State of the Ukraine war.

The ISW (State Department) position is that if America sticks its head up its ass hard enough, the problem will go away. And on past performance, that is what America is going to do.

The ISW, which is the voice of the State Department, complains that

A Ukraine strong enough to deter and defeat any future Russian aggression with an economy strong enough to prosper without large amounts of foreign aid is the only outcome of Russia’s war that the United States and the West should accept

And if an unacceptable outcome happens, like the Ukrainian economy being levelled to the ground, the Ukraine’s army collapsing in attritive warfare, and the Russians installing a Marshall Petain in Kiev?

This is like someone jumping off a cliff and half way to the jagged rocks at the bottom, declaring that the only acceptable outcome is that he lands like a feather.

The last of the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive seems to have ended today, or is ending, with the Ukrainians throwing in the towel at Krynky. Our rulers have been showing internal division, with some of them deciding that the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive ended a long while ago, with the result that Krinky became strangely invisible to them, some of them hailing Krinky as a mighty Ukrainian victory which was about to cause the collapse of Russia and the fall of Putin, and some of them noticing the facts on the ground – that it was a killing field for the Ukrainian army, with life expectancy for troops of a day or so, and highly unlikely to get much further than it had gotten, but producing clever rationalisations that the Russian were hurting even worse.

For some months the Russians have been increasingly on the offensive. And those offensives have been costly. The gains in turf have been absolutely insignificant, something in the ballpark of a square kilometre a day, but the gains in positional advantage for a war of attrition have been significant. When a local Russian offensive succeeds (and it frequently fails) they grab a strong point where the lie of the land and/or human built defences make it strong. And they then have a strong salient poking into weak Ukrainian territory, which becomes a killing field for Ukrainians. And then they cheerfully let the Ukrainians hang out in the killing fields until the Ukrainians decide to leave, whereupon it is time to grab another salient.

So far the Ukrainians have shown absolutely no sign of getting wise to this strategy, though giving up on Krinky may mean it is finally starting to sink in. They tend to hang on to unfavourable turf, and the Russians let them keep it.

The Ukrainian offensive was predicated on the reverse strategy – they would charge through at the weakest point, which was generally between strong points on either side, and then charge forth all the way to the Azov sea, whereupon those strong points, now cut off, would fall like ripe fruit. This was Kagan’s plan. I thought it moronic when he told us, and even more moronic to tell the plan on Youtube months in advance of attempting to carry it out, so the Russians would have lots of time to get ready for it. What predictably happened of course was that the Ukrainans found themselves in trapped in weak point salients surrounded by strong points, and the weak point salients became killing fields.

The Ukrainians seem to have become increasing reluctant to provide Krinky with the fresh cannon fodder it endlessly needs, or are just having some difficulty rounding up fresh cannon fodder.

The reason Krinky has been so bad for the Ukrainians is not because it is a natural weak point – it is just a random point on the delta much the same as everything around it. The problem is that everything has to be supplied in small unarmored boats that have to cross a broad river in plain sight from a long distance away, and these boats cannot carry heavy weapons. And the journey back is even more dangerous, because by the time the small unarmoured boat reaches a drop off points and drops off the latest cannon fodder, it has likely been spotted. Except during heavy rain or snow, it is a one way trip. Also the surface of the river is now turning to icy slush, too strong to drive a boat through, too weak to walk over. The boats creep slowly through the thickening slush. Maybe they have not stopped sending boats to cross the river, the boats may have stopped reaching their destinations.

The Russians have been fighting a war of attrition. The Ukrainians have been stubbornly and unusccesfully attempting to fight a war of movement, on the the instructions of deluded people from Washington. But now the tune is changing to war of attrition, to be followed by negotiations once the Russians are exhausted. Except that it is the Ukrainians that are becoming exhausted.

The killing and dying could continue for years, but the writing is on the wall. It has been on the wall for some time. The armies of the Ukraine might be able to hold the line for years, and then collapse, or months, and then collapse.

This war resembles world war I, a static war of immovable front lines, until one side collapses from attrition, though advancing drone technology and production might change that to drone on drone air warfare, and drone on drone operator air to ground warfare.

The question that remains to be revealed, is how long this goes for before the Ukrainians collapse. Signs of strain are showing. We are seeing the ruling elite, here and in the Ukraine, develop increasing amnesia and blindness, which is how they handle defeats. They unhappen them.

Their current plan, insofar as they have a plan rather than an amnesia attack, is that static warfare should continue, leading somehow to negotiations. But static warfare only leads to negotiations when the losing side realises that their negotiating position is very bad and is only going to change for the worse. And, during war, information channels that could lead to that realisation tend to get shut down.

War is a test of will and capability. Maximum will is akin to madness, but is not madness at all. What, however, we tend to observe in practice, is madness substituted for will. Rational conduct would be, once will and capability was revealed, to negotiate a peace based on what was revealed. This seldom happens in practice, and with the kind of reality blind elite we have now, even less likely to happen. Collective sanity is harder than individual sanity, because collective action is harder than individual action, and wars tend to happen because on or both sides are incapable of acting as a single cohesive unitary rational individual.

World War I started because Serbia was incapable of deciding between war and peace, incapable of choosing peace while unwilling to choose war. It became a two front war because the German generals ignored the Kaiser and invaded neutral Belgium. When you are up to your neck in alligators, bad idea to invade anyone, let alone a neutral. Likely it would have become a two front war anyway, but if it became a two front war through France invading Germany, rather than Germany invading Belgium, Germany would have had fewer enemies, and France fewer allies. If you invade a neutral unprovoked, everyone is going to figure you need to be taken out, lest you invade them next. The Kaiser understood this, while the Generals merely understood war. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides for starting the war. No one should have supported Serbia, since the regime was incapable of rational action or decision making, but if the Germans had not invaded Belgium, the blame for starting the war would have been entirely on Russia, and on France if France attacked, which was far from certain. Germany attacked France through Belgium because France might attack Germany. Which might have been sane had Germany not already been at war with Russia.

The Serbians complained that Austria’s demands were an insult to their sovereignty, which they were, but the reason for the demands was that Serbia was incapable of exercising sovereignty over itself, incapable of restraining its minority war faction from making war. If we think of Serbia as an individual, it was an individual with a bad case of schizophrenia, and a schizophrenic’s neighbours have little choice but to interfere with his sovereignty.

Germany lost the war, because it kept stubbornly trying to regain war of movement in France, to knock France out of the war in a quick blow, as the ISW has been stubbornly trying to knock Russia out the war with a quick blow. This was more generals trying to prove that invading Belgium had been a good idea, than it was a rational military strategy. And trying to take Russia out with a quick blow is the ISW trying to prove that endlessly provoking Russia with ever escalating provocations and threats has been a good idea.

Rational behaviour would be to cut a deal on the basis of the cards that are now lying face up on the table. What is likely to happen instead is ever deeper and ever stronger delusion.

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  1. The Cominator says:

    BTW one whitepill from me who is normally among the most cynical and blackpilled of us not on censorship… I get the feeling that the faith of leftism is finally dying among the die hard millenial and zoomer believers… I just don’t see that it has nearly as many energetic defenders online anymore at least not who do it for free.

  2. Aidan says:

    I forgot to mention here but I wrote a short novella a couple months ago about women and dating. Sort of in the milieu of Delicious Tacos if you’re familiar. Obviously speaks to many of the themes discussed here and I figured some commenters who don’t have Twitter would like to be aware. Be warned it doesn’t pull any punches and some have said it’s depressing if not brutal on the spirit to read. Link expires in about a week and a half.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >E-8 with an appalachian accent and IQ of 95

      Bruh, whitey E8 at least 105 if not smarter than newly minted LT LOST.
      You did him dirty here.

      >some have said it’s depressing if not brutal on the spirit to read

      Well, I can say it’s certainly art. @Alf, check this out and learn a bit from it. Not exactly my cup of tea though. There were some humorous moments, but yeah, I can see how it’s depressing.

      And you know with the surety of sunrise that Kathy will never love you and will never be yours despite how close you have come

      Have a millennial generation friend who was a natural chad. He went through a lot of cherries growing up and many women in his college 20s. Eventually he burnt out over this type of thing. He’s the one I learned the phrase, ‘she’s never yours, just your turn’ from. When commenters like TC and I say, chads are saturated, it’s because at the end of the day they’re still want marriage, can’t find it, and get psychologically saturated. My friend is not living like a monk, but he’s not exactly going around popping cherries left and right anymore.

      Millennials were the last generation that produced chads on a maybe 1/20(?) rate. Gen Z and Gen alpha have extremely large male populations who gave up before even trying, and their rare chad types are henpecked. They’re maybe 1/40(?). It’s hard to tell, but it just seems like many Gen Z women are going unsatisfied and Gen A is quickly turning into NEETs slicking to a growing list of male V-Tuber. Inconceivable when I was growing up. Weeb shit used to be completely isolated to the less chad male population.

      you are not expelled but given fifty hours of community service for the crime of calling Kristen a bitch which you could not deny and this is not a joke or an exaggeration.

      I was once reported to one of the college deans, a lithe blond woman, she had a certain regality to her. I had a rather foolishly in-depth conversation with some guys on the most efficient method to exterminate a million people. Absolutely terrifying moment. First time I really thought I might get purged, but got off scott free when talking to her.

      She started smiling a lot during the conversation and I managed to turn it from an interrogation about what I said to a conversation about her her family and personal life. She told me I was free to come in anytime to talk. I took that to mean, ‘thank fuck, I’m never stepping foot in admin again’. Thank God I wasn’t directed to the obese bitch dean right next door.

      Anyways, I managed to quickly deduce who had reported me based on the dean letting it slip a young woman felt uncomfortable (telling me was against regulation)… which considering there was only one woman in the room at the time of the conversation made it rather obvious. The good news was none of the guys betrayed me, and “coincidentally” the woman who reported me was fat, short, and ugly. I had never seen her talking with any of the other guys. She just hung around. Things got sort of awkward after that, and the social group kinda fell apart.

      • alf says:

        Read it, it’s great. Definitely my cup of tea. I envy Aidan’s teenage years. If I were to write a similar story with similar honesty it would be infinitely more cringe.

      • Aidan says:

        Heh I know I did him dirty in hindsight, a lot of the internal state in the book was dredged up intact from memory

    • alf says:

      My wife is reading it and although she enjoys it, has one complaint, namely that you supposedly do not accurately portray the female orgasm. Which is to say, in your book all the women cum because of penis-in-vagina. But, she says, only a minority of women come this way; most women need other forms (usually clitorally) of stimulation.

      • Aidan says:

        Once you exclude women on SSRIs, women overstimulated by excessive masturbation, and obligatory sex with beta boyfriends, the vast majority do orgasm from natural sex the way god intended

        • alf says:

          Lived experience is that no SSRIs, no excessive masturbation (she in fact threw away her vibrator because of this exact reason) and no obligatory sex with beta boyfriends, unless you want to throw an accusation (-:

          She can be wet as a swimming pool, and I can either pump her for half an hour and ~maybe~ have her orgasm or as much as look at her clit and she’ll come like that.

          the vast majority do orgasm from natural sex the way god intended

          If the vast majority of women ought to orgasm from penis in pussy, they would not have the vast majority of their pleasure nerves on their clit.

          • Aidan says:

            Not to get too much into the dirty details, but when you are balls deep in a woman in missionary, your abdomen should be pressing into her clit with every thrust.

            • alf says:

              lmao, that’s quite a roundabout way of saying I’m right.

              Look, I’ll be sure to bang her hard enough so that my abdomen slams into her clit. Orrrrr…..

              • Aidan says:

                That is *if* she has that problem. And it’s not like I describe every woman in the book getting off, plenty of them don’t. I even mention that sex is cathartic for women and they’re primally compelled to engage in it even when they’re not “enjoying” it but my prose blows by at hurricane speed and readers miss a lot of stuff.

                Jim has an even more extreme position: he has said that most women hide their orgasms so that you fuck them harder and for longer. But I don’t think that’s true.

                • Handi says:

                  I would buy that. One time when I was deciding whether to switch positions, I asked the girl if she was getting close, and she replied that she had already done it dozens of times. It’s very easy for them to downplay the noises and movements, and so much the better if you ask me because I can’t retain it at all if she’s having a loud one.

                • alf says:

                  That is *if* she has that problem.

                  Which is the majority of women.

                  Not disputing the claim that women don’t necessarily need to orgasm, not disputing the claim that women hide their orgasm. The only thing I’m disputing is:

                  the vast majority do orgasm from natural sex the way god intended

                  Where natural is implied to be dick in pussy.

                  If god intended women to orgasm that way, would not have put most of the pleasure nerves in the clit.

                • alf says:

                  And it’s not like I describe every woman in the book getting off, plenty of them don’t.

                  But you also describe Kathy as being an anomaly for not getting off on count of her meds, implying that the remainder of women do get off.

                • Aidan says:

                  Kathy could not get off if I played with her clit either. Believe me, I tried plenty. Most women who can get off with the clit would also get off when I pounded them, and I liked pounding them more than fiddling with their clits.

                  The clit has pleasure nerves because it is derived from the same fetal structure as the penis. And natural selection did not take this away because it is convenient for women to have an easy orgasm button. Women need to orgasm to breed, need to orgasm for their cervix to open up enough to admit seed. So if otherwise lacking, good to have a backup. I assume lacking the ability to have either a cervical or “g-spot” orgasm is rare in the state of nature. With women who are otherwise undamaged, I think it is rare but not unheard of. Which explains your wife.

                  Maybe I am preternaturally good in bed, I’ve been told so, but this is probably only compared to modern man, who pumps away mechanistically instead of allowing himself to be consumed by feral passion. I think our ancestors probably fucked with wild passion, mostly disregarding the clit, and my female ancestors probably had an equally wild eros, would explode as soon as their cervixes were rammed. Well, my wife is on the plain side, but she more than makes up for it in this regard in the sack.

                • alf says:

                  By all means, you do you. I am simply of the cheerful opinion that women indeed have an easy orgasm button, and that I in no way consider it cheating to press it.

      • Handi says:

        What are those feminist statistics again?

        -80% of women report that they cannot have a vaginal orgasm.

        -1 in 5 women have been raped or sexually assaulted.

        “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”

        • alf says:

          -1 in 5 women have been raped or sexually assaulted.

          1 in 5 women report having been raped or sexually assaulted, which is in fact under-reportation because an even larger minority, if not every woman, will at one time feel sexually assaulted by the attention of a beta male. So that is totally true. Why would the first one be a lie?

    • someDude says:



    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Good story, mostly true I suppose. Some corrections:

      grids -> grinds
      long island -> Long Island
      she said was a virgin -> she said she was a virgin
      rapiests -> rapists
      she’s a shy and quiet -> she’s shy and quiet
      zone on on -> zone out on ?
      quit dignity -> quiet dignity
      what come close -> what had come close
      the two of you human -> the two of you are human
      UTI -> IUD
      God has cruel -> God has a cruel
      moaning load -> moaning loud

    • yewotm8 says:


    • A2 says:

      Quite well-written, especially when considering the topics. Well done.

    • nemo says:

      > And the next week you meet your wife.

      Alas, an unmerited ending; the universe was not ruthless enough to enforce proportionate control in favor of proper behavior (which is to say, mandatory monogamous pair-bonding between the author and the first autistic girl), and society failed to compensate.

      • Aidan says:

        It is a merited ending. I had to restore the ancestral order myself precisely because society was actively inhibiting its fruition.

  3. The Cominator says:

    While the Houthi thing is going on Texas just seized control of Eagle pass from the Feds and is denying them entry… well see if they are serious if they defy the inevitable court ruling against them.

    • Calvin says:

      The first governor to figure out that he can refuse federal orders and expel their agents is going to make himself both incredibly popular and incredibly powerful. I wonder how many of them are *really* content to be uniparty muppets forever.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        The first governor to successfully defy federal authority, sure. The first governor to try it dies behind bars.

        • The Cominator says:

          Abbots an old cripple fear of prison for him is probably not what it is for the rest of us…

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            This is just a stunt, and nobody in Texas would dream of actually defying the feds. Abbot will fold like a lawn chair the instant a judge wags her finger.

            > Welp, I did all I could for you, but my hands are tied. We’d better roll up our sleeves, win some elections, and get some good conservative strict-constructionist judges on the bench.

            • The Cominator says:

              This is probably true but it is only true until it isn’t.

            • jim says:

              Probably, but Tony Abbot, when he was prime minister of Australia, did a Jackson on the judiciary, which folded like wet cardboard.

              He was eventually removed from power, but for a long time after he was removed from power, the judiciary continued to treat immigration as the third rail, with even completely legitimate complaints by migrants suffering a mysterious inability to get any court hearing all. Then after a very long time, they slowly started to creep back, but they are still traumatised. Kind of like the left has never forgiven George the fourth, and still have trauma over that incident.

              In the highly unlikely event that Greg Abbot does a Jackson on immigration as Tony Abbot did, I predict the same outcome as for Tony Abbot. The Judiciary will flee like starled rabbits and hastily bury the issue deep and dark, fearing that if they make a deal out of it, Greg Abbot would not wind up in jail, they would.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >This is just a stunt, and nobody in Texas would dream of actually defying the feds.

              Minus the 100,000 weaponized migrants he has funneled into blue cities. Democrats are openly saying they need the migrants for census numbers due to all the (white) migration escaping the hell holes. This in effect is self sorting the US into cohesive war camps.

            • Calvin says:

              Everyone around the world can see that GAE is weak, getting weaker. 85IQ Yemenis are presently engaged in openly defying and humiliating Biden’s handlers as we speak. People all over the world who used to be cowed vassals are reconsidering their options as we speak – it would be more of surprise if there weren’t some domestic equivalents.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              It’s trivially easy to defeat nigger-lovers by driving vast herds of niggers into the places where they live, work, shop, and attend school. The best the nigger-lovers can do is order Greg Abbott to stop sending niggers, file billion-dollar lawsuits against bus companies, and try to erect anti-nigger barriers anywhere except the US-Mexico border. They even stopped a charter flight from India to Nicaragua when it landed in France to refuel!

