Future war

Airsea power is going down. After ever increasing efforts to keep their fleet in Sebastopol, the Russians are finally pulling their fleet back, despite clear and overwhelming airsea dominance over Ukraine. If the Russians are pulling their fleet back from Sebastopol, US airsea bases ringing China are just hostages.

Drone warfare has become dominant, and is rapidly becoming more dominant, rendering grunts trudging through mud increasingly irrelevant. In future war the grunts will be sent in to run up the flag and install supply depots for the drones after the battle is won.

The front line is dissolving, becoming ever deeper, broader, vaguer, and more porous. A multitude of bloggers are trying to figure out where the front line is, and legitimately disagree. Hence the meaningless debate on whether the Ukraine has reached the first line of defence, and on whether they have penetrated it. Troops are spread out more and more thinly, because the closer any soldier is to another soldier, the more likely he is to be identified.

No one knows how to do war of movement yet in a conflict of peer powers. It is all horrifying and terrible war of attrition. The Russians have some bright ideas on how to do an offensive, and are trying them out right now, starting this morning. But they are still pussyfooting around because no one knows how to do it yet. Their basic idea is to shut down enemy movement deep within enemy territory, and then the cut off troops will eventually surrender. We shall see what happens. If it works, the surrender is likely to take quite a while. If it works, no one will know that it is working for a quite a while.

Assassination of enemy leaders is still off the table, but targeted killings are moving steadily and rapidly up the chain of command.

Troops attempting to advance are looking more and more like spies and infiltrators, and less and less like an army on the march. The dissolving front line is likely to foreshadow the front line being everywhere, with battles resembling the sudden manifestation of flash crowd, rather than an army advancing. In retrospect the question of whether the Ukrainians reached the first line of defence is likely to be irrelevant and meaningless.


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  1. FartinLutherKing says:

    What do you (Jim and commenters) currently think about child vaccinations?

    In the past I was mostly in favor, albeit a bit skeptical. The last few years have made me hate the idea of vaccinating my children, even with traditional vaccines.

    Which, if any, of the usual vaccinations are safe? I’m currently living in a 2nd world country, so potentially there is also the BCG vaccination for tuberculosis, which wouldn’t normally be given in America.

    • jim says:

      As a result of investigations unleashed by the Covid Vax disaster, no end of dirt has surfaced. Just don’t vaccinate.

  2. Hansons Arms Depot says:

    The US has nothing left as far as “army” armored motor brigade and field arms, and no more “air force” ground pounder bombs by the 100k’s.
    But it hasn’t been firing that many shipborne things… guided missles.
    It’s as if it’s fleet is carrying the only stocks of weapons it has left.
    The air force lies, and the army got left behind in afghanistan.
    Space force is just contracted out to DPRK and US basement skriptkids.
    Now sailors would complain if they got sent out on ships armed with gaids instead of a full load of boom, mostly because they don’t like swimming in burning fuel oil while being shot at by chinks and hajis.
    Navy still has a full load of torpedos.
    Marines still have their swords.
    And the AF and navy still has nukes.
    But the oil reserves are empty, and the upper military is filled with lefty fags. Both thanks to biden.
    So that’s it as far as winning any foreign extension goes.
    Israel is going to face a very tough battle when the hajis cross in from all sides in numbers, mountains of dead bodies.
    It’s only supply route will be via sea, with not much port infra.

    USA has more small arms than capita.
    New crypto is doing fairly well compared to old gold.
    At least until the nukes fly.

  3. BobMiller says:

    Future war is same as old war… lies lies lies… smattered with truth.

    One old adage, follow the financial news, the traders street and amateur, they seek to distill truth, to make bank and not get wrekt. Don’t follow the central bankers govt news, they create wars and are out to fuck everybody. Follow the conspiracy theorists, they’re often proven right, or at least a step ahead formulating paths that the future might take.





  4. Bombs vs Rockets vs Hospitals says:

    [*deleted because I don’t care which side blew up the Christian run hospital in Gaza and I doubt you know*]

  5. Ryan says:

    On the topic of good places to live and possibly aggregate:

    – USA has some good communities with healthy identity which are capable of self defence and self rule in the absence of the government. The biggest problems are it could take decades before the government loses the ability to persecute whites, and in the meantime economic, cultural and demographic attacks could be hard to endure.

    – Europe is less well armed. There are some countries with good demographics and sane governance, but their identity is national, and Anglos don’t have a place there.

    – UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are completely emasculated. It’s possible there will be revolts when people start starving, but I don’t want to suffer decades of degradation and starvation before things get better.

    – Other countries are non-white, but that’s ok if they don’t have an anti-white animus and are happy to have well behaved tax paying residents.

    One idea is to try and do a Singapore, where we settle somewhere and gradually build a city while dominating the local demographics (easy if it’s very sparsely populated in that region). Then when we get big enough, it’s ‘self determination’ time and we have a city state. If we are making countries lots of money through trade etc then we should be left alone or even protected. Focusing on high-tech manufacturing could be a winner if the only other whites who could compete are compromised by Shaniqua.

    • Ryan says:

      Looking at locations for a manufacturing hub, good access to international shipping lanes is a major consideration.

      The Mediterranean and NW Europe are good, but are mostly built up already, and are in reach of the infinity migrant hordes. Taking over an existing port city would be hard, but is a project for a reconquista.

      East and west coasts of North America are good, with plenty of pretty empty areas. Hostile governments are the biggest problem, as it would be very hard to build anything with anti-industry policies.

      South Africa gets lets of traffic. It has an existing white population with some identity. If they can survive the GAE collapse and rebuild a white state it could do very well.

      Then finally east Asia between Taiwan and north of Japan looks good. There are lots of little islands but I don’t know how suitable they are. Building something would initially require the permission of the host, but China, Japan and Russia are all friendly enough to business. It would just require visas and a little capital to start small businesses which could build up to a good hub.

      • jim says:

        A hub is expensive – and needs to have large population to draw on for labor, or to be, like Dubai, willing to import large numbers of guest workers.

        The glaringly obvious place for a free trade hub is Kunashir island. But for it to become a hub, difficult political decisions would need to be made.

        • Ryan says:

          Could you please elaborate?
          My idea was to start small, with people either being self sufficient or working remotely while building local businesses for construction, logistics etc. We could train out children and recruit others, and gradually run our way up the tech tree with manufacturing. It might not be possible to completely keep outsiders out, but we could give good business rates to each other while shunning others.

          • Vlad says:

            Don’t you think it’s kinda absurd to waste time while romes burning thinking of how little you is going to found his own country. This is problem with NRX it’s crypto locked toilet patches run by techlords which is actually the problem not the solution.
            Just move to a a small town from the east of cascades to Rockies is actually defendable and really nice.
            Russia has the ability to defend itself from USA but maybe wait for confirmation east europes seems like it’s getting pozd eventually if not it will go Russia but they’re still butthurt.
            There’s no where else for whites unless we start hot war living in Asia is faggot white South America pretty commie but things are maybe changing.
            Do you have lots of money or skills if not prepare to live like the proles

            • Ryan says:

              Yes, rome will burn soon, or just fall into ruin.
              I’m trying to choose where to live to try and survive the collapse. You are right that dreaming about a country isn’t helpful, and I was primarily thinking that coordinating with others who can see the writing on the wall would have advantages over going it alone. A vision like “let’s focus on creating wealth through manufacturing” can help coordination.

  6. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    ‘IDF declares it is committed to staying in Gaza for months; as long as necessary to disarm Hamas’.

    Looks like Hamas is going to survive, even if having a bad time – Total Pally Death is not in Israel’s capability.

    • MuskFan says:

      Have you seen the videos of Gaza right now? I haven’t seen the type of urban destruction since the Europe at the end of WWII. It’s the polar opposite of what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        They’re blowing ups lots of buildings, and likely will continue to do so for the indefinite future; but seeing many indications that, at the end of the day, Gaza is still going to be there.

        If I were to channel some divination, I would wager that the Israeli brasses plan is to make life in Gaza intolerable in general, so that over time the natives ‘voluntarily’ remove themselves. That might even work; but it also indicates a somewhat schizophrenic mindset, where in one sense it depends on cavalierly disregarding foreign tastemaking classes pooh-poohing the idea, and yet at the same time, is consciously sensitive to them in its deference.

        • Calvin says:

          If that is their plan, it is better than nothing but ultimately foolish. History teaches that when dealing with Mohammadans, there can be no half measures. Many thousands of their soldiers are likely to pay a grim price for their leaders’ pussyfooting.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Yes, seeing lots of talk of ‘putting boots on the ground’, which means lots of dead Israelis coming up, if their plan is to go door-kicking for ‘hostage rescue’.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          We must also consider the possibility that, like the trotskyites in Iraq and Afghanistan (to make an extended aside), there is no real concrete plan at all; that the act of haphazardly throwing forces into conflict is itself the point.

          Like underpants gnomes, it is as if step one is ‘start a war’, and step two is ‘???’, followed by step three, ‘profit!’. As if starting wars will by itself somehow magically result in making good things happen. This inchoate notion, of engaging imperial energy, and yet at the same time totally delusional about how such things may actually be done.

          If the point is to ‘fight terrorism’, then you establish martial law, and start executing the King’s Justice to end the violence and establish order, with sector commanders assuming the mantle of Shire Reeves.

          >’Oh, but we can’t do that; we are here to *free* the darkies, not colonize them’

          Well in that case, then you have nothing to do there, and should pull your forces out altogether.

          >’Oh, but we definitely can’t do that; we can never ‘give up’, we need to need to stay engaged in perpetuity’

          The ‘plan’ is never explicitly articulated, even to each other (cfr. that infamous Wesley Clarke stage interview). A feeling as if by setting a bunch of pieces into motion, practically any kind of motion, the desired object(s) will be achieved by accident, by the magic forces of History doing the job for you. Here we see again that esoteric quality of the eternal whig, perennially recurrent, of allergic aversion to agency, to anything having ‘direct’ responsibility for anything.

          It may be some sort of Brzezynskyian ‘great game’/world island ploy for setting things up to have forces conveniently nearby your real targets. It may be that that is also just another rationalization for behavior that is already emerging prior to any such thinking, the unvarnished emanations of the gnostic ID.

          • jim says:

            The Global American Empire has spent a stupendous amount of money and political effort keeping the Palestinians in existence as a distinct people,

            Likely Bibi’s original plan was “now is a good time for the old fashioned biblical solution”, whereupon the Global American Empire apparatus moved in on him, resulting in the coalition government and a completely incoherent war plan.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              A definitely yes on 1, and a plausibly yes on 2.

              Whatever his exact plans may have been, everything was certainly turned for the worse by inviting the cultists into the room (or the cultists inviting themselves into the room, as the case may be).

              The preceding was more an exercise in musing than anything else, like noted. The scenarios aren’t expressly relevant to this instance; but the peoples involved are of like kinds.

            • Calvin says:

              He would be much better off if he just grasped the nettle and did it anyway. I wonder how long it will be until some GAE satrapy realizes this and acts on it.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          They’ll starve them out and dump them on red states to vote Democrat. Change my mind.

          • Mister Grumpus says:


            In light of this order to the Gazans to evacuate to the south, maybe they’ll just keep blowing up buildings and cramming them southward, sneak in and dynamite the border wall with Egypt somehow, and flush them out through there.

            Because this BS about “eliminating Hamas”, I mean please give me a break.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Palestine is above ground, Hamas is underground. This bombardment is the Longhouse option, it’s basically indistinguishable from Sanctions as it pertains to this circumstance.

      They fact that they weren’t hurling Merkavas at every corner of Gaza within 48 hours prices they lacked the resolve. They lost something like ~40 of the real Israeli lions, and they know that Hezbollah can deliver real losses in the North. Apologies for the unfairly maligned but no less rote terminology: they are fully impaled on the horns of a dilemma.

      I am slowly coming around to this being Israeli 9/11, but I can’t decide if Hamas Fuel can’t melt steel bars, or if the Israeli IC was too busy hunting Russians in Ukraine and Christians in San Francisco.

      I’m not going to fedpost. Fedpost is the communication killer.

      My my my, would you look at that map of Sully Road from 1994…

      • Hesiod says:

        Some interesting local history in that neck of the woods, KD. Even if wrong, the info I did find is quite interesting in the proverbial Chinese way.

        Rule #1 at Jim’s Honeycomb Hideout: No glowniggering.

  7. MuskFan says:

    Interestingly, looks like the US has given Israel the green light for genocide in Gaza.


  8. Mayflower Sperg says:

    Something big is happening. Everyone in the world, and I mean everyone, because even Congolese goat-herders have smartphones now, is watching events unfold in Ukraine, Armenia, Gaza, Lampedusa, the US-Mexico border, etc., and coming to the same conclusion. Not just that gay parades don’t win wars, but more generally, that liberal states are soft, weak, and ripe for plunder.

    In the next 50 years, all liberal states will either become extremely illiberal or turn into Haiti-style nigger-topias. What does “extremely illiberal” mean? It means you assemble a committee and scrape Jim’s Blog to come up with the 100 most illiberal things a state could do, then choose “101. All of the above”.

    After any terrorist attack, illiberal states will round up the culprit’s entire extended family, or if they can’t be located, a few hundred people of the same religion and ethnicity, and then kill them all, from youngest to oldest, with those in line forced to watch as their seed is wiped from the face of the Earth.

    Illiberal states do such things today, no doubt, but in the future they won’t conceal and deny it. They’ll film the whole event in good light from multiple angles in 1080p and post it on the internet to show their enemies how illiberal they are.

    Unarmed liberal protesters will be gunned down in the streets in broad daylight, with stocks and bonds then rising as investors see this as a sign that the state isn’t about to turn liberal. If the protesters’ bodies are taken home and buried without fanfare, no reprisals against their families.

  9. Muhammads Death reJews Exposed says:

    Muslims love to freely tell you that a Jew poisoned Muhammad.

    That’s true.

    But what the average Muslim neglects to tell you is that Muhammad slaughtered 800 already surrendered Jews (Qurayza Massacre), which Muhammad started because the Jews refused to fight for him (Trench), because they hated all of Mo’s unwarranted attacks and revelations against Jews ever since they exposed his false prophethood. This Jew (Zaynab) who poisoned Muhammad was his subjugated female captive of war (Khaybar). The poisoning was in revenge for all that Muhammad had done to the Jews.

    What’s more interesting is what the Muslims of knowledge will not tell you…

    First of all, the books say that Muhammad had covenant from Allah that he could not be harmed by mankind.
    So there’s already that problem, though the question of womankind is often argued.

    But then Muhammad classicly and conveniently (as Aisha often noted) adds another of his own, and damning, clarifications…
    When he took of the food the Jewess (Zaynab) cooked and brought to him, and he felt the effects of the poison, he asked her, she said I had determined to kill you, he said Allah will never give you the power to do it, and he declined to order her death. She also said, You know what you’ve done to my people… I said to myself: If he is truly a prophet, he will know about the poison. If he’s merely a king, I’ll be rid of him.

    Now here’s the fun part, beyond the above which proved that he and his people and religion are just straight up cold blooded mass murdering war criminals…

    Muhammad clearly stated (Bukhari:4428) many times while he was later dying from and regarding the poison, that he felt as if his aorta was being severed.

    And Islam, which is based on violence, is well known for being very particular in defining and recording all the various crimes and punishments, both divine and human.

    As it turns out there is recorded one very specific crime to which applies only one very specific and awful divine punishment, no other crime has that punishment.

    What’s doubly interesting about the record is that nowhere in the entirety of the Islamic texts is it recorded that anyone had ever been subject to that experience, except for one person.

    The prohibition (Q:69.44) was against him (Muhammad) falsely attributing (fabricating) statements to Allah.
    Allah’s divine punishment for this crime was severing of the aorta, and none would be his saviour.
    Thus he rots in his grave.

    Muhammad was a false prophet, and Islam needs to die.

    • jim says:

      > Muhammad was a false prophet, and Islam needs to die.

      Yes it does, but nothing we can do about it while Christianity is suppressed in what used to be called Christendom.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        We need a new vocabulary word to describe our situation.[*enemy coinages deleted*].

        • jim says:

          A university is inherently an institution of the state religion, always has been, always will be, therefore, inherently and always accredits people on priestly merit. Which is a different kind of merit to that required of officers in the army and masters of the arts and sciences of producing goods. Though, since one wants smart, competent, important, people running the state religion and wants priests in the military, there is always a whole lot of poaching, head hunting, and overlap.

          A degree in Computer Science shows that someone has been inculcated in the faith, can manage to pass as a loyal adherent, and spent his youth with people who were passing as adherents. It does not show he is any good as a software engineer. It never has and never will. Which is why Human Resources cares, and the people interviewing you who will have to work with you do not care. I never asked anyone about his degree, I do not recall any actual engineers asking me about my degree, nor any interviewee spontaneously telling me about his degree. Filtering engineers on academic accreditation is entirely done by Human Resources, and is one of the many things that make Human Resources a pain in the ass to anyone who is trying to get a product out.

          Since the judiciary is inherently a priestly profession, a degree in law may well show he is a potentially a good judge, and is evidence that he is good lawyer, albeit lawyering leads to talmudism, and we do not want a talmudic judiciary.

    • Islam Invades Muslims Lie Destroy says:

      [*Deleted because nobody cares who are the good guys in the current war between Hamas and Israel, which is none of our business*]

      • Islam Invades Muslims Lie Destroy says:


        This is about the truth of Islam, history, tactics, theological brokenness, evil, and plan..[*deleted*]

        • jim says:

          Yes, I know all that stuff. Not news here. But Judaism is also theologically broken, evil, and has a plan. The Joo Joo Joo people have a valid point.

          I don’t care about people who want me dead, and both sides in the Arab Israeli war want me dead.

          I don’t want to have debate about which of those points is more valid on my blog. I don’t care, and Americans should not care. If we care, it is likely to get us killed.

          And that valid point of the Joo Joo Joo people is that the people who are our most immediate threat, who have arranged the deaths of four hundred thousand Ukrainian goyim in a brother war, and intend to get us nuked in a brother war, are Jewish. Islam is a threat, but it is a considerably less immediate threat, and Muslims are our cousins in the coming holy war. Orthodox Jews could be our cousins also, except that they have regularly followed a strategy of getting other people to do the dying.

          You are saying we should be on side with Israel. We should be on our own side. Being on side with Israel is a step towards our enemies conscripting white Americans to die for Israel, the Ukraine, and Taiwan. After suppressing our culture, tearing down our statues, and suppressing our religion, after systematically discriminating against us in employment and accreditation, now they want us to die for Israel, the Ukraine, and Taiwan. Christians and whites are more free in Dubai than America.

          They were happy with Ukrainian plebes dying to bleed Russia, the object of their hatred since forever. And if TSMC doesn’t manage to get the fabs in Arizona up to par, they’ll be happy for Taiwanese plebes to die to keep the chips flowing from Hsinchu.

          But our elites never be happy with Israeli plebes dying, because the Israeli government, through AIPAC, helps butter their bread; and unlike our elites, the Israeli government seems to actually care about their plebes’ well-being. So if Israelis start dying in considerable numbers, they will send in the goyim to die in their place. And that is a far bigger and more immediate threat than Islam.

  10. dharmicreality says:

    Over the last few days, the whole Alt-right sphere seems infected with this ‘joo-joo-joo’ thing. It’s almost as though Jim is the sole voice of reason amidst the madness out there. I don’t know how many shills are adding to the voices, but it seems even Anglin is among the ‘joo-joo-joo’ voices.

    Jim is absolutely right in one respect. Israel vs Palestine should not bother anybody except Israel/Palestine and those countries in their immediate neighbourhood. The GAE, being the Empire that it is, always has its finger in every pie. The funny thing is that Globohomo has always been Palestine-sympathetic while elements in the GAE ruling establishment are strongly pro-Israel. However, what is confusing for the average observer is that, the Alt-right’s position in respect to Palestine is not all that different from the Prog’s position. A faction of the GAE is at loggerheads with Globohomo when it comes to Israel/Palestine. But it’s all about Empire.

    Jim has always made the distinction between Nationalist Jews in Israel and globohomo Jews represented by the Soros, Nuland faction. Soros hates Israel Nationalism as much or probably more than he hates White Nationalism/Hindu Nationalism. The fight here is clearly between Globohomo and Nationalism. Not Christians vs Jews. If Jews in Israel and Mohemmadans in Palestine are fighting it out, it’s purely their war.

    On the other hand, I disagree with Jim that you can ally with the desert cultists against globohomo. Ideally, the desert cultists should not be trusted ever. You cannot have even a temporary alliance with them without constantly looking over your shoulder. If Dubai is an exception, it’s because it’s ruled by a Monarch and strictly restricts the Islamic Priesthood from holiness spiralling. The reason you can celebrate Christmas in a Christian way in Dubai is probably because the ruling Emir doesn’t see Christians as a threat to his power. And he will quickly cut down holiness spiralling because he wants peace and prosperity.

    The problem is though, even an alliance with a “based” Islamic country would be temporary at best. Only lasts as long as the present ruler. If a son, nephew or brother happened to murder him and take power, you would not be able to predict which way he would turn. Probably the new ruler would have to mollify the priesthood because his power is still unstable while he is new on the throne. And in that gap, the holiness spiraling would start all over again.

    Granted, Taliban seems an exception, but even there, I believe the chief of the Taliban is more a Monarch than a priest. There is definitely a Stalin there who is preventing the holiness spiralling. And again, you never know when this stability will collapse.

    The desert cult is a fundamentally and rabidly universalist religion and you cannot have peace with them. Especially when the priesthood is in charge. Even if the most “based” Mohemmadan today would see a old type white Christian as an ally as they are at common war with Globohomo, I doubt that view would be shared by the wider Islamic priesthood. They see the entire West as degenerate and all non-believers as fair game for Jihad.

    • someDude says:

      Anglin has always been Joo-Joo

      And he has always held a view on women that diverges significantly from Jim’s

      On the Islam-Christianity military alliance, do you expect the Taliban to stab Christians in the back even before the alliance finishes off globohomo? Jim expects a stab in the back either just after or just before the defeat of Globohomo. You seem to imply it would happen earlier than an assured victory.

      • dharmicreality says:

        I am not sure when they will backstab, but I don’t see that defeat of globohomo as a common meeting ground at this point of time. I also think the Dubai model doesn’t represent the Mohammedan world as such. Dubai is a stable monarchy (at present). As for Taliban, I am sure there is some leader who is keeping the holiness spiralling under check like a Stalin.

        For any alliance to work with the desert cultists, there needs to be a Monarch who severely restricts the Ulema from holiness spiralling. And with every change of King, there is no no telling which way the wind will blow.

    • Karl says:

      Maybe alliance with Mohammedans is not possible, but we do have a common enemy. As long as that is the case, there is no point acting against Mohammedans.

      I have sometimes heard progressives or even people nominally on the right critcizing Mohammedans from the left, e.g. Mohemmedas are not treating faggots well and marry their daugthers off at a very young age etc. I respond in such cases that my ancestors did the same and noone faught in Vienna 1683 for gay rights.

      Progressives are trying to make us fight Mohammedans, and they are trying to make Mohammedans fight whatever opposition there is to progressivism. We have to resist all attempts to draft us into fighting for globohomo. I hope Mohammedans are doing the same and as far as I can see they are doing the same.

      • dharmicreality says:

        I think that they will not make the distinction between Prog faggots and based white Christians when it comes to holy war. Maybe a minority of leaders might recognize this distinction but for that you need a very strong and stable monarchy to control the priesthood and the hordes.

        • Karl says:

          Possibly, but so far they are making this distinction where I live. Several people who are openly “right” haven been attacked by Antifa (either in person or property destroyed). I do not know a single man who is openly right who has been attacked by Mohammedans for it, but I have heard of faggots who have been attacked by Mohammedans.

          So I won’t start anything. I’ll argue against progressive policies and for a stop of all immigration but never against Mohammedans specifically.

