought that was one bridge we weren’t supposed to cross. You can’t build a viable religion on material lies.

                • Pooch says:

                  The magic server is a shill story. Widespread operator Dominion machine fraud, very real. The Democrats cheated in every way conceivable.

          • The Cominator says:

            A case to the army and the militia not the courts…

        • Not Tom says:

          Lin Wood stole at least $1 million of Kyle Rittenhouse’s $2 million legal defense fund for himself and wasted a whole lot of the rest on nonsense. Until he gives that money back, he’s just a common grifter and no one should believe anything he says.

          • Pooch says:

            How do you know? Haven’t heard about that.

            • Not Tom says:

              He didn’t put it into a trust, and the family can’t get any answers about what happened to it. Bail money came from other sources. Sounds like theft to me.

              The first factor alone is a serious problem. Legal defense funds have to go into trusts, not just to protect against lawyer malfeasance but also bankruptcies, asset seizures and other unexpected problems. Someone supposedly as experienced as he is falling to do that is automatically massively suspect, which is why he was getting hit with ethics violations.

              • jim says:

                Just as we do not know he is honest, we do not know he is dishonest. The process that says he did not put the money into a trust is itself in enemy hands. Perhaps he did put it into a trust, but the trust was itself in enemy hands.

                We are in territory where nothing can be believed.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah I thought I had read that a huge amount of the money (May have been 1M can’t remember) was locked up by PayPal.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  I very much doubt the story because if it were true it would be an open and shut case for disbarment, not something that a successful lawyer would ever risk, and Lin Wood is a successful lawyer…

              • BC says:

                I can’t find anything from Kyle’s family about and the sources that are popping are decidedly leftist.

                • jim says:

                  If the story was true, Kyle’s family would be screaming blue murder.

                  Looks like another attempt to divide us.

                  Social Justice Warriors always project. Chances are that Social Justice Warriors stole the money.

                • BC says:

                  The one thing that makes me suspicious is I know they’d raised far more than Kyle’s bail money and then sudden they only had 1.3mil on hand.

                • Pooch says:

                  I do remember Wood tweeting that a significant number of it got locked up in PayPal and wouldn’t release it.

                • jim says:

                  As I expected, social justice warriors stole the money, and then projected. Paypal notoriously pulls this stuff all the time.

                  Same old same old. His story is easy to believe. Happens all the time. The story we are hearing from the left is hard to believe. Never happens, except social justice warriors do it, because no one except social justice warriors can get away with it.

                  Obviously any money going through Paypal was going to mysteriously evaporate, and failure to expect this was normality bias.

                  What happens with notorious regularity is that Ann sends money to Bob, the money disappears from Ann’s account, but does not appear in Bob’s account. Bob talks to Ann, Ann shows Bob the Paypal account information showing money sent and no longer in Ann’s account, Bob and Ann raise a stink with Paypal. Eventually Paypal relents usually after a couple of weeks or a month, or else, less commonly, bans both Bob and Ann for life, does not return their money, and refuses to acknowledge anything abnormal. This is notorious and infamous.

                • BC says:

                  Interesting. I’ve avoided using paypal for the last 5 or years and got rid of my account not so long ago. Shitty service and they just felt off to me.

                • European Mutt says:

                  Thiel and Musk had a good idea with paypal but it looks like they were entried, are simultaneously trying to dance around the regulators and have a lot of intentional and unintentional software glitches.

                  There really needs to be a widespread viable crypto-based replacement that even tech-illiterate people can use.

                • Joe says:

                  Some crypto exchanges offer non-KYC accounts, but can request ID at any time. If ID is not provided, they keep the funds. Keep all crypto funds in a wallet that you control.

          • John C. Calhoun says:

            I think Trump and Lin Wood are playing bon cop / bad cop. Some people shared a video of Wood speaking at a Stop the Steal Rally and claimed he told people not vote. That’s actually not what happened so either they said that purposely or were as dumb as conservatives can be and did not watch the video.

            In the video he keeps saying how Loeffler and Perdue should fight for their vote and should demand a special session etc and they should not vote unless they fight on their behalf to look into the fraud (or at least make an honest effort). He never said they should boycott the election.

      • jim says:

        Attributing it to a dark network of Chinese operatives though not true, has a grain of truth, and makes it easier to do something about it.

        • George C. Wilson says:

          Blaming the chicoms for influencing our politicians and/or elections could be like how Hitler blamed the communists for the Reichstag fire.

          Trump needs a pre-text, and the courts were not it.

      • onyomi says:

        Important point is not Lin Wood, but the fact that the POTUS is retweeting a pic of a governor and a SoS with a foreign flag on their faces and a caption about them soon being in jail. Could be more empty threats, but it’s a significant escalation, especially after saying re. the same governor, “now we have to do it the hard way” (superficially about winning the run-off but plausibly a threat of something more).

        No matter how much of a blowhard lame duck one thinks Trump is, I don’t think a POTUS planning to soon concede, retire to Florida, and run again in 4 years idly says the governor and SoS of his neighboring state will soon be going to jail. Could be wrong, but a much more hopeful sign.

        • Pooch says:

          Yeah I agree Trump’s recent tweets and statements are not from someone who expects to leave his job in one month.

        • Edit_XYZ says:

          I think he’s waiting for the DNI report on foreign interference in the elections, and its effect on the armed forces.
          One last schelling point to invoke the insurrection act.

          Trump knows what awaits him and his family after he leaves the White House. Better than us, probably, at this point. After all the betrayals – from the DOJ, FBI, the courts, even the supremes and so many of the republicans.

          He won’t give up. He knows that’s de facto suicide.
          Let us hope enough of the soldiers, of the white americans, also know what losing this election means for their freedoms, prosperity, and life.

    • yewotm8 says:

      Trump using force against GOP cucks is a good play. Sure the inner party will bitch about it, but they aren’t going to make any legitimate threats or send antifa out in defense of corrupt GOP cucks accused of working with China. Dems likely would not form a consensus that they should ingroup RINOs, and they are not in a position to defend RINOs without making it very obvious that they are ingrouping them, making said RINOs look very bad to sane people anyway. It also sets a good precedent for what he is capable and willing to do to bad individuals. If he gets away with it (and who will stop him?), pointing the guns towards inner party members becomes a lot easier. It’s a small step that let’s him take a much larger one later on.

  10. simplyconnected says:

    Off-topic so of course please feel free to erase.
    Wikileaks posted some large collection of documents at once.
    What with the rumors yesterday of an Assange pardon, and this highly unusual large drop, I thought it might be significant.

    • simplyconnected says:

      These were posted by vox day as a new drop, but they may just be the documents so far posted by wikileaks. It may be nothing, I cannot tell.

  11. Anonymous 2 says:

    From the news, it looks like the Electoral College voted in Biden without any drama. So, american readers, is this formally the end of the affair?

    • Not Tom says:

      Obviously not. Breitbart is acting like it is, but yesterday was Democratic and Republican electors voting for their own parties in the swing states. The media just acts as if they Republican electors didn’t matter, but it’s up to Pence and the Senate to choose which ones to certify.

      We can be pessimistic about Trump’s willingness to do what needs to be done, but nothing is over until inauguration day. That’s both legal fact and historical fact.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        Thank you, I’m afraid the details of these procedures are not all that obvious to me.

        • pyrrhus says:

          In Macris’s words, Pence is the Dungeon Master of the electors…He can pick and choose, which is bad news of the Democrats…

          • Not Tom says:

            There is probably a reason why Democrats did not pull the same stunt in 2016, when they clearly wanted to deny Trump the presidency and concocted the elaborate Russia hoax to stop him. Merely having Joe Biden, the VP at the time, deny Republican electors, would have been much simpler, especially as Trump had even less in-party support back then.

            We know Democrats will do anything to win, so if it were this simple, why didn’t they do it in 2016?

            • The Cominator says:

              Its not that simple apparently counts can be objected to from the floor of the House…

              Not sure how it works, but it sounds like nothing will succeed UNLESS Trump uses force.

          • Pooch says:

            I don’t see Pence throwing out Biden electors UNLESS the state legislatures retroactively certify the Trump electors, which still appears to be one of Team Trump’s legal strategies.

      • S.J., Esquire says:

        Right. While there are a shameful number of blackpillers on our side, the media continues to play the game to the end. In this case, they perceive (correctly) that they still have a role in keeping reg’ler folks in the dark, so that if (when) Pence certifies the Republicans, the public is confused and/or outraged.

        So goes their strategy, anyway.

    • Pooch says:

      It’s not over until Trump concedes.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Here is found the official record, by the way:

      (In summary, wait until Jan 6.)

  12. Catholic Sheepdog says:

    Jim, at what point do you think the US media will be brought back under control.

    A visit to @realdonalttrump twitter and he is retweeting codemonkeyZ when he links to an essay on foreign interference written by the new acting AG Rosen. Trump also links to the dominion machine report on Antrim County.

    The media further doesn’t mention the dueling electors being sent by republicans from the contested states.

    The largest media companies in the US are therefore complicit in all of this, and no lasting change is possible without their destruction.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Why, the media are already fully controlled.

      • suones says:


        The greatest trick the Devil ever played, was convincing people that he didn’t exist.

        The illusion that media are “independent” is a strong one, especially among Americans, even among otherwise red-pilled ones. Propaganda is, and always has been, a tool of the State. It’s just that in the USSR everyone knew that Pravda was fake, but many Americans still believe their Pravda is 100% real.

        The question is not how to get media under control (which they have always been), but rather how to get us into the controlling positions. Which is a coup-complete problem.

    • The Cominator says:

      “The largest media companies in the US are therefore complicit in all of this, and no lasting change is possible without their destruction.”

      The media companies are not independent actors, the command and control is hard to puzzle out but the fact that we know Operation Mockingbird exists point to media control being consolidated under the derp state.

    • jim says:

      > Jim, at what point do you think the US media will be brought back under control.

      It already is under control. By our enemies.

      From time to time they will get a new priesthood. If things go badly, an ever more holy priesthood. If things go well, they will be purged when Harvard is purged, and will get a saner priesthood, or destroyed when Harvard is destroyed.

