The strange acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

It looks like Kyle is about to be acquitted, probably on all counts, including the count of carrying a gun while seventeen. Bizarrely, Kyle is being acquitted merely because it is glaringly obvious that he is a hero and straight shooter who was defending himself against vicious savage subhuman trash trying to murder him.

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Huber and Jump Kick Man attack

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kyle

Gaige Grosskreutz attempts to murder Kylie

Why did this extraordinary miscarriage of justice, allowing a politically incorrect man to walk free merely because obviously innocent, happen?

Well, watching the prosecutors, they seemed to have drunk their own koolaide. The fix was not put in, because no one thought the fix was needed. White supremacist slaughters unarmed peaceful protestors peacefully protesting. Simple. Open and shut case.

So they failed to fix the evidence, the jury, the judge, and the defense lawyers.

I am just not seeing the “Oh $%!#, its hopeless” behavior until it is suddenly revealed that it is hopeless.

Their questioning of McGinnis only makes sense if they thought that Kyle ambushed Rosenbaum, rather than Rosenbaum ambushing Kyle, and expected the evidence to show that, even though everyone in the world saw Rosenbaum attack Kyle, as he had attacked so many other people.

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  2. Aidan says:

    I was going to comment something witty about the prosecution’s arguments implying that Kyle had no right to self-defense because the mob was holy, but then the prosecutor came right out and openly said in his closing argument that Kyle has no right to self defense against the “heroes” in the crowd, that the mob had the right to chase him down.

    Not going to play well with the jury, who are going to feel, even if crimestop prevents them from thinking it, that if they convict, a mob can murder them and their kids in the street with impunity. But, that kind of argument from the prosecution sets a moral precedent even though they will lose the case. Openly denying the right to self-defense is a massive escalation in cold civil war.

    • jim says:

      “Ioffe demonstrates more of her Fulbright-winning intellect when she explains her thought process for suspecting Havana Syndrome was real from the beginning“

      Ioffe is a Fulbright Scholar. Also a total nicompoomp, as revolver news gleefully points out.

      Which exemplifies our elite in a nutshell.

      The underlying dynamic is that once upon a time our elite was smart and virtuous, therefore capable of the large scale cooperation that made them the elite.

      Eventually, smart and evil. But evil people cannot trust each other, so prefer to recruit stupid people. So the smart evil were in time replaced by their stupid subordinates, and here we are. Hence the removal of analogies from the SAT.

      Once upon a time MIT asked prospective students about four points on a conic section. Now it asks them about triangles.

      The smart evil are still in control – but they all very old and getting frail, and2 are massively outnumbered by the stupid evil, who suspect them of being insufficiently politically incorrect

      • Varna says:

        Trump stalling things for one term was really really crucial for the old vampires. It’s one thing to be 85 and doing this, another thing to be 90 and doing this. No wonder they freaked out so much.

        Sissy entrepreneur that he was, gotta give the Donald that much: his four years were enough to make the pretense stop.

        They thought the tiny Wallonian parliament vetoing Obama’s northern hemisphere merger in 2016 was but a hiccup. But then suddenly four years of not being able to really overcome that hiccup.

        And now they’re either all dead, or desperately waiting for the results of the planet-scale experiment with mandatory gene therapy of Doctor Fauciustus, keque.

      • Curious says:

        Why is it that, absent a king, the virtuous elite can’t keep the evil elite out of their ranks?

        • jim says:

          Absent a King, no one member of the virtuous elite has adequate incentive and power to keep evil elite out of their ranks.

          Concentrated interest versus dispersed interest.

          One evil elite tolerated only causes a small cost to any one virtuous elite, while confronting that one evil elite has large costs for the one member of the elite confronting him.

          A sovereign, however, is a concentrated interest who faces a significant cost for each evil elite, since they are primarily stealing and misusing his power and stealing his wealth, and faces only a small cost in confronting that one evil member of the elite.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Truly hilarious…Literally crickets!

  3. Oog en Hand says:

    “The youngest of Breivek’s kills was 14. If you think that this is going to be easy, imagine what it would be like getting a helicopter load of crying 14 year old children. Consider if this is really the life you want to lead, because that is where this is going. Either we helicopter them, or they starve us in camps. So when you start talking about helicoptering all of the Brahmins, just think of that hypothetical helicopter of 14yo kids.”

