Don’t vote

No matter whom you vote for, the uniparty gets elected.

Electing Trump has made a big difference. But he has has not made a big enough difference to prevent the government from electing a new people.

Trump’s rust belt program was undoing the great centralization.

Lo and behold:

Back in June 2009, in one of our earliest posts in the aftermath of the financial crisis, we took a “random walk down Madison Avenue” and found empty storefront after empty storefront after empty storefront.

In retrospect, the ghost town that was New York’s “Golden Mile” was not surprising: after all the US economy had just been hit with the worst recession since the Great Depression, and only an emergency liquidity injection of trillions of dollars prevented a global financial collapse.

What is more surprising is why nearly 9 years later, at a time of what is supposed to be a coordinated global recovery, a walk along Madison Avenue reveals the exact same picture.

Naturally I find it totally unsurprising that it is exactly the same picture.  The election of Trump has been a boom for flyover country, and a catastrophe for the bicoastal elite.  The Paris Treaty and the Trans Pacific Partnership amounted to “Lets smash those deplorables in flyover country.”  Though the Paris Treaty was theoretically a world treaty, most of the sacrifice was going to be made by flyover country, and everything else in the treaty does not amount to a can of beans.

The great centralization was a series of political attacks on the economy outside the bicoastal elite areas, and Transpacific Partnership and the Paris Treaty would have been the next attacks in the long series of attacks. With the attacks halted, spontaneous economic forces, primarily the internet and containerization, are causing decentralization.

The great centralization was part of the Democrat program of electing a new people. The people that they brought in to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat tended to hang out in the big coastal cities, resulting wasted votes, so Obama bombed marginal electorates in flyover country with black male military age Mohammedans screaming for infidel blood and white pussy, while destroying white male jobs in flyover country to move whites into the big coastal cities, where their votes would be neutralized by a supermajority of the new people.

The bombing of marginal electorates in flyover country with black male military age Mohammedans screaming for infidel blood and white pussy has stopped.  The systematic smashing of white male flyover country jobs has stopped.  This is not nothing.  This is big.  But it is just not enough to end the great erasure.

The removal of exemption for state and local taxes is a big deal. Big.  It is a tax on filling your city with imported Democratic party voters, or a removal of the tax exemption for filling your city with imported Democratic party voters.

But all these things are pretty small potatoes compared to illegal immigration. Trump can’t even send back the DACA illegals.

The new people are still being elected.  The great erasure continues.

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  1. Javier says:

    Jim are you seeing this talk now that the military funding provided by the bill is actually being used to build the wall?

    • Javier says:

      Oh nevermind I see the thread now.

    • Alrenous says:

      It’s just talk until it actually happens. The only point in discussing it now is to explore epistemic principles. Are you into rigorously improving your epistemology?

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        (Well I for one have never even used the word “epistemology”, so I should probably make an effort and answer “yes”.)

        • Alrenous says:

          Alright. Then predict whether Trump will use the army to build the wall or not. Figure out exactly why you predict what you do. Go look at what else that kind of pattern predicts, and check for consistency.

          Let’s say you predict DJT will use the army, because he’s sneaky. Why do you think he’s sneaky? Who else has something sneaky like that? Now predict not just DJT, but all those sneaky people will do something sneaky. If they all do, you’ve found a valid epistemic principle. (Probably.)

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      Sadly there are explicit provisions in the bill that directly preclude this from happening.

      • jim says:

        If the constitution can be ignored, the fine print in the bill can be ignored.

        • ilkarnal says:

          The courts are for ignoring the constitution and against ignoring the provisions of this bill. No other branch of government seems to have much loyalty to the head of state – under such conditions the head of state is little more than a figurehead.

          Most likely way I could be wrong – military is better than I think, helps Trump secure border and does enough for Trump to have something to point to. Quid pro quo since he basically signed the bill to help them.

          • jim says:

            Duterte and Tony Abbott had a short way with the courts.

            The question is: if Trump does a Jackson, what happens?

            This question was bound to come up sooner or later. He really has to deal with it now. If he cannot pull a Jackson, voting is pointless, Republicans will not vote, Democrats will win a majority, Trump will be impeached or imprisoned.

            The time to seize power cannot be delayed much longer. And I just don’t know which way it will go.

            • Eli says:

              Only Jackson could pull off a Jackson. Those were different times and the courts were far less powerful than they are today. Also, the balance of power between the states and the federal government was different. The scale of the population was different. Bureaucracy, in general, was much smaller.

              Short of outright military coup, it is going to be immensely hard, unless he explicitly pardons his loyalists and guarantees 0 repercussions and finds the cajoles to fire/suspend half of the bureaucratic apparatus. There will be a cost to this.

              • jim says:

                Tony Abbot pulled off a Jackson.

                • Eli says:

                  Jackson was making a favorable decision for Georgia (i.e. popular there, and property-owning men there had much more control over implementation of said policies, which were much more military and state focused). It’s different in Trump’s case. He needs to rely much more on people in the federal government for the wall. Unless he gets his funding and implementation via military budget and the courts somehow are unable to interfere.

                  I’m not well-versed with Australian government’s inner workings to argue one way or another. Coincidentally, the size of Australia, population-wise, was about the same scale what the US was in 1830’s, the Andrew Jackson days. Maybe it says something about the size of bureaucracy that stands between the ruler and the ruled. Maybe not.

                • Piers says:

                  I must have missed this. What happened?

                • jim says:

                  Boatload of Tamil “Refugees” from Tamil state. Rather hard to be “refugees” when you are from the majority religion and majority ethnicity, and no one is making war on you. High court ruled them refugees, and therefore with superior legal and moral status to those merely born in Australia. Immediately airforce commandoes stuffed them into air force planes, which flew away, to where was not revealed at the time. Judges then abandoned their efforts to decree open borders, and to this day illegal immigration results in imprisonment and/or deportation without judicial process.

              • peppermint says:

                Former Justice Stevens just insulted the Constitution directly. Roe v. Wade was obviously wrong in a way that is easily explained in one sentence – bith healthcare and murder are state issues. Maybe the Court will be weakened as people start to respect the Constitution instead of academics and journalists. Maybe it will be broken when gay marriage is repealed by Congress.

            • Piers says:

              Trump does not need to pull a Jackson. All he has to do is wait for a few more SCOTUS parasites to die off and replace them with his own picks

  2. pdimov says:

    Voting achieves nothing, but not voting doesn’t achieve anything either. Just pick the rightmost option available.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      Do you see how deeply the binary mentality affects our thinking?

