Now four sovereign nations

Reactionaries are fond of saying there are three independent nations on the earth: America, Russia, and China. Everyone else is under the boot of the Cathedral, except for a few small protectorates of Russia and China. Each sovereign nation has its own Twitter equivalent, which enforces the values of its own state religion.

It looks like Turkey may be added to the list, probably leading the Cathedral to re-evaluate Islam.

Since the Cathedral does not realize it is a state religion like any other, but regards itself as simple truth and decency, it believes it can crush Islam without overt violence and naked repression, in the same way it has crushed Christianity without overt violence and naked repression. Supposedly Islam rightly understood, like Christianity rightly understood, is indistinguishable from progressivism. Mohammed the community organizer like Jesus the community organizer. Progressivism thinks itself scientific, as Marxists used to think they were scientific.

Which is what Turkish Universities used to preach. I am not sure that they will still be preaching that now that Erdogan has purged every single university dean and most of the judiciary.

Erdogan is purging Gulenism. Gulenism is interfaith, arguing that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all basically the same. Well, if they are all the same, then they are all the progressivism of progressive Jews.

But, I hear you ask, how can Turkey achieve sovereignty without nukes? Won’t America murder them all in some horrifically gruesome fashion after the fashion of the Boers and the Tutsi?

Turkey has nukes. American nukes. Supposedly they cannot detonate without US command codes, but the US has been industriously affirmative actioning “moderate” muslims into its security apparatus, so I would not bet on that.

Progressive “Jews” act like conversos. “Progressive” Muslims do not act like conversos. I think the Cathedral has been suckered by Muslim taqiyya.

Putin has adopted Orthodox Christianity as his state religion in place of progressivism, which is fundamentally western, and which celebrates the western values, culture and tradition that the Cathedral seeks to destroy and erase from history. Orthodox Christianity is our friend. Islam is the enemy of our enemy, but is not our friend.

If it turns out that Turkey is defecting from the Cathedral, it is possible that the Cathedral may come to doubt that importing three hundred million black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy and giving them affirmative action mortgages to move into green leafy suburbs will turn them into tax payers and mortgage payers to replace the missing grandchildren.

But more likely they will just double down on madness, deciding that the way to defeat Erdogan is to turn these guys into middle class mortgage payers and tax payers even faster.

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  2. Anon says:

    As I commented in the Social Matter article, there’s a femtosecond reaction going on in Turkey. Depending on how mad Erdogan is, this could either mean exponential prosperity growth in Turkey (due to having basically the most secure sovereign on earth) or a genocide/exodus of the white Turks followed by Iraq style collapse.

    I don’t agree with your comments about nukes though, Jim. Erdogan is a true sovereign only because West is weak, not because he can steal or use the nukes stashed in the Incirlik AB. This (Erdogan’s secure sovereignty) will probably not last for long in the grand scheme of things due to Nato’s imminent dissolution followed by Russia’s projection of influence over Asia Minor.

    Indo-European tribes that come from the North of Black Sea have been invading Asia Minor and Thrace periodically (every 500 to 1000 years) for at least the last five thousand years. We’re overdue for another invasion (Note that Russia was basically about to realize this iteration 150 years ago and the invasion was only temporarily thwarted by the Anglo Empires).

    If Erdogan doesn’t want to become Russia’s bitch, he will have to quickly develop nukes and delivery systems following Nato’s dissolution — which I don’t think Russia will let him at that point.

    In any case, Turkey will be an extremely interesting experiment to watch for reactionaries in the years to come.

    • jim says:

      To resume the Aryan invasions, have to resume eugenic population growth. The examples of Japan, Timore Leste, and Afghanistan suggest that the key to that is de-emancipating women and propertizing them.

    • Minion says:

      Why would Erdogan genocide white Turks? He might exterminate secular liberals, who seem to be mostly in the Northwest (and therefore disproportionately white), but this does not mean he will target anyone for being white. And secular liberals have sided with Erdogan against the coup, so Erdogan only needs to disempower them, not eliminate them completely, since they are still loyal to him

      And Iraq style collapse isn’t terribly likely out of Kurdistan. Turkey is pretty homogeneous in its ethnic and religious makeup. In regards to Kurdistan, Sunni Kurds are highly religious and conservative, and supporters of Erdogan. Alevi Kurds (about a fifth of Turkish Kurds) and secular/commie kurds (about 10%) are highly opposed to Erdogan and have no use for Islam. These are likely to be a major source of problems, but Erdogan has most of the people on his side.

      Erdogan would need his own nukes, since the nukes in Turkey need US approval to be armed (as per its nuclear sharing agreement). However, he now has enormous soft power in the Muslim world, and even salafists are seeing him as the guardian of Islam against Western secularism, therefore, Turkish sovereignty can be expressed through its religious credibility in the Muslim world.

      Russia’s only serious advantage over Turkey is Nuclear weapons. Turkey has he upper hand in a conventional military confrontation, as most of Russia’s military assets are not based on the black sea (partially a reason why Russia is invested in Crimean independence). Turks are not Arabs, so having superior numbers on that front will definitely be an advantage. Russia would have to pull out its nukes to eliminate the Turkish threat, which it may not be willing to do.

