Romanovs and war with Russia

Trump is seemingly going along with plans for war with Russia, or maybe he is pretending to go along to separate the sane from the truly mad.

It is supposedly morally imperative to go to war with Russia because some bad people in the in middle east have gassed other bad people in the middle east, instead of their usual schtick, which is cutting people’s heads off. Kind of obvious that our ruling elite is looking for an excuse, any excuse.

And our ruling elite has joined the reaction and the alt right in calling Trump and his family the Romanovs.

Some time ago I remarked:

Trump may well cuck out, as the Romanovs cucked out. But if he does, the left will kill him and kill his children as they killed the Romanovs and their children.

To which Grumpus replied:

(Important people read this blog. Let’s watch and see if the Romanovs analogy grows legs out there.)

What do you know. It has grown legs.

The reason that our elite wants to kill the Trump family, and the Republicans for siding with the Trump family, and kill the Russians is Pussy Riot and European University. The continued existence of Russians, and the continued existence of Trumps, undermines their status. If Trump and the Republicans ever allow the Democrats to regain power, they will be killed.

The stakes have grown too high for democracy to continue. Maybe Trump can de-escalate the situation, but entropy is easier than order, only takes one side to escalate, two sides to de-escalate.


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  2. pdimov says:

    “June 1st or sooner, boots on the ground.”

  3. Hesiod says:

    “I don’t think Trump is that deep.”

    Ie., I, the random Internet dumbass, am smarter than the guy who beat both US political parties and their lap-dog academia and media. Hear me derp!

  4. Joe says:

    I don’t buy these theories about how Trump is working some 4-D chess game here, and him bombing Syria is really a clever move of some sort. I don’t think Trump is that deep. He succeeded in getting elected despite 18 months of saying stupid things because he was the first candidate in generations to say nationalist, populist stuff and a lot of white people would vote for someone like that no matter how uncouth he was. His stupid, shoot-himself-in-the-foot statements were not great strategy. He survived despite them because he took the nationalist positions that literally no one else was taking and that there was a huge audience for.

    But if he stabs us in the back he’s going to see his popularity drop like a rock because we only supported him because of the nationalist populism. If he drops Bannon, I will pretty much give up on him. A Trump administration without Bannon, and with Kushner advising him, is essentially another Clinton/Bush administration.

    My reading of Trump is that he is basically a liberal, and an emotional man who cares about people and wants to be liked and admired, but who read some stuff like Coulter’s “Adios, America” and became alarmed about the ethnic future of the country. He became alarmed, but he still feels it’s a distasteful, rather shameful thing to identify as a white man or care about white people per se. So he never really “got it” – he never really viscerally understood the threat to our existence, nor did he recognize our moral right to want to survive as a people. So he could go on Sean Hannity’s radio show, as I heard him one afternoon during the campaign, and in one breath talk about how all the illegals have to leave – and then in the next breath say that a lot of them are really great people and “we’re going to bring them back so fast you won’t believe it.” Anyone who talks about bringing the many “great” illegals back just doesn’t get it. It was a superficial understanding for him. I suspect that the great immigration platform he ran on was basically written by Sessions and signed off on by Trump without him really deeply, passionately being committed to it.

    So given that the man doesn’t really get it, and is mainly driven by a desire to be famous and loved, I think the odds were that he was going to betray us sooner or later. Hopefully Gorsuch is another Scalia – though that remains to be seen; remember John Roberts? – and maybe that buys us a little more breathing room. But ultimately we need a serious, smart, articulate, emotionally continent man who deeply understands the moral and existential case for our identity and our survival. He’s got to be out there somewhere.

    • jim says:

      I don’t buy these theories about how Trump is working some 4-D chess game here, and him bombing Syria is really a clever move of some sort. I don’t think Trump is that deep. He succeeded in getting elected despite 18 months of saying stupid things because he was the first candidate in generations to say nationalist, populist stuff and a lot of white people would vote for someone like that no matter how uncouth he was. His stupid, shoot-himself-in-the-foot statements were not great strategy.

      What you are calling “stupid, shoot-himself-in-the-foot statements” statements, he, before he ran, called taking positions that focused attention upon himself.

      I don’t recall a single statement that I regarded as careless, unwise, or insufficiently thought through. I thought he would win because he seemed to me to be a political genius and everything that came out of his mouth was solid gold. What statements do you have in mind?

      • Joe says:

        One of the statements I have in mind is when, during the debates, he was asked what he would do if the military refused to obey orders such as killing the families of terrorists and he said “They won’t refuse. They’re not going to refuse me. Believe me. . . . If I say ‘Do it,’ they’re going to do it.” (The next day he backed down from that, saying he wouldn’t order the military to do anything illegal.)

        Trump won the election for two reasons: (1) as Coulter has said, he bent down and picked up the $1000 dollar bill lying on the pavement that no one else would pick up and came out in favor of deportation and strong enforcement of immigration laws, as well as other populist/nationalist measures like not getting involved in pointless wars in the middle east and supporting trade policies that benefit Americans, and (2) he almost never apologized for anything he said. He didn’t win it because he is a strategic super-genius. He won it because there are a lot of angry white men like me who have been waiting their whole lives for a politician to actually come out strongly in support of populist white ethnic nationalism and are willing to put up with pretty much any verbal gaffes as long as he sticks to those policies.

