The enemy are afraid

The neocons write (hat tip Simplicius) that America is an idea, and that idea is at risk of being lost, and that if the idea falls, America will fall.

They attribute this, of course, to Russian disinfo and Russian influence, not to them silencing freedom of speech, rigging elections, and forcing woke down everyone’s throat, but this is just point deer make horse. They can see the deer and they are afraid.

America is an idea. America is a choice. America is a belief in the value of action. US domestic resilience and global power come in no small part from people and countries choosing the United States and from Americans preserving their agency to act with intent. An adversary learning how to alter these realities is an existential threat — especially when ideas are that adversary’s core weapon.

Of course ideas are not Russia’s core weapon. Putin is almost as scared of the ideas that are frightening them as they are. Ideas are our core weapon. Russia does not frighten them. Whatever happens in Eastern Europe, they will be far from Russian drones and Russian artillery, We frighten them.

Simplicius tells us:

America the Myth floated along during all of this. It was a shared catechism of the American religion, but is becoming harder to swallow. We are becoming American Atheists and when the people stop believing in their own myths they perish.

Well, to survive we need a new myth. Or better, a very old one. One that has been regularly tried before.

The neocons tell us:

Russia’s true sphere is its global information space — communities penetrated by the Russian narratives, including in the United States

But, of course, Russia’s narrative is not penetrating us. That is point deer make horse, 指鹿為馬. On the contrary, our narrative is penetrating Russia. Putin had to be dragged kicking and screaming into holy war. He wanted a cabinet war, and was profoundly reluctant to let go of it. That is not Russia’s true sphere. This is our sphere.

The white boys from rural America decline to sign up to die for Israel and ensure that goat herder’s daughters get taught to put a condom on a banana. Our enemies know why they are not signing up.

That they know is why they are starting to hesitate a little on woke, on censorship, and may well hesitate on the more flagrant and outrageous forms of election rigging. But they are only backing off a little bit. It will likely prove far too much, and far too little. Far too little to get troops to sign up and for the public to start believing in America again, far too much in that much pent up and long suppressed outrage is going flood through the crack in the slightly opened gates. And then they, or a faction among them, will likely attempt to shut the gates again, which could get more interesting than the first time they shut the gates, for the first time they shut the gates they thought that the normal of the early Obama years would return, and America would conquer Russia. The next time no one is going to believe in Covid and Climate and all that.

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  1. I says:

    I suppose I will be the first to break the news. But on Twitter. And in regards to my YouTube feed including a few channels who recognized the Covid deception for what it is.

    Is abuzz with the News that the Epstein files are being released online. Along with the Names of those who participated in his “Island Activities”.

    This is coinciding with the indications that the enemy is afraid. So I wonder what is the Power Play in regards to this.

    • i says:

      So why is the Epstein files being released now? What is the agenda?

      • jim says:

        Looks to me that quarrels within the elite are starting to heat up. Back in 2021 I expected them to turn lethal fairly quickly. Which has not happened, but tensions are rising.

        The recent terror attack on Iran looks like a deep state faction trying to get Iran to start the war they have been demanding, and the less insane factions don’t want. The saner factions figure that the Ukraine has not quietly unhappened, there is a war in Israel, and if the US gets up to its armpits in three wars at once, it will be a mighty good time for China to do something about Taiwan.

  2. Mister Grumpus says:

    If someone could help me understand why a certain wing of DC is so insistent on a war with Iran, decade after decade, I’d sure appreciate it.

    • jim says:

      The standard explanation is “War for Israel”, but the neocons hate Israel more than anyone. And don’t like most other Jews either.

      Until recently, most Middle Eastern nations were sort of in the Global American Empire, albeit their contribution largely consisted of supplying big piles of money to the Washington elite to follow their interests rather than the interests of Americans. Initially war with Iran had the objective of bringing Iran fully into empire (It is already sort of converged to Harvard, but Harvard is not quite the same faction as wants war with Iran.) The powerful Harvard faction does not want war with Iran. Now that most of the Middle East has quietly departed empire, now it is theory that defeating Iran will restore imperial control in the middle east, combined with the delusion that since they are stil getting bribes from the Middle East, they still have empire in the Middle East.

      With the failure of recent color revolutions, the failure to make the Black Sea a Nato lake, and the embarrassing flight from Afghanistan, numerous provinces are thinking it might be safe to give Washington the finger.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >the neocons hate Israel more than anyone. And don’t like most other Jews either.

        Secular Jews don’t much like religious Jews, and secular Jews in the USG don’t like Israel doing anything they haven’t given it permission to do, but those are family squabbles. Let an outsider start criticizing religious Jews or Israel, and the secular Jews suddenly close ranks with them. They can say it, you can’t.

        • jim says:

          Soros appears to be funding lots of hate stuff that says that Jews suck and Israel sucks. But which attributes to the Rothschilds everything that Soros is currently doing, though the Rothschilds fell of the Forbes 500 long ago, and somehow neglects to mention any specific identifiable evil deeds done by specific powerful evil Jews today, and in particular any evil deeds to which Soros has some connection. The stuff he funds is “hate the guys in funny hats, and smash the windows of the bagel shop.” Hate the unimportant Jews who are getting squished by the elite almost as badly as Amerikaners.

        • jim says:

          Jews who adhere to the progressive faith don’t much like Jews who adhere to the older faith. They are conversos. And, unlike Trump, do not have Jewish grandchildren.

          And the new faith is not exactly secularism, except in the sense that its articles of faith are falsifiable (and plainly false). Vivek correctly calls it out as a religion.

      • cub says:

        >the neocons hate Israel more than anyone. And don’t like most other Jews either.

        I can’t decide if this is “point deer make horse” or just a typical jewish insistence on always being the victim.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The ivy league set has been obsessed with world island theory for a long time now. See Zbigniew Brzezinski for example.

      • jim says:

        Iran is kind of near the centre of thw world Island, therefore, essential to conquer it.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        And yet all their domestic actions suggest “fly over states” might as well not exist and that they reside in strong independent coastal cities that can be seen as disconnected islands. They are afraid of the potential power of the world island blob but refuse to facilitate their own domestic North American blob.

        Mackinder has been disproved continuously over a century. First it was who controls the oceans controls the world, then it was who controls the air controls the world, now it’s who controls LEO controls the world, and in the near future who controls solar system travel controls the world. The trend is so obvious and clear it’s amazing anyone still ascribes to Mackinder.

        • jim says:

          Partly it is that a large amount of the graft money flowing into Washington rests on a foreign policy whose rationalisation rests on Mackinder.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          In the case that the likes of Quigley et. all actually succeeded in vassalizing central asia the same way they vassalized Europe and America, it would be to do the same things they were already doing to Europe and America – with even less restraint at that.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          The Hillary Archipelago is importing millions of migrants to fill in the Trump Ocean, yet those migrants pass right through the latter to settle in the former. Migrants, like Hillary voters, do not want to live in “flyover country”.

          TC thinks the Dems will institute a system of internal passports. If they do, the migrants will ignore it, just as they ignore our present system of external passports.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Slightly off topic. Vivek outdoes Trump in responding to media racial “gotcha” question.

  4. Sher Singh says:

    Ok, embarking on a religious project and wanted some technical/opsec tips.

    Goal is to make a full recording of Sri Hanuman Natak.

    Should I use voice changer? What’s good way to pace self cuz don’t wanna get lost in it half way & stop.

    All tips or w/e welcome will probably need a lot of support along way.


    • Sher Singh says:

      Had a question on whether you guys thought this was a holiness spiral:
      I think both the Meat & Large Turban stuff is a holiness spiral to be quite frank.

      So for Nihangs there are 3 types of meat –

      Jhatka (killed in one blow – Sikh)
      Khulla (meat in bazaar – machine slaughter?)
      Kutha or Halal (Muslim)

      Jhatka is always fine, however the 2nd is supposed to be bad too.
      As in, it’s against the Maryada (code or lifestyle) of warriors to eat another’s kill.
      They’ll make arguments re: cleanliness etc as well or “embarrassing” the Panth (tribe).

      I feel like banning Khullla meat is a stealth way for vegetarians/pussies to rise up in ranks.
      It’s not realistic unless you’re living in camp full-time to eat like 50-100kg meat a year Jhatka.

      Meat in and of itself is a net good, and the best food – Milk as well.
      All Puratan (old/trad) Sikh sources agree.

      The 1st link is an argument for machine slaughter by a late 1800s Sikh reformer.
      A Feudal noble who wrote the Mahankosh or encyclopedia of Sikhs.

      The 2nd is a longer podcast, BUT it does go into the history of the big Nihang turbans.

      TLDR on that –

      Farla or battle standard would be a small piece of cloth tied to a Turban which flutters.
      This was already a feature of Sikh turbans/armies from the 6th Guru Sahib in mid 1600s CE.
      The large Turban became a thing by the 1750s-60s as a political thing.

      Basically, as the Khalsa grew it was divided into Buddha & Tarna Dal around 1730s
      The Buddha or elder Dal (warband) controlled shrines, policies & preaching.
      Tarna Dal roamed around fighting & controlled territory after peace with Mughals.

      Tarna Dal began in-fighting & was further divided into territorial Misls (equals or confederacy)
      Misldars stopped heeding Buddha Dal – whose leader Akali Naina Singh in 1760s sought power.

      Naina Singh began to assert himself territorially & adopted a larger Turban as insignia.

      While I like the Dark Blue Bana (uniform) the meat & turban stuff doesn’t interest me.
      The Nihang style Dumalla (double turban) of an ok size is cool too.
      Having extra weapons in it and/or plate/mail is Lindy.
      Halal is obviously banned as is cow slaughter (buffalo is hunted).

      Being a Nihang vs a regular Sikh in India has a few privileges:

      You can carry Spears & Lances in addition to, just swords.
      You don’t have to pay road tolls, train or bus fares.

      Gun licenses CAN be easier due to the argument of a nomadic lifestyle.
      However, not going to broach that topic on this post.

      I want to try carnivore diet for awhile.

      I’m hungry.
      I feel like limiting meat is self-cucking.


    • Sher Singh says:

      To add to previous comment,

      Religion is meant to be simple.

      I feel that a lot of the extras are symptoms of a loss of power.
      No insult meant to Brahmins/Priests or w/e by this post:

      Extraordinary stuff around diet, marriage or membership is an attempt to use superstition/ritual to ward off a hostile state.

      • jim says:

        I deleted your previous, perfectly valid, criticism of Brahminist Hinduism, because it is a criticism that faithful adherents of that faith made on this blog. If they had not made it themselves, I would allow outsiders to make it. But when outsiders make valid criticism of a faith, it is seldom with the intent of helping that faith correct its behaviour.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          But when outsiders make valid criticism of a faith, it is seldom with the intent of helping that faith correct its behaviour.

          This is the whole gist of so called “critical theory”. It is the art and science of using criticism destructively, as a weapon, rather than constructively, as most normal Westerners use it in public discourse.

        • Sher Singh says:

          It’s hard to know what Brahmins are thinking let alone critique it.
          I blocked most of the hate accounts stirring up Hindus & Sikh on twitter.

          [*one lie, all lies, therefore rest deleted unread*]

          • jim says:

            You are, or very recently were, a hate account stirring up Hindus and Sikhs.

            You continually reinvent yourself seeing what can stick to the wall, but this is one re-invention I will not allow.

            You can change your mind about issues, but if you do, critique yourself, rather than adopting a whole new past.

            • Sher Singh says:

              It’s ok for me to evolve, and re-invent myself as I learn.
              Not everyone is 50+

              I realized that Panjabi Hindus are generally fine, esp ruralites.
              Most of my POV fits into that of a staunch Hindu regionalist.

              Brahmin & Baniya collab with invaders, and propaganda is similar to elsewhere.

              The Anglo-Jew who destroys black families while pointing to the Neo-Nazi or Southern Plantation owner.

              This stuff should be blatantly obvious, but I’m unsure why you don’t recognize it.

              Even the seeth a Priest or Merchant has against a polygamous & dominant King/feudal class.

              Pershaps you feel sexually inferior?

              All you did was delete stuff about Brahmin Warriors who fought during the Sikh struggle against India in the 1980s.

              I don’t know why this bothers you so much, but perhaps I hit a nerve.

              Also posted from Shanti Parva on the traditional relations between the Varnas as explained by Pitamah Bhisma.

              Not sure how this is lies.

              Your continued Dev Nindya against Sri Krishna and Ma Kali shows who is on the side of untruth.


              • jim says:

                Allowing this through, because you acknowledge changing your position. You are also implicitly criticising your former position. Good on you.

                • Sher Singh says:


                  It’s hard to untangle because leftism has burrowed deep.

                  Khalistan v Indira was 1920s v 1950s Liberalism I guess.
                  Khalistanis opposed caste segregation for example.

                  CRPF did fire on Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in 1983.
                  After this it was fortified.

                  OVERALL, it matters more that low birth rates kill millions more Hindu & Sikhs each year than the worst of the World Wars.



                • Sher Singh says:

                  After Sikhs lost in 1992 Congress party took revenge by butchering civilians.
                  Indira’s main push against patriarchy was attacking dowry customs.
                  Khalistanis also attacked dowry customs.

                  Let’s move forward.


  5. alf says:


    I’ve some thoughts and questions on a well-threaded topic: the problem of evil and the problem of pain.

    The problem of evil I think I understand fairly well at this point. Augustine’s take on the subject makes a lot of sense to me: if it were overly obvious that good wins, everyone would choose good and life would be boring indeed. If evil would not be tempting, we would not have free will. Which ties in with Jim’s point on how a good videogame must always pose a challenge.

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on the problem of pain. I sympathize a lot with the idea that pain is God’s way of talking to us, of testing us and nudging (sometimes not subtly) us in the right direction. The reason I find this hard to fully embrace is because it closely resembles the idea that pain is ‘fair’, as in, in the larger scheme of things, you deserve the pain you have. Which I strangely find to be the case with myself and people whom I know well enough to make that call — definitions of ‘fair’ being flexible of course, for some people are in rather more physical pain than I think they deserve, but not so much that I find it to be completely unfair.

    But the problem is I’m not sure I can generalize that to everyone. The classic image that comes to mind is the Stephen Fry bit in which he ‘confronts’ God:

    interviewer: “Suppose it’s all true, and you walk up to the pearly gates and are confronted by God. What would you say to him, or it?”
    Fry: “I would say: bone cancer in kids? What’s that about? How dare you create a world in which there’s such misery that’s not our fault.”

    So let’s address the poster child in the room: what about bone cancer in kids? It’s pretty rare, but most children that do have it, do not have any explicit risk factors, either in their own life or their parents. Maybe something genetic, but is that ‘fair’? Or is it fair in the same sense that many children and mothers have died in childbirth prior to Semmelweis? What would you say to Stephen Fry, or a kid with bone cancer?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Esthetic architectures are drivers for the navigation of being. Some are more adaptive than others.

      To speak of a sentiment being desirable or undesirable in an atomic sense is liken to speaking of turning left in your car as an end in of itself. The question is in accordance with what teleologies. Some more transcendent than others.

      • alf says:

        So, God’s ways are inscrutable?

        I mean, I get that sometimes it is impossible to know what happens. If you were a mother dying age 35 because the midwife didn’t know she ought to wash her hands, pretty inscrutable, even if women have an innate instinct for cleanliness. Then again, soap is pretty old. Then again, how the hell are you supposed to know about bacteria and sterility. A lot of people died and for them, life was, all things considered, unfair, except in light of some grander teleology in which perhaps they found solace, perhaps not.

        I guess that if those people found faith, so ought people today dealing with similar levels of fairness. Still kind of tough.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          God’s ways are observed in the thriving of dogs and cats and the deaths of dodos and abbos alike. Rats may live and die, but does ratness prevail, or not?

          The possibility of rats dying of cancer is an epiphenomena of the form of ratness they are exponent of, which has its advantages. Many other beings participate in similar forms, which suggests their adaptiveness to Being. If enough exponents are dying of bone cancer, then of course the phenomena will instead pass out of Being, in lieu of other things with greater ontological priority. Such would be its frailty. Forms of being that suffer from bone cancer less than others, one way or another, naturally can prevail over similar forms that do. Is bone cancer truly random caprice? or are such phenomena associated with other phenomena, like all phenomena?

          To think in terms of all or nothing; to end thinking at particles rather than the shapes they may compose; such, too, are all too common frailties.

          He that might better hear the voice of God might better profit; he that might better hear the voice of God might prophesay, that others might better profit; that the prophesayer becomes a conduit of God; God speaks through the prophet, that others might profit. Divine Law is understood, not as hurdle, but as gift; a tool that may shape its wiedlers as much as it may shape the rest of creation; that that which might observe it might participate in the power of God – participate *in* God – subsisting, over that which might not.

          • alf says:

            What I understand, I agree with. But what I do not understand, sounds rather cryptic —

            or are such phenomena associated with other phenomena, like all phenomena?

            What you mean by this? And if you feel like it, possibly an explanation of this term Being/being you often use.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              “`What I understand, I agree with. But what I do not understand, sounds rather cryptic —

              or are such phenomena associated with other phenomena, like all phenomena?

              What you mean by this? And if you feel like it, possibly an explanation of this term Being/being you often use.“`

              Certainly. For starters on the later, the being/Being distinction is Heideggerian terminology, which in simple terms is a distinction between particular beings (such as a rock, or a humanoid, or a company; a plant, a planet, an ontic groove in the contours of Being that particular beings may inevitably trend into, gaining power if they do, composing the divine forces shaping this plane, et cetera et cetera), and the being of all beings, including and especially in the most transcendent sense. (A rock would be something that is ‘present-at-hand’; capitalgenesis, such as fashioning those rocks into an adz, would be things that are ‘ready-at-hand’; and the kind of being capable of doing as such would be ‘dasein’. These categories can overlap.)

              As to the former, communist theology, which is to say quaker theology, which is to say gnostic theology, which is to say solipsist theology, is that ‘things just happen to happen’. Exempli gratia, ‘the only thing wrong with poor people is that they are poor’, or in this case, ‘the only thing wrong with cancer patients is that they have cancer’. That happenstances are merely the whim of an arbitrary Universe/God/Great Old One, and one could just as easily be any other, and it is merely an act of voluntary will to make it so.

              Bone cancer is an expression of something going wrong. That wrong could be being the sort of person who has faith in a demon religion that tells you to get mutagenic gene therapies as a sacrament. It could be being related too or working for the kinds of beings that coerce them into such errors. It could also be deleterious mutations accumulated over generations, vulnerabilities or other frailties that have yet managed to persist heretofore. There are a variety of things that can go into the form of ‘the sort of being that gets bone cancer’, and if they pass out of existence, that is well enough.

              Bad things happening to good people are certainly things that can happen; and bodies where they can are cursed with ontological demotion. Bodies where there is good to the bad and bad to the good lose potency, become weak and die; meanwhile, bodies where there is good to the good and bad to the bad gain potency, become strong and prosper. The gnostic obsession with a wicked god that makes bad things happen to deserving worthies (such as themselves) is a perfect solipsistic projection of their own behavior vis-a-vis other beings.

              It is again all about escaping the perspective trap of seeing particular beings as an alpha and omega of consideration, and seeing how (you) are both composed and component of phenomenal fractals instead.

              • jim says:

                > For starters on the later, the being/Being distinction is Heideggerian terminology

                Heideggerian philosophy is evil, and worse, stupid. Understanding it requires you to be very smart, but after understanding it, you become dumber, not smarter.

                Heidegger asks what it means to say that something exists. Stupid question. Every dog already knows the answer, and cleverly overthinking it will just put a wall between your mind and what exists.

                Naive realism is simply true, and the job of philosophers is to explain why it is true, not to find clever reasons for doubting it.

                Heidegger soundly bases everything on the naive realism of individual existence, accepting the undeniable truths of this as undeniable without pointlessly questioning it, but then starts wandering into what the postmodernists call the social construction of reality. And in such deep waters, he is not all that helpful, on the contrary will get you lost and confused.

                After solidly grounding everything on individual naive direct perception of existence, he then sails off into deep waters and loses contact with the ground.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Heidegger was a man who lived in the 20th century, which shows.

