Lethality of vaccination

When driving, I got tired of the CD, and turned on the radio, to hear the voice of authority calling on the public to report doctors who doubt the vax, or who prescribe safe and effective drugs for Covid, to the medical malpractice board.

This sort of thing makes it difficult to get data.  When you search the internet, nothing comes up except a storm of absurd and outrageous official lies, but I ran into the following posted on Gab.

Total US army deaths from covid itself, over the entire time it has been around, about twenty.

US army deaths and sequelae of vaccination that are likely to be lethal per day, about fifty.

This is roughly what I was expecting from anecdotal data.

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  1. The Cominator says:


    Some of the 9/11 families are pushing hard on the real redpill and blaming the FBI.

  2. Kunning Drueger says:

    Speaker is Dr. Lee Merritt. Orthopedist. Fuck, bitchute is a nightmare on mobile.

    I only did a very random spot check to find this particular speaker. The conference is widely derided by MSM and any number of outlets. The stuff I saw was definitely woo-woo heavy, but also lots of very real comment and concern about childhood development being super fucked up by masks (very detrimental to facial attenuation and recognition, a bedrock tool for being human) and limited social engagement, which is something I can anecdotally say is a very big concern for parents of young children. I’m not a doctor, the video is ~5 hours long, and it will not fair well under pop scrutiny. Point being, I completely lack the capacity to bullshit detect something like this. My gut says it is on point, but my guts have nearly killed me multiple times. Any medical people in this community should bite the bullet, watch the whole thing, and tell us whether this source is valid. But I’m inclined to believe that, all context factored, whatever the Crowd is saying, the opposite is probably true.

    • Upravda says:

      I guess that’s the problem of great many people: most of us simply do not have the knowledge necessary enough to turn on bullshit detector – or to turn it off. Medical doctors who are against The Narrative are often portrayed by mainstream media as weirdos, even if they work within The System (that is, in public medical centers). The thing is, they are portrayed as weirdos or even liars by – *journalists*, of all the people!

      And that is the second problem – normal people know how much do they NOT know, are reluctant to judge things in which they are ignorant – and are prone to believe experts. Or “Experts”. Demon-worshipers (I like that term of Jim, cast whole new lights on biblical texts 🙂 on the other hand are fools completely full of themselves who act like they are source of all the wisdom in the world and tend to be persuasive.

      Regarding facehuggers negatively influencing childhood development, I’m afraid that’s not even in the realm of “conspiracy theories” any more. Croatian portals cited text in The Guardian, of all newspapers, where it is directly written that babies confronted with facehugged people tend to be quite retarded for their age:

      • Karl says:

        You don’t need much knowledge to detect bullshit nor to judge experts.

        You only need to find out whether they are arguing consistently and in good faith. If you find one lie, you can safely assume that it is all lies. If they refuse to adress a point in substance (like, how do you know the vaccine is safe), you can safely assume he is lying and making things up.

        • Upravda says:


          And they are NOT arguing neither consistently nor in good faith. When we had our first imprisonment…

          (I refuse to use word „lockdown” or „pandemic” because of fraudulence. Correct ones are imprisonment – utamničenje – and Mindless Hysteria – Bezumna Histerija.)

          …so, during first imprisonment in Spring 2020. we have all heard, the entire nation, words of Madam Markotić and Grba-Bujević:
          „Masks are not effective in prevention of respiratory diseases.” – in irritating nasal voice of Madam Markotić and:
          „Masks are useful for nothing.” – from Madam Grba-Bujević
          We laughed to wackos who wore the facehugger, especially making jokes of those who had facehugger attached when on moorlands or alone in their own car.

          Few month later everybody wore facehuggers. Despite remembering those words and, at least some of us, having enough knowledge and common sense to know that masks are useless.

          But, but… their point is NOT consistency neither good faith! When faced with facts that go against The Narrative, of course they do not engage in any debate. They simply overwhelm you with multitude of some other “facts”, effectively throwing burden of proof to you, to skeptic, or simply use non-sequitur approach:

          “Masks are useless and can even be harmful, because of… (multitude of sane reasons).”
          “So, you want to KILL people with COVID?!?!”

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        The pandemic was last year, so those tests are for <1 year olds. Not sure how reliable that data is.

    • Pseudonymous Flake says:

      > The stuff I saw was definitely woo-woo heavy, but also lots of very real comment and concern about childhood development being super fucked up by masks (very detrimental to facial attenuation and recognition, a bedrock tool for being human) and limited social engagement, which is something I can anecdotally say is a very big concern for parents of young children.

      That’s the point, nigger.

  3. Bilge_Pump says:

    “Total US army deaths from covid itself, over the entire time it has been around, about twenty.

    US army deaths and sequelae of vaccination that are likely to be lethal per day, about fifty.”

    Jim, she says in the video that there were 20 deaths not just in the army but in all of the services combined, which is even more damning.

  4. simplyconnected says:

    This was a nice video presentation that is quite up to date, heavy on facts and light on opinion.
    One of the things he presents in up-to-date excess death data for EU+UK, which is nothing out of the ordinary. So vax deaths are still rare. I pray it stays that way, and that it won’t affect long term fertility.

    • jim says:

      Vax deaths are quite rare. So are China flu deaths.

      Disabling sequelae that may well prove permanent or eventually lethal are extremely common.

      Since it is obvious that cause of death statistics are being massively and flagrantly falsefied, our best indicator is total deaths among under sixties for vax related deaths, and total social security payments for China flu related deaths.

      China flu deaths dropped below detectable when mass murderers by ventilator started to get serious pushback.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Disabling sequelae that may well prove permanent or eventually lethal are extremely common.

        I assume you refer to positive tests for recent clotting anecdotally around 62-68% of vaxed.

        • jim says:

          Nah, though maybe I should have referred to that.

          What I was referring to is people unable to live their normal lives, yet no one dares diagnose them with any specific ailment, and if they die they get assigned a cause of death almost at random, such as a car accident, or a meaningless and non specific cause of death.

          If someone is diagnosed with myocarditis — well we are already seeing profound reluctance to diagnose myocarditis.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Disabling sequelae that may well prove permanent or eventually lethal are extremely common.

            If someone is diagnosed with myocarditis — well we are already seeing profound reluctance to diagnose myocarditis.

            So presumably it’s hard to know how many people there are with inflamed hearts post vax.
            Do you have a sense for how much ‘extremely common’ might be?.
            Not trying to refute it, I’m just curious.

            Note recently Luc Montagnier wrote an op-ed on how sars-cov2 virus produces inflammation and oxidation, shortens telomeres, shortens lifespan. Of course in the article he explains that by “sras-cov2 virus” he means “spike protein”, so he may be talking more about vax than covid, without having to mention the vax too much.

          • simplyconnected says:

            According to this paper:
            Safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Setting:

            Vaccination was most strongly associated with an elevated risk of myocarditis (risk ratio, 3.24; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.55 to 12.44; risk difference, 2.7 events per 100,000 persons[…]

            Perhaps there are many more cases which are ignored as to not enrage the covid demon, but anything within a couple of orders of magnitude of 2.7 cases per 100,000 is still not really “extremely common” (though the risk is intolerably high). If blood clotting incidence really is around 2/3rds, then that seems a much more common problem.

            I know you don’t think the shots are intentionally designed to harm. But that would mean the manufacturers didn’t know the spike they were using as antigen was the target of gain-of-function research (effectively bioweapons research) at North Carolina and Wuhan, which turned it into something much more harmful. This, plus the insane levels of corruption to push it, the strange metals found by the Japanese, etc. This whole thing stinks of deliberate attempt to harm.

            • Karl says:

              In ViggiAcces the fraction of myocarditis reports continues to increase. By now the fraction is about 6 times as high as when the CDC admitted that myocarditis is in fact a side effect of covid vaccination. This suggests that physicians now are less reluctant to report myocarditis as a side effect of vaccination.