        But I don’t think Trump really gets it. If he really gets it, why is lifelong liberal Democrat and globalist cuck Jared Kushner his senior advisor, attending all these meetings and traveling around the world as the face of his administration? Leaving aside the nepotism, what is someone with Kushner’s beliefs doing in that room at all? How is that some super-genius populist nationalist strategy?

        Ann Coulter is someone who gets it down to the core, and she’s very uncomfortable with what Trump has been up to.

        • jim says:

          One of the statements I have in mind is when, during the debates, he was asked what he would do if the military refused to obey orders such as killing the families of terrorists and he said “They won’t refuse. They’re not going to refuse me. Believe me. . . . If I say ‘Do it,’ they’re going to do it.”

          Bush lost the election to Obama because he got us into two wars and proceeded to lose them. Obama got us into five more wars, and is losing them also. I would say that that statement by Trump was mighty smart. People sense we are losing wars because we are playing by rules that our enemies do not play by – indeed that we only play by when we fight leftists, but not when we fight rightists. We were untroubled about behaving genocidally towards the Boers and the Tutsis.

          Given that we have been losing for twelve years, and trying to fight wars by nice guy rules for twelve years, I expect that Trump’s statement was a big vote winner.

          • Joe says:

            I wasn’t referring to Trump’s statement that we should do things like attack terrorists’ families. I was referring to his statement that the military would do illegal things if he told them to. “If I say ‘do it’, they’re going to do it.” That is a stupid statement and he walked it back the next day.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      One of the laws of power is “Always appear less than you are.”

      Hitler had his silly mustache.
      Churchill had his teeth fixed so he looked and sounded funny.

      And Don has his goofy hairdo, says goofy things, gold-plates his bathroom, and LARP’s WWF wrestling to make his adversaries’ brainstems take him for a doofus. I mean you don’t get a billion dollars, three hot wives, the highest office in the land and a flying palace by being naive and getting played.

      Likewith this business about how Dear Sweet Ivanka’s Tears made him shoot missiles at an airport. Nigga Please. I put the pussy on a pedestal and even I know that’s total bullshit. If there’s anyone who knows how to put women in their proper context it’s Don.

  5. Starman says:

    Gorsuch confirmed

      • jim says:

        I hope that bombing Syria was a quid pro quo for confirming Gorsuch and investigating Susan Rice.

        • Jack Highlands says:

          How does the Gorsuch part make sense? There was never serious GOP opposition to Gorsuch and in the end, GOP senators voted for him 51-0. Therefore, the only question was whether to get him in with the nuclear option or without. Without would’ve required getting more Dems on side, so any quid pro quo would’ve been to appease them. But they were not appeased and the nuclear option was used, as POTUS/GOP seemed willing to do all along, if necessary. Syria could not have changed any of this.

          As to Rice, we’ll see. As we will much else. My odds that Trump has abandoned even civic nationalism, let alone ethnic, are now high nineties percent. He has 21 days left in the first 100 to change Alt Right minds.

          • jim says:

            Took a long time, an unreasonably long time, for the Republicans to act. Maybe they were keeping him hanging conditional on Trump going warmonger. Kind of interesting that after a great deal of stalling, Gorsuch is confirmed, and Trump seemingly cucks out on the same day.

            Yes, the Republicans were always going to confirm Gorsuch – eventually – sometime – sooner or later – maybe later – but they were not in any great hurry, while Trump swings in the breeze, unable pursue his conflict with the judges, unable to pursue his agenda on immigration.

            Did the Republicans really need sixty eight days to confirm Gorsuch? Sixty eight days while the borders remain open?

            • Steve Johnson says:

              I wouldn’t even bet that the Republicans were always going to confirm Gorsuch – they’d always vote for his confirmation but the chances are pretty good that McCain and Graham wouldn’t vote for the filibuster break.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello Jim,
    Relatively small issue what with everything else going on, but what do you make of Trump signing FCC repeal, assuming that Trump is not an idiot and has a master plan?

    • jim says:

      The rule was not in effect, was due to take effect next year, and would not have protected right wingers, since Google still gets to monitor all your website visits through its search engine, website monitoring package, and any google software installed on your computer. It is a regulation with a nice name and good intentions, which favors businesses connected to the Democrats and engaged in left wing activism. What it boiled down to is that the privilege of monitoring you was restricted to businesses engaged in social justice warfare, but now, due to Trump’s repeal, the existing status quo, that any business can monitor you, continues.

      It was the removal of a favor granted to left wing connected businesses, the removal of a reward for social justice warrior convergence.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        Google also shows their hand by putting up free DNS servers that are high quality and have easily human memorable IP addresses.

  7. EdensThaw says:

    2018 is the 100 year anniversary of the Romanov murders.

  8. Jack Highlands says:

    Jim, it seems to me the whole Romanov comparison is falling apart. The first way to understand the last 200 years of history is with the Jewish filter. Yes, it’s an over-simplification, no, they’re not monolithic, but it’s a start, because it’s foundational – biological.

    The 6 million Jews of Russia were 99% united in their hatred of the Czars, but the 6 million Jews of Amerika have perfected the art of covering the bases. Trump was a far down number 3 choice for them behind the Left and the cucks, but he was never a lost cause, because Kushner.

    Yesterday, we got our coup all right, just in nothing like the form we expected: the (((Kushner))) wing of Trumpism staged a coup over the )))Bannon((( wing and triumphed.

