Australia wins the right to remain white.

Since Europe has been flooded with non whites, Australia is close to being the whitest remaining country, possibly is the whitest remaining country.   This is of course illegal under international law – since the Cathedral writes international law.

The Cathedral holds that international law requires that if a boatload of third worlders shows up, the first world country where they show up has to take care of them and put them on welfare for the rest of their lives.  (It is more complicated than that, and different rules apply to America, but that is the practical effect in Australia and Europe.)

This international law has been seriously getting up the noses of Australians.  The newly elected Australian government announced a new policy:  That boatloads of illegal immigrants would be taken back to the land from whence they came.

This would have been a violation of Indonesia’s sovereignty, since Indonesia did not want them back, and the Australian navy and Australian marines would have to sail up to the beach and unload the illegal immigrants in rubber boats, which would require Australian marines kicking the asses of illegal immigrants while within Indonesian waters, indeed while between the high tide mark and the low tide mark, which is one step short of invasion.

To which the Australian government replied that Indonesian boats coming to Australia without permission was a violation of Australia’s sovereignty.

The Cathedral media, and Cathedral academics in both Australia and Indonesia had a meltdown and said the policy would lead to war, but, in the last few hours, Indonesia backed down, and now the Australian navy sails to twelve miles off the Indonesian shore and hands captured illegals over to the Indonesian navy across the twelve mile limit.   Two shiploads were unloaded a few hours ago.  If Indonesia, then anywhere.  The Australian navy has established its right to send people back to whence they came.

I fear that Europe lacks the balls to follow this precedent and it is probably too late for Europe anyway.

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  1. Sam says:

    Cathedral this, Cathedral that. There is no Cathedral. “The Cathedral” is a propagandist tool phrase not to illuminate but to confuse. Maybe we should see what a Cathedral really is. According to wiki,
    “…Although the word “cathedral” is sometimes loosely applied, churches with the function of “cathedral” occur specifically and only in those denominations with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and some Lutheran and Methodist churches…”
    So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run Harvard? So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run the news media? So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run the government of the USA? I don’t think so. The last time a fellow in robes strolled through a college the whole place was closed down with a Klan alert. I know people are fond of new (neo) terms so I now “Christen” it (two can play at this) the #Neo-Synagogue. I, as part of the diverse White community, am sick of the #Neo-Synagogue perching it’s philosophy and works upon the tired creaking edifice of the Christian Cathedral. To continue to call the works of the #Neo-Synagogue the Cathedral is irrational, nonsensical and a farcical twisting of logic unsuitable for any Man of reason. If you’re going to be Men of reason be reasonable. If not then I suggest you get a bullhorn and practice screeching “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad” at the top of your lungs.

    • jim says:

      Reactionaries remember the past, remember what happened and how it happened, thus reactionary analysis of memes is cladistic. Harvard is a religious institution founded by Puritans, is the center of the Cathedral.

      Over time, two things happened. Puritans went from holier than thou, (monochrome clothing, giving rise to the business suit, war on Christmas, war on marriage, forbidding entertainment) to holier than Jesus (prohibition, female emancipation, and abolition of slavery), to unitarian, to militant atheist – yet despite being militant atheist, are still holier than thou

      Secondly puritans, or rather their memetic descendents (by then unitarian, eventually militant atheist) conquered the world. During the civil war the abolitionists were well on the way to unitarianism, yet were still easily recognizable as Puritan.

      By 1940 they were rather thoroughly militant atheist, yet still identified strongly as Christians, and would have been as indignant as Pope Francis were you to tag them as the militant atheists that they in fact were. A decade or two later, however, they were proudly militant atheist, and claimed to always have been, forgetting that a short time ago they were proudly Christian and always had been, much as Obama was proudly Kenyan born in Kenya when he was a senator, and proudly American born in America when he ran for president.

      (Which transformation of Obama Reactionaries remember, but, strangely, no one else does.)

  2. Alrenous says:

    So elections actually matter in Australia? At least sometimes? They’re not all townies?

    When you say ‘The Australian Government said’ do you know who in particular said these things?

    • jim says:

      In the US the parties are the inner Cathedral party and the outer Cathedral party.

      In Australia, the major election issues were border control (called a different name in Australia because they don’t have land borders), and Climategate. So in Australia you have the Cathedral party, and real opposition the Cathedral. Tony Abbot, now Prime Minister, described the Cathedral positions as religious.

      During the election the Cathedral continually tried to hold the debate on Cathedral issues. The opposition ignored them, and so did everyone else, instead debating what the Cathedral did not want discussed.

      But though elections debate the real issues, the public service simply ignores the outcome. The government sponsored media are busily campaigning for the navy to mutiny, calling upon the armed forces to obey the Cathedral rather than the government (as most government employees already do). Defunding the left is on the table and being discussed behind closed doors, but it is far from clear that it will happen.

      So though democracy in Australia shows distinct signs of life, still a Cathedral ruled country.

      During the elections, the government funded media referred to the Cathedral party as “us”, the anti Cathedral party as “them”, and referred to news favorable for the chances of the Cathedral Party as “good news”, and news unfavorable to the chances of the Cathedral Party as bad news, openly operating as a campaign organization for the Cathedral party, openly campaigning for government as an organized interest group. Despite that, will probably continue to be funded by the party they openly and vehemently opposed.

    • jim says:

      VXXC thinks democracy matters.

      In Australia, there is democracy and a white electorate. It makes a difference. They just voted to use the military to put an end to the “International Law” that Australia must turn brown, and the military proceeded, to the great shock of the Cathedral, to follow orders. But it does not make a huge difference.