              If the nigger-lovers try to push niggers into Amerikaner communities, those niggers will go back to the nigger-loving cities or disappear without a trace.

              We scarcely need racist right-wing crackpot conspiracy theorists anymore, because everything they predicted is now happening in plain sight.

  4. agr says:

    Is Nick Land still with us? Haven’t heard of him for a while.

    • Fidelis says:

      He’s a mix of numerical schizo and near normie level ‘woke bad’ lately.

      • Fidelis says:

        Apologies for dual post, browsing through again he’s not as bad as I remember from a few months ago. Not much in the way of new material, but much has already been said so easily forgivable.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          You are way off brother. Land is a beacon of cold hilarity on the timeline. His latest quip is excellent:

          “Never get so racist that you forget white leftists are the worst people in the world.”

    • Anon says:

      Need a reminder why this guy is known.
      I remember people talked about him the same as Moldbug in NRx circles
      yet his ideas seem to me to be infinitesimal in comparison to Moldbug.

      • jim says:

        I have no recollection of what Nick Land was on about, while Moldbug was formative. On looking him, good stuff, but not new stuff. Moldbug cleaned of unending wordiness and wandering forever around in a circuitous journey towards the point. Plus he concisely summarises anti democracy thinker of ages past. Nothing really new, but he said it well. And then quietly vanished from sight.

        Democracy inevitably becomes oligarchy as usual plus advance auctions of stolen goods. Yes, we knew that already, but he said it well.

        • Anon says:

          For me, the biggest impact of moldbug ideas was not the anti-democracy stuff which was great and all. It was the new thinking he was pointing at.
          I am fairly young , probably vastly younger than jim, progs/left world view has so completely taking the world it like out of 1984 , you can’t think new thoughts because old words has been purge from the language, and new words like “human rights”, “equality” , “women right” , “racism” etc have been introduced resulting in “egalitarian way of thinking ” taking hold and became “natural way of thinking” for people.
          When i read Carlyle or any pre 1920 writer i thought the reason i need to reread the text multiple times to get the meaning is because these writers used cryptic and ambiguous language but the fact that thier books was wildly read and best sellers tell that most people understood what they saids at the time, it just that in our time their thinking is closed off to us. So their language seem aliens.
          I think people say the old are meandering when they write is because a lot of words have been purged out of language so some ideas became unthought.

        • nemo says:

          > I have no recollection of what Nick Land was on about, while Moldbug was formative.

          This reduces my assessment of you significantly. Land is the implacable partisan of pan-Darwinianism, and insofar as philosophy is the deepest contemplation of the most fundamental concepts, one of the last philosophers extent.

        • Humble Acolyte says:

          Apparently you used to like Nick a decade ago

          • jim says:

            I still like Nick. I just cannot remember anything he said. His stuff was quite good, but old news, old news well said, and, when he became dissatisfied with just giving old news, he tried to come up with something new, and came up with something stupid that no one remembers.

        • skippy says:

          I think Land got popular in large part because he had a “real” academic CV but was saying the same things as the unemployed programmer and PhD dropout Moldbug. Today, I don’t think we have so much concern about the pedigree of our ideas, as our ideas have become more established, and the mainstream more and more visibly dumb.

      • Fidelis says:

        He’s less core-NrX and more of a fellow traveller. I liked his writing from the ccru days, and we did reach a lot of his premonitions, but ultimately social decay was more extreme than he realized at the time of writing. The world of bits met expectations, but did not break into meatspace.

        • A2 says:

          Haven’t seen him in a while but I liked him because he could fire back at the leftist academics in their own jargon. They were befuddled, aghast, unable to reply, running in a panic (because they’re fakers).

    • Anon says:

      Need a reminder why this guy is known. I remember people talked about him the same as Moldbug in NRx circles yet his ideas seem to me to be infinitesimal in comparison to Moldbug.

      • Aidan says:

        Nick Land is a right wing marxist philosopher. By right wing Marxist, I mean he believes the Marxist interpretation of history, but denies that some worker’s paradise is the end state. He believes that complex systems, economies and memeplexes, are artificial intelligences that influence their participants more than the participants can influence the system, and this power imbalance is growing, ultimately creating a “machine god” which is not necessarily a robot master but an emergent intelligence out of systems humans originally created.

        He is a terminal wordcel, obviously very smart but not very wise, and unlike Moldbug he huffs his own farts, using needlessly complex diction and syntax and far far too many words to get his ideas across. If he were more laconic in language, it would be clearer that his ideas are kind of dumb and silly. And like many bloodless men he does not understand violence. I once dismissed his work with “the gods of war eat Land’s god of capital for breakfast”. And obviously, communists have proven themselves able to cripple the self-evolving mecha-Darwinist god of prediction markets. They said a loan to a jobless paperless drunk wetback was as solid as a loan to a white engineer with a wife and kids, and the market acted as though that were true until nature caught up with it. Turns out the priestly power of humans has quite a lot more power over history, and nature still more power.

        • alf says:

          ‘Gnon’ was his invention, which is a valuable contribution. His other stuff, not so much.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >‘Gnon’ was his invention

            He did a fair amount of work fleshing the concept out, but…

            Prompted by Surviving Babel, The Arbiter of the Universe asks: “Who speaks for reaction?” Nick B. Steves replies: “Nature… or Nature’s God… or both.” (Jim succinctly comments.) “Nature or Nature’s God” is an expression of special excellence, extracted (with subtle modification) from America’s Declaration of Independence.

            The old Xenosystems website is down, so can’t confirm if it’s the same Jim or who exactly said what, but my memory seems to indicate it was. Of course, it was Land who realized Gnon is much better than Nong.

            >His other stuff, not so much.

            >using needlessly complex diction and syntax and far far too many words

            He had his moments:

            To call the belief in substantial human equality a superstition is to insult superstition. It might be unwarranted to believe in leprechauns, but at least the person who holds to such a belief isn’t watching them not exist, for every waking hour of the day. Human inequality, in contrast, and in all of its abundant multiplicity, is constantly on display, as people exhibit their variations in gender, ethnicity, physical attractiveness, size and shape, strength, health, agility, charm, humor, wit, industriousness, and sociability, among countless other features, traits, abilities, and aspects of their personality, some immediately and conspicuously, some only slowly, over time. To absorb even the slightest fraction of all this and to conclude, in the only way possible, that it is either nothing at all, or a ‘social construct’ and index of oppression, is sheer Gnostic delirium


            He was among the first to do real academic work on, what at the time was, a disparate series of writers and recognize they’re not at all disparate. That a cohesive definable group was forming. He more or less laid out the initial intellectual framework to recognize the group, a rough outlining, and thus cohesion was fostered under a number of umbrella terms he helped popularized. You could say he accelerated NRx.

            Yes, he does have his flaws, but I think overall his impact was largely good.

            • Aidan says:

              Land’s blog was fine and readable. I’m talking about his books.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                He seems to be turning his more recent NRx material into books which are fine and readable. Yes, his early books are very “academic”. Sometimes his blog got a bit “academic” as well. Old habits die hard.

                He appears to have mellowed out considerably since escaping to China. I remember hearing rumors he started a family which had an effect as well.

                I do enjoy much of his earlier work, though less for their ideas and more as “art”. Meltdown turned into video audio format is what modern art could’ve been if it wasn’t a CIA front.


                Also check out Waterdrop if you like the aesthetic.


          • jim says:

            Don’t think it was. If it was, I would remember him.

          • Mr.P says:

            Land’s book, a collection of essays really, titled The Dark Enlightenment is worth reading.

            Auron MacIntyre has a series of good intro videos on Land. Go to www dot youtube dot com / @AuronMacIntyre / then “PlayLists” then “Nick Land.”

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            The first reference to “Nature’s God” that I am aware of is the declaration of Independence.

        • nemo says:

          You reveal a terminal misunderstanding of R/ACC, but rather than rectify this through correct study of Land, you should read Insurrealist.

  5. Calvin says:

    On a semi-related fyi, we’re getting into a war with Yemen. I guess we’re about to see just how bad the naval breakdown has been so far. I’m sure Xi will be taking notes.

    • The Cominator says:

      Humiliiating defeat by the Houthi pirates incoming. Oh and more price increases.

      • jim says:

        I don’t know what the outcome will be, but if the Houthis win, in the sense of keeping the blockade going and forever war against the occupation force going, despite frequent American victory announcements, this will be a good indicator of likely US performance in a war with China over Taiwan.

        • Jehu says:

          I suspect the Houthis have been testing experimentally the anti-missile capability of US ships. They’re probably also playing financial leverage games—e.g. the missiles we shoot at you are way cheaper than your response is. Were I China, I’d be very interested, hell I might be paying for the exercise.

          • Calvin says:

            If you observe the details you’ll notice the Houthis aren’t shooting at any Chinese-flagged ships. There’s definitely some arrangement there.

            • S says:

              They aren’t attacking Russian ships either. Either an explicit deal or ‘friends of Iran are friends of Yemen’.

              Are we going with ‘Shanghai Cooperative Organization’ or is there another name to use for Iran + Russia + China?

              • /pol/watcher says:

                From what I read, the Yemenis were only targetting Israeli linked ships (to/from/owned and operated by). literally on the condition of ending Gaza genocide and allowing humanitarian aid. Hence Operation Protect Genocide.

                Truth won’t be told as usual, so will have to read between the lines on US losses

                • /pol/watcher says:

                  Sorry, I forgot about the shill testing.

                  For the woman problem:

                  5 They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival

                  would be the closest answer for me. I would point to the Garden of Eden as demonstrating that women are incapable of understanding what will make them happy, and thus hard patriarchy with coveture rules is needed

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                I suggest “Asian Union”, as a counter to the American vassal states of the European Union.

              • A2 says:

                Axis of Evil 2, perhaps?

                I assume the muslims are shooting at the Little and Great Satan and Satan’s Little Helper because of Gaza.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Ships have been switching their vessel transponder to something like VESSEL NO LINK ISRAEL or VSLNOTINVLVDISRAEL to get past and are unmolested as a result. At this point, it is just the Houthis putting a finger in the GAE’s eye.

        • jim says:

          Houthis say no significant degradation of their capabilities. Of course the first casualty of war is truth, but seems plausible. They have the huge advantage that it is likely to be hard to tell what land targets are critical and high value, but easy to tell what sea targets are critical and high value.

          You cannot defeat Houthis from the air. Air support of ground troops works because the ground troops force the enemy to expose the value and location of assets.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >You cannot defeat Houthis from the air.

            Sure you can. It’s very easy. Just bomb everything. All it takes is a few nukes. Oh wait, those likely don’t work anymore.

            Maybe a few hundred thousand drones, ah… but America doesn’t have the manufacturing capacity.

            No matter, just gotta dust off those old B-52s in storage and drop dumb old gravity bombs on them. What? There’s only ~50 operational and we don’t have enough bombs? Just supplement with C-130s and throw concrete blocks out the back.

            I’m sure that would work!

          • Calvin says:

            You cannot defeat Houthis from the air.

            I mean, you could, Yemen is an insanely overpopulated arid desert. You just blockade their ports right back and bomb those vital bits of infrastructure that let them maintain a population at all and watch most of them flee or just die of thirst. But I doubt the GAE has the stomach for that sort of action these days.

            • The Cominator says:

              The Houthis are Islamic pirates with no king to make peace with (except maybe in Iran or Russia and the Cathedral is not willing to talk to them) as such only way to defeat them is to send the marines inland and kill every human being that lives anywhere near the coast and warn those further inland that they will go in much further if you ever make us come back.

              As the GAE will not be willing to apply this treatment to nonwhites they are going to lose to the Houthis.

            • Yul Bornhold says:

              Likewise, the logical course of action for Israel is to cut off the water to Gaza and wait for the problem to evaporate. Instead the GAE (or should I say ZOG? lol) is forcing the Israelis to storm the Gaza strip block by block at significant expense in materials and troops. Must be frustrating for the Jews to have a win button they’re not allowed to use.

            • jim says:

              They have anti air capability that makes the empire reluctant to fly above Houthi territory – there would be losses. So have to drone them. Yemeni water is wells. A lot of wells, and it is hard to do costly damage to wells. A bomb hits a well, you have destroyed a pump, and caused some dirt to fall into the well. How much does a pump cost?

              The only bombable assets that matter in Yemen are military assets, water assets, housing assets, and transport assets. Not going to get far bombing them. The only way to coerce them is to efficiently kill a lot of people – ground war.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >it is hard to do costly damage to wells

                It is easy with chemical weapons… oh wait, we’re destroying them.

                This isn’t a problem of not being able to win by air power alone, it is feasible. It’s an issue of will, which is also the same reason why boots on the ground is also unlikely.

                • jim says:

                  > It is easy with chemical weapons

                  No it is not easy with chemical weapons. They are all long term unstable in air and water. You want the enemy population to breath them in or absorb them through the skin. By they time they soak down to the ground water, they decompose. If you are under attack from bioweapons and chemical warfare, you should drink well water. If you are attacking with chemical and bioweapons, you spread a mist over the densest population centres you can find.

                  Even stable poisons like arsenic, which do not decompose, are removed by ion exchange as the poisoned water percolates through earth and rock.

                  You can poison the people, you can poison the air and surface water, but if you want to poison a well, you have to drop a solid lump of soluble poison down that particular well. Blasting it over the general vicinity of the well just will have no effect.

                • jim says:

                  America cannot starve Yemen, because then they would have to block, and open fire, on shipping, which is going to escalate the war wider, and the Empire is already falling under the impact of too many battle fronts. And America cannot do anything about their water supply, because all very deep underground. And America is not having much success knocking out their military assets. The only way America can apply substantial pressure is by directly killing enough people. Which approach is not working out well for Israel because they are going about genocide in a half assed and indecisive fashion.

                  In a situation like this, you have to either say “surrender or we kill everyone”, and be believed, and be able to believe them when they say they have surrendered, or else just straight up kill everyone. And since neither America nor Yemen is likely to be believed, the only way the American Empire can win is to just straight up kill everyone the old fashioned way.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Blasting it over the general vicinity of the well just will have no effect

                  Area denial does the job well enough.

                  Stability issues don’t matter so much when just shutting down water supply for a week in Yemen’s urban south would create major pain. They are already having water problems and it wouldn’t take much to push them over the edge. The half-assed Saudi intervention in 2015 greatly disrupted water supplies, and the wells need to pump water from such a depth that they require fuel powered motors to do so, fuel which they have to import. Oh hey, another avenue for attack.

                  It’s precisely because of stability issues that chemical weapons can work as a negotiating tool. Having to be reapplied on a consistent basis creates a framwork for saying, ‘hey, this could all end in a week so long as you concede, else we’ll keep doing area denial around critical infrastructure’.

                  They have maybe a couple dozen waste water treatment plants. Hitting those and all of a sudden the surrounding environment fouls up considerably. Adding anything chemical is just a short term bonus. They use variously levels of processed waste water extensively for agriculture. Biological weapons don’t even need to be employed as nature would take care of the rest, but if the US really wanted to get nasty, dropping anthrax infested dead cows into their stabilizing pools would create massive contamination or shutter much of their remaining agriculture.

                  Look, these are all details, and the last couple posts I made on the Yemen issue were clearly being facetious, or maybe not, text alone sometimes fails to convey tone.

                  My point was that there is much the US could do well within its capability to bring Yemen to its knees begging for forgiveness without so much as a single boot on the ground, but it won’t and therefore it will very likely lose.

                  >under the impact of too many battle fronts

                  If the US were willing to immediately and brutally escalate, it could de-escalate the situation, but again, that’s not something the US would do.

                • jim says:

                  > Area denial does the job well enough

                  Both sides in the Ukraine are vigorous engaging in area denial against each other. Neither side can deny a very large area for very long, except they have artillery on a hill overlooking the area.

                  They just cannot deny critical areas thirty kilometers away, even a small area. A whole lot of very costly struggles are under way right now as the Russians try to stop the Ukrainians from using some road intersection a short distance from turf they control. In order to deny one well, the US would have to do what the Russians do to deny one intersection.

                  And there are enormously more wells in Yemen than there are logistically critical intersections near the front lines in the Ukraine.

                • jim says:

                  > My point was that there is much the US could do well within its capability to bring Yemen to its knees … without so much as a single boot on the ground

                  No there is not. If there was, someone would have used it in some previous war against someone.

                  There is only one example of a group being forced to concede in the face of total air supremacy by the other side, and that was a handful of not very highly motivated lightly armed farmers with a few single shot rifles, facing most of the might of the British airforce. It has always needed boots on the ground, total air supremacy has never forced any significant opponent to concede over anything.

                  And the US does not have total air supremacy over Yemen.

                  > they have maybe a couple dozen waste water treatment plants

                  Who gives a shit about waste water treatment plants?

                  Dubai is a beautiful and clean city, and what they do with their poop is just dump it in a quite small patch of desert. Yemen is not short of desert.

                  To turn sewage into water that is safe to drink, all that is needed is that it has to percolate through a few meters of dirt before it gets anywhere. It is only a problem if it has the potential for running over the surface. Which is not a problem in Yemen.

                  I am affluent first world, my waste water does not go to a waste water treatment plant, everything is very nice. Waste water treatment plants are just government meddling for the sake meddling and creating dependency. Waste water treatment plants are not some vital facility, they are just an excuse for government interference. I am in an exurb, but I have seen plenty of pleasant affluent very attractive suburbs without sewers or a waste water treatment plant either. You really only need sewers if the climate is wet and the ground flat so that poop could go everywhere, so you have have a system that contains it. If your water table is always well below any ground that anyone cares about, sewers are silly.

                  Once in a blue moon I have to get a shovel and get covered in filth but it does not happen very often. It takes me very little time or effort to keep everything related to waste water clean, healthy, attractive and nice. Centralised waste water facilities are a solution looking for a problem, unless your water table is sometimes near the surface. If your water table is always well below the surface, because you are elevated, or because of the climate, they are pointless.

                  When I flush the toilet, it goes into a septic tank, which just a big hole with a big concrete lid, and the shower, the sinks, the washing machine, and so on and so forth drain into a small pit covered by a rock, which drains into a small concrete settling tank with a concrete lid, which drains into another pit covered by another rock.