    Trump operates on instinct. And his instincts were that would protect him from parallels to the fate of the Romanovs. No doubt he’s right from a self-preservation perspective, though it leaves the White West high and dry. But at least awake.

  9. Trump is a liberal Democrat from New York City. He married his daughter off to the son of Mossad agent Charles Kushner. He spent the last 15 year shilling for Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire Obama administration peddling low-rent conspiracy theories made up by the Israeli Orly Taitz: Obama is a Secret Muslim with a Fake Birth Certificate helping the Iranian Mullahs get the Bomb so they can destroy Our Precious Israel.

    He and his handlers have done a great job Rope-a-Doping the Democrats – now the Democrats can’t complain because Trump is getting “tough with Putin” over Syria.

    Looks like Americans will have to wait when it comes to securing American borders – Israel needs out help securing theirs first. Don’t complain you don’t want to be a anti-seeemite now do you?

    But anyway, Rosie O’Donnell is like really fat, am I right? Remember when Trump refused to bow to political correctness and called Rosie O’Donnell fat?

    So, there’s that.

    • jim says:

      Obama’s birth certificate is in fact an obvious and poorly done photoshop job, and he is in fact a Muslim, though fortunately he takes neither Islam nor communism very seriously, being more inclined to golfing. He was raised as a Muslim, attended mosque, said the Shahada. In order to stop being a Muslim he has to deny the Shahada – which is normally done by being baptized and saying “Jesus is Lord”, which he has not done. If he had formally stopped being a Muslim, then Muslims would regard him as an apostate. Clearly they do not regard him as an apostate, which implies that they regard him as a (not very good) Muslim.

      • peppermint says:

        They make their lies, like the birth certificate and the gas attack, obvious, for point deer make horse.

      • richard nixon's ghost says:

        >baptized and saying “Jesus is Lord”, which he has not done
        He’s claimed to be baptized.

        He had a non-devout Muslim stepfather. His elementary school apparently classified him as “Muslim”. Probably due to his Muslim father. Unclear whether he said the Shahada, but the young children of a Muslim father are assumed to be Muslim before they can speak.

        According to Obama “by the time I was born, they were, I think, my grandparents had joined a Universalist church.”

  10. Grampy_bone says:

    Disappointing. Assad had no reason to bomb his own people and no benefit. Has he said anything about the original attack? Did anyone ask him?

    Considering how ecstatic the media and the neocons are this morning, it doesn’t look good. Maybe this was part of some kind of deal in exchange for ‘going nuclear’ on Gorsuch. The cuckservatives were too scared to act in defiance of democrats, so Trump promised them bombs and war as a concession.

  11. Cavalier says:


    Wake me up in case of restoration, I guess.

    In the interim or otherwise,

  12. Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

    A. Told you so. I still hold out a sliver of hope

    B. Highly doubt today’s pathetic excuses for Bolsheviks would kill Trumps family.

    • jim says:

      Prince Georgy Lvov gets immediately replaced by Kerensky, and Kerensky by Lenin.

      Georges Danton gets replaced by Maximilien Robespierre,

      You are looking at Lvov and Danton and saying that they would never kill Trump’s family. The left, though in power, has adopted violence and regime change, which instruments will inevitably be applied to the left itself. No enemies to the left, no friends to the right, hence no willingness to criticize or oppose those who would kill Trump and his family, who are no longer crackpots in the streets, but are getting closer to the seat of power.

  13. Oliver Cromwell says:

    He’s killed the story that he’s a Russian agent without causing any real harm to Assad.

  14. Styr says:

    Trump never had a real chance against the permanent occultocracy.

    Up against the deep state, intel agencies, perpetual bureacracy, globalist oligarchal elites and the entire academic-media-industrial complex, Trump would have to pull off a SuperPutin to have any chance whatsoever. And even Putin, who had the support of the crucial elements within the Russian intelligence and military apparatus, succeeded only within a cunt hair’s thickness. He could just as well been offed by some oligarch/mafioso fifth columnist.

    The cucks are now eating Trump’s lunch.

  15. B says:

    Buh buh but the comics? The fashion?

    The guy is a bozo.

    So are you if you keep doubling down like some sort of American Communist in 1940.

    Nobody is going to kill anybody. JFK got killed for bucking the system. Trump is not bucking the system. Too much of a bozo to be a systemic threat.

    In general, USG is not 1917 Russia. Maybe a parody thereof. Bolsheviks and the Russian aristocracy were serious people. These people? They’re nihilists. “These men are cowards, Donny.”

    • Starman says:

      Talmudic cruise missiles….

    • Anonymous says:

      B, you praised Trump for consorting with (((the right people))). Now you’re mocking him for listening to them. But you’re right: the world needs a leader with a racially-conscious weltanschauung, not a “bozo”.

      • B says:

        Don’t be so unicellular.

        I mocked you guys for mistaking an obvious bozo for the Messiah and fantasizing about how he was going to declare a monarchy and take the NYT and State for helicopter rides, when it was plain to see exactly who and what he was.

        A good leader assesses people accurately and uses them for the jobs they’re fit for. Kushner is, ideologically, somewhere left of Peter Thiel. He got Trump his victory by running the campaign like a tech startup. He is not the guy you want if you want major strategic visionary changes. Bannon and Flynn may be those guys. But being a bozo, having been a bozo his whole life, Trump is not looking to make national strategic changes. Operational ones, maybe.

