Ferguson on fire. World to follow

In her book “World on Fire”Amy Chua surveys various market dominant minorites. Usually, sooner or later, they get exterminated or ethnically cleansed. Not always, and often it takes quite a while before the killing starts, but that is the way to bet.

Whites are now a market dominant majority, soon to become a market dominant minority, and when I turn on the television to hear about Ferguson, I hear the narrative explaining why we need to be exterminated or ethnically cleansed, and see the fires burning.

Once outvoted, self defense by whites will be deemed inherently offensive, as will any acquittal of a white defending himself, or any conviction of a colored person attacking a white.  The next Ferguson after we lose the majority will be Kristallnacht.

White nationalists have this theory that once things get bad enough, whites will stiffen up. The Jewish reaction to Kristallnacht was to go limp, and, looking around the world, the whiter a country is, the more willing it is to resist massive colored immigration, and the less white the less willing. Similarly, the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa.

A very large proportion of whites, most of them single women, will vote for a Kristallnacht against whites, and by that time, most white women will be single.

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  5. Red says:

    I’ve always wondered, why didn’t the whites of South Africa fight back? They had to know what was coming. Leadership co-opted by the cathedral? British elite beat down the boars too much?

    • jim says:

      Every one of them was taught, from the cradle to the grave, that rule by magic negroes would be just wonderful, and anyone doubted it was punished.

      This system of education was imposed by the Boer war, and to impose it they kidnapped the Boer’s women and children, and murdered them horribly and in huge numbers. Similarly, what is now happening to the Tutsi in the Congo. To improve the racist attitudes of the Tutsis, to make them more tolerant and less hateful, the Cathedral has Tutsi women vaginally impaled with objects larger than themselves.

  6. Red says:

    Whites are really more of a Military supremacy group. We can be the minority or the majority, but we have to be in charge to prosper. I don’t think comparison to the Jews or Chinese really work.

  7. Mister Grumpus says:

    (I for one would very much appreciate a write-up from you about the 1905 pogrom/revolution in Russia.)

  8. Alrenous says:

    ‘White’ is not a race.
    This is attempted genocide of some whitish subclans by other whitish subclans. However, once let off the leash, the superior clan will discover that their nonwhite proxy armies think white is a race too. Once the proxy armies so much as break a nail of the superior clan, they will be betrayed, and suffer from Europeans’ superior aptitude at organized violence. It’s easy, they just let a ‘rebel’ like Ron Paul be president for a bit, someone still fundamentally an insider, then do what they were going to do anyway.

    • Alrenous says:

      I shouldn’t forget to explicitly mention that the superior clan is a minority and market-dominant over the other clan. Much of the reason they’re trying for genocide is a pre-emptive strike. They’ve read World on Fire, not that it’s even necessary to realize they’re playing with fire.

      • Alrenous says:

        Ironically, because they look similar, the inferior clan may be too dumb to spot the clan difference, and be more than happy to blame the Jews over and over again. This would mean an incredible amount of past and future violence was/will be completely vain.

        • Zach says:

          After thoughts are a mother fucker aren’t they?

          Replying to oneself is for the cool kids. ha!

        • peppermint says:

          To see who rules you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize. Jews? Blacks?

          You’re allowed to blame literally anyone else. Knights Templar, Illuminati, Crypto-Nazis, the Klan, anyone. So what’s this superior group that we’ve never heard of?

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Why are you so anti-white?

    • Just sayin' says:

      What is an example of a race?

      • jim says:

        Caucasians are a race. Whites are a race. Anglo Saxons are a race. Jews are a race. Germans are a race. French are not a race.

    • peppermint says:

      ’50s were the inflection point that liberals and conservatives point to. But to us, we must understand that the ’50s begat the ’60s.

  9. The number of people who scored over 650 on the verbal SAT in 1980, was 40% lower than the number who scored over 650 in 1970, in spite of the fact that a higher fraction of the population took the test in 1980. Then after 1980 they started renorming the test.