      You’re already framing it that if voting’s less pointless than non-voting then we ought to pick the better of the two options because that’s the route to our fulfilment……..

      The trick works goooood

      • pdimov says:

        If you’re prepared to not vote, you no longer need to care about your vote being “wasted”, and are therefore not limited to binary.

        • Q says:

          You are not limited to binary, therefore you must choose one of the two options.


          • pdimov says:

            You have to evaluate all the options (not voting is an option) and choose the one most inconvenient for your opponents.

            Not sure how many times I need to say the same thing.

            • Q says:

              To not vote is not inconvenient for my rulers, and to vote is invariably to affirm the legitimacy of the Democratic-Republican party. How is this not making sense to you?

              • pdimov says:

                Voting for Trump affirmed the legitimacy of the Democratic-Republican party, which is why they were so happy with it.

                • Q says:

                  Donald Trump is clearly and obviously not of the Democratic-Republican party, and you bloody well know it.

                • jim says:

                  Clearly – but signing that budget was disturbing, unless he then turns around and ignores it, spending funding for killing babies on pouring concrete instead.

                • Q says:

                  True. And in any case it is important to note the sheer improbability of Donald Trump — a tall, incredibly charismatic, ridiculously photogenic, genius-level intellect with an outrageous work ethic, several billion dollars worth of real estate, a certain temperament, and no incriminating personal history.

                  His Presidency also has no precedent: every President since FDR ushered in the modern age has been a career politician, the sole exception being Eisenhower, that growth of the military-industrial complex. It is impossible for a man of Donald Trump’s caliber to become an important part of the government except by a freak strike of lightning as happened in November 2016, and by some estimation he still is not really part of the government.

                  This is a man with the giant swinging testicles to — on his first full day in office — waltz into CIA HQ and give a speech in which promising to root out their “columns”. If he fails, it’s because of incompetence or impossibility, not cuckery.

    • Q says:

      Have you never dealt with children? False dichotomy is the most effective trick in the book. “Do you want to go to bed now or in 15 minutes?” “Peas or carrots?” “Chicken or fish?”

      Or throw in an extra choice for a nice trichotomy: “would you prefer this, this, or this?”

      Polychotomy is even better. Just look, you can buy any one of 20 brands of toothpaste at Walgreens, and you can go to Walgreens on whichever corner you choose. You can buy any brand of car you choose to get to a job to pay for the car. You can go to any one of dozens of colleges to get the right job to pay for the car brand of your choosing. Freedom!

      • pdimov says:

        The rules of the voting game are that you can vote for this, this or this, or not vote. Of those options, you should pick the one that most inconveniences your opponents. This is not necessarily, and not often, “not vote”.

        • Q says:

          If the rules of a game are set by parties hostile to me, there is no way for me to win the game within the bounds of the rules. I will abstain from playing unless I’m forced to do so, in which case I will vote for the winners, the Inner Party, the permanent government. Why vote for the lesser evil?

          • pdimov says:

            Abstaining from playing is in itself playing. I included “not vote” in the available options. I repeat, it’s not necessarily the best one.

      • peppermint says:

        Brexit, no Brexit, no?
        Corbyn, May, no?

        The Daily Stormer instructed its readers to vote Brexit and then vote Corbyn.

        • pdimov says:

          Brexit obviously. When you see your opponents campaigning furiously against option B, you should of course pick B.

          • peppermint says:

            Unless B is potemkin opposition, like Rmoney, McCain, or GWB. GWB claimed to be Trump and Al Gore and John Kerry claimed to be Al Gore and John Kerry. Honestly, I’m impressed with the wisdom of the average man in his decisions between the occupation government’s choices.

            The occupation government couldn’t have gotten this far without collaboration from loudmouth Boomer freaks. Regardless of who wins, these will at long last stfu, and then they will die.

            20 years ago, when foundation liberals pretended to be doing what the founder would have wanted, it was impolite to discuss politics at the dinner table because normal people understood that politics was rigged against them.

            • Roberto says:

              >The occupation government couldn’t have gotten this far without collaboration from loudmouth Boomer freaks.

              Counter-argument: the Boomers were the last generation to possess any potential to resist tyranny, and they blew it mainly because they lacked the memetic acumen to realize that a victimization-based morality is incompatible with liberty. Had someone managed to convince the Boomers to develop a moral framework that is not based on victimization narratives, the Boomers could have been the greatest generation. That may be a counterfactual, but regardless, GenXers, Millennials, and even GenZers are all lost because they were born into the prison world.

              Jim is a Boomer who understands that a victimization-based morality is incompatible with liberty, but at the time he was a Communist because that’s how you got laid. Obviously Jewish professors had a negative impact here, because being masters of (((victimization-based morality))) they simply couldn’t help themselves – had to apply Dialectical Materialism to white-black relations and to male-female relations, though this may change now that KMac successfully applied Dialectical Materialism to Goy-Jew relations, which in itself only goes to prove my assertion that Millennials are mental prisoners.

              • peppermint says:

                why did the boomers blow it?

                did they think they’d won and everything was okay as the 80s ended?

                • Roberto says:

                  Good question: why didn’t the Boomers rebel against Big Brother in the late 80s, when it became clear that the social engineering project that is modern society, far from being disrupted by Boomer memes, is on the path of acceleration?

                  The answer probably has to do with the rise of en masse Bugmanism. What is Bugmanism? It’s the Protestant Work Ethic + Consumerism. Ain’t nothing more essentially American than this formula, and Bugmen are hopeless cogs who can’t meme the revolution. In order to become Consumerist, generations of Americans moved into the big cities and took jobs that accord with this “lifestyle.” Thus Bugmanism was born, possessing all the vices of bourgeoisie-ism and none of its virtues.

                  Had Boomers truly renounced the evil system, they would have re-established patriarchy, passionately affirmed the God-given Right to Free Association, and gone rogue. They did not do so because by the 80s they’ve got too comfortable living the Bugman life, and those outside the urban centers couldn’t do anything due to loss of social capital. Boomers succumbed to the WEIRD mentality at last, but that was inevitable; the only pockets of resistance are to be found among the non-Western, non-educated, non-industrialized, non-rich, or non-democracic. And the state is hard at work brainwashing them too, and penalizing them for failure to comply with its objectives.

                  My hope is that the CIA will fail to subvert Islam, and that the golem will rise against its Anglo masters and subvert *them*. We shall see.

                • peppermint says:

                  In other words, they were bought with liberated pussy and threatened with the electric jew. Whereas pussy is no longer offered to young White men and the electric jew has become impotent in the face of poe’s law, everything is a meme.

