Time to cross the Rubicon

It becomes apparent that no court, including the supposedly conservative majority supreme court, is willing to look at the decisive and overwhelming evidence that the election was stolen.

Trump is going to have to proclaim the Insurrection Act under article four of the constitution, for which he is going to need a general, perhaps General Flynn, who has already called upon him to proclaim the Insurrection act.

Trump is likely to need to call out the militia.

If he fails to do this, he will go from the White House to prison, and so will his family.

If he goes quietly to prison, the proverbial will continue to hit the fan, as the assorted puppet masters of Biden and AOC fight over the puppet strings, and eventually he will, like King Louis and Romanovs, become to dangerous to live.

If Trump goes quietly to prison, then with the pretense of democracy and due process abandoned, there is no way for the swamp to resolve its internal conflicts, and so they will escalate as in the fall of the Roman Republic, when it abandoned due process and honest elections.

History tells us that if we do not get civil war before January 20th, we will get it by 2026, under conditions far less favorable.

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  1. ogopogo says:

    I can’t stand the COVID hysteria or the election propaganda. Their combined effect makes me feel like there’s nothing but black bubbling oil in my brain, the world I live in is so ugly and so distracting. I haven’t had any relief from this horror in almost a year. And now it’s been used to take away the last tiny vestige of political sway I had – which is incidentally the only way I can see to end the horror.

    I feel helpless and broken. What do we do? Die?

    • Pooch says:

      Faith in god. Faith in Jim.

    • jim says:

      Worst case outcome: keep our heads down till the left self destructs. Know that is all a lie, and the lies get ever crazier, ever faster.

      Which is apt to take many years, but considerably less than a lifetime.

      All this has happened before many times. It is nasty, and sometimes fatal, but the recovery rate is not too bad. Sometimes you get a dark age that lasts a very long time, as followed the Song Dynasty. Sometimes you make a quick recovery, as when Cromwell dissolved Barebones parliament, then eventually died and General Monck took power.

      Stalin was not too bad, Cromwell was pretty good. Monck followed Cromwell, and that was very good, giving us science, technology, and empire. Putin eventually followed Stalin, after a very long time, and now white people are once again building great Cathedrals.

      I would be happier if Russia was advancing science and technology. It is not. Turkey, which has a whiteish minority, is advancing the art of war, and is now the leading edge in drone technology, which is a curious and sad situation for the white race.

      But where a Cathedral goes up, science may well follow.

      • Oak says:

        All this has happened before many times.

        Doesn’t the demographic factor make this unprecedented?

        Where civilisation has returned after previous leftist spirals there was a good enough ratio of intelligent men to restore order, with the disparity between them and the general population not being too wide.

        This isn’t meant to blackpill, but there would surely need to be unprecedented measures taken after a collapse, rather than some immediate bounce back, if high civilisation is to return.

  2. Eli says:

    Electoral college votes are being cast. I believe that it is too late for Trump to act at this point, after allowing this to proceed. As in, I fail to see him being able to legitimate his actions. It’s meaningless to, as the Russian saying goes, swing arms after a fight.

  3. The Cominator says:


    Trump should give the order to seize power tommorow.

    Obviously other than some of the perfumed princes the military is with him.

    • Karl says:

      Yes. He has a moral duty to do so, an oath that requires him to do so. Moreover, he knows that he will be imprisoned if does not do so and must at least consider it possible that he and his familiy will be killed if he does not do so.

      Can’t imagine a man having more reasons to size power.

      Anyway, if he does not do it, he -in my opinion- deserves what will happen to him.

  4. Anonymous Fake says:

    [*deleted for telling us that the proles are what Marxists think they should be.

    Next you will be telling us that collectivization and the liquidation of the kulaks was a spontaneous peasant uprising against the kulaks.*]

    • Anonymous Fake says:


      • jim says:

        I and others have made vehement arguments against this account of the proletariat at great length, and you are writing as if no one ever made such arguments.

        You disregard our frame, and attempt to generate discussion that assumes your frame.

        • Anonymous Fake says:


          • jim says:

            You are religious?

            And which religion is it?

            If Christian, give us the short affirmation:

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              “Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Wholly God and wholly man. God is three and God is one.”

              You said it. I say it. I’m a Christian and I trust people when they say they are forced to cuck under threats. Happens to me all the time, except I do not lie under threats. Anything but lies, and I’ll document it too, like a good German would.

              Charles Murray documented that the elites mostly keep sexual degeneracy away from their own culture. Somehow the right believes that they impose it on everyone else in secret, but ignore the kind of people who would impose it openly. I see urban mobs that perfectly fit the profile, and they exist even without riot conditions.

              I say the right either needs flying cars within a generation or it needs to rebuild ultra-dense cities. It cannot keep existing without any kind of rapid transportation pro-elite infrastructure. The fact that the elites are willing to live next to and even cuck to the underclass shows just how important this infrastructure is. And it drives them to take Marx seriously when he shouldn’t be, just because he happens to be right about a few key issues the conservatives won’t look at.

              Even the colleges, degenerate as they are, are attempts at building new cities where everything you need is within walking distance. Subdivisions with 3+ hour commutes are simply not viable communities for elites whose time is worth millions a year. They’re red state prolestan and they do not matter.

              • jim says:

                Say the faith again without the quote marks, for the quote marks symbolize someone else, not you, saying it.

                Dense cities are hostile to family formation. Small boys need dirt and a garden. If your children are trapped indoors, the house get turned to chaos as they recreate wilderness inside a tiny apartment. They become intolerable.

                There is a enough land on earth to provide a house and garden for five hundred billion suburbanites, though we will need a lot of food grown on synthetic substrates rather than sunlight, and lot of food grown hydroponically on gravel and artificial light. The obvious simple technology to produce food without a using a lot of space is to grow fungi on coarse gravel and feed them with syngas containing five percent oxygen, and a mist of very dilute liquid fertizer.

                The suburbs are inherently conservative, because men with families want order. The cities are inherently chaotic, because men without families hope to upset the order that denies them a biological future.

                The technological solution to producing food without farms is known, though little used. The technological solution to producing children without gardens is not known.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  You seem very keen on this kind of thing. Hmm. But I don’t have anything to hide from you or anyone else.

                  Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Wholly God and wholly man. God is three and God is one.

                  Didn’t even use all caps because it speaks for itself. And the Nicene Creed does too.

                  Anyway, to further develop my “red island” hypothesis, have you noticed that the left has always opposed military *bases*? They have no problem with violence, and no problem with war, and in fact they have no problem with conservatives waging war in and of itself if you look carefully enough. But what sets them into a rage is the existence of community, the few deep red islands that exist, the bases and associated military housing. It’s where rootless whitopia suburbanites, for the first time in their lives, might actually know who their own neighbors are, who they are actually fighting for.

                  I’ll say that flying cars are a more realistic technology, and have been for a while, than anything involving feeding fungi syngas and making soylent substitute for 500 billion humans. And the flying cars are meant to solve a real problem, especially for conservatives, rather than a means to crank up economic growth to its maximum potential for no reason. I know this upsets most nominal conservatives, but that’s I know I’m on the right track. They might save suburbia, but for those who can’t or won’t risk holding their breath then new cities are a better idea.

                  Urban life seems to work for Israel you know. And politicians who walk the same streets and take the same subways as their voters seem to actually love them. Limousine riding snobs don’t.

                  I suspect 1950’s cowboy shows were subversive, glamorizing the rural/suburban and de-emphasizing the importance of living near the administrative cores. Anything the electric theater business produces is by nature subversive to some extent, and it’s not hard to branch off on this nature.

