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Health care and stockholm syndrome

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Observing enthusiasm for government health care around the world, it seems fairly proportional to the amount of involuntary euthanasia, the amount of murder by the state.

Government healthcare has been demonstrably successful in moving the population and voters left, in large part in proportion to its propensity to murder people.

Thirty percent of hospital deaths in Britain are murder by the state.  British hospitals literally stink of death, due to deplorable and obvious lack of basic hygiene.  They don’t apply enough hot water and bleach to cover up what they are doing, let alone prevent the spread of hospital acquired infectious diseases.

“Community acquired” diseases (a euphemism for hospital acquired diseases) are a big problem in Britain. These diseases are frequently anti biotic resistant. The proposed solution is to use less antibiotics, rather than the obvious solution: More hot water, soap, and bleach.

And predictably Britons are correspondingly enthusiastic about government health care. (more…)

I saw the crisis coming: Why the fed did not.

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

In 2010 April 3, Michael Burry asked “I saw the crisis coming. Why did not the Fed?” His question was, in a sense, answered in the next two weeks.

Religiosity and fertility: Wrong metric

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Half Sigma finds that religiosity is correlated with fertility, and nothing else makes much difference. In particular, intelligence makes little difference, except that smart people tend to be less religious by the measure of religiosity used.

But (more…)

Correction: Tea Party Express not wholly left entryist

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Earlier I accused the Tea Party Express as being left entryist, on the basis that its emailings tend to analyze the political spectrum as Democrats, right wing Democrats, moderate republicans, and conservative republicans, language that treats the left as normality and truth, and everyone else as deviations from normality and truth.

However, emailings have recently changed that terminology, and the Tea Party Express blog always analyzed the political spectrum as liberal Democrats, Democrats, Republicans in Name Only, and true conservatives, language that does not privilege the left point of view as normal and reality, and everything else as abnormal and untrue, language that instead implies that conservatism is normal and right for republicans.

29% of British hospital deaths murder by the state

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

The Liverpool Care Pathway. Which consists of heavily drugging them, and giving them no food or water. This will kill a healthy person in less than a week, and kill someone with breathing difficulties, for example an elderly person with pneumonia, in a few hours. The average life expectancy on the Liverpool Care Pathway is thirty three hours, indicating most patients were pretty healthy when it was decided to murder them.

The Liverpool Care Pathway was originally justified for treating terminal care patients, but is now routinely used for highly treatable ailments such as pneumonia, which ordinarily would only result in quite short hospital stay if actually treated.

The PC trajectory

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

VDare complains that PC is getting worse. Ya think?

Vdare compares a truth telling 1994 article appearing in the mainstream press, which points out systematic legal, state sponsored, and private persecution of whites in majority “minority” regions, which today could never appear.

Of course, if you read old books, it is apparent that political correctness has been getting worse ever since the eighteen thirties or thereabouts.


Saturday, June 16th, 2012

If we believe the official inflation figures, supposedly living standards in the US are rising: Yet the proportion of people with cars is falling, the proportion of households with a car is falling faster, and the amount of meat people are eating is falling – consistent with a cpi rising at about the rate that shadowstats claims, about six to ten percent (more…)

Tea Party Express is far left entryist

Friday, June 15th, 2012

In its mailings, the Tea Party Express conceptualizes the political landscape of the US as  “conservative republicans”, “moderate republicans”, “right wing democrats”, and just plain “democrats”.   There is, it seems, only one liberal democrat, and no liberal or left wing republicans.

Thus betraying the writer’s real viewpoint – that the far left is normal and mainstream, and all the rest are weirdoes,  despite the fact that today’s “conservative republicans” are for the most part far to the left of the Clinton Democrats. (more…)

Not the cognitive elite

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Theoretically elite colleges select people with very high scores on the college entrance exam, thus select very smart people, thus our ruling elite is composed of very smart people.

There are two problems with this story.  One is that they do not in fact select people with very high scores on the college entrance exam, and the other is that during the 1990s, high scores on the college entrance exam frequently ceased to correlate with being very smart.

LSAT is pretty much an IQ test, and if colleges aim for a high LSAT score, they are aiming for a high IQ student body, but during the 1990s SAT and PSAT ceased to correlate strongly with IQ, suggesting a loss of enthusiasm for dangerously smart students.