      If things go really badly, Harvard will destroy itself.

  13. StarShip says:

    I think the Federalist Society backstab of Trump was the most surprising. Barr I’d long suspected but I didn’t see the judges Trump had appointed stabbing him the back. I can’t see how another Federalist judge will ever be appointed, you can’t ally with a group like that.

    • onyomi says:

      I think so much crazy stuff has gone down lately the enormity of this hasn’t really sunk in for me, or seemingly for media in general (to the extent they will report anything favorable to Trump): literally all three of the Trump-appointed justices voted not even to hear his case, a case brought by 20 US states. This is a staggering slap in the face and, imo inexcusable dereliction of duty.

      • suones says:

        Don’t think too much about it. The Judges are smart. Just like Tessio was a smart man. They’ve always been smart.

        Jim made a mistake by placing faith in the Federalist Society. I avoided making that mistake, but that was only because of my extreme skepticism of “Constitutional Law,” not any particular foresight.

        To my outsider’s eyes, it appeared very likely that the court would rule for the powerful. Principles be damned.

    • BaboonTycoon says:

      Loyalty to a legal document written by yesteryear’s liberals doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that one will take the anti-liberal position today.

      However, there is another reading to this, that, however unlikely, might help us make sense of this: it was indeed Trump’s plan to cross the Rubicon all along and he specifically told his appointees to vote against such a case to provide sufficient distrust in the system that he might have grounds to do so.

      Obviously this sounds like massive cope and it probably is, however I think Trump made much less of a deal out of losing that particular case than I expected him to, certainly less than he has complaining about Brian Kemp. Barr is out. If there wasn’t more to this than meets the eye, I’d expect Trump to start attempting impeachment proceedings against every justice that voted against him as well.

  14. I usually use my blog name (dharmicreality) on some other blogs. Mistakenly I earlier submitted the above comment (except the first sentence) with that id “dharmicreality” autofilled in this blog and then re-submitted it when I realized the mistake.

    Not an issue.Would continue using this ID on this blog.

  15. It appears to me that the biggest killer of civilizations in the past, present and future has been and will continue to be normality bias both among the ruling classes and among the proles.

    Ancient Hindu kings had quite powerful armies developed and kept battle-ready by fighting each other (fighting as per the rules established), but they suffered massive normality bias by thinking that the desert cultists who invaded across Central Asia were just normal warriors who would fight by the normal rules established among themselves. These Kings, despite having numerical superiority military wise, lost eventually because they played by their own rules, spared their enemy when they were down and believed that the enemy would play by those rules.

    Coming to relatively recent history, even the Mughal Empire in India succumbed to normality bias, thinking that the East India Company was just a bunch of unruly foriegn traders who could be threatened, goaded, bribed or cowed to play by their rules.

    The normality bias becomes worse when the enemies are internal to the State. It happened in Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Bharat (India).

    It has happened in the middle ages and even in World War II. The exceptions to normality bias in history have been rare and notable (I’m talking about normality bias before things went so irretrievably bad that even pretending about normality became impossible).

    Maybe I’m oversimplifying. There are indeed a lot of factors to be taken into account in studying history, but I am wondering whether this “normality bias” has been a formal basis for studying history.

    The question is can modern American Republic/Empire turn the tide of history?

    • I highly recommend everybody to at least skim books 3 and 4 of Mind and Society by Vilfredo Pareto. It’s up on

      The basic lesson is that either you have a circulation of elites or a collapse. That is, you need to recruit middles up into the elites. The reason is that middles are good at violence. Specifically, they are good at violence because because they are loyal to each other, they have a strong, trusting ingroup watching each others backs. Camaraderie maintains courage. And they have a strong ingroup because they take their religion seriously. They are the “lions”, or “Spartans”.

      While elites, all elites eventually become “foxes”. Or “Athenians”. There is too much individual competition at the top. Everybody is trying to out-trick everybody else. The result is that elites are not loyal to each other, cannot trust each other. They make fun of their own religion which destroys their Schelling points to cooperate over. Which means they cannot use violence because they lack camaraderie, they cannot resort to violence because they cannot be sure others would back them up. This results in elites giving in to revolutionaries and getting consumed by revolutions. Unless they have allowed enough middle-class “lions” in their ranks who give them a backbone and organization.

    • someDude says:

      A lot of these honourable rules of warfare might just be propaganda. Let’s take PrithivRaj Chauhan as an example. What Indians are taught is the Chand Bardot version where Prithvi captures Ghori and lets him go 17 times only to lose, be blinded and executed the 18th time.

      However no other version accepts this. None of the Islamic historians of course. But even other Hindu versions do not accept the Chand Bardot version. What seems most likely is that Prithvi did win the first battle, but failed to capture Ghori either because he did not press his advantage or Ghori got lucky or escaped in the Fog of war.

      No one is so stupid as to let a foe go 17 times. This should relieve the Hindus. Incompetence is much less scary than insanity. I think the rest of the stories about Hindus repeatedly letting muslims go might also have been propaganda to cover up incompetence.

      • Gestahlt says:

        You miss the obvious: the Hindu psychology LOVES multiplication. Arms, deities, dominions of space and time. Imagine you’re talking to a drunk. Seventeen times means once and a half at most.

      • A Honest Indian says:

        I’m not literally asserting an opinion on whether Hindu kings had honorable rules of engagement in war or not. But it is clear that when Hindu kings fought each other they fought for political supremacy and that defeated kings were usually let off if they surrendered and sometimes even allowed to rule their kingdoms after payment of tribute to the victor and owing him allegiance. No Hindu king laid waste on the lands of his defeated foes or demolished their temples. What Hindu kings failed to do is to close ranks against the desert cultists because they did not see them as a civilizational threat until it was too late. In fact many Hindu kings thought they could form alliances with them against their traditional rivals not realizing that their enemies are agreement incapable and that any alliance was purely temporary and only to bide their time for better circumstances. I see that as massive normality bias.

        • jim says:

          The Hindu Kings fought limited, pragmatic, war with the limited goal of rearranging the hierarchy a small bit.

          The Muslims fought holy war, which is apt to be considerably nastier.

          The East India company in the days of its greatness also fought limited, pragmatic wars. They were merchants, pirates and brigands, who drifted accidentally and without realizing it into becoming stationary bandits.

          But while the Indian Kings wanted to preserve the aristocratic system, hence respected the aristocratic status of the loser, the bandits did not care. But neither were they interested in sweeping it away. They just wanted to extort some gold, and to maintain peace and order so that they could buy and sell, being merchants more than they were pirates and bandits.

          As the East India Company was taken over by an increasingly holy faith, things became more complicated, but until 1911, the faith was opposed to war, let alone total war, because their faith was still somewhat Christian and because of distrust of the still powerful warrior aristocracy, which in some ways had had the upper hand until 1856.

      • suones says:

        Prithviraj Chauhan won the First Battle of Tarain against Muhammad Ghori. However, he didn’t convert the victory into a total victory, and was not able to prevent the wounded Sultan’s escape.

        Prithviraj Chauhan lost the subsequent Second Battle of Tarain.

        Taking Prithviraj Raso literally is like believing Hollywood History.

        The real Hindu idiocy, however, was that the other great North Hindu empire of the time, that of Shri Maharaj Jaichandra, did not feel necessary to help the Chauhans of the west against a common enemy. The enemy, in turn, defeated them as well. We can see that defection, not co-operation, was already the default strategy in Medieval Hindu India.

        A powerful Chakravarti Samrat commanding both West and East India’s loyalty could have easily crushed the Baphometans, but the Western Chauhans and Eastern Chandravanshis considered each other a bigger risk than foreigners.

        • Same story played out in the Balkans vs the Ottomans, in the visigothic kingdoms of Spain against the Moors, and with each Indian nation on the American frontier.

          Peoples who are similar develop a near-ritualized warfare among themselves, like a game, where the winner increases his wealth and power but does not totally destroy his enemy. When they come across a foreign enemy fighting a total war for total victory, takes a long time to adapt.

          It is not a failure of agreement-capability; these feudal kingdoms are extremely agreement-capable among themselves, and have to be to maintain ritualized warfare full of unspoken rules. The problem is that they are too agreement-capable, that they are attempting to cooperate according to rules that the other side does not recognize.

          Cooperating with defectors is cuckoldry, it is the same problem people on our side have today, the same problem the Comanche Empire had. The Comanches were incapable of seeing warfare as anything other than cattle-raids; the idea that the white man was trying to totally subjugate them did not occur until it was far too late to make meaningful resistance.

          • Mike says:

            Nice examples, arguably the same process played out with the Russian petty kingdoms of the 1220s-1240s. Could not figure out for the life of them that the Mongol hordes were not going going to play by the Russian, Orthodox rules of warfare until it was too late. I mean it could be argued they wouldn’t have stood a chance even if they did unite (the Mongol army was 100k+ strong, which was impossibly huge for Europe at the time, and the Russians did temporarily band together at Kalka River and still got obliterated) but they may have at least put up a fight.

            • jim says:

              In Hungary, Europeans stopped the Mongols and stole the secret of gunpowder.

              We were unable to stop the Mongols from wreaking immense destruction, but we successfully held major fortress cities, and made the Mongols pay an endless price in men, treasure and horses for hanging around. When the top Mongol leadership departed to deal with politics at home, they left their men with low level leadership, and the low level leadership was incohesive and got hammered hard. Maybe if the Mongol leadership had stuck around, would have been victorious eventually, but Hungary made them bleed.

              • Mike says:

                The potential the Europeans had was seen in flashes even in Russia itself, where the Mongols were most successful. Famously, the town of Kozelsk resisted Mongol siege for seven weeks, killing over 4,000 of them.

                • jim says:

                  A few more of that, and the Mongols would have become tired, frustrated, and afraid in Russia, as they became tired, frustrated, and afraid in Hungary.

          • And how Caesar conquered Gaul. Vercingetorix was a hostage in Rome and his mind was blown seeing it is possible to organize tribes into a nation. So when he want back he tried to do that. And some tribes did listen. But other tribes thought, why ally with this tribe down the road who has been my enemy forever, against the Romans who have never hurt me? Better ally with the newcomers againts my traditional enemy.