          Of course, there is no holy war yet. When holy war comes, I won’t fight under the rainbow flag and I won’t fight for progressive causes. If I have to chose at gun point I’ll rather fight with Mohammedans against globohomo, even though I know for certain they’ll backstab me.

          This not alliance, Mohammedans are not my friends, but at present we have more pressing enemies.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            I can see your perspective. As one of Dharmic faith my grudge with and distrust ofthe Mohammedans might be a lot deeper.

            Your near enemy is globohomo while ours is the desert cult. But I too agree that globohomo is a darker and nastier demon worshipping cult which disgusts me viscerally (as in seeing images of trannies and drag queen story hour), but that cult hasn’t really taken root in the part of the globe where I live.

            • Hesiod says:

              The first Hindu I had the good fortune to know reacted a lot more viciously than we American natives did when the first reports of Muslim responsibility for 9/11 hit the news. Since, I learned of how historically Muslims treated conquered land of “Pagan” peoples than those “of the Book”. Retrospectively, my Indian friend’s response made perfect sense.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                For sure. It’s in the blood.

              • someDude says:

                When we see a male wearing a skull cap with a full beard and a shaved moustasche, my hand reflexively goes to where my dagger would have been

    • Allying Moot Speak Christ says:

      You can’t ally (or make any type of lasting peace in general) with Islam and Muslims, because as soon as they become strong enough, they are commanded to go against you. [*deleted]

      • jim says:

        No one here expects or intends lasting peace with Muslims. We just intend to postpone resuming the crusades against Muslims until we and Muslims are done with the crusades against globohomo.

        Dubai is a lot more tolerant of whites and Christians than America is, and the alt right and the Taliban have been allies since before the alt right was called the alt right, and before the Taliban was called the Taliban. When America tolerates whites and Christians better than Dubai does, then it will be time to recall our ancient quarrels.

        • Truth says:

          You have no idea what you’re up against.
          Faggotry in the US is now taking at least some
          effective return fire as the “alt right” multiplies,
          so some have projected faggotry to begin reaching
          a zenith inflection point before long. The advent
          of those preliminaries technically puts you behind
          the game, you have to get out ahead of the curve
          at all times. The next curve that people do not see,
          because they are so busy and emo battling fags,
          is the infestation of Muslims that is growing at
          a MUCH faster rate than the current extant problem is.
          You are NOT in a single front war, you have a primary front,
          while the Haji’s are freely amassing against you on your rear.
          What’s worse, is that the faggots are nothing but depraved sinners
          bought and thrown as diversion against you by the greater evil.
          You have fakeass “catholic” baby diddlers in the White House
          shoveling $Billions to Islam, and opening the gates to Muslims.
          Ignore the diversions, head straight to the top.

          • jim says:

            Nothing can be done about mass immigration of black male military age Muslims from subsaharan Africa screaming for infidel blood and white pussy until we deal with Globohomo. Pursuing conflict with Muslims now puts us in a two front war against an opponent that can bring in unlimited numbers.

            After we deal with Globohomo, the fact that that blacks are militarily incapable makes solving the problem easy. But as long as Globohomo is in charge, we are militarily incapable. It is futile for us to attempt to do anything about the invaders until after we deal with the enemy within.

            Biden and company plan to import approximately two hundred million black male military age Muslims from subsaharan Africa screaming for infidel blood and white pussy, because they know they don’t have the testicles to genocide us. As long as they are in power, we cannot take the necessary military action to deal with this problem. Once they are removed from power and replaced by people from the Christian Nationalist faction, then two hundred million black male military age Muslims from subsaharan Africa screaming for infidel blood and white pussy is an entirely trivial problem, easily solved.

            That these black Muslims intend to genocide us is not a significant problem. Without Jewish leadership, they are just plains apes. The problem is that our government intends to genocide us.

            • OBAMA MUSLIM USA RULER says:

              HUSSEIN Barack Obama is a SHIA MUSLIM.

              Are you beginning to understand the picture now.

              WAKE UP.

              • jim says:

                Yes he is – but the guys who organized the brother war in the Ukraine are Jews.

                More importantly, he is not an orthodox Muslim, and they are not Orthodox Jews. Their shared faith is Woke. And a whole lot Muslims want to kill the woke more than they want to kill the Christians.

                Once we have purged the woke, the rest of them are no problem.

                What gives whites and Christians in Dubai far more freedom and dignity than whites and Christians in America is that the state faith of Dubai is orthodox Sunni Islam, while the state faith of America is Woke.

                • Alliances wEvilEnemys Dont Work says:

                  The Muslims have allied with the Woke against you. [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Some Muslims, some Christians, and some Hindus have allied with Woke.

                  The faithful have not.

                  Islam is dangerous to everyone. But it is more dangerous to Hindus than to Christians, and more dangerous to Woke than to Hindus.

                  As Islam smells weakness, it is starting to think it is time to deal with Woke. And when it takes a sword to Woke, which it will, because it takes a sword to everyone, it will look, as the Taliban looked, for allies everywhere.

    • Anon says:

      Well, the hooknoses are a problem. That’s why some people are “on about them.” They run all the governments that matter and literally go around forcing the censorship regime on everyone and terrorize anyone at will and none of these disgusting “western” governments do anything about it. They are the #1 enemy of all sane people and the #1 racial enemy of White people. The only thing worse than them is some idiot traitor, be they a bluehair, christcuck, or both.

      I agree with the bit about not trusting foreign groups in general, but there’s no reason that there can’t be ceasefires and non-aggression with any foreign group that will agree to it. The historical way that wars are won is by allying with as many factions as possible and turning as many groups as possible on your enemies. That’s why the public edjewcation system doesn’t teach in detail about things like the Roman Empire and why their statesmen’s conquests were brilliant, gigabased, and should be emulated as much as possible, particularly the bloody ruthlessness of it.

      As an Odinist, it is easy to see that Hitler’s problem was that he was too nice.

  11. The Mongol Restoration says:

    Whatever happend to the Mongols?
    They had some nice war horses and weaponry.
    They leaned quite severely into Muhammed’s ass once
    almost wiped them. They even disciplined the corrupt Pope.
    Perhaps they can be revived to do it again.

    • jim says:

      The Mongols suffered the same fate as the Khazars. Acquired a great pile of wives and concubines, had lots of sons, and left too much of the raising of sons to the womenfolk. Who raised them in a hostile faith. The Jews conquered the Khazars by concubinage, and the Muslims conquered the Mongols by concubinage. The Mongols should have had a faith requirement for being a successor to one’s father, that to succeed one’s father, one had to be raised in the faith.

      • The Cominator says:

        Berkei didn’t become a traitor because of his mother as his mother was not a Muslim though its possible he became a traitor because of one of his wives or concubines though I rather doubt it.

  12. Kunning Drueger says:

    Knowing my luck, IDF will step over the line 5 minutes after I hit send on this.

    I don’t think Tel Aviv is going to win. I think they still have enough competency to realize this is a no-win situation. They can’t kill every Palestinian, the only Jews that have that in them are the exact slimy scoundrels that refuse to serve in their military. while they keep collecting Jew bodies from the attack, the war drums will be beating, but the moment that is done, Israeli society is going to fall back into its bifurcated state. If they invade the strip, they are going to have to do something with the millions of refugees. If they force them into the Sinai peninsula, Egypt will go to war with them. Egypt has no choice, that country can barely hold itself together at 50 millions, and a population bomb, particularly one as inbred and stupid as the Palestinians of Gaza, would plunge them back into civil War tier chaos. At the same time, the dirty little secret of iron dome is now out: The system is weak against mass attacks. Hezbollah has more than enough rocketry to overwhelm any of their defenses and actually score decisive blows against both military and civilian targets. further still, the training ground that was the Syrian civil War has turned Hezbollah into a very shrewd and effective force, both in the governance, sphere and in the war sphere. I cannot confirm this, but it is being reported in multiple places that there is already one Iraqi Shia militia in Lebanon, some Warlord and anywhere from 500 to 3,000 fighters. The Taliban is raring to go, as are many Sunni and Shia militias across Asia.

    If we pretend to be IDF generals, what is the game plan here? You can’t do nothing, not after the savage beating the legend of your fighting force just took. But you also can’t just pull a rabbit out of the hat because you desperately need a rabbit immediately. The rabbit trick requires you to have a special hat, special skills, and lots of prep time, and Israel has none of these because they have fallen prey to the same progressive religion that the rest of the West is ailing from. I think the elites know this, and that’s why you’re seeing the coalition government formed so rapidly and completely. so it might just be a question of where to nuke first. so on top of having Jim’s thesis about pride parades being tested, we may also get a test of whether his thesis on nuclear devices is correct.

    This war is getting a lot of attention, but it is for dumb reasons. from our perspective here, we should be paying very close attention, but we should be looking at the things that we know are important, not the stuff the shills say is important. Jim has done an excellent job of filtering that out, and I apologize if any of my posts have aided that degradation of the signal: noise ratio.

    We know from the Russo Ukrainian War that the technology of war fighting is not anywhere near what it is believed to be in terms of capability for the so-called advanced countries. We also know that while air supremacy is an amazing thing, it is by no means a certain thing, and it may well be the case that it is a relic of the 20th century until certain technological and strategic advancements/ innovations occur.

    We know from the Armenia Azeri war that being decisive, brutal, and fast will get you exactly what you ask for, so all four pieces have to be there: You have to know what you want, rather know what you are asking for, and then grasp the nettle. We also know that technological advantage still exists, war does not have to reduce to trenches and attrition.

    We know from the Semitic War that The failings, incompetencies, and self-delusion exhibited by NATO is not restricted to Europe or American military structures, It is endemic in all Western style militaries, which is basically every military of consequence, or perceived consequence maybe. We also see that technological advantage can come from very old-fashioned things like motorcycles, paragliders, and dumb ordinance with smart drones.

    We know from the Niger War that there are state level actors who are not willing to burn their assets just because GAE demands that they do. Nigeria and ECOWAS may still fall for the jew and start an unwinnable war in the Sahel, but as it stands right now, even a broke AIDS nigger is right twice a day.

    At this point, does anyone want to push back against the thesis that the LWO is unraveling? I’m not saying that there is some BRICS 4D chess conspiracy going on, but we are clearly moving past the “water testing” phase and rapidly approaching the advantage seeking phase of imperial collapse. I don’t think the Semitic War will kick off WW03, I think we’re going to see a few more of these regional conflicts, the question is where and when, as always. I think something is going to happen in Syria next, and it will be conflated with israel- Palestine, but it will actually be something different, though they may reverberate off each other.

    • Calvin says:

      If we pretend to be IDF generals, what is the game plan here?

      Blockade the place, shell the crap out of it, and wait until they all de of starvation. Why is that meant to be a question? Sieging is a tactic as old as fortification.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Cute observation, you witless faggot.

        • Calvin says:

          It’s easy, no one will be coming to Gaza’s rescue, and hell dar al Islam will probably secretly respect them more if they do. If they have half a brain it’s what they will do.

          • Pete says:

            In the past, KSA would have jerked Biden’s leash and ordered him to force Bibi to give up and leave before too many Arabs died. If he disobeyed…get ready for another oil embargo.

            These days, does KSA even know who is in charge, know whose leash to jerk? Plus the Dems want us to stop using oil anyway, so they might see an embargo as a good way to wean Americans off of oil.

            Sure the economy will crash, which would normally cost them the 2024 elections. But now that they can print up any number of ballots they please, will public disapproval even faze them?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Smoldering flames of notwar continuing indefinitely would in of itself be a win condition for Hamas, who are probably counting on the Israelis being unable to go Total Pally Death.

      On a broader scale, brushfires in the empire anywhere are opportunities for scoresettling everywhere. This was noted back at the outset of the festivities in Malorussia, and, going by the rhetoric coming out of The Biden lately, they are deeply worried about their ability to handle any further expansions of conflict.

      The moments for Men of History come with more and more rapidity of late. The opportunities are there; it is simply a question of who has the means, motive, and mensis to see them.

    • jim says:

      Recall the meme with rockets flying in both directions, both sets of rockets labelled “US taxpayer”

      The Palestinian cause has not been kept in existence all these years by the Arabs, but by the Global American Empire, who want them around and suffering as much as possible as a lever against Israel.

      The only way for one side or the other to win this war is to go biblical: Genocide and ethnic cleansing.

      Three possible outcomes:

      1. Israel wins, Arabs and Global American Empire lose. Palestinians no more, Soros agents in Israel no more, and probably gay parade no more.

      2. America wins. Frozen conflict is re-frozen, Israel and Hamas both declare victory, Biden gets the Nobel Peace prize (also the Nobels for chemistry, physics, mathematics, and literature.) Hamas allows gay parade.

      3. Arabs win. Israel and the Global American Empire lose.

      Forming a coalition government is inviting the enemy inside the tent. Should have rounded up all Soros’ people.

      • MuskFan says:

        Astute analysis although I would replace Arabs with Iran here. There really is no pan-Arab movement these days. Hamas simply functions as an Iranian proxy (of which there are many Iranian proxies) and has limited to no agency of their own.

        The Hamas leader says they were planning this attack for 5 years which really means he was waiting for Iranian leadership to give him the go ahead.

      • Vlad says:

        I’m not convinced American deep state or gae bother to police every last cause of the leftists they manipulate. In fact I think they are comfortable in their power to allow counter narratives because they might want one day to exploit from a different position and meantime it’s cover for them not being in control of leftism ( yes rightism as well which illustrates my point) the Jews certainly do this so while I can’t say which is in charge they do have similar tactics
        It’s basic good cop bad cop. And if deep state is in charge not Jews then it gives hope to both Jews and Muslims that daddy warbucks may favor them. Seems Jews bringing Muslims into west are confident also that when time comes they will be able to control Muslims and other niggers.

    • Nonlinear Excursion says:

      History cycle has entered a routine phase of nonlinear excursion.
      It is difficult to predict any particular outcome.

      Certain near paths re this conflict will be known by Monday [1].
      But longer term is totally up in the air.

      Prepare, and hold onto your ass, it’s going to be a wild ride.

      [1] Islamic threat Fri, Sabbath Sat, plus one for final decision and news cycle.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      They don’t need to kill every Palestinians. Just need to evict them. To where is the question. Preferably as far away as possible. As a Westerner, I wince at this, but If I were Israeli, I’d try to push them into Europe because it would be the politically easiest place to move them into.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There are easy ways of handling it. A week more or less for everyone in the area under siege to surrender themselves to the encircling force where they will be processed by intel and held in concentration for later resettlement. Anyone left who does not take the amnesty will be assumed hostile and they and or the buildings they are in blown up on sight.

        Were I in the same position, a free ticket for any families that can get themselves a place in nearby countries or anywhere else. And anyone who can’t or won’t will be dropped off in Somalia, in respect to the principle of making sure shit rolls downhill. But of course, this is all academic anyways.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >But of course, this is all academic anyways.

          I wish this type of conversation was “academic.” I’d be able to get that PhD I always wanted, fairly trivially too. Unfortunately, such ideas have been ruled anathema.

          >Were I in the same position, a free ticket for any families that can get themselves a place in nearby countries or anywhere else.

          All free tickets likely fly to America, and it would truly be free for Israel. America would likely foot the bill. 😭

          Putting them in nearby countries potentially invites Bay of Pigs type debacles. Like Syria trying to reclaiming Golan Heights down to the last Palestinian. Israel would want to get these people as far away as possible into countries that have no immediate territorial disputes with Israel. In the shoes of the Israelis, I’d be damn suspicious if an immediate neighbor suddenly became very generous on supposedly relocating people.

          I suspect most Middle Eastern countries would not accept them anyways. The Arab nations have been trying to make peace. Getting them directly to Somalia would be rather difficult. I don’t think they’d appreciate it much, and the optics would be bad. The Islamic countries that would likely take them are deeply involved with trafficking people, Libya and Turkey, and would have economic interest in making the relocation logistically easier. In other words, they end up in Europe anyways. I’ve listened to enough Israeli rabbis to know there’s not exactly much love for Europe… and I’ve listened to enough European leaders to know there’s not much resistance to a few million more. ‘At least they’re not African, right?’

          A week more or less for everyone in the area under siege to surrender themselves to the encircling force where they will be processed by intel and held in concentration for later resettlement.

          I more or less suggested that, though less explicitly, more rhetorically, and a little more tongue in check. However, I don’t think this is politically possible for reasons other than general liberalism. If Israeli claims about beheaded babies are true, among other things, I don’t think they have very cool heads at the moment. It doesn’t sound like it based on the stuff they are saying. There will be much pressure to go in and rescue hostages even at great military cost. It’s been a very long time since people have had to think in the terms of siege mentality and come to an acceptance at writing off certain losses.

          • jim says:

            It is very difficult to evacuate people from a war zone. They are just going to have to kill them all – assuming that they can with their weakness having been revealed to their enemies.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            >I’d be damn suspicious if an immediate neighbor suddenly became very generous on supposedly relocating people.


            >I suspect most Middle Eastern countries would not accept them anyways.

            Also yes.

            I would be less concerned about any ‘Bay of Pigs’ scenarios, as it is not substantially different from what is already the case. And besides which, the primary limiting factors on military readiness of the Arab states is not the number of hands on deck, to put it in gentle terms, along with the fact that there is ultimately not a great many Palestinians as a whole to start with.

            >I don’t think [Somalia’d] appreciate it much

            Of course not. But what are they gonna do, just kill them? :^)

            >I more or less suggested that, though less explicitly, more rhetorically, and a little more tongue in check. However, I don’t think this is politically possible for reasons other than general liberalism. If Israeli claims about beheaded babies are true, among other things, I don’t think they have very cool heads at the moment. It doesn’t sound like it based on the stuff they are saying. There will be much pressure to go in and rescue hostages even at great military cost. It’s been a very long time since people have had to think in the terms of siege mentality and come to an acceptance at writing off certain losses.

            As long as we are assuming Israel is controlled by a secret cabal of based perennialists, then there is no political problem, as any subversive wreckers exposing themselves in such a way will be liquidated.

            If said cabal has sadly yet to expand its reach far beyond the IDF in particular, then, well, you can still just say ‘we are doing it this way’ anyways. In those that are not resolved to use the hostages, they will survive for later; and in those that are resolved to use the hostages, then they are already dead no matter what, whether you try to go in now with a mass assault clearing house by house (the scenario Hamas has almost certainly been preparing for), or whether you empty the city and bomb the hold-outs later.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        OK let’s get psycho for a minute. How many artillery shells would it take to level Gaza? Or is the range insufficient? Can their Navy shell the other half from the sea?

        And let me guess, they don’t have anywhere near enough ammunition for that, do they? And can’t build it because Shaniqua (or whatever Shaniqua is in Hebrew). And everybody knows it.

        They can drop a building or two on TikTok, but so what? Bibi can’t boot the Sorosistas from Tel Aviv and can’t physically remove the Balakkalakkas from Gaza. They can siege it, but that’s not fast or photogenic enough.

        OK so maybe thy just keep on wrecking the place and also give free rides to Greece and Italy. That could work. “Antisemitic mobs protest influx of Balakkalakka refugees.”

        I bet Jim’s right that the real war is inside the palace. If Bibi can get free of Cathedral then maybe he has a shot, but does Bibi see it that way? What clues do we have about that question?

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        This has to be it. Dump them elsewhere. “You say you stand with Israel, so now you have to take umpteen-thousand Balakkalakka subhumans.”

        Just let it come to that in real life though. Wow.

  13. Ryan says:

    Any advice, chaps?
    I’m in the uk with an obedient wife, two young boys and decent savings.
    Trying to raise children free of the cultural poison and the void of masculinity seems very difficult if I stay, although I love my homeland. I don’t have hope that things will get better demographically or economically for generations. A healthy culture will emerge in response to pressure eventually, but it might be too late.
    If moving abroad, it would be important to have a healthy white community, even if it’s a small expat enclave. Probably the most important thing is to have a sane government which isn’t hostile to whites, even if they are second class citizens. Plus general security of not having internal or external violence. Beyond that, a healthy physical environment and access to real food is essential.
    It’s so much easier to stay put, but I don’t want normality bias to prevent necessary action.
    I know there are lots of good people here and on other sites I read. I think discretely aggregating somewhere secure (more than 1 place) and building numbers for a couple of generations has to be a good move. We can individually reproduce above the average I’m sure, but it’s so much easier to keep this going for multiple generations in a like minded community.
    I’m open to suggestions for good places to live. Maybe Jim can ponder how to coordinate physical aggregation that is safe from glowie attention.

    • Adam says:

      Chechnya is primarily Muslim but they do not have feminism and their President is very based. It also sounds like they fairly openly beat, kidnap and torture whig entryists.

      Even as a second class citizen you would be treated much better than in the west. Plus you could always convert and maybe blend in, they look pretty white as far as Muslims go.

    • Cascadia says:

      A lot depends on where you can make a living but perhaps you may want to consider Moscow ID. They have a dissident preacher who has attracted men and their families from west coast cities. Doug Wilson. So even if you aren’t evangelical it might shape up to be a decent community. It’s a university town so he’s fighting an uphill battle but he’s playing the long game and it’s still Idaho. Maybe the reddest state in the country.

      • Adam says:

        Doug Wilson is a gay liberal feminist pastor who worships women.

        Much has been said about him by Dalrock over the years.


        • Cascadia says:

          I agree that Wilson is basically a boomer lib from the 1990s, but based on how he is targeted he appears to go off script more than others with any significant following. Similarly I don’t know of any place of any size in Christian world where there is the kind of community he is building. I am not a part of his church nor advocating joining his church but OP asked about communities playing the long game. Where else do you suggest?

    • Stick says:

      I’ve thought about maybe moving to Vermont or New Hampshire. New Hampsire has the Free State Project: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_State_Project I think its pretty obvious that libertarian=white. I have a friend that lives in Maine, and he says they’re accruing a lot of local power, enough that the local leftists are gnashing their
      teeth. I am interested in other answers as well, I’m also looking for a community along the same lines for the same reasons.

      • Moving NH and AR says:

        New Hampshire would be ok. Just be sure to consult with them on where they need you to move to for best results.

        Argentina could turn out to be very interesting if Javier Milei wins the election and is able to implement his Libertarian type plans for the country. It’s a huge opening for at least some type of change, so could be a fun ride.

        Same goes for El Salvador.

        There’s places like Somaliland, and Kurdish, and other essentially nomadic regions that are by nature sortof successfully anarchismic.

        Mongolia, Russia and China and related all have their own far off regions.

        There’s all the *istan’s.

        Slavo Europe… Bosnia, Chechnya, Romania, etc.

        Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica, all northern latitudes…

        Permanent yachting, old ships, barges, etc.

        Anyplace south of the US border has much smaller and less Govt influence over your life. That’s probably the best option for a lot of people. And land is cheap if you want to start a quiet aggregate colony, but to become a nation you must plow all your money into buying enough land from oceanside to intererior.

        There’s Islam, Saudi, UAE, etc but white christians will always feel some additional unease there that is different (religious, not political or cultural) from other places in world.

        Much of South and North Africa is out now that the Brit and French police have gone, they murder whites and/or christians now, but there are some majority Christian countries and regions among the mud and shack and thatch dwellers.

        If you like shacks or Hindu, Buddha, etc… India, Tibet, Vietnam, etc.

        There’s tiny island countries.

        And jungle rainforest etc regions.

        There’s various tax havens if wealth is your object.

        And some small, typically religious rather than political, enclaves of various sorts in the US (Amish, Mormon, Black, Jew, Leftist, Chinatown, etc) and around the world.

        And some Govt created economic (which are religion agnostic too) free zones as well.

        Also check out North Korea and Cuba and Venezuela.

        You just have to go full bore 24×7 into research and get on video with people there to find what you like.