                  I sometimes have to shovel the stuff out of the settling tank, but it is not that bad and I just dump it on the flowers. Once in several years I have to pump the stuff out of the septic, and what I am supposed to do is hire someone to pump the septic tank out and take the stuff away, and I usually do that because it is less trouble, and because a little bit of the feces in it is fresh, but if I just pump it into the bottom of the garden which I have sometimes done, ninety nine point nine percent of it is thoroughly decomposed, and any fresh feces in there gets buried in stuff that has long since decomposed to become innocuous. The rather smelly anaerobically decomposed liquid from the septic tank turns into odourless aerobically decomposed solid dirt in remarkably short time, a couple of days, and the worms enjoy it. The smell is only noticeable when I am pumping it and near the dump point, and in the morning, smells no longer. It is not dirt the morning after, that takes two or three days, for a few days it is stuff you don’t want to touch, but it is not a big stink even when being pumped, and does not stink at all the morning after.

                  I suppose that dirt contains human diseases, but once it has been through the worms, it will no longer.

                  Sewers only have value if you need to take measures to ensure that the water table stays below the surface. They are pointless in Yemen, except in areas so densely populated that there are no natural areas of unused dirt on on which to dump it. In which case you do what Dubai does, truck it out to somewhere where there is some unused dirt.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Tee bee hayche I don’t think USM has enough working equipment (or stores to go with it) to actually prosecute a significant effort even if they wanted too.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Pax the Houthis are not a conventional force with long supply columns that can be utterly destroyed and scattered easily from the air they are a loose group of pirates firing cheap missles supplied by countries are government has unwisely made bitter and implacable enemies of.

                  The only approach that might work without a punitive Marine expedition that would just kill everyone (or at least every male of vaguely military age) Mongol style and then telling anyone further inland don’t do this (and kill anyone among your own who thinks of doing this) or we’ll come back and do it much further inland is some way to shut down all electronics over the entire Houthi controlled areas so that missle targetting is impossible. That or nukes… but nukes would give the GAE an image problem worse than Hitler had at a time when its power and competence is waning.

                  The GAE probably still has enough military competence that it could go in with marines and kill tons of people in Yemen but it doesn’t have the will to do that directly to a non straight white christian enemy… at least not until the Houthis cause the GAE significantly more trouble with keeping power.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Both sides in the Ukraine are vigorous engaging in area denial against each other.

                  Yemen is considerably lighter armed than Ukraine and is 85 IQ Arab. Arab armies are well known for having problems functioning compared to European armies.

                  >They just cannot deny critical areas thirty kilometers away, even a small area

                  Neither side can achieve air superiority in Ukraine because both sides have good AA. It’s possible to do so over Yemen which has no where close to the same capability.

                  >There is only one example of a group being forced to concede in the face of total air supremacy by the other side

                  1945 Japan doesn’t count? Sure, Soviets massing in the far east changed their calculus, but likewise Saudi coalition can serve the same purpose and they’d like to break the quagmire they’ve been in for 8 years now.

                  >And there are enormously more wells in Yemen

                  Much of which are in the rural north which is not a problem. Water infrastructure in the urban south is a lot more concentrated in the Sanaa basin, and the basin geography works against them. Wells tend to be in the lower elevation parts of basins. VX would stay in the basin for days if not a week. VX is low volatility and heavier than air.

                  Something like 1/3 to 1/2 of all of Yemen’s wells are located in that basin, and although on paper there are 20,000 wells, the location of all of them are already known including their status, 30% (of 13,000) were known to be non-producing in 2004 and the problem has only gotten much worse since hence the additional 7,000 wells, likely created because 7,000 wells of the 9,000 functional wells failed. I would not be surprised if today there were only a few hundred that provides a plurality of the city’s water.

                  Again, I point out that these wells are using motor powered pumps. Pumps which were installed by foreign aid and powered by electrical plants, again built by foreign aid. They can’t replace them. Knocking them offline is trivial, so trivial the Saudis have knocked off most power plants already years ago and they’ve never been repaired. There’s only one left in Sanaa city, and most of its power generation appears to go to the pumps and other critical infrastructure. I can only speculate it’s fear of creating a “humanitarian crisis” that has prevented the Saudis from knocking out the last power plant.

                  >Who gives a shit about waste water treatment plants? . I am affluent first world, my waste water does not go to a waste water treatment plant, everything is very nice, and it seems to me that waste water treatment plants are just government meddling for the sake meddling and creating dependency.

                  It’s not a problem for you if city sewage system stops working. You don’t live in a city. Imagine NYC is today all toilets stopped flushing. It would be a literal shit show. The only way big modern cities work is by big centralized utility services, which I suppose says a lot negative about modern cities in general.

                  The Houthi are in a bunch of dependent urban dweller cities. Without waste water treatment plants, they would be shitting in the streets and dying of cholera, half the city already is. Why not make it the entire city? They don’t grow much of their own food either. Again, dependent on aid, which largely stopped in Dec 2023. The only reason why the Houthi haven’t collapsed is because of past international aid had built much infrastructure.

                  This is on top of Houthi controlled cities being geographically similar to Sarajevo. If the coalition wanted to win, it could, which points to them not wanting to win.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >They are pointless in Yemen, except in areas so densely populated that there are no natural areas of unused dirt on on which to dump it.

                  You just described Houthi controlled Yeman

                  >In which case you do what Dubai does, truck it out to somewhere where there is some unused dirt.

                  With what fuel are they going to drive those truck with? They are importers. The oil fields are in Saudi coalition controlled areas. This is like a reverse version of Libya where the rebels are the ones in the starving shelled cities and it’s the GAE allies controlling the strategic resources. If GAE can’t even win this one it will be truly pathetic, and I’ve been saying they can’t.

                  >I don’t think USM has enough working equipment (or stores to go with it) to actually prosecute a significant effort even if they wanted too.

                  Which I pointed out previously. Talking in hypothetical of what could have been done if the US wasn’t busy destroying it’s own industrial based and weapons stockpiles. They destroyed hundreds of thousands of munitions containing GB and VX. This is the type of conflict where such weapons would have been perfect geographically speaking.

                  >The only approach that might work without a punitive Marine expedition that would just kill everyone

                  They are all holed up in high population density cities that are extremely vulnerable logistically. The US could starve and gas them out had it not, as I repeat, destroyed it’s own arsenal.

                  >but it doesn’t have the will to do that directly

                  Which I have pointed out on more than one occasion

                • jim says:

                  > You just described Houthi controlled Yeman


                  The Houthis control all of Yemen except for a patch along the border of Oman that the Saudis are serious about keeping because it is their connection to the Red Sea

                  In particular they control the highlands, which is the only part of Yemen where you sometimes get enough rain to grow stuff, so they control all the formlands. Their powerbase is the countryside, the farmers, and from the rural areas, they took the hostile capital.

                  What the Saudis have through their puppet government is empty desert with a big port city in it, plus a bunch of Khat plantations that run on irrigation.

                • Fidelis says:

                  >they are a loose group of pirates
                  >The only approach that might work

                  A combination of Reconquista and French Barabary supression technology. Replace the pirates with white men. Incentivize the white population by allowing war brides and set up a caste system. Just tell the State Department to talk to Aidan, he has a plan in the works already.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >The Houthis control all of Yemen except for a patch along the border of Oman that the Saudis are serious about keeping

                  That doesn’t contradict what I was saying about them being in “areas so densely populated that there are no natural areas of unused dirt on on which to dump it”

                  The capital has greater population density than many American cities. Houthi controlled lands are around 500+ per sq km outside of the capital. This is typical American desert middle class suburb population density. This is uncomfortably crammed for a desert environment. It is similar to Arizona’s population distribution if all that empty desert was ceded to California. Houthi Arizona would be equivalent of Phoenix and surrounding suburbs. For a desert, this is very densely populated.

                  >Their powerbase is the countryside, the farmers, and from the rural areas, they took the hostile capital.

                  There is barely any farmland. ~80% of the daily calories are imported. Less than 3% of land is arable and less than half of that is farmed. Their power base has always been the idle whose population exploded due to being subsidized by foreign aid.

                  >What the Saudis have through their puppet government is empty desert with a big port city in it, plus a bunch of Khat plantations that run on irrigation.

                  And the oil fields.

                  What the Houthis control is not able to feed itself, on the verge of dying of thirst, doesn’t produce any oil to run the generators and pumps that barely extract enough water to survive on, and is densely packed enough that if sewage stops working millions will be having the cholera experience… a second time, they had a million plus person outbreak in 2016-2020. No other Arab nation has ever had a cholera outbreak as large as the Houthis.

                  Which brings us right back to the “natural areas of unused dirt on on which to dump it”. Arabs are stupid, but not so stupid that they would normally shit where they eat. Based on pop densities, they likely can’t help it, and those waste processing plants are pretty nice. Would be a shame if anything happened to them.

                • jim says:

                  > The capital has greater population density than many American cities.

                  The capital does not matter and Houthis don’t care about it. What they care about is the heartland that enabled them to take the capital. It is a parasitic city that was a pain up their butts, and they conquered it to stop it from being a pain. If someone nuked the capital this would not distress them unduly.

                  Imagine there was been a civil war in America, and the Amerikaners conquered New York and Washington. but the civil war kept going because of external support for the previous government, now exiled to a rump area and on life support by foreign intervention. You think threats to harm what was left of New York and Washington would trouble the Amerikaner faction?

                  If what is left of the capital got nuked, it would a weight off the Houthi’s shoulders, for all the reasons that you list as Houthi vulnerabilities.

                  The foreigners who are still supporting the capital are still supporting it for the same reasons as they supported it before the Houthi’s took it. They care more about the capital than the Houthis do. All their agents of influence are still there.

                • jim says:

                  I just saw a gigantic million man march in Yemen chanting “We don’t care” meaning that they will not be intimidated. Take a look at the background they are marching through. A few tall buildings, a lot of land with dead grass, a few trees here and there. The area that the million man march assembled in has absolutely no need of sewers and water treatment. I don’t need a water treatment facility, and the people who live near the assembly point need it even less than I do. I conjecture that the poop and gray water is delivered to the trees. Which is what I, an affluent first worlder, do with grey water, and have sometimes done with poop. (I have an electric pump for my septic tank, but I usually don’t use it. I usually pay someone to empty it and take the muck away, but I don’t have do that, and do not always do that. After poop has been sitting in a septic tank for a long time, it is no longer so obnoxious. Still fairly obnoxious, but not nearly as bad. If you dump aged septic tank muck on dirt, the worms like it but the flies do not like it. It turns solid quickly as the water is absorbed into the ground, and then turns into regular dirt after a few days. The plants like it.)

                • Calvin says:

                  If what is left of the capital got nuked, it would a weight off the Houthi’s shoulders, for all the reasons that you list as Houthi vulnerabilities.

                  And if what’s left of the capital gets turned into a cholera-ridden mass of desperate, starving, thirsty mobs it will render their situation utterly untenable. Certainly would too busy to worry about lobbing rockets at passing ships.

                • jim says:

                  It is not waste water facilities that prevent the spread of cholera, but fresh water facilities.

                  If contaminated surface runoff water gets directly into the well, rather than percolating through a hundred meters of dirt, then you get the spread of cholera. Or if you take water directly from the river, and sewage gets into the river. And the coalition cannot do much about Houthi fresh water facilities. All the capital’s water has been slowly percolating through hundreds of miles of ground. A third world cholera outbreak is usually caused by contaminated drinking water as a result of morons running the drinking water delivery service, or getting water directly from a contaminated river.

                  Cholera can also spread through food contamination, or dirty hands contaminating food. So if the sewers overflow, could contaminate the people, and thus the food. But the sewers in Yemen are not going to overflow. The ground is bone dry, as is obvious from the photo of the million man march. When they had a cholera outbreak, it was unlikely to be sewage to person to food, it was most likely sewage to drinking water delivery business, which is every cholera epidemic in recent centuries. The Yemenis are not going to be drinking from puddles, for lack of puddles.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Basically the Houthis cannot be destroyed from the sea short of ICBM type weapons because a ships a fool to fight a fort.

                  Yemen is essentially a giant missile fort and the Russians and Iranians have every reason to keep supplying them if we put our navy in this fort fight situation.

                • jim says:

                  One obvious solution is a counter blockade from the sea. But a counter blockade is going to have to fire on third country ships.

                  At which point the war in Yemen becomes the least of anyone’s worries.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well I assume the ships that are supplying them are mostly either Russian or 3rd party countries at least de facto allied with Russia.

                  The United States might get away with attacking them if only because Putin is determined to avoid Hitler’s mistake and declare war on the United States no matter what the provocation. However the United States now is a LOT weaker than the United States then and its leaders far from being under the IQ minimum system (we had a considerable flame war when I suggested it should be brought back) are almost selected for idiocy and political fanaticism.

                • jim says:

                  > Well I assume the ships that are supplying them are mostly either Russian or 3rd party countries at least de facto allied with Russia.

                  Sure. But if everything and everyone somewhat connected the other side is a target, it is World War III. And they may well find themselves in a home front civil war at the same time.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Mush like washington supply of arms prolonged conflict in the ukraine, ‘international aid organization’ supply of food prolonged conflict in Yemen (so also washington supply, at the limit; a perfect expression of dysfunction in the whig empire).

              The majority of the Yemeni food supply is imported via overseas shipping, and the majority of that in turn is effectively hand outs. As is so often the case, blocking escape and interdicting supply is the easiest way to dissolve recalcitrant bodies.

              • /pol/watcher says:


                From NYT – US only hit 20% of targets, so 30 targets for 150 precision guided missiles, if Tomahawks thats a cool 300 million.

                Simplicus on substack stated that Russia has fired 7500+ at Ukraine with basically fully exposed infrastructure, to relatively little effect, so looks like the Houthis already know GAE’s limits here.

  6. Kunning Drueger says:

    Can’t go into details, but the delusion of the upper brass is total, not even a whiff of misgiving. They’re convinced it is crypto-MAGAs making things bad, and a more diverse and progressive military is good, very good, unbeatable.

    At the same time, the former military that have gone into the MIC are very aware of what’s happening. Some are nervous, but most are seizing the opportunity to sell wunderwaffen to the staff of the brass. the incompetence of the staffs are so total, that a sexy demonstration video and oodles of jargon can convince them to turn on the money spigots. So they ignore their lying eyes and swear that ramjet projectiles will defeat the Chinese on the ground before they even take off. They swear that bigger ships with more personnel and expensive weapons systems will cut the Gordian Knot of declining skill and questionable loyalty.

    This fire of declining empire is self-sustaining, and bad news or reality is filtered out of the process completely, so every possible wake up call is muted or snoozed.

    On January 9th there was a relatively large hybrid battle in the Bab el-Mandeb. British and US Navy managed to interdict a substantial bombardment from Yemen including drones, shore>ship missiles, and ballistic missiles. The GAE navies had to coordinate over UHF & satellite phones because leadership neglected to put RSOs/Comms officers on the bridges of the civilian ships they were escorting. current doctrine of aerial defense requires two shots for every one incoming. That is a recipe for dry magazines in a very short period of time. apparently Eisenhower circumvented the obvious conclusion by deploying air assets to assist in the interdiction. The USN/USM is not going to collapse tomorrow, but every time a flawed doctrine appears to work, the inevitable consequences become magnified bigly.

    • The Cominator says:

      “Can’t go into details, but the delusion of the upper brass is total, not even a whiff of misgiving. They’re convinced it is crypto-MAGAs making things bad”

      When you say the brass you mean the Flag Officer types, the political elites or both?
      I agree that observed behavior of at least the political elite confirms that they are still not in touch with reality AT ALL and convinced it is MAGA wreckers making it so brave womyn and faggots of color can’t use black girl magic to beat the evil Russians and make make green energy work without super batteries or lossless transmission etc… this is why I think they are resolved to a Cambodian scale genocide within the United States.

      • jim says:

        If you believe that all the underperformance is the result of evil thought waves projected by white males, the only solution to create true social justice is to get rid of all white males. Which, as we are now seeing in the Ukraine, rapidly becomes getting rid of all whites.

        Social justice demands genocide, and the holiness spiral is inexorably and rapidly heading to this result. White people need a Thermidor before it reaches this result, but in the French Revolution, Thermidor only worked because of the white terror. It was the white terror, not just the execution of Robespierre, that put an end to the french red terror.

        And when the Thermidoreans cracked down on reactionaries, they found the white terror was not working any more, and they had to go to full on military dictatorship.

        Thermidor is a “moderate”, less holiness spiraled, version of the official faith, one full of unprincipled exceptions. But it has to defend itself against those holier than it. Which it is unable to do, because Thermidoreans feel in their bones they are insufficiently holy.

        The Thermidoreans could not effectually man the white terror because they felt in their bones that the red terrorists were holier than they were, so it was manned by reactionaries, and with the reactionaries crushed, the white terror lost its balls.

        For similar reasons, Stalin had to hire and empower Beria, Cromwell had to hire and empower Monck, and Zou had to rehire and re-empower Deng. You just cannot do a white terror without people like that. Thermidor is helpless without reaction to give it steel. People who held to “moderate” versions of the official faith had to hire people who just did not believe in the official faith, if they wanted to keep the holier than thou in line.

        To conduct a terror against an opposing faith that has paladins of its faith, you need paladins of a hostile faith, and Thermidor is too compromised and wish washy to produce paladins.

        In the unlikely event that Vivek is elected, and is serious about what he says he plans, or the likely event that Trump is elected, the president will find himself powerless unless he hires people like us, as Trump found himself powerless last time around. Cromwell had to hire and empower Monck, and Trump will fail again unless he hires the people he refused to hire last time around.

        This is another comment that I need to promote into a post.

        • The Cominator says:

          Yeah you cant have a Thermidor without minecrafting at least all the extreme leftist with any institutional power. Certainly if they did it Biden and anyone in his top staff would have to go and most of the people involved in lawfare against Trump or J6ers would have to go.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            It appears Cromwell and Monck didn’t do much minecrafting, hence why we in the Anglosphere have the exact same problems today. They introduced a bunch of laws targeting their left with the death penalty, but strangely a bunch were released from prison alive.

