Obesity, nutrition, and spiritual pollution

We have three massive epidemics of ill health:

Obesity, low and falling testosterone in males, low and falling sperm production in males, and abnormally high, and abnormally early, very early, levels of androgens in females. It is killing vastly more people than the holy Corona Demon. Almost every older male is diabetic. (I don’t know about women because I don’t hang out or talk much to old obese women. I find them physically disgusting, and they tend to be badly behaved, unpleasant, and dangerous.)

High androgen levels in women are having a massive harmful impact on fertility.

What is causing them?

Well, I went from 267 pounds, 120 kilograms, to 179 pounds, 81 kilograms, somewhat above my ideal weight, but within the healthy BMI and WHR, and I have kept it off for three or four years, so I think I can speak with some authority on that topic, and it looks like the other two epidemics are connected by a common causal factor.

If you look at old pictures of hot women, and modern pictures of hot women, the physical impact of high and early androgen exposure is obvious, and we have a culture that demands behavior characteristic of abnormally high, and abnormally early, levels of androgens in women.

When I walk past the candy bar in the supermarket, or the hot food counter in the gas station, it is a struggle. Unless I hold my head high, my shoulders back, and my eyes high, whereupon it ceases to be a struggle. Does not seem to me in my life that Christianity has helped, but maybe I am not very Christian. People whom I feel are genuinely Christian seem to be less obese. But attempting to display and exemplify manliness, and attempting to get women to believe I am manly definitely has helped me lose weight. Passing shit tests helps me not eat. Failing shit tests causes other men to snack. It is absolutely obvious that a culture hostile to maleness and masculinity will make men fat. And I would definitely go with that theory except that women are getting fat to similar degree. So maybe there is an additional significant cause. Or maybe it is the same cause. It is anecdotally obvious that androgyny makes women fat.

A lot of people are looking for the causes of the epidemic, some of them think they have found the cause, and some of them think they have found the cause, and are selling quack remedies.

SlimeMould observes:

Current theories of the obesity epidemic are inadequate. None of them hold up to closer scrutiny, and none can explain all of the mysteries mentioned in Part I.

They propose a mystery chemical pollutant that is affecting the brain’s weight set point. They assemble obvious and overwhelming evidence that the problem is in the brain, but chemical pollution is a very politically correct explanation, and if it was some chemical, the epidemic would be a lot more spotty than it is. They went looking for hot spots. What they found was underwhelming. If the problem is indeed in the brain, the pollutant is more likely to be spiritual than chemical.

If you are looking for a hot spot, look at the antifa tank brigade. There is a hot spot, and if its pollution, the obvious candidate is spiritual pollution.

Fire in a bottle thinks that the cause is excessive polyunsaturated fats, primarily excessive omega six saturated fats. The timing of the obesity epidemic is suggestive, and if we suppose that obesity is related to macronutrient composition, international comparisons support their theory.

If their theory is correct, then we would expect that families that mostly eat home cooked meals, mostly eat beef and lamb, and use butter and olive oil, rather than Corn-Soybean-Sunflower oil, or worse still “blended vegetable oil”, should have substantially lower levels of obesity. I don’t have anecdotal data for or against that, and still less does anyone have survey data on that. It is a plausible theory, worthy of serious investigation, but the fact that they are selling cures makes me doubt them. I would like to hear anecdotes about family food environments.

And if you have read this far, you are probably looking for advice on how to lose weight.

1. Be a manly man.

2. Weigh yourself every morning.

3 Diet and exercise. Restrict yourself to eating within an eight hour window, do the occasional three day fast to shove your set point down, particularly when you are over your target weight, lift iron, and a paleo diet.

Nutritional deficiencies are common and the paleo diet in modern times with modern foods is apt to make this worse. If you get cramps, your intake of divalent salts (calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper is likely unbalanced or inadequate. Potassium deficiency is common, and the keto diet, which, if done right, is an extreme form of the paleo diet, is so low on fruit and veggies that it is apt to cause potassium deficiency, which also causes cramps.


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  1. C4ssidy says:

    Slightly off-topic but readers of this blog would probably like the book “Moth in the Iron Lung” written in 2018, recommended by /pol/, short but very redpilling, tells us convincingly that the Polio epidemics were actually created by lead arsenate, Paris Green, and DDT pesticides , with the Polio numbers plummeting as these chemicals were phased out, several years before the vaccine was effectively implemented

    • Alfed says:

      Author seems like a bit of a crackpot based on his other books.

      Each of those chemicals were heavily sequentially in agriculture since the 1880s. First Paris Green, which was banned in favor of the less dangerous Lead Arsenate, and DDT was less dangerous than Lead Arsenate so they banned Lead Arsenate for DDT. But DDT wasn’t banned in the US until 72 and the Polio epidemic was over long before that. If such chemicals were the cause then the epidemic should have started back in the 1880s, not the 1950s and should have ended in 72, not the late 50s.

      The theory that increased cleanliness by the 50s which reduced early cross immunity to the Poliovirus being reduced and thus increased the likelihood of having a bad case of Polio seems far more likely. Polio is a very old disease with roots much older than any of those chemicals.

      People like to blame all kinds of things on chemical contamination, however besides chemical exposure that cause almost immediate health damage it’s pretty hard to really prove long term harm thus leaving such topics prone to much quackery.

      • The Cominator says:

        Polio like smallpox disappeared so the assumption should be the polio vaccines worked.

        I don’t think cleanliness cured polio either, my grandfather died of polio in the late 1940s… he got polio in Hokkaido Japan. He was an officer and was living in a Daimyo’s palace at the time he got it… I can’t give any more details than that but knowing how clean the Japanese are, given that he was living in essentially a palace with servants I don’t think my grandfather contracted it due to unsanitary conditions.

        Just because a lot of the conspiracy theories are right doesn’t mean they all are, 9/11 trooferism isn’t right and the Jenny McCarthy theory of vaccines isn’t right. Vaccines work for stable viruses and don’t work for unstable ones.

        Covid vaccines (even if they weren’t using this mRNA technology) can’t work because like influenza covid mutates, maybe not quite as fast as influenza but it mutates fast enough.

        • Alfred says:

          >I don’t think cleanliness cured polio either, my grandfather died of polio in the late 1940s… he got polio in Hokkaido Japan. He was an officer and was living in a Daimyo’s palace at the time he got it… I can’t give any more details than that but knowing how clean the Japanese are, given that he was living in essentially a palace with servants I don’t think my grandfather contracted it due to unsanitary conditions.

          The theory is that Cleanliness caused a large scale dangerous Poliovirus outbreak. When humans frequently lived in in their own shit they were exposed to poliovirus and other similar viruses frequently, building cross immunity. When people stopped living in shit but then were exposed to the Poliovirus the results tended to be much worse. Kind of like all milkmaids got cowpox which made them largely immune to Smallpox.

          Which is why periods when cleanliness being encouraged also saw outbreaks of a highly damaging polio epidemic. That’s the theory on it and it sounds more plausible than pesticides with the current knowledge we have.

          >Covid vaccines (even if they weren’t using this mRNA technology) can’t work because like influenza covid mutates, maybe not quite as fast as influenza but it mutates fast enough.

          Once the engineered spike protean degraded there’s no actual reason to worry about the virus even for high risk people. All Delta COVID is doing is making people immune to covid.

          • The Cominator says:

            I doubt he was living in all that clean an enviroment when he was fighting the Japs in the Pacific…

            • Alfred says:

              It’s being in a clean environment when you’re a kid. One of the reasons kids love getting dirty and eating dirt is the how strong their immune system is. They’re naturally indexing viruses by catching every virus they can.

              American combat troops generally lived pretty well in WW2 with good sanitation. Poliovirus is a fecal virus.

              • The Cominator says:

                His division was the 11th airborne which means he was in New Guinea (I can’t give you many details because he died when my father was six years old), nobody had good conditions in the New Guinea campaign even the high officers not if they were on the ground.

                • C4ssidy says:

                  It was largely infant paralysis, very rare for adults, the typical exception which they book mentions are American marines during the pacific in the Second World War, who were being covered with ddt

              • C4ssidy says:

                Polio exists naturally in the gut where it does not cause much harm

                Something caused the Polio to start easily crossing from the gut to the lower spinal cord

                If children were simply too clean, we’d expect higher rates of polio among adults too, with their unprimed immune systems leading to disasters in future years

                Instead it is pretty much entirely a child epidemic, focused in particular on infants, whose guts are much closer to their spinal column. What factor in the late 1800s destroyed the protective capacity of the guts?

      • C4ssidy says:

        Sounds a lot like you should just read the book rather than forcing me to repeat the facts which it presented, especially as it is short. The initial polio spike was in late 1800s and early 1900s in line with Paris Green and lead arsenate . The second spike was in the 1950s in line with ddt. DDT had fallen out of popularity long before it was banned. Polio plummeted as the popularity of ddt fell, several years before the vaccination program happened in any significant numbers

        Yes it was an old disease, but so rare that it was largely unheard of until it spiked in the late 1800s. The theory is that these chemicals assisted the passage from the gut into the spinal column, by warping them into a new shape (laboratory evidence for this) or damaging the gut walls more generally

        As for the cross immunity idea, Charles Caverly did the research at the time, no distinction between breastfed and bottle-fed. You’ve been using Wikipedia. But if you tried to put this book on there as a source, would be treated as anti-vaccine misinformation

    • Pooch says:

      Also the massive amount of people killed from the initial untested polio vaccines.

  2. Alfred says:

    Jim, any advice for churches? I was speaking to my parents and CTR is being pushed hard by entryists into their church and they’re branding people who push back as Christian Nationalists, AKA Nazis. It feels like they’re getting ready to destroy conservatives churches. Should churches go underground? I’ve urged them to denounce those people as agents of Satan and purge them form the church, but normalcy bias is very strong.

    • C4ssidy says:

      I went from a liberal church to a conservative Bible-believing church to Orthodoxy, though I’ve heard that Steven Anderson’s church is also growing at a good rate which is part of why I am not entirely against Protestants. Currently I observe the liberal church, which went in heavily on social justice, following the Jimian model , plummeting numbers, smaller foyer, and pastors leaving and not being replaced. People just stop showing up, and it happens faster than being just about birth rates. According to Jim the end state is a lesbian book store but this one is only a refurbished warehouse with strobe lights and smoke machines rather than an old building so it will eventually be just abandoned

      You could try showing people what the Bible actually says but you’d only distress people and be inevitably purged yourself. Social justice is a lot like Grima in the ear of Theoden or Louis/Tsars appointing enlightenment thinkers and Marxists into advisory positions. From what I observe, the only ones which maintain themselves have a strong and noncucked patriarch which actively use their authority to enforce good doctrine. If you do not have that, and it sounds like you do not, then it is going to be a sinking ship. Better just to keep looking for the other pieces of wood in the ocean which are sinking slower

    • jim says:

      Churches are already underground. Official Anglicanism stopped being Christian two centuries ago. Socinians took over. The Pope worships pagan idols. Pagan faggots took over. In America, the Old Mexican demon worship is moving in on the Churches, demon worshipers took over, and if you don’t like it, racist.

      That said, Putin’s nukes make a difference. (And for Muslims, Pakistan’s nukes) You will find that Churches aligned with Russian Orthodox are often mighty red pilled.

      • jim says:

        Things start off with non trinitarians, Jesus the Jewish Community organizer, who was remarkably enlightened for his ignorant times, and pointed the way to our superior selves, who are much more enlightened. The fat childless lesbian moustachioed schoolgirl-groping pastor then congratulates Jesus on being almost as enlightened as her enlightened self, and introduces the topic of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. To save the earth we must show our concern by bowing down to an idol having a curious resemblance to an Aztec demon.

        Pretty soon no one is showing up except members of the coven, and they sacrifice children donated by child protective services to the demon, being a sufficiently small group that the human sacrifices are plausibly deniable.

  3. Gnomus says:

    What do you think about the problem of height? When a man is below the average female height in his country, it becomes a problem. Even the guys with the blue pill and the women don’t deny it. Especially if a man wants children, half of whom will be boys, for whom this is a significant factor. Therefore, it is desirable to find a tall woman.

    I doubt that a pure Game solves this problem without an royal status, moving to Asia or such things

    • blackpill day, all day, erry day says:

      Anyone shorter than 180 centimeters (particularly if shorter than 170 centimeters) should always wear elevator shoes and/or lifts; if 160 centimeters or shorter, should consider leg lengthening surgery in addition to the elevator shoes and lifts.


    • Pooch says:

      Height is not everything.

    • alf says:

      Not a fan of cosmetic surgery. Seem to always be side effects. Plus the surgical ‘enhancements’ are not inherited by the offspring, of course. I’d probably wear elevating shoes. You can take those off at least.

      Height is pretty important for men, but looks in general aren’t as important for men as for women. I’ve seen short men do well with women by compensating in confidence.
      “Why are you so short?”
      – “all my size went to my dick”
      That sort of thing.

    • Aidan says:

      Girls notice that average guys, and especially short guys, physically defer to tall ones, and thus see short as beta and tall as alpha. Problem is not that you look short, but that you act submissive.

      • suones says:

        Carrying off a short stature with panache is difficult. There have been no end of short mob bosses, for example (which non-Nordics tend to be good at), and they tend to have portly physique too. But that is offset by the supreme confidence that a mob boss has, and helped by the posse of tall, mean-looking men that surround him and defer to him. It is difficult for a Nordic-origin pimply faced youngster to pull off.

  4. Roderick the Dick says:

    Lo status makes us not nmove, eat comfort food. Seeing things go back, offensive too us makes us not move, eat the comfort food. all start with not the poz, but not being able to call poz the pz, and reuglate in our prezens. being forced to see poz cucks uz.. maek uz low t. weakl le fat.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      NASA is actually spending tax dollars investigating whether or not James Webb was not pro-LGBT+XYZ… He was born in 1906.

      • Roderick says:

        Women not sucking enough dick, men suckng too much dic.

        That maek everyne fat. No joke.

        Juzt knowing it hapen, legit, not gud.

        But women need to suck their mans dick.

        amkes them more content, thinner. Serious

        • onyomi says:

          I endorse your social program and would like to order some pamphlets.

          • Roderick says:

            It true. Women want to submit, to be happy must submit. Once happy will be thin. Man will invest more, better home balance, thinner, stronger. Virtuous cycle.

  5. Roderick says:

    Accepting absurdities causes fatness.

    A good deal of from women who habitually make absurd demands.

    This makes men fat, women fat.

    Other stuff, too. Big factor, tho.

    One hundred years ago, women couldn’t vote, few were fat.

    • onyomi says:

      I probably wouldn’t have noticed this dynamic if I didn’t read Jim’s Blog and see the dancing Ticktok nurses, but the continued call for lockdowns and restrictions definitely feels like a symptom of hysterical women demanding to be controlled.

      Besides the fact that previous generations of men weren’t quite so cucked, I think the media, including social media, have created an authoritarian feedback loop sending the message to women that things are out of control but don’t worry the leaders will implement more restrictions.

      The only thing that doesn’t make much sense to me is how you can convince these same people to support BLM. Or perhaps the suburban moms who enjoy corona subdom play aren’t the ones marching for BLM? Or they are just mislead about the threat of joggers since the media isn’t allowed to show/depict it that way?

      • jim says:

        I don’t see the contradiction. Of course women support BLM – they also support the importation of Somali Jihadis for much the same reason.

        • Roderick says:

          You take shit, you are shit.

          Correct response to shit test Is the HIT test

          that gold standard.

          All responses short of that makes fat.

          • someDude says:


            Correct response to Shit test is hit test! Hahahahahaha!

            A Daniel come to comment on this Blog. Yea! A Daniel!

        • The Cominator says:

          Subconscious compulsion to destroy a social order that doesn’t force them into subject roles and in particular subject roles where they can be “bred” involuntarily?

          I mean that is how they act in practice but I’m not sure any of us quite knows the reason…

          • jim says:

            Rather, a woman in a weak tribe subconsciously wants to be abducted into a strong tribe. So gives her tribe shit with the subconscious aim of testing it for strength, or being put on a chain running between the bedroom and the kitchen. Same psychology as giving you individually shit. She gives you shit to see if you are the shit.

            • Roderick says:

              Yes, test tribal and personal at once. Strong men Cant rape wife wo strong tribe. Strong tribe wont help weak man rape wife. Strong man need strong tribe or wife think weak for lack of rape. How be strong man, weak trbe and investment in family kids the trick noe. Not many can, maybe distribution of info on howto do this help. Maybe.

              • someDude says:

                Heartiste/Roissy used to have a commentator called GreatBooksForMen who used to talk pretty much the way you do on this blog, Rod! Ever heard of him? Used to go by GBFM for short. Gent was as much an attraction as Roissy himself. So much so that some conjectured that GBFM was just Roissy in another avatar.

                Looks like this Gentleman will be another great attraction in the comments section of this blog. The comments are subsersilveluy brilliant

        • onyomi says:

          I guess my confusion arises in thinking of safety/harm avoidance as the base-level motivation. Coronadoom feels like an extreme instance of the same psychology that drives women to get fun playground equipment removed.

          Seemingly: playground equipment exists that children could fall off and hurt themselves–>demand it be removed.

          Scary virus is going around that kills people–>demand extreme control measures.

          Joggers are burning down cities–>demand they be stopped (of course, they might have been secretly happy and more supportive HAD Trump been willing and able to use overwhelming force on BLM, but it seems an important difference that they won’t explicitly call for that like they will with Corona controls).

          But perhaps it’s more like: women feel insecure unless they are being controlled and told what to do by alpha males and their lieutenants. This basic feeling of insecurity may manifest in both straightforward demands for more safety and also shit tests designed to get their men to take control or else be replaced by better men?

          Of course, the safetyism is itself arguably a kind of shit test, but seems a bit different from the importation of dangerous, foreign men.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Only a matter of time until USG influence in Europe recedes.
    Then we shall see whether or not the men of that continent still have teeth.

    Vive La Reine!

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >French is quick to point out that he’s not calling for, you know, actually killing anyone. He merely wants to take wealth from one race of people and give it to another. His “conservative” side laughably comes out when he objects to the expropriation being done via “central planning.” As long as it’s done via “vouchers” and other pro-freedom measures, A-OK!

      Lmfao, peak clownworld kino.

  7. New Guys says:

    Off topic but relevant to the rise of the Left singularity, all of the pharmacists I have visited have rejected my offers out of fear, fear which can be seen from their eyes. Perhaps I have not been looking hard enough, but it is what it is.

    If one is forced to take the vaccine, how does one denude the components of the vaccine? This is a question relating to this comment: https://blog.reaction.la/politics/make-women-property-again/#comment-2728016

    • jim says:

      Try an Indian or Chinese pharmacy. The whites are still suffering from normality bias.

      • New Guys says:

        I tried an Indian, Chinese, Hispanic, and Pakistani pharmacy, and they all rejected my offer. While three of them seemed quite sympathetic, all of them had a terror look in their eyes and one pretended not to understand me.

        Perhaps my offer was too light – what would be an appropriate offer in this case? Should I go to a drugstore such as Walmart? I have been avoiding them because big stores often have security, but would it be wise.

        • Alfred says:

          Interesting. I wonder if there’s something in the pharmacy community about it? Sounds like this might require a friend of a friend sort of connection to work.

        • someDude says:

          May they thought you were an agent trying to entrap them. Maybe the IndoPaks will take your tips for lack of service only if you are an IndoPak yourself.

          This will require a bit more creativity, it seems

          • New Guys says:

            Well, I am a tall Anglo wearing business attire, which doesn’t look good for me…

            I know a guy who knows a guy who tipped someone $3500 for getting into the system. Looks like I’ll have to contact him, it’s not like I don’t have the cash…

            • Karl says:

              business attire is not good in such a situation. Business attire signals importance, seriousness, wealth. Much better to wear something casual.

              If people are afraid, you might need a trusted middleman. E.g. someone who is doing something illegal all the time. People who are selling drugs might soon be selling blank vaccination cards where you only have to enter your name after purchase

        • Aidan says:

          You probably look like a cop.

      • Alfred says:

        I’ve been telling my extended family they should considering doing this, but they can’t quite brush off their normality bias. Right now is the time to do it before any sort hard enforcement is going on. If you got your “shot” before it was required, it’s unlikely that was faked. Thought the way things are going they’re going to require more and more shots to prove your holiness.

        • Pooch says:

          Yes booster shots are coming. Buy stock in Moderna and BTNX. The elites clearly have vast shares and so we might as well too.

          • Alfred says:

            I know people who got 2 shots and they described the second shot as hell. I read a comment from a guy on reddit who’s part of a 3 shot trial and he described the 3ed it as being run over a freight train while the first 2 were mild. People are going to start dying in huge numbers from boosters in the 3 and 4 shot range.

            That’s not saying that your wrong about the stock, but realize the gravy train will run into wall of dead bodies pretty quick.

            • Pooch says:

              They are hiding deaths now, they’ll just hide deaths in the future. The gravy train isn’t stopping until a Caesar or a Stalin stops it.

            • jim says:

              > That’s not saying that your wrong about the stock, but realize the gravy train will run into wall of dead bodies pretty quick.

              Normalcy bias. The more dead, the more it proves the holiness of the holy Covid demon. Religions of human sacrifice are only ever stopped by violence.

              We do not yet know how dangerous the vaccine is likely to be – maybe it is only the equivalent of a bad flu season. But if everyone that takes it eventually dies after a year or so, they will just double down on making everyone take it until they are forcibly stopped, or until everyone is dead.

              • Alfred says:

                Normalcy bias. The more dead, the more it proves the holiness of the holy Covid demon. Religions of human sacrifice are only ever stopped by violence.

                I’d be the first to admit that I really don’t get religions of Human Sacrifice or Demon Worship. The very concept disgusts me.

                Maybe you should do a post on how they work? I’ve got a general idea from the Bronze Age Collapse but there’s been a strong bias against telling the truth about such religions for a very long time in the archaeological community.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                If it starts killing people, is it not going to be preferentially killing the people administering it? The Aztecs ran around getting other people to sacrifice; they were not cutting out the hearts of other Aztec priests. How does that change things? If the holiest die more and more, will we not be selecting for insufficient holiness? Not on a genetic level, but on a level of the people who run things.

                • jim says:

                  That may well make a difference, but I am far from sure it will.

                • Jehu says:

                  I keep hearing about ‘elite’ types like the UK health director, various NFL coaches, etc getting Covid despite being fully vaxed. Do you think it’s likely that they’re getting ‘vaxed’ the way that many of us are considering? As in, being part of the ‘control group’ covertly?

                • Alfred says:

                  Assuming the COVID delta virus is real, it’s pretty clear that the spike protean has mutated. It spreads much easier than the original Wu Flu, is far more mild, and the existing mRNA vaccines(including J&J) do jack and shit about it. Making a vaccine that only focus on the spike protean was fucking stupid. They should have produced multiple fragments the virus besides the toxic spike protean and then people would have had long lasting immunity even after the virus mutates.

                • jim says:

                  Nah, we now know that there is massive cross immunity between corona viruses.

                  They should have used the oldest vaccine tech in the book, the tech we used to wipe out smallpox: Infect everyone with a harmless relative of a potentially dangerous disease.

                  Turns out that for most people, when they mount an immune response to the spike protein, are not mounting a an immune response to spike protein. They are mounting an immune response to a related protein of a previous related Corona virus that previously infected them.

                  The immune system says to itself “Oh no, another one of these guys. What worked against them the last time around?” and then digs through its armory and library for old weapons. Which are usually, though not always, quite effective.

                  Corona cannot as easily change its antigens as influenza can, so the smallpox tech works, if you get a close enough relative.

                  That old technology does not work very effectively against the common cold or influenza, because they change their antigens like women’s fashions, but Corona does not, cannot.

                  They did not want to do that, because of assorted bogus rationales, but the real reason for using superduper untested super high tech biotech was the same reason they put wings on the space shuttle.

                  “Pay no attention to the solid fuel booster that General Andrew Jackson would have laughed at. Look at the wings. That makes it super duper high tech! Its a space plane!”

                  Space planes are idiotic. And synthetic RNA vaccines are idiotic – a grotesquely and absurdly inappropriate use of an interesting and valuable high technology.

                  And the space shuttle sold fuel booster showed our rocket technology was regressing to pre Andrew Jackson levels.

                  The space shuttle engines (which NASA can no longer build, hence their troubles with the Senate Lunch System rocket) were genuinely advanced, the highest technology of rocket engines achieved until Musk started building rocket engines, but the solid fuel boosters showed that the ratchet of social decay had dislocated the ratchet of technological advance, which was now spinning backwards.

                  And the wings, like the RNA vaccine, showed not science and technology, but priests wearing stolen labcoats as sacramental robes.

                  Similarly the use of intubation and ventilators that killed so many people with China flu, was not medicine, any more than the wings on the space shuttle were high technology, but high priestly deurgic magic. It was the availability of ventilators that caused China flu to be more deadly than other recent flues. Chances are, if they had been using oxygen masks, would have only been the usual problem.

              • simplyconnected says:

                But if everyone that takes it eventually dies after a year or so, they will just double down on making everyone take it until they are forcibly stopped, or until everyone is dead.

                This is why I fear it will eventually come to door-to-door police-forced injection, or concentration camps for the uninjected.
                My current estimate is that safest country is where lowest percentage of population thinks injection is safe: Japan.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  See map of trust in injection safety (from summer 2019, though).

                • Karl says:

                  Public perceptions can change quickly or suddenly not matter at all when the government uses force.

                  You are safest from forced injections where the government lacks the means to enforce vaccination on the population

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Karl wrote:

                  You are safest from forced injections where the government lacks the means to enforce vaccination on the population

                  In that case my bet would be Mexico. Plus, they are (currently) open to entry without test requirement. Six month stay allowed from EU without visa is my understanding.

                • Pooch says:

                  I find it hard to imagine they could go door to door in the rural areas and force injections on farmers but that could just be my normalcy bias kicking in.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Pooch wrote:

                  I find it hard to imagine they could go door to door in the rural areas and force injections on farmers […]

                  Unfortunately we’re mostly disarmed in Europe, so we have to consider that contingency. I also find it hard to believe it would happen in the US, because even covid-demon possessed people probably realize it would kick off some kind of armed conflict (although who knows, they may be even more fanatical than we think).

      • someDude says:

        Just out of curiosity, Jim. Were the Indians or Chinese Pharmacists in the States amenable to Tips for “lack of service” before this entire Covid nonsense? If that was so, then their entire modus operandi is to break rules whenever an opportunity for a better payoff arises regardless of whether normality bias is warranted or not.

        If OTOH, they were the sort who rejected tips before Covid and only now accept Tips, only then can they be credit be given to them for recognizing that the time for normality bias is over and a new course of action is appropriate

        The way I see it, neither race is really acting on the situation at hand. They are all doing what they are habituated to by default. The Indians & Chinese to breaking rules for a payoff and the Whites blindly following rules.

        • jim says:

          Chinese and Indian m/o is to break the rules whenever there is a payoff.

          • Back home, Indians tend to be habitual rule-breakers, which is a good thing when the rules are impractical or straight out insane. This has kind of worked in our favour in this covid crisis. We are seeing as much holiness spiralling on covid in the media as in the US, but that hasn’t seeped down at the ground level.

            I think the reason for the hesitancy of Chinese and Indian pharmacists to break the rules in the US is precisely because they know that paying off the enforcement authorities is not as easy as back home, in a sense acknowledging the power of the prevailing State Religion which is misinterpreted as being strict on rules.

            The predominant (but mistaken) sentiment in India at least is that in Western countries the laws and rules are enforced strictly.

            • jim says:

              The way around the rules tends to be more indirect. The bureaucrats don’t want to get their own hands dirty. There tends to be a “””consultant””” in the picture.

              But at the same time, rules tend to be enforced in a fairly relaxed manner. If you do stuff that is just flat out illegal, cops tend to be remarkably lethargic.

        • suones says:

          Dura lex, sed lex is a retarded concept given by a gigafool[1]. There is no obligation to follow Adharma even if it is sponsored by the King. Just laws are spontaneously followed. “Thou shalt not cut off thy daughter’s breasts or thy son’s dick” is an example of a just law that is nowhere mentioned in the “Constitution” yet is instinctively followed even by the most ignorant prole[2]. Dharmic laws are characterised by needing very little enforcement among the populace, excluding the few percent deviants.

          [1] An example of a bastardisation of Roman Law by later jurists. It is originally understood in the light of patria potestas and mos maiorum not as a standalone rule. Without Pater, there is no lex.
          [2] Apart from circumcisors, of course, who are one step removed from tranners anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        um, it occurs to me that some of those Pharmacies could damn well be operated by our enemies.

    • Alfred says:

      >If one is forced to take the vaccine

      I’d get the the sort of blood drugs that protect against COVID like Ivermectin. It probably protects your blood from the spike proteins. Though I’ve read it’s getting harder to get it from a doctor these days. The Cathedral fist is ever tightening.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Just print out a vaccine card and fill it out yourself.

      • New Guys says:

        If the organization bothers to check all of the thousands of vaccine cards, I could simply insist I took the vaccine and claim bureaucratic incompetence, which would give me time to find someone to bribe.

    • simplyconnected says:

      If one is forced to take the vaccine, how does one denude the components of the vaccine?

      My vague understanding is that alcohol and sunlight are recommended against when taking the injection.
      Theory is alcohol washes away the lipid nanocapsules.
      The recommendation I’ve heard is copious amounts of alcohol (liquor) before and after injection, and N-Acethyl L-Cystein (large dose, which means considerably more than 600mg/day) to reduce graphene oxide or whatever it is that the injection from hell really contains. Add lots of vitamin D3 (high dose is say 20.000UI/day is my understanding) to the cocktail, because sunlight is recommended against.
      This is what I’m doing should the day of the needle arrive.

    • Humble Acolyte says:

      For most purposes, it’s probably sufficient to forge a vaccine card, which definitely seems doable. Found this on /pol/, but you will want to independently verify the recommendations.


      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >archive links posted on BJC
        >archive goes down

        Now that’s a coincidence.

