What the alt right hopes for from Trump

Trump has promised to build a wall, deport millions of illegals, and stop people who hate us from migrating here.

Well, that is pretty good, but what we really wish is for Trump to be King and high priest, and his son to be grand inquisitor.

That is a mighty tall order, but it would stand a mighty good chance of curing civilizational decay.

We need him to be King or Emperor, because democracy is against us. We don’t want women and blacks voting. Democracy always tempts politicians to enfranchise or import low information voters that can be bought cheaply, obamaphone voters. Thus in the end, democracy winds up as the government electing a new people

We need him to be god, or high priest, or archbishop, so that there is a clearly defined official doctrine that one can piously believe and thereby be an acceptably good person. At present your company is in violation of affirmative action law unless everyone believes in equality twice as much as everyone else, that woman are just as good as men except that they are better, and any underperformance is due to evil sexist thoughts emitted by males, that blacks are just as good as whites and any underperformance is due to evil racist thoughts emitted by whites. The required holy doctrines are set by activist judges and social justice warriors, and thus escalate endlessly. No piety is safe from being deemed racist next year.

We need a grand inquisitor to rid state and quasi state institutions (courts and universities) of demon worshipers, and anyone who claims to be holier than the King, to shut down the holiness competition whereby every professor, every social justice warrior, and every judge tries to be twice as holy as every other.

Of course Trump is not an alt rightist, despite what the left tells themselves. The alt right is just one of the factions of the Trump coalition, and far from being the largest or most influential, though the fact that the alt right is allowed any legitimacy at all horrifies and outrages the left.

But, though just one faction, and far from the largest, Trump has so far shown no inclination to succumb to the pressure to dump parts of the coalition that brought him to power. Many of us expected that he would, and did not much care so long as he builds the wall, but so far, all seems well. He is holding his coalition together. Trump is loyal to those that are loyal to him, and an enemy to his enemies. And if he sliced off one part of his coalition, leftists would demand even more strongly that he slice off another.

So what are our chances of getting what we want, in addition to the wall and the reduced influx of black military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy? What are our chances of getting God Emperor Trump, a fixed and safely unchanging holiness doctrine, and an inquisition to make it stick?

I don’t care if the Holy Trumpian doctrine of the divine Trump says that blacks are angels, and leprechauns exist, provided that next year you don’t have to say they are even better than that.

I rather think we stand a small but significant chance. You will have heard that the Obama/Trump transition is chaos. It is.

The problem however is not with Trump, but with the presidency. The presidency is a worm’s nest. Trump wants to transition the permanent government to doing what he damn well tells them, the permanent government wants to transition the merely temporary government into being their public relations boy as usual. Hence the transition is going extremely badly, indeed it is scarcely going at all.

The permanent government is run by committees that supply or deny people who sit on committees status and power and future career opportunities.

Thus, run by consensus of the most holy synod, no one is responsible, and it is impossible to discover who allocated money or authority for what policy, and difficult to determine what the real policy actually being implemented actually is, since the actual on-the-ground policy is unlikely to correspond to its official description.

This architecture makes it difficult to determine who to fire. Perhaps Trump can save time and mental effort by firing entire committees at once.

This architecture is unfixable, no matter how many political commissars you insert, except by not having stuff run by committees – except by reorganizing the permanent government so that it is responsive to a single will, by having money, power, responsibility and authority flow though clear overt formal official hierarchical channels that appear on an organization chart as a top down tree. As King Charles the first said, “No Bishop, no King”, meaning if no Bishop, then no King.

One can readily foresee that Trump is going to find dealing with a very decentralized organization frustrating and exhausting. He will issue orders and they will sink into the labyrinthine morass without a trace.

Trump being Trump, I think he not only wants to take charge of the Permanent Government, but is likely to do so, which is a revolutionary act for which he will need revolutionaries. Expect the left to set fire to the Reichstag at a convenient moment.

And if we don’t get God Emperor Trump and his holy inquisition, we will say we did and watch the leftists go even crazier.


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  1. peppermint says:

    It’s too stupid. Only fringe Democrats still pretend to believe in what’s supposedly being investigated, since the legacy media’s strategy of not normalizing Trump has not only failed but ruined their credibility.

    • peppermint says:

      The plan was indictments, pussyhat+BLM+Antifa riots, and congress voting for impeachment. It was supposed to happen last november. Trump is now normalized, BLM is ridiculous after the athem derping, pussyhats countersignaled for being pink in addition to being inherently ridiculous, antifa is hated as much as neo-nazis, congress voted for the president’s tax bill that helps ordinary people, the president made D’s look stupid over DACA, the president’s tariffs that obviously will help ordinary people are now acceptable, and the D useful idiots are screaming louder about gun control than they did about neo-nazis thus making them ridiculous. Doug Jones is siding with gun control which mak

  2. filmermoldbug. says:

    jim –

    is the Nunberg refusal the opening shot of permanent government coming for elected government?

    i’ve always kept in mind, your salvo that a watershed moment of people we’ve never heard of with made-up badges coming for President Trump’s arrest; to signify things ‘heating up’ so to speak.

    your thoughts on above, would be appreciated.

