The ISI, with the help of America, defeated America.

The Taliban exists because Pakistan sponsors it. Since Pakistan has nukes, everyone preferred to not notice this.

Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, Pakistani Military intelligence, the ISI, accurately foresaw what is now happening in Afghanistan as I post this:

when Afghanistan’s history came to be written, it would record that the ISI, with the help of America, defeated the Soviet Union. And next, historians would record that the ISI, with the help of America, defeated America.

With the major US airbase abandoned, the Afghan government is likely to fall sometime well before September. It could well fall tomorrow, but it will simply take time for Taliban forces to move to Kabul from the Pakistan border.

There is a great deal that is very wrong with Mohammedanism. But there are only two live faiths in power Progressivism and Islam. And as progressivism becomes ever more self destructive, it is losing to Islam.

Or perhaps there is a third. Orthodox Christianity. Let us pay our respects to Putin, Tsar of all the Russias.

Xi Thought is dead. He is trying to bring it to life with a controlled infusion of old type Marxism, which in sufficient dose will destroy the Chinese economy and cause scientific and technological stagnation, but no dose is going to revive the Chinese state religion. The only real option that he has is to adopt old type Confucianism and claim the mandate of heaven, breaking with Maoism.

India has nukes, but incapable of independence because Hinduism is overrun by demons. Has been for a very long time. Pakistan, demonstrably, is capable of independence.

At the recent summit conference, Putin and whoever is pulling Biden’s strings agreed to lower the temperature and halt the drift to war, but those who control Biden can no more control the State Department than Trump could. The State Department thinks it has agreed to pause the drift to war for a few months.

Putin appears to doubt the capability of American nukes, and there are some people in the US government who do not believe America’s nukes work either. Perhaps those are the people who are pulling Biden’s strings, in which case they will eventually be forced to do whatever it takes to prevent the drift to war.

But they are riding a tiger. A holiness spiral is going to go to war with someone. Usually its own subjects.

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  1. Pooch says:

    Here you go to everyone who said South Africa won’t be our future:

    • Alfred says:

      Yes they plan to import 300+ million Africans to murder every non nigger in the country. We’ve known this for a long time now. I’m going to relish what they do to blue areas and the leftist shitheads who live there. Cominator’s wants to kill all the leftists, but with millions of imported niggers we won’t have to anything besides mop up after they’re doing murdering their masters.

      I’ve watched the combat ability of blacks for a long time now. It’s garbage. The problem is the few remaining competent whites in charge in DC and their idiot white footmen, who I predict they’ll quickly replace with their nigger army. When the last competent white combat solider is kicked out of the armed forces, DC will easily fall to even a small elite led white rebellion.

      • Pooch says:

        The video is almost comical. Like Aidan said previously, if it gets to that point, just mere ability to defend your own territory from being overrun in a sea of non-militarily capable anarchy is essentially as good as conquering.

  2. onyomi says:

    I don’t tend to go in for the “long game conspiracy” depopulation agenda NWO-type stuff, but this Madonna video from May 2019 has frankly freaked me out a bit, especially given the back cover of her new “Madame X” album has a typewriter with the word CORONA written prominently on it:

    Is there more sinister planning than we think or is Madonna just really lucky this time with her love of weirdo symbolism?

    • onyomi says:

      Seems Corona is a real brand of typewriter featured in many creepy movies. Though that doesn’t explain the choice to put a typewriter (Tom Hanks’s favorite toy??) on the back of the album. Of course, there is probably an extent to which these Holywood types just like to troll people as well, but still…

    • jim says:

      Eurovision song contest is a religious celebration and ritual of the Euro Church of Harvard.

      This is an explicitly religious, and explicitly satanic video in an implicitly religious celebration. It begins with Madonna wearing black priestly robes, surrounded by hooded monks, and her priestly vestments decorated with a big X and an image of the dragon.

      But interpreting the reference as being to Corona is a long stretch. Rather the Satanic elements in the video prefigure the Satanic elements in the worship of Corona chan.

      It is not that Madonna was informed in advance of the coming worship of the holy Corona demon. Rather that the video is a celebration of the same Satanism

      • onyomi says:

        Boy these people are creepy. I guess right now it feels very important to me to figure out some clearer sense of how much of the current evil is really sinister, great reset, globalist plotting and how much is just stupidity, opportunism, holiness spiral incentives, etc. Typically I lean much more toward the latter, but the massive uptick in Extinction Rebellion-type symbolism, along with statements by Klaus Schwab, etc. all make me wonder a bit more about the former.

        Of course, with everyone talking about supposedly deadly disease all the time, it is to be expected and I still tend more toward endorsing the view expressed in this Twitter thread

        But thinking about that Georgia depopulation monument and the type of creepy, misanthropic globalism embraced by elites and promoted by Thunberg, etc. makes me uneasy, especially as I soon have to make a decision about whether to get a Chinese whole virus vaccine to make certain travel plans easier or to continue to hold out.

      • onyomi says:

        Would you say that the Church of Harvard’s recent (?) embrace of explicitly Satanist-type imagery is just the latest step in the fashion cycle of trying to be transgressive to pwn the squares? That is, now that mere atheism no longer shocks people, these types paradoxically have to explicitly embrace demon worship to continue to upset the sensibilities of regular people and, therefore, differentiate themselves from the plebs?

        • jim says:

          Satanism goes a very long way back. We would expect it to come further and further up front as leftism goes further and further left. We are so far post Christian that it is unlikely to shock any plebs under ninety, so, probably not transgressive to shock the plebs. It just that the masses need religious observance and religious festivals, and Satanism is all that elites have.

          They see people hungry for bread, and all they have is stones, so feed them stones.

          Rituals like Christmas, graduation and the investment of a professor used to be explicitly Christian religious. They purged all the religious elements, and left people hungry.

      • The Cominator says:

        “This is an explicitly religious, and explicitly satanic video”

        Madonna does a lot of those… its too bad once a long time ago her music was actually good. When braindead thots defend Cardi B I go shes a horrible bitch personally, a shitlib, a horrible influence personally who is deliberately a horrible influence… but that I could forgive all of that because Madonna was the same thing… except Madonna’s music at least used to be good while Cardi B’s “music” is awful.

  3. onyomi says:

    So what determines when something becomes a holiness spiral?

    For example, with covid, while it’s clear the CCP waged a propaganda campaign on behalf of their authoritarian, surveillance-state approach, it isn’t entirely clear why we got a scenario where politicians could only be blamed for errors in one direction (not strict enough).

    Once you get a situation where people in power can only be blamed for errors in one direction purity spiral is inevitable, but it isn’t entirely clear to me why that became the case with covid. For example, it’s not like there was no pushback from doctors, demonstrators, libertarian-ish politicians, etc. against the corona-doomers, yet somehow the corona-doom worldview became the dominant one such that, seemingly the powerful could only get in trouble for insufficient corona-doom, not excessive corona-doom. How did this happen?

    For example, one can imagine a hypothetical where social welfare programs spiral completely out of control so that the whole budget is inflated away into ever-growing UBI payments but the politicians erring on the side of too generous never get in trouble whereas those erring on the side of austerity do, yet that, so far, has not happened. Why?

    • Alfred says:

      >So what determines when something becomes a holiness spiral?

      If people are looking for ways to out holy each other week by week, it’s a holiness spiral.

      >For example, one can imagine a hypothetical where social welfare programs spiral completely out of control so that the whole budget is inflated away into ever-growing UBI payments but the politicians erring on the side of too generous never get in trouble whereas those erring on the side of austerity do, yet that, so far, has not happened. Why?

      Happened in the 70s. But elections still mattered and Regan got into power and shutdown inflation.

      It might happen again shortly but this time elections don’t matter.

      The COVID spiral was necessary to get rid of Trump, so all the priesthood pushed it. They also noticed it they could gain an amazing amount of power with it, so they pushed even harder. Today it’s being used as the basis to abolish free speech once and for all for the benefit of the dictatorship.

    • jim says:

      There is a large element of sheer randomness.

      If people could predict what they will be holiness spiraling on tomorrow, they would be holiness spiraling on it today.

      Leftism has no essence. It is like women’s fashions.

      • Alfred says:

        There’s some command and control going on as well, mostly via cutting off media coverage and then sending the cops in as they’re doing in LA with the Spa thing right now. But the amount of spiraling going on the direction of the spiraling seems to be increasing.

      • Alfred says:

        There’s some command and control going on as well, mostly via cutting off media coverage and then sending the cops in as they’re doing in LA with the Spa thing right now. But the amount of spiraling going on the direction of the spiraling seems to be increasing.

      • onyomi says:

        I will say that I experienced the seeds of the covid spiral as early as 2009, when I was quarantined in China after having caught the swine flu, most likely on the plane to Shanghai. I was required to live in a hospital until my fever was gone for 24-48 hours (took 5 days total), which is nothing compared to the treatment of even wholly asymptomatic, vaccinated travelers with negative tests today, of course, but the draconian approach to testing, wearing space suits to clear out my whole hotel, etc. was already in evidence.

        The disturbing phenomenon that is coming into focus for me relatively recently is how, when an authoritarian regime increases communication with a less authoritarian regime, the result is not always freedom contagion among the citizens of the more authoritarian regime, a pleasant fiction Americans learned from the Cold War. Rather, as we are seeing now, there may be contagion from the more authoritarian politicians to the less if e.g. demands for safety can be made to trump demands for freedom.

        Sadly, the real lesson of the Cold War might be that material prosperity inspires envy, not freedom inspires envy.

        • Pooch says:

          Holiness spiraling is fundamentally about status. Some priest gains status by doing something and other priests start piling on doing the same thing but harder. Disease is low status. “Curing” disease with “science” is high status. I suppose it was just a matter of time before the Cathedral priesthood started holiness spiraling on that.

        • Karl says:

          Nah, if you compare China with the West, it’s not authoritarian and less authoritarian regimes. Instead it’s authoritarian and anarch-tyrannical regimes.

          At least in Western Europe, draconian meassures were enforced only against the civilized part of the population. The Western governments hate their white population and will glady accept any pretense to make them suffer.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*Deleted for misinformation and shibboleth misuse.*]

      • jim says:

        Deleted for misinformation and shibboleth misuse.

        No Child Left behind was leftist holiness spiraling, not conservative holiness spiraling. It was not excessively high standards, but radical further lowering of academic standards.

        It was accreditation for everyone, everyone’s a winner, blacks only underperform for lack of self esteem, so the state must further raise their self esteem by making all accreditation worthless.

        Private business does not work the way you describe, and only someone who has never done a day of productive work in his life would imagine that private businesses work as you describe.

        Socialist housing has repeatedly been tried, with the usual results of such measures, and it has been tried most vigorously and most persistently in New York, with effects similar to urban bombing in World War II.

        PJ O’Rourke visited Beirut shortly after the worse part of the civil war, and concluded that people living in the ruins of Beirut had it better than people in New York living in socialist housing.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          I still don’t know how Bush II beat Pat Buchanan…

          If not for participation trophies the Chinese would absolutely own the elite institutions because their students get outside help like Confucius Institutes and study groups for themselves to win an unfair advantage. Declaring everyone a winner is less of a lie than a fake meritocracy. Academia is a contest between liberal cheaters and leftists declaring everyone equal in legitimate self defense (even if many of them quietly know better, especially the You Know Who’s), but all that is certain is that conservatives consistently lose, but still force their children into school anyway and still pay to keep the system running. Anyone with intelligence needs to learn liberalism, leftism, or Chinese.

          The revolving door corruption machine is a real thing in private business and it is clearly morally wrong and impoverishing. The ideal corporate elite model where there’s instead a one way valve for government workers to become the “officers” and mail room wage slaves to become “NCO’s” is how things ought to be run. Anything else just results in feedback and both government and business being bled by leeches.

          Socializing housing actually makes the economy as a whole LESS socialist because it frees up more capital for legitimate businesses, besides the obvious benefits to affordable family formation. The failures of socialist housing are reverse Potemkin villages meant to falsely discredit a good idea.

          • jim says:

            > I still don’t know how Bush II beat Pat Buchanan

            Elite backing in grossly rigged Republican primaries. Trump’s election was the first legitimate Republican primary win a very long time, and likely the last. If we ever have a legitimate election result again, it will only be through measures similar to those deployed by Julius Caesar and the NSDAP.

            > If not for participation trophies the Chinese would absolutely own the elite institutions because their students get outside help like Confucius Institutes and study groups for themselves to win an unfair advantage.

            Outside help to perform meaningless memorization tasks is a perfectly fair advantage.

            Further, I have worked with Chinese engineers quite a bit and they are superb at memorizing things without understanding them, and therefore should perform substantially better in academic computer “science”, even though they perform substantially worse at some engineering tasks.

            Right now the Chinese government is attempting to implement Opal to protect itself from the NSA powning the communist party’s computers, but, alas, it is being implemented by Chinese engineers – implemented absolutely correctly according the Opal specification, but probably not correctly according to the intent and spirit of the specification, the intent and spirit of the specification being to prevent a hostile party from powning your computers.

            Chinese are genetically superior to whites at meaningless academic memorization, due to a couple of thousand years of the mandarinate system.

            > The revolving door corruption machine

            The *regulatory* revolving door is the corruption machine. It is government corruption, not private corruption. When I pay obscene amounts of money to a “””consultant””” in order to get regulatory approval of some private action, I am not being corrupt, I am being shaken down by corrupt regulators. The bureaucrat’s lawyer had a chat to my lawyer, who told me to give the “””consultant””” a pile of money. The fix is to abolish regulation and imprison strangely wealthy regulators, not to change private business.

            When MF Global appointed Jon Corzine CEO of MF Global through revolving door, Jon Corzine being a senior politician and powerful regulator, it was the investors in MF Global who got burned. It was a shakedown of investors by politicians and regulators. Those who made him CEO were not corrupt, they were screwed by politicians and regulators who saw their big pile of cash sitting around and wanted some. Making a top regulator CEO did not give MF Global an unfair advantage, it was capitulation to an unfair disadvantage. We should have shot Jon Corzine when the money went missing.

            We did the right thing when Carrian Group’s money went missing. That is what we should have done when MF Global’s money went missing.

            > Socializing housing actually makes the economy as a whole LESS socialist because it frees up more capital for legitimate businesses

            Been tried thousands of times over the past two thousand years, with always the same result.

            New York has been engaged in socialist housing over last eighty years. It would have been less destructive to spend the money on high altitude area bombing of New York.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >Socializing housing actually makes the economy as a whole LESS socialist because it frees up more capital for legitimate businesses

            What do you think ‘capital’ is? where do you think it comes from?

            ‘Socialized housing’ has one party appropriating surplus capital from another party – the legitimate businesses – in order to ‘socialize’ the housing in the first place, which is literally what ‘socializing’ means.

            There’s a special kind of retardation that comes from being educated stupid.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              ‘We need to raise taxes so the state can do stuff; how else will we put money to work?’

              The solipsistic progroid, having no capacity for world-formation in general, in particular here has no model for ‘businesses’ as entities that actually do anything in a society, that actually perform functions that constitute the powers of a society. Has no concept of how *other people other than themselves* should – or even *could* – be doing things by their own hands.

              It’s view of a ‘business’ is like it’s view of a pile of gold; and it’s view of ‘business owners’, as like someone simply sitting on top of a pile of gold. ‘Pay your share’.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Coronadoom grew legs and spiraled because it was convenient for relative power.

      Specifically, for people opposed to real americans in general, and Donald Trump in particular, wishing for power over real americans in general, and Donald Trump in particular.

  4. Alfred says:

    It’s amazing to watch Jim’s only the elites matter theory of history play out in real time. Without elite push back the first amendment died this week. Plenty of regular people are upset, but without elite voices they can’t coordinate. There’s not much of our civil religion left.

    • onyomi says:

      Will be interesting to see what happens in France, Greece, Cyprus, and others engaging in massive protest against covid passport. Unfortunately, if the last year or two has taught us anything, it’s that even small, violent, unsympathetic protests can be extremely effective if they have elite backing, whereas even massive, prolonged, peaceful, sympathetic protest can be completely ineffective if no elite backing.

      • Pooch says:

        Protest doesn’t work for the right.

        • onyomi says:

          I don’t have my ear close to French politics, but I get the impression that anti-vax passport is not a purely left-right issue there, though I’m sure it’s more right than left. I understand why it may not work without elite backing, but I’m not entirely sure why it would not work for “the right” in general.

          In HK, for example, the protests were very much not understood as “rightwing”–rather more the opposite. But the important point was that they were fighting not just their local government but Beijing as well, I suppose.

          • The Cominator says:

            If millions are on the streets for weeks it might work (especially given that the French armies tendency to go over to street protestors historically)…

            There is such a thing as backing everyone into a corner at once.

            • Alfred says:

              I hope so but so far, I’m not seeing it.

            • Pooch says:

              Reactionary regime change looks like Caesar, Pinochet, and Napoleon not mass Revolution in the streets. Revolution is a left wing word. Thinking yourself as a revolutionary when in reality you are reactionary can lead to disastrous consequences as the 1/6 capital protestors found out.

              • onyomi says:

                I don’t think 1/6 was primarily about reactionaries mistaking themselves for revolutionaries so much as an expression of frustration that the feedback mechanism conservatives have historically been content to rely upon, namely the ballot box, had been revealed as useless.

                If elections can be stolen and, more importantly, if a large share of conservatives come to believe voting is an ineffective means of registering discontent, that is a huge shift from the historical norm of living memory, if not much longer. That does not mean, of course, that adopting the tactics that work for the left will work for the right, but it is a big deal.

                • Alfred says:

                  The change is one of the elites no longer using voting to decide disagreements between them.

                  The blow to the public is spiritual in nature, with the demise of voting the American civic religion is largely dead, while the state sponsored Demon worshiping religion is growing in power and size.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                There is a difference between reactionary revolution and leftist rebellion. I knew people on the 6th that if Trump gave the word were going to take and hold the state capitals. All he needed to do was say the word and there would have been small armies holding 30-40 state capitals. That is how a right-wing revolution is done. The elite calls out the militia and commands them. It would not have been masses in the streets, but small units cohering into armies to serve the sovereign’s will.

                • Pooch says:

                  That is how a right-wing revolution is done. The elite calls out the militia and commands them. It would not have been masses in the streets, but small units cohering into armies to serve the sovereign’s will.

                  Is there even 1 historical example of right-wing revolution like this? I’m not finding it. Looks to me reactionary regime change looks more like Caesar marching into Rome with an army of professionals at his back.

                • jim says:

                  In the events preceding Julius Caesar, people did call out a militia, which events eventually escalated into Caesar marching into Rome.

                  From Julius Caesar onward, it was all regular army.

                  Leftists, as in the French Revolution, quite regularly call out a militia, and we really have not seen the right call out a militia in modern times. But in the current situation, calling out the militia would have worked for the right. It has been done before, though not in modern times, and could be done again.

                • Pooch says:

                  In the events preceding Julius Caesar, people did call out a militia, which events eventually escalated into Caesar marching into Rome.

                  From Julius Caesar onward, it was all regular army.

                  Caesar called out the militia, but only after he marched into Rome with his army of regulars. The army of regulars was key, even though it was only a single legion.

                  We were all trying to count how many legions Trump had in the military. Well, it turns out he had none and the military is entirely woke.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Protest works perfectly well for the right the same way it works perfectly well for the left.

          Which is to say, when elite send out militia (usually filtered through proxies and astroturf in the case of occulted demotist elites), and make the word known they have license to violate the NAP of target demographics, and send in their own their housecarls to punish anyone who might attack the militia (especially if they are target demographics), the apparatus naturally comes out on top.

          The fabian theater of conjuring up a ‘demanding people’ the elite will then ‘surrender’ to, as a pretext to implement the policies they were wanting to implement in the first place, is something you won’t see in a sane regime where the feudal hierarchies are made explicit, but then we are starting to speak of more special cases.

          TL;DR never was there a lynched nog who didn’t dearly deserve it.

          • jim says:

            As I am fond of saying, if in all of America, and all of American history, there was one nog lynched who did not deserve it, that nog would be the poster boy rather than Emmett Till

  5. Roger says:

    Wow: “measures to address the problem of identifying likely cooperators, and persuading people that you will cooperate, and figuring out what constitutes cooperation.”

    Beyond the virtue of cooperating with good people oneself, and working to better oneself, such measures would seem to me to be just about the sum total of the wisdom I would want for myself in this life and that I would like to pass on to my children.

    Any sources rich with such wisdom?

    • jim says:

      Yes and no.

      Christians wrote a lot of stuff on this issue, but did not address it from within the frame of Game Theory, and in the modern environment, where old Christian words have been given satanic and inverted meanings, their writings are difficult to comprehend. We have lost the wisdom that used to exist on this issue, and it is not easy to recover, even if you read old sources.

      I briefly describe how I address this issue in real life from time to time in the comments, but have not posted on it and any length. I guess I need to post on it.

      No one was really applying Game Theory to human affairs until the Pick Up Artist community started applying evolutionary game theory to the mating dance, and the pick up artists did so from within the frame of always operating in defect/defect. (It is important to realize that you always start out in defect/defect unless a woman is abducted or assigned by her patriarch. Romantic love is defection, the classic examples being Lancelot and Queen Guinevere.)

      Constant briefly addresses the issue that the definitions of good and evil need to be public and the subject of social consensus.

      This obviously has the problem that the definition is likely to be destructively manipulated.

      So, as an individual, you have to announce commitment to and reference an older definition. Much older.

      I address this briefly from time to time in the comments, and I addressed it at somewhat greater length in the Logos Has Risen.

      If I want to persuade a contractor that I will pay promptly on completion of inspection, and will make appropriate progress payments from time to time, I reference old testament on prompt payment, “At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it” and then say “I interpret this as …”

      And similarly, when I want to tell my wife my expectations of how our relationship should be, I quote Saint Paul.

      In this day and age, demons, whether they be real or metaphorical, still tend to turn their tails and flee from the cross.

      What does it mean to say that a merely metaphorical demon turns its tail and flees? It means that when their is a conflict between current year morality, and the morality that you in fact follow, and you explicitly reference the older tradition, the interlocutor who wants to impose the current year consensus on you is unmanned.

  6. Mountain says:

    What websites do you like for alternative news? I want to keep up to date on changes in the United States and around the world.

  7. onyomi says:

    Thought this video did a good job summarizing the whole “people feel entitled to elite status because they got a liberal arts degree” phenomenon that comes up here all the time:

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      When someone says ‘you need to be able to recruit new elites’ they’re kicking the can down the road; what you need is elites *who have children*, and thus make more elites.

      Elite production in this manner is good and great, since it produces downwards mobility, which is a key ingredient for elevating the blood of a nation, and productive competition in general, and also produces a class of officers willing to embark upon Adventures for a chance at glory, essential for conquering dirty barbarians and expanding lebensraum to the stars.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The character of rhetorical exhortations like ‘you need to have immigration/open entry to the priesthood/[insert entryism here], because otherwise how else will you get (((new ideas)))?’, is a quintessential projection of solipsistic minds; the only ideas these sorts of people ever have are ideas that came from someone else. Not only are they not capable of world-formation in thinking, *they cannot even imagine what it could be like as a possibility of such a thing*.

        More esoterically, one may see the offspring of congenital solipsism as expressed in ideological forms as nominalism; in such exclusively privileged emphasis on ideas that are always new, *different*, in particular, from anything that might have come before, as it can see no such thing as anything more than contingent truth; implicitly betraying a weltanshauung that is incapable of realizing greater scopes of order in a creation that moves in accordance with natural law. A mind that can never escape living in the eternal Current Year; where every year is Year Zero; where any situation is always Unique and Unprecedented, and thus always requires Unique and Unprecedented solutions; where no tasks, concerns, or objectives, apprehended in the schizoaffected kaleidoscope of it’s perception, can be found to have any relationship with any other shard that might pass through it’s skein.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Good students in school should get good jobs or else the school is just being used as a replacement for family. The increase in salary and reproductive ability for good students should be of greater utility than the “spawning pool” free daycare effect schools have for the underclass. Otherwise, you end up like South Africa. Whites and Asians are devastated by compulsory schooling, while blacks and Hispanics see a relative and often absolute increase in fertility.

      Any change to the current system would be an injustice if anyone who went through it didn’t have his work honored. Reaction, unlike revolution, always makes sure the outer party types are treated fairly, the warriors and priests even if not the bishops. The merchants and grunts can sod off because they get what they want from the schools, a family replacement institution, but they need to be put in their place by their betters and their fertility rate should relatively suffer for it.

      I’d like to abolish schools just like I’d like to retake Constantinople. But we have to work with what we have for now. And I’m forced to side with the brahmins because I was forced into school and they’re my people now, even if I liked playing with construction toys as a toddler.

      • jim says:

        > Good students in school should get good jobs

        Good students in school should not damn well get jobs at all, they should starve until adequately motivated to become hewers of wood and drawers of water, because we have far too many people spending far too long at school, resulting in massive elite overproduction.

        We should have enforceable apprenticeship, the jobs should go to those that successfully graduate apprenticeship, and the good jobs to those went to good apprenticeships and did well in those apprenticeships.

        Someone who has never had a checkbook and has no idea about money signs on the dotted line for one hundred thousand in student debt, learns all about the horrible evils of being white and male, how all our nice things were stolen from the brave warrior women of subsaran Africa, then graduates thinking he is entitled to be one of the elite.

        They cannot all be in the elite, so we get massive overproduction of would be elites, leading to ignorant stupid people making trouble, and you are one of them.

        > But we have to work with what we have for now

        But you are not proposing to work with what we have. You propose to smash the entire economy, so that everything is school forever. Academia is a wrecking ball, and you think it can fullfill its empty promises if it can wreck everything. Your program is far more radical than I propose. I propose to make women property, you propose to make the means of production cease to be property.

        Universities produce priests. They don’t produce scientists, they don’t produce engineers, they don’t produce entrepreneurs. The official state religion only needs a tiny number of priests, and if you produce more than that, the surplus is going to make trouble.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Out of curiosity, do you just assume all the smart crowd already knows that medical school is best attended overseas, like 19th century Prussia used to be for serious academics?

          And why is it so hard to make a particular “generation” of students exposed to known ideas in schooling a protected class? It makes more sense than the racial and sexual identity politics business that has seen so much success.

          • jim says:

            Extended schooling, beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, has been a scam and a ponzi scheme from the beginning. No one deserves a payout for participating in a ponzi scheme. Those who did get a payout deserve punishment, and those that did not get a payout deserve no payout.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              Most Ponzi schemes don’t start out that way. People who get into them early, but not too early, are the most innocent. But the last suckers in a Ponzi scheme are almost as guilty as the ones who started it.

            • Tsymbal says:

              C’mon Jim. No modern economy can work like that. You do need more than reading and writing, and the effects of compulsory education on economic development are well established in the economic literature. I agree that too many people are going to college nowadays, 20% should be the hard maximum. But your position is just unreasonable.

              It amazes me how someone so sharp and insightful in most issues can be so stubborn when it comes to education.

              And more importantly, it is dangerous advice. Personally, if I have a decent job it is because I jumped through the loops and got my degree. If I didn’t, I would probably be stuck in minimum-wage hell.

              • alf says:

                Personally, if I have a decent job it is because I jumped through the loops and got my degree. If I didn’t, I would probably be stuck in minimum-wage hell.

                I refused the hoop jumping, dropped out, started my own business in a completely unrelated field. I now make above minimum wage, enjoy what I do, and even get to be my woman’s boss.

                Am I an outlier? Was I lucky? Maybe, who knows. All I know is Gnon has smiled on me for taking this advice.

                If you’re smart enough to follow the discussions in the comments here, chances are you’re smart enough to escape minimum wage hell.

                • Karl says:

                  Don’t think you are an outlier, but it has to be noted that you run your own business. You don’t earn a wage at all. Tsymbal earns a wage and is happy with that. Without it his hoop-jumping it might well be minimum wage.

                  I have noted that credentialism is a lot different for business and employee. If somebody applies for a job, people ask for certificates from schools, if he applies to do the job as a representative of a limited liability company or independent contractor, they don’t.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  You’re not really an outlier and you weren’t just lucky. You’re one of millions of adamant modern yeomen that still remain and refuse to kneel like wagecuck drones do and every single one of us earned it and earns it every day since we are actually the main pillar of value creation in our societies. The most red pilled and functional demographic sector of society remaining is made up of the self employed and non-corporative business owners.

              • jim says:

                > C’mon Jim. No modern economy can work like that. You do need more than reading and writing, and the effects of compulsory education on economic development are well established in the economic literature

                Compulsory reading and writing is clearly useful, teaching kids stuff that everyone knows, that everyone should know, is useful.

                Vocational training by academics is not useful, because a computer science professor will not teach you how to be an engineer, because he does not know how to be an engineer but how to be a computer science professor.

                We don’t have enforceable apprenticeship any more, but in practice, job related skills are primarily acquired on the job.

                The abolition of enforceable apprenticeship led to massive and obvious decline in job related skills. Knowledge gets lost. The transmission of vocational knowledge visibly and obviously deteriorated.

              • The Original OC says:

                “C’mon Jim. No modern economy can work like that. You do need more than reading and writing, and the effects of compulsory education on economic development are well established in the economic literature. I agree that too many people are going to college nowadays, 20% should be the hard maximum. But your position is just unreasonable.”

                “The economic literature” – asking turkeys to vote for Christmas.