              At a glance I could not find a date when the paper was submitted, only the publication date. Anyway, the authors worked with data wherein myocarditis was severly underreported.

              Add pericarditis, myocardial infarction and similar things, which have really the same cause and the same consequences, and it seems like the risk of cardiac propblems is at elast an order of magnitude higher than the 2.7 stated in the paper.

              • jim says:

                What we are seeing is that no bar for efficacy of vaccination is too low to be set, and no bar for invermectin is deemed sufficiently high.

                The evidence for vaccination is clearly subject to motivated reasoning, selective data, and data manipulation.

                If you have barrel of sewage and add a cup of wine, you have a barrel of sewage.

                If you have barrel of wine and add a cup of sewage, you have a barrel of sewage.

                There is some evidence that it is somewhat effective, but we don’t really know how effective. The evidence is subject to inconsistencies, and some of those inconsistencies are suspicious.

                There is considerable evidence that it is more dangerous than any previous vaccine, and we don’t know how dangerous, because the evidence is being suppressed.

                With invermectin, we have the reverse situation. We know it is effective and safe.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Since the great censorship purges, I’ve taken to peruse the chans from time to time.
                  They are currently under heavy shill incoming, shilling against ivermectin.
                  This is making some channers think that, besides the obvious argument that ivermectin would invalidate the holy vax’s EUA, that it may have anti-cancer effects, and the powers that be don’t want wide use of ivermectin to reveal a statistically noticeable drop in cancer rates. All just speculation, but interesting nonetheless because ivermectin has been shown to have not just anti-parasitic effects.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Thanks. That seems to be the case.
                Note that the below tweet I quoted from Steve Kirsch was deleted because he could not confirm the 100% figure. It still seems to have high incidence.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Link seems dead or broken.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Steven Kirsch retracted the tweet because he couldn’t confirm the 100% figure. Claims it was a journalist that gave him the figure. He claims the measured troponin levels were very high in many cases, but cannot yet say how prevalent it is.
                Incidentally, I don’t really read his twatter, it was linked from twitter.com/veryvirology, which I occasionally read because he is focusing on prion risks, which may be concerning to the unvaxed (just my personal estimation, I’m no expert).

  5. Mister Grumpus says:

    Covid wasn’t the Chernobyl. The vaxx is the Chernobyl.

    • Fireball says:

      I also get that feeling of what we are seeing is our chernobyl.

      It is unlikely that the vaxx is intentionally dangerous or specially dangerous still this could end up as a horrible medical disaster caused by cargo cult science. It would crush the believe in science and western governments.

      If true is going to be pretty bad because that is the last things that many in the west have left to believe on.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Well Chernobyl didn’t kill nearly as many people as these damn vaxxes. Loads of thyroid cancers, but those are quite treatable.

        It’s more to do with this big damn event that loads of people were affected by and scared to death of, and about which they’d been so aggressively and unashamedly lied to, in such an unrelentingly ass-covering way, by everyone they’d thought they could still kinda-sorta trust.

  6. Fëanor says:

    It occurs to me that the vaccine may actually be more effacious against the real SARS2 virus than the data show, but the data are so fake, and so many non-SARS2 illnesses are being misdiagnosed as COVID, that the vaccine appears to be doing nothing.

    Like all medicines the vax has harmful side effects for some people. For young and healthy people the expected outcome of getting the shot may be worse than the expected outcome of not getting it. However the notion that it is intentionally harmful seems like Q-tier bullshit. Our elite is neither competent nor coordinated enough to do that.

    They are covering for something, but what they are covering for is the fact that the pandemic was fake almost from the beginning, and also that they don’t want it to end.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think this vaccine is intentionally harmful.

      I think it is another space shuttle disaster, where lies lead to more lies, and then they double down on even more lies.

      But, since lying is holy, and vax is holy, it turns into demon worship, and then the harm becomes intentional, even though the vaccine was originally genuinely intended to benefit the recipients.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      I don’t know where you get your data from, probably headlines from media that belong to Blackrock and Vanguard (Harvard and friends financial front with brother Soros) as much as the pharmaceuticals do. They’re not even trying to hide anything because most people are as naive and unwilling to educate themselves as you are, you can go to the FDA’s website and check stuff like this https://www.fda.gov/media/151707/download

      Even their “clinical trial” made it clear that the vaccine was far worse than the disease itself:

      Participants 16 Through 55 Years of
      Age; Fever, >38.9°C to 40.0°C, 39 (1.5); Headache, Severe: prevents daily activity., 91 (3.4); Chills, Severe: prevents daily activity., 69 (2.6); Vomiting, Severe: requires intravenous hydration., 4 (0.1); Diarrhea, Severe: 6 or more loose stools in 24 hours., 6 (0.2); New or worsened muscle pain, Severe: prevents daily activity., 62 (2.3); New or worsened joint pain, Severe: prevents daily activity., 27 (1.0); Use of antipyretic or
      pain medication, Severity was not collected for use of antipyretic or pain medication., 1213 (45.2)

      It keeps going and getting worse, just your average vaccine I guess, I forgot to die when they put me the last tetanus one.

      Now let’s see the coof:

      Vaccine Efficacy 16 Years of Age and
      Older First Severe COVID-19 Occurrence, COMIRNATY 1, Placebo, 21

      Maybe it prevented a lot of people from getting the coof?:

      The population for the analysis of the protocol pre-specified primary efficacy endpoint included
      36,621 participants 12 years of age and older (18,242 in the COMIRNATY group and 18,379 in the placebo
      group) who did not have evidence of prior infection with SARS-CoV-2 through 7 days after the second dose.
      The population in the protocol pre-specified primary efficacy analysis included all participants 12 years of age
      and older who had been enrolled from July 27, 2020, and followed for the development of COVID-19 through
      November 14, 2020. Participants 18 through 55 years of age and 56 years of age and older began enrollment
      from July 27, 2020, 16 through 17 years of age began enrollment from September 16, 2020, and 12 through
      15 years of age began enrollment from October 15, 2020. For participants without evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection prior to 7 days after Dose 2, vaccine efficacy
      against confirmed COVID-19 occurring at least 7 days after Dose 2 was 95.0% (95% credible interval: 90.3,
      97.6), which met the pre-specified success criterion. The case split was 8 COVID-19 cases in the
      COMIRNATY group compared to 162 COVID-19 cases in the placebo group.

      Wait up, what was that?

      36,621 participants

      The case split was 8 COVID-19 cases in the
      COMIRNATY group compared to 162 COVID-19 cases in the placebo group.

      Saving the world from the terrible coof haha, nevermind the fact that the whole clinical trial is pure Cargo Cult Science based in conjecture dismissing dozens of factors in transmission without a single chance of effective reproducibility, and we don’t even have the full data, those 21 dead guys were pushing 80 with comorbidities guaranteed, while many of the severe reactions were on young healthy people. And this shit is what got it approved!

      The vaccine is working alright, creating a good amount of chronic diseases and ADE. Now the covid priests have guaranteed parishioners for a long time, maxx boost holy pharma ritual to the top.

      You’re listening to the woman giving you evidence, and your reaction is a psychotic detachment to reality while shilling for the clotshot virtue signaling your loyalty to the coof regime, okay I guess.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        21 dead guys

        Not necessarily that either, it could be only hospitalization, but I went for the worst case scenario because why not, I can give them that much!

      • Varna says:

        The Sputnik V trials were even more madeup.

  7. Varna says:

    So a truck carrying Moderna vaccines overturned in Monongalia county.

    Interesting reactions. Restricting airspace, not answering questions, getting in hazmat units with tents and sheit, but saying it’s all to prevent from the oil and antifreeze to reach a nearby creek. Heartwarming bunch.