    Kyle was the same age. They were willing to kill Kyle.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      I am not a degenerate boy-fucking jew, or a common thug. I doubt any of us are. They might be willing to kill, but they are hideous degenerates, and we are not. You might as well argue that because chimpanzees will eat human babies, we should, too. I hold no regard for the behavior of subhumans. Furthermore, Kyle was 17, and while he has a baby face, he was clearly a responsible man of his tribe at 17, and deserves to be respected as such. They clearly failed to do so, and it killed them.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Well said. The Left favors mob tactics because it obviates personal responsibility. In light of recent “discussions,” I’ve been going over the literature I have on mass killings, genocides, etc. Starvation is the main technique, with summary execution in second place. It varies over time, location, culture, and ideological underpinning, but very generally, the perpetrators tend to use starvation to execution at 3:1 ratio. The most obvious reason for this is logistical. High score for execution ratio goes to the national socialists with the einsatzgruppen: a staggering 1.5-2.5 million, with the camps trailing at .5 to 1.5 million. I know there’s a lot of bullshit surrounding these numbers, and while the 6 gorrilion shoah is objectively false, we shouldn’t minimize the terrifying efficacy of those middle aged mall cops who followed in the wake of the German eastern offensive. Similarly daunting, the brainwashed party faithful in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan demonstrated an equally staggering capacity for murder. Regardless of the bloodthirsty, far more souls were extinguished via starvation. It is a lot easier to ignore the unwashed peasants dying in solemn solitude.

        Going over this stuff keeps bringing me back to the deep question that challenges me: how to do the right thing the right way. Espousing leftist tactics is not a workable solution. With no state backing, it is pointless to try probably 90% of them. But there’s a moral cost that is hard to quantify. Without giving any ground to certain childish ideas, there’s no point going through the effort of restoration if it all dissolves one generation later. I don’t think a lot of people here do agrarian stuff, but there’s a particularly awful little vermin known as the army worm. They destroy crops prodigiously and do nothing for the local ecology. The only reason they exist in the numbers they do is because modern farming techniques have given them a massive ecological niche. You can kill the worm, or cull the crop. The former requires tons of poison, the latter requires destruction of purpose. In so many things, I’m constantly reminded just how inadequate my intelligence is to the modern way of things. In this specific issue, I used the poison. It worked on the worms, but annihilated the pollinators and predators, so there were successive waves and successive poison treatments and other problems besides. I know it isn’t a 1:1, but dealing with the Evil is a problem with no good solution. Maybe I’m just too stupid, or weak, to see that morality must play second fiddle to efficiency. I want to believe that we can forge a path to our birthright, that being the stars, without becoming Stalinists. That’s probably not possible.

        • Karl says:

          I don’t think morality must ever play the second fiddle to efficiency. But I do think that morality sometimes allows and actually demands methods from the old testament.

          The question is whether the Cominator’s solution is morally justified and also his whether his solution would be effiective. Both of these questions have been discussed at length here, but no consensus has been reached

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          If one perceives efficiency at odds with morality, then we may rather say it is one’s apprehension of one or the other that is wanting.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          If one perceives efficiency at odds with morality, then we may rather say it is one’s apprehension of one or the other that is wanting.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          If one perceives efficiency at odds with morality, then we may rather say it is one’s apprehension of one or the other that is wanting.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Can you clarify the part about apprehending efficiency or morality?

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              If your morality results in failure, then it was a poor attempt at morality. Morality is in accordance with Gnon. God does not test His people without reason. The moral way and the efficient way are in harmony, because that is the way the universe was designed.

              • alf says:


              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Regardless of whether or not that is what St. John meant, it is something I need to spend some time thinking about. I don’t know if you read Gray Mirror, but a while back Yarvin put forth the idea that all cheap, imported and or domestic, toys should be outlawed. Only high quality, artisanal wooden toys for kids. I agree with that literally and, as far as I think I understand it, metaphorically. Yes, it’s far easier to crank out cheap plastic toys and kids will play with anything, but we need well paying vocations, as well as things of beauty and worth, more than we need cheap toys. Is that a fair case of morality v. efficiency? I’m not trying to argue for arguments sake, genuinely trying to figure this one out.