            But where I would disagree is that even when realizing the total-destruction attitudes of the enemy, it is still worth allying them, perhaps more worth, because they are not totally destroying their allies. Their allies got subjugated, but their former leaders often keeping their rank somehow, like becoming patricians or Muslim aristocrats. Not necessarily a very bad deal.

            If you are a VP of sales, is it a very bad deal for you if the company is bought and merged by a much bigger one? You get lower in the hierarchy, but you are in a much bigger hierarchy with more resources to do stuff with. I was in a merger and I generally saw the managers excited by the new possibilities, not being jealous of their former status.

            Even in the New World, Spain was giving aristocratic titles to allied native tribal leaders and recognizing their “feudal” power. Of course it could not have worked in America because the political systems were too incompatible.

          • someDude says:

            Woah, the Comanches seem Badass. What fierce indomitable fighters. Very Old Celtic. Damn, the hair rises in comtemplation.

            Did the Yanks use comanches against the Japs? In WW2, The Comanches could have been for the Yanks what the Gurkhas were for the Brits.

    • John C. Calhoun says:

      I agree it was normaility bias that led to their downfall. Another major factor to mention was that the brahmins (priests) betrayed them and sold them out to their enemies.

      India gives a good insight into what happens when the priestly class is not under full control of the kings.

      • Yankee Dissenter says:

        Very true. The Priest class should be advisors, educators, storytellers, and masters of ceremony; nothing more, nothing less. Priests shouldn’t be accumulating wealth either, that always ends up corrupting them and turning them into hypocritical Pharisees.

      • someDude says:

        This is true of the Persian Zoroastrians. Their priests did sell them out to the Arab muslims. But the Brahmins selling out the hindus to Muslims is news to me. That’s like cutting off the branch on which you sit. Surely Brahmins cannot be that stupid. Examples? Counter Examples?

        • John C. Calhoun says:

          @ Somedude,

          The brahmins in India sold out their kings to the Mughals and then were awarded patronage by the muslims and held employment in the courts. They did the same coup when the Anglos arrived and received patronage in the form of running the bureaucracy and then finally when the Anglos left, running the country. The current Indian National Congress Party is a Brahmin party with the founders being educated in the great Oxtord cathedral.

          Of course you will find no evidence or historical examples of this (at least in English) much the same as you will find few official stories of the black crime or the white ethnic cleansing in American cities.

          • I think you’re falling for the classic western interpretation of Hindu history which is flawed because the West never understood that Hinduism never had a State Church and that the literal Brahmins were never really a powerful cohesive group and were mostly a disjointed and powerless priestly class who were purely engaged in strictly spiritual pursuits. Hindu kings ensured that there was no “church” to begin with, let alone separation of state and church. To the extent that an individual Brahmin had any power, you could be sure that two other jealous Brahmins would do anything to undermine his power.

            If Brahmins as a priestly class were powerful enough as a whole to betray their Hindu kings, they actually had more reason to actually form a coalition of Hindu kings to repel the invaders, because it is in the interests of Brahmins to be subordinate to Hindu kings, not Islamic invaders.

            Ever wondered why Hindu Kings never came under a common banner of Hinduism to fight the Islamic invaders? Simply because there was never a common church to begin with and never a strong priestly class to “betray” them.

            To the extent that Mughals recruited Brahmins in their bureaucracy, it was purely a practical measure because Brahmins had high IQ and were also subordinate enough not to form a conspiracy against their Islamic bosses.

            The modern myth of Brahminical power is much like the modern myth of the global Jewish conspiracy. While some individual brahmins might have exercised powers at some point of time in history, the Brahmins as a class exerting mind rays of power is a myth, because like all highly intellectual but dispersed individuals (much like whites), easy to demonize without much repurcussions.

            • Hmmm. This rings a bell to me. The new priestly class of liberals of course demonizes all their enemies, the kings, the aristocrats, the military, the capitalists, all of them. But most of all they demonize the former priestly class, their closest competitors for the control of minds. So in my corner of Europe, what the libs hated first and foremost was the Church, before it got subverted. And the same way I imagine libs in India gonna blame everything on the Brahmins.

              • A Honest Indian says:

                I also think that, apart from the usual Prog historical rewriting, NRx tends to use the terminology “brahmin” in a different way.

                As a Hindu, I can realize the confusion this causes, but the literal Brahmin was never a power center, because literal Brahmins, while owing allegiance to a Kshatriya King who provided them patronage and protection, being highly individualistic and high IQ never trusted one another enough to form a cohesive elite class, and of course, no State Church ever existed in Hinduism to allow the formation of a cohesive priestly elite, the nature of the religion being quite an important factor, but that would be an entirely different discussion altogether.

                The funny thing is that, while literal Brahmins were/are also part of the priestly elite of Progressivism, it is clear that they are merely brahmins in name only, and neither priests of the old religion nor the driving force behind the new religion.

              • someDude says:

                Been reading your blog. Went there out of curiosity after seeing some of your comments. Very interesting blog to say the least.
                Quite a lot of boutique stuff in there.

                Damn, but Jim’s blog seems to attract thinkers from all over. Europeans, Indians, Slavs, Mohammedans, Pagans, Atheists, christians, monarchists, shills and what have you, the whole lot are commenting here.

          • A Honest Indian says:

            The reason for Hindu kings being defeated is simple. No strong State Religion to bring together Hindu kings under a common banner and treating the external enemy as yet another rival in the mix of existing rivals, and not as a civilizational foe.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Explanation 1: too much priests priesting priestily
              Explanation 2: no strong state religion

              Do we see a paradox, or a contradiction?

              Blue Pill: Let’s come together, in sweet harmony

              Red Pill: Wotan vs Toutatis

              Hell is eternal…

              • someDude says:

                It’s not the same guy making those two explanations for Hinduism. Two different guys. Two different explanations.

                Anyway, thread closed. Explanation two wins this round as per the various esteemed commenters which includes Jim himself.

                The too many priests, priesting, priestly is how progs and SJWs see Hinduism. Since SJWs and progs always project, it’s actually how prog-ism works.

              • A Honest Indian says:

                If the literal Brahmins were capable of priestly cohesion neither the Mughals (who were famously suspicious to the extent of determining succession by fratricide or even patricide) nor the East India Company would have recruited them as bureaucrats. Fact is the literal Brahmins owed allegiance to the ruling warrior class of the time because that assured them a secure existence.

              • Muslims have fought each other a lot, both in India and elsewhere, despite a lot of priesting. I think a lot of piety does not imply a *state* religion. It might imply its opposite. Jim keeps mentioning early Anglicanism as something ideal, what I find interesting and also hilarious that in the meantime the accepted good style for a British gentleman was to not be too interested in religion. Go through the rituals, pay the lip service, but nothing more, not supposed to discuss theology or feel particularly bad for their sins. Seems the idea of a state religion is to keep piety low, not high.

                But I should also point out that Denmark and Sweden set the world record as the countries who had the most wars with each other while they both had Lutheran state religions controlled by the King.

                • European Mutt says:

                  I’m not sure if it is about high or low piety, it’s more about the rate of change which should be as close to zero as possible. The key is probably to avoid priesthood of all believers and anything to the general effect of expanding the priesthood. Otherwise there is an immense pressure on normal people to be ever more pious or at least fake it which accelerates any existent holiness spirals and creates a lot of new ones.

                  I’m somewhat fascinated with Falun Gong which wasn’t on my radar before Jim pointed out it was a rather well-disciplined religion. Their only priest that appears in public is their founder Li Hongzhi. Looks like all others just follow him and act as loudspeakers. There is probably a hierarchy, but it is likely somewhat informal and definitely hidden. They are probably more pious than the average Englishman back then was but it works (for the moment) and doesn’t lead to holiness spiralling. because they only have a single priest.

  16. Dave says:

    Imagine that five minutes before the start of the World Chess Championship, with no warning, all chessboards and pieces are taken away and replaced with Go boards. There would be some hilariously bad Go games with all sorts of newbie mistakes, and mid-level chess players who dabbled in Go many years ago would be crushing last year’s champions. Their glory is fleeting however, as the following year, expert Go players enter the tournament, and all chess players are swiftly eliminated.

    On November 4, American politics experienced a surprise rule change just as radical, ensuring an extinction event just as total. Whether the losers will be killed, imprisoned, or given important jobs administering the Alaskan tundra, I don’t know.

  17. slabiano says:

    Jim, any thoughts on the new vaccines for the coronavirus?

    • jim says:

      Same as any other flu vaccine.

      Flu vaccines, like flu itself, are safe if you are healthy.

      • Not Tom says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure. The Covid vaccines are not like other vaccines, they’re this newfangled mRNA stuff that’s never really been tested at scale. I read about the fast-track process they went through and it’s highly questionable, to say the least. Some reports of serious side effects in a few participants, and of course we know nothing about long term side effects.

        You take it if you want to and consider yourself healthy; I’ll take my chances with the coof instead.

        • European Mutt says:

          AstraZeneca vaccine is adenovirus-based like the Russian Sputnik vaccine. If they make it mandatory I would take one of those. I have my concerns about mRNA also. This Wodarg guy who claims it causes infertility is a huge shill. Lifelong socialist (Wikipedia makes it clear enough), therefore don’t trust him (besides his explanation makes no sense). Probably means there is something else rotten that they want to cover up.

          All people, even over 80 I know who tested positive are still alive and don’t have any lasting effects.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          As I understand it, they are something similar to live vaccines, only sterile and incapable of reproduction. The construct “infects” a host cell, which then starts cranking out antigen proteins, but not a whole viable virus, which then triggers the immune response. So the response should be linear to dose through some range. Possibly causing damage to, or killing, the “infected” cells.

          • Not Tom says:

            That’s how a normal vaccine works, not the mRNA shit which is totally new and untested. Conventional vaccines are already inactivated.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Conventional vaccines are just dead viral proteins they inject, that don’t infect anything. Or they are live tame vaccines like Varicella (cow pox) or weekend live vaccines like Polio.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              “Sterile” is not the same as “inactivated” and/or “dead”. It means incapable of reproduction.

