Don’t Stop

Scott Alexander has published an essay calling on his fellow leftists to stop screaming racist-misogynist-homophobe-literally-Hitler at everyone all the time at maximum volume.

And a lot of gutless ladyboy cuckservatives are so traumatized at being unkindly treated by the left that they are citing it favorably.

I would unkindly interpret his essay has “Please do not set fire to the Reichstag while Trump has the army and the police, and stop being mean to the legacy Americans until we have imported enough brown allies to kill them all.”

What Scott fears is exactly what I hope for with every fiber of my being: That the left screaming racistsexisthomophobe at everyone all the time at maximum volume will eventually lead to a preference cascade where large numbers of manly men go around wearing t shirts saying “I am a proud racist misogynist etc”

If Scott actually wanted peace rather than democidal war, he would be willing to talk to the right, rather than patronizingly lecture them with formulaic repetitious hostile patronizing Stalinist boilerplate, and willing to listen to their reply, their reply invariably being it that we have heard that crap a thousand times before, and it is obviously untrue from scientific studies and everyone’s lived experience.

Scott’s essay is not an olive branch. It is advice to the left as to how to get in the best position for their coming war upon legacy Americans.

This post stolen wholesale from Steve Johnson’s excellent comment.

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  1. Mr Curious says:

    Who started The Reich Stag Fire?

  2. Zach says:

    That was a great comment. Steve should comment more.

    I think that’s a good meta for how to read that clown from top to bottom.

  3. peppermint says:

    Goys, the left has never won an honest debate. They used to win by appealing to platitudes and the claim that, with all this wealth, we can surely achieve the platitude, but in the last hundred years they have appealed to taboos to silence opposition.

    With the collapse of communism and Christianity, economic leftism no longer has taboos or even platitudes. The continued belief in souls supports the taboos for social justice leftism.

    Thus economic leftism can now only exist at the pleasure of social justice leftism, and does, in fact, exist for the purpose of confusing White men into thinking leftism is in their interests.

    When people stop believing in souls, social justice will go away.

    Without social justice taboos, the left will retreat into proclaiming the glory of Western civilization and arguing that the mudbloods should be civilized and that civilized mudbloods are honorary Aryans and shouldn’t be unduly reminded that they’re mudbloods. I know a few leftists who have already retreated to that point.

    For now, however, the institutional left will continue pushing social justice in a rapidly shrinking echo chamber and a few old White men (I have guesses about which ones I personally know) will always shake their canes angrily about racism.

  4. anon says:

    @ Viking

    speaking of cuckchristians and niggers…

    Amanda Blackburn’s story…..The pregnant Indianapolis mother was a white female whose black killer, Larry Taylor, “watched her bleed” after he shot her in 2015 (search SBPDL archives for the most comprehensive look at her murder/execution). 

    Her mother has finally broken her silence on the murder of her daughter (and granddaughter) by three black males (link below)

    Commenter Mance Rayder said:

    “What needs to happen (but it will not,I’m aware of that) is that they ALL need to hung, drawn, and quartered. And for ALL to see. If not, then what is the use of having laws? Again, the punishment HAS to be Cruel. It has to be Unusual. Life in prison no longer works.”

    • Cavalier says:

      That’s because prison has become Nigga U. Free food, free housing, rite of passage, lots of networking, and lots and lots of bending white guys over for soap.

    • viking says:

      problem is i can link you to a dozen for every one where the parents forgive the niggers and weep for the niggers parents

  5. viking says:

    I think moldbugs right the elites have to be flipped or this goes no where like draining the swamp with a teaspoon. The elites cant be flipped with an intelligent concerted effort they are not going to start signaling low brow.
    NRX is wrong that a collapse will hand the world to them becoming worthy means taking whats yours that means by any means necessary because theres always someone willing to do that for the stakes are high.So until some on the dissident right are prepared to get wet and dirty this is going nowhere. As i keep saying trumps an idiot yeah its fun as hell to watch the left scream but its going to be humiliating when we have to own the reality of this guy as our guy. Hes been tweeting for days about some nigger actors doing what nigger actors do. And now look at whats happening, trumpentariot are now disrupting the performances [ ok fucking funny and emotionally satisfying] while Pence is tweeting how brilliant Hamilton was.Can you see where this leads our guy is a fucking moronic teenager making prank tweets instead of gearing for war. -Please spare me how this is the war.Whats going to happen is hes going to be turned on by his own cabinet eventually and be driven from office and the right permanently branded moronic.The only way Trumps behavior wins is if he were really the white supremacist they pretend and if he could whip enough white nationalist into a murderous frenzy to just take over. But Neither is possible hes not hardcore and WN a tiny tranch.
    Whats needed is a Machiavelian takeover of the mil/intel and keep triangulating dems and reps until power built but state of nation is so rotten a genius would have a 1% chance.Ans at same time anti sjws would have to be doing their thing by any means necessary.
    Interesting to read elites are beginning to hire bodygaurds because of the crime against them if that crime were to intensify against them in particular and by a particular segment is one of a thousand ways the elites might question multiculturalism, yahoos disrupting artistic performances is the type of things elites dream of defending

    • peppermint says:

      » the elites have to be flipped or this goes no where like draining the swamp with a teaspoon

      which is why it was so retarded ten to five years ago when they started pushing the White privilege thing beginning at the universities where young future elites hang out.

      » Pence is tweeting how brilliant Hamilton was

      They were incredibly disrespectful towards him and his family, and he had to tweet about how brilliant it was to avoid an incident. Do you think he’s going to forget that?

      » turned on by his own cabinet eventually and be driven from office and the right permanently branded moronic

      if that happens, it will be true. Sessions and Bannon are solid people.