  8. VaxxxHappy says:

    Vaccine trooferism is embarrassing for its innumeracy. Look at side effects per capita, and relative risk of vax vs covid

    Woman in the video talks about how we stopped RSV vax after 80 deaths, that is because it killed 80 out of 100 children who got it in the trial. mRNA vax has been given to something like 1,000,000,000 people and somehow not only is CDC covering it up, but Israel, UK, Japan, etc etc are all equally hiding it? Again it approaches troofer levels of paranoia to believe this is happening and somehow nobody is noticing it despite every nation on earth having some kind of vax program, not all of which are going to blindly follow the religion of the Empire with the same degree of fervor

    If you have the choice to both not take the vax and not get covid, would be better not to take the vax. But if you had the choice only to get the vax or to get covid, better to get the vax. This makes sense as exponentially replicating spike protein attached to a virus is clearly worse than a fixed amount of spike protein from the vaccine, even though both are dangerous. It is a question of relative risk

    • jim says:

      Everyone is covering up to a greater or lesser degree. There is a similar report out of Israel, but this one has larger data and data less subject to selection effects.

      You will read a thousand reports that myocarditis etc, are very rare. How rare. How do they know? What is the recovery rate (because if you don’t recover, you eventually die.0)

    • Pooch says:

      But if you had the choice only to get the vax or to get covid, better to get the vax.

      For healthy people that get covid, it’s a mild flu.

      • Karl says:

        Well it is the flu. Even young healthy people can get a severe case of flu.

        Usually it is mild but not always. Anyway, the risk of dying from the clot shot is at least an order of magnitude higher if you compare infected people and people given a clot shot. And that is based on official government data like vaers.

      • Sam Cru says:

        For healthy people who contract Sars-Cov-2 according to PCR tests, they normally have no symptoms.

    • Varna says:

      For a long time everyone agreed giving people opioid painkillers for everything was super cool.
      Spoiler alert: it was not cool.
      They trained doctors to say that addiction symptoms were not addiction symptoms.
      Spoiler alert: they were addiction symptoms.
      Throw away the term “conspiracy”– it is a weaponized term which activates emotional triggers which block rational thought. Instead use the term “possible overlap of group interests”. Suddenly rational thought is possible.
      Include “complacency, incompetence, corruption, and fear” as an outer layer to the “”possible overlap of group interests”. You have now covered 90% of society.

      Or in simpler terms: the mainstream can convince much of society and indeed the world, that urban blacks shooting each other with illegal pistols is the fault of white peasants with legal rifles, and the moment white peasants give up their legal rifles, the urban blacks will stop shooting each other with their illegal pistol, the white peasants refusing to give up their legal rifles, means they WANT the poor urban blacks to continue being shot by illegal pistols, and this proves white peasants are racists.

      Likewise, the current elites have convinced everybody that they are not the system, but fighting the system, and the real system is white peasants sitting on the sofa radiating astral waves of racism which make life bad for far off urban blacks and trannies.

      The above tricks are far beyond making the statue of liberty disappear as a magician stunt. This is levels and levels beyond this.

      So yes. It is possible that we are currently swathed in a planetary cocoon of misdirection, gaslighting, and lying. It cannot last forever, but for now it’s at its peak.

      When they start gradually admitting what really happened, they will pretend they are surprised and it’s not their fault anyway and it wasn’t them who forced everyone to participate. This is the point were they are either all made to pay, or the pleb submits and admits that it is not citizens, but merely bio-degradable economic units.

      • Karl says:

        I’ll be inclined to believe those that took the clot shot that they were indeed surprised.

        I wonder how many of the priests of the Covid cult took the clot shot and how many merely faked taking it.

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        When I was in the army (I got kicked out, glad I did tbh) I noticed quite a few things that are pretty relevant to this blog, but related to your comment, I noticed that the nigger males, besides consistently being the most obnoxious and annoying group, who would always get everyone else in trouble because they would never listen and were always nig nogging, would do this thing, where if you were a white guy they wanted to pick on they would form up around you and say things like “Oh did you hear that guy? He said nigger!” or “Damn listen to this racist motherfucker!”. To them it’s a joke. Ofc if you actually say “nigger” that gives them permission to steal your shit, fuck you up, etc. Not to mention the fucking annoying snitches who would hurry to the commanding officer and snitch on you, sayer of “Nigger”. Met a guy who actually called one a nigger. Someone else told on him because ofc there are pathetic SJW faggots who can’t even with racists.

    • Kgaard says:

      VaxxxHappy I think your data are misguided.

      Also I am curious about your disparaging use of “troofer” as opposed to “truther?” Is the implication that 9/11 truthers are idiots too?

      • jim says:

        When I argue with troofers they make a claim such as “No one even found a piece of the plane”, and I post a photo of a piece of the plane.

        I just made a claim in the post to which he responds, that the rate of death and serious life threatening harm from the vax is an order of magnitude higher than the rate of death for Covid. Observe that the fan of the vax makes vague and unfalsifiable counterclaims, for which he provides no evidence. Who is the troofer here?

        The vaxxers are arguing the way troofers argue – pulling facts out of their asses. The antivaxxers are arguing the way that anti troofers argue – looking for evidence.

        • Kgaard says:

          Wow okay my response may be confusing but I agree with you on the vaxx (I am a vax troofer) but disagree on 9/11 (I am a 9/11 troofer).

          I agree with you that vax troofers argue far more maturely and scientifically than pro-vaxxers.

          But on 9/11 I think there are multiple forces at work: a) confusing data sets, b) multiple narratives planted, c) multiple paid shills arguing every conceivable angle.

          And those shills are often incredibly sophisticated. My own understanding has evolved slowly for more than a decade — triangulating from lie to lie, getting closer to the truth by process of falsification.

          So you may be arguing with troofers who are liars paid precisely to undermine the troofer movement which itself is (in my view) sound.

          But anyway your article is about vaxx. It’s just that 9/11 is on my mind because Unz had another big article up about it yesterday and I read 490 comments last night.

          • The Cominator says:

            The 9/11 troof is that the Arabs who did it were known but they were allowed to do it. James Woods the right wing actor reported a dry run to the FBI.

          • jim says:

            > Wow okay my response may be confusing but I agree with you on the vaxx (I am a vax troofer) but disagree on 9/11 (I am a 9/11 troofer).

            I am interested. All the troofers I have argued with have glowed in the dark – obvious FBI plants unshakably loyal to Mueller and the Mueller narrative.

            You don’t glow in the dark, so I would love to hear your take on why 911 smells funny to you: Provided you can first remind us all of a few unflattering truths about Mueller, both in the lead up to 911, and in the campaign to destroy the president.

            Can you?

            There are indeed quite a few odd things about the events leading to 911 and immediately after 911. The Cominator just mentioned one of them above. And if you are looking for odd things relating to 911, all those odd things point at Mueller. Can you see the elephant in the living room?

            All 911 troofersism is “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Can you notice the man behind the curtain?

            • Kgaard says:

              Well I don’t really come at it from that angle. No view on Mueller.

              I have just followed the work of everyone who has brought something to the table for the last 10 years, such as Christopher Bollyn but many others as well. I watch how arguments are falsified and read the debates. I watch the videos. It’s really not hard to get the reality down to a few logical scenarios and with every year the range of possible scenarios narrows.

              The new Unz piece to which I referred is entitled “9/11 was a Straussian coup.” There are now over 600 comments on it. The quality level is very high.

              • Kgaard says:

                Though I should add that there are also obvious lying shills in that thread. So it is always a bit taxing to ferret out the truth.

              • jim says:

                > Well I don’t really come at it from that angle. No view on Mueller.

                If you genuinely had a view on the fall of the towers, if you had any genuine interest in the topic other than the interest you are paid to have,you would have a view on Mueller.

                If you don’t have a view on Mueller, you are paid by the FBI in the operation that Mueller launched to cover FBI misconduct in the events leading up to and immediately following 9/11, and you are not allowed to have a view on Mueller because your supervisor is writing your script, and from time to time checking the texts you send out.