        And most importantly, just do it… because you’re going to die someday, but until then you’ll live and survive and make do just fine, worst case you just move back and start over again, so what, fuck it.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Most of the world is a no-go zone. If you want to drink, party, and fuck, go to Thailand, Philippines, maybe some good expat hangouts in Latin America. If you want your white genes to survive the coming dark age, you need to settle in the climate zones your ancestors evolved in. That means Russia, Europe, and North America. The latter two will see most of their white population hacked to death by their beloved diversity, which I variously call “Day of the Machete”, “end-stage socialism”, “cannibal holocaust”, and “Haiti with snow”.

          Russia is what the USA would be if Republicans controlled the mail-in vote. No open faggotry, no open borders, tough on crime, and you can say “nigger”. But Russia still celebrates diversity, allows a lot of legal immigration, pedestalizes women (e.g. “Women’s Day” instead of “Mothers’ Day”), allows abortion, and fetishizes education. The white birthrate is very low; women expect to marry at age 35-50 to a man of her age plus or minus five who makes a lot of money, and have one or two children.

          There’s much less land at these latitudes in the southern hemisphere. Southern Brazil looks very white, but people tell me there’s a lot of crime, probably because you can get there from the nigger latitudes without crossing any borders. Argentina’s an endless socialist disaster. Uruguay and Chile might be OK, never been there.

          South Africa may have already entered the post-liberal future. White people there live in secure enclaves where any nigger trying to enter is shot on sight, even if he’s wearing a uniform. When niggers riot, it’s not whites but Bangladeshi shopkeepers who feel the burn.

          • A2 says:

            “Trust a snake before a Jew and a Jew before a Greek, but don’t trust a Democrat.”

            I suppose this is some hypothetical Republican party? Since the current one seems to have always had the unfortunate properties you list.

            Argentina is an odd duck. Chile elected some sort of student agitator most recently though the populace then voted against changing the constitution and whatnot. Future unclear.

            Also, are there really any secure enclaves for whites in SA with shootings on sight?

          • Ryan says:

            While a climate only whites can survive in is relevant in the very long run, it doesn’t help in practice. If non-whites are tolerated, they can survive using white infrastructure despite the climate. If they are kept out, the climate doesn’t matter aside from whites losing their edge if it’s too nice.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              White infrastructure deteriorates quickly when there aren’t enough white people around to maintain it. Niggers can survive indefinitely in cold climates as long as they have EBT cards and well-heated Section 8 apartments. Only when the liberal welfare state collapses do whites regain their survival advantage.

              And that welfare state will collapse because the entire population of Africa is coming to collect the reparations it says they’re entitled to. The less liberal states of the South will make sure those niggers keep moving north to live amongst the white liberals who love them.

              • Ryan says:

                The point is that I have no desire to occupy one of these states as it collapses. If collapse leads to a healthy white community of survivors, then joining afterwards could be an option. In the meantime, I think it would be better to bide time somewhere stable and relatively free of GAE demonic culture/finance.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  That’s why I moved to Russia.

                • Ryan says:

                  How is Russia for you?
                  Hopefully you aren’t in a prime nuke target location (if US nukes even work still)

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  There’s much information scattered through my previous comments, starting in this thread: https://blog.reaction.la/uncategorized/game-2/

                  Everyone I’ve met has been very nice to me, but they don’t have a lot of free time to be my tutor or chaperone, so I’m alone most days.

                  There have been legal complications. Russian laws are strict but their enforcement is flexible if you treat people well. And I don’t mean paying bribes, just being patient, friendly, polite, and making an effort to learn the language.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Do you speak and read Russian, have citizenship?

                  You were in St. Petersburg right?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  No permanent residency or citizenship yet, but that will come in due time. I spent a month in St. Petersburg before moving on, deep into Russia, to a mid-sized city far away from any NATO country.

                  People often say that I speak Russian well, but I have great difficulty understanding it because there are so many different words for the same thing, and so many conjugations that often change consonants or swap them with adjacent vowels.

                  For text, Google Translate works great in both directions.

                • jim says:

                  Google translate works in Russia? 😲 How does Yandex translate work? If Yandex translate works Russia should block Google translate, as everything translated gets checked by the AI to look for information useful to the Global American Empire. I am surprised they have not blocked it already. I knew Russian state computer security is absolutely terrible, but I did not realize it was this terrible.

                  “Free” translation services are always funded by state security. Obviously the Global American Empire is very interested in what Russian speakers and English speakers are saying to each other.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  A few months ago I got the impression that Yandex Translate wasn’t as good, so I chose Google. When Google Maps directed me to a store that didn’t exist, I switched to Yandex Maps, which works great unless you need to know where a border is. In June 2022, Yandex removed all political boundaries world-wide!

                  I was shocked when a bureaucrat told me that some of her colleagues use Gmail for official business, but when I got an email from her, it was yandex.ru. Not what government officials should be using, but at least it’s in Russia.

                • jim says:

                  All that stuff is very rightly banned in China. Whose computer security still sucks, but is way better than Russia’s.

                  Which is odd because Chinese hacking is terrible, while Russian hacking is pretty good. Putin needs to recruit some Russian hackers and set them to work penetrating his own state security to learn how terrible it is.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  And every foreigner in China has to have a VPN so they can do web searches in languages other than Chinese. I have to use a VPN every time someone here posts a Twitter link without quoting it. You should always quote the tweet anyway, in case it gets deleted.

                  Not only are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn blocked by Russia, all sorts of random websites, like my parents’ obituaries and my favorite recipe for fried chicken, block access from Russia because we’re evil or something.

          • Cultural Marriage Age Gaps says:

            Speaking of potential criteria…

            Which countries have the biggest culturally normal (or at least non-taboo) and frequent age gap spreads between the married couple? Under ten years is probably not noteworthy, so lets say over ten years here. And lets say without undue influence such as money.

            Which places have older women often marrying younger men, and by how far?

            Which places have younger women often marrying older men, and by how far?

    • jim says:

      Half truth.

      The rest of the truth: Women worked when society was structured to give them women’s work under the supervision of husband and family.

      They are not working now. (Recall all memes about Twitter’s female employees.)

  14. Bill Gates Vax Warfare says:

    Don’t know if this file is under future war, or covid, but i see further weaponizing and usage as certainty, soon almost as easy too cook up as meth in a garage…

    Funny Gates is now choosing to infect this particular group of people up instead of the “west”… one of us, or zombie army creator?

    “The Gates Foundation is spending $40 million on countries in Africa and other economically backward nations to produce new mRNA vaccines in efforts to prevent against diseases like tuberculosis and malaria.”

    Now that Lebanon Hezbollah and Syrian Army have started plinking Golan, maybe we’ll get glassed before that.

  15. jimian observer says:

    Caltech’s 2023 commencement address, given (not very surprisingly) by a black woman.


    This part stood out to me:

    Thank you, Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the welcome. Thank you, President Rosenbaum, it’s great to be with you. But above all, class of 2023, congratulations! You look beautiful, and I can tell, too, walking in through the procession through all your friends and family, the demon lovers out there who have supported you, we are so proud of you.

    (emphasis mine)

    • RosenWhat says:

      Either “demon lovers” is some sort of funny nickname they use for some inane school thing, or this is getting to be some bold batsignal shit for the next baby carving meetup.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        As it’s a black woman, she doesn’t know, but the phrase is from Coleridge:

        But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted
        Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover!
        A savage place! as holy and enchanted
        As e’er beneath a waning moon was haunted
        By woman wailing for her demon lover!

        I’m not sure what Coleridge meant by it but Jim (iirc) has several times used it as a metaphor for woman dysgenically throwing themselves at alpha trash, synonymous with Jeremy Meeks.

        • Hesiod says:

          Currently and finally working through Burkert’s Greek Religion and need to check some citations for clarity before chiseling the marble of opinion, but the preponderance of religious artifacts both big and small being skewed towards a feminine representation of the divine is fairly shocking. According to myth, Artemis, being immortally virgin, is a bitch due to eternally lack of proper dicking. Burkert points outs archaeological evidence of human sacrifice for her cult.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            There’s a reason why the Bible is pretty explicit in its condemnation of Paganism. Even the Pagans were disturbed by the Pagans.

            • Hesiod says:

              Indeed, and am grateful I had a fundamentalist upbringing to counterbalance the sanitized mythology. I fear for the folks these days who only the pagan myths, or worse watery faire like Harry Potter or Star Wars, and try to make a faith out of it. However, our Heavenly Father is Good, and uses our folly ultimately for His Glory. Sometimes gentle and subtle shepherding can lead such souls closer to the straight and narrow path.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                In hindsight, I need to walk back the “pretty explicit” claim I made after reviewing the Bible. I was taking knowledge I’ve picked up from various places over the years including from Bible studies.

                The Bible is very strong in condemning Paganism but also very succinct. Too succinct for moderns such that it isn’t explicit. It didn’t need to go into detail at the time because everyone knew what the Pagans were doing.

                I don’t think there’s a sanitized mythology issue at play.

                What was Pagan sexual immorality? Necromancy? The falsehoods they practiced? Study of the Classics brings such problems into clarity, but few do so anymore. What else is one to do with learning Latin back when it was mandatory in many schools? I think the main problem is that Bible studies are pretty watered down and many Christians simply don’t have the historical context.

                I wouldn’t write off Star Wars as a watery fairy tale. It is a pretty interesting allegory for the American cold civil war told from the republic supporting anti-empire “Jedi” perspective. Thus it’s propaganda and a really important example. You can see the degradation of the propaganda’s quality by generation. The original trilogy was sublime. The prequels were clumsy (and accidentally makes a case for empire). The sequels, absolutely obvious propaganda and just all around bad.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  For a more pro-empire perspective on Star Wars, see


                • Hesiod says:

                  That’s choice beef and beer for the intellect, thank you, and allow me to expound on Star Wars a bit as it’s complex for me.

                  The first film hit theaters when I was a wee lad, so the original trilogy sits right beside Greek and Norse mythology in terms of milk for developing imagination. Since, the sequels led to a greater appreciation for at least what Lucas attempted to do thematically in the prequels before getting lost down the rabbit hole of special effects technology.

                  I have not and will not watch the last two of the sequels because I found myself reflexively cheering on the official bad guys during the first one prior to Han and Chewie appearing on screen. What Disney did is the equivalent of taking a nature-centric myth about some mortal lad out hunting and spying a toothsome nymph and making it the foundation of some Cybelian castration ritual.

                  Yet for all that, on a spiritual level, Star Wars is meager with lots of holes that need to be filled in from outside the main text to be anything worthwhile. Obviously, that’s the Cathedral draw to it.

    • Doom says:

      They can only talk about sex and sexuality in such a way that it is a self-focused recreational activity.

      Friends and family are people that give you money, time and support.
      Demon lovers are people that give you entertaining sex and validation.

      • splyrge says:

        that Demon lovers are people give you entertaining sex and validation.
        that Demon lovers are people give you entertaining validation and sex

  16. Byron says:

    We know that Islam encodes a conquest doctrine backed by violence… essentially, go on expedition (traditionally carrying arms), move into other regions, take power, settle, conversion, at that point kill all who refuse and speak against it, and act out against the oppression. This doctrine is well recorded and performed fact in history of Islam, including from Muhammad himself, and in the Quran and the related books. And Islam is really the only religion that has or upholds the violence aspect since day one till today.

    All the other religions, including atheists, could spin up massive evangelism, proselytization, and polemics campaigns to convert Muslims to something else, or to nothing at all.

    But other than that, or in addition to that if it would help…

    What is the proper solution to the question of the Islam problem???

    • jim says:

      The crusades. We have thirteen centuries of past experience. But with demon worshippers in power, time for alliance with old type Islam. The crusades can come after we have dealt with the demon worshippers. I against my brothers, me and my brothers against our cousins, me and my cousins against the world. When demon worshippers are in power, old type Mohammedans are our cousins. They will no doubt get around to stabbing us in the back, but only after the demon worshippers go down.

      • Islam has prioritized you says:

        Here violent Palestinian Sunni Muslims discuss and admit
        their order of priority regarding violence against you…

        1) Christians (the “enemies of islam” which effectively
        boils down to all non-muslims, demon worshippers, etc)

        2) Their “brothers”, meaning Shia the 2nd biggest faction,
        and the remaining dozens of other factions.


        Islam subprioritizes enemies by mouth and deed, so even
        quiet discreet abominable faggot demon worshippers could
        potentially be killed after Jew/Christian/Apostate “cousins”
        “people of the book” that speak and work publicly against
        Islam and Muhammad, cause fitnah in the land, etc.

        Sure, you could likely “ally” but only under and for
        certain situations, and absent covenant agreement
        from Caliph, will have to watch your back from day one,
        since again, your order does not match their order.

        Fomenting bloody fragfests between their factions is
        golden win, until they catch on and redirect to you.

        So you still need a plan A and B, for both inside and outside.

        > power

        The muslim world has 1+Billion power, and uses it
        for conquest, as allowed by your fags, in form of shipping
        them into your world.

        • jim says:

          Muslims are very far from being our biggest problem right now. Will become our biggest problem when we have dealt with far bigger problems. As I said before, Christians have more freedom in Dubai than in the USA. And not just old type Christians attempting to practice Christian marriage. You can see it in the Christmas store fronts.

          • Doom says:

            100% of christmas related products I saw at the supermarket – cakes, trinkets etc – are labelled “festive”, and all are displayed with signs indicating that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

            • Easter Egg Hunt says:

              Wake me up when these fake christmas stores start carrying bibles and easter eggs in their front windows, and the rulers start holding “all faiths” Easter Egg Hunts on their Govt front lawns, lighting Menorah, doing the Cow thing, and you can go out safely in public to introduce people to Christ and build a church pretty much wherever you want complete with church bells in the steeple on Sunday.
              Till then I’d consider anything less as systematic and literally deadly oppression.
              Islamic lands are not “nice” for Christians, or anyone else.
              But if that’s what people want for themselves, go ahead.
              Either way, I’ve already been plied enough times with women and wealth, and I’m not converting to that ridiculous cult, and I’m not going to go there and submit myself and my admittedly weak and sinful faith in Jesus to them either. That’s just nonsense.

              • jim says:

                At Christmas time, the stores in Dubai have the Christ child in the manger being adored. In America they do not.

                It America, it is impossible to buy Christmas gift wrapping paper with Christian symbolism on it.

                In which country do Christians have more freedom? In which country is Christianity being suppressed?

                Me against my brothers, me and my brothers against my cousins, me and my cousins against the world. When we are ruled by demon worshippers, Muslims are our cousins.

                In America, HR imposes systematic discrimination against whites and Christians on every private business. In Dubai, only discrimination for government jobs. No discrimination against us in private business.

                • Cake Baking says:

                  It just became closer to the day that no ones private business has to bake cakes for fags, haji’s, trannies, satanists, or anyone else.

                • Doom says:

                  So what you’re telling me is that Dubai is a more inclusive place than Australia?

                  Love it. I did not expect that to be the case, but it is hilarious.

                  I suppose they focus more on oppressing things that are legitimately damaging, being a degree saner.

                  “Christmas products exclude Hindus muslims jews etcetc” is not a real harm.

      • ten says:

        I’ll be dead before standing next to a muslim, but maybe that’s just me.

    • skippy says:

      The Muslim world just does not have a lot of power today. If Muslims make problems, even inside Western countries, it is because Western governments permit them to do so, and restrain any efforts to prevent these problems.

    • Calvin says:

      Islam’s extreme dysgenic and anti-rational effects render it utterly incapable of building or even maintaining a modern industrial society, let alone advancing in any meaningful way. The proper solution upon assuming power is simply to choke them off from the massive outside aid they need to so much as continue existing and watch them devolve back into the 7th century arabian bandits they idolize, then sweep what’s left aside and settle the land with better folk.

      • jim says:

        > render it utterly incapable of building or even maintaining a modern industrial society,

        The many customers lining up for the Bayraktar TB2 would disagree with you.

        Islam has a severely detrimental effect on science and technology, but a Muslim engineer can do engineering that an Orthodox Jew cannot. Maybe sincerely believing Muslims cannot do it either – it is striking that reform Jews and Jewish atheists do what Orthodox Jews cannot, but Islam only demands superficial compliance. Maybe the Muslims that built the Bayraktar were only superficially believing, but they and Turkey built it.

        On the other hand, it is striking that after they conquered India, they soon were out of Indian steel.

        • Calvin says:

          The continuously shrinking Turkish tfr combined with Erdogen’s inability to remedy the situation strongly suggests that Turkish secularism has well and truly sunk in. I submit that it is no coincidence that the only Muslim country explicitly founded on secular ideology is the one with the greatest amount of technical ability.

      • Aidan says:

        Arabs are not a high quality people, and the native E1b1 haplotype Mediterranean aboriginals that make up most of the population of the Middle East have been genetically ruined by Islam and 1200 years of cousin marriage.

        Turks, on the other hand, were originally quite similar to Aryans as patriarchal steppe nomads, and have been dangerous and worthy enemies since Attila drove the Goths over the Danube. Ottoman stagnation was not good for their genetic quality, but they are probably the greatest foreign long-term threat to Christianity and the white races. There is some old atavistic blood that rises up in me when I see a Turk; I cannot help but see an enemy. But I will give credit where credit is due. I expect a lot of violence in the Middle East, muzz on muzz, when the American empire loses its influence in the region, and I predict Turkey will come out quite powerful.

        • de Tattershall says:

          It seems that something similar happened to both the original Bedouin Arabs and the Turks. Both ride in as nomadic raiders and become the master caste of the Near East for around half a millennium before sliding into a dysgenic state. This could be blamed on Islamic breeding practices or a breakdown of insular marriage and breeding among said master castes (and the harem certainly would make this worse) that necessitated the men having children with the levantine peasant types that has populated that part of the world for thousands of years. It seems like the big question is whether the Arabs, Persians, or Turks will assume leadership over the region. Iran’s involvement with the Israel thing seems like an effort to assert itself as the most pious muslim state and to bridge the sunni shia gap.

          • Aidan says:

            I minimize the contributions of Arabs to conquering the Middle East. They were barbarians who gave crumbling societies a little push. The Arab-ruled caliphates quickly degenerated; it was really the Abbasid caliphate, which was a continuation of the Persian empire in Arab costume, that actually beat eastern rome back for good and established solid control over the region.

            • US Strategy Shift says:

              The US should probably cease all active military operation in the Islamic regions, perhaps even up to closing most bases.

              And then throw a bit of the hundreds of $Billions in savings every year at focusing entirely on negotiating peace for yourself. And if you want to play games, then on any other background operations focusing on counter-trade, suppression anti-trade, isolation diplomacy, religious conversion propaganda, and anon propaganda designed to foment distrust, hatred, demoralization, and incite violence between all the various Islamic entities in the region, helped by imbalanced cycles of weapons deals that cycle wars of opportunity among them. Even set off a few harmless anon pre-planted backpack bombs now and then signed by the opposing faction. Keep these groups and countries busy with keeping each other down while the rest of civilization continues on. At least until Islam edits out the evil from its books.

              It’s a lot less expensive and allows you to build back up your own strength for any needed future Crusade. See if a decade or two of strategy shift gets some results.

              The only non-fake diplomacy, money, and action should be spent in keeping them from getting nukes.

              And to develop US defense tech that can actually shoot down all inbound nukes, and in diplomacy to rid the world of them for good… swords to plowshares.

              Use the rest of the huge savings to fix the ridiculously gay bullshit that is infecting the US at home and making it the laughing stock of the world instead of a model.

              And to put MAJOR effort into positive genuine real diplomacy shift and full open partnership with Mexico all the way through to Argentina, including Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, etc. It is a severely colossal mistake of EPIC proportions to keep refusing to make genuine real friends and allies with this strategic and nearby land mass full of generally very compatible and almost entirely christian peoples. The Americas should, without impurity of intention or force, become one big open free market trade zone, no passport needed free travel zone, shared military defense alliance, voluntary political free zones, and so on.

              • jim says:

                This is, more or less, the Thermidor program. The keptocrats in the big blue megalopoli are alarmed by the collapse of the empire whose gravy they are skimming. And it cannot be accomplished without taking an axe to affirmative action and women in the workplace. Of which fact the thermidorean faction is probably aware, but reluctant to let the faction currently in the saddle know.

                It is a wicked and foolish program, because it is aimed at preserving empire. We would do the same things (renew technology, rebuild the rust belt, get rid of useless parasites who only cause disruption), but we would be doing it for Americans, while they hope to do it for empire. Which is likely to get us killed.

                Vivek’s plan is to offer Russia submission to the Global American empire on terms less outrageously oppressive than the current regime has on offer. After so much blood has been spilled and treasure spent, Putin is unlikely to find that offer attractive.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Ridiculously gay shit infecting the US eh? Like what exactly?

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Could start with the literal gay shit on the streets of LA and San Fran. I hear reports of all sorts of sodomy occurring among the homeless. Partly because it’s an open air prison like environment, partly because it’s their sole money/drug source. Sadly, gay shit is the holiest of all, and so likely impossible for Thermidor to clean up.

                • jim says:

                  Being a shill, he is unable to be more specific.

                  Allowed him through because a shill that seems to be Thermidorian aligned.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Might as well try to spoon feed red pills. It’s always interesting seeing how they can’t even regurgitate stuff that’s handed out on a platter.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Yes, it’s a surprisingly candid statement of intent for a GAE imperial. Of course, the line about using ‘diplomacy’ to try and take everyone’s atomic power gives the game away.

              • skippy says:

                No. You fuckers have had your chance.

                Destroy the USA.

                Love from Evropa.

          • Aidan says:

            I expect Iran to shift towards something like Ba’athism as foreign pressure from the US declines. The Shia fundamentalism of its regime is anomalous and uncharacteristic of its population, and is ironically still in power for the same reason that the Kim dynasty in North Korea is still in power; a nation under threat needs hardliners in charge. Iran has fertility problems and its women disobey religious law; it will likely become more secular after US threat is gone and probably fall into the Russian sphere of influence. Highly likely that the more aryan upper classes of Iran have long since left, fleeing to the US after the Shah was deposed, so it may have lost its genetic capital

        • MuskFan says:

          Iranians, particularly the Iranian elite, are white. The Persians have been a worthy adversary for western civilization going back to Rome and Ancient Greece.

          • Aidan says:

            As I said above, I doubt Iran’s commitment to Islam will outlive the US empire by very long.

    • Western Taliban says:

      With that name and post, you’re obviously a Jew.

      What is the proper solution to the question of the Jewish problem???

      Whatever the solution to Islam is, you will not be made privy to it, you have to go too.

  17. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Off topic, but topical.


    Games like these pose an interesting use-case for training a convolutional network. Basically, one player is looking at a rulebook, and the other player is looking at a ‘bomb’, and they need to communicate with each other to figure out what kind of bomb it is and how to defuse it.

    The subject notably stumbled at the part where it needed to recognize arrays of non-standard pictograms through verbal description – lack of common reference points for easy word association makes it a more more essentia based feat. The process of overcoming such challenges would, I suspect, go a long way towards making more object oriented creatus.

  18. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Sticking a finger in the wind of the lugenpresse has been interesting. More than a few voices critical of sand-skypes being given platforms on the official pulpits. Of course the gnostic impulse is all-consuming, and makes no exception for Israeli nationalism either.

    All basic sense would say there’s no way Tel Aviv could lose here; even so, there is yet that nagging feeling that once again defeat could be snatched from the jaws of victory.

    • The Cominator says:

      If Christianity and Revealations is true Israel wins this war in the end even or especially if a bunch of other countries pile on. They only are conquered by the armies of the man of sin.

      • jim says:

        They have to come to Jesus first. Therefore, if Christianity and Revelations is true, they have yet another tribulation coming.

        • The Cominator says:

          Yes but the next super holocaust only comes after the man of sin conquers Israel.

          • jim says:

            Soros is working on that part.

            • The Cominator says:

              There are preconditions that have not been met namely the 3rd temple needs to be operational. Perhaps this coming war will see the destruction of the Dome of Rock though. That has to go before 3rd temple.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The IDF has been lining up parks of tanks and artillery outside of Gaza, which may or may not end up being used. The first thing that came to mind upon seeing it though was, ‘target rich environment’, and it’s a shame on Hamas they don’t have anything to take advantage of such opportunities.