    • Javier says:

      If HR tells you to get vaxxed, say “okay” and then just don’t do it. They probably won’t even check.

      If they do, say “sure” and then “forget” to scan the card. They probably won’t ever ask you for it again. In the meantime, print off a vax card (easy to find) and fill it out. If they hound you for it, scan it and send it. They will file it away without even looking at it. But I doubt they will ask.

      The best defense right now is to bend with the wind.

    • Need it for school says:

      I’m in a position where my college wants me to be vaccinated or I will be expelled (not kidding.) I have a single class remaining (again not kidding) that I require for my degree. It’s not a class I will likely be able to take under a religious exemption. Also, I won’t be able to get a religious exemption as I am not religious.

      What do I do? Feeling suicidal over the fact I may have wasted 4 years of my life on expensive insurance offered by untrustworthy priests.

      In general how can I fight the suicidal feelings that come from just living in this shit? I don’t have the ability to do anything about it.

      • jim says:

        Become religious

        Or lie.

        Or engage in fraud. There is no obligation to give the truth to liars.

        On the available info, looks like a small but significant proportion of those vaccinated suffer long lasting disability as a result, but most are OK. But it is hard to tell how many because pulmonary hypertension does not show up on any tests easily taken, and if someone does suffer harmful effects, no one in the medical profession is willing to acknowledge it for fear of the consequences.

        The medications that are effective against the virus may be effective against the vaccine. No one knows.

        Surely you can fraudulently obtain evidence of vaccination? Just get someone else’s vaccination papers, scan them, and modify them in gimp. Then present as photocopy. If they want the original, get a blank form, and print out your modified stuff on top of it, having erased the form background. With modern tools, paper fraud is easy.

        Paper fraud does not work if your vaccination is against a central database, but I doubt that the people responsible for the vaccine are capable of getting a central database running.

    • simplyconnected says:

      This video has advice for trying to neutralize the effects of the injection, in case forcible administration ever comes.


  8. Anonymous Fake says:

    Do you think people subconsciously follow the elites with regards to weight? Lean and mean 19th century dueling elites inspired the world wars for proles, while 20th century docile capitalist fat cats now inspire the soy guzzler cuck demographic. People follow the elite class by nature. Being rich and fat became part of elite culture in the 20th century just like breeding horses for polo was for earlier eras.

    I definitely look the part of a modern elite, but I’m aware that I’m a striver rather than an organic old money type. But eating too much is absolutely subconscious even for the most self aware people unless they are literally weighing their food with a scale.

    • jim says:


      Advertisers always present attractive people, actors are usually attractive people, athletes are usually attractive people. The perceived elite as in impinges on the consciousness of the average chump is reasonably fit.

      And it is absolutely obvious that you are no striver. Actual strivers don’t present arguments that they deserve a free lunch, that they deserve value without having to create value.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Affirmative action positions, sinecures, no-bid government contracts, tenure, golden parachutes, retiring to a reserved board position after putting in enough teacher retirement pension time, getting nationalized and generously overcompensated, and think tank consulting work are the prestige careers and business strategies elites want to secure. Making lots of money just from selling a lot of some consumer good to the masses is merchant class behavior, not truly elite. You might as well hang out on Wallstreetbets and get rich from YOLOing the next Gamestop, for how uncouth it is to peddle wares. Or dropshipping.

        And the obese smoker in a fancy suit, complete with top hat and probably a monocle, is the “ideal” elite image of the 20th century, the opposite of elite fitness aspirations from before. Now sexual aggression has replaced gluttony, but an interesting transitional character from one set of elites to another is Harvey Weinstein. He found himself in an uncanny valley of elite expectations and paid for it by offending both sides.

        Being extremely risk averse in business, but extremely risk loving in, well, loving, is now the elite life orientation. You’re expected to last as long in bed as in a board meeting these days.

        • jim says:


          Affirmative action positions etc are not high status. The priesthood promises their mascots high status, but their mascots painfully discover that they are not high status, but mere decorations to the status of the priest that put them there.

          What you guys hate is the man who owns a Domino’s pizza franchise. When you mention the regulatory revolving door is just an excuse. You somehow fail to notice that the people on the regulator revolving door are frequently themselves regulators, and that Biden and the career civil servants surrounding Biden are strangely wealthy.

          Instead, just like Trotksy declaring the kulak with two cows to be a minion of wall street, you go after the man who owns a Domino’s Pizza franchise.

          If you were actually pissed with the beneficiaries of affirmative action and the regulatory revolving door, you would be pissed with those that gave them their much overpromised and underdelivered benefits.

          If you are a private businessman on the regulatory revolving door, the regulator is on the inside, and you are on the outside, and he is going to sodomize you, as the investors in MF Global were sodomized. They thought that they were buying their way into the regulatory revolving door, and then discovered that the deal had been changed.

          > And the obese smoker in a fancy suit, complete with top hat and probably a monocle, is the “ideal” elite image of the 20th century,

          Low status, because everyone knows he is the regulators ass boy and is grovelling in terror before the fat childless lesbian of HR. If I am trying to pick up a chick, a business suit does not work, even though I look really good in a business suit.

          Works better if there is something different and unusual about the suit that no one would wear to interview. Something that makes it a little non standard, a deliberate and ostentatious deviation. Works well with a bodyguard.

          Everyone knows the score. Businessmen are low status, and the closer they are to regulatory authority, the lower their status.

          The man who owns a Domino’s pizza franchise is high status, because people know he is not the regulator’s bumboy and has no HR department. The farmer is high status, because he owns land. Which is why you hate the man who own’s a Domino’s pizza franchise, still less the strangely wealthy civil servants surrounding Biden, and even less do you hate the professors who promised you a high status job and failed to deliver.

          • Anonymous Fake says:


            • jim says:

              You are using our shibboleths to demonize the merchant class, giving our shibboleths a new, more progressive friendly meaning. These are old familiar Marxist and cultural Marxist arguments dressed in reactionary clothes.

              Deleted to protect rectification names. These shibboleths were created to demonize the excess and unauthorized priesthood.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >And the obese smoker in a fancy suit, complete with top hat and probably a monocle, is the “ideal” elite image of the 20th century

          Huuuuh? You mean communist propaganda informs your perception of reality?

    • onyomi says:

      I have noticed very recently that modelling has been pozed like movies and everything else such that e.g. the models on clothing stores are now a mix of conventionally hot people (often with unattractive tattoos) and fat POC, often with something like vitiligo (though admittedly that can be interesting looking like a fortuitously place mole can look interesting).

      This seems another instance of just telling consumers what they should like instead of giving them what they do like, but one could argue there are subtler psychological dynamics at play as well.

      • onyomi says:

        Which is not to say that anyone has succeeded in making being fat high status. The more difficult it becomes for the average person to not be fat due to the continual degradations of diet and lifestyle pushed on us the more not being fat will tend to be high status.

        But being fat (+female, POC, trans, disabled, etc.) seems likely to become increasingly high status in the sense that Ibram Kendi is high status (e.g. not the same as the people who put him where he is, but he still gets a nicer office than you).

  9. The Cominator says:


    Used protonmail, aka protonmail is compromised.

    • Pooch says:


    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      My vague unresearched impression was that this was the case for a long time now – or more broadly, that there was no such thing as ‘private email’ in general, and that the ’email’ format itself was impoverished with regards to not being power-worded.

      • The Cominator says:

        The problem is anything secure needs to be outside the us sphere of influence.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Been apparent that protonmail is compromised ever since the Belarus airliner thing. That’s very much in the tradition of Swiss companies promising encryption.

    • Alfred says:

      I’ve always assumed proton mail is compromised. Anything that doesn’t play ball with the Cathedral gets attacked and if they fail to surrender they’re soon destroyed. I’ve used them mostly because they’re probably harder to be indexed and searched than google mail is.

      I’ve generally tried to stick to Jim’s observation on the police and thus the rest of the security forces: They’re lazy so if your spreading information that the state won’t like then you should make it harder for them to track you down. But if you become a target, there isn’t much you can do about it.

      • Reziac says:

        Having had a GMail account since it was in beta, I remember that originally it was to be “free with ads” and the ads would be served based on parsing the contents of your mailbox. (At the time Google said this flat out, it was no secret, but seems to have since been memory-holed.) So yeah, it’s the opposite of private.

        Which is why I only use it for stuff that’s public anyway, or is already associated with Google, like Youtube (might as well keep all the snooping in one box). I never use it for regular email.

        About three years back GMail was compromised in that usernames (tho not passwords) were apparently hacked by (or sold to) nefarious interests, and since then I get a lot of emails trying to use it to commit fraud (buying stuff, or trying to open bank accounts). The only businesses that seem interested in this, and will promptly close the bogus account, are porn outfits. — Once in a while I get a site password reset request due to some twerp who used it to sign up for something, and I promptly change the password. (Don’t try to use stolen email addys, and you won’t find yourself locked out of your account….)

        • jim says:

          > Which is why I only use it for stuff that’s public anyway, or is already associated with Google, like Youtube (might as well keep all the snooping in one box).

          Correct practice.

          Best practice is minimum attack surface. If there is a possibility of attack, you want the attack to only strike at one thing. You don’t want a single thing to have multiple points of attack.

          But I stopped using gmail altogether and stopped using you tube altogether when they both started giving me special demands for additional information.

          • Alfred says:

            I do the same with Gmail, my problem is buying stuff over the net. I’m pretty sure that if I buy books or other goods that will soon be deemed evil will results in arrests or Antifa attacks in the future. So I work not to give google every purchase I make indexed in Gmail. Ultimately, I plan to leave the country if things are getting really bad but best to make it difficult in the interim.

            • jim says:

              Consider Yandex, purchased with bitcoin.

              Purchase stuff on a protonmail account that is associated by numerous merchants with your true address and your Yandex payment mechanism.

              Use that email account only with your yandex purchases.

              Run the web browser that interfaces with protonmail and yandex in an oracle vm. In the view menu of the oracle vm disable “auto size display” and set your display size (View/Virtual Screen 1) to one of the standard common display sizes.

              Use that VM only over a vpn purchased with bitcoin, with the fake location always the same fake location.

              If using linux, and you should be, configure it to always access the net by your vpn, so it logs in at boot to your standard location before any other network services get their oar in.

              Use oracle vm bridged mode, so that each virtual machine can have is own vpn location.

    • Joe says:

      Indeed. They did not previously require payment via a traceable method (e.g. PayPal) but now they do. The change was made some time in the last two years, so it seems reasonable to assume that somebody got to them recently.

    • suones says:

      @The Cominator


      Used protonmail, aka protonmail is compromised.


  10. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Media golems back to banging on about the six gorillion again. January six, that is.

    Observe the power of simply loudly and repeatedly asserting yourself; even a capitol sightseeing tour can be transformed into anudda shoah in the mind of the proletariat, if their ‘mental universe’ is contextualized by how frequently or infrequently they see something talked about in their news.

    Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus; calumnious to one, calumnious to all. There is nothing that comes out of a mattoid organ that you should take for granted. If such a body told you that the sky was blue, go out and check for yourself, just in case something happened. Any subject is profaned when passed through the lips of a foresworn, however solemn a subject it may be – or rather, especially when solemn. What you can take for granted when dealing with such sorts is that any arrangement of words they express or content they platform will be weapons intended to accomplish an objective of hurting you in some way – even if at cost to themselves.

    But that is not where the story may end, of course.

    If a man is faced with one liar, he can feel justified, confident even, in calling them out, taking them to task.

    But if they are in a whole room full of people, all seeming to agree with each other on the same lie, then, his eyes start furtively darting around, he starts thinking, ‘what will happen to me if i do not go along too?’

    For many this is what you might call a secret art, a forbidden magic if you will; forbidden, of course, for peons or rivals to your own ascent.

    If a bunch of people can all agree to corroborate the same lie, if you can make a bunch of people agree on the same lie, then as scenarios like above illustrate, it becomes a principle of organization, a form of power. Perhaps the most common means of power in this day and age, even.

    Of course, like any flavor of power, it also can’t simply be applied to just anything, does not lend itself to any old kind of end, but certain kinds of ends in particular. It selects for certain kinds of organizations, certain kinds of people… certain kinds of lies.

  11. Oog en Hand says:

    “If pornography and child pornography are related, then marriage and child marriage are even more related. After all, young people are more fertile, and that is what religious marriage is all about.”

    Redpilling March 12, 2013, my own blog…

  12. Alfred says:

    Jim what’s your take on this?

    The new CDC approved rapid response test will cull the flu cases from false positives; that approach will automatically drop the number of new COVID cases identified. The Biden regime will then say the drop in new COVID cases is because of the forced vaccinations in major populations (VA, NYC and CA). As a result, everyone must get vaccinated because the added vaccinations are lowering the COVID cases, and the statistics will prove it.


    • The Ducking Man says:

      Cannot argue anything when fact checkers said the CDC alert means nothing to worry about.

      The numbers from last year are standing valid because people from CDC said so.

  13. Alfred says:

    Chinese professor gets the cathedral:


    I wonder if he read Moldbug?

    • Pooch says:

      The Chinese understand exactly how the system works because they need to know who they need to bribe.

    • someDude says:

      Here is another Chinese, a frequent commentator on Spandrell’s Blog who also seems to understand (but of course) how the cathedral works (obviously)


    • Atavistic Morality says:

      You got it the other way around, “Mencius” Moldbug read the Chinese works: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mencius

      The Chinese as a civilization have been around for a whole lot longer than anyone else and they’ve kept their knowledge better preserved than anyone else as well. Jim makes many references to Chinese philosophy and the simple concepts of rendao and tiandao by themselves are more wise and functional than almost anything I ever learned in high school when it comes to politics. The Chinese have been critics and aware of the way the American Hegemony realizes its own version of the Mandate of Heaven before Moldbug was born.

      Took me awhile lurking the NRx and dissident right spaces before I realized this truth. We “westerners” (European descent) have become the predominant power because we are bright engineers, but the Chinese are wise scholars and their understanding of society and how humans relate to each other and the world is more complete. Of course, it doesn’t help that we suffer a traitorous faction that has been engaging on revisionism, narrative building and destruction of our own knowledge regarding social technology for a couple of centuries now.

      They have an incredible amount of succinct but insightful phrases like “men die for wealth like birds die for food”. They’re not naive I’ll tell you that much, their own written language is like a massive IQ test.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        China has a great deal of well preserved history, perhaps the most well preserved history. As far as everything else goes, that your fetishism talking. ‘Westerners have no culture’ say the scions of those that occlude and occult and destroy western culture – and as a westerner, of course you are particularly affected by the general backdrop of this occlusion. A multispectrum, multigenerational project to be sure, one of the most impressive achievements ever worked by our present underlords, in literal terms of impact.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          You’re not very smart if you think there’s no connection between longer and better preserved history and more material regarding social technology, whatever Europe has seen China has seen more times and written about in much more detail. You’re talking out of ignorance.

          And I never said that Westerners have no culture, but you often communicate like you suffer psychosis so I shouldn’t expect anything better. I’ll spell it out for you since you don’t seem to understand what I said, when your ancestors were in loincloth or worse, the Chinese already had high culture. And it wasn’t until at least the early modern period that Europe started to reach their level, but even then 15th and 16th century European monarchs were scared of Japan. What made the difference? European engineer mindset, like using powder for war. If you don’t understand then there isn’t much else to say.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >…if you think there’s no connection between longer and better preserved history and more material regarding social technology…

            That’s exactly what i said though. China has a great deal of well preserved history, perhaps the most well preserved history. And a man can always profit from more study of more history.

            Here’s something i can spell out for you too; back when china had high culture, never in their history did they rise higher than europeans rose.

            ‘We wuz kangs wen u wuz mudhuts n shiet’. Same old story.

          • suones says:

            … when your ancestors were in loincloth or worse, the Chinese already had high culture.

            😂 What a ridiculous statement. Chinese “high culture” dates from the Bronze Age onwards[1], and is contemporaneous with Aryan Bronze Age culture. It is true that China is a very ancient culture, and the more powerful of only two ancient civilisations still surviving, but that is only because “Western” Aryans have self-Year-Zeroed their history. Doesn’t mean older history doesn’t exist.

            [1] Neolithic and prior culture isn’t distinctively “Chinese,” and is at par to most other flowerings.

      • someDude says:

        Men die for power, not wealth! If this is what the Chinese believe after 5000 years of being civilized, they are beyond hope. I’d ask them to revisit their calculations if I was being charitable. I thought NRx had resolved this bit.

        • Aidan says:

          You’re missing the point- birds do not die for their food, they fly away when they are threatened. The proverb says that men do not die for wealth.

          • someDude says:

            Oh Wow! I stand corrected.

            Thanks for pointing this out, Aidan. Very subtle point. Okay, my respect for the Chinese and their idioms goes up dramatically with your explanation.

            Damn! But can’t you become a regular guest writer on Jim’s blog? Miss your blog, Mate!

          • Name (required) says:

            Is this true, though? Men very much will stay and fight to the death over territory they own, is that not considered wealth in this context? Men will also go on incredibly dangerous journeys for a small chance at obtaining wealth.

            Perhaps this idiom is more about the Han spirit than a general depiction of mankind.

            • neofugue says:

              The wisdom of the idiom lies in its capturing of the reactionary frame on politics and society in few words. Great memes are short and can easily be understood on several levels, carrying an immense amount of complex ideas in them. The idea of “men die for wealth like birds die for food” is that men die for blood, faith and honor, not mammon, breaking the lens of politics as extending from financial power. America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because it wanted to spread the faith of Democracy to the region, with “oil” and “terrorism” existing only as secondary concerns. This meme communicates an important lesson on statecraft, that money is not power, power is power, that people in power have all the money they want merely by stretching out their hand. If the Communists have control they can starve the Kulaks without facing any significant resistance. Money is a tool used by those in power, not power in and of itself.

            • someDude says:

              Staying and fighting over territory or women is not the same as fighting over money. Holding territory is all about power. People fight over money only if the end goal is to use that money for more power. No one fights for just money.

              • Alfred says:

                People will absolutely fight for to preserve or steal someone else’s wealth. But they won’t willing die for it.

  14. Cloudswrest says:

    Saw this on Twitter this morning.


    Who remembers when the ADL was busted for illegally collecting data on people with the help of cooperative police in San Francisco?

    • Alfred says:

      This is much worse, they’re going to send the NSA database to them in order to target people.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Given this, Jim, would you be willing to write a post on how we can increase our own security online? What VPNs are secure, what we should be running on our computers, what we need to avoid, etc?

  15. simplyconnected says:

    Off topic but I thought of some importance.
    Supposed highest ranking police in Australia deputizing citizens to arrest government.
    Seems too good to be true, and too reckless to talk about it in a zoom call. Perhaps a operation trust style pacification plan. Perhaps a way to identify and neutralize rebellious individuals. I wished it was proof that there is hope.

    • Pooch says:

      I’d file this next to the army seizing servers in Germany.

      • simplyconnected says:

        I guess if it were legitimate after all it would be better to delete the comment as to not help spread it.

    • Joe says:

      This is part of a campaign by Western Australian independent political candidate Teresa van Lieshout.

  16. Anonymous says:


    Are there historical sources that detail how leftist entryists shit up men’s hobby, vocational, and academic spaces from the point of view of those getting shat up? Things like how open source projects started getting CoC’d, or how the Hugo awards got gayer and gayer. I’m fairly young, so it’s hard to remember what things were like before it started really ramping up in the last decade. I’m hoping there are more than just oral histories.

    • Karl says:

      Read any old book or watch any movie shot in black and white. Look at how people interact, especially men with women, look at how men and women act. That should make it fairly obvious how our culture got gayer and gayer

      • c4ssidy says:

        Noticed this today when watching 2007 Papillon followed by the 1973 version, both streamable right now on prime

    • Anonymous Fake says:


      • jim says:

        Instead of arguing the lie, you presuppose the lie, as if everyone agreed with the lie and it was uncontroversial.

        But the lie has already been rebutted. If you want to push the claim that educational standards are high and rising, make the argument, rather than implicitly suppose the premise.

        The claim that educational standards are high and rising is as ludicrous as the claims of 911 troofers. If you want to argue it, you can argue it, but to just assume it is argument in bad faith.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          My model was good even if it doesn’t necessarily apply to academia for what it’s worth, but it applies anyway. Acceptance has consistently declined in all the elite universities and they now expect every applicant to have at least a 6.66 GPA from advanced classes, published research, athletic achievements literally impossible without drugs, leadership positions in multiple social clubs, and at least a couple African orphanages worth of charity. Being a rich WASP doesn’t do it anymore.

          But as I said, impossibly high standards just put cheaters in charge of things. They ultimately destroy the value of genuine talent, because those without talent never waste time in rigged competitions.

          • jim says:

            GPAs are, however, worthless, being measures of docility and political correctness, rather than intelligence, effort and attention. Compare university entrance exams from before 1860 or 1875, which is when the rot started, with top level university entrance tests today.

            We had this debate in another forum, where someone argued that everyone who passed a certain test on maths and geometry must be pretty smart, and we all took it, or at least the version and excerpts that he published, and most of us passed. I can frigging pass the MIT test without prep, though I am quite sure they would find lots of other reasons for failing me if I applied today. (Probably I would have a zero GPA) Universities in 1860 would have laughed.

            It simply obvious that there has been a total collapse in standards. Conservatives are not pushing for higher standards, they are just trying to retain last year’s standards in the current year. But last year’s standards are already worthless, and not worth preserving. Let us issue everyone with a Harvard PhD, burn Harvard down, build a great Cathedral, and build a new, and much smaller university, around the great Cathedral.

            The MIT test asked me questions about a triangle. The 1860 test asked me questions about four points on a conic section and the intersections on the tangents of conic section. Another entrance test from roughly the same period asked me how to calculate the value of Pi. I flunked out on conic sections, though I probably could have passed with adequate prep, but Pi was no problem. It would have been a problem, except that the test asked a bunch of leading questions to point the applicant in the right direction, but I doubt there is one student in today’s Harvard that would have understood the hints in the leading questions, and not too many that could pass the Georgia voter literacy test.

            Any student smart enough to get the hints, would be too much smarter than the political commissar to pass the political correctness test.

            • Anonymous Fake says:


              • jim says:

                Deleted to protect rectification of names. You are redefining honor to be dishonor, envy, weakness, capitulation, and covetousness.

                I keep deleting your stuff because you keep torturing the language by applying our shibboleths to left wing programs and left wing goals.

                You can argue for left wing programs and left wing goals, you can argue that capitulation and surrender is necessary and unavoidable (that is a strong argument under present conditions) but not argue by redefining words.

  17. Atavistic Morality says:

    @jim @The Cominator

    I just read an article with content related to the recent conversation we had on merchants, there’s some interesting points: https://redstate.com/slee/2021/07/12/despite-predictable-media-spin-trump-could-beat-big-tech-in-court-n410052

    The familiar protest that private companies are not bound by the First Amendment is directly addressed in Trump’s lawsuits against the major tech companies; and the central argument that these particular private companies should be treated as agents of the state has precedent to support it.

    “Their censorship constitutes state action because the government granted them immunity from legal liability, threatened to punish them if they allow disfavored speech, and colluded with them in choosing targets for censorship,” writes Vivek Ramaswamy, author of “Woke Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” in The Wall Street Journal, providing a litany of cases where private companies were either threatened by government to work on their behalf or did so voluntarily.

    I don’t think this will stick, the Supreme Court shills are likely to shut it down, but if they didn’t it’d be interesting. Like a civil war of judicial bureaucrats vs legislative bureaucrats.

    • The Cominator says:

      Courts will cuck, trump fucked up by not insisting on reliable far right justices.

      • Alfred says:

        ACB was always a stealth leftist and they’re replaying the Ford crap on Kav. He’ll get 100% with the program or he they’ll impeach him. All of Trump’s picks were weak, just like Trump was weak. Merchants can’t rule.

      • Jehu says:

        No way the Republicans would confirm anything better than what he nominated. Clarence Thomas mk2 and mk3 might not even get a majority of the Republicans.

        • The Cominator says:

          No McConnell would prefer far right justices if Trump gave him no alternative.

          • Jeu says:

            McConnell couldn’t get the votes from the Republicans in the Senate for anyone who wasn’t a squish. Anyone know ANYONE in the judiciary likely to be as good as Thomas? Thomas got in only because
            1) He was black
            2) Anita Hill turned it to a He said-She said over sexual harrassment
            3) The Senate was chock full of bona-fide sexual harassers who’d done far more than Thomas was (probably falsely) accused of
            4) The Senate had a lower critical threshold of hypocrisy back then, or perhaps they realized if they used those particular torpedoes, they might circle around and hit them too.

            Thomas said in his confirmation hearings essentially that he was a believer in Natural Law. No Justice like that can get confirmed. Hell, hinting in that direction is plenty to get counsel to smoke a peremptory challenge on you in jury selection, even on something as pedestrian as a DUI case.

    • jim says:

      “Their censorship constitutes state action because the government granted them immunity from legal liability, threatened to punish them if they allow disfavored speech, and colluded with them in choosing targets for censorship,” writes Vivek Ramaswamy, author of “Woke Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” in The Wall Street Journal, providing a litany of cases where private companies were either threatened by government to work on their behalf or did so voluntarily.

      Normality bias.

      That is raciiizt. The judicial system has zero tolerance for raziiizm.

      I am pretty sure that not one raziiizt judge remains in the judicial system.

      While judicial bureaucrats are always quarreling with regulator bureaucrats, none of them are going to entertain a raciiizt thought until the conflicts turn seriously lethal.

      • The Cominator says:

        The ironic exception is Clarence Thomas but he is not enough.

        • Jehu says:

          Thomas is a judge that Bush probably didn’t want. I’m sure Bush just wanted somebody to check his ‘I nominated a Black Justice to the Supremes’ box. Thank God that Bush didn’t look too closely into Thomas’ actual beliefs. There’s no way in hell the Senate would have confirmed Thomas if his confirmation had been about his actual judicial intentions. I’ve often wondered if Anita Hill wasn’t just a put-up job. I don’t think Thomas would have been confirmed without her 11th hour intervention.

          • Alfred says:

            >There’s no way in hell the Senate would have confirmed Thomas if his confirmation had been about his actual judicial intentions.

            Anita hill was brought in when they realized what his actual beliefs were. They couldn’t Bork him without charges of racism and back then congress generally approved every SC justice.

    • Pooch says:

      Laws don’t matter. It’s who is enforcing the laws.

      • Karl says:

        Nah, laws always matter. It’s simply so that the laws that matter are often not written down and may contradict what is written down.

        The judical system doesn’t decide by tossing a coin.

        Laws are enforced by police or para-police like antifa, blm moby etc. These groups don’t act randomly and have very little agency to decide for themselves. The obey laws and orders given by their masters

        • Pooch says:

          I suppose that’s one way to look at it. The law is simply the will of the sovereign, written or not.

          • jim says:

            But we don’t have a sovereign. We have anarcho tyranny, due to open entry into the priesthood.

            As James the first said “No Bishop, No King”: Meaning “If no Bishop, then no King”

            The context being the origins of modern twenty first century leftism: The puritans wanted to abolish Bishops in the Church of England.

            Without a state Church, a nation is ungovernable. England became England, after centuries of centuries of chaos following Roman withdrawal, through King Alfred’s grandparents importing Orthodox state Christianity from Byzantium.

            • Pooch says:

              This is where the Puritans went woefully wrong. They replaced closed entry priesthood with open entry priesthood instead of replacing closed entry priesthood with another closed entry priesthood. If they had done the latter we would look more like late republic Rome right now instead of late republic Rome combined also with pre-revolutionary Russia.

      • Alfred says:

        Laws provide legitimacy for action. But what laws are enforced and which are ignored is purely a function of power. This is why the Romans and even the founding fathers were always appealing to old rights and laws even while bending them into something else entirely to achieve their ends.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The art of satire is the art of taking unspoken implications, and speaking them; of loud and visceral emphasis of the essence; of taking the course implicit in pecadillos of some thing, and carrying them to their logical conclusions, however absurd – especially when they are absurd.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        I’m just in awe how The Babylon Bee never gets stale. They are inspired by GNON.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Those willing to look at clownworld and see what his eyes show him will never be short of material – and we pray for the day we can have the luxury of such deficit.

  18. sexratiopilled says:

    Are JimRx and CurtisRx bridgeable? The WQ is central to this blog, which proposes restoring coverture, abolishing the AoC, and so forth; meanwhile, there is no evidence that Curtis even cares about Feminism. It also appears that Curtis has adopted some economic positions similar to CR’s. Is this the same political movement after all?

    • jim says:

      It is hard to tell what Curtis is saying. Namefag.

      And, since he has been doxxed, does anyone care what he says now?

    • The Cominator says:

      “It also appears that Curtis has adopted some economic positions similar to CR’s”

      Moldbug has disgraced himself on some issues (Corona being a big big one) but what communist economic positions has he adopted?

      • sexratiopilled says:

        Many examples. The most obvious one that comes to mind is his “toy control” standard – a standard which, if applied absolutely as he suggests, will result in banning Domino’s Pizza and all that stuff. Strong echoes of Cuckian Rosebudist here.

        • The Cominator says:

          This sounds more like a thought experiment, to be turned into actual policy only if automation renders so many people unemployed that makework really is essential.

          Trump failed at changing regime but he definitely proved that the job shortage was for now completely artificial.

          Toy control can be entertained after we ban women from all their non-traditional professions.

          • Aidan says:

            Old civilizations tend to become burdened by useless mouths, who consume far more than they produce. Our problem with unproductive people is mostly artificial. Kick the spics out, take women out of the workforce, and I think we will be fine.

            If we actually end up with a huge surplus of useless people, makework does not help, the dole does not help, and nobody has historically had the stomach to let them starve or turn them into dog food. Only massive warfare has proven effective at cleaning out the Aegean stable of rotten civilizations.

            • jim says:

              Curtis has more confidence in the advance of AI than I have. From where I stand, nothing has changed except that throwing ever more power and big data at it makes the old unacceptably bad results acceptably bad.

