Minor Australian politician says out loud what everyone in the world is thinking

Josh Frydenberg, Australian minister for natural resources says:

a country that loses control of its borders not only invites the tragedy of the loss of life at sea … but also the direct security threats that are incurred by not knowing exactly the backgrounds of the people that you accept into your own country

It is odd that in the entire world, I cannot find any other politician saying this out loud in plain words. Waiting for Trump, who so often outrages the elites by saying the unsayable.

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  1. Brian says:

    Yes. Why are we bombing them there? Why not just keep them from being here? That seems easier.

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I disagree that this is an unusual comment in any way, in fact there are a lot of politicians who are more powerful and saying the same thing right now. Actually, this quote “Jim” has highlighted is a good example of the way that Talmudic Jews are working to promote one of their own…


    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      I guess it looks like I’m calling “Jim” a Jew here, but I’m not… Only urging caution, and this theory of converso that comes up a lot here is pretty unwieldy…

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Hot off the Pol Press “Right again”- 15 U.S.’ states rejecting Syrians.

      This is only beating around the bush regarding White Genocide, but it’s interesting…And local.

  3. Bert says:

    I’m afraid a more correct version of your headline would be “… what everyone in the world SHOULD be thinking”.

    Crimethink is still unthinkable to many.

  4. Alan J. Perrick says:

    It’s not hard to find somebody saying this…

    He laughs when the interviewer says that “the Pentagon has found no evidence of the threats”

    Gohmert on ISIS and Border Threats
    Texas Rep.
    Published on Aug 24, 2014

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) talked to Shannon Bream, along with Rep. Cuellar (D-TX) on Fox News about the threat of the terror group ISIS. He is also talked about the threat of the porous border to the U.S.’ national security interests.

  5. pdimov says:

    “Waiting for Trump, who so often outrages the elites by saying the unsayable.”



  6. peppermint says:

    How about, jobs and houses for native children? That’s what this is actually about.

    • peppermint says:

      What happens when I post here before reading the Daily Stormer is I miss happenings like this: http://www.dailystormer.com/poland-joins-anti-nonwhite-invasion-group/

      :: incoming PiS Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski told a BBC radio show that “the proposal to accept a large number of migrants from other continents, migrants that are seeking jobs and social benefits, is not acceptable to us. Our job markets are not prepared to accept such large amounts of people.

      :: “In case of Poland, our job market is very narrow. Two million Poles are searching for jobs in western Europe, and one and a half million Poles are jobless here in Poland.”

      :: He went on to point out that genuine refugees who had escaped Syria did qualify for asylum in terms of international law—but only in the nearest first safe countries, and they did not have the right to cross dozens of nations, picking and choosing which one they wanted to settle in.

      :: “If there are people who can escape from Syria and can prove their identity, can prove they were engaged in political activity and may be persecuted by the Assad regime… they can legitimately flee to safe havens, and for them the first safe countries are Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Escaping there, they are refugees,” Minister Waszczykowski said.

      :: “Once they leave these countries and travel through Europe, they are violating international law, and become illegal migrants. They are migrants searching for jobs and social benefits.”

      :: “We cannot give them the possibility to live in Poland just because they wish to have a better life. We can’t even provide a better life for millions of Poles… we cannot provide every citizen in the earth the level of living of Western European standards.”

      :: He also defended his party’s leader, who last month said that the nonwhite invaders were bringing diseases into Europe. “We accept this language, it is not the language of hate, it is the language of warning,” Minister Waszczykowski said.

  7. FB says:

    Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

    • jim says:

      Sounds like him. Can you link to him saying that?

      • FB says:

        Hi Jim,

        Here is the transcript of the speech he delivered in the Hungarian Parliament today in which he focused on the question of borders in wake of the Paris attacks. A notable excerpt:

        . . . Regarding the question of humanity, he said the following: “We Hungarians have been advocating the closure of our borders to stop the flood of people coming from the Middle East and Africa. We have been fiercely criticised for this, by those who claim that this is not a humane approach. But we are faced with a question. Which approach is more humane: to close the borders in order to stop illegal immigration, or to put at risk the lives of innocent European citizens?”

        And the rest:


    • peppermint says:

      If not Orban’s Christian conservative party, then Jobbik.

      I like the Polish defense minister’s words about the Protocols of Zion.

      I’d say fas the kikes, race war now, but the race war has already started, with arson attacks against rapugee centers.


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