The deep state

For a long time they were able to keep the choice to candidates where it did not matter who you voted for. But they had to dial bias in the media up to eleven, and credibility of the legacy media collapsed.

Elections were, and in some countries still are, relatively free and fair, because the candidates and parties have identical policies and an elaborate system to prevent any outsiders from gaining traction.

And when they could no longer keep voting irrelevant by soft power, resorted to increasingly blatant election stealing. Election stealing has been under way for a very long time, it is just that in 2020 it jumped the shark. Elections are going the way of the legacy media. Time for Caesar approaches, in part because people cease to believe in election outcomes, just as they ceased to believe the legacy media. The faith the Republic has been a delusion for over a century, and now the delusion collapses. The faith dies before our eyes. The media legacy jumped the shark, and now elections are jumping the shark.

Elections have not mattered for a very long time. But for a while soft power was sufficient to keep them irrelevant. The public was manipulated by the methods that have now become obvious, and the elected officials were manipulated by the methods depicted in “Yes minister”, and “Yes Prime Minister” – which methods worked on Trump well enough to outrage us, but because Trump actually tried to govern, failed badly enough to outrage the deep state.

When Trump was president, his influence over the presidency was insignificant. He enraged them by attempting to govern. Most politicians do not even try. Recall that one of the grounds for impeachment was that president was interfering in foreign policy and speaking to foreign leaders. Kim had the same problem — Kim and Trump had to set up channels of communication where the president protected his communications with Kim from the presidency, and Kim similarly. They hate to lose a frozen conflict. Kim’s bureaucrats have more in common with our bureaucrats than either have with their leader or their nation. Similarly, when the Soviet Union was a going concern, but showing signs of imminent collapse, you saw President Reagan trying to collapse the Soviet Union, and the presidency trying to prop it up. They loved their cold war. They like national conflicts for the same reason as they send the shills onto Gab to make trouble within the alt right. They play both ends against the middle.

Notice that Trump always praises foreign leaders, even though his base does not like it. He flatters them, because he wants to work with them peacefully, and deep state does not like it, because they want to work with the bureaucrats of other countries against the leaders and peoples of those countries. Hence their love of frozen conflicts.

They fear that if President Trump is elected, he will interfere in the government. As the conflict between the deep state and the nations that they govern has become ever more severe, the old soft methods are failing. When they went after Sheriff Joe and General Flynn, they put naked violence on the table, as did the Senate of Rome when it killed the Gracchi brothers. You cannot return to a republic after that. Pandora’s box has been opened, and what has escaped cannot be stuffed back in again.

Having resorted to more extreme methods, naked violence against officers of the Republic and naked theft of elections against the people, these method remain on the table, rendering the old soft power methods irrelevant. If Trump or similar becomes president, he can only exercise authority by using such methods.

“Yes Minister” is a story about soft power methods. Sneakily manipulative, but very civilised. But if the bureaucrat in that story, Sir Humphrey Appleby, employed naked violence, well then, the other power holder in that story, Jim Hacker, would have to employ naked violence also. And, of course, no one rules alone. In real life, there are a lot more than two players. If you have a poker game, and one player pulls a gun, everyone has to pull a gun.

Trump said “Pandora’s box has been opened”. So, though mired deep in normality bias, he is not so old that he cannot see. This is the new normal. Everyone can see. There is no going back. The time for Kings has come. In the event that Trump is allowed to be elected, the old normal will not return.

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  1. Steelkilt says:

    The other day someone on here brought up not-BAP book. About a hundred pages into it and he’s talked a bit about the Tutsis, so I am even more interested, Jim, in what you have to say about them. He’s also picking up some of the threads I’ve seen you lay out about PIE religion, warrior cults, so on. Not sure if he is a reader or if it simply that these are recent discoveries and the implications of these discoveries are only utterable in the hinterlands.

    As before, I have a few questions:

    1. is BAP actually, as a man I greatly respect tells me, a gay jew? I don’t follow eceleb drama and before this book assumed he was nothing more than that.

    2. haven’t delved into your early stuff, but if I remember from a quick look a while back you started this blog as an ancap/Ron Paul guy. I find myself in that same boat and look around and see it swamped and manned by trannies and grifters. Do you have a short history or series of posts outlining your changing views? For me, covid and the summer of George hit like a cold wave that washed away almost everything I believed and I have been trying to make better sense of the world as it does not seem to accord with what I believed at the time.

    Thanks, Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    • jim says:

      I am still an ancap Ron Paul Murray Rothbard guy, but Holy War is coming. An ancap society is going to get instantly crushed.

      For anarcho capitalism to work, there has to be broad agreement on what is legitimate violence, and what is illegitimate violence. And where an anarcho capitalist society borders a society with different opinions these matters, there is apt to be genocidal holy war.

      • Steelkilt says:

        Do you have thoughts on Rothbard’s deontological ethics or do you think it is irrelevant to our current historical situation?

        What do you think of Mises? Human Action is a formative book for me but I can’t get past his utilitarianism and I am also unsure of his historical analysis, especially regarding how “voluntary” the transition from precapitalist guild-feudal economy to capitalist economy was. Note that I am no longer sure it matters how voluntary it was but Mises seems to hinge a lot of his argument on it being so. If I remember correctly, been a few years since I read it.

    • jim says:

      If someone is gay, he just cannot help leaving behind great piles of evidence that he is gay. Bap has not generated such evidence. A gay has fucked a thousand men, and looking for a thousand more is his full time job. Gay behaviour is suggestive of a parasite spread by sexual contact taking over the victim’s brain and controlling him.

      No idea whether BAP is gay Jew, and the usual suspects have reason to promote that idea, so allegations that he is a gay jew should be viewed with appropriate suspicion and cynicism.

      In particular confidently assuming some fact is very much a manipulative shill tactic. An honest person who believed that BAP was a gay jew would not assume that everyone already agreed and knew he was gay Jew, but point to evidence suggestive of gayness and Jewishness. When someone assumes as uncontroversial and well known something that is far from certain, it is usually not uncertain at all, but flagrantly false on the level with trooferism and flat earth.

      Just as if the poster girl turns out to be poor example of thing claimed, you can conclude that the thing claimed is not merely rare, but nonexistent for all practical purposes, if someone assumes widespread knowledge and agreement about some fact, for example assumes that building seven fell straight down on its foundation like a demolition, you don’t have to check the videos. You can know for sure it fell over sideways towards the holes in its structure created by terrorist damage, or he would not be assuming that it fell down straight.

      • Steelkilt says:

        Interesting way to look at it. The man in question is a personal friend and family member who has been on this side of the river and who tried to get me to see that my ancap utopia would get instantly crushed by the holy war that he saw coming, and that I did not, for years. So if it is shilling it’s not from him. Unless he is some very deep Hollywood style secret agent targeting me for the past decade and I am not worth that. Or maybe anonymous conservative is right and if so, well, not much we can do

      • Steelkilt says:

        I should add that I disagree with this friend- as we often do- and think that BAP is probably not a gay jewish shill and that even if he is he says things that seem to me to be the truth, at least in the Selective Breeding book. He fills in holes left by authors ancient and modern, including Girard and many interpretations of Plato and Homer, while building on aforementioned arguments about the PIE peoples and so on.

      • Steelkilt says:

        One more addition because your poster girl paragraph reminded me:

        what bearing does stories of women on the american frontier fighting indians have on the WQ? Seems you have a few good examples of good women waiting for their man like Penelope, plenty of women assimilating red or white, and whole lot of reluctance and trying to not talk about it today.

        • jim says:

          > what bearing does stories of women on the american frontier fighting indians have on the WQ?

          Women fought Indians on the American frontier?

          Astonished to hear this, so I googled for it. First link that came up was this one, seven gutsiest women on the American frontier. After reading the first four exemplars of gutsy women, I rapidly came to the poster girl conclusion – no gutsy women on the American frontier.

          Female toughness is exemplified in child bearing. They were looking for women who exemplified toughness in masculine ways, could not find any.

          Of course there were plenty of tough women on the frontier. But not what these guys were looking for.

          • Steelkilt says:

            I don’t mean women fighting on the frontier. Annie Oakley was a carny act, after all.

            I mean that on the american frontier we have plentiful examples of women being carried off by indians and then assimilating into the captors’ tribes. We also have some examples of women being captured by indians and then finding ways to escape or to make it easier for rescuers to find them. I know when I came across your discussion of the WQ here I was able to readiy draw on some historical examples to check it against.

            But yea I don’t even need to check that link to know what kind of bullshit it will be. Hell the outlaw women, like Belle Starr and Bonnie Parker, just serve to really drive your argument home.

          • gaikokumaniakku says:

            I do not know of any case where a woman fought Indians.


            give a few examples of huntresses of the Old West. Many, many women used firearms to hunt animals for meat and leather in the Old West. I have seen some outstanding examples in printed books that I no longer own. One interesting case was a married woman who was very good with firearms but who was hated by the other married women of her community for being a nonconformist. Sadly, I do not have further documentation of her case at this time.

            There is plenty of female toughness (aside from raising babies) that contributes to family survival. Women should be able to hunt and forage, in my opinion. Being good with a gun is not a male trait. Plenty of women can handle a firearm when necessary and still be feminine in appropriate ways at appropriate times.

          • Epimetheus says:

            My paternal Irish frontier grandmother was apparently an insufferable cunt, but one of my most vivid memories of her is her going through our gigantic vegetable garden for 8 hrs straight on the hottest day of summer to pick thousands of potato bugs off the potato plants – this, at around 80 years old. She just wouldn’t stop; she was out there every day for weeks to make sure they stayed gone.

            Apparently she produced something like 250+ custom graphic designed high quality quilts by hand in her lifetime, along with dozens of other women doing the same thing. My comfort blanket as a boy was a turquoise/green scene of a whitetail deer of higher quality than anything you’d find at a store. She produced it as a second thought before I was even born.

            The women of old were tough, but it was an adamantine maximum endurance kind of toughness. A woman who could put up with abuse and hardship and non-stop heavy labor for decades and never even think of divorce or apostasy, much less something as pitiful as feeling sorry for themselves. The work ethic was pretty much infinite.

            An iron merciless morality, right and wrong, white and black, no doubts and no self-pity. I don’t think it even exists anymore – and of course they extended that pitilessness to their husbands – but it really was an iron strength. People who’ve never encountered it will have no concept.

            • Epimetheus says:

              On the other hand, my grandfather thought it nothing to pack a 100lb sack of grain under each arm up a vertical ladder into a loft a dozen times in a row, so there’s that.

            • The Cominator says:

              Iron cunts of that kind who seem to draw energy from bile and spite… have always existed, and while if I ran a business and needed someone to act as a matron to female employees I’d hire one… they aren’t people you want to have around very much.

              Rural women of old were tougher because pre industrial farmwork (even the lighter farmwork women did) was hard on women and so was frequent childbirth especially if it was and is a hard pregnancy. This has not been the case since probably the 1920s.
              > Knitting and quilting tough
              No, women like doing that shit its not tough for them at all. Most modern women are just fem psyopped into not getting into it but once they get into it women are prettymuch hardwired to love knitting, embroidery etc. Its not a hardship on them to do it at all once they get over the learning curve its like playing video games for women.

      • alf says:

        My thoughts on BAP:

        Spandrell had a blog post a long time ago, the BAP trap, accusing BAP of being gay. There’s some circumstantial clues that way — does he have wife and children? Why post a naked man on christmas with only a present in front of his crotch? I get that it’s his whole aesthetic physique poasting, but sometimes it comes off as gh3y.

        But otherwise, no major reason to go on a witch hunt. As long as there’s no evidence either way, I’m an agnostic giving him the benefit of doubt.

        Never heard the accusation that he’d be a Jew, sounds like the typical flat earth NWO lizard shill script. He certainly doesn’t act stereotypically Jewish.

        My only major gripe with BAP is his pride – he marginalizes Christendom because he dreams of barbarian armies and Nietszchean conquerors. Man is re-inventing the wheel. He shares some ideas of this blog, some very important ones, but some other very important ones, which we believe are required for long-term, large scale cooperation, he does not.

        But otherwise not much negative to say about the guy. He’s pissing off the right enemies.

        • The Cominator says:

          BAP USED TO at least seemingly have the perversion (i used to be on another forum with him), get the impression he cured himself through self adminstered shock treatment or some other method of inflicting pain whenever he felt perverted impulses and prostitutes.

          • Steelkilt says:

            Cominator, I always like your comments here because you seem to have a lot of weird first hand knowledge of things like internet esoterica and strippers. One time I saw you posting on 4chan and it was evident pretty quickly that it was you.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              I can only pray TC is not single handily responsible for monger threads on /gif/. Bro, you’re not a sperg, stop saying that, get married, have children. I’d like to live in a world with a bunch of little TCs running about.

      • Fidelis says:

        The writer of the book in question, who is almost certainly BAP as a facefag, is self-admittedly of Jewish descent. Seems unlikely to me he enjoys group sodomy, instead enjoys riling up those very intested in appearing holy.