              What we have, what we have always had, is intelligence without consciousness. And it turns out that lack of consciousness is a very severe limitation, which limitation is mitigated but not solved by more power. It turns out that we rely considerably less on intelligence than we thought, and considerably more on consciousness.

              And we don’t understand what consciousness is nor why it is so useful and effective, perhaps because there is something magical about it, or perhaps for the same reasons as a fish cannot see water. And we have no idea how to create consciousness, perhaps merely because we don’t know what it is, or perhaps because there is something magical about it.

              If computers are going to become more capable, eventually large numbers of ordinary decent people are going to become unemployable.

              But I don’t think there is going to be much impact until we have a robot that can sort and fold a laundry basket. Not holding my breath.

              Until then there will be no end of work of value that requires humans.

              Supposing that does happen, (and I do not expect it to ever happen, but who knows) the unemployable will also be militarily helpless before robots. In which case we are going to wind up with a political system that at best puts the unemployable, and perhaps everyone, into a pornified video game world that prevents them from reproducing or causing trouble, and at worst grinds them into fertilizer.

              • Atavistic Morality says:

                I believe consciousness is what religions call the soul, it’s who we are, it cannot be reproduced by physical means. The fact that it isn’t physical doesn’t mean that it is magical, we can experience it, which means it is real and observable, perhaps more real than matter is and it’s certainly more important and of greater value.

                Humans have always known that it exists and have offered different insights into what it is to a degree, they have tried to study it and understand it: Dharma, Lao Tze, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad or whatever other religious leader. That is of course, until the insane orchestrators of the French Revolution told us that we are nothing but mud given form by chance and the environment, tabula rasa puppets, and have furiously attacked anyone who has tried to say otherwise.

                Psychologists and psychiatrists all should get the helicopter, I’m sure you’d find among their ranks the greatest and loudest enemies against your red-pilled Christianity.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Generally agree though im not sure everyone who studies the juman mind should get the helicopter (and i think a lot of people need the helicopter)… that is the view in scientology but i don’t think all of psychology is pozzed.

              • simplyconnected says:

                […] and at worst grinds them into fertilizer.

                They may be considering something like that.

              • The Original OC says:

                “the unemployable will also be militarily helpless before robots. In which case we are going to wind up with a political system that at best puts the unemployable, and perhaps everyone, into a pornified video game world that prevents them from reproducing or causing trouble”

                Did it happen already?

            • info says:

              The Black Death was very powerful in cleaning out Europe’s Aegean stables since it kept coming back even after the first wave and led to long-term riches:

              Likewise it dramatically improved European Health by wiping out the frail and sickly:

              • Aidan says:

                I don’t trust that paper. It talks about calibrating models, and therefore smells of trash science and trash history. The Byzantine empire never recovered from its plague in either economics or population. The plague in Europe led to higher wages and better standards of living, but it did not do so in other places. There was something that existed in Europe well before the plague that made it recover so well.

                My suspicion is that Europe became great because warfare in the middle ages was lawful, small scale, and frequent. Its elite became elite through constant warfare and diplomatic cunning, but warfare did not become so large and anarchic that it destroyed economies and genetic stock. This broke down during the 30 years war, was patched up during the Peace of Westphalia, and did not break down again until Napoleon, save for the example of Sweden, which instituted universal conscription and had the best 40% of its male population killed by the time Charles XII took a bullet.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Byzantine Empire could never recover from any plague disaster because it never got a break, it prettymuch had to wage multi-front defensive wars all the time.

                  Probably history’s most underrated civilization but its strategic position was absolutely horrible.

                • Alfred says:

                  My suspicion is that Europe became great because warfare in the middle ages was lawful, small scale, and frequent. Its elite became elite through constant warfare and diplomatic cunning, but warfare did not become so large and anarchic that it destroyed economies and genetic stock.

                  Kings in medieval Europe were expected to fight with their their armies and sometimes died with those armies. This tended to produce an elite firmly rooted in reality. Anytime your elite get to be elite without warfare they tend to stray pretty far from reality.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Hence in peacetime duels. Declining a duel even a duel to the death to be considered disgraceful and cowardly for any member of the elite and leads to immediately loss of social status.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        I don’t think it’s appropriate to refer to this man as Moldbug anymore, now there’s only Curtis. I respected Moldbug, there was something to learn from him, but I despise Curtis. I wouldn’t bother supporting a nation led or made up of men like Curtis, just like today I’d defect to Russia and China in a heartbeat if we went into war.

    • Aidan says:

      Moldbug’s problems are the problems that the Victorian Era had. It is just about as simple as that. Jim likes the Restoration, and I like the Holy Roman Empire, but I readily concede social technology regarding science and economics to Charles II.

      • The Cominator says:

        There ARE things I like about the Victorian era but they gave too much freedom to women (while also moralfagging to try to compensate) and got rid of enforceable apprenticeship which planted seeds of the poz that didn’t become apparent until much later.

        Economic policy otherwise was improved though in that era… to decline later.

        • jim says:

          I don’t think the Victorian economic policy improved. Yes, the corn laws were a big improvement, but the substitution of the regulatory state for limits on the corporate charter began in Victorian times, and the destruction of enforceable apprenticeship was a disaster.

          • The Cominator says:

            Don’t think the regulatory state began till the progressive era (now thats the era when everything REALLY went to shit and then the “Great” war happened too).

            Do you have any examples?

      • The Cominator says:

        Also one thing that is ESSENTIAL to warrior class rule that declined in the Victorian era is dueling. Without it you get disputes that turn into civil wars or an effeminate cowardly warrior class that is easy pray for a priestly coup.

        Dueling must be legal in some circumstances and it must be considered a disgrace in the warrior class (under most circumstances) to decline a duel.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Though in most cases less lethal forms of dueling would be preferable; eg no time limit sub only matches.

          • suones says:

            We tried it. Non-lethal dueling is bad stuff.

            Warriors are finicky and prone to perceiving slights everywhere. Dueling is a good pressure release valve. Except that losing a duel greatly reduces the social status of one warrior, who is then apt to pack up and move to enemy lands (or even Baphomet[1]) — this duel “solved” the initial problem by reducing a capable warrior from our side and adding a capable and now highly motivated one to the enemy. This, over many generations, resulted in Jim’s observation of Hindu Kings being unable to stop fighting each other long enough to recognise a foreign threat in time. This was also the source of “Dharmic warfare” stupidity where not only dueling, but even war itself was rendered “less-lethal,” with the result that winning tactical victories against Adharmic, scrappy foes like Baphometans or Europeans counted for nothing, and Shri Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan felt it beneath “warrior honour” to pursue and slay a routed enemy after the First Battle of Tarain.

            [1] Hindu Kings’ model of foreign enemies was, up to that time, Alexander the Great, who not only spared Shri Maharaj Puru’s life but also restored him to his Kingdom as a kshatrap. The difference between Muhammad Ghori and Alexander was like night and day, because Alexander was a Dharmic enemy.

            PS: Regarding dishonour in dueling: there might be a way to manage a duel to preserve both men’s honour, but it is difficult to achieve, and is a talent that leaders have. https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/abraham-lincolns-duel

            • The Cominator says:

              Dueling to yielding or 1st blood should be an option but if its to work lethal duels must also be an option.

            • The Cominator says:

              If you watch this video to the end you’ll immediately grasp why dueling is essential for the warrior class to remain the warrior class.

              Dueling was replaced by (((lawsuits))).


              • Afred says:

                >Dueling was replaced by (((lawsuits))).

                No wonder court room dramas are endlessly pushed on people. It’s the priests version of dueling.

                • Pooch says:

                  Now we know why the elite are obsessed with doctors and lawyers. They are just priests.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes obviously. Can you imagine a warrior elite whos members routinely dueled each other to the death over matters of personal honor ever being scared of the coronavirus or even astroturfing that they were scared.

                  Their propaganda would be like lol go out faggots its the flu.

                  The more I think about it the more I’m thinking the root of the poz truly began with the decline of the duel.

                • Pooch says:

                  The classic example for the argument against dueling is Alexander Hamilton. Talented members of a virtuous elite shouldn’t be killed unnecessarily.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Fuck the federalists… why revolt against the crown to setup a worse and more oppressive government.

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  Your argument is similar to what a progressive would tell us to criticize coverture. Muh poor one battered womyn, we must destroy our civilization and social order for the one poor battered womyn!

                  If he didn’t want to eat lead maybe he should have remained polite. He was given the chance to recant and apologize for the slander as well but he refused, he made his choice. Imagine if he could kill every journo and bluehaired prog faggot legally in a duel? Society saved. Who says his death was unnecessary? It’s an acceptable sacrifice for the good of society. In any case, if those “virtuous elites” don’t want to die then better shut the fuck up. And if they shut the fuck up because they are afraid they never were virtuous, cowards are worthless.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Society in some cases does have a need for some cowards, some people have to survive total war and massacres but having an elite composed of cowards who are out of touch with reality…

                  You’re never going to have a great civilization that way. A warrior elite that doesn’t duel is going to either engage in frequent larger scale disruptive blood feuds or civil wars… or will become cucked and supplanted by priests.

                  Duels keep the cowards out of the warrior class, keep the warrior class polite and civilized (because not even the biggest psychos want to fight a duel a week), and keep warrior class violence within a proper sphere.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes looks like I learned the blue-pilled history of dueling in school. I have taken the duelingpill.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              You are overextending the scope of what was being suggested.

              Men solve disagreements by fighting all the time; and in many cases, it is good to solve disagrements in such a manner. It is to the good to explicitly recognize such behavior in formal terms, just as it is to the good to formalize the implicit contours of Being, Natural Law, in general.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Put shortly – and perhaps this is a more esoteric subtlety men who do not fight can not understand – fighting is also a form of bonding.

            • someDude says:

              @suones, Please do not apologize for PrithviRaj Chauhan. Full reply in the comments section of your blog.

        • Aidan says:

          Reading Donald McBane’s autobiography, which deals directly with the Restoration period, dueling was officially illegal around 1700, but tolerated. If two men who were both in the army wanted to duel, they had to go find somewhere private, but the medics did not ask too many questions about soldiers getting wounded “by their own swords”, and COs did not care too much if their men sometimes turned up dead.

    • Pooch says:

      Curtis doesn’t speak about the WQ because namefag. Also doesn’t speak about the violence necessary or the threat of violence necessary for regime change because namefag. What he does speak about is regime change at a very abstract high level and how it relates to our present situation which I think is complimentary to Jim. Jim and Yarvin often say the same things except Yarvin must say them very abstractly because namefag.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        Moldbug linked to Roissy at least once. Yarvin is still talking about PUA techniques. He’s redpilled on women but he only speaks of it obliquely. He was like that even when anon.

        Jim and Moldbug do not agree on regime change. Moldbug thinks our regime can peacefully dissolve if presented with an alternative system to which it can surrender. The Soviet Union peacefully dissolved itself by surrendering to the Cathedral.

        Jim, on the other hand, believes in the leftist holiness spiral. The Soviets, in Jim’s view, lost their leftward energy under Stalin’s heavy hand. It was already dead in the water by the time of Gorbachev; ripe for surrender. Our present leftist tyranny, the cathedral, has not been stopped by the heavy hand of Stalin or by any other heavy hand. Therefore, it retains leftist energy and is holiness spiraling. Therefore, it is not ready to surrender and can only be stopped by violence.

        If debating Jim, Moldbug would probably argue that the cathedral seems to be losing energy, not gaining, as one would expect in a holiness spiral. Yarvin likes to talk about the great decline in popular movements; how antifa would be dramatically outnumbered by Wide-Awakes, difference between January 6th “insurrection” and the Whiskey Rebellion, etc.

        I’m not sure how Jim would respond.

        Low or high energy, the cathedral continues to spread itself into everything, like a metastasizing cancer, but if Moldbug is right and it is low energy, it may be willing to surrender to a viable alternative system.

        In which case, the Republican party should dissolve itself and all Americans should dedicate themselves to the immediate ascension of Joseph Wenzel to the throne, who has de jure claim through his Jacobite ancestry and de facto claim through his family running Liechtenstein exceptionally well for centuries.

        Come to think of it, we should do this whether Jim or Moldbug is right. The dissolution of the Republican party can’t come soon enough.

        • Alfred says:

          If debating Jim, Moldbug would probably argue that the cathedral seems to be losing energy, not gaining, as one would expect in a holiness spiral. Yarvin likes to talk about the great decline in popular movements; how antifa would be dramatically outnumbered by Wide-Awakes, difference between January 6th “insurrection” and the Whiskey Rebellion, etc.

          Moldbug needs to go back and read the history of the Russian Revolution. The system the Cathedral will surrendered to and already worships is a Demon worshiping religion and the Fusion of POC National Socialism and Bolshevikism, AKA Woke Nazism. A tiny fraction of the population is quite capable of conquering a state from within as long as they have their people in positions to open the gates and stand down when they rush in.

          It’s not a popular movement because A) every one hates niggers and their demons like Floyd and B) asking whites to embrace CTR is like asking a Jew to embrace national socialism. That’s not something that going to get the population motivated.

          Also the Cathedral is getting dumb but their power is more absolute than ever and I see tons of energy on the Demon worshiping left. Their religion is giving them real cohesion while competing systems like Christianity are dead. Simply stated, there’s no functioning opposition to the Cathedral now and the Woke Nazis are waiting in the wings to scoop up power as the Cathedral’s dumb dumbs destroy the country.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            asking whites to embrace CTR is like asking a Jew to embrace national socialism

            Plenty of pozzed whites around here with Black Lives Matter signs on their lawns, posting about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. It’s as though Hitler had a plurality of self-hating Jews in the ghettos volunteering for Treblinka.

            • Dave says:

              Perhaps we should agree & amplify by printing up some “White lives don’t” signs and planting them next to the BLM signs.

            • Alfred says:

              Plenty of pozzed whites around here with Black Lives Matter signs on their lawns, posting about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. It’s as though Hitler had a plurality of self-hating Jews in the ghettos volunteering for Treblinka.

              Jewish Bolsheviks screamed the slogan Dirty Capitalist Jew as they murder their Jewish Socialist comrades until almost all the Jewish Bolsheviks were dead.

              Some whites see this is as a way to gain power by killing other whites and stealing their stuff, much as Jews like Soros worked with the Nazis to murder and steal stuff from his fellow Jews.

              That doesn’t make the idea popular. Most whites can feel the genocidal conclusion of CRT. Republicans were pretty likely to win the midterms in the house(Likely most Senate races will be rigged from blue strongholds) so they’re going to push the country back into lockdown to make the next steal easier.

              The point is that CRT is not popular despite a few whites embracing it for power or in order to try and be spared when mass murdering starts.

        • jim says:

          > Moldbug would probably argue that the cathedral seems to be losing energy, not gaining, as one would expect in a holiness spiral.

          Massively and blatantly stealing the election and escalating the repression strikes me as increasing energy.

          Its most recent blatant and terrible blunder is that the “vaccine” seems to have a terrifyingly high rate of serious and perhaps permanent side effects. Causes capillary clotting which interferes with brain, heart and lung function. To which it responded by vigorously silencing anyone reporting the facts.

          All institutions that could provide collective action to resist them have been destroyed, and all contact with reality has also been destroyed.

          As I measure energy, it is getting a lot more energetic. Also a lot more deluded.

          • Karl says:

            The WHO’s VigiAccess database is filling up and now lists 10000 dead. Either the silencing has not been all that vigorous, or lethal and serious side effects are much more common than reported.

            I guess that VigiAcess contains only a small fraction of lethal and serious side effects. If so, it will soon show in mortality statistics and perhaps dissability claims.

            I wonder whether truly desatrous side effects of vaccination might even break the holyness spiral. How many would have to die so that the cathedral lacks vaccinated personal? By now, I’d say there isn’t a progressive who has not been vaccinated.

          • Pooch says:

            The Cathedral’s institutional power is greater than ever but I do agree with Moldbug’s take that the crazies today just aren’t all that energetic as the Bolsheviks and Leninists in pre-revolutionary Russia. Antifa appears to be basically an astroturfed extension of the state, not some genuine revolutionary movement. Moldbug argues that Trump forced an intense sustained high energy response (TDS) but without him we see basically apathy from the street revolutionaries.

            • Pooch says:

              Yarvin goes on to say the Cathedral’s energy seems to be completely drawn from those reacting against it (Trump, 1/6 stormers, CRT parents, etc) and agitating it in anyway is a bad idea for dissidents at the moment. He recommends removing your emotion from politics to think better strategically. I think that couples with Jim’s prescription to go underground and focus on parallel institutions via crypto.

              • jim says:

                Observe the ever more enthusiastic worship of the Holy Covid demon. They are doubling down on the vaccine.

                • Pooch says:

                  They are doubling and tribling down hard even as more people try to resist. I have bought shares of Moderna and BNTX. If we are going to enter a tyrannical vaccine state, I might as well profit from it.

                • Dave says:

                  Worse, they are doubling down on *leaky* vaccines, which, as with the over-use of DDT and antibiotics, could push Covid to evolve into the civilization-ending super-plague that liberals presently imagine it to be.

                  Your theory is that Covid will evolve into its own vaccine because mild strains spread faster than severe ones. Now introduce a vaccine that stops mild strains while allowing people with severe strains to walk around spreading their germs. What happens?

              • Aidan says:

                If they have no real enemies, they will invent enemies, like the Khmer Rouge and people wearing glasses. There are no end of potential heretics they can pull out of a drawer, dust off, and attack. Practice monogamy? Drive a car? Eat meat? Homeschool your kids? I have antifa friends on my normie social media. They have a titanic list of heretics who they want to kill and plenty of fervor to do it with. Most of their enemies are not on the radar of mainstream media. Yet. It is very useful to me to keep my ear to the ground on them. There is no lack of energy should the state give the order.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You don’t want to have rental property, they REALLY hate landlords.

                • Pooch says:

                  There are plenty of enemies for them to invent, but Yarvin would probably argue with you about the left’s motivation and sustained emotional energy to go after them as opposed to the real enemies of Trump and the 1/6 protestors.

                  Trump was massively successful at agitating the Cathedral and brought about a Trump Derangement Syndrome like we’ve never seen before from even mild aloof leftists. And now without Trump we see the obsession with the 1/6 protestors which the left will just not let go of. They are literally crying about it one after another in the hearing today. Compare this with something like Climate Change and the emotional energy is night and day.

                  I think Yarvin may be on to something there that the sustained fever pitch during the 4 years of Trump is just not sustainable for them over the long term without real life boogeymen to work them into a fray.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I think Yarvin may be on to something there that the sustained fever pitch during the 4 years of Trump is just not sustainable for them over the long term without real life boogeymen to work them into a fray.”

                  Imagine thinking the Mockingbird/Cathedral media can’t invent all sorts of bogeyman for these NPCs.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Pooch NPCs are NPCs they will be outraged at what they are told to be with as much energy as required…

                  Such people… there is no waking them up unless their own side puts them in a concentration camp.

                • Pooch says:

                  Pooch NPCs are NPCs they will be outraged at what they are told to be with as much energy as required…

                  Not what Yarvin is saying. He’s saying an enormous amount of energy was spent through every institution of the Cathedral in order to whip people in a frenzy against Trump (and the 1/6 protestors). Antagonizing the regime is beneficial to the regime in this sense which is where I think he has a point.

                • jim says:

                  Spending energy to whip people into a Trump frenzy costs credibility and effort, and is exhausting.

                  Now they can focus on destroying western civilization and erasing western history. I don’t think this is a good thing.

                  Last year, the average student thought that Trump was the demon incarnate, but they were not destroying Churches, and when they did, they found it embarassing.

                  Now they are back to burning churches to the ground and burning old library books, and no one notices.

                • jim says:

                  Not at all beneficial to the regime. Now that Trump is out of the way they can and are creating a frenzy of hatred against whites, erasing western civilization and western history, and burning Churches.

                  Critical race theory is the erasure of white history and white civilization, and, in place of Trump Derangement syndrome, white derangement syndrome.

                  Before they got rid of Trump, were not burning and vandalizing Churches on the current scale.

                • Pooch says:

                  I suppose his ultimate point is that unless someone is going to do regime change in one fell swoop (bloodless, bloody, or otherwise), what’s the point of incremental agitation against the Cathedral? It only seems to make it stronger and angrier.

                • jim says:

                  It makes it angrier, but anger makes it weaker, not stronger.

                  Incremental agitation is obviously going to fail. He makes that point over and over again, I agree, it is obviously true, and I say so to.

                  But based agitation is not incremental. If you reject everything since 1820, the emancipation of women and blacks, that all men are created equal, Democracy, and all that, you lay the necessary and essential foundations for one fell swoop. Last time I opened up gab, it was wall to wall with fundamental rejection of equality. Still blue pilled on democracy and the Republic.

                  I like Republics too, but you cannot have a republic unless you have a virtuous elite, which will take centuries

                  Critical race theory is the total and absolute erasure of all white culture and all of western civilization as utterly demonic, depraved, and evil.

                  It is Trump Derangement syndrome directed at every white and every fragment of white culture and white history, the total silencing of every alternative viewpoint, of every other thought.

                  Trump Derangement Syndrome was them holding back, to focus on Trumpism.

                  Now there is nothing holding them back, and the only possible resistance is to say that we are fine with being called racist and to celebrate our greatness.

                  In this sense incremental pushback is working great, and is an essential precondition for any possible one fell swoop solution, since any one fell swoop solution is the beginning of monarchy.

                  Since Critical Race Theory tolerates no thought that is not subordinated to critical race theory, “Democrats are the real racists” is not going to cut it.

                  Trump tried something that was pretty good, that in theory prevented critical race theory from imposing itself utterly, completely, and totally to the total exclusion of every other thought and history, and I supported his effort. But it failed, and trying it again with Trump out of power is not going to work.

                  It could only have worked as a step towards casting calling out the militia as a defensive, rather than offensive, move, and Trump was not prepared to call out the militia.

                • The Cominator says:

                  When they require so many denials of reality (most stark on the tranny issue) its impossible to not antagonize them.

                  What article by Yarvin are you referencing?

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  Now there is nothing holding them back, and the only possible resistance is to say that we are fine with being called racist and to celebrate our greatness.


                  I think the next meme should be to pick the most based black/Asian/Indian etc. men we can think of and overlay the caption “HONORARY WHITE MAN” on their black-and-white pics.

                  At least I’d lol.

                • jim says:

                  That is a totally brilliant meme. Our frame encapsulated in three words and a picture. Great memes are short, graphic, can easily be understood on several levels, and carry an immense amount of complex frame with them, that can only fully explained in pages of densely reasoned text. We are great, and we selectively and cautiously incorporate the best produced by inferior races.

                  The milk drinking meme was great, since they drew attention to an undeniable biological difference between races, and it was impossible for the enemy to dismiss it as racism while avoiding mentioning biological differences between races.

                  The “Its OK to be white” meme was great, since it drew attention to the enemy’s indefensible position that it is not OK to be white, and drew them in to defending the indefensible directly instead of by framing and false consensus.

                  But why black and white pics?

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I like Republics too”


                  Jim have you been replaced by the NWO…

                  I thought we had general agreement here that Republics are evil.

                • jim says:

                  There is a broad historical consensus that Republics are short lived and disastrous – which is true. But they are very nice until the cultural capital of elite virtue is squandered.

                  I don’t see how you can have a republic that does not squander cultural capital same way and for the same reasons as socialism squanders formerly private economic capital, for to build capital, has to securely belong to someone who personally benefits from it – which is to say, the King has to be the fount of all honors.

                  But is undeniable that Republics are very nice while they last. But they then start imputing virtue to no end of people that do not deserve it, with the result that soon no one deserves it.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  A republic with a virtuous elite is nice. A republic presupposes a virtuous elite. And if you can make a virtuous elite, virtuous elites, then the republic part is extraneous. An extranamity that churns through the social capital that wise stewardship furnished theretofore before and without it.

                  Rule of procedure is rule of procedure-maker and all that. Republicanism, like most flavors of demotism, is simply ‘design by committee’ writ large.


                • Mike in Boston says:

                  That is a totally brilliant meme.

                  Glad you like it. Any candidates? Ramanujan?

                  But why black and white pics?

                  I don’t know why I pictured them that way. Given the direction of Western society, maybe I subconsciously expected most to be from decades past…

                • Pooch says:

                  Still blue pilled on democracy and the Republic.

                  This is the only one that matters. Cool memes about honorary whites are great but what does that do for regime change? Nothing.

                • jim says:

                  Does a great deal about regime change.

                  If civil war ensues, which is usual though not universal in holiness spirals, likely will be Critical Race Theory implemented as fast genocide rather than slow genocide.

                  The start of the civil war would be a white left elite faction saying “we totally support slow genocide, come for our sons, but don’t come for us”, but principled rejection of critical race theory will enable our entryists to take over the operation.

                  The white left elite faction will lack internal cohesion. Those who make principled rejection of Critical Race Theory will have internal cohesion. The anti genocide faction would win, being white, and within the anti genocide faction, our entryists would win, having a coherent faith, while the leftists within the faction are making an unprincipled exception to their faith.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The present underlords really took the leash off of the idpol dog in 2010-2011, because OWS spooked them.

                  It was prole activism, and communistic to boot; but it was also full of young thoughtful white men instinctively mistrustful of that that establishment, and that could always threaten to turn into something more serious for them. So they summoned up a host of daemons that could neuter it – by disrupting and diverting the organizational discussions of those white men into discussions of demographic grievance, and ultimately bouncing out those white men altogether.

                  But of course, they are now finding those same daemons possessing and empowering those who are coming for their own tree-roosts, too.

                • Pooch says:

                  The start of the civil war would be a white left elite faction saying “we totally support slow genocide, come for our sons, but don’t come for us”, but principled rejection of critical race theory will enable our entryists to take over the operation.

                  You may be right, but if we get to this point we are in bad shape. They are necessarily only coming after elite whites after Trump whites (kulaks) have been sufficiently liquidated.

                • jim says:

                  > if we get to this point we are in bad shape.

                  We are already in bad shape, and it is going to get a lot worse.

                  But you are overly pessimistic in that you are modeling the enemy as having a single will, and thus being able to take things in sensible order. Rather, they are likely to attack the near enemy when the sane thing to do is first destroy the far enemy.

                  I am fairly optimistic that nuclear war with Russia, nuclear war with China, internal genocide of kulaks, and civil war within the the left will be launched near simultaneously, or at least in no particular order.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It’s not just a question of going down a list of people to kill and apple carts to knock over; the signal spiralers also want to be in charge of the *organization* of the killing and apple cart knocking, which necessarily brings them into conflict the ‘incumbents’.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Remnants of the old liberal order may argue in terms of criminal pragmatism; that it will be easier to kill all the whites if they save them for last (and also leave them in charge); and many likely will make that argument; but every single one of them in those positions will find themselves forced to juggle that grenade – and they will find no end to the grenades constantly being thrown at them.

                • Pooch says:

                  This sounds consistent with what Yarvin recommends for the dissident right. Keep our heads down, don’t do anything to antagonize the Cathedral (basically supporting Trump is pointless if he’s not willing to force regime change), and wait for the holiness to proceed to eat members of the elite at which point we entry the white elite being eaten.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The only thing I see the enemy really fighting about is how far they want to push the worship of the holy Corona demon. On most issues they seem to have something close to unity of command yeah there are odd remarks here and there by nonblack ethnic pimps that they want to be as holy and aristocratic as the blacks… but its not crystallizing yet.

                  Its almost impossible to not antagonize the Cathedral now too…

                • Pooch says:

                  The masks on and off and on again seems to show they have some confusion how they want to worship covid, but they are clearly all fully united behind vaccines given the massive profit incentive.

                • F says:

                  While the smell of loot controls which way the holiness spiral goes, the holiness spiral is apt to head off by itself.

                  If one corporation makes something holy by bribing the priesthood, another corporation is likely to sacrifice its profit for that holiness.

                  Over vaxxing is obviously driven by corporate profit. On the other hand, to get a drug through you need to bribe a lot of priests, and a lot of profit is left on the table because useful drugs are not approved.

                  Further, that an inappropriate and foolish vaccine technology was used for the Clot shot reflects holiness, not profit. If you were simply profit maximizing, would use actual scientists instead of priests attempting deurgic magic. But you have to use priests, not scientists, or else stuff will not get approved because insufficiently priestly.

                  The use of deurgic magic in place of actual technology reflects what gives status to priests, not what gives profit to corporations. That deurgic magic gets approved, and sound leading edge technology does not reflects priests seeking status and power, not corporations seeking profit. Priests serve corporate profit – the trail of money going to Fauci has been traced many times and the influence of corporate bribes on his decision has been traced many times, but the money goes from the powerless to the powerful. Fauci makes decisions that serve corporate profit, but Fauci is a priest and corporations make decisions that serve the superior status of priests.

                • The Cominator says:


                  Incredibly based. Public health and FDA fags en masse need the helicopter…

                • The Original OC says:

                  “I am fairly optimistic that nuclear war with Russia, nuclear war with China”

                  How do you advise one to prepare for nuclear war?

                  Especially if ex-US?

                • jim says:

                  Don’t live near a center of power.

                • Pooch says:

                  likely will be Critical Race Theory implemented as fast genocide rather than slow genocide.

                  Looking more and more like they want to genocide the unvaccinated. They wish to exclude the unvaccinated, then jail the unvaccinated, then kill the unvaccinated.

                • jim says:

                  Salami slicer. It will be white unvaccinated, whites who failed go along with the latest Covid insanity, whites who failed to along with the latest covid insanity with sufficient vigor, ever escalating levels Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming insanity “You are murdering the earth, how dare you”, “racists”. And then it turns out all whites are racist.

                  I am not predicting which slice gets sliced first, just that the salami slicer will keep on going until it is stopped, or until there is no one left to keep operating it.

            • jim says:

              France, however, is an good parallel.

              The revolutionary mobs in France were agents of an elite faction as much as antifa is.

              The differences with Russia was that the communists were operating on German funding, rather than the Russian state’s funding, so, like Taliban, which operates on Pakistani funding and arms, were a more genuine faith.

