How to fix the financial crisis

Proposed reforms, both left and right, are unlikely to have any effect on the continuing massive misappropriation from the financial system.  It is absurd that people are discussing obscure details of the credit swap market.

To fix the financial crisis, we have to revoke, or at least denounce and denigrate, Marie Curie’s Nobel prize.

When they gave a Nobel prize to Marie Curie for being female, that did not hurt anyone except more deserving potential Nobel prize winners.  But handing out phony Nobels on the basis of sex, race, and nationality necessitated handing out phony degrees on the basis of race and sex, and handing out phony degrees on the basis of race and sex necessarily led to a crisis where these phony degrees were being ignored by employers, so employers necessarily had to be forced to give out well paid phony jobs on the basis of race and sex.

But being given well paid phony jobs on the basis of race and sex failed to result in recipients living a middle class lifestyle, so lenders had to be forced to give out a middle class lifestyle on the basis of race and sex.

Which has led to our present financial crisis.  It all began with Marie Curie.  Each lie required a new and bigger lie.  We need to start by acknowledging that genders and races tend to have different abilities – that if you are looking for people that are the best at something, whether the fastest runners or the greatest mathematicians, they will almost all be of one particular race and gender, and some races will be completely absent, and if you are merely looking for people that are acceptably good at something, for example accountants, basketball players, or donut makers, they will be mostly of one particular race and gender.

We cannot end the crisis unless we admit who is defaulting on their mortgages, we cannot admit who is defaulting without admitting that they cannot perform their jobs either, we cannot admit they cannot perform their jobs without admitting that their degrees are phony, and we cannot admit their degrees are phony without admitting that many Nobel prizes, starting with Marie Curie, were phony.

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  1. Glossy says:

    How sure are you that Marie Curie got her Nobels for being a girl? I’m not saying she necessarily didn’t, I’m just asking.

    Can you recommend any reading material making the case for her not having deserved her Nobels?

    • jim says:

      Have you heard of the people who discovered any of the other hundred odd elements?
      If you look at the news stories and photos before she got two successive Nobel prizes for discovering radium, they report that her famous scientist husband discovered radium. The show him and another male at work doing the stuff that Marie Curie is now famous for supposedly doing.
      Her famous scientist husband got radiation burns and she did not.
      Discovering radium was one of the least significant of the many great discoveries made by her husband. She never accomplished anything except under his close personal supervision.
      Think of any women you know. It is obvious women are not capable of science, and if any women could do science, they would have a more plausible science poster girl than Marie Curie.
      Repeating. Not one but TWO Nobels for discovery of radium, while no one can remember the discoverer of any of the other elements, plus it is perfectly obvious that she did not discover radium in the first place.

      • Glossy says:

        Jim, on the intuitive level I’m with you. It’s not just that every woman I’ve known was bored by abstract thought. It goes further: smart women, at least in my experience, seem to be just as bored by it as are unintelligent women. Women’s level of interest in abstract subjects seems to be distributed more like a straight line than like a Bell Curve – kind of like men’s ability to bear children. And what’s more abstract than hard science? If a topic can’t be boiled down to personal relationships between individuals, women, no matter how smart, do not seem to be interested.

        Anyway, it’s thoughts like these that got me curious about what you said about Ms. Curie. Perhaps I’ll read up on her. If the biggest purported exception to the rule of thumb that I described above turns out not to have been an exception, then the rule of thumb will be strengthened in my mind.

  2. Gadfly says:

    But Iceland had an even larger financial crisis, and there are not too many Darkies there. And it was financial institutions helmed by risk-averse women that weathered the storm best.

    Can you point to a country with a financial system that is not in thrall to the Diversity Myth that did not have a financial crisis?

    It seems like low interest rates brought about by a glut in global savings is as much if not more a cause of the housing boom and bust as the Diversity Myth was.

    • jim says:

      Iceland failed not because of excessive risk taking, but because the elite stole the money. Elite theft was also a problem in the US, but most of the money that was lost in the US, was lost in bad mortgages, theft by ordinary people, mostly women and Hispanics.

    • jim says:

      can you point to a country with a financial system that is not in thrall to the Diversity Myth that did not have a financial crisis?

      Singapore is the obvious example. No commoner theft, because no diversity myth, and no elite theft, because they flog thieves,
      even when the thief has a degree from Harvard. So Singapore’s financial system has functioned just fine.

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