                The country with the greatest proportion of workers with higher education is Russia, a legacy of the Soviet system. The former Warsaw Pact countries all have the most ‘educated’ work forces in Europe. Meanwhile in West Germany, until recently only about 5% of people went to university. Most people took on an apprenticeship like jim is describing. Japan pretends to have higher education, but Japanese people notoriously don’t do anything at university. Are Germany and Japan more successful economically than Romania? How is this possible?

                There is a weak correlation between school-education and economic success only because truly poor countries can’t afford to waste that kind of money.

                “And more importantly, it is dangerous advice. Personally, if I have a decent job it is because I jumped through the loops and got my degree. If I didn’t, I would probably be stuck in minimum-wage hell.””

                Many such cases. But your inclination to compliance – which is indeed valuable to employers – is an attribute of you, not something created by education. You could also have signaled it by completing your apprenticeship with a perfect record.

              • The Cominator says:

                Imagine thinking schools teach things well.

                Schools are good at creating dispirited mindless drones, thats it and thats all.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                With the resources available, I’d say to a 90s level, there’s nothing taught in state mandated schools that can’t be taught at home. What little benefit mass education may have had is far outweighed by the unavoidable progressive payload.

              • f6187 says:

                “C’mon Jim. No modern economy can work like that. You do need more than reading and writing, ….”

                I believe Jim has also made the following points. Schooling in particular valuable skills is also worthwhile, beyond mere reading and writing. Even then, a lot of what you learn in an engineering school is the mindset needed to approach real world problems, and how to acquire and develop more knowledge as needed. In short, almost everything you really need to know, you learn after you graduate, but you wouldn’t have been able to learn those things had you not graduated.

                • jim says:

                  > but you wouldn’t have been able to learn those things had you not graduated.

                  I just don’t see it. What I see is that a degree in computer science is almost irrelevant.

                  If you are hiring a graduate, no one cares if his degree was in computer science or high energy relativistic physics. They care about the reputation of his school for enforcing religious orthodoxy. In actual practice no one, not even human resources, acts as if “you wouldn’t have been able to learn those things had you not graduated.”

                  In the early days, there was no such thing as computer science. Everyone in software engineering was self taught.

                  All useful resources on how to do engineering in general are non academic, though academic papers on specific algorithms are often valuable. Ninety percent of academic research on algorithms is crap, but most good research on algorithms is academic. All useful tutorials are non academic, and their academic equivalents are useless.

                  Someone can graduate with a degree from an elite institution in engineering, and be completely useless – or, as the Challenger Inquiry revealed, not merely useless, but quite dangerous.

                  All graduates need further training on the job, unless they have educated themselves in engineering independently of the institution.

                  In recruiting I don’t see, and I don’t see anyone except human resources, worrying about degrees. They worry about experience in doing similar things.

                  If someone has experience, and no degree, he is fine except for human resources getting in the way.

                  The preference for degreed applicants is similar to the old establishment Anglican policy of only giving state and quasi state jobs to Anglicans – except applied to fields where such a policy has no benefit.

                  If someone has a degree and no experience, and human resources sticks you with him, you are likely to have a problem.

                  From experience, I can say that an academic degree in computing is almost irrelevant to your ability to learn engineering. Unfortunately it is quite relevant to your ability to get a job.

                  I have an advanced degree. It has never been of any use, or given me any substantial benefit. I learned some interesting and important things, but as vocational training, utterly irrelevant.

                  When I interview someone, their degree is still irrelevant. Furthermore, even human resources does not really care if you have a degree in computer science. They care if you have a degree.

                  Just as revealed behavior shows people don’t actually believe sexual harassment charges in real world way, but only as a religious observance, revealed behavior shows that people don’t actually believe that a degree in computer science is actually relevant to engineering, but rather a religious observance.

                  Actual observed hiring behavior only makes sense as religious observance, not vocational training.

                  A degree in physics is quite useful for getting a engineering job, and an advanced degree even better, but absolutely no one cares what field of physics the degree was in. A degree in seventeenth century hermeneutic seventeenth century lesbian basketweaving less useful, but still quite useful.

                  It is similar to sexual harassment charges. No one actually believes that the woman was sexually harassed. They believe that she is distressed, and they are required to care about her distress, and do something about it. What the male in fact did is irrelevant. And the more conspicuously they care about her distress, the less they care about the male’s actual behavior. Similarly, the more they care about a degree, the less they care about ability to actually do the job and the less they care about whether the project will succeed.

                  Degrees are, in actual practice, a religious observance. We should only require religious observance for state and quasi state jobs. When the reaction is in power, to get a state or quasi statal job that performs priestly functions, you will need a degree – probably from Harvard or Yale, assuming we do not need to raze them to the ground and build a new Harvard and a new Yale somewhere as far away as possible from the originals, with a great Cathedral at their center. To get a job that has state or quasi state power but does not have priestly functions, you will need to attend a good Church from time to time, though a degree from Harvard or Yale will be helpful. For the rest, an apprenticeship will be helpful. A degree is unlikely to be helpful. For the officer class, the top officers will have attended a prestigious school to age sixteen or so, where the eminent qualification will be having been a good team player on the sportsfield and good sportsmanlike conduct as judged by one’s peers, rather than academic accreditation. The school will, as now, inculcate the national state religion, but the officer class will not be expected to have paid much attention, unlike now. No one will care very much about the priestly caste at that school certifying that the candidate paid careful attention to the state religion, unlike now.

                  All schools will impose team sports on everyone, and some quasi military scout type activities, with rather more emphasis on lethality than the boy scouts taught, and one’s future prospects in getting a job with one’s peers from that school will be substantially affected by how one’s peers judge one’s sportsmanlike qualities.

                • f6187 says:

                  I wrote:

                  “… In short, almost everything you really need to know, you learn after you graduate, but you wouldn’t have been able to learn those things had you not graduated.”

                  Jim wrote:

                  “I just don’t see it. What I see is that a degree in computer science is almost irrelevant.”

                  I overstated the case. It’s not that you wouldn’t have been able to learn those skills without the technical degree. However, an excellent professor in a serious college can put a student on a fast track to acquiring valuable concepts, skills, and discipline. I can think of several such professors in my life, who threw me into the deep end of the pool.

                • Karl says:


                  If I understand correctly, your point is that an excellent professor will enable a student to learn faster or better than an autodidact.

                  Nobody argues that skills are (or should be) self-tought. The relevant comparison is an experienced engineer teaching an apprentice or junior engineer.

                  Why do you think that a professor at a college or university can teach better than an experienced engineer working in the field?

                  To demonstrate your point, you may replace engineer with scientist, physician, attorney, etc.

                  Baiscally, everybody learns best from someone who has the relevant knowledge. People who apply that knowledge necessarily have better knowledge than people who never apply it.

                  What can the professor do that the experienced engineer working in the field can’t do?

                • ten says:

                  Late to the party here, but i have a testimony on the matter. I learned to code, worked at some rather large projects, before going to computer science engineering university, which i did because i thought i wanted to work at google deepmind.

                  I’m way better, but still piss poor, at mathematics now.

                  I also learned some very basic haskell, which i certainly wouldn’t have otherways, and it is a sort of fundamentally interesting paradigm.

                  Big but,

                  I am not a single iota better at coding or working as a software engineer than i was before i started. And with the 100 graduating classmates of mine, i have a pretty reasonable sample size to conclude that not a single one of them learned a single thing that actually helps with writing software, especially that they couldn’t have learned better and faster on the job.

                  If all those 19 year olds didnt spend 5 years at uni, they would have had the same competency and salary and no debt in 2.

                  University is socialization into the fraternity of the cathedral by drinking and fucking and making the motions of learning, and if you want to do some learning meanwhile, hey, you do you buddy. But it’s not why anyone is there.

              • Dave says:

                Firefox is suggesting this video to the normies:


                Summary: China has a dire shortage of skilled workers and a dire surplus of college graduates. The Party knows that nine million college graduates per year is far too many, but even modest attempts to reduce this number provoke mass demonstrations by kids who want to go to college and their parents.

                • yewotm8 says:

                  They should have the means to propagandize college into being lower status than what they need.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >…if anyone who went through it didn’t have his work honored.

        What work?

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          For one, enough homework to prevent any student from getting a part time job, unless he could do with 5 hours of sleep a night. Mostly forced memorization, even in math classes where the “ideal” proof had to be memorized. This was true for K-12 as much as college.

          Strict schooling and grading is a form of work that isn’t fairly recognized. The softer liberal schools do less damage when you think about it.

          Science classes at a liberal arts school might be the worst of all worlds…

          • jim says:

            But this work is unproductive and worthless, so should not be rewarded, and does not deserve reward.

            And who is going to pay for this reward? It is those who are guilty of being actually productive, because there is no one else to pay for it.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*deleted for unreality and for subverting the rectification of names*]

              • jim says:

                The problem is not that people who comply with the Cathedral are being wicked. They are, but they are not wicked people. The problem is that the Cathedral is imposing compliance, and this compliance is both destructive and self destructive.

                You use our shibboleths, but propose as public and collective measures a strengthening of enforcement of Cathedral compliance, rather than a reduction. In so doing, you corrupt the meaning of our shibboleths, impeding communication, rather than communicating.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              > But this work is unproductive and worthless, so should not be rewarded, and does not deserve reward.

              This. I’m not ashamed of my humanities degree. I’m actually one of those (possibly) rare scholars that understands I have no place in the halls of practical application. I enjoy my studies, I think I do good work, and I hope one day my areas of study find their proper home, sequestered away, unpaid, purely done for pure purpose. 90% of the “work” I did was worthless, and 9% was detrimental. 1%, maybe, helped me get better at coherence in writing. Anyone who went to university is a sucker. Anyone who thinks they deserve a reward for being a sucker deserves a beating, or worse.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Here’s something your marxian schoolmarms never told you: there’s nothing in life that’s easier than sweating. Labour is the least valuable part of any civilized endeavor, it’s everything else, like organization, that is hard.

            If i paid you 80 bucks to help me move a set of bookshelfs from one building to another, and you instead spent a week driving those bookshelfs to Guadalahara instead, im not paying you anything (rather, i’d sue you for damages even), because im not saying you to sweat, im paying you *to do a job*.

          • neofugue says:

            Having gone through this process I can sympathize with your frustrations. However, memorizing facts and data for untold hours is worthless and not applicable to the real world unless one wishes to work a low-status job.

            Cramming math “proofs” for a test the night before is analogous to a janitor learning the right combination of soaps and brushes prior to cleaning the airport bathroom, only that the latter provides value and the former does not. High-level work, problem solving, is based on one’s intelligence, which is why it is not taught in modern education.

            As an admission I am not the least bit shy about mentioning my alma-mater to others because of the status and respect it entails, but almost all of what I learned was worthless and I never pretend otherwise. In the words of Mark Twain, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

            Elon Musk understands the difference between schooling and education, as illustrated in one of his school’s principles, “teach to the problem, not to the tools.”


      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Hey TC, fire up the chopper. This one has to go.

      • Basil says:

        “Good students in school should get good jobs or else the school is just being used as a replacement for family.”

        Surprise surprise, but that’s what the school was created for. What the founders of the modern school are talking about directly. If a person is not sent 6 days a week to strangers, instill “patriotism” destroying true patriotism (loyalty to one’s family and locality).

        This is also the reason why we need patriarchy. Women should stay at home.

        “because I was forced into school and they’re my people now”
        Ask your parents questions. dozens of countries around the world allow home education.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >I’d like to abolish schools just like I’d like to retake Constantinople. But we have to work with what we have for now. And I’m forced to side with the brahmins because I was forced into school and they’re my people now,

        You’re getting closer, but this is still weak garbage. Vlad the Impaler and his brother, Radu, were both held as hostages by the Turks for years of their boyhood. Radu served them as their willing tool in adulthood, while Vlad became their greatest enemy. Which one do you admire? Which one do you want to be?

        The progs destroyed your life and your prospects with their ridiculous self-serving credentialing system, and now you call them “your people?” Pathetic.

  8. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    [*deleted for misinformation*]

    • jim says:

      You take a random fragment of significant international news that is of relevance to our discussion, and arbitrarily stick Israel into the story. Nah, Israel is somehow involved in lots of things, but it is probably not involved in that thing, and if it is you have no more knowledge that it is than anyone else does.

  9. @jim

    What is a ‘shill test’?

  10. C4ssidy says:

    Peer review should be replaced with some sort of smart contract. Blockchain hosts the papers and blockchain-governance sets a small and reasonable standard price to download them. Attempting to replicate the results, successfully or not, gives you an automatic cut from the revenue. How do you decide what attempts are legitimate ones, and make it resistant to Sybil attacks? You use the trust network that Jim already describes. So the system looks for people you already trust, or people that people you trust trust, and so on. why not also apply to investigative journalism? The system Jim describes selects for high quality social media posts without bots and shills, but could be used to select for any types of document production requiring hard work, legitimacy and honesty, and the resulting network would also provide a framework for shadow corporations hiring technical experts based upon relatively good objective criteria (work already done on the blockchain tied to your digital id) without the stranglehold of HR

    • EH says:

      Interesting idea. Pre-publication peer review isn’t science at all, though. Science papers don’t have any revenue to share, either.

      Judging merit of people’s ideas and opinions in different matters — and even more, rating the value of individuals’ judgments of other people — is a central problem for making civilization work better. Democracy and politics is what we’re using now, so it shouldn’t be hard to do better, but it is very hard to do well in an absolute sense.

      Is there a handy link to: “the trust network that Jim already describes”?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        “…We can start with the 200 question certification exam. The most obvious clue that there was something suspicious going on with the test was that there were no questions about Xanax. How do you measure “excellence in all areas of care and practice” without asking about the most commonly prescribed medication in America, let alone psychiatry? Meanwhile there were several questions about pimozide, a medication which appears to be prescribed exclusively by psychiatrists who want to brag about prescribing it. I was repeatedly assessed on my competence in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, but was not asked to display my knowledge of SSI. You might retort that SSI isn’t really psychiatry, but then why is so much of my time spent on it? The only thing I spend more time on is Xanax.

        “But though the missing Xanax was a clue, the insidious problem with the exam was not the content. To see the bad faith obscured by the questions, put aside the usual college freshman complaints of, “why do we need to know about pimozide?” and ask instead, “what happens if I get the question wrong? What happens if I get them all wrong?” The answer is nothing. There are no consequences for failing this test, at all. First, 99% of the applicants pass, I assume the other 1% forgot to bring two forms of ID. Second, even if you fail, you can take it again and again, as many times as you feel it’s worth the $1500. Third: there were a thousand easy ways to cheat, here are three: I could have walked out of the building on an unsupervised “break”; I could have Godfathered an ipad to the back of a toilet; or I could just picked up the phone and called everyone. Who was going to stop me? There is more security at a pregnancy test, which made me wonder if how easy it was to cheat wasn’t… on purpose. The retort is that doctors are expected to behave honorably, but the honorable ones were going to pass anyway. Those in danger of failing– the very people the test should detect– would be most tempted to cheat. Doesn’t the ease of cheating render the test unreliable? If the test is unreliable and 99% pass, why have a test at all? Which reveals the gimmick: the point of the test isn’t to measure competence, but to convey the impression that competence was measured. The point of the test is to say that a test was given– and nothing else.

        “The question is, to whom are we saying this? It is as if psychiatry was in denial about its ordinary reality and was trying to create a different identity through the test itself. A psychiatry where there are right and wrong answers. Where pimozide and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy happens, a lot. Let me anticipate your retorts: that the questions are carefully constructed for their validity; that the test itself “incentivizes” learning; that not everyone prescribes Xanax; that if I’m such a smartypants, what system would I use? If these are your replies, you have missed my point: a flawed system isn’t better than no system at all, it is worse than no system at all, because at least with no system we are forced to be accountable to ourselves for our education. “Not everyone will be so dedicated.” Correct, but now those same undedicated people get an official blessing of their ignorance. Who doesn’t walk out of even this ridiculously meaningless exam not feeling smart, accomplished, up to date? And who would dare, after passing, to criticize the exam that warmed his ego?…”

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Fascinating. Source?

        • EH says:

          Thanks, I guess — such amazing stuff TLP wrote, in such quantity that it consumed a few hours before I was able to tear myself away. Kind of like linking TV-Tropes.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The inauguration of maladaptive systems almost always proceeds from Wand Waving; like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, they do not understand what is actually created when they invoke Power in their desire to create something.

            When someone doesn’t know the extent of how [nice thing] may be furnished – when he doesn’t know how [nice thing] is *already* being furnished – when he doesn’t even *realize* if [nice thing] is already being furnished – and he makes a call for, ‘[nice thing] is nice, would it not be nice if we had more [nice thing]?’, Chimaeras are conjured into being to satisfy that call.

            The problem with wand-waving is not that it fails to create anything that satisfies it’s demands, but that something *is* created to satisfy it’s demands. The Chimaera better fit’s the wandwaver’s simplistically adulterated conception of [nice thing] than the actual [nice thing]s in reality itself. Indeed, they *consume* instances of actual [nice thing] into more of themselves, until there is no longer any actual [nice thing] at all, and naught but the Chimaera remains, and all a group’s action in reality is redirected into an impotent self-referential gnostic parody of reality.

            “…the point of the test isn’t to measure competence, but to convey the impression that competence was measured. The point of the test is to say that a test was given– and nothing else.”

            “…The retort is that the system is predicated on a certain level of honor, that physicians shouldn’t cheat. Fair enough, but if you’re trusting them to be honest in revealing what they learn, why not simply trust that they’re going to learn it? Because the point isn’t the education. The CME exists to say that there is CME; the CME exists to say there is oversight[…]To clarify: the important criticism here is not that the multimillion dollar CME industry is a gigantic money making scam, something on the level of the 15th century sale of indulgences, because to say that would be actually to defend that very system: the money is a diversion, a patsy, what is corrupt about CME isn’t the money but, as the default mechanism for continuing education, it subverts its own purpose. It reduces the interest in actual education so that it can pretend that it explicitly monitors it. If you have a minute to spend on your “education,” the system pushes you towards CME. “Why not do both?” Why do both, who can do both? There are only 24 hours in a day. In other words, the system doesn’t just fail, it forces failure.”

            Men who called for ‘world peace’ created mass chaos; men who called for ‘bread for all’ created mass famine; men who called for ‘universal education’ created mass stupidity; men who called for ‘verified science’ created unverifiable science.

            As has been noted elsewhere ( ), the bureaucratic, managerialist, proceduralist confabulations of bluetribesmen do not actually provide control, greater or otherwise, they are created to provide a *feeling* of control.

            Democracy is to power as porn is to sex. Organizations become colonized by committees, like a fungus spreading through an ant hill, because it can efficiently provide a desired good to a great number of people; and that good is the feeling control. That each member on a voting committee can feel like they have a hand on the tiller of the ship; and the larger the committees, the more people with this feeling it can satisfy.

        • jim says:

          Good stuff, but when you quote, please give the link:

          I cannot access his site except through direct links like that. The home page links do not work for me.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            I linked it above in a reply, though yes just including it in the OP in the first place is usually better.

        • The Original OC says:

          Psychiatry is alternative medicine and always has been. Psychoanalysis is a mystery cult whose only real attribute (hierarchical “analysis”/confession) is mechanism for enforcing cult loyalty.

          It is one of the least sur

        • EH says:

          Thanks. Still going through it. The first part seems to be mostly scratching an itch I don’t really share. (On this blog would be great to just be able to highlight new comments since the last visit. The cobbler’s children have no shoes.) “Discourse” software and Ron Unz’s site software have a lot of good ideas. Any scheme that depends on readers’ raw ratings, particularly if it requires them to rate everything they read, is just not going to work, IMO.

          I’m really after a system for valuing and compensating IP in general, particularly marginal improvements to existing designs, but also fundamental innovations, with low transaction costs. Valuing valuations, rating how good a person is at assessing worth, is a key issue. How can we assess good taste? It’s as objective as beauty itself, I say, and incredibly valuable. Apple’s $T valuation mostly came from the good taste of one man. The original Hot-or-Not algorithm for rating beauty and rating ratings of beauty had a deep insight, which is why it had to be destroyed.

          A few bits I particularly liked:
          “We need a pseudonymous social network on which it is possible to safely discuss forbidden topics.”

          “What the censor is suppressing is stuff that is not generally known and not generally available. What moderators are needed for is to suppress is stuff that is very hard to avoid” [auto-moderation idea: if a comment added to the existing comment base has a compressed size only a few bytes bigger than the existing comment base, then it adds nothing and can be hidden.]
          “We need to support conversations, thus need to have different and distinct reply links, reply-to links, and approvals”
          “we lack an environment useful for conversations about orders, payments, and receipts, which is going to need integration with the payments and accounting system”
          “A conversation between two people is an encrypted immutable authenticated but unsigned data structure shared between two parties,”

          “The infrastructure proposed in Anonymous Multi-Hop Locks for lightning network transactions is also private room infrastructure, so we should implement private rooms on that model.

          In order to do money over a private room, you need a reliable broadcast channel, so that Bob cannot organize a private room with Ann and Carol, and make Ann see one three party transaction, and Carol see a different three party transaction.

          In this context, a broadcast channel is reliable if each of the participants can know that all the other participants saw the message, or knows that the room crashed and the conversation failed to complete.”

          “You then use symmetric encryption with that shared secret. And then, over the encrypted connection, set up a shared secret based on both the durable public and private keys, and the transient keys. So you now have, for each pair of participants, a shared secret that depends on both parties durable and transient keys. Possession of the shared secret proves you know the secret key corresponding to your public key, and you get perfect forward secrecy because the shared secret and the transient keys are abandoned when there is no further action in the private room.”

          That’s about as far as I’ve gone through it so far.

          • jim says:

            > I’m really after a system for valuing and compensating IP in general, particularly marginal improvements to existing designs, but also fundamental innovations, with low transaction costs. Valuing valuations, rating how good a person is at assessing worth, is a key issue. How can we assess good taste? It’s as objective as beauty itself, I say, and incredibly valuable. Apple’s $T valuation mostly came from the good taste of one man. The original Hot-or-Not algorithm for rating beauty and rating ratings of beauty had a deep insight, which is why it had to be destroyed.

            Google’s algorithm is a network analysis algorithm. I discuss network algorithms on my web page, but I am no expert. One of my sons is an expert, and I have not asked him what he thinks of my ramblings.

            • EH says:

              Very interesting. I should say I’m a dilettante on all comp. sci., and not even that on hash trees, crypto, network algorithms etc., but am interested in compression (esp. with side information), compressed sensing and dimension reduction.

              Clustering by Compression is interesting and general.

          • C4ssidy says:

            Perhaps there is a possible system where people could bet on Steve Jobs the person decades in advance, before he is CEO, so that if he ends up one day in demand for high level technical or executive positions, your token value goes up. The bets themselves could serve as a signal towards others to hire such a man and assign him projects to lead. It would of course need to be designed not to be gamable by collusion with employers. Maybe it is as simple as every digital id automatically minting and selling its own coin

            • suones says:

              Or you could’ve dumped SGI stock and bought NeXT Computer shares.

              Monetising my predictions is something I learned very late in life (but not too late lol).

  11. Pooch says:

    The Racism cult is king over all other cults.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      What a powerful, well crafted piece of journalism jfc.

      I think the racism cult is king only in white circles.

    • Alfred says:

      The worship of nignogs is off the charts. I normally go to an all white doctors office for blood work and the alike. Last time I want there the older white women who’d been drawing my blood for years had been replaced by a young black women. The girls at the office where singing her praises about how good she was at her job. My arm is now all bruised up and the dumb nigger couldn’t even tape a over a cotton ball on my arm correctly. So got the tape stuck to her gloves 2 times before she got it on my arm.

      Medical care in America is about to go from bad to insanely dangerous to use.

  12. Kunning Drueger says:

    Is it possible that groups like Taliban or Muslim Brotherhood will have explicit members elected to governing bodies in the West, and if so, how soon? There are quite obviously ultra sympathetic politicians in the US and UK, but they are often people who would be censured, arrested, or executed if they were in Afghanistan, Somalia, or Pakistan. I’m talking about someone being elected to the House or Parliament as a Sharia candidate. Jim stated that the globally dominant religions are Progressivism and Islam, so if/when this happens, would Progressives “recognize” the threat to their power and fight back?

    • jim says:

      Hillary Clinton had a vast intelligence apparatus, which in middle eastern affairs was totally powned by old Islam entryists whose primary loyalties were to the Taliban, Al Quaeda, or Islamic State.

      She remained blissfully unaware of this to the very end, because she is a dumb drunk, and it was politically incorrect for her operatives to draw the matter to her attention.

      So there is a high likelihood that Progressives will fail to recognize the threat to their power until too late.

      I am seeing some hints that suggest that No Such Agency failed to notice that its computer networks were penetrated by just about everyone until well after everyone else noticed, but it is hard to tell what is really happening with No Such Agency.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Clinton isn’t unique in having a blindspot for Muslims. It could be a respect thing, inherent racism (noble savage type), religious blinders,etc. Might get to the point that only straight white male threats are detected.

        I asked the original question because I wanted your perspective on who we should support domestically, in our communities, etc. I’m no fan of oriental cultures or religions, but if it is down to progressives vs. muslims, I’m pretty sure I’m going with aloha snackbar.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >Might get to the point that only straight white male threats are detected.

          That has more or less been the point from day 1.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I know we can’t go too far down this track, but I’m telling you that in the IC world, there’s been a fundamental shift in methodology. There’s a company called Perspecta. They are the future of indoc. This change started under Obama, but it got kicked into high gear in January ’21. I don’t know how all the pieces fit together, but November ’20 was a very loud, very clear signal.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              There has been a real shift; what that shift is though, in principle, is removal of inhibitions.

              Folk who are strait, or white, or male (or even, allah preserve us, strait white *and* male), have always been primary targets for ideologies of invidiousness, because they heretofore have always been the most competent and functional demographics. The whole point, eternally and as always, is rationalizations for one to disenfranchise their most capable neighbors, because they don’t want any of them to stand above them in stature; they are their only real competition.

              November 2020 was a signal that the time for unprincipled exceptions is over. It was a signal to all solipsistic partisans of the tranzi faith, to not just hold the idea of biolenninism, but to go out and enforce it against any and all resistance everywhere, because power will now firmly have your back.

              One might wonder at times then, in light of such, what goes through the heads of those curious urban dwelling bluechecking europoids in that land called America (if it’s not 5.56×45, that is). Some, doubtlessly, have now and then sensed an inkling of a notion – that the talking points they parrot seem to have a rather curious quality of sawing at branches they themselves also sit upon.

              Those poor benighted souls who cheered on the farce of old joe’s handlers stuffing their puppet in place, having the sin of being white and or male themselves (jury’s still out on strait), means they’re also on the list for going up against the wall; useful idiots of course can get temporary delay of execution for tactical convenience, up until they have then lived out their usefulness, in serving to hamstring their other more reflexively resistive compatriots first.

              It’s a niggling dissonance in the back of the mind that all ghostface wokes have grappled with in quiet, maudlin moments. Pretending to be gay won’t help anymore. Chopping their balls off and living as a tranny might get them some holiness points, but at that point you might as well be dead anyways. That’s really the implicit telos; the only forms of life allowable for them is life that leads to death. That they will never have a wife. That they will never have children. That they will never be permitted to have an easy or prominent or fulfilling existence. That their only place in the religion they subscribe too is at best as a disposable ATM from which their moral superiors can extract capital, however long as they last. Because they can’t be trusted.

              That is, their kind can’t be trusted to not be successful. That’s ultimately the name of the game you know? They must be relegated to the bugman hovel life flatlined on prozac to cope, because showing any signs of flourishing makes you a target again.

              The message is that people from demographics with shameful histories of being more functionally organized need to have value extracted out of them and transferred to demographics that are more dysfunctional, until we have safely eliminated all functionality, and noone has to feel insecure about anyone looking better off than them (or perhaps rather, noone around to feel insecurity at all). The proceedings of which are of course so oft also overseen by white males as well; ones who call more loudly and more frequently for even greater of such abnegations than the next guy over (*for* the next guy over, natch), thus showing themselves to have a purer, holier faith in the ideals both nominally subscribe too, thus becoming the one the other lemmings all listen too, and thus gaining license for knocking over the apple carts of the only other potential rivals who could actually threaten their machinations to have higher social status than anyone else; other white men.

              (Until the next month, when another one comes in with even louder and even greater exhortations than the former, thus purging his predecessors, until…)

              • The Cominator says:

                “Those poor benighted souls who cheered on the farce of old joe’s handlers stuffing their puppet in place, having the sin of being white and or male themselves (jury’s still out on strait), means they’re also on the list for going up against the wall; useful idiots of course can get temporary delay of execution for tactical convenience, up until they have then lived out their usefulness, in serving to hamstring their other more reflexively resistive compatriots first.”

                White leftists deserve it entirely fuck them…

                I wish I could make every white leftist suffer 10000x more.

              • Mr.P says:

                Pseudo, one of the best, boiled-down-to-essence comments ever.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Incidentally, leaders who advocate for islamic shari in the west will appear in places where there are more arabs than europeans.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I think that makes sense, Minneapolis and Detroit and Newark make that clear. But what if Sharia candidates start appearing in former traditionalist strongholds. I don’t mean AK wielding Binladen lookalikes, I mean well groomed Muslim men going up against virulently leftist Cathedral zealots. Tactically and strategically, this would be a good thing, right?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >But what if Sharia candidates start appearing in former traditionalist strongholds.