        Again, anyone in his right mind could see that. A guy whose track record is building monuments to 1980s style ostentatious consumption, reality shows, whore beauty contests and grabbing married women by da pussy is not some grand savior of Western civilization, alright?

        Btw, I do not think the current course is good for the Jews.

        • Anonymous says:

          >it was plain to see exactly who and what he was.

          Wut… I mean, it’s still far from clear “who and what he is”.

          >He got Trump his victory by running the campaign like a tech startup.

          Neither Kushner nor Conway (I hate this cunt) got him the victory. Hillary did, by being herself. Even Ted Cruz could have defeated her.

          >Again, anyone in his right mind could see that.

          And yet, I don’t remember you, with your “right mind”, foretelling Trump’s policies in the past. In retrospect, you can make whatever claim you wish. And again, it’s still not at all obvious what Trump is doing. You should make an annual predictions’ list, like Scott Alexander, and check which ones did and didn’t come to pass regularly.

          >Btw, I do not think the current course is good for the Jews.

          Of course not. But it’s totally your fault. If you want subversion, you can either be a hypocrite, or “get high on your own supply”. Either way, the goyim will revolt against you and what you promote. Time will tell whether or not this revolt succeeds. There is a logic here, B:

          If you follow “one rule for me, one rule for thee”, the goyim will notice the hypocrisy and become indignant.

          If you drink the kool aid and start believing your own bullshit, you’ll destroy yourself – “autogenocide” as Jim calls it.

          Ah, the dilemma of the subversive!

        • peppermint says:

          The 80s was a great time, reality shows happen because people instinctively want to watch reality instead of what passes for screenwriting these days, beauty contests are about femininity not feminism, and grabbing life by the pussy is what Americans need to do. That’s why He is our king.

        • Anonymous says:

          >Kushner is, ideologically, somewhere left of Peter Thiel.

          O RLY?

          “while Kushner was, until his father-in-law ran for president, a lifelong liberal and a Democratic donor.”

          Perhaps you meant Elon Musk, B.

          • pdimov says:

            B never lies. Kushner is indeed somewhere left of Peter Thiel, for suitable values of somewhere.

        • richard nixon's ghost says:

          >merriam-webster defintion of bozo:
          >a foolish or incompetent person
          “buffoon” would be closer.

          >left of Peter Thiel
          Where on the political spectrum is Peter Thiel? He seems like a business-oriented libertarian with a deep hatred of PC culture. But he’s also gay, and virtue-signals about causes like electric cars.

          >fantasizing about how he was going to declare a monarchy and take the NYT and State for helicopter rides
          A while ago, a bunch of Neo-Nazis scared the media by chanting “Heil Trump”. If a million Democrats declare that “Trump is Hitler”, a few Neo-Nazis will believe them. Same logic applies to NRX. A million Democrats declare that “Trump will destroy the Judiciary”…

  16. Turtle says:

    ” Also, I had a bad feeling about him allowing his daughter and son-in-law to have apparently so much influence on his decisions…they never struck me as people who “got it” at all.”

    They’re better than almost everyone in the whole world could be in obeying Trump, and Trump has always only trusted family, not even friends. At least read his autobiography before judging him.

    As for me, I am glad Trump is giving us a coup for Easter- he is very religious, religious enough to be as churchian as possible, publicly. That’s conspicuous- I have never seen as chrchian a church as the one where he married Melania. It’s an incredibly pretty, worldly, but benevolent institution, in terms of meme intensity (trying to be like heaven, while most churches don’t really try to do that). And Melania showed Mrs. Abe (Japan’s prime minister’s wife) the church, when the Abes were visiting.

    So they plan on living historically- being famous for a long time. And why is Melania, in her Official Portrait, wearing all black?!!! This is a mourning color, not just in clothing fashion, which Jim analyzes, but in poetic symbolism- everything energetic decays to darkness in this world (not necessarily true in actual physics, but when the sun sets every day, primitively this appears true), an absence of light, besides how organic (carbon-containing) things burn to black.

    Melania is the one to watch, not official aides. Trump is a husband and father, not a politician and a cuck. Don’t think some opponents can corrupt him now- he could have done very much to harm us for decades, and has always been kind. The worst thing is probably his workaholism (necessary), making NYC more expensive yet obviously garish in a way which ruins ambitious people (convenient for keeping their hometowns safe from their activities, basically limiting the effects of evil), and his phillandering (whatever, it seems like an act- how could a wandering alpha actually explain how he grabs pussy to an obviously homosexual man? that’s ridiculous to take at face value, just like Trump telling a gay friend about what vaginas are like on the inside).

    Not everybody believes Trump is actually bombing Syria. It might jsut be ISIS getting hit. That makes sense. Otherwise, Putin would have *already* nuked us all. He is in on this late-April-Fool’s-trolling.

    By Easter/ Pascha for Putin, the 16th of April, we will have no more shitlibs in power, or Trump will be soon dead, right? So this next week is historically intense. OK, get ready for the antifa-level progs to suicide, mostly by attempting military action they are incapable of, while wearing pink pussy hats. No need for meme-helicopters, just expand cemeteries. I like cemeteries, in the sense that they are the place #refugees# coming to Europe go to camp out, in an attempt to anger the locals, and fail, because of forgiveness (and apathy, I guess). If Europeans worshiped their own ancestors, they would assault all the #refugees# for the sacrilege of using cemeteries as camps. Few Americans know that the refugees go to cemeteries, perhaps because they are told to. I wonder how they find the cemeteries to begin with.