        However, I don’t fully trust BAP, as there is a destructive gnosticism that rears out from time to time, even if he very adequately points out and attempts to fight the serious spiritual poisons of the modern world. If you’ve followed him for a bit you may recognize what I’m talking about. He struggles to justify life, and cops out with ‘higher life is the only life worth living’, and just runs with the paradox that by measuring life through aesthetic orderings you are left unbounded. There is always an even higher form. He takes the Promethean liberty but does not accept his being bound in the lower world we exist in, which results in rage against creation.

        • Hesiod says:

          Well said. Your second paragraph along with alf’s gripe mirror closely my own misgivings while reading Selective Breeding over Christmas. BAP’s dissertation was bookended by Stone Age Herbalist’s two essay collections which coincidently provided a deep history critique I’m still brewing. It’s a gift to see this discussion already here and I thank everyone for the musings. Merry belated Christmas to you all, especially Pax’s dog. 😉

          • Steelkilt says:

            Said better than I could, and though I am not ready to agree with it yet I do have the same suspicion. The same can be said of Zero HP Lovecraft I think.

            How’s the second Stone Age Herbalist collection? The first one is great even if the dang font is so tiny.

            • Hesiod says:

              Not ready to jettison our philosopher of mystery just yet as Bronze Age Mindset is too entertaining and while the dissertation form is perhaps inherently repetitious and tedious, Selective Breeding still contains a wealth of information, particularly the complexity of translating meaning from the original sources. The treatment of Homer, Pindar, and Socrates was valuable mentoring. BAP’s future cultivation of his own nature hopefully will include pondering Jimian Christianity with attention paid to the proposed deep historical roots. The archaeological evidence hints Serpent Christ’s rebellion has existed for ages.

              And on that note, SAH’s work enters the scene with his grisly tales of diabolism, modern and ancient. Still have a third of Skull Cults and Corpse Brides remaining, but the jewels encountered so far demand recommendation, although perhaps not conducive to Christmas cheer.

              • alf says:

                BAP’s future cultivation of his own nature hopefully will include pondering Jimian Christianity

                Will he though? It seems that things rarely work out that way.

                The same can be said of Zero HP Lovecraft I think.

                Yes. And this is as any good a moment for a long end-of-year effortpoast on social media alt-right celebs.

                Men like BAP and ZHL on twitter, and Trevor Goodchild on Gab, to my mind, are all different sides of the same coin. They are talented men with no roots.

                If you have no roots, you must shoot them yourselves. You must use the force of your personality to create something resembling a religious cult — which is great fun, if successful. But it is stupidly hard to get right, to create something that is transferable across time.

                Let’s do a thought experiment. Say all three men disappeared. Only their oeuvre remained. In a hundred years time, could you use their oeuvres to build a civilization that colonizes mars? One might even imagine feeding their oeuvres into an AI that somehow gives coherent answers:

                ‘BAP-bot, I met a girl yesterday I liked. How do I woo her?’
                – ‘Tonight you will dream of leopard, tomorrow you shall take her for coconut juice.’
                ‘What, the girl or the leopard?’
                – ‘Yes.’

                ‘Goodchild-bot, my brother is being an asshole. What should I do?”
                – ‘Call him a nigger-jew and punch him in the face.’
                ‘That seems excessive?’
                – ‘Cope, seeth and mald you pussy.’

                I’d add one for ZHL, but not familiar enough with his content.

                Obviously I’m stacking the deck here somewhat, but the point should be clear — besides their knack for entertainment, their content is as successful as it is because it is attached to them as men, as leaders in the online space. While they are present, their content is a great schelling point. But without their presence, it is subpar social technology.

                Now comes obviously the part where I say why Jim’s content is different.

                Jim’s content is different. For one, it is not hard to imagine a coherent Jim-bot answering both questions from above in a manner that actually makes sense — the first answer being something in line of ‘read my posts on game’, the second answer in line of ‘walk an extra mile to be a good brother’.

                But the biggest reason is that Jim’s ideas are rooted. Rooted in historical Christianity, rooted in historical civilization. Once you take an interest in history, it becomes stupidly apparent that Christianity and high civilization cannot be seen as separate entities. Western civilization started when Clovis converted to Christianity and conquered France, when the Christian king Alfred the great conquered England. Christendom equaled peak Roman civilization by ±1500, and in the following centuries far, far surpassed it.

                Of course, currently we do not live in that Christian civilization. We live in a post-Christian society, ruled by an all but-open Satanic elite wearing Christian skinsuits.

                So what currently is happening is you have a lot of stuff that is obviously bad, and a lot of smart men that think of ways to fix that. And you get power and/or idea struggles of how to fix that.

                For many men, our ideas seem radical. After all, many men want to turn back the clock 10, 20, or even 60 years. ‘back in the 1950s, a man could still be a man!’ Compared to that, our proposal to turn back the clock a sloppy 400 years does seem radical indeed.

                But compared to these alt-right social media men, our ideas are very tame indeed! For we merely wish to ‘reset’ into a civilizational OS that verifiably worked, while each one of them is trying to build a completely new one, Terry Davis style.

                A great way to think of Jim is to think of him as a very prolific Luther. Luther said: ‘the churches are corrupt, we must remain true to Christ.’ And even though Luther wanted to work together with the Catholic church, he was at first ignored, later excommunicated. But because he was right, protestant Christendom grew into a more powerful force than catholic Christendom.

                Jim similarly says: ‘the churches are corrupt, we must remain true to Christ.’ Similarly, ignored, and if he were a namefag, no doubt excommunicated. But similarly – right. Very right. And that is why I believe Jimian Christendom will grow into the most powerful force yet. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk, have a good new year.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Compared to that, our proposal to turn back the clock a sloppy 400 years does seem radical indeed.

                  Then stop advertising it as 400 years ago (even if true). As Islamic countries have technologically modernized, and as Russia has accidentally and blindly stumbled back into a version of Christianity that works, it has become clear it’s not a matter of turning the black backwards, but merely doing something that works better than what we have now.

                  All the stories that can be told have already been told. All fashion that can be done has already been done. All the culture that can be had has already been had. I greatly exaggerate, but the point is that a major part of making a functional thing mainstream is retelling an old good as if it were new and groundbreaking.

                  >Terry Davis style

                  Absolutely tragic. He actually did come close to reinventing the OS from the ground up. Had he not been schizo, might have created a highly viable alternative to Linux.

                  BAP not quite Davis style though. Many great men are desperately grasping at anything they possibly can. They are lost in an abyss of nihilism. We live in an “ironic” culture, and his “gay” posting is little different from my high school buddies that ironically said “white power” some 10+ years ago (for non-regulars, I’m Asian). BAP is no more gay than my friends were white supremacists (they had “black” friends). I was not afraid of them being KKK-Hitler-Nazi-Nazi-Facists, but I was deathly afraid some nigger would over hear and start shooting. Doing such things were edgy and dangerous and fun for them. Likely BAP is doing something edgy, dangerous, and fun.

                  I do not believe there’s Gnosticism at the root of his problem. Nihilism is a completely different beast, and in someways far more corrosive. BAP has been trying to build something to fill the abyss, and yes that’s “re-inventing” the wheel, but in today’s culture it doesn’t look like re-inventing the wheel because knowledge of the wheel has been pretty well obliterated.

                • alf says:

                  Then stop advertising it as 400 years ago (even if true).

                  It’s a tricky thing. On the one hand I imagine it is pretty obvious that, since the chief proponent of this plan is an off-the-grid software engineer who programs crypto in his spare time, we are not proposing to literally go back to wigs and wooden ships. We mean it in the sense of social technology; that men would walk upright and proud, and that if you worked wise and hard, you would be rewarded and move up in society. It’s a meme designed to correct the shame and guilt we have internalized regarding our past.

                  But on the other hand you are right that although we say go back in time, we really mean go forth and conquer the stars.

                • Fidelis says:

                  >I do not believe there’s Gnosticism at the root of his problem.

                  Then you haven’t seen him repost the monks that killed themselves through self mummification, or his admiration of the early Christians that would sit atop pillars in meditation until their legs withered to nothing. Or how about the tale of the man and the volcano, an ancient greek tale, where the point of the story was destruction of the body to attain glory in another world. I recognize his gnosticism clear as day, because it is something I have inside myself to contend with.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >I imagine it is pretty obvious

                  We [jim blog regulars] are all aware we don’t mean “wigs and wooden ships”, but the message that gets disseminated to the wider NRx audience mostly turns into a “return to tradition” message [which they understand as restore Chesterton’s Fence], which 9 out of 10 times to the normies means “back to wigs and wooden ships”. I’d like to think we are upstream of general NRx, we probably are, so hopefully difference messaging on our part will work its way downstream.

                  I remember seeing a Twitter post by Wrath of Gnon saying that tradition isn’t the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire. It’s very true, but normie latches on “tradition” and thinks wigs.

                  Western Taliban (remember him?) probably had the right idea about messaging. The Taliban has become “modern”. Even if their ideas are as old as the Quran. NRx needs something similar. Redressing the old in the “new” is as old as time. Christian Nationalism is doing that on an almost instinctual or accidental drive, but it’s fumbling in the dark. Much like Russian Orthodoxy, without a guiding framework, will be fumbling in the dark for a long time. I would very much like not seeing them fumble around for 3 decades like the Russians did after the regime ended.

                  >it’s not a matter of turning the black [clock] backwards

                  Ahhhh, the typos I sometimes make.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Then you haven’t seen him repost the monks that killed themselves […]

                  I have. From now on assume I’m familiar with BAP’s works (because I am).

                  There are many paths to self destruction. Some more esoteric than others. BAP is primarily admiring those willing to die for something such that it gives meaning to life in realspace materialism. BAP’s take on Mishima’s death:

                  “He reminded the Japanese that we are still here. We will not go anywhere, you will not get rid of us.”

                  Those are very material terms.

                  Gnosticism praises death as a means of escaping realspace meaning. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one.

                  Where BAP stumbles is a propensity to admire people attempting to create meaning regardless of it being true or false. This originates in a desperate rejection of nihilism. There is risk of this developing into Gnosticism, but for now BAP is still very much attempting to create meaning purely sequestered in materialism, which is what Selective Breeding is mostly about.

    • skippy says:

      BAP posted gene test results showing he is half Jewish by descent.

      His books are full of gay dogwhistles, and his twitter account is full of pictures of male underwear models, but no such open statement on the GQ.

      • The Cominator says:

        “BAP posted gene test results showing he is half Jewish by descent.”
        And… this is not a wignat site even if we agree wignats are right about race and iq, diversity+proximity, and race and crime.

        BAP has talked extensively on the gay mafia problem actually, he said one thing that has allowed the gay mafia problem to get massively massively worse is that basically any high trust space where straight men can meet without being hostile/weary of each other has been ruthlessly eliminated by the system. Faggot spaces though as sick and degenerate as they are they aren’t by default weary and hostile.

        • skippy says:

          I didn’t propose to draw any conclusion from the fact that BAP is [arguably] a Jew.

          I do find it intriguing that essentially every alternative voice available on the far right is Jewish, Gay, Indian, or whatever. Few or no voices from the demographic that is principally targeted by the state.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >Few or no voices from the demographic that is principally targeted by the state.

            Did you not answer your own curiosity? I am Asian. I grew up among the upper middle class progressive whites. I had significantly more social freedom to openly think and speak what I thought. Had I been white, I would have been much more harshly dealt with. From the moment a white American is born, they are inundated with targeted messaging from the state. Minorities*, along with most people, tend to go along with power, but they are not actively coerced, and thus in the oft chance they do run off into esoteric wilderness, they can explore it freely… well that was in the past. I’m increasingly feeling the noose of state power tightening around my neck. The rare Jew, Gay, Indian, or whatever is also feeling the noose tightening as well. Andy Ngo for example.

            Without freedom in the formative years to even contemplate ideas, much harder to even know they exist in later years, at least from self discovery. Of course that doesn’t prevent them from “radicalizing”. Give it time. White Americans are slowly going off the rails the state manufactures. We are already seeing this with Christians Nationalism, but the faith is still very young, and Jimian ideas are still very esoteric.

            *Minorities will follow the herd much more often than not because desire to fit in. See Korean American’s rapid adaptation of leftism as they assimilated. Went from majority conservative to overwhelmingly democratic in 40 years. The Vietnamese Americans are also well on their way.

            • skippy says:

              “From the moment a white American is born, they are inundated with targeted messaging from the state. Minorities*, along with most people, tend to go along with power, but they are not actively coerced, and thus in the oft chance they do run off into esoteric wilderness, they can explore it freely…”

              Yes, the state’s oppression can also itself be a cause of quietism as well as rebellion; on the other hand, there are also 10-100x as many Aryan whites in the USA as Jews. And there were noticeably more of them involved in political culture before the censorship campaign that began in the Trump years – compare the treatment of Anglin to the treatment of BAP.

              Regardless whether these people are sincere or insincere, the non-Jewish white in America also has to consider how far these leaders would remain loyal to them if they actually started to win. Right now, BAP has apparent safety, a large income, and lives in a world where all the most powerful countries are anti-anti-Semitic. Does he really have a motive to push the USG all the way over, and risk what might come next? Does an Asian-American who, while encountering numerous problems many caused by the state, really want to risk expulsion back to China or Vietnam? Of course as we are a long way from that point most don’t think about it – but actually Jews think about it all the time.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                >10-100x as many Aryan whites in the USA as Jews.