              Certainly that can happen; if it happens to have happened that there are more arabs there now than europeans.

              See how this works?

              If baste islamist figures become mainstream in a (formerly) europoid demesne, it will be because the tranzi establishment already succeeded in destroying it (quite possibly through those arabs in the first place).

              • Aidan says:

                I think he is implying that white Christian traditionalists should use Muslim figureheads to, if not effect restoration, at least counter leftist policies and influence through the electoral system. I’m skeptical. The muslims who are most politically similar to us hate us the most and want jihad. The muslims who are not very Muslim are milquetoast liberals who will not benefit is.

                They are a little smarter than we give them credit for. The jihad bloc supports leftist parties in Europe because they correctly recognize that leftist instability will eventually let them take over with their AK47s. And all minority figureheads that support the Amerikaner lose their sacred status. Whites cannot sneak a black Republican figurehead past the Cathedral, so I doubt Muslim ones would work

                • “The Muslims who are most politically similar to us hate us the most and want jihad.”

                  “The Muslims who are not very Muslim are milquetoast liberals who will not benefit is.”

                  Who are these Muslims?

                  What is their race?

                  ‘Muslim’ is not a racial category.

                • jim says:

                  Take the Soros shill test.

                • Aidan says:

                  Islam is a postmodern religion meant to destroy national and racial ties, not to mention the hierarchies that evolve through natural law. It is historically analogous to puritanism. It is correct to speak of muslims as a single bloc, save for a few rare cases.

                • “Islam is a postmodern religion meant to destroy national and racial ties, not to mention the hierarchies that evolve through natural law.”

                  Those races and ethnicities who embraced the Islamic creed never commit demographic suicide.

                • The Original OC says:


                  Given your Spenglerian outlook, do you expect some victory for the Aryan* Faustians is possible? If so, why? Do you expect this victory will take the form of a revival or the creation of a new culture that is inspired by Aryan characteristics?

                  *unlike Spengler you seem to believe in race essentialism to at least some extent.

                • Aidan says:

                  The middle east is a soup of incompetent racially ambiguous browns lmao

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  They may not commit demographic suicide, but they commit demographic homocide often enough that their neighbors eventually commit demographic self defense, which achieves the same end. They also commit intellectual suicide, which in the era of nuclear arms and space travel is effectively demographic suicide.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >I think he is implying that white Christian traditionalists should use Muslim figureheads to, if not effect restoration, at least counter leftist policies and influence through the electoral system.

                  I got he was implying that, which is also why i was skeptical. Islam certainly is naturally and innate; for arabs that is.

                  A native son of America or Europe, who cares about America and or Europe, sees it, more or less rightly, as yet another manifestation of hostile aliens he needs to resist for the sake of those he loves; something that, even if comparable, is still something that is not his native Tradition. Highly unusual times it would be where he might see it as something of ‘his own’ instead.

                  Meming islamist faction(s) into more europoid aligned modes of thought would certainly not be a bad happenstance for us (and would likely be an improvement for them as well, for that matter), and i have no principled opposition to the idea in abstract. There’s just the small (‘small’) matter of character’s bona fides in particular.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not only can outsiders not use Islam effectively because it will betray them, Muslims can’t even use it very well.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  @Aidan and St. John
                  The figurehead idea is interesting, but I think it is more likely fodder for fiction than real life. My question was based on trends I’ve seen in certain Mid-Atlantic states that are undergoing paradigm shifts in governance. As old guard conservative redoubts become bastions of Progressivism, the slate of candidates is becoming odd. Over cigars and racial slurs one evening, I somewhat facetiously proposed running a campaign for a state senator race wherein “we” picked a few specific demographics to actually target (South Korean, Indian, etc.) and applied a primary/general strategy, meaning we went hard into edge politics to capture a zealous base then walked it back as the race draws to a close. I suggested we restrict funding drives to communities from which our candidate hailed (more than enough money if the campaign is run properly) as well as put out material in Korean, Hindi, Urdu, etc, and no English translations. Ditto for the rallies, straight up foreign affairs. The goal would be to annihilate any prog competition in terms of rhetoric and ideology as well as capture the diversity is our strength/Karen vote. Obviously, everyone thought I was insane but amusing. But I keep thinking about it as a strategy for divide and conquer in local politics. It would only work in a few areas, but those areas are significant.

                • Pooch says:

                  Votes doesn’t matter in blue jurisdictions. You’re better off infiltrating the counting rooms and paying off the Indians and blacks who count the votes.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  @ Pooch
                  I’m back and forth on this one. You are absolutely correct, but I wonder what kind of tactical options exist in the realm of Left Only politics, like in DC, NYC, etc. At this point, the outer party has no purpose and it may just balkanize. This would be a good thing. The goal of my idea is not to fix democracy, because democracy is the problem and monarchy is the solution. I’m wondering what can be done to hasten the decay in a way that damages Progressivism and draws the right kind of people towards monarchy/reaction. I’m not on board with the Comminator Plan because it feels like leftist strategy (mass murder), it doesn’t draw normies in (it only appeals to the most extreme perspectives), and it only addresses the symptoms. I think a better way is to reduce the status value of herding Left. The obvious question is How? I say this with respect to TC. I share the sentiment, and you may as well, because many things I loved have been ruined by Leftoids and their enablers. But I don’t think it is a plan that can be built on, if the goal is a Millennial Star Monarchy.

                • Pooch says:

                  Caesar and Napoleon tended to arrive when just about everyone knew the existing system was a farce. I see boomercons clinging to their Constitutions which tells me we still have at least another generation to go until democracy is thoroughly discredited. I hope I’m wrong.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  However many generations it is, I think the Monastery Strategy will be required. While the idea of based bros guarding libraries, gardens, and wives definitely appeals to me, extant technologies, as well as the threat of pillaging mud mobs, may make the optimal neo-monasteries some kind of buried servers or something.

              • Aidan says:


                Heres my Spenglerian take: Faustian man is going to get Confucius or collapse. A formalization of natural law that stands in for a live faith when nobody really believes anymore. Jim’s interpretation of Anglicanism is the best candidate right now. The faustian victory is colonizing the stars. If we get the restoration of natural law, we will be able to colonize the solar system, and create a long period of general stagnation, but colonizing the solar system would allow new cultures to grow and surpass us.

                I agree with Spengler that race is a quality of an elite within a genetic group. I do not know where new races are going to come from because the men who have race within them are alienated from one another. Give them a reason for cohesion (war and conquest) and we will have strong races again. If we get collapse, the goal is preserving enough knowledge to inspire a new Culture.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  We should discuss this further, but you know I’m very interested in synthesizing the Natural Law into a text. I think you and St. John should be in there as well. I keep procrastinating my mega-crawl through the archives, but really, I just need to know where to begin. Any thoughts on that? I have your corpus downloaded, but I think Jim should comprise the bulk of the text, or maybe just the first text. From my perspective, it is useful and necessary for either path. Of course I would prefer Confucius, but even if the path is Dark Age 2, the Book of Jim will be a good thing to have.

                  Jim, or anyone else, do you have any suggestions on where to start reading about old type Anglicanism?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  English Society 1688-1832, 1st Edition — J. C. D. Clark

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Thanks man. I can’t make any hard and fast deadlines or promises at this time, but as I begin to put things together, I’d greatly appreciate your critical eye. I also plan on going through the comments as well, and I am certain there are posts of yours that will be put in. Some of your comments on this piece were incredibly insightful, but your prose is daunting so it will take some work to get the text to convey properly.

                • suones says:

                  What is you guys’ plan for when the Established Churches all proclaim you neo-Cathars and the State actively starts purging? Jim’s Christianity is deeply heretical according to the Pope and every major Patriarch. Sodomy is becoming/has become a Christian sacrament too. Jim repeatedly declines being a Prophet, and I wouldn’t like to see him martyred, of course.

                  The classic solution to this problem is giving the Pope the Finger, of course. But that was done by Henry VIII who had an immensely powerful land and sea force under his command. What do you have?

                • jim says:

                  > Henry VIII who had an immensely powerful land and sea force under his command. What do you have?

                  What did the original Christians have?

                  We have the truth, and our enemy has lies.

                  This undermines their cohesion. With the pretense of democracy quietly abandoned, they have no means of resolving elite disputes except by killing each other – though normalcy bias will probably keep this from going all the way to tanks rolling back and forth through American cities for some time. The quiet Clinton death count was pretty high, and a much higher death rate is likely to come out of the shadows before long. When the Clintons murdered Epstein, it was not so much that the operation leaked, as that the boat had no bottom.

                  A state needs a state religion, and this state’s religion is about to die.

                • Alfred says:


                  There’s one major establishment religion in America: Poz Demon Worship. There’s plenty of Christians but they’re without churches who are not controlled by their enemies. And as the churches openly declare themselves for the Poz they empty out, much as the boy scouts have.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Putting together a book is not setting up a church and applying for tax exempt status, but you knew that. What are you actually asking?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


                  You may also find some relational interest in the works of G. K. Chesterton and Alasdair MacIntyre, ‘In Defense of Sanity’ and ‘Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry’, for instance.

                • alf says:

                  What is you guys’ plan for when the Established Churches all proclaim you neo-Cathars and the State actively starts purging?

                  We mostly intend to play the long game, so that we will not be a target until our enemies no longer have the cohesion to purge us.

                  It is still a bit eery how completely over the top Jim’s blog is ignored. With Jim having presented an actual plan for Trump to autocoup, you’d expect some buzz at least. I think in that sense we should not underestimate our enemies: my guess is they want some dirt before they direct any attention whatsoever to this place. They understand that if they ever call attention to this place, it needs to be Trotsky’d, not Streisand’d.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Well to put it into some perspective, we can for instance speak of several anonymous mongolian finger-painting appreciation boards many times the size of corners of the net like this, in terms of both posting and eyeballs, yet you will rarely if ever see them explicitly mentioned in official voices of power.

                  In large part, ‘internet stings’ are outsourced to voluntary auxiliary thoughtpolicepersyns; which in most cases means, people getting fingered for publicly available postings on antisocial-media connected to their real identities.

                • alf says:

                  One should not think too highly of oneself or one’s community, but also not too low.

                  Consider Scott Alexander: his blog was in the same ballpark as Jim, and he was important enough to feature prominently in the NYT.

                  I imagine journos are pretty sensitive to blogs; they are natural bloggers themselves, after all. A successful blog, which is mighty hard to create, naturally attracts attention, if not outright envy, from the journalist class.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  What made Scott different is that he explicitly courted the official church and tried to play ball with them.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  (With predictable results.)

                • alf says:

                  Sure, but that presupposes that the Cathedral found him important enough to play ball with.

                  Perhaps you are more right than I am, hard to tell, but Jim has been talking truth to power for a while now, and the audience has been steadily growing. Can’t imagine that not catching some journo’s attention.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  There was a brief moment a few years ago, around 2015 or so, where there was a spate of journalists in third-string outlets making hysterical point-and-sputter pieces about the lovecraftian horror that was ‘The Dark Enlightenment’, but in the event, they either lost interest, or preferred not to gaze in the abyss and go back to more usual suspects closer to home to point-and-sputter at, or word came down from above to ignore it, or some combination thereof.

                  Likelyhood of being mentioned in a rag is almost uniform with whether you are doxxed or not. A modern journalist is basically a blogger; he is also a namefag, who will tend to consider it ‘beneath his dignity’ to speak of anyone but other namefags.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Likelyhood of being mentioned in a rag is almost uniform with whether you are doxxed or not. A modern journalist is basically a blogger; he is also a namefag, who will tend to consider it ‘beneath his dignity’ to speak of anyone but other namefags.

                  And also because journalism is a weapon for this priesthood; figures are appeared in it’s lines in order to be lionized or attacked; and it prefers targets it can get it’s hands on.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I think there’s two parts to this. On the one hand, JB is so beyond the pale that “serious” media assets can’t see the blog. It’s literally jibberish to their perception. So they see no need to address or rebut it. For all the hindsight hate levied on Moldbug, his strange brew of excessive verbage and thoughtcrime-lite was incredibly effective at capturing the attention of people who were, or considered themselves to be, outside of the status quo/common knowledge sphere. The other part, and this is speculative but unsettling if accurate, is that the Eye has seen JB, is keeping an eye on JB, and if/when society gets to a point where the payload here goes from fringe to relevant, are prepared to annihilate the memeplex root and branch. (I’m not playing the “× is a fed!” game, but a lot of the autodefense here goes after entryists and shills while paying no mind to the “can you clarify in granular detail please” posts. I’ve asked for details, so I’m not trying to be a hypocrite, but there is a danger to specificity when someone is putting together a dossier, case study, or investigation.) As the above linked YT account points out often, NRx is not a plan for politics, it is a framework for interpretation. It could be that the Eye is not concerned with the method, but is very interested in the possible results. I’m not shying away from my effort to codify, but I am trying to be cognizant of the threats.

                • jim says:

                  > while paying no mind to the “can you clarify in granular detail please” posts

                  Our enemy’s reality blindness works in our favor here. Any granular detail contains what are them fnords, which blind them.

                  They cannot see us, because they cannot see the fnords.

                  They could see Moldbug, because he crept up on the fnords slowly and indirectly.

                  His fundamental strategy was to woo a hostile elite to act in their own best interest, so he wanted them to be able to read what he said, but they cannot act in their own best interest.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Was it foolishness? Ignorance? Compassion? Vanity? Maybe, for all of his powers of historicity, observation, and deduction, he just couldn’t see the stunning self-destructive impulse ubiquitous in the progressive elite. After all, he is one of them by his own admission.

                  I know the namefag position. I disagreed before and I was wrong, but do you think that no good will come of Gray Mirror, or any of the other “in the open” NRx projects?

                • jim says:

                  Never read it, assuming sight unseen that it is worthless.

                  Since you mentioned it, I read a bit of it. Worthless. He dances around trying to say what needs to be said, and in the end, does not say it. It is Old Moldbug verbose diversionary flimflam that he used to use to sneak up on his point, but now he sneaks around his point.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I imagine you and he would have a very full, informative conversation, then the things you’d both write after it would be… intense? Insane? But he either cannot or will not walk the path you’re on. So my inclination is to intercede on behalf of his work, feeling some motivation to explain or defend. But Cromwell was right. So I say that GM is not worthless; it holds no value for the initiated.

                • alf says:

                  I’m halfway through listening to the Moldbug podcast pooch linked earlier. It’s fun. I feel most of what he talks about is UR recycled and re-applied to current events, but recycling UR is not all that bad.

                  His analogy on complaining about critical race theory made me laugh: ‘imagine a man lying in coma who is anally raped every night. But one night he is raped with more force than usual, so much so that he (subconsciously?) notices the rape and he (subconsciously?) starts to complain, not about the usual everyday rape, but about the slightly more forceful than usual rape.’


                • jim says:

                  Were I to talk about the same thing, I would say that leftism gets ever lefter, and pretty soon conservatives will be conserving critical race theory.

                  I suppose he is saying the same thing – except he is not quite saying it.

                • Pooch says:

                  I liked his idea on the same podcast of the right co-opting CRT terminology to mean exactly what it should mean about race instead of trying to say we are all colorblind like the normie cons do. Need something stronger.

                  Old type Christianity is great on women. Not so great on race, unless I am missing something.

                • Dave says:

                  You could count on the fingers of one hand how many times Jim’s Blog has been mentioned by people using their real names.

                  Andrew Anglin never mentions Jim, but it’s clear from his essays and comments over the years that he’s gone from not reading JB at all to reading it all the time.

                • Bilge_Pump says:

                  I’ve been reading the Grey Mirror posts, the free ones anyway. Imo they’re pretty good. Moldbug is still explicitly “a monarchist”, which doesn’t seem to me like sneaking up on / around a fnord. He says it in a few places but the most recent I can recall is this interview :

                  “To call me a “techno-fascist” is sheer balderdash–I am a programmer (retired), a monarchist (absolute), and a Critical Race Theorist (new wave). ”

                  As for the “critical race theorist” point, I have to agree with him, insofar as I agree with Marcus Garvey in thinking blacks are unassimilable and should go back to Africa. Sometimes he seems to be handing out blackpills, but I think it’s because he earnestly believes in the truth of such pills, not that he’s doing nefarious Jew plotting to corrupt the minds of right wingers (although maybe Jews do this unconsciously, unconscious Jew bias lol).

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  > lovecraftian horror that was ‘The Dark Enlightenment’,

                  I think they keyed off of the name to create their shill, “Intellectual Dark Web”, which is basically a joke.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >I liked his idea on the same podcast of the right co-opting CRT terminology to mean exactly what it should mean about race instead of trying to say we are all colorblind like the normie cons do. Need something stronger.

                  This was in fact an old trick that got a lot of traffic across old /pol/ and early electric reaction, since there many men simply took the tools of post-modern analysis – which represent the point where a subversive powerbloc has moved past the opening ‘unlocking’ stage, where they destroy an incumbent social order through temporary liberalisms (which are always and inherently temporary) of ‘we recognize no established or predictable essences in anything ever’, and into the stage where it looks to solidify it’s power by being assiduous in exterpating any liberalisms anywhere, making sure they don’t make the same mistake of lending certain ‘rights’ to their targets that their targets foolishly lent to them; then it is no longer ‘no religion’, but ‘our religion’ after all; not ‘no races’, but ‘our races’, not ‘no states’, but ‘our state’, and so on – which, by attempting to sneak Ordnung back in through the back door, opens up the possibility of simply reapplying them to more reality consistent ends.

                  The proles are browbeaten that their naive ideas of ‘i dont see race im colour blind’ which they thought were perfectly good and holy are in fact hopelessly biggoted. At the highest levels of leftist intellectual refinement, crafted to respond to continual failures of leftist ideals, and increasingly restive push-back by their targets, ‘white privilege’ ultimately becomes equivalent white supremacy – which you are supposed to piously refrain from explicitly noticing (or, for the most faithful of unholies, notice and attack *precisely because* of such), and keep the old connotative load of words like ‘privilege’ or ‘biggotry’ from their original contexts in mind, even as they are redefined and inflated to apply in other contexts as a rhetorical two-step (where naturally different words with different exosemantics would apply).

                • suones says:


                  What did the original Christians have?

                  We have the truth, and our enemy has lies.

                  In fairness, the original Christians didn’t fare so well until the Roman State adopted Christianity, which took a few centuries. Truth has a slight edge over lies, but it is only a slight edge. To succeed there must also be a path from here to there.

                  @Kunning Drueger

                  I’m asking if Jimian Christianity, which is the real Christianity, also known as National Orthodoxy (condemned as phyletism), hopes to incorporate the Holy See and the many schisms, or to replace them like the Anglican Church. And what will be done about the remaining Internationalist Churches and their (millions of) acolytes? Anglicans mass purged Catholics/Papists, and where necessary, killed them outright. Do you consider Internationalist priests allies or enemies?


                  …hey either lost interest, or preferred not to gaze in the abyss and go back to more usual suspects closer to home to point-and-sputter at, or word came down from above to ignore it, or some combination thereof.

                  They took down Social Matter, doxed and threatened one of the principals for ironic anti-Hawaiian comments, and started the downward spiral that sapped all momentum that DE had. JB is the only content source still standing (and Vox Day, but his content is not quite DE, Briggs has limited scope), and Neorxn the only aggregator remaining. This is what soured me on the whole “nationalist” Jew vs “prog” Jew thing — when push comes to shove there is no difference. Moldbug and Alexander learned this the hard way. The loss of Social Matter and the destruction/forcing underground of Hestia Society was a major blow against developing reaction into a mainstream meme. Some of the energy went into Trump 2016, but then that got purged too. I falsely hoped Trump would reverse, or at least slow down, the trend, but I know better now.

                  Also, attempting to subvert and use enemy memes against them was what I tried (with some success) in 2014. It came to an end in 2016-17 when “Free Speech” became FreezePeach and “Free Assembly” became Charlottesville. It was then that I received divine guidance to never use Leftist rhetorical weapons because they’re loyal to Sauron and will betray me at the time of greatest need. “Free Speech” was only a tool to get a Christian nation to accept Piss Christ and “Free Assembly” only applied to Commie rallies (and now to Bugger rallies). Once the Piss-Christ-Bugger Party is in-charge, it all unravels.


                  His analogy on complaining about critical race theory made me laugh: ‘imagine a man lying in coma who is anally raped every night. But one night he is raped with more force than usual, so much so that he (subconsciously?) notices the rape and he (subconsciously?) starts to complain, not about the usual everyday rape, but about the slightly more forceful than usual rape.’


                  Even his jokes are cucked. This “joke” deliberately has a man being “raped” instead of a woman to avoid getting Anglined over “rape jokes.” “Anal rape” of a man is not a thing because there is no involvement of “consent” in buggery — it is always a crime. Violent buggery is punishable for one party, non-violent buggery/”consensual” buggery punishable for both parties.

                • Kunning Drueger says:


                  The issue you raise is real and relevant, but at this point I feel as if it is very much cart before horse. Changing variables of reality always doom pre-planning to recalculation and improvisation. It is foolish to have no plan and equally foolish to have one plan. As usual, the path we take is the path we’ll make, so important questions will require appropriate answers when they become relevant and we have the capacity to generate real answers. I see no need to peruse paint swatches when we don’t even know where we’re buying property.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >They took down Social Matter, doxed and threatened one of the principals for ironic anti-Hawaiian comments, and started the downward spiral that sapped all momentum that DE had. JB is the only content source still standing (and Vox Day, but his content is not quite DE, Briggs has limited scope), and Neorxn the only aggregator remaining.

                  Very true. I’ve actually spoken of this myself in the past (

                  >Cloudswrest says: How come I only seem to find out about these cool sites after they’re gone?

                  >Pseudo-Chrysostom says: A lot of places i considered more reliable like i considered this blog more reliable have gone that way over the years (quite a coincidence). The worst thing is taking all of their material with them, too.

                  >Porter/Kakistocracy was good but he’s gone. Nydwracu was good but he’s gone. Graaaagh was good but he’s gone. Atlantic Centurion, Future Primaeval, Neocolonial, QuasLacrimas, Theden – good, but gone.

                  >Radish has not been heard from in years, but a blessing from god that it is still archived. Foseti, FaithandHeritage, up but not updated. Nicky’s Xenosystems, not always reliable, but pretty good – also gone. Social Matter, once plenty of guys who were good, now gay.

                  >There are a few places i think of in similar ways that are still up and show signs of life, such as ThoseWhoCanSee, or Counter-Currents, Amerika, or NeoCiceronian, as well as several linked in Jim’s sidebar; but few also with similar levels of activity to throttle your attention span in a world of superstimuli, besides more ‘news-like’ outlets, like Steve Sailer, AmGreatness, or Taki.


                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  I’d say the main things that helped make Jim’s blog a long-term survivor, is 1, taking proactive measures to avoid hosting plugs from simply being pulled, 2, taking proactive measures to prevent doxxing (personally and of other contributors alike), and 3, explicit articulation of the topic of HIV positive entryists into Based spaces looking to spread the poz, how they inevitably identify themselves in the pursuit of such, and the dealing with of such in like kind. That takes away most of the easiest means by which the polygon tries to stamp out competing religious thought.

                  The only other figure i can think of that has achieved a similar feat over the course of non-insignificant public output is Andrew Anglin; and when you look at it objectively, one must marvel at the sheer level of heroism he has displayed over the years. I can’t think of a single figure that has not either squished into cuckoldery or just ducked out into hiding after being squeezed with the kind pressure he has repeatedly sailed through. Yet he has gone years nigh on to a decade through such fire and flames without so much as wavering an inch, and come hell or high water, he would figure out a way to get The Mail though.

                  Simply remarkable.

                • alf says:

                  Even his jokes are cucked

                  Curtis Yarvin is a namefag, and in that sense he has nothing new to add. But he is also a very smart man who was the original catalyst for nrx, so in that sense no judgment from me whatsoever. Namefag’s gotta do what a namefag’s gotta do.

      • “… by old Islam entryists whose primary loyalties were to the Taliban, Al Quaeda, or Islamic State.”

        ‘Al Qaeda’ & ‘Islamic State’ are out-and-out US Deep State entities.

        Sunni supremacists have been working with the American intelligence for the last 50 years.

        Many a political career & presidential legacies [Bush II, Obama, Trump to some extent] were nourished by the staged contest between ‘Islamic Fundamentalists’ and ‘the West [the Judeo-Christian version]’.

        • jim says:

          You have all been working with US intelligence, but who has been using whom?

          The way things worked out in Libya, showed US intelligence thought they were using Sunnis, but it was Sunnis using US intelligence. The way things worked out in Syria showed that US intelligence thought they were using Sunnis, and were partly right, but mostly very wrong.

          • “You have all been working with US intelligence..”

            You can make your point without getting personal. We are all grownups here. Aren’t we?

            • The Cominator says:

              Looking at your website I saw the phrase

              “One can adhere to Islam and be a White Nationalist at the same time. There is no contradiction.”

              This is not correct, Islam commands its adherents to work towards (violently) one Islamic world state. Of course it can’t work but no faithful adherent of Islam can be any other kind of nationalist than an Ummah nationalist.

              • jim says:

                Taqiyya – Islamic entryism to white nationalism.

                They are competing with us for the Nazis.

                • Sir, wearing your faith on your sleeve does NOT amount to ‘Taqiyya’.

                  My name clearly demonstrates my beliefs and identity.

                  They are not being hidden behind some Germanic or Latin pseudonym.

                • Dave says:

                  Sir, wearing your faith on your sleeve does NOT amount to ‘Taqiyya’.

                  No, but claiming your faith is compatible with ours does. Islam is explicitly Arab-supremacist; we need white supremacy.

                • Pooch says:

                  I am no expert on Islamic law but my sense is that Islam is colorblind, not Arab-supremacist, with race mixing encouraged as long as the marriage is an Islamic marriage. The story of Muhammed is that of a conquering horde killing the men of those it conquered and taking the women to reproduce with. Scaling this to the entire world likely results in a brown blob of mystery meat.

              • Thanks for visiting.

                I will address this particular point in the second part.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                My first instinct when he showed up a couple days ago was ‘plant’, since the ‘blog’ linked in his handle is like a week old, and the handful of ‘articles’ are just short empty blurbs for nominal connection with reactionary sounding topics or writers.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, been seeing a sudden influx of Mohammedans that look like plants. As to who is planting them, we will not know for a while.

                • You need to improve your instincts. At the moment, they are failing you.

                • jim says:

                  Again, the non reply reply.

                  This is unresponsive. Stop giving unresponsive responses.

                  Also, take the woman question shill test. Obviously you will pass with flying colors if Mohammedan shill, but if a Mohammedan shill who is also in bed with the feds, will not be able to pass.

                  Things have changed since November 20th, so it is possible that Soros shills can pass the woman question shill test, but they still fail the Soros test, so take the Soros test as well.

                  If you pass both tests, you are still a plant, but at least we know who is not planting you.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  My dick never fails to cum inside your ass lmao

                • The Original OC says:

                  “Yes, been seeing a sudden influx of Mohammedans that look like plants. As to who is planting them, we will not know for a while.”

                  You are getting more and more infiltrators of greater and great sophistication.

                  You are moving up in the world.

            • jim says:

              Your response is evidence for my point. If you were not working with US intelligence, you would tell us about recent history, rather than saying that making the point is hurtful.

              You are, at best, the enemy of our enemies. You cannot expect us to care whether certain facts are hurtful, only whether they are true.

              Alliance with Islam against a common enemy has had a very poor track record for the last twelve centuries. Allying with US intelligence and simultaneously allying with those US intelligence is seeking to destroy is absolutely in character with Islam, and in recent years it has been doing it a great deal. Such alliances have had bad results for both US intelligence and for those that US intelligence is seeking to destroy (as one could predict on twelve centuries of past form).

              • Who is asking for ‘an alliance with Islam’?

                What happend in the last ’12 centuries’?

                I am NOT your enemy. I am just trying to have a civilised conversation. That’s all.

                Ban me if you don’t like my presence here.

                P.S.: Thank your for not censoring my comments and giving me an opportunity to express myself on your blog.

                • jim says:

                  I am interested in whether you can pass shill tests that a right wing Mohammedan or old type Mohammedan should have no difficulty in passing.

                  If you cannot pass them, someone who is not a right wing Mohammedan or old type Mohammedan is looking over your shoulder.

                • C4ssidy says:

                  In those various proclaimed shill script leaks that you see on pol, the shill is supposed to draw attention to Trump’s relationships with the Jews to cause infighting among the alt right. It would not surprise me if someone has thought about doing the same with muds. I heard the datacentres are affirmative actioning in a lot of browns anyway so they would have the background for it. Very excited to see if Mohamet can pass

                • jim says:

                  Spoiler, he cannot. With every comment it becomes more obvious he is a Cathedral agent, probably one of Soros’s boys.

                  Which is a pity. An agent of an independent Islamic group, hostile to the Cathedral, would have been interesting. Yet another Soros script is boring.

                  I am guessing that the payload is to persuade us that federal program of bombing marginal federal electorates with imported Somalis is actually good for the right and a path to restoring marriage 1.0.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                Do you know Arabic, jim?

  13. monkeyboy says:

    Jim loves Putin.
    Anonymous Conservative loves Putin.
    Vox Day loves Putin.

    They would all very much like their readers to love Putin.

