Preparing for Civil War Two

Many reactionaries compare today’s America to the latter days of the Roman Republic, reflect on the excellence of the early Roman empire, and hope for a military coup that ends the corrupt and decadent American republic, replacing it with disciplined imperium.

The reigns of the five good Roman emperors illustrate that the reign of stationary bandit, an absolute dictator secure in his power, fearing neither votes nor coups nor riot nor military insurrection, is a pretty good system.  He has an incentive to shear the sheep, but not flay them, while other forms of government tend to flaying.  Observe that taxes on the rich are everywhere far above the Laffer limit, and in many places, such as Greece, taxes on the working poor are far above the Laffer limit.

Unfortunately such a tranquil transition seems improbable, for every officer above company grade in the US army is selected not only for political correctness, but, more importantly, for lack of military competence.  The Cathedral fears losing a war with the US military far more than it fears the US military losing a war with some external enemy.  A successful coup requires a leader who commands a reasonable level of respect from the junior officers. Being such a potential coup maker absolutely disqualifies officers for promotion above company grade.

Nor could the US military provide order after such a transition, for order requires legitimacy, and such a tranquil transition would leave the new imperator illegitimate.  Coercive power is insufficient to enable a government to govern.

Further, the five good Roman emperors did not stroll calmly into power on the basis of the unchallengeable coercive power and perfect discipline of the famed Roman legions.  The five good emperors arose out of a long succession of bloody Roman civil wars from Sulla to Antony, ending with Augustus becoming emperor by murdering his step brother Caesarion, the child of the two greatest people of the age – thereby ending the chance of Rome becoming a hereditary monarchy. The five good emperors preserved the illusion of the Republic, from which they derived a large part of their legitimacy.  Most of their legitimacy, however, came from the fact that people were tired of the civil wars, so everyone was willing to pretend that they were legitimate, willing to pretend that the Republic was still in effect.

Arming for Civil War Two

Bob Owens tells us that since 2009 private citizens have purchased enough new firearms to equip every member of the military of the United States, including National Guard, Air National Guard, and Reserve units eighteen times over. Of those arms purchased, the overwhelming majority are not sporting arms, but weapons intended for war, revolution, and riot.

Private citizens have purchased more ammo since 2009 than the US used in World War II.

To defend against home invasion and mugging, the appropriate weapon is a short arm with a large magazine, a nine shot handgun. (A shotgun is of limited value unless you are hunting birds, though racking a shotgun makes a wonderfully intimidating sound.) For hunting and target practice, the appropriate weapon is a long arm with small magazine.  Instead, people are buying military rifles and civilian versions of military rifles, long arms with large magazines.

The most popular ammo is the 22LR.  Demand for the 22LR may well be partially monetary.  Being useful in a wide variety of guns, it would be valuable as money in the event of crisis, perhaps more universally acceptable than gold.

If the government was united and cohesive, there would be no possibility that armed American citizens could stand against it, since each individual one at a time, would feel the full wrath of the entire state.  But the reason we are getting such bad government is that the government is not united and cohesive.  The Cathedral is not one person, or even a single conspiracy, but rather a multitude of conspiracies each seeking to be lefter than all of the others.

Likely shape of a Civil War Two crisis.

Let us imagine a crisis where the US government has no money, or far too much entirely worthless money.  In that case, likely that the overclass/underclass alliance will predate directly upon the middle class and survivalists, as they did in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  According to Peter government teams sent in to rescue people tended to attack, kidnap, and rob those that had made good survival preparations.  The unprepared tended to attack the prepared. The word “unprepared” is euphemism.  What he really means is that blacks, government employees, and underclass, mostly blacks and government employees, predated upon the middle class.

rescue authorities seem to regard with suspicion those who’ve made provision for their safety and have survived (or bugged out) in good shape. It seems to be a combination of “How could you cope when so many others haven’t?”, “You must have taken advantage of others to be so well off”, and “We’ve come all this way to help, so how dare you not need our assistance?”

The political overclass/underclass alliance manifested in Katrina as direct violent predation on middle class and survivalists. Probably they would respond to a man made crisis in a similar fashion.

Left singularities do not always have really bad economic effects, though the Cambodian autogenocide and the French Maximum did have really bad economic effects.  An economic crisis depriving the overclass of funds would likely trigger Civil War Two.

