The radicalism of the new regime.

Namefag Yarvin predicts fifty years of the Brezhnevian stagnation.

I predicted that that revolutionary change would ensue as fast as Russia, where the Kadets were in power and then out of power so fast it gave them whiplash. I predicted that the Republicans would never win another election in America, and they just won some, falsifying my prediction.

But …

This is free money being handed out to friends of the federal reserve.

We are not currently on the course the Russian revolution took. The American deep staters are not the Russian deep staters and the Democrats are not the Kadets, to my surprise and contrary to my predictions. We are however on the course the French Revolution took, and the Democrats may well be the Girondists. The Girondists lasted a lot longer than the Kadets – but they went to the guillotine soon enough.

Naturally the politicians want to hand out a whole lot more free money. This is the path the French Revolution walked, for with with the removal of the King, power fell into far too many hands. Far too many people could stick their hands into the till.

The spending part of the “Build it back better” bill will spend about four trillion a year, about 20% of M2 per year.

The taxes that are supposed to pay for this are a soak to the rich package similar to disastrous soak the rich packages that have been tried over and over during the last sixty years in country after country.

There are plenty of unproductive rich whom you would really rather not have around, for example the friends of the federal reserve, and most of the FIRE economy, the blue state economy composed of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Education. The dissolution of the monasteries was a really great and highly successful soak the rich program, and we urgently need another along the same lines, but, needless to say, this program is going after the productive rich, primarily Musk and people like Musk, rather than unproductive and useless rich, and the record of similar programs over the past sixty years is that they result in a major drop in revenue, so the taxes that are supposed to pay for this, rather than raising money, will probably,set us back another trillion or two. They are based on hatred and envy, not rational economic calculation.

Even on static analysis, ignoring the fact that you always get more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax, they don’t pay for the program, but on static analysis, they will raise about two trillion a year for a four trillion program, meaning that if the fed puts its friends on short rations, and static analysis was correct, you would only have the money supply increasing at about ten percent a year. Which is still considerably more than siegnorage will bear. But if, as is more likely, they lose money rather than raising money, and if, as is likely, the fed is unable to put its friends on short rations, then the money supply will grow at about forty five percent a year, which is roughly similar to what happened following the French Revolution.

What happens when a government tries to rely on seignorage, on printing money, more than seignorage will bear?

Well at first people think the shortages and scalper prices are a temporary abnormality, and they horde money, intending to buy stuff when prices and supply returns to normal. After a while inflationary expectations set in, they realize prices are never going to return to “normal”, and they start treating money as radioactive. As soon as they get some money, they immediately convert it into something real, for example brandname goods in sealed boxes that they can sell on ebay, or something that is not being rapidly debased, such as bitcoin. And when this happens, the government can no longer benefit by debasing the stock of money, because the real value of the stock of money collapses, and there is not much left to debase. Then you get hyperinflation.

Will we get hyperinflation? Maybe not, but if we don’t, it will be because power that is at present dispersed into far too many hands is grabbed by a single hand. Which single hand will likely have power grabbed from it in due course by another single hand.

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  1. Pooch says:

    Looking like price controls could be a real possibility as the regime tries to curb inflation without stopping the printing press.

    Jim, what kind of hellscape can we expect if they really do start going through with price fixing?

    • jim says:

      For the most recent example, Venezuela. Most of the population has fled, and the place is in ruins.

      Price fixing inevitably devolves to a mixture of crisis, collapse, and the full command economy. Typically takes around four of five years. Sort of works at first, due to normalcy bias.

      Thus, for example, the energy crisis was created by price controls on energy. Which of course resulted in US producers not drilling, which was probably the real objectivee.

      Even though it was obvious that price controls were causing crisis and economic collapse in the US, when Reagan abolished price controls, every highly qualified Harvard economists called him a chimp, and economic ignoramus, that he was taking a wrecking ball to the US economy, etc. And to this day, that is official history.

      Because that painful experience is within the memory of the gerontocrats who are in charge, they are unlikely to let price controls roll.

      When the young blood replaces them, which I was expecting to happen shortly after the elections, but is taking a lot longer than I expected, then we are likely to get full on economic idiocy. But, I don’t think it is likely till the holiness spiral of leftism has taken yet another turn. Price control really bit the left in the US mighty hard, and though they swear it was no big deal, the left that lived through that is unlikely to go for replay.

  2. Kunning Drueger says:

    I know Jim has a low opinion of YouTube, and with good reason. Regardless, here are a few interesting links.

    Yuri Bezmenov laying it out in Avery digestible format. The content is probably old hat for those already here, but it is a great link to give to normiecons and boomercons. It is from the 1980s so it is a great tool for disabusing people of the notion that what is happening is random, recent, spontaneous, or mysterious.

    Just found this recently. Content is in the form of an intel briefing. I enjoy the format and the dude(s) behind it are obviously b&r’d so who knows how long it will stay up.

    Vanilla reactionary, if that’s a thing. I’ve had some good outcomes sharing this guy’s material, way better traction than just Nrx essays.

    • jim says:

      > I know Jim has a low opinion of YouTube, and with good reason. Regardless, here are a few interesting links.

      Glanced at it. Old news for me, though I doubtless big news for normies.

      State sponsored missionaries of the enemy state religion of an enemy state are a threat. A very big threat, and your sovereign needs to forbid them. Naturally they always come in some disguise, which is one of the jobs of Soros, funding stuff the state department does not want US Government finngerprints on, most infamously pussy riot in Russia, and universities around the world.

      And when you catch them, need to shoot them.

  3. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    >It’s possible that Bachelier saw in Luke Smith a like mind and a shared purpose. Beyond their common ground in far-right politics, each saw technology as a weapon in their war against liberal, tolerant societies.

    Astounding that the journalist could write this with a strait face.

    >His [Smith’s] principal outlet for these ideas [exit from silly con software panopticon] is his YouTube channel, where he offers tutorials on how to use austere open source software applications, encouraging viewers to detach themselves from Silicon Valley’s products. The channel is both relatively successful and lucrative, and followers rate him highly. His videos have had more than 18.7m views, meaning he could earn anywhere up to $31,100 a year from his channel on current numbers.

    How much do The Guardian editors make, i wonder?

    I think few things are a more emblematic hallmark of regime pilpul in past decades than this kind of passive voiced circumlocution. Weaving a winding path around the words, and when you zoom out, you see the voids of their outline sketched out by the footprints.

    Obviously the implied message is ‘how dare people i do not approve of make money’ – but perhaps the even more subconscious message is, ‘how dare people make money’.

    It is very easy for the looter, under a guise of priestliness, to find rationalizations for his looting; not simply in terms of ‘acceptable targets’, but also because he does not place hardly any weight on the value of value creation – or even conceive of it’s reality – in the first place.

    >Though many prominent programmers and advocates in both the wider open source software movement and the fediverse are motivated by progressive, anti-corporate or anti-authoritarian political ideals, now the tools they have created might be used to shelter far-right extremists from the consequences of their hate speech and organizing.

    Astonishing again that something like this could written with a strait face.

    >Open source software like Pleroma, Mastodon and Matrix reproduce the functions of Twitter, allowing users to send out brief messages to followers. But their implementation and structure are much more decentralized, allowing anyone to set up their own platform on their own server, after which they can join up, or “federate”, with other such communities.
    >Some open source communications platforms go a step beyond this, and do away with the need for servers altogether by implementing a “peer-to-peer” network. PeerTube, for example, allows users to browse and watch videos in a similar way to YouTube, but instead of streaming it to users from a central server, each user watching a video acts as a relay point.
    >The technical details are perhaps less important than the practical effect: no one has authority over these platforms: no one owns them. While governments and users can place pressure on the big social media companies to ban problematic users or communities, for better or worse, no one can stop anyone creating their own servers or peer-to-peer networks.

    Always funny to see the revolutionary vanguards circle back around to extolling the value of feudalism and freehold for large scale coordination.

    >But experts say that despite their recurrent complaints about Silicon Valley’s platforms, extremists will maintain their foothold in the mainstream for as long as they can. As Squire says of Smith’s internet activity: “Why is he still on YouTube? Because that’s where the eyeballs are, that’s where the money is.”

    “Strike a severe blow to speculation and profiteering!”

  4. Oog en Hand says:

    “The youngest of Breivek’s kills was 14. If you think that this is going to be easy, imagine what it would be like getting a helicopter load of crying 14 year old children. Consider if this is really the life you want to lead, because that is where this is going. Either we helicopter them, or they starve us in camps. So when you start talking about helicoptering all of the Brahmins, just think of that hypothetical helicopter of 14yo kids.”

    Blue-pilled. If you van fuck a ten-year old girl then you can fuck a fourteen-year old girl. A sodomite with the same mindset could fuck a boy of the same age. Killing is easier than fucking because you do not need an erection.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a joke or no, but if it is, I lol’d. If it was serious, then I highly doubt you know a thing about killing. Fucking a sexually mature human female is a lot more natural than killing an immature, unthreatening male.

  5. A2 says:

    Some further evidence of decline.

    Rigorous testing of steel for submarines was “stupid” so metallurgist signed off on results without doing the full tests and presumably pocketing the difference. This only went on for 30 years before discovery.

    (Metallurgist turned out to be a woman too. Oh dear.)

  6. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Since the spike proteins, introduced into the blood stream, produce system-wide damaging effects, one could expect the most visceral symptoms to come from damage to the most crucial systems, such as the brain, heart, and reproductive organs.

    • Varna says:

      The mainstream theory is (“the science is clear”) that the spike proteins do not enter the bloodstream but instead only stay in the muscle at the injection site.

      On this distinction a lot hinges.

      • Red says:

        >The mainstream theory is (“the science is clear”) that the spike proteins do not enter the bloodstream but instead only stay in the muscle at the injection site.

        Already disproven and quite early on. 12 out of 14 people who get the the shots have detectible levels of spike proteins in their blood. It’s very hard to prevent such spread.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        If you really don’t want something in the central pulmonary system, then the rational thing to do is to use a patch or nasal swab.

        But obviously giving the cattle a shot to the system is the whole point.

    • Fireball says:

      It is not only in germany that this can be seen. I am curious about this one because a very large portion of the people around me are vaccinated but people are not just dropping.

      It could be because of the level of physical work soccer players are on. Any data of people collapsing in gyms?

      • Red says:

        >I am curious about this one because a very large portion of the people around me are vaccinated but people are not just dropping.

        My working theory is the blood cells are damaged and thus more likely to form micro clots. Such clots will disproportionately harm those who are very physically active due to high heartrates and blood flow during physical activity. The damage builds up over time. Young men have it the worst because they’ve the most active, but every women I’ve heard of developing myocarditis has also been an athlete.

        After 90days the vast majority of the damaged blood cells have been recycled and 120days completely recycled allowing the system to reset to normal.

        • Varna says:

          Expect the mandatory boosters to end up being once every 120 days:)

        • Karl says:

          Sounds plausible.

          In addition, the very physically active people have also more blood flowing through the injection site which makes it easier for the poison to spread throughout the body. If injected into more fatty tissue, the poison might indeed stay at the injection site and enter the blood stream only very slowly

  7. Jimisjew says:

    Word on 4chan is this is the blog where all the cool hipster jews hang larping as Christians. All you have to do to join is take a perv test.

    So quiz me fellow white man.

    • jim says:

      You know the drill.

      Answer the woman question and the Soros question.

      Everyone knows the answers, and if you deny knowing the answers, just duckduckgo the blog comments for “shill test”

      Since you say “Joo Joo”, I figure you for a Soros shill, who is going to tell us “don’t worry about Soros, the big important enemy is Rothschilds, don’t worry about people who actually hold office in the US and exercise power in the US, worry about Tel Aviv and smash up the Jewish owned pawnshop and Jewish bagel shop in smalltown midwest USA.”

      • Tityrus says:

        “Jimisjew” mentioned 4chan so I did a search for “jim blog” on I see 25 results between 26 July and 9 November, of which at most half are actually about your blog, and out of that half, most are laudatory and there is one guy hating on you for not condemning fornication. Nothing about Jews. The guy is definitely a shill.

        • jim says:

          Of course he is an obvious shill, and I check out the better chans regularly (not 4chan though, which seems to be the only one the shills have heard of)

          But I engage the shills, because they inadvertently leak information about what our masters are up to. Any form of active attack by the powerful necessarily leaks information about the powerful.

        • jim says:

          > one guy hating on you for not condemning fornication.

          Digressing to repeat myself on fornication.

          Unless your patriarch acquires a wife for you from another patriarch, with whom he is in cooperate/cooperate through blood or through related positions in the male hierarchy, you always start out in defect/defect. And if you are starting out in defect/defect, you have to bang her or lose her.

          It is not Gnon’s will that those obedient to his commandments will die childless and alone.

          • paradox arcane says:

            Counterpoint: “don’t stick your dick in crazy”.

            Most crazies can’t maintain an illusion of normality past about three months of ongoing interaction. Therefore, don’t fuck her in the first three months.

            Before you say anything, I totally agree that the course of action I have just outlined leads straight to inceldom. I’ve also seen enough guys sticking their dick in crazy and regretting it that I’d rather not do that.

            If your Gnon has a solution, let hm demonstrate it.

            • jim says:

              Women are only as crazy as you permit them to be.

              Plus she is unlikely to stick around for three months waiting to be dicked.

              I have stuck my dick in more women than I can remember (I have a poor memory for names and faces) many of them of the first date. Only once had a serious problem (she was not crazy, she was every hot young women with too many options, and I bungled) and that was well after after three months.

              Gnon has demonstrated to me he has a solution.

              • paradox arcane says:

                “I have stuck my dick in more women than I can remember”

                Not in the past 10 years you haven’t. The common element between those two responses is that both you guys are fairly old. Like Vox Day and other trads. You quite literally do not understand the social context to which you’re trying to apply solutions, and therefore quite literally can’t believe that your solutions don’t work. Same exact way that the schoolteachers saying “just be yourself” couldn’t and wouldn’t believe that didn’t work, either. The fact that it worked FOR YOU, twenty or thirty years ago, is not relevant today, because conditions have changed and your advice doesn’t address that.

                “Just maintain frame” is advice that’s been given way too often, by way too many, and given enough time it always fails, usually disastrously. You always lose frame at some point and given the way women are right now it only takes one failure to have everything fall apart. Out of the 20-30 guys under about 35 that I’ve been in regular contact with – whether through gym, work, gaming groups, or random acquaintances – I can’t think of a single one who has managed to lock down a woman permanently, and it’s not for lack of intention.

                • alf says:

                  I am starting to doubt whether you are posting in good faith, but just to make it completely clear: I have stuck my dick in a good deal of women in the past 10 years. I am under 35. I have locked down a woman permanently. All of the advice given here has worked perfectly fine for me.

                • jim says:

                  > > > “don’t stick your dick in crazy”

                  > > “I have stuck my dick in more women than I can remember”

                  > Not in the past 10 years you haven’t.

                  Things got tougher as I got older, and things were very tough back when I was obese.

                  But I have still stuck my dick in quite a few young women in the past ten years, enough that I can speak with authority on the topic. Age and physical appearance matters far less to women than it does to men.

                  What matters to women is alpha. And their understanding of alpha is primitive compared to that of men.

                  I understand women. Always have. Women are wonderful. Men have become frightened of women because they don’t understand what women want, and our society has armed women with dangerous social superweapons. If you understand women, not scary.

                  Women seem scary to blue pilled men because the behavior of women does not make sense if you are blue pilled, so a blue pilled man appears to be dealing with a lunatic equipped with social superweapons.

                • jim says:

                  > “Just maintain frame” is advice that’s been given way too often, by way too many, and given enough time it always fails, usually disastrously.

                  “Just maintain frame” is the only advice that namefags dare give, because they do not dare challenge the blue pill

                  Similarly, fake Christians say “Jesus, Jesus, I love Jesus” all day long, because they know that if they preached actual Christianity, they would be beaten up, their Church would be burned down, and they would probably go to jail on some trumped up charge.

                  The advice is sound, but grossly inadequate to deal with the catastrophes that inevitably ensue from attempting to deal with women while accepting the blue pill account of female motivations and behavior. Women do not know what they actually want, and when sex happens, they do not know what happened nor why it happened. Their account of events, both to themselves and others, accurately conveys how they feel, but is grotesquely and wildly detached from what in fact happened.

                  When sex happens, or when women are sexually attracted to some male in the workplace, nothing they say has the remotest connection to reality.

          • paradox arcane says:

            By total coincidence, my next browser stop was Aaron Clarey making some very related points:


            “The sad fact is men will increasingly have to approach an increasing percentage of women as a black widow spider. You don’t know who she is. You don’t know her conditioning, her opinions, or experiences with men. You don’t know whether she views you as a potential love of her life and source of happiness, or oppressor and adversary who must be punished.”

            • alf says:

              Yes the eternal bachelor and his daily struggle to prove that he Doesn’t Need A Woman And Kids.

              When I’m relaxing on the couch with my wife and children, the fireplace crackling, I just don’t find that argument very persuasive.

            • Red says:

              Whoa Captain Capitalism, that’s a blast from the past. Sounds like he hasn’t changed much 15 years.

              >I often receive criticism for saying that all relationships between men and women are transactional, meaning prostitution. And perhaps I’m too literal of an economist as ALL transactions are prostitutional. Everyone’s a whore, everyone’s a John. I pay for a sandwich, the sandwich maker makes me a sandwich. I’m the John, the sandwich maker is the whore.

              LOL. As someone who’s fucked my fair share of whores, the best sex with whore involves demonstrating higher value, pre-selection and alpha behavior, thus turning her on. Prostitution is mostly women looking for Alpha males to walk into their bedroom and hating the sex with beta males who pay them for it.

            • HerbR says:

              That post is a perfect example of how taking women at their world will always lead men to either the blue pill or the black pill. Look at the ones he cites as examples:

              > One gal I know very much dislikes going out in public because of all the attention she gets.

              No, she loves the attention and is humblebragging. Either that or she is hitting the wall and no longer getting the attention she wants.

              > Another, along a similar vein, is afraid to go out at night because she is worried that there’s a man about to assault or rape her around the corner.

              No, she’s fantasizing about this and always secretly disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

              > A third, is a 30 something virgin – whose virginity is too precious for any man yet to take.

              Just fuckin’ LOL. Either she’s a zero out of ten, or he’s a total moron for believing her.

              > And a fourth is a friend who was sympathetic [to] a post where the poster said men who mislead women about commitment should be prosecuted for sexual assault

              Feminism is a civilization-scale shit test. “Sexual assault” has nothing to do with assault.

              That anyone could be this oblivious, this deluded, after so many years of published literature explaining how to properly interpret this stuff, is cringe and depressing. Tradcons really are a goddamn hopeless bunch.

      • Jimisjew says:


        • jim says:

          Oh what a big surprise.

          You are unable to speak of the woman question, or of the misdeeds of Soros.

    • Tityrus says:

      After the restoration one of you guys should definitely write a book about your experience as a professional shill.

      • Tityrus says:

        Actually, strike that, you should write a whole autobiography. For some reason I am extremely curious about the human interest side of shilling. Like, what strange concatenation of circumstances had to occur to somebody for him to get a job spreading disinfo on obscure right wing blogs. I want to read “Autobiography of a Soros Shill”. Though shills are of course bad people who wish us harm, it does have to be admitted that they have “hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions”, as the poet says.

        • Varna says:

          “After chopping off my organ, my day starts with vigorous dilation of the dimensions of the rose petal-scented passion hole I have in its stead. Then, with a nice cup of cocoa and prozak, I begin my day as bringer of light into the darkest corners of the dark web.
          The toll this takes on my mental health is indescribable, but I am strengthened by my passionate commitment to be the shill of goodness. After the great reset gave everyone AIDS and made everyone suicidal, I no longer feel left out of society. I am finally a part of a larger whole. And now, to continue enlarging my hole. Hail Soros.”

        • Doom says:

          Just read “the Gulag Archipelago”. Women sending their own children to the work camps for speaking out against the party.

  8. Red says:

    Watching Reddit switch sides on Kyle Ritterhouse is fascinating. The people now able to see that Kyle Ritterhouse isn’t a mass murder. It might be a sign that people are switching sides which would be awesome if voting still mattered.

    • Pooch says:

      Where you fall on the Rittenhouse trial seems to be the perfect friend-enemy distinction if the shooting started for real.

      • Red says:

        Honestly, I’m of the opinion that anyone who voted for Biden and the Cunt deserves a helicopter ride. Forcing people to take these fucked up vaccines is just too much.

        • The Bidenator says:

          The Cominator solution is becoming more appealing as time goes on.

          I understand that we dont want to be killing Havel’s greengrocer. But the greengrocer sticks a sign up in his window basically to avoid being given any trouble. He believes in the cause in so much as it allows him to not have to realize he is a coward and/or powerless to do anything.

          But would the greengrocer really be posting on reddit about how much they love black people? Pick a subreddit for any hobby and i guarantee you top 3 posts of all time, one will be a black person partaking in said hobby, thats it. Come the restoration, perhaps a few of these people could be redeemed. But a lot of people are just so mentally ill and their hormones so beyond repair that, short of pumping super male vitality into the water supply, fixing them is probably completely hopeless.

          So what is the true litmus test for qualifying as Havel’s greengrocer?

          • jim says:

            The true litmus test for Havel’s Greengrocer is that when the state religion changes, he changes also, and feels a strange sense of relief – which relief he cannot explain because he scarcely notices the state religion has changed.

            > But would the greengrocer really be posting on reddit about how much they love black people?

            Of course he would, in the hope that this will prevent his grocery from being burned down and his children from being beaten up.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Havel’s Greengrocer puts a new sign up on his store, but he doesn’t show up to the party rallies unless he’s told too.

              In latter days, he might say ‘refugees welcome’ if prompted, but he’s not going to go out of his way to do it.

              If he does, then he isn’t Havel’s Greengrocer.

              • Tityrus says:

                > In latter days, he might say ‘refugees welcome’ if prompted, but he’s not going to go out of his way to do it.

                The priests are fully aware that there are people who only say the right lines when asked, so in many walks of life you can become suspect unless your engagement with party dogma appears believably spontaneous. There are repercussions for underdoing it but no repercussions for overdoing it, so the vast majority of apparent true believers are just normies overdoing it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Bullshit, you dont get in trouble for keeping your mouth shut. Don’t make excuses for these people.

                • jim says:

                  > you don’t get in trouble for keeping your mouth shut.

                  Sure you do. It is always the blue pilled men who think that women are goddesses and can do no wrong that get accused and convicted of rape and sexual harassment. When woke goes looking for racists, they will find some, regardless of whether they exist or not.

                  The owner of the car lot that Kyle was defending kept his mouth shut. He is still keeping his mouth shut. Is that keeping him out of trouble? He caught no end of heat for failure to denounce Kyle with sufficient fervour. Plus, his cars went up in flames anyway.

                  If you are invited to a gay wedding, better attend, if attending, better clap until the MC gives the signal you can stop clapping. If he does not give the signal, better clap till you drop.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If leftists go looking to fill quotas thry are going to go after either personal enemies or people who have something they want, the car lot got looted because they wanted to take stuff and then because guilt by association with saint kyle.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  > going to go after either personal enemies or people who have something they want

                  The greengrocer has a shop, and employees to order around, hire, and fire. There are people he couldn’t or *wouldn’t* hire or fire. He has suppliers, VIP customers he better save produce for, and government officials he must bribe. The list of people who feel wronged by his merely operating his shop is long and ever-expanding, eventually growing to everybody who is lefter than himself. So, you see, it’s a balancing act.

                  You don’t have a 5th amendment right in a communist country. I’ve been watching Kyle’s trial, and the prosecutor was very adamant you don’t have a 5th amendment right in a communist country. The idea that you can somehow make a deal, keep your head down, and your hands clean, that you somehow can collaborate, but counter-signal at the same time, does not occur to anyone within that system. You can wink – — .-. – ..- .-. . maybe. Best if no-one sees you doing it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Im not saying a greengrocer can countersignal but a greengrocer does the bare minimum of lip service and no more, if he does beyond the bare minimum hes for the helicopter if we ever get the chance…

                • jim says:

                  Then you are going to have to helicopter everyone, for the essence of a holiness spiral is that everyone is frantically signaling woke that is even more insane that the madness signaled by the people on either side of him, because the one who insufficiently insane gets his heart ripped out as a sacrifice to Covid/Global Warming/Black Lives/Whatever, and his body rolled down the steps of the pyramid to be eaten by the congregation (who have had no meat but bugs and human sacrifices)

                • The Cominator says:

                  Plenty of people aren’t signalling that at all, and plenty do the bare minimum. I don’t see the reason for all this sympathy for people who went above and beyond the call to show they were eager demon worshippers. Its different if they did the bare minimum under coercion.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You dont have to helicopter everyone just every white male especially (getting rid of every white shitlib is especially important) who is clearly an active democrat or leftist. The attractive women will be sterilized and made sex slaves, minority dems will be depending on how active will either be helicoptered or exiled to ancestral lands.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > You dont have to helicopter everyone just every white male especially (getting rid of every white shitlib is especially important) who is clearly an active democrat or leftist. The attractive women will be sterilized and made sex slaves, minority dems will be depending on how active will either be helicoptered or exiled to ancestral lands.


                  We will helicopter only those of equivalent rank to whom were killed at Nuremberg. Mass killings are an appropriate response to subversion, not in dealing with enemies of a prior regime. There is no method by which one can determine who is an “active” as opposed to a “passive” Leftist or Democrat, not to mention those who identify as “Republican” or “Independent” who are just as if not more evil than the average “active” Leftist. God is the arbiter and judge of men’s souls, not the state, and as such we must be careful when dealing out death for ex post facto crimes to those whose hearts we cannot know.

                  When we take power, we will implement laws by which people will adjust their ways of life to fit our needs. If we wish to deport all non-whites to their respective homelands, we must first win over Havel’s Greengrocer as he will be the one to carry out the dirty work. Given sufficient reeducation, he will believe what we tell him to believe, do what we tell him to do, and think what we wish him to think while being unaware of himself ever thinking differently. If anyone resists after our hearts and minds propaganda, then we may resort to more thorough solutions. Secret police are a necessity in a modern state and one of the many reasons the old regime fell was a result of early modern agencies being insufficiently murderous, but while we must be firm, we must also be merciful.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I dont propose deporting non dem minorities, something like a millet system for them. Dispossessing those who took our side is extremely dishonorable at least the way i think…

                • Neofugue says:

                  > I dont propose deporting non dem minorities, something like a millet system for them. Dispossessing those who took our side.