          • simplyconnected says:

            Here’s a thought:

            * AstraZeneca’s cancer R&D chief dies of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). A 1/10e6 event.
            * Said AZ R&D chief likely one of the few people on the planet with early access to the injeccttion. A, say, ~1/10e8 event.

            There’s a known mechanism to link them: spike protein has 5 (glycine zipper GXXXG) prion-like domains.
            Doesn’t two linked events occurring in the same person with known causal link suggest high likelyhood he took the injeccttion early, later onset of symptoms, and death within months of CJD diagnosis?

        • Aidan says:

          Moldbug has read Heartiste. It doesn’t mean he agrees with him. Plenty of people will say that “game works, but NAWALT”.

          Arguing for Natural Law does not work piecemeal. Every bit of the natural law supports the other. Take a pillar away and the building falls. Moldbug is happy to play the Sith, but Yarvin is scared of being cast as the villain, so there are things he doesn’t mention. What does he think about buggers and women? Nobody knows. If your enemy is evil, you should be quite happy being their villain. Yarvin cannot bring himself to believe, or will not say, that our elite is evil.

          Is the Left losing energy? Nonsense. Of course the “popular” movements of the Left are losing energy; the Left is in power. The state has plenty of revolutionary fervor. Its response to covid was not confused. Its response to Trump was not sluggish. Its response to Jan 6 was not low-energy. The popular movements of the Right have no energy because they were cowed by massive state violence. I have no doubt that a modern-day Whisky Rebellion would be crushed even more mercilessly than the original, and every pissed-off rightist knows it in his bones.

          Moldbug still has the problem of absolutism. The King is the King because the Lords are Lords, but the Lords are only Lords because the King is the King. Just like No Bishop, No King- No Lords, no King. Absolutism is a fantasy- the enlightened despots were not enlightened because they were despots, as Moldbug would say. They were despots because they were enlightened. Alienable sovereignty was and still is a serious issue. When the king made his sovereignty de jure inalienable, he perfectly alienated it de facto into the hands of the civil service.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            Is *acknowledging* PUA not yet a thoughtcrime? It wasn’t in 2010 but left keeps marching leftward.

            Yarvin likes to tell the story of Caesar burning Cicero’s letters unread instead of using them to locate and punish his enemies. It’s true his enemies assassinated him but Octavian didn’t need to conduct a mass purge as some of the commenters here would have recommended. With this in mind, Yarvin, like BAP, is content to bellow at leftists, “you must SUBMIT!”

            Of course, he has no king for them to submit to, so it’s theoretical.

            The left’s response to the Chinese virus was very confused. Mostly, they changed the subject with a dismissive, “it could never reach here, racist,” and that old favorite, “the real virus is racism.” When it did reach here, the government became terrified that it was the second black death and fearing to be held responsible, issued a panicked and incoherent response. When they lifted the lockdown, they announced the virus could be spread at church and when meeting family but not through riots and bath houses. This is like the antidote to “climate change” being communism.

            The left’s response to Trump was not sluggish. It was incompetent and flailing. Remember, the cathedral actually promoted the orange man for the first several months of his campaign with the logic that it would easier for Hillary to beat him than the other candidates.

            The 2016 Malheur National Wildlife Refuge qualifies as a modern Whiskey Rebellion. Ammon Bundy is currently running for governor of Idaho. It doesn’t seem like merciless crushing.

            I believe that the cathedral drains energy from everyone, left and right alike. We’re unmanned by this horrible way of life, reduced to wretched bugmen. You see reddit types blather about punching nazis and cuckservatives brag about shooting their daughter’s boyfriends and both are cope. Roissy wanted to be a more effective bugman, to out-compete the swarm, but writers saw the WQ meant we could be men again. Bugmen can only lurk between rotting walls, conserving their pitiful energy, but men can do anything.

            Men can cooperate, hence feudalism, which is an advantage you have over Moldbug. On the other hand, he was trying to explain that the concentration of power is the solution to our problems *to people convinced that the concentration of power is the source of our problems.* For the sake of argument, he had to address absolutism.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Appreciate the effortpoasting but

              >Octavian didn’t need to conduct a mass purge

              Avgvstvs absolutely needed to conduct a mass purge.

              • Yul Bornhold says:


                Like “Rome would still be around if Augustus had slaughtered six million leftists”?

                Augustus did not need a mass purge to survive and rule. Stalin needed a mass purge to survive and rule.

                The question isn’t whether we’d be better off if there were a mass purge of leftists. The question is whether such a purge is necessary for our survival. If not, they can perhaps be persuaded to surrender, as the late Soviets did. When people can’t surrender, they fight to the death.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Octavian/Augustus merely purged the Equites and Senatorial classes en masse.

                  Certainly we must at least do that but in ancient Rome there wasn’t so much brainwashing through mass education media propaganda etc… purges must at least go into the entire priesthood down to the lowest rank and at least the middling ranks of warriors.

                • jim says:

                  En Masse?

                  How much masse are we talking about here. Caesar Augustus did not kill all that many people.

                  Eventually the situation developed into full scale conventional warfare, as a great many people were not keen on losing power and status, and he was rough on the losers, but I don’t think he executed many, if any for opposition and resistance short of full scale conventional warfare. Or even all that many for unsuccessful full scale conventional warfare.

                  A whole lot of people lost power and status under Augustus, but so did a whole lot of people lose power and status under Monk and Charles the Second.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Everyone suspected of Republican or anti-Caesar sentiment in the Senate or among the Equites was proscribed.

                  Some of them (Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia most prominently) were pardoned later after escaping with their lives but initial policy of the Second Triumvariate was that anti-Caesar or Republican sentiment meant death.

                • jim says:

                  > Everyone suspected of Republican or anti-Caesar sentiment in the Senate or among the Equites was proscribed.

                  It is not clear who was responsible for the proscriptions of the second triumvirate.

                  But when Augustus was solely in power, we only see hundreds executed, and only executed as a direct result of involvement unsuccessful treason, mutiny, and unsuccessful conventional warfare.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  Which brings up a more pertinent question then; is America in the current year more like republican rome, or more like leninist russia?

                • jim says:

                  Rome, military dominant. Leninist Russia, priestly classes influential, because Tsars, starting with Alexander the Liberator, abandoned their post as the fount of all honors, but not their post as head of the military. George the third and fourth, on the other hand, abandoned both posts.

                  Hence likely to be more like Russia than Rome.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The first response came from the wording not being so clear. When you said, ‘Octavian didn’t need to conduct a mass purge’, i took the meaning to be, ‘it was bad for Octavian to kill all those people’ – but of course it was very good for Octavian to destroy the people he destroyed, not making the same mistake his uncle made, hence my reply.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I dont think Octavian Antony and Lepidus (who was more powerful early on then typically portrayed) disagreed much on proscriptions. Octavian was known for generally not sparing people either not until after he became “Augustus”…

                • jim says:

                  > Octavian was known for generally not sparing people either not until after he became “Augustus”


                  The claim is plausible, but disputed.

                  Even if true, that is not how he established stability and the principate. Stability did not happen until he had been Augustus for quite some time. Even after he had defeated the provinces, he had a rough ride governing Rome for quite some time.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its not overly disputed nor is it surprising, after Caesar’s murder its easy to see that all of the Triumvirs would come to the conclusion that Sulla was right and Caesar was wrong when it came to clemency and that people within the elite with republican sentiment needed to be eliminated. Antony may have been more insistent on a broader purge but they didnt fight him on it much.

                  Augustus got stability with his settlement and the myth of a republic restored, but it probably wouldn’t be possible if there were a lot of genuine elite Republicans were alive, but of course very few were.

                • jim says:

                  My interpretation of events differs from your own.

                  Augustus did not kill off those with Republican sentiment.

                  Republican sentiment was a delusion, was normality bias, after the Gracchi brothers.

                  The Republic died under the Gracchi, but normality bias continued until shortly after the death of Caesar.

                  By the time Octavian went to Rome to scout his prospects, normality bias had largely faded, so, Republican sentiment no longer an issue.

                  The conflicts that ensued after Octavian went to Rome were not Republican sentiment, but the elite reaching for illegitimate power, reaching for illegitimate shares of power, not realizing that the process ends with power in the hands one man.

                  Today, in America, we have widespread normality bias. We also have a process under way that necessarily ends with power in the hands of one man.

  19. Alfred says:

    Antifa Churches Fires(without the cover of riot’s) are starting in the US:


    • Pooch says:

      The pathetic part is the church leaders applaud it and say yes we deserved it.

      • Karl says:

        If the church leaders applaud it, I assume the churches were already desecrated (probably by those very leaders) and indeed deserved it – although for completely different reasons.

  20. C4ssidy says:

    Any books recommend for giving to a wife or daughter?

  21. d3r3k says:

    >but maybe I am not very Christian

    I lolled, you don’t even believe in God.

  22. nils says:

    https://www.airspacemag.com/space/when-nasa-ordered-astronauts-quit-smoking-180951348/ this is a valuable lesson on the change in der zeitgeist, the culture der Amerika from the proto boomer of the disco generation to now. i’ve lived through the architectural last legs of this might, i know it as it is in my blood, smoking and quitting. Jim talks about the judgment, or Judges, but this is it, i have seen the backdrop of history with mine own eyes, and the jimian/Pauline sexual dominance. flat cloth backspreads of masulinity and dominance over the smithian virtue of knowledge, i remember a brief time when Men smoked openly but cowed, now they are gone, but the next generation dgaf.

    • nils says:

      pay special attention to the bureaucratic discontinuity of hierarchy an appeal to discontinuity, these were men who to Men spoke. in the same public houses that George WashingTon spoke, the men of my father’s generation gathered, that which was american has been lost, but it does not matter, you can find its heart still beating

  23. Anon says:

    Much in the same way that were I to perform forensic accounting on niggers that walk to the shoe store to buy Nikes after a paycheck instead of walking to a bank to deposit, were I to perform forensic accounting on fat people I would find they don’t eat meals of red meat and dairy products during the day, but rather they sporadically snack on processed shit during the day, and this would have to have been happening for a long time for them to become a fatass. Thus the plea that fatasses are the victims of whatever fall on ears as deaf as when Gavin Newsom says there are systemic reasons why niggers are apparently being stopped at gunpoint from walking to the bank instead of buying shoes.

    I notice friends and family snacking on basically everything other than something that comes directly from a cow (the milk and the meat), and they are all fat or fatter than they should be, regardless of class or socioeconomic status. I’ve never had a problem with weight; it takes effort for me to stuff my face in order to reach the caloric surplus necessary to put on muscle. The only time I’ve ever noticed minor unwanted weight was when I was drinking more than I should, and that was only because at that time I insisted on drinking garbage American IPAs, full of sugar and hops, instead of hard liquor. Even then I never got fat, but you look more water bloated than you normally would be.

    Obvious suspicion is that some people just can’t help themselves and would rather regularly eat a bag of cheezits or some other processed shit than bite into nice red steak. The steak tastes better, is better for you, and after taxes doesn’t cost much more; it just takes a little bit more time to prepare. On the great Bell Curve of life, most people just have shit taste.

    • jim says:

      Been there, done that. I know that “eating healthy” had no very noticeable impact on my weight. A strict carno diet (milk and meat) did have impact, but lots of people have tried that, and after year or so, they have lost a bit of weight but are still fat and are no longer losing weight.

      • Anon says:

        As I said, I’m useless in regard to what to do to lose weight after one is already fat and identifies the need to lose weight. I managed to not get fat in the first place, probably by the grace of god: “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look”! When I see old pictures of my father he was tall and lean, built like me. At some point he got fat, and I notice that what he started eating played a part.

        Seems like after a certain point you’re fighting an uphill battle, which sounds grim but not impossible.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          “I managed to not get fat in the first place”

          I believe there is something to this. When a fat person loses weight his fat cells empty, but they don’t die or go away, and it’s easy for them to fill up again.

          If you’re putting on NEW weight you’re growing new fat cells.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            I would also speculate that being full of EMPTY fat cells makes a person very metabolically responsive to insulin in removing any excess sugar from the blood stream.

          • Aidan says:

            Total fat cells, empty or not, is a factor. Iirc total fat cells are fixed around puberty with no way to alter that number.

            • Publius says:

              You can physically remove excess fat cells using surgery.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                This never struck me as a good idea. Your fat (as an organ) is your sugar sponge of last resort. Removing fat cells lowers its capacity and is probably diabetogenic.

      • isaac says:

        I got fat after working a software development job and going out to eat at restaurants every day. It was my break from the office and I had no idea how bad seed oils + processed food were for you.

        In my experience, once you’re fat, it’s very easy to stay fat, even if you start fixing your diet. Your hunger is no longer a reliable signal and wins every time. I tried to explain this to a non-fat friend of mine and he just didn’t understand it.

        The only thing that has worked for me in terms of losing weight and then keeping it off is bouts of regular water fasting (at least 36 hours or more), repeated, followed by fixing your diet (stop going to restaurants, stop buying processed junk, lower carbs). I’ve gone from 180 to 150 this way, kept it off for years, and it really feels like it fixed my set point.

        • onyomi says:

          Yeah, your appetite changes to try to keep you around the weight you’re at, though many aspects of modern life, including the availability of cheap, convenient, tasty, varied food, seem to conspire to encourage one to overeat.

          Even after losing just 15 lbs., I notice I get full much faster on less food. This can even be annoying in some respects, as my mental picture of e.g. how much food I can reasonably order at a restaurant will still be off and I find myself getting uncomfortable before I’ve eaten what I thought was a “normal” amount of food.

          Presumably such mental representations also change over time, but only at a pretty big lag relative to the speed with which one can lose weight, even without e.g. fasting (one time I fasted on water alone for nine days and it was pretty shocking to me how I could feel absolutely stuffed after eating what looked like a tiny amount of food for a while; tolerance to spicy food also had to be rebuilt).

          Conversely, yes, fat people feel unsatisfied if they aren’t eating enough to keep them at their current, fat, weight, so if a skinny person has the impression that fat people are constantly stuffing themselves well beyond the point of fullness that is probably wrong too.

        • Varna says:

          Water + apples + boiled sweet potatoes made me lose 13 pounds in 10 days, and also apparently inflammation across the board stopped, because suddenly nothing ached in any way.

          Doing this once a season is likely a great way to clean out the inner filters and get rid of fat, but the cravings… The cravings…

      • Roderick says:

        To be fit you need to be master of your domain, be able to regulate the challenges to what is true, right that you see.

        TV makes fat not just because it makes us sit, but cause it makes us accept shit.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          If a man’s eyeballs are filled with mud everywhere he looks, pretty soon his spirit gets full of mud too.

          Ugliness breeds ugliness.

  24. Karl says:

    My impression is that spirutual pollution is something that does not affect all races in US to the same extent. To check that, I looked for obesity rates by race. The following obesity rates for the USA are from KFF.org:

    White 30.4 %
    Black 40.7 %
    Hispanic 34.5 %
    Asian 12.7 %

    No surprise that Asians are less affected. As far as I can tell, Asian are not very religious. I am surprised whites are less affected than blacks and hispanics. Maybe whites aren’t the group with the most faith in the progressive state religion?

    • Alfred says:

      Those Asian numbers are misleading. Younger Asians are getting huge, especially the women. Older Asians are pretty thin but the younger generation looks a lot more like the Average American.

      I think sugar in everything is a major factor and high sugar diets are more likely to effect people who are closer to hunter gathers like blacks and Hispanics.

    • Pooch says:

      Progressivism turns the lower races into degenerates and is increasingly turning whites into degenerates. As we get ever lefter, even Asians will turn degenerate but that will take more time.

      • Pooch says:

        Look at the average American black and it is quite obvious they are in a state of deep spiritual pollution. Their lives revolve around blasting music at its highest volume, drugs, Nike shoes, etc. It is all instant gratification.

  25. Calvin says:

    Unrelated note, but the leftist faggots in California’s government are suing the leftist faggots in Blizzard over “sexual harassment”. It really never pays to get on board the program train. Nothing is ever enough.

    • Tityrus says:

      > Defendants have also fostered a pervasive “frat boy” workplace culture that continues to thrive. In the office, women are subjected to “cube crawls” in which male employees drink copious amounts of alcohol as they “crawl” their way through various cubicles in the office and often engage in inappropriate behavior toward female employees. Male employees proudly come to work hungover, play video games for long periods of time during work while delegating their responsibilities to female employees, engage in banter about their sexual encounters, talk openly about female bodies, and joke about rape.

      > Unsurprisingly, Defendants’ “frat boy” culture is a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women. Female employees are subjected to constant sexual harassment, including having to continually fend off unwanted sexual comments and advances by their male co-workers and supervisors and being groped at the “cube crawls” and other company events. High-ranking executives and creators engaged in blatant sexual harassment without repercussions. In a particularly tragic example, a female employee committed suicide during a business trip with a male supervisor who had brought butt plugs and lubricant with him on the trip. Defendants continuously condone the quid pro quo and hostile work environment. The message is not lost on their employees.


      How much of an idiot do you have to be to think this actually happened.

      I would really like to hear jim’s thoughts on this.

      • Alfred says:

        Sounds like an apple cart that’s getting knocked over. Blizzards been very woke for a while now with the team that built most of their best IPs largely retired or left by 2015.

      • jim says:

        It is hilariously improbable. Fear and terror is everywhere.

        It resembles “A rape on campus” in its over the top fantasy content, but unlike “A rape on campus” was typed with both hands.

        That said, the female staff at Blizzard undoubtedly have feelings, for which the only politically correct explanation is that this happened, therefore many of them believe that in some sense it must have happened.

        But in fact, the actual cause of these feelings is that their male co workers are too terrified to hit on them.

  26. onyomi says:

    I remember seeing some stories about low obesity in tight-knit communities. With something like the Amish there are obvious confounders, but I think this was true even in e.g. tight-knit communities of orthodox Jews living in cities and therefore, presumably, with access to all the usual foods (maybe required by religious law not to eat some of them or, in the case of Muslims, to fast for a period every year).

    Besides the fact that many religions explicitly mandate or suggest various forms of fasting and dietary restriction, I would not be at all surprised if obesity in general correlates with social atomization. Jim mentions how he sees fat people eating salads, to which others respond they are probably eating fattening food in secret; I share the intuition that nobody became obese on food they ate in good company (yes, Thanksgiving makes the scale go up, but that’s not WHY someone’s obese).

    I expect homemade foods eaten in socially prescribed situations and quantities are not what make people fat, whereas tasty, convenient food eaten while late-night snacking does (my mother-in-law, for example, has been quite overweight ever since I met her even though when you eat a meal with her she only ever eats a normal-looking portion of a reasonably healthy food; my wife said the only time she lost a lot of weight was when she had a job that required getting up early, which caused her to drop her habit of late-night snacking in front of the tv).

    And of course having better social support means less stress, anxiety, better sleep, etc. all of which I think contribute to feelings of satiety. And also your tight-knit community will call you fat.

    • Pooch says:

      Makes a lot of sense. My European room mates were deeply disturbed when I hastily ate a meal standing up if I was in a rush. In many if not most parts of Europe, meal time is very much a social time to be enjoyed with friends or family.

    • jim says:

      > I remember seeing some stories about low obesity in tight-knit communities.

      If a member of a tight knit community, you are strong and unafraid. There is a perfectly obvious correlation between being strong and unfraid, and not snacking.

      • suones says:

        …you are strong and unafraid…

        This is the intention behind religion. Knowing you have GNON at your back means you’re never alone, or afraid. Too bad actual religion mostly cucks out to [insert demon of choice].

      • onyomi says:

        Yeah, they talk about treating your body “like a temple,” etc. but it seems a rather unappreciated phenomenon that having a high level of what we might call self-respect or pride (in a non-sinful sense) will tend to cause someone to “take care of themselves.”

        Ironically, though modern education and culture supposedly emphasize self-confidence, it simultaneously seems designed to crush this kind of self-respect that would cause one to have a care about such things. I guess the “participation trophy” brand of self-confidence emphasizes a kind of unconditional self-regard whereby you are entitled to respect, material comfort, health care… just by virtue of having been born (especially if born in a “disadvantaged” class). By imposing obligations on the self, “self-respect,” conversely, is an affront to this kind of entitlement.

        • onyomi says:

          Conveniently and paradoxically, people with unconditional high self-regard may be quite pliable politically, as they have no standards and, in fact, see standards themselves as hateful and discriminatory.

          Conversely, politicians may tend to wish to discourage “self-respect,” because those with high self-respect are not pliable, think for themselves, don’t jump on the latest fashion, etc.

      • Rodrick says:

        This is all. Carve in stone.

  27. UnwittingIntrovert says:

    The parent post related to self help for the spiritually poisoned has me thinking about another important self help topic that I find to be mostly glossed over in my personal information sources: building your social circle.

    I was hoping to start a discussion thread providing broad and specific advice for this. People are incredibly atomized and everyone, even the spiritually poisoned, seems to realize it. In my personal life I find myself with too few friends and acquaintances, so I cannot give guidelines.

    To provide a template for discussion, if it helps:

    What broad, general behaviors should people engage in to productively grow their social circle?

    What behaviors have you adopted in your own life, alongside very general description of your situation, that have led to a larger and more beneficial social circle?

    And, selfishly but perhaps useful to others that may be reading in a similar situation, what advice would you give to someone in my situation in order to productively grow their social circle? Described briefly, I am a returning student in the senior year of a computer science degree (not much older than a regular student, but without the foundation of freshman initiatory friendships). I live just outside of a moderately sized town in the Midwest. Most of my time is currently devoted to practicing coding, and lifting weights. My friends all live very far away, because I moved to finish school. I do not have much issue communicating, but am clearly on the spectrum and have a hard time *relating* to most people even when I make an effort. Are there any hobbies I can pick up (low cost as I have little income)? Is it worth my time attempting to navigate the local church environment in order to find a congregation that is at least slightly healthy, as someone that has not been since they were a small child? Is there anything else I should do?

    Thank you for reading and for any personal advice.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Is it worth my time attempting to navigate the local church environment in order to find a congregation that is at least slightly healthy, as someone that has not been since they were a small child?

      It sounds like you already know the answer is yes. At least, that’s what I would say. I live in the most pozzed part of the country, and of the relatively few non-pozzed men I have met in the last decade, more than half of them I met at church. And this is in a parish with demographics that skew a little to the left of most Orthodox churches. In the absence of the old-time ethnic men’s clubs, church is one of the places from which it’s normal to gather a bunch of guys for drinks or a cookout. And if we’re talking a church that actually honors some vestiges of traditional doctrine, not one that flies the rainbow flag out front, then there’s apt to be a bit less poz than in the wider society; anyone who’s honest about the scriptures has to admit St. Paul is full of crimethink, as Jim has adequately documented.

      People say rod and gun clubs are good too, but one of the old college buddies I go shooting with is damned woke, these days. I suppose different clubs have different personalities, but how one finds out which is of which sort might take a good deal of asking around– though near me follks on the online forum share their opinions freely.

      I would say, don’t be shy about visiting a bunch of churches– at least in the Orthodox church, people understand that folks will visit a number of parishes until they find the right home. And it may be hard if you are on the spectrum, but try and notice the difference between people being unfriendly, and people merely being reserved. The parish one of my relatives attends is, historically, somewhat politically incorrect– and maybe it is no coincidence that they are less hail-fellow-well-met with new arrivals than my church. On the other hand, some of the most overtly right-wing churches have an element of grift about them. It can be tricky, and only repeated visits may make things clear.

      Finally, even if you find a great gun club or bunch of co-workers, one more reason to not completely discount finding a church is that there are spiritual benefits to go with the social ones. And it’s fine if you’re not convinced of that now. One East Asian immigrant at our church passed along how her mother, who lives overseas and is not even a Christian but must be pretty wise, explained why she should join a church in America: “It’s like a gym. First you start going, and then you start to see the benefits.” She didn’t mean just social ones, although there are those too.

      • jim says:

        All the Churches in my local area are hopelessly politically correct, but the geographically nearest Russian Orthodox Church on the internet is mightily red pilled. Nearly qualifies as reactionary blog.

        They rightly complain that Putin is not fulfilling the duties of the Tsar.

        • Alfred says:

          The church my parents attended shares a building with a Russian Church. After looking at the web site of my parents largely failing church and looking at the Russian one, I told my parents they should consider checking out the Russian church. Seems a whole lot more Christen than their church.

          • Pooch says:

            The aesthetics of the Orthodox Church just seems very alien to me, and I was brought up in the Catholic Church. I can only imagine what the Protestants think of it. I think Jim is right, a Christian restoration in America necessarily would need be in the Episcopal Church.

            • neofugue says:

              As someone who grew up in a secular environment, Orthodox aesthetics are difficult at first but become familiar over a short amount of time. Iconography inspires reverence while simultaneously being warm and cozy.

              There are Western Rite Russian Orthodox Churches in North America and Europe. OCA was created by the Russian Church to cater towards Western converts. OCA, Antiochians, Serbs, and others are hit or miss; I have been negative on the Greeks in the past but the churches founded by Elder Ephraim have a good reputation. There is no “perfect” church out there, especially for a reactionary from Jim’s blog, but the Orthodox Church has a home for everyone.

        • neofugue says:

          If the rumors of our host hailing from Australia is true, the Russian Orthodox churches in Australia are the toughest in all of Synod. One of my spiritual father’s colleagues was sent to a parish in Australia without proper assistance and ended up having a heart attack from being overworked.

          • neofugue says:

            Correction: “If the rumors of our host hailing from Australia *are* true”

            BTW, my spiritual father’s colleague now administers a parish in Long Island and is very happy there.

      • Humble Acolyte says:

        As one who also lives in the belly of the beast, I am going to take this sage advice, and also join a boxing gym and a gun club. Making social connections with other right-minded people is imo the bottleneck to any kind of cultural power. It’s also harder to own women without a tribe. Many recognize that the lack of based male friendship is a problem (e.g. BAP on “mannerbunds”), but until now I’d not encountered any practical advice. So thanks.

        On Orthodox churches: does their ethnic character make it difficult to gain trust? Also, are any ethnic churches particularly based or pozzed in general?

        • Mike in Boston says:

          the bottleneck to any kind of cultural power.

          Hmm. I’m not sure what kind of cultural power any sort of sanity will have in English-speaking world as long as it stays in the grip of a holiness spiral and defect-defect equilibrium, as our host has explained.

          All that is fueled by, in my opinion, a lack of consequences for antisocial, maladaptive behavior, in turn made possible by malinvestment stemming from the rest of the world’s willingness to accept paper dollars in exchange for valuable goods. Once all that is over and the Gods of the Copybook headings return, then sure, we may hope that truth and prosocial behavior may reign once more, even in this fallen world. But it’s a long way, and a lot of pain, from here to there.

          It’s also harder to own women without a tribe.

          Exactly this. Even if a man doesn’t find a wife in church, the church can provide a healthier social environment that reinforces the concept of marriage as it was understood since time immemorial, rather than the post-1960s American understanding of marriage. (Other traditional societies might too, of course, but which would be a good fit for an American Christian?)

          On Orthodox churches: does their ethnic character make it difficult to gain trust? Also, are any ethnic churches particularly based or pozzed in general?

          As I think you have guessed, the answer is unfortunately yes, but beyond that it is hard to generalize, because each parish has its personality, sometimes a split one. As a rule of thumb, if a parish has a supermajority of recent immigrants from somewhere or another, then an American won’t fit in as well, and the parishioners may find it inconvenient to have to speak English with a newcomer. On the other hand, there are definitely exceptions– I remember one Serbian church, back during the attacks on Yugoslavia, where a kind word from a visiting American was enough to get him a cordial if not immediately warm welcome.

          It’s a similar story as to the question of who’s based and who’s pozzed. The way to bet is that churches belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, many of them thoroughly English-speaking, are pretty based. But along with that can sometimes come an uncritical Russian nationalism that may not be to your taste. Yet most of all, no rule of thumb, including that one, is guaranteed to hold in any particular place; the exceptions are too many.

          You won’t find complete purity and goodness in any human institution subject to politics, and the Orthodox Church is sadly no exception. Probably much of the poz among the higher echelons of the Greeks is a way to enlist USG against their perennial rivals, the Russians; similarly, some Ukrainian Orthodox see the modern Russian church as way too nostalgic for Soviet communism, a charge not without basis, and so accept USG patronage and keep their mouths shut about the poz, no matter how based they may be personally.

          Even within the less based jurisdictions, Orthodox canon law prescribes limits to the poz; no one is going to be ordaining women or performing gaymarriages. The fact that Orthodox clergy are married doesn’t hurt, either: a pastor is much less likely to be sexually confused than a celibate Catholic priest.

          Orthodox Christians are used to bishops collaborating with rotten authorities, even long before the Soviet period. The most common Sunday service is the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, who in 396 A.D., was sentenced to exile by his fellow bishops for criticizing the empress. This produces a sort of cultural sense among Orthodox that political trends are transitory and don’t affect the organic life of the church. In particular, Orthodox would agree they don’t determine which parish in your neighborhood could be a good home for you. Much, much more depends on the local priest and parishioners.

    • Pooch says:


      I also plan to soon move away from the liberal diversity hellscape area I’m at now to a based white small town where Trump and American flags are often flown in a based white county where Trump and American flags are often flown. It’s statistically bears out that those who live in homogeneous non-diverse communities take more pride in their communities and leave their house more. I am excited to actually take pride in the community that I live and meet people.

      If we are headed to a South Africa-style 1st world enclaves in a sea of third worldism, based friends several towns over are going to do you no good.

      • Alfred says:

        Staying in a blue area seems to likely to be fatal in the long run.

        • Pooch says:

          Agreed, but there are plenty of supermajority-white red areas and counties in blue states. You may not necessarily need to move to a red state to find a based county. I think those thinking they can rely on their conservative state government to save them are going to be sorely mistaken.

          • Alfred says:

            That’s a hard call to make about Red areas in a Blue state. Once the cities are hollowed out, the local Red areas will be attacked next with the State’s national guard and cops leading the charge. Areas that actively resist will just have their fuel supplies shut off.