    Carry on.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      While we’re off topic, this had me in tears! From a Steve Sailer Twitter thread on aborigines.

    • C4ssidy says:

      He is giving land to the boers, he is preventing fags from indoctrinating children, and nurturing Christianity. What else should any of us think about Putin?

      • The Cominator says:

        I don’t like him being cucked on guns but Russia isnt the us and nobody is perfect.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Some serious eye candy. It was obviously produced outside the Cathedral hegemony (apparently a Russian company.)

      • Cloudswrest says:

        While watching this video I expected the Handicapper General to show up any minute with a shotgun.

      • Pete says:

        Oh it’s Russian, I see. If this was an American video half the women would have to be fat and/or black, most of the rest latin or asian, and of course the most attractive ones would be kissing each other rather than teasing the man.

      • The Cominator says:

        And people think I’m bad for saying what has to be done…

        Never forget what they took from you.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          They never took anything from you because it was never yours though, in my opinion that’s unhealthy victimism that leads to powerless and unproductive rage. I prefer the vigor and strength of our ancestors, we’ll just conquer and build our own world like our ancestors did before us.

          I don’t think most people arguing with you about mass killing think you’re “bad” or are arguing with you out of a false pretense of morality like progs do, they just don’t believe there’s a genuine productive point to it. I myself though I’m not against it, I’m not entirely sure killing so many people would lead to anything. I’d rather castrate the men and enslave them for dirty labor, women to be used for sexual slaves and maids.

          Progs are only dangerous because they are parasitizing the power structures that our ancestors built, otherwise they’d be worthless dogs yelping to the air. As long as we had our own power structures, they’d be no trouble and I’d personally enjoy a greater schadenfreude seeing them suffer as lowly slaves hand washing our toilets and such. Of course, the occasional throw from a helicopter into the main street and then make his fellow slaves clean it for enjoyment is good too. Remember the wise Romans had coliseums, it’d be amazing to see a lion slowly but surely eating a journalist and seeing his fellow glowers cower and tremble at the sight of it, knowing they’re next in line.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >Progs are only dangerous because they are parasitizing the power structures that our ancestors built, otherwise they’d be worthless dogs yelping to the air.

            Paper beats rock. There’s no “only” about it.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              Rock beats rock, in reality nothing beats rock except a bigger or better rock, though paper can help acquiring it. The only thing standing between politicians hanging on posts and those willing to do the hanging is a rock called police, a rock called military. And those rocks exist because of the inertia of a power system founded by our ancestors, progs are simply parasites gaming it for their own benefit.

              The truth of the matter is that I live as I want and do as I please in most ways and no prog can tell me otherwise, only the police can because they are too many for me to fight. But I can also game the system established to avoid them so I’ve been untouchable anyway. Muzzle? Nope. Lockdown? Nope. Respect wahmen? Hell no.

              Niggers in South Africa were under the impression that they were hot shit, they have rapidly found out that without the rock called US military backing them they are nothing against a bunch of white farmers too tired of them.

              China and Russia increasingly doing whatever the fuck they want and the good old Federal Government of the US can do nothing about it, since their weak inertia driven power systems are empty and only usable against incest loving sand niggers and atomized whites. But even the sand niggers are winning and will win in the end.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Well, sure, of course physical violence is ultimately at the base of all power. I don’t disagree with that. Don’t underestimate the importance of organizing, channeling, inspiring, discouraging, rewarding, punishing, and otherwise controlling physical violence with words and ideas, though. That’s the progs’ specialty, and they’re nearly undefeated over the last century or more.

                Jim points to the Stonewall Riot to prove that fag acceptance was won with violence, and he’s right. But, why didn’t the police come down on the fags like a ton of bricks? Were the NYPD physically defeated in the street, or were they morally defeated in their superiors’ offices, in the press, and in their own heads?

                • Alfred says:

                  >Jim points to the Stonewall Riot to prove that fag acceptance was won with violence, and he’s right. But, why didn’t the police come down on the fags like a ton of bricks? Were the NYPD physically defeated in the street, or were they morally defeated in their superiors’ offices, in the press, and in their own heads?

                  They were ordered to protect the faggots the same way the cops protect Antifa. Antifa would be beaten, run over, and gunned down in almost every city in America without police protection.

                  Hell they had Antifa/BLM marching around rural areas not far area last year and they had to police cars in front and behind them on a country road to avoid having them run over by good old boys in pickup trucks. No cops around and it would have been open season on Commies.

                • Pooch says:

                  Speak of the devil and there is something similar going in LA right now for trannies. Some dude showed his dick to women in a spa and Antifa is rioting for his right to do that. The police are actually beating them and shooting them with non-lethal rounds pretty epically, but because it is left wing “peaceful protest” all Cathedral organs will loudly proclaim the Antifa rioters as stunning and brave and the police will eventually be forced to back down. Eventually there will be statue for the dude who showed his dick at that spot just like Stonewall.

          • The Cominator says:

            “As long as we had our own power structures, they’d be no trouble”

            They didn’t build the power structures they infiltrated them like a virus… so obviously they are a threat.

            • jim says:

              The left is entryist. The anglo left got its start by entryism against the Anglican Church. They operate a huge, well funded entryism operation. The tell tale sign of this that shows up in official records is a hundred nominally completely different and totally unrelated organizations working out of one office with overlapping personnel, and funds moving through a long chain of organizations without actually changing hands.

              They attach themselves to organizations created by other people, consume them, and add the empty shells to their collection of letterheads.

              • The Cominator says:

                So why would merely purging them from the institutions be enough?

                • jim says:

                  Not seeing your reasoning.

                  Why should purging them not be enough, provided you keep on guarding against entryists and purging apostates?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Part of guarding is having them terrified of even trying to join any institution… need to give those that survive a lesson they’ll remember for ages.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Com is right on this one. Did the Anglicans kill too many leftists or too few? History and Harvard’s existence would point to too few. We do not need them setting up another Harvard analogue after we win. Half measures for burning out the rot are counterindicated by the past. It is better to lose a few of Havel’s Greengrocers and complete the task of destroying this incarnation of the left than to let them slip away and destroy us in a hundred years all to save some people who barely matter in the long term, anyway.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  When has “teaching them a lesson” ever worked? I understand the catharsis of putting paid to the assholes that are actively depriving my children of a stellar future, but the excessive chatter about mass killings is a very shortsighted, leftist inclination. Time and again, the forces of chaos take power and set about teaching lessons for the ages with predictable results. Convert or die, reeducate or die, die now or die later, these all culminate in an entrenched opposition unable to calculate self preservation. The institutions must be seized and razed. The agents of chaos must be located and dispatched with extreme prejudice. New institutions must be erected and built to withstand attacks in the future. Mass killings of everyone who’s glanced leftward is a childish fantasy. No elite worth having will be convinced by autistic rage. Consider which elements of chaos ended up winning over the elites of antiquity: it wasn’t the Bolsheviks, it was the soft spoken, seemingly reasonable elements arguing for a better future. Yes, they were deluded and/or lying, but their argument was convincing enough to capture the majority of Brahmins.

                  This of course presupposes the avoidance of the utter calamity of a global collapse. In that case, all bets are off. But that also pushes interstellar expansion back by centuries or more. I can only speak for myself, but there is no utility to mass helicopter trips for the people who wrecked the West if there isn’t a realistic, viable path towards relighting the fires of conquest and empire. It’s the idle fantasy of a permanent underclass and I can’t see how it is different than “eat the rich” or “bash the fasc” or any other genocidal fantasy. Put simply, it is treating the symptoms instead of the sickness, at least that’s how it sounds every time I’ve heard it articulated.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “This of course presupposes the avoidance of the utter calamity of a global collapse. ”

                  Western utter calamity is probably inevitable… global…

                  Xi is like the Woodrow Wilson of the 21st century hes ruining China by reintroducing Marxism and he helped the Democrats win here. Global collapse is increasingly likely here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I would argue that what Suharto did worked a lot better than what Pinochet and Franco did, because Suharto was ruthless and thorough about it.

                  So we have an example in recent history where it worked better.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  You say “worked better,” I say failed differently. No points for almosts and could have beens.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Spain and Chile now have leftist governments, Indonesia does not.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I am talking about exterminating a hostile enemy elite. Julius Caesar failed to do that and paid for it with his life. Charles II failed to do that, and paid for it with his nation, albeit after he had died. There should be no progressive Harvard. Anyone with the ability or inclination to construct one should be killed, and any attempt subject to nuclear bombardment or orbital kinetic energy weapon drop. I want to give my children a good five hundred years before this sort of thing pops its head up again, and I will wade waist deep in the blood of progs if that is what it takes. Kill one or kill one hundred million; it is all the same to me. Only the objective matters, and that is victory, complete and total, with our enemies dead, broken, and crushed so completely that no one would dare to take up their cause within living memory.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Put simply, if I was given two buttons–one that would kill every leftist in America and one that killed all of the people in charge–that would end the left here in America, I would choose the one that needed less killing. If I was only given the button that would kill all the leftists and knew it would kill one hundred million or more, I would absolutely still press it. If they and theirs have to die for me and mine to live, so be it.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I share the sentiment, but we’re never getting push-button opportunities. It won’t be as simple as make one choice then enjoy paradise. This is the fundamental lie at the heart of Progressivism. It will be a long campaign, a generational project at the very least. It is akin to building on suboptimal terrain. This means a while raft of reasonable expectations, calculated implementations, and acceptance of inevitable faults, mistakes, and decay.

                  I guess my consternation with the Comminator Plan is that it does nothing to win over anyone in the middle, and I think if we’re honestbit is incredibly off-putting to even hard right wingers. From the vantage point of JB we can see that nothing short of extirpation will do, but we have the benefit of years of thoughtcrime and redpills, so it’s obvious. At some point the fringe must become the main stream. The Left gets so many advantages in this regard. We have no Cthulhu.

                • The Cominator says:

                  You win over the middle and the cuckservatives by forcing them to be the people who actually carry it out.

                  You take National review cuckcons and tell them… okay we’re not sure if you are a leftist regime criminal or someone we can work with… so you’re joining a death squad or we’re going to shoot you.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >I can’t see how it is different than “eat the rich” or “bash the fasc” or any other genocidal fantasy.

                  The eternal failure mode of the cuckservative is looking at things in terms of process while ignoring the object level.

                  ‘The problem with democrats is that they oppose free speech!’
                  The problem with democrats is that they oppose *your* speech; that they oppose righteous and divinely eusocial speech, and oppose opposing heinous and heretical speech.

                  ‘The problem with damnemyanks is that they are racists!’
                  The problem with damnemyanks is that they are predisposed against *you*; that they attempt to demote superior kinds under inferior kinds.

                  ‘The problem with demonrats is that they’re genocidal!’
                  The problem with demonrats is that they’re genocidal *to all who are more civilized than them*.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Spain and Chile now have leftist governments, Indonesia does not.

                  And Indonesia has a faith that hasn’t been converged by progressivism yet while Spain and Chile do, and it’s also further away from Cathedral influence and closer to other independent powers.

                  I can’t speak too much for Chile and I also don’t know the minute details about Indonesia, but no matter how many people Franco killed he was bound to fail. You know, those leftists you’re talking about are the children of the most adamant francoists, the moment he died they all turned. The problem wasn’t necessarily related to specific people, there was a systematic problem like you’d find in a communist country. The incentives and social levers were all wrong, Christianity was already converged and the meme of high education spread, killing people wouldn’t have made a difference. Franco was a soldier, not a ruler, he had no idea what he needed to do for sustainability and viability. And to make matters worse, he broke bread with America leaving himself open to direct influence. The man he chose for king and raised himself since he was a child was literally the one who made democracy possible and his fail safe Carrero Blanco was assassinated by CIA under pretenses of ETA. You kill leftists, so what? How would that have avoided any of this? It wouldn’t have.

                  I prefer having a slave cleaning public toilets, sexual slaves and maids, and also lively food for my pet lions.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >I prefer having a slave cleaning public toilets, sexual slaves and maids, and also lively food for my pet lions.

                  No way. This is a huge mistake. Enslave Leftists, and they go from being a liability to an asset. Now your people want to maximize the number of Leftists around. They’re also eventually going to bond with their slaves and feel the natural protectiveness and loyalty of the patron to the client when they should instead be forming this bond with lower-ranking men who are actually on our side. You need a toilet cleaned? Pay one of your own people a decent wage to do it.

                • alf says:

                  You need a toilet cleaned? Pay one of your own people a decent wage to do it.

                  I actually agree with this. Look at what slavery brought the colonists in the long run. Nothing but trouble.

                  The problem is that although the difference between blacks and whites is significant, it is not as significant as the difference between, say, whites and dogs. The difference between rightists and leftists is even smaller. Keeping either as property is apt to bite you or your descendants in the ass.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  The presence of slaves is not what triggers the holiness spiral, the nigger problem in America is not prompted by the heritage of slavery. We do not have such a thing in Europe and we still suffer holiness spiral for niggers, muslims, gypsies and other undesirables.

                  The enslavement would be a one time thing in the specific circumstances as a punishment and ensuring subhuman status. They’d be kind of a public property and any form of violence or mistreatment towards them authorized for good measure. I don’t support slavery per se, I clean my own toilet thank you.

                  Journalists and feds in chains, humiliated, used as cattle, cleaning the public toilet with a toothbrush while getting shit on, piss on and spit on by bored teenagers. No one would support their prog defection and moral pretense in three generations at the very least.

                  Imagine a row of Democrat politicians in chains, ragged and haggard, broken and lifeless, kneeling on the arena of a big Colosseum. One of them thrown to the center and a lion released to feed upon him, all of them cowering and trembling at the sight, becoming more desperate yet. And the people watching, learning the fate of leftism.

                  At the very least put them in camps or something, with school trips where kids learn of their evil and what their betrayal and insanity leads to, to look at them suffering their just and deserved punishment there.

                • Alfred says:

                  >The presence of slaves is not what triggers the holiness spiral, the nigger problem in America is not prompted by the heritage of slavery. We do not have such a thing in Europe and we still suffer holiness spiral for niggers, muslims, gypsies and other undesirables.

                  There’s a tendency with slave owners to treat their slaves like pets and value them over their own people. This isn’t a big deal if they can’t reproduce. Any future slavery should include forced sterilization.

                  The secondary issue is using slavery instead of creating labor saving devices. A high cost of labor is a benefit in the long run as it forces investment in machines to make labor more cost effective. Slavery undercuts this as more investment is put into capturing and training slaves rather than increasing the value produced by labor.

                  Having unlimited immigration has much the same result of having a large group of former slaves in your nation.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Alfred exactly right, hereditary slavery is a great evil. Slaves for crimes on a non hereditary basis may have its place.

                • Pooch says:

                  The secondary issue is using slavery instead of creating labor saving devices. A high cost of labor is a benefit in the long run as it forces investment in machines to make labor more cost effective. Slavery undercuts this as more investment is put into capturing and training slaves rather than increasing the value produced by labor.

                  The Union states industrialized earlier than the southern slave-holding states for this very reason.

        • Bilge_Pump says:

          Don’t take this personally, but every time I see your name I think “the Coominator”. I know that my presence here is marginal and I rarely engage in conversation so plz don’t excommunicate me for saying this.

    • Basil says:

      At this time, the population of Russia is declining by half a million every year, the average age is more than forty years, and the proportion of Asians-Muslims in the population is constantly growing, taxpayers pay not only for single mothers, but also for abortions, divorce for no reason became the norm.

      • Anon says:

        I’m not very familiar with Russia’s current political situation. What’s theoretically stopping Putin from reinstituting patriarchy?

        • suones says:

          Putin is not the Hero Russia needs. His Russia is more like if/when ISI starts running Pakistan directly. At the time of Soviet collapse, the only non-insane organisation still standing, not only with guns (which the Army also had) but with political stability, was the KGB. So they did the right thing and moved into the Kremlin after cutting a deal with Yeltsin. This had a lot of plus points, which is seen in Russia, but also a lot of minus points because KGB is essentially the ghost of USSR. It lacks vitality and new blood, and once Putin is dead Russia comes into play again. Putin seems painfully aware of his doomed position, and is trying desperately to “restore” Orthodoxy to replace post-USSR-ism as the Russian State Religion. I’m sure he realises that an “Orthodox Restoration” doesn’t just require Christ, but also Peter the Great. At least I hope he does.

          • Anon says:

            Curious: I asked a specific question about Putin and Russia, expecting an answer preferably from someone familiar with or who lives in Russia, and I got a rambling response from a poo in loo

          • neofugue says:

            > post-USSR-ism

            lol stick to Indian politics

            Communism is dead. The Russian government adheres to Western Liberalism imported during what my Russian friends call the “Wild 90s.” For Putin to restore patriarchy, he must create a Christian elite faction powerful enough to transform the Russian government.

        • Alfred says:

          >I’m not very familiar with Russia’s current political situation. What’s theoretically stopping Putin from reinstituting patriarchy?

          It would likely trigger war with the US. Other idea’s I’ve heard is the Russian elites are not onboard with it and Putin doesn’t want to push too hard and trigger war with the US at the same time. Personally I think he’s dodging on it because he doesn’t have a son to pass the title of czar onto. He doesn’t want to rock the boat too much as he gets old.

          From my perspective it seems would be quite easily to reestablish patriarchy, but the reality is almost no one rolls backs women’s lib without a long period of Anarchy. Once a civilizations give women rights that’s almost always the end of the civilization.

          • jim says:

            > the reality is almost no one rolls backs women’s lib without a long period of Anarchy. Once a civilizations give women rights that’s almost always the end of the civilization.

            Yes, but why is it so? What is so hard about it? Why does the state not treat possession of a woman the way it would treat possession of a cow?

            One problem I do see is the father husband conflict – fathers are reluctant to let go of daughters, and always fail in hanging on to them. So are reluctant to allow husbands to have full possession. When we had a social rule that woman had to be married if sex occurred, or the plausible appearance that sex had occurred, and the wife’s identity was subsumed to that of the husband, (coverture) there was a tremendous amount of social stress caused by unnaturally prolonged virginity.

            It will not do any good to enforce paternal authority if dad blithely sends them off to whore school. The advantage of anarchy in restoring patriarchy is that fathers are under heat to marry their daughters off.

            Assyria was the first state to recover following the Bronze Age collapse, and my interpretation of their marriage customs is that before the collapse, dads sent to their daughters to the temple to be whores, and post collapse, the state put the heat on dads to marry them off as virgins at a certain age.

            This is consistent with JD Unwin’s encyclopedic survey of peoples, cultures, and civilizations, “Sex and Culture”, though Unwin gets the glaringly obvious causation backwards.

            • The Cominator says:

              Napoleon Bonaparte totally abolished women’s rights (granted by the French Revolution) by fiat.

              • Alfred says:

                Did it work?

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think until the 1848 Jesuit/Illuminati (literally the historical illuminati was involved) revolution.

                • Alfred says:

                  Reading up on the period doesn’t show anything like women’s lib being rolled back, rather a slight increase in penalties for bad behavior. Changing the law is no substitute for changing behavior and Napoleon failed at this when he didn’t have his first wife publicly humiliated and then executed for adultery.

                  No wonder Napoleon lost, he was a cuck.

                • The Cominator says:

                  LOL the Code Napoleon all but abolished women’s rights.

                  He had a soft spot for Josephine so what. He probably remembers she liked him when he was just a lower ranking manlet that most Paris society gals laughed at him and wouldn’t talk to him. Him having a huge soft spot for one bad girl doesn’t mean he wasn’t redpilled on women and doesn’t mean his laws didn’t take away women’s rights.

              • Pooch says:

                Hitler rolled back a bunch of feminism. He didn’t go far though, so only marginal improvement in fertility it seem but the sample size is not very large.

                • Pooch says:

                  far enough*

                • The Cominator says:

                  What specific laws did he change in regards to women. I’ve read many many primary sources on the 3rd Reich and I’m not aware of any.

                • Pooch says:


                  “Officially, the status of women changed from “equal rights” (Gleichberechtigung) to an “equivalence” between men and women (Gleichstellung).”

                  Also read the section “Withdrawal from higher education”

                • jim says:

                  Those were reasonable measures and I would have expected them to have significant effect.

                  But they missed the point, focussing on the symptoms of female emancipation, rather than emancipation itself.

                  What matters is that virgins are restrained from scoring alpha dick, so have to get married in order to get nailed, that husband and wife are stuck with each other and that the husband has authority.

                  Everything else is largely irrelevant.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The big issue is status, while theoretically decreasing female status the regime did nothing legally while giving the women too easily the option of going to the block captain or the gestapo.

                  A truly totalitarian state ALWAYS makes a beta male out of the patriarch in this way.

          • neofugue says:

            > Personally I think he’s dodging on it because he doesn’t have a son to pass the title of czar onto. He doesn’t want to rock the boat too much as he gets old.

            Vladimir Putin is a pragmatic leader who does what he can given the resources at his disposal. Donald Trump was overthrown because he had no elite support within the established order; even if he called upon the militia the woke military would most likely crush any type of insurrection.

            Government is not a regime’s leaders, government is a regime’s administration. Putin cannot build roads alone, cannot collect taxes alone, cannot muster armies alone, and so forth; if he wishes to accomplish a task he must have people below him who support his efforts. The lie of democracy is the Progressive emphasis on the temporality of a country’s leaders relating to a regime’s association as “authoritarian” or “democratic” when the actual liberty of a nation lies in the secular or non-secular religion of its ruling elite.

            At the moment Putin cannot crown himself Tsar and restore patriarchy even if he wanted to because monarchy is fundamentally a religious institution and the Russian administrative government is not Christian enough. In order for a Russian President to become Tsar he must build an elite faction within the government who will support him when the Patriarch of Moscow puts the crown on his head.

        • neofugue says:

          > I’m not very familiar with Russia’s current political situation. What’s theoretically stopping Putin from reinstituting patriarchy?

          Putin cannot yet restore Christianity to Russia because he does not have the resources to do so even if he wanted to. The Church in Russia lacks the necessary infrastructure to administer such a transition.

          As an aside, insiders obtain the most pertinent information regarding the inner workings of the Church in contemporary Russian society. Patriarch Kirill has survived six assassination attempts, but this information is only known among high-level connected clergy and those close to them.

          Most outside of Russia are unaware of the degree to which Communism destroyed the church network. Today, the Church has only 39,000 parishes and 80,000 clergy in a country of over 146 million people, thus it does not have the resources to administer patriarchy under the Russian government. There are no Russians alive today who have memory of the country before the Revolution, and as such Russia is not a religious country with most attending services only a few times a year. When the Russian faithful reaches 10 to 20% of the population the church will be ready to make its move.

          Most Orthodox do not consider the Muslims to be an problem. A third of the Tatars are Orthodox and there is a high level of intermarriage, with many Tatars and Russians with mixed heritage in the clergy. Many ethnic Slavs in Russia are anxious about their position because they are debased and as a result not having enough children; however, these fears will subside when Orthodoxy is restored.

  14. Anonymous Fake says:

    Yale might be the heart of the Cathedral, and I can’t believe I had the greatest respect for them at one time. Only 1.2% of its graduates claim to be future entrepreneurs, and most of them are probably rich kids faking it or poseurs looking to pad their resume for a prestige employment in the future. Few of them want anything to do with the South.

    Most of these “elite” graduates are future wage slaves just like anyone else facing a 50%+ cost of living skew above the average and the top 20 employers list is biased towards corporations that demand 80+ hour work weeks. Meat grinders. But they’re only making $71k a year, despite being the formerly most elite aspirant destination from just a generation ago.

    I can see why they’re not encouraged to try to have big families, but rather become bohemian deviants instead. They can’t afford traditional family life. I can’t see why most others don’t see this now. I didn’t when I didn’t have this information available in school, but that was different.

    This is why people turn to some form of socialism out of despair at being forced into fake meritocracy and left poorer for it. Either socialism or some kind of consolation prize Potemkin village lifestyle bailout for pre-internet college graduates. Generation X really came true…

    • jim says:

      Inability to form families is nothing to do with money. The working class of the 1945 had far less money than people today, and the peasants of Afghanistan and Timor Leste a lot less than either.

      The shortage of virgin pussy has everything to do with inability to form families.

      Over history and geography, over time and distance, there are enormous variations in wealth, and they have no measurable consistent effect on the fertility rate short of actual famine.

      Socialism is the promise of free stuff. Which promise is made over and over again, and every time is massively broken once the socialists run out of other people’s money.

      Stupid people go to university, professors promise them that dutifully attending college will get them a good life, but it does not. It never did.

      In the days of our greatness, the elite did not go to university. The Royal Society was not an academic institution. If you read old books from the 1930s and 1950s depicting top members of the elite, men born to wealth who subsequently even wealthier, and are funding the expensive events of the story, they went to work out of high school. The story line of 1930s science fiction books often features a great scientist, who in earlier science fiction seldom has an academic degree or academic affiliation, though in 1940s science fiction we see scientists that came out of university, but in 1940s fiction, a wealthy elite and powerful men who did not attend university. When they chat to other wealthy men, they knew them from high school or family connections, not from university.

      Early science fiction often has some superscience crisis, and scientists start chatting to other scientists about it. It is not academics chatting to other academics.

      The idea that university magically pops you into the elite is new, and was false from the beginning.

      University expansion was a ponzi scheme. The only good jobs it ever delivered were jobs in universities, and activities where the state restricted entrance to academic graduates.

      The time has come for the Ponzi to collapse, but possession of state power by the state religion based in the universities keeps it alive. It is time for the dissolution of the monasteries.

      • Basil says:

        It seems to me that the main reason why people now go to get higher education is the thirst for status. If people went there in order to get an education conducive to finding a good job, so many sociologists and psychologists would not be graduated. It is also a legitimate way to postpone growing up for several years.

        How long does it take for the state to abolish the regulations preventing new virgin pussies from entering the market? How long does it take to privatize the means of production (female vaginas)? The socialist economy should collapse (either due to internal problems, or due to external forces), but is it rational to expect this? The Roman Empire fell for centuries.

        As long as your fertility is below the reproduction rate, you will have a noticeable shortage of virgin pussies, even if all is well with the marriage law. The production of virgin pussies takes time.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >It seems to me that the main reason why people now go to get higher education is the thirst for status.

          Rather, that’s what it always and already was about, from the very beginning of degree inflation.

          >It is also a[…]way to postpone growing up for several years.

          This aspect indeed grew in weight over intervening decades to now.

          >How long does it take for the state to abolish the regulations preventing new virgin pussies from entering the market?

          A state that wants to can make it happen instantly overnight.

          • Basil says:

            It is becoming more and more obvious that something like this can only happen through Islamization and brownization. Even if countries begin to fall under Islam, the most “conservative” countries in Europe will not change their strategy in relation to the WQ. Even if the European military come to power in some European country, I doubt that they will do more than Iran did, and this is clearly not enough.

            Decent Romans, who wanted a wife and children, were baptized and went to the barbarian armies, and did not wait until the Romans girls got tired of the carousel. Don’t expect the next emperor to fix the Roman patriarchal family.

            White skin with light eyes is still associated with status, it is best to travel to countries with beautiful and meek girls who lose their minds at the sight of the White Man. Unless, of course, you are not tied to the workplace. It will be possible to return to Europe when Sharia is established and beautiful pale girls are sold at auctions.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >It is becoming more and more obvious that something like this can only happen through Islamization and brownization.

              You’re getting your forms of causes mixed up. Islamization can make a state that wants to make it happen. A state that wants to make it happen can make it happen instantly overnight.

  15. simplyconnected says:

    Two years ago our host was saying elections will be decided by who counts the votes. Not sure how out of context this is, but it sounds like confirmation from Bidan.

    • Pooch says:

      Pretty interesting speech by Biden. Saying the quiet part out loud about rigged elections while at the same time seemingly justifying violence against Republicans who wish to audit the vote by invoking “defending the Constitution foreign and domestic” and “greatest threat since the Civil War” multiple times. They aren’t mentioning Civil War over and over again by mistake it seems.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Right, it will simply be interpreted differently by each side.
        Still, it’s a surprising admission of where things are right now.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Watch out for Muslims, including white converts, who see a chance to raid villages in Middle America, in order to capture white Christian virgins.

      • yewotm8 says:

        I think they’ve been using him to do this a lot lately. They have him “accidently” do an old man slip where he says something that ostensibly he’s not supposed to say out loud just so they can get their threats out there in plain English. It’s a real naked power thing.

  16. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    This year’s eurocup finals have generated the most hilarity i’ve seen since 2016. History will record the moment occupied ingerland finally ramped it’s wokelice state into high gear was caused by three m’bappes missing their giftwrapped penalty kicks lmfao.

    • The Cominator says:

      Playing ball sports is fine but ill never understand sportsball cucks…

      I’ve always thought of them the way the mob boss in Bronx Tale did…

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >ill never understand sportsball cucks…

        Which just goes to show how powerful sporting is for building assabiyah, on top of everything else; which is also why it is so frequently targeted for hijacking by evil in latter days.

        Many normies who underestimate just how much the world of their phenomenological experience is a pre-planned and constructed ahead of time theater by their current underlords (which is most folks), find it strange and peculiar how this ‘three lions of england’ narrative is being preached from every rampart for three african mercenaries who bungled all of their shots; whereas the other three players in the penalty round, the goalie and other two kickers, who all actually succeeded in making their plays (each all also coincidentally happening to be native englishmen), are basically ignored.