                  We could also implement a much more sophisticated form of Soviet population transfer. Non-Dem minorities could be installed as ruling elites of various Central American puppet states, which is in the spirit of what Lincoln intended to include in the Emancipation Proclamation before the Abolitionists forced him to edit it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >I dont propose deporting non dem minorities, something like a millet system for them. Dispossessing those who took our side is extremely dishonorable at least the way i think…

                  Presupposes their existence.

                  A street somewhere in North Carolina might get renamed for Thomas Sowell come the restoration, but generally speaking, i don’t see the ‘natural conservatives’ delusive GOP planners hallucinate anywhere.

                  There’s a preselection effect here. For the species on the upper end, the righteous men of character aren’t leaving their homelands in the first place; and for the species on the lower end, it’s basketcases one way or another – exponents of one basketcase going on to recreate the same basketcasery wherever they end up.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  This is fucking ridiculous. Cominator is a reclusive sperglord with absolutely 0 social skills who wants to helicopter everyone he doesn’t like. This is so transparently leftism with aspie characteristics. Jim, help me understand how he is any different than those Bernie Bros project veritas filmed extolling the virtues of camps and promising that liberals get the bullet too. I have made the decision to not punch Right, but at this point, he just sounds like a spiteful leftist. What am I failing to understand?

                  Yes, lawyers get the chopper. Harvard gets the Fat Man treatment. There are literally scores of thousands that have to have their Minecraft accounts deleted. But if you go back through and stack up all his listed enemies, it makes Pol Pot look like an amateur. I apologise for bitching about this, but it’s like an oscillating fan with a wobble.

                • alf says:

                  Cominator is a reclusive sperglord with absolutely 0 social skills who wants to helicopter everyone he doesn’t like.

                  Lol yes. Where’s the problem?

                  No I kid. I’ve been meaning to make a somewhat similar point. I imagine Com will have some problems when translating his rage into practice. First in assessing who to helicopter, second in accruing the necessary social capital to actually get to helicoptering.

                  But we’ve had these discussions already.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Yeah, I know. And responding to the claptrap validates it. But it is cringe and makes us all look bad, whether it is seen as naive or childishly brutal. It doesn’t win over anyone worth having. If BAP or some other figure with charisma and followers was preaching the same message, the situation would be different. As it stands, it is an invitation to censure and scrutiny with very little benefit.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The Cominator is a spiteful, hateful sperglord with no social skills, but he is very useful both in spite of and because of those facts. The Cominator is going to run the camps, but he is not going to run who shows up in those camps. That will be left to other men. The Cominator is a savage attack dog who is under our control. He is one of the fingers in the iron fist under the velvet glove. He is the alternative to dealing fairly with the new regime.

                  The choice is simple. You either publicly profess the new faith, creed, and party line, or you try to explain to The Cominator that you are not some crypto-leftist and he and his band of autistic torturers should not subject you to horrific medical experimentation. Jim, alf, Pseudo-Chrysostom, Wulfgar… or The Cominator. Choose wisely.

                • The Cominator says:

                  In the 1950s when the John Birch society and McCarthy (though personally he was kind of an opportunist who was right) wanted to deal with the cancer it could have been done with relatively little bloodshed.

                  I have a long list of enemies because there clearly and objectively are a lot of enemies. 2020 made it abundantly clear I was right. Nobody who wasn’t redpilled by the covid hoax can be saved ever. Yes Biden won by fraud but too many voted for the guy. Why should any white male who voted for Biden be spared?

                  Pol Pot wanted to get rid people based on insane irrational commie criteria because his stupid economic plans weren’t working ergo it must be saboteurs, I want to get rid of people because they took the wrong side in a civil war and because 2020 clearly proved they are extremely dangerous to live with us (btw are you one of the Corona Karens who returned under a different name). Even if we get in power they will do what leftists always do and subvert, they will surrender but unsurrender indirectly.

                  Yes maybe some can be reeducated but people so programable that they believe any dominant narrative are innately dangerous in the age of social media and mass communication. If some leftist gets into power (and this is not 100% preventable even with my methods) you want him to quickly end up like James II as he will encounter immediate massive resistance at all levels of society. Overly programmable people make it likely the leftist king stays in power because he can then install an NPC base of support. I won’t deny a certain emotional disgust for leftist NPCs but its not the disgust factor which makes me resolved that they all have to go, its that they clearly have proved themselves a threat. Also (yes I know I repeat this ad naseum but truth is sometimes repetitious because it does not change) Indonesia was the only right wing regime that successfully got rid of the problem, and Indonesia the decision from Suharto was that all commies and leftist in the country must ah be helicoptered. Franco did this halfway getting rid of many many leftists but also sparing many (and most other right wing regimes killed very very few leftists) but this failed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Wulfgar I’m actually not a sadist at all, but logic and history
                  suggests that dealing with leftists by half measures will fail.

                  The people you actually want running the “leftist resettlement operations” are the CUCKSERVATIVES. People who are not dangerous on their own but who innately want to compromise and get along and will regard extreme measures with horror, its necessary to make them do things that bind them to the new regime… so instead of shooting say Ben Shapiro you make him run a camp with the alternative being ending up in one.

                  I do not think everyone should have to follow the state religion either, but you need to do so if you want a state or quasi state job. What you need to do is be merciless on demon worship and entryism (when you catch it, its unfortunately impossible to 100% catch entryists that is another reason why you want to get rid of as many leftists as possible when you know who they all are).

                • jim says:

                  Every left wing holiness spiral that was cleanly dealt with was dealt with by killings on a far smaller scale, even the one in Indonesia, though the one in Indonesia was dealt with by methods that tended towards those of The Cominator.

                  The longer it goes on, the more killings seem to be required, but it never requires killings on a Cominator scale.

                • alf says:

                  Why should any white male who voted for Biden be spared?

                  Well at least now we have a clear list 🤣

                  You want too much Com, it’s too much… But I repeat myself.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Talk is cheap, Cominator. You have no faction, no following, no family, and no land. You’re a priest with no faith. Hard, bloody work must be done, and my gut tells me you’ll be in the back, screaming for others to do the dirty deed. I know that I have kin, friends, and neighbors that are Enemy. Enemies must submit or die. But it’s going to have a cost, and I have very low tolerance for people with no skin in the game.

                  You can pat yourself on the back for being less wrong about the Coronahoax forever. It’s petty and pointless, but you do have that merit badge locked up. I, and others far smarter than me, were taken in by the hoax. I switched pseuds for something completely unrelated, as I documented in detail during my struggle session. Regardless, the restoration remains a fantasy until people with substance and status start working towards it. I don’t see what your crowing about mass killing does to further that aim.

                • Karl says:

                  Jim, yes, the Indonesian holiness spiral was stopped with fewer killings than the Cominator has in mind, but that is not true for every holiness spiral.

                  Stalin stopped the Russian holiness spiral by for more killings. As far as I understand the Cominator, Stalin’s purges are about what the Cominator has in mind. Considering how far our present holiness spiral has advanced, I’m not sure that would be excessive.

                  The longer it goes on, the more killings seem to be required, but it never requires killings on a Cominator scale.

                • jim says:

                  I think you are combining the liquidation of the kulaks, which occurred before Stalin had secure power, before he dared move against the holiness spiral, with the Great Terror.

                  The Great Terror killed far fewer people than The Cominator has in mind. What made it “Great” was that the elite got it in the nads. Most of the killings attributed to Stalin occurred while he was reluctantly going along with the holiness spiral – and his fear and his reluctance is evident in his article “Dizzy with Success”.

                  And if our holiness spiral goes as far as it went in the Russian Revolution, then yes, our elite will need to get in the nads. I was hoping it would be stopped well short of that – if Trump had been the man I hoped for, it would have been stoppable by Cromwellian levels of repression.

                • Prince Charming says:


                  > responding to claptrap validates it

                  Which is why no-one responds to comments such as

                  The Cominator has been consistently right. He’s smarter than you are. Being autistic is our greatest strength.

                  Stop running d&c and fedposting.

                • The Cominator says:

                  What I have in mind is Indonesia/The phase of Stalin’s “great terror” where the Old Bolsheviks and “Left Deviationists” were wiped out (but even there it was too random, we should not in general rely on denunciations confessions etc, rather we should rely on donations and social media history etc leftists will be condemned via records of their own words and their own actions).

                  The problem is I think the leftism problem in the present day US is probably far more widespread than it was in Indonesia and the Soviet Union (where the regime was widely hated early on so all the leftists were basically party functionaries) so the scale required may well be greater.

                  Yes you can stop the leftist holiness spiral with just getting rid of the leadership and fanatics who won’t shutup, but look at Spain Chile etc. You only solve the problem for one or two generations. Indonesia solved it permanently and Stalin solved it permanently.

                  Hell look at China, Deng missed knocking off lower level true believing Maoists and now Xi has wormed his way into power… the problem isn’t solved unless you treat leftists like Cathars…

                • jim says:

                  > the leftism problem in the present day US is probably far more widespread than it was in Indonesia and the Soviet Union

                  There was one hundred percent support for the holiness spiral even in the Soviet Union death camps. Support may be widespread, but when the wind blows in a different direction, it will vanish, and most of the adherents will sincerely not remember adhering.

                  The big difference between us and Indonesia is that they had a still living conservative state religion to reactivate. We do not.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Thank you Prince Charming though I have been wrong about plenty of things, though I was willing to be wrongly optimistic about Trump for reasons that defeatism can be self fufilling.

                  And quite interesting he thinks my posts will invite scrutiny, feds are not all that interested in hypotheticals about what will happen if an extreme right wing regime gets in power. Talking about threatening federal judges otoh (unless you are a leftist who is threatening an uncooperative right wing judge) is the kind of thing they are VERY interested in.

                • Red says:

                  >Stop running d&c and fedposting.

                  Glowies are going to glow.

                  KD fed posting about judges is beyond stupid and counter productive. The left’s going to be offing judges soon enough because they have state backing but anyone else doing so is going to get crushed.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Machiavelli observes that “Savage attack dogs” like Cominator are quite useful to a Ruler, almost indispensable…But they sometimes get eliminated after they finish taking out the trash for the Ruler’s PR benefit…However, General Monck was almost Cromwell’s equal, and Cromwell had no further agenda…

                • Aidan says:


                  “a greengrocer does the bare minimum of lip service and no more, if he does beyond the bare minimum hes for the helicopter if we ever get the chance”

                  “You dont have to helicopter everyone just every white male… who is clearly an active democrat or leftist.”

                  Why destroy perfectly good farm tools and industrial machinery? Find the peace within yourself to understand that most of these people do not matter and have never mattered. It is the quality and actions of the elite that matter. The job of the Inquisition is to sort out who is actually a rival elite. Right now, the sheep are all wearing wolf skins so as not to be eaten by wolves, and come the restoration, the wolves will all put on sheep skins to avoid being shot by the shepherd.

                  I can holiness spiral even further to the right than you:

                  “The mere fact that a man even tolerated leftism, even if he did not openly support it, is evidence that he is a genetically deficient and morally weak fag, and needs to be killed so that we can start over from genetic stock consisting of the best .1% of males to ensure that we have a good shot of building a society in which this can never happen again, even though that means that you and I need to be sent to the gallows”.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The great thing about The Cominator being such a vicious sperglord is that he cannot rule on his own, so he is not a threat. That way we get to keep our attack dog, and not worry about having it bite us. He will be quite satisfied with a woman of his own and a trickle of leftists on whom he can work out his frustrations. I think he would be a fun guy to have drinks with, and I do not want to have to knock off someone so useful.

                  Aidan is correct, however, and The Cominator is not. Most NPCs are just that: Non-Players. Passive objects for those with power to use towards their own ends. Their opinions do not truly matter beyond their general satisfaction and their quality of life. They are useful as a metric–in that if they are upset, then something is going wrong–but not beyond that. You do not break your tools because someone else used them to build bad furniture. You have to start thinking of the masses as people only in the sense that they have a certain level of human dignity, but are otherwise more properly considered livestock.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “There was one hundred percent support for the holiness spiral even in the Soviet Union death camps.”

                  I absolutely do not believe this. Sure a lot of the psychotic old Bolsheviks NPCs were singing the Internationale (it is catchy) and praising Lenin and the revolution etc as they were being led off to be taken to the firing squads but I don’t think the regime was all that popular outside the party at that point, it had some genuine supporters in urban areas outside the party (though the extent of this is hard to estimate) and clearly in the countryside it was extremely hated.

                  Holiness spirals are driven by NPCs and a few machiavellian theocrats WITH INSTITUTIONAL POWER, they may be popular with some parts of the population (the problem with the US one is that it probably is the most genuinely popular holiness spiral ever as its being driven by 24/7 propaganda across multiple platforms hence why the purge must be great) they are not driven by people outside the government and state religion.

                • jim says:

                  > Holiness spirals are driven by NPCs and a few machiavellian theocrats WITH INSTITUTIONAL POWER

                  The trouble is that ninety nine percent of the population are NPCs. You cannot kill them all, and you should not kill them all, because when we are in power, they will believe what we believe and never remember having believed anything different. When the old signs in the rec room are taken down, and new signs are put up, they will be unable to notice that the new signs are saying something completely different.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Fucking kek. You sperglord faggots call me a fed about once a month. Charmin and Cominator talk pretty tall, but that’s keyboard body armor making them feel strong, I guess. Regardless, maybe it was excessively emotional and I shouldn’t have posted it. Poorly worded and unnecessary. That’s on me.

                  Calling out Cominator’s leftist flavored murder fantasies is not divide and conquer. If someone can articulate what his repeated proclamations do that is positive, I’ll admit I’m wrong and apologize to the cunt, as I’ve done before. For the record, I think he’s full of shit.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It has better rhetorical cardinalities to argue down from Full Suharto, than to try arguing up from civics 101 bluepill.

                  Take it for granted that of course it would be good and great for every single whig, gnostic, and communist in the land to be provided a free appointment with their maker, we are merely quibbling over logistical practicalities.

                • Red says:

                  >You sperglord faggots call me a fed about once a month.

                  If you’d stop fed posting like a faggot then you won’t be called a Fed.

                  You ideas about putting fear into evil judges isn’t new. I’ve seen it discussed way back in the Manosphere days when it comes to divorce rape. The result was anyone advocating for action ended up with the feds trying to put them in a federal prison cell for terroristic threats, while those willing to actually be a hard target, the courts strangely didn’t divorce rape. But in all other cases the courts continue to divorce rape men.

                  The point is that the right can’t cause system change via violence because the right does not have state backing. Advocating violence for system change right now is fed posting.

                  Frankly it doesn’t matter to me if you’re a cock sucking fed or not. You generally provide good content from a useful perspective. If you’re a glowie, then you’re well on your way to being a double agent and if you’re not, then all the better.

                  Commitator like all Spergs endlessly repeat his obsessions and a most annoying way. But Spergs are not going to be doing the killing. We’re engineers who build tools for the warriors or find solutions to difficult technical problems.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Calling out Cominator’s leftist flavored murder fantasies is not divide and conquer. If someone can articulate what his repeated proclamations do that is positive, I’ll admit I’m wrong and apologize to the cunt, as I’ve done before. For the record, I think he’s full of shit.”

                  Right now they do nothing of course (which is why the Feds are not going to be all that interested) but EVENTUALLY the regime WILL fall though I’m not trying to predict the timeline right now. When it does fall critically important the new regime acts as Suharto did (AT least as the Second Triumvariate did but I think the problem is beyond merely the higher levels of the elite) as the right is historically far far too merciful and the left generally recovers quickly and comes back, those who criticize my ideas do not ever try to refute me on this point (except Jim himself who brings up Charles II but last time he did that he kind of acknowledged the problem now is much much worse). This blog punches above its weight and I’m hoping to plant a seed.

                  And as for mass purges being leftist flavored the left despite being disastrous and wrong and ruining nations is politically far more effective. The right needs to adopt the ruthlessness and intolerance of the left. Learn from what the enemy does right. Also I don’t want too many innocents to get caught up in the wood chipper either which is why I’m advocating objective criteria (if Brahmin must show Trump Rittenhouse support or early lockdown opposition) and advocating against killing non indoctrinated relatives.


                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Com, bro, you are absolutely a fucking monster. I am too, as are a lot of us here. We were made into monsters by the fucked up times in which we live. That is what a monster is. An error, deliberately introduced into the system. An error that, should the system begin to fail, will work to destroy the system, but is otherwise benign. That you even recognize the need for what needs to be done is enough to make you a monster.

                  We are damaged men, and the desperate hope is that we can shed enough blood that our sons may be merely the hard mem making better times and not monsters, themselves. That and God are about the only things that make this bearable.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  At this point, I wish I could glow. Job security is a nightmare for apolitical mercs lol.

                  In all seriousness, this discussion has completely fucked me up. I spent a long time ignoring morals in favor of hedonism and selfishness. I’m trying to become devout, be a good father, and be a good man. Reading some of the things written here about one way helicopter Groupons twists my stomach in knots, probably because I have a lot of personal connections to people who fit the descriptions for the coupon. But as I read more and more about Holodomor and leftist excesses, I keep seeing the Midwest, non-vaxxed camps, and mulatto politicians putting up YouTube videos on how starving white farmers are the necessary cost of progress and green holiness. Thoughts like that excite a nervous anxiety inside me, the familiar feel of adrenaline and quiet wrath. It kills me to admit this, because I have a lot more calluses and capacity for “work” than the big brain coder class, but i’m too fucking weak at heart. I want to be merciful. I want to believe that bad people can do good things because I want to do good things. I guess it’s what Wulfgar said: we must be the monsters they made us.

                  Maybe TC is right and I’m wrong. God damn them for pushing us this far.

                • Tityrus says:

                  > When it does fall critically important the new regime acts as Suharto did (AT least as the Second Triumvariate did but I think the problem is beyond merely the higher levels of the elite) as the right is historically far far too merciful and the left generally recovers quickly and comes back, those who criticize my ideas do not ever try to refute me on this point (except Jim himself who brings up Charles II but last time he did that he kind of acknowledged the problem now is much much worse).

                  Leftism in the way you understand it does not exist. Leftism is holiness spiraling. The specific content of whatever form of leftism is happening this epoch is superficial, for the content of leftism is conditioned by and develops in the service of the formal structure of leftism, ie holiness spiraling. If the restoration happened tomorrow and jimianity became the state religion, and that state religion did not have safeguards against holiness spiraling (limiting entry into the priesthood, adequately representing merchants, warriors, and plebeians, etc), there would immediately spring up a “jimian” left, which would not understand itself as leftism, and the specific beliefs and doctrines of which would have no relationship with Marx and Rousseau — but it would still be leftism, because it would be holiness spiraling, and sooner or later priests would be doing human sacrifices in the name of jim and his holy blog.

                  Once power and status are leaking, it is hardly fair to be very indignant about the people who try to take some of it for themselves. Just plug the leak, and make it known that you plugged the leak, and put up a No Trespassing sign. You only need to kill a few people (if any) to do that.

            • The Cominator says:

              Havels greengrocer does the bare minimum to avoid severe consequences the second he goes beyond that he becomes a collaborator and should be subject to the great helicopter ride.

              • Karl says:

                Yes. Problem is that it is difficult to find our what that bare minimum is as it is always increasing.

                Some of Havel’s greengrocers might err on the side of caution and anyone who is not a greengrocer might easily misjudge was was or is necessary for a greengrocer to get by.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Revealed preference is useful in situations like this. Eg, ‘men lie with their tongues, and tell the truth with their feet’.

                  For instance, 60+% of people throwing their ballots behind Trump in past elections regardless the fact that it was quite hazardous to one’s future social prospects to openly support him under your own identity. Think about wedges like that, where actions in one context put to lie signals in another.

      • Jehu says:

        Rittenhouse and Zimmerman are both good litmus tests. Tests for PCs anyway. Thing is an awful lot of the population are basically just NPCs—it might even be a majority. They just do whatever gives them the most status points.

        If you kill all the NPCs because leftism is what gives you the most status points, we’d be hitting 7 kill territory. You probably do need to off some NPCs basically for being NPCs in a restoration, and you certainly need to deal with PCs that fail litmus tests, but you probably should slay a lot fewer the Cominator would argue once you have ‘The Megaphone’ under control.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          A good litmus test once we have power is to sit on The Cominator for several months after we start disseminating the new party line and articles of faith. All the Greengrocers will switch over, and then we send the ones making communist noises into the camps and let The Cominator have his head. As I said above, a mix of Nuremberg and Katyn Forest seems about right. We do not want a rival elite, and allowing the previous “elite” to survive is both dysgenic and irresponsible. A clean sweep while preserving the most useful of the previous regime seems to be the optimal path.

          • Tityrus says:

            When the restoration happens we will probably have at least a few cases of former progressives suddenly discovering that they are more jimian/Darwinist/Christian/whatever than the restorationists and trying to holiness spiral themselves back into power that way.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              More holy than thou has a solution already that does not involve camps or The Cominator. We send them to monasteries in Alaska. Then they can be as conspicuously holy as they like.

          • Jehu says:

            The more ruthless you are about suppressing any leftist news, media, entertainment, education and culture, the less ruthless you have to be in your purge. But you have to stay ruthless on the culture. You probably honestly need to adopt something like Proscription, where anyone who is at all suspect is forbidden from entering certain professions or doing certain occupations forever (e.g. journalist, educator, politician, author, entertainment).

  9. Encelad says:

    The Government will decide whether you will be able to start your car or not. For your safety, of course.

    • neofugue says:

      Governments will have the ability to shut down personal vehicles at whim when electric cars are mandated as these vehicles by necessity depend on a computer for startup. These particular mandates are graft for bureaucrats incentivizing planned obsolescence. Car companies are forced to cut manufacturing costs in order to maintain vehicle pricing, creating the illusion of ever-advancing car technology masking ever-degenerating technical decline.

      Sounds like the bureaucrats wish to mandate technology similar to that found in my Mercedes, which although does work well, becomes expensive to maintain over time like all other unnecessarily complicated modern car technology.

      I learned how to drive on a Volkswagen Jetta, which at the time had an independent multilink rear suspension. Because of all of these regulations, VW has decided to cost-cut their vehicles, as demonstrated in this video.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Well, not necessarily by necessity. Commercial electric vehicles actually predated ICE powered ones historically. Only computers at work there would be abstract ones, in the sense of the machines having a logic to their operation.

        Since most men of the west today – and certainly most men occupying the structures of power presently – are spiritually defunct and lack a vitalist faith though, and don’t have a worldview where it is common sense to make good things because it is good to make good things, you can indeed count on nihilistic approaches to craft like ‘planned’ obsolescence being ever and ever more prevalent.

        • Varna says:

          Soviet 1966 3-page short sci-fi story called “This fragile, fragile world”

          About a future of total control and planned obsolescence. The plot is one guy secretly smuggling a vintage chair to his home, which he knows will last forever, but which it is now a crime to posses.

          Also, while on the subject, a short 1958 Soviet poem

          1958 год, Владимир Уфлянд

          Меняется страна Америка…
          Придут в ней скоро Негры к власти.

          Свободу, что стоит у берега,
          под негритянку перекрасят.

          Начнут посмеиваться Бедные
          над всякими Миллионерами.

          А некоторые будут Белые
          пытаться притвориться Неграми.

          И уважаться будут Негры.
          А Самый Черный будет славиться.

          И каждый Белый будет первым
          при встрече с Негром Негру кланяться…

          • Prince Charming says:


            The country of America is changing …
            Negroes will soon come to power there.

            Liberty that stands by the shore
            repainted as a negress.

            Poor people will start laughing
            at all sorts of Millionaires.

            And some will be Whites
            trying to pretend to be Negroes.

            And Negroes will be respected.
            And the Most Black will be famous.

            And every White will first,
            when meeting a Negro, before the Negro bow …

            — Vladimir Uflyand, 1958

        • neofugue says:

          > Commercial electric vehicles actually predated ICE powered ones historically

          Commercial electric vehicles failed because of a lack of adequate and robust battery technology. Tesla succeeded because of the advent of lithium-ion battery packs, but this technology has not yet surmounted certain limitations among them cold weather and short lifespans. The classic Chevrolet and VW cars could last for decades, while anyone familiar with a phone or laptop knows batteries need replacements every five years or so. My friend in Australia has a V8 Toyota Land Cruiser he uses for driving into the outback, an activity one dare not take with an electric vehicle.

          > Only computers at work there would be abstract ones, in the sense of the machines having a logic to their operation

          As manufacturers adopt bigger and more complex touchscreens to compete against rivals, future NPCmobiles will increasingly depend on central computers much like what is already implemented in current electric vehicles. Driving electric cars are part of the nihilistic milieu of living in ze pod and eating ze bugs.

          • Arakawa says:

            I rather quickly understood that the point of commuting in driverless cars and why tech companies where mastrubating so furious about the concept is so that the office drones can log into ze slack on the way to ze open plan office instead of having to focus on the road. This removes the last remaining vaguely manly thing (being responsible for safely piloting a multi-ton vehicle powered by exploding petrochemicals) that said office drones were permitted to do.

            The Google Bus was developed for similar purposes. Not for moving large amounts of plebs more efficiently, but for psychologically neutering smaller amounts of office workers.

    • Red says:

      By 2026 cars built in Red states will ignore these rules or cars won’t be produced at all in the US.

  10. The Bidenator says:

    What is the consensus here on the Sinovac and Sinopharm? Traditional vaccines made by china if im not mistaken.

    I know one commenter had some side effects after taking Sinovac. How are they now? To what extent should I go to avoid taking either of these two.

    I would rather relocate my entire family to India or somewhere in Africa before letting them take the mRNA vaccine. But the Sinovac and Sinopharm I don’t know much about, and haven’t heard much about.

    • SJE says:

      At this point I would absolutely not, under any circumstance, take anything that had not been through years of testing.

    • Varna says:

      There are 4 more trad vaxes: Covaxin (India), KoviVac (Russia), QazVac (Kazakhstan), Shifa Barekat (Iran). India’s Covaxin is available abroad for example in Mexico, whereas the other three are only available currently in their country of origin.

      Sinovac and/or Sinopharm are available in all European countries outside the EU, and the vast majority of American landmass countries south of the US border. No one is providing an answer why the Anglosphere, the EU, and vassals, are refusing to either import a trad vax, or to make their own. Two years on, every single country of the EU and every state of the US or Canada could have made ten of those each, yet nothing is happening. And no one is publicly asking why. A fascinating mystery that is mostly invisible.

      Popping over to a nearby European or Latino country and getting some gook juice will only work in the vax pass department, if a) the country in question allows non-resident tourists to get the shot, and b) your home country accepts the jab from country B as valid in the sense of you being able to convert it into a vax pass.

      For example some EU countries accept Albanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Macedonian vaccinations as equivalent to a EU pass. So you can get a jab there, and then jump through a few hoops and get it converted into a vax pass within your EU country. Except that almost no country officially allows non-resident tourists to get a vax. Money will have to change hands, but this perhaps precludes an official paper trail that would allow one to get the vax pass in the first place. Complicated and in need of focused research in every specific case.

