Sixteen more years

Trump when addressing the masses does not explicitly cover the issues covered in this blog, but when addressing the shale conference, addressing the merchant elite, he touched on them:

He tells the shale industry that they should run shale because the merchant class should have the property rights they need to do the day to day running of the ordinary stuff: “you make this country run”..

Trump hopes to continue ruling beyond 2024: “Sixteen more years”

The way the wind blows, looks increasingly possible. Trump anticipates that his opponents are going to resort to violence, and is confident that once open violence is on the table, he wins. His opponents are making a big mistake.

The left increasingly doubt that they can win 2020, so are determined to remove the president. They know that attempting to remove the president by following precedent and the constitutional process of impeachment would be a disaster for them, so left’s plan for impeachment is color revolution: escalating defiance of the rules until they finally impeach Trump in an irregular fashion contrary to the constitution. But this only maintains the appearance of legality and precedent if Republicans go along with it.

The color revolution script is “he is weak, weaker, weaker, he is falling, he is falling, falling, falling, falling, he has fallen”. And if he has already fallen no need to hold a merely formal impeachment. Trump is countering the color revolution script by talking up unity and greatness, and by and large, most of the cuckservatives are reluctantly falling into line.

Color revolutions are apt to turn into genocidal holy war when the other side does not play along with the script. The “he has fallen” announcement is apt to be made in flagrant defiance of reality, as happened in Syria. Actual fighting then ensues between the new “government” and the “fallen” government. Not that I am betting on civil war before the 2020 election, but the Democrats are on a path where they either fail, or proceed to civil war. Likely they will accept failing this time, whereupon the older smarter whiter Democrats lose power to the crazies, who complain that the saner Democrats stabbed the crazier Democrats in the back, as of course they will have done if we are to postpone Civil War II till after 2020.

If they go with impeachment according to the rules and precedent, will totally blow up in their faces. If they back off from impeachment, the left will devour them. If they follow the color revolution script to the bitter end, irregular impeachment proceedings followed by premature proclamation of decisive victory and irregular impeachment, then Civil War II in place of the 2020 election.

We probably will not have Civil War II in place of the 2020 election, but everywhere around the American Hegemony, elite civility is collapsing, and they are playing with tactics that bring us closer to civil war. in many places in the American hegemony the elite are maneuvering to start arresting each other, everywhere political events are deviating further and further from established precedent and established legality. It seems too soon for Civil War II before the 2020 election, but the path to that is on the table. If I was in Trump’s shoes, I would aim to delay Civil War II till after 2020, but events are out of control. The saner Democrats need to get their crazies in line, and are so far not doing so, because no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. Irregular impeachment, if followed all the way to “he has fallen” would result in Civil War II considerably sooner than I expect. They have to capitulate by giving him the regular impeachment process in accord with precedent and the constitution, or just put impeachment on the back burner, and get on with normal legislative business like passing the the new trade deal, whereupon they get torn apart by their crazies.

The ideal outcome would be a short and not very bloody Civil War II, followed by a purge of the presidency and the military. But a purge will have limited effectiveness so long as we have no replacement for our current state religion, which will continue to exercise religious power even if it temporarily suffers major losses of presidential power. A nastier civil war and a more effective purge will create a smoking crater where the current state religion used to be. A gentler solution would be that progressivism falls apart, as communism did, when movement towards ever lefter is off the table, and falls apart internally rather than being converted into a smoking crater, and then we install a more stable state religion based on the ancient traditions of the west. Sulla did the smoking crater solution, but the smoking crater remained. Suharto did the smoking crater solution, but he had an existing state religion ready to roll.

Because Trump has few people, a smoking crater this soon would be a problem.

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  1. Groucho says:

    What our President needs is a PATCO moment.

  2. Frederick Algernon says:


    Summary Analysis: Pence is a deeply religious man with strong ties to large republican PACs and think tanks, most notably the Kochs. His political history can be summed up as a man with strong ambitions that leads by serving, whether it is his peerage, his constituents, or his allies. He appears to be in a near-constant state of meetings with religious leaders and organizations of the far-right republican strain.

    Personal History: Indiana born and bread. One of six children in a strongly conservative Catholic home. Passable student, not athletically inclined. Undergrad at private liberal arts college, law school at University of Indiana. Two unsuccessful attempts at political office, humble career as a low intensity lawyer, became a conservative radio personality, jumped into the 90s conservative think tank boom. Gained office leveraging his radio identity. Low profile in congress in terms of policy crafting, high profile in terms of meta-policy being selected for intra-House committee positions. Came into favor with the Kochs as well as other deep-pocketed conservatives. Jumped to governorship of Indiana. Served ably until he was dirt-roaded over a limiting-the-gays bill. Selected by Trump due to KA Conway’s advocacy, far right republican pedigree, high level of affability.

    Vice-Presidency: constant traveling, politicking, stumping for GET. Purported to be one of the most influential advisors to the president. Does not contradict the President ever. Doesn’t seem to give interviews. Very influential in cabinet appointments as well as appointee short lists (purported to be the guy who got Trump to pick Gorsuch). Meets with Trump daily for lunch when not on the road.

    Noteworthy Traits: Absolute thot-patrol. Though he would not articulate it in our shibboleths, if properly asked i am 80% certain he would score perfectly on the RPWQ test. He is absolutely solid on abortion, 2A, marriage, gays. He attends an Anglican church in Arlington (crossed over to the evangelicals ~1979). It is said he does not attend events that have men, women, and alcohol unless his wife is present.

    Conclusion: Pence is the personification of the religious right in the Whitehouse. He is absolutely a religious man as well as a highly motivated, ambitious political operative. He is the chairman of a PAC, highly unusual for a sitting VP. Mainline religious leaders love the guy. His addition to the Trump Campaign brought all the real power behind the RNC into Trump’s camp. He is constantly lambasted by media just like Trump, but it is different in timbre. The articles i reviewed attempt to belittle him, patronize him, excoriate him, and marginalize him. typical leftist tactics. Filtering the signal from the noise, Pence is a power player. He should be watched closely and analyzed further. There may be options.

    Sources Reviewed:

    • The Cominator says:

      Koch’s are normally a bad sign but as I said Pence was more on the Newt Gingrich end of the establishment Republicans (i.e halfway dissident right but not quite reactionary nationalist like Trump… Newt Gingrich was at one point advised by the late Jerry Pournelle, among other things known for his iron law of bureaucracy, who was very close to being a neoreactionary before neoreaction was a thing) no way the left or the uniparty hacks would accept him as President either.

    • jim says:

      If vice president Pence is solid on marriage and gays, he is probably ours. Trump is aiming for a joint impeachment trial in the Senate, which would be a double disaster for the Democrats, and an irregular impeachment, which the Democrats are now aiming for, and on course to attempt regardless of what some of them may think they are planning, will remove both president and vice president should it succeed, regardless of anyone’s plans.

  3. Something I noticed that I have never seen mentioned at all is the lack of muslim terror in the US since Trump took office. There was the truck of peace in New York in 2017, and absolutely nothing since then. It’s something I would expect Trump to be bragging about, but the fact that he’s not makes me think there’s something behind the scenes there, that he quietly dismantled some deep state to jihadist pipeline that was letting terror attacks through our surveillance system.

    • Meant as a reply to Frederick Algernon above

    • jim says:

      It was absolutely obvious that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were funding and arming ISIS. It is possible that this happened through incompetence and double agents, that being good progressives, they were apt to believe every Muslim who told them he was a moderate Muslim, and all their advisers knew it was horribly racist to draw attention to where the funds and arms were actually going, and it is possible it was deliberate and malicious, part of their program to exterminate the Alawites and expel the Christians. Probably something of both.

      • Plenty of ISIS killing people in Europe and across the world in ’17-19, hardly any here. We all know that State was funding ISIS in Syria, I am talking about something a bit different, about actively giving them an open door to commit terrorism in the US, a door which Trump seems to have closed in a private and behind-the-scenes manner.

        • Not Tom says:

          I haven’t been sure what to make of the whole ISIS thing because this is probably the seventh or eighth time since Trump took office that there’s been some major announcement of “woo hoo, we defeated ISIS!” I don’t know how many times they need to be defeated before they’ll stay defeated.

          But the framing on this one is indeed excellent, and it is also interesting that this comes hot on the heels of Trump pulling troops out of the middle east. Maybe it’s a form of appeasement, or maybe it’s his way of giving the neocons the metaphorical finger – “ya see, dumbasses? we don’t need more troops!” Either way, there’s definitely some connection.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            There is a good book on JSOC called Relentless Strike (Sean Naylor). It is a well written and concise account of the program from its inception up to 2014. The average reader will be awed by the exploits and confounded by the mistakes. To a JB heavy hitter, the book is full of very interesting hints, things left unsaid, and assertions slotted into the spaces between words. If one were to have a pretty good command of the history of Mossad, CIA, DIA, and some other freaky frog types, the book offers some hard dates for events, inventions, and government involvement. At the very least, it helps the uninitiated understand just how big and complicated America’s Hit Squad actually is.

            In terms of al-Baghdadi, I think they had him in their sights for a long time but the Europeans were doing anything and everything to keep him alive. When the head gets cut off, the Arabs go on the war path.

            ISIS was defeated when Russia and the US were in an active war zone independently supporting different proxies and at no point did they ever engage under “flag legitimacy.” A few Slav contractors got completely owned, and a few Green Berets probably had to drink themselves to sleep when their trainees got smoked by Russians, but at no point was it anything like KFOR or any other time the Bear and the Burger deployed armies in the same theater.

          • jim says:

            Well, Trump has defeated ISIS. Naturally he is going to milk it endlessly, particularly when the Democrats, conservacucks, and chicken hawks froth with outrage about him ending the forever the war.

            A more interesting point is that the “entire” intelligence community was blindsided. (Trump did not trust them to refrain from leaking to our enemies, in order to get their mortal enemies, the warriors, killed.) The “entire” intelligence community was full time busy with the color revolution, and completely enclosed in the color revolution bubble, with no time to spare on mere American interests.

            Which implies that if the Democrats get to the “he has fallen” announcement, they will find that their bubble does not include the actual entire intelligence community, but has left out a bunch of people who are competent at breaking things and hurting people.

  4. Carlylean Restorationist says:


  5. Trump’s statement on whacking the ISIS leader was pitch perfect.

    Maybe someone has been reading this blog. This is how you deal with Islam; cow them into submission with brutality. Frame the enemy as weak and pitiful, frame your forces as violent warlords. Perhaps Trump’s enemies are meant to imagine being chased down a dark tunnel by attack dogs while their children and wives are blown to bits.

    “after the mission was accomplished we took highly sensitive material and information from the raid. Much having to do with ISIS origins… things that we very much want,”

    ISIS origins eh? This little comment really gets a man hoping…

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      It is kind of uncomfortable, having a leader i respect. I remember watching Barry talk about Osama, like he was mourning a comrade almost. He seemed embarrassed. In contrast, trump is exultant. I bet it was 75th Ranger Battalion and 2 or 3 Delta full delta compliments. 8 choppers is a lot, and i bet they had mad ISR and overwatch. Probably a really nifty op. Europe is probably quaking in its uggs right now. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few trucks of peace and knife incidents in France, Germany, and Belgium.

  6. Dr. Jim says:

    “The coup is heating up”

    Yes, it sure is.

    Has anyone seen Mike Pence? He’s sort of a key figure in all this, and we certainly haven’t had any bold statements of support for the President from him or from Team Pence.

    • jim says:

      If he thinks a coup will install him as president, he has a surprise coming. An irregular impeachment will shortly be followed by irregular succession.

      • The Cominator says:

        Pence is not in on it knows the Democrats have no intention of installing him.

        Pence is not exactly a full blown Trump “national capitalist” but to the extent hes an establishment Republican hes more a Newt Gingrich establishment Republican then a Mitt Romney uniparty type. Neither is acceptable to the establishment uniparty (and would not have been even 12 years ago) much less the coalition of the woke.

    • Not Tom says:

      Pence has basically been invisible since Trump took office, except to cast one or two tie-breaking votes in the Senate.

      Honestly, I’m not sure if Trump wants Pence to make an explicit show of support. He might think it would make him look weaker, as if he needs to lean on his subordinates to make it through this. Even though he obviously has many people working on this problem, it’s plausibly better if the Democrats and state department think he’s taking them on all by himself. It’s more terrifying, because then imagine what he could do with an army?

      I’m just putting that out there. Can’t read either of their minds, but it’s a logical possibility. The King does not rely on his court for moral support, he knows without a doubt that they respect and fear him and commands them accordingly.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        I have no evidence to support this theory, indeed i haven’t even looked into it, but to my understanding Pence is a devout protestant of the “Judeo-Christian” variety. I would not be surprised at all if he is heavily involved behind the scenes reaching out to and networking with Christian groups around the country. As a person who has more than a passing familiarity with the various Protestant sects, the dwindling old guard, traditionalists, southern baptists, etc, have been utterly shamed and silenced by the non-denominational, Calvary Chapel commie cristcucks for a while now. I don’t think Pence is one of them, so if he is masquerading as a man with the right god in his heart and the president’s ear, his status would be massive with the former group. I bet a little digging could validate this theory; if i get around to it, i will report back on what i find.

  7. […] on the durability of Trump, if he can last as long as Franklin Roosevelt, on a US colour revolution, and Civil War […]

    • shaman says:

      >”info” (disinfo)
      >”True” Pundit
      >”Child sex trafficking”

      Not this shit again…

      When a 14-year-old female “child” with boobs moves in with her boyfriend, what is it?

      When a 14-year-old female “child” with boobs pretends to be 18 and works as a prostitute, what is it?

      When, in contrast, 2 gay or lesbian or queer or transsexual or whatever-the-heck “parents” adopt a 9-year-old boy to diddle and sodomize and pass around like a bottle of beer within their gay clique, what is it?

      Oh my God, there really is no limit to your retardation.

      Anyone talking about “child abuse,” “child rape,” “child sex trafficking,” and so on and so forth, is a liar, a dirty motherfucking lying liar who deserves a curb-stomp and probably works for the FBI, because these terms lumps together female sluts, usually aged 11-17, with dripping wet pink pussies and raging fiery volcanic sex hormones, who either move in with their boyfriend or engage in harlotry, together with prepubescent boys who are legitimately sexually abused by gays. These are not, and will never be, similar things. GTFO.

      Whenever you tell us about “pedophiles” or “child abuse,” disinfo, you damn barefaced lie. These are destructive anti-concepts ‘suspiciously convenient’ for the FBI and massively harmful for men, marriage, fertility, and patriarchy. A horny teenage chick who moves in with her boyfriend is not “sex trafficked,” a teenage chick who fucks for money is not “sex trafficked.” The FBI are liars and want to murder all white heterosexual males, and indeed, all whites, all heterosexuals, and males. Anyone talking about “child sex trafficking,” instead of talking about gay homosexual faggot sodomites, is a lying liar, is a defender and promoter of Drag Queen Story Hour (which is “not pedophilia” and “not child abuse”) and seeks to throw heterosexual men in prison for teen slut misbehavior.

      A teenage slut who leaves her foster home and goes to live with her boyfriend, or goes out to take lots of dicks into her from strangers for $$$, is not a “child” and is not “trafficked.” When that blue-piller cuckservative says:

      Farnsworth said he is more convinced than ever that Arizona children removed from their parents and put into group homes or foster homes are being sex-trafficked.

      Notice that he doesn’t say, “Therefore, we need to urgently and immediately stop taking children away from their parents,” which is what a real right-winger would say. No; he is telling us that ‘we need to do more’ to hunt down those evil horrible oppressive men (often incels) who fuck teenage prostitutes for money, and that ‘we need to do more’ to hunt down whose evil horrible oppressive men who had their horny teen girlfriend move in to their apartment. He does not mention gays, does not mention homosexuality, does not mention faggots passing boys around like a bottle of beer. Why do none of these articles Name The Gay? Because you’re reading FBI propaganda, that’s why.

      Thus we are told about “children,” “children,” “children,” “children,” “children,” rather than prepubescent fatherless poor boys passed around like a bottle of beer by gays. This is designed to make us out-group heterosexual men who fuck teenage sluts, and in-group trannies. Whenever you read about “child sex trafficking,” you read an article intended to justify imprisoning ‘frat boy oppressive shitlord rapists’ for fucking teen girls, and simultaneously to justify Drag Queen Story Hour, because the latter is “not pedophilia.”

      Why are you not willing to Name The Gay and talk about how it is gays who pass around boys like a bottle of beer? Why are you not willing to conclude, “We must urgently and immediately stop taking children away from their heterosexual families to be ‘adopted’ by sexual perverts and deviants”? Why is your conclusion always: “Oh no, oh no no no, what we really must do is imprison more rapey rapist heterosexual men for teen slut misbehavior,” hmm?

      Is it because you’re posting from an FBI office, disinfo?

      Please, for the love of God, don’t bring Donald Trump into your fake and gay hoaxes. Just stahhhhp. His Majesty does should not be associated with FBI propaganda, should not be associated with hostile propaganda terms such as “child sex trafficking.” Unlike your FBI boss, who overlooks your posts, Donald Trump doesn’t approve of gays passing around boys like a bottle of beer.

      The hostile propaganda term “child sex trafficking” is intended to legitimize police and FBI throwing heterosexual men in prison for fucking teen girlfriends and teen prostitutes, and to lump it together with gays who pass around 9-year-old boys like a bottle of beer. It is an anti-concept. Whenever you lump these two things together, whenever you use the terms “child abuse,” “child rape,” “child sex trafficking,” to describe two altogether dissimilar things, you are lying. This blog is waging a war against anti-concepts; we take it upon us to rectify names.