      I know they are effectively a glorified gang of upjumped urban durkas, but their backers can get them the materials to make their own rockets, so it should be well within their capabilities. It only takes leadership with sufficient vision. Remote control via video uplink, wired or wireless, can be done with extremely simple electronics, and is a major force multiplier like many other more complex forms of guidance. There are various countermeasures for such techniques of course, but the economies of scale afforded by RC guidance allow for deployment everywhere en mass at every scale, which provides forms of overmatch in of themselves.

      The Ukrainian solution to such problems is trucks with searchlights and heavy machine guns mounted on the back. The Russian solution is a truck with a high power microwave mounted on the back. Don’t not seen any things of the sort in the Israeli formations, so, big missed opportunities.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Somewhat tangential, but the term ‘force protection’ is yet another great example of baizuo duckspeak.

        If a force can’t protect itself, it’s not a real force, and the ‘force protection’ elements are the real sphere of contention on the battlefield.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Again, I’ll point out the bizarreness of the attention devoted to this conflict. There’s nothing truly innovative. The drones utilized far too few and far too ineptly used. As soon as I saw mass dumb fire rockets I knew it was an old dog doing old tricks. Again, most of us posting here have no dog in this fight.

        The drone attack on the Syrian military officer graduation ceremony was by far the more significant event. Potentially the most significant proof of concept event of this year. Monkey see, monkey do. Massive open air gatherings of political significance are likely to become a thing of the past. The consequences of moving social organization out of meat space and into the digital is already having severe deleterious effects of the gnostic variety. The challenge of preserving meat space in spite of the dangers is going to be an interesting problem.

        • MuskFan says:

          One thought could be that the US is going to try to meme Israel into fighting Iran to the last Israeli. This is likely far fetched but it’s a tried and true strategy for empires to conquer through proxy conflict, by backing the 2nd power against the 1st power just like we are seeing now in Ukraine.

          Rome did this to great effect in Greece by backing a league of Greek states against the more powerful other Greek states with their navy but didn’t against put many legions on the ground.

      • Silenced News says:

        [*deleted because I don’t care which side in Gaza is more evil*]

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      The only sense I can make of this is that Bibi’s people USS Liberty’ed Israel into an intentionally bad news Ba-lakka-lakka Bakhmut situation in Gaza, such that Iran will join in also, and then Uncle Sam will fight Iran. Bringing back the good old days.

      And then they ethnically cleanse the Palestinians into England or Kentucky or someplace like that. Everybody wins!

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        I believe that is my sentiment as well. It would be far from the first time a ‘middleman’ type hung his ‘fellows’ out to dry for (perceived) advantage, and it won’t be the last either.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Maybe a USS Liberty + Pearl Harbor linear sum combo.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Win or lose, Israel has to do this now, for the very reasons you’re seeing. Pro-Israel faction in government and media is obviously losing power everywhere. It’s now or never.

  19. Kunning Druegger says:

    The greatest tragedy of the Semite War so far is finding out how many “””based””” & “””redpilled””” guys are actually a bunch of soft ass faggots who are 3 seconds away from simping any woman for any reason at any given moment.

    • The Cominator says:

      When an SJW or feminist gets killed by diversity I laugh at it but raver girls… nah they are nice people and hearing about it brings me no joy. I’m not crying about it but I’m not happy about it either.

      And I favor a higher post victory purge here than anyone but only among the real problem.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Somehow, I think no matter the circumstances, you will always say “…but not like this” when the rubber actually meets the road. very easy to type out “Total Progressive Death,” but the ol’ stomach gets a bit twisty when it stops being online posturing.

        For the record, I think you are long on talk, short on Walk.

        • jim says:

          Holy wars are apt to turn democidal. I strongly disapprove of the Cominator talking the talk, because that increases the likelihood that coming holy war will be democidal – and particularly democidal if we lose. But in the end we may have to walk the walk – while talking about it as little as possible.

          The solution implemented by King Charles the second is vastly preferable, but he should not have allowed them to exile themselves to a location where they could operate unsupervised.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Harvard was full of conviction of both its divine right to rule in general, and of the moral depravity of its enemies in particular, and this gave them the power to prevail over the southern aristocrats who merely wished to be left alone, and lacked such spirit.

          • The Cominator says:

            There is too much talk of mercy for progs and leftists and it NEVER works historically Charles II benefitted from Cromwell crushing the most extreme puritans and that every faction of them except the assholes in Boston were disillusioned. Someone needs to articulate what has to be done if we win. If we lose we flee to exile or die.

            Talk about raver girls and festival thots who are not zealous progressives or feminists (when I lived in mass that was one group of women who never turned hostile to me for supporting Trump) deserving to be tortured to death by savages does rub me the wrong way. They are merely nice women who would make perfectly sweet and submissive wives if assigned to a man. The only political issue they generally care about is animal cruelty they aren’t political and won’t turn against you for opposing the current thing.

          • skippy says:

            To be fair to King Charles II, he did continue to wage political war against New England and essentially destroyed Puritanism in New England by the Dominion of New England and other laws that allowed, for example, Quakers to preach in New England.

            Charles II’s actions against the New England Puritans probably broke the Puritans (whose power is acknowledged to be dead by e.g. John Adams at the time of the American Revolution) leading to their replacement by Quakers, an entryist faction.

            The Puritans were a faction of overt warfare without, however, the institutions appropriate for warfare (they were able to raise an army in the English Civil War by coopting the monarchy’s institutions, specifically the forces established by Charles I’s Militia Act).

        • The Cominator says:

          I’ve been specific about how this is to be done, we draft cuckservatives to be the triggermen so that their “crimes” bind them to our regime.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Making fence sitters put on first themselves is good policy, but besides this, that makes it sound like you don’t have a mind for doing that which you advocate yourself.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      It is right to be critical of the Palestinians for killing all those women. It is a stupid move. The proper way to handle captured women is to hand them out to your men as prizes for good work. Not gangraping them to death like some sand nigger savage. Women are property, and the Palestinians are just destroying valuable property in the throes of a chimpout.

      • The Cominator says:

        Yeah if they took them as sex slaves or warbrides I could understand… but no need to kill them and knowing raver girls as I do these are amiable sweet natured qirls generally not domineering feminists.

        • kawaii_kike says:

          “Amiable sweet natured girls” is a weird way to spell demented sluts. Yeah yeah, eggs are expensive and sperm is cheap. But you should feel the same way about these whores dying as you would if you saw a classic muscle car get wrecked. Some sluts get gangraped to death by a pack of chimps and you’re shedding a single stoic tear like it’s a Greek tragedy. I’m laughing. Every stray slut can get cast into the pits of hell for all I care. I’ll weep if obedient wives are killed and for nothing less. No more crying over stray dogs.

          • Aidan says:

            That women who were gang raped to death are traditionally made martyrs or beatified suggests that it was uncommon in ancient war. Taking a concubine far more common. I would not even want a sex slave who was ran through by a big pile of my battle brothers, and my friends would likewise be ill disposed towards that. The niggerish gangrape is generally a result of deficient patriarchy; the men doing the raping do not expect that they can keep the women that they capture.

            • Lad says:

              [*deleted for presupposing a fed shill scenario*]

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              That is the bit that bothers me. The rapes, individually, are not an issue. It is the gangrape that is an issue. It is disgusting behavior, and it is symptomatic of a sick culture. If ten Hamas warriors each raped three women and added those women to their house, then it would be one thing. ten Hamas savages raping thirty women in a big pile is just gross and savage. You cannot make the point that fucking a woman another man has been fucking is something they will not countenance when they are fucking women who still have their comrades seed oozing out of them.

              • Aidan says:

                The first guy to capture the woman has to pass her off to his comrades before gangrape can happen. He does that only because he cannot keep her. What happens after that, when all the rest pile on, is the nigger behavior that white men generally do not countenance. My point is that it hardly ever happened in our history, because we tended to keep captured women, and because we find the gangbang gross.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Up until after the Napoleonic wars it was typical even in Northwestern Europe for all the women who were reasonably attractive in a town to be raped after a siege… gang rape idk but post siege rape definitely.

                  I think the one exception was maybe Cromwell’s Puritan New Model army (perhaps the Swedish army too) which had extreme puritan discipline.

                • Aidan says:

                  No, it wasn’t. If it was common, women who were subject to sexual brutality would not have been made individually into martyrs. If you read accounts of Henry V’s campaigns in France, which were considered unusually brutal for their day, looting was done with a surprising amount of restraint, and rape is not mentioned at all.

                  What happens is that after a siege, the victorious soldiers kick down doors and take some nice stuff, and then throw a big riotous party, which the local women somehow find their way to, and when the army leaves, the soldiers have a lot more camp followers with them to cook their meals and wash their clothes, and when the campaign is over, many of those soldiers go home with wives.

                  Some of the sacks of the 30 years war were of excessive brutality, but that was a religious war, and had turned very nasty. Donald MacBane in 1700 describes some decorous looting, and is not shy about all the whores he banged on campaign, but the girls find their way to the soldiers. The soldiers do not have to go to great lengths to find girls.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  When the Red Army conquered Germany in 1944-45, the rule was gang-rapes only. Sneaking off with a German girl to have her for yourself was called “fraternization” and severely punished.

                  Syphilis evolves quickly to be mild or severe depending on selection pressure. Every time a hostile, undisciplined army passes through a country, there follows an especially nasty strain of syphilis that, if not treated right away, destroys its victims in a matter of months.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        And just how valuable is that property? You appear to assume more value than there really is. ISIS didn’t appear to destroy Yazidi girls. I doubt Palestinians, being Arabs, would destroy them either. But they ended up with nasty rave hippy refuse. Are you sure you’d even want to stick your dick in that? I don’t think they have much access to STD testing in Gaza, or condoms for that matter now things are popping off.

        Women are property, but many these days are like crack houses. They are a net liability even if the laws for treating them as such were on the book and practiced as such.

        • The Cominator says:

          Hetero stds are 99% a lie of Anthony Fauci. Not saying they absolutely don’t exist but given the amount of strippers I’ve hit raw if I have nothing it’s like worrying about being struck by lightning.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Science, science, science… science!

            Bruh, it’s not about the science. It’s the natural male instinct to feel disgusted at the idea/act of shoving your dick into the same hole many others have ejaculated into. I don’t care if it’s “99% safe and effective.” It ain’t “clean” so to speak. Maybe you’ve desensitized to filth by fucking dirty women all the time, maybe I have an over active sense of disgust and am mistakingly thinking it’s natural to all men. Concern about STDs I suppose might be a mostly spiritual concern, and you my friend are spiritually bankrupt.

            Alas, I will likely have to accept a non-virgin as a wife as will many men. A horrible prospect our fathers, grandfathers, etc did not face. They married young virgins as far as I can tell. Such is the ruination of man that we must accept such things, or in your case be comfortable with. When I have a son, if I’m so lucky, I do not wish for him to suffer the same disaster, and so, I’m invested in seeing coverture brought back and confident I’ll be an early adopter so to speak. I am, however, rather pessimistic about the timeline for the average joe. Possible that it will take a century for them to also benefit.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          The Biblical solution in a time of limited sanitation was you shaved her, clipped her nails short, bathed her, and then waited a month for symptoms. I would not stick my dick in rave hippy pussy until I had a chance to get her tested, cleaned up, and got her mind right. If all goes well I would be willing to add her to my harem or gift her to a loyal soldier as a reward.

          Women are a liability in the West because the law gifts women with power in a manner that is wicked and foolish. Mohammedans taking concubines are not having to answer to family court or domestic violence laws. Their laws on divorce are, “lol no bitch shut up,” and their laws in domestic violence are, “don’t use too large a stick to beat her, but make sure to beat her.”

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >gift her to a loyal soldier as a reward

            Rewarding soldiers with crack houses? What a wonderful idea! You sure convinced me to fight and potentially die for you boss. 🙃

            I don’t think they’d be very happy about that. Assuming we’re still talking about “rave” girls. Soldiers risk life and limb. There’s so much better available out there… presumably. Can we reward them with something, I don’t know, a little better? Even whores are better because they don’t necessarily come with the crack addiction all ravers seem to have.

            >Women are a liability in the West because the law

            The law is the reason why there are walking talking crack houses. The law can change and prevent the creation of more crack houses, but the existing crack houses are still crack houses. Sure, you can buy the crack houses and “fix” it to one degree or another, but seeing the dilapidated toxic mess up close and realizing just how much has to go into fixing it is daunting. Maybe you think burning it down and starting over is ideal.

            Mayflower Sperg said it best:

            Why do these girls end up beheaded instead? What would Ahmed’s parents do if he brought home a dirty, disheveled, scantily-clad white tourist and said, “here’s my wife!”

            We say eggs are rare and expensive. Sure, maybe in the historical sense, but not today. If anything the real men are the rare and expensive bottleneck. 20% of young males are limp wrist faggots, 30% are mentally checked out spiritual degenerates potentially of the demon worshiping kind (they are beyond “saving”), and 30% are the absolute gutter dredges of genetic refuse that in any other era would have been left to die.

            If you are capable of having a harem, you are one of the few real man still around. Why would you fill it with crack house equivalents? Why would you gift your fellow real men crack houses. There are no relative shortages of houses out there and although many are second hand houses they are far from being crack houses.

            I admit, this has all turned into a massive rant, not in the least because I recently emulated some of TC’s behaviors and partied it up a bit in clubs and raves with some friends and was left sorely disappointed and disgusted. 🙃

            Bars near colleges remain supreme. Even men in their 30s/40s still manage to pull college age pussy there without judgement because strangely all the young 20 year old men are missing in action.

            • Neofugue says:

              > Can we reward them with something, I don’t know, a little better?

              The [Progs] don’t want you to know this but the [young virgin girls] at the [middle school] are free you can take them home. I have 458 [virgin brides].

            • Vlad says:

              Jews are not white and they’re not American Portuguese etc they entered Israel with their dual passports as Israelis if they’re at a rave in israel they’re kibbutz kids and if you’re going to point out how white they look or their Italian DNA – one drop. How many times do you find this 1/8 th Jew with a crypto goy name is the biggest leftist ever then it’s oh that explains.

          • Neofugue says:

            > If all goes well I would be willing to add her to my harem or gift her to a loyal soldier as a reward.


            Pax is right, no soldier is going to sign up for that.

            Soldiers want virgins, and we can give them that. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands, millions of virgins waiting for us, and we can get them once we take power.

            And please do not b.s. me at how you think that 12-14 is “too young” or whatever. The ancient Romans married women at that age, and so should our soldiers. If there aren’t enough 13-year-old virgin brides to go around, we could always have our soldiers marry younger girls and consummate their marriages later at a later time.

            The only reason why marrying a virgin is nigh-impossible is because the 21st century parent carefully locks his daughter up for being whored out in the “proper” fashion.

            Once we get into power, we can simply seize the means of reproduction from those who possess them. It is not like we are going to have to worry about “FBI OPEN UP” or anything.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >the 21st century parent carefully locks his daughter up for being whored out in the “proper” fashion.

              Bullshit, spend any time as a school teacher and you’d see them dressing up their daughters as sluts. 21st century parenting is intensely schizo. Parents invariably listen to their daughter’s biological clock even if they don’t consciously know they are listing to it. But parents also listen to power telling them not to listen to their daughter’s biological clock. So you get plenty of strange contradictory behaviors by the parents like giving the daughters contraceptives and slutty clothes while prosecuting any boys just a few years older for touching their daughters.

              I did observe racial differences though. 12-14 is the typical European age range the womanly behaviors show up. East Asians are a bit later at 14-18. Niggers… niggers are just impossible. I spent far too much time trying to make the few of them behave like civilized people to observe sexual behavior.

              I could go on a rant about schooling and teaching. There’s so many low hanging fruit to make it far more efficient and worth while, but regulation after regulation after regulation… segregating by gender/race/age/ability group would go such a long ways…

              • Neofugue says:

                > So you get plenty of strange contradictory behaviors by the parents like giving the daughters contraceptives and slutty clothes while prosecuting any boys just a few years older for touching their daughters.

                My wording in my above comment was off, but this behavior is exactly what I was referring to regarding 21st century parents whoring out daughters in the “proper” fashion. Not all too long ago, the pastor at a tradcuck church I used to attend tried to explain to the parishoners that giving daughters birth control was bad because it supposedly causes abortions, as if spontaneous abortions was the problem with giving teenage girls birth control.

                I could go on a rant about Western Education too, though as you know, it is simply all too tiresome.

                Regarding racial differences, I notice that both White and East Asian girls start puberty between 9 and 11 years of age, but that Asian mothers are better at keeping their daughters’ sexuality under control because they are less able to comprehend the schizo Prog anti-morality than White mothers. Girls of the lesser races go through puberty a year or so earlier.

                My overarching point is that we should be able to find and seize enough virgin girls between 9 and 14 to give to our soldiers. The idea that any of our comrades in arms should have to marry non-virgins is simply nonsense.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              The slutty rave girls are concubines, not wives. Yes, we make sure that the schoolgirls are married off and handed out to good men. No, 12 is not too young, except maybe in the sense that having kids that young is not great for the mother. Maybe stick her with your parents until she has reached physical maturity. Then we take the excess slutty rave girls that did not die when we used them as human shields, and make sure that your best men get an extra few sons and daughters.

              Do not tell me that these men are too disgusted to fuck a non-virgin when they were participating in a gangbang. Essentially all men will fuck a non-virgin woman if it is what they can get. The men of Australia that had to fuck non-virgin wives managed to do so. If the choice is between a non-virgin and a virgin, men will pick the virgin. If it is a non-virgin versus no woman, most men are going to pick the woman.

              We are going to have an abundance of unowned sluts to deal with in the future. The ones who are still fertile age can be used, and the ones who are not will have to work or starve. If you decide that the answer to the Slut Question is a Final Solution, then so be it. In my holdings, I will hand them out as concubines to men I want to see more of, and we will see in a generation if I can replicate the success that Australia had. If I can, and I suspect that I will succeed, I will have a lot more subjects than you do, and the attendant political weight to throw around. It is a problem that disappears in a generation if properly managed, and so I do not believe a Final Solution is warranted.

              • The Cominator says:

                And as far as used unowned sluts the raver girls are generally going to be more girlish sweet and submissive than most. You’re an idiot if given the choice between the typical raver and a progressive would be career girl you wouldn’t pick the raver.

                • A2 says:

                  Perhaps compared to a trigglypuff progressive, but still hardly a shy demure young woman. More like a tattooed casual drug taker (it’s a rave innit) with a perhaps surprisingly high N. So if the choice is between trigglypuff or rave queen X, just quietly move on.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The prog girl worships demons and shy demure young women are not really shy they just have no interest in talking to any man who is not obviously gigachad. Once a girl adopts the prog religion need really extreme violence (putting them in a sack for weeks and beating them in it) to Stockholm them out of it.

                  Girls who stuck to other than prog countercultures whatever their flaws did not go all in on demon worship.

              • Neofugue says:

                You can marry the slutty rave girls.

                On the other hand, my comrades will marry young virgin girls, as I know the truth that the virgin shortage is only an artificial virgin shortage.

                No one is supporting a raver girl genocide, it is simply that actual based and redpilled guys do not care about them. If Hamas, or anyone else for that matter, decides to Rambo them, I don’t care, in the same way that if they shoot up the gay nightclub, I don’t care. I found it funny because of how ridiculous the whole thing was—Arabs gliding with AKs onto a raver party sounds like parody.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The [Americans] don’t want you to know this but the [slutty girls] at the [America] are free you can take them home. I have 458 [concubines]. I have one wife, a sweet girl I picked up at 16 when she showed interest in STEM and I convinced her to have kids, instead. She keeps the other 458 women in line.

                  Now obviously 459 women sounds like a nightmare of unending suffering, and is unfeasible. Having a good wife and an extra concubine or two around for extra hands and extra wombs is not nearly as horrible.

                  I am quite aware that the virgin shortage is artificial, and that swift action is all that is needed to fix the issue. We are still likely to come out on the other side of this with more women than men, and we need to find a way to deal with all the broken women. Once we remove women from business and the workplace, they are going to need to survive somehow. With no honest work available and undesirable for marriage, they are going to turn to crime or prostitution or starve. If they turn to prostitution, then you get an unowned woman problem. If they turn to crime, it turns into effectively the Final Solution to the Slut Question because of how crime has to be handled.

                  Concubines are a temporary solution to a temporary problem. Like Aidan’s Chevauchee, where he and his men are kidnapping girls off of the beach(not likely to be many virgins on the beaches of Ibiza or Cabo). The first generation practices polygamy and births an army, and the next generation returns to monogamy. Likewise sluts; once the slut population craters, the need for slutty raver concubines disappears.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        They are literal sand nigger savages.

      • Doom says:

        I think there are two takes on this from their perspective, and I suspect that these two issues combined to lead to the response.

        One, they are feral sluts and therefore a poor prize. Can never be a wife, at best they could be loaned out for money. That is crueler to them than death, in a way.

        Two, they are avatars of the disease killing many cultures around the world.

        I think that the response offers roughly maximum remedy to both problems. First, these women would need to be broken horribly to be wives, it would be a crappy prize. They would always be rebellious. Second, making them sex slaves is a terrible form of torture – instead of consensual Chad dick, they get low-status brown man dick.

        Third, and I think most importantly, it serves their spiritual war against modern values. As you say, it is a “waste”, it is not good war. Effectively, the message becomes “your women are so worthless we don’t even take them as war brides”.

        • Bwana Simba says:

          That is the rub isn’t it, white women have become so disgusting even black and brown men don’t want to keep them. Just use them and toss them aside… or kill them.

        • jim says:

          > One, they are feral sluts and therefore a poor prize. Can never be a wife.

          Australia in the late seventeenth early eighteenth century had one hundred percent success in turning whores into wives. Upon the authorities passing the inevitable brutal shit tests, they reacted as if abducted by a man of the stronger tribe, and completely internalized (all of them, immediately) the values of the stronger tribe.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            It was the Age of Sail, and all these women’s fathers, brothers, and other potential white knights were 10,000 miles away.

            I’m thinking of the movie Picture Bride and how most of its drama would have been avoided if the guy had just pinned down his new bride and thoroughly ravished her. It was 1918 and they were legally married, so no chance of rape charges.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              If a father, brother, or potential white knight is too close and causing too much trouble, then put them 6 feet under and take a go at civilizing women at cockpoint. You do not need them to be 10,000 miles away if they are too terrified to act. Men against women’s enslavement are enemies of civilization, defecting on their fellow men. They deserve anything that happens to them.

          • Doom says:

            I mean, while I believe that is 100% truth and absolutely the nature of women, I kind of suspect raver chicks are the feminine submission equivalent of people “raised by wolves”.

            I think the problem in modernity is there is no way to isolate them from the rest of the world. If they have a phone, if they have any access to television, any types of “woman rebellion” material, they are likely to try and run and escape. Don’t forget if this happens their respective home governments would try to “rescue” them too.

            The Australian women had no choice mentally but submit or die.

            But it would certainly be interesting to see if the evolved behaviour held after being so utterly bashed out of them by scores of dicks.
            (Remember Shamima Gum wanted to go back to England.. conquer wasn’t as good as some casual Carribean cocks..)

            • jim says:

              The evolved behavior is remarkably easy to elicit. You really should try abducting a woman after you have passed sufficient shit tests to adequately impress her. The stronger man dance works. What is severely lacking is the stronger tribe.

              The Australian women shit tested the authorities of course, but shit test passed, they internalized the values of the stronger tribe.

            • Adam says:

              Antisocial women can appear submissive, willing and trad in a corrupt society. I would assume the antisocial behavior would continue under a more sane set of norms.

              I’m not convinced that the career girls wouldn’t make good wives should the tables turn, they might be the quickest to enthusiastically serve their new patriarch masters.

              • Doom says:

                I think that at least part of the problem is the salary. It offers a way to rank order the “Alphaness” of your husband.