                Completely unrelated, what are your opinions on semi-auto shotguns? I was always a pump it or dump it kind of guy, and I’ve never used an automatic, but recently I’ve come into contact with a Radikal NK-1 bullpup 12 gauge. I think it’s fucking awesome and I’m reconfiguring my kit to stack some of those big fucking mags. It’s short enough to go into a duffle, but I think I can have it strapped on without too much turbulence. Do you run a shotgun or just a standard load out?

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  A semi-auto shotgun is a great weapon, especially if it is reliable. The Radikal is Turkish, and they make good shotguns. I do not like the bullpups because they mess with my manual of arms, but if you can get one to work, more power to you. I prefer ones that have the ability to take AR-15 stocks and grips, because then my kit is even more standardized. It’s all up to you, but shotgun slugs are a great way to put someone down, armor or no. That is why I got mine.

                • jim says:

                  A weapon is primarily useful as a symbol – albeit the most effective symbol of a thing is the thing itself.

                  I therefore favor the weapons of heroes. So it is good to have Kyle’s weapon, the AR-15, or something that looks enough like it.

                  Sooner or later, we are all likely to need the FGC-9, but I have a lot of projects on my plate ahead of that. Also, the FGC-9 does not look sufficiently iconic. Needs a longer barrel for aesthetic reasons, but Ivan the Troll’s barrel rifling process is only reliable for short barrels. Also the FGC-9 is primarily intended for environments where your gun is likely illegal, and in such environments, a short barrel and a folding stock is mighty handy.

                  Since confronting wrongdoers with a gun can result law enforcement getting hysterical, I also like my medievalish double bladed two handed short axe. And, of course, for carry when open carry might result in difficulties, my beloved tactical flashlight.

                • alf says:

                  all cheap, imported and or domestic, toys should be outlawed. Only high quality, artisanal wooden toys for kids.

                  Yes yes very anthroposophic and hipster. Quite annoyingly, kids themselves seem to disagree and always pick the plastic bright colored China toy over the expensive wooden one. It’s a fad that’s more for the parents than the kids.

                  Beauty is in functionality. The function of a toy is to occupy the child. If it does that, it is a good toy.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Get a dust cover that says, “Kyle did nothing wrong.” In all seriousness, though, an AR-15 pattern shotgun is very similar in appearance to an actual AR-15, and you can equip good ones with a lot of the same furniture and accessories. I have made the point that the rifle of the Amerikaner is the AR-15, but a shotgun is a really handy piece to have.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  My home is an AR and AR accessories home, I tell you hwut. Regarding the FGC-9:

                  “Accuracy is claimed to be as good or better than Glock pistols.”

                  Pass for me, but I support the idea completely. I will stick with my AR/Glock load out. The NK-1 is actually aesthetic as fuck, and I’m somewhat a blank slate so I don’t think it will fuck up my drills too terribly. It would be an alternate primary anyway, and I’ve got enough shotguns for a few friends if needed. Word to the wary: 12ga slugs don’t penetrate plate armor. It will definitely ring Jose Federale’s bell, but it won’t punch through.

        • Tityrus says:

          “We ought not to desire victory if we only have the prospect of overcoming our opponent by a hair’s breadth. A good victory makes the vanquished rejoice, and must have about it something divine which spares humiliation.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

        • The Infant Phenomenon says:

          You don’t give enough info for anybody to give any useful advice, but regardless of the scale of your planting or of the crops or of your climate zone or of your knowledge of insects and plants and soil preparation, I can advise you to look into remineralizing your soil with paramagnetic rock dust. Look into paramagnetism.

          If the soil is right, the plants will signal potential insect-predators in the ultraviolet spectrum either to attack the plants or not to attack the plants. Beyond that, I don’t know whether you wanted replies or not.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Not at all my intention, but I really appreciate that and I’ll read about it. 7a and I know my soil but it is uncharacteristically specific to a certain region, which is not that uncommon as I’m finding out. Long term, vermicompost, soil additives, mushroom farming, and micro-livestock stuff will give us good soil, but for now we’re doing raised beds after greenhouse starts. TBH I just brought up the army worms because it was a situation where I truly felt both options were bad. We lost all the kale, brussel sprouts, and most of the cauliflower, but saved the broccoli (all those plants have something in common, but Grog not do science, Grog just move dirt). Couldn’t find the recommended poison in anything less than hundred liter allotments, so went with Sevin. If/when we get to full capacity, I’m going to need to figure something out. I can’t spray poison on the neighbor’s land.