  3. Purge the fascists says:

    So this is where the nazis of the internet gather. Fuck all of you.

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  5. Glenfilthie says:

    Good luck with that Jim!

    The Left tried to set up Obutthole as The Chocolate Jesus and all they had to show for it was a golfing baboon that nobody had any time or respect for. Oh sure – he went over big with the niggers but the affirmative action social experiment was a bust.

    Trump is a business man. He doesn’t give a shit about the hero worship from cellar dwelling fan boys like Vox Day and Heartiste – they are less to him than the mud on his shoes. He’ll dispense with them the second they become baggage the same way he did with Christie. You can just bet that if it becomes tactically feasible and useful – those pasty faced dweebs will be loaded onto the catapults and fired at the bastions of liberalism without a second thought.

    Trump wants a market place – a level marketplace where men can compete with utter disregard to hairy chested feminists, niggers, and other useless vibrants clamouring for special treatment and consideration. He recently signed up for a dollar a year in wages. A king would never do that! The last guy that did kicked the union slobs in the balls, gave the finger to the democrats, and paid off billions in debt early. He saved Dodge from itself when it was hellbent on suicide.

    The autobiography of Lee Iococca should be mandatory reading for any conservative, Alt or otherwise. My guess is that this American revival will be much like the Dodge one.

    Congrats on your new PRESIDENT, fellas.

    • Cavalier says:

      What we want is precisely for Trump to run USG like he’s the CEO, and we rather expect to get it.

      If we’re really lucky he’ll be the founder-CEO of a completely new USG, and as he has indicated in interviews, he’s not much a fan of giving away wealth. In other words, he has dynastic inclinations. Donald Jr., hint hint. “Barron”. What names to name your sons, right? Donald I and Donald II, and “Baron” with a second R.

      We’re going to have our thousand year Trumpenreich, and it’s going to take us to space.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      This is why we gas the Boomers before the Jews or the niggers. Boomers are the niggers of the Generations. You have not done a tenth of the work Heartiste or Vox have, but your Boomer inferiority/superiority complex means you have to degrade them.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • Steve Johnson says:

        As vox would point out, it’s gamma posturing. “Trump outgroups you [and ingroups me]” – total bullshit to make himself feel better.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        A. I’m not a boomer.
        B. Trump IS a boomer
        C. Not sure if Trump would have any more use for me than sycophants like yourselves.

        Ya boys ever wanna get stupid and follow through on that stuff with the gas, Trump’d put a bullet through you before I could. Unlike yourselves – I’m useful and productive. If America is ever to be great again, it will involve men like me teaching boys like you how to work.??

        • Jack Highlands says:

          For sure, all the solid, hard-working men I know comment a lot on blogs and webzines.

        • viking says:

          youre right and Bannon is not Jim, but they get that left religion is bad for business, that there is more to life than business, and that culture white culture is good for business they get that white people are good for business. They see that the marxists are luring the global capitalists into a trap that the trap is existential and the chink in the armor is white proles. They seem to accept that a white nation is not possible here in the USA but it can be mitigated and the usa power can be used to preserve white nations in europe. they seem to see that many capitalist were not true believers and will flip if it seems safe, they seem to get that many leftists are true believer and will flip if it seems progressive by grandpas definition. In short they saw the emperor had no clothes and that most people already had that figured out, That said it remains to be seen if they will take it the limit or pull a reagan and cuck

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          You could not teach a gangbang in a whorehouse. No man worthy of the term will listen to you, and any boy that does will end up the same failed wretch as you. You talk a lot of shit, but you still have not done shit. Another all bark, no bite, mangy dog yapping at his betters. Well, sit, boy, and lay down and be quiet.