                When a lawyerette, the firm as proxy for husband pays her 100k.

                When kidnapped, what is her salary as a wife?

          • Vlad says:

            Yes but hamas isn’t likely to get to keep these jewesses and it’s for exactly this reason Jews say if mothers a Jew child’s a Jew

    • Calvin says:

      I’m actually thankful they provided exactly the kind of public example that they did. People I’ve known to be extremely resistant to redpilling have been agreeing that arabs and muslims are a bunch of savages and they don’t belong here.

      • Doom says:

        Well, that makes me wonder if it really happened as they say it happened.

        A convenient outcome politically speaking…

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Being capable of empathizing, yet still killing, with certainty, the people that need killing, is an aspect of a virtuous aristocracy. Coincidentally, also an aspect of the virtuous Yeoman hunter who feels respect for the life of the animal he is killing in order to eat.

      a bunch of soft ass faggots who are 3 seconds away from simping any woman for any reason at any given moment.

      Can you see why I’m so skeptical of bringing coverture back as a civilizational staple anytime soon? Not saying it’s wrong or impossible, but you’ve got to admit it requires a certain masculine vitality that is largely lacking everywhere. We (in the loose term) are not the same men as our grandfathers, themselves not the same men as their grandfathers. I doubt this is environmental, rather it’s likely many centuries of dysgenic breeding.

      Jim says that female emancipation can be turned on and off like a switch as per the ever so mysterious events of the 1930s, but I will point out powerful hardware can run a wide variety of powerful software… perhaps they could simply switch things on and off. The average “man” of today is not the average man of 1930. The “hardware” is so much weaker. Simply look at the Soviet man vs modern communists, the vitality simply isn’t there. I doubt something can easily be switched on when the capability isn’t there in the first place. Like saying “Oh, was can simply switch athleticism on” when the population is low T. It’s like expecting “culture” to magically reform niggers into chocolate colored WASPs or “culture” to magically reform “free love” longhouse tribal savages into nuclear families. All of these nice things are born from thousands of years of selective breeding that were destroyed in a matter of centuries.

      The Spanish partly succeeded in turning the longhouse savages into coverture practicing civilized people through widespread brute force violence… alas they liberalized too much before they succeeded in full, but there was nothing surgical about it. There was wholesale slaughter of the men either at sword point or in the mines, and the women taken. At that point, was that really “switching” on coverture, or was it introducing coverture capable genes into the genetic pool? I think the latter.

      If you want universal coverture back, it’s going to require several centuries of selective breeding if done naturally. Either a re-civilizing reconquista where it’s imposed on the proles (I doubt this is psychologically/spiritually feasible for current men) or a slower gentle approach of trickle down genetics as the elites of the aristocracy dump excess sons into the non-nobility. Or maybe CRSPR slithers coverture genes back into the population.

      We can decry the effects of Xenoestrogen all we want, and for sure it does depress T, we can decry feminism all we want, and for sure it does depress T, but it’s likely the main cause of lower T has been dysgenic selection for lower T. Likewise, the coverture capable population is simply largely gone, subsumed by the yeast men. There is no short term solution to this. This is not an “idea” that can be fixed via “enlightenment.” This is a material problem that requires a material solution.

      • The Cominator says:

        Coverture should be brought back but it should have limitations with severe abuse or killing of the wife treated the same as animal cruelty. Feminists (those who are allowed to ah not go on the helicopters) should get all the beatings necessary to reform them or at least make them accept their submission… but sending a woman to the emergency room because you’re drunk and angry for no reason should be met with a severe flogging the 1st time and worse after that.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          I’m not disagreeing coverture should be brought back. Building things is hard. Destroying things really easy. There’s been immense destruction in just the last century. Look at reaction time declining and its relation to IQ for example. It’s likely the destruction has been much longer than just a century. It’s likely coverture capability is like IQ. It can decline if not strictly selected for.

          Are “we” really the same “men” as the classical Romans and Greeks? Are “we” (modern men on average) really capable of not only exuding the vitality required for ownership ourselves but ensuring through force everyone else is too?

          I’ve got a really bad feeling that “we” (posters) are over estimating the vitality of our fellow man and their limited tolerances. To them, “we” are like Critias was to the Athenians. It did not end well for Critias.

          That does not mean “we” should accept defeat, but maybe some pessimistic optimism is in order. Coverture can and should be done, but it’s a question of breeding, and that takes time and constant care.

          • jim says:

            Well, I get away with it, and everyone seems to like it. But then I am scarier than the average dude. Not particularly big or anything, but people can smell it when my monsters inside start straining at the leash. Think it would be easier for the average man to get away with it if we allow greater scope for private violence.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Average Joe has no “monsters inside.” It’s why he is always jumping at shadows. Fearful of capable men because he views them as predators rather than equals in a pack, he ends up angrily calling perfectly rational violence “psychopathy,” yet is easily herded like a herbivore by violence. It’s not a question of average Joe getting away with violence. There is no unleashing him. You can allow a great scope of private violence. They are simply incapable of it. The women end up unsatisfied and problems ensue. Average man has been continuously failing one civilizational shit test after another for the last two centuries at least.

              Allowing for greater scope of private violence allows for capable men to breed easier and incapable men to breed less. It would shift where the average is, but again, I stand by my view that such a thing is a multi century project. A worthy one, but it’s not going to restore the vitality of Classical Greece/Rome over night.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Testosterone is a symptom, not a root cause. High-IQ men are meek and low-T because they don’t want to do anything that might leave them impoverished and incarcerated (or in my case, deported), while low-IQ men just don’t give a shit. Of course women find the latter far more attractive.

                Thus modern civilization selects for low-IQ/high-T savagery. At first this leads to a ballooning prison population that still finds enough time between sentences to father more children than law-abiding men. In rural white America, half of elementary-school kids have daddies in prison.

                Eventually the prisons overflow and all that missing testosterone spills back out into the streets.

                • Aidan says:

                  Testosterone causes more prosocial behavior towards the ingroup at the same time that it causes more aggression towards outgroups. Dumb nigger and wigger criminals are not high-T. Often, the druggie criminal wigger will act antisocially towards his own family and friends and alienate them profoundly before he ends up in the slammer.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  -T is positively correlated with IQ in men except for very high T.

                  -T is well known to shape male brain structure.

                  -T has been declining for at least a century.

                  -So has general IQ.

                  -The faggot population has exploded.

                  I don’t think this points to low T being a symptom. Likely one of many root causes.

                  I wonder if Jim has considered that the Australian criminal men he’s so fond of citing for bringing back coverture in a week were simply much more high T and high IQ when compared to average Joe today. Could it be that Victorian era trash would be men among men today? Perhaps today they would not resort to crime, for they would overwhelmingly dominate society.

                • Doom says:

                  Oh man thank you for todays penny drop moment!

                  >low-IQ men just don’t give a shit. Of course women find the latter far more attractive.

                  A low IQ man cannot conceive of a reality where it all goes horribly wrong, or, not enough of them, and cannot internally describe with enough accuracy to believe in it.

                  Women will of course prefer to attach themselves to a future wherein nothing can go wrong, and a man incapable of even grokking failure looks “on the face of it” a better option.

                  Failure cannot be predicted, therefore, doesn’t exist. He is a man of high confidence in the future.

        • kawaii_kike says:

          Punishing a man for disciplining his own property? Feminist nonesense! If a man wants to discipline or destroy his own property that is his own prerogative. A man’s authority over his wife should be absolute. If you allow the state to white knight on behalf of some nagging wife then it’ll spiral into men being flogged just for sneezing in some sluts direction.

          If a man gets a reputation for “abusing” his wife (impossible btw) then after he kills that one, no father will agree to marry his daughter to him. The market will be self correcting, no flogging necessary of men necessary.

          • The Cominator says:

            This was the Roman Law but the funny thing is people didn’t accept it as the wife’s family and friends just started hiring gangsters and such to kill the husband’s. This led to the law being rendered impotent and a mere technicality not what we want.

            The Anglo Saxon law limited the disciplinary powers to more reasonable boundaries and thus was much more universally respected until the fucking feminists and white knights abolished coverture altogether.

            Let us use the Anglo Saxon law which was long respected and not the Roman law which became a joke because and discipline of the wife would lead to you being beat up and maybe killed by gangsters.

            • kawaii_kike says:

              Feminist gangsters in ancient Rome, oh my.
              White knights are truly a timeless and inescapable plague upon mankind

              • The Cominator says:

                The gangsters weren’t feminist so much as just in it for the money. The Orthodox Jews had a similar racket ironically the feds shut them down.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Conservadads trying to retain ownership of their precious princesses after they are supposed to have given them over to a younger brother are the first feminists in every patriarchy.

                • Pseudo-CHrysostom says:

                  Women egging male relatives on into a ‘lets you and him fight’ is a classic shittest and man who are historically literate should know better than to allow spiritual faggots to fall for it – nor tolerate it if or when it does happen.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think a total paterfamilias law as existed in Rome makes it inevitable.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  If you will recall, in popular fiction, this sort of thing is what facilitated the assassination of Sonny Corleone.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yeah well Vito wanted to respect Paterfamilias whatever his feelings but Sonny being a “hothead” did not.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If a father does something as stupid as hiring a gangster to kill his son in law, then the solution is to hang the father. String him up, and let him twist and kick for everyone to see. Then the next one, and the next, until every white knight father has a healthy fear of the law.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Make it look like an accident.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >or destroy his own property that is his own prerogative.

                  There are some types of female misbehavior too severe to ever forgive.

                  At a certain point, there should be a “nice” disposal method. Few are happy with bodies getting stacked. Especially if one can view said bodies as kin. Cloistered nuns are a solution, and I mean cloistered in the traditional Latin sense of clausura, meaning “to shut up.”

            • Vlad says:

              The Roman people didn’t accept excessive abuse of women. It’s a European trait we have a lower tolerance for suffering and relatedly accord women higher status. I have said these are things that need to be understood and strategies developed that preempt younger sons or whoever from flanking us through this. So this Anglo Saxon a stick no bigger than your thumb is a good example of a fix.

      • Adam says:

        Tupac before he understood women – https://youtube.com/shorts/GJNx95YmnrE?si=4ZtTHGA3VnMQdNK8

        Tupac after – https://youtube.com/shorts/RoRWRxpzFo8?si=E51hcEWqJEsCX5f9

        I agree with Jim, backed by a bigger alpha, guys will turn on a dime.

        • Adam says:

          Never mind the second clip it is already tacked on the end of the first.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >guys will turn on a dime

          Why didn’t the longhouse savages turn on a dime?

          You are using an example of a man with exceptional potential as seen in his ability to dominate rap music’s hierarchy to claim the rest are just as capable. Yes, a man with potential can potentially do things and turn on a dime. An illiterate man with an IQ of 130 can learn to read and write in a year. You won’t have such luck with a man with an IQ of 70. If IQ has decline by over an entire standard deviation since the Victorians, what else has declined?

          Is it really so radical to suggest coverture is hard for a population that isn’t even capable of owning their own life? They can’t even own their own decisions let alone a woman. Look at the yeast like propagation of ownership incapable men welfare brought into existence. Letting women decide who reproduces has had extensively bad results in both who they select and who gets born. There has been much talk about the worthless eaters recently. Would you claim worthless eater status can change on a dime?

          It’s because the average men of the 1930s still had much potential vitality that their ownership ability could be realized on the flip of a dime. Most men today do not have that. The popularity of Andrew Tate among the masses isn’t the unleashing of masculine energy, but rather the startling recognition that something is missing. Like a phantom dick limb. This is a start, but it isn’t action or even a conscious plan yet.

          • Adam says:

            Well, look what Trump did for American men in such a short time (granted mostly economically). The finer points of patriarchy may need to develop over time, but dissolving the family court system and eliminating no fault divorce would be a good start. Guys don’t need to be real smart to chase pussy and to keep that pussy from getting away. And every dad I’ve ever known knows damn well who would be good for his daughter and who wouldn’t.

            But it’s not like coverture is going to work for everyone. There is always a lower class. It’s protection for those willing and capable of putting forth the effort, not least of all the elites.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Indeed, guys don’t need to be real smart, but they do need manly energy. Energy which can roughly be measured by testosterone of which there’s been a massive decline along with IQ. Evidence points to a link. Men on T replacement do experience a cognitive boost and prenatal T exposure is linked to spatial/math ability. Sure, environment effects T levels prenatal or not, but so do genetics.

              Removing the family court system etc would go a long way to unshackling those with the potential, and in time would have a eugenic effect, but again, would only be for those with potential and would take time for general population effect.

              But it’s not like coverture is going to work for everyone. There is always a lower class.

              Entirely my point that the coverture incapable lower class (I’d argue it’s middle and upper as well) has grown substantially. It is disturbingly large, just as there’s a disturbingly large faggot population, just as there’s a disturbingly large dumb population, just as there’s a disturbingly large fat population, etc. The overall genetic vitality of the population is excruciatingly low.

              • alf says:

                Boils down to a price haggle. Can we install coverture in two decades or two centuries? Hard to say. Yes, men are currently weak. But they also retain strong instincts.

                • jim says:

                  We can restore coverture in a week.

                  The writers of romance books and movies can turn on a dime, and with great regularity have. We can change de-facto enforcement of the laws overnight, then change the culture in the time it takes for the new media to roll out. And in due course the new re-interpretations of laws that have long been re-interpreted beyond recognition will formally appear on the books, which will take a long time, but will not matter very much. Culture is downstream from power. This has been demonstrated over and over. Look at the overnight outbreak of transexuality. It is far easier to engineer an overnight breakout of heterosexuality. Working to suppress nature is uphill. Working to restore nature is downhill.

                • alf says:

                  A week? Hear me scoff, for we can restore coverture tomorrow!

                  Thing is, we are Christians. So we believe that men are sinners, saved only by Christ’s sacrifice, but even so, still sinners.

                  We’ve done a hell of a lot of sinning. Do we, as men in God’s eyes, deserve coverture and all the nice things that come with it? We earlier deserve world war 3 than its opposite. First we must atone for our sins. Whether that takes two centuries, I don’t know. But will probably take more than a week.

          • ten says:

            Half apes can own women and this will over time turn them into men, while not owning women will over time turn men into half apes

  20. Yul Bornhold says:

    In the minds of normies, is Israel the current thing in the way Russia and the vax were? Seems like it should be but I haven’t noticed much agitation. The cathedral needs a current thing and this seems a great candidate, yet…

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      bipolar protests going on in all the major blue cities, kikes on one side, sand nigger appreciators on the other. Lots of screaming, more than a few brawls. This will probably spin up into the next big thing unless the Cathedral can get the media blackout that’s rumored to be beginning (hearing about footage being scrubbed, official tweets getting deleted, and the other antics we should no expect when military situations wherein “everybody knows…”), because I don’t think they want to do UKR and Gaza at the same time. Unlike with RUS/UKR, American culture has pretty bright faction lines regarding jews & arabs.

      If the war expands in the north, I think you will see actual terrorism at the hands of cells in the GAE flare up. I am of 2 minds on this: the vast majority of so-called “Islamic extremism” is caused by the American IC, but it’s kind of like having a bunch of pitbulls you’ve trained to menace people; if they slip off the leash, you can’t control the terror they cause.

      The deluge across the border in the last 2 years is going to have far reaching consequences, and one aspect of that might be Palestinian/Hamas style knife/car attacks.

      • Terror Cells Everywhere says:


        • jim says:

          I am not allowing people to come here and rant about how bad the other side in the Middle East is.

          We don’t have a dog in that fight, and most of the people bringing these rants are government shills who are just here to drown out the crime thoughts.

  21. The purpose of the ukraine-russia “war” is not for either side to win. The purpose is for the western military-industrial complex to launder money. The longer the “war” lasts, the more money they can launder. This is also why the demoKKKrats are funding the terrorist attacks against Israel by shoveling money at Iran.

    • S says:

      Our elite don’t need to setup anything to launder money- they control the printing presses. If they wanted to, they could just print money off the books and use it. The only reason they don’t do that, but instead use various causes is because they don’t trust each other enough not to steal everything that isn’t nailed down.

  22. TheDividualist says:

    Ontopic: I am not 100% sure why unmanned aircraft should be such a huge game-changer over manned aircraft. Is it because not caring about losing them makes them about two orders of magnitude cheaper? Is it just numbers?

    All I can say is that the topic of air power is hotly debated since about the 1920’s. There are arguments on both sides. It was the pro-air side who started it in the 1920’s, saying there are no frontlines anymore, the bomber will always get through and can attack the back country. Then there are people, even the generally respected (e.g. by Vox Day) Martin van Creveld saying aircraft did not actually do that much. The debate is back and forth. I am more on the pro-aircraft side, I know figures like Nazi tank production in 1944 was 40% lower than projected.

    Anyhow, let’s accept it for the sake of argument: drones are just cheap, therefore, plentiful, which flips things in favour of air power. Drone air power.

    What follows from that? Drones are flown from safe bunkers, right? Any faggot can do that, it is like playing a videogame, isn’t it? Does this devalue alpha traits like courage in favour of nerdy ones? Jim hinted previously at drone operators being like knights but it makes no sense to me – why would they take personal risks instead if hiding inside a concrete and steel bunker? Quickly changing tactical situation? But they have long ranges, so not that quickly changing…

    • jim says:

      Unmanned aircraft are a huge game changer because you can build them much cheaper and much smaller, and fly them much closer to the target.

      > Drones are flown from safe bunkers, right?

      Wrong. If you can launch a drone, you can be reached by a drone. So you fly them from a shelled out ruin, or from a hidey hole in the forest, or from a ditch. Or from a truck parked by the side of the road.

      Partly this is range. Really small planes have limited range. But the bigger one, the famous Bayraktars, have very long range, and they are still flown from a parked truck. No one is flying drones from a bunker.

      All drones in actual use are designed with pop up capability. You can launch them from almost anywhere and land them almost anywhere. Only the US is flying drones that require a conventional airfield, and no one seems to want US drones.

      All drones in actual use have the same team launching and controlling the drone, because an extended command and control network gets targeted. It is another point of vulnerability.

      As the front grows ever more porous, the Russians are sending very small teams with their own drone deep into areas controlled by the Ukraine far behind enemy lines, to avoid enemy anti air, or force anti air to attempt to protect more turf.

      > Any faggot can do that,

      Not any faggot can truck a drone several hundred kilometres into enemy territory to near a target protected by massive anti air capability. We see people making very good use of pop up capability.

      Every drone in actual widespread use has popup capability, and everyone using it is making use of that capability.

    • jim says:

      > Jim hinted previously at drone operators being like knights but it makes no sense to me – why would they take personal risks instead if hiding inside a concrete and steel bunker?

      Observe drones in actual use. The operators are acting like knights. As the front line becomes ever deeper and more porous, we are seeing drone operators go right through it, taking their drones by ground to considerable distances deep into enemy territory.

      Till the Crimean war or World War I, there was no such thing as a front line. Future wars will likely have a front area rather than front line, and in time, the front area is going to be less important. What is going to be important is finding out where command and control has hidden itself.

  23. someDude says:

    Looks like the first instance where I hear that Indian hackers are a thing. And I find it very interesting and surprising that India has finally picked a new Dog in this fight after having backed the other Dog for longest possible time


    • jim says:

      Indians just are not very good at hacking. But Arabs are very bad at computer security, though Hamas demonstrated impressive security for this operation. Maybe, like Al Qaeda, Hamas just did not allow anything electronic anywhere near it.

      • Aidan says:

        I find the security around the operation somewhat suspicious. The GAE status quo was low level forever war, and low level war just got hot. To me, reflects breakdown in GAE capabilities regardless of whether it was organic muzz chimpout or done with substantial foreign, or even Israeli backing.

        Usrael might have wanted a 9/11 so that it can enact a final solution to the Arab question. The USA was likely “heavily discouraging” this sort of operation. But as you said, the stick may be broken.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Would those ravers have been useful to a war effort in any other way?

          Someone tweeted that the one road out of there was blocked “by Hamas guys impersonating Israeli police.” OK. Cutting it a little close, guys.

        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          >I find the security around the operation somewhat suspicious.

          A theory I find plausible is planning, training and leadership was Quds, not Hamas independently. Explains both how they kept it under wraps, and why they’re willing to risk the jews final solutioning the Palestinians – their side, but not really their own people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some call it unwarranted simping by Hindus

      But the truth is that Hindus correctly recognize that the establishment of Israel was the opening of an allied second front against Islam. Like the Normandy landing

      Hindus have been fighting a thousand year war against this demonic middle eastern entity.. 1948 onwards, they finally got some breathing room because the Jews put themselves on the frontline of the war

      What we saw in Gaza is the norm in Muslim countries when it comes to how pagan minorities are treated. See yezidis, Kalash et Al.

      And Hindus know very well that the same will happen in India tomorrow the moment we relax our guard

      Nrx theorizing by Hindus glosses over this simple fact that Muslims are our enemy #1 – far more so than globohomo or Christians or Jews or whatever. Muslims want us dead, our women raped, our children enslaved- and they’ve been doing exactly that for 1000 years. At least with the GAE it’s just theoretical. With Muslims we have the evidence.

  24. Leroy says:

    [*deleted because bored now. We don’t have a dog in Palestine*]

    • KEVIN says:

      Muhammad started same tactics since day one, invade fast and violent kill everyone in terror, rape and take the women, destroy the churches, cuck the remaining men, make off with booty. Islam still growing due to that and its threats, now slinking into europe and usa.
      Still seeing same tactics since caliphates, now with this event today.
      If you want to beat them, you have to fight like they do, they don’t respect air forces or fags, they respect warriors slaughtering them in ground battle by hand no mecha, so free your operators and men and go teach them all a lesson, in way they understand and respect.
      That’s only way you will win.

      • jim says:


        Not our war.

        • jim says:

          What Jews do to Arabs and Arabs do to Jews is as boring to me as what Arabs do to Arabs and what plains apes do to plains apes.

          • TheDividualist says:

            And apparently Arabs were building a mock Jewish settlement to practice their tactics on, right under the nose of Elite Human Capital (copyright Anatoliy Karlin), who didn’t notice it. An ex Mossad chief called it an intelligence disaster, which of course it was. The supposedly smart guys were outsmarted by sand niggers who were not even trying that hard.

            Who then absolutely took the bait and turned off food, electricity and fuel to Gaza, which is obviously increasing the Pal civilian to Hamas fighter pipelines. I don’t know what Hamas thinks their endgame will be, I think they will get flattened. But so far they seem to be the smarter ones. In a week everybody in the world will forget about the 260 dead at the music festival, Al-Jazeera will camera the sufferings of Pal civilians and the Israeli thaw with Saudi Arabia will be over. Clever.

            I actually find it popcorn-worthy instead of boring. I am a little worried about Muslims in Europe celebrating, though, as they might burn my own shit down. But on the collective level we absolutely deserve a kick in the ass.

          • Vlad says:

            Come on live a little man when enemies kill each other it’s at least a bit entertaining.

            • Hanz says:

              Let em kill each other if that’s what they want,
              a right stand up fight, get that shit sorted
              there once and for all,

              Now in this quieter region ruled by neither of them [yet]…

              I don’t mind much about the Jews, they’re kinda tame, sorta like packs of black cats running around in the alleys, like… sure they have a grand plan, but they’re not really going to be a pain or physical threat anytime before the second coming of Gozer.

              But these Muslims, they’re the most shady group I’ve ever been around. What people say is right… there is an underlying intent to invasion with Islam, and conquer you in whatever way they can, with zero respect or fucks or desire to “integrate” at all. Grows exponential not linear. If you’ve never been around and known them, it’s hard to describe the two-faced vibe they emit. Then they slip and it becomes crystal clear what Islam is really about. The alt channels have videos exposing Islam.

              • jim says:

                > this quieter region ruled by neither of them

                Right now, we have a huge problem in the Global American Empire with Jews in power. Not seeing any Muslims in power. Jews in power are working on getting whites to annihilate each other. (Something alarmingly easy to accomplish. Whites are wolves to whites.)