      • Gary says:

        Jim, not so red-pilled on the fakeness of viruses and the big pharma poison known as vaccine.

        Jim, your big pharma shill, like Trump, push the narrative.

      • Srecko says:

        Yes, we are currently facing a massive “surge” of an unbelievably deadly virus, which explains the piles of dead bodies rotting in the streets, the massive popular demand for a vaccine and our semitic elites wearing hazmat suits and isolating themselves as much as possible.

        If you don’t take a syringe full of poison humanity is going to die off. Then you can have your “covi-pass,” you contemptible slave.

        Show everyone what a good little goy you are by displaying proof of taking the moron needle, as if your dead eyes and gaping, drooling mouth isn’t evidence enough that you got the kosher pacification.

        • European Mutt says:

          One thing that has never made sense to me about the NWO (Jewish or not) theory is why they would sterilize people or make them stupider. Why not just kill them?

          And if the goal is ostensibly to reduce overpopulation I would start killing niggers instead of poisoning whites. Much cheaper.

          White slaves would be very useful indeed, but only if their mental faculties are intact. This is what the Chinese are going for.

          • Sam says:

            Because it takes longer to notice people are sterile (partially if you target children) then if you are killing people.

            It doesn’t require a NWO for it to happen; it just requires evil people who want to hurt as many other people as possible.

            • European Mutt says:

              I was only talking about NWO believers. It’s the blue-black pill, the most useless of the pills there is. True, existent evil on the other hand knows no bounds, I am here because I realize that.

              Of course the medical establishment will on occasion try to kill people. They tried to kill members of my family. And there is a case for taking as little medication as possible because anything could have poison in it. But on the other hand sometimes you have to take your chances, especially if you have something like appendictis that might be deadly but is easily treated by a doctor.

              Hopefully in the future I might be able to trust my doctor the same way I trust my vet. Actually I sometimes joke I would rather have my vet treat me if it was legal.

              They could be spiking the shots they are giving to kids right now to make them sterile. Nobody would know. But no need to invent a new covid vaccine for that. The theories have too many moving parts.

              • jim says:

                Already did it. The HPV vaccine, particularly when administered to very young girls, frequently causes sterility.

                Also there is little point in administering HPV vaccine to girls. The point of vaccines is not so much immunity, as herd immunity, and the reservoir for HPV virus is gays and bisexuals. You need to vaccinate the gays, but that would be “stigmatizing”

                • European Mutt says:

                  Is the percentage high enough to have an effect on the gene pool? No patriarchal father is going to allow his daughter to get this.

                • jim says:

                  Unclear. The effect seems to be very high, but far from total.

          • The Ducking Man says:

            I still believe NWO conspiracy theory to some extend.

            1. Dumb population are proven to be much easier to control. I mean look at how easy it is to manipulate dumb nigger into BLM. We are saying there is orchestrated effort to make people dumb and dumber via bad education, nutrition deficit, etc.

            2. It’s written very clearly in Georgia Guidestone and Alber Pike Letter that they want very small population. This reasonably attainable via infertility agenda and strong abortion practices.

            3. I strongly believes thay they don’t want too many whites. They only need few whites working in NWO own circle (Fortune 500 and banking industry). Whites working outside their circle can be erased later on no issue.

            The end goal is population with majority of dumb niggers and muslims, few whites working in NWO inner circle, and very few elites living on top of hierarchy. Much the same way Europe is heading right now with their strong immigration policy.

          • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

            When dealing with personages suffering from chronic backstabbing syndrome, one of the first mistakes one can make is thinking of such as cynically pragmatic consequentialists.

            Reason is a tail wagged by the dog of sentiment, and in cases where one might sense more rational praxeology in actions of such sorts, it exists only in a delineated sense, to serve the animating impulse, which comes first, as reasons are found to rationalize it.

            Imagine for a moment that there is a basketcase/shit together continuum, with an ascending scale of how much shit someone can have together. If you could indefinitely expand franchise to ever greater swaths of the basketcase continuum, surely then you could outnumber the people who have more of their shit together, and coterminously recruit the loyalty of the former with the promise of eating for lunch the latter. Of course, you would then no longer have any shit together, and you’d find yourself presiding over a crumbling enfamished wasteland, a vacuum open for some other group with more sense to come in and conquer the easy pickings left over; but hey, death of a society is a small price to pay for a temporary spot on top of it’s status hierarchy, right? Such is the nature of congenital solipsism.

            The existence of men with virtue, groups with virtue, societies with virtue, is an existential threat to the leftists self-esteem, defined by his insecurities. He both at once cuts down what comes before, and also ensures naught can grow up behind him, all for the same reason. So does ‘leftist organization’ also exist in only a contingent, delineated sense; it cannot exist except for something vital to define itself against; and by the same token, cannot exist against itself either. It is the nature of the game being played, the ultimate ironic wage of the playact; to be left is to die with no successors, no heirs, no legacy.

            And broadly of course, it is about ensuring everyone else is in the same boat. Misshapen pieces, modes of thought ill fitted for existence in this plane; tormented by simply being in this world, they are driven towards death – but don’t have the decency to die alone. Such is the nature of thanatos.

            Not even the subversive themselves can fully anticipate what dysfunctions they will lionize in the future. Rather, the world moves, dysfunctionalities become apparent, and ‘leftism’ inevitably converges towards them. Such is it’s nature.

    • simplyconnected says:

      I’m healthy, but my gut tells me “do not trust it”.

      • Pooch says:

        Covid hoax caused me to lose a lot of trust in the medical establishment in general. These people are just not very intelligent so I find it hard to trust stupid people.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      The demons of china flu has run out of people with severe morbidity and the priests of medical practices has realized for a while that respirator is mighty dangerous treatment.

      But alas minions of china flu demons are not agreement capable and will pose lockdown as long as china flu demons allowed to live.

      • European Mutt says:

        They are making up ‘science’ as they go along now. At this rate of the holiness spiral they can’t wait for the leftist labcoats to deliver a narrative. Merkel referenced a report by the ‘Academy of Sciences’ which is really a quite unimportant institution as it is* and then it turned out that their supposed report which supported a lockdown after Christmas was not even an official release and most members of the academy disagreed.

        Then she proceeded on the weekend to announce a lockdown starting tomorrow.

        Flanked by an op-ed in the loyal media titled “Jesus wouldn’t have visited Grandma”.

        *She already cut off ‘German Fauci’ Drosten of shoddy PCR test fame for insufficient holiness because he refuses to give up his alarmingly rightist understanding of the immune system.

  18. jim says:

    I normally do not report the news of the day, because it causes one to lose sight of the big picture, but the big picture is:

    Donald J. Trump

    Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime. Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners,….

    Which is grounds for proclaiming the insurrection act.

    We shall see. I have hope and faith.

    It has been said that Trump makes empty threats, and he does, but he also makes a lot of real threats and gives effect to them.

    • Pooch says:

      I have hope and faith he will proclaim the Insurrection Act but it is looking more and more like he will take it right up to the 11th hour before he does.

      • BC says:

        This is a pretty good pretext for the Insurrection act. Frankly Trump should have invoked the week after the election, but he’s trying to save the Republic rather than become king.

        • Pooch says:

          He’s doing everything in his power to try to resuscitate the corpse.

          • BC says:

            Damn foolish thing to do. Might get him and a lot of good people killed for nothing.

            • Pooch says:

              Interestingly in GA, the traitorous SOS agreed to a limited signature match in Cobb county under pressure, shockingly, from Perdue and Loeffler.

              • onyomi says:

                Perdue and Loeffler probably read the latest polls and realized they were going to lose.

                • John C. Calhoun says:

                  If Trump crosses the Rubicon, then the senate will not matter. Similarly, if Trump does not cross the Rubicon, the senate will also not matter anymore as well.

                  On another point, the voter fraud also compromised senate seats in MI, AZ. Therefore, 2 senate will be flipped back to GOP once Trumo crosses the Rubicon. Of course this does not matter but I’m trying to make the point that the selecting between the inner party or outerparty does not really matter.

          • European Mutt says:

            Surely he must have noticed the stench by now. Courts, originalist judges, Republicans, DoJ, all corrupt. Trump has no choice but to do something very much like a restoration immediately, or eventually die at the hands of traitors. Looks like no part of the old republic, except the military, can be honestly salvaged.

            I was wrong. There can be no continuity. Trump needs to be Napoleon, not Putin or Caesar. He needs to build a new, uncorrupted state apparatus from the ruins of the old. I am cautiously whitepilled again now, but this is a monumental task. If anyone is up to it it’s Trump.

            • suones says:

              Looks like no part of the old republic, except the military, can be honestly salvaged.

              US military has been a force for global evil for more than a century. It was obvious even to General Patton that they were fighting the wrong enemy, but they did it anyway. I’m sure the soldiers who shoot Trumpists will feel very bad about it later. When has the US military ever pushed back against globohomo?

              • European Mutt says:

                Under Trump, they first got a taste of what it was like to not be the drecks of the nation for the first time. Even leftists were disgusted at how veterans were treated under Obama etc. They don’t want to go back to the way things were. US military has never pushed back against globohomo because that would be equivalent to a coup and that was unthinkable for them.

                I’m not sure how unthinkable it is now, but it sure is less unthinkable.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            That, or he is doing everything in his power to look like he is trying to resuscitate the corpse. Its the contrast of the Democrat/GOPe illegality compared to his legal and moral acts. He’s a showman, playing to a crowd, which is one of his greatest strengths.

            Do you really think that he didn’t notice that his name is a killing word? Armies show up in his name. His name is linked to America in the minds of the killers. When he shows up in front of the junior officers, they cheer him then start chanting, “USA! USA!” His unofficial campaign flag was the American flag, flying on the trucks of those convoys that so terrified Blue America.