If tax systems supporting the overclass and underclass collapse, as well they might, (US currency hyperinflates, everyone uses gold, bitcoin, or one of bitcoin’s successors) we may well see the overclass/underclass alliance that attempts to loot the middle class directly.

That is not necessarily the most likely outcome, the approach to the left singularity is inherently unpredictable, but it is certainly possible, and it is reasonable for people to prepare for it.

Civil War and post civil war institutions

In such case the correct response is coalition building between the prepared, between those willing to respect property. Assume that the overclass and underclass members will in practice not back each other up, that the underclass begins with no cohesion, and overclass will find what little cohesion it does have collapsing. People who respect property rights will find it easier to cooperate.

The worst case outcome, the highly likely outcome is something like post-Roman civilization – centuries of poverty and ruin, with marginally better organized and less devolved outsiders occasionally wandering through, killing all the men, burning all the homes, and raping all the women.

To build order, to avoid the worst case outcome in Civil War Two, have to build upon the armed middle class head of household. Order and authority has to come from armed individuals who support private property, which is likely to mean rentacops and heads of households.  If property owning heads of households come out on top, we are likely to get at best anarcho-capitalism, at worst Blackwater neo-feudalism.  If the overclass/underclass alliance comes out on top, then either anarcho-piratism, as after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, or else the left singularity continues to the next crisis, whatever that may be.

The difference between anarcho capitalism and feudalism is a matter of degree. Since all law in anarcho capitalism is private law, people are necessarily unequal before the law. Feudalism, anarcho capitalism, and anarcho-piratism are decentralized systems in which coercion and coercive authority is privatized, legal authority is a form of private property, and much law is private law.

Feudalism arguably works a lot better with a strong King to make sure that feudal property rights stick, but where do we get a strong King from? There is no Ring of Fnargl.  At best, will get a Godfather, a coalition leader.  At worst, weak or absent private property rights will result in the new nobility becoming mobile bandits, as in the fall of the Roman Empire in the west.

Order requires legitimacy.  The shortcut to legitimacy is to pretend the old republic is still in effect.  For feudalism or anarcho-capitalism, such a pretense would involve a radical reduction in the franchise.

In the early Roman monarchy, before the Roman Republic, the king was elected for life by the Senate, the People, and the Gods – who tended to display such remarkable unanimity that we can be pretty sure the election was fixed in advance in a small room. In our current system, we get a genuine choice between a Democrat candidate acceptable to the Cathedral, and a Republican Candidate acceptable to Cathedral.  Unfortunately the only Republican candidate acceptable to the Cathedral is whichever Republican recently conspicuously and dramatically collaborated in legislation moving our society substantially further left.  Thus, for example, McCain collaborated in McCain Feingold, and Romney produced ObamaRomneycare.  The next republican presidential candidate will probably be whoever further opens the borders and helps import a left voting welfare underclass from Mexico – the Rubio Amnesty Bill, or whatever it is going to be called.

I recommend that whatever actual system we wind up with after Civil War Two, we keep the form of the Republic and switch to elections on the model of the early Roman Monarchy.  The electoral college provides a good mechanism for this, and was probably originally intended for that purpose.

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  1. cloudswrest says:

    Interesting essay linked from LewRockwell regarding officious red tape hindering an even outlawing protecting yourself and others after a natural disaster.

  2. Gilberto Dorneles da Rocha says:

    3 years later, and we can see the GOPe supporting Rubio, like Jim predicted.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      After their Roman Catholic convert who married a mestizo, Gov Bush failed.

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    • jim says:

      Genocide is always directed against market dominant minorities, never against inferior races. Whites are about to become a market dominant minority.

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  10. What evidence do you have that taxes are above the Laffer limit?

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  13. “To defend against home invasion and mugging, the appropriate weapon is a short arm with a large magazine, a nine shot handgun. (A shotgun is useless unless you are hunting birds with buckshot, though racking a shotgun makes a wonderfully intimidating sound.) For hunting and target practice, the appropriate weapon is a long arm with small magazine. Instead, people are buying military rifles and civilian versions of military rifles, long arms with large magazines.

    The most popular ammo is the 22LR. Demand for the 22LR may well be partially monetary. Being useful in a wide variety of guns, it would be valuable as money in the event of crisis, perhaps more universally acceptable than gold.”

    Dafuq? WTF is a “nine-shot handgun”? Are you assuming everyone is using Glock 27s for some reason? Or are you confusing the caliber of a gun (9mm handguns being very popular) with its magazine capacity?