                  Use of terms for my own syncratic purposes when found useful is not at the same time unreserved recommendations of whole bodies of work related to their the ostensible inspirations. Whether the man himself would agree or disagree with my linguistic apprehensions over a chat is of course an academic question.

    • jim says:

      A whole of video games have a whole lot of random and arbitrary unfairness. For example World of warcraft would have high level monsters sometimes showing up in low level areas.

      • alf says:

        random and arbitrary unfairness

        But in WoW, fairness always outranked unfairness. You might get killed, but you can always resurrect. And in the end, you always level up.

        The real life equivalent to random and arbitrary death would be to be randomly and arbitrary banned from your wow account.

        You really think life has random and arbitrary unfairness baked into it? Not saying it doesn’t. I guess I just like the version of life that has a somewhat sensible fairness baked into it, even if it is not always readily knowable to the observer.

        • C4ssidy says:

          People abandoned wow as it became fair and trannified . Classic was a hit. To make a game more fun than classic you have to go more extreme.. I’ve seen some good Indy examples but they always cuck out. A game with random permanently deadly or crippling diseases would be fun, and hilarious. In my dream mmo you start in a womb and have to crawl around and learn to speak and walk over a couple of weeks but only about half the players manage to get to childhood let alone adulthood or old age

          • alf says:

            In my dream mmo you start in a womb and have to crawl around and learn to speak and walk over a couple of weeks but only about half the players manage to get to childhood let alone adulthood or old age

            Ha! Reminds me of…

          • Handi says:

            For a singleplayer game, you would enjoy Nethack. It’s hilariously unfair, the only think in the game that isn’t trying to kill you is the menu.

            I recommend the Vulture GUI as vanilla Nethack is unplayable to me.

            • Encelad says:

              Nethack , good memories! I played it in the past for a total of about three years and managed to ascend (win) only once.
              Because of the randomness of the dungeons it is even possible to step on a trap and die on your very first turn. If it happens the game acknowledges it and mocks you.

            • Contaminated NEET says:


              This is not the way. Learn to see the matrix. Your imagination is much better than any tileset.

              If you like Nethack, you’ll probably like Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It’s fairer, but just as difficult, and the game is deeper, relying more on strategy and tactics and less on luck (although you still need plenty). I can’t recommend it highly enough.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            This is some degenerate weeb shit, but check out Elona, a sandbox rougelike RPG. Drinking from a well can grant you anything from a gift from the heavens or getting “pregnant” with an alien that will eventually rip its way out of your and attempt to impregnate all the other NPCs.


            The sequal Elin is coming out soon. Looks like it will be very good.

        • jim says:

          Large scale cooperation is the basic niche and character of the human species, in the sense that flight is the basic niche and character of birds. A band of brothers came down from the trees and stood off the lions, and we have been at it ever since.

          Humans succeed by pulling off large scale cooperation. Which gets harder the larger the scale.

    • A2 says:

      Don’t worry about unfair, Stephen, because you are in utter fairness going straight to hell, you massive leering faggot.

      1 In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.

      • alf says:

        Don’t worry about unfair, Stephen, because you are in utter fairness going straight to hell, you massive leering faggot.

        Fry says: ‘what about the children!’ But really he means: ‘what about me!’ You were given plenty of choices Stephen, plenty of choices…

        1 In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.

        The thing that always gets to me about Job’s story is not Job himself — the pain that befalls him, although rather extreme, is in the end resolved, for because Job stays faithful to God, he is rewarded with twice as much as he had before his ills: a new wife, 10 kids, lots of cattle and health until old age.

        What gets to me is the death of his first wife, and his first children. For them, life must have seemed arbitrarily unfair.

        But you could argue that I’m reading into that too much. The story is about Job, and if we take that at face value, the message is that life is not arbitrarily unfair, for because Job remains a good man during difficult times, he is in the end rewarded.

    • Adam says:

      I don’t find it all that useful to think of God as a conscious being. Life is a very scarce and fragile thing, overcoming almost unimaginable challenges in order to survive.

      With questions like this, if the fruit is nihilism or Gnosticism, or some other foolishness, best to assume the question is the problem.

      • alf says:

        I don’t find it all that useful to think of God as a conscious being.

        That is an interesting take. What do you then make of the CS Lewis kind of assertion that God loves you personally, like a father who watches over his son?

        In fact, the more I think of it, the stranger I find your assertion. In the OT, God has conversations with people all the time. What is he in the bible, if not a very real, conscious being?

        Life is a very scarce and fragile thing, overcoming almost unimaginable challenges in order to survive.

        Is it though? When the fragility of nature comes up, I’ve copied the stance from this blog: nature is damn resilient. I’ve seen grass and weeds on land grow so quick, and be so rough, that even modern day mowers need constant maintenance just to keep up.

        • Adam says:

          >What do you then make of the CS Lewis kind of assertion that God loves you personally, like a father who watches over his son?

          I find that to be congruent with my beliefs. And so long as I obey Gods commands and do the Lord’s work, I will receive many blessings. I don’t think God is manipulating the chess board for me personally to win. If there is some kind of miracle or divine intervention, I tend to think it is in one’s consciousness (or many’s consciousness) where this happens. Even then I find it hard to believe that blessings are anything other than a byproduct of effort and obedience to God.

          As far as life being fragile and scarce, carbon based life forms are an extremely minute portion of matter on earth, and almost non existent in the universe. When it comes to being good, beautiful and true, on one planet with unusually ideal circumstances, yet still extremely harsh conditions, that is really miraculous.

          • alf says:

            I have the totally unfalsifiable belief that, since God created us and loves us, we have a non-insignificant amount of plot armor against the universe’s harshness.

          • embeveraged commuter says:

            Honestly sounds like survivorship bias talking. The good natured, god fearing men who got dragged off the street to absorb Russian artillery for example, don’t often get to participate in the discussion. Those who got screwed over by their church are much less likely to remain in it, so those who remain at an older age are likely to have been treated well.

            It is not for me to know why every church has a few giant babies who had God drop everything in their lap. Maybe they couldn’t handle anything worse, maybe it’s their job to be filled with love and prayer, maybe life wouldn’t be meaningful if God was micromanaging it to be a ‘fair’ video game.
            Either way, the Bible tells us unfair and stupid things will happen. It hasn’t been a ‘gotcha’ for thousands of years.

            • Adam says:

              >Honestly sounds like survivorship bias talking.

              It is certainly creation bias, as in my opinion God is a creator above all else. As nauseating as the Travis Kelsey/Taylor Swift romance is, there is good reason people idolize them and place them on a pedestal. They are both masters of their respective domains. But they still have to obey Gods commands and do the Lord’s work, and they will be punished for being a roastie and a cuck all the same (no grandchildren).

              • The Cominator says:

                Taylor Swift’s music is absolute crap her popularity was always a total mystery to me and of course she shills dems. Madonna for every horrible thing that can be said about her politically, as a person and as an explicit demon worshipper… Madonna’s music was at least good.

                The only good thing I can say about Taylor Swift is apparently she is a REALLY generous employer.

                • Adam says:

                  I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard her music or not. But the blessings bestowed on those with the courage and capacity to create is the best evidence for “God as creator”, in my opinion.

                  Jordan Peterson does a great job covering the aspects of creativity in his lectures.

            • Milosevic says:

              I agree.

              If you find the “problem of evil” a problem, you’re probably better off not thinking about it.

              • alf says:

                If you don’t understand something, don’t think about it? Sounds like the opposite of my conviction.

                It is not so much the problem of evil that I find a problem. I struggle more with the problem of pain. I’ve seen / see people close to me struggle with chronic pain. Includes young people, who would otherwise be in the prime of their life.

                I guess it’s just part of life, and presumably part of a greater plan I am not entirely privy to. I just think it’s interesting to think about.

                • Karl says:

                  Pain is a gift that tells me which part of my body needs special attention (e.g. tooth ache) or rest (e.g sprain).

                  Your example of bone cancer is not really about pain as such, I suspect it is about suffering, especially suffering of people who have not done anything wrong.

                  Well, tough luck. Some fates are hard to bear, terrible even. I guess that just shows that Adam and Eve have been driven from paradise. We don’t live in paradise and that implies that we sometimes have to suffer, even if we personally did nothing wrong.

                  Adam and Eve did wrong. Children suffer for mistakes of their parents and grand parents. The other side of that coin is that in way we continue to live through our children and grand children after our death.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  A being that always felt joy would be like a radar set that displays nothing but a solid glowing block covering the whole screen; totally missing the point of the exercise.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      While a stone (evil) can certainly dull a sword (good). The sword can’t be sharpened without a one.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Fairness is a legal concept to measure human law as determined by our morals. Not nature or nature’s law. While we answer to nature’s law, nature does not answer to our law. Thus nature is a higher order, and trying to analogize our concepts to an asymmetric higher order is certain to result in nonsensical logic games. Is it fair that the lion kills the deer to eat? Is it fair some bacteria eats shit and other eats sugar? Is it fair some plants smell like shit and others smell nice? Is it fair some birds are capable of flying high in the sky while others are stuck on the ground? Is it fair the earth orbits the sun and not the other way around? The Greek stoics had an answer. Nature is neither moral nor immoral. It is amoral, it simply is, and there’s no point in wasting time trying to impose human morality on nature.

      On the question of why bad things happen. Imagine if only “good” things could happen. You go to the casino and win a jackpot every single time (disregard for a second how such a business could exist. That would imply there’s no random chance. The dice always land a certain way… which would imply entropy would not exist… which means time would not exist… which means the universe would not exist. Bad things happen for the same reason good things happen, entropy makes events possible and entropy is central to how the universe can even exist in the first place.

      • The Cominator says:

        You’re all masochists apparently, if i have any control over my next incarnation will be in no world like this… i particularly resent struggling very hard to acquire some degree of wealth and security (success is not easy for an autist white male in clownworld even before things grew really dark in the past 3 years, and yes Pax im absolutely an autist) and having covid underly losing that despite the fact i was one of the few who was never fooled by it.

        If i was to lose so much… i at least want revenge but most people on the right i do not think yet even endorse total democratic voter de… well lets say minecrafting. The charitable and weak attitude towards leftists makes me sick. But ill likely not even ever see that… though i may see leftist kill a few of their own.

        • The Cominator says:

          And as for Job and other innocent people (i have no delusions of innocence though i think most people are worse) ill never go over to leftism serpent christ or other such demon demon worship myself… but Ive always had trouble not agreeing with the idea of a demiurge… yeah im aware that a real demiurge could (unless stopped by forces above him) make things worse than this.

          • jim says:

            Pursue your telos, own your own woman. It will mellow you out considerably.

            You have come to an accommodation with the woman problem that is a lot better than most men these days, but it still going to bug you. You are misdirecting the feelings and propensity for violence that naturally and rightly arise under the circumstances.

            In the ancestral environment, killing people was apt to be an effective solution to the problems you have, and even in our current environment, far from irrelevant and not entirely counterproductive.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >im absolutely an autist

            Actual autist spergs are 99 out of a 100 times not self aware about being autist spergs. I really doubt your that 1* in a 100.

            The power of prayer is real, and you’re using it to run in the opposite direction. Stop that and reverse course. You’re more intelligent than most, and more wilful than most, both are normally great attributes, but you’ve allowed them to run rouge on you. It’s been causing you to neurotically trample your own self image.

            I’ve seen short bald ugly goblin like men score with much better looking women and hold that pussy down. Some of them are not too bright or socially well adjusted either. What they all had in common was absolute audacity and will to act without second guessing themselves every single fucking step they took. They just did it.

            You’re too brainy to stop thinking and just do. You unironically need to brainwash yourself into being a chad. Strike out all thoughts of autist and sperg from your mind. Such terms are now anathema. They are deleted from your vocabulary. They no longer exist. Follow Wulfgar Thundercock III’s example. Have a larger than life attitude that is heh, thundering with masculine vitality. If you think of yourself as a Thundercock jr, you will act like one.

            *A unicorn I’ve never run across irl and am leaving open the possibility.

            • jim says:

              > You’re too brainy to stop thinking and just do.

              There are ancient instincts that know how to perform the mating dance correctly. Let them take you over. After you have correctly performed game, then you can intellectually analyse and comprehend your performance with red pilled thought. At the time, thought should be silent.

              When I correctly perform game, all the verbal and non verbal signals from my target tell me I am doing the wrong thing, but if there are any non target females around, their reaction tells me I am doing the right thing, and subsequent developments with my target tell me her initial response was deceptive and misleading, though she was of course unaware of the deception. Men perform and women choose, but men conquer and women surrender, and in order to have a good surrender, she has to put up a good resistance. Her role in the mating dance is to attempt to obstruct your role, but somehow not obstruct too effectively. The more alpha she expects from you, the firmer the resistance.

              • The Cominator says:

                My instincts do not know how to deal with people very well everything must be processed on a conscious level or based on a kind of acting training but that only gets you so far and only in situations where you have experience of doing it and getting it right at that… Strippers are doable (I do not explicitly pay them for sex btw as that is more expensive than what I do) because you’re catching an often bored nymphomaniac and taking her to a situation where she is alone with you and already dancing naked, shes really not looking for an excuse to say no.

                Trying to cold approach normal girls in the age of tinder, fucking forget it. You’re dealing with girls who are basically on an autoreject mode if they detect the least hint you’re not chad. Social circles are not what they used to be either since 2020.

                • jim says:

                  Game is not about cold approach, though originally it was primarily about cold approach. It is about performing the mating dance correctly. Heartiste scarcely discussed cold approach, except in the context of things like negs which are not specific to cold approach.

                  And the reason your instincts scream out against cold approach and paralyse you is that solo cold approach is very hard, unlikely to yield good results, and in the ancestral environment, apt to result in sudden death.

                  For a cold approach to be successful, you need to be part of a group, and passing as the leader of the group when in sight of women, for they instantly and very perceptively analyse the dynamics of any group of two or more males in their vicinity for authority and leadership at thirty paces, as a male is instantly aware of the fertility of any female at thirty paces. A solo male approaching a group of females is in for very hard times. A group of males approaching a group of females by sending its leader into the female group with his followers a little way behind him goes down smooth as a chocolate milkshake.

                  And cold approach has been rendered substantially less relevant in the age of the internet, because social media are where the chicks are.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Every time you contact a woman on a social media app is a cold approach.

                  The pickup artist Mystery wore ridiculous outfits to lure women into approaching him, if only to mock him, because that gave him much better odds that a cold approach would.

                  I met a guy in real life who shaved his head except for one lock of hair on top, to which he attached a plastic propeller supported by toothpicks. I’m sure that got him laid a few times, by women who approached him.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Mayflower Sperg is perhaps right, perhaps I should start just dressing ostentatiously ridiculous.

                  In fact I’ve known a few guys who’ve done that over the years, they tend to almost always have a girlfriend and I think MS just clued me into why. No drunk outgoing chick can resist going up and approaching them to make a wisecrack about their outfit (and all women are interested in clothing). I think I see in my future… a giant tophat.

                • jim says:

                  This always struck me as a stupid idea, and though Mystery had a lot of imitators, Game moved on and focused on masculinity, which Mystery’s approach tends to undermine. You don’t see later pick up artists attracting attention by looking ridiculous, though lots of people assure me that clowning works. Never tried it, sure it that would not work for me. Peacocking works, and I certainly peacock, but peacocking is the opposite of ridiculous.

                  Being ridiculous announces intention to not hold your frame. So does clowning.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  But when girls insult the clown and he does hold his frame, they are surprised and intrigued.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, any aggressive act by a girl is a fitness test. You need to elicit fitness tests. I just feel that eliciting fitness tests by ridiculousness undermines my dignity. That is just me, but it seems fairly widepread in the current manosphere. No clowning by Andrew Tate, except that his performance of alpha is a bit over the top.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Trying to outmasculine Florida man (who is very very often extremely well muscled and well armed even when drunk) and it is not long before you are going to die, even as a normie.

                  As an autist in Florida… clown sounds the way to go.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Clowning is a polwhigically correct version of good aristocratic fashionability. Sumptuary displays that spiritually elevate every space you step into, improving everyone’s day just that bit more by giving everyone something nice to look at. Looking fly as hell is your duty as a man to the public interest, and God curses this dreary world of quakerdom that fills every being in it with malaise.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Instinct degrades with disuse, e.g. the quolls who in only ten generations forgot how to evade predators. The Western bourgeoisie have not relied on courtship instinct for quite a long time. Instead, middle-aged mothers worked their social networks to find good matches for their sons and daughters. When modern “dating” began in the 20th century, it was tightly regulated so that girls only dated respectable young men of the same social class. If her father liked you, you got to play the girl on easy mode.

                My parents remained virgins into their late 20s, as did my wife and I. They met in the 1960s through a computer-dating service, which makes me one of the world’s oldest computer-babies. The way I met my wife was so unusual that I can’t say without doxxing myself. I know nothing about the Cominator’s parents, but we were born in the same U.S. state, and it’s entirely possible that neither of us possesses your courtship instincts, though we are able to perform the physical act once the woman is naked.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My social skills didn’t fail with disuse I never had them or to the extent I had them they were on the level a retard has reasoning skills (so while not exactly nonexistent they were at a very very low level)… this applies to a lot of other so called social skills with me. Early childhood and especially middle school was… difficult.

                  The feminist clownworld system is far MORE demanding of social skills to make your way than the old system as it rewards connections but very rarely rewards intelligence (you can’t even really make money in the stock market anymore except by luck or as an insider) and often punishes it.

                  Jim is capable of convincingly (despite being an old tech bro) of seeming like a plausibly dangerous and violent man and thus he can get it for free. But when you’re acting the thug and the gangster making the right social calls is the difference between life and death (or at least criplling injury) or freedom and prison. It is not a path I could ever follow and not because merely of lack of belief that I could do it, I do not have the aptitude. If I was a warrior in a conquering herrenvolk army perhaps but other than that it would be like trying to fly a plane blind.

                • jim says:

                  If you think your social skills innately terrible, work on them. Preferably under circumstances where the penalty for failure is less than when talking to cops.

                • alf says:

                  It’s just dating…

                  When’s the last time you went on a date? Do you actively maintain accounts on dating websites? Do you get out in places where you meet women? What percentage of your time are you spending shitpoasting on the internet versus trying to get a date? You sound like you’ve already given up, but there is always a choice. There is a lot of valor in the attempt alone.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I go out and have always gone out regularly though i do not drink.

                • alf says:

                  You go out to stripper clubs. Do you go out to normal bars? Do you talk to normal women at normal bars? And if you feel intimidated talking to women at bars, why not try your hand at online dating?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  My social skills didn’t fail with disuse I never had them or to the extent I had them …

                  You never had any courtship instincts because your ancestors lost them over several generations, having engineered a social matrix in which they could marry and reproduce without being ultra-chads.

                  That matrix was already coming apart in the 1960s when my dad’s first wife left him. Now it’s completely gone. In the coming decades every country will either re-impose absolute male supremacy or become another Haiti. Giving women legal rights was only viable as long as they held some allegiance to the old patriarchal values.

                • Adam says:

                  > If you think your social skills innately terrible, work on them. Preferably under circumstances where the penalty for failure is less than when talking to cops.

                  I would suggest a part time evening job as bartender. It’s loud, most people are drinking and not really paying attention to the staff, and every customer is a chance to practice being charming. Even just getting comfortable asking females “what can I get you sweetheart” is a start.

                  Plus usually there will be younger attractive staff to joke around with. Bartender is a traditionally “Chad” job, like DJ. That is how I would start from zero if I had to do it all over again.

              • Zogcorp Slave says:

                Some months ago, I (early 20s) managed to get a girl in my room alone for the first time. I had no plan beyond that point. “It took a great deal of conscious game, planning and effort to get here, but once I am alone with her, these natural instincts Jim told me about will take over and it will be easy”. In fact, I just stared at her like a deer in the headlights for hours, trying to summon these natural instincts, until she took pity on me and stripped. She was young, slim and pretty but I didn’t get an erection.

                Jim or commenters, can you recommend any old movies or porn videos where the one on one mating dance leading directly to sex is performed realistically? I have honestly no idea what it should look like. Will TRT help?