      It is obviously true that gay perverts, fetishists, and sickos take 9-year-old boys and pass them around like a bottle of beer. It is altogether unlike a different thing: Normal heterosexual men fucking teen whores and teen girlfriends. By lumping these things together under “child sex trafficking,” you repeat an FBI lie. To stop homosexuals from doing what they’re doing to boys, we are going to abolish the Child Protective Services, permanently. By lumping the abominable phenomenon of gays passing around boys like a bottle of beer, and/or sacrificing them to Moloch, together with regular men fucking teen sluts, lumping these two unlike things under the fake name “child sex trafficking,” you are attempting to disrupt our plans and the rectification of names.

      We will shut down the Child Protective Services, who sacrifice kids to Moloch by letting gays, lesbians, and trannies ‘adopt’ them, and who destroy families by taking kids away from their parents; and we will not imprison men for exercising normal healthy male sexuality by banging horny 12-year-old sluts who look 20.

      Whenever you use the term “child sex trafficking,” you justify Drag Queen Story Hour, justify the Moloch worship that is transexualization of kids put on hormones blockers and having their organs grotesquely disfigured, justify gays passing around boys like a bottle of beer, and justify USG’s war against ‘evil oppressive frat boy rapey rapists’ and heterosexual families. “Anti-pedophilia” is codeword for anti-patriarchy, and anyone who uses lying terminology such as “child sex trafficking” is a hostile enemy entryist spreading the Blue Pill and disingenuously lumping together different things that are completely unlike.

      • info says:

        Obviously I may not disagree with you. But I dont see how stopping the sale of foster kids into sex slavery is a bad thing.

        Its a strange coincidence that “NeverTrumpers” seem to have been arrested for this.

        And mass arrests under “operation broken heart” occurred under the trump administration. This tweet shows:

        That it may be the Donald behind this.

        This is the mainstream. So I dont see how their understanding is not in line with this blog’s.

        • info says:

          Dont see how their understanding is expected to line up with this blog’s*

          This from the white house administration itself:

          He might as well be a bluepill tradcon if this is what he is indeed doing.

          • info says:

            Youtube video of trump signing an executive order or bill against such a practice:

            • I Became Bisexual After Big Daddy Put His Cock In My Ass says:

              “Human trafficking” means prostitution, often teen prostitution, though usually it refers to 18+ prostitution. These operations invariably target, of course, the johns, not the whores. Everyone knows it, you know it, your gay boss at the FBI department knows it, and the cat ladies at HR know it, so you should stop lying about what is happening.

              This is what happens when priests rule, and when their religion is insane. “Human trafficking” means hookers, “child sex trafficking” means teen hookers, and these operations target normal heterosexual men, not gays or trannies. NRx does not approve of any of these anti-prostitution operations that arrest and imprison the heterosexual male clients, and there won’t be any such or similar operations when NRx is in power. There will be plenty of action against the real deviants, though, so tell your gay boss at the office to get back in the closet.

              Stop the Qtard FBI commie shilling, retard; it’s not effective, and you won’t succeed.

          • My Satanist Dad Ripped My Anus 69 says:

            He might as well be a bluepill tradcon if this is what he is indeed doing.

            Oh, I understand what this is about.

            Now the FBI strategy is “Let’s shill against Trump by accusing him of doing things that my target audience does not approve of, such as our ‘anti-human trafficking’ operations. Yes, we have a brilliant plan here guys, that will make them turn against Trump.”

            Not gonna work, not gonna happen, you’re a pathetic low-IQ loser shill. Currently, Trump is not yet in power, does not have nearly enough power, and therefore cannot force his will on the Cathedral willy-nilly on all issues. When it comes to domestic rather than foreign policy, his powers are extremely limited, and so he is made to go along with pozzed priestly Cathedral programs on many issues, “anti-human trafficking” being one of them.

            Which is why warriors should be on top, not priests, and why USG’s state religion (Progressivism) must be eliminated and replaced with non-cucked Christianity. You are not going to set us against Trump by accusing him of doing things that we dislike. Bad strategy, because you are a dumb room temperature IQ idiot, probably a shit-skinned Bindi. Are you a street-defecating “plz to be sending bobs and vagen” type of Bindi, perchance? You certainly come across as one.

            • info says:

              I find the conclusions I reach from trump’s tweet more believable than your current comment.

              • jim says:

                Trump is a politician. He says one thing to one audience, and another thing to another audience.

                Grab them by the pussy.

                A “human trafficking” investigation that focuses on Child Protective Services is a “human trafficking” investigation the focuses on gays and transsexuals diddling nine year old boys. But he cannot say so.

                • info says:

                  Makes sense. This false reality is going to be deconstructed bit by bit.

          • jim says:

            Trump is focusing on “human trafficking” across the border, and maybe he is also focusing on “human trafficking” by “child protective services”

            Which is a “Democrats are the real racists” type tactic. Does not work, but probably all he can do at this point.

            A more urgent issue is that Democrats are the real “Obstructing the administration of Justice” Party – they just had some witnesses to Dem corruption arrested on the grounds that the investigation was politically motivated. And the Mueller investigation was not?

            Trump says one thing, and he hints at saying a different thing. Is he one of us? Maybe, but if he is not, does not matter. It was Cromwell the regicide that halted the puritan leftist singularity, and Stalin the communist bank robber and mass murderer that halted the communist leftist singularity. We could do a great deal worse than Trump for Holy American Emperor, and very likely will do a great deal worse.

            Our plan for getting into power does not involve getting one of us into power. And if it did, that one would have to pass as one of our enemies. Perhaps that is what Trump is doing, perhaps not, it hardly matters, because, sincere or insincere, he and his family is going to be killed by the Democrats if he ever allows the Democrats to return to power. He is going to have to walk the path he would walk if he was secretly one of us, or die.

            Our plan for getting into power is that the leftist singularity gets shut down, one way or another way, because it becomes intolerable and suicidal. And whoever is in power then finds himself ruling through steel alone, and steel does not suffice.

            Whoever rules, will have to take dictatorial power, or be replaced and killed by someone lefter than himself. At which point, whoever rules, needs us.

        • Anally Raped By Gay Dad - Hail Satan says:

          See, you are doing this again:

          But I dont see how stopping the sale of foster kids into sex slavery is a bad thing.

          No, “kids” are not sold into sexual slavery.

          Boys are sold to as sex slaves to gays. Whenever you use gender-neutral terms instead of using the proper terms, you are perpetuating FBI propaganda.

          The Qtards and their fellows lied, they lied by telling us about “child sex trafficking” instead of Naming The Gay, and you are lying by constantly, in every comment of yours about the subject, telling us about “children,” “pedophilia,” “pedophiles,” “child rape,” “child abuse,” and “child sex trafficking,” instead of telling us about boys who are passed around like a bottle of beer to be gang-rape sodomized in the ass and mouth by gays.

          By chronically, habitually, pathologically, endlessly, instinctively lying about what is happening in front of everyone’s face, you are not stopping the gangbang anal rape of boys by gays, but you and fellow feds certainly keep arresting normal heterosexual men who have sex with teenage sluts and possess sinister pixels of teenage sluts. You are perpetuating the problem, not stopping it.

          To stop the problem, which problem you are not capable of naming using the proper terminology, we are going to abolish the Child Protection Services, abolish you, the drop faggots off high buildings like sacks of potatoes. This will effectively stop “child abuse,” rather than the police’s and the FBI’s incessant operations in which normal heterosexual men are arrested, while of course trannies who rub their trannycocks on the asses of prepubescent boys to an explosive grandiose champagne-like climax at Drag Queen Story Hour are not arrested, because that is “not pedophilia.”

          I’m not letting you and your incessant Qtard propaganda get away with lumping different things that are completely unlike together under the name “child sex trafficking.” You are targeting men like Jim, like me, and like everyone else here who has his balls attached to the body, and you are not targeting priestly leftist progressives who put boys on hormone blockers and cut off their genitals. You are not capable of Naming The Gay, you are not capable of Naming The Tranny, because you keep using again and again and again lying false misleading anti-concepts instead of using the right language.

          Blue-pillers are boring low status losers, you are a boring low status loser, there is no such things as “pedophilia” or “child sex trafficking,” there is faggots who fuck boys in the ass, and there are secret police operations targeting ‘EWW-RAPEY’ men who belong to fraternities and men whose teenage girlfriend lives in their apartment. As a total loser and failure, you have not managed to save a single boy from sodomites, but you have put endless men, many of them nerdy beta male incels whose only option to get laid is to fuck prostitutes, in prison, because their prostitute claimed to be 18+ while being 14. You keep “busting” “child” “sex” “trafficking” “rings” in which there are no children, no sex, no trafficking, and no ring.

          Not letting you get away with using gender-neutral language, not letting you get away without Naming The Gay. Under modern USG, gays are not arrested, dykes are not arrested, trannies are not arrested, and progressive leftists priests who sacrifice boys to Moloch by mutilating them and putting them on hormone blockers are not arrested; men like Jim, like me, and countless other normal heterosexuals are arrested and imprisoned. This is what your “operations” do, and that is all they do. You do not arrest anyone involved in Drag Queen Story Hour; you arrest men for banging sluts.

          “Child sex trafficking” is a hoax and an anti-concept designed by the Cathedral to justify its operations against heterosexual men who bang teen sluts while turning a blind eye, or openly celebrating, gay sex and trannyism. That’s what you do, and the only thing you ever do. Come the restoration, the Child Protection Service will be abolished, and normal families will no longer be broken by blue-haired misandrist social workers who seek to give prepubescents to sexual deviants for “adoption.” And then you will see the problem of “child abuse” (i.e., boys anally gang-raped by gays and passed around like a bottle of beer in a homosex club) disappear. We are going to remove the gays.

          This is the mainstream. So I dont see how their understanding is not in line with this blog’s.


          Seriously? Did you really just write that?

          There is absolutely nothing in the mainstream narrative of what is happening that is in line with what this blog stands for. It is the complete, diametrical, total opposite of the case. The mainstream Puritan bluecon white-knight FBI narrative is about mysterious “pedophiles” who somehow mysteriously “abuse children,” i.e., it lumps together different phenomena that are completely unlike, as has been explained clearly in the post I made above, and as has been explained by Jim and others trillions times at immense length all over this blog for years upon years.

          You are hopelessly low IQ, painfully low IQ, or — which is not unlikely — you are a paid fed shill here to spread Qtardery while pulling off a “Hail fellow reactionaries.” Nah, you’re not a reactionary, you are supporter of boys getting anally raped by gays, which problem you never seem to address using terminology of which your boss in HR might disapprove.

          • info says:

            Either those arrests and raids are connected to trump or not. Choose one.

            I dont see any better press releases that accurately report those actions.

            • Raped By Gay Dad (666), Now a FLAMING FAGGOT says:


              Not falling for your transparent “blame Trump” trap.

              It’s over, feddie.

              • info says:


                Perhaps its a strike at vulnerable underbellies. Which helps to unravel a lot of power nodes.

                The unconventional that is occurring alongside the conventional.

                I did state its the never Trumper GOP that seemed to be getting picked up.

                @Raped By Gay Dad (666), Now a FLAMING FAGGOT says:

                “Not falling for your transparent “blame Trump” trap.

                It’s over, feddie.”

                I haven’t seen you address the tweet by Trump in 2012. Or their press releases. Or even the bill he signed. Or the statistics of arrests since he took office.

                Even if I am not even arguing the merits for or against anti-concepts in this comment thread.

                Its the world outside this blog and the NRx sphere.

                And you expect that those ideas or anti-concepts as you call them aren’t the unseen cultural waters that they swim in?

                This is the assumptions about truth and morality that they swim in. And somehow you expect different?

                • The Police Are Eating Donuts and Watching Child Porn says:

                  Oink oink piggy, GTFO. I addressed all your points by telling you that Trump has not yet amassed enough power to do as he pleases, therefore when the Cathedral tells him to support and conduct “anti-human trafficking” operations to arrest heterosexual men who bang teen sluts, which operations never target sodomites and ladyboys, he complies, as he can’t resist the Cathedral on all fronts at once.

                  You still stubbornly refuse to utter or otherwise communicate with our shibboleths, still stubbornly refuse to hear our ideas about the matter, revealing yourself as FBI shill.

                • info says:

                  So what about his tweet in 2012? Is that forced by the Cathedral as well?

            • jim says:

              The coup is hotting up. I don’t care about Child Protective Services abducting children and selling them to gays. Bigger stuff is happening.

      • Not Tom says:

        I think info is a longtime VD fan, and Teddy has been dredging up QAnon and the “muh pedos” narrative again in concert with their AH:Q 2 release. Yes, it really is that simple. Look at his blog over the last 3-4 days and you’ll see.

        I’m not saying to go cause trouble for Vox, I’m saying the opposite, we can probably just ignore this temporary spillover and it should disappear in a few days.

        • alf says:

          I did not know Vox is publishing a comic book series around QAnon. That’s hilarious.

        • The Cominator says:

          This is why I can never warm up too much to Teddy Spaghetti. He insist strongly on various things that are COMPLETE obvious horseshit and if you disagree your a gamma.

          Qtards are retards. Q said Trust Sessions. Sessions was a big traitor who the Trump movement should have been screaming to fire to neutralize his political cover. No friendly legitimate source would ever have said trust the traitor Sessions. There is no recovery or redemption from saying that. Q is either a larp or enemy propaganda.

          Teddy spaghetti needs to stop saying pedos and name the gay.

          • Not Tom says:

            In his defense, AH:Q is both considerably more interesting and more believable than the actual QAnon.

            It’s just a comic book. Fantasy. But for a little while it’ll be hyped up with the QAnon crowd. It’s marketing – same reason there’s suddenly a ton of nostalgia videos on YouTube a few days before the theatrical release of a sequel. If you view him through the lens of merchant, not priest, then it doesn’t really look so bad.

            Irritating, perhaps. But not ill-intentioned.

          • info says:

            VD’s views line up with Neon Revolts view right now. This is what he believes to be the truth rightly or wrongly.

            He also did also talk about “The last closet” which he endorses.

            • jim says:

              “The last closet” names the gay, despite the fact that everyone reports it as saying “pedophilia”, that is not what it in fact says.
              What it says is that men who are interested in little girls, generally regard them as inferior substitute for little boys.

        • info says:

          I admit I posted this link after seeing VD’s post.

      • Dave says:

        Ah, sex trafficking, the moral panic du jour. An actual crackdown on actual sex trafficking would put another million persons of color behind bars, therefore not going to happen. So cops pretend to be horny 11-year-old girls, lure in twenty or thirty lonely ‘tards, and say they busted a “child-sex-trafficking ring”.

        • info says:


          When Trump has power I bet he will do exactly that. Lots of poc criminals are going to be put to death.

          As he said in this tweet “fast trial, death penalty”

        • info says:

          I will not be surprised those who worship moloch and are satanist will get caught doing evil rituals with those they kidnapped in order to be possessed by powerful demons with great demonic power.

          • info says:

            Metokur video making the rounds:

            Glow in the dark agents involved? Or is Metokur just chasing illusions?

            • jim says:

              Not looking at it because anything released by the FBI is a lie, and anyone who treats the FBI as authoritative and reliable is an enemy.

              Seems plausible that if Epstein was in the business of whoremongering to the rich and powerful, so were other people, but the FBI is going to blame Christians and nationalist Jews.

              • info says:

                Its not Epstein. Its about counter-intelligence group in order to counter the Soviet Union created by CIA evolving into a degenerate Slaaneshi cult called the Finders.

                Or maybe there is something more involved.

                And for some reason the coverup involved many of the agencies of the Blue Empire.

                Lots of Cathedralite shenanigans seemingly to prevent this embarrassing incident from coming out.

                The FBI release seems to indicate a lot of smoke and I suspect there is a lot of fire that made this necessary.

                Even if said FBI report is lies.

  8. BC says:

    Trump must have completely lost control of the state department. The color revolution in Chile is going to result in more dead people than Venezuela.

    • The Cominator says:

      Trump’s biggest remaining flaw is that for some reason I cannot fathom he seems to trust that neocon POS Pompeo who is Secretary of State now. Pompeo with an independent power base is far more dangerous then that lunatic Bolton ever was.

      Tillerson and Trump may have not gotten along but Trump should have retained Tillerson (and not criticized him) because Tillerson was doing what should have been done at the state department back in the 1940s… en masse firings. Pompeo rehired lots of them… now maybe Tillerson is a kind of walking marked card and Trump’s putting him in is more 4D chess but that is not apparent from the outside. From the outside Pompeo is Trump’s secret enemy but Trump seems to have a huge blind spot in regards to the man.

      • BC says:

        Tillerson forced the boy scouts to embrace faggots. He was never Trump’s ally.

        • The Cominator says:

          The lawyers forced that on the boy scouts. Tillerson was a merchant, merchants innocent, priests guilty. Tillerson was en masse firing commie faggots at foggy bottom, he was more loyal then Pompeo.

    • Not Tom says:

      Hard to “lose” control that one never had in the first place.

      State is the permanent government; Trump is the temporary government, at least de jure. We shall see if he has what it takes to tame the permanent government, permanently, but it is certainly not “lost”, just not yet gained.

      • pdimov says:

        >Hard to “lose” control that one never had in the first place.


        Beat me to it.

      • BC says:

        Trump had some control over them early on, probably though defunding their pet causes. I’m not sure what’s happened, but it appears to have completely disappeared.

  9. BC says:

    Hillary’s issuing thinly veiled death threats at Trump and his family. I wonder if they’ll try it.

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      Your previous discussion with Comminator turned me on to Tim Pool. He seems all at once clear headed and delusional. Hard to figure out what his goal is. He talks a lot about boogaloo and internal division. All things considered, he might be a pretty good canary in the civil war coal mine. The Taibi piece was eye opening purely due to the source, and i shared it with a number of my professors. They usually respond at length to the stuff i send them, but that piece elicited no or minimal response, which was peculiar to say the least.