                • Roberto says:

                  The “Free Sex” enjoyed by Boomers was the result of society (1960-1979) not taking Cathedral propaganda all too seriously. The media, entertainment, academia, and education did not speak with a unified voice, but with many different voices, some completely pozzed and some incompletely pozzed. Thus, victimization-based morality was only beginning to take hold, and it was far from clear where things would be headed. Surely, if they could prophesize that the future would be infinity CCTVs documenting all of one’s interactions with females, they might have reconsidered their support for Feminism.

                  The biggest strategic mistake that Boomers made was the alliance with the faggots. The alliance with the faggots made it impossible to advocate for patriarchy, for two reasons: 1) the obvious reason is that faggots have nothing to gain and everything to lose from patriarchy; 2) the less obvious but equally important reason is that by siding with the faggots, they made opposition to the system seem uncool, unmanly, and “degenerate.” Now when one wants to argue that men should be allowed to be men, that the government should not dictate sexual morality to society, one is instantly called a degenerate and grouped, if only subconsciously, together with the disgusting sodomites. This was the error of the Frankfurt School Jews, who sought sexual liberty through fag-advocacy; this was the error of the Freudian Jews, who preached that everyone is bisexual on the inside; and this was the error of the Boomers. Had all of these groups told the faggots to GTFO, they could have made some significant contributions to social health.

            • pdimov says:

              It will always be Potemkin opposition. If Richard Spencer founds the National Prosperity Party it will immediately be coopted. But voting NPP may still be better than not voting.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          “Brexit, no Brexit, no?
          Corbyn, May, no?”

          This is the perfect argument in favour of Jim’s premise.
          At best, Brexit might give the UK the *possibility* of declining to sign up to a future EU directive for open white genocide. That in no way means that the PM at the time would decide to use that possibility.

          It will certainly not deliver anything else. All the talk of new trade with the Commonwealth and so on is now obviously shown to be impossible: the EU is going to insist on the existing tariff arrangement.
          It certainly won’t deliver any reduction in immigration, and such reduction as might have been imaginable would have been Poles, Rumanians and so on: this is not *nothing* – our white friends from the East tend not to speak English beyond a certain concentration. That’s harmful. Not as harmful as immigration from other UK trending sources, but still harmful.

          Really what Brexit has most delivered has been another excuse to grow the state: 3000 civil servants hired at day one, plus a new cabinet minister. I dread to think how many new public roles there are now, let alone how many hours of ‘work’ done by the existing structure.

          It’s also given them a scapegoat for literally everything that ever goes wrong. Just as with Trump’s tax cuts and (super-mild) deregulation, it’s the ready patsy for the inevitable bubble-burst event that’ll inevitably follow the current US volatility in stocks and so on.

          As for Corbyn, he stuck his head above the parapet suggesting that it might possibly just maybe not be the best idea to have a war with Russia over a perfectly understandable spy assassination that we would OBVIOUSLY do ourselves under the same circumstances (and then some).
          The response? Oh you’re an anti-semite, you’re not doing enough to counter racism in the Labour Party. Corbyn’s response? Obviously and predictably, he punched right (quite hard for him to punch left frankly) and virtue-signalled about a needed purge of wacists.

          He’s indistinguishable from May and she’s indistinguishable from the Labour movement. It was the Conservative Party that gave us gay marriage, a national wellbeing service (yep, socialised counselling free at the point of use and available to everyone on a self-referral basis with no doctor’s rationale required), total tax exemption for the majority of workers (sound good, libertarians? it just means voting for bigger government costs you nothing!), and now imprisonment (and sometimes murder) of people for tweets and so on.

          Electoral politics did briefly look viable with Trump, and many of us hoped that Brexit just might do something akin to leaving the EU, but all that’s over.

          As Jim correctly points out: it may not be zero but it’s nowhere near sufficient to stop the replacement.

          • jim says:

            As Jim correctly points out: it may not be zero but it’s nowhere near sufficient to stop the replacement.

            Its is not only not zero. Its very big. But it is not big enough, because unless he does something a whole lot bigger, the democrats get elected sooner or later, probably sooner, he gets impeached when the Democrats get a majority, he goes to jail, probably his family goes to jail, everything he does gets undone, and the great erasure and the great replacement continues.

          • pdimov says:

            What Brexit will deliver is the lack of the EU excuse. You’ll no longer be able to blame the EU for everything bad, and will start blaming your own elite. Which is where the blame belongs.

            Either way, if the left hates it, as they obviously do, then it’s probably bad for them, even if nobody knows why.

    • Alrenous says:

      You can tell not voting achieves nothing by the way Australia didn’t ban not voting.


      • pdimov says:

        The motivation for banning not voting is that leftist voters have lower turnout. This doesn’t have much to do with whether the audience of this blog votes or not.

  3. lalit says:

    Ouch! And It seems Modi in India is not too different. Death to Democracy! But how?

    • jackov says:

      To revel in the demise of democracy, I’m afraid you’re nearly a century late. Spoiler: there’s no democracy anywhere anymore, except maybe in Switzerland.

      And strangely, Switzerland is one of the most responsible, most sane places that there is.

      • Samuel Skinner says:

        Switzerland let women vote in national elections (1971) and the last holdout for local elections was overcome in 1991. Their TFR is 1.56.

        • jackov says:

          A woman votes as her husband does. Therefore, woman suffrage is a 2x multiplier for the vote of the patriarch when all men vote (i.e. universal suffrage), or functionally irrelevant under patriarchal suffrage (i.e. the husband and father franchise). Woman suffrage on top of universal suffrage in practice amounts to the enfranchisement of “single” women, which is a different thing altogether: state concubinage, whic is a symptom of chronic husbandlessness.

          Woman suffrage, therefore, is the symptom, not the cause.

      • John Sterne says:

        exactly democracy is not the problem its just one one cultural entry point of the left.white proles routinely vote reaction and the cathedral routinely nullifies their votes.even at this late date with full mind control and massive immigration to the tune of 40% non white and what they have done to the 50% women the cathedral still cant must more than 51% vote on a good day. and frankly capitalism has been a bigger destroyer in the usa than socialism ever has been, not that im suggesting socialism would be a good idea just how about being honest about capitals effect on the culture and biology of white nations

      • lalit says:

        Oh come on! you know what I am talking about. Lets not split hairs over semantics. Switzerland is ok in larger part because it is small in size and largely homogenous. Democracy can cause a limited harm there, but give it time. Also it’s small size permits Direct democracy which is difficult in larger countries like US/India. Similarly like Singapore, Hong kong etc, switzerland is a place where rulers have some skin in the game since they live in some sort of proximity to their subjects. Not so in large countries like India or the US where the elites wall themselves from the serfs in cities like DC or Delhi

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      “Death to Democracy! But how?”