                • The Cominator says:

                  If your dick fails youre sol but i think this is b8, shouldnt happen in early 20s…

                • Zogcorp Slave says:

                  Not bait. Last T test was ~400 ng/dl.

                • jim says:

                  That is very low.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Low but not low enough for ED. You were still thinking, got flooded with cortisol and adrenaline, need to switch from System 1 to system 2 type brain.

                  Blade Runner, the original one, has a good scene I would recommend digesting.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  That’s happened to me every time I’ve been alone in a bedroom with a woman I recently met. After years of grinding, you’ve at last won the game, but you’re too psyched up from the final boss battle to relax and claim your prize, or you think the game is still in play.

                  This can be traumatic for the woman too if she takes it the wrong way — “OMG he saw me naked and went soft? WTF is wrong with him, or me? Guess I’ll go back to being Chad’s Fleshlight until he ghosts me and I die alone with my cats.”

                  Next time, relax. Start kissing her, undressing her, sucking her nipples, and if she tries to do likewise to you, let her. Your penis will join the fun when it’s ready.

                • someDude says:

                  @zogcorp slave

                  Have you had sex with a woman before?

                • Rux says:

                  If you’re messing about and it’s clear things ain’t working as they should gently push her away and summon her to remove her clothing and play with herself. Deadpan, without humour and glaring directly into her eyes. You might be surprised how little hesitancy there is. This takes the focus off your ‘performance’ giving you some room to regroup. Watching her should rev you up to where you need to be. Enjoy it knowing she’s yours. If not then I don’t know. This was always my cure-all for that particular ill.

                • Zogcorp Slave says:

                  I will go looking for some old numbers for the natural levels, and start supplementing.

                  @Fidelis, @Mayflower
                  Thanks for the rec and the instructions.


                • jim says:

                  Cycle. Permanently supplementing causes your natural system to shut down with catastrophic results.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Do you want the fuck strippers cheap procedure (I assume you are in the United States)… I swear even you can do it?

                  You won’t have to use a condom if you don’t want (hetero STDs are 99% Fauci bullshit) even if you don’t make a habit of it its good to know that you can easily get laid for not a lot of money whenever you want.

                • Zogcorp Slave says:

                  I’m not American, but eager to learn from an expert as I’m sure some of it will be transferable.

                • jim says:

                  Getting expert in nailing strippers is not very difficult, but it is a dead end, because she has certainly fucked Jeremy Meeks, and has probably fucked General Bucknaked.

                • jim says:

                  You were probably focused on your performance. She is there to amuse you. Just fool around, and nature will take its course. And, of course, tadalafil.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  And, of course, tadalafil.

                  Tadalafil (Cialis) is great stuff! And not just for ED. It’s a proven life extension drug. It has a relatively long half life in the body. So you don’t need to take it as often. It lowers blood pressure and protects the vascular system. It’s also good for BPH. Low dose (5 mg) every other day has few side effects.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  “If you’re taking Cialis for erections you’re doing it wrong,
                  that’s just a bonus.”

                • The Cominator says:

                  Okay the stripper procedure was rather long so bear with me… it was long in the interest of laying it as out as a scientific and technical process whereby any man who could speak english and was not a member of certain racial minorities (strippers/hookers unlike normie women are overwhelmingly somewhat redpilled on race, and like normie women even they can’t generally abide poos) could score.

                  In case you are confused about any of the steps keep the following general points in mind there is a lot of conventional wisdom about pros and strippers just is blatantly blatantly wrong.

                  General points to keep in mind

                  1. The idea that working girls universally hate men, hate sex, hate their clients and hate having sex with their clients is absolute and total nonsense. Girls like that exist (street walkers are like this) the work causes them terrible psychological damage and they either quit or get on hard drugs (and meet a bad end). The ones who stay with their job like to fuck and are generally good about making an idealized and chadlike picture of their clients in their mind and they will do that for you if you don’t piss them off. So yeah the hooker to some degree actually really does like you, especially when if like a stripper she doesn’t exactly have to have sex with you but does so anyway. Especially if you’re not paying her anything extra. While women especially women who have frayed pair bonding through age and sexual excess cannot really love men in a long term sense a hooker/stripper is absolutely capable of getting infactuation/honeymoon type period feelings for a regular client she is fucking (you can exploit this in various ways if you’re so inclined too but I’ll leave that up to you).

                  2. The claim is that they hate men/their clients because their clients are just pervs who want to use them and they only see the worst in men or something. Once again girls who like being working girls are the equivalent of female pervs themselves and something in the female brain makes being used for perverse purposes like a toy feel feminine, pleasurable and happiness inducing to them so… no they don’t really hate guys for that. They like being used. Give them any hint you are judging them though and you are going to massively piss them off.

                  3. On off nights the girls are often bored and with some of them being nyphomaniacs horny as well. This is why I will say it is best to go on off nights unless you already have a regular girl.

                  Specific points and procedure.

                  1. You need a strip club with at least a semi private lap dance area. The more private the better. Go on a more off or at least middling night unless you have a regular girl, Friday and Saturday night are to be avoided the girls on those nights are looking for groups of drunk guys to milk as much money out of as possible and you don’t want to deal with competing with that.

                  2. Doesn’t hurt to shower and dress nice before. If not in a very warm climate I in fact recommend wearing a suit. Strippers/whores are in many ways very old fashioned girls and like traditional nice attire on guys.

                  3. Be nice and flattering to the girls at 1st and above all don’t come off as judgey or white knightey (ie no remarks about how its bad such a pretty girl ended up in such a lowly state to work here or such, ALL strippers hate this and are sensitive to it with a passion and she will never fuck you out of spite if you do this). Maybe negging them works but as a sperg I’ve never been able to neg girls “right” without pissing them off.

                  4. Whereas implying and as you get more rapport she is a slut and other such things… they kind of like this if you give them the sense you like that about them (and since you’re just trying to fuck them as cheaply as possible there is no reason you shouldn’t like it). Be careful though until you’ve fucked her about going too far with this.

                  5. Also just start touching them and fondling them right away while talking, arms stomach, I like their upper legs… you are touching her like you are going to fuck her (without having paid her anything yet) soon because you are. It helps warm up both of you and no good fun stripper will ever object to you doing this either. Don’t ask permission just start doing it once you start talking. You should spend at least 7-10 minutes doing this before you get a dance. Give the girl a chance to orient her mind to you being some kind of chad she wants inside her.

                  6. Have her do some little things for you pre lap dance she has to comply with that you find visually sexy, you want her complying with you a bit before you ever get a dance. Slap her ass maybe too.

                  7. Generally refuse to buy them anything (once you’ve fucked them getting a drink or something is fine) or give them any money before you’ve fucked. Absolutely okay to light their cigarettes and such though.

                  8. Before lap dance ask them if you can touch them ANYWHERE… this works better than asking outright for sex (sometimes asking outright for sex works but sometimes it brings about suspicion you’re an undercover cop if she doesn’t know you and she shuts down or sometimes she will ask for way more money and that you get a champagne room).

                  9. During lap dance rub their clit for a little over a song, briefly finger them (the clit rub is way more important) pull your dick out and fuck them. You will also after this be able to always fuck them for regular lap in the future.

                  10. This doesn’t work on every girl unfortunately, some girls are determined not to actually put out or only do so for a lot of money or a celebrity so there is some trial and error, you get a sense of the more fun ones later on…

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  This comment is not relevant to Zogcorp; he just needs to relax and enjoy his prize, preferably without chemical assistance.

                  Two necessary conditions for successful reproduction are (a) a healthy young female, and (b) a man with at least 25 years to live, time to protect his children and guide them into adulthood. Nature provides an elegant solution to both problems: the Boner Test.

                  If the woman is old, deformed, or diseased, no boner. If the man has poor blood flow, which can be for many reasons, none favorable to longevity, no boner.

                • jim says:

                  Relaxing is a huge help with erections. Don’t focus on the outcome, just focus on enjoying your prize. That pesky narrative generating part of your mind needs to shut down, so that you can focus on the moment. There are taxes, bills to pay, work to be done, and you are worried about outcomes — how is this going to impact the relationship and the future? What does it signify for your status as a man? Of course you are not going to get an erection if you are thinking about the future rather than a naked girl in your hands. If you focus on the here and now, what is ancient in you will take charge.

                • Adam says:

                  So I was at work a couple months ago, and a co-workers daughter came in to eat lunch with him. I’m at the front office talking to an older female administrator (we are friendly) and the guy and daughter walk up to us to introduce her. She is mid 20s blonde and a solid 8 maybe a 9. I said hi and all but I did have a deer in the headlights moment and that hasn’t happened to me in years. I just did not know how to incorporate my player persona into my work persona. It was way too complex of a social situation at the time. Any tips for this or what is the correct play there? I would totally bang the chick but I had no idea how to act in that situation and come off as attractive. So I just did the fail safe professional thing. I was kind of bummed afterwards.

                • jim says:

                  Work environment gives women superweapons to apply extraordinarily dangerous shit tests. Act alpha, a shit test will be forthcoming. Walk right through it, show no fear and no shift in frame.

                  Deer in the headlights looks will incurably render you invisible to her, in which case no shit test forthcoming, without a shit test forthcoming, not much to work with.

                  Ignore her beauty and treat like your bratty little sister. Take the position that she has to get you to notice her, not the other way around. Perform alpha without any indication that the performance is for the benefit of a particular member of audience. She will do something rotten, stupid, obstructive, and disruptive to get attention. Deal with it calmly but firmly, as if beautiful women being difficult is something that just happens to you all the time, and far too often.

                  Scoring requires passing shit tests, scoring in the work environment requires passing extremely dangerous shit tests.

                • trt curious says:

                  @Jim any recommendations on cycle length? Even among the less/non-prog bro-science crowd there are essentially no discussions about regular cycling of TRT to reset the HPTA.

                • trt curious says:

                  (blacks are stupid, violent, and crime prone, which is why whites don’t want them around. Soros is a State department flunky who launders money to support prog domination. Women have evolved to be owned by a man, and should be property owned by their husbands; this is the historical Christian position)

                  @Jim any recommendations on TRT cycle length? There is a total lack of discussion around the topic, even amongst the bro-science crowd. So either it’s a non-issue, or it’s suppressed. Not sure how to determine the difference.

            • embeveraged commuter says:

              Easier said than done. Hyping yourself up to LARP as phallusmaximus88 from twitter is hardly a substitute for having an iq of 90 (statistically best for reproducing in the current year) and a history of validation.

              There are some people it will work for, but if you act like that’s everyone you’re not much different from the feminist saying ‘incels just need to have a shower, go outside, and stop being so hateful’. You’re telling your best recruitment pool that modernity is actually a great meritocracy and they deserve to suffer for not appealing to women’s monkey instincts.

              Sometimes you’re bald, average height, and spent your developing years beat beaten down by feminists. Reading PUA tips on line won’t take you from there to getting a decent woman to commit to you when she’s a swipe away from chad.

              Proposal I stole from Aaron Clarey: Do the self improvement and getting your life in order you should be doing anyway. If women come easily at that point then get one, but if they still treat you like trash then don’t embarrass yourself jumping through hoops trying to impress them.

              • Adam says:

                >having an iq of 90 (statistically best for reproducing in the current year)

                It’s not the IQ it’s the effort and attention. Getting pussy is their full time job. Spend 20 hours a week in the gym, take steroids, buy flashy clothes and vehicles, and then spend the rest of your time going to places and events girls love to go to. With some game, you’ll get laid.

                If you want top tier pussy to fall from the sky and hit you in the face, copy Dan Bilzerian or Andrew Tate. But status is their full time job as well.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Don’t forget tattoos — you need a lot of tattoos to get laid, and you mustn’t recoil in disgust when the woman’s clothes come off and you see *her* tattoos!

                • Adam says:

                  Yep. The best look to get female attention is one that says “look at me” and “fuck you” simultaneously.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I don’t like that they have tattoos but its something I can deal with/tolerate.

                  Its the mass obesity, bitchiness, and shut in (there are very few women in public spaces generally compared to what there used to be) ness of clownworld women that really sucks… the tattoos are a negative but a more tolerable one than all of those.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >There are some people it will work for, but if you act like that’s everyone

                I’m confident TC is one of those it will work for. And I was mostly speaking to him. No, it won’t work for everyone, but men must try regardless because it’s our purpose.

                >Easier said than done

                Never said it would be easy. In fact it’s hard and even very uncomfortable, but role playing as phallusmaximus88 is going to keep a man mentally and spiritually playing the game. Role play enough and it’s possible to find the role has become the actual identity. i.e. no one starts out as a bad ass, the persona is both learned and earned over time.

                He may not find victory, but refusing to play will always result in defeat. Calling oneself an autist (when I’m certain TC is not) is a post hoc justification for giving up. He has given me no reason for me to believe he should’ve stopped trying.

                >you’re not much different from the feminist

                Indeed there is similarity. The feminist isn’t totally wrong about men having to take ownership of themselves. Where they go wrong is telling men not to take ownership of women. That women should own themselves no matter how disastrous it has proven to be. Many men thus figure, why take ownership of themselves if no ownership of women? So they end up refusing ownership of everything.

                I know TC knows men must own women, so I don’t have to reiterate that point. I do know he’s been stewing in justifications for his refusal to play the game, and that’s just a non-starter. When he stops refusing, then he can work on how to find a good woman… which we all acknowledge is a very hard problem in Western modernity, but not an impossibility.

                >when she’s a swipe away from chad

                So many men have completely checked out that even chad is saturated and women are going unsatisfied.

                >Sometimes you’re bald, average height, and spent your developing years beat beaten down by feminists.

                Such a man often needs to find a fraternity that can distribute women to him. Of course this runs into the problem of finding fraternity when it’s de facto illegal.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m quite certain I am, my adeptness at stripper game is something anyone basically can do its as close you can get to a scientific process with women. The two people irl i walked through the process banged one cheap the 1st time they tried it. Strippers i think find giving no sex lap dances generally rather frustrating on some level and they arent going to get the ick from little indicators of autism. If they dont hate you and you get them to the point you can rub their clit a bit (clearing that in advance is part of my process) escalation is natural.

                  So yeah im still an autist.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And yes i agree chad is saturated and most zoomer women are femcels as a result but they are still autorejecting non chads.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Sorry to pile in on you Com, but honestly you just need to get out of the anglosphere. That’s it. You have enough theory and practice to have astounding success anywhere except the countries with objectively the most ill-behaved and hardest to tame women. In the US its not just the women shit testing you, but the crabby flabby men will too unless theyre already married, in which case usually too busy to wingman you.

        • simplyconnected says:

          The charitable and weak attitude towards leftists makes me sick.

          A significant fraction of them wanting to put the uninjected in concentration camps and wanting to take away their children made me much more sympathetic to the comination option.

          But ill likely not even ever see that… though i may see leftist kill a few of their own.

          Quite possible, if their 2024 “black swan event” they give so much advance notice of involves the cities.

          • jim says:

            A national security threat that requires extraordinary actions against agents of the Kremlin, or if that war has collapsed, as is starting to look increasingly likely, whomever enemy they decide to take on next. Their political enemies being agents of the Kremlin or whoever is up next.

            Good to know, fellow national security threats. I was thinking a medical emergency like last time.

            Of course you cannot adhere to normal election rules and follow normal election procedures during a major national security threat, and anyone who thinks that you can is a national security threat who needs to be removed to an undisclosed location and never seen again. In an national security emergency, the election has to be fortified against national security threats for the sake of national security. Obviously trying to keep track of ballot provenance would be a threat to national security, so Republican scrutineers are threats to national security.

        • alf says:

          if i have any control over my next incarnation will be in no world like this… i particularly resent struggling very hard to acquire some degree of wealth and security

          Stay strong friend… You’ll get there, eventually.

      • Fidelis says:

        I feel as if you’re toeing the line of calling the Is of this reality an Ought. Yes nature is amoral, but that doesn’t speak to our sense of morality being incongruous with the same reality we belong to.

        I struggle with this question of ‘unfairness’, prayed for an answer, and got one. I apologize for mentioning this, because I cannot exactly put the vision I was shown into words properly, but the answer was aesthetic and pre-rational and I still find myself digesting it. I suspect I may well pass out of the world before I digest it.

        All this to say that this answer comes across as dismissing an important and rightfully transformative question as irrelevant.

        • jim says:

          Nature is not amoral. It is the logos manifest. A bird must fly, and a human must cooperate. Failure to fly is failure of telos, failure to succeed in cooperation is failure of telos. Our race is about to go extinct by the inability of men and women to cooperate on reproduction, assuming we do not nuke ourselves first. This natural condition implies certain rightful norms of natural law and biblical law, norms that progressivism has repudiated for men and women, repudiated for races, and repudiated for armed nation states.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Nature has a telos. This does not necessitate nature having morals. We can corrupt morals to go against our telos, but we must answer to nature’s unchanging law. We can not corrupt nature’s law to satisfy our corrupt morals. Nature is clearly upstream of morals.

            Morals are a tool given to and created by man to fulfill our specific telos of intelligent, willful cooperation. Tools are not universal. Just as birds have wings to fly and we do not, we have morals to cooperate and birds do not.

            Nature outside of the exception of man, is amoral.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Animals cannot behave immorally for the same reason that single-celled organisms cannot get cancer.

              • jim says:

                I can see dogs looking guilty when they do something bad. Dogs are pack animals, capable of collective action – just not nearly as good at it as humans. Their speciality is running down prey.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  They’re faking it. Not knowing or caring if they’ve actually done anything wrong, dogs put on their guilty act to appease a human who appears to be angry at them.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Dogs ain’t faking anything, dogs are sincere honest animals even if limited in their understanding. Dogs have been known to stand guard at the graves of their owners…

                  Cats fake things (though do not generally bother faking guilt)… dogs do not.

              • someDude says:

                I have seen some nature documentaries, where there are some underground dwelling species (beavers?), where the male, when he sees a female he wants to approach without competition from other males, first makes a cry indicating that a predator is in range. This causes all the males hearing it to scamper into their underground shelters, which the female strangely does not do. Anyway, with the males all underground, our deceptive friend is free to make his advances with no competition

                Animals do deceive each other. Can we call this behavior immoral?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Sounds like prairie dogs. A fascinating theory says that moral codes began with the ability to throw projectiles, which chimps and gorillas cannot do. Without ranged weapons, there is no way even for a large group of angry citizens to punish a wrongdoer without risking serious injury to themselves — someone has to make first contact — so the offense goes unpunished, and society never develops to a level where one individual’s malfeasance can cause serious harm.

                • Adam says:

                  Animals also have camouflage. I would love to hear from the smartest and most well read among us an essay on the ethics of deception, from a reactionary point of view.

                  A shortcut maybe to look at the fruit, and judge from that, but there is something about deception and ethics that lays outside my grasp, or that I have just not uncovered yet. As obviously some deception at some times will save your life and result in more good than otherwise would be.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  What’s wrong with deception/camouflage? No organism has a moral duty to be another’s meal, nor to refrain from killing and eating whatever it manages to catch.

                • Adam says:

                  Obviously nothing wrong with camouflage, but things like lying are obviously wrong. So where is the line and what is the difference? It’s an academic question I suppose but it is pretty important, considering Satan in the Bible is referenced as “the great deceiver”.

                • jim says:

                  One is under no obligation to give one’s enemies the information they need to harm you. During the persecutions, the Christians massively used concealment, misdirection, and ambiguity.

                  But they were absolutely not allowed to say “I worship Caesar also”.

                  This really does not answer your question, because there is no one size fits all answer. Obviously steganographic methods are morally fine. Obviously false flags not. But there is a whole area of complexity in between and the difference between steganography and false flagging is difficult to define.

                • Adam says:

                  Yes it is one of those things where the picture gets more blurry the more you try to clear it up. As one congressman said when asked to define pornography “I know it when I see it”. But still I have the itch to define what is the vibe that we key in on as far as immoral deception and betrayal.