      Circling back to Pool, he had a video on Hillary potentially running again in 2020. My law professor thinks it is too late to file the proper paperwork, but there could be extenuating circumstances. I posit that if Hillary enters AND maintains the veiled threats that that is an indisputable red flag that the overt slide toward war has begun.

      • The Cominator says:

        Tim Pool is a normie at heart who wishes things could go back to normal. But hes redpilled enough to know things aren’t going that way.

        If Hillary enters the race she intends to win the Presidential race by assassinating her way to the nomination and then during a very late period in the election assassinating both Trump and Pence (note to any glownaggers I don’t intend to do that I love Trump, but it will be what Hillary intends to do).

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Do you mean character assassination or legit political murder? If the former, I’d say you are right. She is harping on “scandals” in the Trump regime, she tested the water with the Tulsi hit job. I could see her knocking out her Dem competition one by one.

          If you mean the latter… I just don’t see it. Seth Rich and Epstein were in the public consciousness but not in the glare of 24/7/365 spotlight like Trump and the other primary candidates. If you mean lower level, like campaign operatives, how many do you honestly think it would take for a pattern to emerge that would be recognized by media, much less USSS? It seems like a stretch.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            If it gets to the point where Clinton and the Deep State are more or less openly killing political rivals, then the media and the Secret Service are irrelevant and the army and the Marines are the deciding factor.

            • the power of pozitive thinking says:

              The armed forces won’t ever be a domestic political force.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                On what do you base this assertion?

              • jim says:

                The FBI is already a domestic political force. At some point the army will necessarily get in on the act.

                • Starman says:

                  The military can thank the FBI Prætorian Guard for setting this precedent.

                  The limp-wristed left saws off the branch on which it sits.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “If you mean the latter… I just don’t see it. Seth Rich and Epstein were in the public consciousness but not in the glare of 24/7/365 spotlight like Trump and the other primary candidates.”

            Dude come on. I’m in the slow class here but even I can do this now:

            “Trump is weak, he is weaker, he’s abandoned by his friends, he is falling, he is still falling, the walls are closing in around him…”

            “…oh damn some freak shot him.”

            “Such a tragedy, but he meant well and always dreamed of making a difference. The poor guy. He just wanted to be a hero.”

            “Oh noes. Now he’s famous. Teenage girls are bringing flowers to his prison and offering marriage. The poor guy. His picture is all over the magazines. How can he lead a normal life now?”

            “It isn’t really his fault. He a good boy. He was radicalized by YouTube and that Joker movie and had mental health problems. His single mother had to put him on state-paid mood drugs, the labels of which she was unable to read anyway, and the records for which have all been lost in a computer crash.”

            “Single Moms hardest hit.”

            “Of course the real victims are prominent brown people who are now being targeted for reprisal killings, according to cowardly anonymous racist death threats on Twitter.”

            “And we mean real genuine assassinations this time, guys, not just tragically misguided lone wolf incel freaks like this loser.”

            “Gun confiscation now. Protect our democracy.”

            (OK I just shit my pants a little from the perfect alignment with the Joker plot. I just stumbled into that one.)

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              I appreciate the effort you put into that wholly unbelievable story. The man has two full security details on him. He also has Marines and SOF on call. I could see lower level operatives getting enRICHed in odd but explainable circumstances, but if POTUS were harmed there would be a lot more disruption than blue state bubble folks realize.

            • The Cominator says:

              The Cathedral media will claim that he (and Pence) were murdered by the Russian FSB. I’m not saying it will work I’m just saying that is what Hillary’s plan should she run is.

              • jim says:


                The usual process as the left singularity approaches is a cheerfully illegal and unprecedented arrest, followed by an execution with much spectacle and superficial pretense of legality, soon, to everyone’s astonishment, followed by more executions.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They need to get rid of Trump 1st though and the lawfare crap aint working and Hillary crazy bitch that she is still knows that. Also Hillary cares about herself not the left and the left no longer wants her… So from Hillary’s pov the way back in is to murder her way back into office.

                • jim says:

                  Lawfare implies following the rules in an abusive fashion with abusive intent. If they were going through the normal impeachment process, that would be lawfare. This is becoming more and more a plain old fashioned coup, as ever less effort is put into maintaining the pretext of legality.

                  If lawfare is not working, that is because they are not even trying lawfare. When they chose not to put an impeachment inquiry through the house, that should have told you they had no intention putting impeachment through the house and sending it to the senate. They are not following the constitutional procedure for impeachment. They are following the state department procedure for color revolution.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  > ever less effort is put into maintaining the pretext of legality

                  And not only in the House. We are now on coup III. As information on coup I (the Flynn-Trump investigation) and II (Mueller) has come out the justifications have shifted from “legal and necessary” to “necessary because circumstances” to “your puny Constitution is no match for our glorious Deep State. All hail the Eternal Party!”.

                • The Cominator says:

                  But if the intention is literally to remove him without doing any of the following

                  1) Impeaching him and conviction in the Senate (which we all agree won’t happen or even more unlikely 25th amendment)

                  2) Causing him to lose the election (they won’t nominate Tulsi and I doubt Barr will allow the kind of vote fraud Jeff Sessions the traitor allowed so very little chance there)

                  3) Assasinating him (and Pence as well)

                  They aren’t going to be able to plausibly claim his removal. What all the Democrats go on CNN and proclaim Trump isn’t the President despite him being alive and not removed by the Senate and strart trying to act as President Trump is just going to order the army to wipe them out for insurrection which the army will 100% obey because the Democrats in such case have no fig leaf of constitutional legality and will be transparently trying to carry out an insurrection.

                  If this is the case I really hope they keep doing what they are doing them doing that will 100% make Trump king for real.

                • jim says:

                  The “weak, weak, weak, weaker, weaker, weaker, falling, falling, falling, falling, he has fallen” tactic does in fact work if you are inside the bubble. “Oh well, he has fallen, terribly unfair, but there is nothing we can do about it.” It has been successfully used lots of times in lots of places.

                  To avoid being successfully removed in this manner, Trump will have to do so something dramatic to puncture the bubble – such as arrests of leading democrats. He cannot just sit tight and assume that when the new “government” announces it is power, that Trump is out of power, and this is all completely legal and constitutional, the army will ignore them. Someone will obey them, and the army may well sit on its hands, because, hey, the guys arresting the Republicans have a warrant signed by some Hawaiian judge no one has heard of, so it must be legal, and even it is not legal, well it is a civilian matter for resolution by the supreme court – which just got twenty new judges appointed by the brand new government.

          • The Cominator says:

            If she runs she intends to win by LITERAL murder so wins by default. She knows she can’t beat Trump or even Pence otherwise.

      • jim says:

        Paperwork? These guys don’t need no paperwork. Clinton’s previous presidential nomination was highly irregular, she stole the nomination, the impeachment process is highly irregular, her next nomination and her election as president is likely to be more irregular still.

      • jim says:

        The Taibi piece?

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            Correct. i found it linked in the comments of your last post. Matt Taibi is one of those writers i love to hate. He is in the same class as Thomas Frank; leftists i will hide in my basement when Comminator ascends to the position of Minister of Interior and Helicopter Tourism. Incidentally, we are soon coming to a place where actual leftists are going to be dirt-roaded by the New Left for insufficient leftism.

            • The Cominator says:

              Chomsky is while completely insane genuinely insightful in regards to a few things, back when the Cathedral wasn’t for complete communism (and hence he was opposed to it) he actually recognized the Cathedral for what it is (re Manufacturing Consent).

              Jimmy Dore is probably the only other one I have a soft spot for… given that he completely refused to give the Russia hoax any validity and said it was just an excuse for why Hillary lost like he always said she was going to. Cenk was like this too but then he sold out. Cenk’s fat Turk ass goes on the helicopter… Jimmy Dore should be given a chance to save himself.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                >tfw you realize Comminator is going to bring down the Cathedral just to make Ana Kasparian his concubine

            • Mr.P says:

              Taibbi is very useful as a reference to send to friends and family.

              Liberal friends and family will read Taibbi b/c “he’s one of us.”

              I sent a link to this piece by Taibbi to a liberal friend who is still convinced DT is “compromised” by Putin with the following introduction:

              “Matt Taibbi, a socially moderate liberal Democrat by every measure, was a little late sniffing this out — but he is fully caught up now.”

              Taibbi will convert.

              • jim says:

                > Taibbi will convert.

                He will be seen to convert when it becomes obvious that one side or the other is going to die, and it looks like Trump is not going to be the one that dies. Bloodless coups are bloodless because nothing much is at stake, the hegemon is still in charge. No hegemon, no limits. Once violence is on the table, a prisoner is a dangerous liability.

                • Mr.P says:

                  Thanks, Jim.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  They are good men who cannot be converted.

                  Taibbi is from the Principled Autist variety of leftism, which includes people like Aaron Mate, Glenn Greenwald, and Harvey Silverglate. They support free speech, oppose the security state, or ridicule the insane mainstream left on matters like the Trump coup and MeToo, because they actually believe stuff like “journalism is about digging toward the truth” and “law is about justice”, rather than the observed reality that all of leftism is one inseparable push for power. They will go to their graves not understanding that and fighting to achieve the slogans that they, in total good faith, internalized in grade school.

                  It’s hard to imagine how unbelievably crazy things would have to get to genuinely disillusion this type of unwitting Good Soldier.

  10. mtnforge says:

    The real color revolution happened on 11-9-16. 64 Million Deplorable’s said BFYTW! Gave the deep state order the finger. And whoo baby are they pissed off. Again, BFYTW, sucks to be you. Tough shit, you say we are deplorable, shit bitchez, you ain’t seen nothing. We where being very nice and polite. And peaceful. Go ahead, just keep fucking that chicken. 11-9-16 scared you all, just wait, you keep this deep state shit up, Ol’ Trump won’t be your worse enemy, us Deplorable’s will show you what nemisis means. Go ahead, stick your dicks in the meat grinder, because thats what is going to happen if you all don’t cut the fucking crap.
    Again, I am certainly not alone in this sentiment. Remember, we have guns….lots of guns. We don’t have them because it is some hobby or latest collector rave.

    I know I’m not alone, I don’t give a rats arse if it’s 16 more years or permanent. With the exception of the God-Emperor and barely a handful who can be counted as true allies of his, never mind respecting and looking out for us dirt people’s franchise, the rest been fucking with our codes, crapping on our hard won long learned history and traditions, that rest, they ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

    Does history have scum and scalawags which compare to these insufferable traitors and defenders of the rice bowl they fill from the public pig trough, the ones who spit on us and call us deplorable?

    There is nothing like what has been perpetrated by these scum, who anointed themselves our betters, no precedent for what they are doing to us dirt people here. Some real sneaking bullshit I say.
    In all of human history the scale and scope has no equal. There are no parable’s for it. The bible is inadequate to the job. A special kind of insidious “gentle” tyranny, soft fleece padded shackles have been carefully laid upon our wrists, systematically, with utterly astounding all encompassing application of social engineering science, aforethought, and malice, a leash of marxian madness placed around our necks, we have been unwitting participants in our slavery, of lies to make Uncle Joe Stalin green with envy for it’s cunning, and not only that, we are charged with financing entirely our own slavery to the state and it’s eternal actors, whilst they skim off the cream of the wealth and treasure only we can create via our labor and creativity, our motive power and our audacity.
    It will require an equally momentous audacious act of defiance and rebellion, an open source, grass roots 4th generation warfare style insurgency, of scale never seen in history also to thwart this slavery of the state. Righteously so, rightfully so richly deserved, for what they do to us.
    And the only ones who will serve justice to fit the crimes, a proper comeuppance, are us dirt people. There is no one else, and that is as it should be, as people are manifest in their determination so to are they in their liberty. So too when they have had enough.
    It is and always has been the purview of the dirt people to effect positive change on this Earth.

    What is to fear but an out of control anarchical violent blood thirsty oligarchy and their precious state bent on imposition of totalitarianism, a creepy sick one world order, their agenda consisting of either our total enslavement or our total liquidation.
    Let them find refuge from us, let them restore the rule of natural law in order to run and hide to save their despicable skins. Because when us dirt people have had enough, nobody can stop us, nobody can hide from us, nobody or nothing can stand before our wrath, we give no quarter, laugh at it offered, we have no mercy for such antagonists and cheep tin pot dictators or their minions or servants. We stop when we decide to.
    Ruthless despots such as ours, do not understand how totally pissed off and what our cold stone anger when it overflows is like. Like no foe imaginable. That is what you get when you fuck with us dirt people till we will not stand for it any longer. We don’t go burn our communities down, we go and find you and burn you out, we get rid of you and what you created permanently. BFYTW

  11. Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

    Some people very, very high up in DOJ and FBI have been handing devastating new proof-of-coup material to General Flynn’s new defense lawyer, who is publishing it in court filings. It looks like they, and to some extent the Barr-Durham countercoup investigation, have moved into high gear because of the impeachment chess game.

    If the Flynn case drags on, this will intensify. Defense motions will be a vehicle to expose everything, as insurance in case e.g. the Horowitz report is corrupted. The interesting question is whether the leaks will continue if the Flynn case is dismissed, i.e. are the leakers out to help Flynn, or Trump?

    • jim says:

      Flynn is being used as a weapon against the deep state. His obviously unjust and selective prosecution exposes the evil, brutal, criminal, and lawless nature of the deep state. So helping Flynn is helping Trump

      • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

        The leaks align the interests of Flynn and the deep state, in that dismissal ASAP is now the optimal outcome for both.

        But the best scenario for Trump is that the case survive, Flynn withdraws his coerced plea and goes to trial, and the white hat leakers weaponize the court filings as a Wikileaks-style document dump on the coup. This would crush the Democrats and media on the best possible timetable for the 2020 election.

        Next hearing in the case is November 7.

  12. Shinmen Takezo says:

    Nothing but very happy thoughts from the OP.
    Yes, ‘spicy times’ are coming–not a matter of if, but of exactly when.

  13. Bob says:

    Sixteen more years, and a Star Spangled Crown

  14. Stay Uncivil says:

    Any society that elevates a Kenyan halfbreed mongrel RAT P.O.S. to demigod status deserves to be erased from the face of the earth.

  15. CPB says:

    Fu@k them, all those on the communist left and wimp right. Wash your hands of having others run your life. LIVE, and be your own master of your life. Let them die, turn your back on them, keep your money, and if they persist and threaten with harm by sending anyone with weapons, hang their collective asses. Enough is enough, they don’t care about nothing but themselves. Grow the hell up people!

  16. Karl says:

    You mentioned a gentler solution of progessivism falling apart internally. How could this possibly happen? When the Soviet Union fell apart, there was a widely know alternative state religion. It is easy to sell the idea of copying an existing system that is successfull. People need something to defect to in order to even consider defecting.

    Sure, our ideas are an alternative, but progressives do not know them, can’t even think our ideas. While this is the case the fall of progressivism cannot come from with.

    • Dave says:

      A rotten tree does not remain standing for lack of a safe direction to fall. The USA could become a cartel terror state like Mexico.

      • Karl says:

        When cartels take power that is not progressivism falling apart internally, but rather conquest.

        • Dave says:

          A distinction without a difference. A firmly united elite whose official religion demands weakness and stupidity is an open invitation to conquest.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Communism was discredited all over the place with the fall of the SU but para-communism soon slid into its place.

      I would put part of the blame on not cleaning out the academic system in the West while the opportunity was there. For some reason, we preferred instead to be nice and they could recuperate in peace for 20 years. Unfortunate choice.

  17. TBeholder says:

    The saner Democrats need to get their crazies in line, and are so far not doing so, because no enemies to the left, no friends to the right. […] They have to capitulate by giving him the regular impeachment process in accord with precedent and the constitution, or just put impeachment on the back burner, and get on with normal legislative business like passing the the new trade deal, whereupon they get torn apart by their crazies.

    But then, what they still can do? From what’s on teh internetz, the only good move is that Pelosi gambit.
    If they allow the most stupid, greedy and uncontrollable ones get drunk on wishful thinking, become overconfident and lose, then those not involved directly can say “tsk tsk these babies failed to do their homework and should stand in a corner for a while”.
    It seems the most reliable way for the old school types to regain control and limit damage. Win-win, and even Trump won’t suddenly derail this. Because it’s the safest option for him too.

  18. mtnforge says:

    As you have pointed out Jim, Mr. Trump has yet to take full power.
    There is another way, it appears everyday, certain events which go against not only President Trump, and we Deplorable’s too, make it actually easier this option. What really surprises me is it is hardly mentioned, yet it is a most viable option especially considering how much high corruption and treason there is going down. It sure would allow for taking immediate and final means to ending certain deep embedded problems. Not to mention if there is anyone I can think of in my lifetime Mr. Trump would be my first choice for making such an option work. Though there is always risk regardless. But pretty soon here, it will no longer be an extreme, but rational, and still legitimate lawful option. Martial Law.

  19. Mister Grumpus says:

    Don’s out in front while I post from my Momma’s bathroom behind an alias. So I’m in no position to give advice. So I’ll just throw a dart into the dark and see if it lands on a target I can’t see yet:

    I sincerely hope and expect that’s Don’s people are working overtime setting up “escape plans” for the present Dem (and also R) leadership. Whether that means physically, like with pre-fueled G600’s auto-piloting to “safe mansions” on undisclosed islands (“renovation crews arrive at Little Saint James”), or just career/status escapes, like professorships in Israel or whatever.

    I hope he has people building new boats for his enemies to jump into and retreat on, but of course only after saying “uncle” on YouTube and throwing in their towels.

    He can become their best friend. “I’m so sorry Godfather. I need your help.”

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      If things went that far, where could Trump run? There are no remote island hideouts anymore. The best bet would probably be Russia or China, Snowden-style. Or Philby-style. And oh what a legacy that would be.