                Which just makes social pressure to conform 10-100x as strong. When you are the only Asian or whatever, things can be dismissed as, “oh he’s just the whatever”. When you are white you’re either “nice progressive” or “Hitler-Hitler-Nazi-Nazi”. Whites, if they are dissident, are much more likely to bottle things up.

                >the treatment of Anglin
                >Right now, BAP has apparent safety
                >Does an Asian-American who, while encountering numerous problems many caused by the state, really want to risk expulsion back to China or Vietnam?

                These are related. My father, grandfather, and great grandfather were well off “upper lower class” regime bureaucrats. That brings with it a degree of protection. It appears BAP and Yarvin enjoyed similar backgrounds. I hate to say it, but Anglin was a dirty peasant from Ohio, at least from the regime’s viewpoint. If you want to compare like to like, compare Anglin to Spencer. You’d see the regime has tried to co-opt Spencer rather than crush him.

                It’s not surprising that the pseudo aristocracy has enjoyed more pleasant treatment by the regime than the lower castes. As I said, this is changing. The regime is starting to eat itself, and people like BAP, Yarvin, and me are increasingly on the chopping block.

        • Steelkilt says:

          Agreed, and not trying to make a wignat argument. Haven’t gone too far down that rabbithole but my impression is that wignats exist first in the hearts of the ADL,

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Purported pictures of BAP doesn’t look phenotypically Jewish, nor does he behave Jewish. Yarvin is much more Jewish than BAP both spiritually and phenotypically. If NRx can accept Yarvin, then it must accept BAP… at least on the question of heritage.

      As for “gay dogwhistles”, who, other than BAP, knows? I prefer not to think too much about it. All of /fit/ has been described as “gay”. Much of the military is called “gay”. Are there gays in /fit/ and the military, probably, but such things are best left politely unseen because obsessing over it creates the environment that destroys male spaces.

      Unless it become obvious and disruptive, it should be ignored. Actual gays are obvious and disruptive. It is normal in Saudi Arabia for men who are friends to hold hands. In the West that would be seen as horrifically gay. It was normal in classical Greece to sculpt statues of men in the nude, their junk on full display, and homosex was also extremely abnormal, but likewise today is seen as very gay to model nude men.

      In keeping with BAM’s themes, BAP is likely just being provocative in his messaging when he puts masculinity on full “display”, and is unlikely because gay. What there’s a much better case for, and more worryingly, is a sublime case of nihilism. Nihilism far better explains his bachelor status, his transgressive provocativeness, and his attempt at “re-inventing the wheel”.

      • Fidelis says:

        Hard to tell from your post whether you know this or not, but he freely admits being Jewish. Piggybacking here to link his facefag twitter and end any mewling speculation as such things annoy me. His heritage in this case is not really an issue, seeing as he isn’t trying to be a feckless middleman parasite, but it is a fact of his heritage. I have more of an issue with him deciding to facefag. Nothing good comes from facefagging if you believe your ideas are truly acidic to the regime.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >mewling speculation

          Oh, I’m aware of him admitting Jewish heritage. He still does not look Jewish. He still does not act Jewish. I grew up among some Jews, he just does not fit in with notions of what Jew are. Is he really Jewish at this point? Does it even matter?

          I’m probably a quarter European or something. I look Asian. I act American(?)… Christian(?)… I’m not sure anymore how to classify but it’s clearly not European. Point is, trying to classify me as some kind of European would be kind of silly and pointless regardless of my heritage. Likewise, I think it would be folly to spend time on BAP’s Jewish heritage. He is something new and emerging. Yarvin has said similar of his children.

          Turns out the Kalergi plan has born unexpected fruits.

          >him deciding to facefag

          He got doxxed just like Yarvin and Anglin. At that point, being a facefag is unavoidable. Unlike Yarvin and Anglin, he has mostly tried to keep to his online personality separate from irl. Time will tell how effective the strategy will be. For now, let’s continue to humor the in group joke that “BAP is definitely not this Costin guy”.

          >Nothing good comes from facefagging

          Good for whom? If it’s a question about retaining character, depends on the person. Anglin has survived (I should really donate but I’m a goldbug-what-the-fuck-is-crypto-luddite), Yarvin not so much.

      • skippy says:

        “Purported pictures of BAP doesn’t look phenotypically Jewish, nor does he behave Jewish.”

        He’s a successful textual exegesist and marketer who is setting up a cult. That is basically the Jewish “thing”. Of course, it’s also something that any other oppositionist may try to do for tactical reasons – my main reason for considering this is not important is that the situation itself is such that Jewish skills are called for most of all, it can just be a coincidence. On the other hand, he dedicated SBBP to David Sidorsky whose interests appeared to be John Dewey (an early American Trotskyite) and Israel.

        “As for “gay dogwhistles”, who, other than BAP, knows? I prefer not to think too much about it. All of /fit/ has been described as “gay”. Much of the military is called “gay”. Are there gays in /fit/ and the military, probably, but such things are best left politely unseen because obsessing over it creates the environment that destroys male spaces.”

        His repeated choice to make references to gay culture as an example to be followed and to various pederastic historical circles (such the German George-Kreis, Mishima’s eagle scout club, and, as he points out, perhaps organized around Socrates himself as in Plato’s Symposium) alongside posting underwear models (not fighters, etc. who happen to be naked) is a bit more specific evidence than just that it’s a masculine space with (usually non-masculine) outsiders claiming that any public display of masculinity must be gay.

        Of course, I do not know for sure what’s going on in the man’s mind either.

  2. It would be progress — however small, but a crucial step — for the United States to move from being a corrupt system that is ostensibly clean, to an openly corrupt system. It cannot be fixed while half of the people still believe that the tyrants are good and wholesome leaders.

    • The Cominator says:

      How much more openly corrupt can they get?

      • From my perspective, they’re wide openly corrupt. But look around you and it’s clear that half the nation still has the blinders on. They can’t see the fnords. They still believe the MSM. They truly believe that conservatives are nazis.

        • jim says:

          Fewer and fewer normies believe the MSM. They have more employees than viewers. The legacy media is dead. Nobody watches or reads the official news, and even the woke cannot stand the latest Marvel movie, though they very cleverly find non crimethink reasons for hating it.

          The idea of America is dead. The normies liked the old idea, they don’t like, and in their hearts, do not believe the new idea, though like Havel’s greengrocer, they give lip service if they know what is good for them. And even in the elite, we are seeing obvious signs of insincerity. The question now is, are there enough true believers in the elite flame out like the Khmer Rouge? I thought there were. Maybe I was wrong, but I still predict a big explosion in 2026 that will leave a whole lot of people dead, and a whole lot of property destroyed, as the true believers attempt to immanentize the Eschaton, and the sane attempt to destroy them. The holy have been getting ever more powerful. Also, ever fewer.

          • The Cominator says:

            The elite are old very old and there is no true belief among them but they seem determined to leave the world a hell on earth to match the one they are going to.

            The scary thing is there are a lot of true believing zoomers and younger millenials though… I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with them but they exist. Zoomers are by and large completely dysfunctional people somehow (even the non autistic ones can’t have sex because they unironically think on a deep level that female consent is real when the reality is women fucking hate consent, most real female sexual fantasties involve rape and/or rape with impregnation) but that so many younger millenials believe that the problem is that until now because of the reactionary boomers and gen xers who are racist sexist capitalist pigs that leftism failed because it wasn’t pure and holy enough… they are going to be a huge fucking problem.

            • jim says:

              > The scary thing is there are a lot of true believing zoomers and younger millenials though…

              Yes, the faith is still live, hence I predict the collapse will be more terrible than that of the Soviet Union, whose faith was very thoroughly dead.

              But what is happening to the mainstream media tells me the faith is not near as live as it was. The disintegration of the censorship machine, and the official dissent on the Ukraine, tells me the faith is having big problems.

  3. Sher Singh says:

    [*mystery link deleted on sight*]

    • jim says:

      Your links are seldom useful or relevant, and I can no longer be bothered checking them out. Unexplained mystery links will be silently deleted on sight from now on. They might get through if you comment on the link explaining how it supports your position, and quote relevant and interesting material from the link.

  4. The Cominator says:

    BTW since there is a lot of bad christmas music I’ll post a list of the best stuff – Andy Williams – The First Noel Silent Night – Bing Crosby version – Fairytale of New York – The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl. Yes it was made in fairly modern times by potato niggers and its still great The Royal Guardsmen – Snoopy v the Red Baron Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) yes sung by nigger women still great. You probably heard it in Gremlins and/or Goodfellas Also from the Goodfellas soundtrack Baby its cold outside – Dean Martin version

  5. dave says:

    Samsung Texas fab wont be online until 2025 at best, reason unspecified, although the article cites permits and govnerment support as reasons. previously TSMC announced delays in the Arizona fabs due to lack of skilled workers and were bringing them from Taiwan.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Unless the Thermidorans really start ripping and slaying soon, the only way to keep incompetent people out of one’s factory will be to locate it overseas.

      That’s what’s made Taiwan so special for manufacturing. A free-ish market economy, a Chinese-only workforce and more building space than Singapore or Hong Kong could ever dream of.

      Here’s hoping The Russki Mir can pull off a Slavic version.

      Just imagine the pressure Elon is under to pack his Gigafactories with Shaniqua. I can’t imagine how he does it. Thus Teslabot, I presume.

    • Aidan says:

      Do the Taiwanese chip masters have hire/fire power, or do they have to attempt to train a random assortment of diversity hires and local methheads? Is the company even allowed to acknowledge that the skilled workers are skilled, and deserve a fabulous salary, or do they pay a master chipmaker the same amount as a normal factory floor worker with few valuable skills?

      Samsung probably uses a system that looks a lot like apprenticeship in Taiwan. They’re not legally allowed to restore apprenticeship in the US.

      • gaikokumaniakku says:

        >Do the Taiwanese chip masters have hire/fire power, or do they have to attempt to train a random assortment of diversity hires and local methheads?

        I doubt that Taiwan has meth-heads. Even though a very small number of very motivated Taiwanese manage to get hard drugs, meth is not evident.

        >Is the company even allowed to acknowledge that the skilled workers are skilled, and deserve a fabulous salary, or do they pay a master chipmaker the same amount as a normal factory floor worker with few valuable skills?

        Even the “normal” factory floor workers in a chip factory have quite a few skills. The highly-paid elite workers are justifiably proud of their considerable skills, but also under constant pressure to perform better and better until they burn out. The chip business is prestigious, but for most workers, the pay does not measure up to the intense social/psychological stress. And so the highly skilled Taiwanese frequently do not have the psychological strength to make babies and raise them, and so Taiwan’s birth rate continues to drop. We can pray for a new era, in which Taiwan’s birth rate flourishes, but Taiwan is heavily compromised by American propaganda, so it does not look like an easy project. “Bad times make strong men,” but those strong men might die without making babies.

    • We should start deporting shaniquas to China.

  6. Halion says:

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

  7. Pilgrim says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Jim.

    Likewise to the commenters, some good thoughts about the church. I don’t know which way to turn. RC has gotten too pozzed, and the Pope is a Jesuit. It’s finished. The church belongs to the whores of Babylon now.

    I like how the lads these days are responding to the “yes” meme. They crave holy war but you don’t get that with faggot Pope or pagan Caesars.

  8. Zorost says:

    “Elections were, and in some countries still are, relatively free and fair, because the candidates and parties have identical policies and an elaborate system to prevent any outsiders from gaining traction.”

    In a multicultural nation, democracy is a headcount to see who gets to be tyrant.
    In an ethnostate, democracy is redundant.


    “The time for Kings has come.”

    When the time comes, let’s hope we have some contiguous territory of fellow travelers.

    • jim says:

      We are always ruled by a small minority, and that small minority always has a common faith.

      So, what faith? If the current faith commits suicide, I am betting on the Christian Nationalists. We don’t need a majority to rule. Majorities never rule.

      We don’t need a physically contiguous majority. When Constantine raised the Christian banner it is unlikely that majority of his officers were Christian, but no one believed in the official faith, and they knew that some of their fellow officers believed in those banners, so, saluted.

      • TheDividualist says:

        Which is why I am not sure losing faith in the will-of-the-people myth in itself results in Caesar. The current myth is a mixture of rule of the best (in the education sense) and a myth of no rule, only procedure. People did believe in things like this in the past. There is obvious incompetence, but the concept of antiracism cuts really deep – if we are not better than Africans, why should things go better than they do in Africa? The expectations of competent government in the past were based on a sense of superiority, maybe not explicitly biological, but at least cultural and institutional. It is in a sense racist to expect the trains to run on time.

        So Step 0 is to somehow revive the racist expectation of competent government.

        • jim says:

          If people lose faith in the Republic due to rigged elections and the silencing of speech. No Republic.

          If no Republic. Kings.

          • Zorost says:

            Not necessarily. Depends on how things go. Roman Republic didn’t revert back to a monarchy, but became an empire. I think we are pretty close to a Putin/ Xi style “president for life”, which is basically what the Roman Emps claimed to be. Just like before, only ‘for life’!

