Ukraine counter offensive update.

I don’t cover the events of the day, but in my previous post I remarked:

This is not a tactic that can be repeated too many times. You continually need fresh troops. And they are now running mighty short of fresh troops. At the moment the offensive is stalled, awaiting the next shipment of fresh cannon fodder. I have repeatedly been surprised by their ability to dig up more cannon fodder, and likely I will be surprised again, but they have been digging mighty hard, and will have to dig a whole lot harder.

One day after that post:

Men with missing limbs have now received callup notices. Next time I need to preen on predictions this is going on the list.

When Napoleon started conscripting men with missing limbs, the end was not far off. And he never considered calling up women in their fifties. I think the Ukrainians have watched too many action girl movies.

Ukrainian ground troops have reached the first line of defence, but it has not been penetrated, in the sense that tanks and armoured personnel carriers cannot drive through it – or even get near it. They dump cannon fodder some distance away, which cannon fodder is then marched over minefields under artillery and drone fire to the first line of defence. Cannon fodder being cheaper and more easily replaceable than tanks or armoured personnel carriers. However, replacing cannon fodder is evidently becoming considerably more difficult.

It will be interesting to see how the war goes when one side is relying on women, cripples, and the elderly.

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  1. Dharmicreality says:

    Has the GAE badly miscalculated about India? Seems so. Indian strong diplomatic reactions to Canada’s accusations has been completely beyond their expectations

    Canada expelled one Indian diplomat but India not only stopped issuing visas for Canadians buy also expelled 41 Canadian diplomats by asking for “parity.” This has put the West into a quandary.

    Seems the faggot Trudeau has pushed India into further cementing ties with Russia and strengthening BRICS, and I think the saner faction of the GAE elite are not amused.

    The GAE needs a friendly India in the Indo-Pacific region.

    • Dharmicreality says:

      And Putin is consolidating the Indian friendship at this point in time by praising India’s independent foreign policy and pursuit of national interests under Modi

    • Oog en Hand says:

      Some say at least 95% of Indian population has been vaxxed. Is this true?!

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Seems highly exaggerated. Officialdom has a tendency to boost numbers to show efficiency and target achievement.

    • jim says:

      India rightly complained that when a high Indian official attempted to go to an important meeting, Sikh independence protesters were in the way and police were not around to give him a safe way in That is not peaceable assembly for the redress of grievances, yet there no consequences.

      If I had a big sign under my name in front of my premises calling for the assassination of political leaders, that is not freedom of speech, but a credible threat. I would be detained in prison under torture for years “awaiting trial”. The Sikh independence movement gets strange indulgence that only regime pets get.

      The movement for Sikh independence has been granted curious indulgence, and it is obvious that the deep state views it a potentially useful tool against Hindu Nationalists.

      Did India assassinate him or the Candadian intelligence services? Details of his assassination are strangely sketchy considering it was recorded on the security cameras of his temple and offices. If it was Candadian intelligence services, obviously they wanted a more pliable and obedient meat puppet, but were they pissed because he was going too far, or not far enough?

      That two cars, several men, and full auto weapons were allegedly employed in his assassination would indicate American security services. If you are assassinating someone in an unsympathetic foreign country, you send in a lone assassin with a .22, for what one man knows, no one knows, what two men know, everyone knows.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        There was also talk in the Indian media about Nijjar being a Canadian intelligence asset.

        Another BJP leader suggested that Nijjar was Trudeau’s gay lover and they had a falling out which may have led to his murder.

        Who knows…

        • jim says:

          Of course he was a Canadian intelligence asset. That was obvious. Not a healthy occupation.

          Unlikely he was anyone’s gay lover, because he seemed to take his faith seriously. People who take their faith seriously are apt to die suddenly when they become Global American Empire Intelligence assets, which is another reason that inclines me to suspect that though India is probably guilty of knocking off people in the Sikh movement, this one was likely knocked off by the Global American Empire.

  2. You love trannies says:

    This Prank Call of the American-Ukrainian Tranny Leader is Frigging Nuts

    Andrew Anglin October 3, 2023

    Last week, Vovan & Lexus, a Russian comedy duo, called up the Ukraine’s American tranny spokesman “Sarah” Ashton-Cirillo and got him to say some nutty shit. It’s the best call they’ve made.

  3. Anal Marriage Your Pope says:

    The Pope is already condoning anal marriage by refusing to excommunicate the Germans who are doing anal marriage. He is appointing freaks and bringing women as close to becoming deacons and priests as possible, while continuing to claim he’s not going to do that.