                • jim says:

                  Well, I don’t know that urban life works for Israel. I have never been there, but as far as I know Tell Aviv is in the usual big city gene shredder death spiral.

                • Mike says:


                  Where are you getting this bizarre idea that every family will have a white picket fence Suburban home in reactionary utopia? If anything, a large part of the problem presently is that it is impossible for white people to live normal lives in the city, due to a hostile, retarded underclass and skyrocketing rent. Owning your own home is nice, but not everyone can do so. Never has been that way, never will be that way. Our grandparents and great-grandparents growing up in the industrial district of major urban areas had no trouble growing up much manlier than kids do today. I fail to see the problem with people living there.

                • jim says:

                  The cost of housing is completely artificial. There are enormous regulatory obstacles to home building, plus, almost anywhere you would like to build, there is a high probability of alien outsiders being sent around to drive the people who have built stuff out of their homes. Both of these problems are trivial to fix.

                  The objective, which is readily achievable, is that every man who works hard, plays by the rules and is of at least ordinary competence, gets an obedient virgin wife and in due course a suburban or rural home (white picket fence optional)

                  Nothing stopping us except a hostile ruling elite.

                  The virgin shortage is not artificial, rather it is the natural outcome of allowing women to follow their pussies. Fixable, but not as easy.

                  > Our grandparents and great-grandparents growing up in the industrial district of major urban areas had no trouble growing up much manlier than kids do today.

                  The cities have always been gene shredders dependent on the rural and semi rural influx.

                  When I checked my family tree, the address was always fairly low density at the time that they lived. People who lived in high density locations failed to reproduce.

                  Get one of the genealogy programs like ancestry.com, find out where your ancestors lived. You will find that your ancestors, though they likely lived in cities quite a bit, were raised in low density locations or on a farm, and when they had children, those children were generally raised in low density locations.

  5. oughtsix says:

    We are all Rubicons now… or ought to be.

    If trump called for 100,000 armed patriots to be at the White House on Tuesday, there would be a million show up.

    Those who disparage this do so because they would be among the missing.

    All that will be required is the will and the courage. The time for political discourse and analysis is over.

  6. European Mutt says:


    I’m not really qualified to interpret/judge this report, but it looks like one of the most commonly used PCR test kits for SARS-CoV2 (incidentally developed by the ‘German Fauci’) might be suffering from serious flaws and might even pick up common cold coronaviruses etc.

    Meaning the rising cases are not even largely harmless wu flu, but just the cold.

    The conspiratards may well have been right on that one.

    • John. C. Caalhoun says:

      The PCR testing leading to a high number of false positives has been trending for a while. Ron Paul mentioned it during one of his Liberty Report videos. Everything touched by the state is bound to be corrupted and be distorted. I don’t think we necessarily needed empirical evidence to see it.

      • European Mutt says:

        Well it is significant because it explains the discrepancy between the US/Europe and Asia/NZ/Australia. NZ and Australia now use Korean tests afaik that actually work properly and therefore their numbers with closed borders stay low as you would expect. And Korea even at the height of the virus season has much lower numbers than most western countries.

        So it’s possible to develop accurate PCR tests, but the Germans and Americans lack the capacity for it: https://blog.reaction.la/science/novel-corona-virus-sars-cov-2-and-technological-decay/

        Maybe they figured it out at some point and just ran with it. But I think the root cause is incompetence and corruption by the state, as you said.

        Empirical evidence is important for the normies who are often allergic to anything that looks like a ‘conspiracy’, and with good reason because most conspiracy theories are actually stupid.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          I don’t know.

          Four weeks ago, I had 4 COVID + inpatients, now I have 31. All of them are sick, five are on ventilators. I have practiced through 41 flu seasons and I have never seen anything remotely like this.

          It all seems pretty real to me.

          • jim says:

            I find this hard to believe.

            Why are they on ventilators and not on oxygen masks? If it is true that they are on ventilators, I would say that you are trying to manufacture some deaths in frail people that you can plausibly attribute to China flu.

            The social security data shows no excess deaths except for the first two months of China flu.

            The number of deaths attributed to China flu, is, by a strange coincidence, almost exactly equal to the drop in deaths from cancer, heart disease, and the usual ailments associated with old age.

            If you are not just making $#!& up, it looks to me that you are using ventilators to knock off some frail people who were due to die in a month or so because you are under pressure to produce China flu corpses.

            I repeat. What is the basis for using a ventilator rather than an ambulatory oxygen mask? It is now well known that ventilators are unhelpful in China flu, and in frail people, frequently fatal, which is why we now have ventilators running out our ears.

            Some years ago, I ate some things that looked like mushrooms – but did not quite look like regular mushrooms, and became ill. The doctor reasonably decided that I needed to consume a large amount of activated charcoal, which absorbs toadstool poisons, and the nurses proceeded to introduce it to my stomach through a tube through my nose. I projectile vomited all over myself, the room, and them. So they did it again. And again I projectile vomited all over the myself, the room, and them. They got started on doing it the third time, and I became hostile and uncooperative. I said. “Gimme that”, and took the packet of activated charcoal, which had instructions printed on it. The instructions said it could be introduced through the nose, or drunk in a sweet drink. The latter sounded a whole lot less unpleasant and traumatic. Having stuff pumped in through my nose had been traumatic. So I told them to get me a can of Fanta. They got a can, mixed it into the Fanta for me, I drank it down, and it worked fine.

            And a ventilator is one hundred times worse than having stuff pushed into your stomach through the nose.

            • Not Tom says:

              Medical “professionals” talk about intubation like it’s nothing, but it’s actually scary and disturbing as hell. Your entire body does everything it can to reject having shit pushed up your nose or down your throat, which is why most of the time they have to cut holes and paralyze and anesthetize. And if you happen to remain conscious or wake up… I’m not sure if it’s technically worse than waterboarding but it’s up there.

              Doing this to people who don’t absolutely, provably need it is a form of abuse. It’s a form of torture. But then, medicine has a long and proud history of torturing and mutilating patients and telling them it’s good for them. The brief period we had where medicine wasn’t barbaric was when modern evidence-based medicine, descended from the Royal Society, had not yet congealed into its own fucked up little priesthood – when doctors and surgeons were men of science, not men of textbooks and licenses and honorifics.

              Granted, there was a lot of dumb snake oil going around at the time like nerve tonics, but we never actually did away with those, just repackaged them as OTC medications, “nutritional supplements” and designer drugs. None of the silliness has gone away, it’s just been given a veneer of legitimacy, which veneer is now being used to conceal the systematic malpractice of the licensed practitioners.

              As an aside, it could be true that Covid cases blew up in some local hospital, but also meaningless in a statistical and practical sense. That’s how all diseases work, they don’t spread perfectly uniformly across time and space, they do it in spurts, with most people not transmitting it at all and one or two spreading it to a dozen or a hundred. That’s factually proven with Covid in particular, it’s spread by “super spreaders” – people, not places.

          • Starman says:

            @Joe Bloggs
            Another COVID19 hoax promoter.