            Likewise Deng didn’t do much minecrafting either, and China is slipping back into Communist spiraling.

            The only success was the Thermidors… until they got rid of the reactionaries, and Stalin.

            A rough statistical guess suggests moderates halting leftist spiraling is uncommon.

    • cub says:

      >the delusion of the upper brass is total, not even a whiff of misgiving. They’re convinced it is crypto-MAGAs making things bad, and a more diverse and progressive military is good, very good, unbeatable.

      Haven’t they been letting up on the woke shit recently to try and get white male recruitment numbers up, so we can go fight their next war? They aren’t deluded, they know exactly what they’re doing.

      • S says:

        There was a new ad with entirely white males… at the same time HIV positive people were okayed for the force. There is no longer a unified message so ‘send whites to their death’, ‘boost recruitment numbers’ and ‘humilitate whitey’ are all being done simultaneously.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          It wasn’t just approval of HIV positive people. The military almost never allows for extensive media access to training. That they allowed Vice to do a documentary and interview the gay during OCS amounts to doing a full monty public humiliation dance.

  7. The Cominator says:

    LOL since someone posted an Anglin link I had to post what he wrote on Elvis Presley, hilarious article… do not agree with the one liner part about Elvis should have been put in prison in 1956 (being the hardcore fan of Elvis and 1950ss rock that I am) and banned from performing (or that necessarily every woman on earth would have been eager to runoff with fat 70s Elvis).

  8. A2 says:

    “Let me be very clear: You cannot life-extend the Minuteman III [any longer],” he said of the 400 ICBMs that sit in underground silos across five states in the upper Midwest.

    “We can’t do it at all. … That thing is so old that, in some cases, the drawings don’t exist anymore [to guide upgrades],” Richard said in a Zoom conference sponsored by the Defense Writers Group.

    Where the drawings do exist, “they’re like six generations behind the industry standard,” he said, adding that there are also no technicians who fully understand them. “They’re not alive anymore.”

    Also, Fogbank as mentioned here before

    Like we lost the knowledge of how to make something codenamed “Fogbank,” which is used in nuclear weapons, for decades. And the reasons almost seem like a parody.

    However, it was apparently regained after more than a decade of work.

    • jim says:

      > However, it was apparently regained after more than a decade of work.

      They came up with something that might, or might not, do what fogbank does

      But they are allergic to testing.

      • Jehu says:

        If you didn’t test it, you didn’t really do it. Maybe you got vaguely close, but close isn’t good enough for things that have to work reliably. Every decent engineer knows that. Even ridiculously powered simulations are no substitute for real testing, what happens over time is your simulations become unreliable if there’s no feedback loop from reality to keep you and your programmers honest.

      • A2 says:

        Good point.

        They apparently found that the replacement was ‘too pure’ and had to dirty it up appropriately for it to work(?), which took many years, but what is the confidence of it working in a real deployment?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          ‘Too pure’ sounds like cope. It’s like saying ‘our doped silicon chip fabrication has 100% purity’ (and so don’t work as transistors anymore). ‘We are so much more refined than the brutish monkeymen kludges of yesteryear’. Sounds more like they were unable to appreciate how even minute inclusions in composition can produce significantly different properties, which Yesterday’s Men certainly did.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I think they were talking to the layman. Pure carbon steel is just iron. Pure silicon wafers no longer semiconduct. Pure ethanol is just poison. It sounds like the last one, like they were trying to make high proof vodka and accidentally overshot into pure ethanol. It is still a fuckup, but you might be able to fix the process the next time.

  9. c4ssidy says:

    Delusion in the top ranks

    “Women are the solution to the Armed Forces recruitment crisis, [British Defense Secretary] has said.”

    “When asked by The Telegraph on Wednesday what he would personally do to resolve the military’s worsening recruitment crisis, Mr Shapps said: “Something which I’m extremely passionate about is actually having a military which should represent our country as it is today.”

    “It can’t be right that our military still only has 11 or 12 per cent women, for example, when you make up half the population.”

  10. Luminous AfroAmerican Gent says:

    I’m watchin’ y’all crackas an’ sheeot!

    • jim says:

      allowed through because the author is cheerfully up front about glowing in the dark, rather than trying to pass as something he quite obviously is not.

  11. Arkyshrugger says:

    St. Paul city council now 100% women of color (including one Jew). One of them is even named Shaniqua (though misspelled).

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Why doesn’t Gov. Abbott send a few dozen busloads of migrants their way? Possibly because he’s not forcing them to leave Texas; he just asks them where they want to go. But he could helpfully inform them that America has many liberal sanctuary cities besides New York, Chicago, and Denver.

  12. Pete says:

    So, the Left is in the middle of deliberately destroying their own cities, by importing millions of migrants, failing to prosecute nigger crime, failing to address public drug use, wasting or stealing public money that was supposed to repair infrastructure, allowing daily protests that block roads and bridges, plus I’m sure other things I haven’t thought of.

    They are trying to find ways to send the migrants to red suburbs and rural towns, but they don’t seem to be having much success due to the fact that the migrants themselves WANT to be in the big blue cities where they can get shelter and government handout money, and there are a lot of people and houses to rob or beg from.

    Does the Left understand that they are only hurting their own voters? Those of us opposed to the Left are either holed up in the countryside with fences, guns and dogs, or we’re at least in quiet suburbs where we don’t have to see a junkie taking a shit on the subway car floor for the third time that week. Maybe the Left HAVE to torment themselves – worshipping the devil doesn’t bring you happiness, you end up getting mouthraped by demons with barbed cocks and dipped in boiling shit anyway.

    Do they even care about pleasing voters anymore because elections are now all “fortified?” Are they trying to make Dem voters so miserable that they flee to other states and turn them blue? If all the productive people flee, what is their plan then? Assume that all the blacks and latinos then explode out into Red areas as a huge swarm to destroy THOSE areas? It seems a bit counter-productive to first destroy your own territory in the hopes that the destroyers then move on to your enemy’s territory.

    Maybe they really are true believers and they don’t even see the destruction happening…they believe shitskins improve a city (taco trucks, amirite?), and thus it MUST be true.

    Or do the people making the decisions just want all of America destroyed because they don’t consider themselves as Americans, and they might as well start with the cities?

    • Calvin says:

      Does the Left understand that they are only hurting their own voters?

      Self-hatred is the basis of all leftist thought, so it’s likely that to the extent that they do they’re fine with it. Commies executed more commies than anybody else.

      • jim says:

        Interestingly, the most censored publication in the world is not Hitler’s writings, not people who are pushing back on the Holocaust myth (which is a quite recent rewrite of history). It is Pinochet’s book.

        • someDude says:

          Is this a book Pinochet wrote himself or someone else wrote it? I couldn’t find anything written by Pinochet either on google or Yandex and chat gpt says he never wrote one. May I ask which book this is?

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Geopolítica (1968).

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Also Campaña de Tarapacá (1972). I managed to find the former on Google Books and Amazon, but I don’t believe it’s translated. The latter is harder to find… probably because the title is stupidly generic, but it’s also probably out there. Also likely untranslated as well.

              • someDude says:

                What exactly is in that book that makes it so censored?

                I imagine that if the Teachings of Master Jim were compiled into a book, and memory holing it or ignoring it or unwriting it did not work, THAT would be the most censored publication in history.

                • Anonymous Fake says:


                  Very few people actually read political books. Sales numbers might be over 99% fake, certainly over 90% fake.

                  Pinochet is probably censored because it’s so easy to censor him, if he only had a few thousand real readers and most of them probably actually met him personally, and most wouldn’t want the English version.

                  Only a handful of SJW losers with makework jobs would be needed to successfully censor his book, or books by random wignats.

                  Hitler is of course a taller order, so they don’t bother.

            • someDude says:

              Holy shit, its on google books. Right in the heart of Mordor, in the belly of the beast.

              A copy is also on

              Shit, you will never get google or yandex or chat gpt to breathe a word of this book or that Pinochet ever even wrote a book.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                let me tell you in a form of a parable, let’s say you grew up in Slabovia. Imaginary country, and all you know, all you go to school, you hear about the glories of Slabovian revolution, you know of course that there was a Slabovian before the revolution, you know like there was a period of Slabovia was under the heel of an evil monarchy, you know that right, and the you know the hero of of the Slabovian revolution George Washingtontonovitch, you know all of that statues to him everywhere yada yada yada yada.

                Then one day you know some people at this company Sloogle, you know do something weird for like just weird pothead reasons which is they’re like ‘we’re gonna put all books ever written in Slabovian online’ of course this includes books from before the Slabovian Revolution like includes all kinds of weird books right and and stuff that’s just like totally not cool and so one day you’re on Sloogle you’re browsing you know these books and you’re like for some reason you type in the phrase ‘true history of the Slabovian revolution’ and the first result I believe this still works, the first result of this is a book whose title is true history of the Slovakian revolution and this book turns out was written over a hundred years ago and you’re like oh True History of the Slabovian Revolution that’s interesting I wonder what these old weirdos 100 years ago thought about the Slovene revolution you start reading it and you’re like oh oh well that makes so much sense oh well I never understood that at all.


                Yarvin points out there’s a lot on Google Books. In the last 3 or 4 years (rough estimate, I haven’t been counting) it has quietly been made more and more difficult to search, and much of what used to be wide open is now only previews. The search engine no longer works well when looking for phrases within books. Difficulties aside, Google Books has remained somewhat available. Curiously, I’ve found phrases which will currently result in almost zero normal Google search results will ping several Google Book search results. I remember just a few years ago getting 1,000s of regular search results for those same phrases, meaning much of the focus on censorship is on the front end of the platform, which shouldn’t be surprising.

                In more recent years, when trying to view the books the search brought up, many are strangely lacking any previews when I remember they used to have them. You can preview Pinochet’s Geopolítica. There are many books that no longer have previews at all, or if they do the snippet is a mere sentence or two, not the couple pages it used to be.


                >It is Pinochet’s book.

                I’ve used Google Books on and off, at times extensively, since it was made available. What has been foremost targeted for censorship isn’t Carlyle, or Pinochet, or Hitler, or any other bad boy of history. The main target appears to be anything that references American government records including the records themselves. Cathedral documents are being purged. Finding various outdated war casualty estimates from Cathedral sources is stupidly hard.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Google seems to have a serious case of bit-rot, such as the “Detect language” feature on Google Translate. It used to work, but now identifies Russian text as “Indonesian” and leaves it untranslated.

                  Any fool can recognize Russian at a glance. Other languages use the Cyrillic alphabet, but supplement it with common letters that never appear in Russian. Indonesian has always used the Latin alphabet.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Sure, there is brain rot at Google. That does not explain why book previews on certain subjects largely went from entire pages if not chapters, to barely a sentence or sometimes less.

                  Book previews used to involve text that could be copied pasted at ease, now some previews bring up what looks like a jpeg like popup.

                  These are conscious changes to make using Google Books harder, and I’ve noticed anything involving certain government records, estimates, theories, testimonies, etc, things that came from the heart of the Cathedral, are getting much harder to find.

                • Nunya says:

                  Yeah, I remember researching historical casualty statistics, by race, for various US conflicts. Used to be easy to find things like, WWII black KIA ~ 700. No more.

                • Anon says:

                  Clearly there is going to be a need for technological
                  equivalent of “medieval monk monasteries” to preserve literatures for future.
                  I wonder if cryptography can be used to encrypt book, and secure them?

                • jim says:

                  Yes, sure, that was the technology whose terminology Satoshi used in his white paper. People had been thinking about it and talking about it for a long time. Now we use a somewhat different terminology, which will have to change again when blockchains based on recursive snarks take over.

                  He keeps talking about time stamps, when today we say block height, and do not care about the exact time of the block. The purpose of the time stamp service was to prevent the past from being rewritten.

                  We now rely on data in electronic form, which can be easily changed, and is being changed with startling rapidity. So you need to get all past data into a merkle dag so that it cannot be changed, and the merkle dag needs to contain a merkle patricia tree (sql index) of the public keys of individuals who asserted data to be valid at a certain time. (I am now using forward looking terminology, the terminology that we will need to use in an age of crypto currencies based on recursive snarks)

          • Anon says:

            Seem i miss typed my email

            Just to know the scumy/low effort Cathedral do to there enemy, there is a book atributed to Pinochet called Ego sum (latin for i am who iam) Which in fact written by jorno c*nt who hate his gut. It is an interview she did in the 80s, then they attributed for him and first result in google. For those who want full list (including the lies) can go to goodreads. Probably one of the reason his books are not wide is; it is in spanish.

            • Anon says:

              I also had an absurdly hard time finding jim recommended book “English society 1688-1832” not the “English society 1660-1832” which is available.

              • jim says:

                The conflicts, the power struggle, from 1688 to 1832 was an explicitly and overtly a religion based struggle, not a class struggle. When the post Christians (then Socinians, now outright demon worshippers) won decisively, history got rewritten as class struggle. “English society 1688-1832” says “Hey, that is not what those people were on about”. “English society 1660-1832” changes course to be less confrontational about official doctrine.

                From Henry the Eighth to 1660, it was explicitly and overtly religious conflict, with cold war frequently getting hot, and frequent outright civil war from 1640 to 1650. In 1660, decisively settled till 1688, whereupon it was on again till the decisive victory of the post Christians in 1832. So if you start in 1660, you can impose a non religious frame, though it takes some fairly brutal stretching of the facts. In the 1660 to 1832 version, Clarke gets a bit more delicate about noticing that the emperor has no clothes.

                It is been a religious conflict for centuries, just that when one side has the decisive upper hand, this becomes less noticeable, because it is just the way things are, like a fish does not notice water.

                It has become noticeable again, with Trump, Tucker, and Vivek calling it out, because post Christians have gone full demonic.

              • alf says:

                Gonna be honest: I got my hands on a 1688 copy, but have not gotten beyond the first chapter. I felt like I lacked about 15 IQ points to understand its content. Although the assumed familiarity with dozens of historical intellectuals didn’t help either.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Spartacus Educational is an ok cliff notes for obscure historical Anglo figures, and the Southern Poverty Law Center hates the website. It won’t explain in depth exactly who’s who, or exactly what they were doing back then, but it at least helps lay out a bare bone map who was around and about at the time, from which it gets easier to find off site information.

                  Check out the page on Abiezer Coppe. You can clearly see the English Civil War left is the same left as today, and it’s pretty obvious that Cromwell’s purge of those left to him, wasn’t sufficient and likely why the Anglo left is still around. Coppe was allowed to live and eventually set free and later ended up practicing medicine.

                • alf says:

                  > Abiezer Coppe

                  That’s a great example. A cursing, ranting and philandering communist preacher who is holier than everyone around him.

        • Nicodemus Rex says:

          Pointers on how to find Pinochet’s book? A cursory Yandex search can’t find anything.

        • TheDividualist says:

          I can’t find an English translation to Salazar’s “How to re-erect a state” either. Whatever, in a year or two AI can translate it.

        • Steelkilt says:

          Good to see another Kulak enjoyer. He was always the best poster on r/themotte

        • A2 says:

          Pinochet’s memoirs (4 vols) have apparently been erased from history. And they were previous to that translated into english too.

    • Aidan says:

      What? The cities are being improved and enriched by their new influx of voters, not to mention the newly enlightened progressive approach to crime which allows for free vibrant cultural expression from our black communities. Our cities are richer and safer than ever, that’s SCIENCE (we no longer report crime data to the FBI) and to say otherwise is right wing fearmongering and probably Russian misinformation. The only problem is the evil republicans, who are bussing migrants from Texas faster than blue cities can ship them to section 8 housing in red counties, causing them all this awful suffering out of the pure desire to hurt and oppress them, and secret racists in the police force and legal system who ensure that some black people still end up in jail (the horror). Not to mention the NRA trafficking guns into the city so that they can achieve their secret eugenics plan of having people of color shoot each other under the malign voodoo influence that a handgun imposes on the urban mind. All under Putin’s orders of course.

    • TheDividualist says:

      I keep hearing news that Americans are leaving blue states in droves and moving to red states. I even hear the tech startup scene is relocating to the Deep South. That the very blue Northeastern states used to make 40% of the America’s GDP and now it is 21%. This sounds interesting, but I am half a planet away. How does it look like on the grounds, so to speak?

      • jim says:

        Walked around my old haunts in San Francisco not very long ago. Looks like the city has died and the maggots are eating it, but has not realised it yet due to normality bias.

  13. Cloudswrest says:

    Twitter and Gab are abuzz with news the cryptocurrency exchange “Gemini” (Tyler Winklevoss) is cancelling rightwing accounts, including Torba, and Blond in the Belly of the Beast, and making funds withdrawal “difficult”. Gemini is also not allowing withdrawal of funds as crytocurrency, only fiat.

  14. Defense AWOL says:

    USA just got caught with MAJOR Defense Pants Down Problem.

    That is what happens when you flood your
    White House and Military and country with
    Homos and Diversity, and insert a Geriatric
    Piece of SHIT as a “President”.

    America’s competitors are watching.

    CN will likely move up its move on ROC to before 2024 elections.
    Mideast, even possibly Saudi, will likely evict USA.
    Africa’s non-christian nations will fully align with
    the many large players in their northeast direction.

    • Handi says:

      The shill payload in this case is to send white American men to die in China and Iran, to preserve the empire.

      • jim says:

        Ah, I did not spot it.

        I passed it because he says that gays and diversities are causing reduced capability, but I suspect he is strangely unable to explain how and why they cause reduced capability.

        Gay causes reduced capability for all the many, many, reasons listed in Gay needs to be suppressed, and diversity reduces capability because stupid and they have limited capability for cooperation. Kamala Harris being exhibit A.

        Childless women who have hit the wall are also a problem, because they want everyone to die with them, they hate everyone and everything, Angela Merkin being exhibit A.

        OK, two obvious shill indicators, so back on moderation

      • jim says:

        Nothing that happens beyond the seas can be a military disaster for America or Americans, only for an empire that hates America and hates Americans.