            After the Empire fell, it was still a few hundred years before you got kings instead of squabbling warlords. I simply don’t see government disappearing and allowing for something new to rise. There may be a lot of Christians in America, but few are monarchist. I’m not even sure how many are White.

            Constantine raised a Christian banner, but he had the power to raise a banner, and Christianity was a warrior religion at the time. Currently, we don’t seem to have anyone even slightly adjacent to our NRx beliefs with the ability to raise a banner of any kind, and Christianity has been emphasizing the slave religion aspects for a long time now.

            • A2 says:

              Deep state unelecteds with stretchy emergency powers overseen by a figurehead presidency (why not elect a retard this time?) and a collection of controllable bastards in senate and house. Hang on, are we already there? Why is the black budget larger than the regular budget this year?

              Might be interesting to see if that ‘triumvirate’ shakes out to a single emperor in a while. There are quite a lot of agencies to defeat first.

              • Zorost says:

                Yeah, I wonder if a Triumvirate has already been formed. The OG version started out as a secret, and was only revealed later on.

                Pompey: military support
                Caesar: popular support
                Crassus: big money

                Who will (or has) taken those slots? I’m not even sure the possibilities are in the public eye.

  9. Sher Singh says:

    Bro, I kind of support Israel.

    • jim says:

      Naturally, since you are Global American Empire shill – albeit they give their Sikh troublemaker division a longer leash than most, as they gave the Azov nazis a longer leash than most.

      Israel and Hamas deserve each other every bit.

      • Sher Singh says:

        I just hate Muslims..

        Like there are many stalwart Muslims, and many aspects of the society I fundamentally like.

        Islam as a whole? No.

        I just can’t reflexively support a Semitic population against mostly R1a Ashkenazis.

        • jim says:

          If the Jews are not all that Semitic, neither are the Palestinians. We don’t really know who the Philistines were, but they were part of the sea peoples, who seem to have been mostly, but far from entirely, Aryan.

      • someDude says:

        IT’s very difficult for any Dharmic India to support Islam against any adversary, even the cathedral, essentially the entire enemy of an enemy thing. But our resident Pseudo-Sikh does not support Israel for the Dharmic reasons, as you so rightly pointed out

    • TheFeebleClone says:

      In the sense that withdrawing aid would have saved Ukrainian lives? The “we’re behind Israel” faction is a good place to be. Let them feel secure, make promises you can’t keep and Israel will have to confidence to spark a regional war it can’t survive.

      [By the way, I’m hardly an expert on anything, least of all Geopolitics. But if I hated Israel, that’s what I’d be doing… ‘Yea, you can take Iran. Easy.”, “You have Putin on the ropes! We’ll repatriate our Ukrainian population.”]

  10. Vlad says:

    Post sound right but until there’s a satisfactory explanation of why destroy a great superpower and its people no theory ultimately makes sense
    It’s not graft they already had that and from a bigger pie they already ruled more of the world now are losing control
    A smaller more technologically advanced wealthier civilized people better than high violence low IQ useless mouths unless high violence low IQ needed to destroy
    This is why I prefer the Jew model they simply hate us enough to do this but I’m open to an explanation moldbergs theory that it’s college professors virtue signaling out of control inadvertently defeated the deep state of the 50s/60s is suspiciously as ridiculous as blaming Protestants instead of Jews

    • jim says:

      That they simply hate us is obvious. But the flaw in the Jew theory. that the problem is that Jews hate us. is history. Not a Jew in sight during the War of Northern Aggression. Not a Jew in sight when women were emancipated.

      And Israel succumbs also. The payload in the Jew theory is that we would be fine with some slightly different variant of leftism – as for example Israel’s leftism or the leftism of Azov Brigade or the leftism of Nazi Germany or the leftism of Lincoln. The flaw in the Jew theory is that our enemies not only hate us, they hate themselves.

      This is what Moldbug’s theory explains, and the Jew theory fails to explain. The absolutely biggest problem problem is the attack on marriage, which began with the Brownists, before the Puritans were called Puritans (they are forever changing their name, as the thing named keeps developing a bad smell.)

      The problem with the Jew theory is that political solutions based on it will not enable us to reproduce successfully. The problem with the Jew theory is that our enemies are unable to reproduce either – hence the joke that the difference between Trump and his enemies is that he has Jewish grandchildren, and they do not. Our enemies reproduce memetically be stealing other people’s children.

      • Zorost says:

        There were jews involved in CW1 (Judah P. Benjamin, etc.), although as far as I know they weren’t actively pushing for it as a group. However, there were only a small # of people actively pushing for it (abolitionists) and the jews are great at taking over or at least influencing groups like that. Back then they weren’t as open as they are now, so it’s difficult to say for certain either way.

        Jews benefitted after the fact as well; Grant and others had to issue standing orders banning jews from newly conquered territory because their carpet-bagging was pissing off the Southerners even more than getting beaten in war.

        I think it was more the case that they had reached peak Jew in the UK, and so the excess jew elites were casting about, looking for a new host. As far as I can see with limited sources for the time, they didn’t have much hard influence till post-WW2. Although they did manipulate us into WW1, that seemed to be a one-of rather than an entrenched jewish influence pushing a button to make it happen.

        • S says:

          The big Jewish wave to the North was in 1848 (from the failed revolutions of that year); specifically liberal German Jews (US Jewish population 1840 15,000; 1850 50,000). Abolitionists calling for the immediate end of slavery starts in 1831 with Garrison.

          General Order No. 11 in 1862 was to combat Jewish involvement in cotton smuggling, not carpet-bagging.

          England’s Jewish population in 1800 was 17,500, rising to 60,000 by 1881. I don’t think they were suffering from elite oversupply.

          • Zorost says:

            I’m not talking about poor jews that made shoes for a living, but elite jews that were into finance and politics, etc. It takes very few to fill up all the parasitical niches, and the pre-1900 UK population figures are whatever jews felt sounded right since actual numbers weren’t counted.

            Cotton smuggling was a subset of carpet-bagging, which included taking advantage of the South to make money. The government and media reacting to claims of “anti-semitism” in Order #11 shows that the semites had been at work even by 1862.

            • S says:

              Jews Relief Act was in 1858, Universities Tests Act 1871, 1858/85 for first Jew in Commons/Lords. Comparably, Catholic Emancipation was in 1829.

              Cotton smuggling refers to trading with people in the Confederacy in order to acquire cotton (Butler in New Orleans also complained about Jewish involvement). It is treasonous towards the US government, but I can’t see how it is exploiting the South. The Jewish connection is Lincoln.

              • Zorost says:

                As usual, none of what you say is relevant and most of it is incorrect. Cotton trading was exploiting the South because it was a distressed war-torn economy. Carpetbaggers would come in, buy cotton for pennies on the dollar from starving people, then export it to Northern factories. As I said, it is a subset of carpetbagging.

                • S says:

                  Smuggling isn’t carpetbagging. Grant and Butler did not care about people being ripped off in the Confederacy (not the occupied territories, but land where the Stars and Bars still flew).

            • The Cominator says:

              The only elite Jew in UK politics prior to the poz setting in badly after the world wars was Benjamin Disraeli and he really wasn’t that bad a guy.

              Yeah we know the Rothschilds got big after the Napoleonic wars but when they were the only really elite jewish family you can’t blame it all on the Jews.

              • Zorost says:

                I’m not blaming everything on Jews. I’m pointing out their life cycle, which explains much of their Euro history. They don’t necessarily pull the strings of everyone politically, but financially. It is mostly in recent times that the financial aspect has lead to them controlling media and finances, which lead to them being able to have such disproportionate political influence in a democracy.

      • The Cominator says:

        There are major major flaws in the Jew theory and there are a lot of flaws in the puritan theory especially when you get into the 19th century (when the remnant of believing Calvinists swung very right wing politically) but the Jesuit theory fits with everything.

      • Vlad says:

        [*payload deleted*]

        • jim says:

          We are always ruled by faith, because only a faith can give a group sufficient cohesion to rule. That we are ruled by a faith is obvious, and the content of this faith is obvious.

          Which is why you shills point in every other direction. People who can notice the ruling faith can freely talk about other directions (Jews, gay child traffickers, Jesuits, neocons, whatever.) People who are strangely unable to notice the glaringly obvious) are not allowed to point in all the other directions on this blog.

          Yes, there is a Jewish conspiracy. And a medical industrial conspiracy. And a military industrial conspiracy, among others. They are quite obviously real and important. Not to mention an Israeli lobby and an Israeli espionage service that collects blackmail material on US politicians and a gay child trafficker conspiracy. But the Jews in the Jewish conspiracy are progressive Jews, conversos to a postChristian faith, the capitalists in industrial complexes are progressive capitalists. And even the Jesuit conspiracy worships serpent Christ, not the Christian Christ. These are conspiracies within the faith, because you can never in any society anywhere ever hold state or quasi state office unless you adhere to the official religion. In our case, the officially unofficial religion.

          • The Cominator says:

            Given the downright demonic and self destructive actions of our elite its makes the most sense to assume the followers of this seemingly ancient demon serpent cult (not sure it has anything to do with Christ really except to mock him) is in control with a blackmailed gay mafia being their immediate subordinates.

        • Vlad says:

          What payload? I said most / early white leftism derives from a sincere desire to improve I didn’t say it did improve I certainly don’t endorse it white capitalism was similarly motivated in contrast to Jew capitalism that at least has reckless disregard for the well being of their hosts.
          You and moldberg yourselves claim white leftisms roots are Protestant is that not a sincere desire for better world?
          You like to skip over the details that don’t support your narrative [*deleted*]

          • jim says:

            You are arguing against a position when you are unable to acknowledge what the position is, and are pretending it is some completely different position. Such a discussion is unlikely to be profitable.

            Many of your arguments are deserve discussion, but discussion them with someone unable to admit what he is arguing against is unlikely to shed any light on the issues.

            I don’t think you are a shill, but so often you argue the way a shill argues.

            Protestantism was not motivated by desire for a better world. It was motivated by the ever accumulating pile of heresies of the Vatican. They wanted to restore Christianity to its Christian roots – and it was a huge and profitable success. Which motivated the Puritans to purify it even harder, holiness spiral ensued. Which continues to this day.

            Nothing makes sense except in the frame that there is always an official faith, in every state that ever there was or ever there will be, in our case an officially unofficial faith, only adherents of the faith are ever going to be allowed in state and quasi state offices, in every state that ever there was and ever there will be, and if you do not have some mechanism for keeping the priesthood in line, there is going to be a holiness spiral with each faction trying to be holier than all of the others.

            The Christian solution is that Christians are forbidden to advertise that they are unusually holy, even if they actually are, and that the King and his Bishops should have a short way with members of the elite who adhere to a faction that claims to adhere to official faith, but to be holier than the King and his Bishops.

            If you cannot acknowledge the problem and its solution, or at least acknowledge that your interlocutor thinks that is the problem and proposes restoration of the ancient and successful solution, nothing is going to make any sense.

            A state is too big to be a tribe, so it needs an elite tribe within the state. But that elite is itself too large to be a natural tribe, so has to be a synthetic tribe – a tribe built on a faith, such as communism, the God that failed. Or the Church of England, as in England from 1660 to 1820. Before the War of Northern Aggression, each of the American states had its own state religion, and the Vatican of New England was Harvard. After the War of Northern Aggression, the United States had one state religion, and its Vatican was still Harvard.

            Every state has a state religion. They die when their state religion dies of disbelief, or commits suicide by holiness spiralling. Or both. We are seeing both happens simultaneously now. The ruling tribe becomes incohesive. I expected this to swiftly escalate to lethal violence, because I over estimated the sincerity of the faithful. But it is starting to look more like Brezhnevian collapse – it is on both paths simultaneously, Khmer Rouge flaming sucide by excessive holiness, and gently falling apart from quiet cynicism like Brezhnev’s Soviet Union.

            And I am just not going to allow any debate where you implicitly and explicitly presuppose that your interlocutor does not think that, that no one thinks that, that it is not even thinkable.