    It’s never too late to start praying. Maybe, visit a church this weekend, “because of Easter.” Up to you, and whether there are any good churches near you.

    • jim says:

      Things are not going to happen that fast. No coup for Easter. If, as seems likely, he is preparing to do something about the judges, it took Tony Abbot ten months to get things right, give the judges enough rope to hang themselves. Trump will likely proceed in a similar manner.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Trump thinks dynastically, and he loves his kids and grandkids, even if only because they carry His Legacy. A Romanov fate is NOT what our man wants!

        Right now I’m buoyed by the report on Pol News that no one’s been killed at that airport in Syria. If True then wonderful, because If True then Don, Vladimir and Assad are working together to figure out a way to settle this without anyone looking like the sucker. Game Rekkanize Game, and a player help a player when the chips are down.

        I’m one Liquid Jew in. Here’s hoping I can get to sleep before like noon, and wake up with some domestic bad guys a little deeper in trouble with the gun-owning demographic.

        • jim says:

          If indeed no one killed, then likely Trump made sure no one killed, then Trump is doing this to appease his enemies in the US, without actually getting the US any further into war with Russia or Syria: Which would be Trump playing 3D chess, rather than Trump being cucked.

          • Joe says:

            From Associated Press:

            “A Syrian official says a U.S. missile strike on an air base in the country’s center has killed seven people.

            “Talal Barazi, the governor of the province of Homs where the base is based, says the Friday dawn attack has also wounded nine. Initial reports said six were killed. The attack also caused extensive damage to the air base.”

            • peppermint says:

              They could be lying, it’s easy to reassign soldiers in a war and have no one know, and I’ve heard the gas attack was fake. Seven is a small number for tens of missiles to kill. Maybe His Majesty is using this to turn the norm is against the legacy media as He used Ryan to make the Democrats reaffirm their commitment to Obamacare

              • Lalit says:

                Haven’t you heard peppermint? The missile attack is fake. He’s playing the left like Roissy playing a slut! I think he will fuck the left and not call them back. Get the popcorn boys. You don’t wanna miss what’s coming. Perhaps our Grand inquisitor was right about our God Emperor. A coup is coming. Now where’s that popcorn?

                • pdimov says:

                  Are you being sarcastic, Lalit? What’s fake about launching 59 cruise missiles into 3 or 4 buildings?

                • Lalit says:

                  What’s fake is that in all probability, the Russians were informed about the attacks. How do you explain no Russian casualties. Then there is Scott Adams and Nassim Taleb backing me up.


                • pdimov says:

                  The Russians were warned an hour in advance. Launching cruise missiles without a warning at unknown targets in an area where Russians operate is a risky business, you may lose a ship or two if they assume the attack is against them and retaliate. There are Bastion coastal defense systems in Syria.

                • Lalit says:

                  Well, if Russians informed, not a real war. Fake!

                • pdimov says:

                  Real war with Russia involves mushroom clouds.

            • jim says:

              That looks extremely bad. Allying with far (Al Qaeda and company) against near (the man who is protecting Christians from genocide)

      • Turtle says:

        But Trump is decisive enough to negotiate very fast, patient enough to plot for decades, and working with his powerful allies. If Trump had truly attacked Assad, we would have already been return-attacked by Russia. Trump must have taken out an ISIS airfield, with Putin’s and Assad’s cooperation. Once the ‘Manchurian candidate’ crap is over, Trump does not need to follow D.C. rules or constitutional norms.

        And Easter is an altered-state holiday, because it is the peak of the church calendar, much greater than Christmas. It is not likely that Trump will be so predictable as to follow Abbot’s precedent. That would be weak, too easy to counter. And the religious sector of society is important. In October, 10 months in, it does not make sense to do a coup- it’s too close to Halloween, and election day. So it would seem too…low-church, while an April coup is high-church. Trump could use religious rhetoric to justify his auto-coup, not just brute force. And the White House Easter Egg Roll is cute, a great distraction. I just think Trump won’t put up with his enemies threatening him for 10 months. There’s no advantage is procrastinating. At the latest, the 4th of July would work well, but not October. “Spring cleaning’ would be a useful meme too.

    • peppermint says:

      This isn’t a game, this is an actual war with actual Jews, this isn’t pre-written in any book, war plans have a way of accelerating themselves as the enemy figures out what’s going on. Fuck your christcucking, but something is going to happen soon.

      • jim says:

        War with Syria is war on the side of Jews against the side of Christians, since Assad is keeping Syrian Christians alive, and Israel is backing the side that wants Assad (and Christians) dead.

        I don’t think this is a matter of the Zionist Occupation Government ruling the world. That is not entirely true, though it is not entirely false either. Rather it is that the Cathedral, though it hates Israel, or rather hates Israel being Jewish, wants a non Jewish Israel, hates Christians more.

        The Cathedral is allied with Israel the state, but there is a point of contention, since they cannot stand Israel being Jewish, any more than they can stand America being Christian. But Jews, and the Cathedral, agree on hating Christians and want them dead, and for the Cathedral, killing near is more important than killing far.

