Trump the chess master or Trump the cuckold

First, I endorse this excellent post by Heartiste, Minion of Satan.

If Trumps beats the judges on legal immigration, avoids war with Russia, and builds the wall, he is what we thought he was. Hail Trump, God Emperor. Those three items amount to making war on the deep state and winning. Missiling Syria is deeply worrying, but it is far too soon to count him out on what really matters.

And to that excellent post by Heartiste, Minion of Satan, I will add this. In chess, you can see the moves the master makes. When Trump moves, you frequently cannot see him move. Even when his move is public, a fashion statement or a tweet, it is often at a level that you cannot see what he is up to except in retrospect. He is playing a different game to the game his enemies think he is playing. Therefore, while we should take seriously the likelihood that Trump will double cross his loyalists for the praise and flattery of his enemies, we should take considerably less seriously any theory that supposes he is doing something stupid. Which is more likely? That you are smarter than Trump and know more than he does, or that Trump has an ace up his sleeve and a Smith and Wesson in his pocket?

Making warlike moves on Syria is a strategic retreat under fire, never a good sign. The merely temporary government, Trump is retreating under fire from the permanent government. But is is not over till it is over, and now that Gorsuch is in, Trump is free to move on lowering the status of judges, preparatory to going Jackson on them. That is bigger than Syria, though not so big as war with Russia. If Trump gets legal immigration of Muslims severely slowed, avoids war with Russia and avoids installing the head choppers in charge of Syria, the attack on Syria will not have mattered.

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  2. Turtle says:

    Here’s a surprising story re:NATO.

    It’s interesting that the “admiral” responsible for the naval missile strike is… Michelle Howard. And Italians are known for being national fascists/ communists, yet they have NATO bases galore, which send potentially nuclear-armed ships and submarines to Russia’s borders. I think an all-male military is less likely to start a big war. I don’t like the sound of Admiral Michelle.

    Even more so, I dislike how “the G7 Foreign Ministers Summit… meeting was expanded to Foreign Ministers of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan.” It’s a strange alliance, and unlikely to last long. The issue of 9/11 being done in part by Gulf states, and Trump being a New Yorker, is evidence that Trump will not cuck out, and will continue to support Assad, as much as he can. He opened a line of communication with Damascus recently, and likely wants to send diplomats there as soon as it is safe to do so.

  3. Some dude says:

    “lowering the status of judges, preparatory to going Jackson on them. That is bigger than Syria, though not so big as war with Russia.”

    Lowering the status of judges is more important than avoiding/having war with Russia.

    There are outcomes involving war with Russia in which we survive as a nation.

    There is no outcome involving the current utterly lawless judges in which we survive as a nation. Bringing the judiciary sharply to heel is one of the necessary conditions for the survival of the U.S.

    • peppermint says:

      Okay, but avoiding war with Russia and getting the US boot off Europe’s neck is the precondition for the continued existence of the White race anywhere. If the US must destroy the Americans in exchange, so be it. Hillary was going to finish ruining the US so that it would be incapable of ruining Russia, while Trump offers to make the US capable of ruining Russia and also to save the Americans from the US government.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What concerns me is why does the US need involve itself with “defeating ISIS” at all? If you want to save the Christians and the Alawites from extermination, without taking them as refugees to America, the best long-term strategy to do so is to break Syria up into statelets, and arm the Christians and the Alawites – and not to humiliate the Sunnis *yet again* by fighting on the side of sundry minorities against the Sunni majority, thus paving the way for future attempts by frustrated Sunnis to take off where ISIS stopped.

    “Should Assad go or stay?” is the wrong question. He should rule Alawite regions, and if the population in Syria is too intermingled so demarcation along ethno-religious lines is not feasible, then ethnic cleansing, that is, multilateral ethnic cleansing in which minorities kick out the Sunnis, and Sunnis kick out the minorities, can sort that out. Peace through separation. The Christian statelet would be an American (and possibly Israeli) protectorate, the Alawite stetelet would be armed by the Russians and the Iranians, and the Sunnis can ally with whoever they want.

    But why has it become such a sacred consensus, from the alt-right down to mainstream media, that ISIS has to be defeated at all costs? Because they are the “bad guys”? Because they are “head choppers”? Who gives a shit?

    inb4 “you’re an agent of ZOG”

    • jim says:

      That sounds like the Israeli Gaza solution: Give Islamic State and Al Qaeda a base protected by the “International Community” from counter attack, from which they are free to launch attacks on Christians and Alawites.

      Peace through separation.

      People have been trying to find a way to peacefully coexist with Muslims for over a thousand years. They have not succeeded. You have to rule them, be ruled by them, or fight them.

      Not only do the head choppers demand Damascus, they are also looking at renewing the war with their patron Israel and regaining Cordoba in Spain. Give them anything, they will demand more, and murder random innocents in order to press their demands. It would be the peace of Vasvár all over again.

      • Alrenous says:

        >find a way to peacefully coexist with Muslims

        Shocking news: peace can’t be unilaterally declared. Thousands of years – yeah, thousands of years of headache-inducing stupidity.

        Turns out the noble savage had agency all along and is actually just savage.

        • Anonymous says:

          >Shocking news: peace can’t be unilaterally declared.

          Nothing “declared”.

          Separation (or “secession” if you will), then backing-up Christian clients. You get relative quite, and allow for rebuilding infrastructure. Allow ISIS savages to remain savages – in their own territory.

          What’s so bad about my proposal? That Americans don’t get to play “international morality police” by “kicking the assess” of the “bad guys” as if life was a Hollywood film?

          • pdimov says:

            What’s bad about it is that it won’t work, because ISIS is a proxy of Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, at war with Assad.

            • Anonymous says:

              >What’s bad about it is that it won’t work, because ISIS is a proxy of Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, at war with Assad.

              ISIS can be a proxy of Beelzebub for all I care (and it probably is), what matters is your/Jim’s stated goal, re: defend Christians and Alawites from extermination by ISIS and AQ. Well, if you want to achieve long-term security for Christians and Alawites, rather than perpetual civil war — perpetual civil war being what Israel desires — then need separate countries, and formalized clienthood.

              The Israelis used to be fond of my idea, until ISIS came along and allowed them to have perpetual civil war with no end in sight. But to end the civil war not for a decade (at best) until the emergence of ISIS 2.0, but for a century, you want Christians and Muslims not being at each other’s throat, which means that the old idea, abandoned by the Israelis, of breaking up Syria into statelets, has been vindicated; vindicated exactly due to the rise of ISIS reactionaries who don’t want to live under non-Wahhabi rule.

              Why wouldn’t it work? Because the Turks, Israelis, and Saudis be upset? I think USG has had enough with these troublemakers, and can get them to back off, or else.

              • pdimov says:

                If you can get them to back off, Assad will take care of Syria. No further action will be required.

                • pdimov says:

                  Of course, for that America (specifically CIA/deep state) will need to back off first, as it’s also at war with Assad.

                • Anonymous says:

                  You’re probably correct. Still,

                  USG says: we must fight both Assad and ISIS.

                  Actually, should fight neither Assad, nor ISIS.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t shill for ISIS now. Morally, they are repugnant. Practically, I see no need, currently, to defeat them. While both alt-righters and mainstream Progressives salivate in unison about defeating ISIS, someone should sound a lone voice in the wilderness, asking: “why?” As Dylan Roof said: I guess that has to be me!

          • Joe says:

            I agree. ISIS are just more fundamentalist Muslims behaving like fundamentalist Muslims. I suspect that Muhammad would not see anything wrong with what they are doing, and that their behaviors are quite historically common fundamentalist Muslim behaviors.

            Quarantine the Muslims in the Middle East and let them do among themselves what they will, like you would a tribe of cannibals in the deep Amazon. Maybe if they stew long enough in their quarantine they will throw off Islam permanently. (Probably not, though, because that religion is probably a manifestation of their characteristic genetics. Just like the animism and voodoo of subsaharan Africa is not going to be abandoned because it is a good fit with the genetic African mentality.)

            One of Trump’s worst characteristics is sentimental impulsiveness, assuming it is true that at least part of the reason he bombed Syria was because he and his daughter were upset about dead baby pictures. (Of course his sentimentality is probably a large part of the reason he gives a shit about the white working class.)

      • Anonymous says:

        >That sounds like the Israeli Gaza solution: Give Islamic State and Al Qaeda a base protected by the “International Community” from counter attack, from which they are free to launch attacks on Christians and Alawites.