    The nation, and that includes the whites, are not the men we were in 1960.
    Testosterone is way down too, and obesity way up.
    TV, Women’s Liberation, Teachers unions, pesticides, vaccines, plastics, diet, fluoride… don’t know what, but something or combination made us stupid.

    • Alrenous says:

      Prussian school. Turns out being forced to attend disinformation sessions most days for 13 years makes you stupid. As for testosterone, my affection for parsimonious explanation says; mind over matter. For most, pretending to smile makes them a little happier. Pretending to be effeminate for 13 years…

      • Maybe, but there are other possibilities. More kids who took the SAT in 1980 had more very early vaccines than the kids who took it in 1970. Researchers who inject vaccine surrogates into neo-nate animals, report it damages brain and immune system development. Researchers who injected the aluminum in the current series (scaled for weight) into neo-nate mice found they grew up not only behaviorally damaged, but 50% heavier.

        Fluoride is another issue, according to researchers at Harvard. And there are many possibilities.

        Kids were already being forced into public schools before 1960, although they were treated better there than they are now.

    • Preston S. Brooks (@Rebel_Bill) says:

      Do away with mandatory public schooling, and many of these issues will solve themselves.

  10. spandrell says:

    Whites would rather not live among vibrants if they can choose to; that makes them different from market dominant minorities who go out of their way to live among foreign peoples to do commerce. There are Chinese in every town in SEA, there were Jews in every town in Europe once they were allowed in. Whites in the West are moving out of vibrant neighborhoods, not moving in.

    • B says:

      How do you think whites colonized Africa, Asia and America if they were so reluctant to live among foreign peoples to do commerce?

      • spandrell says:

        Not exactly living among them. They ruled from their hill stations. Once government was given to blacks they didn’t last very long, did they?

        • B says:

          Well, sure, but when they started off, the government was in the hands of the natives, and the Euros set up where they could.

          • spandrell says:

            The Euros went either as managers or as colonizers, eventually attempting to take over the country, not to live among the natives semi-permanently as merchants or any other niche profession.

            Hey, market niches are there for a reason; I do have some admiration for the Chinese peddler in some remote Golden Triangle village, or Jews settling in Trondheim. But Christians as a group don’t do that, and it would hardly ever come to that given that there are actual market minorities all over the West already. Hard to compete with people who’ve been doing it for centuries.

          • B says:

            The Euros lived in their own colonies/neighborhoods in Shanghai, for instance and in India, as traders. Eventually they took the whole place over or not, but at first it was just “we’re here to trade”.

          • spandrell says:

            Western traders in India came with big cannon ships and had to spend decades killing people in order to start trading in Goa et al. Hardly Jews settling in Trondheim.

            Foreign trade in China was only allowed in Canton, and they were isolated from the locals. Shanghai was opened to trade after the Opium War as international territory, with all the concessions and all that.

            Western commerce was militarized and always under European law; I struggle to find an example of a European trader living among natives and subjecting himself to the local law. The Venetians had their quarter in Constantinople, but that’s about it.

  11. Too pessimistic. Such a scenario fails to take into account the random variable. Things tend to surprise.

    • Joe Reader says:

      “Things tend to surprise.” Exactly.

      I am reminded of the incident a few years back where Muslims were pushing Australians around on their beach, harassing the women, and seemingly out of nowhere a group of several thousand angry white Australians began chasing Muslims through the surrounding neighborhood, beating them. All that simmering white anger under the surface and at a certain point it exploded into view, astonishing pretty much everyone, Muslims included.

      • jim says:

        Cronulla Beach

        Police were ordered to protect the Muslims. Were either overwhelmed, or were deliberately ineffectual.

      • peppermint says:

        that’s one incident. We don’t need an ‘extinction burst’, as the commies call it, we need a quiet pattern of White privilege and institutional racism. Which means we need to discredit the media. Does a Cronulla Beach help the media narrative or disrupt it?