      The wall may be ‘it’. It’s not going to be easy to persuade disappointed wall proponents to come back to the table after this.
      We shall see.

      For what it’s worth, while democracy’s in many ways THE source of the wrongs of our times, it’s also a *relatively* mild manifestation of the cancer. What comes next may very well not be any kind of restoration: it’s just as likely to turn into totalitarian barbarity.

      • lalit says:

        If Democracy leads to civil war followed by totalitarian barbarity as inexorably as gravity leads to all things coming back to earth, exactly why must I not treat democracy as if it were totalitarian barbarity to begin with and spare myself the trouble or getting there via a civil war?

  4. Eli says:

    It does not look good, but there is a couple more years to do something. There is still a modicum of hope. “Hope” — now, where did I hear that…

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Don’s spent much of his life getting his ass kicked and learning from the experience.

      Once again call me desperate, but maybe he didn’t quite yet understand just HOW dishonest and cutthroat essentially all of DC really is.

      “OK fine. Got it. I’m in a gigantic pit of vipers with like 2-3 friends tops. I see. OK.”

      He needs to remember that cucking any further will get his grandkids shot to death in a basement somewhere by Neo-Racial-Judeo-Bolshieviks. Could Tucker do a piece on THAT? Could Vladimir explain it to his wife in German?

  5. ilkarnal says:

    Hard to watch one of the last and strongest holdhouts lose faith in Trump. RIP. I never believed to the extent you did, but I had my hopes as well.

    Can we get to work on the exit option? There are places in the world where the experience of New World colonists – rapid demographic expansion – can be replicated. If we can get a few thousand people to go, it could be world changing in the long run.

    • John Sterne says:

      really do tell? there is no exit save death. well if you can scrape up a few billion say 50 billion and about 50 nobel laureate level intellects, and a 1-20k thousand high cog immigrants, I have it on good authority Putin will let me have Kaliningrad to set up a hong kong like economic zone. – can you do that?

  6. Piers says:

    Completely disagree with you here. Its too early to say don’t vote. Trump appears to have fucked up but maybe not. Wait and see what is happening around the midterms before saying voting is completely useless.

    As I understand it this Omnibus bill is not enforceable except by Trump so he can sit on his ass twiddling his thumbs and not spending a dime until it runs out. He can also spend on some things and ignore others. If this is the case then Trump may have snatched a victory from defeat.

    If the omnibus bill has to be renewed 2 weeks before the midterms then cucks will have to commit themselves right before election time to something their electorate does not want which could lead to their ousting.

    It is time to be making a list and checking it twice. A list of which cucks voted for this bill because they have exposed themselves as part of the swamp to be drained at the next election.

    • Geeg says:

      A commentor on Vox Popoli made a point similar to this, that being that a Congressional Budget must be spent, by Law, how Congress appropriated the money, but an Omnibus spending bill leaves the money largely in the hands of the President to spend how he sees fit. If he wants to fund The Wall entirely, he funds it. If he doesn’t want to fund Planned Parenthood, he doesn’t fund it. Congress may control the budget, but this isn’t a “Budget”: this is money given to The Executive to keep The Government running.

      If that’s true, this whole thing flips from Very Bad to Very Good.

      • jim says:

        Hmm. I lost confidence, but I recall how during the Syria mess, so many people lost confidence, and it turned out that Trump was playing threedee chess, saying one thing, seemingly doing that thing, but actually doing a different thing, seemingly cucking out, but actually deceiving his enemies so thoroughly that he deceived a lot of his friends.

        If good progress on the wall by the time of the midterms, he will be fine.

      • ilkarnal says:

        I find this frankly unbelievable. No matter what, this agreement makes it impossible to have DACA illegals deported, which is what they were trying to get something meaningful for – hopefully an end to chain migration, which would be the only fair trade from a demographic-political perspective. Instead they get nothing. The Republican leverage was shutdown, they’ve taken out their own leverage. Dems were shocked when their shutdown for DACA illegals did not make them popular — now that leverage on them is gone.

        No, it’s almost certainly not 3D chess. Hope I am wrong.

        • jim says:

          We will know the answer by the midterms. If, in the midterms, Trump can point to an intimidating concrete wall at some critical point on the border, threedee chess. If not, he was incompetently cucking out, we are toast, democrats will get re-elected, impeach and imprison Trump and his family, and undo everything he did.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            It’s a six-month spending bill. By punting on it fast, Don’s letting it end in late-September, just a month before mid-terms. That leaves us with six good weeks of pre-Thanksgiving drama!

            Like I said before, I both think and (desperately!) hope that I’m right about this:

            Republicans got lazy. They’re not turning out for special elections. They’re staying home to virtue-signal.

            So! Don needs his base to be scared as fuck. He needs to turn up the heat. So he needs ALL of these dramas to hit their crisis-climax at the SAME TIME:
            o Trump or no Trump (impeachment)
            o Wall or no wall (by starting something now, with the military)
            o Amnesty or no amnesty (by ramping-up sanc-city confrontations)
            o Abortions or no abortions (by starting human-trafficking prosecution of PP)
            o Guns or no guns (letting the anti-NRA types rampage un-opposed, for now)

            …in order for his people to be so freaked out that they run out and vote.

            Also, our man took notes on the Republicans that signed the spending bill. So hopefully he can put targets on those guys and primary some of them out to pasture.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              (Oh yeah, and he can’t really fight back anyway until he gets Twitter and Facebook regulated IBoR-style. What’s worse: Capitulating fast and quietly, or making a big show of resisting and then losing?)

              • Q says:

                If he fails, the best things he can do is burn the White House, physically and metaphorically, to the ground — optimistically, Congress too. I am confident that he can at the very least grant us reprieve from the interminable charade.

  7. Mackus says:

    Huh. Apparently omnibus bill funds government only until 30 September.
    Which means congress will have to vote on new budget right before midterms.
    That puts everything into perspective.

    • jim says:

      Could be threedee chess.

      A lot of people thought we were screwed when Trump bombed Syria, but it turned out he was playing threedee chess.

      Suppose the EBT cards stop working shortly before the election, and Trump goes around plausibly telling people that the EBT cards stopped because the Dems shut down the government to stop work on the wall …

      Picture Trump weeping bitter tears at the plight of a black single mum with nine children by nine different criminals.

