Ukraine war is over. The killing and dying may continue for some time

War is a test of will and capability.

The test has been performed, and the result is apparent, and now is apparent to everyone. The Global American Empire GDP is fake and gay, created by fraudulently manipulating cpi figures, and consisting of the magic paper wealth of the FIRE economy of the blue state megalopoli. Russian production of drones and shells is many times greater than the entire production of the Global American Empire.

And as for will, there are no Ukrainian commissioned officers within sixty kilometres of the Ukraine front line. Ukrainian commissioned officers get killed by deep penetration long range drones. Russian commissioned officers get killed during deep penetrations into enemy territory. Ukrainian conscription is rounding up old men, cripples, and women from their equivalent of red state flyover country, including pregnant women, rounding up people they hate, despise, and want dead, and dumping them into the trenches to soak up Russian artillery and drone strikes, while young men party in the nightclubs of Kiev with the wives, daughters (and in some cases granddaughters) of the men dying on the front, while sons of the Moscow elite are joining voluntarily, semi voluntarily, or getting conscripted. Increasingly, the men on the career track to high command in the Russian forces are men hardened in battle. Anyone hardened in battle on the Global American Empire side is on the career track to a graveyard or a wheelchair.

The Global American Empire now needs to adjust its policies, posture, and actions, to a reality where it has been tested and has failed. But our elite remain in stubborn denial, living in the paper reality of a unipolar world. Perhaps they will remain in denial till the nukes fly.

When the order went forth to defend Avdeeka to the last man, all commissioned officers and all Nato forces were immediately withdrawn — the order was interpreted as “Defend Avdeeka to the last cheap expendable Ukrainian”. If you are a cheap expendable grunt fighting for the side that has superior will and capability, you will probably be OK. If you are cheap expendable grunt fighting for the side that has inferior will and capability, you will die. And now everyone knows which side has superior will and capability.

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  1. Calvin says:

    You know the regime knows Ukraine is about to fall when the Washington Post quietly unpersons the “War in Ukraine” section from its website.

    • Starman says:


      “You know the regime knows Ukraine is about to fall when the Washington Post quietly unpersons the “War in Ukraine” section from its website.”

      But wait! According to Contaminated NEET, [*deleted*], that shouldn’t happen.

      ZOG… err, “the system” always wins, according to NEET.

      • jim says:

        The quality of your insults needs work. Not allowing unfunny and repetitious insults. You said that already, I allowed it through once. It was not funny or entertaining the first time. No one wants to read that stuff.

        Paying a lot of money for a degree in ignorance, delusion, and stupidity is not stupid for smart people, because human resources will not allow businesses to put people in high status roles who have not been inculcated in our officially unofficial state religion.

        On the other hand, most people who are getting these degrees are stupid people. Some of these stupid people are getting helicoptered by human resources into high status roles, whereupon they proceed to foul everything up, but the supply of morons far exceeds demand, and a stupid person is unlikely to get helicoptered in unless he has a degree in stupidity from Harvard or similar, and even then his chances are slim, because of the oversupply of morons from MIT, Harvard, and the like.

        On the other hand, businesses are thirsty for smart people who have a degree in stupidity and delusion, because these are the only smart people that Human Resources will allow them to put in high status roles, and there is insufficient supply of smart people.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          I’m going to butt in and say that “no one” (as in, a rounding error) cares about the state religion and they only want to be treated fairly based on the grades they got in school. [*deleted*]

          • jim says:

            Nobody cares about the grades you got in school. Even the Human Resources Department does not care. They only care whether you have a degree, what degree, and what institution the degree came from. (Which no one else in the company cares about except the Human Resources Departments rams its dick up their asses.) No one should care, no one does care. And no one I know in real life cares about the grades they themself got in school. In job interviews, no one starts telling me about the grades he got in school. They talk about what they have allegedly accomplished.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >In job interviews

              Check out this short skit. 8.6M views and 916k likes within one week. The comments are devastating for the university system.

              What happens when most don’t attend classes? When tests are take home or online or don’t require recitation in front of a person? What happens when fraternities and basic social life are under constant assault? You end up with many degrees getting pumped out of the system with no way of telling even the most basics about the character of the degree holders. While degrees have long stopped being indicators of any technical skills, they at least informed companies of a certain basic work ethic and social skills. Not anymore.

              Interviews alone are no longer sufficient. Just because a person is able to sound intelligent, or not be a complete sperg, for an hour doesn’t mean they’re not normally incompetent wrecks. Colleges used to filter out the obviously incompetent, they don’t even do that anymore.

              It’s also much harder to conduct interviews cause HR. Covid accelerated the trend. These days it’s all about the references. The degree and type of degree are almost completely relegated to checkbox requirements. No body cares except as a legal requirement. The interview, if it happens, a formality.

              Make or break is in the references… can a guy even get someone to list their phone number for him? Write a reference letter? When he can, what will that reference say in private over the phone or in sealed letter? Just requiring two good references is enough to washout maybe around a majority of applicants these days. They don’t even make it to an interview.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*deleted because the real world of war, production, and reproduction is not a school, and cannot be run like one or we all starve*]

              • jim says:

                We have debated this topic already. You want the whole world to be made into a university campus, and everyone to be students forever. We debated this already, at far too great length, and you were unresponsive. We want a King, not a Dean, and we don’t want the economy to be run by the King, let alone the Dean. If the King starts meddling in pizza making, he is not taking power from the merchants and giving it to himself, he is taking power from the merchants and giving it to his dangerously overmighty servants. The pizza shop is not a threat to his power. His overmighty servants are a threat to his power.

  2. Basil says:

    As usual – self-deception

    You still have no answer to why a Russian soldier should fight. [*deleted*]

    • jim says:

      I have seen videos of Russian soldiers on the front line holding patriotic religious services that tell me why they are fighting.

      They are fighting for God and Country. When the Global American Empire upped the ante from a cabinet war to a war of nations, Putin initially figured on them just fighting for country, but Prighozen realised this was stupid, and upped the ante from war of nations to Holy war against demon worshippers.

      And Putin reluctantly followed in his footsteps. Now it is a holy war, against an enemy that wants the gay parade in red square, wants to drape the great Cathedral in the rainbow flag, tear down the statues of the honored dead, and transsexualize Russian schoolchildren.

      And that is why Russian soldiers fight. It is holy war, and I see videos of holy officers and holy troops being holy in the trenches.

      These holy video first showed up Wagner recruiting videos, but now they are coming from the regular army.

      Holy war has begun. It will come to America soon enough. I pray that we will win, and I expect that the only way we are likely to lose is being insufficiently holy about it.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        The US military is shrinking, but it’s still mostly full of naive Southern white boys who [*are very rapidly getting less naive*]

  3. Kunning Druegger says:

    Here is a link to a job posting for SpaceX physical Security

    Here’s a link to a job posting for Tesla physical security

    If you keep tabs on the postings, they also look for personal protection operators (bodyguards), and the qualifications are stringent. Additionally, I am certain Musk has a personal detail, a detail for his family (think about that footprint), counter-intel assets, surveillance, and probably more than a few “ghost operators” sniffing around the whole apparatus for cracks and leaks.

    I don’t think Musk has a personal army, but he definitely has all the pieces laying around, and I am quite certain that Starman and I are not the only two fags out there who wouldn’t hesitate to slap on an Ad Astra pvc patch and get busy securing the shit out of things for Mr. Musk.

  4. The Cominator says:

    Looked up on Yandex why the Ukrainians were still fighting and it said something else profound… Trump should have left the country and created a whole government in exile. His Epsteining is likely imminent now with the lawfare going against him in earnest.

    • jim says:

      Interestingly Secret Service seems to very serious about keeping Trump alive. So we have factions of the deep state that are disagreeing on this issue. Which I did not expect. That he is still alive gives me hope he will be allowed to be president.

      The Neocon/Harvard faction wants to blatantly steal the election and weaponize the justice department, and undoubtedly would have gotten their way if the Ukraine war had not been lost. But some in the elite are getting nervous about the way this is headed.

      • The Cominator says:

        “The Neocon/Harvard faction”

        I call them the Georgetown/Jesuit faction at this point…

    • someDude says:

      A brilliant exposition on the state of Detroit. That place has always been a hellhole, is a hellhole and will always be a hellhole. Rightwing mythology harks backs to some imaginary glorious past it apparently had in their wet dreams, but seriously, who takes those nutters seriously, lol!

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Incorrect. Detroit was the “Paris of the great Lakes,” a mighty center of industrial capacity, aesthetic development, and a font of human flourishing. Like the city of Newark NJ, it was a nexus of wealth and capacity, a place where a man of wit and will could exercise true capitalism, Jimian capitalism, the creation of wealth. Detroit was destroyed by leftists using niggers and paper. It is occupied territory, not enemy territory.

        • The Cominator says:

          I agree with you here, my father grew up partially outside Detroit other than the terrible winters it was a nice place once.

          • Adam says:

            Midwestern whites are wonderful people. It is a shame what has become of that part of the country, and what those people have to live with.

        • Handi says:

          Our swarthy friend is being sarcastic, as to imply that India was also a gem of civilization before it was run over by garbage stock.

          I find the comparison a bit of a reach, because the high water mark of India is absolutely ancient. The glory of the Aryan conquest had long faded by the time the Anglo sailed around, the tropics are just too friendly to teeming hordes of untrainables.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            It is my fault for not reading closely enough. I was looking to pick a fight. it’s been one of those decades, you know what I mean?

            • Dharmicreality says:

              The article is clearly written from the lens of a leftist from the very first paragraph itself. Note the sympathy for the daily wage laborer and his condition. Implies that India is a shithole because it’s not a socialist paradise like the West.

              On the other hand, India is a shithole after independence mainly because of socialism. Only the Modi government is making half hearted efforts to undo the ills of socialism and just partly succeeding which partial success even drives these leftist Cathedral media types nuts.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                India is often considered a socialist country. Nothing in the above is socialism. If India became socialist, however unrealistic, mechanical, and simplistic socialism might be, I would see that as a massive improvement.

                That paragraph is a dead giveaway. “true socialism has not been tried in India comrades”.

                On the other hand all the chaos he attributed is a result of socialism, not despite it.

                • someDude says:

                  Maybe, but the part of genetic capital is what got my attention. I don’t expect understanding from enemies and I don’t expect sympathy from civilizational strangers. Still I feel compelled to offer a differing viewpoint

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  99.99% of of the western commentary on India is through the progressive lens, somewhat varying in tone and theme depending on the author’s focus.

                  Even many of the “based racist” articles about India are based on progressive interpretation of history.

              • someDude says:

                How much ever of a shithole india is now or under Nehru, it was much more of a shithole with the Brits around.

                As I said, we lost too many smart people to a millennia of war against Islam. Vijayanagara never recovered from the loss at Hampi precisely because of the people lost to the massacre there after Talikota. The Smart capital was just not available. Ditto the massacres at nalanda, takshashila, varanasi and numerous other centres of learning and civilization

                The West is going through just such a loss of smart Genetic capital at the moment. In their case it is much more self inflicted than ours ever was.

          • someDude says:

            You got it. By the time the Brits started their thing, india was already at war for over a millennia with the Muslims. Massacres centred on cities where all the smart people lived is what caused the drop in genetic quality. As late as the 1500s, South India was still doing better than European cities as far as hygeine, organization and structure goes. These are the accounts of foreign travellers to Vijayanagara Empire, Domingo Paes among them.

            1500s is several millennia removed from whenever this Aryan conquest bit is supposed to have happened.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Even after independence we would have had a chance if true Hindu nationalism had been allowed. The British had killed the budding Hindu nationalism recognizing its threat to their power, and our elites led mainly by the fake Pundit and the half naked fakir subscribed to Secular Socialism, social justice and so on and corrupted by Oxbridge/Harvard education.

        • someDude says:

          @KD mate, i was being sarcastic. Just because parts of India are a hellhole now, does not mean it was always one. I just gave the example of Detroit to drive my point. Centuries of foreign rule and hundreds of massacres in cities where smart people tend to love deprived india of much of its human capital, the sort of human capital that can organize people and build a civilization. What survives is of poor genetic stock, granted, but it was not always so

          Detroit was not always so. Just trying to drive home a point is all

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            I too missed the sarcasm, because a progressive in my family once said that Detroit always had problems, I replied exactly as KD, that Detroit was the “Paris of the West”, one of the finest cities in the world, and she abruptly crimestopped. She will either die from the clot-shot or be hacked to death by her beloved diversity, a faithful progressive to the end.

            On his honeymoon road trip in 1928, my grandfather visited a friend in Detroit. His friend didn’t have a card table, so the two men walked to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor was hosting a party, and not only lent them a card table but also introduced them to his guest of honor, Charles Lindbergh. “If only I’d gone with him!”, my grandmother thought for the rest of her life.

            Now the entire neighborhood is gone, its houses all torn down to keep crack addicts out.

            • A2 says:

              See also the bizarre yet somehow characteristic negro custom of ‘Devil’s Night’, which in Detroit involved ‘arson and mayhem’ from the 70s until at least 2000. Whites exited in large numbers.



              • Vendat Tunicam says:

                “Beginning in the 1990s, the rate of arson began to fall, thanks in part to these community programs.”

                Ha! Rates began to fall because their was significantly less to burn down and the plains apes had to go a lot farther from their nests to find buildings to set afire.

            • someDude says:

              people have a tendency to believe (about the others) that as they are now, they have always been and will always be

              About themselves, it’s a glorious past and a glorious future though a somewhat depressing present.

  5. Your Uncle Bob says:

    >If Trump makes Tucker VP, then he will likely be followed by President Tucker.

    Agree with this. Gets the boomers, the Fox News watchers, the MAGA die-hards, all the way over to the pool-side /areguys/ just for the memes and the outrage.

    >Tucker gets it.

    I’m posting to learn, so tell me where I’m wrong, but – does he? Tucker Carlson: claims his father was C1A, claims he applied to C1A but “wasn’t accepted,” pushed the UFOs are real psyop, and is reported to have met with Trump to persuade him to take Covid seriously and accede to lockdowns.

    The last suggests he is or was taking orders. On paper I’d peg him as a CIA deep cover media asset. And by the old rules I’d peg CIA as Blue Empire/Team A rather than Red Empire/Team B.

    Counterarguments I can see… He’s pretty convincing, which is hard to fake over time (the shill test writ vague), so maybe he’s gone native. Or maybe he just really does like heritage Americans, which in Current Year has stranded him on Team B no matter where he started.

    Or is it just that he’s genuinely elite? Heritage American from a wealthy family, plus “journalist”/Air America father. Taking “no success without elite backing” seriously I can see falling in line behind whoever’s saying the right words, and figuring the rest out on the fly.

    • Kleinpaste says:

      Vivek is now being raised up again too after a recent attempt by the vagina faction to lay a trap.

  6. Hesiod says:

    Colorado Supreme Court kicked Trump off the state’s presidential ballot due to muh J6. The ruling is stayed until January 4th ’24 for obligatory appeals.

    • jim says:

      Now that is interesting. Since all the other ones have been stalled or failed, we are seeing incohesion in the elite about openly undemocratic elections, and about how to stop Trump.

      Normally the whole Judiciary operates in lockstep and do as they are damn well told. So this indicates a policy change, or a policy wobble, or a fight over the controls.

      • dave says:

        1 vote for Policy wobble. CO Scotus probably loonier than others and didnt get the message, seems far out of step.

        or maybe its a trial balloon. Many still believe that Trump must be stopped.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Are they any loonier than Cali or NY? A case this high profile is unlikely to be without higher authorization from someone.

          • dave says:

            4-3 split decision. four for marquez, hart, hood, gabriel. all went to yale, harvard or penn. The 3 dissents went to univ of Denver Law school. Ok this could be a fight over the controls. The cathedral doesnt want to risk another Trump presidency. no matter what.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Did you check out their bios, it’s very GAE. It’s both they don’t want the risk of another Trump presidency, a lot of this seems like pure vindictiveness.

          • Colorado says:

            I know people there… they’re this elite form of Leftyism, complete with ski-hills, caviar, and well manicured lesbian pussy, and their feminazi eco-warrior is off the charts. The only thing remotely right about CO is NORAD, and even that’s been faggoted out like the rest of the services.
            They’ll have two heavily stoned cunts licking each others twats on the desk while watching in glee as the missiles fly.

        • Hesiod says:

          Wrestling with the significance, if any, of the timing for this. Perhaps this is an extended version of the traditional Friday afternoon/evening news dump. After the New Year, this will have merged in the public mind with all the other legal shenanigans against Trump, smoothing down the Narrative. Also, it buys time to bring other states onboard while few are attentive to politics. Waiting for the appeals circus. Hope the clowns are at least entertaining.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Watching this unfold in real time was… an experience. Massive narrative shift tonight, lots of fence sitters and “stay calm, vote our way out of this” types got absolutely rug-pulled.

      I am very glad the built-in stay is being discussed. I will break down my analysis, but I’m not in any way proffering an explanation that’s anything more than gut and brain trying to maintain balance in an unstable environment.

      2023 has seen a string of socio-political “lone wolf” events. The “one grand conspiracy/cabal” narrative is dead. Nothing since the 2021 inauguration indicates any kind of monopoly on power, monopoly on messaging, marching orders, plans, or intentions. The Biden actually thought that once the Adults Were Back In The Room they could resume looting the State like they had under Obama, like they planned to do under Hillary. They went after Russia on Day 001 of the Biden Regime, and it went from a get richer even quicker scheme to a “use this to smother Covid” solution. The Biden has focused on a few different things: import a new citizenry, handicap the military spiritually and physically, and extract wealth from the imperial holdings. While they went about this, their erstwhile allies were given free reign to do anything and everything, so long as it worshipped negros, elevated sodomites, and empowered AWFLs. Their competence and capacity was astoundingly bad, and they have failed at literally every single thing. Go through the list of efforts, endeavors, and events since 01/21/2021; every single one has stalled, reversed, or blown up in their faces. If you find one that seems like a success, it is either something done by a previous regime (most likely Trump’s) that they’ve taken “ownership” of, or it is a massive failure that is still back building, like a strike-slip fault.

      The Midterm Red Trickle was an event equivalent to the cooked polls from 2016. You should recall that the DNC (inclusive of Hillary campaign, managerial elites in bureaucracy, and the actual Democrat National Convention) selected Trump as the easiest to beat, then bungled it hilariously as they realized he was an actual threat. Instead of sitting down, pooling actual wits, and developing a strategy to oppose him based on cold analysis and facts, they deployed a much simpler trick: cook the polling. And, in the short term, it seemed to work. Every one of us remembers that Trump “could not possibly win.” We even said it, I know I did, right up until July 2016. After I read the 13 Keys essay, I realized that not only could he win, he was most likely going to win. Many others were well ahead of me and the curve, but at no point did the DNC countenance this idea. Every time reality reared its head, they dove ever further into the “numbers.” How is that even possible? They knew the numbers were fake, they literally constructed the plan to manipulate them. But “they” are a They in the sense that they are a massive crowd of yes men, girl bosses, short-sighted sodomites, and charlatans. Every single one assumed that somewhere, someone was doing the real work. They didn’t want to miss out when the sinecures were getting handed out, so each group and person tried to out-loyal the other. The electioneering apparatus, a machine set up in the1970s and run with no oil changes, no maintenance, no real attention, was expected to deliver the Executive to the DNC. And it failed.

      Fast forward to 2022. The Biden is convinced Russia is days from collapse, that more queers are in more positions of power than ever, and that the good little Outer Party faithful will either sabotage the MAGA candidates to clear the field or beat them. I will admit, this is a blind spot in the analysis: I still don’t know what exactly happened. But I am 100% certain it was not because of any kind of coordinated action or planning from the central power apparatus, The Biden. But they definitely believed that that was exactly what happened. After 2022 Midterm, they were convinced that Trump was weak, getting weaker, going to collapse any day now, and he just needed a little shove. But to my, our, knowledge, there was no Zoom Call To Save Democracy From The Voters. Instead, it was a vast array of various groups and factions and power brokers and operatives, all with different schemes and plots and plans, every single one focused on grabbing shards of power, enriching themselves, and punishing their enemies. We roll into 2023 and every thing is a mess. The series of failures for The Biden start to show up and cannot be hidden or forgotten. Panic sets in, but there’s no leadership, no marching orders, no Guide or Path or Plan. So it comes down to whoever has the balls and the blindness to open fire first. Of course, it’s nigger DAs and faggot lawyers. Of course it’s loud mouth mammies and shrill spinsters. Remember that dumb cunt that was the jury foreman on one of Trump’s trials? She represents the smartest people and plans in the 2023 operation to sideline Trump. And each one resulted in 15 minutes of TDS inspired cheering, and a massive backlash.

      No one in or adjacent to The Biden has any idea of what to do. There’s the Electioneering Machine, which will be under more concerted scrutiny than ever before as well as more pressure to perform than ever before. Their are the State level bureaucratic oligarchies staffed by the dumbest, gayest, blackest common denominators. There are the talking heads. But there is no coordination. So we have seen the beginning of the “It’s OK to Kill Trumpler” messaging. We have seen abortive legal maneuvers like the Gun Rights revocation in New Mexico. They are grabbing at straws, no one knows what to do, and they are praying to Moloch for salvation.

      Before we break out the champagne, it is critical to note, maybe admit is the better word, that we have no objective reason to believe Trump has learned The Lesson. We have no objective reason to believe that a coalition of Outsider Elites is quietly coalescing behind Trump. There are hints of a Thermidor. There are hints of a growing awareness that the Empire is unraveling. But the decades long campaign to destroy masculinity, to drive great men out of the spotlight, to force real leaders to lie and hide, has been overwhelmingly successful. If the Left is grabbing at straws, the Right can’t even find the cup where they think their grandparents kept them.