                • Kgaard says:

                  Jim that doesn’t make any sense to me. Mueller may have had a role but lots of people had roles. Probably thousands.

                  I am just arguing process. Everyone has to go down the rabbit hole for themselves. I could tell you my views on the planes etc but so what? Everyone has a view. It requires monster comment threads to hash them out. I am not an authority on 9/11. I am just a guy who makes a living by (in one sense anyway) falsifying truth claims.

                  I simply proceed by process of falsification. Same with every other questionable historical event.

                • alf says:

                  It requires monster comment threads to hash them out.

                  No it doesn’t. The monster threads is what happen when people obfuscate and argue in bad faith. It is not at all hard to summarize one’s view on 9/11, something you have so far not done.

                  My view: 9/11 was Muslims doing Muslim things. Secret services including Mueller let it happen because noticing what was happening was racist, and they since have forever scrambled to cover up their own incompetence through shill narratives.

                • Guy says:

                  @alf: was noticing fascist then? I remember that the media encouraged demonization of Muslims for 9/11 through movies, tv shows and news segments. They always did it in a way they could deny, but the goal was to get kids to hate Muslims and want to join the Marines

                  @Kgaard: holy shit that was a terrible Unz article, a skim of the comments didn’t give me any confidence that that would be much better. I’m all for believing the elite can do, and have done, ridiculous hoaxes and that major historical events are lied about to a huge degree. But that was like a composite of every bad article ever about 9/11. Fake planes is ridiculous, everything showing “proof” of fake planes actually shows that one could potentially make a video with fake planes…no shit they can. Everyone says there was no debris despite the fact that they didn’t go looking for debris and are just being that odd others saying there’s no debris, or showing a picture that shows no debris in one ossicular place at one particular time.

                • Guy says:

                  In my last comment racist autocorrected to fascist and I accidentally sent it through.

                  If I had to guess Mueller and the other traitors did not stop 9/11 for the same reason they’ve done everything else they’ve done over the years. They want more money and power for themselves. They cover for each other’s crimes, they want to destroy the idea of a nation.

                  The people Kgaard’s article call the Jews don’t seem to care very much about Israel either. Or does not seem like Israel’s territory, security and nationhood are any more sacred to them than America’s. I wish everything was about Israel… That sounds relatively benign. I think they’d just as soon let the Palestinians take all of Israel and the only thing stopping them from letting it happen is the fact that Israel goes out of its way to become degenerate as a defense mechanism.

                • jim says:

                  Allowing this through so that everyone can see what is wrong with it.

                  Troofers find no end of supposedly suspicious things that do not exist, but are strangely unable to notice the one big suspicious thing that actually does exist.

                  Now I have run into a few commenters that are not blind because they are being paid to be blind. They are blind because shills have blinded them. I think you are being paid to be blind, but if you are not being paid to be blind, it would not take you much effort to find what people who are not blind can see.

                • Kgaard says:


                • jim says:

                  Take the shill test. You are looking less and less like an unpaid commenter posting from his private computer.

                • 911 troofer says:

                  Well Mueller is a liar and so is is father.

                  But I have yet to see a cogent explanation for how the top halves of the towers disintegrated.

                • jim says:

                  Mueller is, but what were his lies that enabled 9/11?

                  If you cannot answer, no more stuff from you allowed through, because your silence will reveal the eyes of HR behind you, and your supervisor with his hand up your ass working your words as sock puppet.

                  How the top halves of the towers disintegrated was absolutely obvious to everyone watching: Great big explosion makes big hole in the tower, and quite a lot of rather impressive holes in adjacent towers. Fire ensues. After it burns for a while, steel beams get red hot. As every blacksmith knows, once steel gets hot enough, it becomes far less strong. Upper part of tower held up by fewer and weaker beams, falls as a solid unit. After it has fallen a short distance, it has sufficient speed that where the falling solid unit above meets the stationary solid unit below, the material between them shatters into rubble with great violence.

                • alf says:

                  was noticing racist back then?

                  Roterham happened throughout the nineties. And I’m sure the FBI is much holier than the local police force.

                • Kgaard says:


                • jim says:

                  Figuring out the shill test is a shill test. People who are not shills have no difficulty. And noticing what Mueller and the FBI did in relation to 9/11 is a Muller/FBI shill test.

                  Kunning Drueger complained that passing the shill test was obvious and easy. It is obvious and easy. It is meant to be obvious and easy unless your human resources department is looking over your shoulder, and you company server is checking the keywords that appear on the the blogs and social media you have been paid to attack.

                • D Brinn says:

                  > was noticing racist back then?

                  Maybe not to the extent it is today, but “profiling” was a bad word already. After 9/11, we were pounded over and over with “Islam is the Religion of Peace,” including by the Bush administration. We were told we needed to make War on Terror, but weren’t supposed to identify any particular religion or enthicity behind that terror. We were told that Al-Queda hated us for our freedoms and our wealth, not for any religious or racial reason.

                  The Patriot Act was pointed inward, and my 90-year-old German/Irish grandmother had to take off her shoes and be searched in airports because it would have been racist to profile those who looked like the hijackers. There had been movies with Arab Muslim bad guys before, but after that they were nearly always white guys. For instance, when Tom Clancy’s “Sum of All Fears” was adapted for film, the Palestinian terrorists who tried to nuke the Super Bowl were turned into neo-Nazis.

                • Starman says:


                  “No view on Mueller.”

                  A guy who claims to have done research on 9/11 but mysteriously has no opinion on the FBI Director at the time of 9/11?

                  Fed shill detected. Not just that, I know exactly which three-letter agency you work for (FBI). Dodging the Mueller question gave it away.

                  Here’s another question for you, a multiple choice RedPill on Women question. Let’s see if the spook community is getting redpilled on the true nature of women:

                  Should we make pornography illegal?
                  [A] No, because male desire for sexual gratification is not causing society any problems. But we should ban cuck porn, tranny porn, gay porn, and ban romance novels (porn for women) and remove the word “romance” from the English language.
                  [B] No, because porno allows us to learn about various fetishes and alt sex practices.
                  [C] Yes, because porno was created by (((The Jews))) to turn angelic White women into whores.
                  [D] No, but child porn with 15 year old children should still be illegal.
                  [E] No, but we should require porn actors and actresses to wear the proper PPE to protect themselves, especially from the sooper dooper deadly COVID19… because sex workers are often our daughters in college.

    • The Cominator says:

      Everyone is lying so how do you know. But the Japanese (one of the very few countries with honest scientific authorities) thought the Vax side effects were worse for at least one variety of vaccine.

    • Karl says:

      There is such a thing as innumerate vaccine trooferism, at least here in Germany.

      I assume it is the covid cult building a straw man that can be easily proven wrong. The argument then goes that the defeat of the straw man proves that the clot shot is safe and beneficial.

      If someone points out in public that data about myocardits in teenagers is suddenly much much higher than in previous years, publishes data analysis of (governemnt) data of people dying shortly after receiving the clot shot and compares it suudens deaths after other vaccinations he is silenced and out of his job, might even lose his medical license.

      If someone babbles that the clot shot contains lethal nanoparticles, magnets or whatever, he is publically ridiculed and quoted in the main stream news.

      • The Cominator says:

        The magnetic thing actually got proven true…

        Yeah I also thought that one was water muddying bullshit promoted by the powers that be… but it was actually true.


        • Karl says:

          Funny, the clot shot seems to be so bad that even incredible claims turn out to be true.

          Hey, maybe the claim that everyone who took the clot shot will be dead within 5 years will also turn out to be true.

          • The Cominator says:

            If they did that they messed up.

            Bill Burr’s jokes along those lines were right that it doesn’t make sense for the Cathedral to depopulate in such a way that only spares extreme right wingers and conspiracy theorists (with some new age types as well) all who hate the system and the political elite.

            • Karl says:

              The did mess up. Question is only how much.