        • jim says:

          Initially there was an effort to put the Cronulla beach riots into the narrative of evil Christians oppressing peaceable Muslims – and then that narrative just went away. Not sure why. Perhaps they just did not want anyone anywhere to see oppressed whites riot with decisive and startling effectiveness. They could tell people that the rioters were bad, but could not tell people that the rioters were defeated, futile, or ineffectual. So they decided they would rather not mention it.

          Historically, whites have always been more effective in war than other races, and Anglo Saxons more effective in war than other white races. But, as natphilosopher just commented, we are not the people we used to be.

          I blame female emancipation (causing testosterone decline) and counter streaming, the deliberate policy of sending stupid people and smart people to the same institutions and denigrating the smartest people at those institutions, causing decline in the intelligence of the smart fraction.

          • Mr Olorin says:

            I call BS. The emancipation of females doesn’t cause testosterone decline.

            What causes testosterone decline is things like white men choosing to ingest THC in cattle-stunning amounts, white men choosing the path of eternal adolescence over that of husbands, fathers, and warriors, white men choosing worship of Negro culture, dhimmitude to Islamic culture, and bowing down to government, white men CHOOSING to weaken themselves with porn, video games, internet addiction, and overeating.

            It’s time to stop blaming others for our predicament. It’s time for white men to man up and show whether or not we are made of something other than rhetoric. The smartest white men opted out of educational institutions a long time ago and have settled for the obviously inferior path of learning all the skills and specialized knowledges to maintain a complex society. The smartest white men are doers, not talkers.

            Now the question is which of you will step to the plate in any and every situation in your own lives where hardballs are being thrown. Whining like liberal lesbian schoolteachers about liberal lesbian schoolteachers is a chump out.

          • Anonymous says:

            Part of the problem is numbers. Too few sons. Too few brothers.

          • R7_Rocket says:

            Olorin the White-Knight speaks!

          • peppermint says:

            (1) replace a people’s leadership with a bunch of conspiracies against them

            (2) laugh at them and tell them they deserve the leadership they have

            (3) genocide

            The fish will bite on whatever bait they are thrown because that’s what they do. Need to get rid of the media. To do that, bitch on blogs.

    • Magus Janus says:

      random variable, if truly variable with avg 0, can surprise up or down. Unless you’re weighting the variable surprise towards optimism. If anything historically the variable surprise should be weighting negative… tail risks tend to be negative (S&P deep out money puts worht more than equivalent delta calls for obvious reasons).

  12. vxxc2014 says:

    Not if we fight Jim.

    BTW if by soon you mean 2050 perhaps, more like 2100.

    This does assume a lot of people, at present 70-79% of the country lay down and die. Perhaps they’d be less inclined to do so if their thinking class would stop 1] selling out 2] then bitching on blogs as a substitute for leading their own out of the Hell were being Judas Goated into 3] that leaders won’t rise in a crisis. It also assumes that people keep caring about voting, and that people keep listening to women. Modern communications does a lot to lay the Leftist nature bare and it does not bear scrutiny.

    I think you should give the people more credit, they’ve only just become aware something is terribly wrong, that is Darkly Enlightened.

    However I’m for fighting now, sooner the better. It takes practice.

    Consider 1-3. Then Lead. Follow. Or I guess stay on the sidelines bitching.

  13. peppermint says:

    If the 13% of Blacks bred with the 2% of Jews to make Uruk-hai it wouldn’t be enough to end the age of men. Historically only Arabs, Turks, and Chinks have been able to rule over Whites. South Africa doesn’t count. Just like if the US and EU looked the other way Israel would be as it was in the glory days of King Solomon, if the US and EU looked the other way South Africa would rule all of British Africa.

    And if the US looked the other way, the US would immediately be ruled by Whites.

    • jim says:

      And if the US looked the other way, the US would immediately be ruled by Whites.

      Quite so. But the US is not looking the other way

      • Chris B says:

        So we are all in agreement. The US needs blinding. The media is its eyes and it’s mouth. So it is clear were we need to concentrate for now.

        • Ansible says:

          We must get exposecorruption.org off the ground.

          • Trimegistus says:

            Web sites won’t do it. We need to just pick a day and everybody murder a journalist.