                • jim says:

                  One difference is that steganographic communication is directed to be understood by the recipient, and the deception is to shake off, confuse, and mislead those potentially hostile people 2288who should not be listening or watching while a false flag is a communication that is directed at those to be misled. With steganography, the deception is directed to prevent the enemy from noticing and paying attention, you do not want him to notice or think about it, on the other deception is intended for the enemy, you want him to notice and understand.

                  But I suspect I am merely throwing mud in the water. I know the difference when I see it, but attempting to understand how I see the difference does not generalise, and attempting to generalise is likely to mislead.

                • Adam says:

                  I suppose the definition does not have to be more complicated than “the spirit of evil” or “work of the devil”.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Moral is as moral does. If something ‘can not help’ being the way it is, that is not a call for less censure, but more censure. Something that did wrong because it decided to can be made to decide otherwise. On the other hand, the only recourse for something ‘made that way’ is to unmake it.

  6. Sher Singh says:

    Podcast on the history of the Nihangs.
    Not sure how I digest it or put it into modern practice/parlance.

    Sikhi is designed to control territory as a pseudo-state.
    Buddha Dal (elder band) preaches, controls shrines & policies.

    Tarna Dal (younger) fights & is like street gangs.

    The Dals or regiments eventually transform into Misls
    (Persian for equal) or a confederacy of competing fiefdoms.

    Even as late as 1947 Sikhs were charging Pak army, but Idk.

    Not going to say how much role Endia is in pulling back.

    Recent Indian trucker strike succeeded within 4 hours:

    I’m just unsure of what the forward path is which:

    1. Restores Patriarchy
    2. Maintains Sikh identity
    3. Expands territorially E-W Delhi-Lahore

    1. Requires end of Globhomo & Endia
    2. I firmly believe Hinduism reduces fitness
    Becoming the slaves of Brahmins is a failed strategy

    3. As India-Pak discard British institutions including the Army I think orgs like the Khalsa or Taliban gain an advantage.

    This is slowly happening as seen with India’s agniveer scheme.

    [*deleted because I have not found your links useful or informative. If you want your links to go through, tell us what the point of the link is, what information is to be found therein*]

    • jim says:

      Your point is that a very long time ago you had a real Khalsa.

      But now you have a transKhalsa, and your Five Eyes handlers will not let you have a real Khalsa.

      • Sher Singh says:

        Idk, Sikhs everywhere but America agree on patriarchy & the rest.
        Idk why American ones internalize progressive even among the religious.

        W/e though let’s see what happens.
        Not a Christian’s place to judge our accounts of anything।।


        • jim says:

          very possibly – that is characteristic of dot Indians.

          But drawing conclusions about the Khalistan movement from that does not necessarily follow, and I doubt you as a source on that movement.

          • Sher Singh says:

            [*deleted for lack of supporting evidence*]

            • jim says:

              Not taking your word for it. Link me to Punjabis treating someone in America as a leader in exile, and that leader in exile saying what you say that the American leadership of the Khalistan movement says.

              • Sher Singh says:

                There’s no single leader or gov in exile.

                I just notice that a lot of the LGBT, feminist etc bs within the broader religious culture comes from America.

                The leader of SFJ & the Khalistan referendum is not a practicing Sikh.

                Hard to know what you’re asking for when my comments gets censored.

                Modern Khalistani types are basically just ethnic grievance activists.

                They don’t practice the religion & their idea of the faith is just something that’s more Western & progressive than Islam/Hinduism.

                I’m not even interested enough to clip articles on it.

                That the movement is support by the WaPo & NYT should be enough evidence that it’s not in any religious or patriarchal (same thing).

                Idk, who cares?

      • someDude says:

        Apparently he supports Israel because he really hates Islam, but he will ally with Islam and Pakistan to finish off what he calls Endia and Hindus

        apparently, he is a great supporter of the caste system and putting the lower castes in their place, but brahmins are a problem

        Apparently the Sikhs are doing great because they get to keep a dagger on their person as admonished by their last Guru, but no word about a pistol or a revolver being the modern day dagger if the spirit of the law is to be followed

        Betcha wears dresses when on vacation

        • jim says:

          The internal inconsistencies of his ideological position cause me to doubt it is sincerely held.

          But though I can smell a fake Christian at forty paces, and there are a whole lot them around, I lack the background knowledge to detect a fake Sikh.

          • someDude says:

            I am also not sure what it is about the Granth sahib of Khalsa or Sikhism that they simply with not affirm the way Fake Christians refuse to affirm the divinity of Christ. For Buddhists, it is affirming the Enlightenment of the Buddha, For Hindus, it is Affirming Lord Rama as the eternal rightful Emperor of India and His Temple in Ayodhya. For Sikhs, I am not sure

            This Trans-Sikh’s silence regarding the Sikh shopkeeper who thrashed a shoplifter in CA is very telling. Keeps talking about Sikh martial this and Sikh martial that and when an actual martial act happens, he is silent.

            • Sher Singh says:

              Brahmins definitely want to make Sikhi the national culture of India.
              It’s really just a disagreement on tactics.

              No point going into depth, since Khalsa is the Pradhaan not brahmins..

              • jim says:

                I find this hard to believe, but being ignorant of Hinduism, letting it through to see what people who know Hinduism better than I will say about it.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  2 examples:

                  1. Modi resolved farmers protests on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s (1st Guru) birthday

                  2. Dec 26th is National holiday to celebrate Martyrdom of Younger Sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji since last year

                  3rd Bonus – Food & Logistics for the new Ram Mandir at Ayodhya has been given to Nihang Singhs

                  I think current BJP party president is also a Sikh.

                  The difference is whether this happens through open or closed source path.

                  Example – Ramleela is a play put on to simulate the events of the Ramayan.

                  Hindus did same on the 26th – SGPC (Sikh Org) opposed it.

                  The Sikh Org said we no one can pretend to be Gurus or their family members.

                  Many Brahmins were pissed because they want Sikhi to become part of folk culture of Hindus.


                  Brahmins view the Khalsa Sikhs as part of a militant sect in Hindu society.
                  They oppose this extremely anti-Hindu identity that’s developed.

                  Sikhs are against a lot of the ritualism which entered the religion during the early 1800s through Brahmins + Khatri converts from the twice-born castes.

                  Me, personally.

                  I’m tired of the Hindu hate because it’s always attacks from the left.

                  Religious Brahmins & Khalsa Sikhs get along fine.
                  Idk, I don’t want liberalism in India.

                  I consider this Khalistani neo-Sikhi to be Liberal.
                  It was mostly defeated in the 80s.

                  Stuff like no dancing at weddings, bans on meat, gender equality etc. it’s Puritan.

                  So I want a Sikh state where Hindu Dharma thrives.

                  Sikhi is the complete Hindu Dharma even bridging the Deva Asura gap.
                  That’s the Puratan (trad) view.

                  ਪਰੀਯੈ ਨਹੀ ਆਨ ਕੇ ਪਾਇਨ ਪੈ ਹਰਿ ਕੇ ਗੁਰ ਕੇ ਦਿਜ ਕੇ ਪਰੀਯੈ ॥ ਜਿਹ ਕੋ ਜੁਗ ਚਾਰ ਮੈ ਨਾਉ ਜਪੈ ਤਿਹ ਸੋ ਲਰੀਯੈ ਮਰੀਯੈ ਤਰੀਯੈ ॥੧੬੮੮॥
                  Seek not the [worship] of anyone else’s feet but those of Hari, the Guru, and Brahmins. That [Vishnu, i.e. Krishna] whose name is recited throughout the four ages, against Him by fighting and dying one is carried across [the dreadful ocean of the world, and into liberation].



                  Simple shill test for the neo-Sikh is just stuff on gender or Sati.

                  Sati Mata Ki Jai


                • someDude says:

                  At this point, he’s just typing random shit to see what sticks and drives engagement.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, rolling every ideology at random to see what sticks to the wall

              • dharmicreality says:

                It’s a small point but I think you’ve been confusing between “brahmin” as in the general elite priestly class of the time which now has open entry, vs “Brahmin” the specific priestly caste of India which is traditionally bestowed by one’s birth alone.

                The old traditional Hindu Brahmin (virtuous priest) has been out of power a long time and had been almost entirely replaced by the new “brahmin” class (evil priest). Even those who are supposedly Brahmin by birth today and close to the levers of power are priests of globohomo not Hinduism.

                Restoration of varnashrama (among other things) will involve bringing back priesthood by birthright alone (stopping open entry into priesthood) and restoring the Brahmin role as an advisor to the Kshatriya ruler and not as part of a ruling priesthood.

                • someDude says:

                  Any Brahmin advisor to the king must also have had experience in combat, i.e. risking his life for faith in the field of battle. We do not want specialist advisors. They have an alarming tendency to become very clever boys.

                  Let only faithful and courageous men be royal advisors and let them prove their courage and faith by risking their lives. No better venue to prove one’s courage and faith than in the battlefield against blood enemies of the faith, in the defense on one’s God’s.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Yeah, like this one Brahmin ‘friend’ I had supports women chanting Vedas. He’s a prog who was the one I meant with the open culture bs.

                  MAN Brahmin is our friend like Sudama Ji.

                  Check out Alpha Progression App.

                  We need an updated curriculum cuz lot of our Sampradayas are only repeating old knowledge/arguments.

                  The base material against dualism/materialism is fine, just needs an update.

                  Seriously, bro Alpha Progression VAHEGURU
                  Fully changed/fixed my lifting.

                  The admin is on facebook group & gives 3 month free.
                  I like the open/merit-based nature of Sikh Sampradayas.

                  HOWEVER, they exist to protect Gao & Brahmin.

                  Straight up.


            • Sher Singh says:

              Sikhs are going to be a political thorn, but Jan 22nd..

              That’s what changed my heart, along with “Veer Bal Diwas”.

              Rest is w/e let’s stop arguing.

              Back to discussing lifting, nutrition, fitness like we used to.


    • Sher Singh says:

      [*deleted because I find your account of the Khalistan movement improbable*]

  7. onyomi says:

    I am really wondering what kind of terrible black swan they have planned for 2024. Hope it won’t be 9-11 level or worse.

    The silver lining is that I don’t think anything like that would produce anything like the “rally round the flag” effect it had back then. Optimistic people would by now be jaded enough to put the blame where it lies this time, with our own leadership. Being in power makes it harder for them because I think there’s an instinct to blame whoever’s in power when e.g. rioting, plague, etc. occurs.

    My worst-case-scenario is Trump wins but with Haley-type VP. Will cause too many to relax and think “we won,” when actually will be strong containment.

    • jim says:

      I am seeing our elite in disarray. They disagree on Israel, on the Ukraine, and on censorship. Which does not stop any one faction in the elite from charging forwards with its own plot. The Gaea worshippers are charging forward.

      They spammed out a bunch of false flag attacks by Iran, and then Iran obliged them by a real attack. And nonetheless, no war on Iran was launched.

      What we are seeing is factions in the elite launching initiatives, and the rest of the elite not following behind them, as for example barring Trump from running, or imprisoning him incommunicado to prevent him from running.

      They are in disarray about woke in the movies, and the plan to turn black sea into a Nato lake has been abandoned. The plan to have a war with Iran was attempted, and got squashed hard. A huge amount of peer reviewed fake science on awesome might of the Covid Demon, and the safety and effectiveness of being jabbed in his name has been silently deleted from the scientific literature.

      So there is a highly likelihood of some terrible black swan event, but this time around the entire elite may fail to fall into lockstep.

      • onyomi says:

        Yes, I agree with Charles Haywood that the quality and unity of the elite seems to be deteriorating rapidly. I think they’ve drunk too much of their own kool-aid and put too many affirmative action tokens into positions of real visibility and theoretical power, like VPOTUS or President of Harvard. Those with half a brain still probably know it would take more than a few riots and a little election fortification to overcome the headwinds they’re facing in 2024, so that’s why I fear something big and dramatic, but I’m hopeful they’re by now too incompetent and disorganized to pull anything off, and the public by now jaded enough not to fall for the hamfisted attempts they will come up with.

        Other big ? for me is what elite reaction to Trump win too big to fortify will be. The Academic Agent school of thought says they’ll be smart enough to lock in some gains while letting the chuds think they’ve won. The Auron Macintyre thought is they’ve not got so much self control (seems probable, but they could both be true believers yet too incompetent to muster the same level of “resistance” they managed last time). Charles Haywood seems confident it will send them into anaphylaxis even if Trump himself does nothing special–his mere presence in the White House again could be too much for them. But not sure.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          They’re maggots, but they’ve got the biggest corpse in human history to feed on. For all the increasingly-obvious decline around us, there’s a lot of meat left on the bones. Their party will go on longer than we think, but no matter how blackpilled I get, I remember that it won’t go on forever, and someday a real rain will come.

          • onyomi says:

            It’s not so much about how much “ruin” is left in the US population/economy as how much intelligence, organization, unity, and enthusiasm is left in the US ruling elite. The USSR was far from its worst days economically speaking when their elites finally gave up the ghost. They just kind of lost the will.

            Strange as it sounds even to myself to say it, I wonder if the current US elite hold on power isn’t actually more tenuous than that of the DPRK’s.

            • jim says:

              Yes, they are, like USSR, losing will and faith, but unlike the USSR, the fanatics are rapidly becoming more fanatical. Woke movie making continues to double down, despite increasing resistance, and it likely that our political elite will continue to double down, while many of the elite around them quietly go AOL.

          • The Cominator says:

            The maggots include you, you are the carbon they want to reduce.


            • Contaminated NEET says:

              When you’re born from a corpse, you can either be a maggot or an unconquerable all-defying warrior, burning to pour out his rage on powerful foes. And most of us don’t have what it takes to be Guts.

        • jim says:

          What is happening in our elite is most visible and intelligible in woke movie making – which does not matter now that no one cares about Star Wars and mighty Thor any more, but receives disproportionate analysis, and for which we have disproportionate data.

          The Miss Marvel flop was produced by literal cat ladies with literal cats. When childless single women, and childless women with weak husbands, hit the wall, they tend to go evil and insane. Hence the unlikeability of the new heroes, being self inserts by the evil and insane, but, also and more importantly, diversities are just incompetent and feckless – hence the terrible and absurdly expensive animation in “Wish” — the competent animators, being old white males, got chased out. Godzilla minus one has better special effects on a fifteen million dollar budget than Miss Marvel has on hundreds of millions. And the Global American Empire is strangely unable to expand its production of shells, rockets, and artillery barrels.

          The 2020 fortification of democracy was carried out incompetently. The 2024 fortification is likely to be even bigger, but is likely to be even less less competent.

          Increasing elite incohesion means they will disagree on how fortification is to be carried out, which means that democracy will be fortified against the voters in half a dozen different ways, none of which will receive full elite backing.

        • jim says:

          The elite has flooded itself with people who are evil and hateful, and therefore are unable to work together very well, and flooded itself with people who are incompetent, stupid, and feckless, and therefore unable to work at all.

    • Karl says:

      Any one of the factions in charge is probably planning a black swan event, but there are really two different kinds of black swan events. One sort is for driving the masses into a desired directed, another sort is for driving other powerful factions.

      As voting is irrelevant, there isn’t much a faction can get from the masses, except maybe volunteers for the armed forces. But if they simply want a lot of soldiers, they can draft them. As far as I know, no ruthless government has ever found drafting an unwilling population an unsurmountable problem.

      In contrast, there is a lot any faction can get from other powerful factions. Stalin produced a black swan for other factions in the SU. Stalin’s black swan was a show trial and an execution of a party official.

      I’m expecting a black swan directed at factions in power.

      • jim says:

        What happened was that when Trump became president, Obama continued to run everything as before, because the ruling elite could not stand Trump, and when Biden was elected, Obama continued to run everything as before, because Biden is senile. But now things are falling apart, so someone has to grab the reigns. In Obama’s fourth term, he is becoming a lame duck.

        • The Cominator says:

          You mean perhaps Valerie Jarett. Obama is a homosexual actor and that’s all he has ever been.

          Biden is senile but he is it seems as malovolent as Hillary or his handlers are… so I think its more complicated than that.

    • Vendat Tunicam says:

      A hospital to close for comfort has just started masking again, referring to COVID, flu and RSV being the reasons. No mask, no service.

      Very recently a baby was born to someone close to me and the doctors tried to scare them into getting the RSV vaccine. Of course they didn’t take them up on it because it’s an MRNa shot for a disease that didn’t exist until five minutes ago.

  8. Mayflower Sperg says:

    This total Democratic victory on immigration is leading to some hilariously predictable outcomes. When Mayor Adams announced restrictions on migrant drop-offs in NYC, I thought, “they’ll be dropped off in New Jersey”, and that’s exactly what happened. Now New Jersey mayors are announcing that these unwanted migrants will be bused back to Texas.

    Chartering a coach bus for the 4000-mile round trip between New Jersey and Texas costs about $15,000. So I’ll pick up a load of migrants in New Jersey. As soon as my police escort turns back, I’ll pull into a service plaza and tell my passengers that if they aren’t back on the bus in fifteen minutes, it’s going to Texas without them. When I arrive in Texas with an empty bus, Gov. Abbott will give me another $15,000 and another load of migrants to take to New Jersey!

    Democrats cannot grasp the simple concept that controlling the movement of people without well-guarded borders is like trying to push back the tide with a shovel.

    • The Cominator says:

      The inner party plan is no doubt to use all this as a pretext to introduce internal passports and travel restrictions.

      • Karl says:

        Weren’t travel restrictions in place during the covid scare? Aren’t US driving licenses already used as passports inside the US?

        If they wanted travel restrictions, they’d simpose them again.

        My guess is that people like Mayor Adams do not care whether whatever they are doing is solving the problem. They simply want to give the impression that they are doing something to solve the problem. It’s like a bureaucrat who doesn’t care whether any work gets done, he merely wants his superiors think that he is very busy and therefore should be promoted.

  9. i says:

    Given the cultural change in regards to sex and sexuality. What would be the explanation that in 1957 and even in that time. This kind of marriage tanked this man’s career?

    Even in from 1957 onwards. This was considered beyond the pale.

    • I says:

      This is of course off topic in regards to the Post. But I am not sure how to regard such a thing.

      Poster girl effect? Or a real thermometer of the Nation’s moral attitudes at the time?

    • The Cominator says:

      1. Jerry Lee Lewis still had a career though it hurt it.

      2. The marriage was both young and incestous.

      3. It stayed in the headlines because Jerry Lee Lewis was a poster boy for a mean drunk abusive husband (yeah we know lotsa women like this) of the type progs loved to use to weaken patriarchy.

  10. Mayflower Sperg says:

    Any thoughts on this brilliant plan to confiscate Russian assets and give them to Ukraine? If they need a legal theory, I suggest “We’re the government — we can take whatever we want!”

    Until now, sanctions always “froze” assets but didn’t confiscate them, because what’s the difference? Either way, you’re deprived of property that you formerly had access to.

    A good counter-move by Putin would be to pass a law, by unanimous vote in the Duma, authorizing Russian military forces to seize or sink Russian-owned ships if asked to do so by the vessel’s rightful owner. That would scare away any potential buyers, making these ships white elephants that occupy valuable dock space as they slowly deteriorate from lack of maintenance.

    In the meantime, ordinary Russians travel to Kazakhstan, where they withdraw cash from Western bank accounts and pick up packages sent from Western countries. Sanctions are a minor inconvenience.

    • The Cominator says:

      Hmmm how long until this legal theory is used to seize your assets.

      I give it about a week and a half.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        What’s the downside of that, from the government’s point of view?

        • The Cominator says:

          None because our government is insane as Jim has said they’ll burn a store down to loot a case of beer, we’re run by insane stupid chaotic evil leftists… maybe the upper level is serpent christ worshippers who are perhaps even more evil and insane but a bit smarter about time preference.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        A week and a half? My astonishing friends, it has been the law of the land since 1933!

    • Cloudswrest says:

      A good counter-move by Putin would be to pass a law, by unanimous vote in the Duma, authorizing Russian military forces to seize or sink Russian-owned ships if asked to do so by the vessel’s rightful owner. That would scare away any potential buyers, making these ships white elephants that occupy valuable dock space as they slowly deteriorate from lack of maintenance.