                Plus, the enemies that matter worship demons. Alliance with Muslims who worship God works – though you always have to be mindful of being stabbed in the back.

                If you are Hindu, yeah, Muslims are the big and immediate problem. But for us, does not matter. I support the Taliban, always have, and the Taliban supports the American Alt Right, always has, from the days back before they were the Taliban and we were the alt right. We are in agreement about the number one problem, which is women, family, and children, and our disagreements about God pale in comparison to our disagreements with demon worshippers. The crusades will not resume till the demon worshippers are dealt with. Christians have more freedom in Dubai than in America.

                • Bracco says:

                  > Not seeing any Muslims in power.

                  Wrong! Muslims now have their first full voting majorities in a few town councils mayor and boards things in the USA. Just like the blacks do. There are also some small no-go zones in the USA, particularly Michigun and Wisconson where you feel unwelcome even walking or driving through, just as in black ghettos. Brown Muslims were not there before, only White Christians. Look it up.

                • jim says:

                  Town councils have the power to make towns unlivable and to destroy property values, but the town was first made unlivable and property values destroyed by the people who imported those Muslims to live on crime, welfare, and government jobs (not that there is much difference between government jobs and welfare) And those people were not Muslims. They are the ones with the power.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Wrong. American Christians will elect politicians just because of their servility towards Israel, despite offering absolutely nothing to the Christians. Israel being conquered (and Jews probably getting on with life anyway) would mean the right’s politicians. [*deleted*]
      And for what its worth, Islam is closer to Christianity than Talmudic Judaism.

      • jim says:

        You do not explain why it would mean that, probably because your reasoning presupposes something that absolutely no one believes for a moment, but that our enemies think that people should believe.

        I have no idea what that something might be, seems like a total non sequitur.

        Explain why it would mean that. (Without presupposing something else bogus and unexplained.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          When one party (Democrats) is anti-God, the Republicans only need to come up with something vaguely religious to seize the entire religious right vote. Giving billions of dollars to Israel qualifies.

    • Vlad says:

      I’m doubting you’re actually Anglin and thinking if not you ought to be clear on that. Not saying it’s nefarious I think he’s relevant and the last remaking nrx blog could use some but I wouldn’t want anyone using my name even to help me.

      • jim says:

        It is the real Andrew Anglin. .

        • someDude says:

          Wow! somehow even he does not dare mention your blog on his site

          Namefags can admit to reading Anglin but no one can admit to reading Jim

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            The Daily Stormer’s great, but it’s a different kind of audience. Do we really want hordes of Stormer readers coming here and joining the conversation?

            • someDude says:

              What you raise is a peripheral concern. I doubt that is Anglin’s prime concern in not mentioning Jim. It’s just that while people can stomach Anglin, Jim is a whole other beast. His are the ideas people dare not even breathe in public.

  25. Pietro says:

    US “democratic” Socialistos expected response…

    Keep a close eye on the words of this squad
    and the Muslims and Jews in US Congress and Media.

    ‘The Squad’-Backed Democratic Socialists Of America Hold Times Square Protest ‘In Solidarity’ With Palestine

    Following this weekend’s attack on Israel by Hamas, the Democratic Socialists of America have planned a march in New York City in “solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to resist 75 years of occupation and apartheid.”

    The 1PM ET rally, “All Out for Palestine,” comes after national backlash over the Hamas attack.

    🗣️🗣️🗣️ Tomorrow, October 8, at 1PM. Times Square.

    In solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to resist 75 years of occupation and apartheid.

    🇵🇸FREE PALESTINE! https://t.co/1N67nS56GZ
    — NYC-DSA 🌹 (@nycDSA) October 7, 2023

    Pro-Palestine protesters are in Times Square shouting, “Resistance is justified when people are occupied” pic.twitter.com/nRwnabDFZb
    — Caroline Downey (@carolinedowney_) October 8, 2023

    NYC DSA posted the following on Saturday in response to the attack:

    DSA is steadfast in expressing our solidarity with Palestine.

    Today’s events are a direct result of Israel’s apartheid regime—a regime that receives billions in funding from the United States.

    End the violence. End the Occupation. Free Palestine.

    DSA is steadfast in expressing our solidarity with Palestine.

    Today’s events are a direct result of Israel’s apartheid regime—a regime that receives billions in funding from the United States.

    End the violence. End the Occupation. Free Palestine. 1/5
    — DSA (@DemSocialists) October 8, 2023


    We unequivocally condemn the killing of all civilians. It is imperative for international human rights law to be respected.

    But we cannot forget that the Israeli state has systematically denied Palestinians the right to self-determination for decades.

    This was not unprovoked.

    For over 60 years, Palestinians have faced ethnic cleansing, torture, bombings, and housing demolitions. Gaza is still under a blockade.

    As socialists, we must act.

    The #NotOnOurDime coalition campaign—advanced by @nycdsa member & NY Assemblymember@ZohranKMamdani

    —provides an effective model for pressuring elected officials to stop providing financial support to the Israeli state.

    Take to the streets to join a protest for peace and against funding the Israeli state. Find out what actions local DSA and YDSA chapters are taking and join in.

    Congressman Ritchie Torres hit back, posting on X: “Never mind the hundreds of Israeli civilians and children who have been murdered, wounded, abducted, and terrorized. Their lives mean nothing to the DSA. Nothing,”adding “The NYC-DSA is revealing itself for what it truly is: an antisemitic stain on the soul of America’s largest city,” Torres continued.

    The NYC-DSA is planning to hold a rally tomorrow, glorifying the terrorism of Hamas as “resistance.” Never mind the hundreds of Israeli civilians and children who have been murdered, wounded, abducted, and terrorized. Their lives mean nothing to the DSA. Nothing.

    The NYC-DSA is… pic.twitter.com/FDaWgBtGEJ
    — Ritchie Torres (@RitchieTorres) October 7, 2023

    Torres continued: “There is a special place in hell for those who glorify the cold-blooded murder of civilians and children.”

    DSA includes members like Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jamaal “Fire Alarm” Bowman.

    Democratic Reps. Cori Bush of Missouri, Jamaal Bowman of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota all released statements calling for de-escalation in the wake of one of the largest single-day attacks against Israel in its history.

    All the statements called for – “an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation” – almost as if they were coordinated responses (almost…)

    Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, a Palestinian-American who called Israel an apartheid state as recently as June, has not yet issued any statement on the attacks against Israel, which reports suggest may also have resulted in the murder or abduction of Americans.

    This radical leftist party has lectured everyone under the sun about “extremism” in America, even calling people they disagree with, such as Republicans, “Nazis.”

    Jamaal Bowman is backtracking after his staff labeled Republicans as “Nazis” for pointing out that he pulled the Capitol fire alarm.

    “I condemn the use Nazi out of its precise definition. It is important to specify the term Nazi to refer to members of the Nazi party.” pic.twitter.com/9XaXZNEThF
    — Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) October 2, 2023Palestinian migrants in Europe celebrate Hamas’ barbaric terror attack on Israel.

    And finally, of course, where is the Anti-Defamation League in all this? Isn’t this the ultimate anti-semitic action – and Elon Musk and Trump and Deplorabes had nothing to do with it?

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Jim will be very interested in this war if it escalates to bloodshed in the streets of New York (or better yet, Washington) between pro-Israel Democrats and pro-Arab Democrats.

      There is no pro-Russia faction in the Democratic party, so the Ukraine war served as a unifying force as long as they could make-believe that Ukraine was winning.

      New video from Economics Expained: Can Russia Recover Like Germany Did After World War II?

      In their minds, Russia lost the war and will now “recover” as a conquered, occupied vassal state of the American Empire.

    • Vlad says:

      It’s a good example of steve sailers point about late stage leftism circular firing squad and all lol maybe that’s why they call them the squad.
      But let me say early something doesn’t seem right about this whole this seems contrived

  26. Karmat says:

    [*we don’t have dog in this fight*]

    • jim says:

      Not everyone is passionately interested in everything involving Jews.

    • simplyconnected says:

      We wish them well, but we care about the invasion by savages of our own homelands (or at least that is what I care about), which the people now fighting don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about.

  27. Pax Imperialis says:

    Focus on Israel is surprising. 4th (5th? I’ve lost track and done care) Gaza war is historically not very important. It certainty doesn’t appear to have killed anyone important so far. It wasn’t really innovative either, paragliders have been a part of North Korean military inventory for a while now, and if things ever pop off there they will probably be much more effective than Hamas. As Pseudo-Chrysostom points out, can’t be done in US because of bureaucrats, but officers have been pushing (ineffectively) for their introduction for a while. It is what the airborne should look like. Drones? Far too little and used too ineffectively. Mass dumb fire rockets? Hamas has been there and done that for decades. Every time inviting massively disproportional Israeli response. They gain nothing from this and stand to loss much.

    Assassination of enemy leaders is still off the table, but targeted killings are moving steadily and rapidly up the chain of command.

    The drone attack on the Syrian Military Academy is by far more relevant to Jim’s thesis. No claimant for the attack either, therefore no one obvious to retaliate against. It also appears to have killed an awful lot of important people as well… and their families. This type of thing doesn’t have to be repeated often to have serious deleterious effects on the leadership pipeline. Sure, maybe they move graduation ceremonies indoors and be secretive. Then targeting moves to training fields. Young men running in formation outside is a mighty big target. Why stop there? Political rallies, elite universities, etc.

    • Leaders says:

      Yes, killing “political leaders” is the way.
      It’s really amazing that people still keep falling for the psyop that they should go en masse into the fields and kill each other while their “political leaders” and banksters sit back in safety reaping the rewards of the peoples own bloodshed and human fratricide.
      Wake up.

    • Neurotoxin says:

      The drone attack on the Syrian Military Academy is by far more relevant to Jim’s thesis. No claimant for the attack either, therefore no one obvious to retaliate against.

      Decades ago Stanislaw Lem wrote about this very scenario: drones attacking over borders, anonymously, untraceably. It led to a global war in his vision, because everyone started lashing out at everyone else.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        Dug it up. It’s “The Upside-Down Evolution,” from his collection One Human Minute.

      • Computer Cracking Borders says:

        Regarding cross border “computer crime”, a lot of countries look the other way, or go soft on prosecution, or will hire you at that point, or give you Letter of Marque, if you are a civilian that is hacking the “enemy”.

  28. Dead Abduls says:

    [*Israeli hamas war shilling deleted, because I and my readers don’t have a dog in this fight*]

    • jim says:

      We are mainly interested in the light it shines on military tactics and social decay. Not who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

      • Vlad says:

        There’s never any good guys but our genetically related guys the rest are all potential threats this goes for lions ducks apes and insects.
        Any sort of third party good / bad locating is downstream of,is this or that guy winning, good for us.
        The Jews had a catchy term for this they applied to everything -“ is it good for the Jews”

        Every decision a people make, any change in culture adoption of technology, etc requires a deep dive into is it good for us.

        The problem is things change and what was once good may no longer serve short or long term.
        and we tend over time to mistake the once useful tool for the good we associated it with.

        For me this is the rock bottom of conservatism. It’s what at root we should be conserving.
        Our people their specific culture developed in their unique bio evolutionary feedback loop that is neither fungible nor transferable and without which our people will not long survive. And finally the nation (natal place) from which our people develop nurture and defend our people and culture. If this is not the essence of conservatism what the fuck is. Capitalism democracy monarchy Christ cuckery they are tools that may or may not have served the conservation of our people culture nations

        Of course this applies to all different peoples and species, but I have my own.

        I’d add I think United States Australia Canada New Zealand South Africa etc prove Europeans at least can found mixed European nations that work. So while there’s advantages and disadvantages to this model euro racial mixing doesn’t seem to be the cause of those countries decline.
        So I may agree whiteness as a schelling point has been politically hopeless until now. whiteness is a thing that has at least for a while that worked for whites in the diaspora

        It’s worth noting recently it’s become a popular schelling point on the left and no longer from any one left ethnicity ( can we admit leftism seems to have ethnic clans) anyway this may pave way if not bulldoze “ whites” on the right into accepting the name or rather unifying along the implication of the name.

        This too seems to be already happening. Joe boomer isn’t suddenly reading Anglin rather they’re just getting triggered by this kill the white ( boer) chant they hear constantly and of course this actual boer killing becoming so prevalent.
        Went a bit further down this rabbit hole than I intended so I’ll stop with this white seems to trigger nrx maybe the way it triggered how boomer before current year maybe it’s something else never really got that but things have changed nrx emerged in white countries not Catalonia or Walloonistan and I think it’s clear the Indians north Asians or whatever good immigrants you pick are not coming back to Elysium they are playing the Jew model. This is as it should be they are all doing what is good for them. The problem is not the cathedral so much as whites seem to be only animal,on this planet that will organize around an idea over their people culture place. Perhaps this has been good for us at times before our technology shrank the world allowing others to manipulate that trait. Perhaps it’s a great trait when it’s all whites involved. It’s not too late to go back to that all white world jus sayin

    • Dead Abduls says:

      [*Israeli hamas war shilling deleted, because I and my readers don’t have a dog in this fight*]

  29. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like Iran wants to fight Israel to the last Palestinian!

    Kim Dotcom gives a strategic analysis which is similar to what I was thinking, only more thought out.


    • The Cominator says:

      Yes this would be a smart grand strategy to bring down the US. Iran next mines the straits and then China blockades Taiwan.

      The good thing is such a disaster probably brings down the globohomo regime…

    • MuskFan says:

      Dumbest thing I ever read. A couple of ragheads flying into some lightly defended Israeli border towns looney-tunes style and wrecking havoc for a few hours is not going to bring about a full on Israel-Iran war (or even more laughably a US-Iran war). Iran is trying to sabotage the Israel-US-Saudi deal that is being negotiated and they likely will.

      • Calvin says:

        As imperial power wanes and long-suppressed hostilities simmer to the surface, what may happen becomes significantly more difficult to predict. This may escalate much further, it may just be a ploy to sabotage Saudi Arabia recognizing Israel. Those two things are not mutually exclusive, especially in a region chocked full of 80 IQ inbred fanatics. Once the fighting starts you cannot always predict where it will go.

        • Likely DOA says:

          Check the raw feeds
          The Gazaboys don’t have the manpower or the firepower, their little intifada is DOA and done now that Israel took the gloves off.
          What they do have is maybe 50 quality hostages… lots of them young stupid females. But they won’t be able to broker them for much in part because Israel is going to sweep every door in gaza for them dead or alive.
          Both Iran and Arabs wont support Gaza bc Nukes.
          Nor will Iran vs Arabs happen bc Arabs will win conventional and would rather just sit back and make money as usual.
          One big stalemate with a lot of dead Gazaboys and Iran looking dumb for it.

          • jim says:

            Quite possibly, but I would wait a little longer before proclaiming with such confidence. The war has barely begun, and wars have a tendency to go on longer than anyone expects.

            Hamas seems to be retreating, and has lost most of the territory it briefly gained. But a little soon for a victory dance.

          • Ron says:

            Taking Israeli females will drive the Israeli males into psychotic frenzies. Commanders who hold their men back will meet with regular and completely unexpected battlefield accidents such as having their skulls broken open by being bashed repeatedly into the corner of their desk in their office at headquarters.

            Tel Aviv faggots who cannot grasp that “now is not the time” will find themselves accidentally kicked to death by their own fathers.

            This is biology. We dont have the women to spare. Its in the blood. Those Jews without those character traits were all weeded out over the past two millenia.

            Expect lots of dead men women and children.

            What is happening now is a full on test of 4G warfare courtesy of the CIA and the Pentagon. Hence why everyone is falling all over themselves declaring their eternal love and friendship as we get the full “Russian experience” of “not our troops doing that no sirree”

            Only they fucked up completely. They do not understand the mindset of anyone living here. People do not live in Israel bc they get fat paychecks or because they love being economically strangled by the oligarch controlled government. We live here because the idea of licking anyone else’s boot makes us so sick that we would rather either be dead or kill as many people as necessary to not lick anyones boot

            Some genius just backed a pissed off rat into a corner.

            Everything I have just said is based not jsut on my own personal psychosis but on the conversations i have had with even the most peace loving hippy leftist. You who arent in Israel do not know what just happened.

            • Milosevic says:

              Enlighten us then Ron, what exactly is going on on that particular patch of dirt atm? We are in the dark here.

              • ron says:

                Honestly, I’m sorry I said anything. I was in a rage and lashing out.

                As far as I can tell, you all probably know as much if not more than anyone.

                Massive security breath. Way more than what should have happened. A lot of good men throwing themselves into a fight that they should have had more time to prepare for and getting killed trying to save lives they shouldn’t have to be trying to save.

                According to the grapevine, up to a thousand civilians dead, but they are releasing the information slowly because the shock is too much. Again, this is from the grapevine, could mean anything, and you know as much as I do.

                What I can absolutely confirm is the sense of Rage. Tremendous anger across the entire spectrum of the country. Not all of it is directed at the enemy either. I have to be careful when speculating about theories in front of normal people, because anything I say will be taken 100% seriously. Which is very disconcerting for someone who is used to be regarded as “that guy”.

                Complete unity of purpose, way more than I have ever seen before.

                The resolve is absolute.

                I’ve seen some of the most peace loving Leftists saying openly that they have had enough. They’d love to have peace, but there isn’t anyone to make it with. Frankly I was shocked and put into the moderate position.

                True, this could be a conspiracy, involving any number of actors with any number of motivations. But the massacres of the 300+ hippies at the music festivals is not something any sane human being would agree to do. Ie, no one even cares if there was a conspiracy. It’s irrelevant past which backstabbing sons of bitches need to be thrown up against a wall and shot at a later date long after the fighting is done.

                Assuming that kind of justice will ever be done.

                Strategically, I think we can all immediately guess what is going on. This is a test. How the Israelis handle it will determine both their resolve and potentially if we will see similar attacks launched from the North and East. As well as an internal uprising. I’ve noticed that the Arab citizens I’ve met are incredibly polite and friendly. They can sense the anger.

                That’s ti, that’s all I know. I’d say what I think they should do, but you all have a far better sense of tactics and strategy than me.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  here is a really effective test for figuring out if your bloodline is going to be part of the slave caste of the future after the second Bronze Age collapse: when a bunch of worthless hippies die in a desert for being stupid worthless hippies, do you:

                  A) cry
                  B) laugh
                  C) take notes

                • Ron says:

                  Youre right. Thanks for reminding me.

                  In any case, emotion is not what is needed here. Im seeing that more and more clearly with some very ugly but honest observations and reports that are coming in.

                  Something is very wrong. This should not have happened.

                  Im going to stop commenting and go back to observing.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >worthless hippies

                  Now now KD, *smh* let us not be too hasty. Their deaths were great casus belli, and the best meat shields always seems to be the “worthless” soft targets.

                  On a more serious note, those types are, on average, negative value, but mostly because they can be a sociopolitical problem. A problem that goes away with removing voting and welfare.

                  On a second note, this whole thing was absolutely bizarre from the perspective of a Palestinian (or at best I can put myself in their shoes). Did Hamas kill anyone important? The answer appears to be no. Will Hamas gain land/political power? It appears they will lose some if not all. Such questions go on and on and on. Moreover, Israel cut off their water, food, and electricity. Gaza has 2 million people packed into a dense urban environment. How much farmland do they have again? If Israel were serious, it would right off all those hostages as already dead and simply starve Hamas out.

                  This whole thing looks like Iran fighting Israel to the last Palestinian, but unlike the Ukraine situation, can’t readily arm them in mass should Israel seriously blockade the at most 7.5 mile wide Gaza territory. A feat completely within Israeli military capabilities. Honestly… what was Hamas thinking!?

                  You know what would really be funny? Israel starving out the 2 million, and as they trickle out, make a deal with Lebanon and Iraq to shove them into Iran as a giant refugee “gift.” I’m sure the Persians would love to be enriched by Arab diversity.

                • jim says:

                  That would be a decisive Israeli victory. A very decisive victory. Which would massively falsify my observation that no nation with a gay parade has won a war..

                  This operation should be seen not as a sovereign action by Hamas but as a test probe of Israeli capabilities by Dar Al Islam, a reconnaissance in force. The Palestinians are no longer very useful, so risking their annihilation is an acceptable risk. It is insane if we think of Hamas as a sovereign entity – they risk annihilation and genocide, while only doing modest damage. It is entirely sane for Dar Al Islam.

                  I expect a loud outcry from Dar Al Islam about Israel genociding the Palestinians. And if they bend over backwards to avoid genociding the Palestinians, the outcry from Dar Al Islam about Israel genociding the Palestinians will be twice as loud. It is not only the Jew who cries in pain as he drives the knife in.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  “Through a gross navigational error, the Love Boat steams into the Strait of Hormuz.”


            • The Cominator says:

              While I do think Israel will win this in the end modern Israelis are not like the kickass (though unfortunately socialist but of a more national type of socialism lol) generation of kibbutzim farmer soldiers who conquered the land.

            • Pete says:

              My assumption is that Hamas wants to lure IDF into a ground war. “Sweep every door in Gaza” as was said above.

              We can see that this raid was well planned. It’s likely that Gaza has been well prepared in advance too. Tank traps dug in the streets, sniper nests, caches of food, water and ammo everywhere, holes cut between buildings so fighters can move between them without going into the streets, the whole nine yards.

              If Netanyahu starts bombing buildings, Hamas will just say “Oops, you hit one of the buildings where we stashed hostages, you just killed five Jews!” The more liberal Israelis will scream at him to stop bombing.

              Thus it becomes a street to street, house to house slow meat grinder, and the Israelis don’t have the type of army to accept those kinds of casualties. They will have to back off and let the arabs have the win.

              Hamas will be the toast of the town, the superheroes of the entire muslim world. Weapons, money and more fighters will pour in from all over the world. Netanyahu’s government will most likely fall, which leads to more internal turmoil, which invites more attacks.

              • Reinhard von Lohengramm says:

                There are already 600+ Israeli killed. What’s another 50 or so? Gaza will be turned into another Aleppo or Bahkmut, with Israeli air forces leveling city blocks indiscriminately.

                Some Liberal Jews will kvetch, but this is unironically their 9/11 (worse, adjusted for population size. Netanyahu will have 90%+ approval ratings as he glasses Gaza.

                Hamas aren’t some brilliant 4d chess operatives, they’re inbred sandniggers who have done nothing BUT chimp out and get their shit pushed in.

                • jim says:

                  Well, that is what he should do, that is what normal people would do, and that is the way to win the war.

                  And if he does that , will win.

                  Can a nation with a gay parade do what needs doing?

                • Pete says:

                  I can’t help but notice that the glassing of Gaza has not yet begun. As the hours and days pass, the likelihood of it beginning gets less and less.

                • jim says:

                  Early days yet.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Is there any evidence that the airborne rave party attack actually happened? I’m seeing a lot of words, and a video of some paragliders still far away from it, but that’s mostly it

                  It has “Ba-lakka-lakka Bucha Massacre” written all over it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  More video than you’d see of anything in Ukraine. The most unbelievable thing about the story is there was a rave that big in 2023 especially in a tiny country like Israel…

                • Ron says:


                  After how completely correct you were during the fakedemic, I am never going to argue against you or your gut feeling.

                  Normally I would argue, but in your case, I pause and assume you might be right.

                  I will tell you that desert raves are common in Israel and Eurohippies come by all the time. These parties are mostly impromptu and frequently have 50-200 people. I think they are called “nature parties” in hebrew.

                  Maybe you are right. All I can do is let you know what is said in the grapevine.

                • Ron says:


                  re: gay parades.

                  The pride parade in jerusalem has to be guarded by border police carrying machine guns, the route is very strict with baracades and the residents of the apartments are not allowed out of their homes. Further, there are no spectators allowed on the sidelines.

                  This is because the last time we had a typical “pride parade” in Jerusalem, two of the faggots were knifed to death. And I can tell you flat out there are plenty of people from across the entire spectrum that want a full on brawl. It’s not just “ultra orthodox”.