            Self defense against commies and niggers is effectively illegal in blue states. Best be ready to shoot and scoop if you have to practice self defense.

            The big test will be if Red States can effectively crush the commies in their big blue cities. So far they’re failing at that and in the end having a Red Government won’t help those states if they don’t cut out the cancer. Probably not in 2022, but by 2024 the big blue cities will produce 300 million votes for Cuntface Kamala and 100% blue senate and any attempts to to reject those vote totals will be met with Federal troops.

            • Pooch says:

              If South Africa and Yugoslavia are models, once the state recedes it doesn’t matter what the laws are. The cops are not going to be around. You want to make sure you’re in the right enclave when that happens.

              • Alfred says:

                The Russian Revolution is a better model. White Bolsiviks are likely to take over as Chaos intensifies.

                • Pooch says:

                  I don’t know if I agree they will be white. By the time we get to communist take over, Liquidation of the kulaks may just look like Zimbabwe. Black gangs, backed by the black state, killing white farmers. Living on Indefensible farm land far away from neighbors is going to be a bad idea.

                • suones says:

                  Black gangs, backed by the black state, killing white farmers.

                  This only worked because the gangs were backed by Anglos and their planes and their bombs. Otherwise the Selous Scouts were enough. Never in history has a prole rebellion succeeded without elite, including foreign, backing.

                • Alfred says:

                  I don’t know if I agree they will be white. By the time we get to communist take over, Liquidation of the kulaks may just look like Zimbabwe. Black gangs, backed by the black state, killing white farmers. Living on Indefensible farm land far away from neighbors is going to be a bad idea.

                  If a black army and black cops, being lead by black commies, they’re all going to die the first time they run into 1,000 or so whites.

                  Going all in on black security forces would be the best thing in the world for us and utter hell for woke whites in blue areas.

                • Pooch says:

                  Fair point. May god will it.

    • Karl says:

      I suggest training in a martial art, e.g. boxing, judo, ju-jutsu etc.

      Depends on what is offered in your town, of course, but if you have a choice choose a martial that involves sparring against an (uncooperative) partner. So boxing and judo is good, aikido is bad.

  28. Eating Good on a Budget says:

    The results we seem to see here are that we should eat less omega-6 PUFAs and less quick carbs like sugar. In fall I move out of my mom’s place and will need to plan my diet so I can be healthy.

    There are a few things I want to have:
    -Limited or no added sugars
    -Limited or no PUFAs
    -Red meat every day
    -3 squares daily
    -Can be cooked in limited cookware (one cast iron pan and one pot, ideally)

    My idea was to have a variety of green vegetables (mostly broccoli or asaparagus if it’s in season) and to saute these with very cheap steaks for dinners. “Sirloin tip” (actually a round steak) if they have them where you live. Other cheap red meat includes cured pork products like ham and bacon, though bacon can hurt cast iron in my experience. Carbs would be steamed rice or dutch baby style pancakes or fresh pasta – I would buy white rice and flour. Breakfasts would be eggs and/or maybe some cured pork.

    For drinks I would have milk and water. I would get a big container of palm kernel oil ($.50/oz) for cooking. Of course butter would also feature, for flavor and as a cooking oil if needed.

    My problem is I don’t know what I’ll do for lunches. Does anybody have any tips on how to frugally eat healthy? What should I plan on doing differently?

    • Cataclysm Reawake says:

      When I’ve eaten frugally my diet has composed of largely milk, peanut butter, and pasta. I’m can’t speak to the nitty-gritty of their nutritional effects on health but those’ll get you fats proteins and carbs on a tight budget.

      • jim says:

        Peanut butter contains excessive amounts of oleic acid, and pasta more carbs than whites of aryan descent can handle. Also amounts of gluten that none of our ancestors are adapted to, which can cause problems for some people. Rice is, for some people, a safer cheap carb source.

        Real butter is as cheap as peanut butter, but contains less cheap protein. Milk is a healthy source of cheap protein.

        If you are really low on money, I suggest lots of milk and rice fried in lots of butter. This is apt to cause constipation, so also fry up onions and well boiled cabbage. Fried rice with lots of veggies. Also there are lots of edible weeds.

        • The Cominator says:

          Im not normally the gluten free type but i recently had a gluten free pasta and my ability to digest it seems much improved.

        • Eating Good on a Budget says:

          You bring up a good point Jim.

          I don’t have celiac (blood test was negative) but actually have one of the two genes that make you a celiac risk. So maybe I should go easy on the gluten. I’m R1b for what it’s worth.

          I’m not flat broke, I can afford to eat meat etc. I’m mainly wondering if I would get malnourished or too bored on what I thought of. Though fried rice is a good idea.

          • jim says:

            If you are R1b, likely of Aryan descent, in which case be careful about carbs.

            • Eating Good on a Budget says:

              In fact if 23&me can be trusted I’m entirely descended from northern Europeans from the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Except for maybe one person five generations back who was from the Levant, Mesopotamia or Persia. Then again, 23&me also thinks I have blond hair.

              What stuff like this means IDK, but outside a possible EEF substrate in the Scottish highlands I think it’s pretty strongly Indo-European. I’m short FWIW.

    • Pooch says:

      Chicken or turkey with a different vegetable and carb source (sweet potatoes are good) than your dinner for great nutritional variation.

    • UnwittingIntrovert says:

      Extremely similar to what I used eat, but I have gotten lazy and now most of my diet is no-additive whey concentrate and sharp cheddar, with a cooked meat and vegetables dish for dinner. Potatoes and rice on carb days. Just eat what feels right for lunch, different strokes and all that. I skip breakfast and eat something with lots of protein and a little fat for lunch, then a very large dinner in the evening.

      Palm kernel oil suggests you are rayp eat pilled. I recommend (organic) orange juice, definitely not from concentrate. I don’t subscribe to gallons of it like some do, a few sips with lunch and/or dinner has a disproportionately large effect on my digestion and energy.

    • Aidan says:

      You ought to be able to get sausages in bulk for quite cheap. Potatoes are a better carb source than pasta, but that might be my part mick blood speaking. Olive oil does not break the bank and it’s a great investment as a cooking oil. Bacon grease saved from when you cook bacon is a good substitute for butter. My go to veggies are brussel sprouts, sauteed in cheese and butter, and spinach cooked in butter with lemon, salt, and pepper.

      • jim says:

        > sausages in bulk for quite cheap.

        They put no end of crap in sausages – including soy derived protein. Don’t eat sausages, they are always adulterated, and they seldom truthfully declare all the adulterants.

        • Aidan says:

          They don’t seem to give me any problems, but maybe I’d be buffer and manlier if I only ate beef, who knows.

        • The Cominator says:

          With sausages this is not even a modern phenomenon Bismarck joked about comparing legislation to making sausages. God knows how much worse they’ve gotten.

          • Aidan says:

            Well I checked, and the sausages I’m buying don’t have seed oils or soy protein in them, unless the company making them is lying to the FDA. Manufacturers fess up to all sorts of horrible additives all the time, so I’m inclined to trust. Protein is not insubstantial. 13g a link, and I eat 6 links when I have them for dinner.

            • The Cominator says:

              Always remember the FDA is the most corrupt agency in the US government bar none and has been forever.

              The FBI, Justice etc. only fairly recently became Mexico level corrupt… the FDA has been Mexico level corrupt since probably the 1980s at least.

              • Aidan says:

                If one manufacturer is lying to the FDA, they all are. I don’t know if the designation “pork” includes soy proteins and seed oils, but my suspicion is no. Soy protein is listed all over the place, and is a very holy substance to have in food. Seed oils are holy substances. Why do they need to lie? They would brag about having those in the food.

                • Alfred says:

                  If you really want to know, they do sell soy detection tests for people with soy allergies.

      • jim says:

        > Bacon grease saved from when you cook bacon is a good substitute for butter

        It goes against my grain to waste bacon grease, but according to Fire in a Bottle, contains too much omega 6. Which may or may not be true, but why substitute anything for butter? Butter is good stuff. Cheap, tastes great. Apply liberally to everything, and slosh it over the top and bottom of everything.

        • Pooch says:

          In ancient times, olive oil was the fat of choice for Southern Europeans (butter would melt and olive trees were abundant), butter for Northern Europeans (could be stored easily and olive trees were no abundant). Maybe those with genetics from each climate are adapted for the fatty acid profiles of each type, I don’t know.

        • Pooch says:

          Jim what’s your opinion of cheese? Same as butter, can be applied liberally on top of everything?

      • Pooch says:

        Have to be careful with sausages. The cheaper ones are made up almost entirely fat with little protein.

        • jim says:

          Fat is good. Animal fat is good for you, and animal fat derived from sheep and cattle is the best.

          The problem with sausages is fake protein and fats derived from vegetable oils.

          The best sausages are all beef and all beef fat, but how can you know if it is all beef and all beef fat?

          • Pooch says:

            Fat is good and is necessary for proper hormonal balance, among other things but there is a limit to how much fat the body needs. Personally, I feel the best when somewhere around 20%-30% of my calories come from fat but I’m mostly a med. The northerners may need more fat.

            • Alfred says:

              I love fat. As a child I thought steak tasted awful because my mother would get lean cuts and trim off marble because the health Commie Faggot Health authorities said fat was bad. First time I ordered ribeye I couldn’t believe how good the marble tasted. My linage is all Northern European.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Palm fruit oil, which is high in saturated fats and monounsaturated fats, not palm kernel oil, which is a seed oil.

      • Eating Good on a Budget says:

        Palm kernel oil is only 2% PUFA, which is what matters. Meanwhile palm oil is 8%+ PUFA.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          This is more of a, how to say, intuitive level criticism, between use of fruits – which generally are designed by nature to be eaten – and seeds – which generally are designed by nature to not be eaten.

          It may be we can find spreads and exceptions along the axis of one particular detail; but on a broader, less effable scale… the pattern certainly seems to bear out.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Ground beef, cabbage, carrots, green peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, peas and lentils are all good and affordable staples. Lipid sources like butter, olive oil, and avocados are calorie dense and provide high energy per price unit.

    • Ryan says:

      Pretty good, but you don’t even need breakfast. Intermittent fasting or a limited eating window is good for you, so just eat more at lunch and dinner.

      I would also avoid cured meats. Natural yogurt and an apple a day are also good additions.

  29. Pooch says:

    Jim, any thoughts about Solana? Apparently it’s unique Proof of History/Proof of Stake hybrid consensus mechanism can handle more transactions per second than Cardano at the moment, but storage size looks to be a problem.

    • jim says:

      I have not analyzed it. It appears to be Paxos based rather then blockdag based, though blockdag and paxos algorithms massively overlap in practice, being to a large extent different descriptions of the same thing under the hood.

      Its central and remarkable virtue is weight of stake and subsecond confirmation times with very large numbers of peers and Byzantine fault tolerant consensus.

      This virtue is so remarkable as to make me suspicious, but analysis of the means by which subsecond confirmation times are attained without opening the door to Byzantine defection and Byzantine failure would take time and thought.

      They don’t seem to have thought about incentive compatibility. Or if they have, I have not found that part of the documentation.

      Because of the Paxos orientation, true times are likely to be critical. Cardano and Hedera put a great deal of thought and complexity into ensuring true enough times. This is not explained in the the documents, though perhaps it in the code, just not well explained in the documentation. Or maybe I did not read that part of the documentation. Or, with subsecond confirmation time, perhaps true times do not matter. Subsecond confirmation times in very large networks change everything.

      To me, the scaling problem is not enormous numbers of peers, because as the blockchain gets intolerably large, one is going to get rather few peers and far too many clients. The problem rather is preventing peer defection against clients. And if you use zkSnarks to limit blockchain growth, it is still going to take a lot of storage, and in addition, computing the whole blockchain zkStarks is going to take a lot of computational power. So, if your plan is to conquer the world, large numbers of peers is not the problem. Large numbers of clients are the problem.

      Subsecond confirmation times are impressive, and I should spend the necessary time to figure out how they do it the face of possible Byzantine defection.

      They manage this by structuring communications, rather than having random gossip. But this introduces no end of new ways to engage in Byzantine defection, making it difficult to think about its resistance to Byzantine fault. And it is hard enough to grasp Byzantine fault even in the simplest cases.

      In place of the true time defection mechanisms, they may well have true grouping defection mechanisms. I would need to analyze from the point of view that it is an implementation of the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus algorithm. Which analysis is famously hard when you get into the weeds. Everyone tends to skip glibly over the leader election phase of Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus, though it is perfectly simple assuming you have a leader. If, instead, you assume you don’t have a leader and need to choose one, gets complicated.

  30. courtesy of your dissonant epistemology says:

    National Socialist Germany was the first government in the world to actively campaign against smoking.

    In July, 1933, the Bureau against the Dangers of Alcohol & Tobacco was founded, and the Reich Health Office sponsored cash prizes for research into the effects of nicotine upon human chromosomes.

    In June 1942, Hitler personally funded the Institute of the Struggle against Tobacco at the University of Jena in Saxony with 100,000 reichsmarks of his own money. He was a millionaire from the sale of his top-selling international book, “Mein Kampf”. In 1944, Germany became the first country in the world to ban smoking on public transport.

    For additional information, read here:


    • The Cominator says:

      LOL wasn’t this the blog that attacked Jim and called him pedo Jim, said our position on the woman question was “jewish, and accused him of deliberately poisoning his wife (like they know who he really is).

      Sounds like its fednat central. Yeah we all know this about Hitler, its just more proof that Hitler was ideologically more a man of the left than the right. A prog with a race fetish ala Woodrow Wilson. Everyone always knew heavy smoking was bad for you (the controversy has always been whether lighter smoking is) ever since King James I wrote a A Counterblaste to Tobacco.

      • jim says:

        King James I was head of the Church, and his position eventually, about sixty years later, led to the State Religion adopting a correct, reasonable, and balanced position on tobacco. And for three centuries this position did not change much.

        Which position our current state religion has holiness spiraled to the point of madness.

        The correct state religion position on tobacco is neither that it is the devils weed, nor that everyone should smoke because it is cool. It the moderate and balanced position that everyone took for the last three centuries, when people who smoked were not banished to the open air twenty meters away from the door, but rather that some rooms, and some gatherings, allowed smoking, and most of them did not, the smoking rooms were comfortably furnished, and that excessive smoking was unwise and distasteful.

        • The Cominator says:

          Yes exactly.

        • Alfred says:

          That’s a very reasonable position.

        • alf says:

          Yes lets go back to that. Any opinion on the right and or maximum percentage of taxes levied on cigarettes?

          • jim says:

            Historically it has been taxed on moral grounds, and taxed because an easy target to be taxed. But all early taxes seem to be mighty light compared to modern taxes.

            It still an easy target to be taxed, because the enforcement is unintrusive. But if you tax it too hard, you start to need intrusive taxation.

            • suones says:

              Being a non-productive luxury good with possible negative externalities, it should be taxed right at the Laffer limit — increase tax till the overall revenue starts to decrease (normalising for population growth), then hold or slightly roll-back. A similar tax should be imposed on liquor, marijuana, etc.

              • jim says:

                The laffer maximum is less than you would think, because as you raise taxes, you have to raise enforcement, and as you raise enforcement, you are apt to lose control of your enforcement apparatus.

                Successful governments that we may plausibly suppose to be rational revenue maximizing despotisms seem to observe a surprisingly low laffer limit. As I remarked earlier, taxation, like war and peace, tends to be bimodal. Either you take everything, burn the houses for the nails and skin the peasants for their hides, or you tax moderately and provide security of property and freedom of commerce.

                But tobacco should be able to support a fairly high laffer limit.

                • Karl says:

                  Countries that have to import tobacco tax it by way off tolls.

                  Tolls generally are less intrusive than taxes.

              • The Cominator says:

                I would want to adjust the tax incentives on beer (I don’t drink because of family history) to encourage higher alcohol content ala traditional European beer and discourage drinking it in quantity because its rather fattening as well at least temporarily. Because its fattening I would also have the priesthood tell women that if they must drink (I know some have said here that women should be prevented from drinking entirely but this is probably impossible, and drinking alone is worse) that they should avoid beer.

                The laffer limit on tobacco is probably lower than the total sales tax it gets in most states, I would set it at about the South Carolina tax price. I want consumption to go back to near 60s and 70s levels because (despite what the shill says) it really would discourage overeating and average weight would drop.

                • Ron says:

                  and yet for some strange inexplicable reason the Muslims dont have a drunken slut problem.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The difference isn’t that women aren’t allowed to drink alcohol in Islamic countries (because generally no one is, though of course its available black market) but more that (some) Islamic countries have a strict patriarchy.

                  America has a feminist princess problem not so much a slut problem. The princesses wait chastely to be ravaged by Jeremy Meeks and scorn lesser men, and if they despair of Jeremy Meeks ever coming back they binge eat dye their hair blue and get 20 cats. They have an inflated self image and hate the world for not agreeing with it. Sluts looks max, tend to actually have amiable personalities, have fairly flexible standards for men and will not wait chastely long without sex. They tend to be realistic about how attractive they are (or sometimes underestimate it). If we had a slut problem life would in fact be better than it is now though family formation only marginally better. Sluts are emancipated women in societies where women are still considered low status, princesses are high status.

                  Muslim women away from muslim countries are easily prone to becoming drunken sluts and some of the less strict Islamic countries I’ve heard its extremely easy to get laid in, Indonesia and Morocco are from what I hear Thailand tier.

                • Ron says:

                  Agreed 100% with every single thing you said, especially this “Islamic countries have a strict patriarchy”

                  Because that’s what I was driving at.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think we need to get pretty anal about not using the slut word to describe the far worse problem the US and I presume most of Western Europe and the Anglo world have because it misstates the problem we have.

      • jim says:

        Standard shill position: Rightism, correctly understood, is supposedly strangely similar to progressivism.

        Anyone who appears here arguing that one part of progressivism is the correct position for rightism, tends to be strangely connected to arguing, or other people arguing, that every other part of progressivism is the correct position of rightism.

        Which is the standard progressive entryist attack on every competing religion – Christianity, Islam, communism, Hinduism, Buddhism, neo Nazism, modern paganism, Libertarianism, you name it.

        I would add Republicanism to the list, except that Republicans are better understood as the outer party and Democrats as the inner party.

        The libertarian position of freedom of association has long been “Hang the KKK”, and their position on freedom of speech and compelled speech is now “Just bake the cake why don’t you”.

        The entryist neo nazis worry about Israel and Rothschilds, not Soros, Victoria Nuland, the Federal Reserve, and the World Bank. They interpret Hitler into an internationalist socialist.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Ruth Bader Ginsburg e.a. would concede that ten year old girls have strong sex drives, while the cuckservative would freak out at “pedophilia”.

  31. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Ancillary dynamics i have observed.

    I have never seen a man who drinks lots of beer that was not doughy. Granted persistent ab-use of alcohol is a common ‘disease of despair’, and wide-spectrum deleterious effects of persistent ab-use of alcohol are readily observed; granted also that things driving some men to drink will likely also be negatively impacting them psychosomatically in of itself as well. Never the less, i just don’t see the same physiognomy in men whose drinks of choice are other things, like wine, or cider, or rum, or so on. On the face of it it sure looks a lot like beer affects test levels in a way other drinks don’t.

    I see lots of fat people eating lettuce, but i rarely ever see fat people eating lots of cruciform vegitables. Lettuce is basically devoid of any nutritive content. Whereas, leafy greens like cabbage, watercress, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, collards, chard, et cetera, are the real ‘superfoods’ that contain large amounts of a wide spectrum of micronutrients (ascorbates, phylloquinone, and copper complexes especially), as well as other compounds that likely have a beneficent effect on endocrine system function (such as indole-3-carbinol, which is metabolized into diindolylmethane).

    The role of lectins and other anti-nutrients. This is something of a compounding factor that is bound up with the phenomena of paleo and ketogenic dietary habits. I personally do not avoid all carbs per se – though if i have a choice at a buffet between more meat or more starch, i’ll go with more meat every time – but what i do make more effort to avoid is lectins, of which grain seeds are often a very large source, which one might coincidentally also avoid if cutting down carbs in general (which of course are not all created equal). Pretty much every form of life on the planet produces lectins, a broad class of tiny protein molecules, which are basically designed for making something indigestible to some other somethings. This is a large reason for why basically every animal out there, but especially herbivorous ones, have only a narrow range of other life-forms they eat in their native environments – because those are the one’s they’ve adapted to be able to eat (in the face of adaptations to not be eaten). Out of the massive range of all various different species of flora that colonize this rock, only an infinitesimal fraction of which are suitable for consumption by humans. Many of the most commonly grown cultivars of staple crops today, like wheat, corn, soy, and so on, are in latter days specifically engineered to have higher levels of lectins, in order to make them more resistant to being consumed by pests – which of course makes them more resistant to being consumed by humans, as well.

    The role of thermolysis. I can probably count on one hand the number of times i’ve ordered a salad out at a restaurant; not just because lettuce is basically paper, but also because it is uncooked, and i don’t eat things that are not fully cooked (or rather at least anything not ‘pre-digested’ in some other way, like pickling or fermentation). In observing my own responses to things, i have noticed that the degree and comprehensiveness with which something is cooked often makes a large difference. Meals cooked by folk at home are often cooked as single complete units; whereas in restaurants, platings are often combinations of some elements that are cooked, and other uncooked elements that are taken from staging in a tub, jar, box, or other container, and put together. Besides which, having actually worked in and volunteered at restaurant kitchens at some times in my life, there is often a frankly shocking lack of conscientiousness with which materials are handled and affairs conducted; cross-contamination is the norm, not the exception.

    Raw food advocates will usually point out that cooking food can denature some of the vitamic compounds it may contain. True enough. What cooking also denatures are *deleterious* compounds in the food, as well, and while also transforming macro-nutrients into more digestible forms (which is sensed by our tongues as the deliciousness of a smoked brisket or salted caramel developing it’s flavors). If i buy cheap cuts of meat or some other lower quality ingredients in bulk, i generally use them in recipes that involve long periods of low and slow cooking (often including acidic ingredients like lemon or tomato, as well), under the theory that more molecularly complex contaminants are thermolyzed, reduced, or oxidized into more inert and harmless breakdown products. It is possible that this theory does not precisely cover the dynamics of what is happening, and that there is some further nuance to the happenstance. Never the less, empirical experience is that such procedure is efficacious. Eating a piece of sliced bread strait out of the package feels like shit; a piece that was crisped at 190 for about five hours in the oven on the other hand felt much better.

    The role of preservatives and other chemical adulterants. This one is pretty strait forward. Packaged products explicitly containing ingredients that are bio-incompatible are better off avoided. In the case of many (but not all) preservatives, toxicity is an inherent design feature to perform their function. Salts of benzoic, sorbic, and propionic acids are common examples, as well as synthetic antioxidants like butylated hydroxy-phenols (such as BHA, BHT, or TBHQ). Petroleum based food dyes (usually labeled as [colour][number] format in ingredient lists) are also flags to avoid a product.

    Supplementation. Amongst common supplements i have experimented with, ones i have noticed the most visceral effects from are, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin b12, zinc, iodine, lithium, and cod liver oils. It may be that supererogatory amounts of these compounds can have therapeutic effects in of themselves (vitamin c is a likely candidate for this); however, it may also point to, somehow, deficiencies in acquiring sufficient amounts of these nutrients in diets from commonly available foods, even for ones more conscientious about what they should be eating.

    Microplastics. This is not just more volatile components of a polymer compound leeching or offgassing into contents, but also physical debriding of the polymer itself – which in turn exacerbates leeching of other components. On an empirical level, products that come in glass consistently feel better than ones that come in plastic.

    Municipal water supplies. People who live in the unfortunate condition of not having their own well can find themselves exposed to a wide range of compounds that might be interesting to a chemist, but which a layperson might be less enthused to be subject as an experiment ( https://dailystormer.su/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Percentage-of-tap-water-samples-containing-MPs-according-to-the-country-Guardian.png ). Chlorine is the most common. If they live in America or England, then the poor saps will likely have the pleasure of nerve agents and rat poison (fluoridation) as well. A complex soup of xenohormones from millions of pilled women flushing their radioactive piss down the drain over the course of decades is just a cherry on top (protip: that water all gets recycled).

    • jim says:

      > vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin b12, zinc, iodine, lithium, and cod liver oils

      I have noticed beneficial effects from all of those, but with zinc, it is highly likely that anyone suffering from zinc deficiency (a very widespread problem) is suffering from an imbalance or deficiency of divalent salts generally, and should supplement calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper in appropriate proportion to each other. Fixing your zinc deficiency by itself is likely to worsen your deficiency of all of the others.

      I have been recommending a balanced course of magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper, and (predictably) discovered I had calcium deficiency, despite drinking a reasonable amount of milk and eating quite a lot of cheese, so it is highly likely that my magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper supplementation eventually caused the calcium deficiency. I recently added calcium citrate to the mix.

      Calcium citrate, Epsom salts, zinc citrate, manganese sulphate, copper sulphate. manganese gluconate

      Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate)
      manganese sulphate monohydrate one part in 700 of epsom salts
      Zinc citrate one part in 131 of epsom salts
      Copper sulphate pentahydrate one part in 525 of epsom salts.
      And now Calcium Citrate tetrahydrate, 1:1, equal mass to the Epsom salts.

      If the zinc citrate tastes objectionable, and the bad flavor lasts, you are taking enough, and possibly too much.

      • The Cominator says:

        Did you mean this to be in response to my post about beer where i said we should encourage that beer be made more like traditional European beers so as to not encourage drinking tons of them at high caloric content.

      • Pooch says:

        Would not be surprised to see that the Anglo binge drinking culture is correlated with obesity.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Thanks for this.

      I always thought the concern about fluoridation was baloney, until I met a guy whose wife’s endocrine problems went away when he switched her to spring water and he explained the mechanism to me: the thyroid takes up the fluorine instead of iodine.

  32. Guy says:

    I lost about 80-90 pounds when I stopped nightly binge drinking like 8 years ago. I was in the 270 range, got to around 180. Eventually gained some back when I started snacking too much and eating fast food after a couple herniated discs, got it back down around 200.

    I know of some family who gained weight quickly after previously being very fit or at least normal. Their diets were not terrible to start, although they eventually degraded, but one got very fat quickly after taking serious steroids for some sort of respiratory issue, the other after taking antidepressants and drinking heavily. The drinking didn’t seem to do it on its own until the anti depressants got into the mix. Likely a feedback loop where drugs messed a little with metabolism, leading to more unhealthy habits as they felt worse about their weight and weren’t successful in controlling it.

  33. Aidan says:

    I anecdotally see a huge correlation in my personal life between seed oil consumption and massive health problems. Seed oil seems to be neurological and hormonal rather than purely an obesity problem, but being a fatass goes along with it. I know a guy whose parents fed him fast food five nights a week since birth because his mother was too busy with her little hobby career to cook, and he has the body and health problems of a sixty year old man. At 19, his hair is falling out, he is fat, he shuffles around, and he has high estrogen and a submissive personality. His parents might as well have cut his testicles off before puberty. My guess is that the body just cannot metabolize seed oils properly, and the seed oil eater misses out on eating nutritious food.

    I see a massive correlation between lack of animal fats and neurological problems. Fat is one of the healthiest things you can eat. Your cell walls are made out of fats and cholesterol, and the most efficient way to build and maintain them is eating the fat of other animals. Vegans always look ten years older than they actually are, weak, sickly, and with bad sagging skin. But the average American diet of seed oil, sugar, and carbs, leaves very little room for dairy, meat, and fat, so most people are suffering from malnutrition, might as well be vegetarians. I notice that a lot of young men today, 16-21 or so, are in really bad shape. Many of them are fat, many of them are not, but they do not move and talk like lively young men. They shuffle around like zombies, are slow and clumsy, look at you with glassy eyes, and mumble and slur their words. Not sure if that is spiritual submission or neurochemical damage.

    Blood sugar addiction is a big part of obesity. I can observe fat people who complain about being fat because they “hardly eat anything”, and it is true, they hardly eat anything, but they snack throughout the day on sugary food and drinks. The problem with blood sugar addiction is that when blood sugar is high, the body thinks it is full even when it feels hungry, or it will just not get hungry for nutritious food. You will only store fat when your blood sugar is high, and you will never burn fat when your blood sugar is high, even when you are at a caloric deficit. When blood sugar is high, the body sees all incoming food as “extra”, to get turned into fat, which causes progressive malnutrition because the fatass is eating at a deficit in terms of nutrition and his body is cannibalizing what is left.

    I had a fatass tell me that they don’t eat red meat because it “increases inflammatory response”, and I told them yes, that is a good thing, the inflammatory response is part of healing, and your body is damaged from lack of nutrition, it needs to heal. Calories in/out only works when your blood sugar feedback loops are not completely fucked. The first thing I tell men who want to lose weight is cut out the sugar. Put down the soda, put down the mocha latte, put down the chocolate bars, and yes, you will feel like crap for a little while, but your body will get used to it. If I drink a Coke or eat a candy bar, I will feel physically sick unless I eat the sugar during or right after intense exercise. If you resist sugar long enough, your body will start to reject it in anything above healthy amounts. (Honey is fine. It is very hard to eat too much honey, and it happens to be Europeans’ sole traditional source of refined sugar)

    Also, sugar is like a fuel injection for the flora in your mouth and gut. Sugar causes bad breath, and I am sure has awful downstream effects on the symbiotic ecosystem that exists in your intestines. Spiritually, sugar embodies the sin of gluttony, and the lower-order humanity that has no impulse control. If you have ever worked around food, you cannot fail to notice that niggers and spics consume an ungodly amount of sugar, and that is why they are so often fat. If you cannot resist sugar, you are bringing yourself down to the level of Shaniqua.

    Carbs are not as evil as keto stans think, but they should not be the core of one’s diet. Carbs should be matched to activity level. More exercise, more carbs, no problem. Less exercise, less carbs. If your metabolism is functioning properly, you won’t really want to overfill on carbs. Eat your nutritious food first, and then fill up the rest with starches and carbs. Your body will decide how much energy you are going to need, how much glycogen you have used up, and you will eat an appropriate amount.