    • Glenfilthie says:

      The average conservative wants to sit on the couch, eat potato chips, drink beer and watch the game. He doesn’t want to go out and fight with niggers, or listen to screeching harridan protestors, or be seen to be picking on vibrants, women, queers, or any of the other protected classes. He has been culture-conditioned not to oppose The Narrative, The Cathedral (as you boys call it), or the great liberal social experiment.

      Yet, despite all that, you guys got him off that couch, you got him out to the polls, and you got him to side with you despite his nagging bitch of a wife, or the scolding media, and the finger wagging cuckservatives. Where he used to flip the channel when Cankles Clinton came on – now he watches that cunt, her flying monkeys and her lickspittles.

      All that is HUGE. YUGE!!!!

      There’s a lot of vibrants looking over their shoulders now that Whitey has woken up. There’s a lot of SJW’s wondering if they haven’t shot their mouths off a few times to many. There are a lot of whites just waiting for an excuse to start throwing shots.

      You’ll have your race war before you’ll see white genocide or ethnic cleansing in America OR Europe, for that matter.

      • peppermint says:

        » SJW’s wondering if they haven’t shot their mouths off a few times to many

        haven’t seen any evidence of that on Facebook. All the same SJ people are screaming even louder now that they ever had in the past, none of them have recanted or gone silent.

      • peppermint says:

        actually… its the Jews that are screaming and kvetching about how screaming isn’t working anymore.

        The White virtue signalers are signaling harder than ever because they’re seeing what they have been told to signal about happening.

        • Glengilthie says:

          Possibly correct.

          I dunno if the ones I’ve seen getting hit by the clue bat are all evil joos but there is the odd one or two out there …

        • viking says:

          That would be a good sign if the jews are nervous they have been here before, the white SJWs they always yell at cops its white privilege to yell at cops they know nothings going to happen to them.
          its not the jews and sjws its the cuckchristians are the problem they are so fucking cucked they will be doing the shooting at us while the niggers are fucking their wives and sons and daughters

      • pdimov says:

        “Yet, despite all that, you guys got him off that couch, you got him out to the polls, and you got him to side with you despite his nagging bitch of a wife, or the scolding media, and the finger wagging cuckservatives.”

        I wonder whether the alt-right can take credit for that.

        It seems more likely from my perspective for the alt-right (and the rise of Trump, and so on) to be symptoms rather than a cause.

        Trends that can’t go on forever stop at some point. The actual way they stop is always different, and the stop is often attributed to some incidental phenomenon.

  6. Jack Highlands says:

    Trends keep going long after smart people notice them – fashion and market trends by months and years; demographic and civilizational trends by decades and centuries.

    Therefore, we can be quite sure that Scott Alexander will get at least half of what he wants – more NAM’s in America by the end of the DJT years (probably more Muslims too, but that one may be winnable) and Jim, Steve and the rest of us will get what we want – the Left continuing to scream ‘Racist/Sexist’ whenever their feelz demand it.

    Trends continue until they can’t – the Breaking Point. Trump has kicked that can down the road. But we will reach it again soon enough. Just think about the peace-with-Russia and the infrastructure/Ford repatriation wealth we all hope for from Trump. Then think about the pussy-pedestalizing faggotry that too much wealth and peace induces.

  7. vxxc2014 says:

    1] You’ll get what you want in this case.
    2] Maybe the rest of it too.

    Good point he’s not to be trusted.

  8. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Go ahead and scream Feminist stuff, because Feminism is good in that it alerts any authorities nearby of problem areas. However, there is a negative side to anti-white screaming because some of the time why the anti-white screamers are screaming is in order to call the anti-white thugs to come do violence to any pro-whites who may be around, trying to discuss and find solutions to stop White Genocide.

    Again, to compare the ineffectiveness of Feminist screaming, well, they’ll often go bare-chested while screaming something inane about “In gay we trust.”, thoroughly useless. Needless to say, in areas where written word is the medium and it is impossible to escort anyone off the premesis, any kind of screaming, indeed any kind of ideological deviation should be reprimanded, at minimum putting up obvious rhetorical walls. To answer everything honestly, is an act of Pridefulness.

    Topically, there is a lot of excitement in Anglosphere politics recently, so any grand claims are to not be heeded unless they represent part of a longer pattern.


  9. Alfred says:

    ‘Guys the frog is noticing it is being boiled, stop turning up the temperature so quickly”

  10. Hesiod says:

    According to the multitude of Hitler shows on The History Channel these past few decades, Nazis are not well-known for their civility. Sucks to be a progressive/communist these days, alas.

  11. Theshadowedknight says:

    The task of the AltRight is to keep the ctrl-Left so horrified and offended that they cannot help themselves but shriek and gibber. The longer we can keep them screaming insults, the less interested anyone will be when the genuine article arrives. Once the manly men and pretty girls turn right in self defense, we can work on instituting our power.

    The Shadowed Knight

    • peppermint says:

      We have another two to four months before the new administration starts doing things that arguably are unconstitutional. I expect Trump to end the protest movement shortly before then lol

  12. Steve Johnson says:

    C’mon jim, a little hat tip would be nice.

    Even had the reference to the “be nice until you can coordinate meanness”.

  13. peppermint says:

    I’m getting away with openly mocking the fake news and hate crime hoaxes right now. If they let up on the screaming, people won’t just be saying Hitler did nothing wrong as a joke, they’ll be telling each other the Holocaust never happened.

    Alexander thinks he’s giving good advice because he thinks his opponents are Moldbug. We’re well past that.

    Michael Moore wants to take over the Democratic Party wan turn it into a populist socialist party, but the SJWs are firmly in control, as well they should be.

    The left has no future no matter what they do. I love making fun of them as they scream and scream and scream.

    Bannon was named first to draw the screaming so Sessions could get the AG slot.

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