        The call goes out as soon as regulation ends and it goes to pens, and soufgate does his duty for his faith and passes up cooler headed players for a lineup of swarthy ringers as the closers (all but guaranteeing one of them will score the last ‘winning kick’). Reams of pre-written articles are sketched. Twitter hashtags are focus grouped. Murals are planned.

        Except, of course, they blew it. And med bvll roma aetvrna were the ones who came out on top. Crowns were cinched. Bucks were broken.

        But if there’s one thing you can count on from our improvidential imperators, it’s that they don’t let a little thing like reality keep them away from a narrative. So it’s full speed ahead anyways, and damn the torpedoed prospects for actually winning.

  17. Basil says:

    Most conservative Christians are easily persuaded that migration from the Muslim world is unnecessary. But what argument can be used if we are talking about hungry Christian children from a war-torn country in equatorial Africa?

    • Karl says:

      Love thy neighbor. Bringing strangers from far away places to your own country places a burden on your neighbor and on your own children.

      You inherited your country from you parents. You do not honour you parents by giving your country away to some far away strangers.

      • Basil says:

        Well yes. The good Samaritan did not give that wounded dude the key to his own house.

        • jim says:

          Still less did he give him the keys to other Samaritan’s houses.

        • Karl says:

          What the good Samaritan did was unnecessary. It was above and beyond what a Christian is required to do, but it also was something that did not violate any Christian commandments.

          Importing foreigners into your country violates Christian commendments of love thy neigbor and honor your parents. Importing those hungry Christian children (if they exist) into your country is an evil thing. Every Christian has a duty to prevent such imports.

          • Basil says:

            Is it a sin to give refuge to these Boer descendants from South Africa? Or other people of European descent fleeing the red / green / rainbow plague? For example, this family has nothing to do with Russia, and their ancestors are clearly not from here.


            • Karl says:

              It depends on who you are. Christians are obliged to honor their parents and therefore their ancestors. If you give refuge to people who are not related to your own ancestors, it is a sin.

              By giving refuge in your own country you are taking something away from your neighbor and your own children. This can only be justified by another commandment (like honor your parents). If you cannot justify the violation of love thy neighbor by a different commandmant, giving refuge is a sin.

              • Pooch says:

                Not sure what commandment it violates or satisfies but I’d gladly provide refuge to Christian white boers fleeing South Africa to bolster the white Christian population of my home country.

                • Pooch says:

                  To expand upon that, White Christians of European decent are very clearly my ingroup, regardless what language they speak. I don’t particularly care what the Bible says about it, it is obviously to my and our benefit to provide them with safety against other out groups.

                • Karl says:

                  If you don’t care what the bible say about it, why do you care that they are Christian?

                  What makes you so sure that they are your ingroup? People can flee from a shit hole and still advocate to implement the politics that created the shit hole in your neighborhood.

                • Pooch says:

                  I check their faith. I ask them to recite Jim’s Christian creed. In Jim’s old type Christianity, I see them being my neighbor, my in group, ethnically and religiously, so I am required to act neighborly to them. I don’t agree with your interpretation that is dishonoring my ancestors because my ancestors are their ancestors.

                • Karl says:

                  Ey, Pooch, I did not write that you are dishonoring your ancestors by giving Boers refuge. Read above!

                  My position is that by giving refufe you take from your neighbor and therefore you need a justifucation to do so. One possible justification is that you are honoring your ancestors by giving refuge to people who have the same ancestors as you.

                  That is not the only possible justification.

                  If it is really to your benefit to take in some Boers, therein might be a justification. Eg if you are at war with people who want to kill you and all your relatives, you are required to fight back as good as you can and that implies getting allies.

                  Love thy neighbor is difficult. If you grant refuge you take from your neighbor, but if you and your neighbor are fighting together for survival, it is an act of love to bring in some allies

                • Pooch says:

                  If you grant refuge you take from your neighbor,

                  Am I really taking from neighbor? Well, if I grant refuge to low IQ blacks and such who are a net drain on society the answer is yes of course. But what if I grant refuge to high IQ white competent contributors? Are they a drain or a net positive to my civilization?

                • Karl says:

                  Sure, you still take. Certainly on the short run, and you are certainly taking a risk.

                  The taking might be justified, but simply saying that you are taking in intelligent Christians who might or might not be beneficial is not sufficient justification in itself

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Boers need to actively seek foreign sponspors (especially Russia) right now.

                  Sounds like they are willing and able to fight at this point openly with automatic weapons… that is good and they will win if they can get a reliable foreign supplier.

                • jim says:

                  Too far from Russia. Russia is unlikely to be interested.

                  Don’t need Russia to conquer blacks. Need a candidate to rule South Africa.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Without a foreign sponsor they will be cutoff from all supplies by the Cathedral pressuring the whole world ala Rhodesia.

                  Russia is far far away but if its willing to sponsor them then there are men who will manage to get the Afrikaners their supplies.

                • jim says:

                  Russia, Iran, and China, have bypassed the Swift system. If you plug into the non Cathedral monetary system (Crypto currency, the ruble, Renminbi, and the Kuwaiti Dinar), you can beat a Cathedral blockade. In the time of Rhodesia, the only options for bypassing Cathedral blockade were uncut diamonds and gold, but now, as the empire is falling, it is considerably easier.

                  Switzerland capitulated on being threatened with being cutoff from Swift, but as more and more individuals, businesses and nations have been cut off from Swift, or been threatened with being cutoff from Swift, Swift has become the periphery, instead of the center, of the world financial system. Everyone thinks it is still the center, but that is normalcy bias.

                  A white again South Africa should plan on becoming a major world crypto currency financial center. It will have to. It should also plan on becoming a financial Switzerland. It will have to.

                  Switzerland’s business was fully liquid and untraceable US dollars. A white South Africa is going to need to set up business in fully liquid and untraceable Renminbi and Rubles, because it is going to need them, and to do business with people who need them, in order to beat the blockade.

                  To do business, a white South Africa is going to need an outside-the-Cathedral banking and financial system.

                  But to be a white South Africa, will need a white man to rule it, and to have a white man to rule, will need a faith that will endorse that white man ruling it.

                • RMIV says:

                  is there always a Cathedral? possibly the scope of this present one is unprecedented

                • jim says:

                  There is always an empire, and the empire always has a state religion.

                  But this one is about to fall. Let us pray it does not take the white race and white civilization with it.

                • Pooch says:

                  Unconfirmed reports that KZN is out of food. If true, the white Afrikaners are going to need food in order to win.

                • jim says:

                  White people in an unstable environment keep a stash of food.

                  Black people in an unstable environment eat each other when food goes short.

                  White people have long distance connections to arrange for food to come in through backchannels when food goes short through official channels. Black people do not.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              You’re making an equivocation here. ‘Hungry children’ is usually a dogwhistle for useless eaters imported to live on crime and voting democlap. Afrikaners (or those nords who moved to minnesota around the late ninteenth century, for instance) are not an example of this. Distance in space is not what makes your brother, distance in blood is.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >What the good Samaritan did was unnecessary. It was above and beyond what a Christian is required to do, but it also was something that did not violate any Christian commandments.

            This is not a good line of attack.

            You say the good Samaritan went above and beyond his duty, and it’s not mandatory to do what he did? Well, it was still a good thing that he did, right? Even if it’s not required, it’s still better to help the stranger in need than not to, right? I’m a better Christian and a holier man than you are because I want to help the poor starving Somali children. QED.

            >Importing those hungry Christian Somali children (if they exist) into your country is an evil thing.
            No, it’s a good thing, as we established above. It may have some small cost to my neighbors and countrymen, but it’s good to help the needy, and they should be doing it even if it’s not required, so I’m really doing my neighbors and countrymen a favor by helping them to be better Christians and holier men (although still not quite as holy as me).

            • jim says:

              Jesus unambiguously commended the good Samaritan, who extended a neighborly hand to a far away stranger in need, and thus made a new neighbor, and promoted peace between Samaritans and Jews.

              But the question was “Who is our neighbor, who are we commanded to love?”

              And the answer is, actual neighbors who have not yet behaved in an unneighborly fashion, and non neighbors who have behaved in a neighborly fashion.

              Which is wise, and within human capability.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >And the answer is, actual neighbors who have not yet behaved in an unneighborly fashion, and non neighbors who have behaved in a neighborly fashion.

                This sounds sensible enough, but it’s too nuanced for propaganda purposes, and it doesn’t really even solve the problem.

                We agree that the Samaritan was good because he helped a far-off stranger in need. I’m going to help far-off and needy Somalis, so I am good. You don’t care about the Somalis, so I am better than you.

                You say it’s wrong for me to help the Somalis at your expense. But we’ve already established that I’m better than you; this gives me the authority to make you do the right thing. You should even thank me for giving away your money, your safety, and your children’s future, because we all agree it was a commendable action, and you wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t made you.

                • jim says:

                  There was a nuanced reply to this:

                  Article 14 of the 39 articles, which ever person possessing or seeking state or quasi state office had to promise to adhere to:

                  XIV. Of Works of Supererogation.
                  Voluntary Works besides, over and above, God’s Commandments, which they call Works of Supererogation, cannot be taught without arrogancy and impiety.

                  So if my neighbor wants to make me do the right thing, he is ineligible for state or quasi state office.

                  Unfortunately, a whole lot of the arrogant and impious, finding themselves ineligible for state or quasi state office in theocratic Anglican England, moved to America and founded Harvard, where every day they continue to grow more arrogant and impious.

    • jim says:

      “War torn” is usually the losing terrorists fleeing the winning terrorists.

      People talk “hungry children” but what shows up is always adult males with blood on their hands.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      Because conservative Christians opposed birth control and abortion in Africa, the Molochites were “forced” to cull the Amerikaners with Pfizer, Moderna e.a.

  18. neofugue says:

    Thoughts on Elon Musk and his first marriage:

    As demonstrated by the postnuptial agreement Musk was clearly aware of the divorce industry and was able to have five sons with an elite wife despite her being a degenerate irreligious feminist.

    • alf says:

      As we danced at our wedding reception, Elon told me, “I am the alpha in this relationship.”

      Based and redpilled.

      The ex sounds pretty ok tbh. The change in lifestyle must’ve been incredible, I don’t judge her for feeling left out. Elon clearly wanted/needed her to play a role she did not feel comfortable with.

      • Alfred says:

        Elon failed to give her a new religion so she returned to her old religion that commanded she divorce him.

        • alf says:

          Maybe, could be, hard to say. Sometimes you need to slap a bitch, sometimes you need to listen to her. She makes a plausible case that Elon did not listen to her, because occupied with billionaire star prophet CEO stuff.

          • jim says:

            A woman expects her man to occupied by important things. While you do need to listen to them sometimes, demands to be listened to are always a shit test.

            Chances are he was trying to listen her too much. If a woman can butt in when your thoughts are on important stuff, you just failed a shit test.

            • The Cominator says:

              I think ideally a woman wants a man she doesn’t even have unrestricted access to. The ultimate female fantasy for at least most women is to be the favorite Harem girl of a vampire demon king.

            • alf says:

              She complains about not being able to live up to his expectations:

              when we skidded to a halt, my first thought wasn’t, Thank God nobody’s hurt. It was, My husband is going to kill me.

              Which would indicate he did not listen to her, that he was expecting too much of her.

              • Pooch says:

                From Wiki:

                The couple divorced in 2008 and share custody of their five surviving children.[295][297][298]

                In 2008, Musk began dating English actress Talulah Riley

                Just sounds like he got tired of fucking her as she aged and wanted to fuck some younger, tighter ass. Many such cases with high value men.

              • Pooch says:

                Which would indicate he did not listen to her, that he was expecting too much of her.

                Indicates to me he stopped fucking her frequently as she hit the wall (age 35) and was very possibly fucking a 22 year old actress on the side.

  19. Calvin says:

    Do you think the Cathedral finally giving up on Afghanistan is a sign that at least some of the ruling faction is too old and tired to really give a shit any longer?

    Also, odds on the Taliban et al sparking some Islamic revolutions across the ‘stans? If I were Russia or China I’d be making sure the local puppets are ready for a load of shit to be dropped on their heads.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      If you have a loose cannon just outside your house, do you try to be at peace with the fact or try to destroy the cannon?

      No people in demon worshipping cathedral is too old.

      Like calm before the storm, shit’s going to hit the fan in middle east real hard.

  20. Pooch says:

    Nice little window into America’s future in South Africa today. The interesting thing to me was the burning and looting of farms.

    • The Cominator says:

      We’ll be way more like Brazil.

      • Pooch says:

        South Africa’s black population: 47.5 million
        USA’s black population: 44 million

        Part’s of America are going to very much look like South Africa, and already do.

        • The Cominator says:

          Parts of Brazil do too. Trust me America is going to be way more Brazil (but with shittier uglier uptight more feminist women rather than more livable Brazil turbosluts).

          • Dave says:

            Trust me, women get a lot less feminist when hyperinflation reduces their government checks to almost nothing. Feminism is a luxury good; every nation has as much feminism as it can afford.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          South Africa’s total population is 58.5 million. The US is 340 million. I think the Latino super group is going to play a very large roll, which would probably make Brazilification more likely.

        • Pooch says:

          Brazil doesn’t seem to have the insane negro worship cult like we have though, which is the dominate cult inside the umbrella of the progressive religion in the US. All other polytheist gods pail in importance to the God of Negrophilia.

          • Alfred says:

            > All other polytheist gods pail in importance to the God of Negrophilia.

            Next week it’s going to be all about letting gays fuck little boys. The holiness spiral continues. Place like Brazil just lag behind.

            Cominator’s talking about Brazil as far the crime and disorder model goes and he’s correct. Jigaboos are not large enough in population to really do what they do in South Africa, but large enough to see the insane out of control crime levels that Brazil. When in the city I watch for car jackers all the time now, and put my hand on my gun when I see niggers anywhere near my car.

            • Pooch says:

              Jigaboos are not large enough in population to really do what they do in South Africa

              What they do in South Africa though is largely encouraged and mandated by the state. The seizure of white farms for example. I could definitely see that happening in the US in the future if the holiness spiral is left unchecked, where as I don’t believe that has happened in Brazil.

              • Alfred says:

                Blacks are just too small of a population for it. If farms are going to be seized it will be on the basis that it’s native land that was stolen, and white leftists claiming to be Indians will show up to take the land.

                Whites are a tiny minority in SA:

                Wikipeda but probably not far off:
                >The 2011 census figures for these groups were Black African at 80.2%, White at 8.4%, Coloured at 8.8%, Indian / Asian at 2.5%, and Other/Unspecified at 0.5%. The white percentage of the population has sharply declined.

                • Pooch says:

                  Blacks are just too small of a population for it. If farms are going to be seized it will be on the basis that it’s native land that was stolen, and white leftists claiming to be Indians will show up to take the land.

                  44 million (and growing) is plenty, especially with a state religion with negro worship as it’s dominate cult. Percentage is not as important as total number in my opinion. Indians are plenty holy but not nearly as holy as blacks. It’s a smaller cult. I’d say they are more likely to seize farms on the basis that slaves used to work the land there (especially in the South although they could just flat out lie and say slaves were everywhere) and that 40 acres and a mule was never given to blacks therefore they are owed. We are already seeing the beginnings of it coming from Cory Booker.

                • Alfred says:

                  It’s about narrative. Handing over a Farmer’s land in Ohio to jiggaboos isn’t doesn’t flow from it. Leftist use holiness hierarchies to knock over apple carts but only where the narrative fits. As Jim says, what becomes holy is often random, but from what I can tell they tend to prune the directions of spiraling towards narratives they can use to loot. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that leftists are buying up property pennies on the dollar in the areas whites are flee blacks due to the BLM riots.

                  Last year Antifa started dressing up as Indians to push their stolen land and genocide narratives. Today they’re dressing up as Indians to burn down churches(80+ so far). Unlike BLM there’s an a massively larger number of apple carts to knock over using this narrative. This is also a narrative that Americans have a limited defense against thanks to over 100 years of propaganda about it. Even better it’s easier for them to pretend be an injun than a nig nog when they go about looting.

    • Aidan says:

      Looks like the whites shot back this time, with the result that the black looters and black cops ran away. Doubt the black army will do much better. South Africa may well have a white government again by months end, or at least sovereign white enclaves.

      One black can defeat one white but ten whites can defeat a hundred blacks. No need for organizations that can get Waco’d. Just an understanding that your friends will pull triggers with you when times get tough.

      • Pooch says:

        Yes that was encouraging (and epic). Hard to say if they were shooting lethal rounds or not. At least in some instances they were. The Indians and Muslims did the same. Unlikely allies against the advancing zombie mob.

      • Anon says:

        It is nice to see people get away with defending themselves for a change. Hopefully it starts happening elsewhere.

        • Alfred says:

          Might be one of the benefits of the shrinking American Empire.

        • Aidan says:

          After the collapse of the Roman Empire, everywhere in Europe was still theoretically under the control of some king somewhere, but massive anarchy was still the rule, because having only a few armed men was proof against local authorities. When the Saxons “invaded” England, it was more like a few families with a few armed men would land a boat and build a farm, and the few armed Britons nearby did not have the cohesion to make them fuck off back to Saxony. After a century or two, there were no more romano-briton authorities and only Saxon claims to sovereignty.

          If we become minorities in a hostile but militarily incapable sea of anarchy, self defense quickly becomes conquest and rule.

    • Atlas says:

      Is not this the left singularity that jim has been talking about?
      The reason for the riots is supposedly ex president zuma jailing which resulted in his tribe chimping out.

      • jim says:

        No, not the left singularity. Just niggers being niggers.

        The South African government was unable to control a tribal dispute. Whites were. A very small number of whites were.

        So, what is stopping whites from resolving the dispute in white favor?

        To act cohesively, whites need faith to do what needs to be done. Need to agree upon a white ruler, and agree that he should rule.

        To agree upon that, need a faith that tells them that they should agree upon that. The prophet needs to anoint a King.

        It is prophet time in South Africa. Not yet prophet time here.

        • suones says:

          Fat chance of that with KarenHelen Zille incharge.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Do you have any insights relating to the Indian community(s?) in South Africa? How about Indian populations abroad? I didn’t know this before I dated a Jamaican, but apparently there are Indian communities there and in many other places around the Caribbean. Is it similar to diaspora Chinese?

    • Bilge_Pump says:

      What the hell is going on there? How is it that the “looters” are all in similar looking vans? I put looters in quotes because I’m really not sure wtf they’re being used for.

  21. Aidan says:

    I will vouch for Kunning. He’s a good man, a good friend, and a long time commenter here. Not a fed. There is value in having based friends who have each others backs- we don’t live near each other anymore, and he needs some. Though I don’t see a secure way to get in touch via JB comments, so I understand your hesitation.

    • Thanks man.

      Genuinely sorry Pooch. I let optimism overcome wisdom.

      • A fed shill has to enter the comments for a reason.

        Either to disrupt with stupid idiocy or to tell people to commit crimes, or to make comments that they could indict people for “conspiracy” on (and normally you have to get really specific to get charged for that).

        You may not like or trust the guy but I’m not really seeing that yet.

        • jim says:

          You left out theories that turn people’s wrath from the target that the shill is directly employed by, to targets that the Cathedral, or some substantial faction within the Cathedral, hopes to eventually destroy, or merely does not care about.

          Harvard runs a gigantic missionary operation to converge everyone to progressivism, the biggest one by far being supposed Muslims explaining to Muslims, that Islam, rightly understood …

          Suones brought up some Hindu guru whose teachings he was particularly unhappy with, I looked him up, and it was immediately apparent that he had been on the Oxbridge payroll, and then got directly on the Harvard payroll.

          The Dark Enlightenment is somewhere near the bottom of a long, long, long list.

          I did not notice any payload in Kunning Drueger’s comments.

      • Pooch says:

        If you want based friends join a recreational softball or hockey league. Stay away from football and basketball. Too Africanized. And Soccer is just shitlibs and immigrants.

  22. jim says:

    Attempting to rearrange the comments has set of a chain reaction where lots of comments have become invisible. It will take me a while to sort out this mess

    It is very hard to delete some comments without everything going to chaos

    I should have marked those comments [*redacted*], rather than deleting them.

    • jim says:

      Had re-arrange the comments to delete certain discussions because people leaked information that could personally identify them through their IRL connections, and requested the removal

      I somewhat arbitrarily re-arranged the surviving comments in such a fashion that they seemed less like non sequiturs

      • Looks like you rearranged the comments but this is good…

        Yes I suppose that is valid too but most of the time this falls under the category of “disrupting discussion with stupid idiocy”.

  23. linker says:


    “This includes Nick Fuentes, who is a retarded e-celeb: no functional difference between Fuentes and Ben Shapiro.”

    This is the most deranged and dishonest statement I have ever seen on this blog. Fuentes fundamentally believes the same things Jim does.

    • Pooch says:

      Yeah that comment didn’t even diginify a response. He called Fuentes, Yarvin, and basically everyone on the right a Shapiro shill lmao. Stopped reading it after that.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Is “Nick Fuentes” a pseudonym?

        • Pooch says:

          I think that’s his real name.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Namefag constraints apply. Just because you like him doesn’t make him any less of an eCeleb.

            Are you a hunting type of guy or a fishing type of guy?

            • The Cominator says:

              [*duplicate comment*]

            • “The goal of the organized wise is to list the precepts and adequately support them so that they are self-evident.

              The simplest way to do so is through accessable parables. Metaphor and analog create space for constructive understanding of failings.

              The trap we fall into is leaving the obvious unspoken. Unspoken is unknown, forever lost to those that follow.”

              We need Laws. Plainly stated, easily translated. Crafted by the Good and Strong so that the Damaged and Struggling don’t have to remain useful idiots of the demon world order.

            • linker says:

              Nick Fuentes is a good man. Attacking him like this when you clearly do not know him, in contradiction to commenters who do know him is very dumb and emotional behavior. I do not understand what motivates people like you to do that. Envy? Desire to make yourself look cooler? Does Fuentes trigger some insecurity?

              I cannot even debunk your criticism because it has no substance. Nick is an eCeleb. Trump is an eCeleb. Jim is an eCeleb. Mencius Moldbug is an eCeleb. Every notable person is an eCeleb because 1. they are notable and 2. the internet exists. It is not a real criticism. Everyone is bad unless no one has heard of them? That makes no sense. It is a paper thin justification for you to bite the ankles of anyone more significant than you. That attitude prevents any coordination and that makes it a recipe for failure.

            • I think Fuentes recent mass deplatforming erases any doubt that hes a fed or shill.

              From what I hear he talks papist and anti-zionist though (yes of course aid should be cut and we shouldn’t fight their proxy wars) and he should drop both though.

      • Anon says:

        I did not call “everyone on the right a Shapiro shill”. I said Fuentes is functionally no different than Shapiro, or he probably would’ve been banned sooner. As far as I can tell they don’t let anyone who has anything interesting to say stay on Twitter for long, and I’ve never seen Fuentes say anything particularly interesting. I’m genuinely asking: what has he done other than take credit for anonymous shitposters?

        As for Yarvin, I’ve repeatedly and consistently said that he sometimes had interesting insights when writing as Moldbug, mostly book recommendations that I may not have heard if I hadn’t read him, but his newer content under is own name is not good, especially the podcast stuff.

        • linker says:

          Your lies are getting so ridiculous that they are not even worth responding to. You sound like a divide and conquer shill.

          • Anon says:

            People who agree that facefags are at best useless and at worst draw unecessary attention, and that Yarvin’s post-dox output is significantly worse than when he was writing as Moldbug: me, Jim, Spandrell, Alrenous, the list goes on

            People that disagree: some guy named “linker” who has not been posting here since 2010

            • linker says:

              Jim does not agree with that statement because it it retarded. I guess Trump and Alexander the Great are both “at best useless” because people saw their faces.

              • linker says:

                Imagine saying that every person that has ever existed is “useless” except anonymous writers. What a dumb thing to say. And to boldly declare that Jim and Spandrell would agree with it. You are sperging out because you want to win the argument. You are so emotional that you have lost the ability to say things that make even a tiny bit of sense.

                • jim says:

                  Under present circumstances, every person who has an identity vulnerable to attack is useless.

                  When Moldbug was doxed, his output turned to crap.

                  I and spandrel both say: Namefags cannot speak the truth.

                  The counterfaith must have empirical and verifiable truth as its central value. Our enemy’s faith is built on lies about this world, so that speaking the truth is intolerably dangerous.

                • Pooch says:

                  Under present circumstances, every person who has an identity vulnerable to attack is useless.

                  Not seeing that. Trump was not useless. Obviously, non-anons are not going to say anything groundbreaking as they cannot say the whole truth but they can say some of the truth and draw a crowd in real life. There is some value to that. The fact that both Trump and Fuentes are both banned on everything indicates they are saying some of the truth.

              • Anon says:

                The point I’m making, which you are clearly too low IQ to understand, is that internet pundit facefags like your favorite e-celeb Nick Fuentes are useless, not Trump. Trump could have potentially done something useful, IE drop term limits and expand his power, but didn’t, and you can’t really blame him for that since his inability to do so was baked into the cake of the American government structure.

                What is the utility of Nick Fuentes, other than making videos of himself doing Holocaust cookie jokes and telling young people to self-dox by going to Groyper conventions? I’m told it’s to “put rightward pressure on Republicans”, something that has never been successful in the entire history of the Republican party. Did I accidently stumble onto conservative Twitter when I meant to post on Jim blog, where the consensus has generally been, for the entire time the blog has been up, that saying things like “we need to put rightward pressure on the Republican party” is dumb as shit?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  That’s nice, but it’s a far more modulated and reasonable sounding way of putting it than your actual rhetoric. There is no point in your attacking of Fuentes because he’s not a bad actor.

              • jim says:

                Alexander the Great lived in less decadent times, and being King, could be himself.

                For Trump to be himself, would have needed an autocoup.

                • RMIV says:

                  is there ANY advantage to being a Namefag?

                  i’m not certain i am possessed of income sufficient to practice proper OpSec like you or Aidan

                  on the other hand, i have nothing but the computer i type this on that anyone could take away from me

                • C4ssidy says:

                  Some social media giants which have enforced namefagging or at least pseudonamefagging and ignorance of their parasitic alt right enclaves, have several young namefags visibly and successfully hooking up to breed, especially among the spergs. Also several examples of making irl friends, at least I saw this among the orthodox and the trad cats. It does help to have an approximate location and a face, even if mostly behind a skull mask

                  I made a similar comment when Jim first proposed his blockchain social media. There is a baby somewhere in the bathwater, and attempts to replace such systems can easily miss the magic trick underneath, perhaps they have all missed it. Replying to 100 pepes doesn’t the same potential and therefore loses some of the fun.

                  we ought to be able to checksum our dna into the public ledger and tie it to a private key that we control. We could at least sign (in one direction) to show that our gender, age range, country of origin is authentic, and perhaps a first or second name, enough to at least set the grounds for irl networks might appear, which can be as simple as meeting women or attending a liturgy or baptism etc, without going so far as to reveal your home and employer

                • Bilge_Pump says:

                  @RMIV I, like you, do not practice proper opsec. I lack the knowledge and the funds. Also like you, I have little to lose, although I do worry for my family (even though my dad sister and brother all more or less participate in demon worship, with my brother doing so explicitly, and my mother having recently acquired a Quran, apparently without being able to remember how she got it).

    • Anon says:

      No he doesn’t. None of what I said was untrue. What is the original Nick Fuentes insight that should make me pay attention to him or care about him? Why care about ecelebs who use their real name and face? Debate the content of my post or shut up, you incredible bore.

      If I recall correctly Fuentes encouraged naive people to show up in person to “groyper” events, to show up to Jan 6th in person (not to do anything interesting by the way, but to stand around taking video with your cell phone and let journalists take pics of you). Sound familiar?

      • Pooch says:

        There is only so much one can do as an anon. With his small but growing organization, Fuentes is putting rightward pressure on mainstream Republicans in ways no else is doing and has connections to a sitting congressman (Gosar). I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

      • Lets settle down gents. Good men can disagree.

        Fuentes from what I heard has not acted like a namefag (that is his main good point) but he isn’t particularly insightful either…

  24. Pooch says:

    So the next logical step for the fed is creating a FedCoin digital dollar so they can bypass the central banks completely and have direct control of the fiat dollar. Jim, what do you think this means for crypto if anything? Would they have incentive to outright ban crypto instead of merely regulating it?

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      > So the next logical step for the fed is creating a FedCoin digital dollar so they can bypass the central banks completely and have direct control of the fiat dollar.

      What the heck is this even about? Am I stupid? Is that it?

      What control over the regular US dollar does the Federal Reserve not have now?

      Is this so they can print UBI directly into people’s pockets, according to social security number and social credit score, without even bothering with their bank accounts at all? Isn’t that what EBT cards are for?

      Oh I see. Now they can cyber-pandemic the banks down, build back better, everyone loses their savings and can only buy Biden’s Own Bug Tendies at Walmart until their iPhone hears them say “ni##er” in their sleep. Fucking fantastic.

      • Pooch says:

        What control over the regular US dollar does the Federal Reserve not have now?

        They are printing endless dollars but it still must go through the central banks. If the banks don’t loan the money out the extra cash just sits in their reserves which is actually a deflationary pressure to the system which the elites want to avoid at all costs.

        Is this so they can print UBI directly into people’s pockets, according to social security number and social credit score, without even bothering with their bank accounts at all? Isn’t that what EBT cards are for?