    Who hunts birds with buckshot? Buckshot is for… Bucks (deer)! Birdshot is for birds.

    What’s this about a shotgun being “useless” for personal defense? I am not a shotgun proponent (I’d rather use a handgun or rifle), but I’d hardly say they’re “useless”. They’ll kill a bad guy pretty dead, using the right ammo, even if they do it with more recoil and with fewer rounds to spare than a handgun or rifle.

    No one is buying .22 LR in the hopes of reselling it after the apocalypse. It’s flying off the shelves because it’s the most common caliber in America, and every suburbanite breadwinner with a Ruger 10/22 who’s scared of teh gubments and doesn’t know better is willing to pay $500 for two thousand rounds of the stuff.

    • jim says:

      Thank you for the correction regarding buckshot. Buckshot is for burglars, birdshot is for birds.

      “useless” is hyperbole. No weapon is useless in the hands of a man prepared to use it, but, given the very large number of misses in conflicts between humans, fire rate and magazine capacity matters considerably more.

      I have edited the article to correct these errors.

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  15. […] Western Civilization is a sick junky. It isn’t going to be argued out of its habit. First, it has to taste the floor. That’s just the way it is — ugly. […]

  16. Aaron says:

    According to Peter government teams sent in to rescue people tended to attack, kidnap, and rob those that had made good survival preparations.

    Sounds like being rescued by the TSA.

  17. DesertFlower says:

    Is it a civil war or a revolution? I remember an old say: “Revolutions don’t cause change…..Change causes revolution”. I think it is most appropriate nowadays.

    Saw where 2 veterans (combat Vietnam vet & 1 Gulf War I) are walking across America in defense of our freedoms. True grit & courage to walk fm San Diego to D.C. to protest the continual scandals, worthless congressional investigative committees & now no privacy.

    At least someone is doing something. The mainstream media isn’t picking up their story (as usual), but there is something to the walk that we can all support.

  18. Dr. Faust says:

    The above video is an ER doctor’s knowledge on gun wounds.

    The conclusions are the bigger the better. 4/5 of handgun wounds are survived. A victim may continue fighting for minutes after shot multiple times with a pistol before he collapses.

    • jim says:

      Knockdown is overrated. Someone can go on fighting for quite a while after a lethal wound, but usually loses interest.

  19. SOBL1 says:

    Jim, The civil war and post-civil war crisis would raise the importance of security and value competent and capable male power and organization far more than today. I recently went to a gun show, and the mood there was tremendous for gun rights, ammo, tech talk and other things. The number of women was staggering. The other different thing is how a decent number of people have dropped the zombies pretense when joking about arming up. It’s basically, when are they (blue team) going to light the match? After Obama’s reelection I moved up my timetable to 2020s instead of 2030s. The weakest spot of the Cathedral’s hold is the easy money regime that holds it all together. Once the financial currency crisis happens, the political crisis follows which will leave one or more groups still upset and lead to a social crisis and split.

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  21. VXXC says:

    Yeah. Shotgun for the novices please. By all means also have handguns and rifles, but shotguns for the home. Buckshot is for large animals like – humans. Or indeed bears. Birdshot is for birds, it’s smaller. Mind you up close #4 or maybe even #6 at close range you will get the job done.

    As far as defending your local community, Americans are still pretty reliable on that score. New Orleans is an outlier. The use of contractors there was a bit disturbing. Frankly if you’re living in New Orleans or other non-Chechen toned areas and you don’t shall we say blend in you may want to consider leaving fast. The rest of the country will have law and order fast.

    Stop hating cops and soldiers, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most of them are pretty traditional, right wing, and take the Constitution very seriously. They are not predators. You would know. Any dysfunctions you see I assure you are reflective of the State they must serve – or we live in Latin America. We may get there anyway. In any case they’re usually pretty tight and related to each other and make BAD ENEMIES. [I’m a former soldier tight with many vet cops]. Really…dears….this sort of scenario is when you want friends not enemies. We’re not academia. We make good friends and bad enemies. In academia dysfunctions are not fatal, in war and deadly choice trades they are. In academia and government your co-workers are very often snakes and enemies anyway, it’s not so in the deadly trades.

    Make friends who can help you. Who will act. That’s as important as any arming or other prep.

    For instance these gentlemen below seem to have gotten it correctly.

    • jim says:

      It is hard enough to fire a handgun accurately and rapidly.