      If I were him, I’d make a stand well before that point.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I’m talking about helping the Democrat leadership escape from their own hordes, in exchange for them doing a conventional proper impeachment now that they know won’t actually work.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          Ah yes, I see, sorry. I’m not sure a failed impeachment would satisfy the hordes, even if correctly executed. The Russia hoax fizzled and thus had to be followed by a Ukraine hoax, etc.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            I’m being sloppy with my pronouns.

            I know the Hordes won’t be satisfied by a proper impeachment, because a proper impeachment won’t work. As if these animals care about “proper” rules written in Olde English my white men with funny wigs back before color TV anyway.

            No. The point is that the Dem leadership is trapped. A proper and failed impeachment now will get them run over by the Hordes later. But an irregular impeachment later may get them helicoptered.

            So the deal Don can offer the non-Horde old-white-Jewish-and-tired Dem leadership is that they allow a proper impeachment now — which they both know won’t work — in exchange for Don helping them then escape from their own Horde when they revolt in indignation.

            The idea is to focus the revolutionary energy within the Left side. Let them burn themselves out on Left-vs-Left lynching. “Save us Don, these people are shivving each other and we need some other roof to live under.”

            Don can’t save them from helicopters. But he can save them from their Horde. Or at least that’s my guess. Feel free to call me full of it.

    • alf says:

      while I post from my Momma’s bathroom

      Taking shitposting to a new level, nice one.

  20. Willie says:

    Everything that is evil is encroaching and the walls you live in are closing in on you. Suggestion: Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and prepare (in the flesh) for dark days ahead but remember in the spirit as a child of Christ all will be well that ends well.

    • jim says:

      That is the black pill imitation of Christianity.

      Christianity is the white pill. The black pill dressing itself in Christianity is the Gnostic heresy.

      Deus Vult.

      In hoc signo vinces

      • info says:

        Book of revelation seems blackpill to me. Until Jesus sets things right.

        • jim says:

          Book of Revelation gave hope to Christians suffering oppression by the Imperial cult. It white pilled them.

          • info says:

            I agree. No matter how bad things get. They will have final victory.

            However this world can and will turn to crap and final victory cannot come before the 2nd coming at which time christianity will likely be a minority.

  21. Allah says:

    Why would the left be in such a rush? Demographics are on their side, I am told they will never lose an election to the right ever again in a decade or so.

    Regardless, I just don’t see civil war happening in the West. The West will likely do just fine.

    • jim says:

      The left is trapped in a holiness spiral, therefore cannot act in a competent or sane manner.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        This is how your blog keeps me sane and out of trouble.

        You point out how there are deeper and more powerful things happening, and much faster, than even demographic change.

        Demographic change is inevitable, looks like, but what’s not inevitable are the consequences that we’re expecting it to cause, given our assumptions (democracy, 50 states, etc.) that are being undermined, even faster, right under our noses. Would I even recognize myself from 10 years ago?

        Gloom-and-doom’ers are often right about A, but wrong about the consequences of A.

        (I need to apply this to my own life as well, duh.)

        • jim says:

          > Demographic change is inevitable, looks like, but what’s not inevitable are the consequences that we’re expecting it to cause

          Latin American countries ruled by their superior minority, as for example Venezuela before it went socialist, were very nice places.

          And, if we restore eugenic elite fertility, we will found a new race.

    • jim says:

      Every few weeks, I see yet another news item that brings civil war closer. Are they going to stop at the brink?

      Everywhere around the American Hegemony, elite civility is collapsing, and they are playing with tactics that bring us closer to civil war. in many places in the American hegemony the elite are maneuvering to start arresting each other, everywhere political events are deviating further and further from established precedent and established legality.

      • Allah says:

        The Western right has been collapsing spectacularly on every single front, are they going to stop at the brink? I predict the left will shape the West to their liking, as they’ve been doing for decades if not centuries. The right needs to fight back for there to be war, which doesn’t seem likely.

        Of course the elephant in the room is that the left is suicidal and omnicidal, but that’s a problem that concerns the rest of the world also, not just the Western right.

        • jim says:

          Trees do not grow to the sky.

          The left always self destructs. This has come to pass many times in the last few thousand years.

          The only question is how many people they will take with them to their graves. Leftism always fails, because the immediate target is to knock over the apple cart to grab some apples, and the big target is immanentize the eschaton. And since, in fact, you cannot immanentize the eschaton they wind up killing everyone and destroying everything, until one of the less insane leftists grabs absolute power, and sends everyone holier than his very holy self to the gulag.

          • Allah says:

            Put more directly, the Western right is so ineffectual you might as well assume they don’t exist and when you do, the notion of a Western civil war becomes absurd.

            • jim says:

              The Trumpist right is highly effectual.

              The west has with great regularity fought terrible wars with devastating effectiveness. Another one is due.

              • Allah says:

                They can seem highly effectual compared to the rest of the Western right, which is not much of an achievement.

                Indeed. As I said, the West will probably land on their feet again somehow. They have a habit of taking off their masks when it gets inconvenient.

                • jim says:

                  “Taking of our masks” sounds remarkably like Trump’s nationalist and Westphalian right winning.

                  Our guys always defeated you guys when we were fighting as sovereign nationalist independent nations.

                  Islam exists because holiness spiraled Christianity creates a memetic and military niche for it. You attack Christendom, you win, but one of the nations of Christendom shrugs off the holiness spiraled version, puts warriors back in charge of priests, and kicks your asses, as for example John III, King of Poland. The Turkish empire was winning against Christendom, defeated by Poland.

                • Allah says:

                  No, it sounds remarkably like the left will make up new unprincipled exceptions. The Western right barely enters into consideration. Don’t flatter yourself.

                • jim says:

                  The left is incapable of sanity, being trapped in a holiness spiral. Unprincipled exceptions are always lost, never recovered. Once it loses the sanity of one unprincipled exception, it is very difficult for it to recover sanity on that issue except it is distracted by another holy crusade to suppress the sanity of another unprincipled exception.

                  And even then, it is the right that creeps back to restore the unprincipled exception while the left is looking at the latest shiny thing, as with Thatcher and Reagan.

                  The left never restores an unprincipled exception, but sometimes the right can get away with bringing an unprincipled exception back. But the right was only able to recover capitalism by letting the left have a free hand on making whites and males second class citizens. They had so many apple carts to knock over, that they could not focus on making a stand against capitalism.

                • Allah says:

                  one of the nations of Christendom shrugs off the holiness spiraled version, puts warriors back in charge of priests, and kicks your asses, as for example John III, King of Poland. The Turkish empire was winning against Christendom, defeated by Poland.

                  You previously described that guy as “one Christian prince of one minor Christian nation” so I guess this is an improvement.

                  We started losing to Europeans because even our skill, bravery, and ingenuity was not enough to offset our extreme numerical and geographical/geopolitical disadvantage.

                • jim says:

                  > even our skill, bravery, and ingenuity was not enough to offset our extreme numerical and geographical/geopolitical disadvantage.


                  The King of Poland, King John III, defeated the Ottoman Empire, despite his extreme numerical and geographical/geopolitical disadvantage and the feudal lords of Hungary halted the Mongols and stole gunpowder from them, despite their extreme numerical, technological, and geographical/geopolitical disadvantage.

                  Forgiveness and generosity are needed to reach cooperate/cooperate equilibrium in a world of imperfect and asymmetric information, but when Christendom holiness spirals the other cheek and the extra mile to infinite cheeks and infinite miles, this enables and empowers evil, Islam being a memetic system naturally selected and deliberately designed to take advantage of forgiveness and generosity.

                  We will indeed “take off our masks”, in that holiness spiraling official Christianity to infinite cheeks and infinite extra miles will be deemed “preaching supererogatory acts, which to preach is arrogance and impiety”

                  Performing supererogatory acts will be encouraged. Doing so with a blast of trumpets and holding a press conference about it will attract the attention of the inquisition.

                  Immediately before crushing you guys, King John III held a mass, which the Roman Catholic Church says only priests may do, using his sword hilt as a crucifix, symbolizing the supremacy of warriors over priests. That is how we beat you guys. His mass, not his famous cavalry charge, is what defeated the Ottoman empire

                • Allah says:

                  We will indeed “take off our masks”

                  That was not addressed to you. In your case it would simply be a power fantasy.

                  Observe how effortlessly supposed egalitarian, tolerant, vegan, gluten-free, LGBTABCDEFG leftists justify random violence and collective punishment of Turks(a brown Muslim third world country with underclass diaspora in the West, according to all current theory should be “protected class” or whatever) because we threaten their commie project. That really pissed them off and made them drop the pretense. Probably would’ve gone all the way had Trump not insisted and kind of take the heat. I see the left doing something similar if they are sufficiently threatened in the West.

                  I was not talking about battles. “Geopolitical” should have made that clear.

                • jim says:


                  No unprincipled exception there. Totally follows from coherent leftist principles.

                  Kurds are brown and Mohammedan, Turks are brown and Mohammedan. No unprincipled exception in siding with revolution. Leftists are trying to overthrow Assad, and they are trying to overthrow Erdogan, so of course they are going to side with the poor oppressed brown Mohammedans against the evil oppressing brown Mohammedans.

                  And, indeed Alawites, or at least the ones I see in the news photographs, are noticeably whiter than the poor brown Mohammedan victims they are oppressing, so genocide of the Alawites is totally coherent with leftist principles. No unprincipled exception. Have to get rid of white privilege, which means getting rid of Tutsis and Alawites, and in due course, me, my children, and my grandchildren.

                  Genocide of Tutsis, Alawites, white South Africans, and in due course, everyone like me, is totally 100% completely consistent leftism, and my continued survival is the unprincipled exception which they are determined to remedy in due course. If the left had their way, they would murder every Alawite and feel all the holier because of it. And if Turks get in the way of exterminating Alawites, so much the worse for the Turks. 100% totally consistent pure leftism.

                  As the twentieth century decisively demonstrated, end stage leftism is genocidal, and the purer and holier it is, the more genocidal it is. Failure to murder everyone is the unprincipled exception which we are seeing rapidly rolled back.

                  Egalitarian, tolerant, vegan, gluten-free, LGBTABCDEFG leftists are individually murderous, not just collectively and politically murderous. They will murder their aged mother after altering her will to leave out their brother’s and sisters, and they will feel really good about it. Because they are going to contribute five percent to some worthy cause, which their brothers and sisters probably would not have.

                  The worthy cause that they contribute to probably being something like “We are the world, we are the children”, which cheerfully murdered hundreds of thousands of black African children, much as Peta animal shelters immediately kill any animal brought to them, refusing to offer them out as pets. Keeping pets is oppressive, and Peta totally opposes any form of oppression, so you should murder your mother and give ten percent of the loot to Peta, because of the calculus of utility. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few.

                  The egalitarian, tolerant, vegan, gluten-free, LGBTABCDEFG leftists are personally and individually dangerous to friends, relatives, and acquaintances, because they have an ideology that always has a ready rationale that justifies harming people near them, for the supposed benefit of people located in places they could not find on a map, and they never bother to think very hard about how these far away strangers might supposedly benefit from their supposedly noble acts. At best, they are going to steal your stuff and sell it to buy drugs, at worst they are going to kill you and steal your stuff. Leftists are worse than wiggers. At least a wigger will stab you from the front when he robs you. The wigger does not care about right or wrong. The tolerant leftist (who is intolerant of intolerance) has a passionate belief that whatever he does is right, and, unlike the wigger, does not believe he should care about friends and kin.

                • The Cominator says:

                  In my experience vegan/vegetarian new agey type leftists (the type of leftists who are represented best by Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard). Vegetarians and vegans actually care about nature rather then virtue signalling about it and are actually the least fanatical and most reasonable about them. You can actually talk to them about why orange man is not so bad in the scheme of things. In fact I managed to convince some to vote for Trump in 2016 by explaining to them how Hillary’s policies in Syria had a great chance of leading to nuclear war… they also tend to share our attitude that the mainstream media is propaganda.

                  My opinion is that their religion is fundamentally different (its sort of a nature worshipping heresy of buddhism I guess) then progressivism. They can get reeducated rather then going straight to the helicopters.

                  It is the type of progressive who actually trust the media who follows CNN Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert religiously who is the most npclike fanatical and unreasonable. They should be told immediately to get to the choppah…

                • ten says:

                  PETA-style radical animal rights activists who are furiously against the “oppression” of pets and animal lover vegetarians are not the same category. The latter typically only is leftist because leftism, they have been informed, is nice. The former often personally hate animals, and cannot stand other people living with them, leading this to be their justification for terroristic leftism.

                  Fully agree that hippie/raver type leftists tend to be not so very leftist when push comes to shove; case in point is techno clubs officially unofficial “max a few token brown and black people” policy, which is completely impervious to constant screams about racism from the denied populations, and always denied by the purely aryan crowds inside, enjoying a friendly, calm, free from sexual impropriety drug fest.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “PETA-style radical animal rights activists who are furiously against the “oppression” of pets and animal lover vegetarians are not the same category. The latter typically only is leftist because leftism, they have been informed, is nice. The former often personally hate animals, and cannot stand other people living with them, leading this to be their justification for terroristic leftism.”

                  Yeah basically.

                  “Fully agree that hippie/raver type leftists tend to be not so very leftist when push comes to shove”

                  It wouldn’t surprise me if the whole scene (to the extent it still exists) didn’t turn very right wing the way a lot of former hippies turned right wing in the 1980s… SJW fanaticism and their hedonism really don’t go together very well. Also the women in that crowd… probably have less internalized feminist man hating then in the general population. Degenerate and slutty sure but the whole feminist attitude of general contempt for men isn’t present.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Degenerate and slutty sure but the whole feminist attitude of general contempt for men isn’t present.

                  That attitude would be very hard to maintain under the influence of those particular drugs.

                  “Negative Progressivism” doesn’t play so well in that crowd, but they take to socialism and social degeneracy like flies to manure. They’re definitely not the worst, can probably be rehabilitated come the restoration, but may have to be marginalized for a while until they find a way to contribute productively.

                • Anonymous says:

                  The egalitarian, tolerant, vegan, gluten-free, LGBTABCDEFG leftists are personally and individually dangerous to friends, relatives, and acquaintances, because they have an ideology that always has a ready rationale that justifies harming people near them, for the supposed benefit of people located in places they could not find on a map

                  On this matter, Jim is right, and The Cominator is wrong. I put their differences of opinion down to life experience.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            The only question is how many people they will take with them to their graves.

            Yes. And of course answering this question depends on whether their holiness spiral will be halted by a Stalin or by a Pinochet.

    • Dave says:

      So too could Islam take Europe without a fight by procreating and chain-migrating themselves into a voting majority. If you’d let the sterile, atheist white population die peacefully of old age, they’d be happy to leave you all their stuff. Alas, Islam doesn’t work that way.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        This process also relies on the authorities punishing attempts to fight back, much like fighting back against the antifa in the US leads you to prison, not them.

  22. Rooster says:

    The corrupting influence of power and prestige, the wickedness of pure self aggrandizement that has afflicted the minds of the “establishment/swamp” knows no bounds. It will not go quietly into the night, but will shriek and fight to it’s last breath. It must be defeated here in America or else we descend into the abyss of darkness and slavery. DJT is the antithesis of this evil that pervades our society, support him and light may overcome the darkness of the godless heathens. Remain neutral and you condem your children to only darkness and slavery, sadness and misery. There is no middle ground.

  23. The Cominator says:

    Trump throws the gauntlet down for real. He is asserting the royal supremacy in the news.

  24. A Texan says:

    We really need an Augusto Pinochet. That’s the problem with a civil war. Life become unpleasant very fast given the need for electricity, petroleum, and water. Everything people need to live stops. If it were sustained, this certainly would cull most of the unhealthier populations.

    It’s pretty clear the left has no sense of reason or morality. Most of the Republicans are cucks who have been defending them or playing along because they like their powers, pensions, and perks.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      And said R’s, being cucks, are scanning the theater for escape routes, looking at where things are going, and realizing that Don (and Don Jr. etc.) might very soon be their only remaining protector.

      At a certain point, had I worked for the Czar, and shared his memes, then I would lose any possibility of switching sides to the Bolsheviks without getting shivved by one of them, at some point, in the chow line when I’d least expect it.

      How many of Pinochet’s guys were brave rebels against the machine, and how many just had nowhere else to go?

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        As I understand it, the junior officers in Chile reacted fairly quickly to the commie takeover once the nationalization etc began. They didn’t have their backs against the wall, but had the nous to see where things were headed.

      • Machine? What machine?

        “On 22 August 1973, with the support of the Christian Democrats and National Party members, the Chamber of Deputies passed 81–47 a resolution that asked “the President of the Republic, Ministers of State, and members of the Armed and Police Forces”[38] to “put an immediate end” to “breach[es of] the Constitution . . . with the goal of redirecting government activity toward the path of Law and ensuring the Constitutional order of our Nation, and the essential underpinnings of democratic co-existence among Chileans.”

        The resolution declared that the Allende Government sought “. . . to conquer absolute power with the obvious purpose of subjecting all citizens to the strictest political and economic control by the State . . . [with] the goal of establishing a totalitarian system”, claiming it had made “violations of the Constitution . . . a permanent system of conduct.” Essentially, most of the accusations were about the government disregarding the separation of powers, and arrogating legislative and judicial prerogatives to the executive branch of government. Finally, the resolution condemned the creation and development of government-protected armed groups, which . . . are headed towards a confrontation with the armed forces. President Allende’s efforts to re-organize the military and the police forces were characterised as notorious attempts to use the armed and police forces for partisan ends, destroy their institutional hierarchy, and politically infiltrate their ranks.