    There is no such thing as
    1. gay marriage
    2. gay marriage blessings
    3. women priests
    in the Catholic Church.
    To pretend that any of those things exist is heresy.
    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
    — Catholic Manhood ❤️‍🔥 (@bethecreed) October 2, 2023

  4. simplyconnected says:

    Off-topic, please delete as needed.
    There seems to be some better understanding of the consequences of circular and linear DNA being present in large quantities in the vax. Author mentions 5 separate mechanisms by which DNA can become integrated into host’s DNA:
    1) The Lipid Nanoparticles
    2) Linearized plasmid DNA
    3) The SV40 enhancer
    4) Spike protein nuclear localization signal
    5) Open Reading Frame in the PolyA tail
    Considering LNP accumulation in ovaries/testes, this may have dire consequences for subsequent generations (not that we didn’t already know that).

  5. The Cominator says:

    Lol can’t even make camo uniforms… this may be a sign the end is coming sooner rather than later.

    • Hesiod says:

      Perhaps mass twerking by enlisted Shaniquas will repel the chinks and russkies from our sacred shores.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      A nation in decline can carry on for a very long time pretending that its military is combat-ready, as long as it doesn’t get into any actual combat.

      • Big Brutha says:

        This is true. It is also worth remembering, however, that a nation can lose a war, and a lot of soldiers in the process, even have its own internal strife, and come out even more dangerous afterwards.

        An example would be Revolutionary France. Basically broke from its involvement in the American Revolution and the king’s out of control spending, France fell apart in 1792, descended into lunacy at home and abroad and eventually fought the Wars of the First and Second Coalitions. Napoleon was swept into power partway through the War of the Second Coalition. France took a year off and then went back to it in the Napoleonic wars that lasted another 12 years on and off again until 1815. The number of men it was able to field and the amount of warfare it was able to sustain over a long period after it was broke, invaded, and dealing with its own internal uprising was pretty significant.

        Another example: the Russians ended their participation in WWI as a nation overthrown by an internal revolution but only after losing more than 900,000 (probably closer to 1.5 million) soldiers and vast swathes of territory as part of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918. But not only was the country not out of it permanently but its erstwhile demoralized military was back at it again by 1919 with a war against Poland that brought the Bolsheviks to the gates of Warsaw even while they were putting an end to a separate civil war. They didn’t win at Warsaw but they did kill an awful lot of Poles in the process of losing. They repeated a similar feat in Finland by going there, losing, and then getting involved in WWII where they lost 20 million soldiers before marching across Europe to Berlin. This in the midst of horrendous social, political, and economic upheaval incident to trying to make communism work.

        Which is all to say that it is easy to look at America as a paper tiger and in so many ways it is. But it can lose an awful lot before one could call the show over. It would be a bad idea to underestimate the willingness of U.S. leadership to shift gears and embroil the country in something truly awful while putting down opposition at home by the kind of violence well known during the Russian Civil War and the the French War in the Vendee.

        • skippy says:

          “This in the midst of horrendous social, political, and economic upheaval incident to trying to make communism work.”


        • Pax Imperialis says:

          America, a naval power, is not Russia, a land power. America requires boats to do any sort of force projection. Without boats, basically an isolated island. Navies take a much longer time to build than armies. The industries required to build/support navies take a much longer time to build than industries to build/support armies. Because America is in severe tech/industrial decline, it’s likely to end up increasingly isolated from potential overseas conflicts, thus never getting the kick in the balls that land powers are constantly vulnerable to by virtue of being connected by land to hostilities.

          And if an American carrier group gets sunk, is it prepared to spend the next decade rebuilding? Will it even matter? Missile technology has far outpaced naval force projection. The US might not even be able to land and supply forces in the relevant theaters in the first place. Such a war would effectively become a cold war.

          The naval force of the drone/missile/sat environment would need a complete design and doctrine overhaul. This is decades in the making. The US, and others, spent the entirety of the 1920s and 30s figuring out carriers. Naval warfare is not over, but the type of changes required to successfully wage it would be similar to going from battleships to carriers. A multi decade process considering the US hasn’t even begun moving away from what’s effectively still WW2 carrier doctrine. By then the US would have already lost interest in pursuing an overseas war.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Naval warfare is over. Capital ships like the Moskva will spend days in theater before being sunk by anti-ship missiles, and cheap sonar buoys will light up submarines so they can be eliminated too. For the next 1000 years, no vessel will travel anywhere unless all states in the vicinity agree to let it pass.