      With a shotgun, you are only going to get one shot off. If you miss, and you probably will, you are toast.

    • Red says:

      You must be dealing with different cops than I am. In the LA area they’re nothing more than money sucking predators who do everything possible not to arrest an illegal.

  22. Samson J. says:

    To defend against home invasion and mugging, the appropriate weapon is a short arm with a large magazine, a nine shot handgun. (A shotgun is useless unless you are hunting birds with buckshot, though racking a shotgun makes a wonderfully intimidating sound.

    Have you ever fired a pistol, Jim? Not to be a condescending git; I’m sure the answer is “yes” – but it’s pretty easy to miss with every round in a 10-shot magazine unless you’re careful. I’d consider the shotgun for home defense, though obviously not for mugging defense.

    • Tomás de Torquemada says:

      The AA-12 fully automatic shotgun:

      • jim says:

        Very nice. But what makes it usable, rather than knocking you onto your backside, is a great big recoil absorption system that is longer than your forearm, and, from the way the gun moves, pretty damned heavy.

        • etype says:

          the recoil of a shotgun is exaggerated. My own has no stock, just a pistol grip. Anyone can fire it with no problems. It’s the expectation of massive recoil and the deafening noise that scares people. However recoil is not a problem.

  23. Roger says:

    In all the Communist revolutions and in the French revolution etc. the old elite was in the most trouble. It was much safer to be an regular guy.

  24. Roger says:

    There is no protection of the wealthy in the case of a breakdown. Do you think a roving mob will halt their destruction at a mansion and say,

    “Wait, didn’t you form a political alliance with us to get democrats in office to help pass gay marriage to rub southerners’ noses in it? We’ll surround your house with a special protection squad.”

    • Heh… I hope so, but the wealthy should be able to buy people that say that.

      • jim says:

        The wealthy will hire rentacops. Rentacops have a reflexive and instinctive support for property rights that cops lack. I conjecture that this is a job requirement. Hence I would rather like to see an outcome in which today’s rentacops rose in wealth and status, even though they are seldom the sharpest chisel in the box.

  25. etype says:

    Interesting article. One quibble. A short barrelled 12-gauge pump or auto shotgun, loaded with magnum triple-aught (with sabot slugs for targets behind walls or in vehicles) is the most devastating, short range, personal defence weapon you can carry. For room to room or defence from within premises out to 20 metres, it isn’t far off from small scale personal artillery.

    • jim says:

      I have no personal experience, but reading reports of conflicts between humans, and seeing on you tube such conflicts, it is apparent that in a typical conflict, you fire off a lot of shots for rather few hits. Thus a weapon that does not kick like a mule has considerable advantages.

      • etype says:

