No Pressure 10:10

Murder children for a greener tomorrow.

Most honest political ad of all time.

By now, you have probably seen the No Pressure video, depicting the warmist wish fulfillment fantasy where they get to blow up the heretics.  It starts with a warmist teacher blowing up skeptical children, then depicts every people of every part of society being blown up, then finally the revolution devours its children, with a warmist blowing up another warmist for inadequate faith.

A lot of blogs are asking: “what were they thinking!”;

Cull the skeptics, Infocult, The Catastrophist, Fascistic New Video, Greens want to blow you up, Chicks on the right, Boom!, most self-defeating ad campaign ever, utter stupidity, decimation, massive Freudian slip.

Seems pretty obvious to me.  They were thinking about power, which is what the global warming campaign has been about from the beginning.

The fascinating thing is that before the shitstorm hit all the good and great signed on saying what a great video it is.  Blowing up children.  Ha ha!  So funny.  Serves them right for doubting their betters!

The video reveals the true character of our rulers.  They think that murdering people who disagree with them is funny.

One commenter gets it right in revolting

Politics, which fundamentally is a struggle to control the most violent organization in society, attracts people that are amoral or whom otherwise lack consideration for their fellow men. The more expansive the state, the more attractive it is to these people. The more they dominate the state, the more expansive and activist it becomes.It’s a vicious feedback loop ending only when the state kills the civilization that is its host, or so shocks the host’s sensibilities that the people rebel.

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  2. Mike Mellor says:

    When I first saw 10:10 I thought it was a Monty Python type satire against warmist consensus groupthink. Any normal person watching the video (and believe it or not most greenies are normal) would say that this is murder, unjust, and arbitrary. I think that 10:10 is taking the pi55 out of the McKibbens and their ilk.

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  4. Bill says:

    This ad, which acts of evidence of how the Envirofascists (as I like to call them) view any heretical act, simply reinforces my opinion that AGW has become the new dominant church/religion (not unlike the Roman Catholic church after the Middle Ages). Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the use of the phrase “your choice” throughout this entire implied ultimatum.

    This ad disgusts me but also reveals this group’s closeted unibomber for all to see.

  5. Steve says:


    Common Cents

  6. Crissie says:

    How do we get a list of the actors/celebrities who participated in this piece of crap? I can’t find a complete list on any of my searches.

    • jim says:

      Cannot blame the actors, they just read their lines. The problem was the people who thought this thing was funny and made greenies look good.

      Being somewhat in touch with my inner monsters, I can easily imagine a bunch of good progressives sitting around in a focus group and roaring with laughter.

      Ha ha. That will teach those refusniks to defy the consensus.

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