      • BomberCommand says:

        More likely Trump’s distracted by the Mueller investigation or by media’s attacks on his marriage with people like Stormy. Bolten is a mistake as well and smells of Trump being distracted. The only thing I’ve ever really seen get to Trump was attacks on his family.

        • Theshadowedknight says:

          He sent out a weenie letter asking for allies. Where was he when the antifa were attacking his supporters? Hell, some shitlib attacked his daughter in law, and what the fuck happened? Nothing. If he cannot protect his own family, does not watch out for his supporters, and passes things like this, then what is the point.

          If he does not win on immigration, he will lose on everything. That is the only fight that matters. So far, he is not winning. There is no Wall construction. He does not seem to be fighting the most important battle, and the one for which he was chosen to fight. Voting in November for cuck(R) is no better than voting for cuck(D). If we do not get a Wall by 2020, then accelerationism is the only way.

          The Shadowed Knight

          • Q says:

            Which immigrants are preventing Donald J. Trump from effecting his rule? Please be specific.

            • jim says:

              As Trump said “They are not sending us their best”. Most immigrants are here to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat – that being the kind of immigrant the Democrats have been aggressively seeking.

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              Which specific immigrants lower quality of life? All of them, or near enough to not matter. Which immigrant is lowering wages? All of them. Which immigrant is an alien, bringing an alien way of life. All of them.

              Then we get into the matter of the descendants of past immigrants. At that point the problem grows exponentially.

              The Shadowed Knight

      • John Sterne says:

        youre worse than the cucks at NRO. Trump is the chumo he seems. a better gamble than the others when nothing to lose. we did learn how deep is the state and how confident they are. You all are looking for a way to avoid having to do this yourselves. this changes when bullets are put through leftists heads fast enough not before. as I told moldberg a decade ago tech is not going to save you its going to enslave you and here we are.the entire NRX idea at this point is pretty much garbage. its not calvinists its jews, jew capitalist tech is not your ally its your jew capitalist billionaires the status of landed aristocracy is the problem not the solution.Power comes out of the end of a gun.capable men are sovereign not this semesters faggot hipsters.if white men like their faggot hipster manlet kids want to die then they will be and the the jew nigger coalition will have inherited the privilege to go to the final round with the slants.Or they will wake the fuck up and realize no one else is going to die to give them their power back.

        • peppermint says:

          How did the jews come into power?

          Why do we send every single White child to school to be harassed by catladies instead of letting them self-organize and do kid stuff when we’re not teaching them practical skills?

          Why are so many Boomer and younger men and women without a jew or any other mud in their lives so miserable?

          It was intellectually fashionable. No one wanted to raise a kid with practical skills when every kid has to compete to be at the top of the economy and there are muds to do the real work. Christianity outcompeted by puritanism outcompeted by transcendentalism outcompeted by universalism outcompeted by casual sex. Beyond no fault divorce, the whole idea of finding “the one” instead of the one with the best genes times capability to raise your kids.

          It’s 2020. Kids know they learn absolutely nothing in school and self-organize and compete in vidya while the girls are back to sharing recipes for snacks. Church, college, the legacy media, all jokes. Since we’re surrounded by muds, Whites will take the first White they can find that they can live with.

          Milennials are the end for Boomerism.

          • peppermint says:

            History of the world (1750-2000): A series of wars secures Anglo-American dominance and in the 19th century the Anglo-Americans become the most powerful civilization in all of history. They succumbed to Boomerism and London and Washington became shitholes.

            (…until they created the Internet and elected Trump, becoming the first civilization ever to reverse the course of degeneracy)

            • John Sterne says:

              Hes right this anti boomer thing is pretty childish. yeah sure the cutting edge of the boomers were the hippies,which my 20s born father and his generation blamed for everything. But thats a simplistic idea, the hippies didnt spring from nothing, they were not simply spoiled rich kids running amok. there had been about 100 years of lead up. The jews had been hard at work that 100 years subtle steering white liberalism into jew deconstruction.You look at what was happening in the universities and urban centers for that 1860 -1960 period and you see jews very subtly substituting memes,for instance from the 60s through 90s i watched freedom be replaced by equality. they are opposites, but when i was a kid you heard the phrase Its a free country at least 5 times a day. everyone believed in this, the left of course saw it as an opening, the right saw it as a defense against government tyranny,the hippies even swore by it. boomers like me are absolutely astounded millenials and those between you and I have allowed freedom to be outlawed.I get why the left feels its s good strategy now they rule.But its incredible how non boomers submit to any new rule they come up with.There were a lot of subtle substitutions like these steve sailor another late boomer like me notices a lot of them.Yes many of the boomers became leftist hippies then Bobos. they were indoctrinated by the generation before them. And as a child I watched the end of that process. I watched for instance my conservative midwestern dad having arrived in new york be inundated by an already existing intellectual cartel run by commie jews.Now Im not really a jew hater but im a realist and i watched these clever brilliant jews charm the shit out of newly arrived cog elites from flyover, take them in and mentor them. I heard the war stories these jews told of how they had been doeing this since the 30s Im sure if i had listened to parlor tlk in the 40s i would have heard war stories about the 20s in fact the heros of my fathers generation were not the hippies but the 20s subversives the round table the lillian hellmans john reed etc were still discussed first hand stories in the 70s even i was introduced to hellman when the movie came out. if you read even the intro to CoC you see this went back to the 1800s when (((eastern europeans immigrants))) were protected by AKZ jews who owned all the dept stores and were beginning to buy up the media and banks. This BS ploy of not all jews are commies is BS the biggest capitalist jews bankroll the commie jews always have because they know they are not in danger from jew leftism they knew they would after jew leftism had disenfranchised whites would in turn be taken over by capitalist jews. I really wish this were not true because it causes a big problem but it is so only facing it will give a chance

          • John Sterne says:

            The jews came into power by prioritizing power and wealth over all else including the establishment of their own state and all that takes to build and maintain. They are competent and genetically loyal and patient they think generationally.And they saw we were where to focus that not only were we going places because we prioritized building civilizations but we had an inherent flaw cuckism. we millenia ago adopted another’s ((((theirs))) religion and had since demonstrated repeated cuckery.also jews could pass as whites fairly well. and so they set about work got caught in the 30s-40s and didnt miss a stride.