        Many misunderstand the beauty of this under-appreciated weapon. I’ve owned several because they are the most fun as a recreational weapon (destroying old cars, refrigerators, buildings) and the ultimate in defending person property. It amazes me how it is not used more, and it’s virtues more widely known, except by professional grizzly bear hunters employed by the state in Alaska and British Columbia, who I’ve seen pack them exclusively for close encounters with Grizzlies.
        To begin with, the psychological effect is enormous- a 14″ barrel 12 gauge is 20 – 30x louder than any other weapon except perhaps an older style grenade – the report alone indoors or out will make your opponent piss themselves and run, and run faster than they have ever run before…. there is no mistaking the impression a big-big-big gun is in play. If you are going to let off a round to let certain individuals know you mean business… this is the personal weapon equivalent of a thermonuclear mushroom cloud. You get all of their attention, and a little more. A 12 gauge loaded with magnum .300 will tear a hole through a solid core door 12” across and blow it off the hinges if not on metal security hinges – will throw a 250lb refrigerator 4’ across a room. Will tear holes through walls big enough to kick the rest down and walk through. If you hit someone in a limb, you are most likely blowing the limb off the body and 30 feet away. Hit them in the head, complete decapitation, torso – how about a hole big enough to throw a cat through? Keep in mind .300 (black-cat) is 6 balls, or the regular 9 ball .300 slugs roughly the size of .38’s in one blast – the damage is impressive. The velocity isn’t much but the energy transmission is outstanding. Then there are sabots loads, which are shape charged. I’ve shot one straight through the engine block of a volvo – try that with anything less than a .50 browning. I shot through the back of an old freezer in a dump and it blew the door off the hinges and 15’ away. A 12-gauge sabot will put a foot wide hole through any concrete wall with one shot….brick facia or not, and kill anything on the other side smaller than Godzilla.
        Plus – a 14” (legal sawed-off size) marine issue (nickel plated against corrosion) Remington pump (8 shot or 12 with extender) is not only almost as easy to carry over a shoulder with a sling as a pistol, (as adjunct to a longer range weapon) or under the rug in the seat in a car, but it is also a cheap weapon to purchase, cheaper than any quality pistol or rifle. Ammunition is cheap considering it isn’t really a range weapon – more of a destroy things for laughs weapon. Although some range work with slugs is desired to get the idea of windage and sink, or with balls the idea of spread over distance for the barrel you are using.
        Example: one end of a hallway with 3-4 guys with pistols of any type taking cover behind a door, and one person at the other end with a 12-gauge loaded with .300 with 6 ball black cat or tri-ball – the shotgunner could literally walk towards the other end killing and wounding his adversaries while blowing the walls and doors down without any a careful aim, absolutely ripping apart any opposition. Completely destroying any opposition. Forgot about not missing, that’s not an issue.
        There are considerations with a 14” sawed-off – amount of spread over 60’ make it less useful as a complete stand off solution – but a 18-19” barrel or a choke fixes that – that or patiently wait till your assailants are in range to where there is practically no doubt you could hit them just casually pointing the weapon in their direction (20-30’)
        As a personal defence weapon, for urban environments, or for defence within a premises, or against vehicles, there is nothing more devastating than a short barrel shotgun with the right load. I consider it superior to any light mg, such as Uzi or tech-9… far superior.
        In a survivalist situation, this weapon is a necessity. A loaded remington marine-issue 12-gauge with a 14” barrel fully loaded is a light weapon to carry (guessing 7-9 lbs) slung over you shoulder it’s unobtrusive and comfortable. Because it’s not only the up close and personal, it’s what if someone is coming at you in a vehicle smaller than a tank? A rifle or pistol you are just throwing high velocity steel peas at a vehicle, a shotgun like I mention, one shot you blow out the entire windshield, completely blinding and disabling anyone inside the car with ball and glass fragments. One shot completely stops the engine, every time.
        Not many people know the capability of a shotgun with the right load, which overall is probably a good thing. But in a survivalist defence situation – nothing packs the destroy and dissemble capabilities of a properly loaded shotgun.

        • Greg says:

          For home defense in the real world of today, against burglars or home invasion, rather than for blasting through walls in a room-to-room, Battle-of-Berlin-type cleansing against some future army, a pump-action shotgun is the best choice. The idea is to scare the bad guys away, not to engage in a firefight with them. My 80-year-old grandmother, who lived alone in a big house, heard a burglar downstairs. She shouted, “I have a gun!” but that had no effect, as she heard him continuing to ransack her house. When she chambered a round, however, with that unmistakeable and universally understood sound, she heard only running feet. That’s the best possible outcome.

          For personal defense outside the home, most people will find that carrying a handgun in a handbag or a discreet holster is more practical than slinging a sawed-off shotgun over the shoulder like one of Michael Corleone’s Sicilian bodyguards. Of course, you can also take your handgun indoors at the end of the day to supplement your shotgun in home defense.

          • jim says:

            Well, it is certainly the case that racking a shotgun will scare people away more effectively than racking a handgun.

            And it is also the case that shooting someone with a shotgun and hitting them will give them a really bad day.

            But if you shoot someone with a shotgun, and miss, you are in deep shit, whereas if you shoot someone with a handgun and miss …

            If you have a shotgun and get the jump on the criminal, you are fine. If you have a shotgun, and the criminal gets the jump on you …

            If George Zimmerman had been carrying a shotgun, he would be dead.

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  27. Bob Wallace says:

    Christopher Dorner showed what one man can do to a bunch of cowards and incompetents. I’m sure he got every statist in the U.S. trembling in their shoes.

    • Zombie says:

      Not the best example. One undisciplined traitor caused an undisciplined, haphazard, response from the disorganized group that he betrayed.

    • Nergal says:

      Yeah,he sure showed the statists…using his violence to enforce their silly “equalist” propaganda on people he perceived as “not with the program”!

      Dorner targeted cops because they weren’t sufficiently PC. Somebody must have laced the crack you’re smoking with something if this wasn’t a sarcastic remark.

      You know who scares the statists? The Tea Party.