      I thought about this a long time ago. If I was in a position to do so I certainly wouldn’t be placing a bit on a confiscated Russian yacht, and then taking it out on the high seas, only to have some armed Russian submarine surface right next to it! And arrest the whole crew as pirates!

  11. Cloudswrest says:

    Pepe Escobar essay on how the Houthi blockade of Bab al-Mandeb entrance to the Red Sea is internationally humiliating the GAE.

    • Milosevic says:

      Nothing new for the GAE.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Yep. Naval power is over. Never again will any ship navigate any body of water without the consent of all nearby land powers.

      • The Cominator says:

        Consent can be obtained via terror while technology has made naval power much weaker its not so weak that a bunch of Islamic pissant pirates couldnt be crushed if our government wasnt weak and incompetent.

  12. BB says:


    You mention “becoming American atheists”. Is it that becoming Atheists means more and more free-thinkers, tactical thinkers that is what scares them?

    • jim says:

      Nah, I just mean that the faith of the Republic is dying.

      Whenever a belief system dies, something else will move into the vacuum, usually something stupid and evil.

      • Bitcoin Republics says:

        Republics were always a scam, a way for elite pols to cajole and trick somehwat similar peoples together under mutually obnoxious laws in order for the elites to continue to rule and plunder them all.

        Don’t kill.
        Don’t steal.
        Don’t fraud.
        Don’t fuck the neighbor’s wife.
        Don’t force others to do anything.

        That’s all you really need, that’s why God gave them, and reserves the ultimate punishment for such things, as should you on earth. That’s it.

        Then you can do whatever the fuck you want, freely, together, or not.

        What the fuck color you paint your house, how high your fence is, tax, etc… that’s all bullshit, you don’t need that bs from anyone.

        It’s also why BTC is 45k today, lol.

        • jim says:

          Allowing this post through, even though you did not pass the shill test, are still on moderation, and thus likely to have your posts arbitrarily and silently deleted, lost amidst a stream of repetitious shill scripts.

          Please past the shill test and get white listed. The link on how to do that should appear every time a comment goes into my too long and too boring moderation queue.

          Allowing this post through, because I bothered to read it, unlike much of my moderation queue, and it appears that you are promoting Anarcho Christian Capitalism. Further posts by you from the Christian frame will require the short affirmation (Too many gay Jewish demon worshippers telling Christians what Christianity is).

          The problem with anarcho capitalism is that for it to be reasonably peaceful, needs a broad consensus on what is legitimate violence and what is illegitimate violence. Holy war is coming. Not going to get consensus, and to fight and win a holy war, need a King.

          But you are onto a good point, in that consensus on violence needs consensus on a faith. Which is apt to result from and require holy war.

          • The Cominator says:

            It was a pretty good posts, just let him do a redpill on women test and keep him off moderation unless anything suspicious comes up.

            • Handi says:

              There’s a certain pattern exemplified in this post (the one above that we’re replying to) which I take for a strong shill indicator. In this case the shill payload is the non-aggression principle (hail fellow Christians, I love the 10 Commandments, and be sure not to organize hierarchies or control territory because coercion is mean).

              The indicator is so unnatural that I can’t imagine a real person interacting this way, and from what I’ve seen it’s about 100% predictive of failing to pass a shill test or being put on moderation.

              I don’t mean to be cryptic but I’m not sure if I should say it openly. I know that shilling operations need to lobotomize themselves but it still seems like this pattern could easily be improved upon if pointed out, without committing thoughtcrimes.

              I’ll disclose it if Jim wants, openly or over email. It’s so obvious to me that I’d imagine others have seen it but I don’t recall seeing it mentioned and people still act like these posters might be legit.

              • jim says:

                The shill indicators that I notice are ones they cannot change, even though I tell them what they are and tell them to cut it out.

                But possibly you have noticed a tell more easily corrected. If you think it is a tell more easily corrected, change your fake email by a few random characters so it goes into moderation, but I can still see that you are you. If you think it is a tell inherent in shilling, just post in the clear.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The way I read his post was that government laws should be simple (the king’s peace) and that the government (since Republics are scams) should be a monarchy.

              • Adam says:

                Possibly consent morality.

              • jim says:

                > These are meta-data indicators, not rhetorical indicators, hence why I didn’t want to post them openly. They could easily be corrected by anyone with a shred of competence, without having to acknowledge a thoughtcrime.

                Yes, two glaringly obvious shill indicators which I failed to notice, which reveal that the poster has been told by his boss to post the script assigned to him to as many places as possible, rather than generating a message individually on his own initiative. This will make it a whole lot easier to delete shill posts on sight without bothering to read the contents. Thank you. A very handy meta observation.

                It also will work on non state shills, such as people selling FTX and legal services scams, as with the original Green Car Lawyers who started all this.

                For those not familiar with the Green Car Lawyers, that was the very first mass broadcast one way message being injected into a medium intended for individual two way conversations, way back in in the early days of the internet.

                Not every shill is going to show these indicators, but when anyone does, one can be completely certain without wasting any time that this is one way message being pushed out by an organisation, not an individual speaking for himself.

  13. Eugine Nier says:

    Does it matter if no one signs up. If the war winning strategy in the current meta is indeed drones, like you speculated in an earlier post, then the army no longer needs that many soldiers, just drone operators.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      The drones don’t make themselves. They don’t march to the front line. They don’t launch themselves. They don’t fly themselves, they don’t select targets. The great lie of modernity is that Man is somehow being obviated from the process as tech “advances.” Once upon a time, a war could be conceived of, initiated, perpetuated, and concluded, and the vast majority of everybody would go on as if nothing had happened. Now, total war requires total involvement.

    • jim says:

      “just” drone operators?

      The rather small number of drone operators that are right now causing most of the destruction are men of valor who face danger. Also one drone operator seems able to wreak immensely more havoc on the enemy than another. A rather small proportion of drone operators seem to be doing most of the damage.

      As with days of mounted knights in armor, highly skilled men with expensive equipment – but the limiting factor remains men. Good men.

      We are moving towards war in which an army with a few hundred good drone operators, a few thousand men, and enough drones and all terrain vehicles will annihilate an army with a few hundred not so good drone operators, several thousand tanks, and several hundred thousand men.

      They will still be armies, they will still be soldiers – rather fewer, more capable, and more highly skilled soldiers.

      • MuskFan says:

        Remote controlled drones can be jammed and thus rendered useless, albeit the jamming technology is much more expensive than the cheap drones being deployed in Ukraine.

        Eventually though, the jamming systems will become more ubiquitous and AI-controlled drones that require no human input will be much more valuable.

        • jim says:

          The jamming devices are becoming ubiquitous in the Russian army.

          To defeat jamming:

          Laser data link, or spread spectrum in the millimeter frequencies can make jamming more difficult. If the jamming is comming from a single direction, or a quite small number of directions and the signal is coming from a different direction, then even low directional capability can be used to separate the weak signal from the strong jamming.

          If the receiver can predict part of the signal, and the jammer cannot, and the drone has several antennae separated by a quarter wavelength or so, it finds the linear (complex number linear, phase and amplitude) that maximises the signal and minimises the jam. This quite old technology was first deployed in FPV drones by the Ukrainians, but it still going to fail when the drone gets close enough to the target if there is a jammer mounted on the target. (As there usually is.)

          AI. All you need is the ability to tell the drone to autonomously target one particular part of the image. This is a lesser capability than all those camera smart phones that can detect faces.

          The Russians are now deploying shotgun drones that can shoot down enemy drones. Drone war in the air begins, and grunts on the ground shooting at each other becomes less and less relevant.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            There’s also “simply” communicating with the drone from above, like from space, rather than from below. So then the enemy would need to jam it from above also.

          • Vendat Tunicam says:

            Seeing the way the wind blows I bought my sons drones this Christmas. At some point in the near future I will buy a 3D printer in order to manufacture mods and spare parts for the drones. ATV dragoons will probably become a thing so I’ve been looking at ATVs too.

            What else can I do to raise good drone lancers and dragoons? I already take them hiking and camping, they are still too young to lift weights.

            • Fake says:

              Jim has made the point, iirc, that the playing fields of Eton were where Waterloo was won, because that’s where the officers learned to give and receive orders. I’m not sure that I’m repeating that right, so someone please, correct me.

              What sports or activities would help young men in this way?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Russian capability in electronic warfare was one of the most significant factors leading up to Mr. Kagan’s failed Crimean offensive, a fact of which there seems to have been only dim awareness in many GAE outlets. Over 90% attrition rates in the maidan regime’s drone stocks at the time.

          In fact, the electric overcast was so heavy it even interfered with Russian’s own drone operations at points. There are matters of consideration there.

          A cell network is effectively a wide-area noise jammer for anyone in the same bandgap who doesn’t have the right protocols to ‘plug in’, especially when using code division multi-access.

          A numbers station is a classic strategic technique, wherein, as the name implies, a voice reading out strings of numbers is broadcasted, continuously, or at timed intervals, or at random intervals. The main use of this technique is for clandestine transmission of information to interested parties, as there is little to no way of distinguishing between what is noise and what is signal unless you already have insider information.

          HAVE QUICK is an anti-interference technique using stochastic modulation generated from exchanged keys.

          Cell towers commonly use beam-forming with electrically scanned arrays to focus energy towards users in the cell, aiding the propagation of higher frequency bands – just the same as a radar array. The same pieces of equipment performing each function and more besides is now simply a matter of informatics.

          There is not a far jump from techniques used to deal with multi-path propagation – where a signal reflecting off surfaces as it travels causes it to arrive multiple times at a receiver, which can interfere with some forms of modulation – to having T/R units which can specifically detect for returns from the sky as well.

          Clear impetus for any radiating elements in the battlespace to act as mobile ad-hoc networks for simultaneous providence of targeted jamming, spoofing, direction finding, and trunking of allied datastreams. Be it portable repeaters scattered over an area, swarms of aerial platforms, or packs of terrestrial platforms. Direct battlefield utility of blockchain techniques for purposes of key exchange, handshaking, and IFF.

    • skippy says:

      The Ukrainian and Russian armies appear to need both large numbers of drones, and large numbers of infantry to essentially soak up the drones without conceding territory.

      The builders of drones also likely to be the same sort of men as the infantry, and the USA seems very reluctant to give these people well paid jobs that have leverage over state policy. If the USA can make lots of drones (2010s technology), why can’t it make lots of proximity fused shells (1940s technology).

      • jim says:

        It does not appear that the US can make lots of drones. And in particular, cannot make lots of military drones.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          As well, the drones they do make are expensive, delicate, and hyper specialized.

          There Is plenty of bad and silly mixed in with what is good and valuable in that movie, But it is old enough that there is a substantial amount of truth, both intentional and unintentional, contained within the memetic payload. It is a picture of an America that doesn’t exist anymore, that was extinguished intentionally because it posed a threat to the ascendancy and dominance of the managerial elite. Just as they have extirpated the very masculinity they now require, so too did you get annihilate the capacity to create, develop, and deploy quickly, cheaply, and effectively.

          • Exurban says:

            Everything you say plus they’re dependent on parts from China.

            Which is yet another example of the parasitic deep state weakening itself.

  14. Zorost says:

    “…when the people stop believing in their own myths they perish.”

    Sounds like a reference to Proverbs 29:18

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

    ‘Vision’ is sometimes interpreted as ‘prophetic vision.’ Basically, the image a people has of who they are and where they are going. Because all this shit has happened before, and will happen again.


    I’m pretty sure things are going to get far worse, there will be no sudden slide to where we want things. Our Enemy has already said they are planning on offering citizenship for people to enlist. Not to fight Russia I’m guessing, but to fight us. Balls-out genocide will be on the table as well. Hopefully we get our act together before that happens, with some organized means to resist.

  15. Fidelis says:

    I’m in the market for a router and a lightweight home server. Jim, could you please make recommendations? Please and thank you.

    • jim says:

      I am using a cheap second hand unexpandable lenovo box, which came with Windows. There is a huge oversupply of the second hand ones, so dirt cheap. I created a windows recovery disk in case I ever needed yet another windows license, though I have a lot more windows licenses than windows boxes, and reformatted it to debian, running the windows it came with only once, while disconnected from the internet, to create the windows recovery disk. It had a large number of high speed usb ports, so I plugged in external spinning rust drives with high speed usb, which is still horribly slow compared to internal drives, but external drives are cheap and just less work and I had a few lying around – I was busy and lazy. I also use it to run numerous vms, because it has a lot of hardware threads, sixteen gig of memory, and two terabytes of ssd – built in and totally unexpandable without undocumented major surgery, but at the price, not a big deal to get yet another computer if I want expansion.

      It was comparable in price to a new rasberry, a bit more expensive, but vastly more speed, storage, and hardware cpu threads (which one needs for running vms) and it had high speed usb, lots of high speed usb ports, and the rasberry does not.

      I attached it to a monitor and keyboard temporarily, set up ssh, xrdp, and nfs on it, then removed the keyboard and monitor and stashed it in a cupboard. Conveniently, if it is shutdown, it comes up when its mains power is cycled, which is how almost all of these cheap boxes work, so once set up and connected, never needs physical access.

      Now one might say this is a kind of crappy home server, but it was cheap and easy.

      I cannot recollect where the eight port gitabit switch came from – it plugs in to the starlink router (I have frequently mentioned I live at the far end of the back of beyond). Starlink is really great for bandwidth and ping time, but its router has an absolutely terrible user interface and control capabilities, with only one ethernet port, and no way of permanently reserving IPs, I should put in a second router downstream of it, and have no end of routers lying around, but just have not got around to it.

      • Fidelis says:

        Thank you, I am much obliged. If you had to pick, what manufacturer of router would you go with? Everyone has seen the NSA linksys mucking about, is such unavoidable and needs an excessively fine toothed comb, or is there a “probably okay” option?

        • jim says:

          Because I use a switch, not a router, for my home network, and because I have ufw running, I have not thought much about router security.

          Obviously the correct thing to do, which I have not done, is install an openwrt router downstream of my starlink router, and switch the starlink router to passthrough mode.

        • Mebo says:

          Any old 64bit box, even arm, will run BSD or Linux as a router… no need to go retail “routers”.
          For security you want modem starlink etc doing passthrough bridge mode, with your box doing dhcp and routing and firewalling and forwarding, not theirs. You want your wifi box, not theirs.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        “John Young” on Gab was just poasting about this. Jim, any comments on “Open Media Vault”?

        • jim says:

          My setup is the same as his, except eight core and USB 3.2, and a little more expensive.

          Everything I do is built on Debian, but from time to time I explore non Debian distros. I am not happy with system1.

          • Pilgrim says:

            Jim, OMV is really just Debian with a LAMP front-end for simplifying administration. It’s my go-to for NAS, saves having to screw around with byzantine storage configuration. For off-label uses, vanilla Debian is still the better option.

            • jim says:

              Yes, a vanila Debian box is the best NAS. You don’t need special purpose NAS software and a special purpose NAS box.

              But router, that is a bit harder.

  16. Cloudswrest says:

    GAE spokes worm tweets pro-Ukraine statement. Is horribly ratioed.

  17. Mister Grumpus says:

    Thus turbo-censorship, and thus efforts in crypto communication, economy and social networking. Just a little bit of truth — orange man — squirted into social reality and to these people it was like a portal to hell. Like the first water leaks into the submarine before it sinks a little deeper and then implodes in a fraction of a second.

    “They can see the deer and they’re afraid.”

  18. Anonymous Fake says:

    Conservatives are now pivoting left and accepting castrating children, and Ohio approved abortion at birth by double digits too in a vote. We’re going to have pedophile rights become the left’s new frontier before 2030.

    • jim says:

      Conservatives are not pivoting. The Republican party is pivoting.

      Gov Mike DeWine is not a conservative, and in any unrigged preselection contest, he would only get a single digit vote from normie mainstream Republican voters.

      The grotesquely and absurdly rigged preselections of 2022 have created a despair among Republican voters akin to the despair among the fans following the early woke star wars and superhero movies. Sart Wars IP has been destroyed, even though it took a whole lot to destroy it, and Republican party IP is being similarly destroyed.

      They burned the mainstream media IP, and now the mainstream media is the legacy media, with more employees than viewers. And likewise star wars. Now they burning the Republican party IP.

      The reaction of the base to the 2022 elections resembles the reaction of the fans to the early days of woke movies. They kept on showing up for a while, hope winning over bitter experience. But now they have stopped showing up for Star Wars and Superheroes, and soon they will stop showing up for the Republican party.

      • The Cominator says:

        Actually while the Sequels were a dumpster fire and there was a lot of bad Star Wars IP Andor was actually extremely extremely good.

        • Alfred says:

          Was it? I heard it was extremely, hamhandedly pro-liberal/left.

          • The Cominator says:

            Perhaps im too autistic but i didnt see it. It does a good job of making the Galactic Empire actually seem totalitarianish and oppressive but not because its run by the evil white male patriarchy.

            The best part is where Andor is arrested (and convicted in a fake joke court) for basically no reason, he was guilty of numerous serious crimes but was arrested and convicted for nothing by people who had no idea who he was by implication that there was just an arrest and slave labor quota to fill.

            • jim says:

              Full of anti white propaganda, but not the extent that it completely abandons plot, story, and character development.

              But plot was skimped. Hero unlikeable

              Thus, for example, cop investigating murder is doing his job (when jobs are seldom done). So, to make him evil, racist.

              • The Cominator says:

                The cop who actually investigates the murder (when his superior cynically but correctly told them that given where they were found they were obviously two corrupt bully cops who tried to bully the wrong guy and that he shouldn’t do any real investigating) wasn’t racist he just has a weird Norman Bates type vibe and that is what makes him unlikable. The hero (taken from Rogue One) isn’t super likable but the story still was. IDK I liked it a lot.

              • The Cominator says:

                And cmon as right wingers we have to love how nearly all the government employees on the show absolutely are extremely lazy careerists and/or clock punchers who do not give a fuck about anything but themselves and hate actually having to do any work.

                • Epimetheus says:

                  Andor is a phenomenal show by present day standards. Deftly slaloms its way through childish Star Wars BS and progressivism to try and say something honest about human nature. I particularly enjoyed the all-male prison slave storyline; I didn’t think it was possible to still get away with stories about brotherhood, loyalty, and masculine leadership and not have the censors notice.

                  The bureaucratic intelligence agency stuff was good too.

              • Epimetheus says:

                I don’t know if it was intentional, but the show Andor seems to suggest that, while the Galactic Empire had the Mandate of Heaven owing to its commitment to law, order, and peace in the galaxy, it may have lost it in its desperation to create the ultimate superweapon.

                It is not just for the sovereign to enslave law abiding citizens under the pretext of law & order.

            • S says:

              In the original expanded universe, the Empire was an expansionist state who enslaved entire populations- Nazis IN SPACE. So the questions ‘why is the empire doing this, why are people fighting against it and why do the rebels think they can win’ are answered.

              The prequel bulldozed all of that; as far as I’m aware Andor doesn’t bother to answer those questions (and what are we fighting for and how can we win are important questions) and goes lefty nonsense.

              • The Cominator says:

                The best thing about the EU was that Palps had a reason for being a ruthless space Stalin, the fact that he had knowledge of a massive extragalactic invasion that was coming that the galaxy was not at all militarily prepared for. He was still a pure psychopathic dark sorcerer but not entirely insane.

                Andor revives the Empire being oppressive in a socialistic Stalinesque way with Andor being sent to do slave labor in one of the installations of the Empires expanding gulag archipeligo after being arrested basically at random, but has yet to revive the reason why the Empire is doing it. Also in canon the empire has also enslaved entire planetary populations.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  “he fact that he had knowledge of a massive extragalactic invasion that was coming that the galaxy was not at all militarily prepared for”

                  So why didn’t he tell anyone?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Imperial propaganda did justify the military buildup in a general way as to defend against an extragalactic threat but as Palpatine told no one other than Thrawn Pestage and probably Mas Amedda (there is no indication for instance he even told Vader) nobody believed it including people working for the government. Its possible he counted on crushing the Vong when the extragalatic invasion turned out to be real to be more popular than ever and then is when he would transition the empire from being a sort quasi military dictatorship to a dark side theocracy.

