The median voter

Heartiste’s usually wise, insightful, and excellent blog has a pile of silly advice: What A Future American Right Party Can Do To Win

A future American right party cannot win.  You win by winning over the median voter, or, equivalently, the modal swinging voter.

The median voter or modal swinging voter in this election was someone who is single, fatherless, partly on welfare, if female a slut, if male frequently a minor criminal belonging to protected minority.   A party that appeals to white sluts on welfare and non white criminals on welfare is not likely to be terribly right wing.

The end state of democracy is that you get 51% of the voters living on their votes and lashing out at the productive more and more cruelly.

The end state of the left wing singularity is infinite leftism in finite time, as an ever more pious priesthood ignores democracy to impose ever more brutally left policies.  These two end states are sufficiently similar that even though we could in principle avoid the left wing singularity in the name of democracy using measures somewhat similar to those proposed by Heartiste, there would be small point in doing so.

A non Cathedral government that won an election in the current electorate would be something like La Raza – people that the Cathedral would correctly call Nazis except that most of them are non white.

We need to kick the gimmiedats of the voting rolls before attempting a democratic legitimation of a non cathedral government – which means that a non cathedral government has to get in power without being elected, a project inconceivable under current circumstances. Current circumstances, however, cannot possibly continue.

Further, if a non Cathedral government was to get in power under circumstances strikingly different from current circumstances, democratic legitimation might well be both difficult and of little value.

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  2. josh says:

    Doesn’t democracy have an innate tendency to expand voter roles, especially to gimmie-dats, and also to create more and more gimmie-dats to do the jobs American gimmie-dats won’t do?

    • jim says:

      Politicians want to buy votes, therefore want to buy the cheapest voter. Therefore are inclined to import or manufacture them.

      Though the ideology of equalism has a lot to do with it also.

      The left loves democracy, but hates the people, therefore sets to work electing a people worthy of its love.

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  4. Zach says:

    Interesting. Roissy correctly noted, in my opinion, that the Republican party is dead. Trying to revive that which is dead, is like trying to fuck a corpse and expect child birth.

    Limbaugh said something similar on the radio. Mocking those Republicans who will change their views to gain popularity, as they unwittingly dig their graves even deeper.

    In my opinion the Republican party is dead, because as you have noted it is not the Republican party but an alleged usurper of the singularity. A singularity that not only mind fucks leftists but all of culture, including current Republicans.

    Boortz, I think, also made some decent points here:

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