      The short term effects of the trad jab can be felt for days, but thus far there have been few if any reports of strokes, heart attacks, shingles, and such, as one gets with the new fancy clotshots.

      However, this works without counting boosters. 1960s trad vax Soviet experiments on rodents show that around booster N4 natural immunity conks out. So in the sense of choosing only one dose, the short and medium term effects of the trad vax may be the softest. However, the long-term are of course unknown, and also, if one gets on the booster train, then all best are off.

      Currently in the USA most red states are fighting back against vax passes, some governors have even specifically outlawed the concept. The central Fed power wants them everywhere. So we’ll see. But for now, geographically, the majority of the USA is a free country in terms of vaccinations, in spite of the fake reality the media creates.

      “Based” EE is mostly vax gulag, as is Russia. Belarus is a lone island, as the bloodthirsty tyrant Lukashenko told everyone to do what they want last month, including masks.

      If one has for some reason no choice, then it’s best to put off getting the first jab as long as possible. If one gets jab N1 by the time everyone is getting jabs N3 and N4, then by the time the system starts pressuring one for jab N2, the situation with the booster enthusiasts may be so visibly bad that the mandates start to collapse.

      Lastly, the first fortnight after the jab is a period of lowered natural immunity. This is precisely the time to really play it safe and stay out of crowded places.

      • Fireball says:

        The damages with the boosters would need to be huge to stop this madness. At this moment around me everyone is accepting that the jabs stop working after a while but that is only reason to go into the booster shot.

        • Prince Charming says:

          On the contrary, the damage will be used to boost Covid numbers, just as previously even ridiculous causes of death (like people getting run over by cars), and now clotshot hospitalizations and deaths have been put in the Covid column. The worse the facts, the better the “””facts”””.

          • Karl says:

            Not in Germany. Official all cause death rates are up even after subtracting official covid deaths.

            Of course, hardly anyone looks at death rates. So these numbers are not a problem for anyone (except perhaps life insurance companies).

            • Upravda says:

              In Croatia, it’s even more sad. It is widely known that death rates are up. It is even discussed in covid worshiping mass. That is, on TV broadcasts, both on private channels and state television. It is also widely known that deaths with covid (not “of”) are small portion of those excess deaths.

              And nothing happens. 🙁

              Today about 14:30 we’ll know everything about covid ausweis soon to be introduced. For now, it seems that there will be about 1400 testing sites around the country for testing every two or three days, and that so-called “fast antigen tests” will finally be accepted. So, hopefully, you’ll be able to go to testing in pharmacies. Such tests (or covid ausweis) will be necessary for interacting with public institutions, although it is still unclear what about state owned companies (such as Croatian Post). Kids will not be tested.

              Funny thing, but I’ve found out that half of Croatians are *protected* from forced vaxxing AND from being total pariahs by – European Commission, nonetheless! Regulation 2021/953, that which introduced “COVID Certificate” says so in Article 36 of the preamble, explicitly forbidding “direct or indirect discrimination” against unvaxxed, *including* those who “chose not to be vaccinated”.


              Yeah, it also says that ausweis should be used only for alleviation of border crossing or something like that, and not that, say, France is respecting that, but… fuck it.

              (For non-EU readers, EU “regulation” is a law – stronger than national law.)

              We also still expect Constitutional court arbitration about covid ausweis, although not much is expected from those airheads. At best, they’ll say that government must ensure “fair” treatment of the unvaxxed (still HALF of the population) which will be translated to “you must ensure cheap antigen testing in pharmacies”.

              • Karl says:

                Where do you thing does eu-regulation-2021-953 say that the ausweis should be used only for alleviation of border crossing or something like that?

                At a glance, my impression is that the regulation only refers the ausweis itself and what data it has to contain.

                The reasons of the regulation are in my opnion not binding and even they refer ony to freedom of movement between states and within states. Banning the unvaxxed from restaurants and shops is different.

                • Upravda says:

                  Regulation also surely does that what you are talking about. However, from entire document, and especially Articles 8 and 9 I read that one of the main purposes are “harmonized procedures” regarding covid certificate usage.

                  It seems to me that banning the unvaxxed from restaurants and shops, and *using covid certificates for that ban*, spit directly in the face of this regulation.

                • Karl says:

                  Not seeing it. The harmonization is simply about what data is in the vaxxpass and that it is in a common format so that everyone in any EU country can read any vaxxpass from any other EU country.

                  So far the EU has never done anything that might stop any madness. I’d very surprised if the EU indeed did anything to stop the covid cult. I see the EU as one of centers of the covid cult.

                • Upravda says:


                  Well, I agree it’s fuzzy and that you might be right, and me wrong. It also seems to me, however, that is often the case with modern law giving in giant bureaucracies such as EU.

      • The Original OC says:

        “However, this works without counting boosters. 1960s trad vax Soviet experiments on rodents show that around booster N4 natural immunity conks out.”

        Why doesn’t this happen with annual flu vaccinations?

        • Varna says:

          Don’t know, not enough data.
          However, this time next year, we will probably have more than enough data.

        • Upravda says:

          As far as I understood, experiments were NOT about *annual* vaccinations, but about vaccinations between much shorter periods, only a *few months* apart.

          Just like they suggest for “boosters”.

        • Pseudo-Chryssotom says:

          I don’t know anyone who actually got flu shot every year tbh.

          • Jehu says:

            I know some people who occasionally get them, but not every year. Only when they think year X is likely to be particularly bad. Even my super conscientious father in law doesn’t go there.

            I’m sure there must be some population that gets them every year though. Maybe it’s mandated by some hospitals?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Healthcare industry and contractors tend to be forced unless religious exemption.

    • Prince Charming says:

      And to add to SJE is saying, the news is currently full of stories of people going to get another injection, and being given a clot shot “by mistake”. They’re not censoring this because they want to inspire the dumber true believer into what their brighter coreligionists have been doing all along. Which of course they have, because these people are saving the world, so what’s one small white lie compared to the risk of letting you run around pure-blooded.

      (I have added to my morning prayers an apology to The Cominator for ever thinking his solution was too harsh.)

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I am much closer to The Cominator than Jim on the topic of purges, even if I think he goes a little far sometimes. We need a Nuremburg Trial for the leaders, and a Katyn Forest approach for the rest of the elite. The dissolution of the universities needs to be done in the context of a thorough purge of anyone capable of reconstituting them. We ought to let St. Brevik guide our heart and hands to action when the time comes, not Charles II. Take their daughters as trophies and kill the sons alongside them. As much as the work of Charles II is admirable, he did not go far enough in suppressing and eliminating his enemies. Without Puritans, there is no Harvard. If you want to rid yourself of Harvard, you have to rid yourself of Puritans. Nits make lice.

        • The Cominator says:

          Well said in general though i wouldn’t helicopter the sons if they can show some signs of not being shitlibs.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            *And that’s where you’re wrong, kiddo meme here*

            If the son does not have a secret, verifiable shitlord account, he goes on the helicopter. There is plenty of history of the sons of the dispossessed coming back to make life difficult for the current sovereign. You are trying to eliminate an elite. That means the entire elite, from elders down to children. The point is not so much to cull their genes as it is to destroy any sort of coherence among them. A few scattered offspring are fine. An entire generation is untenable.

            Just recite the mantra before you pull the trigger: St. Brevik, guide our hands.” This is the shitty part of being a ruling class. It is the “lie back and think of England” for men. You have to get your hands dirty if you want to rule, and this is the dirtiest part. There will be enough spontaneous outbreaks of mercy towards the young that you will be able to sleep at night.

            • Pooch says:

              If we are in position to purge the previous regime it can necessarily only be possible because Caesar Augustus has arrived. We give the previous elite one last chance to pledge loyalty to Caesar, kiss the ring, and wave permanent good bye to their beloved Republic. Those who fail to do that get proscripted.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Our current “elite” is shit, filled with idiots and their retarded children. Their loss is not at all the same as the loss of the Roman elite, and even then it was after purges that Augustus took his place. Julius made the mistake of letting the previous elite live, and he died of it, and that was with an elite that was actually elite. Getting Caesar Augustus in place means plenty of killing. More killing that Charles II did, and probably a similar amount of killing as Stalin did. You consider purging after the restoration. I am considering who to purge during the restoration. Different criteria.

                • Pooch says:

                  No I consider purging only after the last battle is won and power is fully in the hands of one man. The point at which Caesar spared his enemies and Augustus did not.

                  Nonetheless, I disagree (and agree with Yarvin) with the premise that our current elite is shit. The elite are rabidly getting dumber, browner, and more female, but the elite areas are still the nicest places with the best architecture, the best restaurants, the best food, and best taste. We aren’t in the third world yet. Moldbug is not wrong when he says the Amerikaners are not meant to rule themselves.

                  Caesar does not rule alone. He will need a class of Brahmins to defect and help him rule just as Augustus had a class of patricians who defected and helped him rule.

                • jim says:

                  > the elite areas are still the nicest places with the best architecture, the best restaurants, the best food, and best taste

                  Are they?

                  Goto google Earth pro. Type in 1039 E Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL, USA, Barack Obama’s house. Go to street view. Go a couple of blocks. Looks like a dungeon. The old buildings look nice, but the newer buildings are stables for cubicle cattle.

                  Now go to 702 SW 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72712, Walmart headquarters. Go a few blocks north east into middle American ordinary middle class suburbia. They have better taste, in that they give themselves nicer surroundings.

                  As for the best food, how do you know?

                  I am a foodie. Sometimes, not very often, very rich people stand me a meal in a very expensive restaurant. Not impressed, at least not in the big cities. Very rich people in the exurbs usually do have very good taste, but in the exurbs they live in the much the same neighborhood as everyone else, on bigger land in bigger houses, and go to the same restaurants as everyone else.

                  As for elite tastes: What is the elite reading these days? I get the strong impression they don’t do too much reading.

                  The New York Times is the voice of the elite, and the people who write for the New York Times don’t know $#!% from beans.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The elite places are shit. Their architecture is shit, their art is shit, and their taste is shit. I cannot speak on their food and restaurants, except to say that the food argument sounds like the argument for unlimited foreign immigration. “But who will make the tacos!” Food aside, their aesthetic in every other area is either demonic or dissonant, and is hideous in either respect. That is just scratching the surface of the metaphorical shit and does not cover literal shit; their cities are literal shitholes in addition to being metaphorical shitholes.

                  Moldbug was kissing the asses of the shitheels in power to try and convince them to embrace sanity, and as Namefag Yarvin he is debasing himself before them to survive and grift off the right-wing. If you agree with Namefag Yarvin, you need to consider that you have gone very wrong somewhere.

                  Moldbug was wrong about the Amerikaners because he is not one of them. An actual Amerikaner elite would have him as the Court Jew, not as a member in good standing of the ruling class. He has a vested interest in suppressing the Amerikaner elite. We are not talking about putting Kyle Rittenhouse on the Throne, but there are Amerikaners who would be a good fit.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  What Jim said. The only nice things they have are those they have stolen credit from the past. The things they create today are all complete shit, in cities with shit all over the streets.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its absolutely essential that AT LEAST everyone in even tangentially regime related brahmin jobs (academia education bureaucracy above the lowest levels, not librarians and low level clerks though, law and journalism) who can’t provide right wing credentials has to go. Every last one. They must either show they supported Kyle Rittenhouse, Trump or opposed Covid restrictions early… that should be the objective criteria. The brahmins are the cancer cells. One cancer cell can cause a resurgence. It may be possible to discuss sparing non Brahmins but its INSANE to let any brahmin who isn’t a right wing dissident go.

                  These people aren’t generally that smart (people of real high intelligence go into physics, engineering or finance related fields, yes Big Tech still has genuinely highly intelligent people there is an argument for sparing some of them) they tend to be verbal IQ only midwits. You’re not crippling future technology development by getting rid of them and they produce nothing of value. Also the new regime needs to be able to give houses and such to our own followers. Yarvin is simping for them because his parents were leftist Brahmins and so are most of the people he knows and hes trying to win some of them over but if you take his views on this question at face value you aren’t getting the joke.

                • Pooch says:

                  Type in 1039 E Hyde Park Blvd, Chicago, IL, USA, Barack Obama’s house.

                  This is Obama’s house before he became a member of the elite (although he is a bad example of the elite, he was affirmation action’d in). The elite aren’t living in niggerville anymore. They moved out long ago. They live by the water now. Obama’s house after he became a member of the elite is in Martha’s vineyard. Google Martha’s vineyard, or Bar Harbor Maine, or historic Annapolis Maryland and compare it to the suburbs outside of the Walmart HQ.

                  As for the best food, how do you know?

                  I am a foodie. Sometimes, not very often, very rich people stand me a meal in a very expensive restaurant. Not impressed, at least not in the big cities. Very rich people in the exurbs usually do have very good taste, but in the exurbs they live in the much the same neighborhood as everyone else, on bigger land in bigger houses, and go to the same restaurants as everyone else.

                  The food in red America exurbs are chains and bar food, not bad but does not compare to the restaurants in the liberal elite areas.

                  As for elite tastes: What is the elite reading these days? I get the strong impression they don’t do too much reading.

                  The New York Times is the voice of the elite, and the people who write for the New York Times don’t know $#!% from beans.

                  I agree with you there, but I am not elite so I don’t know what they are reading besides the New York Times.

                • jim says:

                  > Google Martha’s vineyard, or Bar Harbor Maine, or historic Annapolis Maryland and compare it to the suburbs outside of the Walmart HQ.

                  Googled West Tilsbury, which is the airport and shopping center of Martha’s Vineyard. Ugly modernist buildings – I see lots of elite wealth and luxury, but no signs of elite good taste. Google Earth street View indicates that these buildings were speced by people with money, but no taste, brains or judgment. Compare and contrast with the East Asian airports and shopping centers.

                  The buildings appear to have been mass produced by someone trying to preserve and imitate the picturesque look of an older Martha’s vineyard, and failing. Modern decorated with old, and the old does not work.

                • Pooch says:

                  An actual Amerikaner elite would have him as the Court Jew, not as a member in good standing of the ruling class. He has a vested interest in suppressing the Amerikaner elite. We are not talking about putting Kyle Rittenhouse on the Throne, but there are Amerikaners who would be a good fit.

                  But that’s just it. Moldbug’s point is that there are no Amerikaner elite. Putting farmers and country people in charge of the country is not going to work. Ironically I would absolutely put Caesar Augustus Rittenhouse on throne. He has killed evil men before his 18th birthday, a heroic deed. But I would surround hm with Brahmins recruited to our side (the Tucker Carlsons and DeSantis’s of America).

                • jim says:

                  > Putting farmers and country people in charge of the country is not going to work.

                  There are plenty of very smart country people and Amerikaners around. Many of them smart, competent, and demonstrably virtuous, meeting Saint Paul’s requirements to be appointed to Bishop, which is to say, to the board of Harvard and Yale. What is the problem? Why would it not work? We are not going to recruit the average country person. We are going to recruit the best and brightest.

                  Today, our elite is exclusively recruiting midwits. Smarties are systematically excluded. Why is this going to work, while recruiting virtuous IQ 140 to 160 Amerikaners is not going to work. We want the best and brightest, and the best and brightest are no longer to be found in Academia.

                  It used to be that the professoriat and the high judges were recruited substantially from outside Academia. Why can we not go back to doing that? If we are going to a restoration, we need to start recruiting the priesthood the old fashioned way. Priests from the intellectually accomplished, leading warriors from the scions of warrior families.

                • Pooch says:

                  in charge of the empire*

                • The Cominator says:

                  One of the best things a cuckservative ever said was that he rather be governed by 100 random names in the phonebook than by the Harvard faculty.

                • Pooch says:

                  There are plenty of very smart country people and Amerikaners around. Many of them smart, competent, and demonstrably virtuous, meeting Saint Paul’s requirements to be appointed to Bishop, which is to say, to the board of Harvard and Yale. What is the problem? Why would it not work?

                  I see plenty great competent Amerikaners around as well, but are they as a whole sufficiently demonstrably virtuous, smart, and competent to lead and organize a republic? We can see from Jan. 6th what they are capable of organizing and leading.

                  You are making the argument if we just go back to land owning white males we can go back to Paul Revere and 1776. As great as Amerikaners are, they just can’t compare to the Paul Revere of the American Revolution. He is not in the building. What I see are children begging and yearning to be lead out of what we have now.

                • Pooch says:

                  One of the best things a cuckservative ever said was that he rather be governed by 100 random names in the phonebook than by the Harvard faculty.

                  LOL…great line.

                • Pooch says:

                  while recruiting virtuous IQ 140 to 160 Amerikaners

                  Are they really 140 IQ Amerikaners or are they Brahmins who were too clever to follow the bullshit and defected. Of the very smart and talented people on our side, I see the latter. I would argue most readers of this blog are even of the latter.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >We can see from Jan. 6th what they are capable of organizing and leading.

                  Jan. 6th was organized and led by the feds. You just dunked on your own hoop lol.

                • Pooch says:

                  They were willing to follow anyone leading them, even retarded glowies and feds. And that’s my point. The Amerikaners are looking for a higher authority and not finding any.

                  The Amerikaner (and this is a real quote) is asking “at what point can I take out my guns and kill these people?”

            • The Cominator says:

              The ones St Brevik sent to hell were voluntarily at elite shitlib camp obviously evil already, but i do not relish the idea of harming children of tender years despite my ruthless stance on believing shitlibs…

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                I am not exactly overcome with joy about the prospect myself, but it has to be done. If you thought this was going to be, “haha gas chamber go brrr,” then I have some bad news. The shit you are going to get called on to do is going to be beyond your wildest posts here, and there will be no glory in it. Just the cold satisfaction that you did your duty, and maybe that will be comfort enough to help you sleep. The old saying about digging two graves when you go on a quest for revenge is going to make a lot more sense when the camps you run get a fresh shipment of crying children. You will look back at your posts here and laugh at how naive you were.

                I came into this knowing that I was going to be called on to do terrible things. That is the shit part of being part of the warrior class. The priests come in afterwards, say some fancy words, and tell everyone else how great we are and how right the things we did were. Warriors get to be the ones covered in blood, piss, shit, and worse, and we have to go home and live with ourselves after it is all done. Before you decide you want to be running those camps, make damned sure you know what it is going to cost you.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Anyone at that camp Brevik tuned up had it coming even at their age, but we do not need to be going after every Brahmin’s relatives without looking at their own views…. Going after relatives can be a deterrent for particularly horrific crimes against people who don’t care about their own lives (ie Islamic terrorism, dealing with guerilla warfare in some cases) and that cannot be effectively deterred in other ways but it should not be used ex post facto as a purge measure. That actually is crossing into Bolshevistic and Khmer Rogue evil and horror. The people I’m advocating purging however numerous all decided to worship demons and to support my enemies and I could helicopter them and whistle a merry tune (of course doing it in practice may be different but at least intellectually I could so)… but I could not do so if we applied the Sippenhaft principle to young children and such.

                  If the whole family has a history of being particularly evil (the Bush family is a good example with three generations of major traitors, the Kennedy family should be sterilized too despite a couple okay ones) sterilize the ones who haven’t done anything yet or who haven’t played a political role.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The youngest of Breivek’s kills was 14. If you think that this is going to be easy, imagine what it would be like getting a helicopter load of crying 14 year old children. Consider if this is really the life you want to lead, because that is where this is going. Either we helicopter them, or they starve us in camps. So when you start talking about helicoptering all of the Brahmins, just think of that hypothetical helicopter of 14yo kids.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It is actually very difficult for men to carry on large scale killings in a non-combat context – personally that is.

                  But there are in fact time tested ‘traditional solutions’, in a manner of speaking, to the matter of psychological fatigue amongst men tasked with mowing through killing fields. For instance, the masonic revolt in France, while it was genociding the Vendee, after going through a variety of approaches, eventually settled upon ‘noyading’; loading their victims onto barges and other floating boxes, and sinking them. Efficient, but also, more pertinent to the poor worn-down revolutionaries, impersonal. Getting the deed done without having to put hands and or eyes on the condemned.

                • A2 says:

                  The civil war in Sri Lanka ended by boxing in the Tamll forces and civilians in a smallish area, then thoroughly bombarding the spot with artillery. Seems to have worked fairly well.

                  (I see, by the way, that current sources prefer to blame that war on colonialism rather than long-running ethnic tensions.)

                • Prince Charming says:


                  Drowning does not scale.

                  Reading Carlyle’s French Revolutuion, it is a meme rather than something that is a solution at scale. Either you scuttle some boat, which means huge capital expense upfront, and who’s gonna dredge that, or you drawn them naked, and you have zombies floating everywhere, half of them beaching. Nightmare.

                  The current year innovation is propagandise people into getting injected by stochastic poison and let the EMTs, hospitals, or undertakers take care of business as usual.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Many practical solutions to logistical problems recommend themselves to a creative mind. Reusable ballast tanks, concrete slippers, special trains with tracks running under water, moving trucks with sealed compartments the exhaust is piped in, simple mass confinement to a region until starvation sets in… and so on.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Also presupposing the exclusivity of a centrally organized solution.

                  If a sovereign validates citizens doing violence to elthedes, and punishes elthedes doing violence to citizens, much of the problem takes care of itself, one way or another.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  I propose the rollecoaster of death, eagle and a bear, and masturbation machines.

                • The Cominator says:

                  RE carrying it out. You don’t want this kind of thing to be completely decentralized or to rely on denunciations or any of that, you’ll get way too many innocent people swept up by other people looking to get rid of them for various reasons (they want the guys wife, the guy just pisses them off) and believe it or not I don’t want lots of innocent people swept up. I want leftists helicoptered up.

                  Killing guerillas and leftists otherwise in arms can be decentralized but purges can’t be unless you want random terror with lots of innocent people killed. THAT would be leftist style terror.

                  As to how you do it on a large scale, well once its established someone has stubborn leftist beliefs its easier to just confine them somewhere, don’t feed them, and prevent them from getting food in otherwise. Easiest way to do it.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              This echos some of my own thoughts on the matter.

              Rather than broad and abstract criteria for subversive that are atomistically applied to every subject in isolation, the nuance for me is stronger and more selective judgement – but for those who fall under it, the relatives get a free ride too.

      • Varna says:

        Once every journalist decided that as the good guys who are saving the world they have the right to lie and cheat, it was logical that election officials on every level also decided that as the good guys who are saving the world they have the right to lie and cheat.
        It is also logical that this will spread to any and all other possible venues, including giving the clot shot “by mistake”.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >What is the consensus here on the Sinovac and Sinopharm?

      Flu shots are useless porkbarrel projects.

  11. Fireball says:

    Arent we at the end of a brezhnevian stagnation?

    • Fireball says:

      Maybe not at the end but arent we in one?

    • jim says:

      Brezhnevian stagnation was all quiet, and lasted a long time.

      That is what our current rulers intend.

      I do not expect them to succeed, but the guillotines have not started up yet, somewhat to my surprise.

      People predicted money doom from issuing to much money, and for a long time it did not happen. Now it is happening, with shortages, rapid inflation, and third world style officially official denials that rapid inflation is happening, with a surrealistic consumer price index. Not hyperinflation yet, but prices have risen a lot, and are going to rise a whole lot more, and will go right on doing so as long as the government is unable to stop itself from issuing money.

      And I have been predicting the guillotines and the red terror for a long time. We shall see.

      • Pooch says:

        guillotines and the red terror

        Guillotines and red terror are not consistent with a decaying, decadent, declining empire. But then again revolutionaries pulling down statues are not consistent with a decaying, decadent, declining empire either.

      • Fireball says:

        I wasnt talking about the near future. I was talking now and in the past decades.

        The birth rate is really low and some populations are getting really demographically old. Every year that has pass it has being getting progressively more difficult finding competent people and i am not just talking about complex stuff i have seen it even with electricians, plumbers , mechanics or lathe machinists.

        Technological progress related with microchips has continue but outside of that is has slowly stagnated.

        I doubt we will have a Brezhnevian stagnation in part because i know well how lefty intellectuals work but also it really feels in are at the end of some period of stagnation.

        • Prince Charming says:

          The human capital decay is not necessarily an indicator of anything. We have similarily huge drop in competence of cobblers or seamstresses or programmers. The golden age of a profession needs infinitely more skill, IQ, dilligence, etc., than its mature age. Electrical installations look like arse nowadays, but are vastly cheaper, more durable, and safer than 50 years ago, *because* the cost and expertise has been shifted away from the labour.

          Worse is better.

          • Fireball says:

            Sure, i will remember that as i try to run things in a progressively diminishing supply of capable people.

            Worse is better. Lol

          • jim says:

            > Electrical installations look like arse nowadays, but are vastly cheaper, more durable, and safer than 50 years ago

            Are they?

            I keep hearing this about cars, but I remember my first car. They lie.

            I don’t suppose I paid much attention to or though much about electrical installations, but I spent a whole lot of time and thought on my first car, and I remember it fondly.

            My younger son, similarly.

            Winston was smoking a Victory Cigarette which he held carefully horizontal. The new ration did not start till tomorrow and he had only four cigarettes left. For the moment he had shut his ears to the remoter noises and was listening to the stuff that streamed out of the telescreen. It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be reduced to twenty grams a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it. Parsons swallowed it easily, with the stupidity of an animal. The eyeless creature at the other table swallowed it fanatically, passionately, with a furious desire to track down, denounce, and vaporize anyone who should suggest that last week the ration had been thirty grams. Syme, too—in some more complex way, involving doublethink—Syme swallowed it. Was he, then, alone in the possession of a memory?

            The fabulous statistics continued to pour out of the telescreen. As compared with last year there was more food, more clothes, more houses, more furniture, more cooking pots, more fuel, more ships, more helicopters, more books, more babies—more of everything except disease, crime, and insanity. Year by year and minute by minute, everybody and everything was whizzing rapidly upwards.

            I have been around for a while. I have noticed a radical improvement in computers and computing, but cars and electrical installations seem to have been going slowly and quietly downhill.

            The reason the consumer price index only rose five percent this year is that even though prices rose a hell of a lot more than five percent, quality is just getting better and better 🙃

            I attempted to look up the Big Mac index, and found it strangely difficult to obtain. Perhaps you will have better luck, but it seems to have mysteriously vanished. Suddenly they seem to be getting awfully coy about it.

            They originally introduced it because some third world regimes were publishing blatantly ludicrous figures on inflation. I suspect that they have now unpublished it because our figures are becoming blatantly ludicrous. But maybe I am just looking in the wrong places. The Wayback Machine seems to have unpublished it also. Odd that. Perhaps you can find it.

            Maybe it is going to be replaced by Big Mac index corrected for the gigantic improvements in food quality. Since everyone is trying to lose weight, smaller and smaller big macs will be an improvement in quality, much as smaller, lighter, frailer, cars are an improvement in quality.