            • Vlad says:

              I do think a people and a nation particularly one like the former United States that is an agglomeration of closely related but not same tribes needs a religion and or a culture. A nation needs ties that binds which is why an ethnonstate is job one it’s strange many on right can’t bring themselves to pass this one shill test yet have no problem claiming ideas even more unpalatable to Joe Sixpack are ok.
              Of course I see Protestantism as democratizing Christianity Everyman a pope which is leftist and how monarchy lost control of priests. Granted the church was corrupt
              Even if I didn’t see Christianity as utter cuckery theology I would still say restoring it is hopeless technology and leftism have destroyed our ability for enough citizens to believe in any religion that’s obviously absurdly ridiculously just not so. Conversely it’s a a void that needs to be filled with a right religion which Christianity is not and that religion could be reality the truth actual provable truth the truth that white people are destined to become godlike to take this entire planet and then the stars because we can and nature decrees those that can must and are right to. The Chinese the Mideast believe this of themselves we once did we once had a morality like this it was replaced with a Jew heresy that Jews eventually used to destroy us. I thought this was what reaction was aiming for but it gagged when prole alt rights reflected back what reaction clearly implying maybe reaction was full of Jews maybe just fags you’d know better than I.
              I won’t jump on the hitler was a leftist bandwagon because I think the larger thing about the nazis is they understood the power of a unified people nation even close related empire. They understood that everything needed to be weighed on whether it was good for the Germans the nordic European so physical health environmental health cultural health were not left to chance even capitalism was subordinated but not socialized
              I admit I’m not very well versed in details of them but that’s what I’ve read they had some corporatism didn’t we don’t we now isn’t it inevitable that you control capitalism or it controls you destroys you? You delete me when I mention this although I say I’m not recommending socialism at least as we understand it but rather asking that we admit how much damage capitalism has done to us and that it’s not our god simply a tool that’s served us well in some regards and badly in others and the claim that any strictures on it totally destroys it is nonsense if anything capitalism has proven it always survives structure from monarchs from religions from communists it always survives you can outlaw porn or Cocaine monopolies it doesn’t die I digress but this nazis were commies always seems a stretch they literally came to power by killing
              commies yes they nodded to the zeitgeist of that age socialism a reaction the last death throw of feudalism I don’t think had they won they would have gotten more leftist rather less so
              Perhaps we disagree on what is left and right. Evolution is right and that’s why we think of capitalism as right but evolution can only create more stronger life capitalism can destroy a people just as socialism can in nature evolution uses both traits particularly in apes
              But there’s a life or death judgement on morbid excess of either.
              So both are tools traits not the real thing what is rightism it is the preservation of one’s particular people their particular co evolved culture without which they can not survive and the ground from which they defend both anything that supports that is rightist and destroys it leftist at any given time or environment what those would be might change that’s evolution. There have been and will be times situations when a martial state a democratic state a monarchical state etc will conquer one of the infinite possible states democracies recently crushed aristocracies technologists conquered theologists this can will change don’t get caught up in oh but that’s leftist ask rather does this method support my people culture nation right now. Leftists were right about one thing morality is relative what’s good for a Jew maybe not so much for a gentile
              The last part of this and perhaps the actual chunk that spergy former libertarian neo reactionaries actually choked on is the insight the nazis seemed to get that whether we high IQ spergs like it or not we can not survive without the proles we live or die as a people and to make that work there’s going to be some socialistic tendencies this like capitalism can be controlled first the obvious problems of moral hazard we are well aware of but you can’t have your pavements littered with human debris leftists will make use of them when we could have made productive use of them but more importantly as the Nazis pointed out a nation can solve this with genetic health we could purposely shorten our left tail making us more homogenous and efficient commie chines w steve tsu help does this they abort and they are developing hicogs are they socialist ? Or hierarchial? AIACC

              • jim says:

                This is just nazi leftism, which is just yet another left wing faction, of which leftism has far too many.

                Leftism consists of chasing applecarts to knock over, and you want to knock over the applecarts of the people who are organising the production of goods.

                Socialism works great until you run out of other people’s stuff. The crisis of socialism bit Hitler just as he was launching the war against Russia, and his logistics devolved into chaos. Because the western allies went socialist later than Hitler, the crisis of socialism did not hit until 1944, when the war was almost over. On victory, the Americans immediately dismantled socialism, and most of the New Deal. The rest of the allies stumbled on into the ever greater chaos, poverty, and ruin of socialism, to 1949, when they also dismantled it.

                Up to the end of World War I, leftism was mostly nationalist, and nationalism was left wing, because they wanted to knock over the applecarts of Aristocrats, Kings, and Emperors. After World War II, leftism was globalist and internationalist, and nationalism was right wing, because nationalists object to internationalists knocking over their applecarts, the two empires of that period, America and the Soviet Union, being internationalist and leftist, and industriously knocking over applecarts all over the world.

                But leftism always self destructs eventually. The Soviet Union fell, and the Global American Empire is falling. A whole lot of applecarts are coming up for grabs, and we will probably see nationalist leftism again.

                • Vlad says:

                  [*deleted for assuming agreement and consensus on what is really in in dispute, rather than arguing for it, argument from false consensus*]

                • jim says:

                  I don’t think you are a shill. But so often you argue like a shill.

                  We are always ruled by priests or warriors. Merchants never rule, except they are warrior merchants like the pirates of the Golden Age Venetian Republic, the pirates and drug smugglers of Old Hong Kong, and the brigands of the East India company.

                  You are arguing for Nazi socialism. Did not work last time around. To debate you would be unprofitable, because your arguments are in the frame that no one thinks we are ruled by priests, and my arguments are in frame that we are ruled by priests, and you sail right ahead as if no one, not even me, argued from my frame.

                  Most people who argue for Nazi socialism are shills. You are probably not a shill, but you are arguing the same way they argue. Which just leads to a waste of space, because they ignore the interlocutor’s frame to force the interlocutor to argue from within the leftist frame, and I am not going to argue within the leftist frame.

                  High IQ people always organise around ideas. If you are arguing that the enemy is group X, where X where X is not a faction organised around an idea, you are just trying to knock over someone’s applecart. Which they may well deserve, and the apples might be very juicy, but it does not matter. It is just a distraction, and a leftist distraction. It is the matador’s cape, not the matador.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Happy New Year people.

                  Vlad, it’s one thing for you to tell us what you personally believe, quite another thing for you to talk as if we all agreed with you.

                  Do you really find Christianity unbelievable? Any particular reason? Or is that just something assumed in your social circle?

                • jim says:

                  Vlad does not know what Christianity, thinks it is something utterly different, demonic, and idiotic, and will not respond when it is explained to him that that is not Christianity – another shill characteristic – though if he is a shill, he is not shilling for our major enemies.

                  So he has excellent reasons to not believe what he claims Christianity is.

    • Zorost says:

      The jew explanation is that it’s part of their genetic and cultural nature to push to destruction. Check out Eustace Mullins’ “The Biological Jew.” Basically, there are species of plants and animals that have a sub-species that parasitizes off of the main species. Jews are one such example. I can’t remember if the next part is from his book or my own take on it, so grain of salt time:

      Parasites often have a much more complicated lifecycle than predator or prey. In both of those cases, the lifecycle is “birth, eat, breed, die.” Parasites often have to get eaten by intermediate hosts, and die before they can breed, for example the deer fluke. It infests a host species, eggs get pooped out by host, eggs get eaten by snails, snails get eaten by host species, which then reproduces in the host’s liver.

      Jews infest a society and push hard until they get pooped out, e.g. a pogrom. When they scatter, they spread their culture/ genetics to other hosts. This would select for groups that sped up this life cycle; the faster a pogrom happens, the faster the parasitical lifecycle reproduces. Even within a group, the individuals that pushed the hardest to get rich, taking chances, would be best situated to GTFO when the peasants with pitchforks and torches appear.


      I don’t think Jews are the sole or even major culprits, at least not any more. I think the best analogy of our system is a mega-corporation, with lots of different interests, departments, and subsidiaries all pushing for influence.

      The story used to control the middle management seems to be getting out of hand, however. I’m not sure any influence group currently has or can have the reins of power.

      Moldbug’s theory seems to be similar to Yuri Bezmenov’s revelations about the Soviet methods used to subvert us. The useful idiots/ phase 2-3 types no longer have a master, and are running wild, in spite of more conscious groups trying to control them.

      An interesting take on what really rules us, although I think he ignores the motivations of those at the top, likely because none of us can actually see such people for the most part:

      • S says:

        Expulsion from France and England was about shaking Jews down for money, not peasant massacres. After being booted out of Western Europe in the 13th century, Ashkenazi Jews moved to Eastern Europe and stayed there for the next 600 years.

        • Zorost says:

          So what?

          “Eastern Europe”
          So what?
          They also got pogromed a few times in that period:
          Breslau- 1267, 1319, 1349, 1360, 1453
          Khmelnytsky Uprising- 1648+
          Hungary- 1349, 1360
          Bohemia & Moravia- 1426
          Warsaw- 1484,
          “Jews settled in Warsaw during the 14th century, after the reign of King Kazimierz. Even at this early stage, non-Jewish townsmen felt hostility toward the Jews. In 1483, Jewish inhabitants were expelled from Warsaw. From 1527-1768, Jews were officially banned from the city.”


          • S says:

            ‘Jews infest a society and push hard until they get pooped out, e.g. a pogrom. When they scatter, they spread their culture/ genetics to other hosts. This would select for groups that sped up this life cycle; the faster a pogrom happens, the faster the parasitical lifecycle reproduces.’

            You are referring to expulsions here. Once they were in Eastern Europe, Jews stayed in the region. It is different from England (Jew free from 1290-1655), Spain (1492-1834), Portugal (1497-1821) or France (1394?-1648?).

            • Zorost says:

              They didn’t stay to eternity. They were pooped out of W Europe by pogroms, went to E Europe where they expanded and grew. Then they were pogromed in E Europe in a few times and a few places over the next few hundred years. Then post 1700 or so the pogroms started to get serious under the Tsars, with the last one being the nazis. This pooped them out of E Europe, with many moving on to new hosts like the US.

              Which is why if you look at the family history of many jews in power in the US today, you’ll see references to ancestors getting kicked out of Eastern Europe “for no reason but hate!” It is also why so many of today’s jews in power hate Russia; they still hear the sound of Cossack’s hooves coming in the night.

              • S says:

                The Jews were not pogromed out of West Europe- they were expelled. France and England was mostly about money (one of the intermediate expulsions was a year before the Templars), Spain was about religious conversion.

                Pogroms under the Tsars in the 19th/20th century killed about 2,000 Jews; the movement to the United States was about economic opportunity (since it was cheaper to move to other countries in Europe).

              • S says:

                In the spirit of being constructive, the main issue with your explanation is it is Lamarkian; if you want to look at selection, look at conversion. Jews could become Christians or Muslims so over time the existing Jewish populations grows more Jewish and inbred.

  11. ten says:

    Happy holidays, fellow racist far right extremists!

  12. The Cominator says:

    Merry christmas and happy new year to all men of goodwill.

    For leftists jesuits feminists and invading parasites from the 3rd world may the new year bring death to them all for we cannot live in peace with them

  13. simplyconnected says:

    Merry Christmas to all. May we have strength to face whatever it is that is coming this year.

  14. Bwana Simba says:

    Merry Christmas.

  15. Sher Singh says:

    The Indian state needs to apologize for Bluestar and make amends with Sikhs.

    Otherwise, things like this will continue to be one-offs:

    India is celebrating the Martyrdom of the Youngest Sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    Nihang Singhs are Baba Fateh Singh Ji’s warband.


    • someDude says:

      Relax pseudo-sikh

      The bitch is dead

      • Sher Singh says:

        Idk, just thinking of Dwarka.


        • someDude says:

          I’m all for making the Congress party apologize for bluestar by lining up feet wide and getting their nuts kicked up their throats ……. or curbstomped …….. whichever option appeals to religious Sikhs

          • Sher Singh says:

            [*promotion of your fellow US intelligence assets deleted*]

          • Sher Singh says:

            [*transwarrior bluster deleted*]

          • Sher Singh says:

            [*advertisement for transkhalsa of transwarriors deleted*]

            • jim says:

              Of course if you started promoting a real Khalsa, what happened to another US intelligence asset, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, might happen to you. The leash is long, but when they yank, they are apt to yank hard.

          • Sher Singh says:

            Dismantle Punjab police.

            Jathedar of Akal Takht Gurdev Singh Kaunke, akin to Pope of Vatican was first tortured till his legs were ripped open.

            He was then cut into small pieces and thrown in Satluj by

            Police station where he was dismembered is still haunted.


            • someDude says:

              And here Gentlemen, I present to you India’s version of defund the police. Boy, does the cathedral follow a one size fits all policy.

              • Sher Singh says:

                [*Sikh triumphalism deleted because you don’t have a Khalsa, you have a transkhalsa*]

  16. Sher Singh says:

    I honestly feel like India’s colonization only ended in 2014.

    • Sher Singh says:

      US foreign aid was conditional on India sterilising millions of people

      Indira Gandhi’s Congress gov sterilised millions – for American foreign aid

      Many don’t know this, everyone should know

      These agencies also promoted sex selection in the 70s and 80s with the Indian state’s backing…the very first ones were carried out in Delhi’s AIIMS


      • Zorost says:

        For once I think we got our money’s worth with foreign aid.

        • Sher Singh says:

          Reducing others peoples through demonic means doesn’t help you reproduce.

          • jim says:

            Doing anything by demonic means does not help you.

          • Zorost says:

            Pretty sure it was pharmaceutical not demonic.

            And yes, reducing others’ population can help to reproduce. It’s why there are so many Whites outside of Europe, and why our enemies numbers increasing is partially a cause of ours decreasing.

            • S says:

              Counterpoint- Asians. Few immigrants, below replacement tfr. North Korea is a racially pure state at 1.9; the rest are worse. It extends without regard to wealth; Indonesia + Burma at 2.1, Thailand 1.3, Malaysia 1.8.

        • someDude says:

          If it makes you happy, the cathedral got its money’s worth more than once! The Cathedral is an equal opportunity civilization-destroying, dysgenic cheering, dystopia creating chaos monger. And that is the true legacy of India’s long struggle against Islam and of British rule in India.

    • TheDividualist says:

      LOL. The “Quad” means India is just as much a client state as Australia or we in the EU. “The Romans honored parts of their empire by calling them allies.”