          The Shadowed Knight

  6. viking says:

    To answer Jims question and not get unrealistic expectations we ought to analyze what happened.
    I think political correctness is what lost, is the big takeaway.
    Trump was explicitly “racist” yet he did better than Romney with Hispanics and i think Blacks.
    He was explicitly sexist but did well among women running against a woman.
    He was explicitly anti GOP but did well among the GOP.
    He was anti-trade but the stock market rallied.
    He was anti elite but did well with the wealthy.
    No matter what he actually said people didnt care they seemed get what he was actually saying in his clumsy way was this insanity has to stop, this pretending the emperor has clothes is going to get us killed, enough is enough. He doesnt have a mandate to make heartiste secretary of pussy and jim in charge of nigger control but the women got that sometimes they like getting grabed by the pussy if the guy knows what hes doing and the niggers knew they were getting away with murder and would kill the golden goose, the liberals even knew they couldnt stop on their own doing crazy shit like nominating clinton,fucking milo got that faggotry had to be contained or podesta would be childraping boys in devil worship on Tv any year now.
    I think if he can put a lie to the charges of hate he can do a lot like say he gives the niggers the job of building the wall jussayin, and then he says its time to abandon affirmative action and disparate impact because theyre not just he could get away with that but if he spend a year reinstituting stop and frisk and cutting welfare he cant get away with that. not defending niggers welfare etc saying go for the big stuff thyre not ready for but the people are. the left is not ready to defend disparate impact and AA, buld some trust then cut balls. political correctness is crazyness people realize its got to stop

    • CanSpeccy says:

      Trump was explicitly “racist”

      In what way was Trump either racist or sexist. I don’t see it. Seems complete bollocks. Trump promised better job opportunities for all by

      (a) eliminating from the competition illegal immigrants

      (b) infrastructure spending.

      He also promised to take half the working population of the tax rolls, altogether. Again a benefit for all races.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        “Racist” means “badwhite”. Trump is a badwhite, therefore Trump is racist. There’s not some Platonic form of “racism” that Trump is either like or not like. It’s simply not a meaningful concept.

      • viking says:

        oF COURSE iM USING THEIR DEFINITIONS and i will say he was clearly not at the margins of their definition ok he came down an elevator and pretty much said mexicans are rapists and criminals barely equivocating for a long time

        he stood on stages and made fun of womens bodies was caught on tape talking about grabbing their pussies etc etc

        whats important is he said things so far out of the overton window loud and clear and no one but the far left cared after he won the primaries the cathedral reconsidered and got more serious with the rights help and took him down a bit in the polls and he with a wink began triangulating the niggers and the left and the proles and the left but he never really recanted never apologized never released his taxes never did a fucking thing they demanded think of it he actually made a joke about their sexist attacks on rosie and got belly laughs trust me he ran as a sexist racist

        if youre arguing do i think it was racist sexist seriously i think niggers black brown sand and yellow should all be shipped back and women assigned a husband

  7. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The forthcoming appointmet of Sen Sessions for A.G. is something I could support. That general officer who was following the Donald around for a while getting Sec of Defense is a good indication as well. But, then again, the actions of P.O.T.U.S. are both at once above and below my expertise. Democracy, and maybe the entire landmass of the U.S. are likely too weighty to go on as is.


  8. Jehu says:

    Trump can get a lot of mileage out of deportation. Remember the estimates of how many illegal aliens voted are in the 10-15% range, and that’s just how many will admit it in polls. So let’s say he deports 3 million by midterm elections, and 7 million more self-deport. That’s very achievable. Further assume that illegals that voted aren’t voting for Trump, which is a pretty reasonable assumption (my guess is this subset probably is in the ballpark of 90/10, a lot like blacks). So for every million he deports, he gets a swing of around 80k votes nationally. 10 Million would give him a swing of around 800k votes. Go even bigger, say 6 million deported and 14 million self-deported, and you’re talking a delta of at least 1.6M votes, which even at a modest rate is achievable by 2020. Actual numbers will probably be higher, because more than 10% are probably voting, and they’re probably worse than 90/10 in their vote split, and self deportation once you get serious about doing deportation is likely to be even more pronounced.

    • Xızır says:

      Illegals have some local political power but typically cannot vote for anything higher than positions on town councils.

    • Cavalier says:

      If Trump is serious about deporting the Mexicans, he has a runway of about 40 million illegals before he gets to the “legals”.

      • Xızır says:

        Agree that it is higher than official, but not that high. Really pessimistic about the possibility of him revoking magic-soil-born citizens. However, am more optimistic about him becoming God-Emperor. Practicality is the key, can easily take over the government, not so easily reverse years of culture war. One thing at a time.

        • jim says:

          Australia had no problem deporting magic-soil-born foreigners. The left screamed blue murder, the permanent government practiced civil disobedience against the merely temporary government, the judiciary had total meltdowns, but the regular public paid no attention. Nobody showed up for the protests.

          But, of course, all Australian magic-soil-born foreigners were very young. Maybe older ones would get traction.

          • viking says:

            dont forget austrailia is a former celtic penal colony not a religious partition

        • jim says:

          Pretty sure the number of illegals is way higher than official.

        • Cavalier says:

          40 million is the low end estimate.