            When I back into a fence, and fence is fine and my car isn’t, I don’t think quality has improved. When I go over rough ground, and the bottom mud cover falls off the engine compartment, I don’t think quality has improved.

            The bottom of my car engine compartment, which is a sort of plastic shield against road mud and dirt, fell off the engine compartment. I took a look at what had been holding it on. Not very much. My computer case is way better constructed. The equivalent on my first car was metal, and enormously better constructed.

            My younger son is really into cars. He feels really passionately on this issue, and knows vastly more about it than I do. He thinks that cars have become considerably worse.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Same thing happened to three of my cars over the years.

            • Aidan says:

              Cars getting worse is mostly a result of “green” incentives to lessen weight and engine size and then a hell of a lot of corner-cutting and QC problems. My grandma had a ’92 Civic, and an ’07 Civic. The ’07 was a miserable ugly shitbox that was massively unpleasant to drive and fell apart in 2017. The ’92 was still a cheap car, but it was zippy, well-balanced, and fun to drive. It went until last year.

            • Varna says:

              Big Mac index for 2021 on the Russian interwebs:

              In dollars

              USA $5.66
              South Korea $4.10
              Japan $3.74
              Poland $3.51
              China $3.46
              Mexico $2.68
              Taiwan $ 2.57
              Russia $1.81

              In rubles

              • Karl says:

                In Germany today (without sales tax) $5.87

                • Varna says:

                  The Russian figures are I believe from the first half of 2021, and we are in a time period in which prices are likely to change from month to month.

                  So yeah. The list is already likely partially obsolete, and will be completely obsolete by spring 2022.

                  Love that smell of great reset in the morning.

              • jim says:

                Yes, but I want to know what it was in 2020.

                • Karl says:


                  This site gives the price of a Big Mac in the USA for every month all the way back to April 2000 when it was $2.51

                  Whether all numbers are correct is a different question. I find it hard to believe that the price of July 2021 ($5.65$) is lower than the price of June 2020 ($5.71).

            • alf says:

              I always thought that the fake exhaust pipe trend (eg with mercedes), was, like with the star wars franchise, a sign that the company is taken over by people who hate its customer base.

              … But I add that I’m not much into cars. It’s just a feature I hate.

            • pyrrhus says:

              Yes..I would like to buy a replacement for my 2016 Rav4, (which still runs wonderfully well), but it’s been made clear to me by the dealer that I won’t be happy with the new model, which also costs 40% more than I paid in 2016…and they often don’t have one in stock…I have also noticed a serious decline in the quality of some tools and appliances..
              So I guess I’ll be driving my old vehicle for an indefinite period, maybe until I die…

              • Aidan says:

                You drive a Rav4 and you wanted to get a new one? I guess there’s no accounting for taste, my fiance’s mom drives one and it’s a pig ugly shitbox, I would throw up if I had to drive it every day.

                Get an old (pre-Fiat) Jeep or something, modern SUVs are generally flimsy plastic boxes intended to give Karen a high, safe-feeling ride. The safety rating of a car means very little. Plastic cars are designed to crush on impact in order to spare the passenger, but they crush from slight impacts and fall apart easier. A minor accident will now total a car that 20 years ago would have shrugged off the hit and kept driving.

                You can still find quality cars if you look for those marketed to people who require performance (Offroad 4x4s and trucks are usually a safe bet). Motorcycles (at least sportbikes, cruisers stagnated in the 90’s at the latest) kept getting better until around 2016 or so, when they ran into the upper limits of road legal power and what people could actually drive safely, and now it is mostly bullshit technology for new model years.

                One massive point of bullshit is how much smaller engines have gotten. A Mustang comes standard with a 2.3 liter now. What? Big American engines from before it was holy to save gas were built that way for a reason- they could be made with loose tolerances and still deliver power while being extremely reliable. Plenty of cops still drive Crown Vics, 400,000 miles and counting. Small high-performance engines are great if they are built well, but they need to be built extremely well, and we do not have the capacity to do that anymore.

              • neofugue says:

                There is no reason to replace a perfectly working Toyota Rav4 after only five years worth of use; those cars are designed to last fifteen or so years. If you feel the “need” to have a new car, take your Rav4 to a professional detailer and for roughly a few hundred he will make your car look like brand new.

                Also as a general rule (not at you specifically) one should not eat in one’s car. Vacuuming under the seat is impossible without removing the seat entirely and there is no way for air to circulate and remove smells when the car is off.

                That being said, if you have the money and the desire to buy a new car I recommend the Honda Accord Hybrid; my brother has this car in EX-L trim and it drives well while having a surprising amount of cargo room. SUVs, even Mercedes SUVs, are unpleasant to drive and most never use the full capacity of their vehicles anyway.

            • Prince Charming says:

              In my humble opinion, residential electric wiring has been improving. Whether this is the exception that proves the rule, or whether the trend has only recently reversed, I don’t know.

              Current year wiring is done in copper, with solid plastic insulation, connectors are often clamp-down. Whereas in 1971, aluminium was all the rage, you were getting all that weird braided insulation, and everything was screw terminals at best.

              People complain that labourers are getting more stupid, but I have seen installations by smart electricians done in dangerously stupid ways, often because they were smart enough to figure out where to cut corners, or just pigheaded. So I am not convinced removing responsibility from labor while at the same time making labour stupider is a bad thing.

              My interpretation of the cars getting shittier is the same as home office printers and general aviation getting shittier. Before, you were getting the same product the uppermost segment of the market was getting, so of course your vintage German car is good. Now the product is stratified to address the whole market, and capture every last cent of value, and unfortunately this means the product is shittier, and unfortunately it also means that the uppermost market segment no longer enjoys economy of scale, so there is little to no demand at the price points that would be feasible. Ryanair for me, no Concord for thee, sorry. This is enabled by cheap computing. Other things being equal, increase in computer quality will lead to stratification of quality of everything else, and stratification of quality will lead to decreased demand for (and eventual cessation of production of) high-quality goods.

              At the same time, is the safety of cars not improving with every five-year plan? If your car cannot withstand a collision with a fence, then presumably it will have trouble injuring a pedestrian. The system is able to optimise for the things that it cares about (admittedly this often is how to best humiliate the legacy customers). Whereas in a socialist system, the system Winston lives under, the factories operate intermittently if at all, making widgets with flaws that make them worse than useless without aftermarket modification, with little ability to accurately gauge the quality and price points and efficiently marry supply and demand. We don’t have those problems, we have the opposites of those problems.

              • jim says:

                > Current year wiring is done in copper, with solid plastic insulation, connectors are often clamp-down. Whereas in 1971, aluminium was all the rage, you were getting all that weird braided insulation, and everything was screw terminals at best.

                I have never seen a house with aluminium wire and braided insulation, but I cannot see anything wrong with aluminium wire and braided insulation, except for the difficulty of making good electrical contact between to aluminium wires which would require a suitably designed screw terminal that actually cuts into the wire. Obviously clamp connectors are not going to work on aluminium writes.

                My houses are very old. Their wiring is good. They are very safe against the dangers that I think matter. Real Estate Agent complained that by the current code they are illegal and supposedly dangerous. I think they are illegal and safe, that bringing them up to code is not an improvement, and told him to ignore the problem for as long as we can get away with it.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  Problems of aluminium are a legion. It is not as yielding and has higher thermal expansion, which makes it easier to make a bad connection, and easier to make a borderline connection bad. It fatigues. I’m also reading that aluminium is easier to overheat when exceeding ampacity, but I don’t understand why or how.

                  In North America specifically, there also is a weird fixation with twist-on connectors, which are a bad idea with copper, worse idea with aluminium, and a very bad idea when mixing the two.

                  Braided insulation is less durable than solid insulation (but we’ll see how current-year cables look in 2071 🙂

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  My house came with aluminium wiring. I’ve had some junctions fail and overheat, especially where there is a heavy load like a portable AC. I haven’t had any problems with junctions where I have used the “goop”, that is the anti-oxidant aluminium grease. Over the years I’ve gone in and “gooped” most of the junctions in the house, and in the process also replaced what looks like the cheapest outlets on earth with higher quality ones. Aluminium oxide (i.e. Sapphire) is hard and non-conducting. The grease dissolves it and keeps air away.

                • Jehu says:

                  If my father’s narrative is true, a lot of houses in the early 70s were wired with Aluminum instead of copper wiring. That’s fine in the short term, but aluminum oxidizes quicker than copper which causes the resistance in the wiring in the aggregate to increase. Increased resistance makes for bigger I^2*R losses, which makes for more house fires. My guess is this matters more in some climates than others where conditions promote more oxidation. Prices of copper in that period got super high, which is why people did it, a byproduct of the Vietnam war. Telephone companies in that era could have made much more money selling their copper lines than their normal business.

    • p says:

      No. Brezhnevian stagnation is characterized with lack of movement left. The official doctrine holds that while the past was evil and oppressive, the present is progressive and no oppression exists any longer, therefore no societal or legal changes to battle oppression are necessary.

      Needless to say, this is not the case in America today.

      • jim says:

        Our elite wants Brezhnevian stagnation, are attempting to give effect to Brezhnevian stagnation, but cannot help moving left.

        The “build it back better” program, if implemented, will destroy the American economy quite rapidly. They know that, but cannot help themselves. Their plan is to support it, but not actually pass it, then their fallback plan is to pass it, but not actually implement it. What their plan is when it gets implemented regardless is that that is someone else’s problem.

        My prediction that they would be off to the Gulag as fast as the Kadets has already been falsified, but Namefag Yarvin’s prediction of fifty years of Brezhnevian stagnation has also been falsified. The guillotine is coming.

        • Pooch says:

          Namefag Yarvin’s prediction of fifty years of Brezhnevian stagnation has also been falsified.

          How? Moldbug/Yarvin predicts a slow decline to South Africa in 50 or 100 years. How has that been falsified?

          • jim says:

            Namefag Yarvin’s prediction is roughly constant levels of grey bored and boring leftism, with the resulting slow decline. We are not seeing roughly constant levels.

            Build it Back Better is a lot faster decline: To Weimar Germany, post revolutionary France, and post revolutionary Russia, which is more rapid and radical than Yarvin’s prediction. The Build it Back Better Tax plan can be fairly summarized as “smash capitalism”, while the Build it Back Better spending plan on top of current alarming levels of inflation and shortages is unsustainable. If they print enough money for it, they just will not be able to buy what they expect the money to buy.

            The ability of the printing press to capture more resources from the private sector has reached its long predicted limit, and they plan to continue sailing right past this limit, as they did in revolutionary France.

            • Pooch says:

              Looking more and more likely that the Build Back Faggier Plan will get punted to next year and if Republicans win the mid terms, which they likely will, it’ll get punted to beyond that. Looking like the pragmatic money stealing faction of elites are seeing what you’re seeing, in that they need the inflation machine not to break with radical agenda to keep the money stealing ongoing.

              • jim says:

                > Looking more and more likely that the Build Back Faggier Plan will get punted to next year and if Republicans win the mid terms, which they likely will, …

                I will bet you 1mBTC (0.001BTC) that, despite something like eighty percent of the people who go the polls voting Republican, and despite the fact that twenty people will attend Republican rallies for each person reluctantly dragged to Democrat rally to pad the numbers, the Republicans will get hammered in the mid terms, due to fraud even more massive, though somewhat less blatant, that the fix of the presidential election.

                You may recollect that when I was making bets on Trump, I was betting 10mBTC. When the US dollar bites the dust, I expect I will be making bets of 100µBTC

                The elderly leftists of the deep state might well be able to stall “Build It Back Better” for quite a while (they have successfully stalled it so far) but it is kind of hard to stall it indefinitely while supposedly enthusiastically supporting it.

                Plus, “Build It Back Better” is simply happening regardless of what the legislators budget. The levers of power are just not connected to anything. The only way you can stop it for real is to start imprisoning or shooting people who keep helping themselves to government money until the survivors stop helping themselves. To stop it, you are going to have to actually oppose it rather than emit squid ink and red tape.

                Stalling “Build It Back Better” is having no real effect, just as laws banning critical race theory in schools in Republican states are having no real effect.

                • A2 says:

                  “The levers of power are just not connected to anything. The only way you can stop it for real is to start imprisoning or shooting people who keep helping themselves to government money until the survivors stop helping themselves.”

                  Yes, I’ve been thinking of what is going on as the ultimate cold mafia-style bust-out but it seems more and more like disorganized looting, people carrying away TVs, grabbing stuff from he shelves, stuffing their bags in the pharmacy, etc. Except with suits.

                • Pooch says:

                  Not accepting the bet because the definition of Republicans getting hammered is hard to quantify. While I do agree the passing of the legislation is largely irrelevant, I don’t agree that any radical agenda can’t be stalled, partially-implemented, or fully-implemented in a way by the regime that avoids French Revolution levels of hyperinflation, at least in the short term. Very likely it occurs as we get closer to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, but we aren’t there yet. I give this well oiled FDR-machine much more credit to last than you do, but we will see.

                • Pooch says:

                  The system is set up by a combination of stable forces that always results in a centrist Congress that gradually trends left. With the winning of the cuckservative in VA, I don’t see that trend changing any time soon.

                  What’s interesting is to really smash this indefinite process of gradual leftism would be to smash the GOP completely. Something Trump threatened to do by forming a 3rd party post 1/6 and the GOP aggressively tried to prevent.


                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’ll take that bet, if only because that’s about as much BTC I actually have. But please specify the terms a little more clearly.

                • jim says:

                  It is obvious that the regime is massively unpopular, and if we held a genuinely free election only a handful of democrats would remain, all of them black, but with everyone lying about it, hard to have reliable information on which to determine the outcome of a bet.

                  How about a simple bet on mid term election outcomes: Recucklicans are expecting to be allowed their share of the graft and their turn at the table to dine off the taxpayers. They don’t get it. After the mid terms the counting continues until the Democrats win complete control of the House and the Senate.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Maybe not the House, the elections are rigged in corrupt ethnic urban precincts. Only a very few house races have any votes counted in those precincts. The Senate yes they can rig in those places.

                • jim says:

                  Want to bet on the Recucklicans chances of holding the House in the mid terms?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not yet… maybe later.

                • Pooch says:

                  Jim, why are you so confident after we just saw a Recucklican win in Virginia. If you are correct, that Recucklicans are no longer going to get their turn grifting the taxpayer, wouldn’t the Democrats have won Virginia?

                • jim says:

                  I think that was just a fuckup. They drank their own koolaide and did not fraud sufficiently. They adequately frauded New Jersey, which foreshadows the future.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Jim, there’s more gas in the tank than you thought. The crazies aren’t that ensconced, the enablers aren’t that powerful, and the faux opposition isn’t yet dead. I wanted Youngkin to lose after winning so I could point and declare that I told you old fucks that the game was rigged.

                  Did you honestly think it would be that easy? We’re fucked, my friend. We are going out with a whisper. Buckle up for the slow descent.

                • jim says:

                  Perhaps. Or perhaps normality bias is strong.

                  Electing a new people is in fact pointless, because the massive unpopularity of the Democrats makes it impossible for them to win an honest election. And, since they win by other means, they get out of the habit, and lose the skills, of doing what is needed to be popular, so they will never again be in a position to win a free and fair election.

                  Demographics has become electorally irrelevant. Elections have become irrelevant.

                  Under Obama, they were betting on demographics. In the first election of Trump, they bet on demographics and lost their bet. In the second election of Trump, they instead bet on massive fraud, and their massively unpopular and out of touch candidate has proceeded with massively unpopular and hideously out of touch policies. Which situation is only going to get steadily worse.

                  Now that elections have become irrelevant, they are going to stay irrelevant, and power is going to fall into the hands of those who most quickly adapt to the new normal.

                  Which I expected to happen almost immediately – and that has not happened. But the new normal is not going away. When you talk about demographics, you are out of date.

                  They have not adapted to the new normal yet. But the old normal has not returned, and will not return.

                • Pooch says:

                  Be it in 1 year, 3 years, 10 years, or 50 years I think it’s fair to say single party Democrat rule of the USG is inevitable from demographics alone. The entire US will eventually become California’d even without fraud.

                  The question is, do we want single party Democrat rule sooner rather than later?

                  On one hand, removing the stabilizing brake of the GOP and letting the regime go full African National Congress-mode (instead of the usual gradual leftward shift) may crash the system and make regime-change easier. On the other hand, it may bring the guillotines and red terror that Jim predicts while the regime still has white competence left in it.

                • Pooch says:

                  Now that elections have become irrelevant, they are going to stay irrelevant, and power is going to fall into the hands of those who most quickly adapt to the new normal.

                  Elections are not irrelevant. Right now we have split Democrat (Harvard faction) / Republican (corrupt business lobbyist faction) rule.

                  If the corrupt lobbyist faction is no longer allowed a seat at the table, especially in the form of a filibuster, by being frauded en masse out of elections, even in red states (which I don’t think is possible yet), we are going to start seeing some significant changes most notably with the January 6th commission.

                  If the January 6th commission falls into complete Democrat control, with no Republican filibuster the salami slicer begins. The J6 commission will direct the DOJ to arrest Trump followed by all Republicans strongly linked to him followed by all Republicans weakly linked to him, and so on…

                • jim says:

                  > Elections are not irrelevant. Right now we have split Democrat (Harvard faction) / Republican (corrupt business lobbyist faction) rule.

                  If you were a Roman citizen in 60BC, you would have said the same thing, and everyone would have thought it true, and most people continued to think it true all the way to the victory of Caesar Augustus, most people thought it true all the way to 30BC.

                  And all of them were completely and utterly wrong, and a great many of them died of their error.

                  That happened because they fixed the election for a merely massive Trump landslide. When it became apparent in the early hours of the morning that they had not a mere massive Trump landslide, but a Trump Tsunami, they hastily fixed the presidential election, but not the down ticket elections, so a whole lot of Republicans got in Trump’s coat tails. It was an obvious fuck up. You saw them fucking up on video, which huge numbers of hastily printed ballots, all voting Biden, but failing to vote on any other election. From which we may infer that the votes were centrally printed after the last minute in the early hours of the morning, and the people printing them did not get the information about who was running downticket in time to print out a complete ballot.

                  Interestingly, they stopped railroading Kylie. Too obvious and too unpopular.

                  The videos showing self defense were not taken down, which would have merely Streisanded them, sending vast numbers of people onto the Dark Web, but they were made unsearchable, so that you could only access them if you knew the specific link. If you just typed in name and title, nothing relevant would come up. But the specific link went viral, the truth got out, slowly, and they backed off.

                  They might similarly say “Lets not rig elections too blatantly. If the Republicans vote hard enough, let them win, we just make them vote harder and harder.” But it is a slippery slope. You can back off from railroading Kylie. You cannot back off from declaring Biden elected. Having started walking this path, they are inevitably going to walk it to the end.

                  Recall it took centuries before people lost interest in the Roman Republic’s elections, even though they ceased to be relevant long before Caesar. Normality bias is strong.

                • Prince Charming says:


                  > single party Democrat rule of the USG is inevitable from demographics alone

                  First-past-the-post electoral system[1] always produces 2 coalitions (formed before the election, what we call parties) with roughly 50% votes each, for the same reason proportional electoral system produces 2 coalitions (formed after the election) with roughly 50% votes each. This is independent of where the Overton window shifts; the parties shift with it. This has been the observable reality in the US for as long as anyone of us has been alive, at least until the last year, and it is quite possible the rituals of vigorous electoral competition will continue, even as more checks and balances are put in place so that Trump cannot even happen again.


                • DavyCrockett says:

                  If you are willing, I’m willing to bet 0.001BTC against this “How about a simple bet on mid term election outcomes: Recucklicans are expecting to be allowed their share of the graft and their turn at the table to dine off the taxpayers. They don’t get it. After the mid terms the counting continues until the Democrats win complete control of the House and the Senate.

                • jim says:

                  Reluctant to make a bet with an unknown. If one of my more familiar commenters, whose character and purpose I can read between the lines, were to offer me that bet (I win 0.001BTC if Republicans lose the house and the senate in the midterms, he wins 0.001BTC if the Recucklicans are permitted some crumbs of power on condition that they do not actually use them) I would gladly take it.

            • HerbR says:

              But Build Back Better hasn’t actually happened. And as you point out, the regime does not really intend for it to happen, except in some watered-down and washed-out form.

              If it happens anyway, despite their best efforts, to which I’d give about even odds, and if hyperinflation then ensues, then it might be time to say that Yarvin’s prediction is partially falsified. But we are not there yet, it is far too early to be declaring rhetorical victory just because the government is giving out piles of free money and preparing to give out more. That’s really not new or interesting. From a tradcon/libertarian perspective, sure, it’s horrifying, but it’s just not the same issue.

              I’m not sure if even hyperinflation decisively disproves a Brezhnevian stagnation. The USA has already been through one stagflation. Red Terror may well ensue in such an instance, but also may not, and what Yarvin is predicting is that the regime lacks the energy to fire up a Red Terror. Spending other people’s money, nah, that doesn’t require any energy, and isn’t so inconsistent with Brezhnev. Obviously history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.

              • Fireball says:

                It is possible to avoid brezhnev and the red terror and go just into 3rd world.

                • jim says:

                  I am not aware of any examples of a holiness spiral terminating that way.

                • Fireball says:

                  Neither do i but at the moment i also don’t remember one that had a thing for sea and air lifting the 3rd world into their cities.

              • jim says:

                > I’m not sure if even hyperinflation decisively disproves a Brezhnevian stagnation.

                Hyperinflation does not disprove a Brezhnevian stagnation. Lots of stagnant regimes have suffered hyperinflation.

                Hyperinflation resulting from out of control leftism disproves Brezhnevian stagnation.

                The question is: Can they prevent those even holier than their very holy selves from helping themselves to the goodies.

                If they cannot, then when money is no longer worth anything, they will not be able to prevent those even holier than their very holy selves from killing them and taking their stuff.

              • p says:

                Build Back Better is probably happening one way or another. Kind of.

                If you think about it, all of the “eat the bugs”, “own nothing” etc slogans are simply descriptions of crushing poverty. It’s propaganda intended to present this coming poverty as continued progress, which tells us that a portion of the elite is predicting crushing poverty in the future and is afraid that the population may not be particularly happy about it. (Same principle as “myocarditis is actually good for you” – attempt to get ahead of the news.)

                My guess is this prediction comes from a simple extrapolation of the total world population and the total world economic output.

                This extrapolation is nonsensical. The prophecy will however come to pass for other reasons, namely total economic incompetence. For one, the “sustainable energy” sector is net energy negative. For another, you can’t print forever. Plus, the elite IQ is observably getting lower and lower, and their mental health isn’t improving, either.

  12. Kunning Drueger says:

    There’s no such thing as a panacea. There are no magic bullets. Great men don’t exist in isolation. But there are simple solutions that can solve many problems, ordinance that can accomplish more than one kill, and leaders who inspire greatness. Jim says the collapse is around the corner. Yarvin says it’s a long way off. Both are right and wrong about many things.

    To my mind, the most efficacious thing that can be done to trip up the state, slow the spiral, and shatter the malaise is for judicial power to be gutted. We want judges to be ignored, emasculated, and afraid to leave their homes. If this could be accomplished, a mighty spanner would be shoved lustily into the works, which would create opportunities of arrest, acceleration, and exceptions. There’s nothing I can safely propose in this medium to accomplish this, but I hope the simple thoughts of a Mid-Atlantic midwit might get others to put some brainpower into this.

  13. Mark Mark says:

    off topic but i remember reading on here some discussion of the best method of learning CS/programming skills independently, with the ultimate goal of gaining some personal sovereignty. Couldn’t find the discussion and was wondering if anyone would care to chime in.

    I invested heavily in the cathedral (phd in a “soft” field) thinking the gentlemanly scholar / life of the mind was still possible. The past few years have been a rude awakening but now I’m approaching middle age with 1 kid and another on the way…. I’m already in the bay area so thought something like lamda or coursera for python might be worthwhile. Any thoughts? Otherwise I’m competing with illegal hondos trying to do landscaping, or taking some other shit-tier job.

      • Fireball says:

        So your point is that one should be in a weapon related industry?

      • mark mark says:

        thanks for pointing the direction, i’ve been reading over those threads sounds like learning C+ is the way to go as an entree to rust.

        Another thing I was curious about was if there were any bootcamps in particular that were worth it or if bootstrapping off youtube was really the way to go.

    • Upravda says:

      Regarding practicing computer science and programming, you must ask yourself: “Which field exactly?” In discussion you mentioned, I remember that C, Rust and JavaScript were mentioned as worthwhile skills – in the context of systems programming: operating systems, network protocols, stuff that makes hardware useful.

      However, there are many other areas of software expertise: information systems, CAD applications, games, you name it.

      For example, I’m in information systems (IS) design and development. You know, boring stuff on which businesses run: data entry forms, insert into database, select from database, generate reports, etc. In my field, C and Rust are not useful. Yes, you could develop business solutions with them, but nobody does that.

      However, JavaScript is useful in IS development, either as a scripting language (bad one), or a platform on which to develop user applications (for example, in Typescript extension of JavaScript, and Angular platform).

      The other useful scripting language is Python, not just in IS development, but generally. It has the benefit of being very easy to expand and cover much larger areas than humble scripting.

      Relational model and SQL language are a must for a business applications, and do not underestimate relational model as a concept. If you want to learn database, learn normalization and your SQL will be really useful, and business application development a breeze.

      For classical desktop applications or web services of many kinds, I use C# or Java. (Although Python can also be used for that). C# and dotnet work beautifully on Linux and other non-Windows platforms these days.

      To be more concrete, right now I’m developing a warehousing solution for not-so-large and privately owned company. Back end is MS SQL database on Linux with extensive use of SQL stored procedures. Middleware are REST web services in C# on dotnet, also on Linux. Front end is mobile application in Java for Android.

      That being said, C# and Java are good general purpose languages, but there are some areas of IT where such general purpose tools are “jack of all trades, master of none”.

    • A2 says:

      Python is a decent place to start, but you should try to find an application area that interests you and see what they use there and, importantly, also study how they work. This leads to the tools and skllls to know beyond the language.

      For learning to program on your own at a beginner level, I usually recommend taking the source code of a small existing program and make it do new things. Tinkering is good.

      • jim says:

        Python is a good place to start, because it is easy, and because you can get something useful, interesting, and valuable up faster in Python than in any other language.

        It is a bad place to finish, because big long lived projects written in Python eventually accumulate intolerable technical debt, and die of it.

  14. Red says:

    The creepiness’ of the elites that rule us is on full display:

  15. Red says:

    The Judge admitted that the Rittenhouse Jury has been filmed at their bus pickup. No way they vote not guilty now.

