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Leftism as cancer

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Leftism is to memes as cancer is genes.

If the cells of the body mutate, cells that multiply at the expense of the body will be selected.  And cells that mutate to a faster mutation rate will be selected, since they will have more fast multiplying variants.

In a healthy body, each cell lives for the body, and performs its role in the whole body, making the body one. In cancer, each cancer cell lives for itself, at the expense of the body, parasitically, until the parasites devour the host

Left wing memes are selected by propagation through state power for propagation through state power. (more…)

The overclass hates you.

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

People notice the overclass (brahman, in Moldbug’s terminology) hates whites.  So they figure.

Well, people who think of themselves as white cannot possibly hate whites, so it must be Jews, who don’t consider themselves white, hating us.


The overclass hates whites because it is almost entirely white. It hates Jews because it is disproportionately Jewish. It hates males, marriage, and so on and so forth for much the same reasons.

And it hates all humans because it is composed of humans, hence the Greenie position that humans are a cancer upon the earth.

The left is the state and the state is the left, and the left has a long history of self destructive self hatred

The Populares (loose translation:  Democratic Party, or People’s Popular Party of Rome) allied with the enemies of Rome, and did not seem to doubt the wisdom of this alliance, when during their civil war, in 82 BC, their allies showed up at the gates with the intention of not merely defeating the other side in the Roman civil war, but of permanently and completely destroying the city of Rome.  The army of the Populares, seeking to rule Rome, fought shoulder to shoulder with the Samnites, seeking to destroy Rome, and against the army of Sulla, seeking to preserve the Roman Empire against internal and external enemies.

In 1647AD Chang Hsien-chong said:

Heaven brings forth innumerable things to nurture man.
Man has nothing good with which to recompense Heaven
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

He committed an autogenocide more thorough than that of the Khmer Rouge.  As with the Khmer Rouge, first killed the landlords for owning the land, then the intellectuals for insufficient ideological purity, then the peasants for insufficient collectivism, and so on and so forth.

To update his words to the twenty first century just substitute earth for heaven:

Earth brings forth innumerable things to nurture man.
Man has nothing good with which to recompense Earth
Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.
10:10 no pressure.

Perhaps the reason is that leftism is always based on allying with those far away against those that are near, and leftism always gets lefter, so they wind up allying with trees against humans.

Perhaps the reason is that the easiest way to be holier than thou, the way that takes the least effort or thought, is to hate those closest to one for insufficient holiness.

Likely, both reasons and several more.

Hayekian critique of Obamacare

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Hayek correctly predicted that socialism must be despotic, because it cannot operate according to laws, but according to decrees. And so we see the President issued a speech declaring his intent to ignore and unilaterally change some parts of a law, passed by Congress and signed by him, that he was suddenly finding inconvenient and then enforcing obedience on state employees, non federal government employees to obey his words and ignore his laws.

But, Hayek tells us, even this does not work, because the decrees are apt to be mutually incompatible. They cannot all be carried out. And so the Pharaoh winds up commanding bricks to be made without straw. (more…)

The anti-anti reactionary FAQ Part 1, Terror and mass murder

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

In this post, I address Scott’s anti reactionary FAQ on terrors and mass murders.  In other posts I will address economic growth, sex, freedom, art, and other issues. The anti reactionary FAQ is big, and has a lot of points, most of which I will deal with in separate posts.

Reactionaries say that democracy leads to the left singularity, which at best results in great suffering, and usually in mass murder.

Scott in his anti reactionary FAQ refutes this by a pile of supposed reactionary mass murders, notable among them the horrible reactionary mass murderer Zhang Xianzhong, better known to reactionaries as the horrible radical leftist mass murderer Chang Hsien-chong, the man who distributed the wealth of the landlords to the poor, then ate the landlords for oppressing the poor, then exterminated the intellectuals for infecting the poor with insufficiently progressive ideas, then flayed the poor alive for being insufficiently grateful for having the wealth of their oppressors redistributed to them. (more…)

Preparing for Civil War Two

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Many reactionaries compare today’s America to the latter days of the Roman Republic, reflect on the excellence of the early Roman empire, and hope for a military coup that ends the corrupt and decadent American republic, replacing it with disciplined imperium.