        Yes exactly this. They can also force spending by having the funds expire if the funds are not spent after a certain amount of time. As an added bonus blacks can also get loans directly from the fed and bypass the banks completely.

      • Mr.P says:

        Tom Luongo, of the “Gold Goats ‘n Guns” blog, has written extensively about this.

        According to Mr. Luongo, the end-game scheme of Davos-crew international-commie global central banks, particularly European central banks, is to cut out primary-dealer commercial banks from government money-printing operations. Commercial banks simply are no longer needed and just get in the way of the central banks. In support of his argument, Luongo points out that firms such as Blackrock can now borrow effectively zero-interest-rate money directly from the Federal Reserve.

        Fed Coin may be part of the plan to eliminate the commercial banks.

        I’m just a fly on the wall; see Luongo’s Great Reset series for more details.

        • The Cominator says:

          “According to Mr. Luongo, the end-game scheme of Davos-crew international-commie global central banks, particularly European central banks, is to cut out primary-dealer commercial banks from government money-printing operations.”

          That would be fine with us, the problem with Fedcoin is the mark of the beast aspects of it.

          • Pooch says:

            It would also pump inflation into Weimar territory as they could just instantly push out dollars to blacks and hispanics in the form of loans to their hearts desire with no motive to ever get paid back.

  25. Mister Grumpus says:

    > Xi Thought is dead. He is trying to bring it to life with a controlled infusion of old type Marxism, which in sufficient dose will destroy the Chinese economy and cause scientific and technological stagnation, but no dose is going to revive the Chinese state religion.

    Please flesh this out if you would (anybody) so that I can see what you see. To start, I wish I better understood what the Chinese state religion even once was.

    I think my puzzlement stems from my stereotype of Chinese people as hyper-conformist autistic-spectrum bug-people grinds (if I can hyperbolize for effect). When I look at Chinese history and culture (or the visible pop artifacts therefrom at least) I see all kinds of cryptic and flowery hocus-pocus, but I don’t see “religion” there, as I understand the word anyway.

    But I can also grasp that wherever there’s a need to conform, and topics that everyone just knows not to talk about, well that’s a religion.

    You’ve also been very clear about that Seven Kill Stele thing. That was religion too.

    It just looks so comical and spergy and dumb to me that I must not be seeing the real thing, but rather what I want to see, a caricature that makes me feel better about myself.

    • Pooch says:

      Marxism which Chinese characteristics I believe is the official state religion of the CCP. The problem is no one really believes in Marxism there anymore.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I have trouble imagining that Chinese people ever believed in Marxism in the first place, and instead just believed whatever they had to believe to avoid eating broken glass at gunpoint in front of their neighbors.

  26. Basil says:

    There is no hope for Orthodoxy. Yes, there is still a possibility that there will be a turn in the right direction, it will become alive, but we cannot build our future on such a fragile foundation. We ourselves must create a social structure for our grandchildren, and not wait for a gift from a kleptocratic anti-people state. Miracles are rare.

    The option of building your own cult looks more tempting. First, being the head of a sect is cool. Secondly, the main problems of modern Orthodoxy can be solved. Membership should be expensive (due to suvorian rules), and the punishment for breaking the rules should be painful (most Christians abuse forgiveness). There should be no single mothers or foreigners in our Church. Ideally, it can be arranged so that marriage is only possible with members of the cult. This is the path to the healthy tribe with patriarchy that people need so much.

    • jim says:

      That is the path to getting Wacoed.

      To avoid being Wacoed we would have to make compromises that would fatally flaw us when the time came.

      As an individual, I can fly below the radar. If I start building a tribe where a lot of individuals back each other up in doing what I am doing, would attract attention.

      Now is not the time for martyrs.

      • Karl says:

        Do you think it is possible to build a tribe in secret, like a crime-family? As long as the tribe is secret, it can’t get Wacoed.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Soros estas mia samideano. Develop a conlang like Klingon or Esperanto.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Tolkien elvish could also work. Good cover too because no one actually likes fantasy nerds, they just pretend to.

      • Basil says:

        The expectation of the Resurrection of Orthodoxy is also associated with certain compromises. It is not necessary to be a martyr, but it is necessary to provide distant descendants with protection from psiop attacks.

      • RMIV says:

        by what signs will we know has come the time for martyrs?

        • jim says:

          When Stalin has let the state religion hollow out, and his successors are still willing to suppress competing faiths, but unable to do so competently and consistently, and have no official faith that can compete with unofficial faiths. When that time comes, martyrdom will work.

          • Karl says:

            That sounds reasonable, but one of the very few (perhaps the only) competing faith to the state religion in Western Europe is Islam.

            Your phrase of government officials “willing to suppress competing faiths, but unable to do so competently and consistently, and have no official faith that can compete with unofficial faiths”, is a pretty good description of the situation in Germany with respect to Islam.

            Maybe we are already in a situation where martyrdom would work for Islam

  27. “There is a great deal that is very wrong with Mohammedanism. But there are only two live faiths in power Progressivism and Islam. And as progressivism becomes ever more self-destructive, it is losing to Islam.”

    Islam has been the only ‘living faith’ because it is innate and natural, and not historical.

    “Or perhaps there is a third. Orthodox Christianity. Let us pay our respects to Putin, Tsar of all the Russias.”

    Indeed, other than Islam it is the Orthodox tradition that has the capacity to push back against the Satanic tide of progressivism.

    • suones says:

      Islam has been the only ‘living faith’ because it is innate and natural.

      This is an accurate assessment. Muhammad re-directed Sons of Ishmael into worshipping the Old God of their Father, the Old God of Ibrahim, who lay asleep in the desert while Ishmaelites were corrupted. Islam is indeed natural for Ishmaelites. Of the Christians who realised this, the closest to reality were Templars who interacted with Arabs/Saracens on a daily basis. They dubbed the powerful spiritual force “Baphomet,” who is a Eudaemon for Ishmaelites (and a Cacodaemon for everyone else).

  28. ‘The Taliban exists because Pakistan sponsors it.’

    No. I do not think it is that simple.

    The Taliban exists because non-Taliban Pashtun mobilization have been in a state of paralysis.

    As long as the Central Asian ethnicities were under Tsarist and later Soviet control, the Pashtun rulers in Afghanistan found no domestic challengers to their hegemony. But the moment these Central Asian peoples gained a breather, their co-ethnics across the Amu Darya gained the confidence to resist Kabul.

    Without the numerical strength of the Pashtuns of Pakistan, which is more than the combined population of Afghanistan, Kabul found it difficult to assert a Pashtun Identity on the rest of the country.

    If the Afghan Pashtuns undermine the Durand line to cultivate cross border Pashtuns, Tajiks and Uzbeks will likewise send an SOS to their cross border brethren living in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, thereby dissolving the very entity known as ‘Afghanistan’.

    On the other hand, if they desist and accept the line as a sovereign border between two sovereign countries then owing to their minority position, the Pashtuns will have to ultimately surrender its cultural monopoly over Afghanistan.

    I think Taliban perfectly understand this dilemma.

    They know that, today, only Islam ensures the sovereign existence of Afghanistan and, therefore, they have an ideology which is straightforward, airtight, and tactically do not lay too much emphasis on their Pashtun character.

    Let’s see how the pieces move on this Khorasanian chessboard.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Hank Crumpton maintains that the Taliban made a point of offing some northern warlord with widespread influence in proximity to the 911 attack. I’ve read elsewhere that the Agency had a very quiet, very successful infrastructure for intel/material support in a few of the -stans during and subsequent to the CIA fireworks show in 2001/2002. The Soviet Union was like a heavy blanket, smothering nationalist and tribalist feuds and aspirations. Do you see a potential Uzbek rise as possible? If the major powers get tied up on the water (Twilight War in the Baltic, Trade war in the South China Sea, Culture War in the Western Hemisphere), there isn’t much to stop the accretion of neo-Mongol league in central Asia. Probably wishful thinking, but if any ethno-tribal-cultural-linguistic group were going to rapidly deploy a successful patriarchal monarchy, it’s probably them.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        My gut feeling would be not to have too high expectations of the region (my, but you can find all sorts of folk passing through here, can’t you?).

        Communist russia, as a creation of modernity, naturally conducted it’s affairds like a modern regime; which is to say, the displacement of any incumbent social superstructures that provide Order, and replacement with, nothing at all, or, active enforcement of chaos (which in many ways could not even exist without it; perversely ordered engines, tuned for production of entropy), scattering any potential outbreaks of Order (which might threaten it).

        The fractiousness is almost ‘baked in’ at this point. Kind of like the balkans. (Also an area frequently and alternately run over by islamic and non-islamic armies over the centuries. Coincidence?)

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Consider the following:

          It’s just a silly song. But if you read the lyrics, there’s a lot of legit thoughtcrime. If the global order continues to decay, silly songs may become the anthems of future conquerors. Wishful thinking, most likely.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            What a coincidence, i happen to be a fan of throat singing myself.

            Mongolians are a cowboy nation, and hence have been based for a long time – though much of their national vitality was lost in the trap of imperium. If there is ever such a thing as a ‘pan-stani-stan’, it is likely they would be a, or the, dominant party behind it.

            More likely though, all the great powers around the region (China, Russia, et all), will continue shuffling the central asian chessboard through the foreseeable future, as has ever been the case in history.

      • “Do you see a potential Uzbek rise as possible?”

        I think the Taliban, by coming to an understanding with Iran, has for the time being outmaneuvered any Central Asian Turkic resurgence at the expense of Afghanistan.

        An Uzbek resurgence would mean a severe ethnocultural clash with non-Turkic Tajiks, Hazaras (although they are a Mongoloid race yet culturally they have been Persianized), Pashtuns, etc., not to mention those ‘Uzbeks’ who live in Uzbekistan but see themselves as part of a Persianized world.

  29. Kunning Drueger says:

    Starting a new comment cluster because I feel that this is an important discussion that occurred in the long tail of a tangential comment. Chrysostom wrote a particularly elegant piece that you should read in its entirety down below, and I apologize if my summary is inferior or misleading. Here is the summary:

    Every major 21st century society has a shared problem: critical shortages of Tradition.

    How do you solve a tradition shortage when there seems to be so many different traditions to choose from?

    With so many Traditions, it should be trivial to adopt one, convert to one, or be born into one. But we see that it isn’t trivial.

    “A tradition lives and breathes through its exponents; if there is a shortage of exponents, then you have a shortage of Tradition.”

    The problem is Atomization. A man cannot grow roots with other men. From birth, he is isolated and rootless, being shuffled through family, education, socialization, indoctrination, and categorization. Meaningful communication and development is obviated to the point that all men are trapped in an eternal “searching for connection” stage with no common tongue for connection and growth.

    This common tongue for connection and growth exists. It is contained in the Canon of Man just waiting to be internalized and deployed. “Echoes of the worlds that were, reaching through time, to tangle with the future.” The vitalization of Tradition. Yet we remain divided and constrained. Beings acting in apparent ignorance of Divine Law and further, in ignorance of this ignorance.

    “One must not mistake the flowers of thought for the roots that produce them.”

    The men of today are not reading the rules, and those that do don’t understand them, and those that could decide not to understand them. Most men don’t know where to look for the rules or even think there are rules. Those that happen upon them are contaminated with “anti-pattern memetic hazards,” a sickness of which they are unaware, and fail to derive anything valuable from the interaction.

    The modern condition of a man is failed coordination with coordination incapable men.

    But where is this law, this common tongue?

    Thus sayeth Jim:

    Natural Law Position: right conduct is pursuit of individual self-interest with cooperation.

    Dark Enlightenment Position: law is the self-imposed rules of the group, and the primary law is survival.

    Christian Position: law is the spirit and intent of the Ten Commandments.

    NLP, DEP, and CP seem to yield the same results, but NLP acknowledges yet fails to address non-trivial attainment of cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, DEP has adherents that bridle at the inclusion of the CP, and it is hard to establish cooperation identification, persuasion of intent to cooperate, and deciding what constitutes cooperation.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The object of any rightful magisterium, rightful exponents of Perennial Tradition, naturally is not merely to list precepts, but, to the extent such are able, and to the extent such is possible, elucidate why they are so.

      One of the most adroit manners folk accomplish this is through their narratives; where the ways of God, coherence with, and violations thereof, are all neatly demonstrated through the fruits of actions. The power of imagination is to make simulacrums that can die in your place. The poet channels divinity through his muse…

      This calls back to an older debate in the reactosphere in yesteryears, which passed through this blog as well; which of course is a reprisal of a very old and recurrent dynamic: ‘we dont need to over complicate this stuff, all we need to do is just outline the rules and have at it’. But, of course, we have in fact always and already had such outlines; and yet, never the less, we find ourselves…

      You know how the saying goes: first as tragedy, then as farce. For everything you know that ‘goes without saying’, the next generation won’t get the joke.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        “The goal of the organized wise is to list the precepts and adequately support them so that they are self-evident.

        The simplest way to do so is through accessable parables. Metaphor and analog create space for constructive understanding of failings.

        The trap we fall into is leaving the obvious unspoken. Unspoken is unknown, forever lost to those that follow.”

        We need Laws. Plainly stated, easily translated. Crafted by the Good and Strong so that the Damaged and Struggling don’t have to remain useful idiots of the demon world order.

    • RMIV says:

      “…the great questions of the day will not be settled by speeches or majority votes….but by blood and iron.” -Bismarck

      violence has settled more questions and disputes than any force in history. i suspect the issues raised here will sort themselves once we regain a free hand to do so.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Respectfully, I think this line of thinking guarantees that these issues will persist as a problem.

        • jim says:

          To solve issues through blood and iron presupposes a group with strong internal cohesion confident in its own righteousness.

          It is not a substitute for such a group, nor a way of forming such a group.

      • Bismarck was the STATE.

        He could say such things because he had the Prussian Army and Generals like Moltke the Elder at his disposal.

  30. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    The appearance (or reappearance) of several new names each united in a concerted effort to purge dharmaposters from Blog dot Jim dot Com is kinda suspicious.

    Now im not saying it’s aliens, but, im not saying it’s not aliens, either.

    • someDude says:


      There is plenty of Humour on a blog that discusses deadly serious topics otherwise.

  31. EH says:

    Few in the service of the great powers have taken the time to understand even the most recent and relevant Afghan history, so have gone in where angels and devils alike fear to tread and been defeated.

    Abdur Rahman Khan in the 1880s and ’90s was the only man to really rule Afghanistan, in the only way it could be done, with an iron fist. It was he who snookered the British into agreeing to the Durand Line, which put the most ungovernable of the Pashtuns on the Indian side of the border, making them the British’s problem. This area, known variously as the North-West Frontier, Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa, and lately officially the “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” district of Pakistan is still only nominally governed by Pakistan, and is a primary root the ungovernability of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Abdur Rahman Khan was more ruthless than Stalin and more cunning than than Mao. He wrote a rather frank autobiography in two volumes shortly before his death.

    • jim says:

      His death, however, was followed by the usual bloody and brutal fratricide, from which another strong King, and rather more virtuous King, eventually arose.

      Afghanistan can only be ruled by horrifying methods, but is in dire need of the elite virtue that Islam is unsuccessful in cultivating.

      Afghanistan is the crossroads of Asia, and that is its primary asset. A ruler is likely to be unsuccessful in taxing the peasants. The model of successful governance in Afghanistan is a light tax on goods going in and goods going out, safety on the major roads passing through, and order in the towns on the major roads. When a merchant on those roads gets shaken down or robbed, the King has a chat with the lord of the area where the robbers came from or through. If he does not like the outcome of that chat, he kills the lord. If that does not work, he kills a bunch of people. If that does not work, kills all the men, every male child, and takes the women.

      • EH says:

        He had good reasons for his arrangement of his succession, which he lays out at the start of vol. 2. There really wasn’t a path that would have ensured success, given there had never been a peaceful succession of power in Afghanistan, at least that held together for more than a very short time.

        Abdur Rahman was the first stationary bandit of Afghanistan. He had only 20 years to work. Mobile banditry was stopped cold immediately, the roads were safe for almost the first time. Five years into his reign, he could only find three clerks in the country who knew how to read and write their own language. Ten years after that, he had financed out of his own official banditry many then-modern factories not only for all the needs of war such as gunsmithing, machining, cartridge-making, primer-making, spyglasses, heliostats, but also for soap, candles, tanning, leatherwork, printing, distilling, weaving, sewing, etc. etc. at a cost of millions of rupees (1 rupee = 12-18 USD 2020). Much of the early work, especially the gun work was personally directed by him (he was a gunsmith from a boy, made his own rifles with little more than files, and had a lifelong interest in engineering.) He even had some electricity and telephones. (much of vol. 2 is about all that, as well as stopping corruption, setting up administration, etc.)

        Mere trade wasn’t going to be enough, he lays out the economic and military reasons for his course.

        He really was a universal genius, especially considering he did all that while holding off the British and the Russians, and after a remarkable career as a military commander detailed in volume 1 which reads like an adventure novel.

      • Guy says:

        I understand that history has shown Islam is unsuccessful at cultivating a long lasting successful elite, and that it cannot be cooperated with. Have you, or anyone else, ever laid out specifically what might be the cause of that? Is it just the people that adhere to Islam are deficient, or is it something to do with the religion itself?

        • jim says:

          Absolutely unambiguous that is the religion itself, which not only straightforwardly mandates defection against outsiders, but encourages defection against insiders.

          There is also the problem that Mohamed prescribes that all the sons of the ruler, even the son of a slave, get equal crack at becoming the ruler. Disaster ensues, and you get fratricide and palice intrigue, and the palace intrigue is apt to result in rule by women.

  32. Alfred says:

    I think China banning faggots and building 120 new nuke silos are related. China’s not going to kowtow to cathedral in anyway going forward.

    The big question is will the war faction push us into a war with China?

  33. Aidan says:

    Back on topic, the Taliban just sent an ambassador to Moscow, officially to promise Putin that they will respect Afghanistans borders, but it sounds like the Taliban has all but won. I expect they will wait to march into Kabul until a few hours after the US has left.

    What is odd to me is that our media is not screeching about needing troop buildups and a renewal of war. I am kind of surprised that right now is when they decided to just drop the issue and slink out.

    • Leon says:

      The Taliban have ambassadors now? They are moving up in the world. Kicking the “foremost superpower’s” ass must be good for the resume.

  34. Ryan says:

    Was it wrong to kill Caesar? It’s necessary for any regime or constitution to kill those who ignore its rules to usurp power, just as it is right to resist conquest. But conquest or usurpation can be good if they replace a sick regime with a healthy one.
    It is possible to for good men to find themselves as mortal enemies due to circumstance, which can only be seen as a tragedy. What is the way to minimize this, and ensure that any seizing or power is ‘benevolent’ towards the nation, rather than just self-interested?

    • Pooch says:

      The corrupt unvirtuous elite, like our current elite, who killed Caesar were not good men. Caesar decided to have them spared when he took power in order to make peace with the old regime with disasterous results for himself. Augustus did not make that same mistake.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        This is precisely why the Cominator Plan needs to be implemented at the top of the government. The lower echelons can get their pensions, but all the men at the top need to be killed alongside their sons and grandsons if they have any. Leave no competing elite intact and operable once the fight for the throne goes hot. As fake and gay as Martin’s Game of Thrones series was, the line, “In the game of thrones, you win or you die,” needs to be at the forefront of our minds.

        • Pooch says:

          Hard to argue against it. History shows us that an entrenched old elite are not going to simply go away quietly and peacefully. They are going to violently resist as they have much to lose.

  35. The Slick Panther says:

    Hey Jim,

    As a guy who’s been programming since probably before I was born, what do you think is the most based programming paradigm? Functional? Object-oriented? I’m pretty sure you have spoken a fair bit before about template metaprogramming – not that I properly understand what that is.

    I have had plenty of programming experience over the years, though usually fairly small scale things, just throwing together scripts when needed. I think I have a good grasp of a lot of concepts, intuitively, but very little of the formal/theoretical side of things. I know Moldbug has written about how useless CS research is, and I’m sure you would have similar thoughts given what you have said about apprenticeship.

    But I assume, as an example, a good theoretical knowledge of algorithms complexity is crucial to be a “proper” programmer. Where do I go from here to become an actually good programmer? What kinds of things are worth the time investment, and what is BS?

    Perhaps a better way to summarize my question would be: if your sons were in their late teens again, how and what would you be teaching them to program with.

    • jim says:

      Rust and Javascript.

      Object oriented has been largely obsoleted by template metaprogramming.

      structs and unions are best understood as multiplicative and additive types, rather than understood and used through the object paradigm. I don’t think I have ever used objects in an object oriented manner.

      Template programming was an accident, never intended as a programming language. It is thus the world’s worst language that is actually used for useful purposes. One day people noticed that they could metaprogram using templates, but they were never designed or intended for this usage. Rust macros, on the other hand, were designed from the beginning for this purpose.

      Rust is what you get if you redesign C++ from scratch, knowing what we now know, and abandoning backward compatibility with C. Rust is C++ without the legacy of C weighing it down, and the legacy of object orientation weighing it down.

      • The Slick Panther says:

        Thanks for the reply, appreciate it.

      • Dave says:

        By not being backward-compatible with C, Rust forces us to rewrite existing code from scratch, which is something you’ve told us never to do.

        • jim says:

          No it does not. You can call C code from Rust.

          And should do so if there is existing C code, and not corresponding existing Rust code.

          When you have a working program and unit test, you might do maintenance on the C part of that program by doing the updates in Rust.

          Rust is C++ unencumbered by the legacy of object orientation and C compatibility.

          One defect of Rust is that its macro language, though vastly more intelligible and easier to write than C++ template metaprogramming, is less powerful than template metaprogramming, precisely because templates were never intended or designed to be a Turing complete language. C++ metaprogramming is a collection of weird unobvious hacks gaming the language rules in ways they were never intended or designed to be used. It is in this sense a much lower level metalanguage than Rust macros, and thus more powerful. Also hideously programmer hostile.

          The rust macro language is immature, ad hoc, overly complex, and keeps changing. They need a bottom level foundation, and build higher level macro language constructs on top of that.

          (On reading the documentation, looks like they have that now. The third kind of macro looks arbitrarily powerful, but I have not used it yet.)

  36. Noname says:


    • jim says:

      Censored for continuing to impose your own unrecognizably different meaning on other people’s words.

      Not a legitimate form of debate.

      You sound like a Soros shill.

      Time for the Soros shill test (Some shills can pass this test, but it used to work against obvious Soros shills)

      How did Soros get his money, what bad things is he doing in the USA, and what bad things has he been doing abroad.

  37. Joe says:

    I stayed in my region’s version of Portland for a few weeks. My assessment is that Numbers 31:17-18 will apply at the least, except for a very select few people as per Joshua 6:25. It would most likely be the case for other comparable cities.

    Numbers 31

    17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    Joshua 6

    25 And Joshua saved Rahab the harlot alive, and her father’s household, and all that she had; and she dwelleth in Israel even unto this day; because she hid the messengers, which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho.

    • Aidan says:

      I agree in spirit, but would probably be a bad idea. Restoration versus total anarchy. If, however, we get massive civil war, I can envision permitting my men to kill every adult male in certain cities and take their women.

      • The Cominator says:

        There is a very large % of the population that if we are given the chance we absolutely need to helicopter. 40% of Britbongs want either permanent total lockdown or semi lockdown. All of the “men” among this group should be sent to hell as soon as possible we can’t coexist with them and they are a menance to both the gene pool and our freedom. The women among this group should be auctioned off.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I mean as long as we are consistent with the logic, their females would be carriers too. Sometimes ‘kill the men and take the women’ is also putting pussy on a pedestal.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’d say sterilize em but from what I’ve read about the effect of the mRNA vax on the body… they probably already are sterile.

          • jim says:

            Nah, women have no tribe, no country, no larger group identity.

            • The Cominator says:

              Women cannot resist conforming to the group they are in long term (though I did know one who sort of heldout as a NAWALT with a personality out of the era of I Dream of Jeannie for seriously 10 years)…

              There ARE women who if they are horrified by the group they are in (or something that the group they are in has recently done) will try to abandon the group they are in now… they can’t resist the grouphink forever but they do have enough individuality sometimes to try to get out before their thought patterns are indoctrinated completely.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              A fact that is true and also not responsive to the point.

            • Rick says:

              >Nah, women have no tribe, no country, no larger group identity.

              Are you sure this is true? I seem to remember women from different religions being pretty effective in converting their husbands and children to their faith. And as we know religions are super tribes.

              • jim says:

                That happens when they are operating in a vacuum, as they commonly are. They are trying to find a tribe for their husband and children. If no vacuum, no problem.

                The Mongols had huge problems with their women converting their children, Muslims no problem.

                The wife’s faith is merely a shit test for both husband and faith. Which shit test a half dead religion is apt to fail.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            As Jim says, women have no beliefs of their own. You do not want to punish women for following along with their men, because then you select for even more troublesome women. Women are operating as they are designed, and it is the men that are the problem. We will need to kill off a decent amount of them anyway, just as how you kill a wild dog even if it is not the dog’s fault the master made it dangerous and unruly.

            In a lot of the cities, a Jericho approach is a good idea. On other cities, less so. In the rural areas, almost certainly not. San Francisco and Seattle, for instance, need to be wiped from the face of the earth as was Sodom and Gomorrah. Austin can probably be cleaned up with a general purge of the elite and the queers. I’m not aware of any truly pozzed rural areas that would need more than shooting the few elites that hoped to escape the purge.

            • Pooch says:

              It’s interesting to note that rural areas of Maine only voted 40-50% for Trump where as rural areas of the south and midwest voted 70-80% for Trump. My guess it is the deep Puritan influence on New England.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Actually, Maine isn’t all that Puritan. It’s the fucking invaders from the liberal states fleeing to areas they have not yet ruined. It is Massachusettsification, not the locals. A lot of those rural areas are filled with the vacation homes of shitlibs with high paying jobs in another state or who retired and fled the lunacy. I know some people from Maine and they tell me is is largely the Massholes ruining things. They have the same problem of high-trust, very white areas not knowing they are being scammed, but mostly it is transplants metastasizing in their state.

                • Pooch says:

                  Wouldn’t we also see that same affect in places like Georgia and Pennsylvania, where rich shitlibs from Philadelphia and Georgia buy vacation homes in the rural areas? That doesn’t seem to be the case. It could be the deep Puritan influence of Massachusetts in particular, affecting the neighboring areas, which is unique in that regard.

                • Pooch says:

                  Philadelphia and Atlanta*

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I think it is because there are a lot fewer people in rural Maine. Maybe they are more lefty, but my friends tell me it is mostly because of the influx of liberals. I know it’s not a big state, and it’s close to a few big states.

                • Pooch says:

                  I know nothing of Maine so I’m sure you are right. Could be that the the elite and upper classes are entirely leftist there in the north whereas the local elite and upper classes buying 2nd homes in the south are still somewhat a mixture of rightists.

              • The Cominator says:

                I’m from Massachusetts and can confirm that is most of the problem with Maine…

                Vermont is the authentic holdout of rural leftism…

        • onyomi says:

          I agree with you that those responsible, along with hardcore lockdown promoters should be helicoptered (I feel like I didn’t know what it meant to have a “mortal enemy” before these people showed up). However, also keep in mind that British polls seem to be massively astroturfed and/or designed in such a way as to produce certain answers. Of course this is a problem in the US too, but I’ve noticed recently that it seems especially bad in Britain as a tool of propaganda.

        • jim says:

          They will change their minds the instant it ceases to be fashionable. Observe that all the people terribly concerned about climate change seem to have lost interest now that it is more fashionable to be terribly concerned about the holy and mighty Covid Demon.

          • The Cominator says:

            We’re better off without people who so easily can be persuaded to find demon worship fashionable.

            • jim says:

              That would require us to helicopter just about everyone. It has always proved more effective to control the social order by regulating what is high status from the top.

              Just make truth high status, lies low status. Raise kids with an honor code instead of a dishonor code.

          • Aidan says:

            “Permanent lockdown” is above & beyond government policy- those who support it are actively engaged in holiness spiraling. Somewhat different from those who just unthinkingly believe power.

        • chris says:

          “The women among this group should be auctioned off.”

          The women are rotten too. They aren’t even worth it as property.

          • Leon says:

            Agreed. Many of those women are mentally ill, have multiple forms of mutilation (piercings, head shaved, tattoos, etc), are out of shape and have some form of STD or other physical illness. The old testament had God routinely told the Israelites to kill off the women and children as well as the men of their enemies. The logic behind that makes sense now. A good chunk of those women are so far gone they are unsalvageable.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Any women who knew a man was the standard. If she laid with such degenerates,, she was tainted. You can get the medics to check for a hymen. No hymen, into the oven. A hymen means she gets sent to the loot tents, to be taken by an officer or bestowed upon a valuable or heroic enlisted man as a reward.

              • The Cominator says:

                “No hymen, into the oven”


                No we’re not doing that. Women who are still virgins at 20 tend to be frigid cunts who are either true gold diggers or holding out for general butt naked. Virginity is good for pair bonding but its not natural for women to be virgins 7+ years past puberty.

                Women are to some degree NPCs and we need to salvage some bad ones through extreme corrective measures… but I should stress the emphasis should be on salvage.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The implied expectation in Numbers is that ‘women who have not lain with a man’ are very likely going to be the children.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I obviously do not mean we do this nationwide, that would be an extinction-level event. There is no way the men would go along with it anyway. I am not a psycho or a fool, and I would neither give nor follow such an order from anyone short of Jesus Christ, Himself.