            Men with guns–and the men who don’t have guns on them right now but their in my truck, give me a second and we’ll show these commies who’s an American–serve Trump. He’d have to be an idiot completely unaware of the optics not to pick up on that, and we all know that’s not who he is. Jim, you said when he got the Portland police to crack skulls and slap rioters with federal charges that it meant he had the heads for a fight. Now he just needs to wait for a casus belli from the morons on the left.

            • Not Tom says:

              The problem is that there have already been a dozen cassus bellis from the left. The “any day now, we’re just waiting for them to show their hand” excuse is starting to wear mighty thin.

              This business with competing delegations is of the most interest right now. I wouldn’t want to be in Pence’s shoes, or those of the “unsanctioned” electors. They must all know that if they “overturn the election”, as the official press will undoubtedly call it, there will be immediate and brutal reprisals. Whatever army or militia that Trump is going to rely on to maintain order had better be in place before the vote, with all of these individuals knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that they and their families will be safe, otherwise they absolutely will cuck.

              • Pooch says:

                Well if Saturday was any inclination into what might happen they shouldn’t be worried. Proud Boys vs Antifa was seeing boys vs men.

              • pyrrhus says:

                Trump now has 7 alternate slates of electors, MI,WI,GA,PA, NM,AZ, NV….All that has to happen is that the President of the Senate, Mike Pence, counts their votes instead of the Democrat cheaters…Voila, Trump has a 2d term…

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Just like 1876, tho in that case the Republicans were the cheaters…

                • ~loclun-midwyt says:

                  But in that case won’t the dems vote to not agree with the electroral college votes? Which then triggers the runoff, where each state gets one vote. Seems like a lot of paths lead there.

                  But I’m not convinced that the republicans wouldn’t cuck here as well. Especially if Pence does that.

                  Sending the alternate electors may also have other purposes. Obviously the legal options you mentioned. But also, I heard Bannon saying that only people with electoral college votes can be voted on. As well as questions about whether majority of 538 is needed, or just majority of certified EC votes. I think no one truly knows or agrees on exactly how all this works. But if Trump declares the insurrection act, and makes Biden ineligible through whatever means, these electors are just the way to wrap up things legally for him post IA.

                • BC says:

                  But I’m not convinced that the republicans wouldn’t cuck here as well.

                  They absolutely will cuck unless Trump has armed men in the chamber and at their homes protecting both them and their families.

              • onyomi says:

                It definitely feels like what is lacking right now from Trump is willingness to use actual muscle of any kind.

                Related, while I agree that our current system is now deeply broken by bad behavior on the part of its administrators, it also seems badly designed wrt the fact that, when a question arises as to the legitimacy of a vote, it seems like the people most empowered to try to address it are the same people who ran the flawed election in the first place.

                Even Bush needed to use some fairly rough tactics in Florida, if I recall, and he wasn’t even POTUS at the time, nor was the sitting POTUS even of his party. Why then, can’t Trump get his electors into the MI capital, or confiscate some vote machines? Looks pretty weak, though I understand so many agencies are against him.

                Optimistic take is that FBI, DOJ et al. have been unwilling to help but the armed forces are his “Trump card” he doesn’t want to play until the crucial moment (or ideally, not at all, but that increasingly doesn’t look like a viable option).

                One thing’s for sure, he’s not going to win this without roughing anybody up, or at least credibly threatening to do so beyond Twitter. Let’s hope he realizes that now so that e.g. his electors don’t cuck for lack of safety guarantees.

                • Not Tom says:

                  it also seems badly designed wrt the fact that, when a question arises as to the legitimacy of a vote, it seems like the people most empowered to try to address it are the same people who ran the flawed election in the first place.

                  There is no good design for democracy. Democracy is bad design. Insofar as any element makes the system less democratic, it’s good design, or at least less bad design.

              • Starman says:

                @Not Tom

                I noticed that the people who clung the most to COVID19 hysteria belonged to social classes who never got their hands dirty.

                It is out of the hands of your social class, Not Tom. It is in the hands of the warrior class now.

                • Not Tom says:

                  What’s your point? I’ve been saying the same thing for quite some time. The lawyers won’t save us, the courts won’t save us, I admit I had some misplaced faith in Barr but I wasn’t the one going googly-eyed over Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, and I correctly predicted the outcome of the Texas suit.

                  Trump is primarily a merchant, not a warrior. He has fighting spirit, but he would rather negotiate than fight. The outcome of this is going to depend on whether or not he can leave the merchant behind and embrace the warrior role; if he tries to keep straddling the line between them, he’ll be eaten alive.

                • BC says:

                  We’re all in this together.

                  @Starman: May the warriors class bring us victory in battle and strike our enemies down.

                  @Not Tom: May Trump find his inner warriors and assume the Mantel of God Emperor and lead his men in battle.

                  And may the Star Prophet Elon Musk Bless us with the Holy Mars StarShip so that man may assume our roles as lords of many stars as GNON commands.

  19. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*Marxist account of reality deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Marxist class theory was a surreal and absurd account of the society that surrounded Marx when he wrote, and it today has even less contact with reality. It is a religious faith in things not seen, which is reasonable when your faith is located in the next world, but a form of madness when the things are allegedly located in this world.

      The meaningful classes are warrior, priest, merchant, and employee. Healthy companies are run by entrepreneurs, who don’t own the company and draw a (large) salary, but are in the merchant class, for example Steve Jobs and William Shockley. Sick companies are run by lawyers, who are in the priestly class, or accountants, who are rapidly being assimilated into the priestly class. Bill Gates was in the merchant class, is currently trying to buy admittance to a lowly priestly position in the priest class, but will forever be viewed with contempt by other priests for having gotten rich rather than attending a priestly seminary such as Harvard.

      If the world was as Marx depicted it, Bezos would get laid, and Bill Gates would not be knocking on the doors of the priesthood begging for admittance.

      Priestly assimilation of accountants makes them increasingly useless and dangerous as book keepers. You need to keep two sets of books, one being the official set of books created by accountants, and one in actual contact with reality.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        “… having gotten rich rather than attending a priestly seminary such as Harvard.”

        Well actually he DID matriculate and attend Harvard … for two years. Then dropped out to become rich.

        • RedBible says:

          Yeah, when his life story of rising to success literally spits in the face of the Harvard narrative of “college will make you rich”, unlikely he could ever get a higher slot than low priest because of that.

          On the other hand the Chad Elon Musk has literally said he doesn’t care about degrees at all.

          • suones says:

            (Bill Gates) … rising to success …

            Let’s not make too much out of this. It’s not a rags-to-riches American Dream. A million-dollar trust fund and a mother attending the same parties as IBM’s boss counts for quite a lot.

            William Gates Jr is not a despicable character because he’s a thief. He didn’t steal ideas or software, he bought them for a price that appeared fair to the creator and later sold licences at a fair market price. This is the business model of a scalper. That’s what Gates is. Not a thief, but a scalper. And he is hated by everyone for it, as all scalpers are.

            (Antitrust “investigation” was ideologically-motivated hogwash brought by Communists).

        • jim says:

          Which the priesthood view as a shocking black mark against him. Does not he know that priestly accreditation is the highest form of virtue?

          • Starman says:

            The Holy StarProphet Elon Musk determines what virtue is.
            Praise Be To The Holy Space Apostle, Peace Be Upon Him.

      • Anonymous Fake says:


        • jim says:

          The America of your youth is as as absurdly unreal as the England of Karl Marx.

          • Anonymous Fake says:


            • jim says:

              Not what Reagan or the Reaganites said: You are giving us official Cathedral doctrine radically rewriting the history that I lived through.

              If that was Reagan’s position, quote him saying it. His writings are copious. We are not short of primary sources for the period, though they seem to be mysteriously evaporating.

              Reagan was a union man, who vigorously resisted the priestly takeover of the union movement. You are giving us the priestly version of that conflict, which deletes the fact that Reagan was a union man and rewrites it as a capitalist class versus working class conflict rather than a priest versus worker conflict, making Reagan and the Reaganites into the capitalist class instead of the representatives of the working class, turning the history that I lived through upside down.

              • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  The right wing likes Reagan’s version of Reagan.

                  Give me Reagan’s own version of Reagan, from his copious writings, not some other version.

                  You are not telling me what the right thinks, nor what Reaganite’s thought, nor what Reagan thought. You are telling me what Marxists at Harvard attribute to the right, to Reaganites, and to Reagan.

                  There is absolutely no resemblance, because you have us all accepting the truth of Marxism

              • Mike says:

                Reagan was a union man in what way exactly? Are you arguing that he literally was a union member, or simply aligned with them politically? Reagan’s career prior to politics was that of an actor, not seeing where that would coincide with unionism.

                • jim says:

                  Reagan was a union member (actors union, obviously) and eventually a union boss. The union fought for him when he was an ordinary union member, and he fought for the union when it came under attack from priestly entryists (none of whom were actual actors), which is how he got into politics. He got started in acting, then into actors union politics, and then into politics on a bigger stage.

                • Mike says:

                  Just was reading up on Wikipedia, he was elected a union boss at one point, wow. I had no idea with how he’s portrayed as a union-breaker. The air-traffic controller purge is all that’s ever talked about with him typically.

      • Gack says:

        Marxist class theory was a highly successful attempt to prevent the bourgeoisie from allying with the working class against the gates and bezos of his day. he was financed by his billionaire uncle for this psy-op, arguably the most successful in history.

      • onyomi says:

        Are you sure Gates hasn’t achieved entrance into the priesthood? Certainly most Ivy League professors I know would be star-struck if they got a chance to meet him, and would brag about it, tastefully, to their friends.

        Re. Bezos not getting quality pussy, but couldn’t he, if he wanted to? It strikes me that many wealthy, older men are able to, and do, surround themselves with beautiful young women. Or does it not count if they are gold diggers/fancy prostitutes? It strikes me that rich men have no trouble getting quality pussy, they just can’t have quality, respectable pussy, which is a function of our society not endorsing polygamy, no?

        • Pooch says:

          Young hot women don’t give a fuck about money. They make 20k a month from their Instagram and only fans.

          • onyomi says:

            So is the point that just being a successful merchant or priest does not make women attracted to you, even though you can buy their affections (whereas being a successful warrior does)?