    TLDR: Prime evils are sugar, estrogen, and seed oils. I cannot think of a single case of obesity not obviously tied to one of these factors.

    • Pooch says:

      The first thing I tell men who want to lose weight is cut out the sugar. Put down the soda, put down the mocha latte, put down the chocolate bars, and yes, you will feel like crap for a little while, but your body will get used to it.

      One of the first things my European roommates noticed about the food on their arrival to America was the tendency to add processed sugar to everything even the bread, which I had never even noticed. Looked on the back of the nutritional information and sure enough there’s quite a bit of added sugar there. Added sugar is everywhere in the American diet.

    • Varna says:

      Guy I know once binged on home-made honey from some local with his girl while on holiday, reported their poop becoming bright-colored and rusty as if full of iron or something. They stopped binging on the honey.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >If I drink a Coke or eat a candy bar, I will feel physically sick unless I eat the sugar during or right after intense exercise.

      This used to be common knowledge. ‘Dont eat all that sugar boy or youll make yourself sick’. Hardly ever hear that in public nowadays.

      • jim says:

        Because we are all physically adapted to massively overdosing on sugar.

        In this sense we are all diabetic.

  34. spandrell says:

    Europeans (men and women) eat plenty of junk, use plenty of plastics. We’re still thin and sexy. Russians eat junk all the time, they’re *really* thin. And sexy.

    The obesity epidemic is a distinctly American thing. Who knows what’s going on there, but it’s rather parochial.

    PS: Come to Urbit man.

    • someDude says:

      Let me be the first to roll out the welcome Mat.

      Welcome Back, We missed you.

      • spandrell says:

        Well thanks, but I’ve been around. You just need to know where to find me.

        • The Cominator says:

          You should visit more often.

          How far is Xi going with bringing back communism in China… he seems like the Woodrow Wilson of the 21st century to me (helping the Democrat Bolsheviks here while ruining his own country at the same time).

          • Spandrell says:

            Nah China is doing quite fine.

            • The Cominator says:

              Okay, it was from you I initially read that the state was increasingly interfering in private business…

              • spandrell says:

                and that’s a good thing when large corporations are in the bed with Globohomo

                • The Cominator says:

                  America large corporations are prettymuch compelled to do this behind the scenes, Zuckerberg wanting to keep free speech on facebook (not out of nobility but because he rightly thought a bunch of SJW censorship would be terrible for business) and then things started happening to him.

                  I don’t see why Xi would think that Chinese corporations would adopt globohomo especially if the party while maintaining a slight hand signalled disapproval… merchants don’t rule.

                • jim says:

                  Xi correctly called the pretty boy bands as the Cathedral promoting gay and attacking masculinity.

                  But being a good Marxist, has failed to notice that women are holding out for mister one in thirty.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  @The Cominator

                  American large corporations are happy to follow the social guidelines established by those with political power to be part of the cool boys club, there is no evidence they are under duress. They are guilty, guilty as sin.

                  Compare to someone like Markus Persson (creator of Minecraft) and you can clearly see that they are collaborators. With the money they have, there is no need to follow anything this people say as they could live the rest of their lives lavishly, but then they wouldn’t be part of the cool boys club and get to lecture the peasants about their greatness and morality, and they like that very much. Look at Bill Gates, there is no necessity to engage in any of this, but he isn’t just silently collaborating, he is very eagerly trying to win good boy points. The upstart merchant trying to sell himself to aristocracy to feed his self-importance is an old tale, so these people are more than happy to kill you, gut you, put genetic therapy experiments inside you and whatever else to curry favor with the cool boys club.

                  Xi has many reasons to be wary of Chinese corporations adopting globohomo, just a few months ago America tried to pull off a color revolution in Hong Kong. Being a progressive faggot is unfortunately very, very fashionable and many are likely to slip or at least entertain the idea, which leaves you open to entryism. Just look at Russia.

                  Merchants don’t rule, but they can fund color revolutions and sell themselves to the enemy rulers, which they might if they think it’s good to feed their ego or make money. They can also be converted to other religions and have them piously work to spread the word among their people.

                • jim says:

                  > American large corporations are happy to follow the social guidelines established by those with political power to be part of the cool boys club, there is no evidence they are under duress.

                  The solidly progressive Google board nonetheless needed to be threatened with a lawsuit to pressure them fire Damore.

                  Progressive though they were, they were not progressive enough, and got the threat of the stick.

                  So, under duress, and not happy.

                  Take a look at Archbishop Vigano. He says things that cannot be said. He is the only prominent Roman Catholic priest calling out sodomy, the gay mafia, heresy, corruption, and the worship of the holy Covid Demon. No one knows where he is, where his money is, or where his money is coming from. He is operating under his true name, but under deep cover.

                  Why do you think he is under deep cover?

                  So when someone who is not operating under deep cover seemingly complies, you should not assume that he is happy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If the carrots fail then the sticks get used though especially with media and tech platform companies.

                  Look at Conrad Black and look at Zuckerberg, Conrad Black had gone totally off the mainstream media reservation and was reporting things he was told not to ended up in prison.

                  Zuckerberg stubbornly kept his “free speech on facebook” policy for a long time despite media criticism… then he started having legal troubles and probably threats. He gave up before he ended up in prison and probably his property confiscated but its clear it would have happened.

                  Sometimes often they willingly collaborate for carrots, but the stick is also used ultimately.

                • Pooch says:

                  So is it spiritual pollution to drink Coke if they don’t really hate me and are under duress to signal hatred for me?

                • jim says:

                  It is the song and dance, the symbolism, that carries the spiritual pollution.

                  If they are doing with a whimper because their balls are in a vice, you will wind up whimpering like a man whose balls are also in a vice.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  So when someone who is not operating under deep cover seemingly complies, you should not assume that he is happy.

                  You have a point, but it also applies to your position. That they were not happy with losing a good engineer doesn’t mean that they are not happy to spread the progressive aids so they are patted in the back and well received in their degenerate socialite parties.

                  They were not progressive enough to rapidly and happily fire him because they know that quirky/autistic white men are the best if not only viable engineers. But are more than happy and progressive enough for 12 diversity training sessions and the whole 9 yards.

                  The even more leftist cultists are more insane and bloodthirsty so they wanted a head. But if it wasn’t made public even if he hadn’t been fired he would have been broken and made to submit with god knows what insufferable faggotry.

                  Well, that is also a conjecture, but it’s mostly what both of us have. However the observable facts are that these corporations comply, never refuse or fight back and seemingly double down. And we can see their owners and CEOs calling Trump and his voters deplorables and what not. What about Microsoft promoting covid passports? They are most definitely not under duress. Was Google under duress to help manipulate the American public and obfuscate the election fraud? Not that we know.

                  These merchants are trash and if they end up hanging from posts and their corpses looted by progressive golems like niggers it’ll be justice, don’t expect anyone to bother defending them. The only media-famous American billionaire worthy of support today is probably Elon Musk, the rest can literally get eaten alive by their minions, fuck’em. This is only for large corporations, as most self-employed and business owners are good people who are being strangled by prog regulation in favor of these trash merchants who happily play dog.

                  And considering all that, Xi is wise controlling his own corporations at home to a reasonable degree (as long as it’s not economic interference marxist style), to prevent silent partners in color revolutions.

                • jim says:

                  > the observable facts are that these corporations comply, never refuse or fight back and seemingly double down

                  And if Archbishop Vigano was not in deep cover, what do you think he would be doing?

                  The observable fact is also that there is a great deal of violence, intimidation, and confiscation of property happening.

                  This takes both legal and illegal forms. John McCaffee got murdered, and there are no end of laws on the books that no one has ever heard of and can applied to you. The observable fact is that intimidation was applied to the board and management of Google. Archbishop Vigano seems to be worried about being murdered, being arrested on some trumped up charge, and losing his income and assets.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Post restoration there should be somewhat of a presumption of merchants and a presumption of guilt for priests.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  And if Archbishop Vigano was not in deep cover, what do you think he would be doing?

                  I don’t know, but if we disregard conjectures the question is pointless. But I can tell you many people with a name have openly opposed lockdowns, Elon Musk has publicly praised Sweden’s way.

                  The observable fact is that intimidation was applied to the board and management of Google.

                  The observable fact is that intimidation was applied to the board and management of Google to fire a white man who openly opposed progressive dogma when it was made public that he did so, but nothing else.

                  John McCaffee got murdered, and there are no end of laws on the books that no one has ever heard of and can applied to you.

                  I agree with both statements, though many would disagree with you at least with the first. However we don’t know exactly why John McCaffee was murdered, what we know is that it’s something far more than dangerous than going against progressive dogma, diversity training and so on, and sounds rather like he had Epstein levels of inside information. John McCaffee being murdered because of this and his threats to release such information doesn’t tantamount to the rest of the conversation, it’s not a valid example to argue for the “innocence” of large corporations with an extensive record of cooperating with the regime and benefiting because of it.

                  Archbishop Vigano seems to be worried about being murdered, being arrested on some trumped up charge, and losing his income and assets.

                  Has he said so himself? Why would an Archbishop be afraid of the consequences of defending his faith? I imagine he’d have learned from Peter’s one indiscretion.

                  @The Cominator

                  People should be judged by their actions, and unless they can prove they were under sufficient duress they need to pay. Too many merchants (especially corporate) are happy to destroy our society for scraps, fuck’em, hang them from posts. Hang them from posts like Augustus shanked the rich traitors and took their money.

                  And why presumption of guilt for every priest? Tucker is a priest but I don’t think there’s anything to hang him for.

                • jim says:

                  > But I can tell you many people with a name have openly opposed lockdowns, Elon Musk has publicly praised Sweden’s way.

                  No one with a job he can lose, assets that can easily be seized, and face that can be found and beaten in, will say “demon worship” and “killing people”. There is a stark difference between Archbishop Vigano’s criticism of the response to China Flu, and Musk’s criticism of the response to China Flu. You might say that that is because, as a catholic priest, Vigano is criticizing a competing religion, while Musk, as a rocket scientist, is criticizing bad science, and certainly that is a big part of it, but why are their no Christian criticisms from Vigano’s religious perspective from Christians not in deep cover?

                  > >Archbishop Vigano seems to be worried about being murdered, being arrested on some trumped up charge, and losing his income and assets.

                  > Has he said so himself? Why would an Archbishop be afraid of the consequences of defending his faith?

                  No he has not said so himself, but he is in deep cover. No one knows his physical location, the location of his assets, or his sources of income, and they are looking rather hard – rather harder than people would look who did not intend him harm. It is plausible that journalists trying to find him so that they can merely interview him, rather than so that they can call in some thugs from antifa or have him arrested for some crime no one has ever heard of and which has never been prosecuted before, but why the curiosity about his assets and income? Pretty sure they intend cancellation, demonetization, and deplatforming. To which a businessman is far more vulnerable than a retired Catholic Priest.

                  And I am pretty sure that any Archbishop who defends the faith, rather than the gay heresy that runs the Vatican, is likely to have bad things happen to him. Observe zero archbishops defending the faith who can be found in America or Britain. Don’t you find such perfect unanimity a little strange?

                • The Cominator says:

                  The reason no Catholic bishop talks right wing except this guy in hiding is because the RCC is all for the progressive agenda (and on open borders at least pioneered it, nobody used to be in favor of totally open borders to the 3rd world) and the Catholic Church is a military hierarchy.

                  Surprised Francis hasn’t excommunicated him in hiding.

            • jim says:

              China is attempting to build pcs that cannot be powned by the NSA (but can be powned by themselves)

              Last I heard, these were overpriced and underpowered, and no one wanted them except those that were compelled to have them for reasons of national security.

              I would love to buy one if it was adequately powered and reasonably priced.

              Why cannot China do what Korea, Taiwan, and Japan can do?

              What do you think their prospects are?

              The design that I see (which they envisage, but are not yet able to build) is a big SSD drive, with a pre-boot that cannot be overwritten except by “authorized” software, (which is to say, not by the end user), with a CPU that does not have NSA backdoors – and since they seem to be planning to backdoor the pre-boot, probably not any backdoors at all in the CPU, and not even in the motherboard chipset. Which requires them to build their own CPU and motherboard chipset, but their current all-Chinese CPUs and motherboard chipsets are mighty crappy.

              If they had decent price and volume on their national security cpu and motherboard chipset, then third parties could create their own pre-boot, resulting in a system unlikely to have anyone’s national security backdoors – not that I care much about Communist China being able to spy on me, but I am worried that if they do, the NSA is likely to be able to spy on them.

              The NSA got into trouble with its intel backdoor, with no end of third parties finding their way in through it, so it makes sense to forget about backdooring the chipset and cpu, and focus on backdooring the pre-boot, which can be done more securely.

              • Mike in Boston says:

                The NSA got into trouble with its intel backdoor, with no end of third parties finding their way in through it

                Interesting; I was mostly unaware, though I seem to have heard the “Intel Management Engine” mentioned. Is this that? Can you point me to any further reading online?

                • jim says:

                  Intel management engine. More accurately described as the NSA management engine.

                • suones says:

                  FWIW, AMD’s PSP has no outstanding exploits of similar magnitude. It could be better designed, or the backdoors just more expertly hidden. I’ve not bought Intel for 10+ years now.

                • jim says:

                  > AMD’s PSP has no outstanding exploits of similar magnitude

                  Or rather none that have become so thoroughly public.

                  CTS-Labs says it found a bunch of security flaws, and their findings have been acknowledged, but it at present not widely known how to exploit them.

                  I don’t see any use for a PSP other than allowing persons unknown to have unobtrusive root access to your computer. Their chip real estate cost is very large, and there is zero demand for their supposed use case.

                  I am unaware of anyone actually using PSP for its supposed design purpose. It is a great deal of code and chip real estate.

                  Secure boot uses PSP, but PSP contains a mountain of mystery meat in addition to the features used by secure boot, and the linux secure boot program shim seems to be not so much using PSP, as evasively jumping through its hoops pro forma.

              • spandrell says:

                Japan can do what?

                Korea has had a laser-focus for decades in making good chips, and good for them. China just doesn’t have that sort of laser focus, its’ a big country. But give them time, they’ll get there.

                • jim says:

                  > Japan can do what?


                  > China just doesn’t have that sort of laser focus

                  Should have. The NSA has powned their computers.

                • suones says:

                  About time some Japanese/Koreans got over running fake Anglo-Empire outposts and re-joined tianxia.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      A not insignificant fraction of the soy consumed in Asia is ironically grown in America, and materials made from it end up in a lot of products there as well; to the point where it is difficult to find things that *don’t* have it.

      Now east asians might have a higher tolerance for soy, but it’s certainly intolerable for most other species of humans. Even the poor animals are subjected to it. If you’ve ever seen a package of chicken meat or eggs that said ‘fed a vegetarian diet’, they’re being fed soy. So you know it’s not just direct soying of food, but even food that is not soy gets soyed too.

      At one time i once picked up several bags of chocolate almonds made by different brands from a clearance rack in a department store. When i would have a handful after dinner for a dessert, some sat fine, but others, i would almost immediately start noticing a ‘malaise’ feeling from eating them. Some of the brands were organic, and some were not; but some of the ones that sat fine were not labeled organic, and some of the ones that were were pernicious. Ingredients for all of them were mostly identical, and most of them were dark chocolate coatings with lower sugar, so it wasn’t exactly that either. There was only one thing that was consistent between the different responses, and that was the lecithin. Specifically, some of them were made with sunflower lecithin, and some of them were made with soy lecithin, and all of the ones with soy lecithin provoked a bad response.

      Only a tiny fraction of the total ingredients was constituted by the lecithin (which is used as an emulsifier), which is why i did not think too much of it at the time of purchase; but even that tiny fraction was enough to turn ordinary food into an aggravation. In even greater ratios… fuggeddaboutit.

      • Leon says:

        I have been told it is the way Asians cook their soy, essentially burning the estrogen producing chemicals out of it.

    • Basil says:

      Perhaps obesity in Russia and Europe is not such a big problem as in the United States, but it is difficult not to notice the drop in the level of masculinity.

    • Leon says:

      To add to this, Italians eat a lot of carbs via pasta and pizza. They aren’t obese. Germans drink more beer than Americans drink milk, they aren’t obese. The French love their pastries… etc.

      • Pooch says:

        I wonder how this plays into Jim’s loss of masculinity model. Seems like Europe is more feminized than the US but has less obesity. On the other hand the average European man generally seems to be smaller with less muscle than the average American man.

      • Aidan says:

        Really? It’s a stereotype to me that Italians and Germans get fat in middle age.

        • spandrell says:

          An old fat Italian is nowhere as fat as a fat America. And besides, who cares about old people. In America the young women (!!) are fat. That’s the tragedy.

          • Aidan says:

            I once knew an eastern euro girl who was here on a student visa. When she came over, she was very slender, but promptly gained ten pounds, much to her shock and horror and best efforts to the contrary once she noticed. It all went to her tits and ass, so I didn’t mind a bit, but it goes to show that there is something in the water here. Knew another girl who went to Japan to teach English, and she was a bit chubby, but after a few months overseas she was skinny as a rail.

            I would not be surprised if it is actually spiritual pollution. America makes young women fat just by being America. Delenda est.

    • The Original OC says:


      Your group seems frozen in late June. Is it OK? All my other groups are working fine.

  35. Thales says:

    “When I walk past the candy bar in the supermarket, or the hot food counter in the gas station, it is a struggle.”

    That stuff just doesn’t appeal to me. Fast food, highly-processed foods, salty foods, fatty foods, sugary foods etc. are just repulsive. I mostly eat things I prepare myself and eat small meals. Never had an issue with weight.

  36. Joe says:

    The root cause (physiologically) of weight gain is stress. The causes of stress in men in today’s world are well documented on this blog.

    Stress causes, among other things, a decrease in mental resiliance, which in turn decreases one’s resistance to the chocolates at the checkout.

    When I wanted to lose weight in my teens, I just did exercise.

    When I wanted to lose weight in my 20s, I did exercise plus limited intake slightly.

    When I wanted to lose weight, in my 30s, I did three things:

    1. Exercise and limit intake (lost 1/3)

    2. Almost keto diet plus light exercise (lost 1/2)

    3. Full keto plus intermittent fasting plus light and not-so-light exercise (lost remaining 1/6 to get down to quite lean by body fat)

    It appears that age then is a factor, however one would need to run the age groups side by side over a number of years to tease out the factors of age vs an increasingly leftist and male-hostile (that is, stressful) world.

    For those men on this blog who are interested, taking up combat sports such as boxing and muay thai will cause the checkout girls to start whispering to each other about you, but will also cause faggots and trannies to start appearing. Each man must decide whether the trade-off is worth it.

    • Aidan says:

      There are two kinds of stress. One is the stress of worrying about the future, and the other is the stress of actually experiencing real hardship. The former probably makes you fat- the body says “hard times ahead, store weight”. I hardly worry at all about things, probably feel less stress than I should, and I actively have problems gaining weight. The latter burns fat like a hot stove. When I go backpacking in the woods, the fat melts right off me, starting around day 3, when the metabolism changes to a “survival mode”. With heavy exercise at a severe caloric deficit, you will feel like garbage until the body decides to burn a lot of fat, and then it feels like you have unlimited energy. But of course you will go right back to your old metabolism once you start living a normal life.

  37. i says:

    Mount Athos Monks have 3 days of fasting, 3 days of moderation and 1 day of feasting.

    No disease whatsoever.

    • The Cominator says:

      I couldn’t do a three day fast every week but i think its good to do once a month.. and you should go one day once a week.

      • The Ducking Man says:

        When you say fasting, is it wet fasting (fasting but still drink water) or dry fasting?.

        I personally can do wet fasting just fine, sometime 1 week straight.

        Dry fasting (like ramadhan fasting which I do every year) make me depressed.

        • i says:

          The way Ramadan fasting is done. Where people gorge themselves on carb-heavy foods at sunset and afterwards is pretty bad. Hence the obesity despite said practice.

          It should be the other way around. Food before midday. And no food for the rest of the day and night.

          As of the Mount Athos Fast days they just have a vegetarian diet on those days. Otherwise fish, dairy and eggs are the order of the day combined with the rest of the Mediterranean diet but in moderation on the moderation days.

          And feasting is when said diet is no longer restricted.


          • someDude says:

            That’s because Mohammedanism is what we call an Anti-Religion. The Mohammedans religious strictures, sizeable parts of them are set up in opposition to the prevailing religion. Since those of the rest of the religions eat during the day and fast at night, the Mohammedans reverse it.

            Since men of other religions, either go clean shaven, or grow both beard and mustache or only a moustache, of course the Mohammedans have to go out and grow a beard while shaving off their mustache.

            Anti-Religion! But miles better than progressivism.

            • The Ducking Man says:

              I’ve read some jewish blogs doing fasting exactly they way muslim do fasting.

              Eat at sunrise then break fast at sunset.

              • The Cominator says:

                Fasting has to be long enough to give your digestive system at least a small break or there is no point. The Muslim fasts have no health benefits…

                Need to go at least a day and a sleep, and you should ideally try to go for 72 hours.

      • The Cominator says:

        Wet fasting.

        • The Ducking Man says:

          The way I do wet fasting is very simple:

          Feeling bit hungry -> drink water
          Start thinking about food -> drink water
          Feel lazy from being hungry -> sleep (if possible) otherwise drink
          Feel intense hunger -> drinking water doesn’t help anymore, better start mediating.

          The gruesome part of fasting is the first 12 hours. I’ve done wet fasting 2 x 24 hours, on second day the hunger is somehow all gone.

          As side note I am desk jokey so my fasting easier than manual laborer.

          • jim says:

            > I am desk jokey so my fasting easier than manual laborer.

            I have (inadvertently) done three day fasts while hiking the wilderness, so not that hard for a manual laborer. Doubtless harder than a desk jockey, where no one notices you are flaking out mentally during the first part of the fast.

            Hiking in the wilderness is probably not the best time to do a fast, but it is not that bad.

            • Pooch says:

              Slow steady cardio is not that tough because your body’s skeletal muscle is adapted to use fat stores as an energy source to fuel low intensity exercise. The brain, however, runs almost entirely on carbohydrates and thus is not ideal to be running on only fat stores.

          • Pooch says:

            The gruesome part of fasting is the first 12 hours. I’ve done wet fasting 2 x 24 hours, on second day the hunger is somehow all gone.

            Once your body enters starvation mode, it realizes food is not coming so hunger signals are going to be counter-beneficial. At the point it is like a computer shutting down non-essential processes in order to conserve battery. Everything, including thinking, starts to become much tougher and slower. Your body is telling you to not burn calories.

      • Caratacos says:

        Athonite (typically, there is some variation in wine/oil/shellfish rules) Diet.
        Meat is never eaten.
        Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the 49 days before Easter, November 15 – December 24th, 2nd Monday after Pentecost – June 29th, August 1-15th, August 29th, September 14, and the day before receiving Holy Communion: Nothing from any kind of animal and olive oil. There are a bunch of exceptions allowing Fish or Wine/Oil/Shellfish (classified together) on certain days or for various reasons.

        Fasting days add up to ~2/3 of the year.

        On fast days a typical meal has bread, cooked greens and/or soup (with shellfish if oil day), and raw vegetables/fruits as available.
        Regular non-fasting days there will be feta cheese, maybe fish, maybe egg, lots of olive oil.
        Sundays and Feasts days (outside of fasts) will add fresh caught fish and shellfish and wine (or better wine than normal).

  38. Bilge_Pump says:

    “But attempting to display and exemplify manliness, and attempting to get women to believe I am manly definitely has helped me lose weight.”

    Man, I am better looking than most men and in better shape but I still feel uncomfortable going out in public by myself. Just the other day I went to bar by myself, had a couple of beers and read a book. I didn’t talk to anyone besides the bartenders, but I felt weird doing that. And today I went to a nearby park to sit and read, but I couldn’t shake this persistent feeling of discomfort, like people think I’m not supposed to be there or I’m doing something weird.

    Most of the time I don’t want people paying attention to me. Most of the time when I go out I do it to get out of the house and see people, not talk to them. I don’t go to bars to chat up girls and try to get laid, I realized a while ago that I’m not the kind of guy who can do that. I still get looks from them though because I’m 6’3 and good looking. I genuinely just want to go sit and be by myself. Why tf do I feel weird doing that? Is it me? Is it them? Usually I go out with the thought that idgaf what people think of me. Maybe idgaf doesn’t work in these instances, because it is always important to “get women to believe you are manly”. Honestly that sounds like a boring chore and I don’t care. I guess the price is women think you’re fuckin weird sometimes.

    • The Cominator says:


      Yeah you can get laid just because of that.

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        Well yea I know that women like tall guys. I have esoteric (by normal people’s standards) interests and often don’t give a fuck about talking and chit chat. Rando bar sluts can’t hold my attention for very long, really for more than a few seconds. I think they can pick up on my desire to be left alone and some of them think it’s creepy.

        • Pooch says:

          No man gives a fuck about what women have to say for the most part, but to fuck them have to talk to them unfortunately. Key is to get them talking for a long while, which they love to do, and pretend you’re interested then eventually escalate to sex.

    • jim says:

      If you are by yourself, you feel weak. Now if I am by myself I am invisible to women. At six foot three and in good shape, you should be at least marginally visible, but if you have backup, highly visible.

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        I know it’s the epitome of “first world problems” to complain about women paying attention to me, but I sometimes get the feeling that they’re creeped out by me and wouldn’t be if I were 1) less noticeable or 2) did something that impressed them besides being tall and noticeable.

        • Pooch says:

          Women only get creeped out by men who they don’t notice who attempt to suddenly hit on them. If they notice you, they are interested.

        • jim says:

          “Creepy” is always a shit test.

          She notices you, she tries to get your attention, and wants to know if she can make you wither up and crawl away.

          When a man is attracted to a woman, he tries to give her a nice time. When a woman is attracted to a man, she tries to give him a hard time.

          • The Cominator says:

            If creepy is a shit test how do you beat it?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Don’t be creepy. Don’t stare without reasonable intent. Don’t bring up esoteric topics or weird observations. Don’t dress like a weirdo. Be comfortable in the bounded existence of yourself, meaning you pass through the world around you comfortably and aloof. Some dudes are off-putting and I don’t know how to fix that. Don’t be in a place without purpose unless your intent is to be alone. Be on the way toward something else, or on your way back from some place worthwhile.

              I know this is probably weird, but think about sweatiness: some women go wild over a hulking, sweaty man. But it is because of the context. Don’t be the guy sweating through your gym clothes at a bar unless you just fucking rekd a workout and your body craves beer.

              • jim says:

                > Don’t be creepy. Don’t stare without reasonable intent. Don’t bring up esoteric topics or weird observations.

                This is very bad advice. You are projecting male behavior and reactions onto women.

                Your advice does not reflect the way that women parse the social world, does not reflect the way women see and react to events. It is not wrong. It is not even wrong, but rather a distraction from what is happening when a man interacts with a woman, a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of female behavior, an incorrect naming and categorization of events.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes I want to hear your take on it Jim…

                • jim says:

                  Treat her negative behavior, or negative looks, or negative words, as if they were the noise a dog makes..

                  When a female engages in negative behavior, it bears no relation to whether or not she actually has a negative opinion or feeling about you, or whether you have made her feel bad about something, or whether she wants to be around you or not – it is more likely an indication that she wants to be around you than the converse.

                  What matters is not whether she is creeped out or not, but whether she fetches your coffee. Your correct reaction is amused indifference, or a compliance test.

                  But Krueger does have one valid point. Staring at someone will make anyone of either sexes uncomfortable. It is a threat. It is creepy. Should your eyes meet if only for the briefest instant, act upon it immediately or mentally dismiss her and ignore her.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’m interested in hearing Jim’s response to the original question. Women don’t like creeps. Betas are creepy without an alpha present to mitigate the creepiness. Jim’s comment is very appropriate to wooing. I was addressing Approaching.

                • alf says:

                  When a girl has no way to gauge who you are, she is on guard for weird shit. So yes, you don’t want to be weird. Hence why being in a familiar environment is such an advantage: if the bartender knows you, the regulars know you, the girl will assume you’re not weird which allows you to be a bit weirder.

                  There is a stupid oxymoron in this, namely that if you are the kind of guy who is a master in an environment visited by girls, you already know this, and in fact are probably drowning in pussy. Like, I don’t know, if you’re in the right spot in modelling world, for instance. If girls know and interact with you just on your reputation, getting laid becomes stupid easy. Life’s unfair like that.

                  But life is fair in the sense that one bird in the hand beats ten in the sky. All you need is one pretty girl, and although an entourage helps immensely, one girl is never impossible.

                • Aidan says:

                  If you are of obviously high status, you do not need to be socially normal, but if you are not the alpha in the room, should act well-socialized. Accusations of creepyness are almost always ex post facto, once a shit test has been failed, and sometimes because a man is too tense, nervous, or high-strung. In the human ancestral environment, a man is tense when expecting violence or preparing for violence. When a man is nervous around women, women intuit either a guilty conscience, that he is outgroup about to be attacked by ingroup for talking to ingroup women, or that he is himself planning to attack. Like you said, staring is a threat.

                  Men who are tense and nervous do not get laid, because it is dangerous to have sex when violence from other men is possible. The human mating dance only works when the man is calm and relaxed. When a man is agitated, especially fearful, the woman’s instinct tells her that violence is about to happen and her pussy dries up. When a man is hanging out with his bros, is rarely going to be tense and fearful.

                • Pooch says:

                  But life is fair in the sense that one bird in the hand beats ten in the sky. All you need is one pretty girl, and although an entourage helps immensely, one girl is never impossible.

                  Insightful comment. All the failed approaches and failed shit tests are worth it when you are able to get one pretty girl to stick around.

                • Pooch says:

                  When a man is hanging out with his bros, is rarely going to be tense and fearful.

                  Wish I knew this years ago when I was spending too much time solo gaming and coming up empty. Could never put my finger on why it was so difficult and then I went on vacation with a bunch of bros from my hometown who treat me as the alpha of the group and meeting my current girlfriend there couldn’t have been smoother.