      I so badly wanted to end this with a “here are the 14 steps and 88 processes by which we can step into power” section, but I don’t see it. The men that should be stepping into the fore, like Musk or Prince or MacGregor or others, are either too dumb or too afraid or just plain ignorant of the situation. But I do know this:

      power never just sits on the ground; someone always picks it up

      • The Cominator says:

        “2023 has seen a string of socio-political “lone wolf” events. The “one grand conspiracy/cabal” narrative is dead.”

        2020 proved it was real and nothing since to me disproves it was real. Its just since the Ukraine debacle people on the top don’t completely agree on things.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          Delusional. Have you explicitly admitted how completely incorrect you were about DeSantis?

          • The Cominator says:

            I still like DeSantis but unfortunately no charisma. He’d be far more ruthless and effective in office.

            • jim says:

              Undoubtedly. But to become King, a man must have charisma, and be saying the Christian Nationalist thing, that tribe being the only cohesive synthentic tribe big enough to make him King. DeSantis lacks charisma, and is not saying those things.

              Tucker is saying the right things, and has charisma, but he lacks kingliness. Albeit he has more kingliness than DeSantis. Trump has kingliness running out of him, but he has the soul of a merchant, not a warrior, and we will need a warrior king.

              • The Cominator says:

                DeSantis would become king as a right wing Stalin, Stalin did not really have charisma either…

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  DeSantis is little more than a front for his wife’s political ambition. He is disloyal, completely uncharismatic, incapable of tactical or strategic thinking, and absolutely, unequivocally a RINO by predilection. He’s a bog standard republican politician; if he is controlled by a league of extraordinarily based gentlemen, he can appear to be based. He jumped into bed with Con Inc and turned into a wet noodle that made Jeb Bush seem like a male.


                  That is not king material. That isn’t even slightly ok mayor material.

                • The Cominator says:

                  > DeSantis maybe overly influenced by his supposedly BPD wife
                  This isn’t provable its all based on internet rumors. Also if she is BPD (which is plausible if DeSantis is a bit autistic as BPD women are the one type of woman who tend to actually like autists and autist tend to like them) she probably genuinely hates clownworld in a way that women rarely do.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not fair to call him a RINO or unstrategic either, his problem is simply lack of charisma. He absolutely could have governed Florida as a moderate RINO (in fact he kinda ran as a moderate RINO albeit one who flattered Trump) but did not do so.

                  Trump’s problem (in addition to being a boomer) is he is ultra ultra ultra vunerable to flattery and administratively extremely lazy, his enemies know this too.

                • TheFeebleClone says:

                  The Cominator,
                  Regarding the Borderline Personalities and autists.
                  That’s something I hadn’t heard and it surprises me a little. The autistic people I’ve known are extremely sensitive to change. Why do you suppose autist-types would be liable to attach themselves to someone who is by definition unstable?

                • Fidelis says:

                  Why do you suppose autist-types would be liable to attach themselves to someone who is by definition unstable?

                  Very strong displays of, at that moment at least, very genuine affection. Autists are insensitive to oxytocin and related bonding hormones, and so require a heavy stimulus to properly pair bond themselves.

                • Adam says:

                  > Very strong displays of, at that moment at least, very genuine affection.

                  I would add, basic girls even very hot ones are boring as fuck. Not to mention extremely superficial, and generally annoying. Cluster B girls are more likely to reject groupthink, which can produce favorable, or at least interesting behavior.

      • The Cominator says:

        So imho there is a single commanding cabal at least as far as the Gay American Empire goes its just dysfunctional and insane much like the Japanese Supreme Council for the Direction of the War.

      • jim says:

        > There was no Zoom Call To Save Democracy From The Voters.

        You mean no Zoom call since the 2020 zoom call.

        No Zoom call yet, but it is not 2024 yet.

        Will there be one? They will have a harder time getting cohesion this time around.

        > I so badly wanted to end this with a “here are the 14 steps and 88 processes by which we can step into power” section, but I don’t see it. The men that should be stepping into the fore, like Musk or Prince or MacGregor or others, are either too dumb or too afraid or just plain ignorant of the situation. But I do know this:
        > power never just sits on the ground; someone always picks it up

        The way forward is entirely clear, but we suffer from Kinglessness. Christian Nationalism is the largest cohesive synthetic tribe that believes it has the right and duty to rule. But it needs a King to stand in front of it. The only national leader who is saying the right things is Tucker, but he denies political ambition. Looking at past men who became King in analogous situations, they were men who were clawing at power from the cradle. Tucker, unfortunately, seems to be made of other stuff. Good stuff, but not the stuff of Kings. There are a lot more men born to rule than there are rulerships for them, but Tucker does not look like one of them.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I do not see a cohesive Christian nationalism entity. I see lots of Christian Nationalists. I definitely see nascent Specific Christian Nationalisms, like Lutheran CN or Baptist CN, but each of these is yoked to a national level organization, sometimes multiple, that is either completely beholden too or emasculated by the Cathedral. I think it’s dangerous to apply Underpants Gnomes approaches to CNism.

          There are number of stages that have to be passed through, and at this time there are no corners to cut or shortcuts to take: the CN advocates in their specific denominations and factions have to destabilize and replace the extant, sclerotic orgs that have been suborned by the Cathedral; they have to purge & reorder their internal hierarchy; they have to establish their regional supremacy, their zones of influence, and their frontiers of effect; they have to craft a “foreign policy” in regards to the other CN movements, as well as any other reginal factions/actors.

          We know here that, for any of this to occur, there must be a reboot to first principles, a reordering of priors. If this doesn’t happen, than whatever they do is a house of cards with scores of options for derailment, convergence, or factionalization paralysis. This is one of the reasons the WQ is critical, it is an immuno-memetic superweapon because it is upstream of every other Q. There are plenty of individual men who are right on the WQ or close enough that it makes no difference, but I don’t think you can say this about anything larger than single churches.

          This is not a blackpill, it’s just a sketch of the holistic situation. I am actually somewhat optimistic as it is very much the case that our memes are percolating through congregations and communities; the digital “blood brain barrier” is in the process of being breached. The blackpill is Time. I think, bereft of black swans and miraculous moments, CNism is, at the very best, no less than a decade away from being able to actually compete on the socio-political battlefield.

          • jim says:

            You propose that Christian Nationalists first establish power in their particular religious institutions. Nonsense. They cannot get power in those institutions because the state will not permit it.

            Further, they do not need to do that, because they have more cohesion between each other than those Churches have internally between fellow members of the same congregation. Being converged and post Christian, their official institutions are as dead as the legacy media, there is no power there. They need to unite behind a King, before they can unite behind a high priest. When the King comes, the Prophet will come, or the Prophet comes first, anoints the King, and runs. It is King time and Prophet time. The high priest will come later. The legacy Churches are dead, or, at best, undead. Christian Nationalism is live.

            When you see a Christian Nationalist talking to other Christian nationalists, he does not tell them whether he is Lutheran or Baptist or whatever. Because he does not care and his audience does not care. High priest will show up quite some considerable time after the King and the Prophet.

            Does anyone know or care what denomination Andrew Torba is? And if he wins, the current leadership of his Church, whichever it may be, are likely to be first into the Gulag. Or taking the high jump for sodomy and child sexualization.

            It is as if you told us that Tucker first needed to get another job in the legacy media.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Your analysis lacks resolution. It’s like a very powerful and accurate space telescope that gives us stunning detail of the biggest and most complex things, but when you point it at something closer and simpler, it’s a low resolution pixelated image. It’s not useless, it’s not even wrong. But it doesn’t really tell us anything we can use.

              And, in point of fact, Tucker did get a different job in media. He was fired from a dying institution for believing incorrectly, so he restructured, recalibrated, and now he’s substantially more effective than he was and, most importantly, more than he ever could have been in his previous position.

              I am not advocating that the CNs take over the dead/dying institutions, you stated I said that, then argued the strawman.

              “they have to purge & reorder their internal hierarchy”

              And they do.

              “they have to establish their regional supremacy, their zones of influence, and their frontiers of effect”

              They have no choice.

              I am not advocating a takeover of the SBC by based baptists, that’s stupid, gay, and unworkable. I am saying good men must order their churches after they order their mannerbunds after they order their families after they order their minds & hearts. The church congregation is the optimum unit of organization for an actual Christian Nationalist movement. The bigger orgs are converged, the megachurches are either converged or run by vainglorious charlatans and/or converged. Trying to build a parallel to the SBC is poor strategy, because it has to contend with the SBC in addition to the usual State apparatuses while simultaneously convincing the non-aligned churches, the ones that have broken away from the SBC precisely because their pastors have rightly seen that the SBC is converged and dying, to trust them and join them, which is necessary but damned hard.

              So it is the church, the building and pastor and congregation, that is the key unit/block in the CN structure. There are smaller, constituent parts, but if the pastor is a faggot or the congregation is too old/too young/too stupid or the building is worthless, it negates the other two. And there are larger entities, like constellations of non-aligned baptist churches that have all broken away independently for their own but nonetheless same reasons, but a confederation or coalition of these is not the rule at this time, it’s the exception. getting those constellations, coalitions, and confederations to be real and relevant will take time and work. It will take dissident elites coalescing, realizing that they must either submit or act, and it’s not at that point quite yet, but it’s getting incrementally to that point every day.

              And a note on resolution: I spent a little over a year attending churches in 4 states of a range of denominations and different faiths (except Catholic lmao). Some are dying out, some are stumbling on, some are growing. None scored perfectly on my Jimian Christian index, and some of the ones that did were not flowering but fading, just as I encountered more than a few examples of evil churches with wicked men taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from thousands of avid and engaged congregants. I’m not saying you are wrong, but I am saying the “Jim Weblog Telescope” is terrifyingly accurate and powerful in some contexts and in others it is not as useful because it lacks resolution.

              Kings don’t magically appear, nor do priests or merchants or warriors. They are cultivated. Food doesn’t come from shelves, it comes from farms. The reason we aren’t seeing a King is because no one was cultivating them in 1983. I remain utterly convinced that the King, Our King, will return. I don’t care if it’s tomorrow or when my grandkids have grandkids, it’s irrelevant in the larger scope of history. We cannot magic a King onto a throne, but we can cultivate one, we can scour the woods looking for a wild one, we can be ready for the King Unexpected to appear. I am utterly unconvinced that sitting back, waiting, and expecting everything to just fall into place is the optimal strategy. I want oaks, so I plant acorns and I cull weeds.

              • Adam says:

                >Food doesn’t come from shelves, it comes from farms.

                Food doesn’t come from farms it comes from farmers. There are no bottom up revolutions or restorations.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Chicken v. Egg disambiguation is reddit tier bullshit. Chickens & eggs are a single system with two components, just like farmers & farms and shooters & guns.

                • Adam says:

                  Not really. The farmer dictates what grows and what doesn’t. The cathedral dictates what can grow in the GAE.

                  Try to change the culture and performance of a company from the inside without the ability to hire and fire. Won’t happen. And you won’t get the ability to hire and fire without first assimilating to the current company leadership.

                  By all means be the best man you can be. Be the one guy in clown world that isn’t dripping in filth. And build your network of others like you if you can find any. But keep it quiet and hidden, for now.

                • Adam says:

                  The people who are going to be most influenced by your life are the people below you, and for most people that means children. It is very hard if not impossible to change someone next to you or above you. You can become valuable to them, but you will not change them without force.

                • jim says:

                  > There are no bottom up revolutions or restorations.

                  Stalin halted the left Singularity and tried to stabilize at current leftism, but getting grief from his left appointed Beria. Cromwell halted the left singularity and tried to stabilize at current leftism, but getting grief from his left appointed Monck. Hua Gofeng ended the left singularity and tried to stabilize at current leftism, but getting grief from his left, appointed Deng.

                  And we can see clearly visible a faction in the deep state that wants to stabilise at current leftism. Perhaps they will appoint Trump, but whomever they do appoint, they will need to appoint someone dangerous to current leftism, someone seriously less impressed than they are with the superior holiness of the leftmost.

                  The original Thermidor led to the white terror. Which failed, because the Thermidorians cracked down upon it, but the crackdown left them without defence against those to their left.

                  If Thermidor gains the upper hand, they will have to either appoint a Trump or a Monck, or let the white terror off the leash, or both.

                • Adam says:

                  To better clarify, low status people do not affect high status people. If you want to affect someone equal or higher status than you, it is necessary to make them lower status than you.

                  My point is that prole churches and groups, the kind we could conceivably build today are not going to be capable of playing that game successfully.

                • jim says:

                  You under estimate how the Christian Nationalist movement is doing. Did you also under estimate how Trump was doing?

                  When he came down the escalator, I knew he was going to win. Christian nationalists are good to go right now, all they need is a King. Unfortunately Kings are in short supply.

                • Adam says:

                  Did Trump halt the holiness spiral? Will the Christian Nationalists? Can the Christian Nationalists prevent entryism, or do an of the things necessary to prevent convergence?

                  A serious question, and I go back and forth on this myself, is it worthwhile to try to work around the side effects of the disease, when you know you are incapable of curing the disease? Is it not better to just let the wildfire burn itself out? Personally I can see a case for both, and practically speaking I will usually take any win that I can get. But I also think better to suffer more now for a shorter period of time than extend the process.

                • jim says:

                  > Did Trump halt the holiness spiral?

                  No, but he certainly gave it some shock therapy.

                  > Will the Christian Nationalists?

                  On past experience, it takes the white terror or a Stalin to halt the holiness spiral. But extinguishing the Menora, and cheerfully endorsing that extinction, hints that the Christian Nationalists in power would cheerfully close their eyes to a white terror, as the Thermidoreans initially did. It may suddenly become a whole lot safer to be Kyle Rittenhouse, and a whole lot more dangerous to attempt to murder Kyle Rittenhouse.

                  > Can the Christian Nationalists prevent entryism, or do any of the things necessary to prevent convergence?

                  No, and maybe. Terrible and successful entryism is vigorously in progress, and yet they are deconverging rather than converging.

              • jim says:

                > And, in point of fact, Tucker did get a different job in media. He was fired from a dying institution for believing incorrectly, so he restructured, recalibrated, and now he’s substantially more effective than he was and, most importantly, more than he ever could have been in his previous positio

                He did not get another job. He created another job. You are telling me that Christian Nationalists need to penetrate their Church leadership and gain influence there, which is like telling me that Tucker needed to penetrate the legacy media and get influence there. No they need to send their current Church leadership to the Gulag, or give them the high jump for sodomy and child sexualization. (Churches naturally tend to get an infestation of the Lavender Mafia, because it is a way of getting access to children, and now they have a state sponsored and state backed Lavender Mafia, that gets state backing, is rewarded financialy by the state through the Universities and Soros ngos, and is rewarded by getting children from Child Protective Services)

                > The church congregation is the optimum unit of organization for an actual Christian Nationalist movement.

                Watch a based, Christian pastor giving a Christian Nationalist message to his congregation. It will be as hard to figure out which denomination he belongs to as it is hard to figure out which denomination Andrew Torba belongs to. Because he is embarrassed by the leadership of his denomination, which is overrun by gays, child sex traffickers, and demon worshippers.

                We have a live holy war in the Ukraine. And we have a live Christian Nationalist movement. We have dead churches. You went looking for a live Church, found it very hard to find. I had the same problem.

                If someone has a physical Church building, he knows that he could be beaten up and his Church building burned down at any moment, and the police and prosecutor would display a curious lack of curiosity. This is going to cramp his style seriously. Observe the curious lack of curiosity about the people setting fire to Trump’s Church.

                No solution is possible working through such dangerously vulnerable people and buildings.

                If you want a based religious service, going to have to hold it like the Russian army holds it. In the fields and trenches, with significant risk of incoming shellfire and drone bombings. Or, like the early Christians, set up your Church in a catacomb and use code words and code symbols when openly and publicly communicating with physically locatable Christians. You have to figure on a war footing, or a near war footing, which will likely become a war footing soon enough. If you want peace, prepare for war.

                Matthew 13:2-9

                2 And great multitudes were gathered together unto him, so that he went into a ship, and sat; and the whole multitude stood on the shore.

                • A2 says:

                  I thought fire exitinguishing that menorah and smashing up the satan statue were pretty good instances of “direct action”. So was blowing up the Georgia Guidestones. now that I think about it.

                  A physical church is a liability at this time, though perhaps it could serve as bait later on.

  7. Fidelis says:

    I’ve been seeing a trickle more support for “crypto”, but most surprisingly BTC, from the regular mouthpieces.

    I do wonder here. I’ve even seen an admission that the dollar reserve status is a hindrance to reindustrialization, though it would take a moment to find the source again. Many are employed by the cantillion effect just as many are made fat sucking the gravy of empire. Perhaps we’ll see division among the lever pullers in high places if this continues. Or perhaps we’ll find said lever pullers don’t care if its green cats or orange cats, so long as the children are groomed.

    • simplyconnected says:

      People in despotic countries already use bitcoin and stablecoins (tokens pegged to a hard currency, like the dollar) to store savings and sometimes to make payments.

      Ha! Very true, but I don’t think this sentence means what they think it means.
      From their obvious negative associations, I gather they really do not like bitcoin, but are resigned to its existence. Very interesting..

    • simplyconnected says:

      It’s been so long since I read meanstream news that I hadn’t realized how transparent they are.
      They are comparing bitcoin to a cockroach that just won’t die, which I take to mean that despite their best efforts to kill bitcoin the thing will not die. Which in and of itself is good information to know, even if it wasn’t what they tried to transmit.

      • jim says:

        China has banned Bitcoin three or four times, without noticeable effect.

        With bitcoin hitting the scaling limit, the cost of mainchain transactions has gone intolerably high, but the lightning network still has large capacity.

        However the high cost of mainchain transactions is leading to dangerous centralisation and heavy use of custodial wallets – the scaling limit is starting to bite the lightning network also.

        They believe Bitcoin is a crazy fad, like pet rocks, and are not taking it very seriously.

        Now if it is just a fad, just speculation, they can financialize it. Get everyone speculating on hypothetical pet rocks which are number invented by the regular financial entitiess.

        This strategy is going to bit them. At some point the market is going to be cornered.

        Bitwise wants custody of your bitcoins instead of you having custody of your bitcoins.

        They can then profit by lending them to speculators who want to sell bitcoin short.

        If too many people are selling bitcoin short, the market can get cornered, whereupon Bitwise does not get your bitcoins back.

        What can happen is that speculators, believing bitcoin is in a bubble, make a whole lot of short sales, but bitcoin goes up further, the finance businesses make a margin call, demanding the speculators put down more money or return the bitcoin, the speculators now have to put up more money or buy the bitcoin back to return it to the finance businesses, they cannot or will not, so the finance businesses take the money the speculators put up and attempt to buy bitcoin back, sending its price up into the stratosphere, for the bitcoin that the speculators sold was purchased by hodlers who intend to hold onto till fiat money collapses and they just will not sell at any price.

        So suddenly the finance businesses don’t have the bitcoin they promised to hold on your behalf, because the holders with self custody bought it when it was a lot cheaper, and they are still hodling.

        So will come to pass that they will settle bitcoin futures with custodial bitcoin that they refuse to convert into actual bitcoin – the finance system sets a bitcoin price that is lower than the actual price, as happened to financialized tin on the London Metals exchange. Financialized tin ceased to be convertible into actual tin, and they attempted to force people who had actual tin to hand it over for financialized tin. Which the miners and the people who needed tin to make stuff like tin cans were not too happy with. They ran into massive noncompliance, and the London Metals Exchange died.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          When did these events take place? This article from 1985 either describes a different event, confuses financial tin with actual tin, or is a pile of outright lies:

          • jim says:

            The account that you link to is an interpretation of the crisis, that was credible at the time, but was rendered absurd by subsequent events.
            The story blames the physical tin people as artificially manipulating the price of tin up. Which was at the time somewhat plausible — as with the early days of Covid, hard to know what was really happening.

            But when the dust settled, it became obvious that it was the financialized tin people artificially manipulating the price of tin down. When the dust settled, it became obvious that everyone wanted physical tin, and no one wanted financialized tin.

            When the dust settled, the financiers had a pile of contracts to deliver physical tin at a price they had agreed to, and did not deliver. Which led to the massive demonization of people who had actual physical tin (that wicked cartel supposedly artificially manipulating the price of tin up), and people who wanted actual physical tin.

            The wicked cartel refused to deliver tin at the prices that the London metals exchange deemed appropriate, not because they were artificially manipulating the price of tin up, but because they figured their tin was worth a lot more than that, they could sell it to people who wanted actual tin for a lot more than that, and they were correct. It was worth a lot more than that.

            The people who had actual physical tin just did not want to hand it over at officially unoffical London Metals Exchange prices, so eventually found other channels to get their tin to people who needed actual physical tin. And it is this refusal to hand over the tin at officially unofficial prices that is the crisis that the finance news describes as a cartel manipulating prices up.

            At the time the nature of crisis was opaque. It was obvious that the London Metals Exchange just did not have metal to exchange. But was this because of greedy miners manipulating the price up, or the market failing to obey the decisions about the price that the financiers had made in advance.

            But when the dust settled, no one trusted the British courts to enforce contracts for metals delivery or the London Metals Exchange. The British courts wound up issuing a bunch of orders for people to deliver real tin at prices that they had never agreed to, and those people declined to obey. The story was that the evil miner cartel was controlling prices up, whereupon the British courts attempted to control the world wide price down, and failed.

            It was pretty much what has happened with US efforts to control the price of Russian oil. Turns out that physical things beat paper things. If you wanted tin, you had to pay the miner’s price, not the London Metals Exchange price, and if you want oil, you have to pay the Russian price, not America’s official price for Russian oil.

            Trust in the London Metals Exchange died, and trust in the British courts died. You are not going to read that in the Financial Times. The evil cartel was just people correctly calling the market in physical tin, and the speculators, the London Metals Exchange, and the British courts were people drinking their own Koolaide. You are not going to read that in the Financial Times.