        You’re overestimating the Blue Empire. Getting USG to prop up ISIS indirectly (“muh secular rebels”) is tenable, but I doubt anyone is particularly enthusiastic about that, at least among the more sober heads in the State Department, who realize that ISIS is unreliable and thus uncontrollable, and as such, prone to bite the hand feeding it.

        Getting USG to prop up ISIS *directly* is simply not going to fly, or not for long, not as long as ISIS engages in large-scale atrocities against Red Empire clients. With Red Empire (Pentagon, DoD) going “all in” to defend and arm the Christian protectorate, its client statelet, and with Russia/Iran backing the Alwaites, the “international community” will move on to greener pastures, because openly siding with ISIS against Christians is a doomed strategy, while covertly doing so is unlikely to succeed when you have clearly delineated borders separating Sunni country from the others, thus allowing Red Empire and Russia/Iran to back their respective clients against the “international community”-supported Sunnis. The Christians aren’t going anywhere.

        >People have been trying to find a way to peacefully coexist with Muslims for over a thousand years.

        Well, not exactly “peacefully”, but rather quietly, coexist alongside Muslims, that is, in neighboring but separate countries. Unless your proposal is to go full-Crusader, there will indeed never be peace between Wahhabists and the minority coalition of Christians, Alawites, and Druze – but separation can reduce friction, while fighting to maintain the sectarian rule over the Sunni majority is a recipe for future bloodbaths by aggrieved Sunnis, aka ISIS 2.0, or perhaps Al-Qaeda 3.0.

        >You have to rule them, be ruled by them, or fight them.

        You want Red Empire supporting the Christians and Russia/Iran supporting the Alawites, thus, you want the Christians and the Alawites separated from the Sunnis. That way, when fight breaks out between Christians and Muslims, you can step in to defend your client, instead of acting like the International Morality Police, which is what the Blue Empire pretends to be. Effectively, move power away from Blue Empire to Red Empire, and let the Russians to their thing.

        Right now there is no need to “defeat ISIS”. Let the head-coppers instate their rule over fellow Sunnis, it’s none of your business what Sunnis do in their own countries, and if they want to go back to the 7th century, by all means let them. Besides, it would work to discredit political Islam (that is: Islam) better than anything else. Formalize relationship with Christians by making them client state.

        Do I miss something obvious?

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        This is indeed remeniscient of Scott Adams’ prescription of simply containing ISIS in an ISIS-owned-and-operated cage state, in which they’re safe to occasionally reach in and fuck with. This de-statusing the ISIS/Al-Nusra brand world-wide.

        If a bunch of Christians get caught up in there with them, though, well that’s awful.

        If I can hit “pause” on my hysterical swooning over the Don-getting-body-snatched-by-ZOG theory (surely an expression of my own frustrated submissiveness IRL), let’s remember that Don understands branding and the real estate business extremely well. There must be some maybe-good-news to be discovered from examining the situation from that particular lilly-pad.

    • pdimov says:

      “What concerns me is why does the US need involve itself with “defeating ISIS” at all?”

      Because something something war on terror?

      ISIS is supposedly the Caliphate whose existence compels Muslims everywhere in the world to fight the infidel.

      • jim says:

        Isis is the Caliphate. They have dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s. If you are not supporting ISIS you are not a good Muslim.

        And we are rapidly importing one hell of a lot of good Muslims.

        • Anonymous says:

          >And we are rapidly importing one hell of a lot of good Muslims.

          Right, so the real issue isn’t head-chopping in the Middle-East, but rather, the fact that the Occident has a Muslim population, and imports more Muslims all the time. And if that’s the real issue, then the real solution isn’t to intervene to stop head-chopping in the Middle-East, but to kick out the Muslims out of the Occident forever.

          • Alrenous says:

            They will try to get back in. It’s an interminable annoyance. Much cheaper just to kill them all.

            • B says:

              What, will they build aircraft carrier groups out of mud bricks and sail them across the Med and Atlantic to launch an amphibious invasion of the Eastern Seaboard?

              Every single Muslim in the US is there because the US invited him, gave him a visa, etc.

              So, stop doing that.

              This isn’t rocket science, even a bozo could figure it out (if not actually implement it.)

            • Alrenous says:

              Hey, ProTip: ‘annoying’ doesn’t mean ‘dangerous.’
              When you use Sophistry, it makes you look stupid.

              • B says:

                Pro tip: sophistry is what you are engaged in when you willfully ignore the obvious-that the nearest Muslims to the US are separated from it by thousands of miles of ocean and have no way of trying to get back in except with the active cooperation of the US.

              • jim says:

                B has a point. If you propose to exterminate Muslims, some of whom are peaceable, because some of them are dangerous and many of them are annoying, then there are numerous groups and categories some of whom are dangerous and many of whom are annoying.

                I am in favor of fighting wars in ways that deter the loser from making war again, but fighting an avoidable war is wrong.

                That said, there is a large land border between Muslims and non Muslims, and on that border, endless war that frequently goes genocidal is almost unavoidable. But the US does not have such a border.

                • B says:

                  Fortunately, warfare in today’s world heavily favors social cohesion, trust, individual initiative and responsibility, and intelligence.

                  Muslims consistently come up short on all these fronts.

                  So practically any non-Muslim nation with a border with Muslims can easily defend itself, unless it’s decided that national existence is no longer worthwhile.

                • jim says:

                  Over the past 1300 years the usual pattern has been that Christians win, but Muslims keep on fighting. Christians get tired, or distracted by other matters, and make concessions to attain peace, which concessions the Muslims promptly pocket and shortly thereafter resume fighting.

                  Does this pattern sound familiar to you?

                  It is not so easy to deal with Muslims, short of going near genocidal like the French in Algeria.

                • B says:

                  This is not a universal pattern. For instance, the Ottoman Empire used to go up all the way to Italy and Austria. The Tatars used to be up by Moscow. The three big episodes where Christians fell back were the Crusades, the collapse of the Byzantine Empire and Balkan States, and the European retreat from the colonies. The latter was a result of internal forces, not Muslims persisting in their struggles.

                • Alrenous says:

                  Most dangerous or annoying groups have a historical tendency to respect deterrence.

                  Muslims don’t. If it were possible to make them stop trying to get in with a firm slap, I would suggest that instead.

                • B says:

                  For the twentieth time: it is possible to stop them from trying to get in by NOT BRINGING THEM IN.

                  This feels like talking to a girl who “keeps getting roofied” and suggesting that maybe her habit getting blackout drunk in nightclubs is a small part of the issue.

      • Anonymous says:

        >ISIS is supposedly the Caliphate whose existence compels Muslims everywhere in the world to fight the infidel.

        Well, that’s the bigger problem: that there are “Muslims everywhere”. There shouldn’t be.

      • Anonymous says:

        The actual real problem is that there are “Muslims everywhere in the world”, not hypothetically but actually, and the solution requires replacing the (((hostile elites))) with nationalist leadership. Whether or not Muslims swear allegiance to a Middle-Eastern Caliphate is not the problem, not a problem as long as Muslim presence is confined to the Middle-East.

        The notion of “we’ll destroy ISIS to pacify our local Muslims” is idiotic. It’s a textbook example of “doing it wrong”. No, instead, you need to kick out the Muslims, ISIS or no ISIS, and let the perpetually-aggrieved Wahhabists chop the heads of fellow Sunnis all-day-long all over the Middle-East, because why should you care?

  5. Jack Highlands says:

    We just got Jewed again. It’s clear, and anyone serious about defending Whites must be done with Trump and Jewry.

    Kushner: Making Israel Greater Now

    And VDare isn’t even very counter-Semitic, as the Dissident Right goes.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      Any White organization or movement that is not SPECIFICALLY constituted as anti-Semitic, WILL be infiltrated by Jews, to their advantage and our detriment.

      And even those that are so constituted must take great care to screen out cryptos.

      We were fools to trust a White man with such low ethnocentrism that he married off one of his most precious possessions to this criminal scion of Orthodox Jewry. Not very patriarchal of him, Jim.

    • jim says:

      Too soon to tell.

    • Alrenous says:

      VDare is one of what Heartiste calls the hysterical girls of the alt-right, and is probably still on her stress-induced period. She’ll be drunk hate-texting Trump for at least a month yet, regardless.

  6. Joshua Chamberlain says:

    Never happen. We’re done. Finished. Finito.

  7. pdimov says:

    From the point of view of the rest of the world, making America Great Again has always been a risky proposition. A strong America is good. A strong America spreading leftist poison is however worse than a weak America spreading leftist poison. Similarly, a strong America supporting Islam is worse than a weak America supporting Islam.

    • Learner says:

      It should be obvious by now that he was meaning “Make America *white* again”. A different thing is that he was lying like the avid salesman he is.