  17. Alrenous says:

    It is still possible to defeat the progressives in detail without military action. Scale up Australia vs. the Justices.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Yeah man. There might be a Martial Law Pinochet Helicopter Challenge coming up soon, where he springs his trap on the motherfuckers. Or at least I sure hope so.

      Like maybe the missiles were all intentionally programmed to blow up in the air, or duds full of Pop Rocks and Twizzlers, or something. Anything to make the saboteurs think they’d gotten their way and start loudly partying too early.

      I’m not sleeping tonight.

      • jim says:

        Pretty sure he really bombed the Syrian airport, which has me worried and disappointed.

        Also, there are American troops in Syria, and I am pretty sure that there are no Christians or pagans in the areas where American troops are, which means that they are de-facto party to the Cathedral program to eradicate Christianity. Giving military backing to those who hope to remove Assad is giving military backing to those who intend to eradicate Christianity from Syria and eventually the world.

        • lalit says:

          Jim, Is this what you are referring to?

          Could it be that there may be no coup coming against the permanent government after all? Oh Dear!

          • jim says:

            Does not look good. This is the permanent government getting its way. Also the alliance with far against near, since the anti Assad forces intend to kill or expel all Christians from Syria, which the Cathedral is fine with as a first step to eradicating all Christians everywhere.

            • Lalit says:

              Except in Pagan lands like India, Japan and Taiwan where the Cathedral is all for Evangelism. And after that, like everywhere else, the 2nd Arahamism will make way for the third. This saying is attributed to a European whose name I am unable to recall. But it’s not Houllebecq.

              • jim says:

                Universalism. Does not want India to be Indian.

                thus wants Indians to be Christian, but does not want westerners to be Christian. One homogeneous world.

                All religions, rightly understood, are supposedly progressivism, and converting Indians to Christianity is a step towards converting them to progressivism.

            • Lalit says:

              Yet not a word about the Syrian air strikes on his twitter feed. Could the God-Emperor be up to something here?

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Absofuckinglutely. We’ve reached levels of Up To Something that shouldn’t even be possible.

                • Lalit says:

                  Jim, it looks like the God emperor is even more skilled at mis-direction than you imagined. He fooled even his own supporters into suspecting that he might be a cuck. The Syrian attack might be fake in all probability. The Czar and the God-Emperor are probably laughing at us while toasting each other. I’m kinda relieved. PHEW!!!!

                • jim says:

                  Still deeply worried.

                • Lalit says:

                  If it turns out that the God Empperor is playing the media like as violin as Nr. Taleb tweets, we can safely bury the Romanov analogy. We can also safely bury our fears that he will cuck out somewhere in the future. This is some major league cunning. The entire bloodline of the God Emperor might yet be exterminated by the left. But they won’t find it as easy as with the Romanovs. Finally, the international left has a worthy adversary. An adversary worth genociding.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Mr. Taleb tweeted that a couple jets took off today from that airport, implying that a shit-ton of missiles just hit an airport without putting a crater on the runway. Coincidence my ass.

          Someone else tweeting that there are a bunch of un-exploded missile chucks lying around, implying that some didn’t even work right. Perhaps by design.

          Also a report that many missiles got shot down by the Russians, which of course they can do.

          And also that none-to-few people got hurt, especially no Russians.

          So this attack was pretty damned fake, just like Mr Adams expected:

          1: Real enough to make the Traitors think they’d successfully blackmailed Trump.

          2: Real enough to convince others that yes, Don can bring himself to use violence.

          3: But fake enough to give Vladimir a way out of retaliating and still keep his balls.

          4: And fake enough to leave Bashar still able to keep fighting his enemies.

          5: AND real enough to cause America (Twitter, interviewees, private consciences) to loudly vomit-up its disgust with the whole business, thus making the MSM and neocons look like the small band of conniving cowards that they are.

          6: And also Real enough, and photographed enough, to pin on Kushner?

          I confess that I’m smelling hope here.

          • Alrenous says:

            Assad is made to appear as if he broke G.C., so Trump makes it appear as if he launched a punitive strike. Smoke vs. mirrors.

            Right is revealed to just as full as the left of folk who don’t into substance.

          • jim says:

            The only easily damaged thing of substantial military value at an airport is the planes. You cannot sink an airport like you can an aircraft carrier. The airport itself is largely a massive sheet of concrete, hard to damage, easy to repair. If you target an airport, you want to destroy planes and munitions. Pentagon estimates twenty planes, which would be quite effective. On the other hand, since they were warned in advance, why did they not get the planes the hell out of there? Maybe they did get the planes out of there.

            • ilkarnal says:

              Russians claim they were informed less than half an hour before the strike.


              Not a hugely significant warning, enough to put air defense batteries on high alert and tell Russians at the airbase to take cover – not enough to move the planes out. Later Russians would deride the ‘low efficiency’ of the strikes, with less than half the missiles reaching the target area and the large plane concentrations missed.

              I was reading from Russian sources that they would close down the military hotline over Syria – at the same time Western sources claimed they had agreed to maintain that hotline. It seems like the US military is very efficient at getting its talking points parroted across the mainstream media very quickly, with no double checking.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              I challenge you assertion that cratered runways are no big deal. But still…:

              Maybe those planes were plants, their old beaters. Maybe Don, Bashar and Vladimir had been putting this together since the minute that “gas” got loose.