        It can be argued that the resolution called upon the armed forces to overthrow the government if it did not comply, as follows “…To present the President of the Republic, Ministers of State, and members of the Armed and Police Forces with the grave breakdown of the legal and constitutional order … it is their duty to put an immediate end to all situations herein referred to that breach the Constitution and the laws of the land with the aim of redirecting government activity toward the path of Law.”état

        It wasn’t a coup. It was the elected political representatives asking the military to restore constitutional order. Allende was practically alone and isolated, and the “machine” was on Pinochet’s side. It was the mirror opposite of the Trump era: it was about removing a president who was being far more leftist than basically everybody else who had power wanted him to be.

  25. Anonymous says:

    > Trump when addressing the masses does not explicitly cover the issues covered in this blog…

    We will rediscover old truths, unravel old mysteries, and make thrilling new breakthroughs…

    • jim says:

      “With God’s help, together we will cast off the enemies of liberty and overcome the oppressors of dignity. We will set new standards of living and reach new heights of human achievement. We will rediscover old truths.”

      Someone has been reading this blog. “Under God”, and “old truths” means repairing Chesterton’s fence.

      “Sovereign nations” that “honor the differences that make every nation unique” means Peace of Westphalia.

      In these two speeches, the one I link to and the one you link to, Trump makes clear his intention to be a transformative president, and that the proposed transformation is incompatible with our current universalist state religion of progressivism.

  26. ongowa says:

    winnig is racist and sexlst. gelded republicans can never win, they crave the same corruption and dollar as divinity as the democrats. our system is a two-headed coin, we little people always lose.

    • Anonymous says:

      >hurr durr never do anything

    • jim says:

      I see Republicans starting to show some spine, for example, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) cheerfully taking on the permanent government, the deep state, and the mass media, following in Trump’s footprints.

      Similarly, Republicans stormed in to the Cooper hearing, and, predictably, Democrats refused to hear his testimony where they could not leak their spin on it unchallenged.

      The way the wind blows, color revolution is not going to be able to wear the stolen clothes of legality.

      • Not Tom says:

        Storming the fake impeachment proceeding was uncharacteristically bold. Mediocre men can do great things given a great leader.

        The signs are all around us that the American right, and non-American right, is growing a spine. The momentum needs to continue.

      • TBeholder says:

        for example, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) cheerfully taking on the permanent government, the deep state, and the mass media

        Hah, that’s a good one.
        Looks like this move at least flushed some funny cockroaches out of their holes and before the eyes of everyone who cares to look. Good. The more masks slip on public and in more ways, the better.
        Yet, it’s still silly. Which demonstrates that they have no idea of what they could or should do, and when they find guts to do something, they can only flail around blindly and hope for the clues from the fans and cheerleaders.
        So this illustrates once more the point Moldbug made about 2000 – 2006 (how Outer Party got access to all the formal power, yet did nothing meaningful), IMHO. Whether emboldened or desperate, they are a crowd with notions, rather than a force with goals (or even a coalition of such forces), thus unable to exploit an opportunity if one appears.

  27. Dave says:

    I don’t like the term “Civil War II” because it ignores the civil wars of 1776, 1688, 1642, 1455, and so on back.

    And to think that if the Democrats had a little more fortitude and discipline, they would have calmly accepted Trump’s presidency, adjourned for the duration, and resumed their agenda in 2024 with the electoral demographics even more heavily stacked in their favor.

    • pdxr13 says:

      Patience is not a Socialist feature. There might not be tomorrow, if “fascists” begin the helicopter rides, thus requiring the fueling of cargo aircraft.

      • Oldtradesman says:

        it took “da socialists” 75 years to own our butts lock, stock, and barrel. It took 75 years for any sizable number of us to admit that there was a problem.

        • Not Tom says:

          What in the world are you talking about? Are you pushing the ridiculous fiction that communism was a Soviet invention that inexplicably took over all of our formerly-pristine institutions, and nobody noticed until 2016? Because literally no part of that narrative is correct.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            He is some boomer posting newfag. Best left ignored, he writes like a fag and his shit is all retarded.

            • stakedprimerpocket says:

              Joseph McCarthy 1951, John Burch Society 1958, John Stormer/None Dare Call it Treason (1966 ?)

              • stakedprimerpocket says:

                My research on the origin of communism, led me back to Harvard Yard where it seems to have festered, with widespread awareness thereof, even before the Manifesto and Frederich Bastiat’s rebuttal, The Law, in 1858. Even many Radical Abolitionists were known atheists and communists and professed to view the typical family unit as a form of slavery.

                • G-D says:

                  Survivorship and confirmation biases. You’re looking through history and seeing familiar ideas, but there have been nutters in all times and all places, and only hyperreal events are written and recommended.

                  Consider that it’s at least as notable that, e.g., 99.9…% of Puritan New England was not engaged in a witch hunt in 1692.

                  Consider that, had Harvard been Boer, Yarvin’s hypothesis would’ve applied equally well.

                  The Amish are German, and they call all non-Amish “English”. If, in an alternate universe, America had been settled by Germans first and preindustrial Englishmen second, the alternate-universe English would’ve called everyone “German”.

                  People often wonder why fifty years of Revolution followed hot on the heels of the Federal Reserve Act, but they really shouldn’t: he who pays the piper calls the tune.

                • jim says:

                  > Consider that it’s at least as notable that, e.g., 99.9…% of Puritan New England was not engaged in a witch hunt in 1692.

                  And now close to 100% of their ideological descendants are engaged in witch hunts.

                  Holiness spirals just keep on spiraling, until they stopped by decisive violence causing the priestly elite to lose power. Happens every time. It took a while for Puritan New England to become the totally evil and insane Harvard.

                  > Consider that, had Harvard been Boer, Yarvin’s hypothesis would’ve applied equally well.

                  But obviously Boers, being warrior merchants and warrior farmers, would never have founded a Harvard. Harvard was founded by priests to train priests to rule, and continues to do that to this day.

                  People often wonder why fifty years of Revolution followed hot on the heels of the Federal Reserve Act, but they really shouldn’t: he who pays the piper calls the tune.

                  The roots of communism are transparently obvious, and their only connection with the Federal reserve is their common root in Jews. Lenin was not funded by the federal reserve, nor by Jews. He was funded by the Kaiser, who put him on a sealed train with chests of gold as if he was a pile of plague infested blankets, treating him as the carrier of a dangerous memetic disease that he was. The Kaiser did not put bankers on a sealed train with chests of gold. If you trace the roots of communism, it is a memetic plague, which promises that come the Eschaton, the vanguard of proletariat will rule the world, as some variants of the Judaism of which communism is a superficially materialist heresy promise that their adherents will rule the world. Trace the roots of communism, it is a memetic disease derived from that mother of dangerous religions, Judaism.

                  Jews that subscribe to that heresy of which communism is derived are anti zionist and do not wish to return to Israel. Hence Nationalist Jews, if not exactly allies, are definitely enemies of our enemy, and engaged in a project compatible with our project. Nationalist Jews support Trump, because of shared enemies. Internationalist Jews ally with their fellow heretics, communists, oppose Zion, oppose Trump, and were outraged by moving our embassy to Jerusalem. There is zero connection, and considerable hostility, between the Zion project and communism. Conversely, there is considerable fellowship and mutual support between anti zionist Jews and communism. Hence Mueller, the FBI, and the troofers always blame Mossad, but never have an unkind word for Soros or Victoria Nuland.

                • G-D says:


                • jim says:

                  You signal righter than thou opposition to Trump, but you are not right wing at all, being incapable of thought crime against progressivism.

                  Not allowing posts from you that presuppose you are one of us. Demonstrate you are one of us by committing heresy against progressivism, and I will allow comments by you that presuppose you are on the right.

                  If you are a dot Indian posting from an FBI office, you will not be able to post a comment that your HR department would be upset by. Prove you are not a dot Indian posting from an FBI office with copies of your work going to HR.

                • G-D says:


    • Bob says:

      >if the Democrats had a little more fortitude and discipline

      This is excellent evidence for the validity of the holiness spiral explanation.

  28. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    Careful Jacob praising the happy merchants ain’t gonna help your disguise m’guy

    • jim says:

      You reveal yourself as an enemy of Trump, not that comes as any surprise.

      The question is: Shall priests run the economy, or merchants. Priests have repeatedly tried running the economy, with the same results every time.

      • Oldtradesman says:

        Priests have always run the economy. Some priests where dresses that says, “merchant.”

        • jim says:


          Trump is merchant class, not priestly class, and at the shale conference he was addressing people like himself, and reminding them of their grievances against against the priestly class.

      • Itchy Trigger Finger says:

        We don’t need any more “Conservatives” that can’t figure their shit out. Honestly, get on the train, or fuck off.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        Give me one good reason to support President Trump, in contrast to Candidate Trump who promised to lock her up, build a wall, deport illegals, drastically slow down immigration and apply protectionist tariffs to protect American jobs.

        President Trump is a lot like Prime Minister Johnson: nothing concrete actually DONE, but plenty SAID…….. but on the other hand several notable things DONE that candidate Trump/Johnson never promised and nobody asked them to promise.

        Of course you claim the wall’s being built, but then you *would* say that wouldn’t you.

        • jim says:

          Trump is building the wall and deporting illegals. He has drastically slowed down immigration (I hear the H1Bs complaining.) He swiftly fulfilled his number one promise, the promise to bring the jobs back. The impeachment drama is happening because he seemed to making a start on imprisoning the swamp.

          The irregular impeachment drama is bound to end with one side or the other in prison, either the Trump family and leading Republicans, or else leading Democrats probably including Clinton. Deadly violence is on the table now. Either they imprison the Republicans, or the Republicans imprison them.

          So all candidate Trump’s promises are under way, except to the extent that the Cathedral is obstructing him, and where the Cathedral obstructs him, he fights. Every promise he made is under way, or else there is a bitter confrontation on it happening as we speak.

          • Karl says:

            Why do think that the Trump family will be imprisoned if Trump should loose? Trump himself, sure, but his family? Are they delusional enough to think nothing will happen to them if Trump is imprisoned? If the familiy consider arrest to be a possibility, won’t they leave the USA hegemony in time?

            For this reason I do not see a scenario that could plaussibly lead to the arrest of Trump’s Family.

            • jim says:

              History rhymes.

              When the ruler is overthrown in a holiness spiral, they usually start by imprisoning him, but eventually kill him, and usually his entire family, and then everyone of his social group and class, as for example French Revolution and Russian Revolution.

              The radicals are already starting to talk about eliminating whites. It will not stop with Trump.

              • Karl says:

                You misundertstood me. I did not doubt that they would attempt to imprison his entire family. I doubted that the family would stay in the USA hegomony if Trump is likely to be overthrown.

    • Anonymous says:

      You will die of internal emptiness.

  29. Contaminated NEET says:

    We shall see. I expect the Republicans, and right-wingers in general, to masochistically embrace their own defeat, while displacing their rage and frustration onto their own extremists. It’s what they’ve done in every conflict with the Left for the last 75 years. Is Joe Cardholder more or less indoctrinated now in the Leftist demon-religion than he was in 1950, 1960, 1970, or 2010?

    Of course, trees don’t grow to the sky, and everything always keeps going on like it has right up until it doesn’t. Leftism will collapse in blood and anarchy sooner or later. I just can’t see noodle-spined American rightists. Most likely, the men who finally depose the Beast will be wearing beards and taqiyahs.

    • Anonymous says:

      If we do nothing, genocide, therefore doing nothing is not an option.

      • Oldtradesman says:

        Assuming genocide is in the cards, the typical blight-wing rabbit will duck, hide, and snitch on his neighbor in the hope of dying peacefully, painlessly in bed or being the last one eaten.

    • jim says:

      If the left are not willing to go through the regular impeachment process in the house, where they have the majority, even less are they likely to be willing to take it to the senate.

      It is obvious that what the left has in mind is making a big noise about impeachment, and after sufficient noise has been made, declaring Trump impeached and removed from office without the inconvenience of a trial and two thirds vote in the senate.

      At that point, it matters more what the army does than what the Republicans do.

      • Pooch says:

        The army is less then 60% white and that number is going down. That’s going to be a big problem for the coming civil war as it was for late Rome fighting against the barbarian hordes with an army made up of barbarians.

        • Javier says:

          The Diversity Corps are unlikely to fight for us but also unlikely to fight for our enemies. most likely they will cut and run the moment they face organized resistance.

          One unit of patriot militia could easily defeat any battalion of drugged up she-males and illiterate blacks. They’ll probably resort to banditry, maybe forming some warlord enclaves that will have to be cleared out later. They will certainly not fight to install white New Englanders as their communist overlords.

          • Pooch says:

            I’d take a battalion of highly trained, fit, strong blacks against a bunch of fat “patriot” militia larpers.

            • rick says:

              Trained in what? And we’re the racist… BTW, good luck with that! if you can that, people like you see what the media wants you to see… it’s not going to be nice and frankly, I don’t know why people like you are looking forward to it…..

              It’s not going to be pretty!

            • jim says:


              Back when when we had black military units, their performance was hilariously bad. A platoon of ten white soldiers routinely defeats a regiment of a thousand black soldiers.

              One black man can beat one white man, three white men can beat ten black men, and a hundred white men can defeat any number of black men.

              • The Cominator says:

                Blacks can okay as soldiers if they have a few good white officers. The Germans proved this during WWI in Afrika. They had all black units fighting the British with a few German officers.

                The Germans could not reinforce Africa because of the British blockade but they held out for a very long time with a force made up almost entirely of black soldiers.

                • jim says:

                  They did not “hold out”. Rather the colonial powers opposed to Germany assigned capturing Africa very low priority.

                  British policy was that objectives in Africa were considered only if they could be attained with local forces and only if the objective assisted the priority of maintaining British sea communications, as British army garrisons abroad were returned to Europe in an “Imperial Concentration”.

                  So the Germans lost everything that was relevant to command of the sea to local forces similar to their own, and kept the rest for a long time because the British did not care enough to send in white troops.

                  The British pulled their white forces out of Africa, and the Germans were unable to pull their white forces out of Africa because the British were blockading them.

                  When you have white officered black regiments, the main value of the blacks is soaking up bullets so that their white officers get hit less often.

              • Bob says:

                >a hundred white men can defeat any number of black men

                “The Siege of Jadotville” is a fun demonstration of that.

              • Poochman says:

                I want to agree with you but I fear you underestimate their fighting ability and overestimate ours.

                • jim says:

                  It has been tried, over and over. They cannot form armies worth a shovelful of cow manure.

                  Japanese can fight, Mongols can fight but we beat them every time, Han Chinese not so much, and the rest don’t matter. Whites fight over them, we don’t really bother fighting with them.

                  The only nonwhites that are militarily effective are the Japanese, and Australians defeated them in the battle of Kokoda Trail with roughly equal numbers in the face of substantially superior Japanese weaponry – the Japanese had artillery and heavy machine guns while the Australians had only man carried personal weapons.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  The Turks were the terror of Eastern Europe and the Med for several centuries. The Japs beat a better-armed, numerically superior, fortified British force in Singapore.

                • jim says:

                  Singapore fell to treason at the top, not to force. Not a shot was fired until after surrender.

                  This treason resulted in Australia immediately becoming independent and switching allegiance from Britain to the USA. If the British had had their way, Australia would have fallen also, though as events proved, Australia was capable of defending itself against Japanese invasion.

                  British strategy was that imperial forces should be withdrawn to Europe – including Australian forces, and even if it resulted in some imperials becoming Japanese captives including the civilian population of Australia. After Singapore, Australians perceived that strategy and mutinied against it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The latter Mongols lost their edge (the original Mongols in general had an incredibly harsh life on the Mongolian Steppes, the Mongols who lost later had an incredibly easy life as a sort of pampered Herrenvolk). But the Mongols in their heyday certainly could fight and win against anyone.

                  The Turks could fight (WWI Ataturk told the allies to go fuck themselves and won) but now that Turdogan has made them Islamic again their war technology is going to fall way way behind to the point where they can’t.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Read this. Though it is pointed at Arabs, it maps perfectly onto black africans.


                  Every race has a context in which they excel. I think it was Lawrence that said something like, “Arabs are the best fighters until you put them in a battle.” They are natural bushwackers. Black africans are very good at gorilla warfare, particularly when guided. But they, to date, cannot into western military methodology.

                • pdimov says:

                  >Black africans are very good at gorilla warfare

                  Can’t argue with that.

                • BC says:

                  >But the Mongols in their heyday certainly could fight and win against anyone.

                  And yet they lost to Hungary.

                  >The Turks could fight (WWI Ataturk told the allies to go fuck themselves and won)

                  I seem to remember Turkey being over run quickly and destroyed by UK forces from Egypt once that clown Churchill was out of the way.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I seem to remember Turkey being over run quickly and destroyed by UK forces from Egypt once that clown Churchill was out of the way.”

                  The Turkish armies in the Middle East were destroyed. In Anatolia not so much.

              • info says:

                In your opinion how are the boers in SA going to fare?

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          The difference is barbarians can fight. The military is made of multiple diversities, few of which can form a functional group with each other.

        • Pyrrhus says:

          And you think the diversity will have a chance against real Americans in combat arms?

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Neat statistic. Why don’t you look up what percentage of the military is non-combat? This guy is a blackpill shill.

          • Yup. This is an issue of insourcing camp followers. The vast majority of infantry officers are white, and I suspect that if they point black Es at our enemies, they’ll shoot at our enemies.

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              Take it one step further. Look up who is tip of the spear. JSOC, rangers, green berets, SOF, C&C. Whenever DOD redteams a scenario, they don’t seem to consider the majority of operators appropriating heavy lift transport and flying home to protect kith and kin. Not to mention SORT, SWAT, Vice, and HRRT in the blue force. Rhodesia taught us everything we need to know in the battle of quantity v. quality in a bush war.

      • Javier says:

        Probably hope they can heap so much pressure on him he’ll apologize, then have to resign. Like the SJW smear tactics, writ large.

        What he really needs to watch out for are Judas advisers who urge him to lay down his guns and avoid battle.