              Ruling priests selected for stupidity inevitably mess up.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Maybe it isn’t a fuck up. This is beyond tinfoil level stupid, but imagine planet Earth’s leadership cast made contact with intelligence from beyond the Oort Cloud. A few bespoke humanoid creatures, or maybe an advanced AI, sat them down, showed them some charts and graphs, and basically said cut the population by ×%. Period. Doesn’t matter who makes the cut, because the shit that’s coming down the pipe plus our advanced tech is going to put everyone on the same side. Leaders of earth review the data, realize that cargo cult progressive cultural Marxism has the largest population of believers, useful idiots, and obedient slaves, and cobbled together the most coherent rough plan for global depopulation on the shortest timeline with the highest efficacy.

              Alternatively, maybe they just believe the climate apocalypse hoax so strongly that they want to “Rainbow Six” the population, retreat to island fortresses, and let the “troglodytes” scratch out a living in the waste with illiteracy, neolithic era faith, and prodigious breeding. They could also be completely convinced that they could reeducate the survivors effectively so it doesn’t matter who survives the culling.

              Either way, jokes on them if we can get Jimian Christianity through the dark ages.

              • jim says:

                Stupidity seems more plausible.

                My scenario is that big pharma captured the regulators, who made regulatory decisions that suited big pharma, but the regulators were priests, and the priesthood captured big pharma, replacing science with priestly voodoo. (Regulators in your pocket is good for business, but killing your customers extremely bad for business)

                Priestly voodoo inevitably wound up killing the customers, so the priesthood at first lied about it, and then made lying about it a measure of holiness, and then made sacrificing the greatest possible number of human cattle to great, mighty, and holy covid demon a measure of holiness.

          • Fireball says:

            Me too, i am still surprise that one is true.

      • jim says:

        But, as japan discovered, the shot does contain magnetic particles, which, if not lethal, are certainly strange, not supposed to be there, and are in need of explanation.

        Which explanation is strangely not forthcoming.

        • Varna says:

          They are now saying it’s harmless metallic flakes from the bottle caps because Japan apparently has the world’s clumsiest nurses who can’t open the vaccine right.

  9. Peachy says:

    The ONLY thing that prevents me from fully jumping on board and getting the jab is the following:

    If they govt and pharm industries clearly want to mandate this vax be taken by everyone then why are they against mandating it for themselves and their own employees?

    White house staff – Exempt from being vax’d
    Pfizer – employees not required to be vax’d
    Moderna and J&J as well.

    Those are the closest you can get to knowing the real story and they aren’t “on board” the Vax Train. Thus, neither am I until they are proven to be so.

    • Dave says:

      I wonder why liberal big cities and federal agencies are having such a hard time getting all their employees jabbed. Maybe the holdouts are secretly reading Jim’s Blog or listening to Alex Jones podcasts. Or maybe they have a lot of trusted liberal friends who had bad reactions to the vaccine.

      • onyomi says:

        I think public sector unions are just super recalcitrant about everything. You can barely make working a job requirement for them; how much less a medical intervention?

        Something interesting/weird about how one of the few ways to be well protected against government overreach is to be so in bed with the government no one wants to step on your toes.

    • Jehu says:

      I can’t tell you anything about White House staff. But companies that have tons of tribal knowledge basically can NOT survive any significant amount of attrition during a year, especially if the attrition is hostile attrition (as in the people you let go turn hostile to you and probably won’t help you for anything less than an outrageous consultant fee). A lot of them bend and deform a LOT at 5% attrition and basically break at 10%. Semiconductor companies are like this and I bet Pfizer/Moderna/J&J have the same dynamic. So if you mandate things when you’re running such a company, you might well find yourself in a company ending event. Imagine 10 or 15% of your company quitting and refusing to train any replacements. And some will quit passive aggressively, dragging it out. It’s not too hard for me to understand why those 3 companies decided not to force it.

  10. Karl says:

    The US army apparently grants religious exemption from the clot shot. Does anyone have any numbers (or at least some base for an estimate) on how many soldiers used religious exemption to avoid the clot shot?

  11. Steve Dave says:

    Unrelated, but are you still bullish on Cardano (ADA) and do you think COVID induced instability is good for crypto in general?

    • jim says:

      Yes, bullish.

      What is good for all crypto is out of control money printing and incohesion in the elite that prevents them from controlling money printing.

      • Gyroscope says:

        Why ADA specifically? It seems as vaporware to me. Lots of other crypto infrastructure has sprouted like mushrooms after a thunderstorm, but very little in the way of ADA, a player that has existed much longer.

        For full disclosure, I like polkadot in general but their platform software, substrate, in particular. It’s nice to build with, and is just generally great tooling. Gav is also big on light clients and true decentralization. See this video https://youtu.be/NWCixZqQ-AU starting at the 4 minute mark, to see just how committed he is to making this work. He acknowledges the true risk without being explicit, and says clearly the work to be done.

        • jim says:

          > Why ADA specifically?

          We are now hitting the consensus bandwidth limit on proof of work. The next big thing is going to be bigger than the consensus bandwidth limit.

          • Gyroscope says:

            I agree that we need a different consensus mechanism, for more reasons than bandwidth.

            I really suggest looking into Substrate more. Their tech stack is solid, and has a bright future. Their platform is the closest to helping us realize a light client based, fully decentralized, high throughput, and extremely flexible distributed ledger. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. They also are clearly attempting to make a network the cannot be coerced, as evidenced by the messaging in that clip from Gav.

            • jim says:

              Yes. substrate is good stuff.

              Their non proof of work consensus mechanisms need sybil resistance, which is to say, proof of stake.

              And the fundamental failure of all existing crypto currencies is that they are not a social network – the promises and obligations associated with payments is out of scope. Bookeeping is out of scope, though a blockchain is nothing but an immutable append only ledger. Your wallet needs to be a messaging app, so that the metadata associated with transactions is not exposed in some insecure system, such as email. Which means the blockchain needs to contain identity, needs to replace the DNS, as namecoin does. We are seeing a bunch of plans to provide blockchain based identity on Jitsi video calls. Lots of people are doing lots of stuff on this problem, but the solutions have not entirely come together yet. Everything is broken, or they supply you with a pile of matchsticks and glue, and tell you to build your own boat. Someone needs to start shipping pre-assembled boats that actually float.

              Blockchain based identity for video calls is a great idea for video call, but what is really needed is not a secure medium for video, but a secure medium for metadata associated with transactions, such as shopping carts, so that a request for payment is request for payments for such and such, and a payment is a payment for such and such. Of course the that information should not appear on the blockchain, but a hash that Merkle chains to that data should appear on the blockchain.

              The thing is, if you are looking for venture capital, video calls are hot, but bills and shopping carts are not hot. It is the not hot stuff that is missing.

              Though I really should set up a Jitsi server with one of the existing blockchain based id solutions – but as I said – pile of matchsticks and glue.

        • Humble Acolyte says:

          I also have a positive impression of polkadot and substrate. Jim, I recall you said in an earlier comment that you like Gavid / polkadot, but that Gavin was playing ball with some bad guys. Who did you mean?

          • jim says:

            The state does not want to destroy crypto currency, end to end encryption, and all that. It wants to co-opt it.

            And it is very hard to get anywhere in the crypto space, crypto currency or data encryption, without being co-opted. The effective counter strategy is to signal cooption and cooperate with the Cathedral, while making architectural choices beyond their comprehension that make it easy to defect on the Cathedral, but we are fast moving into an environment were double players are going to have to make final choices.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to say I don’t concur. The ICUs in the hospital here are filled with covid patients, several of my co-workers have unvaxed family members who’ve been hospitalized with coviD.

    You guys think it’s some sort of big conspiracy but it just is not possible to have a conspiracy involving millions of doctors and nurses across the world. These idiots who bungled a simple withdrawal from Afghanistan could never ever pull off such a big conspiracy.

    Not trying to say the vax is entirely safe (I’m not sure, I’m keeping an open mind on that) but stop downplaying the disease. I never saw this level of ICU overflow from the flu. And most of the sick covid patients are unvaxed and fat.