            Here’s a RedPill on Women question for you. It’s multiple choice, you cannot obfuscate your way out this:

            What is the father’s role regarding the sex life of his daughter?
            [A] Believe it or not, the father’s role is to lay back and allow his daughter to experiment with all that life has to offer. He needs to support her and stand by her, and yes, he needs to let her make mistakes and learn from them. Part of growing up is doing silly things, such as inviting a failed rock singer to fuck you up the ass while sucking off his equally failed drummer, and this is going to happen anyway, so no reason to make a big fuss about it. The important thing is to be there for her when she needs you, and to love her unconditionally. Offer her guidance, support her morally, financially, emotionally, and however you can, but otherwise don’t interfere in her day to day life. When she grows up, she will deeply appreciate all that you’ve done for her and given her, and hopefully, when you get old, she will be there for you.
            [B] The father’s role is guarding the chastity of his daughter until the time is right for her to marry, which is up to him to decide. The meaning of patriarchy is that the father shall be the sole arbiter of who his daughter has sex with, ergo it follows that no man can be tolerated to molest her without his explicit permission. If someone deflowers your daughter sans your own consent, regardless of his willingness and ability to promptly take possession of her or lack thereof, you are fully entitled to execute him, or use whatever means are available to you to penalize him for spoiling your property. Moreover, even if she has already lost her virginity, you are entitled to penalize anyone else who seduces her.
            [C] The father’s role is to keep his daughter chaste until her late teens or early twenties, primarily by intimidating all her actual or potential suitors with very scary-sounding threats of physical and lethal violence. Then, when she reaches adulthood, he should allow her to make a rational, cold-headed decision about whom to date, knowing that he raised her well. Who wouldn’t want to date an 18-year-old virgin, right? (It may also be helpful to imbue her with suspicion towards men, so that she will stay away from trouble) This traditional fatherly function is a surefire way to guarantee that whoever she pairs up with will be a worthy, virtuous, and honest man, rather than some sleazy disgusting jerk.
            [D] The father’s role is getting his daughter married off to someone who’s in a position to make her his wife; his role is to transfer ownership over his daughter to someone else who can own her and satisfy her urgent sexual needs, preferably someone well-established. If a father fails to marry his daughter off, she is apt to lose her virginity to the local drug dealer. Moreover, crying “Abloo-abloo, someone abducted my teenage daughter, a-boo-hoo-hoo, my teenage daughter eloped” is improper, unreasonable, and utterly blue-pilled. If someone abducted your teenage daughter, it’s because you failed to marry her off, i.e. you did not fulfill your role as a father, possibly because you adhere to a recent Satanic inversion of Christianity.
            [E] Excuse me? Father’s role? As a divorced lesbian single-mother, I am deeply offended by the premise behind this question, and refuse to answer it with anything other than a “Fuck you, bigot.”

    • master says:

      Trump’s wife is already packing quit dreaming about the insurrection act, the military wont support him.The FBI will arrest him, the doj will do him in, ITs a packed deck.

  7. someDude says:

    Q1. Is there a way to distinguish one ballot box from the other. Do the ballot boxes have ID numbers and some such?

    Q2. if yes for Q1, Can we specifically point to ballot boxes that do not have a proven chain of custody?

    Q3. If yes for Q2, do we have mutually agreed standards on what comprises a proven chain of custody?

    Q4. Do we have data regarding the vote split on these mysterious ballot boxes?

    • Edit_XYZ says:

      Massive fraud in the swing states was proven 10 times over.
      It doesn’t matter.
      Truth no longer matters. Only power.

      • jim says:

        Which inevitably always leads to struggles over power getting out of hand.

        • Edit_XYZ says:

          At this point, the sooner the conflicts between DC factions escalate into open violence, the better for white americans.
          The longer it takes for the conflicts get kinetic, the weaker, poorer and more demoralized the americans will be.

          As for the white americans themselves, the best that could happen – assuming no insurrection act – would be a credible secession movement from the red states, soon.
          If this doesn’t happen, they’ll eventually be fighting under the deposed, traitorous GOP leadership against the left – much like the whites in Russia.
          I don’t see the americans starting a spontaneous rebellion due to the election fraud in 2021. They are too atomized, and still too wealthy, with too much to lose.

          About the left – what military forces can it realistically control, now or in the immediate future? Not generals, but boots on the ground.
          The left seems to be lacking in this department.
          In Russia, the reds appealed to many, with their working class rhetoric; in America, they only seem to appeal to genetic rejects and wanna be commissars.

          • The Cominator says:

            “If this doesn’t happen, they’ll eventually be fighting under the deposed, traitorous GOP leadership against the left – much like the whites in Russia.”

            The GOP leadership will probably be very nominal if it comes to a fight, and will eventually end up in a politically inferior position to the military leadership the way the Presbyterian parliamentarians * ended up in an inferior position to the Independent new model army leadership under Cromwell.

            * Now I know this forum would overwhelmingly have supported Charles I but the analogy here is good, the New Model Army members considered the Presbyterians sort of cuck rebels because they wanted a church of england just a different church of England and to salvage something of the monarchy (well it took a while for even the army to decide to get rid of the monarchy).

  8. Edit_XYZ says:

    I’ve been going through Trump’s latest tweets.

    “The Supreme Court had ZERO interest in the merits of the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America. All they were interested in is “standing”, which makes it very difficult for the President to present a case on the merits. 75,000,000 votes!”

    Trump really thought the SC was his silver bullet. What happened with the Texas case came out of left field. He’s stunned. And he can only complain about it; nothing substantive.
    Just like the election night.
    Very blackpilling.

    Well, it’s time for the back-up plan, mr. President. Not the one with the courts, or the legislatures. The OTHER one.
    Hopefully, his tweets are misdirection, in order for the insurrection act invocation to take as many as possible by surprise.
    But the clock is ticking. Each day that passes without martial law being invoked, the chances Trump actually has a backup plan dwindle.

    • INDY says:

      You started commenting a month ago? If I had a nickel for every time you posted that something was “blackpilling,” I could buy myself at least one can of soda.

      • Edit_XYZ says:

        That’s true enough.
        In my defense, the last month brought almost entirely bad news; with few and far between good news.

        • INDY says:

          That’s not a good defense.

          People here know things are possible. The President isn’t posting on twitter for us. He is posting on twitter for people who need to be shown that things are possible, who must be made to feel aggrieved and worked up to a higher level of agitation.

          Things will happen or they won’t. Stop being a blackpilling fag. It’s not good for you or anyone around you.

    • M. B. Lamar says:

      I agree that President Trump was completely stunned. I think boomers as a whole are unable to comprehend The United States where even the Supreme Court is not interested in the rule of law. He grew up in such a patriotic era, when the United States was a truly great country that he can’t open their eyes completely in this late stage.
      As such, I really don’t see him invoking the insurrection act. He will cut his losses and prepare for 2022. As was mentioned elsewhere, I fear he doesn’t even understand that he and his family will be imprisoned and killed if they don’t flee the country. Even if they do, it will be touch and go for the rest of their lives.

  9. Pooch says:

    Giuliani on War Room is saying he wants to bring one more case to the Supreme Court with just Trump as the plantiff and make them state the President has no standing just to put the cherry on top of the juridical absurdity.

    • Edit_XYZ says:

      After the insulting ‘Fuck you’ the supremes gave to Trump and around 20 states, one wonders how they will outdo themselves with the manner of rejection of a case brought by the President only.
      The supremes will have to get creative.

    • Sulla says:

      It is very odd that the several States do not have standing to appeal to the federal government to enforce the articles of the Constitution. When they laugh Trump out of court for the same reason, the Supremes will have simply said that, while any random fag has standing to insist the feds create civil rights for them in, say, Alabama, literally no-one on earth has standing to insist the feds ensure the states provide a republican form of government.

      I have long thought Trump was an apocalyptic figure in the sense that, in an apocalypse, everything that was hidden is revealed. Think of all the things for which Trump has been the agent of revelation: we don’t live in a republic, we live in a tyranny, they really do hate us as much as the most paranoid of us thought, we aren’t voting our way out of this, etc. All that has been done and the only question now is whether Trump will minimize the body count or maximize the body count. My guess is that he does not have the stones to invoke the Act, and that we wind up in terrible shape because of it.