      • pdimov says:

        Nope. He did mean great. Trump is not a white nationalist, has never been, will never be.

      • jim says:

        I dearly wish that is what he meant, but if you think that is what he meant, you are nuts.

        We want Trump to make himself God Emperor, to be succeeded by his sons, for in a democracy, when the people have lost the confidence of the government, the government elects a new people. We want democracy ended, not to make America white again, but because the King of the Kingdom of America will have no motive to make America brown, whereas democratically elected politicians have a motive to bring in cheap low information low IQ Obamaphone voters to live on crime, welfare, and voting for more Obamaphones.

        The problem with electing a new people is that the ruling ideology is that brown inferiority and brown underperformance is caused by whites thinking evil thoughts at them, so obviously, once there is a brown majority, you are going to have to fix this horrible problem by getting rid of whites. Also poverty is caused by whites hogging all the good stuff.

        • Learner says:

          What he meant was for people like you to vote for him. And he got what he meant to get. Hence “white” was implied in the meaning. Chess master, isn’t he?

          • jim says:

            We voted for him. And if he builds a wall, reduces legal immigration of hostiles, and refuses to go to war with Russia, we will be pretty happy that we did.

            If he stays in power for eight years by rigging the system in his favor, then is succeeded by his son, and his grandson, and his grandson drops the pretense that the Republic still lives, declares himself King Trump the third, and retroactively makes his dad King Trump the second, and his grandad king Trump the first, we will be very happy indeed that we did.

            • Learner says:

              Yes, I know that. Did you count the bricks at the new wall?

              • jim says:

                Proposals for the wall have been submitted. Twenty of them will be asked to build a very short stretch of prototype wall near the border near San Diego starting in June.

                Lawfare on the mass migration of male military age Muslim democrat voters screaming for infidel blood and white pussy to marginal electorates in flyover country will resume in a few days, now that Gorsuch has been confirmed. Tony Abbott won as similar battle by going Jackson on the judges. Trump has been making Jacksonian noises.

                • Learner says:

                  Hey man, don’t worry about all that stuff. Remember: fashion and comics. That’s what really matters. No wall bricks but… fashion and comics! One hundred thousand Salafists from Saudi Arabia getting visas to study in the US but FASHION AND COMICS!

                  Hey, maybe the next male chauvinist superhero could be Tomahawk 59. You know, White male Tomahawk 59 would have the superpower of bombing evil enemies to show nothing happens. Isn’t it amazing? Tomahawk 59 can BOMB evil enemies to show NOTHING happens when he superpowerfully *bombs* them.

                  I heard a Marvel guy say they can sell it successfully in the US for just $100m an issue. They already have a spin-off candidate, Obvious False Flag. You know what’s Obvious False Flag’s superpower?

                • pdimov says:

                  “Despite President Trump’s request for more than $1 billion to fund the Mexican border wall this year, GOP leaders are expected to exclude the money in the spending bill being prepared to keep the government open beyond April 28.”


                • Learner says:

                  @pdimov How exactly does a $12b wall (which, by the way, Trump promised Americans they would get for free) prevent 100,000 visa-carrying Saudi Salafists from coming to the US, grabbing White pussy and doing those horrible terror thingies they are so fond of?

                  Because, you know, this guy promised that not a single Muslim, but maybe London mayor, would enter the US:

                • jim says:

                  Likely that will require civil war II. He is working on it.

                • B says:

                  Because the comics, duh.

                • jim says:

                  Exactly so. Because of comics. Ideas are more powerful than guns, fashion is more powerful than ideas, and if Trump’s wall has not yet started, he has already taken substantial and effective action on building ideas and starting fashions.

                  Ideas are more powerful than guns because ideas command guns better than guns command ideas. Fashion is more powerful than ideas, because fashion tells people what ideas are high status.

                • pdimov says:

                  My point, Learner, was that the wall will not be in the budget. Which is a point against, not in favor.

                  As for how it would prevent Salafists entering, it obviously will not. Have to helicopter the judges first.

                • pdimov says:

                  Comics are a leading indicator. Like the stock market, they reflect what people think will happen in the future. They don’t cause the future. The future will be #MAGA? Stocks up, comics depict greatness. Trump fires 59 missiles into Syria? Stocks down, comic artists throw the half-finished greatness in the trash and start diversifying.

                  This is not so. Comics and comic artists do what they are damned well told: Eg Tranny Thor, Tranny spiderman, and Tranny wolverine were not a response to popular demand, or expected popular demand, or a huge new comic buying demographic of trannies.

                  You don’t have freedom of speech, except in a pseudonymous hate site on the internet. You think comics and comic artists have freedom of speech?

                  Yesterday they got their marching orders from Obama, today they got their marching orders from Trump.

                • pdimov says:

                  ^ this is Jim responding to my quoted comment

                  “Yesterday they got their marching orders from Obama, today they got their marching orders from Trump.”

                  That’s usually not how things work under communism. Comrade Stalin doesn’t tell you what to draw or write. You, by your own volition, draw or write what you think comrade Stalin would like.

                  This is not exactly freedom of speech because if you guess wrong, you end up in a gulag.

                • jim says:

                  Under communism, when the line changed, as it frequently did, everyone changed in lock step.

                  Thus, for example, before Christmas 1978, Everyone in the Soviet Union and every academic in the west thought that Pol Pot was a successful mild mannered reformist. After Christmas 1978, everyone in the Soviet Union and every academic in the west thought he was a demon in human form installed in power by the CIA.

                  Thus, Trump gets elected, and suddenly people are drawing comics differently.

                • peppermint says:

                  You, in exchange for having a job, draw or write what the company’s political commissar wants. The company’s political commissar is installed by veiled threat from the DoJ. The current administration no longer asserts that the way to avoid trouble is to inject trannies into everything.

                  Obama administration supported political commissars were probably frustrated that not only did Mass Effect 3 had the part about the ME1 important character and romance option character being retconned into a tranny removed and the gay relationship subplot relegated to a small conversation in the cuck hold that would be easy to skip, but that character went from having a spic looking face and hazel eyes to being a blue eyed White woman.

                  Thus Mass Effect Amdromeda had stronger political oversight, with artists required to come up with bizarre mishmashes of facial features under the rubric that in the future all the races get interbred in equal proportions and there are no dominant genes, a theory that drove the story and some character art from ME1.

                  What they came up with was such abject garbage that the political commissar was fired.

                • pdimov says:

                  “Under communism, when the line changed, as it frequently did, everyone changed in lock step.”

                  Yes, because everyone reads Pravda, and when Pravda says X, X it is.

                  “Thus, Trump gets elected, and suddenly people are drawing comics differently.”

                  But the mechanism by which this occurs is not Trump issuing orders. The mechanism is, as I said, people themselves deciding to draw differently because they sense the incoming change.

                  If the incoming change fails to materialize, expect tranny comics to return.

                • peppermint says:

                  The mechanism here is fear of the political commissary aka HR which interprets the vague threats and promises from the Administration via primarily DoJ but also IRS and others.

                  Google is currently being sued by the DoJ for demonstrating hatred of women and desire to oppress them. Presumably Sessions is pursuing this allegation to punish Google for other reasons than Obama’s guys started it.

                • jim says:

                  Which is kind of hilarious, since my perception is that Google purged its smartest engineers because women found them offensive. Google is totally SJW converged, and still gets punished for statistically unequal outcomes.

                  Punishing people for statistically unequal outcomes is obviously unjust, and contrary to the clear letter of the law, so this was done selectively. You only got prosecuted if you were out of favor for some reason.

                • peppermint says:

                  The deeply unpopular tranny bullshit will be dropped. Following which, expressions of anger about it will lead to the erosion of the entire leftist project.

                  Pierce in The Turner Diaries predicted that rape would in the future be prosecuted only as assault so that nigger rape statistics wouldn’t be tabulated. Instead, sexual harassment became a key mechanism of the war on White men, while nigger rape became unmentionable by constant refrain of it’s a media stereotype with no basis in reality.

                  The cuddly wuddly liberal Christians were going in the direction Pierce indicated at the time, but some key feminist books argued that the new direction would be worse for White men.

                  Obviously feminists will claim that tells tranny bullshit was a misogynistic attempt to take everything from women including their femininity, which it is, but without leftist control over opinion making and respectable cuckservative Christians to agree with them, they’re not going to be able to slither away this time.

        • Alrenous says:

          Trump has taken on an impossible task: make America high-status and competent again without making it white again.

          • jim says:

            Of course that task is impossible, but he can fail upwards or downwards. Any step that actually has the effect of making America high status and competent again is necessarily a step towards patriarchy, segregation, apartheid, and slavery – a furtive and obfuscated step, but a step nonetheless.