          • Peter Blood says:

            We need a Liberty Valance.

          • peppermint says:

            murdering journalists won’t change anything, there are so many faggots clogging the university walkways who beg and suck cocks for journalism jobs. But journalism is falling apart, due to technological disruption of the broadcast media model.

            MSNBC says blah blah Jim Crow blah blah, FOX asks why the decision was relayed at 8pm right when it was time to start rioting and talks about muh church needs mo money fo dem programs.

            This time, on the Internet, we hear pour la canaille faut la mitraille. We’re not stuck interpolating between MSNBC and Shepard Smith in terms of what position we’re allowed to take, where Shepard Smith interpolates between MSNBC and sanity. The whole ‘media personalities’ thing is inherently left-wing even if it wasn’t illegal to say racist stuff on TV.

            • jim says:

              Sure it will. If someone kills the journalists that doxed Darren Wilson, his wife and his child, the journalists that try to get any white man who defends himself against blacks killed, the rest will stop doing it.

          • peppermint says:

            no, those journalists will become instant heroes with endless documentaries and TV movies. There are lots of communist 25 year olds hoping to impress 17 year old girls by doing something dangerous for social justice in a world owned by cynical old men. Murdering Shepard Smith won’t accomplish anything either.

            The problem is that broadcast media is a megaphone held by people whose job it is to tell idiots what they want to hear. The solution is increasing fragmentation in the media market and people retreat into their own little bubbles, because a bubble of a thousand faggots is less impervious to facts than a bubble of ten million.

  14. Dave says:

    During the Reconstruction Era, recently freed blacks were given land, money, guns, and political power by the occupying Union army. Yet every time armed blacks got into a fight with armed whites, the event was labeled a “massacre”, i.e. dozens of blacks killed, a few whites slightly injured.

    After the Ottomans left, the Balkans remained a patchwork of mutually hostile mono-ethnic mini-states. After the Union army left, one ethnicity quickly regained supremacy across the entire South.


    • jim says:

      Well that ethnicity had what it took to fight a war against the Union, so when Union troops left, nature took its course.

      Do they still have what it took to fight the Union?

    • Dave says:

      My real question was why, unless they gang up on an unsuspecting victim, do blacks fight so ineffectually? I recall the movie “Glory”, where brave black soldiers failed to capture a Confederate fort. Couldn’t Hollywood find a battle that the blacks *won*, and depict that instead?

      • Thales says:

        Blacks actually fight very effectively in brawls, even one-on-one.

        But in an organized force, discipline, forbearance, cohesion — intelligence — dominates, and since blacks average 1 sigma below whites…

        • Zach says:

          Thales, I have not seen nor experienced, what you have described in your first sentence.

          I thought the common wisdom, was that they’re really good at acting tough?

          • Red says:

            My own experience is blacks don’t know how to fight at all. Maybe they did in the 60s, but today they slide on having a gun, fear, and sucker punches.

  15. B says:

    The natural human reaction when things go bad is to go numb and not make any sudden moves. It takes a lot of training and internal cohesion to take drastic and sustained action.

    I suspect that the 13% of the US which is black doesn’t have what it takes to cleanse anybody by itself-not logistically, not in terms of planning and ability to sustain any kind of cohesive strategy. In order to do the Crown Heights riots, for instance, many of them had to be bused in by somebody. In the absence of an effective organizing/sustaining effort, they are not a massive threat to anyone who doesn’t go into their neighborhoods. The question is whether the organizations organizing and sustaining them will degrade as fast as, or faster than, the rest of the US. The Quakers are getting thin on the ground these days.

    • jim says:

      Kristallnacht was just a cover for government action. Ethnic cleansing and genocide really takes a government to do it.

      The point of the Zimmerman case was to make people afraid to defend themselves. Obviously if whites are allowed to defend themselves, ethnic cleansing and genocide is entirely impossible.

      • B says:

        Kristallnacht was incited with govt consent and then the govt stood by/participated.