      • Dharmicreality says:

        In recent times India has become much closer to Russia, and defied sanctions to continue importing oil. India wants to sit on the fence and the GAE is unable to punish India for doing business with Russia.

        Doesn’t seem much like a client state of the GAE.

        • Zorost says:

          I get the feeling India is chilling, waiting for the Big Guys to weaken each other before making their move. They have a lot of advantages if the way gets cleared for them: extremely defensive borders, right next to Persian Gulf so first dibs on oil exports, huge population, large diaspora, etc.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            GAE ideally wants India-China border dispute to keep boiling forever. Whereas Russia ideally would like a settlement that would consolidate BRICS even further.

  17. Andrew Anglin says:

    Andrew Anglin says… PAY UP, or off with yer heads !!!



    Compete Shutdown E-Begging Extravaganza!

    My Dearest Parasocial Friends,

    Due to the failure of my donation drive a few weeks ago, I’ve been left with no choice but to completely shut down the site and beg for donations for some as of yet undetermined period of time.

    If you can help, we’re accepting Monero, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

    Send Monero here:

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    This is the first time in nearly 11 years of operating the site that I’ve done this.

    I chose now because it’s Christmas, and people are likely feeling generous, and there also isn’t really very much news. It’s better for you people if you’re spending time with your families.

    The site is in dire straits. It has not been paying for itself for years now. We switched to Monero to protect people’s privacy, and that resulted in a steep drop-off.

    I’m not going to go into my personal life, but I’m sure you can all guess that it’s complicated. It has cost a lot of money to just live a basic and humble human life. The normal donations to this site have never come close to covering any of that. It’s been covered by big donors and by work I do on the side.

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    Also, remember: all of these addresses are good forever.

    This sort of violates the shutdown order.

    But, if you want to read something I’ve written, you can check out the archives. The whole site is still online.

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    If you’re a member of the old Gamer forum, send me an email at the above address with “GAMER” in the title. I have a Christmas gift for you.

    • Anonymous Reader says:

      It looks like someone else recently posted using this nym, so I’m taking the shill test:

      Women follow instincts that are millions of years old, resulting in their cruising for rape by alpha male Chads while violently resisting all attempts to restrain them from doing so. Monogamy needs to be imposed on women so that each man owns a woman, enabling him to start a family and raise children so that civilization may survive.

      Blacks are lower in average intelligence than Whites and more prone to commit stupid acts of violence. They possess a short-term time preference and are incapable of building or maintaining a white, Western-style civilization. For these reasons, blacks and whites cannot live together under the same government while being treated as equals. White progressives and leftists leveraged the violence of blacks to ethically cleanse Detroit of its white population during and after the 1967 riots.

      Now, my questions:

      Is Monero safe enough so that it may be used to anonymously send small amounts to Anglin? The funds in my current wallet have passed through other wallets since I used an exchange.

      Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Andrew, you’re welcome to join our community. Off-topic comments are fine; just don’t post long diatribes about Israeli atrocities. We don’t much like Jews, but we don’t like sand-niggers either, so we’re neutral on that war. All the college Marxists are cheering for Gaza, which puts you in poor company.

      As for methods, a race war doesn’t end until the last screaming baby is smashed against a wall or crushed under a soldier’s boot heel.

  18. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Merry Christmas, friends.

  19. Pax Imperialis says:

    >Kim had the same problem

    Are you familiar with the speculation his father tripped into some bullets?

    Not sure Trump, or anyone, would be able to broker peace. A managed withdrawal from the conflict allowing others to settle it would be far easier and more cost effective.

  20. Mike in Boston says:

    deep state does not like it, because they want to work with the bureaucrats of other countries against the leaders and peoples of those countries

    Along those lines, international diplomacy started to make a lot more sense to me when I adopted the mental model that all diplomats from “progressive” regimes were flaming fags.

  21. Uriel says:


    What does the priesthood look like?

    Speaking against the great shibboleth (women needing to be owned, men needing backing by other men and God to enforce property rights) is the key factor in any Christian church that will make it bare minimum acceptable. Anything outside of that is bound to wind up badly. It is also going to get any priest of any stripe unpersoned. Most people who are crazy enough to do that right now wind up being hysterics and usually adulterers or worse which isn’t helpful. Archbishop needs to be actually holy. While we can get by, individually, doing our own thing right now eventually we will need a rallying point for long term cohesion.

    Does the visible church come after Caesar. or before?

    When does the tent get too big? When does it get too narrow? Too lowercase c catholic versus upper case C Catholic. Anglicans and their 39 articles seem to suffer from lack of cohesion. Especially in terms of how wildly different Anglican views on justification can be. Things like that break tribes. Even if I believe in the Immaculate Conception, does my fellow Christian need to? Filioque? Energy/essence etc..

    Been curious about your thoughts about this, figure now would be a good time to post.

    Merry Christmas and peace on earth to all men of good will.

    • jim says:

      > Does the visible church come after Caesar. or before?

      We cannot have a physical Church with physical buildings, except maybe catacombs after the style of the early Christian Church and some unauthorised mainland Chinese Christian Churches, till after the restoration. There can only be one state religion, and all others must burn incense to the Sovereign or the Sovereign’s religion, or very unpleasant things are going to happen to them, because they will make the Sovereign nervous. It has always been that way, and it will always be that way. And so Christianity must always be either the state religion or underground, because it will not worship the state.

      However, Christ and the early Christian Church set to work industriously institution building without actually possessing any physical infrastructure that their enemies could desecrate and set on fire.

      > What does the priesthood look like?

      > Archbishop needs to be actually holy.

      A Christian admits he is sinful, and if he is indeed holier than most other Christians, he conceals this fact. So we don’t want holy people for the clergy, because if they actually are holy we should be unable to find and identify them. And we especially do not want a holy Archbishop. What we need to do is exclude unholy people.

      Charles the Second did fine because his bishops were not exceptionally holy as far as anyone could tell- though eventually that bit them, because it made the claim of William Wilberforce’s gang to be “the Saints” plausible. However enslaving him for apostacy and sending him to Jamaica would have solved that problem, as was suggested at the time. Christians who claim to be adherents of the State religion, except that they are holier than the King and his Bishops, are post Christians and apostates, and are after power. It is the duty of the archbishop to call them out, the duty of the Sovereign to get rid of them, and if he does not, they will get rid of him.

      Paul has excellent instructions on suitability for the clergy, and they still suffice. No updating is required, and we should denounce all the updates to be heresies, and, for the most part, heresies of the Lavender Mafia who want to get into the clergy to get at other people’s children, starting with Origen and the protoevangelium of James.

      Paul’s first epistle to Timothy, Chapter three:

      2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

      3 Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

      4 One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

      5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

      6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

      7 Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.

      8 Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;

      9 Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.

      10 And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless.

      11 Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers, sober, faithful in all things.

      12 Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.

      13 For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves a good degree, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus.

      Paul’s Epistle to Titus Chapter one

      5 For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:

      6 If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.

      7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;

      8 But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate;

      9 Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

      10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision:

      11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.

      Sound instructions, and any deviation is heresy. I should promote this question and reply to a post, but I feel it is not yet the time to run for the job of prophet. I have also been advised that such a job is likely to be fatal, and would like that advice to be moderated.

      • jim says:

        > When does the tent get too big? When does it get too narrow?

        Too big when it includes postchristians, people who have too clever by half positions on the divinity of Jesus, too big when it burns incense to Caesar by adjusting ancient Christian doctrine on marriage and sodomy to suit Caesar.

        Too narrow when it makes a big deal out of esoteric doctrines on free will, predestination, the end times, and baptism, stuff that the gospels are intentionally vague and contradictory about. If they left it open, don’t get too clever about figuring out what they meant. It is fine if individual members of the congregation have very different interpretations on such issues.

        Too narrow when it insists that its officers have authority over all true Christians, when it abandons communion with other groups that are clearly Christian by these standards – Christian governance must be collegial.

        • Uriel says:

          >However, Christ and the early Christian Church set to work industriously institution building without actually possessing any physical infrastructure that their enemies could desecrate and set on fire.

          Something you said and have been repeating for a long time, heterosexual marriage is illegal, when you get married you are getting gay married etc.. makes the first (primary) commandment of be fruitful and multiply impossible. Ergo Christianity de facto illegal. Also illegal for a number of other reasons, but that’s the key reason.

          So anonymous, internet great for this, believers needing no directive or direct communique with anything other than who is already in their life, which is how the current underground Church already operates. Good men are going to do it regardless. Problem is the current theological data out there is mostly junk and bogus and bound to get you all sorts of wonky which can lead to otherwise good men having a pretty bad time. Only the discerning mind can really sift through it. Intelligence distribution tells us that that isn’t most people. Needs to be condensed, formalized, easy. So easy a 5th grader could read it, ideally younger.

          Main concern is that when time comes to call a Council, we get a mix of insincere and all too sincere. A great cloud of witnesses, all cloudy. Need to be prepared. Make straight the way of the Lord.

          >A Christian admits he is sinful, and if he is indeed holier than most other Christians, he conceals this fact. So we don’t want holy people for the clergy, because if they actually are holy we should be unable to find and identify them. And we especially do not want a holy Archbishop. What we need to do is exclude unholy people.

          Agree completely. A similar principle to apophatic theology, which is most useful – where isn’t the Church? Where isn’t Christ? These questions trim the fat quite considerably and make the project less intensive. “Where is Christ” seems to lead to catholic guilt (sinful) and Luther’s answer to scrupulosity (sinful, just in the other direction).

          > So we don’t want holy people for the clergy, because if they actually are holy we should be unable to find and identify them.
          > Paul has excellent instructions on suitability for the clergy, and they still suffice. No updating is required

          > Sound instructions, and any deviation is heresy.

          > Too narrow when it insists that its officers have authority over all true Christians, when it abandons communion with other groups that are clearly Christian by these standards – Christian governance must be collegial.

          A good historical proof that a well-read Roman Catholic might cite for early evidence of Papal primacy would be the Directa Decretal by Pope Siricius. Among other things, first recorded legislative action by a singular bishop to others, which unfortunately enforces mandatory clerical celibacy, which is clearly unbiblical and heretical. Incompatible with elite fertility and all too vulnerable to pederast entryism. Proof is in the pudding. It was also clearly not enforced properly, because last married Pope was 500 years later. So, while many proofs that bishop of Rome most prominent bishop, first historically verifiable proof is also proof that Rome in error very early on and the rot just took a while to set in. Also contains the gem, “[…] our zeal for the Christian religion ought to be greater than anyone’s.”

          Clerics and laity of the Church, operating on Earth, seem to be operating on a *mostly*normal, sane, level for first thousand years (the notable heresiarchs aside). Then Catholicism begins completely spiraling, so does Orthodoxy (bishops, to this day, still celibate) and ends up requiring everyone to believe in 3047 dogmas that are ultimately restrictive and unreasonable for the common denominator to grasp, let alone believe in while still rooted in material concerns, outside the walls of a monastery. Protestantism of varying stripes doesn’t do much of a better job. Since Christ levels the spiritual playing field across the material hierarchy, even an illiterate slave should be able to know, in his station, how to receive and keep salvation. Also need to know Divine Filiation, we are a family of families, united in the Mystical Body of Christ. Love thy neighbor as thyself, *for love of Thee*.

          >I should promote this question and reply to a post, but I feel it is not yet the time to run for the job of prophet. I have also been advised that such a job is likely to be fatal, and would like that advice to be moderated.

          Aye. The Third Millennium Exegesis is likely best to be done with an apostolate. Bigger than the blockchain. Probably would need a Paul, though.

          Didache excellent starting point. On travelers, “Receive everyone who comes in the name of the Lord. Examine him and learn the nature of his situation… if he is just passing through, he may only stay with you two or three days… If he wishes to settle with you and knows a trade, let him work and earn his bread. If he does not know a trade, use your judgment to decide how he should live as a Christian among you, but not in idleness. If he will not do this, he is trafficking upon Christ. Beware of such men.” Be a Good Fella, don’t be retarded. Use your eyes and be wise as serpents. Good spirit to the whole document. Highly recommend to anyone reading but I imagine you, Jim, have already been through it.

          Don’t intend to start a project here; I would just like to throw out these preliminary thoughts here because the walls have refused to talk back to me.

          Where the Church Is:

          Baptism. One baptism. Necessary. Gives you the faith. (Apocryphal evidence even the just pagans were baptized before being brought to Heaven when Christ descended into Hell. Don’t want to say more on that, not the place.) Good enough for Christ, good enough for us. Running water, or not. Warm water, or not. If not running, pour water on the head three times. I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. No more baptisms needed after that. Can theoretically be performed by anyone. Fathers should baptize their children, signals property rights, spiritual rights, authority in all forms over his household. Similar to marriage. Definitely a sacrament.

          What do we do on Sunday? Sacrifice. Render unto God what is God’s. Eucharist. Old law requires sacrifice, old law not abolished but fulfilled in Christ. Malachi 1:11, Hebrews 10:12, John 6:53-58. Perfect sacrifice. The lamb of God. Eat His flesh, drink His blood, don’t take it “unworthily” (unreconciled, out of communion, etc.. I don’t have a perfect picture of what this means), don’t give it to the unbaptized. 100% sacrament. Performed by priests. Holy holy holy.