                • Rave says:

                  Rave video was posted here, but Jim censored it, now it’s gone from the tube too, so you can’t see it there either.

                • jim says:

                  I am not allowing people to come here and rant about how bad the other side in the Middle East is.

                  We don’t have a dog in that fight, and most of the people bringing these rants are government shills who are just here to drown out the crime thoughts.

                  I have no difficulty seeing that video. It is everywhere. The internet never forgets. I deleted it because I don’t care. I am not interested in Arabs mistreating Jews, Jews mistreating Arabs, Arabs mistreating each other, or African plains apes mistreating each other. This incident was only matters if they bring about war between Israel and larger Arab powers, and I am not going to allow the debate on which side is more evil, Arabs or Jews, to take place on my blog, because it does not matter, and would drown out stuff that actually matters.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Tend to agree this is a PR disaster for Hamas and the Palis. Killing a bunch of amiable sexually attractive rave sl00ts… not a good look. If they killed a bunch of fat dykey feminist activists it would be different.

                • Neofugue says:

                  What on earth are you talking about, the airborne rave party attack was hilarious.

                  Killing women is bad if you are killing virgins, i.e. underage young girls. Killing sluts means nothing as sluts are effectively useless eaters, but killing those abominations referred to as “m*dern women,” who are the modern equivalent of temple prostitutes, given the “gender equality” religion, is hilarious. Hamas didn’t kill any virgins, so no PR disaster.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Ain’t no virgins older than 17. Raver sl00ts aren’t feminists or political.

                • Neofugue says:

                  Feminism is not just a political position, Feminism is a way of life. All the raver sluts are Feminists because they live the Feminist life plan.

                  There were no virgins, i.e. early teenage or preteen girls at the rave party, so no problem.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Funny meme but hating on rave sluts for being unowned is kind of like hating on abandoned puppies for not being housebroken.

                • Neofugue says:

                  The roastie does not love you, Com, nor will she ever, no matter how hard you simp for her or how much you pay for her services.

                  Your comments are a reminder as to why the Church tells men to avoid prostitutes.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The sane solution to raver sluts is to capture them, scrub them until their skin is as clean as you can get it, clean off any parasites, then check if they have any venereal diseases. Once you ensure that they are not carrying anything, you fuck your babies into them and make them your personal sluts. Unowned woman problem solved. Killing them is a waste of valuable property, like killing captured cattle after a successful raid on a rival’s herd.

              • Ron says:

                If they are planning on the liberal Israelis backing them, they miscalculated. From what I can tell, no one cares anymore.

                If they are hoping to use Israeli hostages to keep us from bombing buildings, I cant confirm what I’m about to say, it’s just a gut feeling, but my gut says that even the parents of those hostages would pull the trigger just to kill the bastards.

                Of course, the political class may not have the nerve for it, or may have a different long term strategy in mind based on their calculations.

                For myself, I’d give them all 24 hours notices and start leveling buildings one by one. Block by block. From the North of Gaza to the South. Turn it all into rubble then send in bulldozers to uproot whatever is left. Bring in the leaders of all other Arab townships and let them have a long good look at what remains. Especially the faggots who thought putting up a Nazi flag in their village was a funny idea.

                Israel is a very different country from what it was 3 days ago.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  If its the same picture I saw, the power lines go in front and in back of the nazi flag. Obvious photo shop or ai image.

                  Which reinforces your broader point about rage in Israel at the moment, if people are missing obvious details like that.

                • Ron says:

                  @Uncle Bob

                  You are right. I mean in the general sense, I have no idea if that photo is real or not. But thank you.

                  Ive been through 9/11, Ive been through Covid. They got me via emotion both times.

                  Im starting to see some very ugly counter reports from honest sources. Something stinks here.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Most likely the attack was allowed to happen like 9/11.

                • Ron says:

                  Maybe. Or maybe they pulled back to see what would develop so they wouldnt get caught in something worse and the counter speculation is just enemy psyops. Bullshit is cheap and can be as effective as a bullet.

                  I dont know.

                  What I do know is that this is not the time for me to talk.

                  Im going to observe and listen.

        • MuskFan says:

          End of the day there will likely be a couple thousand dead sand noggers in Gaza, maybe more (the American left even seems to be giving Israel considerable leeway to go scorched earth in retaliation) and the Israel-Saudi deal will be scuttled.

          Ultimately a win and smart move by Iran for their interests in the region, given that their Gaza proxies are totally expendable.

        • Vlad says:

          Good point something doesn’t feel right about this

  30. BigTop says:

    Army vs. army battles were a short-term thing in history, given greater coverage due to how sexy they are and how much easier history is to write when you assume One Big Battle decided events. Such battles only happen if both sides wanted them to happen, since it was easy to avoid each other. Hence the need to threaten cities, rich territory, etc. to force an enemy to fight.

    The US didn’t beat the injuns because of battles, but because we exterminated their villages and prevented them from feeding and breeding. We didn’t lose Vietnam because of battles, but because we didn’t exterminate enough villages.

    Hamas is showing us the way: infiltrate and terrorize is the maneuver warfare of the future. Spec Ops on a strategic scale. Just like the original Red Dawn movie: commercial airlines and pre-set forces. How much acreage does China own in the US again? How many nationals hanging out?

    Control of territory = ability to stop enemy civilians from feeding and breeding. Everything else flows from that.

    • The Cominator says:

      To win the Vietnam War we would have had to invade North Vietnam it could have been done but the casualties would have been horrific. The NVA had prepared for American air and artillery superiority by digging out cities of tunnels). You would need to invade with hundreds of thousands and expect 20-40% causalties. The NVA also beat the foreign legion (of largely ex Wehrmacht and waffen SS soldiers) and utterly crushed a mass invasion by China they were no joke as a military.

      Exterminating poor rice farmer hamlets (and I would feel bad doing this personally the Vietnamese are about the least offensive non white immigrants group there is) would only have stopped the Viet Cong which had largely wiped themselves out in suicidal attacks during the Tet offensive. Post 68 the war was largely against the NVA.

      • skippy says:

        To win Vietnam the US just had to stop letting the NV play by different rules. Too many examples of this to be assed to list but the main one was “not expanding the war into Laos” when the NV were using Laos actively (violating the sovereignty of its monarchist government) to infiltrate around the entire US position and even as far south as Cambodia which is truly absurd if you consider it on the map for even a few seconds.

        The USA actually won the Viettnam War on paper despite all that insanity and then Congress invited NV to conquer SV a few years later. SV lost the war after USA declared neutrality.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        “And in Viet Nam the North sent 150,000 men south with as much armor as the Wehrmacht had in many WW II engagements. That was in 1973, and of that 150,000 fewer than 50,000 men and no armor returned to the North, at a cost of under 1,000 American casualties. Most would count that an outstanding victory. (Alas, in 1975 North Viet Nam had another army of over 100,000 and sent it South; the Democratic Congress voted our South Vietnamese 20 cartridges and 2 hand grenades per man, but refused naval and air support; Saigon predictably became Ho Chi Minh city as we pushed helicopters off the decks of our carriers in our frantic evacuation; but that is hardly the fault of the US military).”
        – Jerry Pournelle

        • The Cominator says:

          Yes every time the NVA tried a conventional offensive it was a disaster for them but going into the tunnels in North Vietnam to eliminate the NVA once and for all would have been a very bloody affair.

          • skippy says:

            North Vietnam was just a regular poor country (it is still a poor country). It had one port and one rail line carrying materiel from the USSR. It had minimal own industrial capacity, which was not sophisticated or replaceable.

            But just look at the geography: cut across to Thailand through Laos and SV couldve been held forever with no invasion.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Not really, destroying their logistics and starving urban centers out under siege was well within the capabilities of the USM at the time. The war was lost because it was never seriously fought in the first place.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              The war was lost because certain people in the State Department wanted it lost. They had to get rid of Nixon first, thus Watergate.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Of course. My point is that everything you might think could or should be done to successfully prosecute a war, none of which was being done. From ‘rules of engagement’ on a tactical level, to not so much as even bombing the northern supply centers (with rare exception), never mind ever actually going on the offensive anywhere.

                It was worse than useless even. Infantry and airmen going on ‘patrols’ over random jungle, doing nothing except giving enemies opportunities to shoot at them.

                None of the American forces in Vietnam were actually fighting a war; they were all trapped in a Plato’s Cave, going through the motions of live action roleplaying a war.

          • MuskFan says:

            You guys do realize Vietnam is a completely loyal Basel state to the GAE. The idea that America lost in Vietnam is something of a misnomer.

            • skippy says:

              In effect you are right that that has been the outcome and Vietnam itself is the only real loser being considerably poorer and less cohesive than it would have been under a South Korea-like development path. However, the Vietnam-US split was very real until the early 90s when the Soviet Union disappeared as Vietnam’s protector and even then Vietnam only slowly opened (it is still less open than, say, Philippines).

        • skippy says:

          ““And in Viet Nam the North sent 150,000 men south with as much armor as the Wehrmacht had in many WW II engagements…”

          People forget that Vietnam was principally a conventional war and in fact quite a large one. North Vietnam had multiple tank divisions and destroyed thousands of US aircraft. It was not remotely similar to Iraq and Afghanistan despite many comparisons at the time. I’m not sure where this idea it was primarily a guerrilla war comes from – possibly propaganda at the time arguing that a guerrilla war must represent the will of the people because it’s supposedly spontaneous (guerrilla forces required and had just as much top-down, centralized organization as conventional forces and arguably even more but that organization is easier to hide).

          The USA was at war with itself and the compromise was that the US’s objectives would not be met but the USA itself wouldn’t be involved in the defeat (“”peace with honor””!). In retrospective though the USA is typically portrayed as having directly lost anyway, indeed sometimes to forces like the Vietcong that were destroyed by the North Vietnamese government for internal political reasons years before the USA became neutral.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >I’m not sure where this idea it was primarily a guerrilla war comes from

            It comes from the US not allowing it’s military to fight a conventional war which would have involved directly taking the fight to the north and mass executing communist saboteurs like what was done in Korea.

            When a conventional force that is far superior on paper meets another conventional force yet still looses, blaming it on guerrilla war is a great excuse.

      • TheDividualist says:

        The story I have heard was that the Tet Offensive was an American victory, territory lost was quickly regained and NVA losses crushing. So it would have been possible to at least dig in and wait things out but the US media lied and presented the initial, temporary territory losses as defeat.

        Another, admittedly opposite story I have heard is that assymetric, counter-insurgency, anti-guerilla warfare is on the psychological level assymetric the opposite way. When guerillas lurk in the woods and they don’t do shit at all, just their very existence as a surviving organized force, just staying alive and uncaptured one more day, is a victory and hence morale boost for them, and a defeat and moral loss for the counter-insurgency force. Because the guerillas have the mindset of criminals, they want to capture us for our previous crimes so even if we do not commit new ones, we can thwart their will. And thus for the anti-guerillas every day not capturing them is a defeat.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Vietcong guerrillas mostly got killed in Tet trying to be conventional soldiers.

    • TheFeebleClone says:

      I’ve been wondering, given modern information systems, the extent to which larger scale targeted killing will play a role. Partially control of territory, but also of population of leadership characteristics and those with a wide intellectual aperture.

      I’ve heard these reports about killings “running up the chain of command” in Ukraine. Obviously this has always happened. I’m just thinking this could be executed on a lower level. In a closely surveilled of closely intermixed populations at scale. Where I live there are a lot of Conservative militants from around the world. The only reason this occurs to me is an instinct for self-preservation. I don’t have another white person under 70 within a block’s radius.

      • Zorost says:

        At least one person responded to the OP’s point, rather than just blathering on with their irrelevant bullshit opinions.

        The Yugo breakup was a lot of what you talk about. Groups targeting other groups, sometimes small villages or just a family. Many have predicted such a thing will likely happen in the US along a racial divide, including Thomas Chittum and Matthew Bracken.

        I think the OP (BigTop)’s point was that genocide was the norm for warfare throughout virtually all of human existence. Casualties might be low, but it was about territory, so holding capacity was an issue. Maybe only 20 people were killed, but the hunting territory that was lost was of a size that supported 20 people, so those 20 people would never be recovered due to not having enough to feed them.

        It was only a very short period of time, evolutionarily speaking, that elites fought elites in order to determine who got to siphon wealth from the existing laborers on a given piece of territory. I agree that we are likely going back to that, on a local as well as a high level. Israel clearing north Gaza is a great example of this; does anyone actually think jews are going to be giving back territory once they control it?

  31. Cloudswrest says:

    War’s Aftermath; a Preliminary Study of the Eugenics …

    Despite the weirdness currently surrounding JF Gariépy, he does have interesting and entertaining speculations.

    Jews will be depopulating their female population in Israel to combat Hamas under guise of empowered-female-soldier imagery while depopulating the male population of Ukraine by turning them into cannon fodder for the Russians.

    In the future, it can therefore only go one way: hordes of old conservative Israeli Jewish males, claiming persecution by Muslims, will go inseminate young Ukrainian rave whores on meth under the bombardments of the Russians.


    • The Cominator says:

      I know this is a joke but rave chick’s and raves barely exist anymore. There are very very few target rich environments full of hot young sl00ts anymore that anyone can go to. I used to go to raves. Not saying they are nonexistent but they are rare now… also rave chick’s mostly used ecstasy and meth would be generally viewed with horror.

      Ukranian women will mostly fail at onlyfans and become fat cat ladies on welfare. Some will get globohomo managerial jobs a few will marry some guy or become prostitutes (not just of camwhores) and then there future will mostly come down to whether they avoid hard drugs. Ones on meth will die in the streets.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but it seems that all forms of white heterosexual debauchery died out in the last twenty years. The women got too old for that shit and they never had any daughters to pass on their anti-traditions to. If you go visit your old party hangouts now, they’ve probably all been converted into refugee asylums.

        Just for lulz I searched “find a Russian wife” and found a smattering of websites that don’t look like they’ve been updated since the early 2000s. Did the brothel-streets in Thailand and the Philippines ever re-open after Covid?

        • The Cominator says:

          Don’t know about the Phillipines or Thailand but in general yeah all debauchery in the West that you don’t have to pay a fair amount for is gay debauchery (I assume anyway) now.

      • Bwana Simba says:

        I have noticed this phenomenon as well. it’s not just raves are gone but techno in general seems to be gone. Hell the fun of the West is gone, died out during COVID never returned. In general society is a lot more antisocial now. That said a lot of the subcultures that existed even a couple decades ago seemed to be gone. No more granola girls for example.

        • Granola Gone says:

          Goth girls are gone.
          Nerd girls are gone.
          Library girls are gone.
          Math girls are gone.
          Wiccan girls are gone.
          Mechanic girls are gone.
          Farm girls are gone.
          Grocery girls are gone.
          Bible girls are gone.
          Women are gone.

          Seriously, the count of any sort of non proggy democrat lesbo pinko women has gone waayyyyy down. Women of any kind in public are way down. Something took them all away.

          • The Cominator says:

            The subculture girls still exist in small enclaves but not nearly the numbers they used to have. I liked the raver and new ager/hippie girl types they were actually generally nice chicks and not at all leftist fanatics it was okay to tell them you supported Trump and such. They have been replaced by trigglypuffs…

            There are some pretty zoomettes in Florida but not very easy to approach irl.

          • Humble Acolyte says:

            There are “right wing” groupies in NYC if you can believe it

        • Aryaman says:

          Smells like a more considerable decline in disposable income than anyone would care to admit. Hobbies are down too, so far as I can tell.

          • The Cominator says:

            There is something developmentally very wrong with the very young millenials and zoommette girls. Young chick’s are not supposed to be anti social shut ins or totally unapproachable if they do go out… but yet thats what much of the current crowd are. I guess if low bodycount for their age is your only concern maybe there is a silver lining.

            • Vendat Tunicam says:

              They are like that because everybody has a video recorder in their pocket. Any action or speech that is cancelable can be broadcast to a mob itching to start on a “two minutes of hate” on the unlucky zoomer. If 95% of your social life is through your phone the anxiety of every notification being negative because of something you said taken out of context has an extraordinary chilling effect on normal socialization. Also the older millennial women are comparing you to Mr. 1-in-30, but social media and fuck apps are making it so zoomers and younger millennials are comparing you to Mr. 1-in-1000 or worse. Sometimes they think they have a shot at a relationship with these guys because he’ll like a comment or respond back, they’re holding out for a guy that’s using them to climb up the algorithm 😂

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The general trend of the occident from the 17th century ‘enlightenment’ onwards has been one of ever increasing atomization, as the whiggish subject super la lettre deconstructs all forms of assabiyah producing social superstructures that are exclusionary to him by their very existence. There is little to no form of acculturation taking place anywhere with anyone now. All are strangers to all.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >There are very very few target rich environments full of hot young sl00ts anymore that anyone can go to.

        Try bars around major Universities in the western half of the sun belt. Arizona, Nevada, Texas. It’s full of young fit White women dressed in (very) short shorts and revealing tops. Now that I think about it, there’s also a strange shortage of men. Both in the literal sense, and the figurative. And the demographics of the people hitting up the bars are also strangely very, very White compared to general student demographics.

        Guess mestizo fatties lack the confidence, and red haired feminist bitches are too bitter to even try.

        Back when bars were actually on universities campuses because drinking age was 18, yeah, I suppose it would be awkward as hell for a non university student to try to pick up women there, but with the drinking age being 21, the bars now straddle the zone between downtown and campuses so now there’s an excuse for non-students to be there. It’s in the neighborhood so to speak, but if that’s not a good excuse for you, just show up for the football games.

  32. Kunning Drueger says:

    Are you excited Jim? I am; We will now have the first challenging test of the Countries With Pride Parades Can’t Win Wars memeplex.

    If we see Gaza get flattened and Hamas get rooted out In short order, it is back to the drawing board. But if the war starts to drag on after initial excitement, and suddenly we get a bunch of ashkenazim on our TV screens explaining how war is not actually war, and casualties aren’t actually casualties, and retreat is not actually retreat, etc etc etc, then we will know you were truly cooking with gasoline when you came up with that concept. to be clear, if the IDF dominates it doesn’t completely destroy your thesis, but it would require some pretty detailed and intricate research and analysis to figure out if it was military units who have resisted the gay explicitly or found implicit ways to keep them out.

    part of me wants to apologize for reducing it in this manner, but honestly I hope both sides exterminate each other.

    • RMIV says:

      in 4 hours Hamas took more land than the Ukro counteroffensive. thank you friends.

    • A2 says:

      The local news at first displayed Israeli casualties but currently only mention total Israel + Arab casualties. Perhaps that tells us something.

      Bold operation (gliders?!) that has shown the limitations of missile defences, but will it get beyond a suicide stab? They will have to get reinforcements onto the field to take the next step.

      The current approach of 4G chaos seems more viable than trying some sort of organized fighting.

      • jim says:

        They took Israeli troops captive and brought them back to Gaza, which indicates the troops they airlifted in were relieved.

        Missile bombardment to soften up enemy forces, paratroops to prevent enemy movement, then they took down enemy fortifications by conventional means, and their regular ground troops swept in.

        The situation is obscured by censorship and fog of war, but what I expect is that the walls are down, and now it is old fashioned house to house urban warfare, which gets bloody.

        If Israel has to evict Hamas house by house, Hamas wins even if they lose, because the Israelis are going to take significant casualties, and then it is a question of who gets attrited faster, and who has more will and capability to sustain attrition.

        • Calvin says:

          If they are wise they will take the opportunity to engage in some mass-expulsions.

          • jim says:

            Yes. With the Global American Empire in decline, might be able to get away with it. Probably the only way to win the war.

            • A2 says:

              BBC now reports that peace loving Israeli forces are firing back at insane Hezbollah brutes in Lebanon. Possibly interesting. I’m not familiar with Mount Dov below.

              We earlier reported that Israel had fired into Lebanese territory in response to mortar fire from there.

              A spokesman from the Israel Defense Forces said the firing happened in the Mount Dov area, a tract of land claimed by Israel, Lebanon and Syria near the intersection of all three nations.

              Israel has warned Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah movement not to get involved in the fighting.

            • Calvin says:

              America is way behind on soldiers, suffering from rapidly-increasing inflation, the petrodollar is slipping away, technological decline is evident, and to top it all off they’ve basically given away all their ammo and cannot produce any more at scale. It’s an excellent time to be settling old grudges.

        • Rolling Collateral Guns says:

          [*deleted because I don’t care about who dies in Gaza. I care about who dies in the Ukaine*]

          • jim says:

            Whoever cooked up the cause of this war does not have me and mine in their sights. The people who cooked up the war in the Ukraine do have me and mine in their sights.

    • Western Taliban says:

      but honestly I hope both sides exterminate each other.

      I don’t know, I think that genuine right wing Orthodox Jews can be allies. Best scenario is every single pro-faggot Jew dying to Hamas, Jews go Old Testament and recover sanity, they kill all Muslims, they become a convenient ally against Muslims. I think this is more optimal.

      The Jews that really need killing are mostly outside Israel and/or support gay pride parades in Israel.

      • Your Uncle Bob says:

        Blank slate theory from the reactionary right.

        • Western Taliban says:

          If your argument is that “Jews have evil genes”, provide evidence. And also explain why Old Testament Jews were 100% based and prosperous even though they possess “evil genes”.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            False premise, Taliban (ironic name for a jew defender). I’m concerned with in-group preference, out-group resource extraction genes, which are tailor made to attack Whites’ Achilles’ heel of being overly trusting and overly in-grouping. “Evil genes” are a hobbyhorse you dragged in.

            But, I’ll explicate something I didn’t think I needed to. Personality traits, while variable at the individual level, are at least 50% heritable. Or higher- just prying the 50% out of modern Science is an admission against interest to begin with, so I take it as a floor not a ceiling.

            Non-orthodox jews aren’t genetically separate from orthodox. Except sometimes by degree of admixture with the goyim, but this is a very new development.

            By logic as well as observation then, liberal/atheist/communist/red diaper baby/pornhub running jews are a different social and mental manifestation of the same mental hardware that out-lawyering God/spitting on Christians/mail order scam running orthodox jews have.

            Not my main point, but typing that up I realize the silver lining to atheist communist pornographer jews is at least they’re boiling themselves off in the long term. Like lapsed Amish, fewer kids and more outbreeding. Problem is they do a lot more damage than an assimilated Amish in the short term. But like the Amish and the Mennonites, they keep making more.

            >Old Testament jews 100% based and prosperous

            Sojourn in Egypt, 40 years in the desert, Babylonian captivity, prophethood of Jonah, asking God for a king and God saying “okay but I’m gonna make you regret that” would all like a word with you.

            The based and prosperous years were due to patriarchy plus, surprise!, effective and brutal outgrouping, not from anything that would make them good allies.

            Whites could indeed stand to learn a lesson from this, but at the very best and most peaceful its a lesson about good fences making good neighbors, not about standing with our greatest ally.

            Oh, and a tangent through my fifth favorite hobbyhorse. Modern jews aren’t just the straight line descendants of all Old Testament jews. OT had the 12 tribes of Israel, most of which were lost to history. Modern jews as we know them are descended mainly from the priestly jews.

            Then, something glossed over by Christians and jews alike today is that jews at the coming of Jesus weren’t a monolithic block. Sadducees and pharisees weren’t only factions but also partly ethnic divisions, much like Essenes and Samaritans. Jews today mainly descend from the Pharisees, genetically as well as in attitude.

            All the above out of the way I see something I didn’t make clear. The below I agree with completely. Your post had multiple layers, and I was picking at one without making that clear.

            >The Jews that really need killing are mostly outside Israel and/or support gay pride parades in Israel.

            If I’m not sounding like it, I am completely on side with Jim’s “no knocking over jewish legitimate small businesses” rule. I just think that a “usurers and corrupters only” rule is going to catch a lot more jews than their magatard Greatest Ally standers-with are going to like.

            • S says:

              >I’m concerned with in-group preference, out-group resource extraction genes, which are tailor made to attack Whites’ Achilles’ heel of being overly trusting and overly in-grouping.