        On the other hand, the Pogroms of 1905 in Russia were much the same, and unlike Kristallnacht, what they did was to drive a significant minority of the younger and more forward-leaning Jews into the arms of the revolution. Which turned out very poorly for everyone, including the Jews, but first turned out very poorly for that government and its servants.

        • jim says:

          I don’t agree with your history of the 1905 pogroms, which again is left wing history. 1905 was left wing violence demanding the government move left, which the government encouraged by moving left, thereby providing power and employment to the left.

          In left wing history there was good guy violence in 1905 successfully demanding the government move left, and bad guy violence murdering Jews, but in reality it was the same violence by the same people done for the same reasons. Those who murdered Jews usually got off free and unpunished, because pretty much everyone in the movement got of free and unpunished.

          So, the 1905 pogroms were as successful as Krystalnacht in achieving their broader aims, their primary aim being more government employment for left wing intellectuals.

          • B says:

            Babel, who was a child witnessing the 1905 pogrom in Odessa, said the perpetrators were Russians he’d grown up with, and that the military and police stood by and encouraged them despite Jewish requests they intervene.

            The same Cossacks were more than happy to crush the 1905 Revolution, so I doubt they were pushing for further movement left.

            • jim says:

              The same Cossacks were more than happy to crush the 1905 Revolution

              If the cossacks had been happy to crush the revolution, and had been allowed to crush the revolution, it would have been crushed. In fact it succeeded.

              The 1905 revolution was the 1905 pogrom. The intellectual class manufactured some incoherent, random, ineffectual and disorganized mob violence, analogous to Ferguson burning down their own shops, and pronounced that mob violence necessitated getting the political changes that they wanted.

              • nils says:

                I was reading some recently translated russian revolution journals and was struck at the (white russian) report that cossacks being used against red russians in a city (slaughtering formations of reds and then “indiscriminately” torching houses and butchering families(I suspect actual reds families)) the white russian officers chocked it up to ginning support for the revolution, but the whites also made reference to this being standard cossack rebel oppression. So why did it work for centuries but not circa 1918, lack of control over street criers? simple whig history manifesting an “innocent” massacre? maybe the cossacks being insufficiently afraid of a czar’s retribution to restrict their conquest to only true reds’ houses? You do a good job of poking holes in history Jim, its damn annoying. Interestingly the whites talk often of sympathies with the British empire, i wonder if the russian elite had become corrupted through emulation of whigs in england inhibiting their ability to resist the left by going all in on fighting to win.

                • jim says:

                  When you use members of an outside ethnic group in your own ethnic group’s internal conflicts, always turns into indiscriminate slaughter. You need to make sure that they have officers of your own ethnic group, when you are using them against your own ethnic group.

                  Of course, sometimes indiscriminate slaughter is just what you want – but in internal conflicts, selective slaughter is more effective, and the use of outsider troops dangerous.

                  So I don’t think one needs any political theory or re-analysis of history when one sees reports that the use of outsider troops in an internal conflict frequently gave bad results. It is what I would expect to happen, what inevitably would have happened.

                  In the coming conflict, we are likely to use white southerners against diversity and immigrant northerners – which is likely to turn unpleasant, but that does not matter That is not going to bite us. The other side is likely to use black and immigrant troops against white southerners, in which case the ensuing unpleasantness will bite them, because those troops will not register the difference between rural white southerners, and urban Jewish northerners.

          • B says:

            >If the cossacks had been happy to crush the revolution, and had been allowed to crush the revolution, it would have been crushed. In fact it succeeded.

            They crushed it. It did not succeed. The one 12 years later succeeded.

            >The 1905 revolution was the 1905 pogrom. The intellectual class manufactured some incoherent, random, ineffectual and disorganized mob violence, analogous to Ferguson burning down their own shops, and pronounced that mob violence necessitated getting the political changes that they wanted

            This is a theory of the 1905 revolution which is…original. Especially since the pogroms happened in October, 10 months after the revolution started and three or four months after it peaked. And after the Tsar signed concessions to the revolutionaries.

            • jim says:

              >If the cossacks had been happy to crush the revolution, and had been allowed to crush the revolution, it would have been crushed. In fact it succeeded.