          Where the Church May Be:

          Confession seems to fulfill a need in man. “Oh, I fucked up. Shit. Fallen nature at work.” We’ve all been there. Catholics in practice do it rote. 5 Our Fathers, 5 Hail Marys… etc. Doesn’t help. It’s a lawsuit against God. Ran into a few that acted as counselors, as healers – few and far between. Less experience with the East but I’m assuming they do a better job. Or not. I don’t know. Most problems, particularly among men, can only be tackled through direct individual confrontation with the demons that afflict you. You do this with the arms that the Lord of Hosts gives us. Women usually just need a good man who fucks the demons out of their bodies and says “No” in various verbal and non-verbal ways if she offers him an apple. However, unless notably exceptional, even a Conan-esque hero needs the wise mentor, the guide, the one who has been given the role to be the recourse for those who fuck up. Again, we are not making a church for the exceptional; the pews need to fit us, our houseservants and everyone in between. This need not be a sacrament, or necessary for salvation. Maybe a “devotional” if you would. It would knock out the demonic therapy cult (and others) as superfluous, unnecessary and evil, for if we know where the healers are, we know that the other guys are giving poison. In the form of heretical words and dangerous elixirs.

          Confirmation, coming of age, probably necessary. Initiation ritual. Fulfills a need. Boy becomes a man. Perhaps female confirmation delayed until marriage? Something to think about.

          Communion of saints, ancestor not-worship, probably necessary. Where are we going, where did we come from. Who has gone through this thing I am going through. Fulfills a need. Apostolic succession for similar reason. Fuzzy on specifics here. Don’t need to be specific here though.

          Marriage, performed by the man. Priest optional. With this ring I thee wed. Pretty sure this is how it’s understood on paper in Rome and the East but don’t quote me on that. Actual results vary by region. Even the South Americans are done for, I’m fairly certain. Sacrament? Don’t know.

          Where the Church Isn’t:

          What happens to the souls of stillbirths or those that didn’t receive baptism before death? I don’t know, God works in mysterious ways. Best not to dwell on it.

          Especially for the modern day… anything “charismatic”, out. God ain’t giving gifts out like candy to you or to me, bub. Get back off the floor and give me the $50 you owe me. Anything “end timesy”… out. If even the Son does not know the hour, you sure as shit do not know the minute. Homos should be in the closet praying, if found outside the closet (we don’t need to poke our head into peoples bedrooms, though perhaps into public bathrooms), brought very high (for all to see) to be cast very down. Sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance. No women teachers, or with any authority anywhere near the house of God, a prayer meeting, or anything to do in the domain of the priesthood. Not a single quarter of an inch given to the HQ and the WQ.

          Why I singled out justification in particular as a nasty problem… if you’re in an army and you’re AWOL… it is cowardly, legalistic and quite Jewish to wave around your enlistment papers as a defense at the court martial. It should be possible to lose your salvation. Need to talk the talk and walk the walk otherwise you get parasites and freeriders. Ephesians 1:13-14. “Earnest” here rendered, depending on translation, as pledge, down payment, and guarantee. In Greek, ἀρραβών. ἀρραβών used in Greek legal custom for an amount of money that someone who wanted a service performed paid to the person who would provide the services. Functioned as guarantee that the full amount would be paid *once the service was rendered*. So we are given the Holy Spirit at baptism, at initial justification, but something is expected of us in order to keep it.

          That’s the main sticking point, for me, if I read what Scripture tells me. However, open to debate, that is certainly not the end of that conversation and not meant to be a gotcha. From purely prosocial perspective, if justification by faith alone, no reason not to act bad when no one is looking. You’ll always be right with God, ergo can get away with anything if you are sufficiently devious. Does not sit right. If God is always judging, not just watching, and you have an obligation to God and you do not fulfill that obligation you should be excluded from the inheritance. Just as we cast the wicked out of our society (when we see them), so too does God cast the wicked out of communion with the mystical body and God sees all. On Earth as it is in Heaven. Christ tells us as much in Matthew 10:38. Welcome to be proven wrong, but this feels like an incredibly nefarious weak point for a Church not to have a necessarily hard line on. You need to be prosocial to be apart of the crew and if you’re not get the fuck out of here. Even if I am right, still opens up several questions that would need answering.

          So much more to say it makes the head spin, even if the above is mostly agreeable I think all of it needs to be put on the anvil regardless. Blackpill is that every single one of the denominations, and the non-denominations, are dead, zombies, unworthy. Old potato will still spud if you stick it in the ground. Rotten ones will not. It’s dead, Jim (I know you know all of this – it just bears repeating). Now is the age of individual patriarchs. Whitepill is that Christ has conquered death and we have been given all we need to see and profess the truth. The day will come. God wills it. The slate is clean for us to build a real, solid rock upon which the Church *could* rest. If we are sufficiently honest and industrious we can succeed in building it. At the moment? The Catacomb is very dark.

          Jesus Christ is Lord of All and Savior of those who have Faith in Him and His Sacrifice and Resurrection, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man, begotten not made. God is three and God is one. Amen. Merry Christmas and peace on earth to all men of good will.

          • jim says:

            > Marriage, performed by the man. Priest optional. With this ring I thee wed. Pretty sure this is how it’s understood on paper in Rome and the East but don’t quote me on that. Actual results vary by region. Even the South Americans are done for, I’m fairly certain. Sacrament? Don’t know.

            The puritans had a point in making it not a sacrament, in that the Christian ritual is directly based on the old Roman ritual, which was directly based on the old Aryan ritual lost to prehistory, where the wife (only one wife, plus as many concubines as the husband felt like) lost her ancestral gods and gained her husband’s ancestral gods. And thus gained the ability to bear children who inherited the same rank of nobility as her husband and inherit his assets.

            On the other hand, making it not a sacrament is judaization. Christianity descends both from the faith of Abraham, and from the Greek doctrine of the Logos, thus from the Aryan faith. Abraham was not the only guy around who worshipped the God of Abraham. Christ is priest King in the line of Melchizedek, King of righteousness, and given the time and the place, it seems likely that this ritual was a ritual of the people of Melchizedek’s kingdom. Judaizers wind up turning into something suspiciously like Jews.

            OK, marriage was not a Jewish sacrament at the time of Jesus. But this does not make it not a sacrament, for Christianity has deeper roots. Christian monogamy comes from the faith of the Aryans, not from the faith of the Hebrews, so of course the sacrament likewise.

            The God of Abraham was the God of Melchizedek, and Melchizedek was priest King, and Abraham was not. Christianity is the restoration of a faith older than Abraham. If you purge all the Aryan “additions” from Christianity, it is not Christian any more.

            • Calvin says:

              If Christianity is a restoration of an older Aryan faith as you say, looks mighty different compared to its older incarnation. I suspect what comes next will likewise be considerably different than anything Christianity has been before.

              • jim says:


                Judaization is very recent, consisting of the Protestant reformation going overly pure, and Orthodoxy veering to accommodate them.

                • skippy says:

                  The Third Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, published in the 1780s and 1790s, refers to observance of the Sabbath (Sunday) as Judaization, and cites it as one of the most significant factors leading to the English Civil War (which it called the Great Rebellion).

                • jim says:

                  The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath. If the sabbath gets up people’s asses, you are overdoing it. It is a day of rest.

                  The work that Moses stringently prohibited on the Sabbath was onerous and heavy work that had to be done regularly and routine, and so became boring and tiring, work which could be done in advance, or just neglected for a while. The things he strictly prohibited have now become easy, and often fun.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I’ve been thinking a lot recently about OT and the apparent rapid shift in what’s to be sacrificed. Genesis was strongly reflective of the morals nomadic shepherds would naturally hold (Aryans would sacrifice herd animals because it’s what they would have), but as soon as Leviticus started incorporating the morals of farmers (grain sacrifice was codified). I’ll do a long post about this eventually, but I’ll have to sort out my thoughts first.

                  I suspect Judaization is not very recent and is in fact very ancient. Jesus was the respond to ancient Judaization having metastasized to intolerable amounts by the time of the Romans. Jews do not hold many OT figures as Jewish. Moses was not, according to Orthodox Rabbinout, Jewish nor was Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his 12 sons. Between Exodus and NT Judaization occurred, with NT representing a breaking point.

                • Calvin says:

                  You keep boasting about Christianity’s alleged ability to come back from the dead. I’ve asked this before, and I will again: point to a single population which, since the Industrial Revolution, has first de-Christianized and then re-Christianized successfully, as evidenced by them achieving and maintaining a replacement-level tfr. Neither Poland, nor Hungary, nor Russia, nor any of the other formerly Christian nations have achieved even this absolute bare minimum. Point me to somewhere that has.

                • jim says:

                  It is absolutely nothing to do with the Industrial revolution. Observe the major and rapid recovery in fertility in America following the election of Hitler, as they rolled back the attack on men, Christianity, and masculinity, figuring that they would soon need masculine men. Similarly, Industrial revolution had no impact on Japanese fertility. War had no impact on Japanese fertility, hunger and poverty had no impact on Japanese fertility, urbanisation had no impact on Japanese fertility. What set Japanese fertility into a nose dive was the occupation government imposing its policies on men, maleness, marriage, divorce, masculinity, and children.

                  We reversed this before, we know what causes it, we can reverse it again. Hitler, being purple pilled, was far more effective in restoring fertility in America than in Germany.

                  The proposition that the collapse in fertility has some relationship to urbanisation and the industrial revolution and all that is so obviously stupid that even our elites do not actually believe it. It is a shill meme on par with flat earth. Look around where and when fertility fell. Nothing to do with those factors. And, most importantly, look at where and when fertility rose. Fatherhood, family, marriage, and masculinity comes under attack. Fertility falls. The attack retreats, fertility rises. Nothing else moves the needle. You get a near perfect inverse correlation between fertility and the proportion of women at mixed sex universities. Television availability also has substantial impact, because the shows are massively loaded with emancipation memes. When they are unloaded, as for example “I love Lucy”, fertility goes up again.

                  Reproduction requires cooperation between men and women. Emancipate women, you get defect/defect defect/defect equilibrium, a society of players and bitches.

                • Zorost says:

                  Judaizers were referenced in the NT and other sources shortly after Jesus’ death.

                  It would be odd if Christianity wasn’t descended from an Aryan religion, since pretty much every religion from an area of Eurasia you could conquer with a chariot is strongly influenced by Aryan genes and culture.

                  Hinduism. Buddhism. Zoroastrianism. Greek/ Roman paganism. Norse paganism.

                  Even the Hobiru started out as Aryans wandering down from the Caucasus mountains and becomes more semitic over time, if you believe that theory on the origins of hebrews

                  Personally I don’t think what we’d recognize as a jewish religion or culture existed until the Babylonian Captivity selected for parasite genes and culture. For example, the Elephantine Scrolls paint a very different view of what jews were like even 100-200 years before the Torah was written down.

                • Fidelis says:

                  This might be of interest to the discussion here

                  The Baby Boom was the sudden rise in fertility, beginning in the late 1930s, of the wealthiest and most advanced countries in the world. It is often associated with the end of World War II, but actually began before then. These countries include the Anglosphere (Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia), the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland), the wealthy continental European countries, occupied but victorious in World War II (France, Netherlands, Belgium), and the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), which mostly lost World War II

                • Calvin says:


                  I mentioned the Industrial Revolution only because it’s a useful shorthand for the start of the radical worldwide overhaul of social and economic conditions that washed the old systems away. I know the causes are not as straightforwards as simply “industry = low tfr”.

                  But you didn’t actually answer the question? Where in the modern world has Christianity first died, then come back, as proven by the population starting to replace itself once again?

                • jim says:

                  Your shorthand implies a lie. And your question implies a lie. A stupid and obviously false lie, a shill meme as dumb as flat earth. That is in the way of this discussion. Your question is invalid, because it presupposes and implies a lie. You are asking me to answer a question that is premised on an obvious untruth, and any answer that fits the question to your requirements will concede the untruth.

                  If the issue is changes in faith, not industrialisation, then the relevant events are all of history, all the way back to well before Abraham. The abrupt changes in the US State religion when Hitler rose, and when World War II started are relevant, and the Scroll of Ipuwer is also relevant. Pelops is relevant, Nimrod is relevant, and Luther is relevant. And if we are looking at changes in faith through all of history, Christianity has shown pretty good capability to rise from the dead.

  22. Sher Singh says:

    Endia has a general election in about 6 months.

    Bjp is favored to win but yea.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Every word you post is moronic.

  24. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Feds pulled some strings to keep some Indian illegals out:

    “The Indians on board intended to immigrate illegally to the United States, part of a growing number of migrants from outside the Americas now using the southern route. The plane was chartered by an organization promising to facilitate at least part of that journey, with someone who doesn’t ask questions.

    The “anonymous tip” was almost certainly from the United States, which is waging a largely futile war against the above by trying to limit global migrant inflows to Central America.”

    The question is whose Feds and why.

    • jim says:

      It is apparent that there are some elements of the Deep state that are not up to date with last weeks leftism – Which makes them Nazi Nazi Hitler far extreme ultra right.