        So the payload, which I failed to notice, was that supposedly we all agree on empire.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          America has always been an empire, has traditionally been growth oriented. The continuous conquest and colonization westward was empire in its finest. It’s when the empire went overseas under the guidance of Wilson that things went completely haywire and concepts inversed. i.e. the Empire pays tribute to its client states rather than the client states paying tribute to the Empire, looting the core rather than the extremities, persecuting the core demographic instead of rebellious non-core subjects.

          I don’t think it’s possible to divorce American identity from empire, but global progressive crusader state can definitely be cut off without anything of value being lost. Could you imagine divorcing the concept of Rome from Empire?! They had trouble just reforming to less costly boarders.

          Personally, I dream of a North American Empire (a NAE to a GAE), minus Quebec and Mexico, with only one major overseas colony of Australia. It was a good dumping ground in 1800, and so it can be again. Maybe Greenland too. Heck, might as well add Iceland as well. England isn’t that much further away and they speak the same language, I would like to see Greggs strong armed into being franchised in America… Oh, would you look at that! Mission creep.

    • Aidan says:

      Nobody calls Taiwan “Republic of China” unless they work for the US Government

  15. Pax Imperialis says:

    The Seattle Times depicts Russia as a dilapidated, dirty, crime state. Oh the irony.

  16. Mark says:

    Off topic question: Is anyone currently working on genetically engineering humans to have higher IQs? Or is that far off technologically and possibly politically incorrect?

    • jim says:

      Yes, and no. We are learning a lot of information that would likely make it possible to engineer humans for higher IQ in the not very distant future. But in our present state of knowledge, any attempt to do so, other than proofreading the genome, would be disastrous.

      But we would likely gain large benefits in health, strength, IQ, and reaction time by proofreading the genome, and as we speak, experiments are under way on proofreading genomes of small fast breeding easily clonable animals. (Which experiments have so far had disastrous outcomes, but like Musk’s rockets blowing up, looks doable.)

      • TheFeebleClone says:

        I think WM Briggs has some interesting perspectives on IQ. It is not necessarily distinct attribute but a measure. Even if you construct a “g” that is some sort of linear average of subtests, it’s not necessarily a distinct attribute, albeit it may be proxy for several. [This is one of his several articles on the subject. His other writing on the topic may also be of interest ]

        I think Chris Langan said that conventional IQ is a measure of something like processing speed, rapid solutions to comparatively simple problems. He says quite a few high IQ individuals lack a sort of aperture which is involved in the solution of more difficult problems. He explained that’s why the UHIQ tests do not have the same sort of time limit, and test takers actually bring home the problems to solve.
        Now, I’m not so sure that latter sort of intelligence is bred very easily. Although it has to be said, from 1/4 of Langan’s family tree, he is the direct descendent of something like 200 kings.

        I like the fact that I’m sub average IQ on this forum, but that’s why I read this blog, not ones that flatter me with “Ah, just what I was thinking.”

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Would be cool to fix the Vit-C pathway in humans and see what happens. Try it in chimps first. LOL. That Chinese Doc spliced in the HIV immunity gene (apparently successfully) to a couple of Chinese kids, to great Western condemnation. Lots of other tweaks simply by mining the human population. But this still probably falls under the rubric of “proof reading”.

        On the non-human front, the extinction of the mosquito is being planned, using gene drive and other technologies, followed soon thereafter by the tsetse fly, screw worm fly, bot fly, mango worm fly, … This could make Africa a garden of Eden as far as the White man is concerned. See Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” for the present.

        Although the powers that be may want to preserve some mosquitoes to use as vaccine drones.

        They’ve allegedly already fixed the American Chestnut by splicing in a gene, from another plant, that kills the blight fungus. Government regulatory problems are stalling its reintroduction into the wild.

        Probably the worst case of regulatory interference in my opinion is the so called “golden rice”. This is rice with the beta-carotene gene spliced in. Heaven forbid you make rice more nutritious. But splicing BT-Toxin, as a pesticide, into corn is just A-OK!

    • Ryan says:

      ‘Engineering’ implies CRISPR or altering DNA. CRISPR has been used on humans in china. They may be covertly experimenting with intelligence or other ‘super-soldier’ attributes. It’s very possible currently, but it’s a risky endeavour even if it ‘works’. In theory, just swapping genes for other common variants found in humans shouldn’t cause issues other than the possible loss of genetic diversity.

      Here and now, embryo selection is already used to boost IQ. You make 10 or so embryos, look at their DNA, exclude any with genetic diseases or significant ‘bad’ genes, then maximise some function of polygenic scores from genome-wide association studies which partially predict IQ, health etc. This may have unseen costs in that it uses IVF, which doesn’t perfectly mimic the fitness race of natural insemination.

  17. The Cominator says:

    More proof of the best thing that Vox Day (as much as I 1/3 of what he says) ever said. That you cannot have both diversity (I would add feminism but hes a huge white knight) and indoor plumbing. More shocking technological decline. The United States cannot build icebreaker ships anymore.

    • Anon says:

      “US must relearn to cut steel”
      This seem bizarre and incomprehensible.
      If that was true Spacex Starship would not exist.

      All the talk about US cannot do this or that seem to me elite manifacturing
      They give shaniqua/ diversity a task , they fail . They look bewildered and talk about America lost ability to do this X task.
      Which make it easier than thinking their “black queen” can’t do sh*t and dumber than a chimp.
      musk made a bunch of tech nerds plus construction workers build a steel rocket in a desert under 10 years.
      Tech decline is deliberate and enforced.
      Jim point about “tech decline” as i understand it , is “tech progress decline”
      There is no new ground breaking field in sciene and engineering.
      And yes those tech that was discovered are dying, but are still around in archives and old books. It will talk a while for it to disappear.

      • FrankNorman says:

        Collectivist thinking is an aspect of the problem here, as well as a degree of egalitarianism that is out of touch with reality.

        The vast majority of the population have no clue about how most of the technology they use everyday actually works. It’s a relative few bright lads carrying everyone else along – always has been.
        The people who rule a society tend to be ambivalent towards the bright lads, unsure whether to view them as an asset or a threat. They don’t want too many such troublemakers around. So Chinese-style tech stagnation results.

        • Karl says:

          There was no tech stagnation in Europe while it was ruled by kings. Tech stagnation is recent; it started in the Western world in the second half of the century.

      • skippy says:

        “They give shaniqua/ diversity a task , they fail . They look bewildered and talk about America lost ability to do this X task.”

        This is exactly what has happened, and often the men who can do that task do still exist, or could be called into being at a reasonable cost. However, this is only if Shaniqua etc. can be removed or bypassed. Increasingly, she cannot be. So this theoretical ability to do what cannot be done becomes more and more theoretical each year.

        What they government is finding, is that government contracting cannot do things, because government contracting is Shaniqua ground zero, and even non-Shaniquas who survive there are people who make their peace with being non-productive, playing out the script, even though it’s going nowhere. The rest of the economy is not as bad, but the recent parachuting of DEI into every company shows it will soon be as bad or worse.

        • The Cominator says:

          The economy is semi communist above the very small business level now though too… so even pre DEI its bad.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Since we’re here, does anyone have new thoughts or changes of heart as to whether The Vaxx (and/or Covid itself) and its harmful effects were deliberate evil, or “just” greed plus the Shaniquafication of science?

          The Vaxx: Evil or Dumb?

          • The Cominator says:

            Covid was literally the flu, the distinct virus of covid was completely made up. There was no lab leak or anything else as covid as a distinct novel virus just simply never existed.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              OK, so do you take the vaxx as the evil point of it all, or as the Shaniqua Industrial Complex running amok unopposed? Something else?

              • The Cominator says:

                There was much poison fruit to come from covid and basically all of it was intended. The only thing i think they dont like about it was remote work becoming normalized as they want people herded into cities and overpaying for fuel.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Well if you’re into “herding”, consider that exurban remote working means that nearly everything that someone eats, buys and says is processed through a cloud-based electronic medium, and therefore logged into big data. The panopticon is nearly perfect now.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Mike Yeadon’s argument on the injection being intentional murder/maiming is that all 5 companies chose the same antigen (which is also possibly the worst possible choice), which shows coordination at a higher level. His claim is that under normal market conditions, each company would’ve made an independent decision, and we would’ve seen “vaxxes” using different antigens.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Sasha Latypova’s argument is that if the goal was profit, placebo would’ve made them more money and caused them fewer headaches down the line. Vax being a ploy from big pharma to make money seems to be a normie friendly interpretation.

                Since it was a military operation, manufacturing done to a large extent by military contractors, with the Pfizer label used to trick the normies into thinking it was medicine, and legally classed as EUA “countermeasures”, not investigational, not experimental, it looks as though it wasn’t big pharma calling the shots, but the DoD or whoever gave them the order.

            • jim says:

              Nah, it was weapons research. Gain of function research.

              It was literally a flu.

              Yes it is just the flu. But there are a lot of flues, and many of them are truly distinct species, in so far as viruses have species, in that they cannot successfully do genetic exchange with each other Albeit if you take the genetic exchange criterion, it is very hard to sort viruses into distinct species, because they have a remarkable capacity for cross breeding.

              So, yet another different kind of flu. But there seems to be substantial cross immunity between the different flues, so the difference does not matter much.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            It’s clearly both evil and dumb, feeding off each other in a symbiotic cycle. Evil people did evil things for evil motives, dumb people believed the evil people’s bullshit and asked for more, evil people took the opportunity presented by the credulity of the dumb people to escalate their evil, the dumb people saw how active and powerful the evil people were and were even more impressed with them, and on, and on.

          • skippy says:

            The vaccines were developed extraordinarily quickly, within a few weeks of the panic (the rest was just waiting for trials to complete), and then never updated again even as the virus changed.

            So, the vaccines were probably created by people who had prior knowledge of covid. What exactly the play was, is hard to say. Presumably it was not to kill everyone with the vaccines.

            • The Cominator says:

              A little killing and a little reduction in lifespan, a LOT of sterility/miscarriages in women (who were far more likely to comply).

    • jim says:

      Your link says: there are also no technicians who fully understand them. “They’re not alive anymore.”

      I think, since testing is prohibited, and the military industrial complex loves any excuse to avoid, postpone, or game testing, his assessments are wildly optimistic. Without testing, any large organisation is just always going to go completely off the rails. You just cannot do tech development without continuous testing of every component, and every sub assembly of components, and deadlines for testing of the complete assembly.

      All these systems require maintenance, and they are being maintained by people who do not understand them and have no incentive to get it right. Which problem becomes worse the larger the organisation, because there are multiple layers to attenuate any signal that something is wrong.

      • The Cominator says:

        If no nuclear testing is automatically going to cause everyone to fail is it your judgement that nobodies nukes work then since nobody has done any nuclear test since 1974?

        • jim says:

          I think everyone is in for a big surprise, but it is going to be a bigger surprise in the US, because of the Shaniqua problem.

      • clovis says:

        Crazy. You’d think this would be more widely known, but then I guess it would make them look bad.

        • skippy says:

          Too many other things depend on the belief that “experts” somehow arrive spontaneously at correct answers in the absence of any testing or other real world discipline.What is the difference between climate models and “models” of nuclear weapon operation?

          • Karl says:

            Models can be valuable if used to interpolate data between tests. Without tests, models are just an academic exercise.

            Models of nucelear weapon operation had better input data based on prior tests. Some models even used that data before Shaniqua took over. Nowadays that difference is probably gone anywhere in the West.

  18. The Cominator says:

    Let us discuss the plan at the top of the Democratic party and US government to commit the largest mass murder in history, ie for the mass murder of legacy Americans (even if hare brained and unlikely to succeed). It is increasingly my belief and I think Jim agrees that they plan to exterminate legacy Americans (this is especially white Protestant old stock Americans outside major cities who aren’t hardcore shitlibs).

    They do not need the mass immigration of military age males to vote for them, they evolved past that… I think we all agree. Now lets try to discuss HOW they would try to do it.

    It would be almost impossible to do without an internet and power blackout and they would want as many people as possible to go to mass killing centers voluntarily as the amount of people they plan to kill is over 100 million. So step one DO NOT EVACUATE ANYWHERE WITH THE US GOVERNMENT DURING A BLACKOUT. Anyone who shows up and is the wrong type of person is going to suffer the fate of those who showed up for Khmer Rogue evacuations and was the wrong type of person. Maybe they don’t die that day but they’ll be dead in six weeks.

    Now their problem is just dealing with the non-complyers…

    • Adam says:

      That seems like too much work for lazy and incompetent people. I would guess more of the same, such as burning down the cities with mobs of basketballs, shutting down production via demon worship, and generally enabling lawlessness wherever they can. If they can stick Biden or another puppet for 4 more years of steady decline I would think they will just roll with that. At least until the next series of military failures.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m not saying it will work, I’m saying at the higher levels this is more or less the plan.

      • The Cominator says:

        Jim’s prediction for bigtime bloodshed has always been 2025 or 2026, they will almost certainly do this in January or February 2025 or 2026. Its easier to get Protestant badwhites to evacuate voluntarily outside the deep south where its basically everwarm during the winter when the heat isn’t working.

        Maybe it won’t happen but I’ll say it again, do not voluntarily evacuate with the government anywhere during a blackout. You’ll end up like the people the Khmer Rogue evacuated.

    • Fidelis says:

      It’s far far more simple than that. They just pull another summer 2020, but this time encourage killing whitey not just burn and loot. Make it clear to the scholars and musicians that it’s sanctioned, please go ahead and kill whitey. Anyone who doesn’t like it and shoots back, gets treated to the FBI and national guard, and gets massive completely unbiased news coverage showing just how evil they are senslessly killing innocent musical scholars.

      From the urban centers to the rural places just requires busses. They had no problem bussing in people to places that were not quite diverse enough in 2020.

      I doubt there will be any organized resistance to this able to form, just as the Tutsi had no ability to do so. Maybe a bunch will escape into Mexico or somesuch.

      • The Cominator says:

        That would be Kristalnacht against whitey very very very good way to destroy and strip property very inefficient way to kill people. They want to kill over 100 million legacy Americans at least probably more than that.

        They need to confine and starve us or kill us outright. This random mob action shit won’t get it done.

      • Handi says:

        That’s ridiculously blackpilled, niggers run from gunfire. They’re happy to get a free TV from Target when the police are on standby, but they’re not going to stick around for a shootout with a white homeowner, even with superior numbers.

        There would be white victims, to be sure, but nothing close to mass extermination.

        • The Cominator says:

          They absolutely cannot do what they have in mind with the method he is talking about.

        • Fidelis says:

          Right, not a mass extermination. Just turning the heat up higher. All the while identifying those most likely to defend themselves and organize so that the alphabet agencies can inter them indefinitely.

          I don’t disagree that as Com says they WANT to do this. I disagree that there is the logistical capacity, and so they will settle for more color revolution: domestic style.

          • jim says:

            If you can prevent the people to be genocided from organising, a quite incoherent, poorly equipped, and poorly organised force can exterminate us – Rwanda being the clear example.

            If and when genocide unfolds, to stop it we need a Caesar, and, since it is going to be a holy war, a prophet and a high priest. Without that, nothing can be done. As the Tutsis inside Rwanda could do nothing.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              The Tutsi had a substantially better military, but they were out of position and held at bay but international diplomacy and forces. Once the scope of the genocide became clear, Kagame’s militia did move in, and on short order halted the genocide then forced a mass migration of Hutu.

              Slow burn, letting Thrall Whites genocide themselves through consumption and atomization, is the optimal strategy, but the Radicals are impatient and incompetent. They may try to do Project Rwanda, but even that isn’t so simple. Interhamwe was the principal organizer of the massacre, and they took a couple years to equip the killers in both body and mind (Machetes + Message). When we assess America through that lens, we see that many pieces are in place, but wherewithal and will are a challenge.They need to foment multiple Rwanda scale events across the US, and almost necessarily require some sort of cataclysm as a catalyst. TC is correct, their job becomes much easier if evacuations are occurring, getting the target population centralized and isolated. But they also need a casus belli to activate official forces to go after the non-compliers. So a flat info blackout is not going to work, it has to be distributed and selective. The same mechanism they need to give orders & guidance is also what their Opposition (us) will use to coordinate & counter.

              In the past few years, we have seen the time between Official Message Goes Out and Counter Narrative Goes Out shrink by magnitudes, arguably there’s no longer a gap at all. if we compare Corona to Coronahoax and Maui Fire to Maui Massacre, the counter narrative actually got out ahead of the official narrative. Add to this the unparalleled expansion of gun ownership and nascent balkanization, and it is pretty clear that no one remotely intelligent would even try it. It will look more like Operation Incarcerate Trump, with dimwit radicals going off half-cocked with no coordination, causing a cascade as other agents decide when and how to follow up, deviate, or jump on the bandwagon. In their favor is the demonstrated incapacity to coordinate or even recognize the need to coordinate of conservative/white/normal Americans. But the number of Aware Americans is growing every day, even if the majority are misguided or deluded; they may not know what to do or how to do it, but they are getting primed to do something.

              I do think they will try to foment a genocide, but it will be sloppy and illogical, and I reiterate that a natural disaster, or massive industrial accident, or distributed chaos scenario, is absolutely a prerequisite.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I forgot to mention: They will need the majority of real Americans In the military to be overseas, preferably dying in trenches, with the migrant army they are raising the “only option” for domestic suppression & security. It is paramount for their aims that anyone or anything that could prevent them from pushing towards their desired conclusion be out of place and out of communication. So Taiwan or some other flare-up might serve as the catalyst that I have posited would need to be a natural disaster. It may require both.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The military problem is one reason they hate Putin, someone keeps pointing out that they are probably very very vunerable to a decapitation strike if they shut down the main power and comms system. Yeah they’ll have some kind of emergency backups to keep military communications on some level going but without the main system working that is probably far more vunerable.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >preferably dying in trenches

                  Currently developing doctrine looks more like starving on Pacific Islands because no logistic support. *Magic American Paper Money will be used to buy food and other supplies from the locals*. Somehow they overlooked the fact those Islands are net calorie importers by a significant margin. Unless its shopping at gun point, I don’t see it working out.