      Russia, like Cathedral Europe, is facing a serious demographic crisis among white natives, and is being replaced by Muslim populations. This includes the military, where the enlisted ranks are expected to become majority Muslim within 30 years (In fact, in the Soviet Union, the Army was majority Muslim, with officers strictly coming from Slavic non-Muslim backgrounds). I wonder how having a Muslim majority enlisted corp would effect Russia’s ability to launch a military attack on Turkey. Perhaps we will see something like in Vietnam with fraggings and insubordination being common?

      • Anon says:

        If Erdogan thought and acted like Fnargl, he’d treat white Turks like the Ottomans treated jews (as subjects highly valued for their income generating capacity). But I don’t know if he is capable of thinking like Fnargl.

        > Why would Erdogan genocide white Turks? He might exterminate secular liberals, who seem to be mostly in the Northwest (and therefore disproportionately white), but this does not mean he will target anyone for being white.

        I don’t think he would target white Turks per se. He may want to target seculars and MINOs (muslim in name only) though. His vindictive remarks about Gezi Park right after becoming the most secure sovereign in the world hints that he may be just crazy enough to genocide/exile secular Turks, who happen to be roughly white Turks. For instance, why did the deep state organize a false flag, inciting criminal mobs to loot and sack Greek neighborhoods in Constantinople, resulting in a mass exodus in 1955? They obviously had no real power, they were a golden egg laying minority, yet the deep state chose slaughter/exile. I don’t know what Erdogan will choose, he’s too unstable to predict.

        > And Iraq style collapse isn’t terribly likely out of Kurdistan. Turkey is pretty homogeneous in its ethnic and religious makeup

        You’re right. Iraq is the wrong metaphor. What I meant was more like a South African collapse (that happens when you expel/incapacitate your economically productive minority)

        > Turkish sovereignty can be expressed through its religious credibility in the Muslim world.

        Muslim (Sunni/Salafi) world is irrelevant. Arabs are an 80 IQ, inbred zombie population. Not only they don’t matter from a geopolitical perspective, but they’ll defect the moment they smell barely perceptible weakness — as they did every single time in the past.

        > Russia would have to pull out its nukes to eliminate the Turkish threat, which it may not be willing to do.

        I agree with the former part. Russia-Turkey antagonism won’t play out until NATO fully dissolves and USA retreats to North America. But once that happens, we’ll see a paradigm shift in rules of engagement. Militaries will stop fighting with their hands tied to their feet in the absence of a zealously humanitarian super power/world police. WMDs, including biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons will come out. As to the demographic constitution of Russian infantry, it will be mostly manned by drones.

        You’re correct in pointing that Russia has to reverse its catastrophic demographic course though. As Jim points out, the only working solution we know for this is to ban women from higher education. We’ll see if Putin understands this.

  3. Dave says:

    Is Iran not also a sovereign nation, or is it a vassal state of one of the aforementioned?

    • jim says:

      Iranian reproduction rates collapsing, universities owned by Harvard. Red state, empire of the bases, is in a state of near war with Iran. Blue state, empire of the consulates, not so much. Should actual war ensue it will be like Vietnam, a proxy war between the empire of the consulates, and the empire of the bases. If they get nukes, then likely they will purge their universities as Erdogan purged his universities.

      • Dave says:

        Why not purge the universities now? Don’t need nukes for that. Obama did nothing while Iranian students were being murdered — why would he lift a finger to save their professors?

        • Minion says:

          Iran did have a cultural revolution which did purge the universities, and shut them down completely for 3 years to prevent any more western/cathedral influences from entering their society. This was back in the 80’s, when Khomeini was consolidating power (they had a secular liberal post-revolution government, which Khomeini wanted to purge).

          Like Erdogan has right now, Iran in the 80’s has a moral mandate to purge, both because they wanted to remove the legacy of the secular Shah, and because they were at war with Iraq. Therefore, anyone who opposed Khomeini’s plan’s for Iran was purged as an enemy of the State.

          Modern Iran does not have a purge mandate. The mullah elites have largely discredited themselves with rampant corruption, and much of the urban professional classes have already been indoctrinated with liberalism. There is no major common enemy to unite against, so the mullahs cannot use that to their advantage.

          The only way I can see the mullahs getting their sovereignty back was if they got the IRGC (which is loyal to the mullahs, and one of the best fighting forces in the Middle East) to raze half of Tehran and kill and deprive the majority liberal population of those areas. That of course would be an enormous economic sacrifice, and therefore unthinkable for the mullahs.

          • jim says:

            I have assumed that it is easy to have any state religion you want. Japan just whipped up something ad hoc and it worked fine. So why did Iran fail? Stern moral code that the Mullahs conspicuously failed to adhere to?

            • Mackus says:

              “So why did Iran fail? Stern moral code that the Mullahs conspicuously failed to adhere to?”

              Japanese State Shinto gave status for loving emperor and killing Japan’s enemies. So it gave status to people who were already in charge. Mostly to warriors. So far so good.
              If mullahs said that obeying strict moral code gave one status and then failed to obey it, religion lost its moral authority. It also gave authority to priests.