    • Red says:

      On the positive side, I believe the judge will set aside the verdict if that happens.

      • pyrrhus says:

        If I were the Judge, I would direct a verdict for the defendant, which would get the jury off the hook…I have tried a few cases, but never seen anything like this..This witness probably decided not to take a chance with perjury, since there was nothing in it for him, but the Prosecutor went seriously off the rails if he had coached the witness to lie…he could be disbarred.

        • Red says:

          but the Prosecutor went seriously off the rails if he had coached the witness to lie…he could be disbarred.

          None of that sort of stuff has mattered since probably before the Zimmerman trail. During the Zimmerman trial the prosecution hid evidence from the defense from MonkeyBoy’s phone and then tried and convicted the brave Computer tech who passed it onto the defense after the trial was over. Justice has been dead for a long time now. The Rittenhouse case is just the bloated and rotting corpse on full display.

          This witness probably decided not to take a chance with perjury, since there was nothing in it for him

          Nah, he’s just weak and stupid. He lied multiple under oath during this trial. The Defense did a great job of dominating in order to get him to speak the truth.

          • pyrrhus says:

            Red–Legal standards vary widely by State, and even by county…the Prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case was disbarred, while very bad conduct has sailed through in places like DC, and perhaps in FLA…And some judges don’t care, while others are very strict and make that clear..I don’t know what the situation is in Kyle’s jurisdiction, and probably neither do you…

  16. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    Autism personified is in the court accusing the prosecutors of trying to suborn perjury, and they are losing their shit. The prosecution is a bunch of bumbling idiots and bullies, trying to cover their asses. If this is the caliber of legal argumentation that the profession has to offer, they all need to be banned from practicing law after the restoration.

    • The Cominator says:

      Its possible (not likely) they know hes innocent and are badly blowing the case deliberately.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        This possibility occurred to me also.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I think Jim and Karl had it right. They were the righteous crusaders trying to get justice for innocent protesters brutally hunted and murdered by a white supremacist coming from out of state to oppress them. They could not see what actually happened, so the reality of the events blindsided them. Crimestop is biting hard.

        • jim says:

          The reaction of the prosecution lawyers suggests that they were blindsided.

          The defense lawyer asks the obvious question, summarizing the relevant part of the video. The prosecution witness confirms the summary. This should have been expected. That they did not expect suggests that when they were preparing the witness, the obvious crimethought was never spoken.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Could be, but he’s a good actor if so…

    • Pooch says:

      Law is going to have to be radically changed come the restoration. The whole process is fucking stupid and gay.

      • The Cominator says:

        Lawyers should be one of the most highly purged professions behind only climate, public health, and social “scientists”. The law should be very simple and any midwit should be able to understand it. There should be no class of legal priests.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Agreed. As will punishment. All of the people shot should have been killed years ago. Kyle should never have had to pull the trigger, because someone else should have done it. Juries need to be picked from the Players in the world, not NPCs.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Saw an interesting Rittenhouse related comment on Twitter today. To the Left, Rittenhouse is a “cop killer” because Antifa, et al, are the Left’s enforcers.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        The Law should not require lawyers. It should be something that can be memorized like the Gettysburg Address. It should be predicated on the 10 commandments, with application occuring at the Personal, the Patriarchal, the Community, the Regional, and the Royal level. No opaque legalize, or mules of lawyer jibber-jabber that leaves loopholes. Brief, simple, and general. There doesn’t need to be a bunch of minutia and exceptions to cover every possible scenario. Just a rugged and formidable set of precepts for guidance and hard lines with no exceptions. I’ve commented on this before, but 3 levels of punishment: flogging, exile, and scientific experimentation (certain death). No need for prisons or lawyers.

        • The Cominator says:

          Certainly fines would be another form of punishment.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I used to think that, but now I don’t. Don’t mistake me for some kind of commie, but the disparity in capacity for money management means that, inevitably, punishment/reward systems that use currency will have disparate impact, likewise will always be used by the wealthy to sidestep consequences. If it’s worth making it a rule, then it’s worth being followed, and the consequences must be absolute. Fines are like democracy: fake, gay, and useless.

            • Aidan says:

              Fines and civil litigation used to be inextricable. A judge would order somebody to pay somebody else money to cover damages when neither side did anything illegal. A “fine”, i.e. a lawsuit, though there was no difference between civil and criminal litigation in the dark ages, was meant to be a legal final word on personal disputes, to prevent them from escalating into clan violence.

              I agree with KD. The state awarding fines to itself, rather than a judge deciding who has offended against whom, means that we will end up with countless petty laws designed to collect revenue, making everybody a criminal and blurring the line between ingroup and outgroup, between citizen and outlaw.

              • Red says:

                The primary reason I’ve despised cops most of my life is their random taxation while I observe them break the laws they fine us under with impunity.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  That kind of behavior is a consequence of bureaucratic leadership. The officers don’t get a cut of the revenue and, with the exception of a few urban areas, quotas don’t exist (any act of enforcement requires a ton of paperwork and headache for LEOs, something every officer loathes). Consider this fantasy: a moron gets pulled over for speeding and driving while acting retarded. The cop gets her out of the vehicle and gives her three lashes across the back of the knees. The end. Is this a better situation? I think so. Rules of the road, the few actually needed, are in place to facilitate ease of travel in a safe as possible environment. Violation should be punished quickly and once, not some drawn out, rent seeking, bureaucratic affair.

                • Prince Charming says:

                  @Kunning Drueger

                  So you’re not only advocating for wives and daughters to be driving, unaccompanied, but you also want to encourage them to cruise around for some sweet officer lashing, and for husbands and fathers to have no recourse? How many levels of bluepill are you on?

                • Aidan says:

                  Lashes are to be administered in the public square. Today, that means that the offender is going to get his lashes live on the local judiciary’s YouTube account or twitch channel, with a big crowd berating him for being a retard shit driver faggot, and that video is going to up forever. The point of lashes is public humiliation, which social media has perfected into a high art. Lashes will work better today than they ever have.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  You are correct, Aidan, as usual. But Prince Charmin Ultragay is attempting to purity spiral me, not discuss the components of a no-incarceration, corporeal punishment system of law and consequence.

                  I’m not a Muslim. I don’t think Muslims are based. A caliphate holds no appeal to me, not even in shit tier dichotomous hypotheticals. I’m perfectly fine with my wife operating one of my vehicles without my supervision. I assume you, Charmin, are some kind of infertile suburban faggot. So I empathize with you, and I agree that your roasty LTR should probably not be on the road without you. It is inevitable that she’d encounter an alpha and the onus is on you to protect your property. As it stands, my wife only ever drives out of necessity, and this is how it should be. The thought exploration I proposed was about how punishment for violation should work. It was needlessly confusing and I apologize for that.

                • Prince Charming says:


                  Absolutely, lashes ought to be public; the goal is not physical harm, the goal is humiliation.

                  But if you can discipline someone else’s wife, without that someone being able to do anything to you, you can, at least in her mind, fuck her. I would say that you can objectively fuck her, because she will find a way.

                  Lashing is good medicine for unowned and feral women, such as the Russian police using whips to disperse naked slut demonstrators in the public square. For a traffic violation, send a fine to the husband, and let him to do the whipping.

            • The Infant Phenomenon says:

              You come very close to the true solution when you say that the law should be based on the Ten Commandments and that there should not be any fines or prisons.

              And rather than give what would certainly be a woefully inadequate summary of a book that was published before most readers of this blog were born, I’ll just recommend it as one of the most important books of the last century: “The Politics of Guilt and Pity” by Rushdoony.

              If you read only one book this year, make it this one. It explains to Christians who are not yet mature in the Faith exactly what it means to “love your neighbor” and exactly what it does NOT mean. There is a great deal of confusion and bad teaching on this single aspect of Christianity, and it is the source of much mischief.

              The book also explains very clearly what a JUST justice system would look like, and it includes much of what you have said. Just as one quick example, the writer explains that the Scriptures assume RESTITUTION for many crimes, NOT fines or jail. And no, restitution is not the same thing as a fine.

              Also, what you seem to be driving at is that law should be “discovered” not legislated. And the process of discovery should rely mainly, although not exclusively, upon custom and tradition. The idea must be recovered, restored, and reinforced by Western man that law comes from God and is woven into the fabric of the universe and can–and must–be discovered, not legislated, and certainly not by “elected officials.”

              Well, I’m doing precisely what I said I would not do, so let me close simply by saying this: READ THIS BOOK.

              The Politics of Guilt and Pity
              by Rushdoony.
              published 1970 or 71.

              • jim says:

                > that law comes from God and is woven into the fabric of the universe and can–and must–be discovered, not legislated

                What he said.

                Unfortunately, that program, Christian theocratic anarchy – which is the priesthood governing, but no King backing them, and even less a priest King, requires a virtuous priestly elite. Which ran out of virtue during the time of Samuel.

                First create your virtuous elite, then we can have theocratic anarchy.

        • T. Rex Sex says:

          You can just read law, you know. In most states they will let you take the bar. The lawyers don’t know anything either, so with a little studying you’ll be better than they. This only applies to non-capital cities of course, if you try this in Jew York or some place like that you’ll be eaten alive. All I know is the standard of competence is low and falling all the time. Just look at the fat, pinchface slobs of the Rittenhouse prosecution. Pathetic.

          • Karl says:

            Falling standards of competence mean that reasoned arguments are becoming more and more irrelavant. It is not just the attorneys that have a falling standard of competence (not sure they have, I suspect that other skilles are replacing classical legal skills), but the judges and jurors have falling standards of competence.

            Sure with a little studying you’ll know more about the written law and be able to present a more stringent and reasonable argument than most porfessional lawyers. I doubt that will help you when you present your case to judge Shaniqua.

            Maybe you’d have better chances if you are represented by illiterate attorney Tyrone who happens to know the judge really well.

          • yewotm8 says:

            As mentioned just now by Karl and by Jim in another post, knowledge of the law and a reasoned argument are not all that relevant. You will not be part of the club with the judges and the other lawyers, and you will not win, regardless of how well you can argue your case.

            • T. Rex Sex says:

              Unless you fall under the mass-media eye, they’re extremely relevant because the courts, unlike the bureaucracies, are process-based. They’re procedural and run on precedent. If you find a precedent, technicality, or “out”, you will win. Look at the case of Andrew Auernheimer, notorious countersemite. The bureaucrats put him in federal prison yet he got out because he found an out. You can even look at Drumpf, who swept into office after beating Clintongue by less than 100k votes, then got swept out of office by the most blatant election fraud in the history of election fraud. I reiterate: with a high IQ and a certain linguistic inclination, you can shuck and jive nearly any court in the country. Just don’t try it with extralegal processes like civil asset forfeiture or divorce court. If they take your stuff you’re never getting it back. Also. The natsec “process” that’s increasingly prominent in which e.g. the FBI raid you and hand over your shit to NYT is coming for you, eventually. Sometime in the next 5-10 years, possibly sooner, depending how long it takes for UN to fully finish off the USG and start taxing carbon and ending meat production. But it isn’t here yet so don’t worry about it. And then you’ll have bigger problems to worry about.

              • The Cominator says:

                “They’re procedural and run on precedent. If you find a precedent, technicality, or “out”, you will win. ”

                Or they could just do whatever they want.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  In their desperation to reclaim the White House they hoaxed 20 million votes and now they have state officials standing before crowds of aging Millennial and Boomer normies chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” in code veiled by the thinnest of thin fig leaves.

                  Clearly they could not just do whatever they want.

              • neofugue says:

                > Look at the case of Andrew Auernheimer, notorious countersemite. The bureaucrats put him in federal prison yet he got out because he found an out.

                The Feds tortured Weev in solitary for a year on trumped-up charges; serving only 13 months out of a 41 month sentence is not “winning” against a court system having the power to do whatever it so desires.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  I gave a well-known example of the process-based structurally autistic nature of the courts serving as a check on the bureaucrats, who preferred to give up one of their most high-profile victims than establish precedent against their interests.

                  Was 13 months of solitary a “win”? It was a win compared to 41 months. And frankly 41 months was a win compared to Guantanamo Bay and the like, where the bureaucrats have successfully escaped due process in toto.

                  The FBI’s handing over of O’Keefe’s documents to the NYT represents a new epoch of lawlessness. If multiple FBI officers aren’t sentenced to decades in federal prison in response, bureaucrat contempt for court will grow fivefold and systemic criminality will escalate like you’ve never seen it escalate before.

                  The logical endpoint of this is killing fields. As they lead you from the armored bus to the open grave, you’ll look back on these times and think, “Damn, I’m really missing the courts now.”

              • jim says:

                > the courts, unlike the bureaucracies, are process-based. They’re procedural and run on precedent. If you find a precedent, technicality, or “out”, you will win.

                Normality bias.

                That has not been true for a very long time.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  There is a thousand years of precedent that when a higher court orders a lower court judge to dismiss a case, he has to dismiss it..But in DC, when a Trump supporting General was involved, it didn’t happen….And then that rogue decision was affirmed by the same court he had insulted…Thirty years ago, that trial court judge would have been removed from office.

                • Karl says:

                  If a judge doesn’t like the precedent you present, he’ll find a reason why your precedent doesn’t apply. That has been so for a very long time.

                  To the extent that courts work as intended, they are driven by lazininess as it is usually less work to apply precedent than to provide other reasons for a decision

        • Arqiduka says:

          Russian roulette is a fair and efficient punishment too when the crime doesn’t quite merit death.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            This feels like b8, but if it isn’t, how do you see a luck based task as fair? Think of all the countless morons, myself included, who get lucky. If it is worth having the rule, the rule is worth enforcing universally and harshly.

            That being said, punishment by trial may be of some value. As in, give someone a near impossible task with the stakes being death or success, and let GNON decide.

            • Arqiduka says:

              Not b8 of any kind, its a well know theoretical concept from econ.

              You bring up the issue with it: it fails to match most people’s understanding of justice, but I don’t think universality (a must have) precludes applications based on random chance. As long as we all face the same chance of success, I consider myself to have received a fair go.

              Further , to my mind a guy who beats a dude to within an inch of his life ( assume no extenuating circs at all) merits neither death nor flogging, but half a chance of death. If he emerges unscathed from the ordeal, I am satisfied that his debt is paid. Most others would disagree I reckon, but chance of death is a great and practical concept when the circumstances are such that you must dish out punishment in the moment. Now it’s getting a bit iffy, so I’ll stop here.

              • yewotm8 says:

                That would depend on whether winning a game of Russian roulette humbles or emboldens the winner. If it induces a feeling of invincibility rather than scaring the shit out of him, I don’t see it doing the job all that well.

                • Arqiduka says:

                  Meh, it works wonders on repeat offenders for obvious reasons, so no problem at all with the guys who feel emboldened. “Go right ahead, make my day” and all of that.

        • Karl says:

          So you argue that the law should not require lawyers, but you also want punishment in the form of flogging, exile, and death.

          Who would decide who gets which punishmnet?

          Wouldn’t that person be a “judge” by definition?

          Isn’t a judge a lawyer by definition?

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


            He who holds court is a Lord, or is someone deputized by a Lord to act as a conduit for his judgements in his stead.

            The proliferation of lawyering classes represents regression away from judgement and towards bureaucratic proceduralism.

            • Karl says:

              Arguably, a lord who holds court is no judge although he judges because his primary responsibility is governing. Problem has always been that the lord does not have all that much time to decide cases. So inevitably there will be someone deputized by the Lord to judge both criminal and civil cases.

              That deputized guy, isn’t he a judge? If so isn’t he by definition a lawyer? If he isn’t a lawyer, what else is he?

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                >If so isn’t he by definition a lawyer?


                >If he isn’t a lawyer, what else is he?

                A judge.

                In ancien ionia and roma, we find lawyers as particular advocates for a particular citizen’s cause; they are not the figures you would be appearing before and appealing to in the first place.

                • Karl says:

                  You are correct. I looked it up. Laywer is a synonym for attorney.

                  I was suffering from the misconception than judges are also lawyers. Sorry

              • Frontier says:

                You really don’t want Judges and lawyers (hired advocates) to be drawn from the same pool.

                Judges should be warrior caste above word sorcerer lawyers; the Lord or his deputy (who can be fired by the lord’s dictate); who at his whim can cut off a case and say “defendant is obviously guilty; record him getting lashed until begs like a bitch for mercy or dies; then exile him under pain of death if he returns to our territory. Also hang his lawyer as an example to those who would defend the snakes among us who are obviously guilty.”

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I will never get between a lawyer and comeuppance, but the system should be built to not need them. Legal scholarship is something, in another life, I’d spend all my time doing. But that is the realm of history and philosophy.

                  We spend a lot of time here reviewing the fell deeds of wicked people. So it is natural that we class them, regardless of exceptions. The few good ones abide the evil ones, making them all guilty by association. But there are valuable lawyers, professors, sociologists, and therapists out there. Let’s make sure we spare those 20 or so people and put them to good use.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            The issue of delegation necessity is fascinating. I personally believe it is what destroyed the Ancien Regime. Aidan and Jim has an awesome back and forth about this a while back, and lots of the Regulars chimed in. So it’s probably better to consult the archives. That being understood, I think there’s no getting around the hard limit of social intimacy constraints. For the sake of discussion, let’s set the limit at 100. A person of basic intelligence can maintain somewhat to deeply intimate relationships with 100 people. The tiers of judgement are the Personal, the Patriarchal, the Communal, the Regional, and the Royal level.

            It may be asking too much of people to self-judge their iniquity, but in some things it might be possible.

            The Patriarchal tier is where I imagine a Restored Society will live or die. So many bad actors, so much evil and waste, occurs because father’s cannot punish adequately, will not punish adequately, or are absent. That must change. I may be coming around to TC’s position as a necessity, but I’m not in the camp of exterminating bastards, at least not all of them. Men die and leave behind children. This needs to be something that is addressed. So the discipline, or judgement, of the patriarch needs to carry a lot of the burden of justice.

            The Communal tier is the writ of the Patriarch of patriarchs. These are issues outside the writ of the father, but not of regional, or intercommunity, concern. This is the outer boundary of our 100 person limitation. If a community is made up of 5 hundreds, 5 Patriarchs will be called upon.

            The Regional tier is the beginning of the King’s justice. These men will be known by name and deed to the King. There is some capacity at this level for appellate purposes, but appeals are so disgustingly abused it should be an extremely rare instance, or obvious corruption.

            The Royal tier is the King only, or his sons maybe, but there is very little good reasoning behind delegating justice at this, or any level.

            At every tier, advocacy is the responsibility of the accused, just as evidence is the responsibility of the accuser. This is why the punishments are simple and explicit. This is why the laws must be simple and explicit. Remember “so easy a caveman can do it”? This is more accurately described as, so easy a negro/afghan/woman can understand it. A system like this does not need third parties getting involved. It is brutal and simple, providing motivation to avoid it if at all possible. It is a structure that makes it very easy to detect corruption and bloat. It can be observed by all, no secret courts or monied exceptions. It isn’t perfect, but I believe it is robust and adequate. A glaring downside is obviously the sheer caseload based on North America’s population. But there’s nothing just about plea bargains, delayed sentencing, state mediated divorce, or 0 cost parole. In this system, the only period of incarceration is slightly before and during the trial. I think a trial by combat clause could slot in, but absolutely no proxy bullshit.

            • Prince Charming says:

              > so easy a negro/afghan/woman can understand it

              Terminal bluepill brain cancer. Next thing you know, animals will be brought up on charges.

              A woman or a child or a nigger is the property and responsibility of the patriarch of the household. If a woman runs over a horse, it is not going to be Fred filing against Sheila, it is going to be Fred’s owner filing against Sheila’s owner.

              Anything else is a perversion of justice, unworkable, and a farce.

              To be party to court proceedings requires certain rather high intellectual ability and societal groundedness. A court that wants to effect an animal’s (or a child’s, woman’s, nigger’s, refugee’s) compliance with a ruling will need to deputise a bailiff to follow it day and night and keep patiently correcting it until compliance with the ruling becomes a habit. Or, you know, it can just fine the patriarch and order him to get his house in order and discipline his dependants.

  17. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like bitcoin is being added to the $10K transaction limit FINCEN reporting requirements.

  18. Aidan says:

    I’m coming to suspect that the shot causes permanent motor and neurological problems, if not brain damage (Is the spike protein small enough to pass the blood-brain barrier?). Over the last year, since the rollout, drivers have gotten substantially and noticeably worse. A lot of people can’t stay in their lane, slow down to 10 to turn, drive under the speed limit, and other generally retarded behavior. I’d say 1/10 cars on the road are actively a danger to themselves and others, and I’ve had to begin driving much more defensively out of sheer necessity. Driving is about the most neurologically demanding task most people engage in, and the quality of drivers is in shocking and obvious decline.

    I’d like to see the reaction times and hand-eye coordination of the vaxxed tested. People report brain fog as a symptom of the shot, but I don’t think it goes away. I expect one would find a lot of spike protein lingering in the spinal fluid.

    • Frontier says:

      I work in healthcare. Saw a patient with a completely red finger, and large bruise on another extremity after getting third booster. Suggests spike proteins congesting and damaging blood vessels at circulatory turning point.

    • Pooch says:

      Could just be more browns and blacks on the road. Not sure where you live but in my former diversity utopia, driving got noticeably more painful as more and more imports arrived over the years which could be quite unbearable at times. Maybe the pandemic gave whites more of an ability to stay off the roads with remote work which would only exacerbate the problem.

      • Frontier says:

        Maybe. But is the ratio of white collar whites working remote greater than the NAM’s on welfare? Question worth someone investigating.

        Vehicle fatalities have gone up per mile driven from 1.2 in 2020 to 1.34 in 2021. Lot of reason’s why you could argue, but I strongly suspect the clot shot

      • Aidan says:

        Driving has been in steady decline since at least ten years ago because of diversity, but it took a steep plummet this year. I used to drive quite aggressively, driving a car like I would ride a motorcycle, but I no longer feel safe doing that.

        I don’t think whites are off the road because of WFH. Where I live, there is just as much traffic as pre-covid.

        • Zach says:

          Slow drivers are endlessly challenging to my shallow sanity. People without urgency are literally another manifestation of the plague to a guy like me.

          That being said I have noticed that on average people are losing their manners, patience and good will. I see it everywhere. Hear it everywhere. Thus I see it on the road in the form of nutty driving.

          On a side note this build back faggier thing that just got pushed through is utterly retarded. I consider this country dead and buried with yet still lingering third world tendencies just salivating at the chance to show us all how long it can stab itself in the throat over and over.

          Been reading the new astral SSC lately. If those fucking brain dead maggots represent anything approaching silicon valley, then I bow my head in shame. There are no words…

          Yes, a tangent I suppose…

      • HerbR says:

        It’s not the browns and blacks. Demographics haven’t changed in my area over the last year, but road safety has definitely become worse.

        And it’s showing up in the traffic fatality statistics. Demographic changes aren’t enough to cause that kind of a sudden jump, when the same statistic had been largely flat for the decade preceding.

        • Pooch says:

          Just throwing out an additional reason, even if unlikely.

          Maybe more public transportation blacks were able to buy cars with their covid money putting more of them on the roads? Flying nowadays seems much more noticeably black in the airport than I recall post-covid. I think I saw a stat somewhere on twitter that post-covid welfare blacks can make the equivalent of something like 40k per year. No idea how accurate that really is.

          • HerbR says:

            There aren’t more cars, or drivers, on the road. There is no heavy traffic. Just the same people, in the same quantities, driving with lower awareness and lower competence.

            You’re thinking in the frame of an urbanite. I think Aidan has pointed out that he’s in an exurb, and so am I. Several weeks may go by without me seeing a single black person, and I don’t think there are any browns at all.

            Doesn’t matter how it’s framed, it’s just not a demographic problem. Not directly, anyway – maybe there’s some far-flung argument to be made that the diversity is driving white people insane, but even that is an urbanite argument, because again, there just aren’t any niggers here. No public transport, either, and very little enforcement of speed limits.

            • Aidan says:

              For the moment, I am in a suburb quite close to a big city. I live in the white part of town, but a hundred yards away, niggerville and spictown begin. A mile away from that is one of the wealthiest suburbs on the planet. The niggers and spics have always been terrible drivers, though asians are still the worst, and the driving gets notably worse in their part of town, but now it is worse everywhere, and the offenders are now upscale cars driven by the mostly-vaxxed whites. I often drive far away from the city to go innawoods, and the driving is bad on the interstate and in rural towns and exurbs too.

              Pickup trucks still drive like they always do, and I presume that the working-class white man who owns a pickup truck is the least likely to get vaxxed.

              • jim says:

                Strangely slow driving combined with an increase in fatal accidents indicates diminished capacity. Looks like there is a lot of brain fog going around.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I wish all these slow drivers would move to my county… Maybe it’s a function of me getting older, but I’m enraged daily by female text drivers and retard teens zooming in and out of traffic. I’m a tacticool and derpfensively trained vehicle operator, so I can burn it down when required, but I’ve definitely slipped into the “5 over on caps lock” paradigm. Thinking about buying some white crew socks to go with my loafers and opinions on woodgrain firearm furniture. Yessiree they don’t make ’em like they used to.

                • HerbR says:

                  I’m exactly like you, cruising at about 5 over, which in normal conditions is actually in sync with the traffic flow. You want to be in the flow. A lot of research and the closest we’re able to get to controlled experiments all tend to show that while weaving in and out of traffic is incredibly hard to resist doing, and definitely “feels” faster, it doesn’t actually save much time. Might save a few minutes, on the other hand might take longer. This is true in both the city and the country.

                  But this is a little different, people are talking about the drivers who cruise on 5 *under*. Or 20 under. Or brake for no reason in particular. These are the drivers that actually cause traffic, and consequently traffic accidents.

                • Aidan says:

                  I don’t mind fast or aggressive driving as long as the aggressive driver is competent. For my entire life, the de facto speed limit where I live was ten over, which most people would do, and the cops did not care, and now a lot of people have trouble even doing the speed limit.

                  Like Herb said, the problem now is people who drive too slowly, people who cannot stay in their lanes, people who put on their brakes for no apparent reason.

                • jim says:

                  > Like Herb said, the problem now is people who drive too slowly, people who cannot stay in their lanes, people who put on their brakes for no apparent reason.

                  This indicates an epidemic of mental fog, a large scale epidemic of fog.

                  Looks like the clot shot is not killing many people – it has doubled the death rate among the youngest and healthiest, but their death rate was always very low. But it seems that lasting mental fog is a common and widespread effect.