                  But I’m not personally worried because guess what? The very same doctrine which assumes no logistic support by extension presumes an inability to ship troops in mass over in the first place. Top leadership can’t be that stupid right? Perhaps they just don’t want to pursue insane wars in the first place and are purposely creating plans that will fail with minimum loss of life.

              • jim says:

                > But the number of Aware Americans is growing every day, even if the majority are misguided or deluded; they may not know what to do or how to do it, but they are getting primed to do something.

                But without a Caesar, what can they do?

                Assume Antifa BLM on steroids, which was what Interhamwe was. The Tutsi in Rwanda were unable to organise. They organised in Uganda, and invaded. Where are American whites going to organise?

                WE can organise on the internet. But while priestly organisation on the internet works, military organisation is harder.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  keeping people away from organizing and cooperating (coordinating) is one of the last core competencies of the cathedral, but it is in large part learned helplessness. look at Illinois right now in terms of the gun registry. I’m not saying that’s a victory, but I am saying that if they tried to do the same thing in an even larger area, they’d have even bigger problems.

                  We should remember that the hope for a Caesar is basically a hope for the country being saved. warlords can perform the same thing Caesar does for the country at a much smaller scale. And I do think that is more likely, that there will be general chaos and breakdown with localized pockets of order established by cartel types, or sheriffs, or anyone who dispenses with modernity and embraces action. Of course, I hope a national leader arises. But I am just as capable of following a local leader, and my own star might rise even further in that situation, and I know for a fact that I am not the only one.

                • jim says:

                  The Tutsi in Rwanda and the Congo were unable to create warlords. They had to organise beyond the reach of the Cathedral.

                • Calvin says:

                  The reach of the Cathedral grows shorter and more feeble with each passing day. 85IQ Yemenis are presently running rings around them.

    • Anon says:

      I am going on a limb here and say “i do not think they gonna do it until few years”
      Simply based on how GAE work. And how genocide work, it require a lot of work.
      First you need a paramilitary force, and not a bunch of guys you payed them to fight ,some of them will be , and some will be followers to get the war booty.
      The core, however, are committed leftist, true believers.
      Second their weapons will be light, riding on pickups /technical, moving like packs
      (See cartel south of the border)
      They are very fast and attacks in thousands at a time. like hyenas never individually, and in waves until wearing the target out, they exhibit no care for their life or the life of their comrades.
      This force will not be controlled like blm or protests. , as i said it require a lot of work to conduct a genocide.
      It will be fully self controlled hence “true believers”, self funding; looting whomever they want while the state turn blind eye.
      They will be armed not by AR-15s but cheap AK-47,
      Technical usually a pickup with GPMG on top.
      Fighting them become impossible not because they are effective at war but because they are numerous, like antes or flies. So people generally flee
      Genoside is fundamentally “forcefully displacement ” then let the ensuing anarchy; looting , fighting over basic food and supply, starvation, diseases … Etc
      Take the rest, by the end of it the targeted group will not have a functioning social structure even if they are numerous in number.
      I don’t see any force in the US like that.

      • jim says:

        > I don’t see any force in the US like that.


        The plan (which is probably not the plan of the dominant faction of the deep state, there are always far more plans than get carried out) is that the core of BLM and Antifa will be augmented by all the young black Muslim males that they are flying in from black Africa.

        The problem is that the craziest faction of the left always winds up on top (observe Disney) because they are holier than all the competing factions.

        • Anon says:

          “the core of BLM and Antifa will be augmented by all the young black Muslim males that they are flying in from black Africa.”
          I think importing young black muslim is simply a holy ritual to the diversity demon. They don’t expect them to fight nor want them.
          Which why the changed tone in army recruiting commercial. They are here to live on crime, welfare and voting democrats (when voting did matter). Also they are low ig useless, good for soaking up bullets in a fight.
          My model is that the core will be white leftist like in blm and antifa like you said , however, the fighting force will be from south of the border. Old Mexican demon worshipers marriage with prog demon worshiper from north. Imagine Antifa with cartel fighting force under them (how that gonna happen, i don’t know)
          The big red flag I am waiting for is when GAE allow cartel to operate
          “openly” north of the border. Parade complete with pickups and military march like here :

        • Calvin says:

          The problem is that the craziest faction of the left always winds up on top (observe Disney) because they are holier than all the competing factions.

          Until they don’t, as in the original Thermidorians, who were certainly to the left of the monarchists but less left than the Jacobins. It’s not an iron law of history.

          • jim says:

            Yes. but it takes drastic means to put a stop to it.

            It is little remembered that execution of Robespierre did not itself solve the problem. The white terror was necessary and unavoidable. And then Thermidoreans crushed the reactionaries, and found themselves with no power base at all, for the white terror did not work without true believers manning it.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Think of mass deaths throughout history to get an idea.

      Internment and starvation are the flour and shortening for baking a cake of successful democide the world over. Hammering down any nails that stand up is the cherry on top; the rest are just bodies without ordination.

  19. Anonymous Fake says:

    But who even knows how long it will take for this reality to sink in. In the late 20th century, the Ivy League still [*deleted*]..

    • jim says:

      Not allowing this through because its just nuts.

      Everyone who grew up in the twentieth century knows its is not true, and indeed it was obviously untrue in 1850. It would be absurd to debate it.

      • The Cominator says:

        Whats AF claiming exactly…

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Meritocracy. Schools were seen as meritocracy back then, and yes it was racially charged, but it was there. Students expected to be rewarded fairly for grinding hard, getting the highest grades, making it into HYP etc, becoming future senators and diplomats and military officers, etc. [*deleted*]

          • jim says:

            It was not today’s idiocracy, people expected that the stupid would be excluded. But nobody thought that the way to become future senators etc was working hard, or working at all, in college. I am old, and no one thought that when I was a teenager, and when I read old books, no one ever thought that either

            The idea that working hard in college is the way to get ahead is not only an obvious lie, it is a fairly recent lie. I am not sure how recent, but I suspect it is younger than I am. Further, it was never a lie that anyone took seriously – they just pretended to believe, like Havel’s Greengrocer. Only the wild eyed woke left were big on that lie. I don’t think it ever got much penetration, to the best of my recollection – certainly not among normie Christians and normie Republicans. Normal people just did not pay too much attention.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*deleted because nothing in Forbes or Wickepedia can be believed*]

              • Anonymous Fake says:

                [*deleted for saying “our”. If you want to identify as one of us, commit a thought crime. Preferably the thought crime on women*]

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  Women are more average than men, even if generally equal to the average man in intellectual manners. They lack extremes. They crash hard into Dunning-Kruger traps because they can only perceive averages, not extremes.

                  They don’t think Chad is an extreme. They think he’s normal and 90% of men are just zombies, mutants, castrati, etc. But mostly invisible.

                  Women have agency and are responsible for their own sins. They aren’t being manipulated to be childless career cat ladies with a dozen abortions because the j00z/neocons/aliens made them do it. They do this because they love it more than they love average men.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, true, and none of it truths that explain why Miss Marvel the character is hateful, and Miss Marvel the film is boring, incoherent, plotless, and storyless. Nor does it explain why star wars tuned to cow manure when tiny princess leia strangeles enormous and neckless Jabba the Hutt, not only poisoning all future episodes, but retroactively poisoning all past episodes and fatally and abruptly killing off the Han Solo Princess Leia romance subplot.

                  Women are not “average” Men and women are radically different, and there are a great many important things that a woman can no more do than a man can make children.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Women are more “average” than men in the sense that they have less variance in most traits. They don’t need extraordinary abilities to be mothers; they just need to get paired up with a suitable man and not die in childbirth. Are women “generally equal to the average man in intellectual manners”? Possibly, if there are a lot of extremely stupid men pulling down the male average.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  I’ll add that Larry Summers dindu nuffin wrong to have been dispossessed at Harvard and what goes around comes around.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Re women and obsessive chad chasing and beta rejecting

                  Women of course have a strong preference for mr one and 30 and if you fill them with brainwashing and propaganda since they are 5 and also push down the status of men and then pay them to be cat ladies and single mothers they will chad chase and spurn all lesser men but given the way that women act in non cathedral countries (unowned women in such countries are in fact generally known for extreme promiscuity) I’m not sure how innate it is that they show no interest in the non chads if chad isn’t available. I do remember that even as late as 2010-2012 women were in general far far more approachable and friendlier in public.

                  One reason my stripper exploit works so well is strippers actually apparently tend to get very self conscious and sad if they approach a potential customer and he turns them down no matter whether he is attractive (which they won’t find you initially at 1st) or not, they let you keep pushing ahead if you give them validation because they apparently REALLY hate doing all they can to looksmax and appear seductive and then being rejected. When strippers say the work is often psychologically damaging its not that they have to be touched or even fucked by random betas that bothers them so much its that they looksmax and act sexy and then (given that they have to actually approach men) they still get rejected sometimes. This is also probably why negging works for other people more socially adept than me (I’ve never been able to do it without pissing girls off too much).

                  I tend to think an attractive women rejected by chad without all the feminist brainwashing and conditioning would probably run right to a beta orbiter guy she knows and hop on his dick. They didn’t seem to be too unhappy to marry betabucks before the 1990s (though the divorce shit started in the 70s).

                • jim says:

                  > I’ve never been able to do it without pissing girls off too much

                  If you are worried that you might piss them off, they will get pissed off. If you are oblivious to the impact, they will be fine, and you will be fine. Pissing off girls is fine. Improves your chances.

                • skippy says:

                  Women rejected by chad *do* date down but thanks to swipe apps every woman over 5/10 can now dial a 9/10 to her doorstep any night ahe chooses. In the past chad faced more difficulty racking up huge numbers of low value women and focused his time on higher value but still attainable women.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  I do remember that even as late as 2010-2012 women were in general far far more approachable and friendlier in public.

                  Tinder went live in 2012. One guy who was in high school at the time said that it absolutely “nuked the dating market from orbit”.

                  It’s not just all the hot guys she has sex with, it’s all the hot guys she matches that she could have sex with if she wanted. It’s a massive ego boost.

                • Adam says:

                  Hot chicks don’t use dating apps. If you want to bang hot chicks you have to go where lots of them are and display high value, mostly by hanging out with other hot chicks.

                  Maybe if you have a Ferrari or face tattoos you might pull women off dating apps, but in person social circle game is always going to be easier.

                • jim says:

                  A hot chick with you and you in an authority position over a male works a whole lot better than face tattoos.

                  The truth might well be that you hired both of them for a short period, and cannot afford to keep your props around permanently, and this is completely obvious from the photo, but the staged moment works.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Which is why i said if any technology bans would at least marginally improve it would be an (effective) ban on tinder and dating apps.

                  Women have a delusion the gigachad is a swipe away, the reality is the gigachad is saturated…

                • jim says:

                  When a man goes to a pickup joint, he is apt to go to a pub in walking distance, at which he will find very few women. When a woman goes to a pickup joint, she is apt to hitch hike four hundred miles and arrive in her underwear, because she is highly selective about what pickup joints she goes to.

                  Social apps are a problem in the same way tasty food within reach 24/7 is a problem. But it is not the problem. The problem is that she is free to drop in on chad at any time and stay in his lair to three in the morning. Social media apps just make it easier to find chad than hitchhiking four hundred miles.

                  The solution applied by the authorities at Port Jackson after women arrived and there was a bunch of big sex parties on the beach is the correct solution. They made the women get married and supported the authority of the husband by disturbingly drastic means.

                  The problem is that if women are allowed to fuck mister one in thirty, they will. Social media apps just make it easier. The problem we face is not much changed from the problem the authorities at Port Jackson faced. Women out of control.

                  Technology makes a difference, but it does not change anything fundamental and important.

                • jim says:

                  > the reality is the gigachad is saturated

                  Gigachad is still going to be popping a new virgin every night. It takes a lot of chicks to saturate him.

                  Mister one in thirty has to beat off miss four out of ten with a stick. After getting shown the door a few times, she might then slowly and reluctantly think about banging mister one in ten.

                • jim says:

                  Technology bans would substantially improve a very bad situation. But we would still have a very bad situation. The immediate impact of Tinder was that suddenly quite a lot of men were getting quite a lot more hot sex with quite a lot more hot chicks. The longer term impact was considerably less sex, as female standards went through the roof.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim I agree with you normally and the gigachad gets to bang a new woman whenever he wants but that he gets to bang a new woman every night is hyperbole since most women lose their virginity below the age of consent, there are a few gigachad high school guys who pop the women in high school and perhaps a few tyrones and drug dealing violent criminals who don’t give a fuck about the law who pop the rest of the teenage virgins before they actually generally tend to go to jail.

                  But with the post virgin 18+ girl market most chads (Mr 1 in 30) have a harem of 3 or 4 regular stacies they greatly prefer and a couple of less valued uggo backups they parade in their faces when they want to make their more valued stacies nervous because they are starting to nag, shit test, and playing stupid woman games like acting flaky and deliberately ignoring comms (and when that is accomplished the lower valued girls are kicked to the curb). So Chad really is only fucking 10-15% of women regularly the rest are de facto femcels with very strong delusions they maintain by swiping on chads and avoiding going out in public spaces or talking to guys so they might avoid any reckoning with what their real SMV is until they hit the wall… things would be greatly helped by popping the delusional dating app value.

                • jim says:

                  > But with the post virgin 18+ girl market

                  That is the problem. There should not be a post virgin market, because every woman gets stuck with the first man she bangs, or, failing that, whoever will have her whether she likes it or not. Consensual marriage should only be for virgins.

                  Any attempt to fix the post virgin market is accepting the problem as a given and insoluble, but we have to solve this problem or our race and culture perishes.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I mean its hyperbole that he gets to bang a new virgin woman every night, I can’t even think of many kings and rulers in history who did that with the sole exception of Mao Tse Tung…

                • jim says:

                  Well, Solomon had a thousand wives and concubines, so if not every night, a whole lot of nights. But these days every gigachad gives Solomon a run for his money.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I don’t get Tinder and other dating apps. I’ve matched with many women, but without the body language for feedback I piss them off often. A problem I’ve never had in person. Either that, or I get cold feet when I find out she’s still living with her parents and she wants me to pick her up at midnight. I start wondering if she’s really 20 something and get paranoid. It has happened frequently enough that I’m starting to think Gen Z women simply don’t leave home. I fully admit I’m a coward and afraid of being prosecuted.

                • jim says:

                  > start wondering if she’s really 20 something and get paranoid.

                  Your paranoia is Cathedral induced.

                  If she has boobs, no one cares about her age in real life, though they piously know that they are supposed to care and, like Havel’s Greengrocer, claim to care.

                  I have often said that one can get away with killing people if you are careful, and understand how the police and injustice system work.

                  Well you can get away with banging underage girls even if you are stupid and falling down drunk.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Well you can get away with banging underage girls even if you are stupid and falling down drunk.

                  The exception to this is if she gets pregnant, gives birth, and applies to the county child support office. If she’s underage they automatically do an investigation and file.

                • skippy says:

                  “Technology makes a difference, but it does not change anything fundamental and important.”

                  Although this is true the quantitative change is so large that it’s almost a qualitative change. In the past, chad had to spend a few hours finding, approaching, and getting yes/no (usually yes) from a woman; as such, it wasn’t worth his while to approach hundreds or thousands of women. On tinder, chad can get hundreds of matches in one day and proposition them in a few lines. So if in the past 7/10 were available to sub-chads, now only 4/10. And back then a 4/10 was a woman with a funny looking nose or something, whereas today it is an obese woman. Apparently 5/10 and below men do not get matches on swipe apps at all.

                • jim says:

                  > the quantitative change is so large that it’s almost a qualitative change

                  You say this because you do not remember the old days. I do. The qualitative change is not all that large if you go back far enough. Things have been rapidly getting worse for a very long time.

                  If we abolish tinder and the rest, significantly more men will be in the running, and more men will get their dicks wet – substantially more. But it would not bring us back to above replacement reproduction. Would not even bring us back to the pre-tinder environment, because things were rapidly getting worse before social media.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Your paranoia is Cathedral induced.

                  It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get ya. Riding the tiger might not have been the greatest idea.

                  >I have often said that one can get away with killing people if you are careful, and understand how the police and injustice system work.

                  Generally speaking it’s too much work to be worth it, and that’s the deal breaker. Most people will never put enough work into being careful enough, conversely they will put immense work into being the opposite of careful. Like they will document every nitty gritty detail.

                  >Technology makes a difference
                  >the quantitative change is so large that it’s almost a qualitative change

                  Cracking a joke about her dog being an emergency ration has worked for me irl… Tinder, not so much. Telling her that the state she’s from, lets say California, should be destroyed for being a degenerate cesspool of communist bastards, has worked for me irl… Tinder, not so much. Going on a political econ rant at parties has gotten me lewdly hugged by women, their boyfriends giving me death glares. I wasn’t even trying to get women, just prove communism is shit. Ranting walls of poli/econ text probably don’t work Tinder, although I’ve never tried, maybe I should.

                  Personality is a meat space analogue quality. It doesn’t quite get communicated well in quantitative digital platforms. So possibly I come off as schizo crazy instead of a simple opinionated guy on Tinder. I’m not exactly sure, but I just know I get radically different results irl vs digital.

                  Technology makes a big difference.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Re actually killing people. Never done it but I imagine you have to do it in such a way the cops can get away with having to do a real investigation of it most of the time. That means the person needs to either disappear and never be found or you need to do it somewhere with a lot of murders and he or she is just a statistic.

                  Despite the incompetence of small town and suburban cops killing someone in a suburb where no one gets murdered is going to lead to pressure for there to be a real investigation.

                  If you’re really going to fuck jailbait you need to make sure its a fatherless girl and mommy isn’t a Karen, and even then she could have some girlfriend she tells who could then tell a Karen. If one Karen finds out about it… you might be in trouble. American society nowadays has a lot of Karens. If Jim actually hits jailbait as opposed to assuming nobody cares in practice (and other than Karens and the girls father I agree they don’t) how does he sidestep the problem of Karens screaming to the authorities and everyone else.