            When the dust settled, the people who needed physical tin, and thought they had contracts for delivery of physical tin, found that the speculator they had bought the contracts from had no tin. So they wrote off those contracts, and got the tin directly from the miners. They also went to the British courts, and said “Where is the tin we were promised”, and the courts issued orders not against the tinless speculators who had sold them the worthless contract, and not against the London Metals Exchange that had dishonored the contract, but against the miners who had never agreed to deliver tin at the officially unofficial price, the miners who were a third party that who had no contract with either party, the crisis being exactly their refusal to contract to delivery at the officially unofficial price. And the miners, of course, said “**** you”

            When the dust settled, the British courts were attempting to enforce hypothetical contracts for delivery that the London Metals Exchange said the miners should have made, but had refused to make, and not enforcing real contracts for delivery that the speculators had in fact made.

            The speculators claimed there was an oversupply of physical tin, and set an officially unofficial price that reflected the “real” supply and demand position, but when the dust settled, what was revealed was an oversupply of financialized tin.

            In the end, what was revealed is that the London Metals Exchange had been very rapidly waving the price of tin up and down, even though mining was steady and consumption was steady, so that speculators with inside knowledge of what the price was going to be controlled to tomorrow could profit at the expense of normies on the outside, and the people with physical tin just did not like that, being on the outside and preferring steady and predictable prices, and decided to create a reserve pile of tin to stabilise the price, to just not sell tin when the price was waved down. And because they just did not sell tin when the price was waved down, a crisis ensued. The miners decided on a price, and the London Metals Exchange decided on a different price, and when the dust settled, it turned out the miners were correct about supply and demand, and the financiers and British courts were drinking their own Koolaide.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Not even credible at the time because it doesn’t explain why the LME should care if the price of tin drops by half. Aren’t they just brokers, connecting buyers and sellers for a fee? The reporter doesn’t tell us, possibly because he doesn’t want his legs broken, that the LME itself has been engaged in naked short-selling, and that LME prices are plunging not because buyers don’t want tin, nickel, zinc, etc. but because they don’t trust LME to deliver.

              The whole article comes off as desperately delusional, like today’s stories about Russia’s imminent economic collapse and political break-up, or how a 2°C increase in global temperatures will soon make the planet uninhabitable.

        • simplyconnected says:

          Now if it is just […] speculation, they can financialize it. […] This strategy is going to bite them.

          So I take it there is a misunderstanding between the hodlers (who treat bitcoin as a store of wealth) and the people running the future ETFs (who see it as a speculative asset). If so I guess you’re right that it’ll bite them, since they ultimately have to buy from hodlers.
          I’m a noob, but I’m guessing anyone hodling at this point has long figured out the value proposition of bitcoin, and will sell only marginally.

  8. Pax Imperialis says:

    They put barrack bunnies in uniform. Opened up to faggotry. Promoted trannies. Today it’s bug chasers. The American military is now LGBTHIV+

    A “She/Her” explains the legal reason at the 7 minute mark. It’s remarkable shit and will be used to open the doors to all sorts of other ailments. This is all happening while USMC is (yet again) softening training.

    • S says:

      Inertia, the thermidor faction drunk enough of their cool-aid they think this is a good idea or a push from people further to the left?

      Because it is hard to see how they intend to rebuild military strength if they keep digging.

      • Fidelis says:

        The so-called Thermidorians have only so much power, would be my supposition. There has been a clear shift in the messaging, with a renewed focus for stuffing white meat in uniform. I see it whenever I happen to be exposed to the algorithmic feeds attempting to program public consciousness. This particular example in that light seems like the typical schizophrenia of an unstable regime.

        • skippy says:

          The Thermidorians, like every directive movement, exists only the very top. The institutions have always been filled with midwits who are not capable of changing their minds by previous incumbents, and these are the sort of people who make all the decisions on the spot. The top directors may be able to change on a dime but all the offices beneath them change on a timescale of years or decades.

          • jim says:

            Someone at the top said “Get white males to join the army”.

            Someone at the top also said “teach those white males they are hateful contemptible scum and America is not their country any more.”

            Faced with contrary directives someone in the middle produced a video encouraging acceptable whites, such as HiV insfested drug addicted gays, to join the army.

  9. Steelkilt says:

    How viable would it be to overwhelm the man hours of NGOs by using chatgpt to write piles and piles of fake grant applications?

    I ask this as a serious question. I don’t know how to use chatgpt and don’t have the hardware for it even if I did know how. But the grant writing and allocating process seems like it could be a bottleneck ripe for maximum Blutarskyism, as Severian calls it.

    The same could be done to college admissions committees. Absolutely bury them in bogus applications that all hit all the right boxes.

    I’ve raised this idea on another forum. Obviously I have no way to know if anyone has tried it. The idea came from a substack piece by Aristophanes (can’t remember his whole handle, I think the substack is called Bullfrog Review) about using chatgpt to trigger the libs on twitter. Sure, fine, that’s funny. But why not waste both money and time, not just time.

    • The Cominator says:

      I love the general thrust of this idea… I imagine they would eventually make some kind of spam filter but it might buy us a few months of NGOs being paralyzed.

      • Steelkilt says:

        Instead of a spam filter I think they would just switch to only accepting applications from “trusted” sources, which would accelerate existing divisions and disillusionment.

        • Adam says:

          There are millions of college students in the United States alone…

          • Steelkilt says:

            I was really thinking of the grants complex. The college admissions were a cute little tack-on.

    • Adam says:

      Rogan had a guy on his podcast who got published in one of the main cathedral publications doing just this. Nature magazine or New England journal of medicine or something like that. Complete hoax. It went on for a while if I remember correctly.

      • Fidelis says:

        If we are thinking of the same situation, the guy was a normie who completely misunderstood the actual goals of the social studies peer review boards. He made a paper, or a few, that he thought was a complete parody. Turns out that what he considered parody was in fact imitation of the actual process. He attempted to humilate them, but in effect only gave them more of the content they wanted in the first place. Instead of causing any real dysfunction, he increased their output for a time.

      • Steelkilt says:

        Sokal and others have done this to prove a point- a valuable point- about the vacuity of our intellectual betters. I’m thinking more sand in the gears, continuously, at what seems to me to be a unique moment where a great deal of time and money can be wasted for relatively little effort. In addition to journals, one could hit the prestigious literary fiction magazines.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Most applications require some sort of fee. In particular, college application fees are non-trivial, so there is a built in cost function to prevent spamming.

    • Ryan says:

      A $1000 PC could run a mid level LLM and generate a convincing application in a few minutes. The bigger barrier is submitting them, which may require multiple email addresses which fit the names etc. Not impossible by any means.

  10. Anon says:

    Your blog is like light at the end of tunnel. Thank you.
    We will probably not live to see the light but hopfully our children will see it.

    You said in one of your comments that you are not caesar.
    So who is a caesar?how do you know if someone is a caesar?

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >how do you know if someone is a caesar?

      His name becomes a synonym for “king” in dozens of languages for thousands of years. It’s pretty easy to spot after the fact. Before, though, is a different story. You don’t know. He’s a huge success, he’s a shameless self-promoter, he commands fierce loyalty among his troops, he’s a weird mix of magnanimous and ruthless…

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Vert few men knew who Octavian was before he became Augustus.

      For that matter, think what of the men who were prominent before Octavian became Augustus, after Octavian became Augustus.

  11. The Cominator says:

    Jim what is your assessment of Milei so far he seems pretty good to me. I know none of us like him playing the role of loyalist to the Gay American Empire but he seems to now that he’s in office… to be trying to play both sides as well he should.

    Keep in mind while we like Russia in Latin America Russia has traditionally (and according to BAP this survived the cold war) supported the left there.

    • A2 says:

      Milei folded immediately on climate change. The optimistic interpretation would be that he is choosing which battles to fight, and squabbling about climate change is just a distraction. But those fights remain to be seen.

      More concerning is the possibility that he’s a US puppet. We all know what happened to the other country that went through ‘shock therapy’. Certain foreign parties will, if this is in the cards, be licking their chops.

      • The Cominator says:

        Not seeing that he folded on climate change… he agreed to send someone to the conference… he still seems to be firing half the Argentine government. Hard to enforce climate change bullshit with no enforcers.

      • jim says:

        Milei is a US puppet. He is backing Ukraine and Israel, he is cutting relations with the BRICs. He is integrating with the US finance system, which is not capitalism, but communism.

        This kind of “capitalism” was an economically ruinous catastrophe for Argentina and Yeltzin’s Russia the first time around. It is likely to be a catastrophe the second time around.

  12. Adam says:

    The holiness spiral in the Soviet Union did not end with leftists killing each other for insufficient leftism. What is the possibility that the GAE collapses in a similar manner, now with Putin and Russia playing the role that Raegan and America played for the Soviet Union? After which someone like Putin rises to power (Desantis?) in one of the American states and restores some semblance of order.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The holiness spiral in the Soviet Union ended in the inter-war period when Stalin killed everyne to the left of him. The marxist faith thereafter was an undead zombie kept propped up by FDR and his imperial successors.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      The Soviet Cathedral was its hard power, its military. USSA’s Cathedral is its soft power, its “meritocratic” schools and elite globalist corporations that people voluntarily support only by default. A leftist revolution is far likelier in America’s case because it fundamentally addresses the problem of a rigged meritocracy, and in the case of the corporations, arguably a real meritocracy but one that is controlled by childless workaholics who put in 100+ hour weeks and dispossess traditionalist families from having capital agency. Globohomo.

      The Soviets figured out the military wasn’t backed up by what really matters, demographic health, even if they actually did have magic socialism. Communist true believers did in fact exist, but they didn’t matter, and they knew it. I regret to inform you that they have not truly been defeated.

      Socially conservative leftism is the ideology that is not allowed to be mentioned. Its opposite, libertarianism, is hated and allowed to be criticized, but the objects of the greatest of hatred are only offered silence. Note “Christian nationalism” gets criticized, Orthodoxy not so, but just look at Ukraine…

      • jim says:

        The enemy payload in your message is the unstated assumption, presupposed as shared, that the right is the party of existing power, and the left is the party opposed to existing power. Which supposedly we entirely agree with, and supposedly the normies believe.

        Which presupposition is too absurd to be stated explicitly

        How is the meritocracy rigged? In favour of leftists and leftism (as for example the college application essay and english SAT), in favour of Jews, in favour of gays and trannies, in favour of Shaniqua, the childless morbidly obese borderline retarded Wyman of Color, and against white straight Christian males. Even black males are getting screwed in favour of Wymen of Color.
        Normies are not likely to look left for a fix to that problem, and even black males are starting to look right, being more bugged by Jews and gays than whites, and deeply damaged by the revolving door for criminals. Even the criminals are suffering from the level of crime.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*payload deleted*]

          • jim says:

            You are arguing for a position that you are unable to directly state. Because it is so obviously stupid. That the left is not in power, capitalists are.

            Your list of grievances is that the left has grossly under delivered for its minions, and therefore there will be a vast outpouring of wrath against ….


            What we are instead seeing is left activists coming over to the right as for example, because it is so obviously an ever lefter state that is oppressing us.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*deleted*] it is the right’s historical position that [*deleted*]

              • jim says:

                This is the opposite of the right’s historical position.

                That debate started in 1790, and from then to the present day, it is apparent which side of that debate the right was on.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                I’m still waiting to see what your reasoning is for why you think the Soviet Cathedral was it’s military.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >The Soviet Cathedral was its hard power, its military.

        Fascinating, I’d like to see your reasoning for this position.

        >A leftist revolution is far likelier in America’s case because it fundamentally addresses the problem of a rigged meritocracy

        Why would leftists revolt against their own rigging?

        @jim this is unusually poor quality verging on word salad. Is this the typical quality of his deleted posts? If not, I’m afraid our dear Anonymous Fake is having a mental breakdown.

        • jim says:

          Nsh, higher quality than most. And I let him through because he does not stick to script. The scripts sound smarter, until it becomes obvious that like an npc, they are unable to go off script.

  13. Kunning Drueger says:

    Fascinating interview. Prince + Musk would be a mighty combination, but they need a Priest, and that’s the biggest blindspot of both these types of men and American elites in general: they’re unwilling or unable to acknowledge the religiosity of human systems.

    The hour draws ever closer, Jim and Regulars. Our tribe needs a Faith, or maybe more accurately, needs a frame to reignite our Faith. GNON demands much of his Prophet and The Faithful.

    • Starman says:

      @Kunning Drueger

      “Prince + Musk would be a mighty combination”

      Two American Triumvirs. Needs one more to complete the American Triumvirate.

      • jim says:

        Triumvirates or something equivalent are common following the death of a Republic. Usually ends up with two of the three dead.

      • MuskFan says:

        Would not be shocked if Musk and Trump forge an alliance come election time. The result of using Twitter as a pro-Trump vehicle, I’m unsure.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Isn’t Musk supposed to be smart?

          • jim says:

            The Biden (meaning the secretive group that manages him) has decided to destroy Musk’s businesses, but there is resistance within the elite to this program. The Biden remaining in power will end Musk, for they are hostile to technology. They find it disturbingly white and male, and insufficiently Jewish.

            • MuskFan says:

              Biden has been quoted as literally saying “We need to look into this guy more”. Shockingly, even FCC officials are outright saying Biden’s attacks on Elon’s businesses are concerning and growing more personal. Musk has every reason in the world to ally with Trump.

              Now how ElonTwitter can be used to prevent the fraud is unknown. Twitter censoring and deboosting all fraud-related speech and loudly proclaiming how the election was the most trusted in history last time certainly helped but who knows how materially important it really was to the outcome.

              • Jehu says:

                Twitter not playing ball increases the unrest curve for a given amount of election fraud. Having all major information outlets singing the same song helps at making dissidents feel alone, any discordance makes that harder. The higher the unrest curve the higher the probability that Caesar emerges. Caesar might well come into being by realizing—if somebody doesn’t take control, everything is going to totally fall apart, and realizing that nobody but him is going to move (this might be incorrect, there may well be multiple potential Caesars in being, but a Caesar moving and emerging is more probable if he believes if not him, who).

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Twitter loudly appearing not to play ball while quietly censoring and de-boosting “dis- and misinformation” about election fraud would be the best possible move for the system.

                  Musk could easily lose his businesses, be jailed, or even be assassinated if he’s dumb enough to hop on to Trump’s sinking ship. You can’t do business at his scale without committing dozens of felonies – destroying him would be child’s play. Even should Trump win (he won’t), he’s already shown he’s too weak to control the system. The Great Orange Boomer would make a few posts on Truth Social complaining about how ridiculous his own government is behaving while it grinds Musk in powder.

                • jim says:

                  Trump is all we have, what other ship can Musk hop onto? We don’t have a Christian Nationalist alternative.

                  If Trump makes Tucker VP, then he will likely be followed by President Tucker. Tucker gets it.

                • MuskFan says:

                  If Trump wins, I doubt he becomes Caesar, but it’s likely he turns the gears further in that direction by weaponizing the DOJ to prosecute the Bidens. He will have no choice but to aggressively replace appointees with loyalists given the cases against him presently. There are reports that Hunter Biden has already privately made arrangements to flee the US if Trumps wins. What jailing the Bidens does for the everyday man on the street, probably not much.

                  Highly unlikely our Marius/Sulla phase has standing armies fight each other in open warefare. It will be more like the gradual normalization of the DOJ and elements of the state apparatus to selectively prosecute political opponents until finally a Caesar emerges to permanently halt the factionalism.

                • jim says:

                  > Highly unlikely our Marius/Sulla phase has standing armies fight each other in open warefare.

                  The French Revolutionary left singularity had the left get lefter and lefter, resulting in the Red Terror and the Thermidorean reaction.

                  The Thermidorean reaction led to the White Terror, which initially they tolerated because they were threatened by the left, but very quickly realised that they were threatened by the right as well, whereupon they cracked down – and now threatened from both the left and the right, called in the military, which led to military rule by Napoleon, without armies fighting each other at any stage.

                  The Russian left singularity just got lefter and lefter, and civil war ensued, which the right lost, largely due to normality bias, whereupon it kept on getting lefter and lefter, until Stalin cracked down on everyone to the right or left of him.

                  Too soon to say which path we follow. Texas secession is on the ballot.

                  One possible outcome of many — I am not saying this is likely, many paths lead to civil war, this is just one of them — is that the Thermidorean faction makes sure election stealing is half assed, because they want someone capable of negotiating a peace with Russia. Trump gets elected. The radicals then remove him in a cheerfully illegal and unconstitutional manner, and a general, calling it the coup it obviously is, throws his hat into the ring and organises a Christian Nationalist counter coup. Conflict between armies in the field ensues.

                • jim says:

                  Historical precedent is that there are three ways we can get past the left singularity:

                  1. Stalin stabilizes leftism, by dealing with those to his left and his right. But leftism has to get ever lefter, ever faster, or else it dies. After a couple of generations the faith is dead, though its empty institutions remain. Then they suddenly crumble at a touch, usually with a brief and mild armed conflict or two that does not kill enough people to merit being called a war.

                  2. Civil war, that we win.

                  3. Leftism destroys so much wealth and kills so many people that an outside army can come in and deal with the problem. If the outside army is a bit late coming in, few people remain and subsequently the empty land is resettled by migrants. The destruction of wealth and technology is already severely impacting military capability, wait till they gett started on eradicating whites.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Musk could defect to Russia and give them total control over space. The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, and the uniformly hostile reaction it generated in the Western media, show that Russia is at least trying to make Christian Nationalism the official state ideology.

                • S says:

                  We are already past that point. The winner is whatever single man is able to wrestle control of that power.

                • Fidelis says:

                  wait till they gett started on eradicating whites.

                  Looks to me as if that project started a long long time ago. The protocol is simple: enforce laws on whites for defending themselves, look the other way when a favored race is the killer. You quite succinctly spell this out. If the project were to accelerate, what do you anticipate changing? I expect more of the same, anything else requires a little too much coordination.

                • jim says:

                  I don’t expect the modus operandi to change, but to escalate. This is not very different from the Tutsi genocide in method, merely a very large difference in intensity. The escalation will be gradual. Kenoshi on steroids.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “Musk could easily lose his businesses, be jailed, or even be assassinated if he’s dumb enough to hop on to Trump’s sinking ship. You can’t do business at his scale without committing dozens of felonies – destroying him would be child’s play.”

                  Dealing with a warlord that can destroy every single one of your military satellites isn’t “easy” or “child’s play.”

                  Especially when you have a paper tiger All-REMF force, and had to buy RD-180 engines from Russia.

                  Notice all the predictions here that Elon would be “instantly stopped” after 2020? They failed to materialize.

                • S says:

                  The project requires scale. Backs kills whites, but less then the rate blacks kill blacks. As long as that is the case any attempts to flip the switch and increase crime burn themselves out instead of genociding white people.

                • jim says:

                  You just apply social direction, propaganda, and organisation (antifa and BLM on steroids) towards killing white people. That is how they set about exterminating the Tutsi in Rwanda.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Starman, Musk’s total-orbital-annihilation Samson option is a fantasy that you invented. It would be nice to have, but nothing suggests that he does have it. Just setting it up would be a firing-squad offense, and it would require the cooperation of a lot people who would never risk going along with it. I’d love it if Musk were a real life Bond villain, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

                • Starman says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “Starman, Musk’s total-orbital-annihilation Samson option is a fantasy that you invented.”

                  Unlike you midwitted failed academics, the engineer rulers in China have a very different opinion about the Starlink constellation (Brilliant Pebbles).

                  The Chinese researchers were particularly concerned by the potential military capabilities of the constellation, which they claim could be used to track hypersonic missiles; dramatically boost the data transmission speeds of U.S. drones and stealth fighter jets; or even ram into and destroy Chinese satellites.

                  Sufficient power for Elon to be a triumvir, insufficient for a Caesar (that requires killing aircraft carriers, which Elon doesn’t have right now).

                  Academics with worthless degrees (like you) have no business lecturing me on spaceflight or space combat.

                  Get on Gab or Fedi to debate me, and lets see how good you are in your ignorance.

                • jim says:

                  I allowed this through because of the highly relevant and responsive link and quote, but it is too inflammatory and insulting, and in future I am likely to suppress your messages for inflammatory and insulting content.

                • MuskFan says:

                  Musk has considerable power and influence in USGOV particularly at the Pentagon. It’s been reported that officials across agencies must frustratingly treat Elon Musk like an “unelected official” and feel a dependence on his “good graces”.

                  Colin Kahl, former Under-Secretary of Defense, personally called Musk to plead for SpaceX to maintain Starlink service in Ukraine. Pentagon Officials reportedly felt “panicked” and dependent when Musk threatened to withdraw it.

                  Additionally, NASA relies on SpaceX as the sole provider transporting astronauts from U.S. soil to space stations. There are no other options.

                  The FAA is struggling to constrain Musk’s willingness to launch rockets without proper approvals. The FAA Administrator has previously spoke directly with Musk after an unauthorized Starship launch and Musk essentially shrugged it off.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Muskfan, you’re right that the system needs SpaceX. But first, it’s far from certain that the people who can and will destroy Elon actually understand that they need it. And second, they can just take SpaceX away from him any time they like. Every time he annoys them by using the leverage he has, jailing him and seizing his lever looks a little more attractive. Would SpaceX function like it does now without Musk? Almost definitely not, but they are forbidden from thinking that, and it would take a few months or years to fall apart anyway.

                • MuskFan says:

                  If Musk was ever unwillingly and forcefully removed from SpaceX its likely every single SpaceX employee would threaten to quit as similarly happened at OpenAI when Sam Altman was removed.