              But I am no so sure that Japanese ad-hoc religion worked “just fine”. I mean it ended up with holiness spiral too. Cue 1941 leading to 1945.

            • Minion says:

              Partially that, but the Sunni mullahs of Pakistan are also known for being debauched at times (eg prostitution, having sex with students, etc), yet Sunni Islam is still going strong.

              I am guessing that this is so since Sunnis don’t view their clerics as a special guardian class of their religion, and therefore clerics being involved in corruption and scandal does not affect the faith of Sunnis as much as it would for a Shia.

              Further more, ethnic rivalries could be at play. The Persian’s distaste for Arabs can easily translate to a distaste of Islam (an Arab originated religion). Pakistan, on the otherhand, rests its identity mainly in opposition to India, who has a Hindu majority and a liberal Cathedralist government, and therefore clinging to conservative Islam only strengthens their national identity.

              Also, thanks to globalization, the Cathedral can spread liberalism through global media and indoctrinate the populations of Muslim countries towards liberalism

            • Minion says:

              Also, re: Japan, Japan is largely irreligious, on par with Sweden. Buddhism and Shintoism are mostly practiced ceremonially, such as weddings and funerals, but it is not a serious aspect in an average Japanese person’s life. I don’t think any Japanese person seriously believes in the divinity of its Emperors.

              Japan has largely been subservient to the Cathedral since its defeat in WWII anyway.

              • jim says:

                Or were they only pretending to be subservient? Is there a mass of hidden emperor worshippers who are about to show their true colors, now that the US military has been forced to wear high heels and swish when they march?

                After all, if you worship the emperor, and the emperor says “I am not divine, no one is allowed to say I am divine and if anyone says I am divine, we are going to get nuked by the US military”, then all the good emperor worshipers are going to superficially look like good secularists.

                The failure of Christianity and such to make inroads into Japan hints that there may be more emperor worship than meets the eye.

                • Koanic says:

                  Or maybe Jehovah doesn’t like people who claim to be divine.

    • Minion says:

      Iran is mostly subservient to Russia and China in many cases.

      Additionally, there is a huge and growing minority of secular liberal atheists who dominate the urban areas. They dominate the universities and business sectors. Despite it being a crime, casual sex is the norm in Tehran. It is mainly the rural and small town areas that are still religious.

      The Iranian bourgeois population is largely owned by the Cathedral, and the ruling mullahs are owned by Russia and China. And the conservative majority are not powerful enough on their own to determine Iran’s sovereignty

      • Dave says:

        It sounds like the cure for Islam is to up the dosage. When the people rise up and demand pure Islam, give it to them good and hard, and 20-30 years later they’ll be thoroughly sick of it. Could this same trick work with Arabs, or is Islam written into their DNA?

        • Minion says:

          Keep in mind that Iran is Shia, and therefore is under a different dynamic than Sunni Islam. Shi’ism has a much more centralized clergy, and therefore a discredited clergy will lead to a descredited Islam.

          Sunni Islam, on the other hand, has a decentralzied clergy. Clerics are not a separate class from society, not does Sunni Islam consider them as more holy than laymen. Therefore, clerical corruption does not damage the credibility of Sunni Islam as much. Sunnis are much more moved by lay demonstrations of piety (such as Erdogan, a layman in a Western suit reciting the Quran in public ceremonies).

          Catholicism, with its Church hierarchy, suffers the same problem as Shi’ism. The Catholic church has been discredited in France (since the fall of the Ancien Regime), as well as in modern Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Latin America (due to various scandals). Not surprisingly, these societies have now rapidly fell into the Cathedral’s grasp, with secular liberal urban rmajorities in many of those countries (eg Ireland’s Gay marriage referendum passing with 60% of the vote, Latin American countries all being a party to UN Joint Statements on gay rights despite their ostensible Catholic conservatism)

          Therefore, Sunni Islam is quite anti-fragile in regards to the threat of liberalism. It does not share the same vulnerabilities as some of its rival religions do. Hardcore Sunni Islam has ruled most of the Muslim world for 1400 years or so, so overdosage is not a concern. In any case, Erdogan does not offer an overdose of Islam, only a moderate dosage, which can even be seen in the fact that he wears Western clothing instead of a beard and turban.

          “Could this same trick work with Arabs, or is Islam written into their DNA?”
          5-20% of Saudi Arabia is estimated to be atheist, so its not in their DNA as such to be conservative Muslims. It is probably in the Arab DNA to be inferior imitators of more advanced cultures (eg Persia or Western society). Therefore, even though Arabs are slouching towards atheism and liberalism, they will never be as advanced as Sweden, nor will they produce any atheist liberal intellectuals of the caliber of Bertrand Russell or the like.

          Bear in mind most of Islam’s intellectual work (both in science and theology) have been done by the Persians, with Arabs playing at best a supportive role. Many immoderate Muslims hold Arabs in greater contempt than the West, since at least when the West is degenerate, they still excel. Arabs on the other hand, become degenerate without much to show for it.

          As one Jordanian atheist once said on 4chan, “no amount of atheism will wash the shit from our skins”

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