  4. Varna says:

    Off-specific-topic: as of today Austria has lockdown rules for a third of its population (the unclean unpunctured scum).
    Other EU countries are allegedly looking into something similar.

    Я другой такой страны не знаю,
    Где так вольно дышит человек.

    • Red says:

      The Lancet just published a year long study showing the Vaxxed spread COVID just as much as the Pureblood. It was written up both in Bloomberg and the Boston Herald. There is real pushback happening, but I’m not confident anything will come of it.

      • Karl says:

        Is it real pushback against vaccination or is it push for boosters?

        Those who want to give everyone a third (and fourth, etc) clotshot, need a reason. So they have to admit that the clotshot after a while is no longer perfect.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Based upon the explosion of cases every time a round of boosters is administered in highly vaxxed countries like Israel and Singapore, the vaxx actually causes many of the cases, or at least enhances vulnerabilty to it…

        • Varna says:

          After the shot, the immune system crashes for an average period of between 2 and 3 weeks. Hence the The Science doesn’t count you as “really vaccinated” until that period is over. If you get ill during that period, this means it’s “an unvaxxed person getting COVID”.

          What people do not understand, and are not being told, is that the “waiting period” until they count as officially vaccinated, is actually the period in which their immune systems are crap. Then, once the immunity starts more or less working again and they’re still alive, they are awarded the vax pass.

          In holy based Russia, it’s two weeks for most, but 21 days, if you get the one-dose “Sputnik Lite”.

          Fun fact, after October 30th they closed the partial loophole for those who wished to avoid the full wrath of Sputnik, and from now on the one-dose Sputnik Lite only works as a booster, and no longer as an initial jab that gives one apartheid privileges.

          Also, after a “booster” in many places people are given a vax pass immediately, which scrambles the logic even further.

          It doesn’t matter which shot one is getting: the first of a two-parter, the second of a two-parter, a single-shot vaccine, or a “booster”. After each injection there is a period between up to 20 days, in which the jabbed are very susceptible to infection (and initial circulatory system reactions if unlucky). These are the days in which they REALLY should limit interaction, do vitamins, sleep, do stress-free stuff etc.

          For some reason the “we must save lives at any cost” philosophy does not extend to impressing upon people that right after the shot they are at their most vulnerable to what the shot is allegedly saving them from. Another mystery in this time of innumerable mysteries.

          How each consecutive booster and how it affects things in a cumulative manner is a different subtopic.

      • Prince Charming says:

        The time to push back on the science front was February-April 2020.

        This is a propaganda tactic where vigorous debate is encouraged on issues that are of historic interest only. The hint is that the perps are never in danger of being held responsible. It channels energy away from things that are important. Only difference is, as things are spiralling quicker, instead of years or decades, it takes months now. We are looking at house arrests and vaxxing and boosting infants, hyperinflation, and nationalisation of bank deposits, so splitting hairs about whether the rebranded flu is better or worse with the clotshots is irrelevant.

    • Fireball says:

      I don’t know any other country like that,
      Where man breathes so freely.

      Quite relevant and ironic for the times we live. EU is finally truly becoming what is suppose to be. An insane theocracy where its intellectuals don’t need to fear the merchant or the artisan having more than them or needing to serve under a warrior caste.

  5. Kunning Drueger says:

    Maybe they think the case doesn’t matter and exoneration won’t move the needle either way. I have not been following the case except for what’s been posted here. The core question is: is it lawful to defend oneself with deadly force in the absence of “law and order,” right? Does Rittenhouse being (possibly) exonerated set a precedent for self defense during civil disturbance? If it does, I assume the Feds are already warming up to snatch him.

    Or they might be worried about turning him into a martyr. Someone said redditfags are switching sides on this, but in my life everyone who had an opinion on it either way hasn’t changed their tune.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      No, there are a lot of people signaling a switch on Kyle. Even the girl on The Young Turks said she was surprised and admitted she was wrong. I think the left fears the incentive if Kyle gets convicted. Right now, if you shoot a rioter, they ruin your life, but you go free. If you get life in prison for shooting one rioter, why stop at one? Might as well mag-dump the crowd and send dozens to hell. Also, why stop at rioters? If the cops were doing their job you would not need to mag-dump rioters, so do as NWA would do, and Fuck Da Police. I think that is what is holding the smarter ones back, as well as those that fear the direct repercussions of outlawing of self-defense.

