Allies and enemies

You will observe that Obama regime is full of noisy outrage that Israel is building housing in Jerusalem, most of which will be occupied by Jews, as Israel has been doing for the past forty years, ever since it seized the rest of Jerusalem and announced that all of Jerusalem, Jerusalem undivided, was the eternal and indivisible capital of the nation of Israel.

Compare and contrast with Obama’s “quiet diplomacy” on the Iran’s nuclear program.  Continuing to build housing in all of Jerusalem, is, it seems, worse than developing nuclear weapons.

If you treat your enemies better than your allies, who will want to be your ally, who will fear to be your enemy?

The US demands that Israel open talks with the Palestinians with everything on the table, including returning half of Jerusalem to the Arabs, and the return of the descendants of the Palestinians displaced by the war in which the Jews seized Israel.  Doubtless these demands have some justice.  I suggest that the Israelis should demand that the US open talks about the return of California and Texas to Mexico, and half of Washington to the Indians.   Have our enemies been doing so few wrongs that we need to worry about wrongs done by our friends?

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