              I mean look. This is the guy who accused, on TV, Ted Cruz of being unable to run for president because Ted’s Dad assisted the Kennedy assassination. And then won. The frame strength and poker face on this motherfucker are supernatural.

              • jim says:

                We don’t know how effective the strike was. Pentagon estimates twenty planes, which would be a lot. On the other hand, Pentagon has been known to adjust estimates for political reasons.

                • pdimov says:

                  Russia says six.

                  “The strike on the Shayrat airfield in Syria’s Homs Province destroyed a material storage depot, a training facility, a canteen, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars and a radar station.”

              • Alrenous says:

                Busting a few planes isn’t really that important anyway. It motivates Assad to police his jurisdiction thoroughly against false-flag attacks, without by itself significantly affecting his warfighting ability.

          • Lalit says:

            You’re smelling hope? . I’m smelling Euphoria. If he fooled us, his loyal subjects into suspecting that he is a cuck, imagine the number he’s playing on the left. Long may the left continue to mis-underestimate our God Emperor. Hahahahaha! What a player!

  18. Joe says:

    I’ve mostly been very pleased with Trump but I’ve always had a nagging bad feeling that at some level he may not actually “get it”…that the depth of his understanding of the real problems facing our people is poor and then he could be swayed by someone who knew how to play on his vanity. Also, I had a bad feeling about him allowing his daughter and son-in-law to have apparently so much influence on his decisions…they never struck me as people who “got it” at all.

    From the news tonight it sounds like Trump has decided to go with the son-in-law over Bannon. If Bannon ends up out of the White House, I think the nationalist right’s era of influence there might be over…Reince Priebus sure ain’t gonna whisper “America First” in Trump’s ear, and who knows how much day-to-day influence Sessions has on Trump anymore. I always felt there was some real danger that Trump’s innate need to feel loved and popular might somehow drive him to do a huge flip-flop and try to win the approval of the establishment…he had his fun being adored by the white midwestern rubes showing up by the thousands at his rallies, but maybe he wants to be loved and praised on the news networks and SNL now.

    Who knows. But if Bannon really ends up out of the Oval Office, that to me means it’s about 90% a lost cause and we’ll need to look down the road to a real leader, a real man of intelligence and balls who truly “gets it” deep down.

    • Alrenous says:

      Nobody who really gets it is foolish enough to run for POTUS. If Trump succeeds it was only due to not realizing his task is impossible.

    • jim says:

      He had his fun being adored by the white midwestern rubes showing up by the thousands at his rallies, but maybe he wants to be loved and praised on the news networks and SNL now.

      He is not going to get love and praise from them, and if he goes looking for love and praise in the wrong places, as the Romanovs did, he and his family will get killed by them, not loved and praised by them.

      • Joe says:

        I agree 100% that he’s not going to get genuine love and praise from them. I’m just hypothesizing how Trump might be feeling…apparently Trump watches SNL regularly to see how he’s represented in their skits. And then sometimes tweets irritated reactions to the skits. Let’s face it – a really serious man of intellectual substance, maturity, and gravitas who “got it” would not bother watching leftwing skit shows, period, much less dignify their attacks by tweeting irritated reactions. Or he’d watch them just for the enjoyment of watching his enemies going nuts. But such a man wouldn’t actually be bothered by it. If he’s got a side to his personality that is petty enough to actually be bothered by a SNL skit, then he may well be shallow enough to be swayed over in the Leftist direction by a combination of his daughter and son-in-law’s opinions and his own desire to be popular. A big problem with Trump is that he’s basically a New York bigshot who loves being loved by New York, so it hurts him when SNL and the rest of the New York liberal crowd that Trump has marinated in his whole life reject and demonize him.

        I’ve thought for a long time that the smartest thing the Left could do would be to praise him for something. The man is a sucker for praise. I understand that a big reason he ran for President was because of that press association dinner where Obama and others ridiculed the idea of him being president. And I’ve been very pleased, strategically speaking, that the Left keeps attacking him so venomously and hyperbolically, because that is the surest way to keep him firmly in the Right-wing camp.

        Trump has some great qualities, like his willingness to say things no other politician has the balls to say. But at the root of it, I think his root motivation has been the desire to be popular and famous and important and loved, not to save his people. And we really need someone whose true motivation is to save his people. Someone who can’t be swayed by daughters and criticism and praise. We need a real warrior-king, a real man of substance and grit.

        • jim says:

          Yes, dead on. He is only our guy because our enemies hate him and want to destroy him. He craves the love and praise of our enemies much more than he craves our love and praise.

          But, fortunately for us, our enemies do hate him and want to destroy him.

          • fnn says:

            He seemed to spitting in their faces at the Al Smith Dinner. He didn’t seem to bothered by the boos.

        • Koanic says:

          If you wanted a warrior king, you should’ve creatively murdered the Communists like Sampson slew Philistines.

          Since we’re all a bunch of pussies, we get the gilded soap opera king.

          Beats nuclear war.

          • Corvinus says:

            “If you wanted a warrior king, you should’ve creatively murdered the Communists like Sampson slew Philistines.”

            Why don’t you as a warrior king start the killing rather than get others to do your dirty work?

            “Since we’re all a bunch of pussies, we get the gilded soap opera king.”