              They crushed it. It did not succeed. The one 12 years later succeeded.

              After some incoherent random pointless violence which mainly harmed the kind of people that were doing it, after the fashion of Ferguson burning down their own shops, the Czar grants jobs and power to the people who were instigating it.

              Bloody Sunday was political, led, organized, and staged by the intellectuals, but the Potemkin mutiny was scarcely a mutiny, more a matter of drunken sailors realizing that there was no will to punish or maintain discipline.

              With no will to maintain order, the massacres of Armenians and Tartars ensue.

              Massacres of Armenians and Tartars started as part of the general lack of will to maintain order, and continued long after the government gave jobs and power to large numbers of leftist intellectuals, leading them to promptly conclude that the cure for massacres of Armenians and Tartars was to give even more jobs and even more power to even more leftist intellectuals. There is no real separation or distinction between massacres of Armenians, massacres of Tartars, and massacres of Jews. If one murder was part of the revolution and reason to empower the left, and then reason to even further empower the left, so was the other murder.

              When Jews say that their 1905 massacres were completely different from and separate from all the other 1905 ethnic and not-particularly-ethnic massacres, they are just silly. Jews think they are so special. (And anti semites also think Jews are so special.) In 1905, there was nothing special about them. There were a lot more dead Armenians than dead Jews.

              Jews and Armenians started being killed as soon as people realized it was open season to steal liquor and set the bar on fire, and went right on being killed despite the Tsar’s ever more generous concessions to the left.

              The general breakdown of order started before the Armenian massacres, and continued after the Armenian massacres

              The Armenian massacres started before the Jewish massacres, and continued after the Jewish massacres.

              But, according to Jews, the massacres of the Armenians are completely different from and unrelated to, indeed the exact opposite of, the massacres of the Armenians Jews.

          • peppermint says:

            faggots raised 100,000$ online to reopen one minority-owned business in Ferguson devastated by fire. If it’s just Ferguson, faggots can afford this indefinitely. It’s almost a conscious strategy now, to burn stuff for the cameras and then pay to fix it for the cameras. What they really want is government redistribution, though – where’s the historical precedent for a government intentionally causing riots so it can redistribute?

            I mean, they’re not really trying to ethnically cleanse the place of hipsters, are they?

          • B says:

            I have not read about the Russian military and police standing by watching the Azeri-Armenian violence, or joining in on one side.

            Also, Goatrape Village, Nagorno-Karabakh, had a much lower strategic priority and thus fewer forces than Odessa, which was Russia’s main port on the Black Sea.

            Three different streams of violence. Bloody Sunday happened because the leftists wanted martyrs. Odessa happened because the local population wanted to get the Jews (the standard majority vs. market dominant minority thing) and the local military and police wanted it to happen. The Azeris/Armenians killed each other for the same reason that the Sunni and Shia did in 2006 Baghdad and today-they hated each other and had for a long time and all it took was the government slackening its grip.

            • jim says:

              Jews support the revolution, and the revolution devours them. Happens all the time. Similarly, the relationship between American Jews and the Democratic Party.

              and all it took was the government slackening its grip.

              Exactly so.

              Jews just cannot help subverting their host society. A lot of my commenters think this is because they are so diabolically clever, but I think that Jews have never been entirely sane since the exile.

          • B says:

            >Jews support the revolution, and the revolution devours them.

            A small minority of Jews supported the revolution of 1905. Once they saw that the government was happy to stand by and let them be destroyed, that minority grew. Much the same way you saw overseas Chinese adapting Communism in SEA.

            >Jews just cannot help subverting their host society.

            This is not so.

            Polish Jews supported the shljachta in its rule over the country. Then the Russians took Poland and split it, and there was no schljachta to support. There was a czar who wished to assimilate the Jews through hamhanded measures like stealing their children into cantonist recruitment. No love lost there (though the Jews supported the czar against Napoleon, who wished to give us full citizenship for assimilation’s sake.)