            whites today are miserable because they allowed jews to deconstruct their culture and then rob them of their homelands and wealth.despite the hype its hard to happy and poor but what used to sustain the poor was family, religion,culture,all that had to go the jews needed to atomize the individuals so they set about one by one dismantling every single social construction.people are alone isolated now and so unhappy and vulnerable. maybe some are living without muds and jews but they have 24/7 nigger jew television wired directly into their brains telling them what useless evil pieces of shit they and their whole race are.they can no longer do anything useful like build a house , farm, race cars, hunt, its all verboten by the jews. what they are allowed to do is look at the jew nigger television on their little phone. Youre one of them so you dont have any comparison I remember life before the 80s and I interact with proles in places that have maintained an insular cultural bulwark and see how much happier and healthier they are when they still marry race cars hunt go to church etc.
            as to kids and their lord of the flies culture, so let me get this straight boomers are responsible for their actions but millennials can blame their parents? if the boomers are responsible for not rising up in the 60s and 70s and slaughtering a million leftists then today the millenials are even more reprehensible for not doing it. more so, the thing about white leftism and white naivete about jew leftism is to a large extent leftism was inevitable reaction to the transitions from agrarian to industrial to technological , and the increased knowledge that brings. whites like to improve things and are pretty good at it and so naturally try to fine tune civilization they are going to push the limits of what can work.Jews are going to try and deceive them about whats can work because they dont want to improve they want to destroy.But also a lot of leftism was an attempt to deal with past mistakes. whites should have thought about bringing niggers into their nations, lincoln should have sent them back as promised. jim crow apartheid was bound to fail and it did by the 60s we had a choice kill all the niggers or try to raise them up. it seemed worth a try even to a conservative white and of course the jews encouraged this thinking. genocide seemed pretty ugly. There’s a lot of situations like this where we had to deal with some issue the previous generations left us with and had become intractable and the jews used these issues.

            This is the problem with NRX its still faggotry people need to die by the Billions because generations of increasing faggotry wouldn’t kill hundreds of thousands then millions then hundreds of millions. about 1860-1920 whites should have eliminated the entire non white population of the earth or at least reduced it to small game reserves of primitives. instead they fed them educated them gave them guns allied with them in wars against other whites etc. the problem isnt going to go away live people want to eat then take your shit its just how evolution works they need to go.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Does it ever get tiring, being the perennial angsty teenager? Just once i’d like to see one of your ilk make a post that isn’t a creampie of butthurt epithets.

  8. Big Brutha says:

    Exactly my point. Ceausescu had control over the institutions but his legitimacy was weak which meant that it was no loss to anyone to knock him off when the chance came. It’s a lot harder to do that with someone that people respect and revere because you risk being torn apart by the mob if you do. People will follow leaders with real legitimacy into the mouth of hell. Nobody lifted a finger to save Ceausescu or his wife and the people who betrayed him still run things today.

  9. Big Brutha says:

    What I mean is, that the Left will be tempted to take for granted that political control equals legitimacy. But legitimacy requires something more. Nicolae Ceaușescu had political control. But he lost legitimacy and then lost his life. That is my point. The Left certainly controls the institutions. But let’s not help them by participating in a farce that equates that with legitimacy.

    • PrinzEugen says:

      Ceaușescu didn’t actually have the political control he thought he had. Sure, everyone was kissing his ass the way North Koreans do with Kim today, but deep inside they despised him.

      He was deposed by the so-called 2nd rank of communists led by Iliescu who grabbed control of the state from him and held it ever since; they are the people who ordered Ceaușescu shot. The mass protests were only the signal that the time was right to begin the coup, by piggybacking onto the people’s revolt.

      Don’t get me wrong, life is a lot better under the “new” regime, but unfortunately the new masters don’t give a damn about the country’s long-term future and self-sufficiency, unlike Ceaușescu. Ceaușescu built power plants and apartment blocks for everyone; the new leaders don’t build anything because they are only concerned with stealing.

      • Alrenous says:

        See Venezuela and realize folk don’t protest, especially not mass protest, on their own. The mass protests weren’t a signal, they were testing the waters. If a few protesters get capped, who cares? None or few enough protesters got capped that they realized Ceausescu was weak, and moved in for the kill.

  10. Big Brutha says:

    Voting makes it worse because it legitimizes the sham.

    If every last one of us simply stayed home and the total number of voters on the NRx or Alt-Right, or conservative, or libertarian side diminished to a mere handful…and the Democrats won everything hands down it would tempt them to make the mistake of believing that control of the institutions is the same as being legitimized by them. It is not. And that lack of legitimacy would have a spill over effect that would make it impossible to govern.

    Why should one half of the country acknowledge present political institutions at all since they have proven to be utterly unresponsive to the will of that half of the electorate?

    It is not as if there has even been a push and pull between Left and Right for decades. Everything has moved Left for years, regardless of which party or which leader held office.

    If actual institutions of governance never really move Right but only merely slow their move Left then it is clear that the institutions do not represent the Right side of the political spectrum in any meaningful way.

    And if there is not real representation, then for all intents and purposes the Democrats/Leftists already fully control the institutions and failing to acknowledge this reality by continuing the charade “elections” is futile and self-defeating.

    It is time to create other institutions and let the present government of the United States of America do what it wants without us. Which means what it sounds like.

    To work we would have to starve the present government of legitimacy, manpower, and revenue. But I am not sure anyone is ready for that yet.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      You’re almost right. Thing is, it’s not that IF such&such happens, the Left will THINK it dominates everything: to reiterate, the GOP controls both houses and the balance of power in the SCOTUS. Trump’s a belligerent egomaniac who acts first and thinks later. They just agreed a budget of $1,300,000,000,000.

      STILL no wall.

      • Alrenous says:

        Whether a wall goes up or not, the cause of anti-demotism wins.
        If the wall goes up, it’s a genuine correction.
        If it doesn’t go up, then it will be extraordinarily difficult to hide the fact that voting doesn’t work. I don’t think they’ll be able to.

        White pill on the wall; the Demobrats see it as a real threat, so they’re fighting it the hardest. It’s one man vs. a a world-spanning prospiracy of conspiracies. Maybe give him longer than one year to win that fight.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      If that’s not sufficient to convince you, the UK rebelled with the Brexit referendum.

      Now it turns out that not only will Brexit not reduce immigration (and may possibly increase it) but we also get ALL the regulations present and future, and we don’t even get back control of our bloody fisheries!

    • John Sterne says:

      thats already happened for 50 years do you know what percent votes? most reactionaries dont vote i havnt voted since reagan.

  11. Karl says:

    Why do you say “Don’t vote”? I understand that the Problem can’t be solved by voting, but don’t see how voting makes the Problem worse.

    • Carlylean Restorationist says:

      It gives people false hope. Half of the alt.right for example seems to think that in one or two elections’ time, especially if European nationalist movements start to take off, the problem may very well be solved.