                • S says:

                  ‘Andor revives the Empire being oppressive in a socialistic Stalinesque way with Andor being sent to do slave labor in one of the installations of the Empires expanding gulag archipeligo after being arrested basically at random, but has yet to revive the reason why the Empire is doing it. Also in canon the empire has also enslaved entire planetary populations.’

                  So the writers never watched A New Hope (nothing says Stalin like taking 20 years to abolish the senate).

                • The Cominator says:

                  Palps was Stalin in terms of imposing a command economy (albeit more Nazi than commie style theoretically private property still existed, in Andor it was clear a lot of people got arrested and convicted at random to support the equivalent of a gulag archipeligo system) for the purposes of taxing beyond the laffer maximum to support an enormous economically crippling military buildup though in slowly consolidating the senate until he could get rid of it he was Stalin like too.

                • S says:

                  The problem is the Prequels. Palpatine as Hitler works with the original trilogy (it was the interpretation the character guide went with- demagogue who seized power), but Episode 1 shows us the Republic doesn’t have a currency, standing military, any form of power projection, any form of state capacity or anything remotely resembling popular governance. He should be an old school tyrant (befitting a fairytale), not Stalin.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The board is perhaps tired of my Star Wars nerdom so this will be my last post on this for a while… but while the Prequels had cheesy dialogue and AOTC was a dumpster fire in many ways and George Lucas should have stuck with his original idea of making Jar Jar a Sith lord… but the sequels didn’t screwup the meta plot at all. Lucas was not a perfect guy by any means but his critics were way too harsh on him at the time.

                  Its the Sequels that are an irredeemable dumpster fire and need to go the way of the Holiday Special… and in reactionary times they will.
                  > The Republic in the Sequels was very decentralized
                  They did have a currency, a law code, a sort of interplanetary police force even other than the Jedi (the Judicials), a tax system etc. What they didn’t have was a centralized military (planets had their own defense forces but the outer rim was like the Carribean in the Age of Piracy).

                  The prequels were no real problem. Palps being like Stalin is my reference to his policy of strangling the civilian economy and even resorting to random mass arrest to create a huge network of prison labor camps (which is shown well in Andor as being one of the most truly genuinely oppressive features of his regime as Andor is subject to one of these random arrests and condemned to slave labor… and even being lied to that his sentence will end when in fact they never actually intend to release him) in order to tax beyond the laffer maximum and buildup the military as quickly as possible. The problem is the Sequels got rid of the (actually quite rational) reason why he was doing this when he could have just been an unobtrusive autocrat who maintained a benovolent veneer.

                  Palps real interest was weird dark side research in order to obtain godhood and immortality, being the ruler of the galaxy was just so he could whatever he wanted to achieve this end. Ruling day to annoyed and bored him most of the time although he enjoyed conniving his way into power. He wasn’t crushing the civilian economy because of the lulz (Plagueis in fact taught him that doing very bad things for the lulz was in fact generally a very bad idea and not what being a Sith was about, since Palpatine was before Plagueis taught him was kind of a borderline serial killer type and not even a high functioning psychopath).

                • jim says:

                  > The board is perhaps tired of my Star Wars nerdom

                  No one cares about Star Wars any more, because that IP was utterly destroyed, but that it was destroyed, and how it was destroyed, remains highly relevant.

                • S says:

                  In the Phantom Menace, the first time we see Republic credits is in reference to them being worthless. Given the rest of the movie, the most obvious answer is member worlds have their own currency and Republic credits are closer to chits.

                  The reason I think the labor requisition shown is stupid is they already were committed to ripping off Nazi Germany; the change to trials and the police was bending the knee to BLM, not any interesting nuance.

          • The Cominator says:

            The most consistent villain is also a perfect example of a globohomo dykeish career office bureaucrat cunt. Most of the Empires government employees are typical realistic government employees, they want to collect a paycheck and dont give a fuck. She otoh…

  19. someDude says:

    All this is very well and good. But I find one thing puzzling. Why would the ISW publish such an article in the public domain for all to see and mock? They just gave an opening to their High IQ enemies such as Jim and Simplicius to mock them, skewer them and make them look like incompetent fools?

    One explanation is that articles such as this one in the ISW is how factions of the elite communicate with each other. Which means there are too many elite factions going around and this is the only way for them to communicate.

    Could this be the actual explanation of what is happening?

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      You are presuming they knew it would be mocked. Among the DC crowd the only proper responds would be standing ovation, which is likely what they were expecting.

      • someDude says:

        Among the foot soldiers, sure? But among the smarter set as well? Perhaps you are underestimating them?

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          The rare times they find out what the foot soldiers say and think they are shocked and appalled.

          ‘Why did the background check keep him from a security clearance for all the bad words he said’

          They don’t seem to realize applying such standards would eliminated most of the security clearances.

    • jim says:

      The article is clearly directed at their fellow elites – it is after all an appeal for the Ukraine to not disappear down the memory hole.

      Which implies an appeal to a crowd too numerous to meet around a coffee table. But we also see a whole lot of decisions being made, and everyone falling into line, that were obviously made by a group small enough to meet around a coffee table.

      We are seeing incohesion in the elite, with the wobble on white recruiting for the army, and Trump being excluded from the ballot in some states but not others.

      The way decision making seems to work is that sometimes a small group can make series of decisions, and everyone falls into line, and sometimes another competing group can make a series of decisions and everyone falls into line, and sometimes you have small groups making different and conflicting decisions, and not everyone falls into line.

      Army recruiting is in line with recent blockbuster movies, where the had special effects and exciting actions, but abandoned story, plot, and character development for a non stop woke lecture. Similarly the infamous Gillete commercial, where they forgot about selling razors and focused on telling men that men suck. This is one decision made for all, since ever medium from razor blade commercials to superhero movies to army recruiting decided to abandon their ostensible purpose at the same time to focus single mindedly, monotonously, and monomainiacally on telling whites, males, straights, and straight white males the error of their ways, and their contemptible insignificance and disgusting loser status.

      The recent army video looking to recruit white drug addicted HIV infested gay soldiers is clearly trying to obey contradictory orders from two conflicting groups at the same time. So each group now has to sell its program to wider audience among the elite.

      So someone, or some small group, said “OK, plan A failed, and most of Nato is horrified by plan B, so forget about”

      And this group, the group that overthrew the government in Ukraine and launched the war, finding another group issuing contrary orders, is now trying to sell its position to a wider audience.

      • someDude says:

        Surely they must know that the enemy might be listening in and taking notes? After all they send an army of shills to this blog.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          You are getting your they/thems confused.

          The report we are discussing was released by ISW. The institute for the study of war is a small, boutique think tank that came to prominence with the Russo Ukrainian War. prior to that, they were just one of scores of little shops that put out policy papers, spread money around, and generally keep DC afloat, both spiritually and fiscally. As the RUW continued, they came to prominence because they were willing to give tiny little hints of the truth when every other MIC think tank was 100% on board with Biden Regime messaging. Make no mistake, ISW is top to bottom Cathedral, But they are part of that minority faction that gets most of its funding and support from the outer party, not the inner party. I’m going to throw an incongruity at you and I’m not going to explain it fully, I apologize. Somewhere along the way, ISW maintained its academic genetics but became patronized by the inner party, specifically a certain faction in Foggy Bottom that was heavily leveraged in maintaining Ukraine as a cash laundromat for senators and other political interests.

          There were a number of factors in play in Kiev when the war started. Ukraine was an imperial corruption depot and cash laundromat ever since Putin kicked the GAE out of Russia by deposing the oligarchs that were their cat’s paws. The GAE shifted to Ukraine, and over time effected color revolutions using the NGO/Nonprofit apparatus. In large part, Putin/Kremlin were powerless to stop it, so they countered with their own machinations regarding Ukrainian industry and Russian ethnic identity. This came to a head in the 2014 revolution, which was a power play by the GAE agents who held the most power in Kiev at that time. Chief among these were Nueland on the State department side and Biden on the executive side; the permanent bureacratic oligarchy and the impermanent political window dressing (though 47 years is pretty permanent lol). From 2014 to 2022 you have a comedy of errors. The GAE agents made scores of bad bets and dumb decisions, but Moscow didn’t have the capability to exploit these. So the GAE kept pushing for more, right up until the Kremlin hit a point where doing nothing created an existential crisis, which coincided with having a near autarkic economy and a just barely capable military. Trees grow forever, but they never reach the stars. The kremlin sent a letter to the GAE, begging them to be reasonable, and the GAE laughed. 2 months later, the invasion began.

          So ISW is a strange kind of hybrid where they have neocon roots and neoliberal tendencies. They have a lot more agency to act, at least with the printed word, as well as enough cache to not be erased for insufficient holiness. All of this, everything I’ve outlined regarding the GAE, exists in a bubble the size of the DC Metro area physically, and metaphysically a network of bubbles stretched across the GAE capitals and satrapies. Inside the bubble, there is A Reality, and everyone who wants to stay & play in the bubble has to follow the rules with very few exceptions (Kissinger was one, rest in peaceful piss, you Luciferian little nazi). Outside the bubble is literally everything else, everything real. For certain reasons, everyone outside the bubble pretends that the inside of the bubble is where reality is made, so for a long time it did seem as if the GAE bubble dictated reality. But they were also going ever crazier inside there, and they went too far with DEI and other anti-religious crusades. I wonder what caused the biggest fissure, coronatarianism or the GWOT. Probably some combination of both.

          Let us say Corona Hoax fractured the domestic lines of control and GWOT fractured the international lines. Most of us think that once the Central Control Mind Beacon shuts off, everyone will just wake up from their spiritual stupor and see the naked emperor and xir’s tiny lady cock. In reality, people will go through the motions of a rule set that no longer applies pretty much in perpetuity, until circumstances force them to do otherwise. The GAE has two battered wives: the Domestic and the Global. Corona pivot, Fall of Kabul, myriad other instances are forcing “sleepers” to wake up and realize The Change.

          But inside the bubble, they have precisely 0 awareness of the actual state of things. I bet ISW is representative of just how far outside any insider elite is allowed to go. This piece acknowledges certain Hard Truths, but look at how many layers of obfuscation and double speak is required. I know I went way off course, but to your original question…

          “They” don’t send an army of shills, they have organizations and methods that, far further downstream, result in legions of shills carrying scores of different, often contradictory, payloads anywhere and everywhere. When you are the hegemon, money and managers just pour out everywhere, some of it forwards your actual cause, most of it just swamps any opposition or dissidence. Conversely, the dissidents have to carefully husband resources and strategically choose where and when to apply them. But there is some kind of tipping point where the hegemon is only a hegemon in their own mind. past that point, there is a reckoning where the other actors realize the hegemon is just a trannie behind a curtain mashing buttons they don’t understand and pulling strings they can’t comprehend. This is a message to other bubble elites, but they actually believe in “Russia, Russia, Russia” as the Enemy, at least at the top. The only ones that are even aware of Jim, or jims as it were, are way down on the food chain and themselves to brain broken to think to warn the top brass that the edicts, memos, proclamations, and even propaganda are a metaphysical two-way street: when they double speak, we cancel out the terms and arrive at the Real Message, which they don’t even realize they are saying.

          Here’s a red flag/tripwire for you: when the edicts and propaganda levels drop precipitously in terms of gross total amount, we can confidently assume someone up high is waking up to Reality. As for now though, the leadership is not only unaware of us, their Modes of being preclude our very existence.

          • jim says:

            > The report we are discussing was released by ISW. The institute for the study of war is a small, boutique think tank that came to prominence with the Russo Ukrainian War.

            The ISW is voice of Kagan, who is the voice of Blinken and Nuland.

            Before the greatest Ukrainian counter offensive, I watched armchair general Kagan saying in considerable detail what the Ukrainians could do to take back Crimea, and that this would enable the US to deal with Syria and get Turkey back in line. His strategy seemed stupid to me.

            Then I heard an alleged leak about how the Greatest Ukrainian Counter offenssive was being war gamed, which was vaguely in line with what Kagan proposed.

            And then the counter offensive unfolded, and the initial attack was pretty much as Kagan proposed.

            A few day ago I heard a Ukrainian non commissioned officer with his face blurred out complaining about the plan. He echoed what I had thought when watching Kagan. His orders were unreal and absurd because Kagan’s plan was unreal and absurd.

            So it looks to me that the Greatest Ukrainian counter offensive was planned in considerable detail by Kagan or people he was talking to.

            In the interview Kagan claimed, and I sense truth, vastly more knowledge of war than I have. But I knew his plan was stupid. He lectured us on military history, some of which I knew, and to the extent that I knew it, I knew that the events had unfolded much as he claimed, but his understanding of those events was wildly and absurdly off. He was seeing them through some point deer make horse filter that I am unfamiliar with. Crimestop makes our enemies stupid and ignorant about everything.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I ask you to, just temporarily, model the leadership of the Beltway Outpost of the Progressive Vatican using the “cock carousel” model. There are lots of options, and the taste makers use popularity, status, and trends & themes to select who is in the Inner Circle, but it’s temporary due to the structure of the permanent bureaucracy, the artifice of democracy, and the emperor’s invisible clothes. You can see this really clearly with Nuland: on the Inside for Bush 1, outside with Clinton, inside with Bush 2 & Obama, outside with Trump. You can see it with Barr and al the rest of you drill down, the Revolving Door applies to the auditorium of seats behind the throne, just like for the underlings moving between civil service and private companies.

              It’s not a rigid structure with clearly defined levels. Sometimes Blinken calls the tune, sometimes it’s the chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Someone like Valerie Jarrett is in a dominant position, but it’s pegged to Obama’s tenure, or the Mayor of Chicago. Not correcting or disagreeing, just adding refinement to the memetic CCD chip data from the telescope.

              • The Cominator says:

                There is absolutely a centralized leadership body but its a committee and the members often disagree and perhaps dont like each other resulting in frequent deadlock, as ive said think of WWII Japan’s Supreme Council for the Direction of the War.

            • someDude says:

              It gets me each time. Why would Kagan give an interview detailing how the offensive would take place on a public platform which the Russians could watch?

              This means the Elites have no secrets. If the Elite were a laptop, it has no password. Anyone can log in and browse. Sure the language is cryptic which midwits would not understand, but anyone with an IQ 2 standard deviations above the mean would be able to read them like an open book.

              The Tritium trigger problem (an even bigger deal than this ISW business) is another example of inter-elite communication, essentially begging for funds.

              How did they survive so far? Was there no enemy foreign or domestic able to take advantage of this? Or is this open communication a recent phenomenon after the collapse of the USSR?

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                They have plenty of secrets. Too many secrets. So many that they are all trivially blackmailed at a moments notice. But the workings of empire? well…

                I’m feeling really mean and hateful right now, so apologies upfront.

                imagine walking to some dumb place in bumfuck India and asking about the train tracks. Really drill down, get all the info you can from Street Sheet Pajeet, try and derive the state of the community consciousness from their understanding of a thing they just assume has always existed, will always exist, and is only there because they use it sometimes to enrich themselves.

                The upper crust of the American elite and the shudrah of India would be indistinguishable to a Martian.

              • jim says:

                > Why would Kagan give an interview detailing how the offensive would take place on a public platform which the Russians could watch?

                The nco complained that the orders were stupid and the Russians were ready. Of course the Russians were ready.

                I recall Trump upbraiding Biden for saying in public that we were out of shells. The problem is that power having been divided into too many bite sized pieces, everything leaks.

                They wish us harm, but they are not very good at it.

                • Epimetheus says:

                  They talk about their plans in public because they are incessant narcissistic attention-seekers. They crave attention above all else. “We fortified the election, please clap.”

              • skippy says:

                “How did they survive so far? Was there no enemy foreign or domestic able to take advantage of this? Or is this open communication a recent phenomenon after the collapse of the USSR?”

                Incumbency/possession of a power structure is a huge advantage and allows even very stupid groups to stay in power for a long time. There are few examples in history of spontaneous rebellions and even fewer/no examples of success. People forget that e.g. at the outbreak of the Civil War, South Carolina (the first to secede) had a sovereign armed forces comparable to those of the USA.

          • jim says:

            > As for now though, the leadership is not only unaware of us, their Modes of being preclude our very existence.

            They can see something, and they call it horse. But they refuse to know it is a deer. In the unlikely event that Kagan knows of this blog, he would not dare read it except on a burner phone, nor allow anyone else to know he knew of its existence. We are both on and off their radar.

            “one of the few Russian capabilities that poses a real threat to the United States — information-based warfare”

            “Russia’s true sphere is its global information space”

            ” Russian information-based warfare and reflexive control specifically have been among the stronger Russian capabilities and a core element of Russia’s strategy against the United States for years.”

            “The Kremlin is using its information-based warfare to …”

            This is related to what has been happening in comics and blockbuster movies. They used famous intellectual properties, that people loved and wanted to see all over again, famous characters (who were humiliated and destroyed because white and male) and gee whiz action and special effects, but abandoned plot, story, and character development for nonstop woke lecturing their audience that they were hateful worthless insignificant scum, should be ashamed of themselves, and should grovel to members of the preferred totem groups.

            For a while, people kept seeing these blockbusters, they kept making a decent profit, and despite outrage from the fans, it seemed that all was well.

            The money was coming it. So ignore the fan base, that is just straight white males complaining because racist and sexist. But eventually the fans stopped caring about the characters (because destroyed) and the intellectual property (because no story, just patronising and insulting lectures) and everything fell apart.

            So I went to you tube, and looked for the approved analysis of why everything fell apart: The approved analysis was true – half of the truth: No plot, no story, no character development, hateful main characters that you would never want to see in real life, and never want to interact with except to slap them in the face. Recall that in the old superman comics not only the heroes were lovable and good role models: everyone also loved Lex Luthor, even though they also loved to hate him. He was an admirable man, in many ways an excellent role model, apart from the mass murder thing. While Miss Marvel is just evil vile foul disgusting slime. I would change my shoes and put them in the washing machine after walking on her face.

            The approved analysis was true enough: except for a strange mysterious incapacity to say why plot, story, and character development had been abandoned, and what made the main characters so hateful, vile, disgusting, and contemptible.

        • Zorost says:

          What enemy? No one opposes them, just posts stuff on the internet. Which they are cracking down on.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      I’m puzzled too. If there really was one super-cabal at the top of things, then such “inter office memo” articles — but in full public view — wouldn’t be necessary.

      To me, this implies that there might be an “elite” out there, but they don’t know who they all are. It’s not like in They Live where they can all spot each other from a distance and have underground secret banquets. Entryism upon entryism upon entryism, plus Jim’s observation that Satanic people just don’t work together very well because their whole MO is lying to others (and to themselves?) as necessary to get ahead.

      Progressivism is, as Moldbug put it “the mystery school of pure power”.

      Thus these negro-worship and tranny-worship acts, because they’re desperate for some kind of general-purpose loyalty performance they can give to prove their dedication and usefulness to… they’re never sure exactly whom.

      • someDude says:

        Thats a good point. The Elite don’t know who the other Elite are. Having a think tank like the ISW is a way for them to announce to other Elites that they too are one of them.

        So the Elite are too numerous and have no formal channel of communication. Remember, Jim alluding to the fact that cathedral nukes have a tritium trigger problem. How did he know that? From an article published by one minor and lower status faction of the Elite, in full public view, desperately pleading with another faction of the Elite to please please work with them to help find a solution to the Tritium trigger problem.

        How long has this sort of communication in the open been going on?

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Since the FDR brain trust made it a prerequisite for being a high status American with a good government job.

          • someDude says:

            And the USSR failed to use this open communication to their advantage?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              USSR had a fairly robust cultural firewall facing outward, but internally, I am under the impression that they were configured very similarly to how the GAE is now. They have ethnic minorities, but they aren’t from a completely different latitude and continent. As well, their slave class was all white, indeed mostly Slavs. RWA pointed out something obvious that I completely missed: during the latter portion of the empire, and throughout the entire Soviet period, the leadership roles were lousy with ethnic minorities. only 2 ethnic Russian supreme leaders, and the vast majority of the imperial leaders were mostly or completely German.