                • Contaminated NEET says:


                  I believe you that Starlink’s satellites could be used as weapons on a catastrophic scale. Consider that stipulated. That’s not my dispute with you. What I dispute is that Elon has the power to use them this way at his own discretion in opposition to the Washington regime. There’s no deadman’s switch, there’s no “Contingency Damocles” ready to roll for when they perp-walk him, and none of his employees would be willing to prepare nor execute such a plan. This is not a question of orbital mechanics, or engineering, or anything technical, where I freely admit my expertise ends at killing a lot of heroic Kerbals. It’s a question of personnel and incentives, and I don’t need a PhD in physics to tell you that Elon does not have the band of steel-souled fanatics willing to kill and die for him that he would need to make good on this orbital annihilation blackmail option.


                  Maybe enough SpaceX employees would quit in protest of a Musk removal or jailing to cause a serious problem, maybe not. It’s too late then anyway. The regime can’t publicly cave to pressure from traitorous subversive Russian/Chinese sympathizing right-wing techbros. It would look like a bitch and invite more challenges. They can hire new employees. Black female employees. The apparatchiks are required to believe this would be a huge improvement, and half of them genuinely do think it.

                • Starman says:


                • jim says:

                  Some people prefer to debate in an environment where off topic and irrelevant insults are discouraged.

                • BobtheBuilder says:

                  >I am likely to suppress your messages for inflammatory and insulting content.

                  If this is going to be a rule going forward, it should not be selectively applied, especially against starman. Otherwise you get petty favoritism, yes-manship, and a decline in the quality of thought.

                • jim says:

                  Am I applying it selectively? Who else, aside from our Sikh transwarrior, has been similarly inflammatory? And he got far rougher treatment than Starman.

                  To my recollection, I have only censored two people for being inflammatory. And there is a whole lot flamage. Once in a while I ask people to cool it.

                  There have been a few others I don’t recall. I long ago stated a policy that unfunny insults will be deleted, which led to a whole lot of more entertaining insults, and since I stated that long ago and near forgotten policy, there have only been two problem commentators. To my recollection those guys, and I don’t remember who they were, it was long ago, improved. Or at least provided more entertaining and interesting content, and only recently has the problem recurred.

                • BobtheBuilder says:

                  > Who else, aside from our Sikh transwarrior, has been similarly inflammatory

                  I have personally suggested to Peace that he rip out his eyes on this blog, which is a bit more inflammatory than “failed academic with a worthless degree.” Although in fairness, I’ve done it to a newly minted shill account, not the regulars.

                • jim says:

                  I counted that as a rational argument, not an insult, because you were pointing out that his beliefs led to absurd conclusions — that he believed what he believed when it was cheap, comfortable, and convenient, and not when it was potentially costly.

                  Starman was just attacking. He was not making a rational argument that was likely to be, and likely intended to be, offensive, but nonetheless relevant, informative and on topic. Nor were his insults entertaining. Just flaming.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  In all fairness telling Peace that he rip out his eyes is merely taking his gnostic beliefs to the natural conclusion… Wait, no it’s not. You should be asking him to self castrate. After all, the material world and the body are illusions of the demiurge, right? Why not go further still? Only in death can he transcend his material body. He’s advocating for “Peace” might as well be elaborate forms of suicide. Eye gouging is rather tame.

                  Is there anything truly inflammatory about being called a failed academic? Academia has transgressed so egregiously, so grossly against nature and nature’s law that failing to enter and abide by academia is virtuous. The commenters here are obviously much smarter on average than the typical university professor. I’m actively embarrassed and ashamed every time someone mentions I have a graduate degree, as if it’s something to be prideful about. It’s not. I’ve had to lie and hide in regards to my beliefs. I got so used to it I nearly forgot what I believed.

                  The only thing inflammatory about Starman is the myopic, “I know better than you because of my very narrow technical expertise” attitude which is a non-starter. Experts are notoriously bad at general prediction. Musk’s Starlink is power and useful. It won’t stop a kill team from showing up at his house at night to “arrest” him only to tragically put bullets into his back when he’s found “resisting”. As much power he may wield in space, it’s in fucking space and he’s on the god damn ground. So are his many children. He is vulnerable and knows it, and every man knows his children are more important than any other form of wealth.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  If bobthebuilder ever does something as gay as tell the BLOG OWNER how he should own his blog, I vote he gets uninvited to whore island.

                  Starman can make informative, skillful posts. What he cannot do is calibrate his invective at his interlocuter. Notice how when responding to ContaminatedNEET (an utterly cringe blackpillfaggot) he has to impugn everyone here. If he’s too dumb, too emotional, or too sloppy to hit what he’s aiming at, he should be censored. I have a wife already, I don’t need another whining ladypoaster to deal with.

                  You made a lot of explicit statements about what Musk can do, what he would never do, and what type of capabilities he has. You stated these things as if you have insider knowledge. Is this the case? If it is, then by all means share with the Class. I don’t think you do. I think you are a blackpilled reddit refugee that can’t be objective & reasonable while maintaining the requisite whimsy and optimism required to be a Jimian Christian. Blind optimism beats studied pessimism in war, in seduction, and in all things that are unpredictable, in the long run. We can be negative, we can be cold, we can do the math and face the music. But pretending that you know what does and does not exist because your brain sees no sunshine, or more harrowingly cannot comprehend that the sun is actually always shining you’re just facing the wrong way or stuck under clouds, dumb.

                  If I have all of the parts of a gun, I have a gun. They may be in a temporary state of disassembly. There may be a critical spring that’s rolled under the chifforobe that I can’t reach without breaking some expensive things. But if you are deciding whether or not you should take my door and arrest me, you should work with the assumption that I not only have a gun, that I will work very hard to get it in a state of readiness if I have even the slightest suspicion that you, or anyone might be coming to get me. You are correct, the niggers and faggots that use EPA or DOJ to go after Musk are flat earth tier stupid. But they are puppets, not string pullers. Not only are elements of DoD aware that Musk “has a gun,” they are counting on him having it, holding onto it, perfecting it, and building more. If he didn’t, he would have been destroyed a while ago.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  @Kunning Druegger

                  Of course I don’t have any insider knowledge about Musk or his organization. I don’t need it to be extremely confident that he does not have any kind of orbital Samson Option to hold over USG’s head. Is such a thing physically and technologically possible? Sure. Is it socially and organizationally possible? Absolutely not, for the reasons I gave above.

                  >an utterly cringe blackpillfaggot
                  Yeah, pretty much. When you’re a right-winger, the blackpill is almost always right. We never win, and our enemies never lose. They’ve hit some rough sledding in the last year or two, but they’ve got the strength, and the conviction, the personnel, and the resources to stay on top for a long, long time. Someday they will fall, but not because we push them, and it’s going to be a while so settle in.

                  >Blind optimism beats studied pessimism in war, in seduction, and in all things that are unpredictable, in the long run.
                  It also gets you eaten by tigers or crushed by the industrial might of vastly more powerful nations. All the Yamato damashi in the world can’t overcome a 20-to-1 economic handicap. Sometimes the right move is to back off and lay low because joining battle is suicide. We all agree that anger is a gift from Gnon. Hate is a gift from Gnon. Why not despair? Why not depression? Gnon gave these to us because they are precious. It’s obvious that depression is an evolved response to being a low-status loser, and it didn’t evolve because it doesn’t work. If the low-status loser is blindly optimistic, he’ll act uppity and get beaten, driven out, or killed by his group. If he acts like a passive blackpilled faggot, he lives to see another day, and potentially new and better circumstances. “Maybe the king will die. Maybe the horse will die. Maybe the horse will learn to talk.” It’s not a winning strategy, but then, the loser doesn’t hold a winning hand; it makes the most of the cards he has. Admittedly, like any of Gnon’s gifts, it’s easy to misapply, and very harmful when misapplied.

                  >If I have all of the parts of a gun, I have a gun. They may be in a temporary state of disassembly. […] But if you are deciding whether or not you should take my door and arrest me, you should work with the assumption that I not only have a gun, that I will work very hard to get it in a state of readiness
                  But you can’t assemble the gun alone. You need the help, approval, and silence of a committee of resume-builders, teacher’s-pets, Silicon Valley effective altruist fags, tranny engineers, and maybe even a few red-blooded men of action and vision, all of whom face jail or execution if the gun is fired, and all of whom have been marinating in Progressive propaganda for their entire lives. I’m positive you don’t have the gun, and I will go ahead and send the goon squad to kick your door. If I’m wrong, oh well, it’s a black swan and nobody could have predicted it; at absolute worst I retire from public service and get a lucrative job as a lobbyist.

                • jim says:

                  > When you’re a right-winger, the blackpill is almost always right. We never win, and our enemies never lose.

                  Trees do not grow to the sky. They grow till they fall over. They have been always winning for two hundred and fifty years, starting with the enlightenment, and we have been always losing for two hundred and fifty years.

                  But two hundred and fifty years is about as long as these things ever last. The fall is always cataclysmic, and signs of the fall are everywhere.

                • jim says:

                  > > Blind optimism beats studied pessimism in war, in seduction, and in all things that are unpredictable, in the long run.

                  > It also gets you eaten by tigers or crushed by the industrial might of vastly more powerful nations

                  But the US is no longer a vastly more powerful nation, having destroyed its own industrial might, its industrial might being excessively white and male and insufficiently Jewish and colored.

                  War is upon us. Studied pessimism just lets the tiger eat you.

                • jim says:

                  > But you can’t assemble the gun alone. You need the help, approval, and silence of a committee of resume-builders, teacher’s-pets, Silicon Valley effective altruist fags, tranny engineers, and maybe even a few red-blooded men of action and vision, all of whom face jail or execution if the gun is fired, and all of whom have been marinating in Progressive propaganda for their entire lives. I’m positive you don’t have the gun, and I will go ahead and send the goon squad to kick your door. If I’m wrong, oh well, it’s a black swan and nobody could have predicted it; at absolute worst I retire from public service and get a lucrative job as a lobbyist.

                  After the black swan even in the Ukraine, where the industrial might of the Global American Empire was revealed as a paper tiger, they are no longer so confident, and the collapse of the US empire is already making the lucrative jobs considerably less lucrative.

                • BobtheBuilder says:

                  >It also gets you eaten by tigers or crushed by the industrial might of vastly more powerful nations

                  Look NEET, the tiger is coming at you with its industrial might (or what is left of it). If you keep blackpilling, you will guaranteed die in a most pathetic manner.

                • BobtheBuilder says:


                  Speaking of, what are the good, accurate books on this subject, or the French Revolution in general?

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Trump is not an option. He’s too old, and the requisite ideological nimbleness is beyond boomers. Musk & Prince are too spiritually sclerotic to see the “Need A Faith Or You’ll Get A Faith” axiom, but they seem to be able to figure out most if not all other deep memes. But if you can’t get all of it, you don’t get it. This is why the totalizing dominance of progressives is so slippery: they both believe and disbelieve at the same time. If you were to, hypothetically, abduct a Hillary analog and interrogate her for hours, you’d find a mishmash of faithfulnesses and rationales, which is how most people operate. But the Leadership Layer (maybe Guidance Layer?) is pure Faith, nor reason or logic. So you don’t have a Small Council or Puppet Master, it’s a revolving door of revolving seats at a rotating table, all of this subservient to the Egregore of Progress.

        Most of us fall into the trap of trying to untie or replicate or invalidate the Gordian Knot of Progressive Dominance. The Neo-Triumvirate, or neoCeasar, or Cromwell Reborn, will just “””cut the knot””” wink wink nudge nudge helicopter

        I could be off base here; it could be possible to contend with the managerial elite on the material plane. I would actually love that. But I don’t think it’s likely. I do believe daemons walk among the elite.

        • Adam says:

          Saving the empire as a whole, top down does not seem all that manageable. Woke vs. thermidoreans is a fracture, but it seems more likely a lot more fracturing needs to happen before one man can grab ahold of some actual power. Seems likely we end up more with a Putin than a Stalin or Cesar, with quite a bit of the empire reclaiming sovereignty.

          • jim says:

            what I fear is that as with Rome from the Gracchi to Sulla, an undead Republic staggers on and on for decades. What I expected, and hoped for, was that, as with Revolutionary French Republic, the elite would quickly get to killing each other. Recall how Antifa was deployed against insufficiently left Democrats.

            What I see instead is a willingness to countenance the re-election of Trump, to manage the retreat of empire. (Which of course has split the elite.)

            Russian advances are tiny, They only get a substantial advance when Ukrainian troops revolt, as recently happened in Marinka. But revolts are happening more often. In direct response to the fall of Marinka, the regime has finally started conscripting the golden youth of Kiev. (This was a demand of the revolutionaries, who threatened to march from Marinka to Kiev unless conscription was applied more fairly) This will keep them going for a while.

            The Imperial issue is not going to severely split the elite unless defeat stares more vigorously – they can still adopt the neutral position by denying the outcome of the war, which outcome can be ignored and pretended away for quite a while. It may not be possible to keep ignoring it all the way to the election.

            Those that want to stay the course want to extend conscription to fill the trenches with meat to Europe and America. The sane faction wants someone who can cut a deal. Mass conscription is not going to work unless you fix the economy and tech lag. The majority faction does not want to think about the problem.

            • Karl says:

              Mass conscription won’t save the empire, but I worry it will be used as a means to achive white genocide.

              BLM on steroids is a dangerous, but nowhere near as effective and quick as sending conscript armies across minefields against entrenched enemy positions. Maybe they’ll even draft everbody, but they’ll use only white troops to charge over minefields into artillery fire.

          • The Cominator says:

            America under current circumstances will resist conscription the way Applacia resisted Confederate conscription.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Trump is still pretty damn nimble for his age. Unless he experiences a sudden rapid decline “nimbleness” is the least of his problems.

        • Jehu says:

          Musk I think has a faith. Ad Astra. But I don’t know if the Star Prophet has what it takes to motivate sufficient elite cohesion. Or to make helicopter drivers feel righteous when conducting helicopter rides.

          I think you’re right regarding daemonic influence among the present elite. The gentleman who beheaded the Satanic statue speaks my mind in the spiritual sense. The irony is that the tremendously successful Marine recruiting commercials back in the 80s and early 90s spoke to that desire to smite the powers and principalities of darkness that burns within the hearts of the warrior caste.

          • jim says:

            Ad Astra works. But to work adequately for helicopter drivers administering long distance swimming lessons, it has to be a command of Gnon to fill the stars and subdue them. Musk has to have faith that his mission is divinely commanded.

            I am commanded to prevent the prophecy of the beast from being fulfilled in our era. Musk is commanded to fill the stars and subdue them. He must accept that it is a command. His enemies and ours intend to destroy him. For him to succeed, he must have God behind him.

            • Jehu says:

              If God is for us, who can be against us?

              I hope, as does I think the remnant within America, that it is God’s will that the insanity of this century be checked, and rolled back. But I don’t know that, which is, I suppose why I’m not a prophet. Helicopter drivers I think require something more than Ad Astra, they need the sort of Old School Christianity on offer here, to do their work. Ad Astra works well to inspire engineers—it’s probably why his companies actually—well—work.

              But yes, without God’s backing, nothing we’d recognize as a victory is possible.

    • Anonymous Reader says:

      Erik Prince has largely failed at his ideologically and politically (distinct from financially) motivated endeavors over the past 20 years, much like Peter Thiel, contra Musk. What would the former bring to the latter?

      • jim says:

        War is coming. Civil war is likely. Erik Prince has experience and competence at organising an army, and an army considerably more effective for its size than the US army. Musk has space and missile power. Needs ground power.

        • skippy says:

          Erik Prince is also hard fails the shill test in his recorded interviews, which admittedly is also something an infiltrator would do.

        • South vs North says:

          The North invaded the South.
          It had nothing to do with “Slavery”, that was a concocted meme.
          Simply put, the South was becoming much more economically superior to the North, and had begun secession rumblings.
          The North couldn’t tolerate losing its position of asshole in power (including being the ones reaping all the toplevel upstream wealth benefit from slavery, just like the jews did from usury).
          So it initiated war against the South.

          The South will rise again.
          This time it will win secession.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            The South started the war by attacking Fort Sumter, but they were goaded into it by anti-slavery fanatics like John Brown. Most Northerners were like today’s moderate Muslims, not committing lawless violence for the cause, but admiring and honoring those who did. Lincoln was elected on the entirely reasonable proposition that the territories ought to be white and free, but holiness spirals, slippery slopes, etc.

            The South had a real problem on its hands. Their ancestors had imported African slaves to build a plantation economy, but new technology was quickly making those slaves obsolete. Frederick Douglass said, “Set them free; they’ll do fine!” and Northern whites agreed, but those who lived and worked in close proximity to average Negroes knew that that was not a viable solution.

            I long wondered why Northern whites didn’t make a big fuss when Reconstruction ended in 1877 and Negroes returned to a condition closely akin to slavery. A great many Northern do-gooders had spent a decade teaching basic citizenship to the Negroes, and failed.

            • jim says:

              The underlying theory was that all men are equal, so as soon as negroes were freed, they would start living white lives and acting like whites. Instead, very large numbers of them starved to death, because without a man with a whip standing over them, most were just not inclined to do the boring complicated difficult stuff that is necessary for food and shelter.

              Equality had completely catastrophic outcomes. If you free a natural slave, you don’t get a citizen. You get a plains ape running around looking for food in the jungle. After immense cost and sacrifice, utopia failed to arrive – which resulted in leftism temporarily retreating a little.

              Freeing the slaves was popular among the slaves. But it was a huge catastrophe for most of them.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Was it really a huge catastrophe? Natural selection would have taken out the worst, least adaptable ones. As horrible as Americanized Africans are, they are significantly better dealing with than African Africans. Maybe the problem is that nature wasn’t allowed to completely run it’s course.

            • Fidelis says:

              but new technology was quickly making those slaves obsolete

              Clearly not true considering how many bodies the North later imported for the industrial projects. Human bodies are useful, and so long as you can convince the brains on top to act in a coordinated way, they are more energy and resource efficient than even modern factory machines for many tasks.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Clearly true, seeing as Northern factories prefered to import Slavs who couldn’t speak English over Negroes who could.

  14. Ryan says:

    Quick question about economics – Obviously debased currency and fiat is bad, as a form of covert taxation which destabilises things. What are good currency options?

    – Hard gold/silver currency. Tried and true, but with various weaknesses. A significant portion of labor must be spent mining things with little utility.

    – Bitcoin-like Crypto. Can have various issuance models which resist inflation. Similar issue with wasted energy unless Proof of Stake is used. Rewarding hoarded unproductive money seems perverse though.

    – SovCorp ‘shares’, which can be crypto tokens. The sum of the currency reflects the sum of the ‘public’ property (really state/corp property). Nice and formalist, but there needs to be a tangible backing to the currency. Just taxing residents could be sufficient, as they will have to exchange goods or labor for the currency they need to pay the taxes.

    – Labor backed currency. I think the 3rd Reich tried this maybe? Conscripting the unemployed can help the economy, but I’m not sure about the incentives. The price of unskilled labor seems like it should rise or fall relative to goods and services.

    – Energy or commodity backed currency. A ‘basket’ can be used. The price of most things should scale closely with energy prices, keeping prices stable. No effort needs to be wasted producing or storing the commodity, as it can work like a ‘futures’ market. I’m not sure what would happen if a state became insolvent though. I guess they would have to sell off other assets to buy energy.

    • S says:

      A or B are the only stable ones; the others are fiat by another name because you need someone to determine what the correct value for the currency is.

      The winning strategy is (strongest to weakest)
      Distributed crypto w/limited tokens + scaling
      Centralized crypto w/limited tokens + trusted authority
      Distributed crypto w/limited tokens

      • Ryan says:

        Is Energy-backed currency really Fiat? There would need to be trust in the government that they will actually hand over energy in exchange for banknotes or whatever, but that also applied to gold-backed notes, which aren’t called fiat, and did work until various governments decided to move off the gold standard. Governments can screw people over in various ways anyway, and it’s better to make it big and obvious when they do so.

        • S says:

          Its fiat because nothing stops the government from printing more notes indefinitely. With gold bank notes, there is the check of good money driving out bad- if you think the notes aren’t worth anything, you can exchange them for gold and if the government has too many, they will run out of gold. With energy certificates, what are people going to do?

    • Larrys LolMoney Hardly Bitcoin says:


  15. X says:


    Jared Taylor makes a plausible argument that it may not be safe to fly in America because of the air-traffic-controller competency crisis from diversity staffing policies that started in 2014.

  16. Severian says:

    Damn, those ISW updates on Ukraine took one hell of a turn.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Such an outcome would bring a battered but triumphant Russian army right up to NATO’s border

      What f*cking doublespeak is this? As if NATO didn’t bring itself right up to Russia’s border. LOL

    • jim says:

      From unduly optimistic “Global American Empire is winning, Russia is about to collapse, and we will then divvy up the spoils” to “Rapid Russian advances”

      The latter is also exaggerated. Russia is advancing one tree one and ditch at a time, with mines thick as flies between each tree and each ditch. Their tiny advances are, however, reason to believe the Ukrainian army has reached breaking point and is on the verge of collapse.

      What is stressing them out is not Russian advances, which are even tinier and more insignificant than the much ballyood Ukrainian advances of the Greatest Ukrainian Offensive, but that these advances are in large part happening by mutinies and mass surrenders on the front line.

      Since they are unable to admit was is bothering them, they make up something else to be bothered about.

  17. Dharmicreality says:

    At least some in the Indian media recognize that the war is over for Ukraine (video):

  18. Kunning Drueger says:

    lol, called it. if the development is done outside the DoD edifice, it will probably happen.

  19. Ryan says:

    Critique my idea –

    – Write a pamphlet on the Woman Question, a few pages long, and aimed at average IQ.

    – Use AI to translate this to many languages.

    – Poast it on foreign social media sites with the aim of viral spread.

    My hope is that WQ consciousness will speed up the return of patriarchy in one or more countries, leading to general sanity and health. These examples would then make it easier for other dominoes to fall, while weakening globohomo memetic dominance.