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        “If you are by yourself, you feel weak.”

        Could just boil down to that too.

    • James says:

      This is about 75% in your head. You are operating from the frame of “What do people think of me?” Vs the frame of “What do I think of other people?”. Very different. In the first case, you are outsourcing your sense of authority to the crowd. In the latter, you internalize your own authority. This shines through in everything you do.

      • jim says:

        You hit the nail on the head.

        And the problem with Dunning Krueger’s comment was that it was from the frame “what does this girl think of me”.

        Negative behavior by a girl is primarily aimed at detecting whether you are operating from the frame “what does this girl think of me” – and if she detects that, then you are creepy.

        She does not think anything. It is a probe to determine what she will think.

    • Aidan says:

      You are living too much of your life in your head. A problem that high IQ men tend to have is getting lost in their thoughts and thus socially paralyzed. Lower IQ men just do not have enough thoughts to get lost in their heads and closed off to the world. In the past, this was trained out of the upper classes through socialization, but it is easy to avoid socialization today so now it is a problem again. Team sports help, a lot. Seeing bros helps, a lot. I fixed this problem in myself pretty early on, but some men never do. We almost never heard about high IQ men being unwilling or unable to socialize until the Victorian era, when the recluse artist became a thing, so this is a fairly recent problem caused by breakdown of social technology, and vastly accelerated by small families (no brothers) and the internet as substitute for team sports and real life interaction.

      • Tityrus says:

        >We almost never heard about high IQ men being unwilling or unable to socialize until the Victorian era

        Not true at all. Evidence (from A Study of British Genius by Havelock Ellis):

        > It must not be supposed that all these eminent men who lived long lives in celibacy were always so absorbed in intellectual pursuits that the idea of matrimony never occurred to them. This was not always the case. Thus we are told of Dalton [John Dalton], that the idea had crossed his mind, but he put it aside because, he said, he ‘never had time.’ In several cases, as in that of Cowley, the eminent man appears really to have been in love, but was too shy to avow this fact to the object of his affections. Reynolds [Sir Joshua Reynolds] is supposed only once to have been in love, with Angelica Kauffmann; the lady waited long and patiently for a declaration, but none arrived, and she finally married another; Reynolds does not appear to have been overmuch distressed, and they remained good friends. These cases seem to be fairly typical of a certain group of the celibates in our list; a passionate devotion to intellectual pursuits seems often to be associated with a lack of passion in the ordinary relationships of life, while excessive shyness really betrays also a feebleness of the emotional impulse. Even in many cases in which marriage occurs, it is often easy to see that the relationship was rooted in the man’s intellectual passion.

        > In regard to the mental and emotional disposition of British persons of genius, the national biographers enable us to trace the prevalence of one or two tendencies. One of these is shyness, bashfulness or timidity. This is noted in thirty-four cases, while thirty-two others are described as very sensitive, nervous or emotional, and, although this is not equivalent to a large percentage, it must of course be remembered that the real number of such cases is certainly very much larger, and also that the characteristic is in many cases extremely well marked. Some had to abandon the profession they had chosen on account of their nervous shyness at appearing in public; others were too bashful to declare their love to the women they were attracted to; Sir Thomas Browne, one of the greatest masters of English prose, was so modest that he was always blushing causelessly; Hooker [Richard Hooker], one of the chief luminaries of the English Church, could never look any one in the face; Dryden, the recognized prince of the literary men of his time, was, said Congreve, the most easily put out of countenance of any man he had ever met.

        > …This marked tendency to melancholy among persons of intellectual aptitude is no new observation, but was indeed one of the very earliest points noted concerning men of genius. It was remarked by Aristotle, and Reveillé-Parise, one of the earliest and still one of the most sagacious of the modern writers on genius, devoted a chapter to the point.

        Though it cannot be denied that the average level of social awkwardness/autism has skyrocketed in recent generations. @crimkadid on Twitter recently published an interesting new theory about why this is (read the whole thing): https://www.prolific.com/qwiki.cgi?mode=previewSynd&uuid=BCXKLB9VJN4XU8EU4VQ2PSX6K4QT

        • suones says:

          Arranged marriages enable a much higher population of nerds intellectually gifted individuals.

          • Alfred says:

            Indeed. Though I don’t think you’ll find anyone here who doesn’t think arranged marriages is the way to go.

            Jim’s recently proposed forcing father to marry of their girls by a certain age in order to prevent female misconduct and to counter father’s trying to hold onto to their daughters for far too long.

        • Aidan says:

          Today, a huge proportion of high-IQ men are socially impaired. Back then, it was rare enough to merit special note. The VHIQ genius is going to have trouble socializing just because of the communications gap. If you are 170, there are just not many people at all who you can get along with. But the likelihood that OP is a historic literary genius versus a normal intelligent man makes me think I’m right in my advice.

          And I still maintain that it was very rare. For every Dryden, there were countless high-IQ men who socialized normally.

  39. Doom says:

    I think a couple of factors in female obesity is the holiness/ status women get from
    1(a) not being capable of cooking a meal
    1(b) showing off that you can afford to eat out
    1(c) The status that “low fat” (and thus high carbohydrate) diets confer (vegan foods give you very high Instagram status, not so much a big fat rack of beef ribs)

    2 (a) The addictive nature of high sugar/ fat meals
    2 (b) the social edict that “doing what you want” is the highest good/ morality
    2 (c) A general low time preference – low time preference people are often the MOST obese.

    Theres more in this, and agree on the quality of foods too. But behaviourally, I think this is pretty much the reason.

    • Time preferences says:

      You have your time preference terms mixed up.

      Low time preference – prefers other goods over time. Will spend time to make money. An investor.

      High time preference – prefer time over other goods. Demands instant gratification. A waster.

  40. The Ducking Man says:

    One stark difference between my mother’s family (mostly slim) and my wife’s family (all of them half-obese) has to be the plastic usage.

    Drinking hot tea -> plastic mug
    Bagging hot foods fresh from pan -> plastic bag
    Bagging food into freezer -> plastic bag
    Prepping food -> plastic utensils

    This is no food-grade plastic, just clear grocery plastic bag used to store foods.

    Since my wife’s parent and I live together, both me and my wife gained 15 KG while the diet stays mostly same (I had to buy new pants last year). Wife’s sister (half-obese) also filled with plastic running into their mouth.

    intermittent fasting and staying away from plastic returned my weight to normal point of 75 KG (now my pants are too big -_-).

    • Alfred says:

      >Bagging food into freezer -> plastic bag

      Wrap it in wax or parchment paper then into the plastic bag.

      One of the less known things about modern soda and beer cans is the interior of the cans is lined with plastic. Even paper cups tend to have plastic linings instead of wax.

      • The Ducking Man says:

        I have stainless steel container to put MY food and drinks. Have few spares but unused because no one is using it.

        Real story, in day 1 we live together, wife’s parent is throwing away all my stainless steel plates and container because they think ss plate = dog’s plate.

        Literally anything is better than plastic bag to put food. But somehow this is not common wisdom.

      • Aidan says:

        Plastic is really only a problem when it gets heated up. Most things that come in plastic get dangerously hot during shipping and storage, but if you are putting room temperature food into plastic and then putting it right into the fridge you are probably fine.

  41. Alfred says:

    One of the more interesting things about TRT is multiple studies showing men on it lose a ton of weight and they keep it off. No diet does that.

    • Pooch says:

      Testosterone speeds the metabolism.

      • James says:

        It also gives you a sense of winning, which gives you a sense of motivation. I did “TRT” (borderline cycle dose of 113mg/wk) for funsies for about 6 months a few years back. I woke up every day feeling like I’d won a fight and gotten laid the night before…And wanted to do it again. I was very active without trying. I’d walk more, build things more, stay up socializing a bit later every night, etc. Fun stuff.

        Nowadays I’ve found that running (yes, evil LISS cardio) gives me a lot of the same mood / motivational benefits without exogenous hormones, but I’d definitely consider TRT later in life.

  42. Keto-Carnivore says:

    Long before I became a customer of Fireinabottle, I followed Tucker Goodrich and Chris Knobbe MD, who were focusing on the evils of seed oil, let alone the Weston a Price foundation, whose video The Oiling of America is foundational.
    So I find Brad Marshall’s ideas intriguing, including Torpor, but I have been eliminating seed oils science 2013 when I successfully went low carb.
    I reguard these oils as toxic to me and do all my own whole food cooking and avoid fast food and takeout and avoid regular restaurants who use seed oils extensively.
    I followed Jason Fung MD and others and went keto with 8/16 daily time restricted eating for about five years now.
    Two years ago I went almost completely Carnivore with daily fish for omega 3
    In 2013 after starting low carb I read David O Davis’s Wheat belly and gave up all grains.

    After that my Grave’s disease went into remission.
    I was also in remission from d.m. By two years ago with a normal A1c off all medication.
    After fifty years of trying to lose weight, from 1963 to 2013 using standard diet and exercise, I was shocked and delighted to find how effective carb restriction was.
    I am now 8 years into successful weight loss, now down 105 pounds from when I was a practicing MD.

    I should point out that the Chinese ate rice for thousands of years without rampant obesity or diabetes, but since the introduction of seed oils, they are now fat with rampant diabetes.

    You should also follow citizen scientists like Ivor Cummins, Dave Feldman and
    Senior docs like Micheal Eads, Lustig , Tim Noakes, and nutritional historians like Nina Teicholz, Gary Taubes, and Belinda Fettke.

    Also you cannot mobilize fat from your fat cells when insulin is high, because high insulin blocks the action of hormone sensitive lipase. This explains why you get hangry when blood sugar falls.
    I eat to keep my insulin as low as possible and am fat adapted. I plan to
    follow this way of eating the rest of my life.

    • jim says:

      I have found carb restriction effective also, but the evidence that carb restriction is effective in long term weight loss not impressive. And I am not all that very strict on carbs.

      Anyone who is struggling with weight tries a great many things. So the question is, did you lose large amounts of weight long term by restricting carbs, by avoiding seed oils, or by something else?

      Trouble is you applied two major dietary changes – avoiding seed oil, which also cuts out almost all manufactured foods, and cutting out carbs. If you cut out both carbs and seed oils, that rather radically restricts the possible manufactured foods and snack food, which also amounts to avoiding the cafeteria diet and engagin in mild periodic fasting.

      And I also applied several lifestyle changes – lifting iron, emulating manliness, periodic fasting and cutting out seed oils.

      The common factors, sample size of two self selected cases, is cutting out seed oils and abstaining from the cafeteria diet. Also we are both restricting carbs, albeit your carb restriction sounds more severe than mine.

      So the question remains open: What is the key magic ingredient (or key toxic ingredient)?

      • Keto-Carnivore says:

        I don’t know that it is one single factor. And since everyone responds differently, self experimentation is important. If you heard of Weston A Price’s
        Displacing foods of modern civilization that he described almost a hundred years ago, added sugar, changes to the processing of grains, and new oils never a large part of diet were key components.
        Since then wheat has been modified into dwarf wheat with a more reactive gluten and American baking does not use true yeast, which metabolizes gluten making French bread for example safer.
        Also wheat and sugar are addictive.

        One key question is what causes insulin resistance. Conventional carb insulin hypothesis postulates long tern overconsumption of carbs especially sugar causes this. This may be true but incomplete. In populations that do not eat seed oils, insulin resistance appears to be rare.

        An interesting point, Tucker Goodrich cut out seed oil before he went low carb and found his carb cravings went away.
        I started on my successful journey after reading the work of Gary Taubes.

        The demonization of meat mostly started because of the Medical Evangelism of thr 7th Day Advantist Church and its Garden of Eden diet from its prophetess
        Ellen G White around 1870. Their disciples fill the nutritional establishment,
        Blocking reforms like eliminating limits on sat fat.

        • Karl says:

          Bread baking itself was changed not just regarding different wheat or yeast, but also regarding time. Old bread recipies allowed for dough to raise for times like 2 or 3 days. During such a long time alot of the less digestable parts like gluten are degraded. Modern bread is baked from dough that had maybe an hour or so to develop.

  43. The Cominator says:

    Accusing me of promoting degeneracy if you want but I also think that the Cathedral driving down the (tobacco) smoking rates massively didn’t help, heavy smoking is unhealthy but obesity is generally more unhealthy.

    If we get in all anti-smoking propaganda except for pregnant women should stop.

    • Alfred says:

      How is smoking degeneracy? Safer forms of smoking should be encouraged. It’s a great simulant and aid to memory recall when used in moderation.

      Women however shouldn’t smoke. It’s a male bonding activity and women should be kept to more healthy behaviors so they can produce healthy children.

      • The Cominator says:

        Pregnant ones shouldn’t but i have no objection to other women doing it It used to be diet control 101 for women and models dancers etc still do it for weight control.

        • Alfred says:

          I find women smoking deeply unattractive, especially cigars. It feels like a women taking on a masculine role to me.

          Women should be skinny so their husbands will fuck them. Girls have no problem getting slim when they want a man and adapt to let themselves get fat when he betas out.

          • The Cominator says:

            Meh doesn’t bother me.

            • jim says:

              A disturbing number of things don’t bother you. Perhaps you need to be more easily bothered, more judgmental towards women

              • The Cominator says:

                Trust me i find most modern women insufferable cunts who i want nothing to do with. Fatness and feminism and phone silence shit test games massively bother me.

                • Alfred says:

                  Com, don’t take this wrong but you sound like a MGTOW. Women don’t have the sort of agency you ascribe to them.

                • The Cominator says:

                  As far as American women go im close to one…

      • Bilge_Pump says:

        I actually have receding gums along 2 of my teeth from where I would hold my tobacco pipe in my mouth. I haven’t smoked in a while because of it

        • alf says:

          Yeah I’ve stopped smoking since developing persistent throat irritation.

          The holy holy anti-smoking campaign is stupid and holy, but the base fact remains that smoking is not healthy.

          • The Cominator says:

            Light consumption probably isn’t bad (and given relaxation benefits and appetite suppression probably good overall) but yeah heavy smoking is bad for you and nobody is arguing otherwise despite a certain faggot who was trying to frame it that way.

      • Whitespace says:

        I found the best smoking substitute was the under-tongue spray produced by nicorette I believe. It may take some getting used to for smokers (I was a Copenhagen fiend) but it does not involve taking anything into your lungs, and does not contain chemicals like nitrates as chewing tobacco does.

        It’s still a vice and an addiction. Cross addictive behaviors are a real phenomenon and its probably not good for my character. Nobody has accused me of being a moral paragon for a long time, but at least it doesn’t involve taking in powerful carcinogens or filling your lungs with vapor or smoke.

    • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

      How is that in line with “salus populi suprema lex”? Maybe it just isn’t. You can be in perfect bodyweight without smoking; offsetting one set of illnesses by substituting for it another set of illnesses is a rather inferior substitute to promoting all-around healthy habits. Your ancestors were sufficiently masculine prior to the modern tobacco industry, and the idea that ingesting poison into your lungs makes you masculine is but a novel, modern social construct (yes, that dreaded term – it’s accurate here) designed to sell you on the stuff and get you hooked, e.g. “all the cool guys smoke, if you don’t smoke you won’t get laid.” Smoking itself does not get you laid. Willingness to take certain risks gets you laid, but you should choose and perform your risk-taker signaling activities wisely. I reckon it’s better to signal that you’re a risk-taker without inevitably poisoning yourself in the process. Maybe you should get an “inappropriate” tattoo or something.

      Smoking’s only real value is as a social lubricant, like alcohol and party drugs – and in a healthy, non-atomized society you get enough social lubricants that smoking would be of no benefit in that regard. That the Cathedral hates smoking because it associates it with “toxic masculinity” does not mean that you need to re-normalize it; reversed stupidity is not intelligence. Smoking to say “Fuck you, Cathedral!” is losing the game. What should be re-normalized is hunting and fishing as male bonding activities. If you want to stick it to the progs, to the effete urbanite greenies, advocate hunting, not smoking. The latter should be legal, but I see no legitimate grounds to encourage it.

      Advocating smoking for weight-control is retarded, not because it would not work, but because significantly raising your risk of many illnesses, from cancer to aortic aneurysm to ALS to many others, simply to achieve a fitness goal which you may well achieve by much sounder methods, is retarded. Young people are often oblivious to the long-term consequences of their choices until too late, because you don’t feel the immediate effects of your choices when in the pink of health. I know older smokers and older non-smokers, and the smokers are invariably sicker and more prone to various unpleasant illnesses than the non-smokers. You’re not sticking it to the Cathedral by “getting the head buzz.”

      • Alfred says:

        Ahh, you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded.

        • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

          Sometimes this one-liner is appropriate and amusing, but do ask yourself if “If we get in all anti-smoking propaganda … should stop” is the proper position for NRx to take on this issue, given all the available evidence about the risks of smoking, which you can see with your own eyes when observing the general health of smokers vs. that of non-smokers. That progs love cats and trees has not prompted me to disavow the cats and the trees, and that progs despise smoking has not convinced me to fill my body with known toxins as an act of protest and defiance. If nothing else, do consider the point about reversed stupidity not being intelligence.

          Sometimes the victims of a bully try deliberately to set themselves as much apart from the bully as possible by a sort of “anti-imitation,” in which they do everything the opposite from the bully, to be as different as possible from someone they consider evil. Thus if the bully is physically tough, the victims might deliberately glorify weakness — their own and others’ — and take pride in being weaklings, instead, of course, of doing the right thing, which is to grow their own testes. You may think that reversed stupidity makes you edgy, but you’re the equivalent of a sapless nerd who pats himself on the back for losing bladder and bowel control when in the presence of a hot girl because “that just proves how sensitive and special I am, unlike those mean bullies who can talk to girls without self-soiling.”

          So basically, to stop being the Cathedral’s little pathetic bitch, you should perhaps consider the notion that e.g. catching and slaughtering animals in the wild is inherently masculine, from a strict EvoPsych perspective, whereas ingesting poison into the lungs “in order to lose weight xDDD” (and because the priestly class lectured you not to do it) is in fact gay and retarded and even a bit cringe, demonstrating that you utterly lack conceptual autonomy, aka “memetic sovereignty,” otherwise you wouldn’t engage in this sort of pathetic anti-imitation.

          Peace out, m8s.

          • The Cominator says:

            What social benefit is there to fstter people living beyond 65 on average?

          • Alfred says:

            >Sometimes this one-liner is appropriate and amusing, but do ask yourself if “If we get in all anti-smoking propaganda … should stop” is the proper position for NRx to take on this issue, given all the available evidence about the risks of smoking, which you can see with your own eyes when observing the general health of smokers vs. that of non-smokers. That progs love cats and trees has not prompted me to disavow the cats and the trees, and that progs despise smoking has not convinced me to fill my body with known toxins as an act of protest and defiance. If nothing else, do consider the point about reversed stupidity not being intelligence.

            A good friend of mine father is 78 and has smoked every day of his adult life. He’s had a nasty stroke at 73 and pulled through it. He smokes because he enjoys it and he still enjoys life despite his health problems. He’s quite thin.

            My father’s never smoked, doesn’t drink and had to have a heart replacement valve at 65. He almost died in the months leading up to it. He’s fat. After the surgery he’s gotten fatter and I don’t think he’s going to be around much longer. I’m not sold on the idea smoking makes one thin(though there does seem to be a correlation), but I’d much preferred my father smoked and was thin over the crappy life he has now.

            I’ve smoked cigars for years during the summer months. I’ve done the research on the subject I can’t find any sort of major health problems from an cigar every couple of days or from stuff like vaping. You’re repeating cathedral lies and bullshit like a retarded faggot.

            So like I said: you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded.

            • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

              You’ve done the research and it shows that smoking, habitual or otherwise, is generally harmless? Show it, explain it. I think many a nicotine aficionado would be interested in this revelatory breakthrough.

              You don’t know if smoking makes one thin. What you should’ve known (but apparently didn’t, because this entire dialogue is above your pay grade) before posting is that the proper comparison is between a thin person who smokes and a thin person who doesn’t, and between a fat person who smokes and one who doesn’t. That should tell you what need to know. When I compare smokers and non-smokers with broadly similar physiques, roughly same age, and same sex, it’s quite obvious which cohort is the healthier and generally feels better, looks better, and performs better. Reaching any strong conclusion by comparing one thin smoker and one fat non-smoker, who aren’t even the same age, is sheer idiocy, and the only reason I’m even participating in a conversation with people who are 1 or 2 or 3 or 7 SDs lower than my IQ is that perhaps someone out there in the silent audience with two functional hemispheres can be reasoned into a sensible position, not one guided by reverse-imitation a la “the bully is strong so it’s good to be weak,” viz., “if the Cathedral made X unfashionable, then undoubtedly it’s incumbent upon us to make X fashionable again.”

              The implied dichotomy in your and Com’s posts, that one is either a smoker or a fatass, is beyond even the usual retardation afflicting comment sections; you’re like a Down Syndrome’s Down Syndrome; a ‘tardo squared; a 2,209 chromosomal entity. Because in fact, there are many people who are neither smokers nor fat, walking right amongst us. You simply don’t need cigarettes to lose weight. So the correct answer to your query is “You should neither ingest toxins, nor be fat.” If you still want to debate which is worse, smoking or fatness, you’re advised to provide that “personal research” of yours that totally shows tobacco consumption to not really matter health-wise. I’m sure you have all the data saved on a file in an accessible folder somewhere. Really, it’s unfortunate that NRx, which aims to be the future priesthood, has been cluttered to the brim with people who shouldn’t be anywhere near any intellectual pursuit whatsoever, but so it is. Such is life! Should I further dumb things down to your developmentally-arrested feces-flinging baboon level? Here, let’s try again for mercy’s sake:


              Hopefully even a pea-brained nigger who has recently fallen off the tree and broken the tail such as yourself can get a handle on that message, and surely the point gets across to the more perspicacious observers, whoever they may be. To recap, in your unreasoning tobacco advocacy, you made 2 arguments:

              a) that tobacco should not be discouraged, because it may or may not help you lose weight;
              b) that it’s a form of social technology, facilitating mannerbund.

              I have adequately addressed both of these nicotine-cuck talking points (oh, sorry: “arguments”), and don’t much feel like repeating myself. Healthier and manlier alternatives have been amply suggested. It has been explained that losing weight doesn’t require you to smoke, and avoiding cigarettes won’t make you grow lard. It has been pointed out that many non-smokers are also thin, and moreover, it should be pointed out that many smokers are still fat – albeit smokers may be somewhat thinner on average than non-smokers. Instead of proclaiming that this is all a lie, provide your own research which contradicts and contraindicates any of that, which research no doubt exists and is real :).

              You are now and henceforward free to enjoy the ugly teeth, bad eyesight, aura of pungent stench, devastated lungs, dissected abdominal aorta resulting from high blood pressure, and all the other ailments for all I care – just don’t make your personal habits into the official NRx line (fun fact: spergs can’t help but do just that, which is one more reason for a spergocide), because that’s, like, very not cool, man.

              My own position is that the priesthood should not be excessively concerned about tobacco, but that it should remain as low status post-restoration as it is low status currently. If you believe that, come the restoration, its status should be higher than it currently is, that it should undergo cultural re-normalization, provide better arguments than the idiocy you’ve mustered so far. Not that I expect you personally to be able to; most of your gray matter already rests in peace, if ever it lived in the first place; but maybe someone will take up the challenge and competently shill for tobacco. Let’s see.

              P. S. Jim’s position goes as follows:

              Which is why society as a whole should penalize sluts. Sluts cause collective externalities far more serious than tobacco smokers. Because of the grave and great externalities produced by sluts, they should be taxed and penalized, like tobacco smokers, only at considerably higher rates, rather than subsidized, and subjected to official shaming and exclusion similar to that applied to tobacco smokers, only more severe.

              Obviously agreed, sluts are a graver peril than tobacco and its users. Which is not to deny that tobacco is bad. Because it is, in fact, bad, and you deserve shaming and exclusion, you nigger faggot cuck.

              • The Cominator says:

                Its not that one is either a smoker or a fatass, as you can be neither or both of course.

                Its that you are more likely to be a fatass if you don’t and that the cathedral’s repression of it (and promotion of appetite increasing weed as high status) has increased the amount of obese people in the population (and I think this has in particular massively increased the number of women who are fatasses as smoking used to be a goto for women who wanted to resist hunger). So cultural propaganda against it has probably done more harm than good. Most people will from time to time ingest things that aren’t good for them to alter their mood, you cannot stop them from doing that you can put your thumb on the scale of their choices. Tobacco is better than weed and binging junk food (which often go hand and hand).

                So we should promote it as high status exactly (health is high status and drug use of any kind is not officially), but we’ll stop promoting the idea that its low status and we will say that weed is low status.

                • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

                  If tobacco is shown to be unhealthy, it should be low status. Not prohibited, tolerated as a private vice and shunned in public, in the same way other vices can be tolerated in private and shunned in public.

                  That a salutary side effect thereof is weight loss is irrelevant; there are far better ways to lose weight, that don’t involve exposing your lungs to toxins, and they should be promoted.

                  If X is worse than tobacco, let X be lower status than tobacco. It’s funny how degenerate dipshits here assume that if you’re opposed to raising the status of tobacco, it’s because you advocate some other substance in its stead – in fact, I haven’t mentioned weed anywhere. Stoners should obviously be low status, as they have contributed nothing positive to humanity. If anything, I’d advocate psychedelics, because the CIA sent me. But in seriousness, that any X is worse than tobacco, does not mean that the information faction aka the priesthood should disregard the risks of smoking. Reversed stupidity is not intelligence.

                  Gays claim that poopsex is fun and as such, sans prejudice, everyone would be into it. Alas, hedonism is not a value of the priesthood, while social health is, which is why the faggots will be made to perform a “ropeless bungee” spectacle in the town’s square, and people who smoke in the proximity of children and grandchildren, giving them the precious gift of asthma, will be shunned and shamed.

                  If the argument for public tolerance (as opposed to private tolerance) of smoking boils down to it possibly helping some people lose weight – that is very weak sauce. Lose weight by other methods.

                • Alfred says:

                  >If tobacco is shown to be unhealthy, it should be low status.

                  Running it unhealthy. Most runners die younger and have to have painful knee replacement in their 50s.

                  Basketball is unhealthy. Most professional basketball players die young.

                  There’s no end of enjoyable things that may shorten you life. But only Aids infested Soup Nazi faggot would seek to control people’s personal choices that have no effect on you or our civilization.

                  Back to the topic at hand, unlike smoking there’s no benefits to being fat. It’s a 100% negative that naturally low status and should be treated as low status. But your cathedral masters have a hard on for smoking, but don’t want you do fat shame, right?

                • The Cominator says:

                  “If the argument for public tolerance (as opposed to private tolerance) of smoking boils down to it possibly helping some people lose weight – that is very weak sauce. Lose weight by other methods.”

                  There may be better ways but less smoking in the aggregate leads to the far far greater evil of more obesity this seems to be almost universally true. I would also remove vegetable seed oils and high fructose corn syrup from the food supply… or at least tax them highly enough (and I don’t like taxing to change behavior but one of the few forms of social engineering I would approve of is an all out war on obesity, I suppose they shouldn’t be banned completely so the food supply can adjust and so people who prefer the taste of that crap can still get it) so healthier substitutes are used for most food.

                  Yes living healthily should be the highest status and smoking should be considered a vice, but it should be considered a vice the way drinking is considered a vice. I don’t plan to bring back smoking in most indoor buildings if that is what you are worried about (though in bars and nightclubs the owners should absolutely have the right to allow it).

                • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

                  would seek to control people’s personal choices that have no effect on you or our civilization.

                  We’re talking about cultural messaging; rest assured, nobody is concerned about how many cigars you can shove into your worn-out perpetually gaping rectum. That’s between you and your African paramours. However, tobacco does have an effect on public health – a bad one. It’s not about the personal hobbies of any minority, as the public at large will be sicker if the taboos around smoking are lifted. So I advocate not lifting those taboos. It’s a public health hazard that should be kept in check. There’s no similar public health hazard associated with the sports you mentioned.

                  But your cathedral masters have a hard on for smoking, but don’t want you do fat shame, right?

                  Seems like it. Point is, the reactionary priesthood should shame both of those harmful phenomena, rather than attempting to use one to mitigate the other, as was originally proposed in the beginning of the thread. If you seek to argue that being fat is worse than being a smoker, that may well be so, and is still irrelevant, because one needn’t be either one of those things.

                • jim says:

                  > tobacco does have an effect on public health – a bad one.

                  No it does not. Second hand smoke is bullshit.

                  Smoking should not be a matter of concern to the state, and State Church should take position it that always took before the modern search for things to be holy about.

                  Smoking may well cause problems for the smoker. It often does. It does not cause problems for state and society.

                  That said, I don’t recommend it as a diet measure. I know far too many fat smokers.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “It’s a public health hazard”

                  I’m not talking about public health and I don’t care about public health. After 2020 I think people who talk about public health in regards to anything that isn’t universally and immediately deadly should be shot immediately. Obesity is an AESTHETIC hazard more than health. It makes a huge portion of women unfuckable and makes the smaller pool of fuckable women insane. Smoking is a lesser aesthetic hazard.

                • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

                  I don’t care about public health.

                  There seem to be many things you don’t care about; nevertheless, this entire blog post is concerned with, among other things, the health of the public, or rather the sickness of the public due to rising obesity rates and what can be done about it. Smoking is not the solution, and it’s idiotic to argue that it is.

                • Alfred says:

                  >There seem to be many things you don’t care about; nevertheless, this entire blog post is concerned with, among other things, the health of the public, or rather the sickness of the public due to rising obesity rates and what can be done about it. Smoking is not the solution, and it’s idiotic to argue that it is.

                  Commies faggots talking about public health should be put up against a wall and shot. No one wants to be fat. People want to smoke.

                  The crisis is people are unable to maintain a healthy weight despite a desire to do so. That’s the topic at hand, not your endless streams of retarded faggot shit talk.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Commie faggots talking about public health should be put up against a wall and shot.”


                • Joe says:

                  Commies faggots talking about public health should be put up against a wall and shot. No one wants to be fat.