      • VXXC says:

        Well Jim I think Democracy did matter, and could again. I think it just woke up the last couple of years and realized it’s been robbed.

        I think we meet the conditions of the Australian electorate, and we mercifully stopped voting. This we know.

        We also know it’s arming at arms race pace. Pace defined as demand over years faster than the manufacturers can keep up. The race is defined as arm thee faster and better than neighbor and Cathedral.

        I agree it doesn’t matter in America now, nor has it for decades. All our lives.

        I think the Cathedral made a mistake in dropping the mask, I think the Cathedral had a break in it’s leadership continuity and our elites in the 60s, and I think they’re running out their string. They aren’t competent for Tyranny, especially a hidden one.

      • Alrenous says:

        Ah, so their democracy worked almost by accident. The bureaucracy, which Tony Abbot would normally have to work though, have not sufficiently conquered the military brass. It is still possible to elect him partially through oversight – it’s not supposed to matter, why take away the voters’ toy? – and partially because democracy is still the political formula. Once elected, it was possible for him to order the military to do something sensible, which opportunity, unlike the American military, they gladly seized.


        • jim says:

          Sounds plausible. I am seeing in the Cathedral outlets a fair bit of shock, surprise and incredulity that the military is obeying orders given by a democratically elected government to give effect to the major plank of its election platform. I am also seeing that military has been impatiently and eagerly awaiting such orders.

  3. Zach says:

    Rogue balls must continue trajectory until elephantitis, and then, even larger, I hope.

  4. […] Australia wins the right to remain white. Since Europe has been flooded with non whites, Australia is close to being the whitest remaining country, possibly is the whitest remaining country.   This is of course illegal under international law – since the Cathedral writes international law. The Cathedral holds that international law requires that if a boatload of third worlders shows up, the […] Putin deals with Civil Disobedience When someone claims to be engaging in “Civil Disobedience” he means “We are the state. You have to obey our laws, but we do not have to obey our own laws.” Observe that Bill Ayers, Obama’s bomb making pal, never spent a day in jail despite having organized the bombing of numerous buildings to “protest […] Google is evil With phones becoming more capable, an obvious way to make money was to create and sell a suite of productivity apps, so Quickoffice, the company, produced Quickoffice, the product, to allow you to edit your Microsoft Office documents on your phone, which product they sold very cheaply. Quickoffice, the company, sold lots and lots of […] On Fractional Reserve Banking Fractional Reserve Banking is not the problem.  Term Transformation is the problem. Australia and Singapore ban substantial term transformation, came through the recent financial crisis without problems.  The banker borrows short term at 1%, lends long term at 4%. People deposit their money short term in case of rainy day. One day it rains on […] Capitalism dead in the USA, live in China. After ordering Pax fired for political incorrectness, Anil, who simultaneously holds both governmental and private enterprise positions, is both regulator and regulator, dispenser of government funds and recipient of government funds, has a talk with Pax.  I was pretty amazed that he went for it. He flat out said that he wants his startup to […] […]

  5. peppermint says:

    If it was up to me, I would announce that if they hadn’t left in 30 days they would be executed, and watch them try to arrange their own transport if their government doesn’t send a boat. But that would create a media circus at the end of the 30 days with lots of Aaron Swartzes and Bradley Mannings and Edward Snowdens showing up chaining themselves to random shit.

    Threatening to invade and handing them over quietly is a great solution.

  6. Toddy Cat says:

    Those dumbass Afghans had still ought to be happy. Indonesia is a Hell of a lot better than Afghanistan.

  7. Scharlach says:

    Signs of rogue balls-growing in the Australian navy and government:

    One of the boat’s crew members, Azam, says the boat was not broken, despite passengers calling Australia to be rescued.

    He says the Navy set fire to the boat at sea.

    The Government is sticking by its policy of not commenting on the operational details of any intercepts at sea under Operation Sovereign Borders.

    The asylum seekers said the Navy told them they would be taken to Darwin for medical treatment.

    But in the middle of the night, the Australian Navy forced the sick and sunburnt Afghan asylum seekers onto a Basarnas boat to be returned to Indonesia.

    • jim says:

      I imagine the conversation went like this:

      Illegal immigrant captain:

      If you are going to tow us back to Indonesia, we are not in distress at sea after all. Just sunburnt and seasick.

      Navy Captain:

      Now you are in distress at sea.

      • Red says:

        The cathedral is probably wondering if gutting the US military was the best policy. Hard to enforce your rule on a foreign vassal without military.

        • jim says:

          The Cathedral wants high ranking elements of the Australian Navy to engage in civil disobedience, which is to say, mutiny. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been broadcasting appeals for mutiny.

          To which the government replied “We expect the navy to obey orders”

          The civil disobedience project rests on the assumption that high ranking officers are fireproof. I suspect that a government that disobeys “international law” would be prepared to dismiss, and quite possibly even court martial, a mutinous officer. If they can set disobedient boats on fire, they can shoot mutinous officers.

          • VXXC says:

            “Your right Mungo. Most of the young Australians who join the defence forces would prefer not to turn the boats back. They would rather sink them right there, right then.”

            HA HA LOL

  8. fnn says:

    Golden Dawn (whatever its faults in dress, musical taste and iconography) was the only party in Europe that had a serious attitude towards immigration. That means that a Martin-Zimmerman incident had to be manufactured to serve as a pretext for crushing the party.

    At least that’s the way it looks.

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