    • Pooch says:

      One of the groups I see the most emotionally invested into the trial is the Amerikaner warrior caste. The regime may feel they are risking losing what little loyalty they have left from them if they go full-bore after Kyle. Or maybe their goal is to outgroup them even more by continuing the persecution of Kyle, who knows.

      • Red says:

        Jim’s right, they drank their own coolaid on Kyle and in Virginia. The Democrat Judge at the the last minute allowing a doctored video what amounts to a provocation attack on Kyle self defense, shows that they’re trying to fix things but likely too little and too late.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        It is probably too much to hope for, but a mass expulsion of Amerikaners from police, military, and intelligence would cut so many corners… They cannot possibly be that stupid, not yet. By the time they are, it won’t matter.

  6. T. Rex Sex says:

    It was obvious just by looking at them that the A-team hadn’t been dispatched by Central Command to this event. Why? We can only speculate. I speculate that having seized control of the White House on behalf of the United Nations, the Bidens and their scriptwriters are dealing with bigger problems than successfully orchestrating the tarring and feathering of a basically unremarkable Hispanic youth in Flyover World.

  7. Red says:

    This seems the correct take. Federal charges are likely to follow and there’s a 50/50 chance the state jury will convict on a lesser charge in order to save their own skins. Far too many white men who should have been ecstatic to be selected to set Kyle free ran away when called up for jury duty. The few who remain are likely to be just as cowardly.

    There’s also a sea change underway of people switching sides that broke the crime stop with Kyle. People want off the holiness spiral that’s consuming blue cities. But switching sides to the outterparty won’t help them now.

  8. Pooch says:

    Kyle not kylie*

    I was assuming he was still going to get convicted due to jury doxing, threat of riots, etc. I sure hope you’re right.

    But it is clear they are drinking their blue pill kool aid. They really do believe blacks and women are wonderful and can do no wrong, while any white male who owns an AR15 besides the authorities is clearly a mass murdering white supremacist.

    Too many words are wasted here over here on what to do with white leftists in the infinitesimally small probability we restore civilization before the collapse but the fact of the matter is they are just not going to make it anyway because they drink their own kool aid. They don’t reproduce. Gnon is going to sort it out.

  9. Mister Grumpus says:

    “Kylie” is a girl’s name bro.

    • someDude says:


    • Gilberto says:

      It’s a way to the algorithm not finding this.

    • The Bidenator says:

      Trump should’ve pardoned Kyle on the way out instead of pardoning some niggers and jews.

      • The Cominator says:

        State charges not federal, only the governor of Wisconsin (a Democrat at the time) could have done that.

        Trump should have given out kill lists in DC (where he CAN pardon people) and then pardon the people who did it.

        • Red says:

          >Trump should have given out kill lists in DC (where he CAN pardon people) and then pardon the people who did it.

          And the military or USSS would have arrested Trump for doing it. All of your ideas pre-suppose having a loyal military at Trump’s back, something that Trump never had and had no idea how to achieve. Instead Trump allowed the Marines to be turned to faggot force one by Mattis.

          • The Cominator says:

            “And the military or USSS would have arrested Trump for doing it.”

            Maybe maybe not. But its quite possible but of course back Flynn early instead of letting him twist in the wind, put him in charge of installing a loyal officer corps (and sacking disloyal officers) then initiate the purge.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Yes, and all the Jan.6 people…

  10. Guy says:

    Is there any reason to believe the feds won’t charge him (and maybe even try and hold him pending trial) immediately after an aquittal? Too bad it’s not in FL where DeSantis might be willing to offer him some physical protection.

    • Red says:

      >Is there any reason to believe the feds won’t charge him (and maybe even try and hold him pending trial) immediately after an aquittal?

      The charges have probably already been filed under seal.

      • The Cominator says:

        For murder to be a federal crime looking it up the people need to be on the books federal officials or their immediate families.

        Did any of the two Antifa stiffs have siblings or parents who were Feds?

        So they’ll be left trying to nail him for “civil rights”.

        • Guy says:

          The civil rights thing I thought would be a stretch given the whiteness of the people he shot. It seems like a gun charge would be the only option.

  11. Fatlock says:

    Misspelled Kyle

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