                  Apparently there was an American health strategy or some such that came out in the early seventies, at which point obesity immediately started to rise. Notwithstanding post hoc ergo proptor hoc it all looks pretty damning.

                  Health policy destroys health. Economic policy kills the economy. Affordable housing makes housing unaffordable. Education gives us halfwits. Diversity makes a big brown blob. And feminism takes away the only one exclusively female function.

                  There is no part of life that is not impacted by the insanity that surrounds us.

                • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

                  The crisis is people are unable to maintain a healthy weight despite a desire to do so. That’s the topic at hand

                  Yes, and smoking is not the solution to this problem, even though it has been offered here as a solution. Smoking is bad. A commie or a radical puritan or any utopian thinker might suggest eradicating it completely, whereas I merely suggest that the current taboos be maintained post-restoration, which is in light with that post by Jim that I quoted earlier. I do not advocate any new taboos.

                  If you weren’t personally extremely butthurt because your father is dying and you’ve convinced yourself that smoking cigarettes would have saved him (lol, you’re a retard), you’d see that there’s no social benefit to it. It should be allowed as a private vice for degenerates like you who don’t care how repulsive their breath is & whose eyes are yellow due to jaundice, but not promoted publicly and not in the vicinity of children.

                  “Let’s save fat people by advocating smoking” is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a while. This is not how you’ll save fat people, this is how you’ll shorten their lifespans even more so than they’ve already been shortened by their fatness. In all likelihood, they’ll remain fat, but then also get tobacco-associated illnesses in addition. Apparently that’s what you’d wish for your own father, because you’re an abject idiot who deserves to suffer for being such.

                  Daddy should’ve slapped that chimney out of your disgusting, crumbling teeth so that you’ll receive higher tips at the source of your income, the ghetto glory hole, whose visitors surely prefer a bright and shining receptacle for their pozloads. But then you’ve already surgically removed the whole palate so you can take in several nog salamis simultaneously, as is your specialty.

                  No one wants to be fat. People want to smoke.

                  The first part is true. The second part is conditional on the culture – if the culture regards it as high status, the masses of the people rush to do it; if it’s regarded as low status, most have no such desires. It’s amazing how deeply triggered nicotinebrains can get by the mere suggestion that the current taboos should remain in place.

                • Joe says:

                  It’s amazing how deeply triggered nicotinebrains can get by the mere suggestion that the current taboos should remain in place.

                  And it’s amazing just how similar all Cathedral shills sound no matter which one of the Cathedral’s diverse set of policies they happen to be shilling.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You said

                  “It’s a public health hazard that should be kept in check.”

                  This makes you a commie public health faggot like Anthony Fagci and post restoration public health faggots much like climate activist faggots need to be taken out and shot.

                • Group 1 Carcinogen says:

                  Well, I guess you have it all figured out then – I’m a CDC shill sent here to advocate against smoking. Can’t deny it anymore.

                  By the way, the folks at the NSA tell me that there’s lotsa cuck fetishism in your browsing history, which explains why you’ve said repeatedly that you’re against executions for adultery. You want your future wife to cuck you, or rather, you have accepted the inevitability of your future wife cucking you, because you are a soft man who knows that he’s inadequate. That, well, is sad.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You are obviously one of those Corona Karen faggots who left after making an ass out of yourself, maybe I don’t think they should be executed for cheating on faggots like you.

                • Joe says:

                  >reducto ad absurdum
                  >ad hominem

                  Straight by the book. Fuck off, you worthless subhuman faggot. Go back to haunting the ruins of fedchan, you fucking kike.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Oh I just looked up the Latin phrase this faggot opened up with

                  “salus populi suprema lex” Its from Cicero and was quoted by John Locke.

                  Cicero was the Roman equivalent of a Romney style cuckservative faggot and John Locke was an insane lunatic faggot and we hate them both here. The only one of note who ever quoted it who wasn’t a total fag was Hobbes.


                • Starman says:

                  @Group 1 Carcinogen

                  Answer this multiple choice RedPill on Women question.
                  Refusal to choose one of the answers will be considered to be a refusal to answer a RedPill on Women question.

                  Should we make pornography illegal?
                  [A] No, because male desire for sexual gratification is not causing society any problems. Now, we should ban gay, tranny, and cuck porn. And we should ban romance novels, i.e. porn for women. We should really ban romance novels.
                  [B] No, because pornography allows us to learn about various fetishes and alternative sexual practices, and that is valuable knowledge.
                  [C] Yes, because pornography is how the (((Synagogue of Satan))) destroyed our TFR. Before the advent of pornography, there were fecund marriages and stable families, but then we let in these Semitic parasites, and they singlehandedly turned all our women to porn sluts and all our men to incels. Were it not for Jewish pornographers, we would all have big families, just like we had in Hitler’s Germany.
                  [D] No, but Child Porn should still be illegal, because whenever you look at an image of a 15 year old child being abused, you are both encouraging the production of more CP, and repeating the original abuse.
                  [E] No, but we should require all porn actors to wear condoms, in order to protect the actors and actresses from venereal diseases such as the sooper dooper deadly COVID19, and to teach the viewers — who are often our own sons — to use contraceptives. Porn is spiritual poison, but it’s not realistic to ban all of it, so we should focus instead on protecting the sex workers — who are often our own daughters in college — from exploitation and bad working conditions.

                • Anonymous says:


                  You are posing the shill test to the guy who invented the shill test.

                • jim says:

                  Well then, it should be easy for him to pass it with flying colors.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I thought that was funny too; the dark humor/tragicomedy kinda of funny more specifically.

                  So just a good laugh, or a reality check?

              • Mike says:

                Yawn, go back to hitting your dab pen kike, smoking is an enjoyable pastime just like having a beer is (which it of course goes well with). Hysterically whining about something everyone did as recently as 30 years ago is just pathetic. Hell, if you live in Europe, China, or Japan it is still very common to this day. Hilariously, researchers still haven’t been able to come up with an explanation for why Japanese men aren’t experiencing declines in life expectancy due to their high smoking rates.

              • Alfred says:

                >Which is not to deny that tobacco is bad. Because it is, in fact, bad

                Hey faggot, you do understand that tobacco is a drug, right? It impart benefits through it’s use but like all drugs it has trade offs. But they probably didn’t teach you trade offs when you went to Reach Around U. But at least you got that degree in aids quilting and swallowing.

                The primary damaged from tobacco use was first seen with men who smoked 30-40 cigars a day. This sometimes caused mouth and throat cancer. You know anyone who smokes 30-40 cigars a day today? I don’t. I couldn’t find a single study showing any sort of harm to light smokers some 20 years ago when science was slightly less corrupt than it is today. Today there’s probably 500 studies claiming anyone vaping within 500 miles of your soy pod will kill you with second hand vape.

                What I did find was studies showing that tobacco use improved memory, reduced stress, reduced free estrogen, and generally improved mental performance.

                Cigarettes and chew is clearly more damaging than other sorts of tobacco use. Vaping seems to have very limited negative effects, so much so that they have to run huge scare campaigns full of lies to try and stop people from using it. Cigars are in a middle ground where a few cigars doesn’t seem to have any trackable impact and pipes even less so.

                Men smoking shouldn’t been the priesthoods concern at all and the moment the cathedral lets up, smoking will instantly become super popular again because it’s fun to do and it’s benefits outweigh it’s downsides when used in the proper form and in moderation.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “The primary damaged from tobacco use was first seen with men who smoked 30-40 cigars a day.”

                  LOL I couldn’t imagine doing that. Yeah I don’t think you would need a study to know that is bad.

                • Alfred says:

                  Mark Twain was in the 50 cigars a day range for most of his life. He died of a heart attack at 74.

                  Was it the cigars? Possibly. Maybe he would have lived to 76 without them, who can say? But he enjoyed his life and cigars.

                  There’s plenty of activities that people find enjoyable that shortens their lives, but it’s their lives to to enjoy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I agree. We should be libertarian where we can be without causing problems…

                  I couldn’t imagine that many a day though lol and I’m surprised he didn’t die of cancer at 50 if he was smoking that many.

                  BTW in response to the idea that women doing it was a manifestation of 1920s feminism and should be repressed on merely those grounds… the anti women smoking movement itself was a manifestation of pozzed Victorian moralism itself (not even that of the New England Puritans) so 1920s feminism inadvertently got that right because it was reversing a past wrong. I’m not a huge fan of Catholic/Latin/Continental countries culture in most ways (too much corruption in a way that used to be unknown in Anglo countries) but they were far more anti-feminist in general throughout their history and they never had that aspect of Victorian moralism.

                  So no the priesthood should tell women its okay (if not healthy) as long as their husband doesn’t strongly object and they aren’t pregnant and that moderate use for appetite suppression is okay.

                • Mike says:

                  Not to sound like a cuck, but I’m still rather unsure when it comes to vaping. It’s mostly just me thinking it’s functionally gay (and less enjoyable) when compared to smoking, but its got its own weird particles in the vapour, plus it often addicts people even worse than smoking does. The relationship would be simpler to figure out if it was the 90s still and our cigarettes didn’t have nearly so many additives in them.

                • f6187 says:

                  “… it’s benefits outweigh it’s downsides when used in the proper form and in moderation.”

                  I concur. In proper form and moderation, can have mental and physical benefits — or at least mental benefits which outweigh small physical risk.

                  If you’re gonna smoke, I recommend getting 6 good cigars and smoke one per day. Then go a week or two before you buy any more.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I don’t allow smoking in my house because it makes the place smell like shit and stains everything yellow with tar and ash.

          I don’t sweat over people smoking in general, just one more of a lot of things i don’t care about unless it comes up. All i will say though is, i don’t see a whole lot of world champions lighting up.

    • Mike says:

      You are not hallucinating Comintator, smoking is extremely common on the dissident right for a reason. A perfect example of Cathedral anarcho-tyranny is when progs allow open-air heroin drug markets and legalize weed but then turn around and cry foul when a construction worker lights up a cigarette only 10 feet from a doorway instead of 20 feet.
      Also for the Christians out there like Neofugue and Nikolai, Christianity generally has had at worst only an ambivalent position towards smoking, oftentimes it was downright positive towards it, Catholicism especially.

      @Alfred That’s a weakness of mine, fundamentally speaking women smoking is an invention of 20s feminism (in countries that did not see feminism as early you see the same process later, female smoking rates rose rapidly in Japan and Korea in the 80s) but yes it can be very attractive.

      • Alfred says:

        Women smoking is taking on a formally masculine behavior and turning it female in nature. The media generally promotes such behavior as “sexy” and generally the women who do it first are ragging sluts, so it’s an effective social signal when you want to get laid with limited effort. Once it becomes accepted most women join in the behavior at it loses it’s easy slut sign usefulness.

        Men and women naturally need separate behavioral patterns in the things we do. It’s not a good thing then those patterns are made unisex.

        More so, women who find an alpha male and move into a trad wife role tend to stop those sorts of behaviors. My sister smoked cigars in her 20s and I was horrified by that behavior both for the invasion of the male space and because of the social signaling. Once she met and married her husband she stopped smoking cigars. Now when do a get together the guys smoke on the patio while she takes care of her the kids and cooks.

        • The Cominator says:

          So she did fine, we certainly not treat it like its using heroin or cocaine.

          Best chick i ever knew (she changed for the worse when she stopped keeping other american women at arms length… she would not do girls nights for years mixed groups only… but she was a real nawalt for years) smoked a cigar like once every two weeks, yes she is married and has kids.

          • Alfred says:

            >So she did fine, we certainly not treat it like its using heroin or cocaine.

            The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

            Gnon ordains it.

            The point is it’s not healthy behavior. My sister really lucked out, she managed to snag herself a home schooled Christian Chad, that’s after losing her virginity at 13 or 14 to a random shithead, and bouncing around to a whole bunch of schools where I’m sure she did the normal thing American girls do at university. He’s an awesome guy and my sister went form moody and generally unhappy growing up to a very happy trad wife.

            • Aidan says:

              When God said that, the average male garment of tunic and sandals looked a whole lot like what women put on today to signal femininity. There really is no objective standard for what is masculine and feminine dress, what God says is evil is signaling androgyny. Need to invent firm boundaries between what is for women and what is for men, and then need to stick to them.

          • The Cominator says:

            We should intrepret that mainly to make women dress in an attractive and feminine manner, dresses and long hair. No more pants and dyke hair cuts.

    • Aidan says:

      Europeans have been smoking tobacco for 400 years with few ill effects, and only started noticing major disease once cigarettes were manufactured with significant additives. Cancer was known about in the 1600s, but was rarely noticed because it rarely occurred. Many countries smoke like chimneys and have low cancer rates, while many countries with low smoking rates have high cancer rates. The antismoking campaigns in America succeeded in reducing smoking, but not lung cancer.

      I roll my own cigarettes using tobacco with no additives and cotton filters, and smoking has not put a dent at all in my cardiovascular health. It is not great for your mouth, and it does cause mild emphysema, so I cough more than the average person, but regular exercise is pretty good at cleaning mucus out of the lungs.

  44. Aryaman says:

    Anecdotal studies of when and how people get fat would be helpful. Seems like getting fat is in many cases not a gradual process but a discrete shock that comes in pulses. The people I know who got fat got fat suddenly, had a pretty bad diet over this period but suspect rather than the diet causing the fat there was some third factor causing both. People I know who lost fat lost fat suddenly, had a pretty good diet over this period, but suspect rather than the diet cutting the fat there was some third factor causing both. You frequently see changes like this during puberty, and we are usually not very surprised by it, nor do we attempt to measure it in terms of caloric deficit and what happens during puberty might illuminate analogous changes happening later in life.

    About 5 years ago I weighed 120 lbs. Decided to start lifting and started eating a lot for a few months, at the end of which I weighed 150 lbs. Stopped lifting and the next time I happened to weigh myself, just happened to weigh 120 lbs. Decided to start lifting and start eating a lot a few months ago and weigh about 160 lbs right now. Have no doubt that if I start doing what I feel like, will gravitate back to 120 lbs. But I don’t think CICO is as obviously ridiculous as Slime makes it seem and there are some logical jumps for example when he says,

    We can compare these numbers to the increases in average calories per day we reviewed earlier. Sure, consumption in the US went from 2,025 calories per day in 1970 to 2,481 calories per day in 2010, a difference of 456 calories. But consider Poehlman et al. (1986), where researchers fed a group of 12 men 1,000 extra calories a day for 22 days. On average the men gained about 5 lbs (2.2 kg), but some of them actually lost weight instead.

    Well that, and many of the other studies in similar vein cited, is evidence that people revert back to a set point when their diet only lasts a few months or even less. But eating 500 extra calories every day for a lifetime is hardly the same thing. And I have seen estimates that the increase is more than 400 calories, maybe closer to 900 calories. Don’t know which is right, or if we can even really tell. 900 calories seems like a lot, and it is a lot if you’re eating that much more food your wife cooked at home, but isn’t a lot if you’re eating at Chipotle.

    There are also dramatic claims about the declining nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Cannot quite put it all together. There are claims that decline in virility and sperm count isn’t just a problem among humans but animals too. Claims that animals have also been getting fatter at zoos though they eat a precisely measured diet. Claims with differing degrees of plausibility.

    Is it true androgens make women fat? Females in bodybuilding use testosterone in order to lose fat, and women generally carry much more fat than men at least partly because they have less testosterone. Seems more likely whatever is making women androgenic is also making them fat, even though the androgyny makes them marginally less fat.

  45. O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint. (Quran 2:183)

  46. The Cominator says:

    Some musings on increased causes of obesity…

    1. Modern food generally poisoned by being cooked with vegetable oil and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Also this causing overeating of it because nutrition content is more garbage.

    2. More sitting in front of computers than in the past.

    3. More depression… tends to be bad for health and metabolism.

    4. More sexlessness with both sexes… regular sex burns calories. Some women get it and very few men do.

    • Pooch says:

      Good list. 3 and 4 are going to be related. Women are depressed because they are not owned by a strong man. Men are depressed because they don’t own a women and have a family.

      • The Cominator says:

        Sex and physical activity suffices to keep female weight down. From what I’ve surveyed strippers (even the ones in their 30s) do not have to eat right because “dancing” and sex together raise metabolism and burn lots of calories.

      • The Cominator says:

        I mean even if they are unowned because women dance naked on men for a living (and are often generally eager to do more because going half the way is actually frustrating for many of them) have to be considered unowned women.

    • Aidan says:

      For a man, regular sex raises your testosterone (weight loss and muscle gain) and regular jacking off lowers it (getting fat). Your body knows the difference between blasting in a woman and whacking it alone.

  47. Homer Onlyfansimpson says:

    Off topic but in a way on topic, I’m sick and tired of the misandry in commercials wherein men are always presented as clueless buffoons and women always save the day, dad is a dumbass Homer Simpson and mom is oh so sophisticated. That doesn’t align with what I see with my own eyes in real life. There should be some kind of penalty against these cultural well-poisoners; perhaps pozzed copywriters should be introduced to a firing squad, or something.

  48. Mater says:

    Jason Fung’s books are good, and most of his takeaways are consistent with what you have written.

    >do the occasional three day fast to shove your set point down
    very true. a lot of evidence that almost any diet or lifestyle change can initially cause weight loss, but inevitably results in bouncing back to your set point. solving this becomes a problem of lowering the set point, which seems to be linked to insulin resistance. hence fasting and things that cause large insulin spikes. PUFAs and xenoestrogens probably also play a part, as Ryan said.

    The most success I have had with “dieting” was when I was having one large meal every 48-72 hours, partly for health reasons, and partly because I couldn’t really afford to eat more often. The weight melted off and most cravings and hunger disappeared. On the second day I would sometimes drink snake juice (a mix of water, NaCL, KCL, and epsom salt) to stop any headaches or lightheadedness.

    On a related note, I’m thinking of running my first tesosterone cycle soon. I’d appreciate anyone’s advice. Should I cycle then take PCT, or blast and cruise? Just Test E the first cycle, or something else?

  49. Ryan says:

    I think that a toxic diet is the main factor in obesity, low T and the majority of chronic health issues. The culprits are:

    1. Sugar, sweeteners and high carb macros.
    2. PUFAs / vegetable oils.
    3. Ultra processed foods. Basically junk food, long life food etc.

    Food made from fresh meat (including bones and offal), dairy, vegetables, herbs and spices is ideal.

    Wide scale toxins exposure such as xenoestrogens from plastic are also likely a factor. There is also the issue of mutation accumulation from lack of evolutionary pressure, which has degraded every aspect of our people for 200 or so years.

  50. Varna says:

    Some rambling and traditional beauty and the eye of the beholder and context.

    The Russian-speaking Internets are an endless field of types of info that can be much harder to find in the English-speaking Internets. That alone perhaps makes it worth learning the language. At least until quantum-nano-neuro etc real time real deal translating programs appear.

    Examples include real info to do with North Korea, since on the one hand Russian tourists and businessmen (being from one of the like three “non-enemy nations”) have been making inroads there over the last decade, taking tons of pics and vids, figuring out the “don’t ask don’t tell” mechanics of the informal quasi-capitalist economy propping up the official planned one.

    Also North Korean construction workers go into Russia and China to generate currency for the fatherland.

    Same for places like Iran or Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, etc. There are a number of countries in the world which are “white spots” filled with “mostly imaginary gibberish” in the mental map of most even educated people, but these “white spots” turn into very detailed real places with access to the Russian internets.

    Another example would be the story of the eastern branch of the Vikings (“Varangians”) as opposed to the western branch which has monopolized the popular imagination of contemporary pop culture. The Varangians created the sprawling Kievan Rus “confederacy” and also had serious contacts with neighboring Khazaria, Byzantium, Persia, and so on.

    Westerners play around with imagining Vikings interacting with American Indians, but don’t even think of imagining the eastern Viking branch interacting on a regular basis with Asian horse tribes and Middle Eastern sultanates. Some day the world will pool its scientific resources and I will not be in the least surprised if it turns out that eastern Vikings had adventures as far into Eurasia as the Hellenes of Alexander of Macedon.

    A third and pertinent to the topic at hand example is the contacts of the 19th century Russian Empire with Persia, the Ottoman Empire, and Central Asia, and not through the filter of colonial superiority, but through the filter of power games between equals, between peer second-rate powers.

    Thus in the 1870s an adventurous Russian photographer Anton Sevryugin opened a photo studio in Teheran, and his art quickly became a favorite plaything of the ruler of Persia Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. Thanks to which we have access to smuggled photos of the beauties of the Shah’s harem, which he had made for his own pleasure, in spite of the procedure being against the religious laws of the land back then.

    A glass of whiskey would perhaps be in order before beginning examination of the Shah’s beauties.

    They tend to wear short skirts, because a couple of decades prior to that the Russian tsar had the Shah over as a guest and showed him the ballet. The Shah was very impressed with the skirts and the shoes of the ballerinas.

    As we see, for our modern (non-PC) sensibilities, the beauties of the Shah’s harem look like mentally retarded transvestites with serious endocrine disorders.

    Moroccan harem member: https://s00.yaplakal.com/pics/pics_original/9/0/6/6680609.jpg

    The Ottoman harem boasts women who to us look like actual women.

    Perhaps this is due to the Turks constantly importing conquered European and North African blood into themselves over centuries, unlike Persia, which only had genetic access to the Caucasus and Central Asia.

    Ottoman beauties with visibly more African and Middle Eastern blood:

    The great beauties of the 19th century Russian Empire can be quite striking even today.
    (air-brushed within an inch of their lives, of course)

    For some reason the mostly look like Jews larping as Slavs, but after the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth was absorbed by its Eastern Russian and Western Germanic neighbors, the conquerors were blessed with an enormous concentration of Polish-Lithuanian Jewry. “And this is how Vienna and Odessa became Jewish cities, the end.”

    The Russian Empire thus ended up with a population of 55 million people of which 5.5 million were Jews – 1 in 10 citizens of the Russian Empire was an official Jew. Which perhaps explains a whole lot of things about the last decades of the Tsardom, not least of all why so many famous Russian beauties of the time look more like Rachels than like Natashas.

    Here we see “proper Russian peasant beauties”:
    Whose looks could be perhaps described as “transvestites battling clinical depression by designing folk dresses while high on shamanic fungus”.

    But even if we look at very old timey Western photographs (not paintings–photographs) of ordinary girls and women, many of them will also look highly androgenous.
    (Maybe adding a certain historical context to Schopenhauer’s view that once a man’s mind is not addled by lust, women start looking like annoying grotesque defective men)

    Perhaps the “ideal of femininity” really was to an underestimated extent a product of social conditioning and fashion choices with the upper classes of Europe and the New World, then later spread in a modified fashion through the middle classes, peaking with the looks of Monroe and Hepburn, and then got “deconstructed”.

    Although I agree with observers who mention “the pill” as a toxic witches brew that 1) killed the partner-pheromone-sensing abilities of Western women, and b) disrupted their endocrine systems.

    Also, looking back at the times, captured by the early years of photography, when ordinary women looked like dudes in drag, perhaps this makes more logical the ease with which all-male societies, including in prisons, divided themselves into “men” and “women” – since the “pretend women” didn’t have to make a lot of effort to look like an endogenous dude with clinical depression.

    Yet the sharp decline of Western men’s testosterone and overall masculinity is more than obvious. A process that is being amplified from every conceivable angle, from kindergarten brainwashing to sissy-hypno porn and audio hypno bimbofication programs on youtube and mainstream audio websites.

    If a man shakes off the programming and reclaims his masculinity, body situation very much included, then his woman will gladly fall into the feminine roles, and with today’s makeup and fashion choices, she can become as happily feminine as Monroe or Hepburn or a Korean TV actress. She’ll even believe him when he tells her to get off the pill and stop eating crap, and thus fix the biological foundation of her health.

    If, however, he himself is a soy sissy or a crude thug or a fat slob, then his woman will be either a depressed androgynous hag or a crude whore or a fat slob. IMO.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      What in holy hell is going on with those Iranian harem girls? A king with a literal harem decides that is what he’s into? It doesn’t make any sense. Were there zero babes in all of Iran? It almost makes me buy into Leftist claptrap about beauty standards and cultural relativism.

      • The Cominator says:

        Yes hideous… and there are plenty of good looking persian women.

      • Nicodemus Rex says:

        “The photos are really women. They are not hermaphrodites and not men, as many might think today. Of course, there were also such inhabitants in harems, but they were kept secret, since the Koran did not welcome these things. As for beauty … As you know, there are no comrades for taste and color. As for vegetation, this is typical for Eastern women. However, it cannot be ruled out that the owner of the harem just liked the “mustachioed” ladies. Fused eyebrows were fashionable at the time, and fullness was synonymous with beauty. The women in the harem were specially fed very densely and were not allowed to actively move. ”

        According to Google Translate on the first site … seems like like the Shah had some strange fetishes. I don’t know if we can take this as particularly revealing of the attractiveness of the average Persian woman.

      • Aidan says:

        Easy answer- the Shah was a fag but didn’t want to be seen fucking boys, so cultivated a harem of especially mannish women.

    • Alfred says:

      >But even if we look at very old timey Western photographs (not paintings–photographs) of ordinary girls and women, many of them will also look highly androgenous.

      High grain diets do that to white people. Peasants didn’t live all that well.

      • Varna says:

        Thanks. This makes perfect sense — we witnessed similar processes happen first with the Japs, after WWII, then with South Korea and Taiwan, and today with mainland China.

        The physical anthropology of the natives turned out to be shaped to a large extent by their crap trad diet, and the moment western market economics provided enough protein for everyone, they all grew a head taller than their parents, and the women developed curves and tits as well. Thus it came to be that being short and scrawny wasn’t their “racial feature” at all (unless we count their prior civilizations as a manifested racial feature)

        Which is another clear objective proof that the system which globohomo destroyed over the last decades actually worked, and that the current post-market post-Western civilization being built up at breakneck speed has only one direction to push its dependent plebs into–become grotesque moronic freaks and chronic sufferers of a million ailments.

    • Anonymous says:

      This long rambling post about Russian internet discussions is what the long rambling posts about pajeet shit wish they could be. Thanks for sharing.

  51. The Cominator says:

    I find that basically (I’m a supertaster and picky eater) only intermittent fasting really works.

    • onyomi says:

      What’s a supertaster?

      • harvest coon says:

        autistic special snowflake

        • The Cominator says:

          While I AM also autistic I’m not sure there is a 100% overlap though a high overlap wouldn’t surprise me.

      • The Cominator says:

        Increased sensitivity to some things, HATE most vegetables.

        • pyrrhus says:

          I’m also a picky eater and find most veggies unpalatablr…I was slim into my 30s, gained weight after I retired, and lost it again…I exercise, eat a lot of beef, lamb, and seafood, and have never had any symptoms of diabetes…I think the picky eater helps a lot…

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          Maybe if you stop eating Anglo food, i.e. dog food, you’ll start to enjoy vegetables more. Also, corn is not a vegetable, it’s an embodiment of cancer stop eating it. It baffles me that a people so intelligent and competent in some areas are so disgustingly bad at preparing food adequate for human consumption.

          I’m not joking, try Spain, Italy or SEA and specially Japan, SK and certain areas of China like Manchuria. It’s no wonder neocons can’t shut the fuck up about niggerxicans and their tacos. The shit I’ve seen, tasted and heard about food from Northwestern Europeans, my edible category is their ambrosia. Imagine boiling chicken and eating it just like that, while doing nothing with the broth. I almost told the Brit to kill himself as a knee-jerk reaction.

          • rosebud's tastebud says:

            Just the opposite. “Supertasters” (either people with excessive taste buds on the tongue, or, more often than not, awwtists) only eat bland tasteless food, usually with no spices and no variety, fit for the consumption of highly domesticated household pets, because rich and strong tastes overwhelm them, in much the same way that their skin’s contact with some fabrics overwhelms them. Anglo “cuisine” (>implying) is exactly what they should be consuming, and what they do in fact consume.

          • The Cominator says:

            I didn’t claim I ate corn regularly I know corn is unhealthy empty calories.

            I hate tacos.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              I know you didn’t, I was generalizing because in America this poison is everywhere.

              But trust me, Spaniards are by default incredibly picky eaters to the point they’ll starve themselves when visiting somewhere like Britain or Germany because their food is disgusting by comparison. And they all eat just fine at home.

              Explore other cuisines and you might be surprised about enjoying vegetables a lot more. You’re an autistic engineer, just follow good recipes clinically.

            • pyrrhus says:

              Hard to digest empty calories…

              • jim says:

                On the contrary, very easy to digest empty calories.

                Most starches get converted into glucose in half an hour or so, most fats are directly metabolizable. A typical snack food is composed of sugar and fat. Fructose, corn syrup based foods, are rough on your liver, but your liver converts the sugars in fructose based drinks very quickly. If it fails to convert them quickly, you are in trouble, because fructose sugar glycates your proteins, cooks them, a lot faster than glucose. If you are slow to metabolize fructose, you are diabetic even if your blood sugar tests as healthy.

                Fire in a bottle argues that pufas are hard to metabolize, and hence tend to leave you hungry and tend to accumulate. Accumulation of omega six pufas causes deficiency of omega three pufas, even if you have a gross excess of omega three pufas, which excess is much smaller than your excess of omega six pufas. All processed foods are based on seed oils and soy oils, which are mostly omega six pufas, and even chocolate, they cut the chocolate with seed oil, to save on cacao. It is very hard to buy chocolate that is not cut with seed oil.

                And even if fire in a bottle is bullshit, you should not buy adulterated foods, because they are scamming you, and who knows what else they have adulterated it with?

                • anonymous says:

                  What are your thoughts on Canola oil, Jim? The anti-PUFA and anti-seed oil folk generally club it with soy and sunflower oils as bad news.. But the scientific literature, biased though it may be, does not show problems from Canola intake. Though they do show bad effects from Soy oil et al.

                • jim says:

                  I have absolutely no confidence in the peer reviewed literature, which has a very long history of telling the most outrageous and blatant lies about just everything, but particularly on fats (its history of lying about Global Climate Change and China Flu is shorter, and has not yet accumulated quite as large a pile of shocking scandals.)