      Leftist purity spirals strike me as being similar to Girard’s concept of a mimetic crisis. Those only get resolved through somebody being murdered as a scapegoat or, in the case of massive societies, through the process of a whole bunch of people being murdered as scapegoats. It’s coming.

    • Gedeon says:


    • Not Tom says:

      I’m no lawyer but even I can predict how they will respond. They will dismiss it for the exact same reason that Texas filed it in the first place, specifically that the Supreme Court is not original jurisdiction for Trump’s case, and that they can only hear appeals to law, not add to the factual record.

      That’s if he refiles the Texas case as his own. If he tries to appeal the state cases, they’ll simply say that their technicalities were valid, or cite laches themselves (probably “safe harbor date”).

      They just cook up elaborate catch-22s for everything. Can’t sue prior to the election because can’t prove damages, but can’t sue after the election because damage can’t be reversed. Can’t get a hearing in the Supreme Court because it’s not original jurisdiction, can’t hear an actual original-jurisdiction case because the states lack standing. It’s all just excuses, using novel interpretations of legal mechanisms that were never constitutional in the first place.

      The law doesn’t matter, and refiling sounds like a waste of time, which is becoming an extremely scarce resource.

      • Biff Baka says:

        Well put Not Tom!

      • Karl says:

        Refiling is a waste of time unless somehow three judges are somehow convinced (not by means of a legal argument) that they made a mistake and will gratefully accept any chance to correct it.

        Possible, I guess – but reading the riot act seems like an easier way to go.

  10. European Mutt says:

    History tells us that if we do not get civil war before January 20th, we will get it by 2026, under conditions far less favorable.

    Why so late? At the rate things are going right now, won’t the left singularity implode before that?

    I don’t get the historical reference though.

    • Pooch says:

      Going by the Roman Republic, Russian Revolution, French Revolution it was about 6 years of instability and extreme turbulence until things really imploded into civil war I think is what Jim is saying.

      • European Mutt says:

        This time it got a significant running start though.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          June (BLM Revolution) was just 6 months ago. And then 6 months before that was December 2019, which was (mentally) pre-Covid, which feels like a generation ago.

          That’s some serious rate of change. What historically compares to that? Could the “delta-feeling-over-delta-t” during the Roman, English, French, Russian or Inter-War German Revolutions have ever compared to this?

          Like OK sure, when the Khmer Rouge rolled into Phnom Penh, or the Wehrmacht into Warsaw, then yes, boom, everything changed just like that. Day and night.

          But what about, say, Lenin’s antics in Moscow or the Cultural Revolution in China? Did those ever “hit” as quickly?

          Today we have Twitter, TV news, and blogs, and also the great anonymous denunciation engine called “Google”, which I’m pretty sure will be remembered as the greatest terror weapon ever (accidentally?) invented.

          There have indeed been similar “revolution” moments in just the last 10 years, with all this electronic stuff. Like Egypt, Algeria, Libya and also Turkey after that fake-and-gay coup they just had. I wonder how those felt from the inside.

          I suspect that the only people making (what will be proven to be) accurate predictions about where this is going, and how quickly, are today indistinguishable from paranoid nutcases. Even Jim here, honor be upon him, has a “normalcy bias” for left singularities that’s informed by the past, before such turbo-upheaval was even possible.

          • RedBible says:

            I might say that the time bomb started ticking with the Charlottesville Rally about 3.5 years ago. Namely, that BLM and Antifa inflicted permanent injury on some whites (including blinding a man), and got off scott free, while at least in the case of the whites who pinned down the black who blinded the one man, got jail time.

            It kind of marks the change from “quietly ignore violence+whites bad” to “cover up open violence+whites evil” in the media, and such an escalation should not be underestimated.

            (Yes I know that rally was a honeypot, but that doesn’t change the sentiment from the cathedral.)

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Why so late?

      One flip answer is that there is a lot of ruin in a nation.

      More seriously, look at the economic picture; economic issues are always more important to understanding history than the historians like to admit. The ebbs and flows of Soviet oppression in the early years of that regime were not well understood until very recently, although historians made up all sorts of just-so stories purporting to explain them. It turned out that the key to understanding them was the timing of the Bolsheviks’ sales of the tsarist gold reserves. (The book with the details is Sean McMeekin, History’s Greatest Heist: The Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks.) When the commissars had gold, the repression eased off a bit; when they ran out, had to print money and inflation skyrocketed, the repression ratcheted up.

      Now when I look at bond maturities, an awful lot of bonds come due in the next few years, reaching a crescendo in 2025. That’s a lot of money coming back into circulation, chasing goods and services. However, the supply of those goods and services will have been reduced by any or all of: the after-effects of coronavirus lockdowns; an increased amount of corporate resources being devoted to the salaries of diversity commissars; impaired productivity from increased affirmative action hiring; and massive malinvestment in Green New Deal boondoggles; and probably other dysfunction that I haven’t even thought of.

      More money plus fewer goods equals inflation. And not only does inflation make ruling regimes nervous, as with the early Soviets, it’s when inflation makes it hard to put adequate food on the table that an otherwise compliant population gets roused. The only revolt in the USSR post-WWII was Novocherkassk, prompted by salaries going down the same month food prices were raised.

      I personally am investing in gold and farmland.

      • Not Tom says:

        Deflation is far more likely than inflation in the near future. We’re in a credit bubble.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          Deflation in the next year or two? Sure, quite possible, depending on how aggressively USG prints money in the next year or two.

          Over the medium to longer term, I can’t imagine USG not printing money very aggressively, to fund its power base and its clients, from welfare recipients to Cathedral universities to allied regimes abroad.

          Can you imagine USG turning off the taps? USG is staffed by true believers in Progress and Regime Change, for whom funding Diversity, Equity and Democracy is a religious obligation. They will print money and fund them to the very end of the regime, just as the USSR, in the midst of its collapse, kept funding communist parties abroad with its vanishing hard currency reserves. The same sort of religious obligation is in play.

        • The Cominator says:

          Not with all the money the government printed because of muh Covid.

  11. Cementmixer says:

    POTUS just tweeted “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!”


  12. ~loclun-midwyt says:

    Following up on my question below about the executive order on succession.

    “Sec. 3. Revocation. Executive Order 13533 of March 1, 2010 (Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Defense), is hereby revoked.”

    The previous order of succession by Obama was (first ten only):
    (1) Deputy Secretary of Defense;
    (2) Secretary of the Army;
    (3) Secretary of the Navy;
    (4) Secretary of the Air Force;
    (5) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics;
    (6) Under Secretary of Defense for Policy;
    (7) Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller);
    (8) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness;
    (9) Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence;
    (10) Deputy Chief Management Officer, Department of Defense;

    Trump’s new order is:
    (i) Deputy Secretary of Defense;
    (ii) Secretaries of the Military Departments;
    (iii) Under Secretary of Defense for Policy;
    (iv) Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security;
    (v) Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense;
    (vi) Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment;
    (vii) Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering;
    (viii) Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller);
    (ix) Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness;
    (x) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy;

    Interesting, particularly the Secretary of Army, Navy, and Air Force no longer being on the list.

  13. BC says:

    So on the topic of the Hunter Biden scandal being allowed now:

    Is it

    A) The deep state hanging the that sword over Biden so he does everything they say.

    B) The Dems getting ready to install Kamala.

    C) The media trying to regain credibility by belatedly reporting it.

    E) The hard left first moves in ousting Biden and taking control.