          50 million is probable. 60 million is possible. 70 million is within the realm of possibility. All told, there are nearly 100 million spics living within the borders of the United States. Of those, probably no more than 10 or maybe (possibly) 15 million are descendants of the original 3 million Reagan amnesty, meaning that 85 or 90 million of those spics are either illegal, legal on green cards or whatever the scams are nowadays, or Magic Soil American.

          Frankly, everybody with less than 50% ancestry here before 1965 needs to go back. Then we’ll all need to have a nice collective chat about establishing a zionist movement to restore the diaspora Africans to their ancient homeland.

          • viking says:


            • Cavalier says:

              For those that came here by land, cut off the gibs and raid the favelas—they came here under their own power, they will leave by their own power too.

              For those that came here by sea, the biggest shipbuilding boom in history for the biggest fleet of slow ships in history.

              Taking power is the same no matter how you slice it.

            • SFC Ton says:

              The bayonet

        • viking says:

          I have read the birthright is pretty ify and almost no other nation has it so a few of the right supremes might do it, i think all americans get the anchor baby meme and dont like it. legacy wetbacks would be problematic unless trumpism as we hope it is continues for decades.in that event there are all sorts of legal strategies to recind citizenship on basis of fraudulant apps

          • jim says:

            I have read the birthright is pretty ify and almost no other nation has it so a few of the right supremes might do it,

            Tony Abbot just deported the birthrights regardless and let the judges scream.

            • viking says:

              1973 : Significant changes to the law implemented by the Whitlam Labor government, mostly effective on 1 December 1973.
              Distinction between migrants from Commonwealth and other countries (in terms of ability to become Australian citizens) abolished. The previous residence requirements of 1 year (Commonwealth) and 5 years (non-Commonwealth) to become Australian citizens replaced by a common residence period of 3 years, but with a six-month transition period.
              Age of majority for citizenship purposes reduced from 21 to 18.
              The 1948 Act was renamed the Australian Citizenship Act 1948.
              1975 : The Papua New Guinea (Australian Citizenship) Regulations 1975 provided that any Australian citizen becoming a citizen of Papua New Guinea at Independence on 16 September 1975 should lose Australian citizenship.
              1984 : The Australian Citizenship (Amendment) Act 1984 became effective on 22 November 1984 and made significant changes, including that Australian law would no longer regard Australians as “British subjects.” British subjects in Australia who were not Australian citizens became permanent residents. Australian passports are only to be issued to Australian citizens. At the same time, the residence period for naturalisation was reduced from 3 years to 2 years.
              1986 : The Australian Citizenship (Amendment) Act 1986 provided that children born in Australia on or after 20 August 1986 would only be Australian citizens if at least one parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
              1994 : From 31 January 1994, new citizens have been required to take a pledge of commitment[4] to Australia, instead of an oath to the Queen of Australia.
              2002 : From 4 April 2002, Australians becoming citizens of other countries by a voluntary act no longer lose Australian citizenship.
              2007 : On 1 July 2007, the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 replaced the 1948 Act. Many Australians who had lost citizenship under the 1948 Act, and their children, are given access to Australian citizenship. The residence period for naturalisation was increased from 2 years to 4 years, with a 3-year transition period for existing permanent residents, and a citizenship test was introduced.

            • peppermint says:

              We really need a better word for jus soli than birthright. Two of our most central reforms are reinstating birthright and abolishing jus soli.

      • Sam J. says:

        “…40 million illegals…”

        Agreed. I bet it’s 30 million minimum. I read somewhere that was the number of illegal tax numbers or returns. I can’t find the paper anymore. I think it got buried.

  9. viking says:

    he needs to game theory the electorate sure this strts with deportations etc,
    But he needs to drive niggers out of white states we can win electoral votes in future elections and drive whites into states we can flip. he needs to set a foolproof voter id and voting systems that are rig proof this wont be easy from def level.He needs to flip the jews and asians no easy see above for jews, he can divide the niggers and brown niggers over jobs and why brown niggers get affirmative action

    affirmative action needs to go its an easy target peel it away the way it was instituted smash the overton windows surrounding it very few really understand how prevalent it is even minorities think its unfair when told. start with the non black niggers

    medical care is like defense it simply costs about five times what it needs to other nations without the ability to have 80% of the budget stolen make do without 12,000 dollar hospital beds, there’s not a single aspect of it thats not insanely bloated. reduce its cost and provide basic healthcare for the indigent and private healthcare free market, force options like covering 26 year olds to be available with an explicit price tag. pre existing conditions for wealthy who want to keep their assets needs to be exposed for what it is what it costs and if stll wanted it should be from basic government system bare bones.

    replace most of govt with an app, tech and big data can make much of govt private this eliminates permanent cicil service and leftist power, however there must be choice and market pressures

    infrastructure can be privatized and or corporations can be taxed on use

    • CanSpeccy says:

      “he needs to set a foolproof voter id and voting systems”

      That’s fairly easy. No advance voting. If you can’t drag yourself to the polling booth your not fit to vote. And no voting machines. Just paper ballots and pencil marks. Then the votes can be counted, and if necessary recounted, by hand in full view of representatives of all candidates. That’s how it’s done in Canada, and it works.