              The image of Russia is a monolithic block of sharp chinned, pain tolerant, snowbound Ruskis, But when you drill down into the demographics, culture, and actual history, it is kind of fascinating how much Russia is similar to the United States in that the cultural and social dynamos that keep everything going, that being the ethnic majority, seem either comfortable with or powerless to oppose small groups of cantankerous minorities running the show from the top. I don’t know if any sweeping generalizations or axiomatic positions can be taken from the similarities between the RF and the USA, but it is interesting nonetheless.

        • skippy says:

          ISW is truly an intriguing apparition, being both a statement of existence by a quasi-statal, unofficial power structure, an actual PR operation aimed at producing engagement with followers and midwits, and a coordination point for higher capability people who are not part of the power structure but wish to join.

          Has this ever existed before in US history? Project for a New American Century? It feels somewhat desperate to me.

      • jim says:

        At any one time there usually is one Cabal at the top – but which cabal is unstable.

        The behaviour of the Biden at the beginning was that they were trying to keep peace within the cabals by going ahead with all their projects smultaneously.

  20. Mister Grumpus says:

    “They can see the deer and they are afraid.”

    What a great line.

  21. Vlad says:

    No payload intended just strong disagreement on how to get to what I think is the same end.
    “ Rightism is order, social order, leftism is disorder, entropy, social entropy.”- yes I have used this definition i still use hierarchy a lot as stand in for this idea and it’s partly why I say Jew leftism is wrecker while a lot of white leftism is a sincere if naive attempt at higher order. This triggers you what I mean is whites have consistently produced the highest civilizations and a lot of that is due to our pushing the limits of shall we call it evolutionary realities so we have for instance allowed a little more female faggot and capitalist autonomy or libertarian than others up to a certain point maybe it paid off but like Icarus we inevitably fly too close to the sun. Perhaps zero of any of that is the right amount because any at all puts us over event horizon should we have pushed a wall over on Turing ( I’ll resist Lovelace ) I don’t know but I think we ought to be thinking really hard about it because it seems to be our edge this pushing the boundaries of civilization. Let me stop you here in no way do I advocate legal rights for women or open faggotry but need we be Muslim?
    I digressed I don’t think order is rightism or even that all leftism is disorder. That’s just more true than not I’d say again [*I am tired of you saying stuff again*]

    • jim says:

      > Let me stop you here in no way do I advocate legal rights for women or open faggotry but need we be Muslim?

      Even old type Mohammedanism dangerously empowers women, causing huge problems, which bit Mohammed. We need coverture. Coverture or something very similar is the correct and traditional Christian way of solving the woman problem, and works far better. The old type Mohammedan solution does not nearly far enough. That coverture is solidly in the Christian tradition, and in particular and especially in the Saxon Christian tradition makes Christianity the best approach for restoring our population.

      If I get to be grand Inquisitor and Alf gets to be high priest, we are going to reprimand the Taliban for letting their women run wild. The Mohammedan solution leads to women topping from the bottom, and they topped Mohammed.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Please continue, about Mohammad getting himself topped from the bottom. I need to know this.

        • jim says:

          My memory fogs a bit, so not an entirely reliable source. The wife of one of his important allies and lieutenants seduced him, leading to complications. Another wife poisoned him, which looks to me not like a murder attempt, but a particularly brutal shit test that he failed, and another wife took on duties unbecoming in a woman. Like so many other men, he found harem management difficult.

    • The Cominator says:

      You defend white leftism (a white male leftist fills me with bloodlust far more than any ethnic outsider leftist does), catholicism over protestantism (protestants are very consistently more right wing than roman catholics) and the jesuits. So are you a shill or retarded.

      For the white race to ascend to its former glory white leftism more than alien leftism must go, for white leftism to go roman catholicism a strong leftist force must go and in particular their evil glowniggers the jesuits. Whites even with a small number can with unity win a war against everyone… but the leftist cancer must be eliminated.

  22. Aidan says:

    Linked article is stunningly delusional on every possible level. If our elites are actually buying into this crap I don’t see any hope of caesarism. Being required to nod along to that sort of bullshit almost certainly filtered every man of quality from joining the regime. I expect that the US is destroyed in fire as the likeliest scenario.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      They have bought in, hook line and sinker. anyone who has a shred of verifiable hang ups or hesitance with The Program has long since been pushed out. from our perspective, this level of self-delusion is insane, but we have to accept that. it is also quite a handy tool for the powers that be to have. while their army of sycophant midwit managers, maybe rather incompetent, dull, and unimaginative, they are matchlessly loyal and obedient to a fault. This is a big part of why my rather unpopular opinion from previous comments indicates that the focus needs to be localized and regional. The ecosystem in the center, or at the top if you will, is completely caustic to anything of value. Caesar is an oxygen breathing creature, and USG is an anaerobic environment.

      • Adam says:

        If you can organize yourself and others together in an explicitly right wing manner, with the highest priority collective violence, you should do that. I don’t see how that would be possible yet, and remain true to a reactionary Christian faith.

        A biker gang, organized crime etc. sure that sounds possible. Something like what Andrew Tate claims to be doing with his “war room” project also sounds possible (no idea of legitimacy of his claims). Organized and morally ambiguous violence and success would be easier than a similar organization with (Christian) moral ambitions.

        • jim says:

          Pretty sure that is what the Crusaders did, many of whom have rightly been declared saints.

          Christianity prescribes only one extra cheek, one extra cloak, and one extra mile. After that, Old Testament solutions apply.

          Similarly “peace on earth to all men of good will“. For men of bad will, Old Testament applies. See my post on How to genocide inferior kinds in a properly Christian manner.

          • Adam says:

            I would think if one has to be a con artist and a thug to bankroll an organization, the organization would not last long, and not be all that stable. Which is going to be a problem for Andrew Tate some day. And he would probably be less successful if he was championing a reactionary Christian message.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >problem for Andrew Tate some day

              Tate’s organization faced problems as soon as he started kicking women out of it. FLDS doesn’t, and has continued to remain largely problem free even though it’s smack dab in the middle of GAE.

              • Anon says:

                The FLDS are conquered people à la warren jeffs.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  The Feds went after low hanging fruit. Jeffs got pushed out by other men in FLDS. FLDS appears to have retained FLDS practices.

                  I should have said FLDS has remained woman problem free. Their practice of pushing out excess men is always going to be a problem source.

          • Jehu says:

            The Crusaders had something we seriously lack, a pope that didn’t suck, either literally or metaphorically. They had a Pope that when he spoke, giving the speech that touched off the Crusades, the listeners spontaneously broke out in Deus Vult, for they knew it was the will of God.

            • Zorost says:

              Actually it had a lot more to do with the famine conditions in France at the time.

      • jim says:

        They doubtless believe that they believe in their delusionns, but the fact that substantial portions of their article make far more sense when one goes through substituting “deer” for “horse”, would indicate that even if they believe that they believe, they do not believe.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I’m not saying I agree or disagree with your analysis, but historically you do not miss. I will reread your comments here regarding the Deer to Horse conversion, but would you mind spelling it out for me simply? I ask because I will take your calculus and rewrite the article properly code switched to “tell the truth” plainly, without cloak & dagger, bizarro world word play. Should I just substitute “America” for “Russia” ?

          • Fidelis says:

            When you read the article, swap “Russian Infosphere capabilty” for “Jim Infosphere meme penetration”.

            • Fidelis says:

              Sorry to repeatedly post, but I do want to add this development is particularly frightening.

              They see us. I was more comfortable when crimestop blinded them, but now they are beginning to see us.

          • jim says:

            No. The relevant substitution depends on the subject matter. When they are talking about Russian tank production, those are Russian tanks.

            But when they say “If all American aid to Ukraine ceases” they mean “when we have to admit to having lost”

            But there is more than one strategy in play. The plan was to take the Crimea, and turn the black sea into a Nato lake, and thus be able to deny Russia the capacity to support Syria. Then they would genocide the Alawites, and be able to threaten Turkey with color revolution Turkey is a present theoretically a Nato ally but is playing both ends against the middle. and they would like to be able to bring it to heel.

            That is why the Ukraine keeps pretending that it is retaking the land bridge to Crimea, when it obviously has no hope of doing so.

            That was Plan A, and now they are groping around for another plan

            Plan B is to forget about Crimea, and bring what is left of the Ukraine into Nato. Which would mean war between Ukraine and a Nato country, upping the stakes. However, the closer a Nato country is to Russia, the less it likes plan B, and plan B has been decisively rejected by Nato countries nearer Russia.

            Plan C is forever war. keep the current status quo going forever. Of course the current status quo cannot continue forever, but it could continue for a very long time, though things could also fall apart in three months or so.

            Plan D is the plan they are arguing against. In the immortal words of Hillary Clinton “what does it matter now”. Since they did not get Crimea, and it is looking more and more unlikely that they will, forget about Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and move on.

            They are pushing uphill, because our elite prefers to forget about such things. The psychologically easy thing is to just forget about the Ukraine. It looking in increasingly likely that in the elite’s unreality bubble, the Ukraine will just disappear and never have happened.

            Plan C and plan D do not require any translation, they call it a horse because it is a horse.

            • The Cominator says:

              I thought the attacks on the Crimea was because it was the best attack vector to get Ukranian conscripts killed as fast as possibe and thus fulfill Ukraines objective of fighting to the last Hohol.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >anyone who has a shred of verifiable hang ups or hesitance with The Program has long since been pushed out.

        From the outside it definitely looks like that. On the inside there’s too much self induced blind to determine for sure. But every so often you get something like this leaking out of DC.

        My gut feeling is that rank and file DOD is not bought in. 20% because Hispanic mercenaries don’t care, 20% because Whites got radicalized, 20% is simply indifferent. Probably only 20% of DOD is bought in… unfortunately they are concentrated at the top.

        State/Civi IC is a lost cause. So is basically everything else in DC.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I should have clarified “over a certain level.” Under that level, you find a diversity of perspectives on Diversity™ 😉

  23. Alfred says:

    Hello Jim, Merry Christmas to you and yours. I was reading an old comment answer of yours that mentions Samson appearing in Greek heroic age legends.

    Do you mean this to refer to the shared traits between he and Hercules, e.g. the killing of a lion with their bare hands, or does Samson appear somewhere more directly / is referenced by name in Greek legends?

    And what do you make of theories that tie the Danes to wayward children of Dan? I never put much stock in it, but your pointing out that they were on the move throughout the Bronze Age made me think.

    • jim says:

      Archeologists uncovered an old mural which has Hercules slaying an army with the jawbone of as ass.

      We can trace the movements of peoples in old bones. Given the vast amount of travelling around in the Bronze Age collapse, they could be the wayward children of Dan, though I doubt it. But the children of Dan were a sea people, who got all over the place. If they are, there should be relevant evidence in old bones, or relevant evidence should soon be forthcoming. Trouble is that because they were so very mobile, it is hard to unambiguously identify old Dannite DNA.

      • FrankNorman says:

        Or maybe if you have super-strength, a donkey’s jawbone simply makes an effective improvised weapon.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          So is a stick. Or a rock. Or a farm implement. Or any of countless other human and animal bones. An ass’s jawbone is too specific: it’s obvious these memes share an ancestor.

          • Fidelis says:

            Infants in ancient Aryan India, Greece and Rome were initiated into the family religion on the 8th day of life. Just as Abraham’s prescription of ‘circumcision’, whatever that truly was, was performed on the 8th day of life.

            • Jimmy says:

              This tickles the brain. Got a source?

              • Alfred says:

                Tickled my curiosity so I skimmed through my ebook of Coulanges.

                He actually says that the initiation took place on the 9th day in Rome, 10th in Greece, and 12th in India. It involved the mother carrying him around the fire to purify him of the stain of gestation. Not a match, but also rather similar.

                I vaguely remember some parallel regarding the setting of the child on the father’s knee, which was certainly a custom among northern Aryans, being present in some form in the OT patriarchal society.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I assumed the disparity from one day to the next found between the different civilizational branches would also be reflected in individual families. Did not look deeply into the sources from Coulanges, but I highly suspect you will find evidence of this supposition, up to and including subtle differences in the performance of the ritual itself.

  24. We ARE indeed in a war with climate change. However, it is not humanity vs. climate change, as the elite want us to believe. It is We the People vs. the elite who want us to believe in the climate change bogeyman.

    Sorry Mr. Gore but I already have a religion that I am quite satisfied with.

  25. Vlad says:

    Europeans seem only tribe able to organize around idea over genes it’s been an edge and Achilles heel it was an edge when it united Europeans and not so much when niggers are brothers in Christ when Jews help us to realize niggers are our brothers and we worship the Jew god who wants us to be nice we are paralyzed.
    If we were like others and understood ourselves to be the center of the universe then we would become gods instead we are become Jesus the faggot nigger woman who’re lover who needs to die that niggers might live. Whites still have a remnant of human genetics that makes them tribal enough to get jerked hither and thither with red blue memes and join antifa or the marines but until the red and blue versions of Christ cuckery slave morality are stomped out and replaced with the heroic ideal of European supremacy we will continue to get rolled
    When I read Putin speeches he seems to get this

    • jim says:


      Chinese have not been organising around genes since the first emperor.

      High IQ races organise around ideas. Low IQ races are unable to organise large scale governance, because stupid.

      • Vlad says:

        Nut they certainly do the Han think they are gods gift their so called communism is nothing more than a cover for Han organizing for world domination They easily turn immigrants to west into ethnic spies Japanese too Koreans also hicog no immigration limited feminism socialism and capitalism constrained to what’s good for their people muslim theologians also racism as fuck try going over there with hail fellow Muslim try going to Japan hail fellow enlightenment hi cogs not happening don’t even get me started on kikes

        • jim says:

          The Chinese, and the Chinese empire, was never organised on the basis of pan Hanism or Han superiority. There is a whole lot of cheerful racism in China. But it was never a basis for political power or state formation, it is just race realism. The Chinese accurately perceive the differences between races, but the Chinese state does not. It never has.

        • jim says:

          > try going to Japan hail fellow enlightenment

          The Japanese population is imploding due to “hail fellow enlightenment”.

          You are ignoring the glaringly obvious: That the high IQ races not only say they are organised on the basis of ideas, they are organised on the basis of ideas, as is proven by the fact that when these ideas are disastrous delusions about this world, they do the corresponding disastrous things.

          • Vlad says:


            • jim says:

              You already made these arguments, and people have already replied to them. You are not responding to these replies, you are just repeating the same claims again. This will never end, except I end it.

              You can respond to counter arguments, but I am not going to let you just make the same argument all over again. You have to address the evidence and argument made in the replies, or I am just not going to let it through.

              If you are actually replying, rather than repeating yet again, please quote the specific point made that you are replying to, because my eyes tend to glaze over when I see what looks like the same old same old, and I might well censor you unfairly.

              To do block quotes

              > This is a block quote

              <blockquote>&gt; This is a block quote</blockquote>

          • Vlad says:

            I do say and have said for years that the white race is uniquely [*yes you have been saying it for years, and people have been denying it for years, and you sail right along ignoring the argument and evidence that this is not uniquely white, but common to all high IQ races*]

            • jim says:

              Please address the counter evidence and counter argument that has been presented far too many times already.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Sometimes I wonder if Vlad is a “Vlad”. The idea of a white race is fairly American. Europeans historically did not think of themselves as white, at most European, but that was only after [insert ethnic group here]. White has always colloquially meant mainstream American, which can less precisely mean not a nigger. So how does one become mainstream? By culture… which is a set of ideas.

                I’m told these days I benefit from “white privilege” and I’ve been listed as “white” on government racial documentation by bureaucrats. A reminder that I’m mostly East Asian and in no way look white… I can only speculate that “white” is an idea and that has been losing it’s definition boundaries in recent years.

                • jim says:

                  Pretty sure he is no more a Russian or ever resident in Russia than Edward Slavsquat is.

            • jim says:

              I am responding at length (again) to the point you made. Which I did not allow through, because I have allowed the same point through far too many times already, and I have something new to say, whereas you just give us the same old stuff all over again and again.

              The Tutsis did not attempt to create a Tutsi ethnostate, and they organised in a location that was not predominantly Tutsi. (Because the areas that were predominantly Tutsi were under the control of a government that prevented Tutsis from organising.)

              They organised on the basis of party, and it just happened that the party was overwhelmingly Tutsi. They are smarter than other black races, so like whites, Chinese, and Japanese, tend to organise on the basis of ideas.

              One man with one gun is not going to be able to defend himself. You have to be part of a larger group, which is itself organised into a still larger group, which has to be done on the basis of a shared faith. Because of hostile government occupation, Tutsi majority areas were entirely unable to organise on a large scale on an ethnic basis. Rwanda was reconquered by people who had a shared belief system. And it just so happened that nearly all adherents of this belief system just happened to look remarkably Tutsi, but it was not reconquered on the basis of Tutsi identity, and did not create a Tutsi ethnostate.

              And China, Japan, and Korea are not ethnostates either. They, like Rwanda, are party states, in the case of Korea and Japan, uniparty states. China’s party happens to be mighty Han, as Rwanda’s party happens to be mighty Tutsi, but the Chinese party, like the Rwandan party, does not rule an ethnically homogeneous society. The Korean and Japanese uniparties do, but this is irrelevant to what enables their elites to cohere. The Japanese and Korean populations are imploding, because their elites cohere on the basis of “hail fellow enlightened member of the enlightenment”.

          • The Cominator says:

            Japan is an odd case. Seeing the awesome relative strength of 1940s and 1950s America (and horrified by widespread drug use disorder etc they saw in 60s America) Japan has remained healthier than almost any other advanced country by their almost religious reverence for 1950s leftism. Theyve been forced to somewhat go beyond this… but they have done so reluctantly.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Okinawa acts as a containment zone for US influence, and life there going based on relative male alcoholism rates isn’t so great.

              • The Cominator says:

                The US influence was the makeover of Japan into a psuedo America under the still worshipped Gajjin Shogun MacArthur. But Japan did not want to follow American society into its visible 1968 degeneration… hence Japan has tried to freeze itself socially in time.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          >limited feminism

          If only. I speak from experience here: feminism is tearing South Korea to shreds. A literal coven of witches ruled the country from the shadows for years. Megalia is out of control. “Me Too” is a huge hit with girls and younger women. Every fall there’s a nation-wide harangue of men for cruelly forcing their female relatives to prepare holiday meals and organize family gatherings. This is not just a media phenomenon. Regular, decent, good-hearted Korean women buy into this stuff wholeheartedly and repeat it with gusto and true belief.

          • jim says:

            Vlad is stubbornly deluded, and tends to write as if his delusions are universally accepted, and accepted even by his interlocutors. Which is a shill characteristic though I don’t think he is a shill. But I am going to censor him anyway, and have been censoring him, because he is unresponsive to people pointing out that his delusions are silly, and continues to sail right on as if his interlocutor accepted his premises. Unresponsiveness leads to tediously repetitious discussions which just waste space.

          • Vlad says:

            You are pointing out that some within an ethno areas will use an ideaology to gain power over the whole and I am pointing out that always ends badly for the ethno like Protestantism, turned Christendom into 5000000000 roadside snake handling churches
            The ethno area that makes ethno its religion philosophy etc has no inside enemies can not be entered and is speaking absolute incontrovertible truth that good is what is good for the ethno

            • jim says:

              Except that in practice, we see no ethnostates in the sense that you define them. What was good for the Nazi party was disastrously and catastrophically bad for the German people.

              Due to scaling problems, it is simply impractical to cohere on the basis of kinship on a scale much larger than a large extended family, just as socialism is impractical on a scale much larger than an extended family.

              So it just does not happen. Nazi Germany was a leftist party state, founded on the lie that it was an ethnostate, and the lie bit them, and bit Germany worse.

              • skippy says:

                “Except that in practice, we see no ethnostates in the sense that you define them. What was good for the Nazi party was disastrously and catastrophically bad for the German people.”

                It was bad because they lost, but wouldn’t have been bad if they had won.

                Ethnostates have a tendency to purity spiral into unwinnable wars (“we must win because we are the best ethnicity; if you think we can’t win, you are one of them”) though this is more applicable to the Japanese case than the German; Germany, as always, was surrounded and ended up in a multi-front war because its geography favors Germany ending up in multi-front wars regardless of what it does.