      Not so: the Cathedral is far deeper than the presedential (or any other kind of) election.

      When in doubt, watch “Yes, Minister” for a glass of cold water.

      Meanwhile, not only no wall but bye bye Taylor Swift now too.


    • jim says:

      Voting gives the uniparty legitimacy.

      • jackov says:

        > uniparty


      • torpedo says:

        No, it doesn’t.

        Their ability and willingness to use force against you if you question their authority is what gives them legitimacy.

        Authority has been formally legitimate for thousands of years before voting was introduced, and it still is legitimate in countries where no voting is allowed.

        • jim says:

          Observe the effort that North Korea puts into sustaining the myth that gives the ruler legitimacy.

          Rule by force alone is apt to be violent, chaotic, and insecure.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Thanks for pointing this out.

            So we don’t attack the uniparty directly with sticks and stones, but rather its legitimacy with memes and hate-facts.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          What Jim said, and of course it does. How many times did you argue with people during the Obama years only to have them immediately assume that swapping him out for Romney or McCain would make you a lot happier?

          I’m in the UK. ‘We’ just gave the communist NHS a huge pay rise in spite of appalling deterioration in outcomes. ‘We’ also locked up (yep as in in a prison) some nice young alt.liters on suspicion of nefarious intent while glossing over Telford just like we glossed over all the other identical scenarios.
          ‘We’, by the way, is the most right wing government since the war, responsible for the murder of thousands of disabled people, plunging half the country into starvation poverty and homelessness and causing the worst mental health epidemic in human history. (According to the neutral press – well and increasingly according to the ‘right wing extremist foaming at the mouth swivel eyed’ press too: see Daily Mail’s treatment of the gender pay gap laws.)

          If you don’t like left-wing socialism, vote here and get it all anyway while being called a Nazi until the open left returns lefter than ever.

          How about no?

  12. Mister Grumpus says:

    I mean look. How many times has it looked like Don just woke up stupid one day for no reason? Plenty of times.

    And then we later understood the calculation, the head-fake, the feint, the juke, the keyfabe of it all.

    Call me desperate — no really go ahead — but I’m going to see this one as either A: “Shit they’ve got little Barron tied up in a basement somewhere” or B: “I’ll make them think they’ve won so they’ll relax for once and I can knife them in their sleep.”

    • Alrenous says:

      I would like a list of genuine blunders Trump has made. He must have made some, purely from the statistical possibility.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        How about:

        Letting Ivanka (with Jared) have a key to the White House.

        To me it looks like a failed shit-test. But Don gets 10,000x more pussy than I do, so who the hell am I to talk? Nobody that’s who.

      • Narm says:

        Don’t have the evidence handy, but:

        – unprepared responses to some debate questions. In certain spots he could’ve shown more professionalism to better appeal to educated people. The election was close.
        – have heard that the hiring for executive office jobs tilted sharply away from Trump supporters. FWIW, Cernovich complained this was really bad. (The Scaramucci firing didn’t seem great?)
        – there are reports that Thiel privately complained that the White House was horribly mismanaged. There are probably sound reasons for his complaints.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        Falling for the dead Muslim soldier’s parents bait. Unforced error that does not seem to fall into any 5D chess strategy even with hindsight. Almost lost him the election.

      • Alrenous says:

        Sounds legit. I accept all answers.

  13. Mister Grumpus says:

    Don could fund the wall on Kickstarter in a week. Maybe that’s where this goes next. Something out of the box again.

  14. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    You’ve taught us not to despair, Jim, and you don’t shy away from speaking the truth.
    It’s appropriate at this time of year to feel a little of the ‘black pill’. We’re not Whigs and we don’t think truth and justice will automatically out, but truth and justice *are* eternal, which is not nothing.

    O Jesus, it is not the heavenly reward You have promised which impels me to love You; neither is it the threat of hell that keeps me from offending You. It is You O Lord, it is the sight of You affixed to the Cross and suffering insults; it is the sight of Your broken body, as well as Your pains and Your death. There is nothing You can give me to make me love You. For even if there were no heaven and no hell I would still love you as I do!

  15. Glenfilthie says:

    Political reality: 50% of Americans want MOAR diversity, MOAR womyns, MOAR socialism. Start prepping boys, heavy on the guns and ammo. If you don’t own an AR15 yet, yesterday would be a good time to get one. Stock up on high cap mags too.

    You’re gonna need ’em.

    • Q says:

      Ironically, the only people who care about that 50% of Americans are the other 50% of Americans. Literally the only reason that the “MOAR” strategy works is because the 50% with the firepower and the industry are mindcucked into believing in the equality of man. For this reason, preppery with material goods achieves literally nothing. This war is a mind war.

    • torpedo says:

      > 50% of Americans want MOAR diversity

      No, they don’t.

      100% of those “Americans” aren’t Americans.

      They’re non-Americans wanting MOAR fellow non-Americans.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        Agreed. But they vote, they have power, and the only way to change that is to take it from them. Which probably means violence and possibly open warfare.

        I don’t like it either – I think America’s future is now up to tactics rather than politics.

        • peppermint says:

          They only have the power Americans allow them to have, they took decades to make Americans put up with their anti-White whaargarbl and it only caught on less than 5 years ago. A preference cascade is coming in which anyone who has ever spoken a word against Whites will be hated in the way people pretended to hate nazis but actually feared being associated with them. Things I said a decade ago trying to steer liberals away from anti-Whiteness and towards transparency may be used against me. I fully accept that anyone who would work for the enemy has poor judgment.

          Machiavelli was right. The guns aren’t to be used against the government, that’s impossible. They’re not even to be used against paramilitaries the government likes. The guns are the symbol of freedom.

          The flag is the symbol of America. Fly the flag proudly, if not for yourself, then for other Americans who would face retribution if they did.

        • John Sterne says:

          exactly power comes out of the end of a gun, its been a long while and we are not comfortable with that reality, but the left has spent 100 years slowly but surely building a mindfuck they were pulled back from the event horizon by trumpism they are not going to give up without a war.but they dont want a war because they will lose they want to continue to slowly turn the screws. this is the point wise men figure out how to force the moment to a crises. they will attempt to turn any civil unrest into the terrorist racist criminal meme that is the only way they can continue to trigger the law enforcement military guys i must follow commands switch.what needs to be done is overwhelm their propaganda machine while getting them on camera acting like redcoats preferably against women and children. Washington understood he could not defeat the brits but if he could remain in the field and goad them into turning the people against them he would turn his little leftist revolution into a civil war. Once its civil war they lose the military and police. The good thing is the browns will self deport as this happens and the blacks will out themselves as the animals in need of putting down and sending back to the jungle. The jews will lie low pretty quick to because they now what time it is and will hope to remain unnoticed.