The reigns of the five good Roman emperors illustrate that the reign of stationary bandit, an absolute dictator secure in his power, fearing neither votes nor coups nor riot nor military insurrection, is a pretty good system.  He has an incentive to shear the sheep, but not flay them, while other forms of government tend to flaying.  Observe that taxes on the rich are everywhere far above the Laffer limit, and in many places, such as Greece, taxes on the working poor are far above the Laffer limit.

Unfortunately such a tranquil transition seems improbable, for every officer above company grade in the US army is selected not only for political correctness, but, more importantly, for lack of military competence.  The Cathedral fears losing a war with the US military far more than it fears the US military losing a war with some external enemy.  A successful coup requires a leader who commands a reasonable level of respect from the junior officers. Being such a potential coup maker absolutely disqualifies officers for promotion above company grade.

Nor could the US military provide order after such a transition, for order requires legitimacy, and such a tranquil transition would leave the new imperator illegitimate.  Coercive power is insufficient to enable a government to govern. (more…)

The thirty nine articles and the second book of homilies.

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

The most successful recovery from a left singularity was the restoration, which created a counter theocracy, restoration Anglicanism, which lasted from 1660 to 1828.  (more…)

History interpreted as left singularities

Friday, April 5th, 2013

History is one damn thing after another, and any attempt to make sense of it necessarily leads to leaving out lots of important stuff.  Thus making sense of it by looking at it in one way does not necessarily falsify making sense of it by looking at it in another way.

The trend from around fourteen hundred AD to the present has been for states to become ever stronger.  On the other hand, was not the trend from four hundred AD to one thousand AD. Of course, it might be a bad idea to bet against a trend that has been running strong for well over six hundred years, but here is why I am betting against it: (more…)

Leftwards with John Corzine

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Urban Future tells us:

When the Right attains power, it is by becoming something other than itself, betraying its partisans not only incidentally and peripherally, through timidity or incompetence, but centrally and fundamentally, by practically advancing an agenda that almost perfectly negates its supposed ideological commitments. It builds that which it had promised to destroy, and further enthralls that which it had promised to liberate. Its victories mean ever less, its defeats ever more. To win is at most a lesser evil, whilst to lose opens new, unprecedented horizons of calamity, initiating previously unimagined adventures in horror.

The left theoretically wants equality, but, predictably, its unending victories cause ever more extreme and brutal inequality, as socialism somehow strangely manifests as crony capitalism. Soak the rich – except, of course, for friends of Obama. The ensuing social injustice results in louder cries to soak the rich. (more…)

Don’t know much about history

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Supposedly we are ruled by the cognitive elite, but, strikingly, when compared to the elite of a  century ago, they don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology, don’t know much about a science book, don’t know much about the french they took.

The members of the old elite would casually make interlingual puns, erudite references to ancient history and to the latest science of their day.   I am not seeing this from our current elite.

I saw on television a US spokesman piously calling for a cease fire in Gaza  “Israel requires an end to rocket attacks, Hamas requires an end to the state of siege and and end to attacks on Hamas personnel”

“What,” I thought, “does the state department hire the mentally retarded?” (more…)

The Flaw in Moldbug’s proposed dictatorship.

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Obviously democracy is not working, is failing catastrophically.  The productive are outvoted by the gimmedats, in large part non asian minorities and white sluts. Moldbug’s solution is simple:  Dictatorship, evolving into Monarchy.  The dictator, he hopes and expects, will fire all government employees, except for military, police, and some tax collectors.  What use are all the rest of them to a strong dictator?

A good government is a stationary bandit, since a stationary bandit has an incentive to shear the sheep, rather than flay them.  A bad government is a mobile bandit, and the government service in democracies increasingly approximate mobile bandits.  Each bureaucrat seeks to increase his power and wealth, even if the total burden is well above the Laffer limit.

The trouble is that a dictator is not necessarily a stationary bandit:  A secure dictator, for example a martial and charismatic monarch of a long established dynasty, is a stationary bandit.   Unfortunately, not only are long established dynasties in short supply, but when you have one, the legitimate heir to the throne is seldom martial and charismatic. (more…)