      Nine tenths of the state wants to move every military aged black male from Africa to America. And one tenth of state does not wanna. There is no way of resolving the conflict without black helicopters and free swimming lessons. No one on either side wants to go there. They will wind up there one way or another, sooner or later, and the first side to go where they are inevitably going to find themselves is likely to win.

      The state exists to resolve questions where one decision has to be made for all. And right now the state is incapable of making one decision for all. And sooner or later, someone is going to make one decision for all and impose it on all.

      You need a leader with the power to make decisions and make them stick, or the things that you need a state for just fall apart. And when the crisis gets bad enough, some will grab that power.

  25. Fidelis says:

    This year, for the first time, all 27 billboards of Times Square went dark in NYC, and then lit up with the story of the Birth of Christ

    In NYC of all places… am I being optimistic in thinking this is a sign of a strengthening Christian Nationalism consensus?

    • jim says:

      This display comes from the center of state power. And state power has been opposed to Christmas all the way back. Back in the beginning, New England was opposed to Christmas, and all the other states supported it.

      After the War of Norther Aggression, the policy of New England was imposed America wide with increasing severity and intensity.

      And then, surprise, NYC says “Merry Christmas”

      Something very big has changed.

      • Fake says:

        This was done by the Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter day Saints, my church. We’re not actually Christians according to other Christians, so the cathedral tolerates us.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Nice try, faggots, you showed your true loyalties by making the angels black. Our ruling elite sees in Ukraine that wars are won by straight white Christian men. Diversity is useful for crushing peaceful, unorganized white people, but becomes dead weight when bullets are flying in both directions.

      Don’t be fooled. America needs to start the next world war and lose because being ruled by greedy Russian or Chinese oligarchs is far better, both financially and spiritually, than being ruled by Jews, niggers, and homosexuals who once a year pretend to love Jesus. Without a war, America probably ends up being ruled by Mexican drug cartels.

      • jim says:

        > Nice try, faggots, you showed your true loyalties by making the angels black.


        This is reminiscent of the army recruiting video to recruit white aids infested gay drug addicts for the army.

        Obviously these tiny concessions are not going to win support among the normies. But they are going to homicidally enrage the woke. The people making these tiny concessions are going to get just as much hot water as if they declared that Hitler did not kill the Jews, but he should have, and women belong in the kitchen and the nursery. Leftism cannot retreat. If must always advance. It can change its focus and forget about some old issue while chasing after some hot new issue, but if a shark stops swimming, it drowns.

        The thing that is constant about leftism is that someone’s apple cart is going to get knocked over. If no more apple carts, no more leftism

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Obviously these tiny concessions are not going to win support among the normies.

          I don’t know, normies can be pretty fucking naive. They are easily fooled because they desperately want things to go back to normal.

          • jim says:

            It is hard to tell the difference between easily fooled, and pretending to be easily fooled because seeing truth is almost as dangerous as speaking truth.

            The difference is more apparent after some alcohol.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Not all the angels were black. Critically, the angel Gabriel appearing before the shephards was an older white man. This was a “we are all one” message, which is a retreat from decades of nigger supremacy. Not far enough, but definitely a retreat.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I think it’s more concerning they made many of the angels women. Well, Catholics… can’t help themselves… they spiraled on the Church being a woman.

          • Zorost says:

            If the female angels had wings and feathers, could it be related to the modern fetish for furries? 😉

      • Zorost says:

        No one is losing WW3 in that way. Boundaries can’t be crossed w/o nukes flying. Which could happen, and might be better than some alternatives. But russkies and chinee aren’t going to be invading CA any time soon. And I doubt their oligarchs are better; there is a reason even our evil oligarchs export labor to China.

        Far more likely is a Schilling Point is reached. A Cold War would benefit the rulers of China and the US as it excuses any domestic crackdowns and MIC expenditures needed while neither sides leadership is ever in any serious risk of profit loss. Wouldn’t even need to be a non-verbal agreement, as many US leaders including Biden Inc. have a long-running relationship with China.

        • S says:

          Why fake a conflict you think you can win?

          • Zorost says:

            Why do you keep replying to me with irrelevant nonsense?

            No one thinks they are going to win WW3. There might be some globalists that think we are going to outspend the Russians like Reagan did and Russia collapses like the USSR. Allowing globalists to pick over the corpse once again.

            None of them think profit margins or control levels they can wank over will be increased by an exchange of nukes.

            • jim says:

              The neocons want to do a rerun of what Reagan did (except, of course, they are unable to speak his name)

              Reagan in the primaries unveiled his strategy explicitly invoking the premise that Soviet GDP was fake and gay, which it was.

              And the neocons proceeded with analogous rhetoric “gas station masquerading a great power” – but of course, this time around, it is Global American Empire GDP that is fake and gay. And its fakeness and gayness was revealed by their own rhetoric, which denigrated Russian production of physical things. Supposedly America’s vast paper wealth is infinitely more important to winning wars, while Reagan’s rhetoric was all about physical things.

              Reagan collapsed the Soviet Union without a nuclear war, and Youtube is full of wet dream pieces claiming that Russia is collapsing in a similar way. That is their fantasy. If you watch a Youtube video by someone based about the Ukraine, then when it ends the algorithm will start running a video that tells you the neocon wet dream is working out just great.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                The USA is a welfare office/gay bathhouse masquerading as a great power.

            • S says:

              I was referring to two things.

              The first is US nukes are slowly becoming duds and the US can’t replace them. If American nukes don’t work and Chinese do, the Chinese don’t need to engage in any farce.

              The second is China’s major goal is Taiwan. It is like Ukraine for Russia- China can’t back down. If China advances and the US retreats, there is no guarantee it won’t turn into a rout.

              Tldr; it isn’t stable in terms of objectives or balance of power.

              • Zorost says:

                Any decent sources on nukes becoming duds? I’m aware that w/o regular maintenance/ parts replacement they aren’t viable.

                Building up US chip manufacturing started up several years ago, e.g., CHIPS Act. Which means the elites already wrote off Taiwan, as they’ll profit from its demise especially if their chip plants get destroyed in the invasion. When elites invest in/ prophecy a particular future, that future has a way of coming about. In reality or otherwise.

                • jim says:

                  Building chip plants in the US has failed. Grand openings are swiftly followed by quiet closings. There is no reason to expect it to suddenly start working.

                  The inability to make tritium comes up in the news now and again. Also that the recipe for the special foam in which the nuke parts are embedded has been lost. I cannot give you the specific links. The foam has to be neutron opaque and high energy radiation transparent. It is probably not that hard to cook up a replacement foam – at least it would not be hard for me. Likely hard for Shaniqua, and even if the foam was fine, being a different foam would likely alter weapon characteristics, which would require nuclear testing to resume.

                  And if the foam recipe has been lost, what else has been lost? A nuke contains a multitude of parts that do a multitude of things. Do those attempting to maintain nukes know what the parts are supposed to do?

                • S says:

                  The United States hasn’t tested its nuclear weapons since 1992- there is no reason to think they work any better then our trains. Russia and China were able to silo their nuclear programs from insanity, but the US doesn’t have a Mao or Stalin to protect its nuclear program.

                  TSMC in Arizona

                  “But a chief analyst for a semiconductor research firm called SemiAnalysis, Dylan Patel, told The Information that the “TSMC Arizona fab is effectively a paperweight,” unable to boost America’s advanced chips supplies without first sending a ton of chips “back to Taiwan.”

                  A bipartisan nonprofit policy research organization, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), reported that in 2021, “US semiconductor firms offshore nearly all packaging processes,” with only 46 facilities located in the US that specialize in outsourced testing and assembly operations. Most of the facilities where packaging processes are outsourced are in Asia, CSIS said—with 107 in Taiwan and 111 in China—which is where at least 81 percent of global chips are assembled, packaged, and tested.

                  TSMC employees told The Information that TSMC building a packaging facility in the US is unlikely because it would cost too much. That’s why TSMC “always develops its newest manufacturing and packaging processes close to home, where costs are lower and talent is easier to find,” The Information reported.

                  Analysts told The Information that the Arizona fab also won’t produce enough chips to entice TSMC to build a packaging facility in the US. When the fab is finally fully operational, it will produce 600,000 wafers per year to meet the US chip demand, CNBC reported, and that’s a relatively small amount compared to the 15 million total wafers TSMC produced in 2022.”

                • A2 says:

                  Scott Locklin had. among other things, a damning photo of a proudly displayed rusty LGM-30G Minuteman III missile.



                • A2 says:

                  The government will presumably have to provide a boost for TSMC America. Might not work anyway; see Europe’s chip industry for an example (not sure what remains of it anymore).

              • FrankNorman says:

                Not 100% the same.
                Russia did not really mind Ukraine being an independent country. What they decided was utterly unacceptable was a Ukraine that was NOT an independent country, but a forward operating base for the GAE.

                Communist China objects on principle to the nationalist Chinese who colonized the island of Formosa declaring independence from the mainland. No one gets to leave the People’s Utopia, comrade.

                That Taiwan is de facto a different polity from the PRC already and has been for a long while? Well there’s the old saying about diplomacy: the art of stepping on the other guy’s toes without scuffing the shine on his shoes.

                • S says:

                  There are no independent countries next to Great Powers; Ukraine was a member of Commonwealth of Independent States until 2014.

    • Aidan says:

      “Catholic Charities and the Archdiocese of New York are partners in the initiative, along with nine national and global nonprofit organizations. Among them are the Red Cross and UNICEF, according to a website belonging to the LDS Church.”

      This was a primarily Mormon op supported by Catholics and some radioactively glowing NGOs. The goal being to solicit donations to feed hungry blacks. Along with the billboards, they set up vending machines in which you could deposit cash to directly pay colonial reparations. Cursory research revealed this.

      BAP has predicted that religious traditionalism will soon be used as a front for negro worship by various forces in the deep state in order to defuse nationalism and anti-migration attitudes, that the leftist program will sail right ahead under the banner of Christ. Official mass promotion of Cuckstianity in order to suck energy away from real Christianity. I did not agree with this at first, because even nominal Christianity is somewhat verboten in the elite, but it looks like this is what is happening.

      • alf says:

        If so, sounds like a plan with more potential to backfire than the time they came up with the ‘fake news’ meme.

        • Cataclysm Reawake says:

          Backfire? Sure maybe this operation won’t succeed in newly pwning any Christians into Cuckstianity, but even if it doesn’t I could easily see it causing normies to mistake cucks for Christians and unjustly scorn Christ on that basis.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            The response to the US Army backing off of, “fuck all you white men,” and going with, “we want you to fight for Uncle Sam,” was, “fuck you, I am not serving under faggots and dying for niggers.” Sensing weakness, a shitstorm erupted among the warrior class and now the GAE’s enemies know that the regime does not have loyal soldiers. A similar retreat from anti-Christmas could result in Christians voicing their disbelief of the unofficial state church.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              About loyalty problems. I know a guy who is enlisted and will soon be commissioning as an Officer. He’s constantly referring to [insert Hispanic country] as his motherland/homeland, makes it clear he’s [insert Hispanic group] and not White (dude is probably ~75% White blood), that his children will be learning their native tongue and retaining “their culture”, etc. Command knows all about this shit cause he’s posting it in group chats… doesn’t matter, his career isn’t being damaged at all from this. Might in fact be helping it.

              And you know what? This guy isn’t atypical either. Really makes me confident 🙃 they have America’s interests in mind. Effectively a large component of the military is a mercenary force, which can be ‘fine’ until it isn’t. On the plus side if Trump needs to call up a bunch of armed men who don’t have any real opinions on domestic issues… well…

              • alf says:

                Late Roman empire vibes…

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Dan Castle moved to Irkutsk and started a YouTube channel called Wild Siberia. In one video (no link, sorry), he explains that he’s actually Mexican despite his family living in the US for generations, and he poses on a hilltop, gazing toward the sunset, with a Mexican flag draped over his shoulders.

                The US is a disgrace to the world; I dare say most Russians have a higher opinion of Mexico. My ancestors came on the Mayflower (hence the name), but that doesn’t give me an alternate identity because the country they left now worships niggers and faggots even more fervently than the country they founded.

                America used to be the world’s factory, the world’s laboratory, and the world’s policeman. Now it’s just the world’s welfare office.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        What explains the Korean and Swedish language? Seems really strange.

  26. Karl says:

    Soft power methods are difficult to use. A man like Sir Humphrey can do it, Shaniqua can’t.

    The deep state has ruled for a long time, and maintained a society where a man could have a family and raise his children. Occasionally, a few sons were lost to some war the deep state wanted to have, but the average man could expect to become a grandfather with lots of grand children.

    That has changed. The deep state makes family formation hard, and is increasingly unable to provide the amenities of an industrial civilization.

    Nobody rules alone. Therefore somebody had to believe in the deep state. That faith is also dying. It is not so bad being ruled by Sir Humphrey, it is very bad to be ruled by a committee of Shaniquas, trannies and demon worshippers.

  27. StJohn Piano says:

    Good article.

    s/Sir Sir Humphrey/Sir Humphrey

    s/Jim Appleby/Jim Hacker


  28. Kim in Kimland says:

    [*held in moderation queue*]

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