              Clannish isn’t due to specific genes, but consanguinity. Jews are an outlier (with subcontinent Indians) due to higher levels of inbreeding + intelligence.

              ‘pathological altruism’ is cope like ‘eternal September’. Jewish Emancipation occured not because whites were trusting, but because whites were looking for a way to fuck over other whites.

              >Non-orthodox jews aren’t genetically separate from orthodox. Except sometimes by degree of admixture with the goyim, but this is a very new development.

              There is a genetic selection effect; Orthodox Jews have a reputation for being massive assholes.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                When invocations of a generalized theory of middle-men minorities are trotted out, the implicit objective is usually to exculpate whatever particular subject in question the matter at hand is. That is to say, ‘they can’t be uniquely evil, look at all these other guys where the same thing happened’; which is then to imply, sotto voce, ‘and so they can’t be evil, because we can’t all be evil’.

                But as time went on, it started looking more and more like, if anything, the chain of causality goes the other way; that status as a ‘middleman minority’ is not only not an exculpation of liability, but rather a *guarantee* of liability.

                There is something about the ‘middleman minority’ phenomena that, in of itself, is uniquely given to attracting, selecting, or creating, some of the worst species of humanoid organisms to ever disgrace this rock.

                Pick any example you like and you’ll see all aliken kinds in play. Armenians, for instance, are another notable case of middlemen minorities. As it happens – and as recent events have aptly demonstrated – they evince a degree of chronic backstabbing syndrome that doesn’t lose to anyone, and which in like kind is certainly not limited against each other either, just like khazars as well.

                There is not a single ‘middleman minority’ in history that did not meet with just desserts for their grievous sins.

                • S says:

                  Because middleman minority is a selection for leftist features.
                  First you get people who are interested in power without responsibility and an inability to understand why grabbing the opportunity is going to get them killed.
                  Second they are unable to cooperate because if they were able, they’d seize power and no longer be a middleman minority.

                • Pseudo-CHrysostom says:


              • anonymous says:

                Offtopic request. Could you explain the remark about eternal September being cope?

            • Western Taliban says:

              I’m concerned with in-group preference, out-group resource extraction genes, which are tailor made to attack Whites’ Achilles’ heel of being overly trusting and overly in-grouping. “Evil genes” are a hobbyhorse you dragged in.

              These evil genes of yours that you invoke are rather tangential, inconsequential, totally irrelevant to my position. And they aren’t even unique to Jews, not that you have actually any evidence this is all genetic at all.

              Having a country of Jews in the middle of Muslim land for political benefit to a reactionary regime has literally nothing to do with anything you wrote. You must be Irish or some other such vastly inferior ethnicity in America, there is no way a high IQ Anglo, the country of no eternal friends or enemies, only eternal benefits, didn’t understand my geopolitical position.

              You might have tried to hide it, but your position is the fed position, which is why you felt the need to add the last part. Your position is that the problem we have now with Jews like Nuland and Blinken and Soros is a Jew problem, not a progressive problem. They are not propped up by progressivism and the State Department of whites who use Jews against other whites, but rather, Jews are an all powerful great enemy like the Eye of Sauron that actually controls the world behind the scenes, so we need to make sure we never interact with any Jew and Israel is flattened. You are implying that the problem with Jews is that whites are extremely retarded and Jews can easily deceive them and take control over them, as if this is not allowed and promoted by design and the elite white that hates everyone else aren’t using them as agents. So your position is that “Jew evil” and “Jew must be killed”. Total fed.

              Someone else with a genuine argument might have said they don’t believe Jews to be agreement capable or something, your position is that whites are mongoloids that cannot use Jews as pawns in a geopolitical situation, that Jews are so incredible and superior any contact with Jews will make whites lose, they will be parasitized and exploited because they are oh so great and whites oh so dumb, an insidious narrative that hides the reality of the treacherous elite whites fighting a war against everyone else. So we must fixate on Jews instead of actually looking at the progs.

              My position is that we should use Jews who are millions and conveniently already in a great military position for our benefit as cannon fodder against the Muslims in a proxy war that is eventually going to happen. Muslims will never accept Peace of Westphalia if the historical record accounts for anything, Jews are exactly where we need them as a buffer. There is certainly no need for an extra Muslim country.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Untermenschen don’t need to be better than you to be more trouble than they are worth; quite the opposite in fact.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  But there is absolutely no trouble in supporting foreign underdogs far away so that all undesirables kill each other even more.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Sure, but then again…

                  >Having a country of Jews in the middle of Muslim land for political benefit to a reactionary regime has literally nothing to do with anything you wrote. You must be Irish or some other such vastly inferior ethnicity in America, there is no way a high IQ Anglo, the country of no eternal friends or enemies, only eternal benefits, didn’t understand my geopolitical position.
                  >My position is that we should use Jews who are millions and conveniently already in a great military position for our benefit as cannon fodder against the Muslims in a proxy war that is eventually going to happen. Muslims will never accept Peace of Westphalia if the historical record accounts for anything, Jews are exactly where we need them as a buffer. There is certainly no need for an extra Muslim country.

                  Do you have enough self-awareness to notice that these are in fact the same modes of thought in essence as the William Gladstones, and Joseph Chamberlains, and Lord Palmerstons of yesteryear. If you haven’t seen this movie before, do you want spoilers for how it ended?

                  Every daemon summoner thinks they’re going to be the one in control, and that every man before them who was consumed by malign forces was simply a fool who didn’t know what he was doing. In a manner of speaking, that is even technically true.

          • Fidelis says:

            And also explain why Old Testament Jews were 100% based and prosperous even though they possess “evil genes”.

            Because modern “jews” arent even genetically descended from the Old Testament jews, but are adopters of the talmudic babylonian mystery cult that only pretends to honor the Torah but instead perverts every single line.

            • jim says:

              It comes pre-perverted. It is a vast pile of pharisaic lawsuits against God.

              God was not amused.

            • Western Taliban says:

              That could be the case, I’m not really interested on Jews or anything about them. I just want them to be the “Ukrainians” of the Middle East anyway.

      • Bwana Simba says:

        Orthodox Jews believe Jesus is boiling in shit and piss in Hell. They are not our allies. I would take the Muslims over them, and I would take neither if I had the choice.

        • jim says:

          Christmas is celebrated in Dubai in a strikingly more public and Christian manner than is permitted in the USA. Given a choice between being ruled by demon worshippers, being ruled by Jews, and being ruled by Mohammedans, Mohammedans are the lesser evil.

          • Anonymous Fake says:


            • jim says:

              You are describing an America unrecognizably different from the America I know. You are describing what the lefties of fifty years ago thought they were going to create, and their rationales for destroying what existed.

              You give us the five decades old indictment of suburbia, and describe the cities they thought they were going to create five decades ago.

              Not what they created. The big blue cities are ugly, dangerous, and strewn with garbage and human excrement. Our rulers live in the fear and filth that they created. Their rationales were bogus then and are more bogus now. It is like Khmer Rouge deploring inefficient and anti social peasant irrigation system.s “We will sweep that all away, and build something wonderful.” They got the sweeping away part done.

              • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  I have lived much of my life in the American suburbs. Your account of life in the suburbs comes from people who live in tiny boxes in giant faceless towers, and come up with clever rationales to destroy the lives of people who live a lot better than they do.

                  I have often remarked that your account of conservatives is alien, and your account of Christians is alien. Your account of life outside the giant blue state megalopoli is also alien. Traffic is not a suburban problem. It is problem of big cities, and a problem for people living in suburbs and commuting into the city to serve people who need to be close to power. Which problem is being mitigated as power flees the ruin it created.

    • Israel vs Islam says:

      “The Western world, much of which by and large supports Israel, woke up to shocking scenes on Saturday of Israeli civilians being taken captive and driven or in some cases literally walked across the border into Gaza.”

      Kill the men, enslave the boys, rape impregnate enslave and marry the women and girls, accept a few conversions only if you want, and take all the booty. That’s Islam here.

      Islam should have it’s own neat and tidy borders for people to fight with, go ahead declare a Caliphate, don’t be such pussy Muslimen.

      Now everyone knows the Jews and Christians had that region first, and are not going to give it up due to religion.

      The big mistake was at end of WWII Jews and Christians especially should have declared Crusade and destroyed all the mosques in the new Israel land area… Jerusalem Bethlehem Temple etc all the way out to a big buffer zone… and purged all the Muslim invaders back out to Arabia.

      But J+C have been playing pussyfoot fools on that since WWII, and ever since Muhammad invaded, and lately have been gay’d out kissing yet more ass making “peace” with J and I “accords” etc. Writ large at politician populous, J+C still don’t realize that Islam and Muslim lie much better than J+I do.

      Everybody knows that’s never going to work… Islam is 100% incompatible with everything else on the planet, and is 100% dedicated to taking over the planet, by conquest as applicable.

      So just finish the job already.

      Send all the Muslims back to Muslim lands and purge out Islam from your lands.
      And bomb anything that ever looks related to offensive weapons platforms.
      Muslims are free to live peacefully in their own lands.
      Problem solved.

      Alternatively, get out of Israel, ship all the Jews to Israel, all the Muslims to Arabia, give the Jews and Islam nukes, trigger their war, let them nuke the Temple and Kaaba and Medina and Mecca, then go in and restore the Holy Spirit of Christ in Bethlehem.

      • jim says:

        This program is only sane if we had a Christian ruled west. The Pope worships demons. Our ruling elite worships demons.

        Holy war is coming, but it will not be with Muslims. On the contrary, in the coming war the Muslims will be our allies, though shortly before victory those allies are likely to stab us in the back.

        • Calvin says:

          I doubt Muslims will be able to make much of a contribution in an offensive high tech war, even assuming they wouldn’t just side with the progressives (which they likely would in any war with a serious Christian opposition).

        • Pope Got Gaids says:

          You need to see what the Pope just said regarding women and gays.
          He’s practically inviting them both into the clergy and every church with blessings.
          Didn’t God cast out the people of Sodom and Lot or some shit.

    • Arab Israeli War says:

      Here’s some initial action…

      Wheeled paraglider forces…

      • jim says:

        A remarkably ingenious innovation.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Pop-up aviation, that can follow the troops, operate everywhere they can go – and some places they can’t – has made sense as far back as 1920. But the concept was also strangled in the crib by spiritual bureaucrats who wanted an ‘air force’ that was its own thing, and not allow anyone else to operate stuff that can lift off into the air. Consequently, much of the history of airpower heretofore has derived from the institutional inertia of this original sin.

          In later years, this has been exacerbated by the general trend of GAE arms suppliers to produce large systems with huge logistical tails, for those fat lifetime servicing contracts, all of which additionally are unique walled-gardens that do no interoperate with each other, to multiply those contracts by exponentials.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            And actual air forces ironically despise anything exceptionally specialized for a particular role, like the A-10 Warthog. Or the F-22.

            • Nope says:


              Actual forces want special shit where special shit is due because special shit kicks ass exactly as needed.

              Gay forces like the US Military ger cucked by military contractors into buying gay shit that can’t do shit… like the F-35, and everything else at $10x to $100x prices to actual costs.

              If the US Mil and US Con-gress wasn’t so fucking gay, they’d demand good shit at cheap prices or give the contracts to someone else.

              ps: the current US White House is the worst ever in history.

          • jim says:

            Yes, Hamas is doing it right.

    • Rollover says:

      Just another in string of failed US wars.
      Latest of which is

      Afghan failed, diversion to Ukraine/Russia failed, diversion to Israel/Iran.

      When they lose that one the next is probably Taiwan/China.

      After that the GAE fools and their country are dead, permanently.

      By the way, don’t be a fucking fool…


      Because not only the wars an loss above,
      but if you’re in the USA you have to survive the coming election chaos too,
      which many people are saying won’t be “mostly peaceful”.

      • Not Your Infrastructure says:

        Not your infrastructure, not your life.

        It’s Coming… GET PREPARED, you Foolish Barbarian Rebel Scum!

        Israel’s defense minister has as of Monday ordered a “complete siege” of Gaza which alarmingly includes cutting off all supply of electricity, fuel, and food, but even water for a densely packed population of 3+ million people in the strip.

        Yoav Gallant said, “I have given an order – Gaza will be under complete siege.” He added: “We are fighting barbarians and will respond accordingly.”

        At the same time a statement from energy minister Israel Katz confirmed, “I instructed that the water supply from Israel to Gaza be cut off immediately.”

        GAZA pic.twitter.com/W9S8m1zd36
        — The_Real_Fly (@The_Real_Fly) October 9, 2023

  33. Basil says:

    A very pleasant day. The Jews got what they deserved.

    I think Europe should send more of them to defend democracy of the Middle East. More than 10 million Jews live outside Israel, and they are needed there.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Genuinely impressed with how on-message this GAE shill is. Israel is suffering the righteous retribution of Moloch for failing to supply the holy forces of Jewkraine.

    • skippy says:

      Another in a long historical sequence of attacks that justify great moral outrage and retaliation, but do mysteriously little consequential damage. Poland is always invading East Germany.

  34. Mister Grumpus says:

    Just in time for the latest Israel-Hamas thing. Hilarious. FakeandGayness knows no borders.

    • alf says:

      It’s been said that given enough time, the chances of Israel being nuked to orbit approach 100%.

  35. Mayflower Sperg says:

    Amazing. The history of the 21st century is being written before our eyes in Ukraine. A war that’s been brewing for decades over the question, “Who gets Sevastopol?” has now made that question irrelevant. But it raises the far bigger question of, “What are states good for, anyway?”

    Dark ages happen when the relationship between states and their citizens becomes so dysfunctional that the only solution is to dissolve all states and allow new states to grow organically out of the charred ruins.

    All first- and second-world states now treat women as free and equal citizens, with the result that sentient humans cannot reproduce except in isolated religious communities that do their utmost to avoid all contact with the state. No state has yet realized that if they don’t conscript young women into marriage and motherhood, there soon won’t be any young men to conscript into the army.

    Their current solution, a combination of “conscript men harder” and “import black Africans”, buys very little time, and may even accelerate the collapse.

    • The Cominator says:

      The Germanic kingdoms in the former Western Roman empire were formed by conquest. The dissolution of the Germanic kingdoms into anarchic lands of petty warlords was due to a lot of things but the constant Viking raids and occasional full fledged invasion was a big factor.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        I suspect that the Germanics, like the Muslims two centuries later, didn’t bring to the table any new ideas about statecraft but were merely exploiting the dying remnants of the Roman social order.

        • jim says:

          Yes, no, maybe, and it is complicated.

          The barbarians had trouble forming states. But the Holy Roman Empire worked, more or less, sort of, mostly.

          They were inventing feudalism on the fly. Or rather feudalism spontaneously happened, and they eventually figured out what had happened, and the Christian Church issued official blessings making it official.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Feudalism arose spontaneously out of previous dark ages because it’s the simplest social system that enables people to grow food and eat it. Knights protect peasants in exchange for food.

            How does Sir Jim, Lord of Donald plan to protect anything against drones? It’s not enough to protect money with cryptographic hashes; you have to protect physical things too, like homes, factories, crops, grain silos, and everything else your peasants need to survive.

            Has anyone tried jamming drones with spark-gap generators? These are cheap and simple but they also jam your drones, and enemy drones flying at high altitude with dish antennas might not be affected.

            • bomag says:

              How does Jim plan to protect anything against drones?

              Live far away; keep them far away. Distance is your friend.

              • Rods From God says:

                You can’t protect from drones when the drones are “Rods From God”.

                You can bet Elon got the contract to stage at least a few canisters full of them.

                And with all fine future war systems, you can bet there are no restrictions against their being turned for domestic use.

                Duck, and cover!


                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >We have this ridiculously awesome superweapon that can kill anyone, anywhere, at any time, but we don’t ever use it and we don’t admit we have it because it’s so super-secret. But we totally, totally have it. Defy us, and we’ll kill you because we’re God.

                  Oh please. If the USG had “rods from god,” they’d brag about it all day, every day. Instead they put them in shlocky entertainment and imply that they have them but they’re just too secret to talk about. That’s not how you keep your secret weapon secret. Is there any report of this system being built or tested, much less used in combat?

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Rods from God are technically feasible but tactically worthless. You need a weapon you can spring on the enemy anywhere at any time without warning, not a satellite the enemy can intercept because they know its exact orbit and its exact time windows for dropping “rods” onto their territory.

            • jim says:

              The same way everyone is right now protecting stuff from drones.

              By being hard to find.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                You need to protect big, immovable things too, not just money and people.

                In the fields outside Moscow, I saw several brand-new white boxes of gargantuan scale, hundreds of feet tall and half a mile wide, each with a hundred loading docks around its base. Smooth white walls with no windows and no signage whatsoever, absolutely nothing that might give a clue as to their purpose.

                Did they also install a fine mesh of water pipes just inside the walls and roof to mask the heat signature of whatever’s going on inside? Every watt-second of energy you use becomes waste heat that enemy drones can see with infrared cameras.

                • Vendat Tunicam says:

                  I imagine that part of why Musk has his Boring Company is to be capable of building factories and bases to hide from drones and satellites when the time comes.

  36. Mister Grumpus says:

    Good thing Reagan closed the border in the 80’s.

  37. Calvin says:

    Wonder how long it will be before someone develops an effective electronic drone countermeasure.

    • Lol says:

      They exist called HERFs, fries electronics, and LASERs, cuts them down.
      They can also be shot down with missiles.
      But the MIC will charge US $1M each for a $5k rocket.
      Cheap drones just get jammed.

      F35 was designed to be garbage, purely as an export product to extract money in exchange for rubbish.

      F22 is a bit better tho.

      Doesn’t matter… the Muslims are still using knives, and have got you so scared that you keep letting them in to make off with your daughters. And you let the Browns rape them, and the Blacks fuck both them and your wife in your bed.

      The weapon you need is a set of balls.

      China has more cheap rockets and missiles than you can count, Taiwan is dead in the first salvo.

      Boats on water, and moving metal boxes on land… all obsolete and dead by missiles and drones.

      • jim says:

        The art of jamming drones, and building drones to resist jamming, is rapidly advancing.

        People are building autonomous drones. If it is autonomous, you cannot jam it. But you need a smart guy who knows what he is doing to set the mission parameters.

        • Buzz Bombyear says:

          Truly autonomous drones are inertial, and sun moon stars compass barometer altimeters AI visual horizon and radar terrain maps.
          You can supplement with GPS, RF, and Laser TOW inputs, but those can all be jammed or blown up.
          ICBMs are still inertial primary, some mods play with GPS but only as failover secondary and as minor tuning to primary, declining once you get to ballistic and separated descent.

        • The Cominator says:

          How feasible is it to Faraday Cage autonomous drones in case an enemy just decides to emp a whole area to destroy all enemy drones?

          • jim says:

            Drones are inherently resistant to emp. Any small isolated circuit, such as a cell phone, is. (However the cellular tower through which it communicates is likely to be fried.) You don’t need to do anything special. Stuff gets fried by emp when it has wires running a considerable distance. Every lightning strike creates an emp pulse around the strike, and a lightning arrester is an emp shield.

            • Cell Towers says:

              Cell towers…
              All of them easily mapped to the meter beforehand via recon.
              All of them have unique base station IDs that onboard opensource radio can listen for and triangulate.
              Now you have a known waypoint system to fly by.
              You can get just as accurate flying that as they can triangulating your cell phone.
              Except your drone is listen-only.
              And if your OS drive is encrypted and shuts down
              upon elapsed time landing deceleration impact or explosion,
              they’ll probably never figure out you’re flying by them.

              • jim says:

                Does not work. You need the exact timing of the signal emitted by the tower.

                • Trevor says:


                • jim says:

                  Unresponsive. The position of the tower is not enough. The drone needs to know with high resolution the exact time that the tower emitted the signal.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Triangulation just needs the bearing of two or more emitters, surely?

                • jim says:

                  To get the bearing, you need a rather large antenna.

                • Wendell says:

                  [*deleted*]To triangulate your unknown position from known fixed towers you need a rotating antenna to find the direction of the highest received signal power from each tower [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Do your homework on the size of this rotating atenna

                • Panel Antenna says:

                  [*deleted*] any little spinning horn will fit inside a drone. [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  A small antenna can accurately find the direction of an absolutely uniform and constant signal, a pure sine wave. On a complex and unpredictable signal, it is only going to give you a very vague and ambiguous direction.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Peak power of radiant fields produced by terrestrial lightning strokes is in low frequencies. Most man made RF equipment used for such purposes operate in upper UHF to SHF, or GHz ranges. Smaller wavelengths mean tighter tolerances for ‘leakage’, which is often not possible to fully prevent in practice, along with regimes where various structures, elements, and subcomponents of the platforms becomes antennous in of themselves at resonant frequencies.

              • jim says:

                Big emp pulses produced by nukes are even lower frequency than lightning. Non nuclear methods of generating emp pulses are very short range and low power.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Yes, was not actually agreeing with the idea of explosion based EMPs being a solution.

  38. Yul Bornhold says:

    Wonder how well Taiwan has armed itself. With sufficient munitions, it could rain down fire upon any attempted Chinese crossing. On the other hand, the Chinese could probably sink all shipping to Taiwan, eventually starving it of essential minerals.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      This has to be it. When a $10M ship meets a $10k drone and loses, my God what is this world anyway?

      • dave says:

        Taiwan has been arming itself with very smart (but expensive) missiles and torpedoes. they could also copycat and build their own. The Taiwan straits are narrow and shallow. That might be the war that demonstrates that navies are obsolete.

    • Jamesthe1st says:

      Taiwan is not defendable strategically. There is need to invade it, just set up a blockade and starve it out. The US faces the problem Japan had in WW2, lots of troops and weapons but no way to supply their island bases.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m sure the US will make some attempt to try to supply it by air and find out that it’s less feasible than supplying the 6th army in Stalingrad by air was.

      • S says:

        How feasible is it to accelerate that? Taiwan doesn’t produce enough food (about 1/3 it needs), but is it possible to target food stockpiles so instead of months, the country falls apart immediately?

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          That’s where the EBT program comes in. In peacetime the government provides free food to unemployed, low-IQ, weak-willed, otherwise useless people, so that they gorge themselves and grow morbidly obese. When war breaks out, you have a strategic bacon reserve!

          Then there’s Crisco. Not exactly health food, but extremely calorie-dense and a near-infinite shelf life without refrigeration, at least in temperate climates.

      • TheFeebleClone says:

        I’m quite sure it was Col. MacGregor [I certainly could be mistaken, it might be one of the “former” CIA podcasters] who said it would also be inordinately expensive to directly invade from sea. That might indicate the sort of scenario you would describe but he also said commercial ties would be as important in terms of seizing control militarily.

  39. Monlward says:

    what does this mean for the F35 and the military industrial complex profiting of those billion dollar air craft? Will they be rendered obsolete? As drone technology becomes cheaper and simpler will this make military technology more equal between larger and smaller players and give non state actors the ability to challenge the power of the state?

    • jim says:

      F35 was obsolete before it was built.

      Both sides are still using manned warplanes to launch guided weapons from within territory they control at enemy territory a considerable distance away. The human in the cockpit appears to completely useless in this mission, but manned helicopters are still useful, as the pilot has to use his judgment.

      However, manned helicopters are primarily useful against tanks and armored personnel carriers, which are disappearing from war. Battleships were obsolete when the Bismark went down, and now tanks and armored personnel carriers are obsolete. Yet strangely, battleships are still around, though for what purpose I have no idea, and I suppose tanks and armored personnel carriers will still be around for a long time. However, they will matter less and less.

      The distinction between state and non state actors has been fading for a considerable time, and will fade further. But it will be even more the case than it is now that the bigger power can beat the smaller power. However, at present, the trend is that a smaller power can inflict a lot of pain on the bigger power for trying it on. The bigger power can win by the inexorable arithmetic of superior firepower, but is going to take damage, because its superior firepower cannot protect it from the smaller power’s inferior firepower.

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