            Obama wanted a working Obamacare website. Could not get it, not matter how enormous the sums of money he threw at teams containing the requisite proportion of women, browns, and brown women. Eventually had to go with a team of male whites and male east Asians, headed by male whites. Making America great again is going to work out similarly.

            • Alrenous says:

              I have zero confidence in incremental reforms against the incentive gradient.

              Have to have a restoration and change the incentive gradient. Trump is a demotist and doesn’t into breaking the Union.

              • B says:

                This is absolutely correct.

                The amount of effort it would take for Trump to do the stuff he promised to get elected and make it stick beyond his term is exactly the amount of effort it would take to launch a coup and dissolve the Republic (or replace it while keeping the forms.)

                But being a bozo, Trump does not want to do a coup, nor is it clear he could organize one that would work. He still believes, broadly, in the theory of the republic we all learned in 9th grade civics class.

                He might work as a Julius Caesar, meaning, a predecessor to an Augustus. That’s a long stretch.

                • jim says:

                  The amount of effort it would take for Trump to do the stuff he promised to get elected and make it stick beyond his term is exactly the amount of effort it would take to launch a coup and dissolve the Republic (or replace it while keeping the forms.)

                  Exactly so.

                  Hence my hope that despite his quite genuine intention to accomplish what he promised without destroying the republic and without reintroducing patriarchy and segregation, despite his genuine and loudly proclaimed ambition to be a centrist democratic ruler who moves the Republican party left and pro worker, and moves the Democrats centrist and pro American, the force of events will lead to him dissolving the Republic while preserving its forms.

                  Obama genuinely wanted to get a website working without furtively implementing patriarchy and apartheid, wound up implementing patriarchy and apartheid fairly openly on a small scale in order to get it working. Trump genuinely wants to get America working.

                • jim says:

                  He still believes, broadly, in the theory of the republic we all learned in 9th grade civics class.

                  Pretty sure that gesture with tie and the generals was a dog whistle to his supporters that he does not believe that the Republic taught in ninth grade civics class exists today, if it ever existed.

                • B says:

                  You are rorschaching, reading your biases into observed data. Any data that supports them is retroactively weighed disproportionately. Any data that does not support them is either ignored or explained away.

                  Not very different from the AGW mindset: any polar bear having a bad year must be suffering for our climate sins. Any polar bear having a good year is invisible or enjoying a nice spot of local weather.

                  Which is why you are surprised when things like the Syria bombing happen.

                  Regression towards the mean is a thing. In his long career, Trump has done all sorts of stuff, including WWF buffoonery and interviews with Playboy. None of it would indicate a deep view of government which would be incompatible with 9th grade civics class.

                • jim says:

                  > You are rorschaching, reading your biases into observed data.

                  I also “”roscharched” he was going to win, observing similar data. Interpreting Trump as a helpless incompetent bozo, which is your interpretation, is not supported by the data. Trump is a master at dog whistling and sending subliminal signals.

                  True, Trump is not our pocket, his words are slippery and his dog whistles more so, but if you think he is in your pocket, you are seriously deluded.

                  If he winds up killing Christians in Syria for you, and fails to stop Muslims coming to America to do more of the same, then you can conclude he is in your pocket.

                • Alrenous says:

                  >the force of events

                  Trump’s election was a death knell for even the shell of Democracy for exactly this reason. (Well, the candidacy itself did it. The election merely adjusts the timetable.)

                  To succeed, the force of events inevitably implies a coup. Bloodless if the Cathedral is demoralized first, very bloody (interesting) otherwise. Abbot managed a partial bloodless coup, it’s hardly impossible, but either way…

                  But if he fails, being Trump, he will fail openly, revealing the wizard behind the curtain. (E.g, he won’t just order an extra helping of fudge for the unemployment stats.) His faith in electoral forms will blind him to the effects of this failure on the electorate’s faith in the electoral forms.

                • B says:

                  And now you are rorschaching at me.

                  I never said he was helpless or incompetent. I said he was a bozo.

                  I never said he was in anyone’s pocket. Certainly not in mine-what pocket do I have? I’m a guy living in an illegal house on a hilltop, opposed by both the American and Israeli governments, doing my best to raise a bunch of kids and contribute to our national redemption.

                  For the third time, I do not care about Syrian Christians (and doubt you do either.) I certainly have no wish to see Muslims in the US-I have family living there, and rather like Americans.

                  If you’d like, I could create a straw man for you to argue with.

                • jim says:

                  I never said he was in anyone’s pocket. Certainly not in mine-what pocket do I have?

                  You are making the Nazi argument from the opposing side- that he is in the pocket of the global elites – which global elite is not the same thing as “the Jews”, and is certainly not the same thing as Orthodox Jews, but you are rather sympathetic to the Global elite making white countries nonwhite, Christian countries non Christian, Hindu countries non Hindu, murdering Christians in Islamic countries, and only half heartedly oppose when they try to make Israel non Jewish. When anyone except Jews are attacked by the Global elite, you don’t identify with them, you identify with the globo homo elite. You say that the globohomo elite are your enemies, and to some extent they most certainly are. They don’t want Israel to be Jewish – the Jews amongst them, such as Soros, object to Israel being Jewish most of all. But you feel it is pretty good when Soros and company make America nonwhite and non Christian. Like the nazis, you don’t see any connection between Soros making America non white and non Christian, and Soros making Israel non Ashkenazi and non Jewish. In fact you are feeling mighty fine about males losing dominion over women, and Ashkenazi losing dominion of Israel.

                  You don’t see any connection between the State Department backing the murder or ethnic cleansing of Syrian Christians, and the State Department backing terrorists in Gaza.

                  As for making Judaism, rather than Progressivism, the official state religion of Israel, you are content to wait for the messiah to do the heavy lifting, and are mightily comfortable with a religion that is still in exile even after Jews have returned home. In that sense, you are with the globohomo elite.

                  You are not all that serious about opposing them on making Israel non Jewish. You don’t want to think about the changes you need to make in Judaism when a bunch of heavily armed levites take charge of the Temple mount. As long as Judaism remains a religion of exile, it cannot be the state religion of Israel, while progressivism can be, and is. You don’t think that progressive ruled Israel is, like Rhodesia and South Africa, on the path to suicide. You think Israel is absolutely nothing like South Africa or Rhodesia.

                  The global elite is not the same thing as “The Jews”, and George Soros is not the same thing as “The Jews”, but it is not an entirely different thing either, and when the gobal elite is harming non Jewish groups and destroying non Jewish identities, you tend to identify with it and against its enemies as if the global elite were “The Jews”, only noticing the difference, only noticing that the global elite is not “The Jews” when they are harming Israel and destroying Jewish identities.

                • B says:

                  You seem to be having a conversation with somebody else who exists only in your head.

                  This person does not strike me as very sympathetic.

                • jim says:

                  Perhaps you could explain the differences between this person and yourself point by point. Do you notice any similarity between Israel and South Africa? Do you see any connection between the State Department and the Jewish government arranging for the murder or ethnic cleansing of Syrian Christians, and the State Department and the Jewish supreme court backing terrorists in Gaza?

                • Anonymous says:

                  B would like to wish the abysmal distinction between Ashkenazim and other Jews away, and for some reason, he thinks the ordinary goyim have no access to the English editions of Haaretz, Jpost, Times of Israel, and IsraelNationalNews. When he’s cornered by the overwhelming evidence, B claims that if there is any issue of Ashkenazim vs. mud-Jews, obviously it’s the fault of the former, a kind of Ashkenazi version of the infamous “White guilt”.

                  Because Tel Aviv and a few religions communities are majority Ashkenazi, and even that is far from certain, B would ignore how the country itself is no more than 15% Ashkenazi, if gentiles excluded, perhaps 25%, and shrinking. It’s common for Hasba-Rats to downplay the frictions and strives of Israeli society, because they assume the goyim have no abilities of noticing the existence thereof, such as sources within Israel reporting on the situation, for instance.

                  The average IQ in Israel is 90, and if you ask B, he’ll blame exclusively the Arabs. That the Israeli population is majority North African (primarily Moroccan) descendent, in addition to the prevalent and primitive Central-Asian “Jews”, is not something he’ll bring up as relevant.

                  Is it more painful to be stabbed by a Marokai or a Kavkazi, huh, B?