    Countries like South Korea have a lot of dissatisfaction and political polarisation between the sexes, but this is vague and inaccurate. If they are exposed to accurate theories, they have a chance to test out their predictive validity. Once they are convinced, they will be on board for patriarchy, and will just be waiting for signals of a critical mass to do something.

    • The Cominator says:

      I almost have to believe that the feminist regime in South Korea was totally imposed from outside as to me it seems the “simp gene” is almost an entirely Northern white phenomenom.

      In contrast to the Koreans the Japanese probably resisted feminism more than any other “Westerinized” country outside the Middle East. They only surrendered to 1940s feminism and have stubbornly resisted moving beyound that point.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Just as the root cause of communism isn’t unique to European cultures or genetics, so too is memetic feminism ubiquitous in all cultures and types, like a latent germ load that’s carried by everyone, just waiting for a weak immune system or some other circumstance that allows it to breed. Obviously, different races and cultures are better or worse at dealing with either or both.

        The most recent BAP book is actually a fascinating read, recommend it to everyone here. One theme is the genesis of Aristocracy in a given society. He contends that the Aristocracy arises from an external threat/invader taking over the society and instituting a hierarchical system under which aristocracy flowers. This is a subpoint in his construction regarding the twin births of philosophy and tyranny, but it is a valuable diversion for our purposes.

        If I were an academic, i would put some time and effort into extending his work along the specific lines of this general thesis: historically, an external invader is required to initiate/propagate the Aristocracy Cycle, but the Modern Circumstance creates the opportunity for the External Threat catalyst to be replaced by an “internal outsider.”

        • Hesiod says:

          Currently a third into Bronze Age Mindset. Seen many references to him over the past few years, but this is my first foray directly into his writing. Definitely finding a kindred spirit so far, though my Nietzsche readings from many years ago have since been colored by more recent influences who are less than kind to the German gentleman, perhaps rightfully so.

          What is the title of his most recent work? Finding lots of Minitrue articles on BAP, some claiming he’s been doxxed and since published a dissertation under his “real” name. Would rather not be solely reliant on those sources.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Our favorite nudist Caribbean bodybuilder is definitely not some pasty Romanian Yale graduate. Completely different people. I wouldn’t put much stock in those lurid publications.

            Ok, I’m done messing with you. The above has become something of an ongoing inside joke. It’s highly likely that BAP is…

            Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy is indeed a fascinating read. I would say it’s better than BAM. The linked video is a pretty good cliff notes on some of the ideas. It’s certainly better than any college lecture on philosophy I had to suffer through.


            Heck, Russell Walter is a pretty good cliff notes on many subjects. I particularly recommend his video on Mishima in light of some of your Dionysian experiences.

            • Hesiod says:

              Thanks for the suggestions, particularly on Mishima. I will make time for that video. It’s nigh impossible being objective about so subjective an experience, and I certainly don’t blame anyone for being skeptical or even suspicious of mysticism. When I say the Holy Spirit commands me, that is not an appeal to authority. It’s a statement of What has authority over me and entails responsibility, not privilege. And it’s often a juggling act of poetry and philosophy to get anywhere productive.

              Returning to BAP’s secret identity, I just hope Sam Hyde isn’t trying to get some attention yet again.

          • Fidelis says:

            Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy by Costin Alamariu. Its definitely BAP as a facefag.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Replying in good faith, true to your namesake, you killed the joke. Sometimes fidelity isn’t so good.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Nah. Asian women are the world champions at “topping from the bottom.” They’ve been covertly in charge of most families forever, and now they don’t need to keep up the masquerade.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Here’s an unfinished pamphlet I wrote a few months ago called “Jimianity for Dummies”. With a few more paragraphs detailing the proper relations between men and women, it might suit your purpose:

      Brief Introduction

      “Jimanity” refers to the collected teachings of Jim Donald, an Australian software engineer and the world’s leading political philosopher, a prophet on par with Machiavelli. For the next thousand years politicians will study Jim’s work in detail, and those who apply his principles most accurately will build great empires.

      What Jimianity is and is not

      Jimianity is Christian. More specifically, it seeks to revive the one true faith, Restoration Anglicanism, the religion that birthed the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, then died and was taken over by lesbian priestesses wearing rainbow vestments.

      Jimianity is not Creationist. It teaches that God loves order, that He created a rules-based universe, and that He is pleased when humans figure out the natural laws by which that universe operates. Those who insist on Biblical literacy are missing the whole point of Genesis, that woman was created to serve man, and that men who take advice from women always come to an unhappy end.

      Jimianity is not Liberal. It is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. because it recognizes that all people are created unequal and must seek to fulfill their proper roles, not usurp someone else’s.

      Jimianity is not Pacifist. War is the father of us all. To avoiding unnecessary bloodshed, one must follow Christ’s admonition to walk the extra mile and turn the other cheek, but only one extra mile and one other cheek. Implacable enemies shall receive the Old Testament treatment.

      Jimianity is Monarchist, not Republican. Just as socialism can only spend the wealth previously accumulated under capitalism, a republic depends on a virtuous elite created by wise monarchs. When this supply of virtue is exhausted, the republic dies.

      Jimianity is not Jewish. While acknowledging the wisdom of Abraham and Moses, it also teaches that the Talmud is a pile of lies, a collection of lawsuits against God to justify every sort of perversion against the true law of the Torah.

      Jimianity is not Islamic. While Allah correctly commands the propertization of women, he is an arbitrary, capricious, inconstant god, incompatible with science and reason. All nations that fall to Islam are condemned to an eternity of tribal warfare, brutal dictatorships, and unless they have oil, abject poverty.

      Basic principles

      Every state has a state religion. A tribe may be held together entirely by the bonds of family loyalty, but a state’s many servants must share a common cause beyond the desire to stuff their pockets with loot. “Separation of church and state” is always a ruse to replace the present state religion with a different religion that pretends not to be a religion.

      Every soldier and taxpayer must have a faithful wife willing and able to bear him children. This cannot be over-emphasized. The state’s existence depends on soldiers and taxpayers, and the state must take all steps necessary to keep these men satisfied and ensure a future supply. No woman may refuse marriage, nor any man refuse his daughter to marry after a certain age, if any soldier or taxpayer is in want of a wife.

      The proper economic system is price controls and rationing of women, and free markets in everything else. Polygyny may be allowed, but not so much that it creates any difficulty for soldiers and taxpayers of the lowest rank to secure at least one wife.

      • Ryan says:

        Unless Jim wants credit, it’s probably better to have an anonymous pamphlet, so that if it does go viral, we won’t get flooded here.

        I think it’s best to stick to one topic of the WQ too, maybe with some related stuff like male cooperation being key, and the gay ruining this.

        There is definitely room for a different pamphlet aimed at the elite, with the higher level political stuff. “Surrounding by insanity: How to survive the leftist singularity”.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Any thing or idea you want to sell must have a name, but if we’re just sticking to the WQ, we could use “patriarchy”. Or the little-known word “coverture” that Firefox’s spell-checker helpfully underlines for me.

          I have two lead-ins to this idea. One is that I’m not against female emancipation in principle, but perhaps it ought to wait until we devise some other means of making babies, as women don’t seem inclined to do this of their own volition. Which can be proven by citing the TFR of any country north of the Sahara, and pointing out that those numbers would be even lower if they didn’t include Muslims.

          The other is that if the government can (and does) draft men into armed combat, why can’t it draft women into marriage and motherhood? And if can’t draft women, or chooses not to, where will the next generation of male draftees come from?

          • Ryan says:

            It does need a catchy name, but that can be the name of the pamphlet, it doesn’t have to be an ideology or even descriptor like patriarchy. Something like “How to save your country from women”, or “Women want YOU to subjugate them”.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              90% of the work is already done and packaged. I has even already been widely distributed. It comes with many other great and valuable teachings. Its main failure on the WQ is not being organized to directly answer the WQ. It’s called the Bible.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                People with that much free time can read the entire Jim corpus, which is written for a present-day audience. The Bible uses words whose meanings have changed and silently assumes many commonly-known truths that have since been forgotten.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I’ve had an easier time proselytizing the Bible on women than the word of Jim on women, even when the message is often the same. Jim’s word often provokes thought crime antibodies among normie Christians. The Bible at least gets one’s foot in the door long enough to reason with them.

                  The Bible does use words whose meanings have changed, and does assume many forgotten truths. That is by far not he problem. 95% of the problem is willfully ignoring what the Bible says about women either by pretending verses don’t exist or by playing linguistic games to claim verses don’t mean what they obviously mean.

                  My gut feeling is that most Christians know what the Bible says, but are pretending to not know because power tells them it’s wrong to know. They pretend because they can’t reconcile the fact their nominal faith is in direct opposition to power.

                  The anti-Christians are always all too ready to point out the Bible is full of the same thought crime that Jim utters. So it’s obvious that the meaning of the words and forgotten truths is largely not the problem.

              • alf says:

                It’s called the Bible.

                It’s an interesting topic. To me at least, the bible alone doesn’t make nearly as much sense without Jim’s model. At least it never did make as much sense.

                I went looking for based public Christians a short while ago. At least as based as you can get in public. What they said makes much more sense to me than it used to, but the hang-up for me has always been the why. Jim’s model throws in evolutionary psychology and Gnon. It answers the why. Christians have in my experience always fallen a bit short on this.

                For instance, a typical Christian thing would be to say: we are sinful, thus we are often tempted to do bad things, but we should refrain. OK, but what exactly are our sinful habits? Why is something sinful and why is something not sinful? In the framework of cooperation, I can make sense of that. But in the framework of ‘pastor says this good, this bad’ I could never make sense of it.

                Another example that ruffled my jimmies – Auron Macintyre this live stream says that rationality is subversive of morality. Essentially he says that some things are moral just because they are, and are not up for debate. I get where he’s coming from, but I greatly like it when everything is up for debate. I want for everything to be up for debate, because as Jim shows, if you actually openly debate, you will find truth and you will show others truth. Rationality and morality are not enemies, they go hand in hand.

                • jim says:

                  The spirit of Old Testament law is survival oriented.

                  It is very easy to holiness spiral the New Testmanet to be antisurvival. How is that following the spirit, but not the letter, of the law?

                  The cult of Perpetual Virginity of Mary derives from the non canonical Protoevangelium of James , which was fraudulent, in that it claims to be authored by James the Just, though obviously written a century after his death, and Origen, who promoted this book, has been under suspicion of being a pervert and sexual deviant from the beginning. Obviously people who fraudulently claim false authority are hostile entryists. The Lavender Mafia always wants to get into the Church to get at other people’s children.

                  It is not like the authorship was lost and then incorrectly attributed to James the Just. Origen just popped up with a strangely forgotten scripture that claimed to be written by James the Just, brother of Christ. (According to the Protoevangelium and the Book Of Mary, not a brother) Obviously the work of perverts.

                  Alf, check your bittorrent.

                • jim says:

                  > Auron Macintyre this live stream says that rationality is subversive of morality. Essentially he says that some things are moral just because they are, and are not up for debate. I get where he’s coming from, but I greatly like it when everything is up for debate. I want for everything to be up for debate,

                  Chesterton’s fence works better when most people forget the reason it is there. But some people need to know, so that you can adapt and maintain it to change in circumstances, and so that you can defend it against know-nothing rationalists who want to take it down.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  There’s a semi circumventing argument on why “why” doesn’t matter all that much.

                  Suppose there was a book on the dog question. It begins with the evolutionary reasons why dogs are naturally feral, spiteful, savage, biting, rabies infested, menaces. It continues on with why dogs need to be trained to submit to an alpha in order to not be feral, and that such training will always be required from now and into the distant future because their hind brains are stubbornly 2 millennium out of date. Without human intervention they always regress to feral mutts.

                  Do you think the average young guy is going to respond positively to that? Typical response will include despondency towards dog ownership or outright hatred of dogs, especially among those who haven’t personally experienced how wonderful dog ownership can be. This is how to black pill people and dissuade them from even trying.

                  Much more effective would be to write a book talking about how wonderful man’s best friend is, all their great qualities, and the simple steps required to make dog best doggy.

                  The Bible doesn’t shy away from feral female misbehavior. 1 Kings 3:16–28 for example, or Genesis 39:6-23 as another. Neither does the Bible dwell on such matters. The Scripture is full of examples of what a good woman is like, and how wonderful it is to have a good woman around… and a good woman is one that submits to her husband. Men are reminded to not covet thy neighbor’s wife. The Bible carries this message throughout Scripture and it acts as a constant, gentle reminder to on how to maintain civility.

                  Of course the “why” does matter, and some men do need to fully and rationally understand why women are the way women are, but such knowledge is best left to men who are firmly established and mature. It’s also best left to men who want to know why as there’s no reason to force such knowledge on the general public. Likewise, there’s no reason to tell children that the universe will go into heat death and everything will die. While an uncomfortable possibility, also not suitable for young minds that haven’t built resilience against nihilism.

                  tl;dr framing matters, and the Bible framed many things exceedingly well.

                  >rationality is subversive of morality

                  Strange position for him to hold, I look all around and see the worst subversion of morality comes from the most irrational behaviors imaginable. What is rational about gay orgy STD bug seeking? What is rational about crazy cat lady? What is rational about giving sex offenders and obvious deviants access to children during their formative years? What is rational about telling a farmer who owns his land he can’t use the grain he grows to feed his own cattle, or even butcher and eat his own cattle? FDR is directly responsible for that last one.

                  ~90% of traditional morality is behavior that has been historically demonstrated to result in long life, happy families, and general prosperity. If rationality and morality weren’t directly linked together, I don’t know what is.

                • jim says:

                  Quite so. Thinking and speaking about the rational basis of Chesterton’s fence is apt to black pill people about the fence. The fence exists to prevent weakness and wickedness from doing bad things. Good fences make good neighbours, but when one is discussing a fence with one’s neighbours, one should not discuss the more distressing reasons why a fence is a good idea.

                  Further, discussing the rational basis of morality is likely to lead to doubts about your commitment to that morality, with the result that the other guys figures he had better defect on you before you defect on him.

                  But neither can one abandon the rational basis, or you get legalism, whose reductio ad absurdum was the Jews blundering into war with the Romans by being extremely self righteous about coveting, theft, and murder.

                  The bible does it right in an environment where authority is backing right conduct, but in our current situation where Chesteron’s fences have all been demolished, and demon worshippers are in power, a more rational approach is required.

                  And we have to purge the Churches and the schools of the lavender mafia.

                • alf says:

                  Strange position for him to hold, I look all around and see the worst subversion of morality comes from the most irrational behaviors imaginable.

                  Perhaps I get him wrong, but I listened to his podcast for half an hour before turning it off in frustration, asking myself exactly the type of questions you write.

                • Handi says:

                  Strange position for him to hold, I look all around and see the worst subversion of morality comes from the most irrational behaviors imaginable. What is rational about gay orgy STD bug seeking?

                  I haven’t watched the link but I would defend that position reformulated as rationalism is subversive to morality. By assuming that everything can be understood in rational terms, rationalism implies that things which are not precisely enumerated may be discarded without consideration.

                  And then you end up in a BDSM poz polycule because My Priors didn’t say not to, and post-self events are downranked in My Personal Utility Function.

          • jim says:

            > One is that I’m not against female emancipation in principle, but perhaps it ought to wait until we devise some other means of making babies, as women don’t seem inclined to do this of their own volition. Which can be proven by citing the TFR of any country north of the Sahara, and pointing out that those numbers would be even lower if they didn’t include Muslims.

            This, like Moldbug, concedes the enemies frame. Women are unstoppably inclined to have babies if they feel secure ownership. Which they are industriously looking for in all the wrong places, and not finding it anywhere.

            Everyone is looking for the ancestral environment of successful survival and reproduction. Female resistance to male power is shit test that collapses into contentment when the shit test is passed.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              It sounds like I’m ceding frame but it’s actually a reductio ad absurdum. If the slaves demand freedom, fine, we’ll invent machines to do their jobs, then set them free.

              Women say they want freedom, but do they believe it? They post tearful videos on social media, “I gave my husband divorce papers, expecting him to beg for forgiveness and promise to treat me better, but he just said, ‘OK, I’m out of here!’ Now I have to go through with it, and it’s killing me!”

              Most of the older women I know are psychologists, and one of them complained that the police attitude to domestic violence is “ni teela, ni deela” — no dead body, nothing to do here.

              I suppose that removes the divorce threat but it doesn’t explain how people get married in the first place. You can’t do a Boko Haram on the universities, though that may change when the war ends and the boys in camo come home.

              • jim says:

                What happens, and the cops know this perfectly well, is that wife calls in the cops because women want alpha males to fight it out, and the cops decline to play.

                All violence in the home, as near to all of it as makes no difference, is female initiated. And the cops, for the most part, know this. Women are looking for strength, and we have no end of laws to make men weak, and women just cannot help poking at them. That is their nature, they just cannot help it. Men cannot help looking a women’s boobs, and women just cannot help testing men for strength. All these laws and interventions entice women. Essentially all calls for state intervention from the wife are women testing men for strength.

                It is a huge help if you wife knows you are perfectly willing to break unjust laws.

                If you look at any divorce, the wife behaved extraordinarily badly, and the outcome is a disaster for the wife. She was trying to force her man to man up by treating him really badly, divorce being another shit test, one to which he responded “fine”.

          • S says:

            True AI is dangerous because it eliminates the need for other people. Artificial wombs are dangerous because it eliminates the need for other humans. They are the same threat but slower.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Yes, artificial wombs would do to women what John Deere did to niggers. They’d gain their freedom while losing their purpose, which is a fair trade if you stubbornly insist that freedom is the supreme good.

  20. Severian says:

    I wonder what the reason is for the Ukrainian lines wavering everywhere along the front. It seems to be increasing artillery and drone superiority by Russia.

    I’ve seen a western msm report on the front where a Ukrainian artillery team said they are reduced to firing 2 or 4 shells daily, and receive immediate Russian counter battery.
    Seems to be a material shortage crisis rather than manpower.

    • jim says:

      Out of men and out of shells

      • The blackout on Ukrainian casualties truly shocking. Republicans in Congress not interested in getting the numbers either. How can the public know whether to support this war if it doesn’t know if “our” side has any men left?

    • jim says:

      Four months ago, our elite, high on their own supply, was still masturbating at the prospects of looting Russian gold and sex changing Russian children.
      “Take away Russia’s nuclear weapons – for Putin is finished and his country may soon collapse”

      The article is paywalled, but it presupposed the UKrainian offensive was well on the way to taking Crimea.

      “What is in the West’s power, as some Russian dissidents are now arguing, is to push for denuclearisation, both of any breakaway republics as the price for recognition, and of the rump state around Moscow and St Petersburg.”

      “Such a state – let’s call it Muscovy – would have few options. Its assets would have been seized for reparations, its citizens barred from overseas travel, its natural resources lost with the secession of various republics. Its choice would be to become an ill-tempered Eurasian khanate, a kind of nuclear Kazakhstan, or to embrace the free world, as West Germany did under Konrad Adenauer.”

      • FrankNorman says:

        Rather ignores the other, very obvious choice:

        Push The Button.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Full article here:

      • A2 says:

        The idea of using the assets seized from Russia for various payouts is still alive. Nobody wants to pay for the war anymore but they would still like to keep it going.

        If you want an international financial system it still seems like a very bad idea.

        • jim says:

          It is an amazingly stupid idea. That the rules based order gets to pull the rules out of its ass and there is nothing anyone else can do to stop them. Unless you can, and will, kill the other guy, there is always something he can do to stop you.

          To coexist, have to agree on walls, and freedom within those walls, that everyone agrees that you can do as you please in regard to certain things, and you can do as you please in regard to those things because everyone agrees.

          Without that implicit or explicit deal, then everyone has to kill everyone else because everyone else has to kill them.

          No one seems to realise how extraordinary, unreasonable, improbable and remarkable it is that everyone does not nuke each other immediately.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            I’ve been accused of whataboutism so damn often it intellectually boggles my mind. The same people devoted to the “liberal world order” don’t seem to get that ‘rules for thee but not for me’ is a terribly corrosive arrangement both at home and abroad. If there truly was an rules based order, then so called whataboutisms would matter as they highlight that the rules are in fact not being followed by the people demanding it, but obviously there are no actual rules and just might makes right.

            • jim says:

              Whenever a liberal says “whataboutism” he is admitting that the rules based order is just might makes right.

              Which works if you have might. But guarantees that someone is going to test to see if you do have might.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                These people are too stupid and too demonically possessed to think coherently, and can’t consciously admit to anything that goes against their world view. They think “it’s a logical fallacy, he isn’t arguing in good faith, let’s purge him”. Often, these people don’t understand the verbal vomit that they regurgitate on a daily basis. You might as well ask if a women can admit to shit testing when they’re not even cognizant about their behaviors.

                It’s tangentially linked to the whole running topic about Vivek. Yes, he’s probably, very likely, a sleazy guy, but the things he says, whether he means them or not, has really gotten the regime types up in a tissy, and they stupidly and demonically spiral on it. It’s getting to the point where they can’t accept any thought crime even if one argues “oh, he’s just serving red meat to the base and doesn’t actually mean it”. It’s knee jerk reaction all the time and all the way.

                Granted, I’m ranting, and you most likely meant “is admitting” in the spiritual sense, which I’ve chosen to ignore to vent my frustration, but hopefully there’s some value in what I said and I’m not just shitting up the comment section.

      • skippy says:

        Hannan a libertarian and anti-EU guy who turns out to be a neocon who believes in Our Values.

  21. Kunning Drueger says:

    I’d like to hear thoughts on what a “perfect world” military unit would look like using only extant tech/equipment that is *known to work*. No DARPA project, boutique midsize MIC experimental, proof-of-concept stuff (like Roadrunner). Can include Boston Dynamics stuff if it is 2 years old or older. No Musk/SpaceX flavored potentialities (like orbital drop shock troopers pouring out of tactical starships… though that would obviously be my choice). Laser systems can be included, But again, only with demonstrable Tech meaning they would have a massive power footprint.