                • jim says:

                  Even before they went to war, they were rationing meat and eggs — socialism just does not work.

                  And had they won, empire would have been as bad for ordinary Germans as it is for ordinary Americans.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Their entire logistics systems was collapsing years before they went to war. Production of vital goods was increasing but shortages were getting worse because capacity to transport was completely fucked.

                • skippy says:

                  It’s entirely implausible to argue that Germany underperformed its potential in WWII. It overperformed its potential. That wasn’t enough against a vastly superior coalition, but it overperformed and outperformed all its opponents relative to its underlying resources.

                  That is not a statement that all its policies were perfect, but the observed reality is that they were better on net than those of other states.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They got lucky in France and the Soviets gave them a ton of oil before they initiated Barbarossa.

                • A2 says:

                  Germany fought three global-ish empires simultaneously and at least took one down with them. Not bad, and I suppose that’s why the Axis powers are still occupied by US troops. They made a number of strategic and operational errors though which doomed them.

                  And with that, a happy new year to NRx.

                • skippy says:

                  “They got lucky in France and the Soviets gave them a ton of oil before they initiated Barbarossa.”

                  Every power in WWII has its shoulda-woulda-coulda’s. But the Germans actually did.

          • Vlad says:

            True feminism makes inroads Korea most Japan somewhat china least strange china commie though also notable makes inroads with women not men women who watch western Jew propaganda and of course Japan Korea occupied with NGO minders and dollar hegemony
            Remember Easter Europe quickly lost faith in communism when wall fell

            • jim says:

              I used to watch anime. Which is obviously not Jew propaganda. It is Japanese uniparty state propaganda produced by pure blooded Japanese. It became unwatchable due to feminism. Japanese are exposed to precisely zero Jew propaganda.

              The animators don’t like the propaganda they are forced to overload their show with. I watched the “the last airbender”, and it had a play within a play, wherein the writers ridiculed the woke message that they were forced to inject into the show.

              In the play within a play, the characters of the show watched their characters being played by actors, and reacted to the woke attack on males, masculinity and sex roles much as I reacted.

              This is why it is stupid to worry about Jews. Holy war is coming, and whichever side wins, the Jews will tell the winner that they can make themselves useful.

              • anonymous mouse says:

                > I watched the “the last airbender”, and it had a play within a play, wherein the writers ridiculed the woke message that they were forced to inject into the show.


                The Last Airbender is an American show.

                • alf says:

                  Hah you’d almost forget. Yes the last airbender is American produced. One of the best animes, still (or, because American-produced, does it then become a cartoon?).

                  The love ending was also a cop-out. Katara should’ve ended with Zuko, not with Aang.

              • Zorost says:

                “This is why it is stupid to worry about Jews. Holy war is coming, and whichever side wins, the Jews will tell the winner that they can make themselves useful.”

                Historically, the jews make themselves useful in ways that are extremely detrimental to society. Am I missing or misunderstanding some part of your analysis?

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >A literal coven of witches ruled the country from the shadows for years.

            Is that referring to the Park Geun-hye administration and the “8 Goddesses/Fairies” theory? I’m very blasé if not outright disbelieving about that theory because it came from the Korean left as a way of attacking the Korean right. Significant evidence points to Park being a figure head and the traditionalist males in the cabinet running things for the most part. Not denying feminism is a big problem in South Korea, but I find the theory highly suspect and unsupported.

            South Korea is an extremely gender polarized nation (it’s an extremely polarized nation in general). Yoon Suk Yeol recently won the presidency partly by promising to destroy the Ministry of Gender Equality. A policy which has it’s highest support among young men, and highest opposition among young women (the demographic most exposed to American culture, this will be relevant later). When I visited and studied South Korea with a personal translator, nowhere did I see evidence of secret feminist covens. What I did see was much evidence of overt GAE propaganda being mainlined into the culture straight from the American embassy/University system/Media. It used all the same colloquialisms, slangs, and slogans I would see in any typical American college… Terms that were conspicuously absent in day to day life in Korea. Nothing about the feminism was indigenous and my translator had no idea where it originated from. The American embassy was literally flying LGBT/BLM flag higher than the Red White and Blue (you couldn’t even see the national flag from outside the embassy, it was behind a wall), and that was during the Trump years. The embassy was also openly directing and facilitating GAE protests in South Korea.

            I encountered a severe naivety among South Koreans as to the source of the feminism. They often have no idea where it was coming from… so all they were left to do was paranoid speculation about secret feminist cabals of billionaire women running the government behind closed doors. It’s inconceivable in South Korea that the US government would be actively undermining them. Likewise it’s inconceivable among Korea leftists that they were GAE foot soldiers. The legacy of the Korean war has had such a lasting and huge emotional impact that seeing America as anything other than “Anti-Communist” is absolutely alien and bizarre. So you get this really weird dynamic of Korean leftists thinking they are Anti-American while speaking GAE and not knowing it while Korean Rightists are Pro-American while completely oblivious of American perfidy. When I’ve tried explaining to Koreans the role America is playing, I was met with extreme hostility by both ends of the political spectrum.

            All of this brings me back to Yoon Suk Yeol. His campaign promise to destroy the Ministry of Gender Equality disappeared as soon as he was elected. Even though it was widely popular. In fact many of his widely popular promises suddenly disappeared as soon as he was elected. South Korea is very much a vassal state of GAE, so very likely someone from the American embassy had a very candid conversation with Yoon about policy and how removing feminism would be a non-starter.

            In conclusion, South Korea isn’t as bad as you’d think based on what Contaminated NEET says. None of what he described is domestic, and as soon as America stops influencing the situation, I suspect Korean feminism will suddenly disappear. Granted if the situation doesn’t get worse. I doubt it will. GAE is on the decline. The American situation is much worse. The feminism is domestic and pervasive and most young men “support” it even if it’s some for of doublethink.

        • S says:

          In the US affirmative action means non-whites get jobs instead of whites.
          In China affirmative action means non-Han are allowed to have an additional child.

          • Fidelis says:

            To play devil’s advocate, there does seem to be a phenomenon wherein a race/nation threatened with destruction by a hostile civilization will unite itself under nationalistic grounds. It happened, too late, among the Celts facing Caesar, for example.

            Now, this may be splitting hairs, as Nationalism is an idea in and of itself.

            • Fidelis says:

              I mistakenly replied to the wrong post, but Im sure it should be clear exactly what conversation I was trying to engage in.

  26. Karl says:

    The white boys from rural America decline to sign up to die for Israel and ensure that goat herder’s daughters get taught to put a condom on a banana. Our enemies know why they are not signing up.

    Who is this “our” in your sentence above? I know very few people signing up, but on the whole I’d say those are my enemies. Of course, I also have enemies not signing up, but I tend to view them as the lesser problem.

  27. The Cominator says:

    This article is pure delusion as short of nuclear war (if they work) we cannot “save” Ukraine regardless of how much aid we send.

  28. alf says:

    Back when the jab turned out to be a serious health hazard, I had quite a few happy ‘told you so’ moments. But nothing compares to the told you so dances I am currently performing for having predicted early on that Russia stood a pretty good chance of winning.

    • FrankNorman says:

      If it ends with Ukraine being divided between Russia and Poland… some people did indeed see that coming all along.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        If Poland gains Lviv while remaining a NATO member, the neocons can say, “Hooray, we expanded NATO!”

    • jim says:

      The neocons say that if the West forgets about Russia, Russian infosphere capabilities will receive a major boost — by which they mean that our capabilities will receive a major boost.

      They don’t explain why “Russian” capabilities would receive a major boost, or rather they do explain, but the explanation would make no sense if by “Russia” they meant Russia. But when you translate from horse to deer, Our capabilities receive a major boost, because we look like the strong horse.

      In fact the elite will forget about Russia, because failure is unthinkable so they don’t think about it. But we have been saying from the beginning that empire is bad for Americans, good for American state and quasi state elites. So it looks like our doing.

      • Fidelis says:

        They don’t explain why “Russian” capabilities would receive a major boost, or rather they do explain, but the explanation would make no sense if by “Russia” they meant Russia. But when you translate from horse to deer, Our capabilities receive a major boost, because we look like the strong horse.

        Indeed, until this very moment I had no idea what they were talking about with regards to this “Russian infowar capability”. I took it at face value and assumed they were merely delusional.

    • A2 says:

      A sister-in-law is a nurse and my motivation for not getting vaxed is like water off a duck’s back so far. Society at large seems to have put Covid in the rear view mirror though.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Just wait until there is a need for some excuse to enrich niggers, migrants, and women. Suddenly, “vaxx sickness” perpetuated by conservative white christian men in the “right wing medical establishment” will be to blame for “Tuskegee Two: Goldfish Memory Boogaloo.”

        Over the holiday, had a relative who was virulently pro-vaxx, pro-mask, inject the kids, etc just casually mention that the lab leak was obvious from day one, the vaxx was always risky, masks were never going to work, etc. I laughed so hard, and he just couldn’t figure out why, because the way he feels is how he’s always felt, and to suggest otherwise is preposterous.

        • A2 says:

          “Long covid” seemed like a fine grift but I haven’t heard much about it in 2023.

          • jim says:

            That is because it is becoming glaringly obvious that the vast majority, probably all, of long covid cases are long vax cases.

            • Anon says:

              I know someone with “long covid”
              He is immunocompromised , with chronic fatigue syndrome.
              Is there any ‘treatment’ , or just waiting to get lucky and the vax clear by it self.

              • jim says:

                The vax integrates into your genome. There is a high likelihood that long covid that goes on for a long time is permanent, irreversible, and hereditary.

              • A2 says:

                My impression of “long covid” was that a collection of pre-existing vague problems (such as chronic fatigue) re-emerged with a sexier classification.

                (NB: Vague but not necessarily straight malingering. I might even count myself in this category of sufferers, though my troubles began some years before Covid. But I will spare you the dox.)

                • skippy says:

                  Long Covid is an Internet DIsease and its treatments are Internet Medicine.

              • Ryan says:

                There are treatments to mitigate damage and speed recovery.


                Things like nicotine to induce apoptosis seem to work.

                Although it helps to sort out your blood and other systems, if cells are programmed to make the spike protein forever it might be a losing battle.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            “Long covid” seemed like a fine grift but I haven’t heard much about it in 2023.

            I have. While browsing unrelated videos on YouTube, I came across the sad story of Dianna “Physics Girl” Cowern, still bedridden a year and a half after developing “Long Covid”.

  29. embeveraged commuter says:

    great news for the victims of the American empire abroad, but it still seems like they could just stop reporting on foreign affairs and carry on killing whitey at home for a few more decades at least.
    Is there really anything forcing the elites, beyond the subgroup most dependent on defense spending, to sacrifice local pain in order to keep up the empire?

    • jim says:

      Nations do not survive the loss of elite faith. Though lacking external enemies, and America has a very large moat, this just results in a new faith taking power, and the nation continues under new management.

      Of course plenty in the elite do have faith. But we saw an abrupt turn to Covid, then an abrupt turn to RussiaRussiaRussia. They have never let go of Gaia the the Climate Change Demon, and Ishtar, demon of sodomy, prostittution, and transexuality, and could well just forget about Russia and stick to those two, but those two are looking a little tired, so they might well add the Old Gods of Mexico into the pantheon.

      But it seems to me that Russia Russia and the Mighty and Awesome Covid demon are symptoms that Gaia and Ishtar are running low on puff.

      But it does look plausible that it is the fans of RussiaRussiaRussia that want to ease back on crushing the American idea. Thing is, most of the elite have been industriously skimming the gravy of empire, so abandoning external empire is going to hurt them financially.

      • FrankNorman says:

        And do they really think that they can just “forget about” Russia?

        • jim says:

          They forgot about Covid. Indeed the neocon stuff I link to is mostly a plea to their fellow elites to not just forget about Russia.

          What worries them is that abandoning the Ukraine will mean Russia is instantly deemed ancient history. In the undying words of Hillary “what does it matter now?”. Whereupon Article five looks dead because it gets sucked into the memory hole with Russia. Whereupon Nato just quietly evaporates. Not because Russia retakes a land route to Klaliningrad, though well it might, but because everyone sees an attack of amnesia.

          • FrankNorman says:

            They can choose to forget about Russia, but Russia is not going to forget about them.

            • jim says:

              The oceans are broad.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              I agree, Russians will never forget, but Russia would love to be forgotten. Just because they are better off now than the were doesn’t mean it was part of the plan. The whole planet is bereft of competent & capable elites, it’s not a shortage localized to the Occident. Every country is using the Liberal Democracy framework, even if it’s only terminologically deep. The in-power elites thought they could collapse Kiev via Ghostomel Airport and a victorious tank column. It still took them many months of grievous loses before they even started to see the shape of the problem. They would love it if they could just move on from this like it was a minor hiccough in the Great Liberal Project of Rules Based Order. With Prighozin dead, Utkin, and Surovikin sidelined (possibly dead) Russia’s version of the managerial elite is firmly ensconced in power.

              All is not lost. I put a fair bit more emphasis on the Elite as a community of agent actors than others here. I don’t believe in The people or Grassroots or any of that gay shit. But I know intimately that humans are not free agents or individual actors, there are subsections of a community, be it a family or tribe or platoon or company. An elite forged in fire is forming on the battlefield. Hopefully they take a different route than the Vet Cucks of America.

          • Aidan says:

            The linked article does not want to forget about Russia- it wants to blame Russia for insufficient American enthusiasm in going to war for trannies and racial reparations. It hints that purging the insufficiently enthusiastic American would be fighting a great and holy war against Russia’s “greatest military capability”, infowar. It says we need to destroy Russia on the battlefield or else the deep state will need to conduct a holodomor against the Amerikaner.

            • jim says:

              That it does. But they are still afraid.

              It is likely that when it becomes impossible to continue denying that they have lost in the Ukraine, a fairly serious dispute within the elite will arise as to whether to ease back a teensy weeny bit on election rigging, woke, censorship, and all that, or just start exterminating Amerikaners.

              • The Cominator says:

                The fact that Biden has brought in so many illegal young male darkies… at perhaps 10x the rate Dubya was doing it indicates to me they plan to use them as an extermination army…

                • jim says:

                  Obviously. But we have more than one elite faction with more than one plan.

                  Genocide is has been a tool of the Global American Empire for some time. They ran the color revolution script for a hopefully bloodless victory in many countries. When it failed, they would run with the genocide script. Then they ran with the color revolution script for bloodless victory in the US. And got it. But it is looking shaky, and genocide is always the next tool.

                  So there is a faction planning genocide. But lots of plans are plotted, and never launched. And lots of genocides attempted by the Global American Empire have failed, the only successful one of which I am aware being Tutsi in the Congo.

                • skippy says:

                  Desperation. These people won’t last five minutes in the suburbs. Many will switch sides.

                • Vendat Tunicam says:

                  They successfully genocided Germans in the Balkans and the Baltic states. But it worked because the Germans lost a war and they let the commies do most of the dirty work. Not sure how successful it would be if it was just the Red Cross doing the genociding.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well the Germans had fought a total genocidal war against the slavs and lost and their enemies had Stalins backing and his armies, doubt Bidens browns will do so well. They just want to loot a bit, they arent out for revenge.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To sound a further ominious note, Bidens “campaign” slogan is “let’s finish the job”.

      • Vlad says:

        A religion that is not explicitly right wing will eventually become left wing
        So how did Christianity become left wing?

        Do you claim it is right wing if so how so?

        and how is it more right than the left it’s so commonly mistaken for how can this left heresy as you would have it be permanently deleted without a hierarchial church catholic and when the gospels most easily inferred interpretation would seem leftist. Wouldn’t any counter narrative from one of ten thousand Protestant sects be rejected as eisegesic

        or is it simply that we need any religion as a scheduling point and it’s most handy because recent history if so isn’t this history pretty not recent hasn’t rationalism been elite religion for 500 years. Wouldn’t it be easier to convert elites to a rationalism that’s actually rational after all they claim it’s their god further I would say the reason Christianity hasn’t done as much harm as it might is all Europeans retain some rationalist roots that has tempered Christ cuckery.

        • jim says:

          This sounded like a shill question, but on more careful reading, it is a legitimate question, no clever gotchas carrying enemy payload.

          Rightism is order, social order, leftism is disorder, entropy, social entropy.

          Christianity, obviously, promotes social order in this world. Christianity plausibly claims to be the restoration of a faith and order older than Abraham. Christ is high priest and King in the line of priest king Melchizedek. An ultra extreme right nazi Hitler Hitler Hitler Repuhlican wants to turn the clock back politically and culturally a decade to the Obama years. A Reactionary wants to turn the clock back to three centuries to 1663. Christianity wants to turn the clock back three and a half millenia to the height of Bronze Age civilisation.

          Bronze Age decadence was leftism – female emancipation, the collapse of the Aristocratic order, and Kingly socialism. Moses claimed to be a descendent of Abraham, and somewhat plausibly claimed to be restoring the order of Abraham.

          So how did Christianity go left?

          The Bishop of Rome and Patriarch of the West coveted what was Caesar’s, acquired earthly Kingdoms, and led armies in the field. He split with the rest of Christianity, in particular the Patriarch of the East, over issues of war and politics – the Bishop of Rome was in war or near war with the Byzantine Empire, and the Patriarch of the East was promoting peace – a peace favourable, naturally, to the Byzantine Emperor.

          Over the next five centuries, Popes kept adding one heresy on top of another into Christianity to meet the momentary exigencies of war and politics, most infamously, indulgences. Christians got sick of this, and so we had, naturally, the Protestant Revolution.

          The revolution succeeded, and a bunch of priests grabbed a lot of power and wealth – but they lacked the governance system that the established Christian Church had had had before the Great Schism and so from the beginning there were always factions among the protestants trying to be holier than each of the other factions

          The protestants rightly purified away the heresies introduced by the Bishop of Rome. Well, lets go on purifying. So they purified away earlier heresies, notably the perpetual virgnity of Mary.

          And an extreme faction among them purified away the sacrament of marriage and Christmas – which is starting to get very close to purifying away Christianity itself. And then they did purify awa Christianity itself, and we started to get something that strikingly resembles twentieth century leftism – the diggers and the levellers, post Christian religious movements derived from Christianity. This horrified Cromwell, and he put a stop to it.

          But in due course there was a resurgence of this problem. You always have a state religion, and if you allow factions within the state religion to outholy each other in pursuit of state and quasi state power, you are going to get leftism. To prevent this, the state religion needs a King and High Priest.

          Our current state religion is post Christian, holiness spiraled from the previous state religion. The Churches are leftist because under the thumb of Harvard. If they were not under the thumb of a leftist state, they would be rightist. But if they were not under the thumb, they would probably acquire power and be the state, whereupon, lacking a King and high priest, the problem that so horrified Cromwell would recur.

          • Pilgrim says:

            The linked article coincides with my observations of the Halifax Security Forum happening now.

            Women *infest* the GAE MIC. The men are relegated to sitting around listening respectfully because the demon religion demands fealty to Ishtar. These are what the west has to offer now – dominating shrews and emasculated cuckolds.

            Most likely, GAE combat capacity has been decimated by DIE/ESG to a greater extent than previously thought.

            • Pilgrim says:

              I messed up, that post was not meant for this thread. Also, the forum was held last month

        • skippy says:

          >So how did Christianity become left wing?

          Mostly by people quoting the sermon on the fucking mount and not reading anything else in the gospels.

          St Paul/Peter letters and Acts not necessary to understand Christianity.

          • Jehu says:

            You need the whole Bible, tradition, and the Holy Spirit in order to understand Christianity. Otherwise your corrupted hardware is going to make a hash of things. There’s tons of failure modes. You can go Moralistic therapeutic deism, which leads pretty universally to cuckservatism if even that. On the other end you can go name it and claim it Prosperity gospel, which makes the heresies of the Mormons sometimes look tame. You can go full on Pharisee, trying to pretend to be holier than Jesus (hint, you’re not) or greasy grace, more or less denying the fact that we all have a critical sin problem. The rub is avoiding all these rocks.

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