                • neofugue says:

                  > while weaving in and out of traffic is incredibly hard to resist doing, and definitely “feels” faster, it doesn’t actually save much time. Might save a few minutes, on the other hand might take longer

                  On parkways (car only highways), my experience during traffic is that the slow lane is overall faster because drivers who weave in and out of traffic create a stop and go effect in the passing lane. On highways, during traffic the passing lane is slightly faster because of the lack of trucks. The accepted standard is 10mph above, mainly because ticket fines are insignificant until then. Cruising under the speed limit is poor driving etiquette, and blocking the passing lane is dangerous.

                  Although I commute by train, I have noticed this past year that accidents are becoming increasingly common during rush hour especially on parkways, which are harder to drive on than regular highways.

              • Yul Bornhold says:

                Asians being the worst drivers surprises me. They score highest on spatial IQ. In fact, their dramatically high spatial IQ compensates for very low verbal ability.

                • Red says:

                  It’s their lack of being able to read and cooperate with other drivers naturally. Safe driving is mostly about communicating and reading the other cars and thus drivers intentions. For instance, most people do a small movement with their car before they change lanes even if they don’t use their turn signal and most people with practice pick that up. Asians don’t tend to communicate such things.

                  When I was just a young autist, I was in 6 car crashes in my first 7 years of driving. 2 caused by me, 4 by others. It took me that long to dump the idea of the official rules of the road and defensive driving. After that I started communicating and reading other drivers and largely ignoring the official rules in favor of the informal ones that seemed to be naturally occurring.

                • The Titan says:

                  > When I was just a young autist, I was in 6 car crashes in my first 7 years of driving.


                • HerbR says:

                  It’s surprising, but it’s true. Many years of driving in Bluemerica taught me that.

                  It is very tempting to fall into the lazy pattern of thinking that blacks and browns are responsible for all of our problems, because they truly are responsible for so damn many of them. But driving isn’t one, or at least, not a significant one.

                  Operating a vehicle is at least somewhat g-loaded, for sure, but reflexes and situational awareness are equally important. Those traits aren’t especially deficient in blacks, but they are a major weakness of many Asian races, especially South Asians (i.e. Indians) but also East Asians.

                  The most aggressive drivers, in my experience, are actually the quasi-white Latinos, but maybe that is just because of their high tendency to DUI. A black dude is likely to get out of his car and start threatening you, but not nearly as likely to crash it at high speed. It’s the Asian drivers who are truly terrifying, who all seem to either not know or not care what’s going on around them. If you ever want to prove it to yourself, just get into the passenger seat with one of them at the wheel.

                • Pooch says:

                  A black dude is likely to get out of his car and start threatening you, but not nearly as likely to crash it at high speed.


                  This lines up with what I observe, that drivers going extreme speeds (100+ mph) are disproportionately blacks and browns.

                • Aidan says:

                  Good driving is a combination of IQ and testosterone. It’s a white male thing. Asians, like women, drive with blinders on. It is like they are too scared to pay attention to what is going on around them. Blacks are often good drivers for the same reason that they are often good athletes, but their recklessness tends to bite them in the long run.

        • Pooch says:

          Also, one more could be less enforcement of speed limits and moving violations by the police via funding cuts and less of a willingness by police to interact with crazily driving blacks on the road.

        • Andy says:

          I’m seeing a lot more erratic behavior in general – I think the lockdowns and accompanying societal upset, masking, loss of income, etc. have driven a segment of the population to the edge. Marriages that might have survived a bit longer if the husband/wife weren’t locked in together are breaking down, people are screaming at each other in public about masking or not masking or other minor infractions, homeless people are wandering around in a more erratic fashion than usual. The clot shots and lax policing only add to the fun.

    • Varna says:

      The change in driving is real.

      Also a month back a thread on 4ch with people sharing personal experience. 90% agreed that drivers now are suddenly blanking out or going nuts in numbers and intensity higher than before.

      Also more airplanes crashing in Russia left and right this year, like it’s the 1990s all over again. Could be pilot brain blood vessels not handling thing as well as before a jab with good ole Sputnik.

      Putin appears to be still hunkered down, mostly doing video appearances. Maybe there’s another period of some struggling under the surface.

      In the federal state of Tatary, they’ve just introduced the vax pass for public transport(!) in the towns and cities. The Khabarovsk state is going to implement inter-city travel vax passes next month.

      Another example why sometimes the “most developed places” are not a good deal when the context changed. Just like in EE the Baltics and Slovenia were always “the almost western good example” and now are the most fascist with the vax passes, cutting off almost all options for refuseniks, so in Russia too–the most developed and efficient states, like Tatary, with their capital Kazan always voted best provincial capital after St Petersburg–now they’re full vax fash.

      • Karl says:

        Are they competently enforcing the vax passes or are they following the German example of easy to forge documentation?

        By the way, the German government has admitted that forging vax passes and using them is no punishable crime after some courts have said so. Now they are drafting new laws that would make the forgery and the use of forged vax passes a crime.

        We’ll see how soon those laws are passed and whether they will be more competently written than the present set of laws.

        • Varna says:

          I’m not keeping up specifically, but when random info appears in my visual field I’ll relay it:)

          For now I just glimpse Russian and various EE headlines about “fax pass forgery” leading X fines and possibly Y years in jail, but haven’t gone deep into that.

          Probably still 80-90% illegal bluffing, but without a robust pushback like by the red states of the USA, the illegal bluffing translates into real pressure and compliance.

    • Karl says:

      Why do you suspect that the neurological problems are permanent?

      We know that the clot shot causes inflammation like myocarditis, pericarditis etc. These inflammations can heal (mostly, anyway, not saying the patient will ever be back to prior fitness levels). I assume that many other organs are also affect by inflammation after the clot shot, e.g. liver, neurological tissue etc. So yes, quite likely that you would find spike protein in spinal fluid. My guess is you would also find (mild) inflammation.

      Low level inflammation would explain symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, poor hand-eye coordination etc. Low level inflammation that is not treated can persist for quite a while, but should be largely reversible, like myocarditis.

      • Varna says:

        It’ll be reversible if the person figures out for themselves what’s up, then constructs a regimen for themselves, and follows it.

        The doctors are instead likely to just throw antidepressants at them.

        Maybe some opioids too hehe.

        Anyway, that’s all based on “jabbed once, managed to get over it” scenario. In an “endless boosters” scenario ain’t no one ever gonna have time to get better from nothin.

      • Aidan says:

        Neurological damage is reversible through strength training, pushing your body to its physical limits in order to force it to build new CNS connections. But hardly anybody does it, and no doctor will recommend it. If forced to be jabbed, and already in good health, can probably work your way back to good health. But that is insignificant on a society-wide level.

        Remember, inflammation is the body trying to heal damage. Inflammation subsiding is not necessarily a sign that the damage has healed. Taking anti-inflammatory meds can be in certain situations counterproductive to healing

    • Red says:

      I was talking to my handyman and he described how he was hit by at an intersection by a guy who was high as a kite, admitted that he was driving while intoxicated, had no insurance, drivers license, etc and the cops let the guy go. This appears to be standard operating procedure for all such people. The criminal knew the cops would let him go and laughed in my handyman’s face about it.

      I first saw this sort of thing with drunken Mexicans in California starting 10 years ago. Every other fatal accident was some drunk Mexican killing a family and the cops wouldn’t touch them. Today this appears to have spread to almost all criminal drivers.

      When the cops are not allowed to remove criminally bad drivers cause an ever increasing rate of fatalities on the road.

  19. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    On a tangential note:

    Obviously most people tuned in for the novelty of seeing AOC get bamboozled in a party game with youtube personalities, but the thing that personally struck me the most was, just how much of a bumfuck mouthbreather Ilhan Omar sounds like when you hear her speak.

    These are the people the old elite have tapped as their replacements.

    • Pooch says:

      These are the people the old elite have tapped as their replacements.

      No they haven’t. They are on the fringes of power in the Democratic party. There’s plenty of Kamalas, Cory Bookers, Mark Warners, Amy Klobuchars, etc who haven’t gotten their turn yet.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        They think they haven’t, but it remains to be seen. The Germans thought sending Lenin back to Russia was a clever move, too. Golems are known for turning on their creators.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        St. John is closer to the mark, Pooch. Every empty suit you mentioned is a GenXer. A cohort as pitiful as it is small. Zeihan may be a feckless faggot, but I think he’s correct in stating that his generation (X) will get the blame and the Millennials will get the throne. A throne of corpses.

        Get yer blackpills, geeeet yer blackpills heah!!!

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The passive voice might be more topically correct here – that these sorts of people are replacing the old elite in the incumbent power structure, in any case – but i posed it in more volitionary terms, because in many ways it was; they are ultimately responsible for creating the social environment where their replacement by sub-functional mystery meat is all but inevitable – the only ‘principled’ outcomes left that can happen inside the ‘overton window’ as such.

        It is the final irony of doing leftism as a competitive strategy; to destroy any chance of your ‘legacy’ being carried on after you yourself are gone.

        • jim says:

          It is absolutely and completely obvious that they do not want to be replaced by the likes of Omar.

          It is equally obvious that they have holiness spiraled themselves into a corner where the only question is whether it is next month, or they can hold the line for a few more years.

          • Pooch says:

            If the likes of Ilhan Omar and AOC are fully in power over USG (or what’s left of it), we have reached full-on South Africa status. Rolling blackouts are going to be a bigger problem than the state at that point.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I take your point, but not full on SA status. My biggest contention with your persistent analysis about the South-Africanization of the USA is a question of demographics. Blacks are about the same percentage of SA as whites are of USA. Whites in SA are about the same percentage as Latinos in USA. Consider too the gross total population disparity (350,000,000 vs. 60,000,000). Now, we can safely assume that ¼ of SA whites are cucked, ¼ are cowed, and ½ are based, redpilled, or B&R’d. ANC does what they do through the labor and capital of the whites and the capacity for violence of the Bantu tribes (almost exclusively, apparently, because a lot of the other tribes quietly but consistently seem to prefer the Afrikaners). Turning to USA, easily ½ of the whites (30 millions) are cucked. Of the uncucked, how many are redpilled? Definitely a lot of closeted basedness, but as St. Aiden said in his sermon on the Mountain Hike “be not cringed, but be based, for thou which are cringe cannot be based, and thy basedness shall lead thee to the Redpill. But verily I say unto you, though thou may be based, that does not mean thou art redpilled, and many that haveth the pills of red are not based in mine eyes. And if thou are based but not redpilled, likewise if thou are redpilled but not based, thou art cringe, or will become cringe in the passing of time. Ayylmaomen.” (paraphrased)

              Silliness aside, SA is the product of decades of Progressive meddling and an abundance of low IQ tribals with very few Occidentals. While we have a lot more cucked whites, we also have a lot of potential allies. If the DNC goes ANC, a lot of moderates and fence-sitters will be forced to explicitly declare their allegiance. And meximelts hate negros. They don’t like us, but I don’t think it’s enough to trust blacks over whites. Just my opinion, and it is a semantic quibble about timing, not outcome.

              • Pooch says:

                I expect the South Africanization of America to be a slow process. Actual South Africa may be 50 or even 100 years ahead of America. We already are seeing the prioritization of Haitian blacks over just regular old Mexicans. I expect that trend to extend to actual black Africans coming from Africa The US is a big country, much bigger than South Africa. Going to take a while to dump more barbarians in it and different parts are going to have barbarians dumped at different rates.

                Indeed, parts of America are already South Africa, particularly from Maryland down to Florida. Go to Baltimore or Detroit or Chicago and ask yourself what continent you’re on. There are large swaths of America, today, that are just as black as any part of Africa.

                It’s likely the case the western States will come to resemble Venezuela instead of black South Africa, but third worldism is still the destination. A difference of degree not kind.

              • Pooch says:

                And meximelts hate negros. They don’t like us, but I don’t think it’s enough to trust blacks over whites. Just my opinion, and it is a semantic quibble about timing, not outcome.

                Blacks more holy than meximelts as long as the state religion stays intact. Bioleninism means the black African sub-saharan woman is the greatest of all. Likely the Cathedral turns against the lighter skin spics as honorary whites when the European whites are adequately subdued.

              • Aidan says:

                The ANC seems to be wise enough to realize that the whites of SA pay the taxes and keep the power on, and have a tacit agreement to not use state power to dispossess them on a massive scale, though they are apt to turn a blind eye to private violence against whites.

                What may make the US different is if the state decides to actively dispossess whites, being holiness-spiraled to that point, and uses its more competent minorities as catspaws to facilitate private violence by blacks. I.e. if the cops look the other way except to punish whites for self defense. That is already the name of the game in blue cities when a BLM riot is on, but not the case in most places and at most times here and now.

                People will not hop off the fence into being openly redpilled, but they have and are hopping off the fence to protect their own. The BLM riots last year led to a massive gun-buying spree among white democrats in the suburbs who would still piously proclaim, if not support for BLM, support for racial equality.

            • HerbR says:

              My contention is that it’s perpetually rooted in the Washington clown show.

              Pooch, what is it going to take for you to internalize Reaction 101 and realize that none of that stuff is real? Elected officials don’t have significant power. “The likes of Ilhan Omar and AOC” are ephemeral and irrelevant – at most they’re somewhat representative of what the real regime is thinking and doing, but certainly not the regime itself.

              All of a sudden, over the last week or so, the pointless minutiae of democratic politics is spreading here like a virus. If you don’t fight it, you lose memetic sovereignty.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Kamala is the least popular person in America, less popular than Epstein…and the rest are obviously total losers…AOC is young and vigorous, and the right kind of hairbrained idiot for leftists.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          I consider Communist Barbie and Derka-Derka Mohammad Jihad to be excellent replacements for the current elite. They are joke candidates. The only people who take them seriously are those even less useful in a fight than the two of them. Them being put in charge of America means a collapse in the American ability to project force, both at home and abroad.

  20. Davi says:

    Guys, sorry for being out of topic, but i wanted to ask if you have a list of anti-enlightenment/anti-egalitarian thinkers.

    • Pooch says:

      Kyle is obviously not guilty in the same way Chauvin was obviously not guilty. The only thing that matters is how reasonable the jurors are.

      • Karl says:

        How safe is a juror if he dares to vote “not guilty” in this case?

        • Jehu says:

          I don’t think the jurors are safe regardless of how they vote.

          Convicting Kyle would be a Sodom and Gomorrah moment. Either way they vote, the probability of retaliation on their persons and livelihoods is very high. Probably the minimum they could expect is to have a detective inspect their lives for anything damaging that could be publicized.

        • pyrrhus says:

          That doesn’t seem clear, hope there are some single men on the jury…

          • Pooch says:

            11 women, 8 men (1 was thrown off). 1 of the jurors is black. Apparently only 12 jurors will decide and they will have to cut 7 which is bizarre.

            • Travis says:

              Many alternate jurors is normal for high profile trials in case there are many disqualifications. They are seated as normal and witness all proceedings.

        • Pooch says:

          Unknown. If the jurors are indeed unbiased and reasonable, which is not even a given (one was thrown off for making a joke about the Blake shooting apparently), the next question is how safe are the jurors, also not a given.

        • eretus says:

          There has been a claim that there are people in attendance of the court taking photos of the jurors in anticipation of the need to dox them at some later point. Whether or not it is true the threat is being openly stated.

      • notglowing says:

        Chauvin was demonized and Floyd sanctified on a completely different level.
        It’s not the same.

        • Pooch says:

          Yes it could be argued that Chauvin is more unholy than Kyle and thus less Cathedral energy is going to be spent to persecute Kyle. Chauvin’s trial generated a large mob waiting outside the courthouse for the verdict to be read. Unknown if that type of energy will be revved up when Kyle’s trial goes to deliberations.

          • notglowing says:

            I mean, everyone knows Floyd’s name and face, and that he was a pure innocent victim.
            I don’t even know the name of the commie Kyle shot and I am more interested in the story than most.
            I agree that in principle they don’t want Kyle to receive a fair trial. I used to think it was impossible for him to win. However the facts are very strongly in his favour, much more so than Chauvin, whose life wasn’t threatened. And there doesn’t seem to be enough propaganda against Kyle to make his acquittal impossible.

            It’s certainly a bad gamble though. I could see them screw him no matter how innocent he is.

            • Pooch says:

              Yes the media is staying completely silent for the most part about the Rittenhouse trial, not even spending much effort to spin it to the their liking, where as the Chauvin trial was blasted 24/7. Unknown what that means, perhaps they just know they have a losing hand.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Or maybe they’re sharpening their pens for when an exonerated Rittenhouse is justly executed by some soyboy with a ghostgun after his state supplied body armor mysteriously runs out of batteries.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Some long-form docudramas have been produced over the ‘controversy’ that have been aired on news networks, where they try pretty hard to present the matters as sensationally as possible, to arouse emotive energy levels in cattle watching, and to tip that flow of energy to spill in the desired direction, by framing Rittenhouse as a ‘dangerous loose cannon’ who provoked innocent vandals into committing aggravated assault by ‘looking like he was alone’.

                Obviously it’s been pretty hard for them to spin this as anything except a well deserved killing of the well-deserving of killing, but that they make the attempt anyways.

                • jim says:

                  The reaction of the prosecution suggests that they were not expecting that.

                  Why not?

                  It only makes sense if they thought the defense was in their pocket, or their witness was going to lie about what the whole world saw on video.

                  I see large numbers of people lying about what they saw on that video. It is like women in the workplace. People, a lot of people just flat out will not see what they are forbidden to see. Maybe the prosecution figured they could just cruise through on everyone not seeing.

                  The prosecution was telling people that this was going to be explosive testimony, that this was going to nail Kyle, that this was going to present Kyle as a dangerous out of control shooter that people needed to defend themselves against. What?? Did they not see the video?

                  But now, what everyone saw, has been said.

                • Karl says:

                  Maybe the prosecutors belong to the people who cannot see what they are forbidden to see?

          • The Cominator says:

            Good for us because Chauvin was not our man and Kyle is.

      • pyrrhus says:

        No..Chauvin’s life was not threatened, and he was a bit reckless..Kyle’s life was pretty clearly going to end if he did not shoot the last guy…

        • Prince Charming says:

          Chauvin did nothing wrong but followed his training. Ground holds can be a bit abstract for a morbidly obese faggot like you, so mabe stop pontificating on things you do not understand.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            It boils my blood when people who don’t have to go physical ever, much less with ravenous refugees, sit back and declare how suspects should and shouldn’t be interacted with. But there’s nothing to be gained by lashing out. The restoration could come tomorrow, and the King’s Peace the day after, with scheduled interstellar launches beginning in a week’s time, and someone would still be explaining to me why chokeholds (the single most effective physical pacification technique) are somehow violent and evil. It’s worse than an uphill battle and not with fighting, bro.

            • jim says:

              Chokeholds are great, though they take a little while to be effective. But they do not take that long to be effective.

              It was totally justified to apply neck pressure to Floyd. But I find it hard to be believe that continuing neck pressure that long was needed. He looked to me that, like everyone else under that hold, Floyd quieted fast enough.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                The whole thing felt like a set up. I’m convinced that this is a tool in their arsenal, and that we will see it deployed again when they want to stir up trouble in urban areas. The riots inspired by that dumb-show drove so many entrepreneurs out of business, enriched prog-corps, and put a massive schism in white families across the country.

                I guess you could say chokes take a little while, but properly deployed it’s less than 10 seconds, and can be less than 5. The chokehold is the Fight Ender, and it is blatantly obvious why they don’t want it allowed in the toolkit.

                • Pooch says:

                  Power of propaganda. Never underestimate the Cathedral’s ability to propagandize a mob of subhumans into violence, especially in a Trump election year.

                  Sure, the video was great but if the Cathedral wants blacks to riot across the country it is going to find a reason for blacks to riot across the country.

                • Aidan says:

                  When men fight in earnest, it is very likely that one of them will die. There are many social animals that fight each other; most of them are very good at immediately breaking off the fight once one of them displays the proper submission display and the social hierarchy is sorted out.

                  Man is not one of those animals. We do not have to be trained to beat the other guy until he stops moving. When we do martial arts, we need to be trained to lay off the other guy when he taps out, and that often does not work so well. When the adrenaline is flowing, our instincts are to keep going until the opponent is a stain on the ground. Which is why in boxing, the referee often needs to physically jump in between fighters when a round ends or one man is KO’d.

                  The ancients favored wrestling as the civilized combat sport, because it was far less lethal than any alternative. When a man applies a chokehold, and the opponent passes out, the man’s instincts will tell him to keep going until the other guy is dead, and that is a feature, not a bug.

                  When men fight in earnest, it is likely that there will be a body afterwards. The natural law position on this is that the ne’er-do-well is at fault and the man of the community is blameless. When two upstanding citizens get into a lethal fight, the winner had to pay weregild to the dead man’s family if the killing did not take place during a lawful duel, the duel existing to make lawful and orderly what was going to happen anyway.

              • Prince Charmin says:


                • jim says:

                  Source for the Israeli role?

                • jim says:

                  This is rather short of an actual claim that the Israelis taught him the technique.

                • alf says:

                  Yes and Anglin also has a big banner on top that says ‘9/11 was a Jewish hoax’ so that means Jim pegs him as an FBI paid shill.

                  I don’t think Anglin is an FBI paid shill, but I do think he has too much Jew on the brain. Wish he hadn’t, some of his articles are fun, but every time he drones about da j00s I just zone out, and he drones about them way too often.

                • Varna says:

                  Anglin’s rhetoric concerning Jews is no more over the top than his rhetoric concerning women or trannies.
                  I suggest viewing it as his field in which he tries to stretch the overton window back to normality.

                  The opposite of “Jews are fluffy victims who can do no wrong”, “always believe women”, and “trannies are super natural and cute”, is “scheming kikes are to blame for everything”, “lying whores must be chained to the kitchen”, and “trannies are unholy abominations for which God will purge us with fire”.

                  This is his thematic profile and he’s very very good at it. Three major topics through which he filters almost everything.

                • alf says:

                  I dislike people telling me 2+2=3, even if it’s supposedly in response to other people telling me that 2+2=5.

                • Prince Charming says:


                  It was talked about a lot by Palestinians at the time, so I thougt it was common knowledge. My bad.

                  I find it persuasive, though.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Why do 9/11 truthers conflate truth == the technical details of the attack were otherwise than reported?

                  If the US intelligence services are powerful and evil, why couldn’t they just hijack some planes for real?

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  “Israeli trained” is the same as “military grade” or “navy seal preferred;” marketing bullshit aimed at Boomercon paypigs.

                  In terms of Anglin’s frame Alf, I don’t see how it’s “2+2=3.” His rampant antisemitism is camouflage. I bet the dude slays Hebrew quim on the regular.

                • alf says:

                  His rampant antisemitism is camouflage.

                  Camouflage for what? It’s dumb and boring.

                • Prince Charming says:


                  > Dismantling the biggest hoax in history is dumb and boring, mmkay.

                  Reportedly half the people still think that wooden doors and gas chambers go together like bagels and cream cheese, so maybe pointing out that Jews are capable of training a badge nigger to perform a humiliating yet safe anti-schwartze technique, then railroading him in their media for performing it the same way the IDF perform it daily on Palestinians, while at the same time bamboozling enough people that *in this very thread* we have people writing the hold is a choke hold, is a very useful way to spill ink.

                  But now that we have the new biggest hoax in history, he talks mainly about corona.

                  But yeah, let’s shit on Anglin. Never mind that he passes the WQ test every other day. We have plenty of other media personalities that casually disseminate NRx memes, right.

                • jim says:

                  It is not a choke hold. The discomfort occurs because half the blood supply to your brain is cut off, which will not kill you, but causes comparable levels of discomfort.

                • alf says:

                  We have plenty of other media personalities that casually disseminate NRx memes, right.

                  I see many people casually disseminating NRx memes, Anglin is just one of them.

                  Is he supposed to be my friend? He’s not. Apparently he passes the woman question – great. My complaint is about him failing the Jewish question.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Years of psychic abuse from discourses they had been embedded in throughout their lives have left most white boys with unexamined trauma over the subject of a small sect of eurasian tribesmen.

                  For many, this comes to be expressed through a lingering phobia of touching on or acknowledging the matter to begin with; they retain subconscious associations of it with feelings of danger, fear, and or shame, such that, even in one who might otherwise be based and redpilled in many ways, will still feel tendrils of crimestop seeping through and cranking the gears in his mind, from the phenomena of seeing others so much as speak the names explicitly.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’m a johnny-come-lately to Stormer and Anglin, not out of crimestop or lack of access. It’s just dangerous to read it toi often under certain circumstances. But I find him insightful, refreshing, and curiously archaic, as the Jew is a thing to be mocked, not feared. Why are you so opposed? Genuinely curious.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Nah, this just makes convicting Kyle more impressive and more satisfying. Power means overcoming resistance. Nothing beats pissing on someone’s shoe, telling him it’s raining, and getting a submissive smile and polite comment on the weather back in return.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Chauvin was a cat’s paw, he knew Floyd personally. By hook or crook, St. Floyd was a psyop to rile the coloreds. Rittenhouse dared to face down the mob, and the Mob will punish him for it.

      • notglowing says:

        It’s interesting that they knew each other, and it’s fishy. But how could this have been organized intentionally? Why would Chauvin agree to it, and end up in this situation?

        It would make far more sense if they just latched onto it.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Some of columns A and B. How many dipshit blackmailed get exactly what they ask for in a month? Of those potential incidents, which ones occur in areas of very high adoption of the Obamaphone network (a delightfully successful spy campaign similar to the ones deployed in Kabul and Kiev)? I bet there were 3 or 4 potential incidents, Floyd’s just ticked all the boxes. Just like Ferguson and the martyrdom of St. Skittles. Once they had a list of target areas, they deployed agent provocateurs (if you are ever interested in reading up on an in-plain-sight ASSet, search Legba Carrefour**) and began collecting user info of likely raw footage aggregators (Worl’ Star my nigga). Tin foil hat folks think that HAARP can create hurricanes. The reality is that private intel companies can create people storms. This is all speculation. It’s probably bullshit.

          **Jim, this is technically a doxx, so if you think it should be deleted, please do so. I know he is an asset and he is very visible in the anarchist community. Sorry if naming him is a violation.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          It’s possible that Chauvin was intended to merely create a scene of ‘police brutality’ to populate the newsreels for beating amerikaners over the heads with for a few cycles (just passively sitting on him like that will all the cameras rolling for minutes on end is fishy no matter how you look at it).

          I don’t think they expected the deadbeat to just up and die like the druggie he was – though they leapt to make hay out of it in any case, and decided hanging their bagman out to dry was an acceptable sacrifice (but such is always the deserts of treating with daemonhosts).

        • jim says:

          I think it was a setup, in which Chauvin willingly and knowingly participated, with no intention or expectation that the victim would die, but then the designated victim unexpectedly died of massive drug overdose, and he found himself hung out to dry.

          • Red says:

            I think it was a setup

            Why do you think it was a setup?