        -“You hurt people, I’m on your side but other people are offended”

        -“Just apologize and ask for forgiveness and this will all be over”

        -“You will lose everything if you fight them just give in and we can move forward”

        -etc. etc.

        Then if he apologizes the headlines are all “TRUMP ADMITS TO CRIMES” and when republicans accuse the left of lying they say well he apologized and admitted it, can’t blame us. Then he has to quit or will certainly lose the election.

        • Not Tom says:

          This tactic didn’t work against Trump three years ago; it surely will not work against him today.

    • ten says:

      Blackpillers in general, and submission-blackpillers in particular – do you know these muslims that you believe are so strong and will both replace us and defeat progressivism? I do. I know plenty arabs. They are a sad, obese bunch, stupid and paranoid, to equal measures broken-spirited by tyrannical fathers and out of control due to useless and unrespectable fathers, the same father managing to fuck up in both ways, because he does not respect himself driving a taxi all day every day to get away from his obese wife(s) in a weird country where rampant degeneracy is the only legal religion.

      They are a very unimpressive bunch.

      post WW2 trauma installed hitler at the core of evil, at the core of political right. You wish to believe western rightists just turned weak and are now essentially pussies that can be beat by anyone, when in reality the political game has been rigged and unwinnable since then. This leftist win won’t last forever, is already losing power. It is not in effect among the young. Young leftists do not understand it in the way that gave their parents and grandparents a stranglehold over rightists, and do not have a stranglehold over rightists anymore.

      Their religion is stronger than ever, but does no longer possess the weapon that made it strong in the first place, and islam is just the frozen stasis and end of history that it always was – if you fall into it you’re screwed but its not even a competitor.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        We don’t have too many Arabs in my neck of the woods, but there are endless hordes of Somalis, and yeah, individually, they’re not the most impressive specimens. But, they will stand up for each other, for their people, and for their beliefs, and they regularly do violence in defense of these things.

        • ten says:

          Yes they do. Pulled to extremes, whites cannot support somalis or live with them, meaning they will segregate and make war on us. Can’t believe anyone believes this ends in eternal white retreat. Whatever is holy now will not be holy in 500 years, or 50, and being nice to somalis making war on us will not be holy for much longer.

    • The Cominator says:

      In this article he says ““Politics is downstream from culture.”

      This is against reaction 101 which says no Politics is NOT downstream from culture culture is downstream from power…

      • Coco the Gorilla says:

        He is quoting it with derision, not agreement.

      • Oldtradesman says:

        Conservative liberals (blight-wingers) always get it bass ackwards.

        The Left’s leadership also understands that the party with the most resources controls the (social) contract and the (national) culture that follows.

    • Yul Bornhold says:

      “In a healthy regime, military resistance is insane and political resistance is useless. And anyone who thinks early 21st-century Washington is an unstable or dying regime should pray on their knees to never experience such a thing for real.”

      A rebuke to Jim?

      • Anonymous says:

        Best case: He’s talking about Trump.

        Worst case: He’s posting from The Chestnut Tree.

        According to Jim, Moldbug is an atheist. I feel that long periods, years to decades, of working against the system are not possible if you do not have a faith.

      • Anonymous says:

        military resistance is insane and political resistance is useless

        Note that he doesn’t say anything about religious resistance.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Isn’t he basically talking about the importance of what Jim calls fashion over ideas?

      • alf says:

        Exactly. We’re basically talking about the same thing, how to become fashionable, just backing different horses. Moldbug chooses BAP over Jim.

        I will say that ‘’’art’’’ is a horribly pretentious way to talk about religion, but I guess that Yarvin likes his fashion pretentious.

        Very good article, overall. Much better than his precvious.

        • simplyconnected says:

          I will say that ‘’’art’’’ is a horribly pretentious way to talk about religion, but I guess that Yarvin likes his fashion pretentious.

          But Moldbug seems to be talking about aesthetics, which only when superior when compared with the progressive aesthetic, will naturally become fashionable.

          I submit the following as a good example of aiming for high aesthetics, even if art critics hate it:

          I was talk about this work from an artist friend, apparently the author had the usual criticisms levied against him, but is succeeding nevertheless (because his art is actually good).

          • alf says:

            That’s nice, but painting is pretty much dead like rock.

            Art is broad. Modern art is ‘content’. If you have a youtube channel, you are a content creator, you are an artist. Pewdiepie is a successful artist by modern standards. Moldbug, just like Jim, tells us that it is a matter of becoming the next wave of fashionable art. Which of course is easier said than done.

            And as I have said before, I think good aesthetics are essential, but tied to functionality; functionality I find lacking with BAP’s Nietzsche necromancy. But that’s just like, my opinion. Time will tell what new fashion will appear and what will stick.

            • simplyconnected says:

              We are all thirsty for some good shitlord films. That could have huge impact.

              • jim says:

                Vox Day is working on it.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Can you elaborate on “working on it?” Is there any way you can put me in contact with him? I have a certain set of skills and contacts, but no one to network with. We can take this discussion to a different forum if you think it wise.

                  I have been soft pitching a number of conservative groups on doing RP Film, but so far no one seems interested. They just want to write essays and moan and groan about the dearth of traditionalist media. I am ready, willing, and able to get things in motion. This is a call to anyone else here interested in a films project too, i guess.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Jim’s talking about the AH movie:

              • Nikolai says:

                You say that as though Joker didn’t just become the highest grossing R rated film in history

              • Allyn71 says:

                Vox Day is making a killing by selling his brand of Alt Right. He knows there is a market for the bullshit all the while claiming to be a Christian sigma. The movie he is financing and producing is for a niche group. Just enough under the radar, but noticeable enough to pocket some coin in the end. PT Barnum was right, a sucker is born ever minute.

                • jim says:

                  Nah, Marvel is doing comics and movies for a niche group. Their target audience is transsexual brown feminists

                  Vox Day’s target audience is young males..

            • simplyconnected says:

              Painting isn’t going to mobilize zoomers, but there’s still a large market for painting/illustration, it’s just that the modern stuff is mostly garbage, so no one is genuinely interested in it.

            • alf says:

              Imagine shitlord video games.

              • Not Tom says:

                Exactly what I was thinking. Games have always been sort of reactionary, and with progressives pile-driving the AAA developers fifty feet into the ground, there are going to be opportunities for disruption.

                But – and here’s the rub – it’s a brutal market, with predatory distributors, media, publishers, and everything in between. The vast majority of indie games fail, and unlike a YouTube video, there’s a nontrivial capital cost to produce them. Also, good games require extremely specialized skills, not just on the programming front but also artistic – music, sound design, 3D modeling and rigging, lighting, etc.

                Kingdom Come showed that it can be done, and I think this is really one of the most important arenas in which to fight for cultural supremacy. But, most “shitlord” games I’ve seen are literally shit. It has to be a good game first and foremost, shitlording second.

            • simplyconnected says:

              That’s nice, but painting is pretty much dead like rock.

              Was thinking about this.
              It’s true that it’s dead now. I wonder if we had quality painters, would there be revived interest?

              For instance, classic music is dead in the music creation category, but Mozart was still the highest selling musician in 2015. Food for thought.

              • alf says:

                Mozart was still the highest selling musician in 2015.

                That sounds too good to be true, and lo and behold, it is untrue. Mozart sold lots of physical CD’s in 2015 because only old people buy physical cd’s. 1.25 million Mozart CD’s sold, not bad, but Drake sold 4 million digital albums, and the music industry as an art industry is chump change anyways.

                Think of art like you think of creating content. People want fresh content, spicy new memes. Once a meme is worn out, it loses fashion status. It is hard to make a new painting that is not some variation of an older painting. Instead, humans move on to new things entirely.

                Blog communities, for instance, I would argue are a new form of art. I spend time consuming blog content like my granddad spend time listening to classical music.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Mozart sold lots of physical CD’s in 2015 because only old people buy physical cd’s. 1.25 million Mozart CD’s sold, not bad, but Drake sold 4 million digital albums,

                  Fair point about only boomers buying CDs, hence Mozart numbers being comparatively inflated.

                  1.5m vs 4m is still a lot for a 300 yo composer.
                  I have classical training and listen to all kinds of electronic music. But I still consider Bach to be the greatest composer in history, and so do most actual experts. If a similarly great composer appeared now, he may not be popular with critics, but I suspect he would have a decent following (not even Bach was that well known in his time).

                  I simply wonder whether classical music, or say painting, would be again popular if we had properly good composers and painters these days. There may be a place for such “high” art.

                  No doubt shitlord film would comparatively spread like wildfire.

                • Not Tom says:

                  No doubt shitlord film would comparatively spread like wildfire.

                  A lot of you are missing the exact point that Moldbug tried to make, which is the very subject of this thread. I’ll quote it again here:

                  If culture involves wooing the masses with ham-handed propaganda—the ’30s “proletarian novel” of the Daily Worker, repeated as farce—we must quietly excuse ourselves.

                  Earlier generations of progressives understood the value of subtlety. Their current lack of subtlety is what’s driving centrists to the right, and liberals to the center.

                  No, we do not need “shitlord art” that slaps its audience in the face with a trout. We need real art, that happens to contain red-pilled messaging and themes.

                  The Western genre was, more or less, the epitome of the Reactionary foray into high culture. It was actually pretty good for its time, but they lost the battle for Hollywood. With Hollywood now losing ground, there is definitely the opportunity to compete once again, but it must be with quality, not Murdoch Murdoch. Yes, the latter gets the zoomers excited for twenty minutes, but it does not have lasting impact.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Not Tom wrote:

                  Earlier generations of progressives understood the value of subtlety. Their current lack of subtlety is what’s driving centrists to the right, and liberals to the center.

                  True that we need good films, rather than explicitly shitlord films.
                  But any good film that portraits reality from a red pilled lense will not be seen as subtle. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but seems very difficult in a time when insufficiently enthusiastic hatred of Trump is seen as suspicious.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Here’s something.

                  Same author as “The Gig Economy”.

    • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

      From a few dozen Twitter posts seen over the years, I thought Bronze Age Pervert is a semi-serious humorist, somewhere between Weihan Zhang (“am not allow, grand parent cry”) and Stoic Emperor. Maybe his book is serious, maybe not. But BAP’s recent response to the Michael Anton review is 100x more effective for opening the eyes of normies than the totality of Moldbug’s theorizing.

      • The Cominator says:

        BAP gemeral approach of appeal to “aesthetics” is quite effective.

        • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

          BAP isn’t especially suited to Twitter, but his longer form essay replying to Anton is the single most effective redpill-for-normies that I have seen. It works because in that piece he does not once talk about art, aesthetics, beauty, ugliness, or nude bodybuilding, and instead puts forth a straightforward but devastating piece of political commentary. He would make a very good op-ed writer.

          • jim says:

            Unfortunately, Bronze Age Pervert is being promoted as someone to do what Nietzsche tried and failed to do, fill the hole in Western Civilization left by the death of God. And Bronze Age Pervert is no Nietzsche.

            Time for me to post on the Resurrection of God.

            • The Cominator says:

              BAP does not propose what we do to fill the void. BAP ideology is many things but his main is to change the right from “muh principles” to one that ruthless mocks and when the time comes ruthlessly exterminates the enemy a goal I entirely approve of. BAP definitely endorses “the final helicopter ride” or “the smoking crater” solution.

              He used to be on another forum I was on, very very smart guy whatever his personal predilections.

              “Time for me to post on the Resurrection of God.”

              Necromancy of faith is hard as necromancy of political systems if not harder…

              • Oak says:

                ‘BAP does not propose what we do to fill the void.’

                Yes his approach is almost entirely critical, coming from the original Kaczynski/Linkola inspired frogtwitter crowd. It’s difficult to get through the hyperbole and shitposting to actual ideas but one of his central beliefs is that technology and modernity have a corrosive effect on masculinity and take away much of what it is to be man. Spandrell’s criticisms of him are so off the mark they’re quite strange to read (not least because spandrell is generally very insightful) and rely heavily on taking his shitposting seriously. But they rely on the false idea that advances in technology and human comfort are enough as ends of a society and the more ridiculous claim that any criticism of ‘bugmen’ and reverance for physical strength and risk-taking implies homosexuality and that BAP must therefore be ghey.

                Even with patriarchal christianity and the solution of the WQ, there’s a risk that men become technology-dependent estrogenic slugs (albeit with a higher IQ). In fact, the solution of the WQ combined with even greater technological advances in human comfort than we have now may make this even more of a risk. It is not ghey to want to avoid this, as spandrell implies.

                It’s strange to see moldbug recommending his book given how different they are, but he obviously understands him much better than spandrell.

                • shaman says:

                  Wait, so you’re saying that you don’t want to trans-humanize into a bionic cyborg Mecha Suit if you somehow make it beyond the 22nd century?

                • Not Tom says:

                  No, Spandrell accuses BAP of homosexuality because he posts about literal homoerotic desires and homosexual fantasies, and tends to tell men that they should ignore or shun women instead of commanding them.

                  “Oh, but that’s just satire, just memes!” Yeah, we’re all very familiar with this tactic of making serious claims and then backtracking and claiming it was satire afterward. The left invented this, the alt-right thinks they can co-opt it. Actual satire is great, but “satire” is also the first line of defense for degenerate behavior and shitty art.

                  I’ll admit that I was impressed by his response to Michael Anton. It’s the first time I’ve seen strong evidence that the man actually thinks. As Jim says, though, his nihilism isn’t going to win the culture war; it’s merely going to conjure a different flavor of leftism, from postmodernism to post-postmodernism or metamodernism or whatever. Yes it’s disruptive to the establishment. No it is not pro-order or pro-civilization.

                  I’m still basically a materialist, but the right is not the right without a supreme alpha, and the supremest of alphas is God, otherwise we’re just a cult of personality. If we don’t believe, we must pretend to believe, if necessary using rationalistic substitutes like Gnon, and make sure that our descendants actually believe, because that is how you win a holy war. Not with memes about statues of naked dudes.

                • shaman says:

                  More serious response to Oak: BAP signifies the semi-final stage of 20th-century deconstruction.

                  The alt-right’s value lied in abolishing boomerism and making it ridiculously low status. A boomer, say one who identified as “religious right-wing,” thinks that everyone is also a boomer deep inside, that only boomer values exist universally, and that therefore if you don’t follow his very specific cucked and pozzed version of “religious right-wing,” your only alternative must only be John Lennon: Imagine. So the boomers told us to practice a race-blind and blue-pilled version of religion, or alternatively, to practice rootless cosmopolitanism. After all, we all bleed red, because “There is neither hominid nor trout, for all are one in Christ Jesus, the socialist community organizer,” according to the boomer version of Christianity.

                  The alt-right and /pol/ and Andrew Anglin having incinerated boomerism and instilled basic ethno-nationalist and moderately red-pilled values in the new generation, the deconstruction of the 20th century marches forward; the time has come to deconstruct the generation of nihilistic Seinfeld and Friends influenced small-soulled office-drone bugmen (Nietzsche’s archetypal Last Men), aka gen X. And this is what BAP seems to be doing: He is telling his audience to drop their comfort-seeking ‘dependable beta’ values, because there is more to life than being a nerd, the nerd life being boring and unexciting and not worth really living, like being in captivity in a zoo rather than free in the wilderness. It is not surprising that this anarchic and chaotic message flows from the mouth of a homo, because gays are natural agents of chaos; but this can at least jolt the nerds to drop the soy (literal/metaphorical) and get ripped, to realize that the modern “education” scheme in its entirety is pure poison and an NPC-production factory, and that that feeling stifled by modernity is totally understandable, so that’s not a bad start. Thus the values of late 20th century, the normiist values of beta male degenerate Jerry Seinfeld shows, get tossed.

                  The task of Neo-Reaction, or Futureo-Reaction if you will, is to completely finish the deconstruction of 20th century values (and the values of previous cucked centuries) by shedding the confused and shill-influenced worldview of effete millenials who suffer from a masculinity crisis and sexual misorientation; its emphasis is naturally, then, on the WP. We are killing the 20th century once and for all by normalizing pre-modern, yea, even ancient, values. We make it acceptable to tell Trad-Cons that their 10-year-old daughter is apt to be an orgiastic anal concubine, that men should own women in similar fashion to how farmers own their cows, that the Taliban is not nearly patriarchal enough, that God is alive and you should read the Bible with non-cucked lenses, that there’s nothing wrong with slave-owning trillionaire, quadrillionaire, yea, even centillionaire capitalists, that the Kings should Return, that the Dire Problem can be solved by e.g. letting niggers (literal/metaphorical) consume as much cocaine and heroin and meth and MDMA and opium as they desire, that poofs should be thrown off roofs, and that we’re going to restore lost social technologies so that in the future we can conquer the stars and possibly even parallel universes in our cool Mecha Suits. I said Mecha Suits!

                  So basically, BAP’s work is fine; after his project is finished and Jeremy Seinfeld Nihilistic Normiism is wholly discredited, our project — building the memeplex of the future — will commence in earnest. I think that that’s what Moldbug is getting at in that article of his, although even he probably doesn’t yet envision what the aesthetic of the future shall look like. He tells us that we need to work on that aesthetic, but truly I tell you, we already have the prototype and the blueprints right here and right now.

                • Starman says:


                  Amen to this sermon.

              • jim says:

                History does not repeat but it rhymes

              • Oak says:

                ‘No, Spandrell accuses BAP of homosexuality because he posts about literal homoerotic desires and homosexual fantasies, and tends to tell men that they should ignore or shun women instead of commanding them.’

                His argument is that since gheys are aroused by masculine traits, any reverance for masculine traits is therefore ghey, so BAP ghey. He seems to add BAP’s very accurate assessment of modern women into this argument too, like you did. He does smatter the post with BAP shitposting which does look very ghey. But they don’t form part of his argument.

                He also begins the article with a quote from BAP critciizing IQ fetishism, which he doesn’t address at all despite its relevance.