    Otherwise, sky’s the limit: what would the perfect battalion look like for Modern War?

    • jim says:

      One obvious capability is that if a you have four drones in the air with the capacity to hear gunshots, they can exactly locate the source of those gunshots. Also engine noise, including drone engine noise.

      So, a platoon that can have several drones in the air at all times. They can see everything, hear everything, and kill anything they can hear or see.

      • MuskFan says:

        If drones can do everything, what is even the point of the platoon at that point?

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >kill anything they can hear or see

        Meaning fucking around with what they hear or see becomes an imperative. What are the chances drones end up fulling a similar role to radar chaff.

    • Aidan says:

      The Shahed drone costs between 10k and 50k to produce. At $25k, $100bil gets you 4 million shahed drones. 100bil is 1/7 of US military annual budget. This level of production is comparable to the annual operations of Toyota, or two lesser carmakers combined. The shahed does not seem much more complicated than a typical passenger car.

      The ideal scenario for current war with existing tech is to throw shahed drones at everything that moves, considering each not an aircraft but self-aiming artillery, and sending a much smaller number of well-trained riflemen in to mop up that chaos caused by anything the size of a truck or larger getting droned. You could even completely deny resupply, starving the opposing army out.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        That logic tracks. I think we are going to see an explosion of innovation at the “personal carry” level as well as the boundary between small arms and large weaponry. I think the US/West is bluffing with their talk of “laser weapons” and “death rays,” but the fundamentals are decades old, so they don’t need to invent anything, just figure out how to make it then scale it (tall order for Shamekwa lel). China seems to feel it’s a real issue, and there is reporting that they are installing massive “smoke machines” for lack of a better term. Similar to what you see a Bradley do when it is breaking contact or providing concealment for a troop drop off, but scaled up massively to abrogate sightlines and clear skies required for Death Lasers. Old tech v. New tech, soon to be many such cases.

        I get the points made about drones, I am not disagreeing, more importantly I am not saying the following as an “appeal against the arquebus” though I admit I hate the idea of drone tards playing vidya being called “war, but I don’t think infantry is going away. It is in need of some new accesories and modifications, but I just saw a video of 2 Russians wearing no-shit “invisibility cloaks” Solid Snake some Hohol conscript. S right out the gate, there is utility to hunter-killer teams finding and ventilating drone operators. I think there will be a Man v. Drone arms race, and I also recall all the literature written in the 1920s and ’30s about how airplanes would erase any utility for conventional ground forces. So long as nations and elites have the resource of “masses of men,” so long as science appreciators have motivation to screw around with tools and materials, there will be innovations, particularly as the reintroduction of Hobbesian State continues to push women, faggots, and morons out of leadership positions. All speculative, I admit it.

        • Aidan says:

          Laser and particle weapons have been feasible for a long time, but powering them is the big issue. As fixed air defense, fixed on top of a reliable power supply, might become practical soon, but it’s more likely that a rail gun is a more efficient use of electricity. The US railgun project failed, but Japan just successfully tested its own design.

          It’s very likely there will be an arms race between soldiers and drones, because if most of the army is a legion of gamers piloting drones, the front lines are likely to be porous to stealthy operators. Hiding behind a big leafy bush defeats thermal vision, and wearing a Mylar blanket as a cloak defeats thermal vision, and operating at night defeats normal cameras.

          The original question was about currently existing tech. Right now, you need a lot of grunts with a lot of artillery to prevent armored assault, and grunts with artillery are vulnerable to mass assault by Shaheds, so soon one nation will adapt and break enemy defensive positions with mass attack by Shaheds, but those Shaheds used as artillery will also prevent armored mobility, so in the war after that war, the war in which cheap drones are deployed en masse by both sides, sneaky dispersed mobility is likely to become the modus operendi. But this assumes that industrialization continues long enough that this becomes reality.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Radiation fires of the future will be more a ‘matter of course’ as a side effect of development of RF capabilities in general, than something specifically dwelt on such a purpose and only such a purpose. The modern platform is data-link, sensor and jammer all at once; the technical capabilities for such having of course already existed for decades to now. As ever, assabiyah is the true limiting factor.

          • jim says:

            I don’t expect directed energy weapons any time soon. Scaling law is not on your side. The smaller the energy weapon the less useful, to be useful has to be enormously larger than human scale.

            Only useful function will be defending space habitats and point defence of big space based military facilities. When we have weapons in space that are the size of a thousand aircraft carriers, then energy weapons are going to be useful. Any weapon system small enough to be capable of moving around at the bottom of a gravity well, such as an aircraft carrier, is too small for directed energy weapons to be very useful.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              I both don’t expect it any time soon, and also see it in use already. Torpedo boat destroyers ended up taking on the roles of the things they were built to defeat as well, as the forms overlapped, and it was well so to do.

            • FrankNorman says:

              There would be some technical problems.

              Laser weapons cannot turn 100% of their power input into cohesive light, IIRC their efficiency is only about 10%. All of the rest becomes waste heat – which has to be dumped somehow or your space station of doom will blow itself up.

              • jim says:

                The reason rockets and guns work so well is that they blow out their waste heat. With a directed energy weapon, you do not have such efficient heat removal.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Simpler than a car, surely. A Shahed has no doors, brakes, turn signals, transmission, cigarette lighter, crash standards, radio, trunk, spare tire, no freaking nothing.

        Just a single Gigapress for the internal structure and it’s really just a bunch of flimsy body panels to finish.

        Emperor Xi could set this factory up and fly them straight out to the China Sea, right out the door. For a song.

        Imagine there’s no navies… I wonder if you can…

        • Aidan says:

          In many ways simpler than a Honda civic, in many ways more complex. The bodywork is much cheaper and simpler, and cars have lots of complex bits that a wing+bomb+propeller drone does not. But high explosive is rather expensive, and good optics are rather expensive, and the engine is bigger and a bit more expensive. The estimated production cost is still in the range of a passenger car, so it might be a little more or a little less, but thinking of the production capacity in terms of passenger sedan production capacity is about right.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            That they’re making those things in such tiny quantities compared to Honda Civics, and for still less than $100,000 each, shows you how amazingly simple and cheap they really are. According to Wikipedia, those engines are derived from a motorcycle.

            The radio/optics package is surely and indeed very special, but I presume small enough to wire up in Omsk and then ship around the world cheaply enough. Maybe the size of a carry on suitcase? If they come packaged in ATX PC gaming chassis, with the color-changing LED lights, I’ll wet my pants laughing.

            That said, feel free to call me out on underestimating the IRL quantities of those things. I’m presuming Ferrari numbers.

            • Aidan says:

              Looking up how simple they are, should be possible to build them in the $5k range at scale. It uses a 50hp 2-stroke dirt bike engine from the eighties. My first motorcycle had a more powerful engine.

              They are not built in huge quantities because they are not thought to be necessary in huge quantities. But it is the sort of thing that could easily be built in huge quantities by large industrial concerns. If a wartime state signed a contract with an auto manufacturer to produce millions of them, millions of them could be churned out.

              With the shahed as it is, it has a phone SIM card in it, you enter a gps location, and it navigates itself there and blows it up, no cameras needed. But it can be easily outfitted with sensors and remote control, or easily be outfitted to act autonomously.

      • skippy says:

        “The Shahed drone costs between 10k and 50k to produce. At $25k, $100bil gets you 4 million shahed drones. 100bil is 1/7 of US military annual budget. This level of production is comparable to the annual operations of Toyota, or two lesser carmakers combined. The shahed does not seem much more complicated than a typical passenger car.”

        The dog that did not bark in this war is the absence of true mass production of drones. Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and Turkey can’t do it because they are ultimately not wealthy countries. Western countries had the theoretical capacity to do it, but did not do. The US did do it in 1939-1941, when the Franco-British placed orders for tens of thousands of aircraft in the US.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          If I had to put money down, I would say this is due to Boomer/GenX leadership stubbornly refusing to internalize the 21st century and all it entails. Picture this:

          3 custom modified Starships take off from California, Texas, and Virginia in a narrow window of time. They go sub-orbital and land in the “target region” within line of sight. 2 of the starships are carrying shock troops & technicians to protect and maintain the third starship which is a modular “drone factory” in 2 parts: one is ready built and starts spitting out recon and suicide drones which start mapping the area, setting up a “peak net” and taking out any obvious/critical targets; the other is a “shahed” factory that just needs to be connected up and switched on. In about 12 hours, the Shahed swarm starts streaming toward target regions, forcing the Enemy to deal with it directly. Rinse and Repeat.

          Some of the above is in the realm of “almost, not quite” but I think it’s because no one is actively doing it. All of the pieces are there. What’s needed is a “move fast & break things” period followed by a period of “rigorous application.” I know I am preaching to the choir here, but this precisely why a feudal system is so much better than the artifice of democracy: there’s no need to have 30 different countries (states in the US) build individual pieces of the F-22 and then ship them to a 31st place to fabricate. It should be done in ONE place, by the most capable, and then scaled up or down as needed. Democracies don’t have arsenals, they have arguments.

          • Anonymous Reader says:

            What is the source of the materials for the drone factory? For any given amount of non-renewable materials, it is better to assemble them in safe zones prior to launch.

            • jim says:


              Get yourself whitelisted. It is easy.

              It is a pain to have to review each of your comments individually and allow them through. If you get on the whitelist, I will not have to, and if you don’t get on the white list, I will eventually killfile your pseudonym and fake email address out of laziness, plus the suspicion that you are trying to insinuate yourself into the community for nefarious reasons.

            • jim says:

              Musk demonstrates that it is better to build everything in house, to control the whole process under a single will. This, of course, has the problem that you need one very smart guy who understands the whole process.

    • dave says:

      Hell yeah orbital dropped space marines. Literally “starship troopers”. no need for foreign bases anywhere when we can drop a squad plus a weeks worth of supplies anywhere in the world in 30 minutes.

      • dave says:

        This alone probably explains Elons boldness as of late. Thermidorians want him and spacex unleashed.

        • Adam says:

          Loved his recent New York Times interview. Several times though it would have been wholly appropriate for him to bitch slap that kike interviewer. Like just stop already it’s embarrassing.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >orbital dropped space marines

        You want to hug the ground to avoid detection. Going high means everyone can see you.

        >anywhere in the world in 30 minutes

        How do you get back?

        >a weeks worth of supplies

        Sounds like a big target.

        • jim says:

          What we are seeing in the Ukraine is drones that pop up from the ground close to the enemy, or are sneaked along the ground through enemy lines. and then fly around close to the ground.

          Height, however, gets you sight and communication over long distances – and attack from long distances, so we are seeing fast pop up to great height, followed by fast drop from great height.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Yes, there is value in height.

            A cheap drone being seen is no big deal. A massively expensive rocket deploying very expensive, very fleshy humans with weeks of supplies and bulky gear is likely terminal.

            All those Russian VDV have been hugging the ground for good reason. I really wonder why they haven’t tried paragliding drone teams in and out.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Paragliders need a hill to take off and thermals to stay aloft. Paramotors are actually useful, but slow and noisy, which means that the 10/7 attack, like the 9/11 attack, could only happen once.

              • Kunning Druegger says:

                Completely disagree. 9/11 only happened once because the “islamic extremists” are all on the CIA payroll now, and probably always were.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  9/11 was an astounding success; whoever did it would do it again if they could, but they can’t because airline passengers don’t want to die.

                  And the next time anyone in a sensitive part of the world sees a paramotor in flight, he’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  9/11 may have been a one in a life time attack, but it moved the soft target to the airports themselves. TSA security lines can be rather large and jammed pack at busy airports. They are often just beyond the front doors. While not as spectacular as flying a plan into a skyscraper, nor as deadly… look, I’m sure you can come up with the rest.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                You don’t need a hill for powered paragliders. You use the noisy engine to gain altitude in safe airspace so that you can quietly glide into unsafe airspace. This should be done at night.

                Use drones ahead of the paragliders to determine what locations are porous enough to glide into, or to provide distractions by acting as something analogous to radar chaff.

                While “slow”, still faster than going by foot. I’d wager likely safer as well. Considering drone warfare in Ukraine has transformed into trench warfare, and drones have made armored breakthroughs next to impossible. I think powered paragliders need to be looked at.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          I’m going to chalk this up to “Institutionalized Thinking.”

          Which is better:

          A) a 9 month period of individual and collective build ups, a 30 day period of mass voyages, a six week period of coalescence, then a three day massed invasion

          B) a 3 hour window between “marines snort a bunch of SpaceX super meth” and “said marines using jet packs and 40mm auto grenade launchers to buzz around your gay little conventional army, which is now on fire”

          • dave says:

            now your getting it 🙂

          • FrankNorman says:

            Or how about: those drugged marines on their jetpacks get blown to mincemeat by massed AA fire from a not gay and not little conventional army which has all its support lines and CAS ready and waiting for their ill-fated invasion attempt.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Every yeoman-at-arms should have a smart scope or smart goggles or modular device that can mount on either with aimbot functions that automatically plot aim points to intercept a sighted target, allowing for engagement of small spotting flygers, amongst other things; especially valuable when combined with proximity fuses or PGMs for the standard grenade rifle they also of course all have; and if not engagable, able to ping the targeting data to nearby ordnance assets that will send something over that can.

              Absent this however, the fantasy canvas you paint has already been falsified. The entire washingtom empire has exhausted itself in the attempt to stop a handful of flying lawnmowers every week.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                I’m repeating myself, but AA shouldn’t be a problem unless the commander fucks up or the enemy managed to hid really well.

                Use drones ahead of the paragliders to determine what locations are porous enough to glide into, or to provide distractions by acting as something analogous to radar chaff.

                The paraglidetrooper of the future isn’t a downsized attack helicopter. Fly in, hide under camo, find new targets with drones, hit them, fly out or establish the new bridgehead. Left unstated was what to do if the location wasn’t suitable for infiltrating because of enemy presence. Well that’s what artillery and kamikaze drones are for. Paratroopers in WW2 found out dropping directly on the enemy position is really not good. The same will be for paragliders. The point isn’t to drop/fly right on top of the enemy, but to get past the enemy and flank them from behind.

                And the best part of all of this. As dangerous as

                yeoman-at-arms should have a smart scope or smart goggles or modular device that can mount on either with aimbot functions

                likely a lesser danger than trying to transverse minefields on the ground while under active drone surveillance and within targeting of all sorts of who knows what.

                • jim says:

                  At present in Ukraine, advances by either side are tiny and enormously costly, and the primary goal of any advance is to cut the enemy’s supply lines. If you succeed in doing so, eventually a large chunk of turf drops into your hands without the immense cost of fighting ditch by ditch and tree by tree, with mines between every tree and every ditch.

                  The huge disadvantage of flying is that you are visible, and people who are hidden can shoot at you. The huge advantage is that you can get where you are going fast, and you do not have to go over minefields.

                  Most advances seem to take place in heavy rain, snow, and fog. Currently one of the major battlezones is a location where it is very difficult for the Ukrainians to get supplies and men in except during rain and snow, and almost impossible to evacuate the wounded except during rain and snow. So the visibility of flyers is not necessarily a huge disadvantage.

                  Both sides are developing a rapidly improving capability to track stuff by engine noise and gunshot noise.

                  Both sides are targeting individual soldiers with drones.

                  We are seeing the first fpv drone on drone combats. Assuming major improvements in detection and drone on drone warfare capability, the possibility arises for one side to establish drone dominance, so that its drones get a free hand over a large area, and the other side’s drones do not.

                  And if there are enemy troops in a drone dominated area, one can suppress enemy fire rather effectively – we have seen manned Russian helicopters flying at low level over enemy occupied trenches when drone support was sufficiently effective in suppressing ground to air fire. Thus dropping off men behind enemy lines is perfectly doable – the problem is that they are then stuck. The conditions that make it possible for helicopters to fly over enemy trenches frequently fail to last very long. So far the Russians have been reluctant to make drops of men behind enemy lines.

                  Future advances in drone warfare may make this more feasible.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Who needs fleshy operators, which like you mention have to survive the trip back anyway (“What trip back?”), when you have Starlink and then next generation unjammable “Laser Starlink”, etc.

          And if you have that then why bother with nukes?

          BTW, I think you just explained to me, belatedly, why SpaceX was advertising the “Earth to Earth” Starship service thing. That was a dog whistle to the MIC. It has nothing to do with New York to Tokyo. Give me a break.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Oh right and Earth-to-Earth Starship-riding shock-trooping Teslabots. Fucking duh.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            They’ll also be dispensing drone waves out of robotic submarines. Sure thing.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            And finally, a still-descending Starship, with no landing feet on it, could still spit out a whole lot of drones before a ground-launched anti-aircraft missile caught it.

            • FrankNorman says:

              “And finally, a still-descending Starship, with no landing feet on it, could still spit out a whole lot of drones before a ground-launched anti-aircraft missile caught it”

              And one missile could take down the entire drone swam, with a big enough EMP.

              • O says:

                Emp is not effective against small electrically isolated objects. Anything roughly motorcycle sized is not going to be much troubled.

                The most powerful emp, bigger than any human weapon can generate, is a nearby lightning strike, though a very high altitude nuke will emp a much larger area with almost comparable power. The art of shielding against the emp of nearby lightning strikes is old and well known. Non nuclear emp is fairly useless, and nuclear emp easily shielded against.

                A nuclear emp strike might be able to take out the cell phone towers if their shielding is not up to scratch, and it probably is not, but your cell phone is going to be fine unless it is plugged in to a charger and your house connection to the grid is not what it should be. (And it probably is not either)

                Chances are that a nuclear emp strike is merely going to reveal what equipment has inadequate lightning strike and power surge protection. Some stuff, a lot of stuff, will go down, but some stuff, a lot of stuff, will be entirely untroubled.

                Everything and everyone is supposed to have built in protection against nearby lightning strikes, which is ample to protect against nuclear emp, but because nearby lightning strikes are rare, this is frequently done incorrectly, incompletely, or not at all.

        • dave says:

          as cool as it would be to have suborbital shock troops dropped directly into a hot zone, that was a bit tongue-in-cheek.

          Starship probably would not deliver directly to a hot zone.

          But a real use case is probably more like delivery of 150T of military material from continental US to rear areas of Taiwan, Israel, Kiev in 30 minutes. Considering what that takes today, makes everyone standup and take notice.

          could include personnel, maybe not.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Deploying a big payload via ballistic missile, a delivery method indistinguishable from nuclear missiles. What could possibly go wrong? You better double check those flight trajectories don’t spook anyone into doing something rash.

            • Dave says:

              Do you think it’s easier to hit an incoming ballistic or a container or cargo jet? I don’t think I do.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Which doesn’t address my point you better be damn sure the trajectories don’t spook other nuclear powers.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              You could bloodlessly win wars by launching one of Elon’s rockets at El Presidente’s birthday parade. It hovers over the central plaza playing “Happy Birthday” while lowering a brand-new Hummer with a big red bow, then flies away.

    • Maverick says:

      A few more thoughts on using COTS components with mostly COTS software and new development to glue things together:

      – As seen in recent videos – and something I expected – cartel thieves in the war zone that is now the USA are using active jammers by having one of their group carry a backpack full of jamming equipment. No data on the exact set of frequency bands jammed – something I would love to see – but it’s at least the wifi 2.4 and 5GHz bands plus whatever is in wifi7. This means your personal area network (Bluetooth) and home wifi cameras are effectively incommunicado. Any camera nodes will have to change to caching the video and audio and forwarding to the house’s central node only after jamming has ended. Those inputs can feed people/object ML detection logic so it means even though you have video and audio of the break-in/attack, the alerting based on detection may not get fed from the video stream, and even if you have camera feeds reaching the detector, if there’s a cell jammer in the package it means your security system’s offsite monitoring alerting may not get a call either, or not until too late.
      – As seen in UKR there is widespread ECM and jamming underway including interception of the command-and-control loop of cheaper drones, or forcing the drones to disconnect (via jamming) from the controller which means hovering or landing or return-to-origin depending on what the drone default behavior is.

      Implications of above:
      – Within a site like a home, business, or other defensible unit, all camera or microphone recording must have local caches for store-and-forward. All must use wired connections, e.g. PoE switches and single Cat6 wires to the cameras.
      – Assume loss of cell connectivity. Wired connections only, everywhere, including to offsite monitoring.
      – Given this is a war, expect the enemy to also do classic steps like cutting the wired data inputs to a site before attacking. Similar to the old horror film tactic of cutting the phone line, but targeted to the input wires to the site, or possibly upstream of the site. Hardening and monitoring such inputs is required.
      – Always design the COTS system with encryption first, much as the network layer designs of our esteemed host. A drone should have its own identity key (ED25519 etc.) that is authorized to talk to the CnC home base, and vice versa. Anything outside of known keys must be discarded. Even then don’t provide too much trust to the drone side of things, it could still get hacked if rumors of real-time encryption breaking attacks in UKR are true.
      – Drones that use COTS wifi are likely to be ineffective against these increasingly savvy opponents. Two counter-moves: (a) use nonstandard frequencies, which will require you to develop and use SDR on each drone and each CnC node, while also worrying about enforcement of these frequencies by owners/enforcers like the FCC; (b) change to visual line-of-sight signaling in the IR band, which would require new investment in the old IrDA standard and its standard hardware and chipsets, but upgraded to multi-Mbit connections and high levels of network jitter as a drone loses sight of its base station and needs to reconnect by physically redirecting its IR beam.