            • jim says:

              It was not real murder (Floyd killed himself by disposing of drugs by swallowing them), but it was real police brutality. It does not take such a long period of pressure on a man’s throat to adequately subdue him. It takes about thirty seconds at most, unless you are doing it wrong. I rather think that under the circumstances prevailing at the time, any police brutality that happens on video and the cop knows he is being videoed for some length of time was likely a setup.

              • shaddap dumbass says:

                There was zero pressure on Floyd’s throat. The pressure was on the back and the back of the neck. The spinal column was between the knee and the airway, and non-broken spinal columns do not transmit pressure that way.

                Floyd’s chest might have had trouble expanding to draw in air. Except that it wasn’t, because he had enough airflow to complain. There was no physical problem with his breathing at all.

                It was not police brutality, except to the extent police themselves are inherently brutal by the nature of what they’re paid to do.

                Chauvin did exactly what he was trained to do, what thousands of police have been trained to do, and given that Floyd had been and was continuing to be irrational and unpredictable, keeping him fixed in one place and not moving too much was a completely rational thing to do. The act of keeping him there by the means they were using did not and could not prevent him from breathing. Being videoed does not change the circumstances at all, unless you accept as a premise that police are just not allowed to restrain people while being videoed.

                You do not know what you are talking about.

                • jim says:

                  The pressure was not on the back of the neck. That would have totally failed to work. The pressure was on one carotid artery – which after about twenty seconds or so induces a strong perception in the person in the grip that he is going to die should he fail to comply.

                  The hold could not kill Floyd, or even harm him. It is a compliance hold. It is a very safe compliance hold, arguably the safest. It is an extremely unpleasant compliance hold, and there is no reason to continue it for longer than is needed to obtain compliance.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Floyd had surrendered and unsurrendered during the arrest. He was complying on and off. As we talked about in the Muslim discussion, the proper response to repeated unsurredering is indiscriminate slaughter of the unsurrendering population. A reasonable analogue here would be the enforced compliance by means of the hold long after compliance had been offered, to make sure it was not subsequently withdrawn. “You want to stop complying as soon as the knee comes off your neck? Well, fucker, that just means it doesn’t come off your neck.”

                  Realistically, George Floyd should have gotten the Rodney King treatment until he laid there and stopped playing fuck-fuck games with the cops. He wanted to play stupid games, and he won the stupid prize as a direct result. Had they beaten the shit out of him for a minute or two and then dragged him into the can and bolted towards the hospital, maybe he would have made it. I am not a fan of cops, but if they have to be brutal, this is exactly the type of person we want them being brutal towards. The kind of guy who is a thieving piece of scum that uses force as long as he thinks he can get away with it. There are a couple different people who should have killed him before he ingested the drugs that killed him could do the job. The shop owner he tried to rob with counterfeit bills, the man of that pregnant woman he robbed, and probably more besides.

                • jim says:

                  Did Floyd unsurrender after being subjected to that hold for half a minute or so? I did not see that.

                  We know he was in the past in the habit of surrendering and unsurrendering, but it does not take very long under that hold to educate people that this is not a good idea.

                • Pooch says:

                  Well said. I’m no fan of the cops either, but when they actually do their job, that is enforce the law on violent criminals wrecking havoc on the community, I’m not particularly sympathetic to the violent criminals.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  He had a history of surrendering and unsurrendering, including his behavior during the arrest. Had I been a man dealing with another man who acted in such a way, I would have put him on the ground and kicked him in the ribs until he coughed up blood and stopped moving. I would have been considerably less restrained. One of the reasons I am not a cop, along with having two parents and a functioning conscience. But still, if Floyd had just complied and got in the car in the first place, there is no neck hold. It is the flipping between compliance and noncompliance that got him in the hold. Fuck him. Floyd deserved what he got. Chauvin did too, because cops are scum, but in the wrong way.

                • Pooch says:

                  Back in the day, chokeholds on blacks resisting arrest weren’t needed because blacks resisting arrest were given a proper beating until they stopped resisting. Can’t do that nowadays.

          • yewotm8 says:

            Then why would he not take them all down with him? He won’t be out before he’s 67, what more does he have to lose by leaking the paper trail? Unless they plan to quietly let him out shortly, but I don’t see them being agreement capable enough of doing that.

        • Prince Charming says:

          Floyd OD’d, so Chauvin arresting him really was irrelevant. He was alreasy dead whhen the intraction started.

          Pointing out they worked at the same business and therefore could have conspired together to create the hoax is not different than pointing out coronachan was a chinese bioweapon. Interesting, but the conclusion is ultimately counterfactual and the premise therefore irrelevant.

      • Red says:

        Chauvin was a cat’s paw, he knew Floyd personally. By hook or crook, St. Floyd was a psyop to rile the coloreds.

        I’m sure Chauvin knew plenty of niggers like Floyd. This wasn’t Floyd first rodeo, in previous arrests he’d swallowed his stash so they’d send him to the hospital instead of jail, which is exactly what happening when he died of the OD. Fentanyl is a bitch. Chauvin was a dumbass who didn’t consider the optics of the arrest and didn’t care if Floyd died of the OD, which 99% of cops don’t.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Fair point, but Chauvin and Floyd were former coworkers with a history of negative interactions. In investigations, there are no coincidences, but in life there are.

    • Red says:

      Maybe Kyle is gonna make it.

      Feds are very likely to charge him after the trial.

  21. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    The Ashley Biden diary is an interesting story. This woman is at the end of her fertile years after spending her entire youth fucking around. She is miserable because she is alone and childless, and her ex-husband has a new woman–which makes her question if she still loves him. It is a inside look into the thoughts of these types of women, and apparently seems to be radioactively red-pilled. It sounds like the distilled essence of the modern tragedy of women’s liberation.

    • Varna says:

      Nice short article for online translate, about today’s Western elites getting more and more defective by every generation.

      After Brandon come the gen X junkies, and after them — Brandon’s kids.

      That point in time when importing a governing class from Bangladesh would actually help slow down the collapse.

  22. Arqiduka says:

    Your graph may not make the point you think it does, Jim.

    To have such titanic control over the spigot that you engineer a 80pc jump in M2 because everybody was made to cower home but wages still needs to be paid lest the division of labour crumbles, and then get it bck down the moment you don’t neef it anymore that is the hallmark of a functional and coherent financial elite.

    Its like dministering a heroic line of coke to jump start a guys heart and have him ho back to his usual, non-addict self right after.

    It will cone to what you predict, but not now, and not ftom money. War will break our before the dollar goes.

  23. Ron says:

    I understand the why and how the dissolution of the monastaries was good for the economy. But the process is harder for me to understand with regards to “FIRE”. Mainly bc I suppose I dont truly understand the mechanisms behind which those work.

    So I have the following questions

    Question 1) How are Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Education bad for the economy? OK, Education I get, as they directly parasatize the public, but the others?

    Question 2) How do we go about disolving them to the benefit of the public? Again, I sort of get how we’d go about dissolving the universities.

    • jim says:

      Finance and insurance are quasi governmental monopolies. Some parts need to be genuinely privatized, other parts need to officially and openly socialized.

      Real estate as in genuinely buy and selling private houses is genuinely private, larger projects not so much. Building houses, offices, and such, is now largely quasi governmental, needs to be privatized.

      Anything governmental tends to get more and more expensive over time.

      The banks just should not be. We will build new genuinely private institutions on the blockchain. Similarly stock markets.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Admitting my technical ignorance and apologies for buzzword use, but can’t Blockchain be used for the whole of FIRE, as well as civil and law? Scholastic and apprentice bodies could issue tokens of merit, cases could be decided by contract crawling bots, and ne’er-do-wells could be saddled with punishment coins that skim their transactions or some other penalty. I know these ideas assume many things, most of which are uncertain or unlikely in current year, but it is technically possible right? Dissolving the lawyer and educator classes could go a long way towards a bloodless purge of the vital organs of the Cathedral, and I can’t imagine many people weeping over the dissolution of realtors and shekel sharks as a profession.

        • Bert says:

          “ne’er-do-wells could be saddled with punishment coins that skim their transactions”
          That could come in handy when dealing with criminals, but with that type of money, TPTB — be they government or private — could monitor and control everybody’s transactions; the opposite of one of the great advantages of cryptos. I’m not NRX, rather a wet liberal, but privacy is important to everyone.
          (BTW, it’s already happened: I read years ago about Visa’s denying legal gun purchases with their card.)

        • jim says:

          In a world of untrusted, untrusting, and untrustworthy elites, everything needs to rest on data rendered immutable by the blockchain.

          We will start with money, proceed to book keeping and sovereign corporations. Every set of books will be a blockchain, and every scientific inquiry will be a censorship and shill resistant moderated social group whose security and past is rendered immutable by the blockchain. In due course, sovereign corporations will engage in sovereign violence, and to render this violence acceptable and non threatening to other dangerous and armed sovereign corporations, will render the record of this violence and the reasons they undertook it immutable on a blockchain.

          So yes, that is exactly what I intend, but all that is a long way down the track. My UI for master secrets is still alpha, my DDOS resistant communication’s protocol is not even fully designed, though the key and central parts are fully designed.

          You have garbled your buzzwords a bit, but they always get garbled and you are very much on track.

          But much work needs to be done to get to the destination of that track.

      • The Titanic says:

        Banks are capitalism, too.


        • jim says:

          Banks have not been capitalist since 1844, and the last vestiges of capitalist banking were stamped out in 1866.

          Thus the “Finance” part of the FIRE economy (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Education) is, like the other three in different ways, just the parasitic quasi state elite bleeding the real economy.

          • yewotm8 says:

            I believe he was trying to meme stupid commies to go against the banks instead of small businesses.

  24. HerbR says:

    The trouble with any argument premised on “money printer go brrr” is that money printer has been doing that for a long time, and people have been incorrectly – or prematurely – predicting incipient crashes for just as long.

    We can easily find examples of people saying, 20 years ago, that the debt was unsustainable. To those men, today’s levels of debt and spending would have been inconceivable, never mind unsustainable.

    What makes any collectible a “currency” is that the bubble isn’t allowed to burst, and what makes it a “reserve currency” is that governments are able and willing to stockpile and accept it as such. The Soviets weren’t the issuers of the de facto global reserve currency; the USA is. So from a purely economic point of view, looking only at economic measures and the federal reserve and ignoring all of the social and cultural factors, it looks like a “Bidenian stagnation” could go on for quite some time, unless China and Europe collectively decided to burst the reserve currency bubble, which could hurt them in the short term at least as much as it hurts the USA.

    Which is not to say that stagnation will go on that long, but the “radicalism” has very little to do with spending like a drunken billionaire playboy and much more to do with its criminalization of masculinity, Christianity and European people and culture, and proximally more to do with shutting down the entire economy for a year and large parts of the economy for an additional year, while admitting ever more migrants, offshoring ever more industry, and physically crippling at least 10-20% of the productive population.

    That’s what’s really causing the shortages, which is what’s going to cause the many inflationary shocks to come. The trillions in debt are pirates looting a sinking ship, but the ship is sinking whether they loot it or not.

    • p says:

      Hyperinflation happens when the money printer is used “to address inflation”.

      “If you are worried about inflation, it’s important to understand why it’s happening: supply chain, labor, and healthcare complications. We can address these issues by investing in infrastructure, wages, healthcare & benefits. AKA signing BBB/BIF into law as absolute, bare minimum.” –

      • Pooch says:

        If AOC gets in power, hyperflation is a real possibility. She’s not in power quite yet.

          • Pooch says:

            LOL I saw that. Our diversity vice president interrupting our diversity NASA engineer’s presentation. Oh the irony.

        • jim says:

          Hyperinflation is baked into the cake. We have a huge amount of cash sitting around in the system waiting for shortages to end and prices to normalize. At some point the people holding this cash are going to realize it is just burning, they are the pigeons, and are going to get rid of it. To avoid hyperinflation, someone is going to grab power. I hoped for Caesar, but Robespierre is more likely.

          The state is simply leaking money in ever increasing amounts. The Biden tax plan is Burnie Sanders minus the overtly socialist rhetoric, and they just did another trillion dollar handout to greenie radicals who think humans, saying all humans but actually meaning whites, are a cancer on the planet and need to be eradicated. (Fortunately ninety nine percent of that money will simply be stolen, but with all that money about, the actual green radicals will be empowered.)

          Yes, the people actually in power are not those radicals, don’t like those radicals, and fear them. But they are buying them off, rather than sending them to a gulag in Alaska, and the price of buying them off is very rapidly soaring.

          • Pooch says:

            Hyperinflation is baked into the cake. We have a huge amount of cash sitting around in the system waiting for shortages to end and prices to normalize. At some point the people holding this cash are going to realize it is just burning, they are the pigeons, and are going to get rid of it. To avoid hyperinflation, someone is going to grab power. I hoped for Caesar, but Robespierre is more likely.

            The Fed has one more card up their sleeve to avoid hyperinflation, if they choose to play it…raising rates.

            Raising rates would crash the global economy in dramatic fashion resulting in massive deflation of the currency. I would not rule out the possibility of a planned crash of the market in which the elites get out of their positions at the most strangely convenient time.

            • jim says:

              Crashing the economy did not halt hyperinflation in revolutionary Russia, in Weimar Germany or the French Republic.

              Remember stagflation. The economy flatlined, and inflation still roared. That was a small dose. Reagan came to the rescue. If a Reagan came to the rescue today, he would be instakilled.

              Crashing the economy is not going to stop hyperinflation. It did not stop it in revolutions, and it did not stop high levels of inflation during stagflation.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                One wonders about the impact of hyperinflation given the presence of ubiquitous cryptocurrencies. While granted cryptocurrencies aren’t yet efficient and paying your bills or buying a cup of coffee, they can serve as a store of value and as a reserve basis for private currencies issued by banks. Say “fuck you” to the dollar and only use it to pay taxes with.

                • A2 says:

                  It gets interesting when the US has to make loans denominated in Yuan or perhaps BTC.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  “It gets interesting when the US has to make loans denominated in Yuan or perhaps BTC.”

                  That’s when they start confiscating wealth. Cracking down on savings and doing “haircuts” like they did in Greece. When the government can no longer print money to pay its bills it gets desperate.

          • Pooch says:

            Looks like you might be right again Jim…


            Biden interviewing Powell’s potential replacement who apparently is aligned with the radicals. If she gets picked, hyperflation is a go.

            • jim says:

              Unless inconvenient people start committing suicide, or get beaten up in the streets, hyperinflation is a go. Unless the supremes etc start suffering mysterious and unpleasant deaths right left and sideways, hyperinflation is a go.

              The government has been leaking money in ever increasing amounts for a long time, and the leaks are rapidly worsening.

              The fed is monetizing the debt. It has been monetizing the debt for a long time, and people have been predicting doom for a long time, and no doom has happened yet, but the amount of debt being monetized gets more alarming by a substantial amount every year.

              What cannot continue, will stop. It can stop because the money becomes so worthless that no one wants it, or it can stop because someone in the government starts cutting off the numerous hands reaching into the till.

  25. Upravda says:

    How much of a truth is this?

    Originally, Croatian Covid-worshipping press has released this today so I’ve found the English article in “mainstream” press.

    • Pooch says:

      Obviously it is true. Does anyone in power care? Probably not.

      • Upravda says:

        Probably not.

        However, everything becomes is extremely visible. Vox Day, whatever someone thinks of him, has recently published post about checking the especially dangerous Pfizer lots on – CDC, of all the places.

        If you follow the instructions (and you must follow it, direct linking does not work), you get, directly, for lot ER8727 injected into 2275 people:

        DEATH: 30 – 1.32%

        You don’t have to be pharmacist, medical doctor or any kind of Expert to be simply flabbergasted by that OFFICIAL fact! This is WAY more than acceptable, WAY more than average danger of covid death.

        Or am I reading something wrong?

        • jim says:

          > for lot ER8727 injected into 2275 people:
          > DEATH: 30 – 1.32%

          Those are deaths reported to VARS, but we have a lot of anecdotes about it being strangely difficult to report deaths to VARS

          • jim says:

            > All of the reported deaths from the Pfizer vaccine come from just 5% of the lots

            Looks like the vaccine would be fine (apart from not actually being particularly effective at protecting you from the disease), but any attempt at quality control strangely turns out to be racist and sexist.

            • Karl says:

              Why do you think that it looks like the vaccine would be fine, if there were better quality control in production?

              At present, most deaths are clot related, like stroke and cardiac problems. These are just the short term deaths.

              There is also a strange increase in autoimmune diseases, like Guillain-Barré-Syndrom, Graves Disease, multiple sclerosis.

              In my opinion this suggests that the clot shot kills in different ways, some ways are faster than others.

              I can see how a fault in manufacturing causes a change in the vaccine that causes one problem in vaxxed persons, e.g. clotting. I do not see how a simple manufacturing fault could cause numerous different problems in vaxxed persons, but I can easily imagine that a new and untested technolgy causes different lethal sequela.

              I therefore suppose that perfect manufacturing would merely eradicate (most) of the short term deaths, but leave most other sequela unchanged. There are enough long term sequela that kill not quite as fast that I do not share your conclusion that the vaccine would be fine with better quality control. I think it does not even look like it would be fine with better quality control.

          • Upravda says:

            I’ve read somewhere that reporting adverse effects in American medical system lasts between half an hour and 45 minutes. So, yes, just that would definitely qualify as “being strangely difficult”. Don’t know is it true, and don’t know how much does procedure last in other countries.

            But, my main point is finding the data that goes against official narrative – in official sources.

            So, even in this situation, I find it simply astonishing that nobody has officially checked into all of this, from neither side of the “Big Pond”. As far as I’m concerned, even those official data should raise the alert.


            Sorry if I’m sounding like I’ve just discovered America, but I simply did not have the time nor inclination to check US resources – and now, when I did, red flags there are so obvious and noticeable that… really the only explanation for not taking some action is metaphorical worshiping of the awesome and mighty Covid demon. Or real worshiping of the same.

            The thing is, even if the number of adverse effects is smaller than death rate, I’m pretty much sure there is a principle, both in Christian theology AND Roman law (base for almost ALL European jurisdictions, maybe even Scottish) that one can not be obliged to try to avoid some “might happen” adverse future event (covid infection and possibly death) with *certain action* that could realistically also lead to adverse event (pseudo-vaccination and possibly death), even if the chance for former adverse event is greater than for the latter.

            So, Jim, all I can see and say is that you already have all the data you want, even in “official” sources.

            • Karl says:

              I assume that many people involved have checked whatever data they had available and concluded that the clot shot is very bad. Most of those reacted by checking very carefully what they are required by law to check and under what conditions they have to officially notify which authority.

              Most people have no legal obligation to do much. The others simply wrote some bland reports to cover their asses. Those who received those reports wrote some bland hedging comments in to their long, bland reports to some higher authority (if they understood the situation).

              I assume that most people who are involed and have a (hard or natural) scientific or medical background by now know very well what is going on. There is the occasional man who tries to raise an alarm, but the matter is political and part of the holiness spiral. Reports about facts won’t change anything. Most those who noticed anything are aware of that and simply don’t feel an urge to become a martyr.

              So I think a man anywhere in a medial commpany, research institute or goverment bureaucracy does not have to be worshiping the mighty Covid demon to not take action.

              • Dave says:

                Rather like the bland, unserious discussions over whether a falling piece of insulation did any damage to Columbia’s wing.

            • jim says:

              > the only explanation for not taking some action is metaphorical worshiping of the awesome and mighty Covid demon. Or real worshiping of the same.

              The Demon may or may not be metaphorical.

              The worship is entirely literal

            • pyrrhus says:

              My understanding is that, with the follow up, a VAERS report eats up hours, which is one of the reasons it is discouraged in hospitals and medical groups..

          • pyrrhus says:

            Dr. McCullough estimates that less than 3% of side effects are reported on VAERS, and nobody thinks that it is more than 10%…CDC has also deep sixed some of the reported deaths…

  26. Pooch says:

    Will we get hyperinflation? Maybe not, but if we don’t, it will be because power that is at present dispersed into far too many hands is grabbed by a single hand. Which single hand will likely have power grabbed from it in due course by another single hand.

    The cuckservatives have historically, quite usefully to the regime, kept the train on the tracks and prevented things from going too crazy too fast, managing the decline. I was expecting them to be jettisoned and preparing for the start of single party Democrat rule into full retard mode. Looks like that is not the case, at least not quite yet.

  27. Quentin Coldwater says:

    While M2 did not rise by 70% in 2020 as far as I know, the thing the Fed can control rose even more.

    Here’s the monetary base, which the Fed has more direct control over than M2:

    Notice it rockets upward during the mortgage recession and continues upward, and goes up at the the speed of light during the COVID recession.

    In June 2008 it was $0.84 trillion.

    The most recent reading is… sit down for this…

    $6.4 trillion.

    So it’s now 760 percent of what it was before the mortgage crisis.

  28. Basil says:

    How quickly can a covid go from a flu that kills old and fat people to a really dangerous one for young and healthy people with pure blood?

    • jim says:

      Unknowable, but RNA viruses can mutate rather quickly.

    • p says:

      It’s not clear how quickly, but Marek’s disease has reached 100% lethality because of vaccines.

      • HerbR says:

        People here are getting too worked up about a Marek’s scenario. The Covid vaccination program is crazy and stupid, and is certainly analogous to Marek’s in terms of being a leaky vaccine, but not equivalent in any other dimension.

        The Marek’s vaccine is/was a lot more effective. Entire populations of birds could be vaccinated (there were no holdouts). Birds would constantly be cooped up – literally – in tight spaces. It still took several generations of birds. And this is the most important point in my mind – the vaccine itself is not harmful to the birds, as far as we know.

        It comes down to selection pressure and what traits are selected for. The clot shots are leaky, but they also lose effectiveness after 4 months, and the cumulative effect of boosters looks to be somewhere between crippling and deadly. In other words, while the virus will be undergoing fairly mild positive selection pressure in vaccinated communities for transmissivity (because they don’t self-isolate), it will be undergoing more significant negative selection pressure for severity because the vaccinated already have very weak immune systems. Just like almost every other virus that mutates into a more contagious, but less harmful form.

        Combined with the substantial herd immunity that already exists in human populations prior to the development of clotshots, and the mental prison of the vaxxer that won’t allow for medications like Ivermectin which might cause drug-resistance, and I’m just not seeing the imminent threat. Maybe in fifty years we’ll need to revisit this, but I doubt we’ll be vaxx-maxxing for fifty years.

        • p says:

          There’s no imminent threat, but mass-vaccinating cohorts with ~zero covid risk is still harmful and still enables more transmissible and lethal variants to outcompete the less transmissible and lethal ones.

          • Upravda says:

            Yes – *if* that mass-vaccinating cohorts was really at zero risk. Fortunately and observably – it is not, not even in their own words.

            See this observation of mine:

            By the way, we got third fully vaxxed member of our inglorious government who catched the covid bug. Just today. Well, this one is actually somewhat likable rascal, decently capable finance minister with a lot of “butter on the head” regarding his former employers, so I actually wish him well – as he will be.

            • p says:

              What I meant was that the risk of young people dying from covid is approximately zero, so there’s absolutely no need to vaccinate them, and that would have been true even if the risk from the vaccination itself was zero, which it isn’t (lots of footballers inexplicably collapsing.)

              Regarding your observation, yes, in my estimate, vaccines cut the covid lethality approximately in half, rather than eliminate it entirely, so hopefully, Marek’s effect doesn’t apply in full force.

              • Upravda says:

                Regarding supposed benefits of the vaxx, I’m somewhat at loss.

                I used to read “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England” from Public Health England, those docs Jim often links to. In “Technical briefing 16” (from 18 June ’21.) from Table 4 one can *explicitly* see that, for the dreaded Delta variant:

                – The chance of catching the bug are 8.69 times greater for the unvaccinated than for the fully vaxxed.
                – Death rate for unvaxxed is 0.00096%, and for fully vaxxed 0.00636%.

                So, fully vaxxed, if he/she catches delta covid bug, is 6.625 times *more* likely to die. So, by those data, the vaxx overall efficiency in preventing death is only 1.31 times greater than simply not vaxxing. And yes, since those table data considers only direct death from delta covid bug, there’s no coverage of side effects at all.

                Now back to Croatian statistics of 25.4% percent of hospitalized in week of October, 18 to October 24. If vaxx, as they say:

                – lessens the death threat AND
                – lessens the symptoms

                …there’s simply no way that both of those can be true. In that case, on population that was approximately half-vaxxed at that time, one should see waaay less hospitalized:

                – 10% *max* if vaxx only lessens the death threat 9 times.
                – even smaller, possibly much smaller portion if vaxx gives both benefits.

                So, let some one correct me if I made some error in reasoning.

                And yes, yes, hospitalized != dead, but I’m trying to approximate according to at least somewhat available and reliable data.

                Only after threats of Covid Ausweis everywhere in my country, I’ve heard first skeptical thought of that official narrative about vaxx benefits in lessening both the deaths and symptoms.

                And yes, all those numbers are small in absolute terms. Small like your chances of dying from Kung flu.

                • jim says:

                  > – The chance of catching the bug are 8.69 times greater for the unvaccinated than for the fully vaxxed.
                  > – Death rate for unvaxxed is 0.00096%, and for fully vaxxed 0.00636%.

                  That is not how I read their data. That is how they summarize their data, but I just don’t see how they get those conclusions from the data that they publish.

                  Looks to me that infection and spreading rates are approximately equal within likely systemic error, and among the age groups that have a significant amount of death, the level of protection is modest, around a third to two thirds of the unvaccinated death rate from memory. The magic protection comes from magic unexplained, undocumented, and improbable data – probably a “correction” factor, a fudge factor to give a predetermined result from disturbingly unsatisfactory numbers.

                • p says:

                  I check periodically various numbers I come across against my totally made up 50% estimate and they usually match. Last time it was Denmark’s stats, a year ago when they had ~2000 new cases/day they had ~10 deaths/day, this year they had ~2000 new cases/day and ~5 deaths/day.

                  However as I re-checked the stats now I noticed that their deaths have jumped to 10/day on Nov 6th, so… 🙂


                  I still think they’ll average about half of the CFR this wave.

                • Varna says:

                  >The magic protection comes from magic unexplained, undocumented, and improbable data – probably a “correction” factor, a fudge factor to give a predetermined result from disturbingly unsatisfactory numbers.

                  I used to work in electioneering sociology and advert sociology. This is exactly how we worked. To the limit and a little beyond.

  29. Xydexx Squeakypony says:

    This article suggests that the only thing that can save the USA would be Benevolent Dictator For Life Trump.

    Fine, let’s do it.

    • HerbR says:

      Trump is over. History is full of men who blinked at the crucial moment, most of their names long forgotten. Whatever he may have represented around this time last year, as of today he is just another “vote harder” pawn of the system, packaged to be more palatable to this generation’s anger and depression.