    • jim says:

      Obviously it is a big conspiracy: Observe the censorship and the intimidation. There is your conspiracy right there in the daylight.

      Every vaccine has risks, and it is frequently the case that the risks outweigh the benefits, and normally there is a big effort to monitor the risks. Why is evidence of harm, and reports of harm, being systematically suppressed? It is very difficult to assess the relative dangers because of a massive campaign of intimidation and censorship.

      If something is being censored, inverse poster girl principle applies. You know the thing being censored is real and important.

      The vaccination does not confer herd immunity. The data show that the vaxxed catch and transmit the disease at the same rate as the unvaxxed. The official claim is that the disease is less likely to kill them, not that they are less likely to get it or transmit it. So if one person gets vaxed it fails to provide any benefit to anyone else, meaning that there is no point to coercing the unvaxxed. Why the campaign of coercion, intimidation, and lies?

      Also, how come catching and recovering does provide immunity and does prevent catching and retransmitting, but vaccination does not. This is a spectacularly useless vaccine. The whole point of vaccination is to provide herd immunity – no herd immunity, seldom any benefit from the vaccine.

      • Aryaman says:

        I actually think many vaccines may not confer sterilizing immunity, and it is hard to measure especially if they do effectively limit clinical disease and much of the population is immunized. For example when there were several mumps outbreaks a few years back that were spread among the vaccinated but only clinically present in the unvaccinated. Smallpox vaccine is a rare exception to this, but not really comparable since it contains infectious virus and isn’t really attenuated, and attempts using attenuated vaccinia virus seem to be failing.

      • pyrrhus says:

        The main conspiracy is to prevent healthy people under 60, who have essentially zero chance of dying from Covid, from learning that the risk of dying or being disabled from the vaccines is many times any possible benefits..For example, there are no documented cases of healthy children dying from Covid, apparently the tiny number of victims typically have leukemia or some such, but hundreds have been killed or incurred lifelong heart problems from the vaccines…

    • Pooch says:

      I never saw this level of ICU overflow from the flu.


      It’s just the flu, bro.

    • alf says:

      You lie by omission.

      The ICUs are full because:
      a) most were already on peak capacity long before covid.
      b) covid’s target demographic is obese middle aged men
      c) this target group has a very slow recovery, two, three weeks. They clog up ICU.

      • Gedeon says:


        “ Data on 52,166 deaths from 47 jurisdictions among persons with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 were reported individually to CDC via case-based surveillance during February 12–May 18, 2020. Among the 52,166 decedents, 55.4% were male, 79.6% were aged ≥65 years, 13.8% were Hispanic/Latino (Hispanic), 21.0% were black, 40.3% were white, 3.9% were Asian, 0.3% were American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN), 0.1% were Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (NHPI), 2.6% were multiracial or other race, and race/ethnicity was unknown for 18.0%. (Table 1). Median decedent age was 78 years (interquartile range (IQR) = 67–87 years). Because information about underlying medical conditions was missing for the majority of these decedents (30,725; 58.9%”

        “ Decedent age varied by race and ethnicity; median age was 71 years (IQR = 59–81 years) among Hispanic decedents, 72 years (IQR = 62–81 years) among all nonwhite, non-Hispanic decedents, and 81 years (IQR = 71–88 years) among white decedents.”

        “ At least one underlying medical condition was reported for 8,134 (76.4%) of decedents for whom sup­plementary data were collected, including 83.1% of decedents aged <65 years. Overall, the most common underlying medical conditions were cardiovascular disease (60.9%), diabetes mellitus (39.5%), chronic kidney disease (20.8%), and chronic lung disease (19.2%) (Table 2). Among decedents aged <65 years, 83.1% had one or more underlying medical conditions. Among decedents aged ≥85 years, 69.5% had one or more underlying medical conditions. Diabetes was more common among decedents aged 300k annual case volume. Keep in mind all of the increase cannot be attributed to the virus, but I’m sure the lion’s share can be attributed to the “pandemic”.

        ICUs can be full for many different reasons and is a terrible metric. I have many boomers in my community and none of them have fallen to the virus yet. We will see what happens when they make contact with the virus because they will and most of them are jabbed up if I am to believe their unsolicited proselytizing.

        • Gedeon says:

          Not sure how that got butchered up, but tldr is:

          1) I hope to celebrate my 162nd birthday.
          2) sci and park lawn are publicly traded companies who file 10k annual reports with good business data. SCI showed +12.4% yoy ‘20/‘19 case volume on >300k cases
          3) diabetes is ~50% comorbidity in <65 demographic deaths with covid.
          4) I suspect a lot of the increase in deaths was due to the pandemic as opposed to the virus explicitly.

        • jim says:

          > Data on 52,166 deaths from 47 jurisdictions among persons with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 were reported individually to CDC via case-based surveillance during February 12–May 18, 2020.

          This, of course, a pile of total lies.

          Ever since mass murder by ventilator eased up, China flu deaths have by a strange coincidence been equal to a strange decline in all other old age related deaths. Funny thing that. You can see this in the death by cause statistics, and see it more clearly in the return of social security payments to trend.

          And now we are seeing another strange coincidence – a mysterious rise in countries that vaccinated early and hard in all causes of all age mortality, mortality for reasons definitely and totally unrelated to the vax, mortality from causes that affect young healthy people. Funny thing that. One of these strange coincidences.

          If you look carefully at the excess death statistics, it becomes obvious that the mighty, terrible, holy, and awesome Covid Demon is actually fake and gay. And if you look carefully at the excess death statistics, it is starting to look as if the Vax is entirely not fake at all human sacrifice to the mighty, terrible, holy, and awesome Covid demon, though we will need to wait for better data to say definitely how many young healthy human beings with many years ahead of them have been sacrificed to the mighty, terrible, holy, and awesome Covid demon.

      • Fake says:

        According to a nurse I talked to, ICU and ERs are “slammed” because the units are under staffed. They fired or lost many nurses last year to travel jobs, the hospital department shutdowns last spring, onerous/arbitrary/contradictory covid policies. There are empty rooms and empty beds with no staff to work them. And they won’t rehire them, because that would fix the hospital-full-of-covid problem.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >The ICUs in the hospital here are filled with covid patients

      *The ICUs in the hospital are filled with patients pronounced as having covid.

      A 60 year old going to the hospital for an inflamed prostate will be told he has covid, because his fever and malaise ‘matches the epidemiology’, because motivated cognition.

      Like a factory manager in soviet russia, they know what’s expected of them, and dutifully report the expected figures. And the official sources in turn dutifully report the aggregated figures.

      ‘Emergency rooms’ are always full because that is the only place one can simply walk in to a hospital and get care in the modern health care system, because the ‘ordinary’ pathways, being more visible to disconnected bureaucrats, are rendered maladaptive due to bureaucratisms, much like how ‘plea bargains’ are the number one way of resolving trials today, because the ‘ordinary’ pathway for trials are rendered maladaptive due to bureaucratisms. Every Name something has to day is a calumnious parody of what it might have once implied in more civilized times. This line of argument is like if you built a dike everywhere across a mountain pass except your property, then when summer hikers start coming around and try to get through you claim you have a huge trespassing problem and try to press charges.

    • Starman says:


      ” several of my co-workers have unvaxed family members who’ve been hospitalized with coviD.”


      • Guy says:

        I don’t know if it’s been asked yet, but have any of the frequent commenters on here known someone to have a legit COVID case requiring hospitalization? I am decidedly not a known/regular commenter but I am a definite no, living in a densely populated area, went to work through the whole thing, not a single person. Less sick people in the last year than normal, by far.