      • CanSpeccy says:

        And of course you need a proper register of voters, against which names are crossed off as voters show IDs and mark their ballots.

      • viking says:

        States control voting so that has to be worked but its a big enough issue can be done. I would like to be able to verify every vote moldbug talks about this he say just surpise audit one county match every vote to human citizen he links to some scary anecdotal evidence cheating might be 10-15%

    • Sam J. says:

      More good ideas by Viking.

      We need to move the diversity to where they keep voting for it. Right now the Democrats are using section 8 to purposely move diversity to White areas on purpose. Let’s turn the tables on them. There’s a group called the broad group in China. They mass produce sections of buildings in factories. They then ship to the building site and throw up a thirty story building in 15 days. They have videos it’s incredible. It’s all about mass producing the sections and not doing anything at the site but stacking sections and tying things to together.


      We dump section 8 and start building these buildings in all the counties that vote for diversity. We move every section 8 person into these buildings. How are they really going to complain? The can and will but everyone will know what hypocrites they are.

      I’ve got the voting machine business figured out. There’s a way to do this I thought of. First use regular paper to vote on. Long ballots could use multiple pages. Using regular paper means that anywhere there’s a copy machine ballots could be printed. Cheap. The voter colors in a square for his vote on each issue or candidate. There’s a 1/2 inch margin around the ballot. The voter scribbles, marks, adds numbers, draws pictures or what ever they want around the edges of the ballot. A picture is taken of the ballot. Pictures could be taken with cheap web cams. Image software reads the ballot and where they colored in a vote it tallys it. A computer does a hash of the photo of the ballot. (hash for example sha256) They don’t need to be special computers. They could use the local governments normal PC’s for voting. Remote voting could be done by providing the voter with a one time password to vote and a ballot in the mail. Once again cheap. Here’s where the scribble is important. The scribbles will all be different. A hash is just a long number mathematically derived from data. Like a fingerprint is to a human. In this case the hash of the picture with the scribbles being the individualist part. It’s used to verify that a block of data has not been tampered with using a smaller number. The voter writes the hash number at the bottom of the ballot and keeps the ballot on their person. After verifying that the vote is correct they hit enter and their vote is cast and instantly added to all the other votes. ALL pictures of ballots will be kept. They are saved with their HASH. You could go to your polling station web site and download the whole polling station pictures of ballots and add them up yourself. You could also, using your individual hash number, verify that your vote is included in that polling stations votes and that it is correct by pulling up the picture tied to your individual hash number. You have the actual ballot as a back up. All the polling stations would be the same and each one you could download and count yourself with software. The only glitch is that the number of ballots needs to be the same as actual qualified voters. That we’ll handle the same as now so in unmonitored districts there could still be cheating. It would end electronic cheating which is almost impossible to prove.

  10. viking says:

    He needs to build a network with nationalist Europe not only because in unity there is strength and legitimacy, Because it breaks the globalist on the rack, but because by proxy the argument for ethnic nationalism can be made there and not here but we will hear it here and get the message.

    He needs to find a way to split the jews this assumes hes not already Pwnd by them, He has signalled anti neocon but pro Israel, they are worried a little he needs to make them worry a lot, he needs to extract from Israel finally something in return for our backing, that they break the jewish left that they make the nationalist case for whites,That they make the HBD case, that they make it legitimate and integral to any policy discussion in a multicultural society.

    He needs to triangulate feminism from women he needs to encourage white women to have children, tax deductions is the way to not have it encourage niggers to have children too. He needs to make clear that mens interests are the interests of mothers and wives,he needs to go after abortion on demand for men as well the case is an accidental pregnancy should not ruin a womans life then why must cant men have paper abortions disavowing responsibility for the child , file disparate impact suits against states that routinely give women custody,break up the coalitions of christians cucks and feminists

    He needs to go after the universities as jim has gone into detail on. He needs to eliminate the dept of education or use its possible continuance as a carrot for reform he has to purge propaganda from primary and secondary school

    He needs to reduce the cost of defense while making us much much stronger, we waste insane amounts on defense where smaller nations find clever ways to make do if we used some of those tactics with our budget we would be orders of magnitude stronger at same time all our tech is stolen and we are ripped off by defense suppliers we need to literally shoot some traitors and put some defense CEOs and lobbyists in prison forever

    We need to purge nasa and work for mars

    we need to figure out china problem wedding russia to europe helps, rearming japan but i suspect we are clueless about chinas rell goals and how to handle them wisely

    • CanSpeccy says:

      “He needs to triangulate feminism from women he needs to encourage white women to have children, tax deductions…”

      This seems like the best way to improve the intelligence of the population of all races. A $25,000 tax deduction available to each parent for each child, the benefit to be received by whichever parent is the child’s guardian. That way, those best able to succeed in modern society would be at an advantage in the competition for desirable mates.