                • jim says:

                  I have had problems with two middle aged childless women getting upset, so you are not entirely spewing bullshit, but you are still far too paranoid.

                  The reason for all the coercive mandatory reporting is that no one cares, no one reports.

                  And should they manage to get the cops on you, the cops are looking for a reason to do nothing. When Karen tries to make trouble, she runs into a strange lethargy from top to bottom.

                  Yes you can get in trouble, but the Cathedral would have you believe that everyone is going to recoil screaming in horror and run to the authorities, and the authorities are going to leap into action energetically and effectively. There is a whole lot of it going on, and yet when someone gets in trouble for it, it makes the news. You can get in trouble, but it is just is not that common for trouble to ensue. Look. It is hard to find a virgin even among underage, so many millions of men are guilty and yet we do not see millions of men getting busted.

                • jim says:

                  If there is a mangrove swamp in reasonable distance, you should note a midtide position in the mangroves for future use. Could come in handy.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Jailbait brags very loudly about being fucked by older guys, and there’s many people now a days with training and legal responsibility to report “abuse”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The issue you’ll run into is Karens and also I guess come to think of it to a lesser extent freelance white knights who confuse homosexual boy rapists (abominations who should be destroyed) somehow with normal heterosexual guys who like teenage girls.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  Jailbait brags very loudly about being fucked by older guys, and there’s many people now a days with training and legal responsibility to report “abuse”.

                  Indeed. They’re called “mandatory reporters”. I believe doctors and teachers fall under this class, at least in California. They can be charged with a crime for NOT reporting their suspicions.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Recent case is that some female teacher thot was fucking some 16 year old, apparently a lot of people knew about it but per Jimian doctrine of course most people didn’t care (and traditonally REALLY haven’t care if a teenage boy is fucking an older woman, NIICE).

                  Some Karen found out and it came out the father knew and didn’t snitch, the father is being charged for allowing the relationship.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If you have to get rid of a body in Florida do not use the swamps the Florida cops love swamp boating im sure they are as lazy as everywhere else but they have guys who love that almost every body some idiot dumps in the swamp in Florida gets recovered…

                • jim says:

                  If you just drop it in the swamps, it is going to float. You have to dig a hole and dump rocks on top. Ocean has the same problem, depending on the currents in your location, hence the popular solution of embedding the feet in cement. On the other hand, despite the tendency of bodies to float, very few people lost at sea are recovered. The fish and the seagulls tend to sink them fairly quickly.

          • Pax Imperialis says:


            AF, I just pointed out I managed to “earn” a Masters from a top 50 program in a “hard” technical field while being an alcoholic zombie not attending classes, forgetting to attend some exams, and only cramming the night before hand for the occasion I did not forget I needed to actually show up.

            The piece of paper was enough to get me hired and on a fast track to a low 6 figure civilian DOD job, benefits were another 40k to 70k or something. Nothing about this is meritocracy. >

            >back then
            >future senators and diplomats and military officers

            Back when my father barely graduated from the same school (in the same degree program no less) and worked the same DOD job decades ago, nothing about that was meritocracy either. Back when my grandfather attended a top Military academy, which he nearly failed out of, and ended up as a LTC, very little of that was meritocracy. Back when my great grandfather went to the same top Military academy, he too nearly failed out of, and ended up as a LTC, very little of that was meritocracy. Nobody fucking cares about academics.

            America has never been a meritocracy in regards to its positions of power. The only thing that has changed is the preferred group. Hell, when I went on the board for officer selection (I wanted a more powerful job than civilian work) they looked more at my grandfather’s military record than my transcripts to assess me. Why? Because nobody fucking cares about academics.

            But all I just said was purely anecdotal… right? It can’t possibly be proof of anything… right? Except my anecdotes rings true with verified events.

            Gay at Harvard plagiarized and so did MLK. Grade inflation has been happening for a century*, while all evidence points to students getting less and less smart**. Nobody fucking cares because nobody fucking cares about academics.


            **I can’t be bothered to bring up SAT scores effectively falling because you completely ignored my evidence last time I brought it up.

            • The Cominator says:

              One reason why the post IQ seminary grade system AF loves is so bad is it enshrined rewarding sustained conscientious over intelligence.

              The most dangerous people to have in charge are people who are stupid but yet conscientous and hardworking as they will work hard to make sure their stupidity touches every aspect of the work of those under them.

      • MuskFan says:

        Pretty clear that having just a bachelor’s degree in a non-technical field is the new working class, but I would wager those with masters/PhDs/doctorates still have higher average IQs than the population at large.

        • jim says:

          Not very long ago, your wager would have been correct. And it still true for people who got their PhD quite a while ago. But I am pretty sure your wager is wrong for freshly minted PhDs.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >wager those with masters/PhDs/doctorates still have higher average IQs than the population at large.

            >still true for people who got their PhD quite a while ago

            Have you seen what Jennifer Hochschild, Harvard Professor of Government and African American Studies, has been saying in reaction to Gay’s removal? The Ivy League, the focus of AF’s claim, is clearly hiring stupid people be they young, middle aged, or old, and have been doing so for decades. Chances are, anyone who has a PhD and works for the “elite” universities in a non-technical field is likely stupid no matter if they got their degree today or 40+ years ago. Hochschild predates Gay by 20 years!

            As for third rate state universities… the type I went to was full of Gay-Hochschild types. Many looked like leftover 1960s-1980s refuse. Maybe they do have a higher average IQ than the population at large, but they’ve trained and exercised their brains to be mush. I’m being hyperbolic of course. The “third rate” college I attended was still in the top 50 for engineering graduate programs in the nation… so I can only imagine how much worse the thousands of other colleges must be.

            The graduate program I went to wasn’t even that impressive either. It was clearly pay to win graduate. I had lost a close family member right before starting my Masters, and was more or less an alcoholic zombie for the next 3 years. I drank every day and every night, at times didn’t attend >90% of my classes, the only “study” was all nighter crams right before exams, and sometimes even didn’t show up for exams. I still got an adequate GPA for the degree and received the official regime stamp of approval. If I could get the degree… well degree paper isn’t exactly a good indicator for quality.

            I burnt out and didn’t proceed to the PhD program, but the Masters is the pipeline to PhD, and if the pipeline is rotted out, so is the end result. That said, the Masters program had maybe a couple hundred men in it with a few women. The university at large was in the tens of thousands and 60% female. Many of the other PhD programs are practically female only and in subjects like “education” and gender studies. Those departments completely outnumber the technical ones. Women are quite average on average… small standard deviation does that. So one only needs see that half of all PhDs are awarded to women to know half of all PhDs are tightly clumped around average.

            • MuskFan says:

              Anecdotally, the women I meet with PhDs/Graduate degrees are smarter and more stable than women with just bachelor’s degrees or no degree. They smoke weed less, vape less, drink less, less mental illness, and generally just seem healthier.

              Of course you have your blue haired lesbian freaks but they seem to be the outlier not the norm for graduate degree women, given women are over educated in general.

            • double eagle says:

              I have a phd in hard science and have worked at a low ranked/no name university that was leading in the sub-sub-field in which I worked, and a brand name US university.

              The quality of staff, especially management and administration, but even scientific staff, was significantly higher at the former. There was also a very obvious fear of expressing any contrary opinion at the famous US university, whereas at the other place discussion was more open.

              My bachelor in science is from the UK, and at that time it appeared to me that university admissions and grades were meritocratic, though of course nobody believed that getting the top pass in your degree was more useful for your career than getting a top internship at a firm. That may have since changed.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >The quality of staff […]

                Hard science programs are somewhat insular from the rest of the university, and I was largely looking at the non-technical fields which by far outnumber you.

                Have you talked to African/Women/Gender/etc professors and their students? Trying to create distinctions of higher or lower quality is sort of moot when they are absolute trash no matter where you go, and they hold university administrations by the balls.

                >That may have since changed.

                They have, at least in academia jobs. There was a guy in the Electrical Engineering PhD program I knew who didn’t understand magnets on a practical level. Like being surprised at a magnet sticking to a refrigerator door level of didn’t understand. He was Black. Eventually he got hired by the university.

                Then I noticed many of the Post Docs were Brown or Black, but almost all of the graduate PhD students doing the actual work were Chinese or some other type of Asian with a few Whites. You’d think the PhD students doing the work would be the ones eventually doing post Doc work…

                Then again, getting hired in academia has never been meritocratic. How well and how much the professors like you, and more importantly how well and how much university admin likes you is how you get hired.

  20. simplyconnected says:

    I seem to recall having read something like this [KD approved link] around here.
    Not sure I would’ve understood it had I not read about it here. Apologies for offtopic.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Seems to be a fake quote. What she said was “It is important to you that the world understands, what? That I went through a holocaust.”

  21. Handi says:

    Happy Insurrection Day!

    An FBI agent knocked on my door today and said, “Mr. Handi, you are suspected of serial domestic terrorism. We have multiple credible reports from women that you have 7 insurrections under your belt!”

  22. Contaminated NEET says:

    They’re going to take us right into a nuclear WWIII over this. They can’t back down. They can’t acknowledge the other side has any rights or legitimate interests. Their people are sick of this stupid proxy war, but they think if they can drag us in directly, kicking and screaming, we’ll salute the flag and get with the program.

    At the height of the Cold War, sympathy for Russia and an understanding of the Russian point of view were common among our governing class; this was “sophisticated,” and only backward powerless rubes considered it disloyalty. Now they have the crudest, most cartoonish and propagandistic image of Russia imaginable, and they call the backward powerless rubes traitors when we don’t share it.

    This road goes directly to full and formal NATO involvement, and the next stop after that is nuclear exchange. They are that arrogant and myopic, and most of them would genuinely prefer that to admitting that someone with a high position in government and a degree from an Ivy League institution was wrong.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      At the height of the Cold War, sympathy for Russia and an understanding of the Russian point of view were common among our governing class;

      That’s because the State Department was filled top to bottom with outright commies who wanted the Soviet Union to win. Today’s Russia is to the right of the USA on every issue, which makes them evil Nazis who must be defeated at all cost.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Re. nuclear exchange, one of the scariest things about the US, from the Russian point of view, is the leadership doesn’t care about the majority population.

        That’s because the State Department was filled top to bottom with outright commies who wanted the Soviet Union to win.

        I was about to say the same thing!

  23. Let the foreign armies destroy each other. I would rather focus on the well-funded army of invaders at our own southern border.

    • C4ssidy says:

      That border army will destroy the heartland of the american empire and diminish their capacity to run an attritional war to establish global hegemony, so , let them in

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Furthermore, direct them to blue cities in blue states. Let them be full of useless eaters, and when run out of resources and start cannibalizing each other, let them.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          That’s already happening right now. Democratic cities are getting crushed, and the flow of migrants shows no signs of slowing down. Why do Democrats still think open borders is a good idea? I suppose because the party was long ago taken over by the welfare-industrial complex, which sees each cold, hungry immigrant as a claim on federal welfare dollars.

          Now Democratic mayors are desperately pleading for more federal help, and Biden isn’t returning their phone calls. They’re less vocal in criticizing Greg Abbott because he clearly doesn’t care; he’s just giving immigrants what they want, and giving Democrats what they say they want.

          I suppose right-wingers are talking about this, but it’s more fun to follow left-wing news sources and watch their brains melt from cognitive dissonance.

  24. Sher Singh says:

    Just finished reading the Populist Delusion.
    Put my summary of it & Conclusion Chapter in an Imgur.

    My issues with it are that he’s pro Globhomo.
    In that, he’s a pro-globalist American nationalist.

    I’d like to hear the thoughts of others because instinctually I know to reject.
    However, I don’t necessarily have anything to fill in that void.

    • jim says:

      He also argues that state and capitalism inevitably get converged. But such convergence undermines the states economic capability to produce more weapons and better weapons, as we are seeing written large in last days of the Global American Empire. It is not inevitable if the sovereign does not like it and tells his overmighty servants to cut it out.

      • Sher Singh says:

        The confusion for me is regarding recent history & how puritan you want to be.
        Sort of like how we can respect cuckservatives for preserving some gun rights,
        but look past them when it comes to women.
        I’m sort of of the mind that you condemn someone when you can overtake them.

        Many pseudo leftist movements like 1920s Singhs Sabha or 1970s/80s Khalistan,
        increased religious observance, and encouraged Sikhs to arm themselves.
        We still respect the Shaheeds (martyrs) of those movements.
        The worst excesses of those eras like post-modernism or marxism were still avoided.
        However, Sikhs did overall shift left – small victory or smaller defeat? Idk.

        1896 Handbook for Regimental Officers on Sikhs

        Book mentions the cutting of beards among young men.
        Cutting of hair among kids & waning of initiation.
        The Kirpan being mostly worn in miniature.

        History of the size of the Kirpan here:

        The Singh Sabha did increase the size of the Kirpan commonly worn.
        Not sure if the Khalistanis did, although it’s increasing since 2010.

        The sword is correct basically.
        War is fervor first and foremost in the hearts and minds of men.

        Patriarchy, and the maintenance of Hair/Weapons is what matters to me.
        That alone is difficult.
        My only interests right now are military training/fitness.

        We respect all men who fall in battle.
        My belief is that war/natural selection will basically solve most ‘small’ issues.
        For example, 1750s Nihangs wore large turbans – 50 years later they did not (war).

        The only large issue is the size of a whore’s hole.
        Even a black hole shrinks with time, but never a woman……


        • Sher Singh says:

          I guess the question comes down to would Sikhi survive?
          Obviously, those movements will say they did what they did for the survival of the quom (community).

          That propaganda or rhetoric makes people overlook their leftist excesses and paradigms.

          Will discuss that with my congregation.

          The other question is if war is an inherent good?
          Does the quom remain alive with a cool temper or with hot blood? Is a war every generation or so even small inherently beneifical?

          Are you looking to seize victory or just avoid the worst excesses (defeat). Is that mindset of aspiring for the largest heights, and not settling for small things what ultimately seperates the Khalsa of Maharaja Ranjit Singh from the modern versioN??


        • jim says:

          The problem that governments and private organisations face with carry is that there are some people, quite a lot of people, who should not be allowed to carry. The solution that is applied, which somewhat works, is carry permit. Surprisingly, it turns out that very minimal process suffices to eliminate all the bad apples, because the necessary forethought and capability for literacy means that any process at all excludes all the bad apples, just the effort of making an application and filling out some forms seems to eliminate everyone who should not be allowed to carry. However a better outcome would be recognised religious institutions issuing carry permits to members that they view as in in good standing.

      • Sher Singh says:

        Any movement not seeking to create a religious empire isn’t worth mentioning.

        That’s the conclusion.


    • Ryan says:

      The author (academic agent) is in no way pro globohomo. He is a serious right wing thinker and is fully redpilled on the WQ, JQ and more. He’s good with history, economics and realist politics.

      The thing holding him back from being a real leader (aside from being a brahmin not a warrior) is that he is half persian, so he can’t truly be one us, although his theory work is useful to any group, as is Jim’s.

  25. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Maneuver is most valuable on an operational level in environments of limited information. In 1942, a whole division of gun carriages could drive through picket lines and take up blocking positions behind enemy formations before a response could be organized. Limitations of importation technology for most of the history of war meant that if you gained operational momentum you could keep rolling the enemy back as far as you could maintain the tempo, as all his forces would effectively be isolated pockets in disarray, rather than a single army acting as a whole.

    In environments of ‘battlefield transparency’, mobility in general is also essential, but in a more strategic sense; anything that can’t move is a – literally – sitting duck for a precision strike that can come one day or another.

    • Epimetheus says:

      Operational surprise is impossible in an environment saturated with satellite and drone coverage, even if you weren’t talking about your secret operational plan on international television. Without being able to conceal your massed strength and axis of main effort, you’re just driving closely-packed assets towards guys who are ready and prepared for you. It seems like the textbook maneuver warfare of the Battle of France would be impossible today against a peer adversary.

  26. Basil says:


    • jim says:

      I would be happy to debate this if you had been responsive but you have not been responsive.

      Putin is not the ruler of a white nation building an alliance against whites and against his own people. He is the white Christian ruler of a multi ethnic empire building a coalition against a rival empire, an empire that has long since ceased to be ruled by white people or Christians.

      Your payload is “these guys hate other races, hate other religions, and hate women, so let use that to derail the movement for independence from the Global American Empire.”

      No, we do not hate any of those, except the demon worshipper woke. We hate malign evil. Which is a fine basis for coalition against the Global American Empire.

      If you were willing to discuss these issues I would let you through so that we could discuss them, but you just dump the same payload again as if no one had said anything.

      If you want to get through, debate and dispute what I just said.

      • Basil says:

        This looks to me like a war against white people (and against all sorts of Yakuts and others by the way, but that worries me a little less). The importation of low-grade migrants with low intelligence and the distribution of citizenship to them makes sense only as a hostile act. If Putin imported talented Chinese, and not people who go to live off benefits and crime, I would accept your argument.

        I also want blacks, Hindus and Jews to eat LGBT, feminism and so on. This is in my interests, although I don’t like sodomites, I will somehow survive that Niger or another African country has legalized this. Putin has the opposite vision, which is why patriarchy is not suppressed only among Caucasian Muslims

        The African boom is the main threat of the 21st and 22nd centuries, and people like Putin will give us a camp of saints.

        • jim says:

          Putin is not importing gang members and street trash from random nonwhite countries as the Global American empire is.

          He is importing elites and the children of elites from countries in conflict with the Global American Empire to build cohesion between his elites and theirs. Thus for example, he is not importing vast numbers of dot Indian H1Bs, because India is playing both sides against the middle. He is importing from countries that are seriously in conflict with the Global American Empire. Thus his target is obviously the Global American Empire, not his white population, while the target of the Global American Empire is obviously their white population.

          And I said that already, and you ignored it already, and you are going to ignore it again. So, back to silent deletion.

          • skippy says:

            He’s importing (by numbers) mostly Central Asian etc. guest workers. They’re turning Russia less white, but they are at least expected to be net taxpayers.

          • skippy says:

            I believe Basil is a shill, trying to persuade rightists to make perfect the enemy of the good when it comes to Russia and Putin.