      Don’t make me post the cringe emails I’ve been getting from I’d prefer to remember him for what he was, or might have been, and the best way to do that is to not look too closely at what he’s doing now.

      • Pooch says:

        The story of Trump does not appear to be over, at least yet. His strategy seems to be to replace enough cuckservatives with Trump populists in positions of importance in the GOP in the midterms that if he runs again in 2024 and they steal it again, he will have a GOP that actually challenges the result in a meaningful way.

        Even so, even if Trump’s strategy is somehow successful and he wins in 2024, unless he uses drastic FDR-like methods and quickly moves to dismantle the current regime immediately upon winning he’ll fail in the exact same way as his 1st term.

        • Andy says:

          Interesting point. Sure hope you’re right although hopefully Trump has learned never to blink. He’s a merchant. I’m not optimistic.

          • Pooch says:

            Either am I nor am I optimistic that the Cathedral won’t turn the energy dial up to 140% again to stop him, possibly resulting in his arrest before he even is able to run.

        • jim says:

          > unless he uses drastic FDR-like methods and quickly moves to dismantle the current regime immediately upon winning he’ll fail in the exact same way as his 1st term.

          FDR could use those methods, because moving left.

          To move right, very different methods are necessary.

      • Andy says:

        Sadly – yes – spot on. Loved the hope and energy of those years but they’re over. On to new things.

        Speaking of the need to disappear, what’s Gov WhiteTeeth up to? Distancing himself from democratic leadership? Find it hard to believe the booster actually got him.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Nope. Trump is a proven loser. He doesn’t understand the situation, and he doesn’t have the balls to do what it would take to correct it. He had his chance and he blew it, and he’s shown no sign that he knows how or why it happened. Also, he’s about 1000 years old. Dictator for Life doesn’t mean much when he’ll be dead of natural causes (if he’s lucky) in a couple years.

  30. Prince Charming says:

    You are right, certainly some people viewed it differently. But it is really difficult to overstate how insignificant Chernobyl was in real terms, and just how dreadful the Soviet existence was at the time. I believed the party line, and I did not know anyone who questioned it. But I still believe it. Slightly elevated thyroid cancer levels, born mainly by Europe (& Ukraine, they had it bad); regular industrial polution killed vastly more people. People grumbled, ok. But did they grumble more than they grumbled because of shortages of meat or toilet paper, or the Afghan war? Should they have?

    Every time a crisis happens, the strong players get stronger. It is just a shit test. If I am strong, a shit test is a welcome opportunity to showcase and consolidate my strength. If I am weak or faking it, the crisis will fuck me up. The current regime is stronger than we thought, and saying we should take advantage of the crisis is to say we should be stronger. We should, but we are not. The excess deaths will be (are?) blamed on corona, or the purebloods, or the weather. Or they will simply fake the stats, or use it as a point deer make horse loyalty test. As long as they can cope with 10% or 50% mortality rates economically, and many serious people write in serious treatises that even 90%+ depopulation would be a net benefit, they will be able to cope politically.

    • Prince Charming says:

      Above comment should go below Varna’s reply to me. Guess ExileStyle is not the only boomer here (this happens because WordPress only remembers proper chaining on the first try. If the XMLHTTPRequest fails at first, subsequent presses of the reply button put the comment on the top level).

      • ExileStyle says:

        I enjoy how that has now become my reputation. Deservedly for sure, whether accurately or not I shall leave in mystery. Though I see we are not alone in this thread (looking at you Karl).

        I suspected something like that was happening, though with far fewer acronyms in my head.

  31. Karl says:

    I wasn’t there to see what killed Brezhnevian stagnation, but I doubt that Afghanistan, Chernobyl and Economic chaos were direct reasons. Indirectly yes, because they contributed to the general loss of faith so that people at the top were considering changes to the system. They wanted change, but they could have persisted, like e.g. North Korea. North Korea is much poorer that the Soviet Union ever was. The people ruling North Korea prefer wide spread starvation to change and so there is no change.

    The vax bio Chernobyl (if it happens) will kill mostly believers of the present state religion and might make some more lose faith, but by itself this leads only to a weaker state. More people will readily break whatever laws the government has passed and law enforcement will become even more sporadic and selective. Erosion of the present order, but no collapse until someone takes power.

    Whoever takes power will have the problem of finding a model or religion for his government. The masses won’t have a say in that matter.

    • Karl says:

      Above comment was intended as a response to Varna’s comment below.

    • Varna says:

      On the one hand, choosing the “closed hermit kingdom” route the old-timey crude way works if you’ve got compact territory, a uniform cultural-ethnic situation, and no globalist plans of spreading your creed and converting the whole planet.

      On the other hand, a cyberpunk variation of this can maybe work with a planetary system of universal surveillance, vax passes, unemployed populations living off govt charity, being regularly drugged, injected with mystery serums, and “owning nothing and loving it”.

      It is my feeling that in the second half of 2022 will begin a window of opportunity to derail that timeline and keep it from manifesting.

      BTW, some Rus language travel blogging about North Korea. Nice pics
      Before the coof hit and harshly set many societies back, North Korea was actually quietly drifting toward the China/Tajikistan/Kazakhstan/Vietnam route, while the outside world mostly imagined it like it was one generation ago.
      They had just about managed to almost make it, before the great reset gave them the kiss of death.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Speaking of handouts, Democrats in the House, minus AOC’s gang, but with 13 Republican votes, just passed $1.3 trillion of them, most of which were at least vaguely connected to the global warming scam, but all of which are essentially political slush funds for the connected…

      • someDude says:

        13 Republicans, eh? 13, you say? Thats a very interesting number! Not sure when and where I encountered that number last and why I feel this way. Interesting

    • Dave says:

      The vax bio Chernobyl is already happening. At sporting events all over North America and Europe, players and referees age 12-40 are suffering “sudden cardiac arrest” and being carried off the field on stretchers. Very few will ever play sports again, and those who survive will need careful monitoring for many years to come.

      The media’s treating these as isolated incidents, and I suppose people will come to accept teenagers dying of heart attacks as a normal everyday occurrence. One government even put an ad on the side of a city bus saying, “Children have strokes too — know the warning signs!”

      • jim says:

        The glaringly obvious rise in sudden death among young healthy newsworthy people while the cameras are watching them, or they are flying a plane or driving a bus, makes the lack of excess deaths among young people in the official statistics look very strange.

        Much as our official consumer price index statistics for the past year look very strange.

  32. Varna says:

    Brezhnevian stagnation was killed by a combination of factors, some of which highly visible:
    1) Afghanistan
    2) Chernobyl
    3) Economic chaos

    Plus some more abstract things such as “utter loss of faith in the system”.

    Right now globohomo has a pool of fervent believers in the system propping it up, plus a second pool of purchased believers (mostly blacks and immigrants), plus a worldwide web of vassals and cargocultist imitators who in a way prop the system up from the periphery inward .

    It also has more economic and infrastructural fat to burn through than Soviet Russia ever had. In theory it can totally do a 50 year Brezhnevist thing.

    However, a vax bio-Chernobyl is looming. It should unfold quite visibly by the middle of 2022. Jumping into this opening and enlarging it may lead to all sorts of unexpected results, some of them even positive.

    When Soviet-style communism was collapsing, people could look to another example how to live properly–the post-WWII West at its golden peak. The world of Alf, Back to the Future, Step by Step, Dallas, Mr. Bean, Benny Hill, and so on. The world of MTV and Hollywood and Thames Television.

    Today, there is no such external example. Today autonomous free citizens can only look to themselves. They are the building blocks of any future. A bit can be learned from the least insane US states, a bit from the least insane European states, a bit from Japan, and so on, but most of the basis on which the alternative to globohomo can be built resides internally today.

    One of the great victories of the toxic matriarchy elements of contemporary globohomo was turning vas swaths of men into low-testosterone obedient eternal boys who are always trying to please mommy. Always on the ready to memorize new rules, to snitch on “bad boys”, and to cut off their nuts metaphorically and literally.

    Perhaps through finding the willpower to go through the necessary emotional agony, a small percentage of them can choose to grow up and become independent men. To undo the conditioning, the chemical attacks against their endocrine system, the drugging from childhood. To choose free will, to listen to their blood, to reconnect with their eternal soul, and to become themselves.

    The majority of them, though, at least to me, seem a lost cause.

    • Prince Charming says:

      I lived through the Chernobyl accident and it grates me how people view the supposed propaganda impact through the lense of the Western propaganda (lately, the disgusting miniseries).

      We did not know anything even happened, and to the extent that we did, we appreciated the heroic effort of the Army and the firefighters. We were told the proximate cause was a human error of the operators (they took out too many moderator rods, and once the reaction went supercritical, it was too late to ram them back in). There was gallows’ humour. But nothing really happened. The winds were westwardly, and the radiation dispersion hit the vassal states of Eastern Europe, Germany, and Scandinavia. Slightly elevated thyroid cancer rates for the next two decades, by a few percent. Nothing. Really. Happened.

      You can compare this to, say, the political impact of the Bophal disaster, or any number of industrial accidents in the US, often the culpability of the companies is much more stark than it ever was in Chernobyl. The background of this was a constant reminders that if the Imperialists attack, our losses in WW2 will look quaint in comparison: Army reserve trainings every few years (for every able-bodied male), civil defencee trainings in workplaces and schools — always incorporating chemical, nuclear, and biological countermeasures. Imagine a kindergarten in kiddie gas masks and improvised radiation suits caasually strolling through the neighbourhoid. Chernobyl was merely a reminder that this was for real, we were glad we knew what to do, if and when it became more real.

      I imagine no number of deaths from the clot shots will wake people up. It is all very abstract. 600k dead in the war of Northern Aggression. Yawn. WW1 deaths. Shrug. WW2 deaths. But the six gorillion! 40k annual infanticides. I’m boring myself now just writing this.

      • Varna says:

        A very valid hindsight POV about Chernobyl, thanks. My hindsight POV is the opposite. It’s like perhaps Prague 1968. For some this will be a memory of A happening, while to others–a memory of B happening.

        I think if you poll ordinary people over 50 who participated in dismantling the system for idealistic (misguided or not) reasons, a great many will mention ecology, and this in turn will be 80% Chernobyl stuff. Validly or not, propaganda or not, this will be the answer.

        Likewise, the farther you get into satellite-vassal peripheral territory of the former Soviet system, the more such things, like Chernobyl, turn into a narrative to be used for this or that, instead of being lived experience. Although even there older folks will hiss through their teeth how the govt lied for days and weeks and said there was nothing wrong even as unhealthy rains fell on people etc.

        In this sense, in terms of impact on the popular imagination and experience, a major crisis is what you make it. Yes the globohomo system now does things every single day which are a hundred times worse than what brought Nixon down. Sometimes it’s about how you spin things.

        If the looming clot shot crisis is handled correctly, it can become a major wound for the globohomo system. Both making the center at least partially collapse and reform into something more human, and shaking the periphery vassals and cargocultists out of their blind obedience. It can even make public lying by media and officials a bad thing again, as opposed to today.

        We can hope.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Chernobyl’s localized impact wasn’t in the Russian people, it was in the elites. No offense, but if course you guys didn’t notice anything. The politburo and party upper echelons did.

        • Prince Charming says:

          Elaborate, please. Are you saying that Chernobyl was a wakeup call in the way that Three Mile Island, the Cuban Crisis, or the Stanislav Petrov incident were not?

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I am asserting that Chernobyl Crisis (the engineering failure, the bungled initial response, the rapid realization by external powers, and how it shook out in the short ((~1 year timeframe)) term) was a massive red flag to the elite class of the SSR that the ship was going to sink if it kept taking on water or hit another berg. Understand, I am a millennial Amerikaner, so there’s plenty of biases, baked in misinformation, and general ignorance. But the timeline of events suggests that the events of ’91 occured within the framework of the ’70s and ’80s. I think the shrewd and cruel started planning for some kind of dramatic change, with the shrewdest ready for a reification or dissolution, and the cruelest sharpening their empire carving knives. I firmly believe the same is happening in USA right now. Maybe not publicly, but I know what I’d be doing if I had lots of money, property, and connections.

            • Aidan says:

              Here’s where one of Yarvin’s still-good points comes in. The USSR had an alternative. A rival elite, not within, but without. The elite of the USSR could recognize that their state just didn’t work anymore because they could defect to the US and western liberal democracy.

              The US doesn’t have an alternative. At least not in the sense that there is a rival elite that could actually reward defectors with power and status. The belief that things are going to shit, that America is in decline or failing, is a very, very great taboo inside the US elite. Any average joe on the street might give you that opinion. Not every single one, but it’s a common one to hear. There is nobody elite-adjacent who can or will say that. Doesn’t look like normalcy bias, looks like fear of committing heresy.

              Again, I read the shock and disbelief when Kabul fell right on Jim’s schedule as entirely sincere. And yes, there were probably some smart people in intelligence agencies or military command who saw it coming a mile away and were not surprised at all. But here we come back to Yarvin- there’s no alternative for those people to organize around. They cannot even find and talk to each other. If we can give the regime credit, it is very good at squashing rival elites, at least to the right.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes the USSR collapsed “into” Western liberalism. There is no corollary for us. Our collapse necessarily will be a predate for a dark period of third world barbarism.

                • The Original OC says:

                  The most prestigious ideology today is National Socialism, which is why it is suppressed so hard.

                  Even the elite knows that, if National Socialism were still around today, everyone would defect.

                  Wikipedia has now started editing wikipedia pages of random National Socialists to make their pictures look less cool.

                • jim says:

                  > The most prestigious ideology today is National Socialism

                  All remaining national socialists are either obvious shills, most of them on the Soros payroll, or they have converged to Dark Enlightenment and Reaction.

                  It is gone, and good riddance. Take the shill test and the Soros shill test.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Hello, fellow white racist, would you be willing to take a Red Pill on Women Question?

                • The Original OC says:

                  Shills don’t call it “National Socialism.”

                • p says:

                  >Wikipedia has now started editing wikipedia pages of random National Socialists to make their pictures look less cool.



                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Bullshit. The only thing shills will not do is answer a Red Pill on Women Question. So, will you answer? Here you go. I have linked it below. All you need to do is copy and paste your answer.


                • The Original OC says:


                  I’ve been posting here longer than you

                • Pooch says:

                  OC has been arguing for national socialism in good faith for a while now and isn’t a fednat shill. It’s just that his arguments for LARPing 20th century right-wing politics aren’t very persuasive.

                  Not only is fascism just leftism of the 1930s, it only was allowed to emerge due to the many remnants of the ancien régime that still existed at the time—notably in the security forces and judiciary system—and retained considerable popular support among the petit-bourgeois/working class.

                  As Moldbug says in

                  Hitler and Mussolini came to power partly by good old democratic politics, and partly by using their thugs to intimidate their political opponents. This would not have been possible without a security system which tolerated this sort of behavior. When the SA had street fights with the Communists, the SA men tended to get off and the Communists get long jail sentences.

                  We have the direct opposite now. Proud Boys and Trump supporters get long sentences, while Antifa gets all charges dropped.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I have been here for years, and I do not remember him talking about NatSoc weirdness, but that might be because he has not been here is a while. National Socialism is fake and gay, and in so far as their aesthetic is admirable, it is common to older, even more aesthetic traditions that are commie-free.

                  Also, NatSoc is hardly prestigious. All the good NatSocs either turned to Jimian NRx or were exposed as shills. He might be an honest fool, but he is a fool regardless; the flat-earther of politics.

                • The Original OC says:

                  I’ve been talking about National Socialism for a small fraction of the time I have commented here.

                  The sense of my comment is not “National Socialism is good” (own opinion) but “National Socialism is perceived by the great ignorant majority as a legitimate alternative, that likely would have won had it not been grossly outnumbered by inferior opponents.”

                  I admire jim’s defense of Christianity. I even find it convincing, personally. But the great ignorant majority sees Christianity as silly and dead.

                • jim says:

                  > I admire jim’s defense of Christianity. I even find it convincing, personally. But the great ignorant majority sees Christianity as silly and dead.

                  That is because actually existent Christianity is silly and dead. See Dalrock for the horrifying autopsy results. But it lives as a mustard seed, is mighty good at resurrection, and I have run into a couple of pastors with congregations and churches in whom it lives. Unfortunately, none of them near me.

                • The Original OC says:

                  “Hitler and Mussolini came to power partly by good old democratic politics, and partly by using their thugs to intimidate their political opponents.”

                  What’s the difference?

                  Moldbug’s most insightful – most/least obvious – observation is that strong states don’t let you use thugs against their loyalists and are therefore invincible, however terrible they are at government (e.g. North Korea).

                • Prince Charming says:

                  > most prestigious ideology today is National Socialism

                  It is prestigeous for the same reason New York times is prestigeous. The state channels would-be opposition towards modes of expression that cannot possibly harm it, and in fact have been handily defeated before. So we get a lot of books on Napoleon, Caesar, Hitler, and soon Trump. Chomsky writes somewhere that while it is possible and indeed nomal to win a string of victories against the state, one should expect them to be immediately memoryholed and replaced with stories of principled defeat and official bluepill heroism.

                  The elites use this, use this ti their advantage. That is why National Socialists are either quite inarticulate,

                • Prince Charming says:

                  …, feds/Jews (TRS), or have outgrown the ideology (Anglin).

                • The Original OC says:

                  “It is gone, and good riddance. Take the shill test and the Soros shill test.”

                  Soros is a big meanie who happens(?) to be Jewish, and women are quite accommodating if you get to know them.

                • jim says:


                  Putting you on moderation until you can tell us about Soros and women.

                • The Original OC says:

                  btw – I maintain that I am right. A shill is more likely to tell you about Soros and women than to call “Naziism” “National Socialism.”

                • jim says:

                  A Soros shill can rant about Rothschilds all day long, so I see no reason why he should not say “National Socialism”. Real Nazis are embarased by the socialist part of National Socialism, which failed catastrophically at the start of the offensive against Russia, and socialism is today violently unpopular, except for a handful of Bernie bros who live in mansions on Dad’s trust fund milking government grants for ending global warming and smashing white supremacy.

                  Why should a shill be reluctant to say “National Socialism”? It is always the shills pushing the socialist part of national socialism, and the actual nazis sweeping it under the blanket.

                  A shill is not allowed to commit a thought crime. That, so far, has been a reliable test.

                  Commit the necessary thought crimes on women.

                  A Soros shill is not allowed to notice what Soros has been up to, or will describe it in bland terms, as if Antifa was a spontaneous mass movement of the oppressed. Tell us about Soros.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Women are most happy and most successful as property, though like all property prefer to be owned by a good cultivator of property.

                  I honestly dont know much about Soros, though I could cheat on this test because I know what answer you give. I wont. I know Soros was a kapo in his concentration camp and that is how he survived to become a billionaire. Once a kapo always a kapo. Soros is a kapo of the New Deal state.

                • jim says:

                  Cheating on the test is fine. Everyone knows the answers.

                  The question is, can you give them, not whether you know them. The whole world knows the answers, but is strangely unable to say what they know, and strangely unable to hear or understand when someone else says them.

                • Varna says:

                  Today most terms have been completely fogged up. Anything can mean anything.

                  In a sense Scotland is ruled by nationalist socialists, who are nevertheless among the most globohomo-loyal apparatchiks in the known universe.

                  In a sense China is also ruled by nationalist socialists, whose society, now once the great reset has kicked off, is suddenly more comfy and soft for the average Chang than what goes on in many parts of the EU or the USA or the remaining constituent parts of beast with the five eyes.

                  I think “Hitlerist” is still a valid term which signifies something specific, whereas National Socialist could mean anything really.

                  Same with “communism”. “Stalinist” — sure. Leninist, Trotskyist, Brezhnevist, Maoist, Pol Pothead — these terms would evoke specific times and places and modes of social organization and ideology.

                  But just saying “communist” or “socialist” or “fascist” is now as pointless as saying “sexual abuse” or “antisemitism” — it means nothing and everything. It means whatever globohomo wants it to mean.

                  And here and now sane people should push for the term “injected” as opposed to “vaccinated”. Because vaccinated means what they want it to mean. Got the coof one day before the 14 day deadline after the jab? Another unvaccinated goes to the hospital! Got the coof after 7 months? The vaccination doesn’t count anymore. Another antivaxer gets hoisted on his own retard.

                  Or like in Israel–with the strike of a pen suddenly a few million people are unvaccinated after a certain date unless they get booster six million.

                  Whereas the term “injected” is black and white. Can’t fuck with “injected”. We need at the very least two types of statistics: one to do with “vaccinated vs unvaccinated” and another to do with “injected vs un-injected”.

                  That’s when actual data will start taking form through the fog of bullshit.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Soros is a Jewish banker who got rich investing in FX and government debt with insider information or with insider help to make his bets retroactively correct. He kicks back this money to his patrons by sponsoring Progressive “universities”, political campaigns, and militia groups (e.g. antifa) everywhere in the world the authorities don’t ban him from operating. Soros is a symptom not a cause, a money launderer of public money into causes favored by people higher in the food chain than Soros.

                • jim says:

                  OK. Not a Soros shill.

                  But we know that there are at least two major teams of shills, and probably many more. Let us hear you on women.

                • jim says:

                  Obviously the fed shills are not the same group as the Soros shills, pretty sure there are miscellaneous groups of Harvard shills, Twitter, facebook, and YouTube run their own shilling operations, and I suspect the UU Church.

                  Bloomberg had a shilling operation when he was running for president, but fired them all when he was done. Probably they are now working for Biden. There is a lot of it going around. And of course, shills for political causes overlap with shills and touts for bets and investments.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Women have evolved with an absence of sexual choice, as societies that have given women sexual choice have had few descendants. Women are bad at sexual choice. In all functional societies, capable men trade women among one another in binding marriages, based on characteristics for having functional families and high quality children. Generally women retroactively approve of this, when they are grandmothers, but don’t always approve of it at the time. This system requires similar coercive restrictions as the institution of property, and abolishing it has similar consequences as the abolition of contract and chattel property (total disaster).

                  The National Socialists btw were not that good on women. They were by no means socialists, and explicitly endorsed human inequality and inequality of management responsibility, although they did implement some disastrous socialist policies particularly relating to food supply. But their all-male organization was just an unprincipled exception, and if they had won WWII would likely have destroyed themselves on the woman question.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Bloomberg had a shilling operation when he was running for president, but fired them all when he was done.”

                  LOL that was the last good time in the country before the Covid crap, the Bloomberg shills were actually funny.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            *I wrote SSR because it seems the satellites were caught almost completely flatfooted. This will probably be the case when the American Empire dissolves as well.

    • p says:

      I confirm that Chernobyl was literally nothing; and Afghanistan was a symptom of the decline, not a cause. Similarly, if tomorrow China retakes Taiwan, America goes to war with China over that, and loses, this will be a symptom of the decline and not a cause.

      What “killed” Brezhnevian stagnation was that Brezhnev died. And then Andropov died, and then Chernenko died. Their deaths were emblematic for the death of the generation that still had a will and ability to keep the regime operational.

      The American generation that still has a will and ability to keep the lights of old America on is dying, too. Moldbug seems optimistic with his 50 years.

      • Varna says:

        According to writer Sergei Karamurza, the generational conflict in the USSR was as follows:
        1) Generation 1 did the Bolshevik takeover
        2) Generation 2 endured WWII, and then transformed Soviet Russia into an urban country
        3) Generation 3 grew up in towns and cities, did not know war or starvation, despised the old peasants in power, despised the official propaganda even as they mouthed it to get ahead in life, and just wanted a comfy existence with access to a variety of products and various luxuries

        I.e. peasants who endured the unendurable built a country in which their children and grandchildren despised them.

        As you said, when the last of the “peasant builders” died, that was the end of it.

        Does contemporary America have a generational divide of comparable dimensions? In the past the generational divide was always bridged in one way or another, but this time we have new elements such as a) demographic replacement, and b) infiltrated institutions.

        With less than 50% of kids being white, and assimilating social institutions being dismantled, it is a fair certainty that in the future a new generation will vibrantly enrich the country to hell and back. Unless they’re not allowed to really take over and are just obedient drugged, tagged, and zapped bio units.

        So I don’t know. Right now this has not yet unfolded in its full terrifying majesty. There’s still about 10-15 years to possibly do stuff. Periodically there will be windows of opportunity. My prediction is the first one arises around the middle of 2022. But I don’t know. Too many factors. This is a job for an online hivemind, beyond my abilities to handle. I can only contribute a crumb here and a crumb there.

        • Karl says:

          I can see your point about that window of opportunity in 2022, but a few percent increase in mortality or disability claims will not mean much to the system. The system will be stressed if we have dead people and cripples comparable to the situation in Germany 1918. That is possible, but not likely. Apparently, the clot shot doesn’t kill that quickly, even if boosters are added.

          But even if the powers that be are weakened in 2022, how do you think could that window of opportunity be used?

          • Varna says:

            A quick last reply for the day: I think that if we assign a value of 10 to the average breaking point of a 1918 German (in terms of physical hardship and horror), or any westerner, today the breaking point is between 1 and 3.

            With propaganda, 3 can be muffled to 1, and 1 can be inflated to 3, as social and political impact. This lack of resilience and guts when compared to the ancestors has been used by globohomo to turn a bad flu into a galactic plague which is an excuse to do anything at all. But this works both ways.

            The vax crap, when it becomes apparent that 10 times more nursing home old folks have died and 10 times more young people have cardiovascular problems and 10 times more women had miscarriages — well amplified this for today’s folks can be as hard-hitting as 1918 was back in the day.

            • Aidan says:

              Nah, there’s no breaking point. If there’s no opportunity to grab power and status in a crisis, people simply endure it, as people endured the siege of Stalingrad and the Irish Potato Famine. The Spanish Flu was much worse than ‘rona, and it didn’t cause any upheavals because no elite was poised or willing to exploit it in order to grab power.

              Crises don’t cause upheavals, rival elites cause upheavals.

              • alf says:

                It always reminds me of a Rollo Tomassi post on comunication breakdown in relations. If things don’t work in a blue pill setting, you want to know why, so your instinct might be to talk about it. But that’s exactly what a breakdown means: you don’t get to talk about it. If you could, it wouldn’t be broken. The girl is already walking away.

                Similarly there is no breaking point at which people go: and now it’s enough! Because there is no line from those people to the state. It’s broken down. The state apparatus is already walking away. And if you’ve only your job to lose, the only rational choice is to endure.

                Eh not sure how farfetched that comparison is but whatever.

                • Karl says:

                  Well, in this clot shot business you can lose your life and children in addition to your job. To endure in this case might mean that your second child gets another booster after your first child died.

                  There comes a point where people do not endure. However, I do not think that that people at this point say “let’s change the government”. Instead, they flee.

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