                High IQ women and east asians don’t innovate or create great art at the same rate as white men for the same reasons that HK, Macau, India, Indonesia, Australia etc. were conquered by europeans.

                One of the reasons BAP is so concerned with aesthetics is because they are a product of more than just IQ, being also a product of an adventurous masculine ‘piratical’ spirit. It’s the same reason he will sometimes glorify primitive low-IQ cultures.

                We need eugenic breeding for IQ and time-preference. But is it worth it if we become bugmen? There is nothing ghey about asking that.

                • shaman says:

                  Spandrell’s argument is that BAP is a mirror image of androgenized butch dykes who cajole women into Lesbo-Feminism in order to culturally normalize butch dyke traits and perhaps score some unshaven pussy; i.e., Spandrell says that BAP’s motivation is to turn the freakin’ (twitter) frogs gay by advocating his version of uber-masculinity.

                  Regardless, you don’t really believe that it’s a straight man posting all that stuff, including but not limited to his infamous:

                  It is only by a coarse, vulgar and sexualized definition of “beauty” that woman can be called beautiful, but the true definition of beauty must necessarily subtract personal interest, and particularly sexual interest. Aesthetic contemplation is impossible when under the thrall of sexual passion. The woman’s body, viewed objectively and aesthetically, would be seen as Schopenhauer correctly notes. Furthermore, the woman is fundamentally incapable of artistic endeavor and the woman is unable to create anything beautiful.

                  But I would take it further. It is only through a lot of unnatural cosmetics (which includes not only makeup, but plastic surgery, fancy clothes, hair removal, tanning, and so on) plus extreme efforts that go beyond nature (extreme dieting, physical exercise far more than is normal, and so on) that woman can be considered sexually appealing in anything but a prehistoric, grotesque sense. The “stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race” is also hairy and immensely grotesque-smelling in the state of nature such as women existed throughout most history…men were only attracted to this in order to satisfy an animal and brute impulse, and in order to make children that would support one in old age.

                  Only under conditions of advanced civilization and leisure, and through the unnatural and extreme efforts hinted at above, can the woman be made to look appealing at all. But even then her bestial, animal nature still shows itself in her violent and brutish behavior. And so one is reminded, secretly, of her primal and grotesque origin as a “stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged” hairy, foul-smelling, hoarse-throated creature.

                  do you? What kind of high-T bodybuilding straight man, shitposter or not, would right about women in such a fashion? BAP constantly signals gayness, and fails to convincingly signal straightness. He is a gay man who occasionally pretends to be bisexual, though it’s clear to anyone paying attention that he’s simply not genuinely sexually attracted to women, and that it’s only buff muscular men who “get him going.” His writing style is also queer.

                  How is this not obvious?

                  Also, you write:

                  We need eugenic breeding for IQ and time-preference. But is it worth it if we become bugmen?

                  It’s not eugenics and technology that turn men into bugmen; it’s Progressivism that does it. Without Progressivism, everyone today would be physically healthier and mentally sounder than ever before in history, and increasingly getting stronger and sharper. BAP is right to tell nerds to get out of their rooms and hit the gym more, but anarcho-primitivism is demonic and cancerous, inimical to the goal of conquering the universe. We don’t want the demon-haunted dark; we want ever solidifying extropy.

                • @shaman

                  It’s not modernity but breeding that improved female attractiveness. Wherever you have historical strong patriarchy, women have evolved to be more neotenous, more hairless, weaker, softer, daintier, and more graceful. When men make sexual choices and women do not, women get prettier and less like men, so we conclude that the male sexual instinct is totally divergent from what makes a man beautiful. Duh.

                  In primitive societies, women do resemble the ugliness that BAP is talking about; ungainly and disproportionate African women, low-caste Indians with little to no Aryan mixture, the Injun squaw. But when men get their way, women stop looking like that as a matter of selective breeding.

                  BAP says that women smell awful in the state of nature, which tipped me over onto the side of “he’s gay” because if you can smell a sweaty girl after the gym or a long hike or a sports game, and it doesn’t get you so horny you can’t think, you probably gay.

                • shaman says:

                  Yes, exactly; selection for beauty (particularly female beauty) falls under the umbrella term of eugenics in my view, and without 11th century amour courtois and Contractual Marriage — which, among other things, dismantled the strong patriarchy that had previously made gracile women outbreed those who resemble gorillas — Western Civilization would have continued selecting for female attractiveness to the present day.

                  And indeed, that BAP’s disgust reflex is triggered by the scent of female sweat is all the evidence one needs that he’s a deviant.

                • Oak says:

                  ‘Regardless, you don’t really believe that it’s a straight man posting all that stuff, including but not limited to his infamous:’

                  It’s a great quote. Discussed this before here:


                  We are neurologically wired to find women appealing, nothig to do with aesthetics. BAP has a great tailor-made response in the thread:


                  ‘It is one thing to see woman as a childlike toy for one’s amusement and pleasure, and to value her as a worthy piece of property, and as a vehicle for one’s posterity. It’s something else to fool yourself about her true bestial nature in the way modern man does and to turn her into the definition of virtue that, as some moron socons would have it, “tames” man’s impulses! Disgusting!

                  I say modern because, even though such an attitude may have some remote origin in chivalry, in medieval Teutonic attitudes (that Schopenhauer mocks) and in Christianity, it’s been taken to an absurd degree by modern man who is, not coincidentally, also soft, incontinent, fat, effeminate, commercial, and unable to defend himself, and who witnesses the spectacle of a “homosexual lifestyle” enshrined into law. But he turns around and preaches to the classical Greek, to the Florentine, and to a certain philosophical tradition, that it is “faggot.” This is gyno-worship combined with democratic vulgarity.’

                  Take away ‘BAP ghey’ and what does spandrell’s argument amount to?

                  It’s a common progressive tactic to devalue masculine traits and male-bonding by calling them ghey. This is exactly what Spandrell does. It’s even worse that he uses progressive shaming tactics on BAP’s redpills about not pedestalising women.

                  ‘It’s not eugenics and technology that turn men into bugmen; it’s Progressivism that does it.’

                  I don’t know if there’s any positive or negative correlation between being a bugman and IQ. But there are important traits other than IQ. Just look at high IQ women. That’s BAP’s point.

                  And technology is a massive contributor. Sperm counts and T down 50%. Similar patterns in aquatic life. There’s also a good argument that the reason pregressivism has prevailed over any other religious mindset is because of technology.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  lol a literal smell test. It is brilliant, as most simple things are.

                  Fag or not, i think he is spot on on many things. Best to let him continue. Milo could have done a lot more, and the conservatives that dog piled him should be ashamed.

                • shaman says:

                  There’s a lot to unpack here, hehe.

                  We are neurologically wired to find women appealing, nothig to do with aesthetics.

                  No, it has everything to do with aesthetics; contrary to the canard (promoted by zero-talent postmodernist Jewish artists funded by the CIA as part of the Cold War), beauty is not “in the eye of the beholder”; our evolutionarily adaptive aesthetic sense is just as ingrained in our minds as our sexual tastes, hence if our mind, channeling millions of years of evolution and thus the will of GNON, tells us that women are beautiful, it’s because they are beautiful, and we are supposed to feel that deep in our bones ‘n boners.

                  BAP has a great tailor-made response in the thread

                  Nowhere in that thread, or anywhere else for that matter, does he deny that he is a homosexual. You see, in addition to a “gaydar,” many people possess a “straightdar” that tells us whether or not someone possess the sexuality that GNON wants us to possess; and my straightdar does not detect normal sexuality in BAP. He has no girlfriend or wife, he shows no healthy interest in women at all; he is completely androcentric.

                  By pointing out that he is gay, it’s not my intention to discredit all his work – he is useful, as I noted above. But gay he is, and his writing style is distinctly similar to that of other confirmed gays on the internet. This guy does not get laid with women, and it’s not due to involuntary celibacy.

                  Take away ‘BAP ghey’ and what does spandrell’s argument amount to?

                  That much of the Manosphere, in particularly MGTOW (which according to rumor was started by a faggot), was driven by closeted-cases who sought to convince men to abandon women and hang around exclusively in the company of men, in similar fashion to what Feminist lesbians had been doing before that during Second Wave Feminism. I’m not necessarily endorsing that argument, but that’s what Spandrell’s point in that post was. It’s not implausible.

                  It’s a common progressive tactic to devalue masculine traits and male-bonding by calling them ghey.

                  Actually, it isn’t; progressives devalue masculinity by condemning it as toxic and cis-het-bigoted, while extolling the virtue of being an effete homo who respects women. What you’re referring to is the tendency of some ugly women to suggest that “X is gay” because X is an alpha male with ample options who rejected their sexual advances.

                  Anyway, mannerbund and some machismo are all fine, but as Sirach 36 tells us:

                  22 A woman’s beauty gladdens the countenance,
                  and surpasses every human desire.
                  23 If kindness and humility mark her speech,
                  her husband is not like other men.
                  24 He who acquires a wife gets his best possession,
                  a helper fit for him and a pillar of support.
                  25 Where there is no fence, the property will be plundered;
                  and where there is no wife, a man will wander about and sigh.
                  26 For who will trust a nimble robber
                  that skips from city to city?
                  So who will trust a man that has no home,
                  and lodges wherever night finds him?

                  By brainwashing men into thinking that male-bonding should always come at the expense of pursuing women and having family life and children, BAP reveals his true (rainbow) colors; it is not normal for men to shun women and family completely, and such men are universally deemed disreputable. Spandrell is wrong about some issues, but if gets that, then he gets that right.

                  It’s even worse that he uses progressive shaming tactics on BAP’s redpills about not pedestalising women.

                  BAP did not redpill anyone on women; all his good memes about women are not original, and all his original memes about women are not good; he is trying to logically rationalize straight men into bisexuality or celibacy (later followed by bisexuality), as he makes tone-deaf arguments about why women are un-aesthetic in contrast to bulky muscular men. Hey, I’m all for getting big and strong, but there is a normal way to advocate for that, as you can see around this corner of the internet, and then there’s the “NAKED DUDES LMAO” way, which to no one’s surprise is preferred by gays.

                  I don’t know if there’s any positive or negative correlation between being a bugman and IQ. But there are important traits other than IQ. Just look at high IQ women.

                  Yes, and what we’re trying to convey here is that dysgenics (in all aspects, not merely IQ; there’s health, strength, creativity, looks, righteousness, and so forth) is caused by Progressive ideologies both from the recent past and from a 1,000 years ago, rather than by technology. This blog is consistently anti-Luddite, as you can tell from our conversations with CR, if you’ve been following them.

                  And technology is a massive contributor. Sperm counts and T down 50%. Similar patterns in aquatic life.

                  But that’s not “technology” in general; even granting that there’s a certain truth to this point, the problem is that there are specific chemicals responsible for what you’re describing, and the ruling priestly class does nothing to restrict their use, because our ruling leftist priests hate masculinity and hate men. Yes, maybe there is an issue here – by why is it not fixed? The answer is: The Cathedral is perfectly fine with dropping sperm counts and T levels, and in fact, is actively promoting just that using its gargantuan propaganda apparatuses.

                  There’s also a good argument that the reason pregressivism has prevailed over any other religious mindset is because of technology.

                  Nah; the NRx stance is that societal decline is masked by technological progress, meaning that we don’t see the catastrophe over the corner because our technology is, or rather, used to be, rapidly advancing. NRx vehemently rejects the notion that technology is the cause of the decline; the cause is obviously Progressivism. Reaction 101: We are always ruled by warriors or priests (and not merchants or workers), and currently we are ruled by priests who hate us, hate themselves, and hate civilization.

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  Form follows function, aesthetically. Something that is aesthetic has a form which performs its function admirably. Complaining that women are unaesthetic because they make poor men is a fool’s claim because it ignores the function of a woman. The purpose of a woman is to bring forth the man’s progeny and to be a supporting character in the story of his life. They do not follow the same purpose as men, and so they have a different aesthetic than men, much as a sword has a different aesthetic than a chef’s knife.

                  Complaining that the female body is vulgar and gross because it is utilitarian and then praising the muscular male form as an aesthetic ideal is self contradictory because the muscles on that male body are aesthetic because of their utility. The argument contradicts itself, which means that it is not being made on a logical basis. Sophistic tricks and self-delusion–or perhaps simply deception–are not the foundation of a strong philosophy.

                  That is not to say that we cannot use BAP and his ideas, just like we would have used Milo if the cucks had not torn him down. Let him continue to tear down the cathedral, but once our time comes, he had better stop talking about the unaesthetic nature of feminine women and climb back into the closet, same as Milo. We use him, but his place is as a tool, a weapon, not as a thought leader.

                  As for the smell thing, I was pretty much sure that he was a fag, but if he thinks women smell bad, he has something wrong with him. I am a celibate and probably relatively low T as a result, but women still smell intoxicating to me. If that scent turns him off, that is some pretty damaged wiring going on up top. If he has that obvious damage, we should suspect him, because his ideas are coming from a defective mind. Use him, but never trust him.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Take away ‘BAP ghey’ and what does spandrell’s argument amount to?

                  “Take away his entire argument by substituting this preposterous strawman, and what does it amount to?” That’s a retarded question if I ever heard one. Again and again, and again and again and again, you refuse to actually address any of the actual points that Spandrell made, instead choosing to address your own two-word grunt. You write walls of text, one after another, kicking up clouds of dust and repeatedly changing the subject, harping on some minor point where BAP might have said something interesting or insightful, but refuse to address the reality that he is promoting, intentionally or unintentionally, homosexual aesthetics and homosexual modes of thinking.

                  Spandrell hypothesizes that BAP does it on purpose, as part of an agenda similar to lesbian feminists. It is entirely possible that Spandrell’s conclusion is wrong, and that BAP is doing it for other reasons, such as he genuinely believes that it is what defines masculinity. But his observations are not wrong; BAP is obviously either a homo or larping as a homo, and people who say he isn’t are either stupid or gaslighting, like those insipid boomers who in the boomer era insisted that Liberace wasn’t really gay.

                  I don’t think BAP is wholly bad. He may even be mostly good. Milo is also a homo and still mostly good. But when it comes to any homo, you have to take everything they say with a grain of salt, not necessarily because they have nefarious intentions but because that’s just how they’re wired. These are just broad heuristics we should follow; Jews shouldn’t hold public office, and Homos shouldn’t be held up as male role models.

                  People call BAP’s philosophy uber-masculine, Nietzschean and so on. But look carefully and you’ll see that it’s all surface-level. It’s all about aesthetics, the appearance of a man, how he’s built, how he carries himself, especially around other men. To the extent that he says anything at all about how men relate to women, it’s mere platitudes, crafted to avoid suspicion without drawing much attention to reproductive sex.

                  He isn’t wrong about aesthetics. He isn’t wrong about having a mission. He isn’t wrong, in theory, about the need to make women lower status, although the method he proposes is deeply flawed. But most importantly, he only tells half the story. Follow BAP’s philosophy and you will only be half-worthy; you’ll be a fine specimen of a man but won’t own any women and won’t know what that even means. That is not the path to elite fertility.

                  Maybe Moldbug is right and BAP is the hero we deserve, but not the hero we need. He can’t be the face of the reaction – not that he is pretending to be, or wants to be. The people need a better role model, someone who is classically virtuous, not virtuous according to Progressive ideas but virtuous according to Christianity circa 800 A.D.

                • jim says:

                  Milo was great, and Bronze Age Pervert is great, but gays always destroy and create chaos. Chaos is what we need right now, but our job is preparing to create order after the chaos.

                  Gays are not masculine, and Bronze Age Pervert is not masculine. They larp at masculinity, extravagantly but poorly, as drag queens larp at femininity extravagantly but poorly. The real indication that Bronze Age Pervert is gay is not that he fails to be turned on by the smell of women in the gym, but that his larping of masculinity is not very good.

                  Compare his loud declarations of masculinity, with my anecdotes of my personal life while performing as an alpha male in front of women. Gay.

                • Oak says:

                  ‘Nowhere in that thread, or anywhere else for that matter, does he deny that he is a homosexual.’

                  There’s an important difference between someone ghey saying something and a person saying something because he is ghey. You and spandrell’s argument relies on an unverifiable ad hominem whose truth wouldn’t even affect BAP’s argument. I’m not going to stop doing something because gheys might find it attractive nor disagree with something just in case people on the internet might call me ghey, or because someone ghey agrees with it. Gheys don’t have a monopoly on masculinity.

                  Also, BAP used to pop up on a PUA forum asking for wingmen so your argument is not only fallacious but probably groundless too.

                  ‘This blog is consistently anti-Luddite, as you can tell from our conversations with CR, if you’ve been following them.’

                  Recognising the riskds of technological change is not ludditry. There’s no chesterton’s fence for future innovations, so we are always guinea pigs. Nature has self-correcting mechanisms that technology can interfere with.

                  ‘Yes, and what we’re trying to convey here is that dysgenics (in all aspects, not merely IQ; there’s health, strength, creativity, looks, righteousness, and so forth) is caused by Progressive ideologies both from the recent past and from a 1,000 years ago, rather than by technology.’

                  Technology’s effects may be dysgenic more in an epigenetic than a hereditary sense. But the bugman phenomena is at least in part due to low infant mortality and modern medicine. Bugmen thrive in technologically advanced societies economically and reproductively. I don’t really have a solution to any of this. But it’s not luddite to point it out.

                  BAP is an important challenge to the idea that a high-IQ, technologically advanced society is all we should aim for.

                • alf says:

                  You’re sayin it doesn’t matter if BAP’s gay, and it’s not true.

                  Obviously it matters if BAP is gay. Recall that poz refers to the effects of gay lifestyle. Recall that every religion preceding progressivism warns for sodomy. Obviously, if BAP is gay, it warrants us to take what he says with a grain of salt.