        • Pooch says:


        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Same, though many stories of friend of friend’s great aunt twice removed. Also, dozens of coworkers absolutely obliterated by the second jab, two had to quit due to complications, and one guy deceased weeks after complications, but his comorbidities had comorbidities. -/(“)\-

        • Upravda says:

          Let’s say I live both in large city and big village on the outskirt of medium-sized city. My statistics that includes people I personally know:

          Officially died “of” covid: 2. First one was 76 and had long-time cardiac problems, second one was 79 with multiple comorbidities (I don’t know is this correct English word, meaning “risk-factors”). Obviously, both of them died “with” covid, not “of”.

          Fully vaxxed and catched covid nevertheless: at least 2, both without visible long-term consequences.

          Catched covid, got registered as covid patients, and got over it like it’s a flu: too many to count. Dozens, including close neighbors, acquaintance with whom I drank day before, my best man and little goddaughter. That includes old people with comorbidites.

          Catched covid and needed hospitalization: 1. Got pneumonia, that’s it, but recovered.

          Might have died of vaxx: 1. Brain stroke on otherwise healthy 60-years old without comorbidities.

          Fully vaxxed: Dozens.

          Neither vaxxed not catched covid: A lot. Also dozens.

        • Karl says:

          I know one man who died (arguably) of Covid, but he was in his late sixties, fat, had diabetes and cardiac problems. Needed oxygen in hospital (no ventilation, they just gave him oxygen to breath instead of air). In my opnion covid induced pneumonia killed him. If he had not died of covid, he’d might have lived another year or so.

          I also know one man who had covid induced pneumonia and needed oxygen in the hospital (no ventilation). He was in his early fifties, thin, and fit. He made a full recovery, but I doubt he would have survived breating air instead of oxygen when his pneumonia was at its worst.

        • Varna says:

          I know three families that got COVID:
          1) one where the 70 yr old diabetic husband got it,
          2) one where a couple in their early 60s got it
          3) one where middle-aged couple and their student kid got it

          The chap from 1) spent a week in hospital, well-heeled and connected, they took good care of him and he bounced back real fast. The rest in the list did not need hospitalization.

          Concerning the vax:
          1) A couple in their late 20s got the Astra clot shot and both went through a week-long agony of fever and muscle aches and painkillers by the handful
          2) A guy of 40 got the RNA vax, feels slightly disconnected from reality since then (couple of months)
          3) One chap in his mid-20s got a trad vax and a week later had a swelling on his nut sack, which the hospital tried to convince him was cancer but he bullied them into making tests until it turned out to be a normal swelling that gets fixed by a week of antibiotics
          4) One 10 year old kid got the trad vax, spent a month with a sore throat, hacking out gunk.
          5) Second chap in his mid-20s got a trad vax, felt like shit for one evening.

          In the degenerate Rus chans, a meme-post has been floating around of late, as a reply to someone saying that a relative died or got really sick, hence everyone must get the jab. The meme reply goes like this:

          “I too thought the COVID was just the flu, but then my Dad got it. Robust guy, always so strong, but a week later he was suddenly gone, just like that. At the funeral I was standing there, unable to accept the reality, then suddenly I saw the above poster’s mother. She was so horny, instantly started blowing me in the nearby bushes. I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly my dead Dad appeared! He started banging her in the other end while the poster’s mom sucked me off. A real insatiable slut. Later on my Dad became quite alive again, and even started smoking fancy cigarettes.”

          • Kgaard says:

            [*deleted for failure to take the shill test*]

            • jim says:

              There was nothing wrong with your comment, which was on topic, relevant, responsive, and informative. You are a fine commenter – mostly.

              But whenever I see shill payload, payload that I know is being pushed by the feds, or by the State Depart/George Soros ngos, I ask the commenter to take the shill test.

              And usually he cannot, revealing he has human resources breathing down his neck, revealing he is being paid to make these comments.

              Take the shill test, and then we can discuss 9/11, but interacting with someone who is being paid and supervised to push a script is pointless. It is like talking back to the television.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            ” a swelling on his nut sack, which the hospital tried to convince him was cancer but he bullied them into making tests until it turned out to be a normal swelling ”

            Almost castrated…

            • Varna says:

              Christ, hadn’t even thought of that.
              The state of it all.
              Soon in a clinic next to you: “A minor ear ache you say? Well, let’s start by sterilizing you and then we’ll see what else we can do.”

              • Dave says:

                Would be great if welfare offices did that, using a reversible method only if you’re under sixteen and white.

        • pyrrhus says:

          No..I know of about 20 actual or suspected cases, but none hospitalized…In our HOA, about 3% have had verified Covid, but no serious problems…Not a very impressive pandemic…

    • Doom says:

      > just is not possible to have a conspiracy involving millions of doctors and nurses across the world.

      1) Entering and remaining in these roles requires they accept the authority of the medical establishment (and the reality they dictate)
      2) Since they’re in a position of authority, and accept the authority above them, anyone “below” them (patients) who argues is ignored (Where did YOU get your medical training?)

      So yes, absolutely possible and likely. Point deer make horse. Don’t forget.

  13. simplyconnected says:

    And that’s just the short term risk, not much is known about the medium-long term risk.
    Prion (Alzheimer’s, CJD), ADE, are plausible risks, some confirmed in animal tests (Lewy bodies, ADE). Unknown if they will materialize, but these are very serious conditions. The all-cause death stats are already increasing (I saw UK numbers 12% (July) – 16% (Aug) higher than same months for previous years). The rate of car crashes (usually very stable) are also significantly up (I forgot the number but it wasn’t much more than 10% higher, still significant since it’s usually a very stable statistic).

    • Fireball says:

      Here in the land of wine and whores general mortality is a bit higher than average but not outside of normal.

      • simplyconnected says:

        To be honest I’m still skeptical of 16% higher all-cause mortality for Aug. in UK that I read. It would be a huge jump. I will post if I manage to locate the source.

        Here in the land of wine and whores general mortality is a bit higher than average but not outside of normal.

        It’s possible one has to wait a little, depending on how early vax rollout started there. We’ll see.

        • Fireball says:

          That is my opinion. Wait and see, there is no way i know what the truth is and the damaged is already done but maybe we got lucky and it isn’t much damage done.

          Either way if it isn’t the vaccines it will be economy that will get us.

  14. Varna says:

    I would like to point out two things:
    1) the current kike-spike drama unfolds as follows–you get the spike, your immune system goes into overdrive, you show astronomical levels of anitbodies. Then they start to normalize. Oy vey, we can’t have that! A booster dose! The antibodies soar again. Then they start to normalize. Oy vey, we can’t have that!
    2) the long-term mechanisms of HIV is this.

    “Most people develop immune cells that specifically try to fight the virus. These are called HIV-specific CD4 cells (or T4 cells). However, these cells get worn out and disappear in most people within 6 months after infection.

    HIV then continues infecting other CD4 cells. Without treatment, usually over many years, the rest of the immune system is worn down.

    This details of the immune response are very complicated. The main point is that HIV makes the immune system become overactive, producing more and more cells. Over time the immune system loses out. This is why without HIV treatment (ART) your CD4 count drops over time.”

    It’s like a mechanical imitation of the way HIV wears down the immune system, but without (as far as we know) an actual virus taking over the cells, simply forcing them to constantly burn themselves out.

    In this sense, even if one is blessed with genetics that preclude all the short-term and medium-term damage from the first couple of clot-shots, and no proteins start folding into prions and gradually turning you into a vegetable, no, everything goes fine… still, once they put you on the “constant boosting forever” merry-go-round, the simple HIV mechanics of wearing down the immune system kick in.


    “What are the 3 stages of HIV? When does HIV infection transition to AIDs?
    There are 3 stages of HIV infection.

    Stage 1: Flu-like symptoms after initial HIV infection (some patients have few or no symptoms)
    Stage 2: Clinically latency (HIV inactivity and/or slow progression of immunologic impairment) may last for 10 or more years in some individuals;
    Stage 3: After HIV reactivation and/or HIV’s progressive attack on the immune system, the damaged immune system has a reduced or an inability to protect the individual from serious infections and other illnesses. This stage is termed AIDS. In this stage, lab testing reveals high viral loads and CD4 counts <200 cells/mm3."

