Hong Kong Government needs an inquisition

In the recent violence six police were injured, and nineteen people arrested, eight of who were triad members.

About half of those injured were police – therefore the police are acting to protect the protestors and or coming down like the wrath of God on the counterprotestors – much like the “antifascist” riots in Europe, where the antifascists assemble to beat up “fascists”, beat them up, and then the police beat up “fascists” for provoking other people to beat them up.

The protestors complain the police are not doing enough to protect them, and perhaps they are not – but they are doing a lot more to protect the protestors than they are to clear the streets.

When the “triads” attempt to exercise their right to use the streets, the police stop them, backing the protestor symbolic blockade with actual police violence, without which it could never succeed.

Over and over again, Leung Chun-ying orders police to clear the streets, and over and over again, police obey in a deliberately ineffectual manner.

At the very least, the police in Hong Kong are showing far more enthusiasm for acting effectively to protect the protestors blocking the roads than they are for acting effectively to clear the roads.

If Peking does not want Hong Kong turned into a Cathedral beachhead against China, it is going to have to thoroughly purge Hong Kong government employees – fire everyone who believes in democracy, equality, and social justice.

Because of the two systems agreement, it would be inappropriate to have the same archbishop and grand inquisitor for Hong Kong and the Mainland. Peking should appoint an inquisition and grand inquisitor with credible Hong Kong system credentials, and charge them with thoroughly removing Cathedral agents from Hong Kong government employment and the Hong Kong education system.

Democracy, equality, and social justice have never been part of what traditionally makes Hong Kong Hong Kong. They are a threat to what Hong Kong has always been.

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  2. Lachlan says:

    You do realise, Jim, that you’re coming across as a bit of a dick. Don’t you?

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  4. Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

    Norway and England still have state churches. Christendom still exists, but now supports Sodomy and Islamic Terrorism.

    >In practice The Reformation was looting
    In what way?

    • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

      This was intended as a reply to VXXC

    • peppermint says:

      everywhere the Church was disestablished, the #1 thing on the agenda was to loot its property.

      • jp says:

        Probably because it was so obscenely wealthy.

        • Thomas says:

          I see. When someone appears obscenely wealthy, you may/must loot him?

          “Obscenely” is the key word here?

          • jp says:

            The Church had been looting Europe for a thousand years. Even small monasteries were sitting on princely treasure heaps. Sorry, I can’t muster any tears for those false shepherds getting shorn by their own sheep.

            It doesn’t take a lot of historical literacy to know that the Catholic church of Martin Luther’s time was about as Satanic an organization as humans have ever managed to organize.

        • rightsaidfred says:

          Nah, anyone who is thought to have more money is up for grabs.

        • peppermint says:

          see, this is the problem with protestants and atheists, they can’t stop supporting looting because their founding myths are based on looting.

          The Church’s founding myths, otoh, are that Christ died rather than disobey the lawful authority of Pilate, the feckless administrator of Tiberius Caesar; and later on, St. George died rather than deny Christ to Diocletian, and later on, St. Helena quietly taught respect for Christianity to her son St. Constantine, who went on to impose Christianity on the Empire. God hates looting and punishes societies where the spirit of looting has taken hold.

          • jim says:

            Separation of Church and state does not really work. The Church absorbs the state or the state absorbs the Church. Hear the Catholics whining as the Church accepts Cathedral marriage rules.

            A universal state is a bad thing because if one state goes bad, civilization dies. A universal church, similarly a bad thing. If many states and one universal Church, then if the states are strong, you get state churches, followed by holy wars between the state churches and the universal church. If the Church is strong, you get a Cathedral style empire of soft power which can take an entire civilization down the tubes.

            The best bet for civilization to survive is many genuinely independent rulers, each with their own firmly subordinated Church.

  5. VXXC says:


    We can’t have Inquisitions, you Protestants are in charge. Since Marlborough defeated the French at the latest.

    Inquisitions are an evil Catholic thing, thank Jesus those days are behind us.

    Where’s Christendom, Protestants? Rome and Constantinople held it however imperfectly for 13-14 centuries. You Protestants took the reigns in the 18th century and it’s gone even from memory in the 21st. Ask Where’s Christendom? They don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Of course you did make a lot of money, for awhile.

    In practice The Reformation was looting, and now the money’s gone too.
    However I hear your accountants and lawyers are doing simply marvelous.

    • Thrasymachus says:

      As Kelso would say- Buuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnnnn!!!!!

      Seriously, +1. Catholics have not forgotten how to deal with this stuff though. Franco, Pinochet, Varela, D’Aubuisson- they figured out that “human rights” means “communists are going to murder you, with the enthusiastic support of the New York Times.” Not wanting to be murdered, they took appropriate and necessary action.

      I don’t care for Putin but he sort of figured out what was going on. I don’t know what tools the CPC has to counter this.

  6. Timothy says:

    The chief adaptive advantage that East Asians have against Cathedralist memetic infection is a lack of Christian culture for it to hack into and use to kill it’s host. This gives them a degree of immunity and China just has to hold out until the USG inevitably collapses.

    There are how many Christians in China now?

    Never mind….

    • mlr says:

      This is an important point: there’s nothing more disarming than seeing prog motives as a desire to collect “kisses on the head from Baby Jesus™” and in my time in China, there are elements of it that just don’t … stick. It’s refreshing.

      And heartening.

  7. Zach says:

    The yellows are atrocious at theory as it pertains to one or all.


    • jim says:

      Hence inability to comprehend the attack to which they are subjected. Although East Asians are smarter than whites in many respects, whites have always been a few steps ahead of East Asians in weaponized religion.

  8. spandrell says:

    Unfortunately most of the Chinese Communist Party itself believes in democracy and social justice. Not the princelings, of course, but the students are very much into progressivism.

    • Red says:

      A fully democratic china would make the slaughters of the 20 century seem mild by comparison.

    • jim says:

      Peking is under attack at a level that is outside its mental horizons. Its attacker does not quite have a mind. It is attacking Peking the way it attacks the gaming industry, acting out of instinct and its nature.

      We know the Cathedral exists, and that it exists must be becoming mighty obvious to the Hong Kong authorities, but the Cathedral does not know it exists.

      • Ivan .M says:

        I’d call it a force of “unnature” or “antinature”, but there’s probably better jargon at this point.

        • Candide III says:

          You’d be wrong anyway. Leftism is little more than nature’s call (he-he). Civilizations are built against the suck and pull of the baser parts of human nature. It does not do to forget about these parts or ignore them, though, as they are apt to bite you in the ass when ignored or forgotten.

  9. Dave says:

    “fire everyone who believes in democracy, equality, and social justice.”

    Shall this firing be done with a firing squad?

  10. jp says:

    New dream job: Inquisitor charged with carte blanche in the purgation of social justice commissars.

    Innocence Proves Nothing.

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