      To make this work, it would be necessary for paternity to be established by DNA test.

      • peppermint says:

        That’s retarded. And cucked – take from White producers and give to consumers “of every race”. Even giving to White consumers is cucked.

        • viking says:

          I said tax deduction not credit so that to get the benefit you have to produce enough income to write it off its basically going to the highest earners-whites.

          • Cavalier says:

            If you tax stupid people less, you end up taxing smart people more.

            • viking says:

              not sure of your point but my tax deduction idea is pretty clearly designed to be of more use the higher the income which should correlate to IQ, its a deduction of taxes paid not a credit some waitress can make use of.At a certain point people are so rich its hypothetical but they seem to have kids trumps got 5.

              if your point is he shouldnt have come out with big tax cuts i probably agree but lets see. talking about cutting taxes is good politics

        • CanSpeccy says:

          It’s not ” take from White producers and give to consumers “of every race”.

          It’s taking less from the most highly taxed if they reproduce. For those who are not taxed at all, now, there’s no benefit from reproduction because there’s no tax from which a deduction can be had.

      • jim says:

        History shows that economic factors have only very small effect on fertility. People do not decide to have children because they can afford them. They decide to have children, and then do whatever it takes to afford them.

        • viking says:

          not pretending this is a cure all for demographic collapse but i would argue while its true in my case at least that when the stork drops off the bundles of menace you find a way to cope, I also think its true high IQ whites are pretty good at family planning and the dirth of dignity and security [both physical and financial] that whites require for family formation lowers fertility. I think to prove this you might look at rural v urban fertility it would be hard to separate out variables but having raised children in NYC and norther Idaho I can tell you i wouldnt ever raise kids in NYC again its practically impossible to do in a responsible way unless very wealthy.wages are high but a one bedroom apt cost a million plus another few grand in maintenance fees monthly, public schools are nigger war zones but private schools is 40k a year, catholic schools like i attended are all but gone. In north idaho 80 grand still buys you a house with enough acres for critters the schools are so so but white and wages suck but theres no pressure to appear wealthy, you dont identify by career when i first moved up and asked like a new yorker what people did they always strted telling me about their hunting and hobbies and families clueless that i meant career, when i would correct them they would say oh well right now im working at the mill but told them i dont work elk season which was cool cause they close up for elk season anyway, in the spring ill probably pick up a forest service contract ……. just folks. and yeah they dont plan families kids just keep showing up and dad keeps building on the house, nothngs ever sheetrocked the insulations just covered in visqueen. they heat with wood dont eat slave meet and and until recently really were not wired into the web tv or cellphones past five years thats change bad development and brown niggers are starting to turn up.But since wages are so low brown niggers have it hard competing with white men.
          NYC is whole other world

    • Sam J. says:

      viking these are all great ideas. I would say the Moon is more important than Mars right now. Still a lot to be learned there and it’s a lot closer.

      I don’t think China is a big a problem as made out. If Russia can be tied to Europeans and us as you said give it 15 years and the Chinese run out of children. It will slow them greatly having such an old population.

      We should separate “people” corporations from paper corporations. The Supreme court ruled corporations are people, ok, we treat them like people. No tax breaks that people don’t get. Criminality will cause the corporate leaders to go to jail like people. No limited liability like people. Get my drift? Those corporations who want limited liability and all the former breaks sign a paper that they are not a “person” corporation and they will be treated differently.

      We might also limit the ratio of Corporate CEO to worker pay. It’s way higher in the US than most other countries and best as I can tell most of them are just selling off the country piece by piece and technology piece by piece to get profits anyways. This would also have the advantage that the most aggressive of CEO’s would branch out and make their own companies. Most likely in competition with their old firms lowering monopolism in industry.

  11. JRM says:

    When I hear that Mitt Romney is being floated for SOS, I get very, very troubled.

    This article makes sense; and it gives me some hope that Trump is playing a really tricky bluff.

