All Republican nominees extreme left by 1996 standards.

There is Governor Romneycare, who created the original of which Obamacare is a copy.

There is Governor Perry, a man who fully supports the underclassing and the suppression of Christianity by state power combined with state sponsorship of alternatives to Christianity such as Islam.

There Newt Gingrinch, who talks like a right winger, but is an entryist.

He supported the key element of Obamacare, the individual mandate. He supported Scozzafava, an extreme left candidate inserted into the Republican party by an openly entryist far left organization.

He points out that we end up taking care of the uninsured anyway, and proposed to fix this by providing more socialism for everyone, rich and poor alike.

The correct solution for the uninsured is not to make health care more socialist for everyone, but to provide death camps free government doctors and hospitals with death panels.

If you don’t want to face the death camps free government doctors and hospitals with death panels, you pay for your own health care.

The long term trend is for any semi socialist industry that everyone depends on is to become ever more socialist, more left wing, more oppressive, ever more tyrannical, and ever more murderous (example, British National Health System treats elderly people who are having trouble breathing with barbiturates – which depress breathing)

If, however, you have a government hospital system that only treats the poor and the desperate, the natural trend is that no one cares how shitty the government health cares is provided the private system is fine, so a free public system with for pay private tends over time to approximate the libertarian solution: That those that cannot pay, shall have little or no medical care.

If you have socialist health care for the poor, and private health care for the rest, then the natural tendency of government to cruelty, tyranny, murder, and corruption, tends over time to approximate private health care plus some pious rituals to make people feel better about dumping those that are poor and sick and who no one cares about.

If, however, you have socialist health care for everyone, you wind up with the state exercising power of life and death over everyone.

Gingrich in 2005 wanted to fix problems with a bit of socialism for everyone, rather than a bit of socialism for the poor.

Today, you need to simulate politically correctness, which is to say left wing views, to get into university. Tomorrow, you may well have to simulate left wing views to avoid getting your organs harvested for the greater good.


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  1. jim says:

    And now we have such insanities as Tile IX, and women being helicoptered into stem fields without regard for ability.

  2. IIRC, a standard left-wing line back in 1996 was that the obvious next step was using social changes as an excuse for tightening gun-control laws.

    IIRC, a standard left-wing line back in 1980 was that the ERA was the obvious next step and that the Reagan campaign was doomed for not supporting it.

  3. plews says:

    What is so “extreme left” about Ron Paul? He’s clearly no Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, or Governor Romney care.

    • jim says:

      Ah yes, the invisible man. Should he come first in the primary and governor Romneycare second, expect banner headlines that Governor Romneycare has won the primary by coming in ahead of all candidates that matter.

      As the only non leftist standing, he has a chance.

  4. PRCalDude says:

    Right now I’d say we’re within a FedGov regulatory singularity, which is why the economy isn’t recovering. I’ve heard so many OSHA, EPA, and various other 3-letter agency harrassment from so many different business people that it’s no wonder businesses just keep going to Asia.

    Check this out, for instance:

    • jim says:

      Since no matter who you vote for, a lefty will be elected, there will be no very substantial improvement in the economy, people will just gradually get used to the new normal, no one will ever perceive the economic effect of such policies.

      • PRCalDude says:

        IDK. People can see that Asia is making money hand-over-fist and that all the jobs are going there. It’s hard not to perceive those differences nowadays.

  5. red says:

    One of the interesting things about the second half of the 20th century how the dumbest of the progressive ideas are implemented when the GOP is power. When the GOP is out of power they have an interest in preventing such changes to gain support from the public.

    Nixon: EPA, Affirmative action, Price controls, inflation, War on Drugs.

    Ford: Got the Feminist employment quotas into the feds.

    Regan: Legalized millions of illegal aliens which lead directly to the current wave of illegals. So much leftist propaganda on Regan it’s hard to see how much he supported their agenda.

    Bush Sr.: Americans with Disabilities Act, NAFTA and the opening of china.

    Bush Jr: Medicare D, Low income loans, Setup the modern American Police state through creating the DHS. TSA.

    • jim says:

      When I argue with a leftist that Obama is a radical, they point out that all his worst stuff was started by Bush.

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