      Building on these assumptions:
      – Aim for a hierarchy of drones and CnC nodes. For instance, as seen in UKR, there are more expensive drones that loiter above a battlefield and feed real-time info to the operator on any package of sensors you care to think of (these map to AWACS or Reaper drones in non-attack mode), while attack drones operate at a lower physical level. These nodes could also do active jamming and can act as a proxy/hub node to drive radio or IrDA comms to the drones below and around it.
      – Triangulation apps as Jim notes are then possible if you have a minimum of 2 such nodes with fine-tuned location information (preferably as still as possible) and clocks.
      – Aim for swarm tactics as an end goal – it’s what everyone is doing anyway. Assume not 1 or 2 or 5 drone attackers but 20 or 100 depending on the value of the target. Active ECM and physical defenses must account for this; active countermeasures like flak or directed energy or railgun or even classic slugs must be designed assuming high numbers of attackers and dealing with all at once in spread attack or a spearhead/bunch attack or any other pattern. Assume a lot of doctrine development for different attack patterns here. Navy ship and fleet tactical defense doctrine can serve as a starter here.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        How effective are spark-gap transmitters at jamming drones? A.k.a. the Marconi, invented in 1896, obsolete since 1920, and illegal since 1934 because they spew radio waves across a wide range of frequencies.

  22. Kunning Druegger says:

    KD prediction, feel free to screenshot and mock me later.

    The orders have already gone out, or will be going out soon, but the action won’t “happen” until the RF has an indisputable “victory” that’s covered in the Western MSM. This will be in the form of a significant chunk of land, like the areas of an oblast that are contested or under AFU control, being handed over without a fight. I don’t mean an overnight, quiet evacuation followed by propaganda about how it wasn’t important anyway, I mean it will be reported that so-and-so general of the AFU has handed the last pieces of Luhansk to such-and-such general of the RF armed forces. It could also be a city or agglomeration being transferred. This will be the signal that it’s ok for commentators to go after whoever the agreed upon scape goat is in the public sphere, but it will also herald, directly or indirectly, the remaining assets in Moscow to take a shot at Putin. It could be Gerasimov or Shoigu or someone who is actually substantially powerful in the Russian governance framework. If it is even remotely possible, it will be a shot at Putin.

    The GAE has bungled this whole thing from day one, and the only successes have been from stopped clock phenomenon. When they forced the systemic pullout of Russian economy & culture, they destroyed whatever HUMINT networks they had in place. I am not talking about splinter cell, deep cover, Manchurian candidate type assets, and TBH I don’t really believe the USG/IC has those anymore (who would they send? who would go? “Tha names Bond, nigga, Shutheed Bond, nigga.”), rather hardcore drug addicts or gambling addicts in convenient positions that rely on the Americans to keep the loan sharks at bay, or some kind of insane soviet-o-phyle who hates Putin for being not-Stalin. It is almost a guarantee that there are assets like this still in-country. But the real assets, the ones that actually facilitate real spy networks, are the types of people that are smart enough to know what’s actually going on, and quietly exit stage left long before things get hairy or their “contact” shows up with a bag of PCP and a porcelain Glock.

    Modern HUMINT is almost always network based, which is why NGOs and Nonprofits are such useful entities to have in abundance when you want to infest a government with eyes & ears. The overwhelming majority of those are gone, and as they slowly start to filter back in, they will do so under substantial scrutiny and restrictions that were unheard of previously. Now, none of us here should underestimate Putin’s ability to do the very worst thing possible, and the Russian elite is not what anyone would consider world class as a group, not at this point. So there are probably holes and opportunities for someone incredibly stupid or verifiably insane to take a literal run at Putin.

    This is obviously dangerous, because if someone takes a shot and misses, and the network behind her is sloppy or obvious, you just turned a man into a legend as well as handed the “adversary” a perfect excuse for a purge. But the GAE is fucking retarded and I can absolutely see some tranny section chief thinking he will get the congressional dildo of honor or something.

    As well, we should expect the first instances of Ukrainian Terrorism in Europe or the US within months of a significant handover. This could come in two flavors: false flag BS to greenlight a purge of the ultranationalists, or well trained & highly motivated SOF vets who have immensely sour grapes over the support gravy train ending. Further down the line, I think there will be distributed violence involving diaspora Ukrainians, they’ll probably start it but soon it will be good sport for sand niggers and other mohamedans to attack them. This may be overshadowed by larger events. The whole Guyana thing has demonstrated, in my estimation, that a whole bunch of places are about to remember that they don’t accept the borders in place at all, and will start doing something to correct the record.

    • jim says:

      The truly insane are unpredictable. Most likely outcome is that they will forget about the Ukraine and chase the next shiny thing.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        your cultural analysis is 100% correct in my opinion. But I think if you could spend some time close to the people in the beltway right now, you might change the assessment a little bit. The conversation topics and media headlines will totally pretend Ukraine never existed, but there is too much of the regime apparatus in the DOD tied to Ukraine. while they have been largely unsuccessful in upping wartime manufacturing, it is not for lack of investment or involvement. The thermidorian faction is all in on Ukraine, and as the narrative shifts, the more hardcore elements will double down. I am talking about whatever forces were behind blowing up nordstream 2 and the other freaky frog/ Black ops stuff that has been going on. They have no choice, particularly with the factional Civil War going on over Gaza.

        • jim says:

          Well, I lack direct contact with the beltway, having long adopted a strategy of spending as little time close to power as possible, and as much time as far from power as one can get without treading water.

          But if one is committed to empire, and one sees that the left has been destroying the men. the technology, the skills, the knowledge, and organisations that make winning wars possible, what you gonna do?

          Remember the reaction to the latest recruiting video. “Send the gays and the strong empowered independent womyn who don’t need no man to die for the Jews in the snows of Ukraine and the deserts of Israel. Is not diversity our strength?”

          Military defeat is a come to Jesus moment. They can either go deeper into denial, or they can try going back to a slightly earlier brand of leftism. Which is now ultra extreme super Nazi Hitler Hitler Nazi Nazi Nazi hard right.

          Well. They already did that. The Ukraine has more Jews in government than any country other than Israel, and more Nazis in government than any country since World War II.

          If diversity is not our strength, maybe they are willing to have some strange bedfellows.

          • Ash says:

            I don’t think my information is necessarily useful.. but there is an unprecedented amount of entertainment and porn many representatives watch… they may only begin to recognize the quantity of casualties as it reaches +50-60% of army recruits and some more stable recruits start sounding alarms and appear insane due to their worries from losses, because it will become near impossible to find competent people… while the elders masturbate to their phone

  23. notglowing says:

    This isn’t my health blog, so consider this probably my last update on the matter, but I thought it was worth giving some closure.
    I’m stopping my keto diet now, one third of a year after I started. It lasted longer than expected.
    I’ve been losing weight consistently, and it hasn’t been very hard to maintain on a day to day basis.
    My BMI is close to 25. At the rate I have been losing weight for four months, I should be below the overweight threshold within a couple of weeks.

    I’d say I still consider myself “fat”. My body shape hasn’t changed fundamentally, even if the amount of fat is much lower. The belly and handles are still there, just not easily visible under clothing, and relatively small.

    Last time I said I wasn’t convinced of keto. I remain of the opinion that I can’t maintain this lifestyle indefinitely. I only do it with the idea of stopping at some point. But I will resume the keto diet in early January after the Christmas period and continue for another quarter at least. I need to cut more fat, and while fasting was more effective, it wasn’t something I could keep for long enough to lose the amount of fat I had to lose.
    At this scale, keto seems like the only sustainable solution. I want to get thin, not just go below the overweight threshold, and it’s looking like that might require losing another 7-10kg depending on where I want to go. It’s impossible to say exactly what my target should be.

    Either way, a keto diet does seem like the only reasonable way unless I only need to cut ~5kg or so which I’ve been able to do in a month with intense fasting. I just can’t keep that up long enough for 10, 20kg.

    Keto is quite socially isolating though. The only place to eat with others is at my own home basically, or proper restaurants, which still tend to only have 1 or 2 keto-friendly items. Even then, there was always some carb heavy side dish. The few times I did go to restaurants I always had to ask about ingredients and then ask them to hold something off. It’s frustrating being the special needs person in any situation, moreover, we do not have steakhouses, and late night food is even more difficult. The few times I did go out with people late at night, they always eventually decided to go eat something, and there’s no place past nine that serves anything but bread-based dishes. So I’d just sit or stand around.

    At home, I even started baking. You can make cakes or cookies with almond flour, erythritol, butter and eggs.
    I’ve started to make more varied stuff, though I’ve also gotten completely sick of beef in general due to eating so much of it.

    In the beginning I suffered from cognitive dissonance while deciding whether or not to stop keto. Because I knew I didn’t want to keep it up long-term while at the same time thinking I should just continue since it works.
    My resolution was that I would use it until I lost enough weight, and then switch to a more normal diet.
    I’ll watch my weight and use fasting as well as maybe some more keto periods in the future in order to avoid gaining too much back.
    I’m also never going to go back to a carb-focused diet. I’ll eat a decent amount of carbs but I’ll make sure it’s a minority of my macros.

    • jim says:

      Obesity is a reactionary issue.

      Meat is a reactionary issue.

      Will power is a reactionary issue.

    • Adam says:

      Take a look at ketogenic carb cycling if you haven’t. Kind of takes the best of keto and carbs in a way that keeps you loosing weight without fasting. I haven’t done it myself, fasting is simpler in my opinion but a lot of guys who lift and bodybuild love it. You basically ramp on and off carbs in a one week cycle or so, and the magic is in the ramping on and off.

      • notglowing says:

        I do know about it, but it isn’t very different from what I’m doing, at least if done the way I was recommended.
        I’ve done 4 months of keto, and I’m switching to a regular diet for a couple of weeks before going back in January for another 3 months.
        Most sources I’ve read recommend longer keto periods of 3 months or so and then at most one month of carbs.
        I’m not sure if shorter cycles would really be viable.

        • Adam says:

          It’s a very short period of time, like 2 days no carbs then full carbs then half and then half again. Something like 5 or 6 days as a way to game the system to keep your carbs up for performance and muscle size but not enough to really convert to fat.

          • notglowing says:

            I’ll try something like that when I quit keto next year after reaching my desired weight. However, it seems to me like it would mainly result in feeling very ill.
            The problem is also that it takes a while to get back into ketosis.
            I used ketone strips while fasting, and it would take up to 48h to go into deep ketosis.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      An easy rule of thumb to follow is by ratio, more protein than carbs, and more fat than protein and carbs put together. So anywhere between five to twenty something carbohydrate fraction in diet. Persistent feelings of hunger even when one has eaten their fill is usually a sign that they should be eating more fat.

      As far as social situations are concerned ‘cheat days’ are fine as long as things average out over time, so you don’t need to be anal retentive about having your ratios be exactly the same every day. In certain respects the former can actually be better to do it that way even than the latter.

    • Calvin says:

      If keto isn’t doing enough for you, I know a number of guys who’ve gotten good results by switching to 100% carnivore for a while.

      • notglowing says:

        Probably not for me, especially now. I’ve eaten way too much meat and gotten somewhat tired of it, especially beef. I’m basically mostly eating chicken and turkey now, when it comes to warm meals.
        Actually going into winter I’ve been having a lot of cold meals with mostly pork-based cured meats such as salami and similar local stuff along with cheese, nuts and yogurt.

        I was pretty close to carnivore the first few weeks, but I don’t think I could go full carnivore.
        Either way, 2kg per month of weight loss without fasting or counting calories is quite good, and that’s not even the average, it’s the sustained weight loss over the 3 months following the first (where I lost more, obviously)

        Keto is working well, even if it’s slower than fasting, this is quick enough to be satisfying and not frustrating. If I lost 1kg a month doing keto I’d probably be less happy.

        One remarkable thing is how the weight loss is never constant. Usually I hit a new low, then hover in a range above that for one, two, almost three weeks, before dropping 1-3 kg in a few days. It’s made me think I was doing something wrong before when I hadn’t lost weight all month, but by the end of it the weight loss was the same as the previous month. That’s how it has been constantly, it’s never linear.

        I expect to regain 1-2kg of water weight as I leave keto temporarily unfortunately, but it is what it is. Hopefully I’ll get that back in January.
        I might have exaggerated how much weight I still need to lose, though.
        Thinking again, I only need to lose another 6-7kg from here rather than 7-10.
        Though if I gain 2 more kgs, that will work out to the same number by January I guess.

        • Karl says:

          How much of your calories were fat? Mostly meat, especially if lean meat, might not have enough fat for keto.

          • notglowing says:

            I only paid much attention to being below 50g of carbs daily. But if I had to guess, fat is probably my biggest macro by a significant margin. Most of the foods I eat are fat rich. Cheese, sausages, cream, butter, etc.
            The yogurt is also 5% fat and not much protein.
            Turkey and chicken not so much. But it’s not the bulk of my calories.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      You can make cakes or cookies with almond flour, erythritol, butter and eggs.

      I recently discovered the amino acid Glycine is nearly as sweet as sugar (at least to me). No weird aftertaste. It’s also fairly cheep in bulk on Amazon. Not a carb, nutritive, and non-artificial. I also read it is heat resistant, so can be used in baking. The body can convert other amino acids to Glycine, so technically it’s not “essential”. But I’ve read people often don’t make enough endogenously for optimum health. Both Glycine and Cystine are raw materials for the body’s production of Glutathione, one’s primary endogenous anti-oxidant.

      This has got to be one of the top nutritional secrets out there!

      • Cloudswrest says:

        And unlike too much Erythritol, and other sugar alcohol, you’re less likely to get the skithers with Glycine.

      • Aidan says:

        A lot of people like their glycine for promoting good sleep as well. I tried it, and no effect either way. I assume my healthy metabolism is producing enough naturally, because I typically sleep very well. But it seems to be useful for people whose diet or metabolism is unnatural in some way.

    • Aidan says:

      Strict keto, which is to say actually remaining in biological ketosis for extended periods of time, is a starvation diet and won’t likely be sustainable for you long term. But, it is a starvation diet that doesn’t malnourish you, since you can get all your nutrition from meat, and probably helps rather than hurts your metabolism, unlike woman starvation diets that consist of a salad and a few nuts.

      Make sure you go on long walks, and when you reach an acceptable body composition, start pumping iron.

    • Alfred says:

      I’ve done keto before and had some success with it; I lost about 25 lbs and kept it off. I do get that it’s pretty tough to make a living off of, though.

      I recommend looking into BCAA restriction and upping your collagen/gelatin intake. Making sure you have a positive Calcium:Phosphate ratio is important too. Eating only muscle meat can make that hard. Eggshell powder is a very bioavailable source. Many ways to skin a cat.

      Check out anabology and exfatloss on twitter.

    • X says:

      The best summary of the best evidence we have for what constitutes best nutrition is probably Perfect Health Diet by Jaminet and Jaminet, or maybe one of Mark Sisson’s books (who wrote the forward to PHD). The most sensible paradigm for evaluating competing claims about nutrition, I think, is to work backwards from those who have the health outcomes we want, which was characterized especially brilliantly by American dentist Weston A. Price in the 1930s in his study of the striking overlap between the diets and lifestyles of a number of primitive or little-touched peoples around the world who all had essentially zero health problems (including poor dental health, chronic health problems, heart disease, obesity, etc.).

      The ketogenic diet obviously has its effect, but none of the peoples Price studied consumed no carbs, which suggests that though the ketogenic diet may work for losing weight or whatever, it’s not optimal.

      • jim says:

        This ignores the race issue. If substantially Aryan descended, you are descended from people who ate only milk, meat, and blood.

  24. FrankNorman says:

    I’m wondering whether the people who were confidently predicting Russian collapse and certain NATO victory in Ukraine will suddenly get amnesia, as someone else predicted, and go “what? when did I ever say that?”

    Maybe I should make some screencaps and save them offline.

    • S says:

      Covid was nearer, more sudden and more insane (remember the definition of herd immunity changing) and they were all struck by a sudden case of amnesia. Save as much as you like, but don’t expect vindication- NPCs don’t think.

    • c4ssidy says:

      The forming narrative is that they were going to win, but the Republican party stabbed them in the back, pulling away funding at the cusp of victory, and allowing Putin’s army to sweep through

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The Washington Generals are always ready to do their duty in jobbing for the Harlem Gobetrotters.

      • jim says:

        That narrative may well go through, but the chief architects of this war in America and Europe are in hot water.

        The ostensible reason for removing the Biden may well be corruption, but everyone already knew he was corrupt before they stole the election, and they liked it that way, being corrupt themselves. The actual reason is losing a proxy war with Russia.

        The warmongers want to escalate – if the Ukraine is running out of men, conscript whites from flyover country. Which does not solve the problem that the west is out of ammo, and suffering from tech lag that becomes more conspicuous every day. Which problem is disturbing the corruptocrats who have become rich skimming the gravy from empire. These guys want to de-escalate – and the one man who can de-escalate and walk away with a good deal is Trump.

        If Trump wins the election, it will not be because we voted harder this time. It will be because the corruptocrats have decided that the best way to preserve empire is to make the best peace deal that can be made under unfavorable circumstances.

        • The Cominator says:

          The plan is to throw the GOP house majority and escalate with a Democrat speaker, hence why Santos was expelled. Need to lose the majority.

          • jim says:

            That is certainly a plan, and it may well wind up being the plan implemented. But not a done deal yet, especially if a collapse in the Ukraine happens before the election.

            • The Cominator says:

              They plan is to throw the majority before that point…

              • jim says:

                You are writing as if laws and elections matter, and as if the legislature and the president governed.

                They throw the majority to legitimise a violently unpopular presidency that has presided over war, external defeat, and economic catastrophe.
                But external defeat is troubling them, because the elite is enriched by the gravy from empire.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They need to throw it to legitimize giving more unlimited money to Ukraine.

                • jim says:

                  Unlimited money to Ukraine is popular in the elite because a whole lot of that money winds up in their pockets. But without unlimited weapons, there may not be a Ukraine around to rinse the money through.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  The Thermidoreans troubled by external defeat are losers: venal, fearful, hesitant, and weak. Their opponents each have the strength of ten, because their hearts are pure. There is no way a bunch of aging tepid corrupt gravy-sippers are going to beat a bunch of young wild-eyed fanatics whom they themselves readily admit are their moral superiors. The original Thermidoreans couldn’t right their ship; today’s smudged photocopies of them don’t stand a chance. This train is going right off the cliff at 120 mph.

                • jim says:

                  As I said, the thermidoreans are unlikely to get anywhere unless they give the radicals some long distance swimming lessons.

                  And you correctly point out they do not have the stomach for that. Because they know that they are corrupt, tired, and venal, while they think the radicals are pure.

                  But it is looking increasingly possible they will have a go.

  25. Calvin says:

    Elon is getting bolder and bolder about noticing things in public. Even letting Alex Jones back on twitter. I’m betting these two things are related.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      So has Vivek, so has Trump. Who knows if they are truly sincere, but the more they speak thought crimes the more they get locked into being seen as regime dissidents. The more they have to act as regime dissidents until they are indistinguishable from being real.

      • jim says:

        Since Globohomo was defeated in the Ukraine (though they can probably keep the dying going for a long time so that some of them can pretend they have not yet been defeated) the regime has been suffering disunity. Vivek and the rest are not seen and will not be seen by all elements of the regime as being regime dissidents.

        Trump was seen as utterly unacceptable, because he was mighty comfortable spinning off the unprofitable parts of the Global American Empire, but the reason those parts were unprofitable is that elements of the regime were profiting from them.

        So Biden was installed on a program of expanding the Global American Empire, including expanding it into Russia. Which the entire regime was very happy with, because it seemed doable. Now it looks like a really bad idea, and orderly retreat covered by peace deals looks like a better idea. So suddenly Trump looks like a better idea.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          The regime spirals constantly on dissidents. If normie regime guy doesn’t see someone as an evil dissident, but holier than thou regime guy does, the normie gets outflanked. Not everyone in the regime initially saw Trump as an evil dissident. Same with Vivek and Musk, but given time… Musk is already dealing with lawfare, and I’ve noticed even pointing out that Musk is accomplished has become “hate speech” in regime circles.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        I really do like the words coming out of Vivek’s mouth. I’d even entertain the possibility he means them. I get stuck at the part where a dot Indian is actually going to advance Amerikaner interests without regard to his own coethnics,’ no matter what he promises while campaigning. He just might deliver on illegal immigration over the southern border (though consider how hard that was for Trump), but how is he really going to limit legal immigration and H1Bs.

        And in passing, consider how being ruled by Indians is working out for Londoners, and English generally. They’re getting the worst combination of woke piety and population displacement.

        I don’t know much about Vivek’s staffers or donors. A hatchet job article links him to Peter Thiel and other establishment types. So that’s pretty clearly Team B not dissident, but this doesn’t disprove Pax’s point about getting locked in.

        Setting aside ideal and looking at doable, a Trump/Vivek ticket might be as good as it gets. And given Trump’s own poor instincts for staffing it might even beat all the alternatives. Except that it still positions us to be ruled by the provinces four years later.

  26. Sher Singh says:

    Could we compile a list of Jim’s posts on women/stuff like that which can be quickly shared to get noobs up to spec?

    Is the emancipation post alone enough?
    Does such a post exist?

    Can we make/host a pdf somewhere.
    My technical know how is limited but something like the social matter archive comes to mind.


  27. Sher Singh says:

    If your tribe or group seems to be gaining power while hurtling into a trap, what’s some advice?

    Feels like lambs being prepared for slaughter.

    Obviously, you could say GAE really is that weak or despondent however, I feel safer behind artillery & machine guns v ‘status’

    I like this thread on logistics & would like to hear everyone’s thoughts.
    Rather my friends happily married with many sons VS trench meat.

    That’s my honest take or interest in the topic & I believe genocide begins in 3 years.


    • S says:

      The situation in the US is urban versus rural, so I don’t think internal political boundaries are likely to be relevant for frontline length.

      • Sher Singh says:

        I just liked the method of analysis & some of the later replies re: Rus-Ukr
        My question had Sikhs in mind – a favored GAE minority atm.
        One mortally threatened by this ‘friendship’ with America.

        As a result, they’re being geographically dispersed & given a mirage of concessions.
        None against the real favored GAE pets nor related to females.