    • viking says:

      romneys a cuck nut not really a neocon far as i know so he makes a presentable SOS he neednt be given any say on policy biggest risk is if trump fails Romney springboards a challenge, Buchanan would be fun SOS but we need to be smart.
      Frankly I have little faith trump is anything like what we hope or near smart enough to even accomplish his populist intincts expect he will be crushed, but assuming he is better than that he must go carefully theres only republicans and democrats to choose from

  12. viking says:

    A permanently free internet should be our first goal its the only thing that got us this far and they have shut down europe and working to shut down the US for a decade.Forget blogs and tweets we wouldnt even be able to find each other.

    He has to be held to his promise to deport all the illegal aliens and overturn birthright stop all immigration and build the wall otherwise we just lose the next election.

    The second amendment and packing the supreme court this seems a lock so lets hope for the old Commies to start dying.

    He needs to go after their institutions most of them are blatantly political yet enjoy tax status they need to be hounded.

    He needs to form a mannerbund in the deepstate inteligence military and police, he needs to purge the cucks trannys feminists niggers fags etc and signal game is on, this can be done very low profile they will know whats happening but wont be able to stop it without revealing what they have done and besides hes commander and chief.

    He needs to triangulate the dems and repubs break up the game while building rapport with the people this will involve being nice to the niggers to an extent, not countenancing crime but pretending it for all citizens. Building some trucks here will not do it we actually cant do much technology anymore we cant even make pure enough silicone for chips, Yet we are broke and globalist marxists and corporatists will saboutage he needs to triangulate that unholy alliance. trade wars will be stupid fail and cost him reelection he needs to go smart on the agreements and instead bribe the corporations with their own money to re arm america. start by tax free repatriation of any corporate assets reinvested in targeted american technology and go farther offer long term tax abatements on profits from enterprises built here we will make it up in payroll taxes. We need to be the nation that supplies the robotic and AI that is going to replace labor over the next 50 years we can do this with zero tax dollars by simply letting the corporations keep the taxes they were not going to pay anyway and we can help by implying non “american” corporations will be treated different than national corporations. This triangulates the free traders who are also hawks against the globalist protectionists

    • Cavalier says:

      Freedom of speech advantages those seeking power at the expense of those possessing power. If you ever get into the power, one of the first things you must do is crack down on the “freedom” of your enemies to subvert and slander your reputation, your ideology, and your state in the exact same way that your enemies presently crack down on _your_ freedom to talk about niggers, spics, kikes, and fags.

      • viking says:

        right now we dont have power and dont have a chance without free speech.
        two theres a difference of opinion on your main point that sort of hinges on how much power you have, i have enough personal power that i can allow a little teasing because i know they know there’s a limit and i can see they telegraph this limit and therefore my authority to outsiders when i see a man driven to distraction by teasing from subordinates i know the jackals are closing in, when i see he allows no teasing i know he knows the jackals will close in given half a chance

        • Cavalier says:

          The only reason you have “free speech” is because our benevolent rulers have not yet figured out the incredible quantity and quality of subversive and conspiratorial heresy perpetrated by anonymous commenters, such as yourself, in the dark corners of the Internet, such as this blog.

    • EH says:

      Domestic corporations in the correct, mercantilist / nationalist approach to trade are those with exclusively domestic ownership that gets the profits from overseas operations. I don’t see a reason why we can’t limit ownership of stock in large corporations traded on US markets to be exclusively US citizen natural persons and allocated, voting accounts of US citizens. We can also require that they return as much in dividends to shareholders as they cannot reinvest at a similar level of ROI as what they have averaged. Shareholders’ rights need to be strengthened, too – no more of management voting shares they don’t actually own or didn’t buy with their own money or as part of their compensation package (which needs to negotiated lower with more competition for management jobs).

      The legal barriers to entry that corporations have purchased over the years need to be torn down and policy steered toward funding and fostering competitors to current big players in all industries.

      It needs to become a lot easier to borrow money to do productive things – now as an individual or small firm, they’ll only give you a loan for houses, overpriced college tuition and consumer spending. These loans to buy equipment, rent facilities, product development and marketing have to have interest rates that make it profitable for banks, which is almost exclusively a function of the rate of defaults. By spreading risks over a large pool of loans, only lending to people who aren’t stupid or too nuts, defaults should be reasonably low, low enough to keep rates in the 5-15% range that is far less than equity financiers would take, with vastly less overhead and strings attached. With government guarantees of such loans, the rates would be similar to student loans, or even lower than mortgage rates for secured business loans. Besides guarantees, which should be cheap or net negative cost to government, the other important policy to encourage such loans is treating them as being preferable capital in the eyes of the bank regulators to everything else, at least equal to T-bills.