  14. BC says:

    So far the left has had everything gamed out ahead of time including the supreme court and they’ve been 2 steps ahead of Trump the entire time. I’m begging to wonder if they’ve done the same with the insurrection act as well.

    I’m sure they’ve been spying on all his communications as well.

    • The Cominator says:

      Left isn’t that smart to the extent they’ve planned successfully china did it for them

      They didnt game out SCOTUS or the legislatures, they just knew what cowards most Republicans are.

      • BC says:

        >They didnt game out SCOTUS or the legislatures, they just knew what cowards most Republicans are.

        So do we, but our prediction of republican behavior was completely wrong. The left did the classic carrot and stick approach. Threaten them with death and offered them endless graft if they played along. Trump didn’t offer or threaten them because doesn’t he doesn’t have the power to do either.

        We thought the death threats of the left would compel them to back Trump but we missed the carrot they were being offended. We also failed to realize that cucks don’t think long term. We see that the leftists are going to murder them no matter what, but all they see is supporting Trump = death. Not supporting him = loot.

        On the positive side, I think we have a better grasp on what the military will do.

        • Pooch says:

          I agree with you but they are a complete fish out of water when it comes to the military. Insurrection Act is going to completely catch them off guard, just like they were completely caught off guard when Trump had them beaten out of Lafayette Park.

          They are acting as if Trump has zero military support. They likely think because they have control of the generals they have full control of the armed forces failing to understand who the trigger pullers really are. Obama is on tv joking on night shows they’ll have the Navy Seals remove from Trump from the WH completely showing his blue pill world view and unable to comprehend that Special forces operators are the most red pill of the entire military and going to be Trump’s most loyal support as shown by Trump’s appointment of Miller to SOD.

  15. slumlord says:


    What we’re seeing is institutional failure. There is a fascinating passage in Sebastian Hafner’s book Defying Hitler:

    It was strange to sit in the Kammergericht [ED: Prussian Supreme Court] again, the same courtroom, the same seats, acting as if nothing had happened. The same ushers stood at the doors and ensured, as ever, that the dignity of the court was not disturbed. Even the judges were for the most part the same people. Of course, the Jewish judge was no longer there. He had not even been dismissed. He was an old gentleman and had served under the Kaiser, so he had been moved to an administrative position in some Amtsgerichtsrat (lower court). His position on the senate was taken by an open-faced, blond young Amtsgerichtsrat, with glowing cheeks, who did not seem to belong among the grave Kamniergerichtsrats. A Kammergerichtsrat is a general, an Amtsgerichtsrat a lieutenant colonel. It was whispered that in private the newcomer was something high up in the SS. He saluted with outstretched arm and a resounding “Heil Hitler!” The president of the senate and the other old gentlemen thereupon made a vague gestures with their right arms and murmured something inaudible. Previously they had chatted quietly and knowledgeably during the breakfast break in the deliberating room, discussing the events of the day, or professional gossip, the way old gentlemen do. That no longer happened. There was a deep, embarrassed silence while they ate their sandwiches.

    The deliberations themselves were also often strange. The new member of the senate produced unheard-of points of law in a fresh, confident voice. We Referendars, who had just passed our exams, exchanged looks while he expounded. At last the president of the senate remarked with perfect politeness, “Colleague, could it be that you have overlooked paragraph 816 of the Civil Code?” At which the new high court judge looked embarrassed, like a candidate who has just slipped up in a viva, leafed through his copy of the Code, and then admitted lightly, “Oh yes. yes. Well, then it’s just the other way around.” Those were the triumphs of the older law.

    There were, however, other cases–cases in which the newcomer did not back down but gave eloquent speeches, in a somewhat overloud voice, stating that here the paragraphs of the law must yield precedence; he would then instruct his co-judges that the meaning was mere important than the letter of the law. He would quote Hitler. Then, with the gesture of a romantic stage hero, he would insist on some untenable decision. It was piteous to observe the faces of the old Kanimergerichtsrats as this went on. They looked at their notes with an expression of indescribable dejection, while their fingers nervously twisted paper clip or a piece of blotting paper. They were used to failing candidates for the Assessor examination for spouting the kind of nonsense that was now being presented as the pinnacle of wisdom; but now this nonsense was backed by the full power of the state, by the threat of dismissal for lack of national reliability, loss of livelihood, the concentration camp . . . They coughed; they said, “Of course we agree with your opinion, but you will understand . . .” They begged for a little understanding for the Civil Code and tried to save what could be saved.

    That was the Kammergericht in Berlin in April 1933. It was the same Kammergericht whose judges had stood up to Frederick the Great 150 years earlier and, faced with a cabinet decree, had preferred jail to changing a judgment they considered correct in the king’s favor. [Ed]In Prussia every schoolchild knows the story of the miller of Potsdam, which, whether it is true or not, gives an indication of the court’s reputation. The king wanted a windmill removed because it disturbed the view from his new palace of Sans Souci He offered to buy the mill. The miller refused, he wanted to keep his mill. The king threatened to dispossess the miller, whereupon the miller said, “Just so, Your Majesty, but there’s still the Kammergericht in Berlin.” To this day the mill can be seen next to the palace.

    In 1933 the Kamrnergericht toed the line. No Frederick the Great was needed, not even Hitler himself had to intervene. All that was required was a few Amtsgerichtsrats [Ed: Nazi court appointees]with a deficient knowledge of the law.

    The Decision made by the Supreme Court today was terrible from a constitutional and political angle.

    He has to cross the Rubicon.

  16. Dave says:

    The Supreme Court shares Jim’s assessment that this election will not be decided by voters, lawyers, judges, or state legislators. It will be decided by men with guns, so the judges have wisely chosen to step out of the way.

    • Mike says:

      Or, get this, they’re just retards who think history has still ended. It really can be a lot more simple then you’re making it.

    • Edit_XYZ says:


      That may explain why the supremes dismissed the case.
      It doesn’t explain the insulting way the case was dismissed – on a technicality forced on the case, in a very short sketch that doesn’t even bother with the usual convoluted, lengthy motivation the supremes usually use when they’re engaging in sophistry.

    • BC says:

      Nah, they flipped Trump the bird. The only justices with any integrity voted to hear the case.

      • The Cominator says:

        Shakespeare was right.

        • BC says:

          I don’t get the reference.

          • The Cominator says:

            Henry VI

            “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”.

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              Shakespeare Protocol needs to be a part of the militia vocabulary.

              • Cynewulf13 says:

                “Let’s kill all the lawyers” did not represent Shakespeare’s opinion, apparently, since he wrote that line of dialogue for a villainous ‘levelling’ (i.e. leftist) rioter–essentially, a 16th-century Antifa terrorist.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its ambigious what Shakespeare thought. Shakespeare was capable of having bad guys say true and appealing things under the guise of hey its a bad guy and it was a joke.

                  He probably didn’t want to kill ALL the lawyers, just most of them.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Speaking as a retired Constitutional lawyer, it seems quite bizarre for a Court with original and exclusive jurisdiction over a matter to refuse the case, leaving plaintiffs with no venue whatsoever….This is the same Court that accepted and decided Roe v Wade, where there was no precedent, standing, or even a case or controversy since plaintiff had already given birth…SCOTUS has played the lead role in destroying the United States…

        • BaboonTycoon says:

          They’re either bought off or cowards. Same story as the other courts. They know what ruling they’d have to make if they heard the case, and none of them want to make that ruling. None of them want to be responsible for what comes next.

        • ruby caan says:

          emanating penumbras only go one way.