            Who is we, Kemosabe?

            “Beats nuclear war.”

            Actually, I hope that there is a showdown between the U.S. and Russia that leads to billions dead.

            Then the preppers get what they want, a reboot of our world. Then Mark Citadel and company can put forth their great plans to destroy the scourge of representative democracy and modernity in one fail swoop.

            • Steve Johnson says:

              “Why don’t you as a warrior king start the killing rather than get others to do your dirty work?”

              Why don’t you as a Christian start killing PUAs?

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          Europoids have a disturbing tendency for desiring to be well regarded by their enemies.

          If you happen to have whites who live only around other white and so both sides have the tendency, this can serve to modulate conflict into more sacral warfare that can elevate both sides, but more, can elevate the whole race in general, as we have seen in Europes historical ascendancy over the rest of the world.

          In essence, it is the ‘Gentlemanly’ instinct.

          If your enemies happen to lack that instinct (like pretty much every other race ever in the world), then over time it inevitably turns into a classic game theory cooperate/defect situation; their enemies, being ENEMIES, will never regard them well, and yet they keep trying to get signals of respect or admiration from them anyways; thus always leads to cuckdom, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

          • jim says:

            Not so much their enemies, and this is a new phenomenon.

            Originally the East India company were a bunch of pirates, brigands, and slavers. And then when Britain became imperial, came down with a severe case of holiness. Which they believed, they believed in their own holiness, but this entirely delusive belief was to impress their colleagues in England, not their enemies in Afghanistan, who were entirely unimpressed.

            Their belief was sufficiently sincere to get them killed, but not sufficiently sincere to actually correspond with the reality of their quite dreadful actions.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Nah, this trope is as old as the Epic of Gilgamesh; best frenemies is an enduring and popular theme in Aryan made fiction from ancient times to modern times.

              It’s also an instinct possessed much more by red tinted whites than blue tinted whites.

              They wish to be known as forthright, noble, and above all, honorable; and a big part of that is when your *enemies* acknowledge your honor.

              And if their enemy does *not* honor or respect them, a part of them thinks its because of something *they themselves* are doing wrong, which can become quickly perverse in more transcendent contexts beyond, say, a handful of ethnically related clans in areas geographically isolated from aliens who’s natures are suited to different cultural operating systems (‘which is the patch, and which is the tendency?’).

  19. orochijes says:

    I don’t see what’s so great about Trump’s family. I certainly wouldn’t support of any of his family in leadership roles, apart from maybe Don Jr.

  20. reactionaryfuture says:

    Actually, if you look at the history of Islamic conflict, especially its latest form (created by the US and Saudi Arabia for geopolitical conflict in Afghanistan.) Then you could predict Trump’s actions. In effect, Trump was (as is most of the government apparatus) utterly unaware of the role of Islamic violence in US policy.

    I have said it before, but the best exercise in historical research is to watch Rambo III then compare to modern history after that. One minute it is imperative to supply billions of dollars and vast ordinance to these heroic rebels re-enacting the American Revolution in the name of religious freedom, the next we need to invade Afghanistan to stop religious extremism. Most of the main actors in this were not left wing tranny lovers, but “hardcore” right wing nut jobs – not that there is a fundamental difference.

    Case in point see –

    One is a degenerate democrat, the other a devout Catholic involved in an anti-communist crusade. One sees the Muhadjadeen as freedom fighters and the underdog, the other sees them as…freedom fighters and the underdog.

    Syria is a geopolitical pivot point due to natural gas. US cannot formally go to war over gas and simply occupy the place. The actors wishing to do so have their hands tied, so they play high-low and fund any violent actors willing to shoot at Assad. Violent actors are a commodity in our divided political system. Finding people who will fight is not easy contrary to liberal delusion on the matter.

    Trump has probably been fully briefed on the strategic necessity of unseating Assad. The system is working on him.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Power always seeks an outlet to express itself, to accomplish what it always and already intended to accomplish.

      If the most elegant and expedient outlet is occluded, the conduit of power will simply crack and spring leaks; expressing itself through proxies, patches, backchannels and hacks.

      Each and all with their own side effects, in-efficiencies, and unintended consequences.

  21. Mister Grumpus says:

    Goddammit man what a nail-biter.

    For now, my flag is still on the hill of:

    “He’s flushing out his internal enemies by making them think they’ve won, so he can write their names on a big ass list and publicly disgrace them all for lying about the fake gas attack”.

    That’s STILL the explanation that makes the most sense (“for me”).

    But if I’m wrong then of course I’m just a garden-variety sucker.

    • jim says:

      If Trump is cucking, as the Romanov’s cucked, if he is going along with what his enemies want, he and his family are going to die, for nothing will ever appease his enemies, giving them what they want will merely increase their appetite for blood.

      I hope for the best, but I fear the worst.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I’ve got plenty of fear too. But Don has this amazing talent for looking like he’s Gone Stupid on Thursday… and then coming out the super-genius who had always been right on Monday.

        They’ll add a book to the Bible for this.

      • Alrenous says:

        Assassinating Trump any time soon would destroy Democracy delightfully quickly.

      • miles says:

        I disagree. Despite the fact Trump would lose most of his base, the worst-case scenario for us would see him lionized by the jews and therefor set aside to call for unity as the American Ancien Régime is transitioned into La Republica Estados del Mundo.

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