                • Anonymous says:

                  Go ahead, B, tell our host how the Moroccan, Algerian, Libyan, Tunisian, Egyptian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Yemenite, Ethiopian, Bukharan, Georgian, Mountainous, Kurdish, Indian, and Turkish Jews are all absolutely as valuable as European Jewry, if not more so, and what a “Divine Paradise” Israel would have been if the Moroccans were 30 million rather than 3 million, and the Ethiopians 2,500,000 rather than 250,000.

                  No, you wouldn’t have a demographic war with the Palestinians. You would, however, live in a dysfunctional Third World hell-hole. Which is where Israel is headed, or could be headed under certain circumstances. But you can always dismiss my point by arguing that it’s “counterfactual”, because you’re afraid of where imagination may lead.

                  (Had Stoddard and Grant been alive today, and wrote about Israel, it would’ve been particularly delicious)

                • Anonymous says:

                  Eventually, B, it may no longer be imagination.

                  Anecdote: a Moroccan Jew sees a Russian Jew, and approaches him. “So,” opens the Moroccan, “do you think you have culture?”

                  “Of course” retorts the Russian Jew.

                  The Moroccan dithers not, and rejoins: “but tell me one thing: can you make a Mofletta? No, you can’t make a Mofletta? Then what culture, exactly, do you think you have?”

                  I will holocaust your Hasbara attempts, B. Don’t even.

                • B says:

                  >Perhaps you could explain the differences between this person and yourself point by point.

                  You can take the boy out of the Party, but you can’t take the Party out of the boy.

                  Is it okay if I don’t go down your 30 point list of my alleged thoughtcrimes and just limit myself to the last two you mentioned?

                  >Do you notice any similarity between Israel and South Africa?

                  The similarity is that we are hated by the Cathedral for the same reasons, and live with a group of people in our country who hate us and want to kill us. There are more differences than similarities-for instance, we outnumber our enemies, have more children and our birth rate is increasing as time goes on. And the Cathedral is not what it used to be.

                  >Do you see any connection between the State Department and the Jewish government arranging for the murder or ethnic cleansing of Syrian Christians, and the State Department and the Jewish supreme court backing terrorists in Gaza?

                  This is a “when did you stop beating your wife” question.

                  Let me rephrase it.

                  Is there a connection between the State Department’s support for Hamas and the Israeli elite’s support for Hamas? Yes.

                  Is there a connection between the State Department’s support for the Syrian rebels (not sure they’re supporting IS directly) and their support for Hamas? Yes.

                  Is there a connection between the Israeli government’s support for Hamas and its support for whoever it’s supporting in Syria (pretty sure it’s not IS-probably Al Nusra)? Not a direct connection.

                  The Israeli government is supporting Hamas (with water, power and fuel) under US pressure, since cutting that support would cause mass starvation and disease, and Israel would find itself in a PR crisis. I’d be fine with it, but our elites are ideologically sensitive to Western opinion. They may also be using Hamas as a counterweight to domestic attacks from the Left and Right-it’s a convenient boogeyman which can’t do much actual damage, but can be relied on to launch rockets and perform the occasional commando raid, allowing the government to position itself as our savior from terrorism.

                  The government is supporting Al Nusra in order to hedge its bets (it’s unclear who will win in Syria,) bleed Iran and keep e.g. Hizballah off our Syrian border. Syria has been our enemy for the last 70 years.

                  As I said, nobody cares about the Syrian Christians one way or the other.

                  As for the rest of it-I actually have an example of a real 20th century leader who got things done from a highly vulnerable position. His name was Lee Kuan Yew. Interviews are available online. It’s amazing how little ranting he does about the globohomo elite etc. This is a guy who had to fight the British, Communists, Malay Muslims, Chinese mafia, general culture of Chinese incompetence and corruption, etc., and got it done. He did not do it by making bombastic statements.

                • Sam J. says:

                  The Palestinians used have their own power but the Jews blew it up. They won’t left them import fuel unless the Jews get a cut. Don’t know about water but I doubt the situation is any different.

                • jim says:

                  Not true. The Palestinians blew up their own power, just as they wrecked the greenhouses the Jews gave them. It like the blacks taking over South Africa or Detroit.

                  B argues that therefore Jews should rule the middle east – makes sense, except he fails to notice that the Ashkenazi minority is already stretched a little thin.

  8. Learner says:

    I’ll say something positive about Trump: he loves to leave his options open. I am pretty sure not even he has a plan now. I mean a *single* plan. He is in wait-and-see mode. Treason their alt-right base? That’s an option. Become pro-Russian again? That’s definitely another option.

    How much are the Russians willing to spend?

    • pdimov says:

      Trump has never been pro-Russian.

      • Learner says:

        I mean pro-Russian as in saying NATO is obsolete, he would lift sanctions against Russia and the US should not intervene in Syria because ” all these ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria want to fly planes into our buildings” and there would be “worldwide hell” to pay, which is as pro-Russian as a POTUS candidate can get.

        • jim says:

          So, “pro russian” means sane.

          Please explain to me why we want to overthrow Assad in favor a bunch of head chopping “freedom fighters” who want to murder or ethnically cleanse Christians. Pretty sure their ambitions are not limited to Syrian Christians.

          • Learner says:

            @jim Yes, pro-Russian means sane. It has been this way for at least a decade and a half now.

          • B says:

            Byzantine tactics.

            Keeping Syria and Iraq a roiling cauldron where Sunni and Shi’a kill each other and burn off their resources, keeping them from expanding in more productive directions.

            You may recall that Islam was able to rise and expand meteorically because its two major bulwark civilizations, Persia and Byzantine Rome, had just spend a century destroying each other.

            • pdimov says:

              Destabilize Syria to solve issues created by the destabilization of Iraq. Sure, that’s going to work very well.

              • B says:

                Who says the destabilization of Iraq was not the goal?

                Again, look how many resources America’s enemies are pouring into Iraq/Syria. How much has it cost Iran?

                And no end is in sight. None of the parties involved are going to win on their own.

                • pdimov says:

                  “Who says the destabilization of Iraq was not the goal?”

                  I doubt it, but let’s suppose it was. Did it work? I mean, did it weaken Iran as planned, or did it by any chance backfire?

                • B says:

                  Let’s suppose it was.

                  Is Iran now stronger?

                  Is the Iranian economy equipped to handle protracted warfare hundreds of kilometers away?

                  The USSR broke economically in part due to having to fight an endless war in Afghanistan. The logistical costs were too great. Oil revenues tanked due to a fall in global prices.

                  Can Iran sustain its wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen?

                  Does it have an exit? I mean, is it likely that the Shi’a will win in some way that does not require continued Iranian financing, training and armed intervention?

                  What did the wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan do to the morale and fighting abilities of the American and Soviet militaries?

          • glosoli says:

            I question pro-Russian’s sanity:


  9. vxxc2014 says:

    Ivanka/Kushner vs Bannon et al is THE APPRENTICE: WHITE HOUSE.

    it’s every episode of THE APPRENTICE ever, Hell it’s just a promo.

    It’s Bullshit. Trump decided.

    The only JOO that matters to Trump is Roy Cohn his mentor.

    There will be more shocks. More tweets. He will keep playing the same tactics that keep working over and over and why not? He’s the same guy since the 1980s. Hell THE APPRENTICE in retrospect is him running for office just as Reagan in GE Theater was introducing himself to the public before he ran.
    Remember Reagan was already a politician when he was President of Screen Actors Guild [and got them best deal ever].

    This is actually probably pointed 1st at RU stooge meme kill [done] then ultimately at China through NORK saber rattling. China will not go to war with US over NORKs by the way unless we cross the 38th Paraell which is unlikely even in war. We rather got hurt on that one and the terrain is the same.
    It dictates coastal routes north and the chinese would run down the mountains edges again just like last time. Unlikely.

    same with Russia. Russia will go to war to defend Russia. Period.

    it’s SHOWBIZ.

  10. Turtle says:

    Melania Trump, as FLOTUS, that wonderfully florid acronym, is officially combatting bullying. I think she means protecting aspies and nerds in
    particular. This will pave the way for libertarians, who do tend to mentally “systemize” heavily when contemplating society, to reintegrate into the new Trumpist-Republican party (perhaps MAGA-First Party, a redundant name which forces anyone mentioning it to support the cause, thus trolling the commentariat and cucks). MAGA-First would be much better than the “Tea Party” lame accusation that cucks are like the British. The British had a king, at least nominally, and their own Anglican and other local churches. So the 18th-century era rhetoric was off-base.