        • Not Tom says:

          It is not likely the Supreme Court precisely, but rather the Federalist Society, that has been co-opted, or were simply always wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          Every Federalist Society judge that Trump helped out on the bench (or, to use Jim’s expression, “as near to all as makes no difference”) has explicitly, brazenly stabbed Trump in the back, ever since the day after the election, and arguably weeks or months before, when they were hearing challenges to the pre-election manipulation and some of the lockdown cases. But before the election they could have been seen as capricious allies, whereas now they are sworn enemies.

          Whether they were bribed, blackmailed, threatened, or just waiting for their chance to rip the mask off, I don’t know. Barnes was warning everyone who would listen about these guys since the beginning, and I was warning about Barrett specifically. Even the Bush judges have a better track record on these election fraud cases than the Federalist Society, perhaps because some of them take it personally (2000 election) in the same way that Thomas takes the lawlessness and media manipulation personally.

          If I wanted to be a brutal dictator, I might start with a decapitation strike against the Federalist Society, and inform all these sitting judges that they are next if they don’t fall in line immediately. But really, the time to do that was two weeks ago. The hour has passed for any strategic attack on their organization, though I’d still like to see Trump do as much damage to them as possible on the way out, if he does have to go out. Salt the earth so that no Federalist Society judge ever gets another appointment and the ones on the bench now get to skate on thin ice for the remainders of their hopefully very short careers.

  17. Holy American Empire says:

    Caesar crossed the Rubicon with a loyal backing. If Trump crosses the Rubicon now and starts war, he is doing so from a position of legal defeat. The supreme court acted in their legal authority as did every court that has ruled against Trump. Most people in the US do not seem to want war, and I believe that they will not back Trump because he will appear to be the one starting the conflict, even if it is in his right to do so. What do you guys think, if Trump uses the insurrection act, will he rally a large enough percentage of normies, and does it even matter?

    • pyrrhus says:

      Baloney…Courts have ruled against Trump because they are corrupt and/or intimidated, and that includes SCOTUS, which flat out shirked its duty….As to the normies, only 1/3 of the people supported the Revolution, but that was plenty….

    • Not Tom says:

      “Authority” is held by whomever has the guns. Whatever authority the Supreme Court has is entirely theoretical. “Legitimacy” is a separate question, and a much thornier concept to deal with, and ultimately the only true test of legitimacy will be to actually cross the Rubicon and see who follows.

      Remember, the Supreme Court and the lower courts dismissed all the cases on technicalities without allowing the evidence to be heard. They played the game of “too early today, too late tomorrow” (standing/laches) or “heads we win, tails you lose”. They combined the two most heavily-abused judicial mechanisms, neither of which were ever constitutional, to avoid constitutional challenges.

      So the judiciary may have this authority on paper, but they have incinerated whatever appearance of legitimacy they had left. Now every Trump voter in the country knows that our laws and our courts are as fair and impartial as Mexico’s or Brazil’s.

      The normie does not view this as “Trump starting pointless fights”, he views it as a blatantly stolen election and a new reality in which nothing matters other than power. The question is simply, does Trump have the power? Currently he is acting like he doesn’t, but I suppose we’ll see.

    • Pooch says:

      Every single Trump voter I’ve come across is just waiting for the go command. Who do you think emptied the shelves of the gun stores the last 9 months? Liberals?

      • Not Tom says:

        Well ackshually there were many stories of record gun purchases by liberals. But these are “liberals” like Tim Pool and Joe Rogan, not progressives. They probably aren’t going to go out and fight for Trump, but I doubt they’ll fight against him either.

  18. Edit_XYZ says:


    So, you’re the President of the United States, and you just went through an election where you got more votes than any sitting President in history, by far – and purportedly lost. You can’t get “standing” before the Supreme Court, so you “intervene” with wonderful states that, after careful study and consideration, think you got “screwed”, something which will hurt them also. Many others likewise join the suit but, within a flash, it is thrown out and gone, without even looking at the many reasons it was brought. A Rigged Election, fight on!

    “We’ve not gotten any court to judge this (the vote) on its merit.” @DanPatrick
    of Texas. It is a legal disgrace, an embarrassment to the USA!!!

    Trump knows the legal path is done.
    No irrational optimism on this issue from him. At the very least, not any longer.

  19. Pat says:

    A.Barnhadt words (not mine)
    “There is now a longitudinal quasi Mason-Dixon forming from North Dakota to Texas. If Idaho joins, that line will extend to the Pacific states. China is openly boasting of having control of the USGOV from the highest levels (Biden). Oh, and don’t forget that little detail of the US being under de facto martial law, curfews, and movement restrictions, with the strongest enforcement being on the Pacific Coast port cities. Major highways and thoroughfares are ALREADY CLEARED and civilians put out of the way for infantry and artillery movements – both by an invasion force moving inland, and domestic forces of ambiguous loyalties. CONUS is staged for hot war”

    • G.T. Chesterton says:

      Streets and highways are not empty. Anyone on earth can verify this by checking google maps during rush hour to see the miles and miles of Red traffic indicators. This sounds like more Q crap, which fantasized Trump using “the lockdowns” as cover to roll up all the satanpedos.

      • Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else says:

        “Streets and highways are not empty. Anyone on earth can verify this by checking google maps during rush hour to see the miles and miles of Red traffic indicators.”

        How do you know they’re legit for anything outside of your neighborhood?

        • jim says:

          If they are legit for your neighborhood, and the neighborhood of a few random people discussing the matter on the internet, then they are legit almost everywhere.

        • Filthy Liar says:

          Why be ignorant when it’s so easy not to be? Q was a larp, the idea that China is going to invade the US is a larp, and probably whatever 4chan comes up with next will be a larp as well since historically they’re at what, 1/10?

  20. The Ducking Man says:

    Hi Jim,

    As south-east asian country resident my ears will be on the states January 20th.

    Though I honestly don’t have much clue what’s happening in the states. As outsider I’m hoping Trump to cross the rubicon and seize power to kill whatever demons in the leftist priesthood before it manifests in my circle.

    As fellow gnon worshipper, my sincere prayer for all of us to come out of it alive.

    • ~loclun-midwyt says:

      Without selfdoxxing, how cucked are the south-east asian countries? Are they within the American Empire or not?

      • The Ducking Man says:

        I can proudly say we are free from American Empire, except faint american lefist priesthood in our elite universities. There is small but noticable islamist version holiness spiral happening, but that’s topic for another day.

        Our officials are not cucks, just corrupt, typical of nonstationary bandit.

    • Mathman says:

      Similar sentments from us here in W Afrika who don’t share in the Mew World (diabolical and stinking) Odor. Marriages are being ruined; almost all sane inter-human actions are being inverted or subtly criminalized here, by legalists, in imitation of USA’s democRats. I have always queried: why did such a paradisaic “order” or arrangement as sovietism fail? It mustn’t have failed were it not a Scam.
      It was from here that I understood what Leftism signify in practice.. Those Who prosper, or get their sense of fulfilment thru legalized brigandage.

      The Sane Side in the US is like our General (embodied in Trump plus trumpians) in this tussle.

      Wish we out here could participate directly.

  21. What Would Yuri Bezmenov Do says:

    Be of good cheer. SCOTUS just voided itself forever well before January 20th.
    Hussein Hopenchange deleted the rule of law with the historic pen and phone as part of the fundamental Zimbabwe transformation.
    They are ALL in on the burn it all down by any means necessary plan.
    It’s not our fault that they are stupid enough to want to rule over an Ozymandias heap of ruin while proclaiming what glorious historic utopia it is.
    The Frankenstein monster blackshirt street brawlers are not going to be happy with fully charged EBT cards, free weed and Queefastan zones, they want a seat at the ruling class table and we all know that will never happen.
    Law of the Jungle time. Are you up for it?