                  As to whether or not he is— I’m also pretty suspicious. What set me off is his incapability of talking about love. He talks about women purely as breeding machines. I get that, it makes sense, but for a man of such self-professed passion, he had a suspiciously sterile view on women.

                • shaman says:

                  There’s an important difference between someone ghey saying something and a person saying something because he is ghey. You and spandrell’s argument relies on an unverifiable ad hominem whose truth wouldn’t even affect BAP’s argument.

                  You know what, I’m convinced: There is absolutely no homosexual agenda whatsoever behind telling men that women are ugly and disgusting and you should avoid them at all costs, ewwww. Maybe if I were’t such a stoooopid person, I would realize that it’s merely an ad hominem attack that Spandrell and I were making, but alas, your profound insight was required to get it through my thick skull once and for all. Furthermore, I’m a typical gamma male, and therefore I’m nothing more and nothing less than green with envy at BAP’s spectacular success on Frog Twitter, which is why I obsessively try to bring him down and bite his ankles – no homo (wait…). Yep, that is it – sir, you win this day, and I hereby admit to being an insecure dipshit without any achievements at all, who is fretfully and dreadfully intimidated both physically and intellectually by real men who exemplify true masculinity like BAP and Jack Donovan and the guy who plays Barney Stinson in HIMYM, also I have a small benis :DDD. And what the fuck? I love MGTOW now! Man, modern women are like, pffft, honestly I’d rather just fuck a guy from the gym in the ass instead. Who’s with me!

                  [A degree of sarcasm has been added to the above paragraph]

                  And seriously, when you have an argument beyond “It is not gay for men to be disgusted by women and attracted to naked bodybuilding dudes, because I said so, and my word is final, neener-neener,” you’re welcome to present it here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “As to whether or not he is— I’m also pretty suspicious. What set me off is his incapability of talking about love. He talks about women purely as breeding machines.”

                  I used to be on a forum that BAP (before he was famous) was a member of one of the admins who hates homos loves BAP… says he knows people who knows him and says that BAP isn’t gay.

                  The maybe I’m gay vibes are apparently an extreme way to keep moralfagging tradcons away.

                • jim says:

                  Maybe, but I don’t see anecdotes of his personal life indicating straight masculinity. As I said, gays larp extravagantly but poorly at masculinity, as drag queens larp femininity. I see larping, not straight up manliness.

                • The Cominator says:

                  BAP doesn’t claim to be about establishing the post-liberal order…

                  His whole rallying cry is we should stop worrying about that (as it only divides us) and should worry about destroying the left and feminist social democracy. Also its that individually you should strive to be the best you can be.

                • jim says:

                  And, of course, Bronze Age Pervert is absolutely right. He is great. He is doing a job that needs to be done. But his job is not the job this blog is about.

                • Oak says:

                  The truth of BAP’s claims about bugmen and women have nothing to do with whether he is ghey or not, only the motive. It would be shame if he only said these things as part of a homo conspiracy. But I don’t pursue women because they’re aesthetic so it will never affect me anyway.

                  I have always interpreted the ghey stuff as part of his absurdist non-anglosphere sense of humor. Like when he says animals have a secret way of communicating with each other or that there are tunnels under antarctica. But I could be wrong.

                  ‘What set me off is his incapability of talking about love. He talks about women purely as breeding machines. I get that, it makes sense, but for a man of such self-professed passion, he had a suspiciously sterile view on women.’

                  Never ever heard straight men talk about love. Not even on the internet. His attitude to women is consistent with PUA burnout which would fit with other things he’s said before current fame.

                  He’s an asset more than a liability and I can;t see any men turning ghey or mgtow because of him (which he has never advocated anyway). Healthy scepticism is always good, I just don’t think spandrell’s criticism of him made any worthwhile points.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, he is an asset, but you have heard me talking about love.

                • alf says:

                  Never ever heard straight men talk about love. Not even on the internet.

                  Clearly, we live in different worlds. Try browsing 9gag for a day.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Only a beta male would be afraid to speak of love.


                • alf says:

                  Just to make it clear, love of women is a quintessential hetero male trait. Its why pics of women, not just nudes or even lewds, are literally everywhere on the internet, to which the common male response is aptly summarized in this image.

                  When men don’t display that emotion, suspicions of homosexuality are entirely natural.

                • Starman says:


                  “ BAP is an important challenge to the idea that a high-IQ, technologically advanced society is all we should aim for.”

                  Only a high-IQ, technologically advanced society can build rocketships and save Mankind from the Great Filter and the Fermi Paradox. Anarcho-primitivism is evil and demonic.

                  And mysteriously, modern medicine has not reduced the 6-7 birth rates in today’s patriarchal societies. But as soon as family courts and women’s rights are introduced, reproduction stops… with and without technology.

                  Anti-tech types posting on electronic forums are justifiably suspected to be entryists.

                • Oak says:


                  “ BAP is an important challenge to the idea that a high-IQ, technologically advanced society is all we should aim for.”

                  Only a high-IQ, technologically advanced society can build rocketships and save Mankind from the Great Filter and the Fermi Paradox. Anarcho-primitivism is evil and demonic.’

                  Actually no. IQ isn’t enough for innovation or women would have made some significant dicoveries by now. Need piratical spirit also. Must cultivate both. one reason for ‘all’ in my statement.

                  ‘And mysteriously, modern medicine has not reduced the 6-7 birth rates in today’s patriarchal societies. But as soon as family courts and women’s rights are introduced, reproduction stops… with and without technology.’

                  Never argued that medicine reduces birthrates. Argued that it has some dysgenic effects due to resulting low infant mortality which is undeniable. And pointing out some problems with technology is not anti-tech.

                  ‘Only a beta male would be afraid to speak of love.


                  Perfectly healthy to feel this way. But never ever read that to a women unless she has had at least one of your children. And always remember thatmale-female love is not symmetrical. Men fall in love easily. Women fall out of love easily. And only male romantic love is pure.


                • Not Tom says:


                  What the hell, dude? It’s GAY. G-A-Y. Homosexual, homo, faggot, pillow biter, fudge packer, fart knocker, ass pirate, any of those will do.

                  “Ghey” is a flippant term people use to talk about something that’s just stupid, beta, low energy, annoying, etc. There’s something deeply weird and suspicious about the fact that you refuse to even spell the word normally. It’s like you can’t mentally process the literal statement “BAP IS GAY” and have to keep translating it into something that sounds like a joke, because the truth would hurt too much.

                  All of us seem to be in agreement that BAP can be gay, and still be doing some good. However, what he’s doing is not entirely good, and may not be entirely for virtuous reasons. BAP is not my alpha, and doesn’t deserve to be yours; I’d sooner take estrogen pills than go to war in his name, and he doesn’t even make the shortlist of people I’d want by my side in a trench. He’s a fag preaching masculine aesthetics, which is kind of a breath of fresh air in a world that hates everything masculine, but not worth building a cult around.

                • Frederick Algernon says:


                  I don’t read poetry to females and i only write poems for my wife and son. Poetry is an affliction; some have it and some don’t. I’m not proud of it, but I do enjoy the result sometimes. Have another, on the house.


                • ten says:

                  BAP does not speak about love, does not speak about women except as breeding critters, refuses to touch on any subjects concerning owning women, denigrates and attacks anything that implies men thinking highly about women, even says they are ugly and stink.

                  BAP wants you to think about yourself, and of men, and the things that are good and glorious for men, rejecting, even inverting gynocentrism. Embolden and empower men, and maybe genghis rises, fathering one fifth of the world while slaying another, or maybe hitler rises, fathering nothing but echoing forever – the heights of power are not reached through the family life that builds civilizations, and family life is not supported by suppressing triumphant explosive will to power, because the male spirit is then suppressed and forced into the longhouse, to be castrated and eaten by demonic mother tyrants.

                  Every point raised to show the gayness of BAP is an intentional rejection of considering women in any form at all, to place the concerns of men in a sphere of its own above anything concerning women.

                  I base this on absolutely nothing, but since i have felt repulsed by sweaty women, maybe the problem is i too am gay.

                  gf will be dissappoint.

                • jim says:

                  > BAP wants you to think about yourself, and of men, and the things that are good and glorious for men

                  Owning one’s home, owning one’s wife, and owning one’s children is good for men, and the conquests of which Bronze Age Pervert fantasizes will not happen without a fertile elite that delivers homes, virtuous obedient wives, and children, to taxpayers and soldiers.

                  What is gay about Bronze Age Pervert’s manly ideal is that his ideal is solo, without a wife, property, children, without a place in the male hierarchy.

                  Genghis Khan looked after his numerous children by his numerous wives, and established a rule that lasted for centuries that the top of the elite had to be composed of his numerous biological descendants in the male line.

                • jim says:

                  Doubtless Genghis Khan’s relationship with his numerous sons was different from the normal father son relationship, but all of them were raised in his footsteps, and raised to rule. All of them were raised in his abnormally large household, not by random concubines who were then sent away.

                  Genghis Khan owned his numerous wives, and owned his numerous children. All of them.

                • Not Tom says:

                  inverting gynocentrism

                  Step 1: Cultivate juvenile “cooties” frame on women
                  Step 2: ???
                  Step 3: Genghis Khan! Hitler! Conquer the world! Father 5000 children! ULTIMATE POWER!!!11


                • shaman says:


                  Explain the difference between BAP and Jack Donovan.

                • ten says:


                  genghis looked after some of his kids, certainly not all, and whatever attention you give your 97th son will be of a different sort than what is a normal human father-son-relationship. Probably genghis not only spawned but fathered some favorite sons, so maybe he can make claim to be a family man, while also being a spermstorm.

                  I propose BAP would invert the relationship between prosocial family formation and the adventurous spirit of conquest – and that this is the reason that he fundamentally rejects everything that orients men towards women, to foster this spirit, so that it may lead us to greatness and that women may follow along the way.

                  I don’t think he is right, but i do think it is the explanation for the rampant faggotry under attack in this thread, and if this is so, means he is not gay.

                  Not Tom,
                  fair enough

                  i thought i knew of donovan but mistook him for someone else, who seems almost identical but has a girlfriend.

                  So i can’t. Except donovan is openly gay, as in fucks men, which i don’t think BAP does, and wrestles men in forests, whereas BAP surely prefers beaches or steppes

                • shaman says:

                  i can’t. Except donovan is openly gay, as in fucks men, which i don’t think BAP does

                  If we agree that whatever differences there are between BAP and Donovan (and, by extension, between their respective philosophies) are altogether superficial — meaning that the similarities and parallels between them are vast and overwhelming — and that their only significant dissimilarity is that, unlike BAP, Donovan is officially out of the closet, then a certain disturbing but perfectly logical conclusion does suggest itself, doesn’t it?

                • jim says:

                  Using gays against gays is a sound and excellent tactic, like the Chinese tactic of using barbarians against barbarians. But one must be ever mindful of the risk that it will wind up in rule by barbarian gays. We are not gays, and we are not barbarians.

                • ten says:

                  I guess i’ll have to read “the way of men” to know, but my sparse searches on donovan and his internet available doesn’t make them seem that identical. Maybe i will have read it the next time BAPs gayness is debated.

            • Anonymous says:

              fill the hole in Western Civilization left by the death of God

              This is already done if we read “the kingdom of heaven” and “everlasting life” as contemporary metaphors for genetic immortality. It does not take much imagination to interpret the parable of the wheat and the tares, Matthew 13:24-30, to mean evolution by natural selection.

          • pdimov says:

            >his longer form essay replying to Anton is the single most effective redpill-for-normies that I have seen.

            Or it would have been effective weren’t it a bit on the TL side. Some choice quotes for those who DR:

            “The problem Anton or other conservatives must face isn’t that my audience, or the “youth” in question doesn’t accept the principles of the American Founding, but that the left and thereby a large part of the establishment rejected these principles long ago. The left has been saying exactly what they plan to do for decades. They want to destroy your country, instill a death wish in the white population, set majorities against market-dominant minorities, atomize everyone: the British plan in Malaysia and a few other places but now applied domestically within a country.”

            “I would be ready to concede that I wouldn’t have an audience, or a much smaller one, if this was the America of the Founding or even that of the 1980’s. Your problem isn’t my audience, but that your analysis and words and ideas are so far from reality that you don’t even see the reasons why I have this audience in the first place.”

            “The left completely abandoned Americanism in the 1960’s; at this point they’ve also abandoned biological reality.”

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      BAP wrote a response to the Claremont review of his book. It is also pretty good. Does he post here?

    • Reminds me of:

      Conservative art, to the extent it exists, tends towards glorifying the past. It has good reasons to, perhaps the number one being that identity always stems from the past, but nostalgic attitudes are always beta. Past greatness only underlines current powerlessness, it is fine to remember past heroes but we need new heroes to create the future.

      What we need is simply the confirmation that beauty is objective. Beauty is an act of rebellion and reaffirmation these days. It does not have to be focused on the past, it can be futuristic, it does not have to be national and identity-oriented, it can be global – these days it is just easier to think in a framework like the Roman Empire than in nation-states and national cultures.

  30. G-D says:

    I’ll pass on the octogenarian President, thanks. Donald, Jr. 2024.

    • Not Tom says:

      It’s a good idea simply because Trump I would obviously be running the show for at least several years while Trump II learns the trade.

      But Trump II does not have the same charisma or social acumen. If he ran today, he would be a hard sell with the electorate. But maybe after 4 more years, the left will have schismed and degenerated to such a degree that Trump II has no strong competition.

      • G-D says:

        You’re comparing a 99th percentile competent and charismatic person to possibly the most competent and charismatic person who has ever lived.

      • Tom says:

        Full banana republic achievement award unlocked if Don’s kids somehow got the reins.

        I love God and I love my country and will surrender it to no man. No one will be coming to save you or me. No one. Make peace with that thought, it’s enormously freeing.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          Banana republic requires we keep pretending the country is a republic.

        • Not Tom says:

          Listen, I realize it’s difficult to cope with reality when your wife’s son tells you that Mommy just got spit-roasted by two Congolese immigrants and needs your next alimony payment ASAP to pay their medical bills, but try not to be such a fag.

        • jim says:

          But the Kennedy dynasty and the hilariously incompetent Hillary as secretary of state and potential president did not bother you in the slightest.

          Banana republics are hilarious because everyone knows that they are puppets of the American Hegemony. If Donald Trump becomes Caesar and is succeeded by his sons, you will bow with everyone else, as you bowed to the Kennedys

        • Dave says:

          If the Democrats ever take back the White House, we’ll be a banana republic without the bananas.

          • Allyn71 says:

            LOL, man how I love the hilarity of this blog. There will be no Civil War in 2020 or 2024. The “men” here are nothing more than armchair warriors who, if at the first sign of trouble, will run away. Thanks again for the laughs.

            • the power of pozitive thinking says:

              People like you think “war” and “not war” are discrete states, Bill Ayers is a reputable academic, Mandela was a peaceful protestor, the Gulf War took place.

            • Not Tom says:

              We don’t claim to be warriors, armchair or otherwise. We’re the priestly class in exile. Lurk moar, you’d only have to have read 3 or 4 posts here to realize that.

            • The Cominator says:

              Natural warriors or not men here should take up regular paintball or airsoft if they can…

              • jim says:

                Since it is impermissible to bear long arms, paintball does not help you walk around in a manly fashion and speak in a manly fashion. Learning how to kill someone with your bare hands, practicing it every now and then, and carrying a legal weapon, however wimpy is required in your jurisdiction, does help you walk around in a manly fashion and speak in a manly fashion.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  Paintball, airsoft, and any MilSim activity is useful in terms of finding and connecting men with concepts. The tactical learning one gains from participation is negligible as they are practice, not instruction, meaning you have to know stuff going in. The value of participating is twofold: finding and connecting thought dissidents AND test driving methodologies of exercising our priestly power.

                  An anecdote: i used to play a lot of paintball as a teen. I transitioned to airsoft because i got tired of the mess and clean up. More than once, i ditched the gun, picked up a walkie talkie, and had my team wreck shop on the opposing team. At the end of the day, a group of strangers had become a tight knit group of young men.

                  Paintball and airsoft are fertile recruitment grounds, for the players and their dads.

                • calov says:

                  What martial arts disciplines teach you to kill with your bare hands? Asking for a friend. I’m assuming they’re not going to teach that at local tae kwon do studio.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “What martial arts disciplines teach you to kill with your bare hands?”

                  Krav Maga.

                • @Frederick Algernon

                  >More than once, i ditched the gun, picked up a walkie talkie, and had my team wreck shop on the opposing team.

                  I like this story very much. It is sort of the difference between animals and humans in a nutshell. Also, it required your teammates being that particular subset of humans who can find the balance between being disciplined and obeying orders, but intelligent and independent enough to notice when you are mistaken and dispute your order or modify it or whatever, but not follow it blindly. If there is any reason for to be optimistic about whitey, this is.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You definitely learn that battles even simulated ones are the exact opposite of orderly and that plans definitely don’t survive contact with the enemy (well except the rare occasion when they go off without a hitch). But then again the “course” I played at back in my late twenties early 30s was heavily wooded.

                  My best event (I wasn’t senior or particulary experienced but the “unit” I was with followed my plan) was a sort of capture the fort event. I said they will expect a frontal assault along this main approach so we SHOULD give it to them but we should send the teenagers (we had some literal teenagers who could move fast and light) around a different flanking approach after we made contact. We made contact (me and the main force) took cover exchanged fire then we hear CLEAR…

                  The three kids had wiped out their whole unit from behind we didn’t move ahead into the clearing till long after they had been wiped to take the objective because we thought the CLEAR initially had to be enemy deception.

                  The funniest event (it would not be funny IRL) was during a night fight, we had a sign and countersign protocol… someone moved out of our perimeter and came back in later at a different location. When I shouted the sign he did not give the countersign and I shot him… and he was on my team.

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