    MAGA-First is easy to chant, and has strong consonants surrounding vowels, which in an effective, very simple way, implies hierarchy, unlike vowels around consonants, like ‘oh no’ or ‘ouchie.’ I am sure Trump has already won his coup, barring unlikely events. That’s why I am so confident and unworried. I really hope Putin agreed to the ‘strike’ on the Syrian airfield, and is playing along as part of the theatre/ game. That would be wonderful, for all the “Crimea must be returned” and related rhetoric to have been a temporary bluff. It makes more optimistic sense to assume Putin does cooperate with Trump than to think the world’s most prominent national-populists, adored by hot women and strong men, are somehow going to be turned against each other.

    I am surpised by how Russian-Americans have been silent, but I think they agree with my perspective, that there’s nothing to get flustered over, and the big men will handle this issue. I looked at the Kremlin’s news site, and Putin has a style similar to Trump’s, in that he has many meetings with foreign heads of state. And he likes giving awards and promotions, like a brahmin-esque businessman.

    About “currency/ monetary policy / gold standard restoration” – Trump knows economics very well, and will dig into it ASAP. It’s like building skyscrapers for him. Gold is important for ending the concrete-glass age, and aesthetic dominance over the urban environment, especially D.C., which has ugly white marble monuments, especially the MLK one made in China.

    I figuratively expect Trump to come up with new, impressive memorials, including one for the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria Wars, though they are not fully over yet, build them cheaply, and make them gilded, like some church onion domes are. A good symbol would be some Blackhawk helicopters flying into battle, and calling it Blackhawk Rising would end the shame of Blackhawk Down, with a potent threat of helicopter rides to not need to do actual violence as much. It’s important to be reasonably peaceful, to not alienate the sincerely faint of heart. I believe in very simple symbols, for maximum penetration of the collective psyche. And Blackhawks are kind of black and Native American-sounding. Diverse, right?

  11. BigCheese says:

    Interesting politico item about why Trump hit the Syrians:

    >In White House meetings, evening calls with friends and even throughout the weekend at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump asked a repeated question: Why did Syria’s president use nerve gas?

    >Now several U.S. officials say they are reaching the consensus view that Assad was simply acting out of desperation. The embattled Syrian leader is facing a major rebel offensive in Idlib province, led by radical Islamic groups, that his depleted and exhausted army is ill-equipped to counter by conventional means. Chemical weapons were a response of cold-blooded convenience, they believe.

    It’s interesting because the rebel offensive had just been turned into a rout and Assad wasn’t hard pressed at all before the chemical weapons where used. They’re openly lying to the president. Could it be that Trump is giving the intel community the rope needed to hang themselves?

    • jim says:

      When the state department wants to overthrow X, it announces that X is defeated and exhausted, regardless of reality. That Assad is in trouble is a long standing lie that people repeat almost mechanically, just as they say that women are not only equal to men, but considerably more equal than men. Their mouth opens with absolutely no need to engage their brain.

      The lie is supposed to make possible an almost bloodless transition from X to state department proxies – but it has long been far, far too late for this lie to work in Syria.

      • peppermint says:

        “(Women are the same as men.) In fact, women need to work harder than men just to achieve the same things. The evidence for this is that my mother was a saint and she said so.”

        “So what do you make of Carly Fiorina, Marissa Mayer, and Theranos?”

        “See, whenever a woman fails, it’s interpreted as all women failing. Surely there are confounding factors”

        –an debate I just had with my roommate

    • Styr says:

      Indeed why.

      One of the problems with demented propaganda masked as intel, is that a good number of people start to believe in their own propaganda, thus setting themselves up for giving stupid advise that leads to unsound executive descisions. I actually believe Trump to be in a better position than many on this, based on his instincts and his deep distrust of the agitprop stemming from the intelligence community.

      The premise that Assad is desperate is of course not an assessment based in the real world at all. In the real world, the opposite is true: the al-Qaeda offensive in Idlib was the last desperate death cramp of a failed regime change operation, following the known script of initial rebel advances touted as grand victories before being reversed and then gradually crushed by Assad and the Russians. As this conflict has shown time and time again: on the ground, the al-Qaedas have no real chance, and thus they must continually fabricate fakenews to sway their Western protectors.

      • peppermint says:

        This is why it’s important to plant red pills, so later when the intelligence analysts and journalists are proven wrong you can say I told you so and the honest liberals will start to take you a little more seriously. This process is why the left is now an intellectual ghost town

  12. Turtle says:

    The Garfield-equivalent candidate (preppy college kid who never grew up, and gained a position through civil war victories), Hillary Clinton, would actually not have lasted long in office. That’s clear now, but nobody thought that in November or earlier, I think. History sometimes repeats, but not always. Garfield tried to build a cohesive cabient, doing party politics, but this part of the Democratic Party’s struggles today is even more difficult- they did not really win the recent civil-war type conflict. They won battles, like the Confederacy did in the 1860s, but not the war.

    It is important that Garfield was assassinated by the 1881-form of an SJW, Charles Guiteau. The issue was that Guiteau expected a goverment job as compensation for supporting Garfield’s campaign. There is not enough wealth to satisfy all the SJWs demands, and they respond to perceived betrayal by a successful leader fiercely, while wimpering if somebody unintentionally triggers them. It’s surprising to reactionaries, but understandable behavior.

    Consider what would have happened if Democratic Senators had non-nucleared Gorsuch- the Democrats were saying their fundraising efforts would be dashed for many years. I think they are dashed either way, because the plan was to use the Supreme Court as a tribunal. Oops, no first openly gay Justice now, but I hope Trump’s next S.C. nominee is an Asian, so the Democrats can’t say no. He just needs one billionaire-friendly, nationalist Asian judge or successful lawyer to promote. That should be easier to arrange than most Americans believe.

    Cheter A. Arthur is similar to the 2016 running mate, Senator Tim Kaine. Just like Tim Kaine was a white man, Arthur’s first lady was Opposed to
    Women’s Suffrage. Basically, identity politics is not new, and progressives are often inconsistent in their application of it. So they lose their own base’s support.

    Trump’s main role is to greatly end corruption and save the economy from it. That’s what Cleveland did, besides being a bachelor president for two years. Cleveland is one of the top 5 most forgotten presidents, like Martin Van Buren, and this makes him intellectually important. He was good in a humble way, the way Trump’s salad bar lettuce is very fresh and crisp at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Good salad is like good bureaucracy, something you can’t just pay for. It’s a natural, mysterious thing, but also takes talent to upkeep.

    As an old man, Trump naturally might not run for reelection in 2020, maybe to troll by coming back for a second term later. An ally could run for him, maybe A.G. Sessions, Peter Thiel, or Texas’s current governor. That would simply accomplish a resistance-free presidency, which is
    important to men who value safety, ease, vacation time, and reducing stress. Trump serves his pleasure, not only his country. And a Trump child
    can run for the presidency only after an initial, convincingly won public office, perhaps mayor of NYC after “deBlasio” moves on.

    Economic sustenance, tech, and education issues will be the big deals around 2020, I predict. Politics will be very different, more about
    organizing society in a just, effective way than today’s rhetoric or factions. The recent political era ended with Trump’s successful debate
    performances (in brief, “grab her by the pussy” means women are archetypically young and attractive, not “I’m with Her”-oine, a dame-crone), and the Trump Organization is so far almost as important as the Trump presidency, we just can’t see the business side of things. It’s funny how people forget money matters.

    The ‘Muslim travel ban’ compares with the Hague Convention of 1899. It can prevent war, which is great. We need public intellectuals who are actually wise in their data analysis methods, not popular in their rhetoric.

    Besides clarifying that I don’t expect any epic warz soon, I’ll move on from history now.

  13. Turtle says:

    “If Trumps beats the judges on legal immigration, avoids war with Russia, and builds the wall, he is what we thought he was.”

    Meh. I prefer good real jobs/ high workforce participation by many-generation Americans, currency/ monetary policy / gold standard restoration, and fertility rate/ actual marriage / patriarchy. I’m domestic like that, and a native Californian, which makes me give up on demographic competition. War with Russia is difficult to not avoid, really. Russia is too strong to lose, so a war would not last long.

    By the way, Jim, a nice thing about the S.F. Bay Area is the many Russian-Americans and huge Chinatown who keep us relatively very safe from nuclear attack. There are Pakistanis in Fremont and plenty of NATO-nuclear allies’ citizens here too. So you would easily survive, I bet. I’m sure California is threatened by earthquakes and drought more than by nukes.

    Making war on sin matters more than beating any state-based enemies. In the recent era, greed, sloth, and lust have ruined families and clans,
    industry and commerce, labor and thrift. I’m bothered more by individual ‘vice’ sins more than the malice which angers you in those you consider
    responsible for diminishing your quality of life. And it’s easier, emotionally (personally) and strategically (together with one’s comrades), to beat
    sins and enemies at the same time, not the way Lincoln or FDR pretended to, but the way Polk and Coolidge did.