            Because objectively lots of billionaires are able to surround themselves with hot women even if Bezos and Gates do not (presumably for reasons of respectability, not lack of ability to find women to play such roles), but I can also certainly see young women feeling hot for Putin in a way they wouldn’t for Gates and Bezos.

            • BC says:

              So is the point that just being a successful merchant or priest does not make women attracted to you, even though you can buy their affections (whereas being a successful warrior does)?

              You can buy status with it and status to a degree with get you laid. Also if you can order people around can improve your SMV, which money helps with. But women are adept to hook up with the wealthy merchant while still looking for bad boy booty calls. It’s hard own women without being at least perceived to be violent. Men want to own women far more than we want booty calls.

              Under patriarchy a wealthy man would be able to find a good wife because the father’s would pick for their daughters and a virgin wife is adept to always find her husband about the hottest man around.

            • Not Tom says:

              Are you seriously confused about the difference between harems and whores?

              You can’t buy women’s affections, only affectations.

            • Pooch says:

              Alpha fucks/beta bucks

              Women want to fuck alpha dick and extract resources from betas.

              • BC says:

                They barley have to do anything for the Betabucks with Only Fans and Instagram around.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yeah exactly. Nowadays it’s more just using them for access to exclusive clubs, events, parties etc to find the alphas.

        • Pooch says:

          So no, Bezos cannot get quality pussy. He has to beg and grovel for 40 year old leftovers who are 20 years past their prime.

        • Not Tom says:

          It strikes me that rich men have no trouble getting quality pussy

          Whores don’t count. They may look like quality pussy, they may pretend very convincingly for a couple of hours to be quality pussy, but they ain’t quality pussy.

        • jim says:

          > Are you sure Gates hasn’t achieved entrance into the priesthood? Certainly most Ivy League professors I know would be star-struck

          The people who are spending his money are not acting star struck. Perhaps when he goes down the the bottom of the organization he is paying for, people might act star struck. Priests, like hot chicks, don’t seem to be impressed by money.

          Men who have to earn money are impressed by money. Women who are hitting the wall are impressed by money.

          • suones says:

            Priests … don’t seem to be impressed by money.

            A capital observation. Priests also don’t seem to be impressed by weapons. They are extremely impressed by words however, that’s why we have these things called “blogs” to impress each other.

            Brahmins: impressed by words and nothing else.
            Kshatriya: impressed by weapons and nothing else.
            Vaishya: impressed by wealth and nothing else.
            Shudra: impressed by sheer carnal delights and nothing else.

            Of course, those four are archetypes, and it is almost impossible to find a 100% specimen.

            As a corollary, you can’t frighten Priests into subjugation. You can Cominate them, or you can convert them. Otherwise they’re just cryptos biding their time.

  20. jim says:

    It is getting mighty late for Trump to declare the insurrection act, though I am not going to give up hope entirely until January 20th.

    • Eli says:

      Am not going to give hope entirely either. I have a *very* faint hope that he will. But at this point I will proceed in my life under the assumption that Biden-Harris will be in power come 1/20/21.

    • Pooch says:

      Looks like dueling Trump electors are voting in all the disputed states. My feeling now is Trump is going to draw this out to the 11th hour before he declares the Insurrection Act. He must want to exhaust all avenues of diplomacy before war.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Now I am reading that Republicans have created alternate slates of electors for Trump from WI, MI, AZ, and NV…If seated by Pence, they would turn the election into a Trump victory….

      • Pooch says:

        I will say this whole process exposes who is loyal and who is not, and we may soon find out if Pence truly is loyal.

    • BC says:

      PA just blocked the Trump electors from entering the capitol. If Trump wanted a pretext to invoke the insurrection act, he’s got it.

    • gack says:

      Trump didn’t enact his 2018 foreign interference in voting Executive Order because he had no intention of using it. it calls for the DNI to file a report within 45 days of the election, which is December 18. I haven’t been expecting action before that.

      it authorizes the president to confiscate the assets of those collaborating in foreign interference in the election, such as Zuckerberg and Google and the New York Times. which come to think of it is pretty much how Augustus Caesar funded his government too.

      • Not Tom says:

        This was domestic fraud, not foreign interference.

        • Catholic Sheepdog says:

          While this is true; ie, that the main impetus behind the fraud is domestic DNC/Deep state collaboration I wouldn’t be surprised if the DNI report did simply say that there was chinese interference.

          Didn’t some of the money to dominion go through china?

        • Starman says:

          Xi Jinping was involved with this fraudulent election. Trump was rolling up Chinese assets in US academia for years, forcing Xi to act to deal with Trump… Oops.

  21. suones says:

    Jim: 1) Do you recant your positive view of the Federalist Society now?

    2) Do you agree that “Constitutional Law” is actually rule by Judges, a very Jewish, or should I say, Talmudic, form of Government? (I don’t remember where I read this, DS maybe?)

      • European Mutt says:

        Antisemitic is just a snarl word they can apply to anything convenient. They would find Jim and any commenter here antisemitic too. If you criticize Soros you are an anti-semite, if you call for the destruction of Israel you are not.

        Actually all those words that don’t mean what they say on the tin are automatically anticoncepts. ‘Homophobia’ is not a phobia, ‘anti-semites’ are not opposed to Semitic peoples etc.

        Judges Israel was ancap or close to it, judges ruling in a democracy is just a form the permanent government takes, no need to make up new words.

        That said, I was also surprised even back then that Jim held the Federalist Society in such high regard.

    • jim says:

      This has indeed become apparent.

      Yes, I recant my positive view of the federalist society. It is an operation for rule by judges.

      That I had a positive view of the Federalist society was normality bias.

      • fedsock says:

        I talked to the head of FedSoc in 2016 about a journalism startup he indirectly helped to fund. When I asked what kind of stories they were working on, the main ongoing project he cited was an exposé of Trump University.

        These guys were, at best, narrow situational allies just like McConnell was. I’m sure they’re happy to see him go.

      • Karl says:

        I understand that there is no more any reason to have a positive view of the federalist society, but why do you consider it an operation for rule by judges? If rule by judges were the dominant motive of the federalist society, wouldn’t they want to prevent massive voter fraud? If laws cease to matter, judges quickly cease to matter also.

        Arguably, it is enough to maintain the apearance that laws matter. Then judges can rule any way they like. Plausibly deniable voter fraud would not undermine the appearance of law and rule of judges, but obvious voter fraud does.

        So wouldn’t an operation for rule by judges back Trump and try to reanimate the corpse of the republic rather than back lawlessness?

      • someDude says:

        It’s rare to come across a man who so easily admits he is wrong where he thinks he is wrong when he is right most of the time. Jim’s only real competition in this area is Nicholas Nassim Taleb.

  22. Pooch says:

    So it appears now Trump’s strategy (from Guillani and Stephen Miller) is to have all the disputed states send Trump electors and then, from now until Jan. 6th, try to have the state legislatures retroactively certify them. Guillaini even hinting its not out of the realm of possibility to have the process go past Jan. 20th in which Pelosi would be interim president. So it looks to me like if Trump is going to cross the Rubicon, he is going to wait until the last literal moment to do so. Disappointing, but not surprising.

    • notglowing says:

      What? Don’t the electors vote *today*?

      • Pooch says:

        Yes in the state capitals. Biden electors are voting Biden and Trump electors are voting Trump so there will be 2 sets arriving on Jan. 5th.

        • John. C. Calhoun says:

          Does not make sense to me why they would allow a scenario where Pelosi might be President.

          There is strong incentive here for Trump to do whatever it takes to win. He is not a man who cares what others think of him or legacy. There is more to gain here from the upside than to lose from the downside. If he gives it his all and dies trying, well he is 74 and already has a bad reputation. He if wins, he will be forever remebered for fixing the country.

          • Pooch says:

            I agree. I could see him taking all the way to the 11th hour before the inauguration though.

          • European Mutt says:

            He has a family that he wants to protect. But that just means he’d better win.

            It’s rather many leftists that have little to lose because they would amount to nothing under a Trumpist regime. The gender studies professor becoming barista etc.

  23. BC says:

    Trump tweet:

    What a fool Governor @BrianKempGA
    of Georgia is. Could have been so easy, but now we have to do it the hard way. Demand this clown call a Special Session and open up signature verification, NOW. Otherwise, could be a bad day for two GREAT Senators on January 5th.

    That sounds like a threat to use the insurrection act mixed with some misdirection. Or maybe they have something planned for the vote tomorrow. Hard to say.

    • BaboonTycoon says:

      I don’t get why he’s still acting as if Perdue and Loeffler are worth anything after the two have repeatedly betrayed him and have been shown to prefer Biden. Could all be a front for whatever op he’s running, but I don’t see any need to keep that part going anymore. Big doubt they win reelection regardless of what Trump does, big doubt that trying to curry favor with GOP establishment is going to gain anything for him at this point if indeed it ever did.

      • Pooch says:

        I suppose if the Republic still pseudo-functions or appears to function after he gets in he’d still need to hold the Senate to avoid insta-impeachment.

        • BaboonTycoon says:

          If those two lose but Trump gets in, Senate will be split 50-50 with Pence being tiebreaker
          Though you couldn’t count on Trump not being impeached even if P&L win with how many RINO defectors there are. Romney, Collins, Murkowski, Graham, etc are enough to overturn two Georgians. Those two literally don’t matter for anything other than inflating the establishment’s ego.

    • Not Tom says:

      I don’t like our logical inconsistency and some way or another it means we’re making an error.

      Last week we said Trump was acting cucky because he didn’t want to give away the possibility of invoking the Insurrection Act. Now we’re saying that all of these vague threats are doing the opposite, telegraphing the fact that he plans to use it, weeks in advance. These explanations are unlikely to both be true; either this was wrong last week, it is wrong today, or it is wrong both times.

      I suspect both times. Trump makes too many empty threats. He’s done it so many times that no one in either party believes him anymore. If he’d stopped tweeting so much after Lafayette Park and let them think of him as an incipient brutal dictator, they might still be afraid enough to follow the law.