        As a result they’ll end up in conflicts overestimating their capacity/support.
        The result is increased dependence on GAE who can then fatally warp the faith/group.

  28. Pax Imperialis says:

    Off topic, but too funny not to be shared. How much of a cuck must a guy be for his “wife” to leave him for a Swedish twink in a dress? Not even a classic thug. A Swedish “man”. The bar got set so low anything with a dick was more masculine. Right… I guess twink in a dress now also belongs in the demon lovers chapter within the compendium of demonology.

    More on topic, Ukraine reportedly needs to conscript 20,000 men and women every month just to hold current lines. Implication being they are losing that many per month. When I watch Western expats talk about their life in Russia, and when the topic of war loses inevitably is brought up, it appears deaths (not casualties) are not low enough to be unheard of but are still pretty rare. About 3-5 per average sized city. Unofficial Russians in Donbas probably constitute the vast majority of casualties, which makes sense considering how Ukraine has been shelling their Russian population for close to a decade now.

    • Might makes right. Girly militaries deserve to be defeated. That means Putin deserves to win against Zelensky and he deserves to win against ObamaBiden.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      My friends almost never talk about the war. Today I asked my landlady, and she said that many of her friends have lost sons and husbands killed in Ukraine. Not rare at all. Here I am, enjoying a safe, comfortable, inexpensive life far outside of the Anal Empire, and those guys are paying for it.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Thank you for the information. It’s very hard to find out what’s going on. Regime and Ukrainian claims are so obviously ridiculous I may have gone towards the other extreme.

  29. dharmicreality says:

    India is fence-sitting still but the weight is clearly on the side of Russia. With GAE’s recent accusations against India with respect to a certain “assassination attempt” on GAE territory after the Canada row, India and Russia seem to be headed for a much stronger relationship than ever before, with Putin praising Modi sky high for resisting Western pressure by upholding India’s self interest and India’s Jaishankar saying that Russia has saved India in the past and that the relationship is an “accumulated” one that has grown over 60 years.

    Also trade between the countries have hit an all time high.

    Clearly betting on a multi-polar world order, rather than the GAE one.

    • Sher Singh says:

      Sikhi and Hinduvta are two different strains of Hinduism.
      It’s natural for them to compete, but this shouldn’t interfere with the rollback of Islam.

      That’s my take on the situation


    • Sher Singh says:

      They’re cutting student visas across the Western world & Canada in particular.
      The goal was always to have a captive Sikh minority to goad into unnecessary antics against India in exchange for not squashing them in the West.

      They can also goad/bribe domestic leaders with the mirage of Western economic prosperity and migration as a way to rid their youthful/rebellious population.

      Migration is also kicking up among Indian youth across the board.

      Hinduvta being in its ascendant phase doesn’t want to negotiate & has decided Sikhs are more trouble than they’re worth.

      Navigating stormy waters for both parties will be difficult, although I don’t think Hinduvta is a valid Darshan. Or way to practice Hinduism; the sooner people move on and make Sikhi the state religion the better for Bharatvarsh.

      Even now, if we were to exclude the Dravidian states except Karnataka & anything Bengal or beyond the majority faith practice of Hindus is of the same stripe as Sikhi.

      Ie Bhakti oriented rather than the Tantric or Brahminic (for lack of a better term) schools revived under the British.

      I’m optimistic about this scenario over the next 15 years, and will go into detail some other time.

      The recent assassination of a Rajput leader by the same miscreants (gangs) targeting Sikhs has definitely changed the power equation. The situation resembles the 1670s CE Imo. Right before the large wars with Sikh, Maratha & Rajputs.

      2/3 are turning against the Indian state – the Marathas will as well if one of their own is not placed as Modi’s successor.

      You two rarely reply to my comments, and the conversations were always one way. Ie how can Sikhs or other Kshatriya communities better adapt themselves to the new order.

      That era is over you will adapt.


      • dharmicreality says:

        If I have not replied to all your posts, it is because you haven’t been consistent with your messaging and often you have been sidetracking the issue under discussion.

        Here’s my stand. Hindutva is Hindu National Socialism and is blue pilled on women and varnashrama and has socialism that will weaken Hindu Nationalism in the long run. Hindutva is weak sauce and will require to be replaced by a dharmic Hindu Nationalism On the other, Hindutva seems to be the only ideology at present with at least a seed of a dharmic revival. And Modi seems to be stubbornly following the path of self-interest with respect to India which is serving to keep globohomo somewhat at bay.

        On the other hand, your present state of Sikhi Nationalism is that it is being directed by Globohomo Intelligence officers from Canada and the US. Whatever may be your bona fide view, it’s hard to deny what is right in front of your eyes. Sikhi may be a brother dharmic faith to Hinduism, but we cannot afford to settle our differences when the enemy is at the gates, but you’ve regularly shilled the line that Hindus and Sikhs must absolutely settle their differences before confronting the enemy, which is exactly what globohomo (and the desert cult) wants.

        Globohomo sees a threat in Hindutva, but uses Sikhi Nationalism as a weapon against Hindutva. Why? Because the present state of Sikhi Nationalism is that it is a subversion project of Globohomo. Even if there are genuine Sikh nationalists in the movement, it is being controlled entirely by the Globohomo intelligence community.

        I have acknowledged Hindutva’s weakness, especially in the long term, on two fronts: socialism and the blue-pill. On the other hand, you project Sikhi as being red-pilled and reactionary which is far from the case. Presently Sikhi is as blue-pilled as Hindutva and even less reactionary, since I detect at least a mere seed of Dharmic revival in Hindutva, while Sikhi nationalism at present is subverted and purely serves globohomo interests.

        • jim says:

          This is a very good summary of the situation. I have been paying a little attention to it, doubtless less that you have, and it is apparent that the sikh movement operates under the supervision of the five eyes, the Global American Empire intelligence services. The Sikhs get a pretty long leash, but if they yank on that leash, as they frequently do, they get yanked back, and if unresponsive to the yank, get killed. Merely firing them would have bad results if they know too much, so if an important person in the sikh movement knows too much and is unresponsive to Globohomo directives, he gets terminated with extreme prejudice.

          Which is the way Globohomo manages a multitude of movements.

          Being a servant of Globohomo always seems attractive – long leash, financial benefits, and a little taste of power. But as the Ukraine Nazis are now discovering, it is a deal with the Devil. In such deals, the Devil always wins, you always lose.

          These days Globohomo is run by demon worshippers, so quite likely a literal deal with the devil.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Yup, it’s even entered mainstream conversation in India that many “Khalistani leaders” are Intelligence officers under the thumb of globohomo security agencies.

            Suddenly everything makes sense.

  30. The Cominator says:

    The war was lost before it began for Ukraine but not sure America is done using Ukraine to steal money. I suspect the incredible shrinking Republican house majority is deliberate and the plan is to get a Democrat speaker to pass another Ukraine aid bill. The GOP top leadership has been bribed. I think they only need to lose two more reps for it to happen after they expelled Santos and McCarthy quit.

    • jim says:

      When it starts to look as though reality is about to intrude on their delusions, they suffer a strange loss of interest and a major outbreak of amnesia.

      “The Ukraine? What is that? What does it matter now?”

      • Ukraine as a money laundering machine ended when Sam Bankman Fried got busted. That’s the main channel through which money was being sent back to the demokkkrats who sent it over there in the first place.

        Now they’re just funding the Israel vs. Philistine conflict on both sides. The conflict in Venezuela may also be of interest to the money launderers.

  31. Pilgrim says:

    GAE was gutted by financialization. If bullshit were a commodity, it would come in barrels marked MADE IN USA. Finance is bullshit. AI is automatic bullshit. Multiply them together and you will see a black swan WMD of concentrated bullshit.

    Russia is a proud bear savoring the moment mawling the protectorate as the GAE stands watching, powerless.

    GAE has been consumed by apathy and materialism. They booed Solzhenitsyn out of Harvard for noticing. How can anyone deny that GDP is bullshit, when a nothing economy like Russia can face down the world’s policeman?

    Jim, what do you make of Argentina’s new face? Seems like he has decided to nix BRICS. He must be mad to think he’ll cut a better deal with GAE

    • Trumpeter says:

      That is the problem, he will get a better deal from GAE. His people get scr**d, but he will get villas and yachts just like the penis piano playing politician. Untill he reaches his expiration date.

    • jim says:

      I always suspected he was scam, and now he has confirmed it.

      In the lead up, I was suspicious, because he seemed slippery, and because he was being promoted by the usual Global American Empire shills.

      • Milei says:

        What did Milei do?
        Everyone bitches about USD.
        But they’re all outsiders who fail to see that Argentina was already largely operating on USD for decade before Milei. USD has been their escape valve.

        [*Millie shilling from someone with a new email address who is strangely unable to commit a thought crime deleted*]

        • jim says:

          Letting this through to reveal who is really backing Milei.

          OK, Milei shill, If Milei is who you say he is, you should be able to commit a thought crime. Can you?

          If you cannot commit a thought crime, that reveals who signs your paycheck – which reveals who allowed Milei to win the election.

          As for what Milei did, he, as suspected, not only signed Argentina up for the US dollar, but for the unipolar economic order that attempts to exclude most of humanity, and the unipolar military alliance that seeks to desex the children of all humanity.

          I always smelled something funny about Milei, and something funny about the people shilling for him.

          Libertarians are in favor of capitalism, capitalists, and capital. Milei is in favor of globohomo international capitalism, which Moldbug unkindly called communism – a crude and harsh oversimplification, but the core of the truth. Milei is in favor of the “capitalists” that Ayn Rand called “the looters”.

          This week after a trip to the US, the incoming president announced that he had chosen former JPMorgan stock trader Luis Caputo to be the country’s economy minister. The man is a looter, an enemy of capitalism, and an enemy of capitalists, and JP Morgan is exactly who Ayn Rand had in mind.

          And similarly something funny about Vivek.
          Groomed, well-spoken h1b comes into the interview loop, says all the right words, nails every question

          You hire him and 1 year later your entire department does nothing and is named Rajinesh

          Lately Vivek has been getting better and better, he is really inspiring. But I can smell something funny about Vivek, and about the Vivek shills also.

          • The Cominator says:

            Hasn’t Milei despite this flaw been doing no end of otherwise extremely right wing things.

            • jim says:

              Yes indeed. And if Thermidor takes power in America, it too will do no end of unthinkably right wing things.

              But the Thermidoreans are our enemies doing a temporary tactical retreat internally because they fear external military defeat.

              • Thermidor What says:

                What is this Thermidor thing?
                I tried to read the wikipedia but I don’t understand, I’m too dumb.
                Can someone post like no more than a 5 sentence summary, and why the fuck I should care about it? Thanks.

                • jim says:

                  Thermidor is leftists in power getting nervous about leftism getting ever lefter, ever faster, trying to stop it, and getting heat from their left and their right

                • jim says:

                  Thermidor What, you want to discuss the enemies plans (which we do not know, and they probably do not know either) and what we should do in response to them.

                  To hold this discussion, need to know if you are a hostile enemy entryist

                  Take the shill test:


              • Jehu says:

                Do you think DeSantis is Thermidor? It makes the most sense to me.

                • jim says:

                  Not paying much attention to DeSantis

                  Our ruling elite gets personally rich by skimming the gravy of empire, are horrified that the gays and warmists are causing the collapse of empire and want empire. So there are a lot around who want to put the brakes on journey ever lefter, and doubtless they have different ideas about what needs to be stopped, where it needs to be stopped, and how much empire can be saved.

                  They also doubtless have different ideas on how to stop the ride ever leftwards. If their plans do not involve helicopter trips and free long distance swimming lessons, I suspect they are in for a surprise.

                  But they are still leftists, and still want a multicult empire. Their big disagreement with us is on empire.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Vivek reminds me of Scott Evil in Austin Powers, speaking common sense to all the crazy compatriots, but nobody listens to him, or even roll their eyes.

          • Aryaman says:

            Vivek sounds better and better but anyone paying attention this blog sees the shills unleashed on any post where he is the central topic (especially if he is named in the title), suggesting something funny behind him. He is smarter than I had initially marked him for.

            On the other hand he refuses to make his case in a way that would actually be compelling for the people he is soliciting. “Nixon goes to China” for Vivek is

            The great replacement is happening and it is on this stage today, where 50 percent of the candidates angling to represent heritage American interests and values are Indian-origin.

            I am not of you but I am with you. We will have net zero, but net zero immigration. Work visas of all but the most exceptionally intelligent H1Bs will be suspended, and green cards too. Employers facing an acute need can delay any suspension by paying a $100,000/worker/year fine (if they can’t afford that, then need not very acute and employee being kicked out not very valuable).

            I do not think he is a cipher for further replacement migration per se as the funny and spiritually correct quote from 0HP Lovecraft indicates. He is not going to fill the government with Indians, nor is he going to flood the country with them – I don’t think. But he thinks a meritocratic republic is still alive which I do not think it is, and since it is not it’s unlikely a man that looks like him can be the way out.

            (Why don’t I think he’s a cipher for replacement migration? He does not say “immigrants make us richer and the economy better” instead when he speaks of immigration in a way that is inconsistent with the Right, it is part of some dream of America as a meritocratic civic Republic proposition.

            Also it would just be unwise. I don’t care only about myself, but even if I only cared about myself it’s easy to see further Indian replacement migration is a disaster for Indians already here. )

            • skippy says:

              He is either working for the Progs or the Indians, or he is working for the Indians but the Progs think he is working for them.

              You will never get a smart, effective non-white dedicate his life t purging his own ethnicity out of the world’s most powerful country. Why the fuck would anyone do that? Thay Vivek is even possible shows how deeply conaervatives have internalized Anti-Racism, how much more deeply than the left has done.

              • Adam says:

                >Thay Vivek is even possible shows how deeply conaervatives have internalized Anti-Racism, how much more deeply than the left has done.

                They showed the same support for Sarah Palin… mainstream republicans will never understand that it is all a joke and they are not in on it.

          • Pilgrim says:

            Hi, Jim. That’s an interesting take. Milei is really a wildcard, I haven’t looked into it but I don’t doubt that his campaign was the brainchild of a GAE PR firm.

            If his government uses GAE consultancies at all… that, to me, would be a smoking gun as to his loyalties.

            Though, I don’t think dollarization alone is much of a tell of anything. Like with El Salvador pre-Bukele, it makes sense for economic development to align with the U.S. They know heading in that there are strings attached, the only question is if Milei is really their boy or has designs of his own.

    • GAE is on the bad side of the Tytler Cycle, unfortunately. The people allowing it to happen won’t notice until the Starbucks and iPhones run out. By then it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Not shilling for Milei, there were always red flags in his jacket. But I wonder if he’s in the shadow of the Thermidorians explicitly, or if he just seems like he is because of the metamemeplex of the GAE suite of concepts. A cursory review of his personal attributes, his policy proposals, and the buzz around him suggests a strange guy, so he may just be all over the map in general.

      I have staked a pretty ardent pro-Russia/pro-Putin position, I am not walking that back at all, but it’s worth mentioning that he was and remains a Liberal World Order aficionado, he has not seemed to have learned that the West is not agreement-capable, and he keeps some really stupid and/or evil company. Just as China has some good things going for it yet nonetheless seems to be inexorably stumbling back into Maoist retardation, so too does Russia have a lot of explicitly positive things happening/in the works while also being in bed with the South African government (completely evil, nothing good about it, those niggers need to burn, no good will come of any kind of mutual association). Even if it is tongue in cheek, giving space to communist memes is a death sentence for any group, movement, culture, or country. I was trying to explain this to a friend that is otherwise intelligent regarding Palestine, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. in terms of progressive/leftist jargon. he maintains that they don’t mean it, that they are good lil’ mohamedans and they are just using the progressive vernacular for PR reasons, and I told him that it never matters what your justification is for why you let the vampire into the house, once she is in, it’s only a matter of time before you’re a desiccated husk. Plenty of people in our sphere and adjacent need to learn this lesson too: if you use their words, their terms, their frames, their concepts, you are giving them purchase and it will destroy you.

      This of course applies to Milei as well. Everyone is a useful idiot for progressives the moment they start ignoring the symptoms of the mind virus payload.

      • jim says:

        > his policy proposals, and the buzz around him suggests a strange guy, so he may just be all over the map in general.

        Either Milei is strange or he is not whom he says he is.

        Lo and behold, a bunch of shills came forth Milei shilling and Vivek shilling, who were not whom they said they were either.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          That definitely tracks. I will say this though, the footage of the Argentines responding to him are quite inspiring. if it walks like a populist, talks like a populist… by their fruits we will know them. Bolsanaro was a boomer coward, we shall see if Milei is the same.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Tell me more about this nascent Chinese Marxist retardation. What are the signs, signals and clues?

  32. Adam says:

    What the priesthood wants to maintain above all else is status. Less goods on the supermarket shelves is not going change anything. They need to remain cloud people at all cost.

    I’m struggling to see a way for the elite to roll back feminism. It’s infected everything, far more than was the case 100 years ago. Not to mention dating apps and social media aren’t going anywhere. If you could openly slap your wife and daughters in public that might do some good for the few willing to do it. But I don’t see many men willing.

    • jim says:

      Rolling back feminism is coup complete, but it can easily be rolled back overnight like flicking off a switch – all it takes is a government willing to face down the ensuing shit test, which shit test will fall silent so quickly that no one will remember it.

      • Adam says:

        Is it even technically possible to shut down social media and online dating? Today girls are getting a similar effect to alpha widowhood just by guys flooding their social media and swiping right on them.

        • jim says:

          You are looking at the problem from the wrong end. We have to shut down dating, not social media facilitating dating.

          While males tend to travel to a pickup joint half an hour away, chicks are apt to hitchhike four hundred miles in their underwear to a location where they think a higher quality of male is likely to be picking them up. The ease and convenience of social media apps really does not make a huge difference.

          Yes, social media are a great source of pussy, but I see chicks going to extraordinary lengths to make themselves accessible (to the right kind of male) in real life.

          • The Cominator says:

            Dating is prettymuch shut down nowadays compared to what it was… women either fuck (a much smaller % of guys) right away or not.

            Shutting down all social media wouldn’t do that much but getting rid of tinder would marginally improve things.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Why can women use tinder in the first place? Why must every child be handed a tablet with internet connection? Main issue is a lack of manly patriarchy.

              • The Cominator says:

                Its probably not realistic other than establishing a hardcore Amish community to keep women entirely off the internet. Women in the Arab monarchies (the most patriarchal societies on earth now) are not kept off the internet.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >keep women entirely off the internet

                  There are multiple potential solutions.

                  -Women in Arab countries (and many other traditionalist cultures) must be accompanied by a male family member in order to go outside. Hard to use tinder if she isn’t allowed to freely self abduct. Tinder is no different from walking in the streets or going to bars, except scaled up massively. The streets and the bars aren’t going to be used by women for getting fucked if they are accompanied by an owner… unless that owner is a pimp.

                  -Easy, stop making the internet streamlined and easy to use by women. Back in the day it was fairly trivial to install adobe to read PDFs, but women couldn’t do that. Natural barrier to computer use. 1990s and 2000s internet was noticeably nearly all male. How many women use Linux? Pretty sure all the dumbing down of communication tech has to do with diversity efforts, so getting rid of that would naturally rebuild barriers for women.

                  -Girls are fairly easy to control by dads. Don’t need a hardcore Amish community to keep them off the internet entirely. It’s when they turn into women it’s a problem, but then the question should be: why aren’t they married already?

                • The Cominator says:

                  1990s internet was all male and nearly all high IQ male. 2000s internet more male but by no means all male. Women were actually smarter about using the internet around the 2006-2008 time as compared to now. I was amazed at the number of chicks who were sort of learning to use badhtml script writing to pimp out their myspace pages at the time (it was really something a very high % of them were doing that had no precedent before or since and I was shocked).

                  Yeah there are ways you can erect barriers to entry but you’re only going to keep some women off.

                • jim says:

                  Keeping women off the internet is an irrelevant distraction. Women do not need the internet to go feral.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim might I request you look at my other post here… I have a sorta conspiracy theory that we’ll see if it plays out…

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Preventing women on the internet is no more an irrelevant distraction than preventing other men access to one’s wife. As I was hinting at, can’t do either because not allowed to control one’s wife or even have a wife. Preventing owned women from self abducting is horrifically illegal and culturally seen as one of the greatest evils. Men naturally hesitate on owning women and women left unsatisfied go feral.

                  The internet has become the playground of feral women to such an extent that social media and feral women are synonymous. I’m not suggesting that they became feral because of the internet. That’s like saying feral social media sluts bar sluts became feral bar sluts because of tinder alcohol. Analogously, the suggestion that ‘shutting down alcohol would not do much but it would marginally improve the feral bar slut situation’ is a non-starter. The feral slut population would remain. This is not a solution to feral sluts.

                  The internet has been developed to be comfortable for feral women, just as all aspects of society and technology have been constructed to be comfortable for feral women since female emancipation. Patriarchy would naturally reduce feral women and thus reduce feral women on social media, in bars, and throughout society at large. Noticing the symptoms of a problem is not a solution, but also not entirely irrelevant to noticing the problem either.

                • anon says:

                  Women on the internet are annoying, that’s reason enough to keep them off.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And they are often not actual women but trannies and faggots…

          • Adam says:

            Social media and dating apps massively skew a woman’s perception of her SMV. Barbi lives in dreamland where anything can come true.

            I don’t think a coup alone will do it, we need a holy war, preferably centered in the north east United States. With lots of nukes.

        • RedBible says:

          If a man truly owns his women, wife, and daughters, then social media will stop being the level of problem it is, if only because the man would have the right to prohibit her from using it, and be allowed to beat her if she did use it. Pixels have a hard time being more alpha than a man who has a legal right to beat you.

  33. Reader says:

    Lloyd “2 mask Warrior” Austin says otherwise.
    There are plenty of your yoots.

    Never question the 2 mask Warrior.

    It’s Racist.

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