                  If tasked with purging an area such as San Francisco or Seattle, those would be the rules of engagement for that limited geographic area. You want the purge of an area like those to be as brutal and thorough as possible. Even Harvard is less degenerate and would not be subject to that level of extermination. There are just some areas that need to be burned out like a cancer.

                • Pooch says:

                  All fertile age white women should be spared and married off and impregnated. They are purely NPCs to the dominant religion. The speed at which women went from being feminist whores in Weimar Germany to enthusiastically waving Nazi flags was incredible.

              • neofugue says:

                > No hymen, into the oven


                In all seriousness, when the ancients mention “virgins” they are not referring to individuals but a class of women who are assumed to have hymens, unmarried women living under their fathers. For example, Saint Jerome laments of virgins who engage in whoredoms detailed in his letter to Eustochium. When God told the Israelites to slay all but the virgins he is not telling them to use doctors to analyze each and every female but to slay all except for the young girls living with their parents.

                This distinction has been lost in the West because society has degenerated to the degree that one can no longer assume a young girl living with her parents is a virgin. Even Canaanite societies had clear distinctions between virgins, wives and wayward girls. While the biological purpose of the Biblical prohibitions on incest are related to genetic decay, the broader spiritual meaning of these laws is to establish that girls should grow up in an environment where she is kept a virgin before being married off. This is why scripture mentions lying with a woman and her daughter as lewdness.

                According to the various women I knew in college, most lose their virginity at around 13 years of age, and it is rare to find a girl who lost it after 16. Thus any girl above the age of 12 ought to be considered a non-virgin unless proven otherwise. Given the average age of marriage for Jewish women at the time of the conquest of Canaan would be from 10 to 14, this heuristic would not be ahistorically dissimilar.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not based psychotic, even if Wulfgar didn’t mean it literally that way killing every unmarried non-virgin woman especially retroactively just sounds incredibly psychotic (and I’m normally the one who is psychotic about leftists).

                  Anyone who doesn’t see this REALLY needs to get laid, those kind of thoughts only come after months of trying to game women and getting nowhere + no sex.

                  I know this is hard nowadays generally in America but to get it out of your system please see my post on how non chads even spergish ones can easily fuck strippers for often not very much money. Persistent incels who make any kind of decent living need to do this at least once every three months…

                • neofugue says:

                  Says someone who has advocated numerous times in great detail unironically the liquidation of tens of millions in a way that would make Pol Pot proud. Before calling the kettle black, please extend the same courtesy towards the useful idiots of Leftism that you have for your hookers.

                  The primary goal of wiping out the Canaanites was not based on race but on demon worship, and sparing the virgins was more an act of mercy. In the ancestral environment, males of Tribe A kill males of Tribe B, discard the unwanted females and take the virgins for themselves. One can look at the siege of Carthage by the Romans or the conquest of Prussia in WW2 as historical examples. The purpose of my post was to illustrate the historical definition of “virgins,” and the understanding of the conquest of Canaan.

                  Obviously Wulfgar is referring to this ironically. No one wants to gas the Jews, not even those who say they should have been.*

                  *no, I am not a Holocaust revisionist

                • The Cominator says:

                  My comment covered my views on what has to happen to commies and progs and the awful events of 2020 justify them.

                  “please extend the same courtesy towards the useful idiots of Leftism that you have for your hookers.”

                  No and I don’t understand especially after 2020 this strange sympathy for leftists. 2020 proved the futility of trying to coexist with them. Look at Chile and Spain now, that is what happens if you don’t implement a Suharto solution. Also why should I extend the soft spot I have to a group that makes clown world bearable to a group that is a huge cause of the problem.

                • Basil says:

                  If you put some criteria, you can find a virgin over 16 (or whatever your “age of consent”) with some effort and luck. Yes, girls living with their parents are more likely to be virgins even now. As well as girls who study well, from a complete family, socially “unsuccessful” and autistic, not from the city, do not undress too much when going out on the streets and do not have completely fallen whores in their environment.

                • neofugue says:

                  > No and I don’t understand especially after 2020 this strange sympathy for leftists…why should I extend the soft spot I have to a group that makes clown world bearable to a group that is a huge cause of the problem

                  Careful discernment of individuals in collective and often messy mass-murder type scenarios is not feasible, thus any mercy policy must be clear; for example, kill everyone except for the young girls. There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a hooker and sparing her from a fall-of-Carthage type situation if he can prevent her from lying with other men. However, one who advocates for democide does not have the right to wave his blood-stained finger at others who are not as merciful to the non-virgins. Calling said democide “psychotic” when it involves hookers comes across as the words of a coward who talks big but lacks the guts to kill.

                  As a disclaimer, my preferred solution would be to enshrine Christianity as the official state religion and deny legal, economic and social rights to Progressives, with the FBI-equivalent secret police extrajudicially hunting down any meaningful resistance. The transition would be handled similar to a reverse Nuremberg (with helicopters!) and Denazification. Any Cominator-type democide is out of touch with reality, but given the absolute success of the handling of postwar Germany this less-bloody solution would be sufficient provided the secret police does what is necessary to keep the peace.

                  > If you put some criteria, you can find a virgin over 16 with some effort and luck.

                  The problem lies with the parents. Homeschooled girls are best, but parents have a tendency to homeschool not as a religious education but as “school at home,” after which they send her off to whore school.

                  Although I must be vague for legal reasons, girls in Leftist areas are nicest between 10 and 12 years of age, and would make good wives would it not be for their Progressive parents. You want a girl over 16 because you can separate her from her parents without going to jail.

                • Basil says:

                  Yes, modern parents would rather send their daughter to a brothel than let her find a worthy husband. If we discard the age limits set by the state, then we have two ways: either we are looking for sane parents (which will be difficult, given the level of hysteria in society on this topic) with a suitable girl, we get to know the father and only then we deal with the girl, or we find girl, seduce her, and wait for the opportunity to inform her parents without risk and take her to home.

                  The first is more secure, the second allows you to consider a larger number of candidates in the same time.

            • Alfred says:

              That’s going to leave a lot men without women. God told the Israelites that, but it doesn’t appear to have been followed. One should only give orders that you know will be obeyed.

            • restitutor_orbis says:

              Yes and no. It’s been my experience that highly attractive “Barbie bimbo” type women, who often have tattoos and piercings these days, are quite anti-feminist and many are openly right-wing. They are a different breed than the fat and ugly bald and pierced types.

              The bimbo types have rightly recognized feminism as a method for ugly, unattractive women to disadvantage attractive feminine women in the mating game. The body modification is a subconscious signal that they want a strong man – I will do whatever it takes to look sexy in order to attract someone who will own me.

              If you’re on the market in 21st c. America, take a tattooed and pierced bimbo over virtually any college-educated girl, full stop. It’s easier to remove the piercings and laser off the tattoos than to undo the brainwashing.

              • Pooch says:

                If you’re on the market in 21st c. America, take a tattooed and pierced bimbo over virtually any college-educated girl, full stop. It’s easier to remove the piercings and laser off the tattoos than to undo the brainwashing.

                Easier said than done. A non-college educated girl is not merely not brainwashed by college shitlibery, she is of the peasant/pleb class. A peasant girl is going to require a different type of manliness and masculinity than that of a upper middle class college girl. As a college man myself, I always felt more comfortable around women (and their friends and families) of my class, of which plenty are attractive. Not to mention the added benefit of higher IQ offspring. The brainwashing tampers down the more you take ownership and surround her with other well behaving wives and girlfriends. All acting out by women is an attempt to force ownership by a strong man backed by a strong tribe.

                • restitutor_orbis says:

                  It certainly is easier said than done. But it CAN be done. I used to date Ivy League educated types that I met in college and work, but gave it up in my late 20s to follow the bimbo strategy. Best decision I ever made. They aren’t all peasant class and they aren’t all stupid. I’ve known and dated several with genius IQs.

                  Have you succeeded in taking ownership of and surrounding your upper-middle-class woman with well-behaving wives and girlfriends also in the upper middle class circles? If so, I salute you.

                  With all the upper middle class people I interact with, the men are virtually always weak and the women are not well behaved. Introducing a woman into that circle is just destructive. I’ve cultivated friends outside my social class for this reason.

          • jim says:

            Women love a man they are afraid of. They will become good woman if their owner has sufficient authority. Female misconduct is always a shit test. Women misbehave to be abducted by a strong man into a strong tribe. They are looking for the ancestral environment of successful reproduction, and not finding it anywhere.

      • Joe says:

        Then you are responsible for such places.

      • RMIV says:

        howdy brothers

        i was reading, i think, Luke in my 1611 KJV. i am not certain the passage yet Iesus says to “…do violence to no man.” i am not certain it is the same Book wherein he tells Do Not Kill.

        i am confused about how to understand these utterances of the Sonne of God in relation to what seems needs be done to cull the wicked from amongst us. are we to “…wait on the LORD?” as it reads elsewhere in the Good Book?

        i would appreciate some advice on how to square these pieces with the rest.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Ingroup vs outgroup. Jesus also commanded his disciples to gather swords and sell their clothes if needed to obtain them. Turning the cheek to a slap is a way of ensuring harmony in the ingroup. Retaliation only after you have confirmed that the man is your enemy. Ingroup gets the forgiving, cooperative treatment focused on in the New Testemant. Outgroup gets the Old Testemant slaughter and vengeance for which it is famous.

          Keep in mind that God was always a forgiving and patient God, even in the Old Testament. Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to abolish it. The vengeance of God is just as much a part of Him as is the forgiveness Jesus espoused.

        • jim says:

          Christendom has been struggling with this issue for two millennia, and the answer is just war theory.

          I disagree with some of my more bloodthirsty commenters, but is clear that the scale of killing required to halt a left singularity rises the closer it gets to the singularity. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

          The resistance in the Vendee, and the successful resistance in both of the Spanish wars, was an unarguably just war.

          Christians are required to turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile. But a Christian only has two cheeks, and is not required to walk unlimited miles.

          Christians are required to display forgiveness and generosity in victory. But that does not require Christians to allow the enemy to endlessly surrender and unsurrender. Sometimes you just have to kill them all and let God sort them out, and good Christians with great regularity did so.

          Charles the second’s approach to Havel’s Greengrocer was correct, but letting those who were not Havel’s Greengrocer depart to America turned out to be a very bad idea in the long run.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m more merciful than you when it comes to regular human failings or such as bad luck that even people who are not all bad can experience… fucking around should catch a severe beating and public humiliation but death…

            Bastard children probably aren’t going to have a good time of it but you don’t need to treat them the way the Catholic Church did (and no they were never universally treated that badly in the Protestant world, though they could be if they got unlucky) we will simply make sure there are very few of them…

            But willful demon worshippers I say no mercy. Reading the Gospels Jesus was the same way, he cut some slack to ordinary low level sinners but was uncompromisingly hostile to religious authorities and followers that had purity spiraled some things (and not others) into a form of demon worship. I’m inclined to agree with his moral philosophy.

          • RMIV says:

            i appreciate this.

            for further clarity, are we assuming Iesus was referring to the in-group also when he said to Love Your Enemies and Do Good To Them That Hate You?

            for example, Wulfgar, once you’ve confirmed that a man or group is your enemy, like you say, how does one properly retaliate? as in, how would you retaliate in such a manner that you fulfill the Love Your Enemies rule?

            is it that it is loving to destroy the wicked over allowing them to further damn themselves?

            thanks for your attentions

            • jim says:

              See my post “How to genocide inferior kinds in a properly Christian manner.

              We are obligated to love our neighbor. Which is not everyone, but nonetheless still sounds potentially suicidal.

              This question is adequately dealt with by the parable of the good Samaritan, which parable gets holiness spiraled to say the opposite of what it is in fact saying.

              The parable answers the question as follows: The priest and the levite were geographically neighbors, but the man set upon by thieves was not required to love them, because they failed to act in a neighborly fashion. He is required to love the good samaritan, because the good samaritan, though not geographically a neighbor, did act in a neighborly fashion. But not required to love all those other Samaritans.

            • ten says:

              So what do you make of “Love your enemy”? The hidden implication seems to be, as most churchians of today would claim, that it means “your enemy is not your enemy”, which is clearly not what Christ meant.

              And if you’re going for a holiness signifier in Iesus, why not Yeshua? Or just Jesus, so we ordinary folk could think that maybe you are one of us?

              Without an enemy, you are nothing. Enemies are what separates us from algae. Love your enemy, because he teaches you how to overcome him, which in the end teaches you everything.

              And never have no enemies – or you can’t love them.

              • Aidan says:

                The bible makes the distinction between hostis and inimicus- hostis is an external enemy, someone at war against your ingroup, and inimicus is a member of your community who you are on bad terms with, in the sense of a neighbor’s dispute or clan feud. When Jesus says love your enemy, he is talking about members of the ingroup who you are on bad terms with, not the slavering enemy at your gates.

              • RMIV says:

                i put Iesus as Jesus because Iesus is how it is in the 1611 KJV and that’s what i was sourcing my question from.

                i’m no holier than anybody else and even if i was, how would i know it

                • jim says:

                  Well that is how it was spelt in 1611, but there is a tendency among people pushing a replacement religion to decorate themselves with random meaningless out of context fragments of the old.

                • RMIV says:

                  point taken

          • Joe says:


            Perhaps you would like to spend a few months on the front lines, Jim.

  38. Shorn says:

    So how are Thailand, Philippines, Laos, etc. with COVID? My default assumption is they are more based than the West on most things. They are also more corrupt and susceptible to bribery.

    But from what I have heard online and seen in videos they may be falling for the lies more than you would expect. I initially considered paying for a vax “registration” while in one of these countries, and using this as evidence back home that I have already been vaxxed. But now I am not so sure it will work, and how risky it is. If they are true believers in COVID, bribery may not go down well.

    • Noname says:

      @Shorne, Thai news (which I get via sat) talks about covid non-stop. They are obsessed with it worse than the US. Not only do they wear the mask for show, they wear a plastic shield too. Out in the sticks not so much. If you travel to Thailand, you have to be vaxxed and stay quarantined in a hotel for two weeks both.

      Also about Thailand, they have a group of college types larping as antifa that are trying to overthrow their King. Which is highly illegal. This group of malcontents are getting their marching orders from US dissidents via twitter.

      Thailand should shut off twitter and faceberg in their country and expel the US embassy.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        The Media everywhere in the American hegemony is literally an arm of the Cathedral, and of course the governments are vassals who are “persuaded” to enforce their insanity who proceed to double down on it to piously demonstrate their loyalty else they are “democratized” like the Middle East that refuses.

        Thailand is afraid that if they shut off twitter and faceberg in their country and expel the US embassy they are going to enjoy a thousand tons of explosives falling down on them and they are not willing to ride that tiger quite yet.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          This is fast becoming one of those situations where the crowd obeys the cop because that’s just what you do, not because he can actually do anything to control them. America has no stomach for police actions or maintenance conflicts, only holy wars.

  39. Pooch says:

    Fuentes officially banned from Twitter. It was suspicious why he was allowed on Twitter, yet banned on everything else including a no-fly list but I guess this puts to bed any possibility of him being compromised. My personal belief is that young Caesar can only necessarily come from his generation.

    • Rick says:

      Maybe. The other day the FBI put together a new “white supremist” group and had them march through Philly. They got laughed out of a town on 4chan as obvious glowie operation because facebook hasn’t banned them. Maybe they’re taking the hint that only fully banned groups will work as honey pots now.

      • Pooch says:

        Yeah that was Patriot Front which is a very obvious fed entrapment honey pot. Tons of fednats were blasting the video on Twitter which looked something like a KKK march. They don’t understand us and red pills to do thing anything more sophisticated. Nick regularly makes thoughtcrimes showing a real understanding of reactionary red pills, particularly about race and black behavior, which is their most sacred issue. No one who is non-anon is going as far as him with thoughtcrime besides maybe Andrew Anglin.

        The only thing questionable about him is he still buys into the bizarre troofer theory that 9-11 was a setup with dancing Israelis and such. I’m not sure if its just because he’s too young to have not lived through it or what. Besides that he’s pretty solid on everything even calling out age of consent laws which is approaching Jim levels of basedness.

        • Rick says:

          >The only thing questionable about him is he still buys into the bizarre troofer theory that 9-11 was a setup with dancing Israelis and such.

          That’s very much a FBI meme. I’m not sold on the guy. I’ve watched a few of his videos and I still get the feeling he’s soaking up real opposition to divert it away from anger at the ruling class. But then it again it’s pretty close to impossible to tell who is what these days with any namefag. If you think he’s useful in fighting against the cathedral, good enough for me.

          The commenters on Ace of spades and other mild rightwing sites are dropping Red Pills on race these days too. The Feds have shifted away from trying to control thought to trying to prevent a revolt. There’s less policing going on those sorts of things on the right now. Whites are automatically racist now, so speaking the truths that get you labeled racist is proving less effective now.

          • Pooch says:

            Nick regularly talks about the class conflict of the deranged ruling elite using the lower races as a mercenary army against the historic white American middle class. Not impossible that the feds got to Fuentes but if so, they are allowing him a lease to unload red pills and thoughtcrimes on his audience in a way that is far more sophisticated than the morons like Spencer or any other fed shill commenter. I’m not ruling it out, but it just seems unlikely.

            He just seems to have a hang up about the Jews and Israel at times (although he doesn’t overly focus on it as a central issue) is my only knock but then again so did Anglin for the longest time and sometimes he still does. Perhaps it’s because both of them have been under attack by largely Jewish agents of the Cathedral for a long time so it’s personal in many ways for them. The JQ is a complex issue and I’ve only ever seen it explained in a way that makes sense by Jim himself.

            • Pooch says:

              Also, thinking about this more, if Fuentes was a fed asset I would think they would have used him on 1/6, which he attended, to lead his followers into the Capital to cause more violence like the fed assets in the other groups like the Oathkeepers. Instead when signs of Capital breaching occurred Fuentes fled as to make sure he was not charged for violence. Not something a fed would do.

              I think we may be giving our enemies too much credit. Glowniggers are stupid and bluepilled with a midwit IQ at most and they are pretty easy to spot.

              • jim says:

                That is why we call them glowniggers. When you have spotted a few, they all glow in the dark.

                Our enemies are not very smart, because a smart man cannot pass their orthodoxy quiz.

            • Prof. Baizou says:

              where does jim layout the JQ?

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                A few places. The gist is that Jews are not the problem, the left is the problem. Jews are selected to be high-trust within their ingroup and low-trust outside, so they do well in a society where defection and betrayal is the norm. Furthermore, they have typically been used as cutouts for European elite misbehavior. Notice that the hand of Soros is the hand of the State Department. He had to beg and scrape before Hillary Clinton, which is a clear indicator that his will is not his own. There is not truly a Jewish Problem. There is an Holiness Spiral and Elite Problem, and the corrupt and decadent elite wave the Jews as a matador does a cape; to keep the bull’s attacks away from the one sticking him with spears.

                • Noname says:

                  So they’re just the victims? In spite of running all the news networks, media, federal reserve, etc… they are powerless?

                  And I suppose all members of Biden’s staff being them is just by chance? And Biden taking a knee to them is just a clever ruse on his part?

                  Really…? Did you not hear the part about destroying the legacy of whiteness or how Europeans are going into multicultural mode?

                  It is you who are mistaken or shilling. You tried to gaslight me before.

                • jim says:

                  > So they’re just the victims?

                  Not what Wulfgar Thundercock said about the Jews, not what I said about the Jews, not what he said that I said about the Jews.

                • Noname says:


                • jim says:

                  Not what “cutout” means.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  No, they are not victims, dumbass. That sounds like some woke commie bullshit right there. They are doing bad acts at the behest of another–greater–power, and that makes them victims? Have you taken the shill test, or are you just too tainted by the mores of the day?

                  When we take all the leftists to be shot and the bodies burned, we are going to kill a whole lot of Jews. We are going to be killing leftist bad actors, not Jews, though a whole lot of Jews are apt to die. Enough so that it will look like ‘anoddah Shoah, oh da humanity!’ As we will be targeting leftists over Jews, we will not be overlooking people like Kamala Harris and Hunter Biden in a pointless and useless hunt for the Jew running a sandwich shop. Who is more of a threat to Heratige Americans? Brian Stelter spreading evil propaganda on CNN, or Shlomo the deli man who is a little tight fisted and obnoxious, but makes a great Reuben and does not really bother anyone?

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Before a skype is a skype he is an alien, and hence needs to be physically removed from a native society like any other alien; because a man in an alien land cannot help but be subversive, even if he were to be otherwise perfectly fine in his own land.

                The fact of them being especially prone to leftist modes of thought in greater ratios than any other prominent race is just icing on the cake.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          The most sacred issue of progressivism is the WQ, not race. Feminism was a problem way before niggers and blacks suffer the problem of feminism double tempo.

          • Pooch says:

            Blacks rank higher than white women. Black gay trans women rank highest of all.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              Black women rank higher than black men.

              Black gay trans women rank higher because they are trans women, gay and black in that order. Black lesbian woman likely to rank the highest of all, and we see that with BLM which seems publicly organized by black women with very lesbian/trucker mannerisms. Every time you see a prog event, the black lesbian woman is the one with the microphone and berating everyone else.

              • Atavistic Morality says:

                Who ranks higher than Hillary? Who ranks higher than Kamala? Who ranks higher than Obama? Who ranks higher than Michelle?

                • Pooch says:

                  Hillary lost to Obama. Kamala is the holiest of the holy which is why she was force fed into the Biden administration even though she barely cracked 1% in the primaries.

      • Pooch says:

        Did a quick check and I found an example of obvious FBI fednat twitter shill that’s not blocked:

        That account was one of the ones blasting the Patriot Front march over and over again (along with any account with fash or fascism in the bio). Obvious FBI. They don’t seem to be blocked, otherwise how could they entrap people?

        • Bilge_Pump says:

          “fascthestampede” is a reference to a character named Vash the Stampede, from an anime called Trigun. Idk if feds possess the knowledge of anime requisite to use its memes in such a specific manner.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            What the internet labels “fed” falls into the classic “80/20” split, which is to say 80 parts are CIs and 20 parts are benefits collectors.

          • Anon says:

            Trigun aired on Adult Swim in the 2000s: it’s not exactly an obscure anime, and if this particular account were a paid shill and didn’t already know that, 5 seconds of googling could tell them. Maybe if they used an Angel’s Egg reference you could claim that. Either way, having seen or knowing about anime doesn’t mean a person isn’t just an idiot. At this point it’s probably the opposite. Normal people watch anime and read comic books and play DnD now; fat women love telling you they’re into Japanese cartoons. Most of that stuff is and was gay trash to begin with.

            Twitter in general is an enormous waste of time and you should probably get rid of it. It’s just news articles but now you can see every moron’s awful opinion, every moron retweeting every other moron’s awful opinion, most of it stolen and watered down. This includes Nick Fuentes, who is a retarded e-celeb: no functional difference between Fuentes and Ben Shapiro. Nothing interesting is being said.

            Even Curtis Yarvin gets substack money from watering down his opinions, and his original opinions weren’t that great in the first place. On a whim I listened to his interview with Michael Anton (also a retard) and it was bad. Every time I hear Yarvin say something like “the people at Burning Man are nobles”, or that he read John Bolton’s memoir (lmao) and John Bolton was singularly equipped to be effective in Washington, or hear him backtrack when challenged and say the exact opposite of what he just said, it becomes more obvious that Yarvin has never fucked a woman from Burning Man, has probably never understood a history book, and just likes hearing himself talk.

            • Joe says:

              the people at Burning Man are nobles

              Bow down before me oh ye Plebes.

              fucked a woman from Burning Man

              Well shit.

              But no. This life is pointless and leads only to death. It is only the path through God and Jesus Christ that gives man eternal life.

              I repent all that I have done and ask God for forgiveness.

              1 Timothy 1

              15 This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

    • Rick says:

      The other thing that’s going on with twitter is they’ve almost completely gotten rid of all rightwing commenters. They may be moving onto taking out the larger figures now the posts celebrating such bannings won’t be ratioed. If so, Fuentes will be the first of many.

      • Pooch says:

        That’s a good point.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I think they are also keeping on the more respectable right-wingers. Robert Barnes, who is a pretty good legal analyst, was going off about Fuentes today. He is a lawyer, so he is part of the system. He is also under an immense normality bias. He thinks that laws are going to make the 2022 elections safe again and that we all need to unite across racial lines to pass populist programs. As if the gibs and the govjobs are going to be thrown away by the blacks and browns in favor of white supremacy and segregation.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          That was not very clear, so to be specific, they will keep on the neocons and anyone supporting ineffective or self-destructive responses. Institutionalists, fednats, people with a stake in keeping the system as it is. Barnes is so hellbent on the American mythos he was talking about rebelling against Musk as a repeat of the Revolutionary War in space. He is not the kind of man to tear down a system if it is beyond saving. He thinks in terms of equality, so he is not a threat. He does not support the red pill on women, so he is no real threat to the system.

        • The Cominator says:

          Anyone who advocates so called leftist populism is an enemy and probably glows in the dark.

          Muh programs are just going to go to nigs illegals and single mothers same as it ever does. BAP did almost a whole show on this.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            He is a right-wing populist, but populist before right wing. He is a civil rights lawyer, which is where most of his problems come from. He actually thinks people are equal and that equality is a goal to aim towards. He is quite good at predicting how the legal system works, which is why I listen to him, but his political philosophy is too influenced by his education and profession to be useful. I take his predictions seriously, not his politics.

            People like him will be kept around, because while he advocates for fair treatment, they will be making sure they are as unfair as possible. He is not the type to retaliate against his enemies if it is against his principles, so he is guaranteed to lose. He is just the person to allow to stay on social media until the actual purges begin. All light and no heat, so that people can see how they are being destroyed, but not actually fight it effectively. He was against the declaration of martial law like Gen. Flynn wanted, because ‘muh freedumb.’

            • The Cominator says:

              He sounds like he is fake right wing and glows.

              Hes a lawyer, probably lives in the beltway… is he catholic? Fedcath glowie like most of these fake right wing lawyer types.

            • Pooch says:

              Like Bannon and Tucker, Barnes is part of the populist light, necessarily stopping short of thought crimes because going farther would get him banned from his revenue streams, but still giving solid pro-Trump political analysis nonetheless. His legal analysis during stop the steal was especially good (even Tucker avoided it).

              But unlike Bannon and Tucker, he suddenly punched right at Nick Fuentes after they debated on Israel (which was informative and polite). This leads me to believe Barnes is taking money from Israeli nationalists Jews (like many Republicans) and they gave him the shut it down order. Being populist lite stopping short on thoughtcrimes is fine as long as you don’t punch right at those who don’t stop short which is exactly what Con Inc so it was surprise to see Barnes do the same.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Barnes went on a rant about it today which is what prompted my observation, and his reasoning is equality-based nonsense. Saying mean things about the coloureds, the queers, and the wahmen (not the wahmen!)is his reason for opposing Fuentes. He fails the red pill on women, and the red pill on diversity. He thinks that the kumbaya leftism of yesteryear is possible and desirable. He spent his formative years as a civil rights lawyer standing up for the little guy because of something that happened to his father. He probably sees Fuentes as someone that he spent his life fighting against, not realizing that the people he represented in those civil rights cases will kill him, rape and kill his daughters, and abandon every principle he believes in despite what he did for them.

                It is why he will be allowed to stay on these sites. He is not an agent of change. A lawyer is too much a part of the system to be an effective revolutionary. They think in terms of convincing, persuading, and changing the direction of a system. You need a warrior or an engineer that thinks about tearing apart a system and rearranging it or rebuilding it.

                • Karl says:

                  Not true, Fidel Castro was a lawyer and an effective revolutionary

                  Anyway, revolutions are progressive. Changes from the right are called a coup or maybe a putsch. We don’t need a revolutionary

                • Pooch says:

                  You might be reading too much into it. Because being a political commentator is a full time job for these people they are beholden to their donors. Bannon for instance is funded by a Tawainese billionaire which is why he harps on the CCP so much on his show. Barnes’s content is on Dave Rubin’s site locals, who is a gay Israeli nationalist Jew Ben Shapiro-lite.

                  Jim’s point of Israeli nationalists being the enemy of our enemy but not necessarily our friends is salient here. It was interesting to note that neocon so called “right-wing” publications were attacking Fuentes most vigorously as a Holocaust denier, white supremacist etc when he announced he was meeting congressman Gosar.

                  Having said that of course Barnes, Bannon, Tucker, and just about every right wing personality outside of NRx (with the exception of Fuentes) are horribly normalcy biased to not understand Caesarism is the only way forward. It is generational. Every boomercon thinks returning to monarchy is unthinkable just as everyone in the time of Gracchus thought returning to monarchy was unthinkable. If Rome is a barometer, It is going to take another half-generation of Republic dysfunctionality and quite possibly considerable violence for everyone to come around.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Fidel Castro was a lawyer and an effective revolutionary

                  Fidel Castro was an effective *leftist*, yes; another data-point against lawyers.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Dick the Butcher in Henry VI had the right idea.

                  Climate scientists and “public health” types need to go too.

        • Pooch says:

          He is also under an immense normality bias. He thinks that laws are going to make the 2022 elections safe

          As is every other Constitution loving boomer con. Caesar and Napoleon arrived when just about everyone understood dictatorship was the only acceptable path forward for governing stability, which makes me think young Caesar necessarily must come from the next generation.