    So I hope that while Obama was similar to R.B. Hayes, an abolitionist lawyer from Ohio, which was somewhat like the Hawaii of back then, Trump may be like Grover Cleveland (they even look similar). The historical trick is that George Zimmerman passed the 2012 version of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1879, the Tea Party attempted a Civil Service reform, and starting a war Russia would then win is like ending Reconstruction (what you call State Dep’t interferencein distant local affairs). The issue of Chinese laborers not being parallel to Trayvon Martin is superficial- both frighten ordinary Americans, treat America like a fairy tale land in which they are the fairies, and are easily dealt with, as long as enough gently tough men are allowed to take simple, necessary actions.

    The similarities between Michelle Obama, Miss ‘end childhood obesity’ and “Lemonade Lucy” (Hayes’ abolitionist wife, who, too, failed to
    accomplish her temperance initiative during her husband’s term in office) are more obvious. Lucy W.H. Hayes and Michelle Obama were both
    raised without active fathers (Mrs. Hayes’ father died early, while Mrs. Obama’s father was very ill). This seems to explain why single and
    unhappy women envy them, whlie normal people pity or dislike them. I did feel sorry for Mistress of being oppressed Michelle, when I read her
    Yale thesis. It was truly pathetic, and you, Jim, turned me on to it, as I recall. Or it was Steve Sailer, or both.

    The final Hayes parallel I mention is how Hayes banned alcohol from the White House, yet served it to the visiting Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich of Russia, just like expensive Greek yogurt sold by Turkish companies is now in federally-mandated ‘healthy’ meals for schoolchildren, with a convenient relationship between the yogurt company, Chobani, and Democratic senators. The Russians helped the Union defeat the Confederacy, despite the Czar and his family being close friends with the Confederate state of South Carolina’s Governor and his family, and back in the 1870s, Americans remembered this. They tragically forgot by the 20th century, probably earlier. But rules can be safely broken for real allies, and it appears that Russia will break its military defense rules for Trump’s sake.

    • jim says:

      Meh. I prefer good real jobs/ high workforce participation by many-generation Americans, currency/ monetary policy / gold standard restoration, and fertility rate/ actual marriage / patriarchy.

      Trump is doing quite a lot about real jobs. Trump sets a good personal example of patriarchy, but did not campaign on patriarchy. He is quietly influencing the culture in ways that might make it possible to campaign on patriarchy in the future. Putting his women in charge of feminism and women’s participation in the workplace is like putting Ben Carson in charge of n*****s housing. But he did not give any indication that he would do anything about patriarchy in this term.

      • Turtle says:

        I think ‘grab her by the kitty’ is an epic totem of patriarchy. And the fact that Trump was telling a gay man about pussy-grabbing is hilarious. The jobs Trump is helping companies offer are mostly for blue-collar men, not white -collar men. Ergo, patriarchy wins, overall. Jobs are essential to accomplishing what is demanded of beta providers, and Trump is taking care of his beta base. The “Miss Deplorable” beauty contest on Reddit indicates Trump’s wet-pussy-led “patriarchy” is doing great.

        I’m not worried about good American women having trouble finding worthy husbands right now. That’s what I mean about my domestic concerns- will families form, with jobs, sex, and stability? That’s the tri-une core of a real family. Melania is in charge of stopping bullying, meaning, raising her son and later, doing much more, we’ll see what. I think paying reparations to the Yugoslavian Slav countries is huge, both for undoing anti-Christian policies and repairing the whole European economy (the Euro crisis is mostly a ‘Eastern Europe is mostly bombed out and nobody will save them with capital to rebuild everything from the Soviet era’ crisis). So Trump will win the world’s affection by saving Europe, with Melania as Euro-American-in-chief. That’s adorable, and righteous.

        Ben Carson running HUD is not about identity politics- it’s a technicality tht only he has rhetorical permission to point out that Julian Castro mismanaged about 1/2 a trillion $, and then restore much of the ~$500 billion. Carson is a genius, and can save confidence in bureaucracy. That’s essential to relations with China, a mandarin-culture. They respect good administration, and probably wanted Andy Puzder, a fast food CEO, to be Secretary of State, not Sec. of Labor. Puzder can come into the next presidential administation. Puzder once worked for minimum wage while raising a family, and proves Jim’s point that poverty is not a problem for good people. Puzder went to college and law school, all while working full-time. He is much like Dr. Ben Carson.

        It’s a”how do we help America’s poor, urban, minority *citizens* who have good potential recover from their serious community problems, which they were born into, and integrate into the middle class, without obsessing over home-ownership, as if everyone wants to be suburban and Bush was right” question, not “how do we troll the race hucksters” chess game problem.

        • peppermint says:

          》 (the Euro crisis is mostly a ‘Eastern Europe is mostly bombed out and nobody will save them with capital to rebuild everything from the Soviet era’ crisis)

          gr, es, it?

          • Turtle says:

            If you mean Greece, Spain, Italy, they are the PIIGS countries, yes, but they need markets to sell to and places for their youth to go work in. The whole continent cannot rely on Germany and the northwest in general. I think there would be far lesser euro problems if they had a functioning eastern region. I would also like for Italy to split into north and south, Spain to release the Basque, and Greece especially to stop being so leftist.

            Greece has petroleum, but the government is unreliable, so their reserves are untapped- corporations are afraid any oil proceeds will be confiscated, so it is too risky to proceed with drilling, oil rigs, etc. That’s pathetic, and indicates Greece might get a Pinochet kind of guy soon, because the corporation want to extract and sell that oil. It’s in a convenient place, very close to the rest of Europe, compared to the Persian Gulf. So it’s a good opportunity, once Greece returns to being a serious country.

  14. Trollercoaster says:

    “Muh 4d chess” has historically had inferior explanatory power to Occam’s Razor, which says the Trump train has derailed.

    You can’t fix America without obliterating entitlements & bureaucracy. USA, being a massive consumer whore, can’t sustain its consumption level without Faustian bargains with foreign net-producers to sustain said entitlements. One of those Faustian bargains probably involves our military acting as a cat’s paw for said foreign entities and our guys bleeding out in the sand for it. This of course is not a palatable reason to wage war and so we are given a bullshit reason.

    Nationalism requires self-sufficiency. USA is not self-sufficient. Trump has no leverage, so cannot call any shots. This is why you see Trump downcast and dejected now and more focused on golfing – just like Barry before him. The whole presidency will be like this.

    • jim says:

      Historically the theory that Trump is a dumb bozo who has been derailed has had extremely poor explanatory power.

      There have been a lot of supposed derailments. I hope this is one more of many.

      • lalit says:

        Forget explanatory power. They have incredibly poor predictive power. And scientific theories are all about prediction, baby! That is why I’m not too enamoured with B. What the hell has he predicted anyway?

        • Alrenous says:

          As far as I can tell, B is a caricature of the stereotype of a lying Jew, who accidentally told the truth one time and probably regrets it.

          • B says:

            What did I lie about?

            • R7_Rocket says:

              (((What did I lie about?)))

            • jim says:

              Most recently, you “forgot” that you admitted there was no guerrilla war in Syria, and claimed that I had believed there was guerrila war in Syria.

              You have repeatedly taken a creative attitude to sources, citing sources that supposedly supported you when they actually contradicted you, as for example the Elephantine scrolls which according to you indicated that Jewish women in ancient times had twenty first century women’s rights, but which contrary to your description were bills of sale selling or leasing women as wives. In some cases they gave women substantial rights and in some case very few rights – but even in those cases where they gave women substantial rights, they were an agreement between two male heads of household selling or leasing the woman from one household to the other, with no indication of her participation in or agreement to the sale or lease, and the terms of the agreements generally presupposed that women were not normally free to up and leave and go wherever they might wish, even if they were willing to leave their dowry behind.

              • B says:

                You are creatively reinterpreting.

                There is guerrilla war in Syria. For instance,

                There is also asymmetric warfare beyond the normal 20th century mode of guerrilla war (assassinations, raids and ambushes.) You can go on YouTube, for instance, and find lots of footage of IS drones dropping 40mm grenades on Syrian and Iraqi troops. Syrian and Iraqi armies have jet aircraft. This is the definition of asymmetry.

                Regarding Elephantine, I told you that Jewish women were not married against their will. Silence at the wedding is taken as consent. I gave you a source from 1800 years ago-the Mishna. The marriage contract may be negotiated between the heads of the families-that is irrelevant.