    Constant revaccination, on a purely mechanical "burning out the antibodies" level is probably akin to constantly pushing the victim's organism from Stage 2 to Stage 3. Then it tries to slide back to Stage 2, and yet another booster pushes it back to Stage 3.

    And then, of course "dreaded new highly viral infections produced by the unvaxed" finish the poor devil off at some point.

    So yeah. If you evade the short-term shit, and the medium-term shit, and the possible prion-folding, the long-term shit may be quite the ride.

  15. J.W. says:


  16. Karl says:

    Vaccination effects should pretty soon show up in generall mortality data and even more so in new dissability claims.

  17. Upravda says:

    Who is she, and what summit is that?

    Here in Croatia we still *do* hear such voices *in public*, and some of those people (for example Mr. Gordan Lauc) are even members of governmental council for the Chinese virus. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find out unobfuscated data about all that vaccine stuff. And yes, even those people are suffering somewhat of, as you here would say, “namefaggism”.

    I did, however, invent a cure against Covid!

    Turn off the TV.

    That’s it. I’m seriously advising it to everyone around me.

    Yes, yes, you also have to pretend not to see mass occurrence of zombies infected with alien facehuggers, but those are mostly restricted to shopping centers. Even there, youth’s favorite pastime is sneaking in and wandering around in facehugger-free state.

    Those kids will hate us.

    • The Cominator says:

      Honest scientific information on politically sensitive topics comes from Japan, South Korea and to some extent Russia…

      But you only hear little bits and pieces because I personally cannot speak or read those languages.

      • Upravda says:

        I can still read Cyrillic script but Russian is simply too foreign of a language. One might help himself using online translation services, but that approach makes reading Russian sources waaay to slow. But, yes, I also tend to believe Russian scientist more, but not in any way too much.

        Right now, prediction is hard. Few days ago, our Interior Minister (gamma by every word of Vox Day’s definition) said that after September 1st, “most pubs will be closed again”. By the way, pubs are *still* not allowed to serve indoor, except those that serve meals, and that restriction is in effect since last November. (!?!) Yesterday, vice-chief of Croatian Health Service said, au contraire, that all pubs will be allowed to work, both indoors and outdoors, serving meals or just drinks.

        It seems to me that there are two lobbies in our local establishment.

        First one that *does* understand colossal damage they have done, including extra deaths but not from Chinese virus, but from the effects of second lockdown (even by CHS’s data), and seeks for “exit strategy” before someone finally asks for their heads, metaphorically. And first such voices *were* already heard yesterday.

        Second one, mostly lead by our idiot of the Interior Minister, wants to double down on… everything.

        I hope that I’m right (I rarely miss domestic prediction), and I pray that first lobby will prevail. Although they all deserve… harsh punishments because of all this Mindless Hysteria, I’d just wish that we were finally left alone.

        • Karl says:

          I assume that most of the second lobby also understand the colossal damage they have done. The difference to the first lobby is simply that they want to do even more damage.

          At least, that is my impression of the very similar situation in Germany

          • jim says:

            It is human sacrifice to the mighty and holy Covid demon. The more people they harm or kill, the holier they are.

          • Upravda says:

            I’m obviously *still* afflicted by normalcy bias because that obvious thought of *both* sides knowing the amount of damage to people and society didn’t cross my mind – until now.

            And of course, when speaking few days ago about forthcoming closing of pubs, Interior Minister managed to mention recent fires in Greece and Turkey saying something along: “See those fires? What else of a proof do you need for a global warming?”

            I’m not kidding.

        • D Brinn says:

          There’s a similar divide here in the US. One faction, or group of factions, just wanted to use the pandemic to accomplish certain goals: tanking the economy and increasing mail-in ballots to hurt the president in the election, getting approval for mRNA tech that couldn’t get past the normal trials, overriding anti-mask laws so their rioters could hide their faces, advancing new systems of tracking and control of the populace. The other faction is the Holy Covid cult.

          The cultists want the pandemic to go on forever so they can rise in the cult by showing their holiness through masks, shots, and public encouragement or enforcement of lockdowns and various mandates. Covid cases/deaths could be officially zero and this group would still argue for increased “mitigations” on the excuse that it could come back.

          The first faction, having accomplished most of its goals, is ready to wind down the operation. They generally want to get the economy going again so they can take credit for it. They want people, at least the right kind of people, to be able to move around normally again. So this group occasionally raises a lockdown or puts out an edict like when the CDC said the vaccinated could go without masks.

          The problem they have is that they created and fed the cultists because they needed a cult to get what they wanted, and now they can’t just turn it off. Every time they try to take a practical step toward ending it, the cultists attack and demand that it continue. My cultist co-workers who had spent months saying “trust science, follow the CDC,” screamed the opposite the day the CDC reduced the mask mandate.

          While the people at the very top are probably all in the first faction of practical manipulators, they have to larp as high priests of the cult to keep the cult in order. And there are plenty of true cultists in lesser positions of power, like that judge who took a child away from a non-vaxxed parent. In general, the cult doesn’t seem to be losing ground in the cities and larger towns where it dominates, and it may not until there are enough clear vax-caused deaths that everyone knows of a couple personally.

          • Karl says:

            Vax-caused deaths will affect this cult only to the extent that cultists are vaxxed to death.

            Deaths in the promille or even percent range won’t suffice to stop this cult, but as we don’t know anything about sequelae that show up only after a year or, there is still a possibility that the covid cult literally dies out in a few years, especially if they go for booster shots every 5 months or so.

            • Pooch says:

              Deaths in the promille or even percent range won’t suffice to stop this cult, but as we don’t know anything about sequelae that show up only after a year or, there is still a possibility that the covid cult literally dies out in a few years, especially if they go for booster shots every 5 months or so.

              As long as the progressive faith is alive and well the holiness spiral will continue indefinitely until everyone is vaxxed to death (assuming COVID hysteria still remains the dominate cult), in a weird variation of the Khmer Rouge.

              What is more likely to stop it, until Caesar arrives, is the rise of a more dominant cult and for priests of that cult to overshadow the Covid priests.

              Recall after the St. Floyd riots, liberals magically forgot all about covid and walked arm and arm through the streets in worship of blacks for months. The national health emergency was no longer a virus, it was racism.

              • D Brinn says:

                Could anyone recommend a good book on the Khmer Rouge or other examples of the holiness spiral going until everyone is killing everyone? I find it difficult to get the holiness spiral idea past people’s normality bias. They can’t let go of the idea that it has to hit a natural stopping point where the people realize it’s gone too far and pull back to sanity on their own.

                • Karl says:

                  I use the bible to explain the holiness spiral. Pharisee is not a political term so people can easily think about it.

                  There might well be a natural point when people realize it’s gone to far. Problem is that they are then powerless to stop it. They are crushed if they try to stop it alone, crushed if they try to coordinate with others to stop it, crushed when the are noticed noticing it has gone too far, etc

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Second the request for ID of the speaker and name of summit. That “””lady””” had an awfully deep voice.

    • DiggingDeeper says:

      It appears to be from the White Coat Summit, the one year anniversary.

      Much video is here. The referenced clip is at about 3:32:00.


  18. Karl Ushanka says:

    If these public servants really want to serve, they’d publish that list of doctors so those of us who bothered to research the experimental gene therapy can have a doctor we can trust.

  19. Need it for school says:

    I really dodged a bullet.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Once in the system they would want to regularly strip you of your vaxxed status and keep injecting regularly. Perverse stuff.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      Never say the edgylords of the internets didn’t help you, they adamantly kept you from injecting death into your body.

      jim’s blog 1
      Us government 0

      Between this and the constant Ls the shills take here, it’s good that jim is anonymous.

    • Pooch says:

      How did you end up beating it? Religious exemption?

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