  22. BaboonTycoon says:

    No matter what course of action Trump had pursued, this moment was always going to come. And now that it has, I find myself near breathless. It is, after all, the moment that everyone’s been waiting for. I just wish I had bought some gold beforehand, but alas, I didn’t have enough saved up for that to be practical.

    • Publius says:

      In all likelihood, Trump will not cross the Rubicon. He doesn’t seem to have the temperament for it. As Jim mentions, war is coming, and soon, but now may not be the moment. We must prepare ourselves for disappointment in the short term.

      • The cominator says:

        He has nothing to lose.

        • Publius says:

          It’s true that Trump has nothing to lose. But it may also be true that he’s simply unable to cross the Rubicon. He may not have a sufficiently loyal legion with him. He might conclude that it would make his situation even worse to issue an order to cross, start crossing, and see that nobody has followed him. He might prefer to take his chances in the judicial system post-election. He might have made a deal with the left, though we know the left is not agreement capable would renege on any such deal. He might flee outside the cathedral. He might think that a Pence pardon would protect him and his family.

          And then there’s this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/12/01/trump-appears-to-indicate-2024-run-in-speech-to-tightly-packed-white-house-crowd/

          There are all sorts of reasons that Trump would choose not to cross the Rubicon. He probably doesn’t understand the danger to his life. It may take Trump making a terrible error and getting himself and his family imprisoned and killed to convince others of the seriousness of the leftist holiness spiral and get someone else, not Trump, to cross the Rubicon one day.

          I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see Trump actually going through with it.

          • jim says:

            Trump is unlikely to survive to 2024, let alone be able to run, if he does not cross the Rubicon.

            • Publius says:

              Yes, but the question is whether Trump knows that.

              • Not Tom says:

                I suspect he knows all the things we know and more, but his optimism bias causes him to think he’ll beat the odds somehow. Which I doubt he will, because he has lost the element of surprise. Or, he projects his own style of exaggeration on the left and assumes they can’t be serious.

                However weak his position might be in the government right now, it is only going to get weaker from the second he leaves the White House, if he does so. Today he can rely on vast public support, but he won’t have that either if inauguration day comes and goes.

                Maybe he knows they’ll never leave him alone but sees himself as some kind of martyr.

            • Haxo Angmark says:

              no, Jim…

              Trump? Cross the Rubicon? a) he is not Caesar, and b) having failed for 4 long years to purge the Pentagon of the thousands of SJW officers inherited from Obama, Trump

              has no army. What he does have:

              a cushy behind the scenes deal by which the c. half-billion $ debt he owes the (((banksters))) will be quietly forgiven and, in the guise of a space-rental deal involving various Trump properties, he’ll have plenty of pocket change to challenge Fox snooze with his own fake-populist media operation…lead by the likes of Charlie Kirk. Neither he nor his family or in any danger.

              Whites in ‘Murka certainly are, but so long as the daily warm shower of Jewbucks continues, they will continue marching toward the kosher slaughterhouse, masks on and smiling like idiots.

              • jim says:

                The half billion he owes is an insignificant fraction of his wealth. And the deal he is being offered is prison, with probable eventual execution.

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  This guy is a troll/shill from Vox’s blog. He needs to take the red pill on women test, because I’m pretty sure he’s an entryist.

              • Mike says:

                Hello resident wignat. Proceed through this blog carefully, ensuring to lookout for pedestrians. When you have passed through without hitting anyone, you will see the gay bathhouse you were looking for on your left. Thank you for your patience.

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  Pretty sure he isn’t a legitimate white nationalist. He’s a shill.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, it became glaringly obvious with his subsequent posts, which I suppressed for being repetitious npc script, which we have seen far too many times before. Trump is supposedly the Zionist occupation government.

          • Pooch says:

            God him saying he’ll run again in four years is terribly blackpilling if true. If he’s dumb enough to a) not know they won’t jail him and b) not know they would just steal it again anyway, than he deserves everything he gets.

          • INDY says:

            “He probably doesn’t understand the danger to his life.”

            That is not probable.

  23. Alchemist says:

    The United States may be a … let’s say a dumpster fire ongoing… but the outlook of “the people” is still a salient factor. And “the people” will be very unhappy when a currency collapse disturbs their lottery dreams.

    There is some strategic advantage to allowing the inevitable collapse to occur when ‘they’ will be blamed for it. Trump can then ride to the rescue.

    • Not Tom says:

      There’s no incipient currency collapse, don’t be a gay little libertardian drama queen.

      • BaboonTycoon says:

        It’s gonna happen immediately. The minute Trump crosses the Rubicon or some state secedes, stocks will crash. There can’t be any investor confidence in a country at war with itself.

        Hell, it might not even take that long to happen if we start seeing more things like this

        • Not Tom says:

          Stock market crash isn’t a dollar crash, even if that does happen.

          And you can’t simultaneously claim that an incipient dollar crash will be the catalyst for a civil war and also that it will be caused by a civil war.

          In any case, the stock market prices in these signals long before the events actually happen.

        • European Mutt says:

          Under the insurrection act Trump can just close the stock markets under any pretense and I expect him to do so if he crosses the Rubicon. In fact this is an option with no downside. If he wins, likely no total crash when it reopens except in some sectors like social media companies. If he loses, he salted the ground for the left.

        • Kgaard says:

          Yeah this is a correct read: Civil war would be horrific for stocks and the currency.

          In fact the most logical lens through which to interpret everything we’ve been seeing is that it’s been orchestrated to derail all forms of separatism (including Trumpism) precisely to maintain pure, unfettered and uniform market access and regulatory norms.

          This is how oligarchy rolls in a post-modern democracy. Manufacturing consent becomes a job for the most sophisticated war-gaming teams, and when you can’t manufacture it anymore, you move to more heavy-handed methods — but the LEAST heavy-handed possible that still gets the job done.

          • European Mutt says:

            maintain pure, unfettered and uniform market access and regulatory norms.

            Progressive regulation is horrible for business. Trade agreements are no good either. Both comparatively privilege huge corporations with armies of lawyers, but even they are hurt on net because they have to pay the lawyers (and in the US, accountants etc.). The clearest way to look at this is that they are paying off the lawyer/accountant mob (mobile bandits) in addition to the state. They just lobby both the mob and the state to hurt the small players more.

            Look at Brexit: Although Britain is plenty pozzed itself, in some ways worse than the mainland, the EU negotiators could easily have a deal if they just reneged on “common social and environmental standards”, i.e. relented on forcing the UK to implement EU regulation even though they will not be a member. By this they are implicitly admitting two things: That regulation hurts Britain and by deregulating Britain could gain, in their words ‘an unfair advantage’ AND that trade agreements for them have the purpose of imposing the progressive state religion.

            The stock market is very inflated but if earnest deregulation is possible, the inflated promise might become reality.

          • The Cominator says:

            Stocks will go up in a currency collapse. Stocks are not inflated when lockdowns mainly hurt the small players and the government printed a lot of money during muh covid.

  24. Pooch says:


    Let’s hope it’s because planning for the blitzkreig has commenced.

  25. hopinforabetterfuture says:

    “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”

    -Texas GOP.

    • Haxo Angmark says:


      same old shitface Republiscams. If they had said:

      “law-abiding states must band together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution”

      it might have some proximate significance. But

      they didn’t.

  26. Someone says:

    Apparently Lin Wood’s case is docketed, but that case seems a lot weaker in standing to a case joined by 20 states.