      I just don’t see strategy here anymore. I can’t. Everything points to him grasping at straws, hoping the system will work normally, somewhere, somehow, that his bluster will inspire someone else to act, but the elite have closed ranks, and not around Trump. The only way he wins now is by accepting the truth that the constitutional system is dead. Not sick, not on life support, but dead, six feet under, decaying and crawling with… well you get the idea.

      We all want to divine hidden meanings that suggest Trump has escaped normality bias, but these all violate Occam’s Razor, and so far I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that Occam’s Razor is no longer a useful heuristic.

  24. BC says:

    I was just thinking about it, do they intend Hillary Clinton or Obama as Kamala’s VP? It’s clear Joe’s going to get the boot within the month if installed.

    • The Cominator says:

      Kamala ain’t taking Hillary as VP shed “commit suicide” real quick.

    • Pooch says:

      I’m growing more confident Trump will invoke the IA.

      • Kevin C. says:

        Based on what evidence — other than your pure, delusional wishful thinking?

        Us pessimistic “blackpillers” keep turning out to be right, and the blithe, unsupported optimism of people here keeps being proved wrong — and you and others somehow see this as a reason to be more optimistic?

        I’m sure you’ll be telling us all on Jan. 20, when Biden is being sworn in, that you’re yet more confident still that Trump will somehow win this.

        Pure delusion and blindness.

        • BC says:

          Dude, you need to get laid.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Muh dik, muthafucka.

          • The Cominator says:

            He lives in Alaska… I think it being cold and evernight for the past few months is probably worse.

            I did ask him (as he apparently went to Caltech) how someone that smart (as much as I hate the universities Caltech and MIT still to my knowledge only admit very smart people, especially if they are white guys) became unemployable.

            • Kevin C. says:

              Disability — incurable conditions, only some of which are even partially treatable — I take 5 pills a day from three different medications just to be as minimally functional as I am.

              And one of them — the Asperger’s — is pretty much totally untreatable (I only got diagnosed as an adult, while at Caltech).

              I have motor skill issues — I can’t drive a car.

              In short, my 151 IQ (Wechsler) is insufficient to fully counter all the ways in which my central nervous system is utterly defective.

              • BC says:

                And one of them — the Asperger’s — is pretty much totally untreatable (I only got diagnosed as an adult, while at Caltech).

                I have motor skill issues — I can’t drive a car.

                Do you have issues with spatial referencing as well like you can’t visualize where the car is in relationship to other cars?

                • Kevin C. says:

                  Not nearly as much as I have problems with keeping track of where my hands and feet are in relationship to the controls and pedals (without looking down to visually check, that is).

                  It’s like whenever I try to catch a thrown/tossed object. I can visualize exactly where the object is going to go, it’s getting my body and my limbs in the right position to catch it that’s the problem.

                  Back when I was in school, they called it Sensory Integration Dysfunction. I believe nowadays they call it Sensory Processing Disorder. The bit of the brain that takes data from all the senses and puts together a picture of where the body and all its parts are positioned in space, important to a lot of what people call “muscle memory,” well, in me it doesn’t work properly, and it gets “traffic jam” overloaded by all the input a lot of the time, causing it to lose track of where my arms and legs are.

                • @Kevin

                  This sensory integration stuff is actually a common side-effect of Asperger, I have this, albeit not so severely, but I had to ask my boxing trainer to not show the 20th time how to do it but show me what I am doing because yeah I am not sure where my limbs are. But practice in front of a mirror made it better. You might practice driving with a used Thrustmaster wheel and pedals and a sim like Assetto Corsa. You are not looking at the keyboard and the mouse? That already became muscle memory.

                  I actually think the social aspects of Asperger work similarly. The brain is filtering out certain information. Again, got better with practice.

                • Kevin C. says:


                  “You are not looking at the keyboard and the mouse?”

                  Actually, that’s one of the reasons I use a laptop — I don’t have to move my eyes up and down as much between the keyboard and trackpad — when typing — and the screen. Still a lot of “hunt and peck” in my typing.

                  “but I had to ask my boxing trainer to not show the 20th time how to do it but show me what I am doing”

                  Back when I was a kid, my karate teacher gave up entirely after I proved utterly incapable of getting through a single kata.

                  “You might practice driving with a used Thrustmaster wheel and pedals and a sim like Assetto Corsa”

                  Never heard of these. Don’t generally play vidya, particularly not those requiring reaction-time (as opposed to turn-based strategy or rpg). Not sure I could afford that combination of items, either… particularly adding in the console.

                  And I’ve been “practicing” all my life, and while I’ve indeed improved since early childhood, it’s been not nearly enough. And now said life is more than half over. (Indeed, may be almost over given odds of survival under a Harris regime.)

              • Starman says:

                Kevin C., the perfect candidate for bioleninism.

                • Kevin C. says:

                  Yeah, I get it, I’m a defective subhuman, life unworthy of life, and a sane society would execute worthless parasites like me.

                  (It doesn’t make my pessimism incorrect.)

                • Starman says:

                  @Kevin C.

                  Your pessimism has been found wrong quite a bit. Sure, some of it was true of course. But it’s obvious that you put the blackpill in everything no matter how shallow your knowledge of the topic is.

                • Pooch says:


                  How strong is your faith in god? My guess is not very much.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Kevin I’m a lowly sperg myself… I don’t have your complete motor deficiencies but I don’t have your IQ either (I’m in the 130s somewhere). I worked a shit stressful job I was underemployed on doing intermediate work between cad and engineering and then learned to speculate for a living…

                  With a truly intelligent 151 IQ you can learn to do that.

                  I think the dark and the cold of where you live makes you inclined towards the blackpill… there are those exceptional people who like the cold and the dark but for most people it brings on the melancholy.

                  Get South and put that brain to work on something… not something working for someone else if you are truly 151 IQ there is something you can do.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Men tend toward savantism, most men with very high IQs or other unusual talents tend to be below average or even severely deficient in other areas.

                  Me, I’m never going to be an Olympic powerlifter, but after years of steady training I’m still much stronger than the average guy who doesn’t train regularly.

                  The human body and mind know how to adapt to stress – as in heavy demands, not “I’m feeling stressed”. It’s very likely that you can get over these problems, but you have to want it and you have to work at it. It sounds to me like you’ve never set your mind to any particular goal, never actually experienced the feeling of achieving something difficult, and landed in a perpetual-victim mentality where everything sucks and it’s not really your fault and there’s nothing you can do. That’s a really terrible place to be.

                  High IQ people can quite literally do almost anything they put their minds to, it just takes time to change habits and patterns. For physical tasks, yes it’s muscle memory, and I think you just haven’t practiced enough. Assuming your IQ score wasn’t some fluke or clerical error: work harder, and put yourself in situations where you have to adapt in order to survive or at least stay reasonably comfortable; you’d be surprised how quickly the process works with necessity as motivation.

                • jim says:

                  > Men tend toward savantism, most men with very high IQs or other unusual talents tend to be below average or even severely deficient in other areas.

                  I have not observed this. There are higher proportion of Olympic grade athletes among top scientists – or were back in the days when science was science, rather than priesting.

                  High IQ people do have social difficulties, because it is difficult to communicate across a twenty point IQ gap, but with considerable effort and practice, one can learn to do a reasonable job at it.

                  But it does not come easily or naturally. You have to work at it. Sex provides a extremely powerful motivator for learning.

                  Eighty percent of Game is applied evolutionary psychology, and twenty percent of game is how to talk to stupid people.

                  Lifting and controlling your weight also helps considerably, but less than men naively expect.

                  Money is startlingly and unexpectedly useless, unless one discovers ways to apply it in ways that can buy the kind of status that women’s pussies can appreciate. Which is trickier than you would think, because women’s pussies detect purchased status as fake, while to men it is the real thing.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Some high IQ people are savantish spergy and nerdy, I’m kind of like this unfortunately though I’m better than I used to be.

                  Some are just all around beloved of the Gods, generally well rounded and gifted.

                • stan says:

                  Jim: Eighty percent of Game is applied evolutionary psychology, and twenty percent of game is how to talk to stupid people.

                  Can Jim or anybody elaborate on how to talk to stupid people?

                • Pooch says:

                  Not sure if this is what Jim means but most women are self absorbed. My experience is if I just let them talk endlessly about themselves, revealing very little about myself, it’s a sign they are attracted to me.

                • jim says:

                  Just throw out a bunch of random balls and let them chase them. The cold reading technique.

                • Pooch says:

                  But in terms of talking to stupid people in general Jim and Trump are good examples. Trump and Jim’s writing are very direct. No unnecessary bullshit big Moldbugian words trying to show off but instead direct language getting the point across with a minimum amount of words. Like programming, keep it simple, stupid.

                • jim says:

                  This is how you communicate factual information, but women tend to find factual information boring.

                  All empirical questions register to them as “how is my alpha doing with other alphas”

              • suones says:

                @Kevin C.:

                Though I’m sorry for your God-given weakness, yet salute your fighting spirit, I’m afraid Starman is right. You are a good canditate for bioleninism. I think you should not try to swim against the tide. Steel your heart, shut your mouth, and get to work. You don’t need to become a card carrying member of the Prog legion, but you certainly need to become Havel’s greengrocer.

                I don’t know if you can take advantage of Big Tech’s recent push for permanent work-from-home, but you should consider that as well. Lots of hackers have Asperger’s and can’t drive cars (up to the point I think “Aspergers” is a pathologised personality trait rather than a disease), yet are successful at what they do and many are millionaires. Work that IQ, minimise social interaction, shun social media, hang a sign in your window.

                This That is the way.

                • Kevin C. says:

                  “Steel your heart, shut your mouth, and get to work. You don’t need to become a card carrying member of the Prog legion, but you certainly need to become Havel’s greengrocer.”

                  You say that like I haven’t tried.

                  “I don’t know if you can take advantage of Big Tech’s recent push for permanent work-from-home, but you should consider that as well.”

                  Afraid not. The internet is too crappy where I live to do Zoom, or even Youtube much of the time.