      You know how I can tell? Every cop in the country has received orders to treat them as domestic terrorists.The IRS is politically targeting them. The entire media,the propaganda arm of the government, has massed against them calling them everything from racists to the Taliban, all of it unprovable and slanderous and so far have received no reprisals for it.

      Was Chris Dorner subjected to punitive audits by the IRS? Were his supporters on facebook? Were they visited by jackbooted thugs for expressing support for his actions? Lastly,but not “leastly”, what was the media reaction to Chris Dorner?

      It was supportive,wasn’t it? “This is just like Django!” Isn’t that what they said?

      Do you really believe that the media covers those who threaten their business partners,the government, in supportive terms?

      You have eyes and a brain, use them or lose them.

      • Zach says:

        Whoah! Brah! He didn’t really say enough for you to ascertain his position. For all I or you know, he might agree with everything you said.

        But I do have a question. Is the below true?

        “You know how I can tell? Every cop in the country has received orders to treat them as domestic terrorists.”

          • Red says:

            Crushing the tea party seems like a bad idea. Why crush it when the GOPs was in the processes of co-opting it? Instead everyone who attended such events learned the real score and will start to think that democratic action is not going to get them anywhere. That line of thinking is far more dangerous than letting them protest. Progressives are really not thinking things through.

      • Red says:

        “Was Chris Dorner subjected to punitive audits by the IRS? Were his supporters on facebook? Were they visited by jackbooted thugs for expressing support for his actions? Lastly,but not “leastly”, what was the media reaction to Chris Dorner?

        It was supportive,wasn’t it? “This is just like Django!” Isn’t that what they said?”

        The media was not not all supportive in the SoCal area. In fact quite a few people were shocked that non blacks supported the guy. There was a fair amount of support towards Dorner and even more outrage at the cops behavior in shooting up 2 trucks they thought were Dorner’s. Most people still don’t understand exactly how bad the police have gotten due to their continued portrayal as heroes on TV. The Dorner case was quite the shock to the system. I watched progressive after progressive lie and cover up about the cops intentionally burning Dorner to death and almost no one bought it. Their propaganda is getting weaker and as it diverges more and more from reality.

        • Thales says:

          Furthermore, it illustrated how just one guy with a room temp IQ and a modicum of training was able to plunge the entire paramilitary establishment into chaos.

          • Zombie says:

            Imagine small bands of networked, highly intelligent, physically fit people fighting against obese, degenerate, lazy, greedy, and corrupt bureaucrato-warriors.

          • Bob Wallace says:

            Exactly my point. During his reign of terror many cops disappeared from the streets.

            Then we have Anders Breivik, who purged the world of larval leftists (and no, I do not agree with what he did) but a lot of parents pulled their kids our of similar schools.

  28. spandrell says:

    You’re in the record for saying 2025, right?

    • jim says:

      Yes, though bubbles are inherently hard to time. We have a bubble in government paper, thus a bubble in government. Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

      We shall see how Japan doubling down on Keynesianism works out.

  29. guest says:

    For everyone who read the linked Lessons learned from Katrina blog entry…

    A similar tale but from an actual war: Words from a Bosnian Survivalist

  30. Dr. Faust says:

    What is your timeline? Tomorrow? fifty years? What do you make of Strauss and Howe’s “The Fourth Turning”? Which predicts a large war happening by 2020 using a model of generational influence.

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  32. Red says:

    Great post. The left seems to girding itself for a full on 1984 style police state. Do you think that’s going to be effective in cowing people enough to prevent the civil war for a while?

    • jim says:

      I don’t think the left is sufficiently cohesive to intentionally and competently go full 1984

      • Red says:

        Full 1984 is probably impossible, but they are clearly gearing up to control everyone thoughts through force. They wouldn’t bother building up the surveillance state the way they are otherwise. It’s no longer enough make the non believers shut up. They want people to believe their bullshit or else. The only thing standing in the way of true communism, err a working progressive state is people who don’t have enough faith seems to be the refrain I hear a lot these days.

        And they may have a competent and cohesive group to act as enforcers in the Mormons.

        • kevlarut says:

          We Mormons won’t be enforcing the will of the Cathedral. You can bet that we’ll be on the right side of the conflict.

          • jim says:

            You already are: Utah gay marriage. In ten years or so, your reproduction rate is going to collapse, your illegitimacy rate is going to soar.

  33. Red says:

    Caesarion was at least 17 at the time of his death according to Wikipedia. Infant may be the wrong term for him.

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