            In places like Yemen, where the Jews herded goats in the high mountains or were metalsmiths in the city, or in Algeria, where Jews ran the port, or in Iraq, where Jews created and maintained the entire economy, you can’t make the case that we were subversive. Yet for some reason, that didn’t make much of a positive difference on relations with the host population. People dislike those smarter than them, especially when they claim some sort of inherent superiority, and especially when there is reason to suspect there’s something to it.

            >A lot of my commenters think this is because they are so diabolically clever, but I think that Jews have never been entirely sane since the exile.

            What nation is sane by your reasoning?

            • jim says:

              Once they saw that the government was happy to stand by and let them be destroyed,

              But this is no different from the rest of the 1905 revolution. The government stood by and allowed all sorts of violence against all sorts of people, notably including military officers. Those who murdered Jews got clemency, if prosecuted at all, and those who assaulted military officers got clemency, if prosecuted at all.

              For Jews to support the 1905 revolution was crazy and self destructive, and if the number of Jews supporting it increased, they were getting more crazy and self destructive.

          • Peppermint says:

            The Crown Heights riot was certainly the result of Jewish subversion, but so is the fact of significant and organized Jewish communities in Hymietown.

            Jewish children who want to be holier are more Jewish, but White children are more anti-Christian and anti-White. Absent this curious historical circumstance, no Jew senators and media CxOs.

  16. rightsaidfred says:

    I think back to Malcolm X’s talk with the Chicago press corp. He called for US Blacks to be given a homeland and subsidized for 25 years. Man, we should have jumped on that deal (though undoubtedly the progs would have section 8ed them into all our homes anyway.)

    Otherwise, he said, without government efforts it will take 100 years for integration to occur.

    Well, we’ve got 50 year anniversaries of the civil rights era upon us, and things aren’t arcing Malcolm’s way

    • CamelCaseRob says:

      I wish after the defeat of the south in the civil war that all the whites of the south had just left. That would have been an interesting result. Even better would have been to transport all the free slaves up to the north.

    • gokart-mozart says:

      I think the NOI would still take a homeland (5-6 states), and I would do that deal in a second.

  17. Just sayin' says:

    Whites don’t fit the characteristics of a market dominant minority (or majority) if they did, they wouldn’t be in so much trouble.

    Market dominant minority is a viable evolutionary strategy (as is launching pogroms against market dominant minorities) but whatever whites are doing does not appear to be a viable evolutionary strategy.

    • Alrenous says:

      ‘White’ is not a race. What the inferior clans of whitish people are doing is indeed ineffective. What the superior clans are doing seems good enough as anything.

      • Sam says:

        White is just as much a race as Black or Asian is. To say that different groups of Whites are not White because they differ is to say German shepherds and Chihuahuas are not dogs. Different groups of Whites have different capabilities over all but each group of Whites seems to have the capability of producing genius and the actual IQ differences are not vast between the different “tribes” of Whites.

  18. Glenfilthie says:

    You may be right Jim – but even the clot headed cnuts among the liberals are calling BS on this. After awhile you just can’t pretend anymore and to do so only makes you look stupid – and I think that is where a lot of progs are finding themselves now. In the days of OJ they could strong arm the courts – today they are laughed at. St. Trayvon Of Skittles is a national joke and this monkey in Ferguson is too – the comments are lit up everywhere with stuff that would turn the race baiters red as a beet…and liberals are the ones making a lot of them.

    The police chief of Ferguson was scolded for being on the cell during some point of this investigation and he lost it. Turned out he was on the phone talking with the officers on the scene of a murder of a 5 year old – guess what colour the kid was? The chief was on public television when he went off on that, saying that blacks commit 80% of all the homicides, rapes and assaults…and that the targets of their crime was usually other blacks…and none of that even raised an eyebrow among the race whores and liberals.

    I think the lid is coming off that multicultural melting pot and that it is going to boil over in short order. Blacks will want to tread very lightly in the days ahead.

    • Meow Mix says:

      That wasn’t the police chief of Ferguson, it was a police chief in Milwaukee.

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