                The Elephantine contracts generally allow the woman to divorce on demand, which is more than the Mishna allows. So apparently in their days they were more liberal than the Jews of the Mishnaic period, 800 years later.

                We do not lease our women. Perhaps you lease yours? Do you make enough of a profit to cover their upkeep?

                As I said, none of you here are worth lying to.

        • B says:

          Reading Nirad Chaudury’s Biography of an Unknown Indian. He says that in Hinduism, expiation of sins involves drinking cow urine and eating cow dung. Is that true?

          • lalit says:

            Aaaah! Here is that celebrated question. I answered it on Jim’s post on Trump’s accomplishments.

            Been reading some literature on Judaism and Jewish people from several fine White philosophers, Henry Ford and Adolf Schicklgruber among them. They seem to agree that Jews have hooked noses, cast long shadows, Drink the Blood of Gentile babies, sacrifice Gentile babies to Moloch, Despoil White women via pronography, lend at usurious rates with the intent of stealing the soul of the victim, destabilize host societies via promoting mass immigration from hostile cultures and many many more. Are all or most of these true?

    • jim says:

      Obama was a figurehead president, run by the deep state, knew it, knew he was a puppet, did not much like it. I find it really hard to see Trump accepting such a diminished role.

      • Trollercoaster says:

        The USA is the world’s welfare queen. Beggars cannot be choosers. Trump voters need massive shipments of foreign goods to sustain their lifestyles. Trump therefore cannot extricate himself from foreign entanglements.

        Trump ran on the platform that we could “MAGA” without any hardship. We can’t. We need to crash our lifestyles big time, but Trump isn’t about to accelerate that inevitability. Imagine telling the average boobus americanus that in order to “MAGA,” he needs work much harder to get far less stuff. Imagine 90% of the FIRE sector & govt. bureaucracies getting fired from their cushy desk jobs w/their flex schedules and being thrown into factories where they’ll work in sub-human conditions for far less pay. That would be awesome, but you don’t want to be seen as the guy responsible for making these changes.

        Good news is the whole shebang will probably collapse on Trump’s watch! Then maybe he’ll be able to actually lead.

        • pdimov says:

          “Imagine 90% of the FIRE sector & govt. bureaucracies getting fired from their cushy desk jobs w/their flex schedules and being thrown into factories where they’ll work in sub-human conditions for far less pay.”

          Those people aren’t Trump voters.

          • Trollercoaster says:

            If those people aren’t Trump voters then Trump would never have gotten elected. I work in the fake economy and I voted for Trump. At least 70% of the US economy is welfare and racketeering.

            The vast majority of American workers are performing unproductive makework in the fake economy, yet imagine themselves as Atlas holding the world up. Day traders and financiers are particularly susceptible to having this attitude. And to some extent they are holding the USA up by perpetuating the financial scams that hold the status quo together.

  15. Inquiring Mind says:

    Is President Trump supposed to be Michael Corleone as godfather at this nephew’s baptism, by proxy promising to “reject Satan and all his empty promises” during the moments his henchmen are gunning down rival Barzini in the streets of Brooklyn and a naked Tataglia in a New Jersey motel room?

    Nah, Mr. Trump is not that ruthless, and the Godfather was a work of fiction.

    • vxxc2014 says:

      Roy Cohn.

      And remember after The GodFather the Mafia began to imitate the Movie series.

      They did. And every time the Godfather II played on HBO [cable was it at the time] there would be a small Mafia power struggle in NYC.

  16. Trimegistus says:

    I don’t get it. How is lobbing some missiles at an airbase in a pariah state we were already de facto at war with a “defeat” for Trump? I don’t understand the reasoning.

    • Randy says:

      Who declared de facto war with Assad? neocons? Who are these neocons and how is it they decide who we fight with … for decades? The entire ME quagmire has been disastrous and by electing Trump we voted for a change in foreign policy.

      • jim says:

        Exactly so.

        The permanent government has been running amuck enthusiastically making war on one country after another, while the merely temporary government, both Trump and Obama, has been complaining “Hey, wait a minute, what the hell, what is going on?”

        We hoped, and I continue to hope, that Trump is stronger than Obama.

        • Randy says:

          Israel can now make or break world war. All required are a couple stealth sorties against Assad shot down by Russian/Syrian air defenses. Some boilerplate from the MSM, and presto USA and Russia exchanging ordinance. And where would it end?

          • jim says:

            They were able to manipulate Trump this time. He is unpredictable. We shall see what happens next time.

            • TTAAC says:

              On Syria, at least, Trump’s worse than Obama: Obama actually resisted enormous pressure to bomb Syria in 2013. If we were going to attack Syria either way, it would have been better to do so under Hilary.

              Not everything is 4D chess. Sometimes things are what they appear to be. We’ve been cucked.

              • jim says:

                They were not representing Obama as a Russian stooge preparatory to a color revolution. So the pressure that Trump yielded to was considerably more severe.

          • vxxc2014 says:

            Why does Israel do that?

            • pdimov says:

              Israel is at war with Assad. They just don’t particularly like flying in range of the S-400 for some reason, B’s proclamations notwithstanding. The Russians however have stated that they’ll only fire if _their_ forces are threatened, and have so far kept that promise.

              • B says:

                We are not at war with Assad. Not in a conventional sense. Assad supports our enemies. We support his.

                We also occasionally bomb Syrian weapons stockpiles as needed, and hit their reactor back in 2007.

          • pdimov says:

            Russia doesn’t shoot at Israeli planes. Not yet. As for the sorties, they have already been happening.


  17. Randy says:

    Sounds great but Ivanka/Kushner bode ill for the republic.

    • vxxc2014 says:

      Ivanka/Kushner vs Bannon et al is THE APPRENTICE: WHITE HOUSE.

      it’s every episode of THE APPRENTICE ever, Hell it’s just a promo.

      It’s Bullshit. Trump decided.

      The only JOO that matters to Trump is Roy Cohn his mentor.

      • B says:

        This is like the worst episode of WWF ever.

        The Face is now the Heel!…or is he?

        Like I said, President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, porn star and five-time ultimate smackdown wrestling champion!

  18. ilkarnal says:

    I don’t like this:

    It will be difficult to stop what is set in motion. Now Turkish intelligence, the rebels, etc, know exactly how to provoke a response by the US. Another video will likely surface (if one doesn’t, by the way, I must admit that is a powerful indication that it wasn’t a false flag – perhaps rogue SAA elements, compromised or fanatical?) and when that happens, what will Trump’s excuse be for not acting once more? Cold feet, Mr. President? Russkie got your tongue? I think he may be locked in.

    On the other hand I am not sure being locked into a conflict with Russia is worse for is presidency than being accused constantly of being a Kremlin plant. It’s worse for the nation, but perhaps not for him.

    War with Russia is unlikely no matter what course is taken in Syria. Even if the US was maximally interventionist there would be some sort of geopolitical judo, with Russia putting pressure elsewhere, and switching roles with the US to back enemies of whatever order it imposes on Syria. Frankly I want to believe Putin would back Assad to the hilt, but it just doesn’t match with his M.O. thus far. If the US puts boots on the ground it should be able to dictate the course of events, more or less. I’d be happy to be wrong, but just look at a map – Syria is utterly surrounded by Israel, Turkey, and Islamist rebels. Its sea link with Russia goes through the Bosphorus.

    If Russia wants to stop a determined US regime change effort in Syria, a necessary step would be wresting Turkey from NATO – either by direct takeover or credible enough threats to shift them to neutral (not cutting off Russia’s passage through the Bosphorus despite the conflict). Being a pretty big fanboy of the Russian military I think that’s possible and strategically viable, but it would require the concentration of large armored formations close to Turkey’s borders. This sort of large effort is out of line with Putin’s tendency to grab quick, easy victories. There are three viable routes. 1 – concentrate forces in the Abkhazia salient for a quick dash through Georgia into Turkey. 2 – ferry forces across the Caspian into Iran and from there Iraq. 3 – Amphibious invasion across the Black Sea. I think you need at least the last two to have a good shot at victory. Preparation for any of these routes should be pretty noticeable, and there’s been no inkling of such preparation. Until there is I don’t think you can escape the notion that Russia isn’t ‘serious’ – when push comes to shove it will let Assad fall. Which means no chance of WW3 over Syria, however hard the US pushes.

    Compared to the tortured lines Russia must draw to get in the fight, the US can freely concentrate arbitrary forces right on the border of Syrian government-held territory, from any angle. This isn’t the kind of fight Putin likes.

    • Styr says:

      Tillerson meeting the vassals at the G7, hence quoted:

      “We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world.”

      Okay, now this is just over the top high level trolling.

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