                  And I’ve been trying to do programming since doing Basic on an Apple IIc back in elementary school. I just don’t have the right kind of mindset for being a “hacker” apparently.

                  “Work that IQ, minimise social interaction”

                  That’s what I was trying to do back when I was working with the various state agencies. I wasn’t exactly talking like I do here, either, or advertising right-wing views when trying to find work.

                  In short, I’m not sure what I can do vis-a-vis “Bioleninism” that I haven’t done already. One thing about living in Alaska, most of those sorts of opportunities for handouts and such go entirely to the Natives.

              • Starman says:

                @Kevin C.

                ”In short, my 151 IQ (Wechsler) is insufficient to fully counter all the ways in which my central nervous system is utterly defective.”

                Apparently your so-called “151 IQ” is truly insufficient to do basic and easy research on topics you put your bullshit blackpill opinions on, you faggot.

                For example, I asked you earlier to tell me the difference between SLS and SpaceX Starship to see if you’re worthy to be involved in any discussion on spaceflight. Your 151 IQ apparently cannot do basic internet searches for basic questions. A task that most people here can do.

        • Starman says:

          @Kevin C.

          “Us pessimistic “blackpillers” keep turning out to be right,”

          Except when it comes to flyback reusable boosters…

        • Karl says:

          Pooch expressed confidence that Trump will invoke the IA. How can you ask for evidence? What evidence can there be for what Trump will do? Or do youwant evidence for Pooch’s confidence?

          If Trump gives the order to arrest his enemies, all is well. If he doesn’t, he’ll be arrested and die in prison. Most men do not find it hard to do their duty if doing their duty is also the most probaly way survive and to stay out of prison.

          • The Cominator says:

            While of course none of us can see Trump’s mind there are two things which heavily point to him crossing the Rubicon.

            1) He immediately changed out the military command after the election.

            2) The Democrats clearly plan to prosecute him immediately once he leaves office. He has nothing to lose.

            Also another thing…

            Server raid or no server raid it does seem that Gina Haspel has not been confirmed seen since she met McConnell shortly after the election. I don’t know the significance of this but it sure is strange.

          • jim says:

            I hope, expect, and pray that Trump will do what he has to.

            But, in the fall or the Roman Republic, we saw no end of men failing to do what they had to do. Among them Caesar repeatedly, and his assassins.

            • The Cominator says:

              The chief failure of Julius Caesar was not killing people he should have when he had the chance. Though one of his assassins Decimus Brutus (NOT Marcus Junius Brutus) was probably a betrayal he could not have anticipated as Decimus Brutus was loyal all throughout the civil war (and if Caesar really said Et Tu Brutus he was probably addressing him).

              Caesar didn’t fail to act when the Senate put him in a take over or be prosecuted dilemma. And Caesar was actually in a pretty terrible position to start a civil war compared to Sulla or Trump… Pompey and the other forces under Optimates command massively outnumbered Caesar’s forces (and the civil war did not end with Pharsalus either Caesar had to fight two other campaigns, one in Africa in particular where he was badly outnumbered).

              The only thing the assassins failed to do was kill Antony Octavian and Lepidus (they probably only thought they needed to kill Antony but probably needed to kill all three). Octavian was initially not taken seriously and Lepidus was thought of less than Antony but all of them could have probably have taken control of Caesar’s legions…

              • jim says:

                What Caesar failed to do was:

                1. He sought to become the consul legally through free and fair election, as if free and fair elections were still possible. He crossed to Rubicon not because he would have lost the election and been convicted, but because they planned to convict him without letting him contest the election.

                2. After crossing the Rubicon, he acted as if he was still in a society where murder was illegal.

                What the assassins failed to do was kill of the rest of the triumvirate and take power, expecting the Republic to rise from the dead, expecting the legality that they had just massively violated to return, and free and fair elections to spontaneously return, without a Sulla to return free and fair elections at swordpoint. This was, as Napoleon pointed out to the French equivalents during his coup, idiocy.

                When the proverbial continued to hit the fan, suddenly everyone saw the idiocy, but for the previous fourteen years everyone had been acting as if the new normal was just a series of strange aberrations that were no indication of what the future would bring.

            • Karl says:

              Normality bias may well lead Trump to believe that the courts will resolve the situation. Possible, but unlikely, that they will do. If they don’t, this will soon be obvious.

              Then Trump faces the duty that he himself has to do something about the stolen election. Normality bias might make him act somewhat late, but I don’t see how it could prevent him from acting.

              • Starman says:


                ” Normality bias may well lead Trump to believe that the courts will resolve the situation.”

                I doubt that Trump actually believes in the courts… not after the timing of the first 500MB CCP data list drop (there’s probably going to be more).

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  What do you make of the CCP drop?

                  Not that there’s a bunch of infiltrated Chinese everywhere. That’s to be expected, sadly. But the fact that the drop was now, and even moreso that it got onto the news big time. What the hell is that? Who the heck is zooming who?

                  It’s the fact it’s in the news that gets me thinking that this isn’t Trump Team acting, but someone else.

                  Get Trump out, then get Kamala in, then kick off China war to distract normies from the civil war against them at home?

                  I don’t even have a guess for this one.

                • Starman says:

                  The first thing to do with these CCP drops is to find familiar American names on them.

                • European Mutt says:

                  It’s only on Fox News, Sky and Epoch Times and some foreign outlets if I didn’t miss any. The left hasn’t acknowledged it yet, and they’re trying to delete it.

         (only a pdf version of the csv, sadly, also looks like it may be missing columns?)
         (gives me a 503 at the moment, but maybe will start working again)
                  I anyone has a better link please post.

                  No way this is a good thing for American progs. May not have been initiated by Trump, but helps him. Probably helps him a lot.

                  The left is currently making some mild anti-China noises but I don’t think this is anything to rely on.

                • Pooch says:

                  They are just yelling Russian disinformation.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The first thing to do with these CCP drops is to find familiar American names on them.”

                  Americans on the payroll are not going to be party members though.

                • Starman says:

                  Americans on the CCP list drop means unity of the American armed forces should Trump invoke the Insurrection Act.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Americans on the CCP list drop”

                  At the most you’ll find naturalized citizens who were sent here as spies (and that is going to be hard, the Chinese have pretty generic names as far as I know). Joe and Hunter Biden will not have been inducted into the party.

                  You are not going to find a single white american traitor on the list. The ethnic chinese agents to the extent they are on the list… no thats not me that must be some other Fang Li back in China.

                • jim says:

                  According to the Chinese guy who was gloating about the restoration of the highly bribable deep state, there are a whole lot Jews involved. But the Jews were, he believed, tools of the Chinese, the Chinese were not tools of the Jews.

                  Or, at least they did not know that they were.

                  The list appears to be all Chinese, and nearly all members of the Chinese Communist party.

                  So if there are Jews involved, the Chinese communist party is running them, they are not running the Chinese communist party.

          • Kevin C. says:

            “Pooch expressed confidence that Trump will invoke the IA. How can you ask for evidence?”

            Pooch says his confidence has increased. I’m asking him why, on what basis, his confidence has increased, rather than decreased, given that past optimistic predictions keep failing.

            In what sort of mixed-up “reasoning” is failure after failure grounds for reasoning that the odds of success are higher, not lower?

            • Starman says:

              If President Trump invokes the Insurrection Act, the rank and file military will obey him. Give thanks to Xi Jinping.

            • Pooch says:

              He’s talking (tweeting) as if he knows the courts are pointless and now making threats to seditious elements of the government. Even saying, well saying looks like we are going to have to do this the hard way now. This after he did a low helicopter fly over of his forces at the rally and then walked out to thunderous applause at the Army-Navy game. My feeling is he knows the time is near, but obviously I could be wrong.

              • Pooch says:

                Oh and the massive Proud Boy showing can’t hurt either. I’m sure he saw that.

                • Kevin C. says:

                  Apparently, we have different definitions of “massive.” Anything less than 100,000 people is not “massive.”

    • The Ducking Man says:

      My money is on Obama,

      Dude has been joking about 3rd term way too many times, also as former president he never fade like others in the past.

      • John C. Calhoun says:

        Obama is too right winged now for the ever lefting moving cathedral.

        If you look closely at CNN they have been keen to promote an obese catlady named Stacy Abrams. I presume at some point she will be the new face of the uniparty if the left is allowed to continue unabated.

        • Pooch says:

          Sheboons are the most holy of the holy in the prog religion currently. They want she boons in every position of significance.

  25. Not Tom says:

    This is gayer than meatspin.

  26. eternal anglo says:

    Jim, the formatting of the comments on this post is screwed up. It is screwed up the same way using several different browsers, and the comments on other posts on this blog do not appear to be screwed up.

    • jim says:

      A shill comment had an attack payload. Upon marking the comment as spam, the attack went away.

      The attack was hidden in a hidden field normally used only by the spam filter to check that the comment is being submitted by a normal browser, rather than a kiddie script.

      • josh says:

        Do you think ESR is dead? I know you used to try to redpill on his blog. His comment section quit working, and he seems to have dissapeared.

        • jim says:


          Possibly also dead, but more likely just purged.

        • The Cominator says:

          What is ESR?

          • Not Tom says:

            Eric S Raymond, the neckbearded faggot who considers himself the patron saint of “hackers” and thinks he’s living on the edge by declaring mild disagreement with the loudest tech SJWs.

  27. The Cominator says:

    Obviously the whole election/virus strategy of the Democrats was planned by the Chinese, the Democrats anymore just aren’t that smart on their own and the virus hysteria originated as a Chinese plan.

    I think the machines are the hardest way to prove vote fraud but it doesn’t mean that Dominion (which it seems IS owned by the Chinese mostly) didn’t help the Democrats, I don’t think Powell is wrong about that I just think its the hardest way to prove it.

  28. jim says:

    I previously addressed this bullshit in my comment

    Make a relevant response to that, or you are a shill pumping out a script, probably a Soros shill

    As was recently demonstrated in the diamond industry, the Jews are suffering loss of cohesion.

    As the Chinese recently observed, the Jews are tools of China. Indeed they are tools of all and sundry.