    Any lawyer see any other legal path to legitimacy for Trump?

    • The Cominator says:

      The courts are not going to help us.

    • Pooch says:

      The Republican state legislatures can still absolutely appoint Trump electors. We actually shouldn’t even need SCOTUS’s help at all if they weren’t such cucks.

    • Not Tom says:

      They allow only the cases that are non-threatening. Since the election machine drama is disinfo, they will allow that to be heard, but will not allow a proper evidentiary hearing on the actual provable facts.

      I had some, albeit distant, hopes for the Supreme Court, but the Federalist Society has shown its true colors. 7-2 means this is over, there is not even any disagreement, the Federalist Supremes are OK dismissing the complaint on the same nonsensical and unconstitutional technicality as the lower and state courts, without even bothering to give a detailed explanation. We are watching power, not law.

      • Pooch says:

        You are right. Pursuing any type of remedy through the courts is an exercise in futility now. The question is does Trump wait to exhaust the final remedy of Congress refusing to seat the electors on January 6th (after the Dems likely steal the Senate) before crossing the Rubicon? Is there any advantage in that? Perhaps to expose more cucks in Congress.


        • BC says:

          I don’t see the point in waiting. I’ve always assumed the house would vote against Trump. We just don’t have a large enough majority with all the defections we’d suffer.

        • Not Tom says:

          That’s a very dangerous game, because the establishment-majority Congress will surely move against him, and such an inflection point would seem, to me at least, to be when his legitimacy is at its weakest and his power is at its lowest.

          If he has some way of guaranteeing a “legal” outcome at the Electoral College then maybe, but I don’t see the point if it’s just to exhaust that option, personally. We’ve all been saying here for weeks that it’s the state legislatures, then the Supreme Court and then the Insurrection Act; that’s always been the chain of escalation, and to invent new milestones at this point actually is “cope”, I hate to admit.

          At some point you just have to draw your line in the sand. 7-2 means they aren’t afraid of him, or the red states, at all. Either they’ve made a grave miscalculation, which will be revealed by reading of the riot act, or they are correct, in which case we’re only playing ourselves and each other for chumps by moving the goalposts.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            Barnes is a lawyer and is suffering from normalcy bias. He thinks Trump can come back in four years with a new party structure built up like Andrew Jackson did. He doesn’t recognize that political disagreement is now illegal. He thinks that forcing the Constitutional remedy in Congress is the right thing, not recognizing that the Supreme Court just made it official: the Constitution is unenforceable and therefore Constitutional remedy is no longer available.

          • Edit_XYZ says:

            Not Tom

            Yes, a dismissal on 7-2 on a technicality, and one that doesn’t really apply in the case, with such a short explanation no less, is not merely a ‘I’m sorry, I won’t take your case due to fear’, but a blatant ‘Get lost’.
            And this, not only to Trump, but to a LOT of red states.

            The supremes are well connected in the DC ruling class world. In that world, Trump has already lost.
            At this point, it’s certain a constitutional remedy is not in the cards.

            The fact that the supremes treated so disrespectful half of the states making the USA means they are completely disconnected from that part of the USA, and don’t realize how angry most people there are. Or they simply despise these states and the people living in them, and want to rub their faces in their decision. Or both.

            I think the supremes – all the DC ruling class – are suffering from normalcy bias.
            Even if Trump does not invoke the insurrection act, secession looms large. But these are possibilities unthinkable for the DC swamp.

            • Not Tom says:

              At this point, it’s certain a constitutional remedy is not in the cards.

              You mean a judicial remedy, I assume, since the Insurrection Act is existing legislation, entirely constitutional and fully applicable.

              • Edit_XYZ says:

                And remedy that relies on the courts or the GOP is stillborn, at this point.

                The Insurrection act is the last card trump has. Does he have enough of the military to play it?
                That is the essential variable, and for us unknowable as of now.

                Until now, the left were very successful in exploiting the normalcy bias of the opposing forces. They always escalated, defecting, breaking the rules, and their opponents insisted on playing by the rules.
                Due to fear, or corruption? Simply passivity? Because they had a good life and actually fighting the left would be dangerous?
                They thought the left couldn’t get any lefter, and they chose to live with some nutcases rather than risking their necks. They hoped someone else will stop the left, taking the risks.

                The left thinks Trump is finished.
                Well, it’s past time for Trump – or someone else – to escalate on the left. Let it be fooled by its normalcy bias, the expectation that no one will break the standard rules to fight it. Right now, this means the insurrection act.

                • Edit_XYZ says:

                  *”Any remedy that relies on the courts or the GOP is stillborn, at this point.”

        • Douugwrench says:

          Additional court cases will just further the left’s ability to run out the clock.

  27. BC says:

    Watching history unfold is always so surreal. I expected the supreme court to go this route but I’d it just seems so stupid of them that I have a hard time believing it when it finally happened.

    • Edit_XYZ says:

      The Supreme Court judges have proven they are part of the swamp.
      Wishing for the good old days of grift to return to DC.
      Just like much of the GOP.
      Thinking the same rules still apply, after such a massive election fraud, and the utter politicization of the courts. Utter fools.
      If Biden and the deep state win this, what will happen to them is poetic justice.

      I think Trump knows what’s at stake for him and his family; modern day Romanovs.
      Also, I think he has the spine to invoke the insurrection act. Consider his political career, from 2015 onwards. Trump is no coward.
      What matters now is whether he has enough of the military to make the insurrection act stick.
      We can only hope he has.

      Also, Trump gains little by waiting still. Each day only decreases the time he has left in office, his legitimacy.
      Ideally, Trump should invoke the insurrection act before december 14th. Or soon after, if he needs time to organize his military command and forces.
      I think that, if by Christmas, he does not invoke the act, it’s very unlikely he will.

      In other news, Elon Musk moved to Texas. It’s obvious he doesn’t suffer from normalcy bias.
      I always found strange his insistence that we have very little time to go interplanetary, until on Earth things fall. Perhaps he was not speaking about historical ‘little time’.

      • Jehu says:

        Big rally in DC tomorrow if I recall. Antifa supposed to be there too.
        Maybe God will give him a golden opportunity to declare insurrection.

  28. Pooch says:

    The fact that Trump is radio silent right now instead of tweet storming “Very unfair!” is at least some sort of positive.

    • Not Tom says:

      Spoke too soon, apparently. The whiny tweetstorm over unfairness and RINOs and how Trump really won is now up.

      Yes, we know. We all know. What are you going to do about it, Mr. President? That’s the question they have been sarcastically asking for years and we are sincerely asking now.

  29. Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

    Trump can be cut off at any time by Big Tech, and it would help him to say that if he goes dark online, that is itself a GO signal. He can leave this unstated of course but saying it both furthers the goal and reduces the chance an overt silencing will occur.

    • The Cominator says:

      Trump cannot be cutoff from all communications by big tech, he has parler for normal communications. He has a plenary ability to send emergency texts and to make emergency broadcasts.

    • pyrrhus says:

      I have always assumed that Trump would take over the major networks and social media after he crossed the Rubicon, arresting the top executives for seditious conspiracy and treason…He certainly can’t allow them to continue poisoning the atmosphere against him….

      • European Mutt says:

        Yes I don’t get why many here are so purple pilled on social media companies. The left hates them because they’re an apple cart and because they are on the left, easy targets. Not because they protect the right in any way. The managers there are just smarter than the average leftist and can keep the mob at bay to an extent, but they are equally as corrupt.

        Leftist techies, from programmer to CEO are a huge problem and at the very least they all need ideological tests.

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