    • peppermint says:

      Glen, you’re an old man. You should know that only freak Boomers were ever into politics because normal Boomers understood that politics was rigged against Americans since the Boomers came of age and before.

      That’s not 50%. That’s the loud freaks, the collaborators with the teachers. My parents, and a set of grandparents, my gf’s parents and a set of grandparents. I’m not normal and my family isn’t normal.

      I’ve been too focused on pissing off Boomer freaks by telling them they’re the old White men and women they hate, they’re the ones who think they’re too good for honest work and need migrants, they’re the ones who never learned to cook and gave up on eating at a table with a fork and knife, to notice that they not only don’t speak for themselves but also don’t speak for all Boomers.

      Now, 50% of Millennials, sure, will say commujism is a great idea and we need big ideas like that because they don’t know how to get married have kids and protect their kids. The ones who have managed keep their mouths shut. As the economy improves, these overgrown kids will become men, or, being trash, will be irrelevant in a way that Boomer trash, having money and political correctness, weren’t.

      The Boomer freaks told everyone that everything is political and that it’s good for them to recite obnoxious talking points all day. All you need to say to them is “shut up Boomer”. Millennials figured out Poe’s Law – everything is a meme – and turned their faggot politics into memes, so when GenZ kids see Boomer politics, all they see is our memes.

      What kind of White says openly anti-White things? An easily dismissed crank.

      No one can possibly take Boomer politics seriously after they staged protests against freedom of speech.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        I am either a leading edge Gen X or tail end Boomer depending on who defines the terms – born in ’64. I am the black sheep in my family too. All my relatives had cushy lifetime gov’t jobs, and most retired early on gold plated pensions. Living as they do in their retirement bubble – they read the mass media and think they are informed. They watch day-time TV to keep up with the edgy, trendy celebrity Cloud People That Know Everything. They drive me nuts. They think I am a nutter and a loser because I didn’t get a good job like they did.

        My daughter is a tail end Gen Xer or a leading edge Millennial depending on who defines the terms (born in 85). I almost went to jail for spanking my daughter when she wouldn’t shape up and behave in class in Grade 3. To this day she tells everyone that she was an abused child because of it. Her teachers said she had learning issues. When she was in grade 7 she started failing. I started teaching her myself. By the time she was in grade 9 she was getting honours and was doing advanced high school math and calculus. In high school she got honours and kept her nose clean while she lived under my roof. My boomer elders rebuked me for being to strict.

        In 2010 she came back from university and announced she was queer. The entire family was expected to join them under the rainbow where they would tell us all what we could say and think. Or else. I told her to take her political correctness, her homosexuality and her ultimatums and FOAD. Haven’t seen her since.

        What you don’t understand, P-Mint – is that back in 2010, we didn’t know what a social justice warrior was. Nobody had seen cry-bully tactics before. Hell, homosexuality wasn’t entirely mainstreamed then yet either – not around here, anyways. This was all new to us. Against the pressure of boomers and liberals – I did what I could to raise my daughter right.

        When my daughter and I rejected each other my proggie-boomer family tried to intervene on her behalf and brow beat me into submission. I told them to FOAD too. They were shocked, and we were in-personed, and hurled into the void for our effrontery. Haven’t seen any of them for a couple years either. Oh well.

        And now, I have a dumbass kid like you telling me I am clueless and out of touch. I’ve paid my dues, P-Mint – and I ain’t done yet. When all this comes crashing down on us – I’ll be in the same boat as you – if I’m lucky. More likely I will be pushing you, women and children into the life boats and kissing my own ass goodbye. I am an old world old man. Proud of it too.

        I am a realist when I say that the machine is against us as much as Trump. 50% of the people that vote – and, for all legal intents and purposes – are American – want MOAR of what is killing us. My own anecdotal experience tells me that they will not be reasoned with, that no compromise is possible, and that we will probably have to go to war with them at some point or they will destroy both us AND themselves. These are political realities and truths – and it’s high time you grew up and faced them like a man – or Gen Z has had it. What are they going to say about you, P-Mint?

        • peppermint says:

          So your family is a bunch of leftist freaks too. Look at the recent poll about the 2A: even most Democrats don’t want it repealed, despite the massive protests they organized. Half of voters, more than half of Americans, chose Trump despite, or because of, the warning from the legacy media that it’s politically incorrect. Ten percent of the US thinks it’s okay to be a nazi.

          Liberals used to be born into conservative families and grab the pussies of the daughters of conservatives. Now liberals chop their own balls off, at least metaphorically, and liberal women write articles about their boyfriend the nazi. Your daughter is on the order of my age. She is just barely old enough to have seen college as it was, it is vastly different now. By the time we’re done she’ll still have time for fertility treatment.

          The freaks are loud. The source of their corruption is academia and until recently, academia was respected. The legacy media and the schools used to pretend to be unbiased by pulling punches and presenting only facts that leftists like and then drawing moderate conclusions so you would know you’re being lied to but assume that conservatives were doing the lying, which was corroborated by the evasiveness with which conservatives reply to politically sensitive questions, because they understood they were under occupation. That pretense is over. It was over before Trump when we turned everything into memes.

          The only thing you’ll be loading is academic and journalist corpses into lampshade machines.

      • John Sterne says:

        the only ones staging protests against freedom of speech is millennials. boomers were all about freedom, they didnt think too hard about it and the jews switched freedom for equality without them noticing.

  16. […] Don’t vote […]

    • John Sterne says:

      Trump wont send back the Dacas because what Trump s wants has always wanted was respect from other elites. Hes a queens boy.He may also be scared they may have something on him by now in which case they would use it to control him not get rid of him then have to find another manchurian. and of corse hes totally cucked by jews always has been his entire fortune jews made for him in spite of him. The only redeeming virtue is his gut queens instincts are racist and capitalist/ populist.If what you said was true jim he could go out and rally the troops tell them hes going to eventually crush the deep state but he needs their help. but he has surrendered from fear or vanity who knows it started towards the end of the campaign he started walking back the earlier rhetoric and no one wanted to believe he was doing what he was doing.You’re right that we should not be losing now after just winning, and you’re right the cuckservative pols have not done their bit and thats a huge drag on moral. but trumops got the teet pulpit he could use it for something besides his inanities. he could force the cucks into the open not once have i heard him say i ran on deport them all build a wall, we own both houses the court and most of the states houses and governors and yet my own partyy is defying you yet again america.

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