            That said, his shill material is quite strong because it is true. Putin and the men he represents are essentially the least “based” faction in the Russian government. He is a direct descendent of the Soviet bureaucracy, albeit one of the most fight-y parts, and his personal outlook appears to be materialist globalism.

            Now is not the time to oppose Putin, but in the long run Putin is not a reliable man to make or keep Russia a champion of sanity that prevents other countries going too insane, which appears to be the main outlook driving foreigners to support him.

  27. The Cominator says:

    In the 1st world war Germany only tried to regain a war of movement in the great 1917 offensive and this was a desperation move to try to knock out France before American troops could arrive.

    Its plausible to argue that maybe they should have dug in (with Russia out of the war… they didn’t have that till very late in 1917) and hoped that American causalties trying to fight on the offensive would have compelled them to make peace (Ataturk defeated a more half hearted allied effort this way which probably had more of a role than anyone talks about in creating the stab in the back legend) but its hard to say how it would have worked out.

  28. Kunning Druegger says:

    “Germany lost the war, because it kept stubbornly trying to regain war of movement in France, to knock France out of the war in a quick blow, as the ISW has been stubbornly trying to knock Russia out the war with a quick blow. This was more generals trying to prove that invading Belgium had been a good idea, than it was a rational military strategy. And trying to take Russia out with a quick blow is the ISW trying to prove that endlessly provoking Russia with ever escalating provocations and threats has been a good idea.”

    This is a thesis that could launch a storied and intimidating career, and you just kind of shove it into your ongoing string of blog posts. There are very few in the Academe with eyes to so this, but I can see a series of essays, a book, and a lecture series all based on the idea that the Imperial German general staff operated under the rubric that they could do nothing that might be construed as an admission, tacit or otherwise, that the feint through Belgium was a mistake. You’ve tied it to the Russo Ukraine War, but I see it in every modern war. It’s not ego, not completely, but there is some strange groupthink component that seems to be unavoidable in war by committee… this is what I mean, it is a near endlessly extendable topic, indeed it is, in my opinion, a new lens to view warfare. Maybe someone’s already said it, I can’t say. For my part, I am fascinated.

    • Jamesthe1st says:

      You can see the same thing with the US military. You can’t make it to general and keep that position if you say something is wrong and the whole organization needs a doctrinal shake up. So they only people that get in those postitions are yes men that will tell the leader what he wants to hear.

      • The Cominator says:

        The entire globohomo system is like this. The system needs to be based on success in aptitude test and wargames (or for the non military some kind of skill simulator tests).

        The opinion of peoples superiors needs to basically be removed from the promotion system or at least only be 20% of it. This needs to be true for all large institutions not just the military. Sucking up and agreeing with stuff needs to be made not a path to promotion. You should be able to get promoted if you’re smart and good despite your superiors hating you.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          If you are so smart and good, why do your superiors hate you?

          This is a terrible idea. It’s like you are trying to fix a system that has DEI and dmv negresses as a given. Nepotism is a good thing. Clannishness in business is a good thing. people who are smart but don’t have any capacity for human interaction shouldn’t be promoted. There will always be a “popularity contest” aspect to any corporation or human association, trying to legislate it away with blind tests and box checking is literally the Managerial Elite from the 1970s.

          • The Cominator says:

            For one thing because things are bad now, too many suckup midwits are embedded in the system now and it needs to be flushed. Private small businesses can hire and do whatever they want. Large institutions embedded with the state need a rigid high IQ and performance aptitude system which removes the suckup psychopath midwit element.

          • The Cominator says:

            Like for one thing anyone above a certain rank with too low IQ needs to be immediately purged.

          • The Cominator says:

            “people who are smart but don’t have any capacity for human interaction shouldn’t be promoted.”

            And of course they should be promoted, thank God Newton was promoted despite being notoriously anti-social. And no the 1970s was not like this that is when they started doing away with the aptitude system… the Army system that won WWII was FAR more like my system. You didn’t even get to be an officer without having an IQ of at least 120 ever due to the rare battlefield commission for an act of suicidal heroism and bravery.

            • @The Cominator @Kunning Druegger

              Gentlemen, you are both right. Newtons need to be promoted – to the right kinds of jobs for them. And not to the wrong kinds of jobs for them. The kinds of jobs where they figure *things* out. Not the kinds of jobs that revolve around making/inspiring *men* do extraordinary efforts.

              So I side with DK more while admitting TC has a point, too. When we are talking about promotions *in general leadership positions*, Newton is not a good candidate. Newton is an excellent candidate to specific *specialist* positions, those that are in their very nature a supporting role to general leaders. But a very important supporting role!

              I do not have Newtons genius, but I do have his asocial nature. I have given up on becoming a corporate manager. Rather I am the free-floating expert who does not really have a fixed position in the hierarchy. Sigma, so to speak. Not much being bossed around but also not much bossing others around.

              • someDude says:

                So, in your opinion, a sigma male is a thing? In the sense that Vox describes them and their characteristics?

          • The Cominator says:

            It also guarantees that even if you did a theoretically all merit system with no racism or even “sexism” it would be all white, asian and some jewish males will always monopolize all high positions. You will never have high ranking women, niggers, spics or poos with my system ever.

            • Dan Kurt says:

              Suggest you read if you haven’t CRISIS IN COMAND by Savage and Gabriel.

              Dan Kurt

            • Zorost says:

              Why would I trust a system that allows muds and jews in it in the first place?

              • The Cominator says:

                My shill sense is tingling, why did you leave out women who absolutely do not belong in any institutional management? The only mud group worse than women are poos.

                • Zorost says:

                  If you kicked women out of a society the society would not last long. Reproduction, and all that. It seems artificial methods are being researched, so perhaps there is hope for a woman-free society at some point in the future. Not saying that would be desirable, simply that it is currently not possible to kick women out of a society if you want that society to survive.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Sounds like there’s some conflation of women in the bedroom and women in the boardroom going on somewhere here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  We’re not talking about kicking women out of all life, we’re talking about kicking them out of managing anything (unless they own it anyway).

                  The fact that you can’t even think that distinction really gets my shill sense tingling.

          • Epimetheus says:

            You need both. You need the popular alpha male chieftain type, but also the half-mad shaman who can think outside the box and see unseen threats. The system needs to recognize mavericks and innovators who will often be socially unpleasant and even disorganized and dysfunctional and somehow quarantine or protect them until it can figure out whether they’re really useful or not.

            Otherwise all you get is yes men thinking they can drive all the way to Crimea in six weeks, because the guy who would’ve challenged the doomed groupthink paradigm got purged by Karen and Shaniqua before he ever made it close to the map room.

            • The Cominator says:

              Yeah small businesses fine make the boss responsible for all promotion and position the owner is a freeholder with absolute power over his property, but in the army and large state institutions bureaucrats and officers should be subject to some kind of aptitude and merit system and not merely the subjective rating of their boss. They are not absolute rulers they are agents of the king and not freeholders.

              • jim says:

                If you are in a position to hire and fire people for your own benefit, your judgement is probably more accurate than an IQ test. If someone else is in a position to hire and fire for you, you should not altogether trust his judgement.

              • Fidelis says:

                >the army and large state institutions

                Should be gutted and what minimum required to function mostly privatized. State Church and High Inquisitor, and the President for Life are the necessary structures. The rest quickly becomes a large batch of, as Jim likes to call them, overmighty servants.

                You sound like AF a bit, not quite so insane but inclining in that direction, when you advocate for Bureaucracy Done Right this time with Meritocracy.

              • The Cominator says:

                I agree on gutting the administrative state and i said i dont like it, but you wont be able to get rid of all of it and certainly not the military. And the administrative state will have to expand a bit in war… what parts we do have should go back to the iq requirement system.

                • jim says:

                  The sovereign’s business is war and large scale internal conflict. Thus his business is diplomacy, the military, and taxation to support the military. Any time he meddles in something else, he is not empowering himself, he is empowering his dangerously overmighty servants. He is losing control, which was the death of King Louis XVI, and the fall of so many Chinese empires.

                  When the Sovereign says “war with the outgroup” all his subjects must be at war, and anyone that makes private peace should hang. When the sovereign says “Peace with the outgroup” all his subjects must be at peace, and honour the arrangement agreed to, and if anyone does not, the Sovereign should hand the offender, or the offender’s head, over to the outgroup, even if the offender is popular and the outgroup unpopular.

                  The Sovereign also needs to regulate status competition to direct it into prosocial channels — but the root of status competition is group violence. Thus, when then Charles the second gave the invisible college the status of the Royal society, the Puritans did not like it, feeling that theology rather public experiment should be the root of truth, and organised a mob, which mob Charles put down. Conversely, when mobs attacked Puritans, he was strangely ineffectual in putting them down.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes I know all this but not sure if it agrees or disagrees with me.

                  But earlier you seemed to agree that the monarch really can’t trust his agents entirely to do his hiring (thus implying you thought giving superiors absolute control over rating subordinates was perhaps not ideal in any system like the army or where the sovereign would have to rely on bureaucrats to some degree). You never quite weighed in on my proposal to start gatekeeping ranks again with rigid IQ requirements* (and I mean where we need to have military ranks or an administrative state, btw I’ll also add that idiot inquisitors/secret policemen will be an absolute disaster). I just don’t see much downside to doing so. We’re not talking about forcibly tying the hands of freeholders with IQ requirements in their own businesses (though I expect many will enthusiastically bring back the system when its legal and furthermore practiced in the military) we’re talking about tying the hands of agents of the state from promoting suckups, midwits, schemers and sycophants over smarter more honest men.

                  * which was at its height at the 1940s and 1950s in the United States, and which despite the fact that we reactionaries never much like the administrative system of the New Deal much… that system won WWII a two front war at half the population we have now, and most reactionaries will if pressed will reluctantly admit that no the system especially when the socialism aspect of it was dismantled in the late 40s worked fairly well

          • skippy says:

            “If you are so smart and good, why do your superiors hate you?”

            Doesn’t work like that. Of course smart people can play the game but then their skills will be used to damage the organization. The point is that the middle managers are not the ‘principal’ but ‘agents’ and their interests diverge from those of the organization.

            I worked in a GAE organization for a while and everything about promotion was arranged around your immediate superiors’ opinion of you. And to be clear, this is not about being socially competent or a “chad”; if you oppose too many people (even if they are wrong) you would be taken out regardless how well liked you are socially, similarly if you come across as too competent or too much of a leader that is a way to provoke jealousy and make enemies.

            This kind of system is a machine for selecting for mediocrity and institutionalising groupthink. It does not pluck out charismatic jocks and promote them above perhaps more competent retiring nerd types – that is not the problem at all.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          ‘Removing superiors opinion for promotion’ is exactly what the Human resources Paradigm is; and not only did it not get rid of lickspittle hacks, it entrenched them in an environment that was more favorable than ever before.

          >The system needs to be based on success in aptitude test

          The number two aptitude test in the world is the favor of the mentor.

          (The number one is The Thing Itself.)

          • The Cominator says:

            No human resources is a government comissarate which screens all applicants for ideological conformity it may have that effect but it hardly removes suck up marathons.

            Corporations these days strangely rarely promote anyone at all internally… I cannot tell you what the cause of this is I do not claim to know every aspect of the globohomo system especially as it intertwines with fake private institutions. What I propose would block any Shaniquas darkies or women from being promoted anywhere forever. It would only be for large institutions in the government or those entangled very close too.

            Nothing would stop a midwit from running his own business but no midwit or dumb should ever run the top university, state backed research lab, or command an army.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >No human resources is a government comissarate which screens all applicants for ideological conformity

              Exactly. When you ‘depersonalize’ things and make ‘the test’ the ultimate object of power, then it becomes the schelling point for convergence; and then selection for kakistocracy becomes not just an accident, but enshrined into law. How do you stop The Tests from being debased? Well, beings whose opinions are superior to The Tests of course; otherwise they could not even be generated in the first place, you know?

              Bureaucratization of personnel decision didn’t remove fiat from the equation; it simply changed who exactly would be wielding the fiat; with attendant consequences in what exactly is selected for by the system.

              • The Cominator says:

                Except the left after the FDR era HATED HATED HATED IQ tests in large institutions when they existed and used the civil rights laws to get rid of them. They were a huge barrier to idiocracy and while they were perhaps initially imposed in the early progressive era I would say the evidence supports them being one of the two good things the early progressives actually did (like eugenics).

                Not having to suckup to your superiors too much reduces the amount of mindless ideological conformity in the system since the intelligent subordinate though of course required to obey lawful superior orders is free to criticize them, call them stupid even to mock them with it only effecting the small part of his merit score that is his superior rating if he can crush the enemy in his wargames and show higher intelligence in his IQ tests and crush his other aptitude tests he still gets promoted. Yes some conformity is good so give his superior a small part of his rating fine I agree, but give most of it to performance and aptitude tests.

                No Shaniquas, no idiot suckups.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  They hated IQ tests and the argument against them was that being anointed by their seminaries was a better test of virtue, or by arguing that judging virtue was unvirtuous, or that virtue didn’t even exist anyways, and sometimes all three at once; they did not argue against them by saying that the racist foremen or property owners were better judges of virtue, because they knew that would also work against the bioleninism they wanted to impose (and if the property owner has leave to make such judgements, then they have leave to streamline things for themselves with tools of their choice as well; like cognitive tests).

                • The Cominator says:

                  The IQ tests were only ever in
                  1) large institutions
                  2) businesses that actually wanted to use them
                  then they became illegal you couldnt use them as an employer even if you wanted to.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                • The Cominator says:

                  Another thing a rigid IQ requirement would have prevented, John McCain. Not even his old man the admiral could have gotten his idiot son a commission if the rigid IQ minimum was in place.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The whole matter here is the fact that no good tests prevail without men who have the authority to make them prevail. There is no dichotomy between rule of law and rule of man; both are rule of man, one furtively, one openly.

                  New Dealers didn’t string up red tape over in-house testing by organizations by arguing against the idea of depersonalized selection, they struck it down by arguing against that form depersonalization in favor of their own form of depersonalization, because they were also pushing depersonalization for their purposes. The anti-apprenticeship frame was maintained in any case.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Precisely. All forms of Constitutionalism are selling the same thing, all that varies is the wrapping paper. Rule of men should be rule by Men. The boss gets to play favorites and pick who roses because he’s the boss. If he picks retards, the venture should collapse. People should be rewarded for their successes and punished for their failings. No magical test is going to prevent an evil system of cretins rewarding simpletons from developing, that must be done by hand by Man.

                  Asserting that blind IQ tests will fix things is no different than arguing that the Constitution will fix things, it just needs to be used properly.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The monarch can of course do that (though it should mean he has an “accident” in short order if he picks retards) but other than by dispensation of the monarch himself “institutions” intertwined with the state should not have that ability. Short of a royal/imperial decree your rank needs to be capped by IQ mostly as IQ was understood in the old days when the system seemed to work very well.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Ill also add in the age of rigid IQ tests the institutions of the administrative state as much as i generally hate them performed incredibly well compared to how they started performing almost immediately after they were abolished.

                • C4ssidy says:

                  IQ tests for army rank sound a lot like previous blog posts talking about the mandarin system producing poor quality officers compared to the semi-merit based (mostly aristocracy/heritable) British ones. Regarding simulations, look at any high end game playing, speedrunning communities for example, trannies everywhere. The mandarins sound like the military equivalent of speed-runner trannies. Every system we know gets gamed. To get the Elons you need some kind of market mechanism that doesn’t get gamed, probably by having a lot of mercenary bands and buccaneers and granting royal commissions to the ones which prove themselves on the market. Then once you do get your Elon/Werner/Wellington give them command of the whole army and let them pick on intuition. Do you think Elon would pick a hiring system based automatically on test scores? I think spacex would end up filled with trannies. There is plenty of smart evil around

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Mandarins had gay shit like writing tests whatever it was testing for it wasn’t an IQ test, Patton and Terry Allen de La Mesa had no trouble making it under the IQ requirement system. Unfortunately the faggot Omar Bradley did too, I’m not claiming perfection. But certainly the military and the institutions of the administrative state performed far far better then as compared to now.

                  Also I’m pretty sure the “scholar-officials” were distinct from (and looked down) on army officers.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  An idealized flowchart system written by geniuses gets you mcdonalds.

                  Which is fine for serving fastfood, but not fine for having stores full of steaks to chose from, never mind going to mars or winning your wars.

                • The Cominator says:

                  But im not positing an idealized system im citing a real example from history, the US had pretty good officers and competent adminstrative state types during WW2 and the 1950s at the height of the strict IQ requirement system. Certainly much better than its was before or since. Note this doesnt mean i like the administrative state.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I am positing an idealized system, and giving you an example of what it can accomplish.

        • Cis Scum says:

          Guys.. really? You’re talking about feminization here. Do I really have to point out the obvious?

          The basic building block of male organization is the team. The basic form of female organization is the clique.

          The male team self sorts into a hierarchy based on merit, i.e., proficiency toward the team’s goals, whatever they are.

          The female clique self sorts into a hierarchy based on propriety, i.e., adherence to the clique’s moral standards, whatever they are.

          As society gets more and more feminized, merit is out and propriety is in.

          You’re complaining that the military high brass is selected based on asskissery not merit. Well yes, of course. How could it possibly be otherwise in a feminized society?

          This is why feminism is cancer. Society’s organs get increasingly infested by incompetence until they start failing, slowly, then suddenly. Exactly like cancer.

          • jim says:

            Allowing this through, because saying that men and women are different, in ways that render women incapable of large scale social organisation – that large scale social organisation is as male as making life is female, is probably a thought crime. Shills are allowed to notice differences, but not differences that imply women and men should have separate spheres of activity.

            • The Cominator says:

              Why are you suspicious this one is a shill… I see nothing in his post that I disagree with really except that
              1) Males in the absence of a group activity can have cliques too albeit far more internally stable and loyal than female ones
              2) Not sure that female cliques are about “moral standards” its just kind of random shifting alliances with perhaps occasional pairs of women who are more loyal to each other (like the sith always two there are) than clique politics.

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