  40. The Ducking Man says:

    Recently I feel strong desire to divorce myself from my wisdom.

    Though I don’t posses much wisdom, my heart is being burdened by my wisdom continually.

    My wary heart want to believe that china flu is as dangerous as media like to say, that whatever fact checkers say is true, that normality will return once I take the vaccine, that the vaccine is safe.

    But deep down I know these are deceived spirit’s thibking.

    What good is speaking truth when it will fall on deaf ears?

    • The Cominator says:

      Why would you want to believe in fearmongering?

    • EH says:

      I know that feel, but then consider: to speak truth may be futile, but to speak lies is to lose your soul.

    • suones says:

      Recently I feel strong desire to divorce myself from my wisdom.

      Taking the blue pill is always a choice. Nobody said Enlightenment was easy.

    • onyomi says:

      This is the sinister part of regime propaganda: normal people, when faced with two different sets of beliefs, one which they know will pit them against their friends, family, and society at large and one which will put them in consonance with all those things, eventually twist and distort their perception and interpretation of facts to allow them to adopt the former.

      Only the somewhat autistic are immune enough to social pressures and signals to continue to believe things that seem true to them but which put them at odds with everyone around them and stand in the way of thinking the world is a good, just, and happy place. But the pressure is always there nonetheless.

      • Karl says:

        If you believe that things that put you at odds with everyone, it is time to change your social circle or your believes

        • jim says:

          My experience is that my beliefs do not put me at odds with everyone. Partly I have a social circle that is quietly red pilled, one believer in the blue pilled faith, who finding not everyone accepts his views as unquestionable, goes easy, the rest are at worst Havel’s Greengrocer.

          Partly, things have gone a lot easier once I had God at my back. If people think you don’t believe in anything, while they believe in something, they will get pushy. With God behind you, they fall back.

          • Pooch says:

            How does one have god at his back? Attending church and such?

            • Karl says:

              You don’t need a whole church, one or two others suffice – Matthew 18:20.

            • jim says:


              It is not practical for me to attend a Church that preaches Christianity, rather than Cathedral propaganda, and if I was attending Church and such the other guy would not know.

              Rather, it is a matter of inward frame, sparingly and infrequently decorated with outward piety. You don’t need to show any outward piety to the other guy, word gets around if it is congruent with inward frame.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        This is a very liberal use of the word autistic.

        You know how many times I’ve been told this or that was impossible and I still did it and found success? When I started my first own business at 19 it was incredibly impossible, I was incredibly too young and I was going to incredibly fail, I’m still hearing it. This market is too saturated, this economy is too difficult, you’re working too hard, you’re young you should be enjoying your life. You can’t, you aren’t, you won’t. Once I hit my 50s perhaps they’ll start to tell me that I’m just too old instead of too young. I suspect any man who has ever had any amount of reasonable success has been told innumerable times that he wasn’t capable, he would fail and it was impossible. For the small people, the world is always incredibly complicated and impossible, and the evil people, they’ll always try to trip you up a little bit more.

        Having problems dealing with “social pressures and signals” is called being a faggot and a lesser man. In the times of WWII it wasn’t weird for people to have completely and radically different ideas about many things but that didn’t stop them from being friends and dealing with each other. Thomas Moore and Thomas Cromwell were somehow friends, strange as it may sound considering the situation. Men of quality don’t shrink away from disagreement or hold it against others as if it was personal, each man is his own world and has his own interests, his own personality and his own beliefs. Each man a king under his own roof.

        @The Ducking Man

        Stop being a pussy and stop diminishing yourself.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          Thomas More*

        • onyomi says:

          Maybe. It is true that autism is sometimes described as “hyper-masculine brain.” Which implies that having a degree of what 4chan colloquially calls “autism” is actually entirely appropriate for a man. Like nigger, I think “autism” has been, to a degree, reappropriated by online culture. It still refers to people whom a psychiatrist would actually diagnose as autistic, many of whom our side finds more likeable and reasonable than the average man, but it also includes anyone comparatively immune to social pressures, along with a slightly affectionate implication of stilted social skills, though I don’t even think everyone assumes all 4chan “autists” are socially retarded.

          • jim says:

            The old Royal Society ideal of a gentleman was that a true gentleman spoke the truth and was immune to social pressures.

            I am immune to social pressure, and also have good social skills.

          • Bilge_Pump says:

            The difference is that “nigger” much more precisely and accurately describes a kind of person than “autist” does. I am smarter and better looking than most people, and as a result have interests that often don’t fully align with theirs. Often I have to ignore what people think because they are retarded. Does this make me autistic? No.

          • onyomi says:

            I guess the question of interest here is whether saying “autist” when we really just mean “independent thinker” is a fun form of deflecting self-deprecation or playing into the enemies’ hands by implicitly pathologizing independent thinking.

  41. Noname says:

    Biggov involvement Afghanistan was about opium. Run a search for military guarding opium fields. Opium has a long and sad political history and was likely the real reason Western Civilization sought a shorter route to India.

    A more pressing issue is this door-to-door vax campaign. Hope you’ve got a plan.

  42. onyomi says:

    Where are our George Soroses?

    Clearly there is an asymmetry where the left’s rich guys are willing to lose money on a long game, fight dirty, infiltrate every institution top to bottom by buying judge’s elections, etc. etc. whereas the right’s rich guys just create think tanks that promote “free market” justifications for importing more foreign tech workers, etc.

    Perhaps it is just another manifestation of the left having all the intense holiness spirallers and the right just “wanting to grill,” but especially given there must be some new crypto millionaires and billionaires of a right wing persuasion in recent years (Szabo, for example, is surprisingly red-pilled), why don’t we see any “Gates Foundation but NRX”? Yes, that billionaire would be horribly vilified, but Soros IS horribly vilified and seems to just have a tough skin, as were the Koch brothers (typically cited as something like the right wing equivalent to Soros, but, as we know, still quite globalist in their inclinations). Yes, some crypto tycoons are anarchist privacy nuts and so vulnerable to left libertarianism and reluctant to put their money out there, I assume, but seems hardly any serious money goes toward building e.g. whatever the opposite of the WEF, Open Society Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc. are, and of course crypto is not the only way conservatives get rich.

    • Pooch says:

      All the elites are Brahim. Trump was the last Optimate. It is no longer left vs right. It’s the elite vs the plebs now. High-low vs the middle. See late Roman Republic.

    • suones says:

      Vaishya support is downstream of power. If you have a right-wing Clinton Family, you will have right wing Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos (because they themselves will be “right wing”). The Left has memetic superiority because it has captured Brahmin status-giving institutions. Which is because the Left has military superiority because it is backed by the US Army carriers and nukes, has been for more than a century. When you have a competing right wing Army, then we can see the change. It happened for a brief while where US Patriots formed a new grey Army (that lacked a real Will to Power anyway), but zilch apart from that. President Biden has specifically hammered this point: to counter Leftism you need F15s (at least) and nukes.

      • The Cominator says:

        Don’t spout lost cause about the Confederacy being overly based or anything.

        The Confederacy wanted to bring in more niggers, that is why they chimped out. Furthermore the Confederacy was also a Republic… Republic’s are not in the long term based.

        Any large Republic (beyond the size of say Switzerland) is going to maybe have some generations of good governance but eventually parasites and traitors are going to game the system. The Union was not overtly pozzed until Woodrow Wilson but because its a Republic and Republics suck it would have gotten there…

        Monarchy is the only system capable of sane government in a long term, and any Republic that rises to world power status is going to eventually become the great satan before either collapsing or as in the case of Rome becoming more like a monarchy.

        • Bilge_Pump says:

          “The Confederacy wanted to bring in more niggers” Bringing in foreign labor isn’t necessarily a bad thing ; it’s when you allow said labor to procreate and establish cultural footholds that you get problems.

          • Dave says:

            Other than African eunuchs in Arabia, when has imported labor ever not procreated and established a cultural foothold?

      • suones says:

        Confederacy being overly based or anything.

        The CSA were more based than the USA, even though both were on the road to poz.

        Logic that an anti-Left movement has to be “perfect” or else it is bad, bad, terribad is retarded and a rightward version of Holiness spiralling. One step right is better than two left, and to reverse the Leftist ratchet by even one peg is to break it. The Confederacy halted Leftism in its tracks until Woodrow Wilson got the ball rolling again, reaching peak poz only in 1964. Not bad for a “failed” revolution.

        Confederates were Patriots.
        Hitler did nothing wrong.
        Nixon was entrapped.
        Trump was a great President.

        I will only brook discussion of the above if Leftists first agree to discuss the evildoings of Lenin, Wilson, Kennedy and LBJ. Until then they can fuck off.

        The USA revolution was an evil Leftist revolution, not because they overthrew King George (happens all the time), but because they failed to establish a dynasty or State Religion afterwards — leaving the door open to capture by Harvard, which may have been the intention of some revolutionaries from the beginning, but probably not all.

        • Pooch says:

          It is interesting to note that Anglicanism (as opposed to Puritanism) was strongest in the southern colonies which seems to be the reason why the South was and is more based than the north even today.

        • The Cominator says:

          What halted the poz in its tracks until Wilson is during the “gilded age” the radical leftists lost the power struggle to the free soilers (who were not that leftist on any other issue) and lost BADLY. It had nothing to do with the confederacy in fact abolishing slavery completely helped it (i guess you could say its good they chimped out and lost and hence paved the way for that).

          One thing that gave progs an opening was that silver was demonetized for corrupt reasons and this caused a lot of economic problems.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I think it is fair to ask that you provide evidence that the CSA wanted more new slaves. They definitely wanted to keep their slaves. They definitely were massively republicish and hated the idea of monarchy, failings both. But I’m struggling to find sources for CSA argument for more slaves. Contrary to Whig history, USA was not the main destination of African slave trade. That would be the Caribbean, South America, and points East. Last time I looked, more or less 4 percent of black slaves ended up in the USA. And the Cuban fiasco blunted mass introduction of black Africans significantly.

            • Pooch says:

              The CSA would have ended slavery within a decade. Their economy was falling way behind that of the industrializing north which no longer needed slaves anyway.

            • The Cominator says:

              The CSA’s problem with Lincoln was that he made clear he would not abide any expansion of slavery into the territories and was going to ignore the Dred Scott decision.

              There was no question if the South stayed in of the Union of Lincoln abolishing it in the existing states though.

            • The Cominator says:

              Furthermore re the carribean and slavery, the CSA definitely planned to conquer Cuba almost immediately if they were let go.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Eternal damnation is even better than nukes. Hell is eternal!

    • The Cominator says:

      Soros money is not his own.

      Mercer, thiel and erik prince especially would be inclined to do this but probably threatened with a certainty of dire consequences after backing Trump to never do that or anythin like that again.

      Erik Prince is an optimate, brahmins don’t do a stint as Navy Seals especially when their family is already beyond loaded.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Until Amerikaners let go of their fantasy impressions of the US military, things like the completely cucked response by veterans to the Great Steal will keep happening.

        • The Cominator says:

          I know that at least the generals are pozzed but most people who seek out combat units are not pozzed.

          The only thing pozzed in Erik Prince’s background is that he converted to Catholicism (I ALWAYS cringe when I see this and I don’t understand why people do it, there is nothing attractive about the homosexual cult).

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Respectfully, you don’t know anything. You believe lots of stuff, you assert lots of things, but you don’t actually know. And you have submitted no evidence.

            Here’s what we do know:
            Vets with actual combat experience either continue on as contractors, go into police, go into fedgov, or go elsewhere. A very, very small percentage go into digital media, startups, or some other 21st century type “me” business.

            The vast majority of vets from GWoT have no combat experience, rudimentary combat training, and an embarrassingly high percentage of suicide, addiction, and petty crime.

            All three breeds of vet (old timers from Gulf I etc, combat vers from GWoT, and poge vets from GWoT) watched the election get stolen, after a year of literal communists, gangs, and urban terrorists carried out an assault campaign across the country, and did absolutely nothing.

            This is anecdotal, and I’m not going to be specific, but I have personally interacted with dozens of actual operators and actual combat vets. They are not paying attention to politics, they are collecting paychecks.

            The military is pozzed. Full stop. The battle for the hearts and minds of the military is over. Anyone who says otherwise and fails to produce evidence is probably in denial.

            • The Cominator says:

              Are you saying that the average soldier is a progressive democrat or worse?

              I never claimed they would do anything until things got REALLY bad. Freelance right wing violence by vets is impossible now because any right violent organization is going to be strangled in the cradle by the state. The personal attack makes me think you were one of the morons who left because they bought into the covid hoax.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I’m pointing out that you don’t have a good handle on the USM. A lot of them maintain this stupid idea that they are non-political and are completely unwilling to take sides, which means that they will just follow the crowd, which means that, in ever instance that matters, yes they are basically progressive democrats. But this is not a deeply held belief and my money says they’d flock to a right wing banner if they saw one that wasn’t being waved by some geriatric pseudo-conservative.

                The initial thing I brought to your attention was an example of exactly what you said didn’t exist: a Cathedral loving Brahmin who went through BUDS and joined teams. There are a lot of them, which was actually a big shock to me, but most of the Blue guys go into FBI or HSI. They don’t wear their politics on their sleeves, but their daughters are sluts, their sons are gay, and their wives are stunning and brave. Yes, there are based operators who have the old pills, but in my experience they get out, go to ground, and mind their own business.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Okay reasonable enough.

                • suones says:

                  …idea that they are non-political…

                  Classic priestly attack from Leftism 1.0. First they convince based warriors to be “secular” and “non-political.” This is a technique to remove the influence of based priests and their based State Religion. The intention is to remove Deus from their hearts, and Caesar from their banner. Once achieved, said warriors become easy prey for Moloch and tranner surgery.

                  Any “secular” priest or “non-political” warrior is a potential golem of Moloch. He can be converted back, but not without Deus in the Temple and Caesar on the throne.

    • Karl says:

      What could a rich man do with his money that would make a difference?

      What do mean with “fight dirty”? Infiltration of institutions can’t be done with money (alone). You need infiltrators willing to do it and a way to ensure that they won’t turn into progressives (like some many supreme courts judges). How do think could money solve this problem?

      Buying judges’ elections is being done by rich guys. What’s it supposed to change?

      • Pooch says:

        Nothing can be done until Caesar marches into Rome with an army at his back and declares himself dictator for life. Nothing short of that suffices.

        • Jehu says:

          What happens if the less insane middle decides that it has had enough but is still too squeamish to resort to open violence and declares a general strike?
          Or more likely a targeted sort of strike, as in pays truckers to not deliver to blue areas. Seems to me that’d be a way to force either a massive escalation or a capitulation. What percentage I wonder of truckers not delivering would it take to make the cities no longer livable?

          • Pooch says:

            Then they get fired (and possibly arrested) and replaced with immigrants and blacks for half the price. Peasant revolts never work.

            • Jehu says:

              Doubt you could easily replace a million truckers, at least not before your civilization collapsed. That kind of strike isn’t a classic peasant revolt, it is a direct assault on Cathedral logistics. My question is, how much would it cost to pay enough to strike.
              I think you are correct that the Cathedral would escalate to open violence, but that’s more a feature than a bug.

              • Pooch says:

                The elite of the dieing Roman Republic always escalated with open violence all the way until Caesar.

                • Jehu says:

                  Want a Caesar from what you’ve got? Getting the other side to escalate to open violence is probably the only way you get there from here. An awful lot of people would support a general strike or the like that wouldn’t support anything ‘violent’, even though such a strike observably will always draw a violent response.
                  Thing is, a ‘nonlinearity’ like this is absolutely necessary when your opponent controls all the major institutions.

                • Pooch says:

                  Forcing the Cathedral to violence, and Jan. 6th showed, is not going to force Caesar to materialize out of thin air. Great man theory follows that great men do not come around that often. Young Caesar may only be in his teens or early 20s right now (as Yarvin predicts and I agree with), in which case we need to do our best to not get genocided before he arrives.

                • Jehu says:

                  January 6th was a joke. Crippling the logistics of pretty much every major city would not be. I don’t think that America can be salvaged intact. I believe that the root problem of Trump’s failure was that he was desperately trying to salvage America intact, when such is impossible unless your foes capitulate. And because they’re holiness spiralers, they won’t. Given the current rate of holiness acceleration, I predict many will wish they’d burned it all down, smashed the power grid and the just in time system.
                  The ‘peasants’ may not be able to take or hold power, but they can most assuredly burn it all down.

                • jim says:

                  The ‘peasants’ cannot rule. Should they succeed in burning it all down, who then is going to rule?

                  If you have in mind anarcho capitalism, that requires an armed and dangerous elite even more virtuous than a Republic requires, and holding to a shared faith. If you have in mind anarcho socialism, been tried.

                • Jehu says:

                  Someone other than the Cathedral, because they’ll pretty much all be dead. It’ll probably suck, but not as bad as what the Cathedral has behind door number 1. When I say suck, I mean it’ll likely kill 50% or more of the population. The US @2021 has an exceptionally brittle logistics system. That’s where it differs from Russia last century.

                • Pooch says:

                  Would take elite coordination to organize a rebellion of that scale. And if an elite (like Trump) can think big enough to organize a million Trucker strike across the nation he can think big enough to organize a million man militia to take DC, something Trump failed to do (as Jim stated would be necessary to win the election).

                • Jehu says:

                  Crippling the logistics system of the US wouldn’t take much. Doing it and making the Cathedral look bad when they fight it would probably take something like the general strike I mentioned—or in this case, the general logistics strike.
                  But as I mentioned before, a LOT of people would support or even participate in such a strike that wouldn’t dream of marching with arms on DC, even though that strategy predictably leads to war. Kind of like a lot of people would support an oil embargo that wouldn’t support a war, even though such an embargo generally leads to war in 6 months or less.
                  The logistics strike though has the advantage that it nullifies the strength of the US military more or less from the get go.

                • Pooch says:

                  It is an interesting thought experiment. However, history shows us that without elite coordination, peasant revolts tend to look more like the Whiskey Rebellion or Bonus Army, inconvenience that is eventually put down with overwhelming violence by regime forces.

                • suones says:

                  Just a side note: the Teamsters Union is incorrigibly Leftist. Long distance trucking as an occupation exists due to societal breakdown that prevents corporations large enough to make railway transport profitable from existing.

                • Anon says:

                  January 6th was a joke. Crippling the logistics of pretty much every major city would not be

                  Recruiting a million truckers to not deliver food to the cities requires the same if not more organization than Jan 6th would need. Serious people didn’t show up, nor would they. Everyone apparently has better things to do.

                  If Trump decided to stay in office regardless of the election results and drop term limits, it would require people who have actual power to go along with it. Which means the threat of force if not actual force. Did anyone see this happen? Because I think what happened is that proles got shot by the capitol police, and then the prole military stood by (unarmed) to dissuade other proles to try it again, and then Trump waved goodbye and left.

                  If I discipline my wife by smacking her, it isn’t Joe Biden or a congresswoman who comes to my door to arrest me, it’s the local prole cop, who subscribes to the Ben Shapiro podcast and loves the Constitution. If you can’t convince a prole cop to not arrest you for smacking your wife, you won’t convince a million truckers to stop coming to work. And none of you can tell a cop or a trucker what to do anymore than you can tell a congresswoman what to do. Or anymore than electing Trump and expecting him to tell the government what to do.

                • Jehu says:

                  Some notes. Truckers are actually only about 2% unionized, with only about 75k Teamsters (out of about 3.5M truckers in the US). They’re also a seriously Trump demographic. Truckers USED to be a union demographic, at one point with like 2M truckers in the teamsters, but that was in the days where Teamsters was a bit more of a sane variety of leftist. 1960s union types would seem positively reactionary today. By comparison, about 6% is the unionized rate in the US as a whole.

                • Anon says:

                  Whoops. Seems auto-correct inserted a blank into my blockquote and screwed it up.

                • jim says:


                • Dave says:

                  Another pressure point would be a police strike. Every officer in the country stops fighting crime from midnight tonight until Biden grants Officer Derek Chauvin a full pardon. To really rub it in, say that Chauvin gets dinner at the White House and a Presidential Medal of Freedom too.

                  The government’s first response will of course be to call in the National Guard, who will stand and watch the cities burn around them, just as they stood and watched the murder of Mohammad Anwar, because none of them want to be the next Derek Chauvin.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Won’t happen… the cops will shove their own families into the gas chambers for muh pension.

                • Anon says:

                  Even if truckers are a “seriously Trump demographic” your argument is unpersuasive. When air traffic controllers did a general strike in 1981, Reagan simply just fired them all. That’s over 10,000 key civil service fired, replaced, and banned from future government employment, and air travel was a lot less dense back then so the impact was relatively massive. If they can find replacements for something like that, which requires years of detailed and very expensive education and live training, they can find replacements for someone to drive a fucking truck.

                  Same goes for a cop strike. If pigs started not showing up to work, they would replace the 90 IQ white police force with 80 IQ niggers, which might actually be an improvement, because an incompetent and undisciplined domestic police would be better for us than a competent and disciplined one.

                  In any case, the police are unscrupulous mercenaries who would gladly throw you in jail for “domestic violence”, throw each other in jail for “domestic violence” (cops have a hilariously outsized DV arrest rate compared to the general pop), and soon they will be throwing you and their own grandmothers in jail for saying the word nigger or on suspicion of having once said the word nigger. They are generally stupid people incapable of independent thought, and they’re selected to be that way. In order to get things done you need to be able to tell the men with guns what to do, and if Trump couldn’t do it, which was foreseeable and likely, then there isn’t a political solution. I don’t see a solution at all right now except moving. I heard Switzerland is nice this time of year.

          • jim says:

            Never happens.

            A holiness spiral is usually stopped from the top, sometimes stopped from the far right, never from the middle.

            The middle is disempowered by accepting the superior virtue of those who hate them and intend to destroy them – unless the middle is Caesar himself.

            Unless you reject the very roots of holiness spiral as evil and satanic, unless it was evil and satanic all the way back to Socinians taking over the Church of England, Whigs resisting the King’s divorce, unless it was evil all the way from Sam Adams organizing the American Revolution, not going to get anywhere.

            When Burke saw that his leftist attack on the East India Company was coming back to bite him, as those even holier than himself sought to destroy him as he had destroyed others, he immediately grasped for throne and altar conservatism to protect himself. Nothing less will protect us.

            Charles the Second gave the East India Company the legitimate authority to make war and peace. Well, if you make war and win, and then impose peace, the peace you impose is going to look very like you ruling. And so the East India Company gradually transitioned from being mobile bandits to stationary bandits, without anyone quite noticing the transition.

            And then members of the ruling class in Britain coveted what the East India company had obtained by the sword, and wanted to take it away from them. So Burke prosecuted, and made propaganda offensive, against them ruling. Whereupon people in England holier than himself said “Well, if rule by officials of the East India Company in India is illegal and immoral, how about your rule here?” Whereupon Burke suddenly embraced the Throne he had been undermining, and the Altar he had been desecrating.

            Nothing less can could protect him from collective holy organized violence, and nothing less can protect us from collective holy organized violence.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              I don’t see what’s wrong with Sam Adams organizing the American Revolution. You can criticize the argument of the FF about “the people and equality” or their refusal to install a new King, but deposing a tyrant that is making life hard for the people is plenty right.

              At what point do you start to recognize the failures of the King and the legitimate resistance by an aristocratic sector of society? A King isn’t always justified or right, and if he is incompetent he should be deposed.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                They didn’t depose a king. They whipped up popular sentiment based on complete lies while taking advantage of Whig revolutionaries controlling parliament and/or blocking reasonable policies and process. The founding fathers where the BLM/Antifa of their day, not to a man, but far more than is popularly remembered. They didn’t win the war, either, just as Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq didn’t beat the US. In all these cases, Congress or Parliament made certain that victory for the dominant power was impossible.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Sam Adams risking imprisonment because he refused to collect the taxes of people starving or having difficulty making ends meet is not a lie. John Hancock risking imprisonment because taxes and government regulation was strangling his livelihood is not a lie. When the tax collector and the merchant agree like this, government has become a tyrannic institution that is literally starving people. Even a seemingly Whig lawyer like John Adams originally supported the King, it’s just that the King made himself unbearable. How many of the original in the Continental Congress actually wanted peace and to have a treaty with the King? The spirit of this people lived on in the Confederacy, this people were genuine in their interest of prosper and adequate ruling.

                  BLM are niggers shilling for nigger interests and demanding niggers are worshipped and financed by whites, Antifa are whites defecting on other whites for short term profit. There is no comparison here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Taxes were not high at any point under George III, especially not compared to any modern Democratic state.

                  John Hancock on the other hand was very much right that strict enforcement of the Navigation Acts and the Coinage Acts however would cause a kind of catastrophic deflation in the colonies and potentially reduce the living standards over time to that of Ireland. The issue was not so much taxes as monetary flow.

                  The problem with the Revolution was not seeking a compromise peace over these issues.

            • The Cominator says:

              The only way the American Revolution was at all justified were the Navigation Acts and Coinage Acts which sought to create an “Ireland” situation here with extreme deflation and a trade deficit.

              The problem with the Revolution was rejecting the compromise peace on these issues.

              Furthermore post Revolution should not have created a Federated Republic and should have stuck with the Articles of Confederation or become a monarchy, the anti-federalists were quite right that Republics really suck when they are scaled.

    • ten says:

      George soros has power bestowed to him by actual power. If someone would try his tricks in opposition to power, the hammer would come down hard and fast. Simple as. Only way to act in organization against power is to do so completely invisibly, which is difficult and weak. Thiel caught the wave when there seemed to be an opportunity, and others will catch the next wave at the next opportunity.

      If they lose the ability to apply pressure, hostile networks will expand, before that, you need a massive force multiplier to do anything at all except just talk – which they are going after hard anyway.

  43. Aryaman says:

    I think you can less precariously discuss what parts of Hinduism are certainly not demon infested, than what parts are. For example, the religious component of major sacraments and rites like weddings and funerals likely are as they were at the time India last exported Damascus steel, when it was still a functioning civilization with a healthy religion. Every lawful wedding still involves the consummation of a contract between the bride’s father and the groom, and the bride makes vows of obedience, fidelity, service, and children.

    Suffice to say, Ramayana is also not demon infested, and it is from Ramayana the semiformal prescription of the ideal man, wife, and citizen flows. In fact to some degree a prescription of capitalism too, in that the duty to judiciously steward property and acquire wealth are praised.

    But problem is there is a conspicuous lack of Rama worship and the conspicuous proliferation of and obsession with ritual practices such as letting milk boil over the stove when you move into a new home, not to mention the proliferation of not even metaphorical but quite literal demon worshipping creeds which are treated as if mainstream and not heretical.

    • suones says:

      …there is a conspicuous lack of Rama worship and the conspicuous proliferation of and obsession with ritual practices…

      This is the Brahminical holiness spiralling I warned DharmicReality about. It is extremely similar to another Old Belief: Judaism, where the dietary rituals are accorded more importance than the Ten Commandments[1]. It is indicative of insufficient culling of the Brahminical flock. The time for a Shankaracharya is long overdue.

      [1] Ron Unz satirises this by saying that the average Talmudic Jew is more concerned with whether hands are to be washed clockwise or counterclockwise before prayer rather than whether he is praying to God or Satan.

      • Rituals/practice of daily worship which had come down from father to son through the ages *are* important, otherwise you get Prog entryism in the form of “I’m spiritual but not religious” nonsense. Also it’s not just rituals that are important for their own sake, but the fact that Hinduism’s rituals have been sidelined has also led to tearing down of many Chesterton’s fences by the Hindu reformist elite, because without a daily practice of your religion you lose touch with tradition.

        Hindu elite degeneration is in one way related to their non-involvement in religious activity.

        In fact, this is what has led to the degeneration of the Hindu culture as a whole. Many rituals may make no sense, but the average Hindu requires some level of ritual worship to avoid this problem. Hindu festivals need to be celebrated traditionally and with some level of pomp.

      • In fact, I find the opposite to be true, i.e. imposing a certain set of rituals/worship and knowledge on how to perform those rituals actually cuts down holiness spiralling on the philosophical parts of the religion which is most important.

        Becoming a priest should involve a rigorous daily discipline.

        The higher the position of the priest, the more rigorous and difficult the performance of the ritual.

        If somebody who cannot perform rituals (which take time and effort) sincerely, regularly and with devotion is prevented from holiness spiralling, you get a lot less priests to spiral their holiness.

        This can be enforced by a Dharmic King.

        Hinduism has failed to enforce this and today everyone is a priest without actually performing his duties. Using this strategy Elite Prog Hindus have successfully sabotaged Hinduism by claiming to be Hindus when they are not.

        • jim says:

          > In fact, I find the opposite to be true, i.e. imposing a certain set of rituals/worship and knowledge on how to perform those rituals actually cuts down holiness spiralling on the philosophical parts of the religion which is most important.

          Elaboration of rituals is in practice a major failure mode of religions.

          You cannot define a set mode, because there is always some detail that someone is going to make a big deal out of. No matter how set it is, he is going to make it more set in more detail. It is always possible to elaborate a ritual under the pretext of getting specific about what was left vague.

          On the one hand, you don’t want people rolling their own rituals. Every ritual of every church of the same religion should be completely familiar and expected by someone who comes in from another Church, same as every McDonalds has the same menu. On the other hand, getting fussed about the details of ritual is theomancy.