  13. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I don’t understand all this talk about holiness, after all, there is so much more to be done by the military, Ethno-Nationalist side of things which has been shirking its duty for a while. Remember that hereditary titles were formed because family alliances grew to the point where one family wanted to be able to count on the fighting resources of another family through multiple generations.


    • StringsofCoins says:

      Yes we know that you don’t understand.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:


        Because when one is surrounded by limp, irreligious types, one doesn’t give an inch. Should be basic, but then again, I am quite alien to you all. Good for me.


    • peppermint says:

      OK, what’s your plan to start having noble military families again?

      Firearms mean every man can be a soldier. What you want, then, might be a restoration of the old Constitution under which gun-owning householders have the vote. I’d be okay with that.

  14. Alraune says:

    For the moment, the Grand Inquisitor appears to be Bannon. And if we can get through the transition with him still in place, we’ll be off to an excellent start.

  15. Mackus says:

    “leftists go even crazier”
    Jim, what’s you take on Scott Alexander’s recent “stop crying wolf, Trump is not a racist” piece? bit.ly/2f3iTxB
    Scott Adams claims it will dehypnotise any anti-Trump people who bother to read it. I mean, the logic is impeccable, but I’d not underestimate people’s ability to not understand idea if understanding it would stop them from gaining status.

    • basedjohn11 says:

      Leftism is losing status at a rapidly accelerating pace. Kanye West, the high priest of coolness, just endorsed Trump and declared him a genius. We’re in the middle of an inflection point, and the change is flying faster than was previously imaginable.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      Scott Alexander is deeply emotionally committed to the left and wants the left to succeed. If you read the full post, he later gives 99% and 95% estimates that the population of NAMs and Muslims in the United States increases through a Trump term. Those numbers are the key to understanding the post.

      What Scott fears is that Trump’s election is the end of the reign of terror where if you say something progressives consider blasphemy you get persecuted. As of right now, the most likely outcome is that progs keep screaming about racism and Hitler and people learn to fully ignore them. Scott wants people to look at Trump, see that he makes an effort to pander to prog pets and give him an all clear on racism. This preserves the weapon for future use when someone doesn’t make the effort to pander. His interest is in preserving the weapon – until demographics makes a Trump repeat impossible (that’s where his probablistic estimates come in). He even describes this strategy in a post called “Be Nice Until You Can Coordinate Meanness”.

      Scott is giving tactical advice to the left. Of course, the left is too emotional and crazy to understand that (“only a racist would say that Trump isn’t a racist!”) and (too much of) the right is too desperate for approval (“even the acclaimed blogger Scott Alexander says Trump isn’t really a racist”) so no one will see the actual message.

      Scott dearly wishes the left could constrain its maniacs so that you can have sane, normal progressivism where trannies are never misgendered (correctly gendered), socialism is considered a deeply attractive economic system that maybe someday we’ll be ready for, where racial behavioral differences don’t necessitate different rules for social harmony to exist, where diversity + proximity != war, where the left wasn’t just a bunch of people posturing to tear down social structures for the short term status boost gained for tearing them down, etc. In short, he’s nuts – in a very conventional way.

      The evil part is that he understands and agrees with enough of the reactionary critique to know that his wishes for the left are impossible – and he remains a leftist anyway.

      • Javier says:

        Spot-on analysis there. Scott is like a really smart kid who had the misfortune of being raised a creationist.

        • jim says:

          I think the weak and the frightened tend to identify with leftists and leftism, because leftists have committed so many tortures and mass murders and gotten away with it. Everyone loved the Khmer Rouge, and failure to love the Khmer Rouge would get you into big trouble, until they fell from power, largely because they had murdered so many of each other that there were not many competent Khmer Rouge left, whereupon, once they fell from power, everyone promptly hated them.

          Scott Aaronson and Scott Alexander identify with the left for the same reason that noisy angry women identify with the left – because they feel weak and vulnerable. Small boys like monster trucks, and weak men like mass murderers and torturers.

          • Cavalier says:

            Back when I was still a good little prog, I had a weird kind of dual mental state. On the one hand, I had something of an inferiority complex that permeated my Weltanshauung. On the other hand, I was superior, and I knew it. All-pervasive doublethink.

            I believe that this is the base emotion for the schizophrenic: “we’re superior to you and don’t you forget it / we’re rebelling against the man, man”. Never mind that they are the man—they never feel like the man.

            We really are living in a crazy period of human history, and just one of the many crazy things is that we have an elite that denies it’s an elite, and is perfectly sincere in so doing.

            Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0sDHNvXEUM

            I could almost swear she’s gloating.

      • Max says:

        (((Scott Alexander)))*

    • jim says:

      Summary of Scott’s piece: “Stop being mean until we are in position to murder all legacy Americans. Don’t set fire to the Reichstag.”

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