            Naval doctrine is irrelevant to America’s future because the homeland is completely safe from seaborne invasion, and completely helpless to stop the invasion across its southern border.

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              Naval warfare is not over. Capital ships need to become shallow submersibles primarily as missile and drone carriers. Similar to narco submarines, but larger and incorporating sonar stealth design features. No more simple tubes. F-117 but as submarine analogy works surprisingly well and was in the works in the 1980s but Pentagon saw no need for R&D and killed the concept.

              US interception rate of those types of vessels is miserably low. Something like 90% are undetected. Some are capable of sailing across the Atlantic. Naval defenses have proven to be uncomfortably porous. Cheap sonar buoys also means cheap sonar jammers and decoys. The buoy signals themselves can be tampered with. Much can be done etc.

              Naval doctrine is not irrelevant to America’s future, assuming it has one, because it will not accept insecure coasts, and force projection is a natural outgrowth of nations. Also, maritime submarines are becoming a reality and so sea trade will likely persist. Economic security interests will remain.

              • jim says:

                You are assuming that technology that does not yet exist will be created to maintain the relevance of navies, and make it possible to continue trade when one power objects to trade taking place.

                Destroying is easier than protecting. Technology that does not yet exist will be created to render navies even more irrelevant than they already are, and to shut down long distance trade and travel.

                Shallow submersibles are visible from air and space to laser ping technology, which is already widely used. If the US navy cannot detect them they suck, that is tech lead Shaniqua at work. If it cannot detect them, it certainly cannot build them.

                The satellite sends out a blue green laser pulse straight down, and reads the timing on the reflections following the backscatter at the surface. Can see what is in the water to very great depth. This does not work too well at angles other than vertical, so the higher the object sending the pulse, the broader the area it can read. You can read a broad area at angles far from vertical if you have three or more such devices a wide area apart using synthetic aperture, but I don’t know of anyone who has deployed that technology yet. Would not be hard to do at all. The analogous synthetic aperture technology for radar is urgently needed by both sides in the Ukraine, not seeing it deployed yet, even though there have been private prototype deployments (at radar frequencies, not blue green laser frequencies).

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Destroying is easier than protecting. Satellites are fairly delicate and easy to find. Would be a shame if someone figured out how to blind them with lasers or outright knock them out of orbit, and if one side is doing that, the others will try damn hard to copy. Most of these ISR technologies can only meaningfully exist in uncontested aerospace, but in a direct great power conflict that escalates sufficiently, involved parties will get to have a say on their continued existence.

                  With the way things are going, satellites and high altitude aircraft are going to be the most important and immediately targetable assets to be shot at. They have nowhere to hide in aerospace, nowhere to maneuver. It’s all “free space.” Low flying aircraft will be more survivable because they can hid from ground based radar due to earth curvature but that naturally pushes them away from the front and into mobile missile (or glide bomb) carriers. This has already happened in the Ukraine war.

                  Attrition warfare between great powers can quickly take the conflict to near surface and sub surface. You’re back to dealing with ground forces and navies. Manned air forces get mostly relegated to support roles.

                  >You are assuming

                  Not assuming. I’m arguing such technologies are feasible and the correct direction. It’s easier than the synthetic aperture tech that you don’t know of anyone deploying. It’s so easy that the cartels can do it and evade US Navy, and others, which really should indicate how shitty everyone’s navies really are. Cheap surface water drones are also coming into being. Currently as bombs, but won’t be long before used as cheap mobile sonar buoys.

                  I also pointed out in an earlier post that the US will likely not do what’s needed because it’s a multi decade problem that would require consistent vision, which it doesn’t have. As you’ve pointed out often, the Shaniqua and co. problem is also present.

                • jim says:

                  In the quite near future, we are likely to see drones with synthetic aperture tech. I would guess two years if the war goes on for that long. The US supposedly already has it, but it clearly is not working or not usable. Maybe it is usable if you don’t have Shaniqua using it.

                  The general trend in warfare is that everyone and everything is becoming more and more visible at longer and longer distances with more and more precise targeting. You are telling me that new tech is going to reverse this trend.

                  Massed tank charges have become instant suicide. A battleship is the same sort of thing as a massed tank charge.

                  The Russians are feeling out ways of making war of movement possible again. And their current thinking is that over a broad front, you send in little groups, with masses of drones above them, that shut down the enemies equivalents – that you win the air war with drones, giving you observation, and denying the enemy observation.

                  I saw a Ukraine drone with electronic counter measure resistance and automatic obstacle avoidance that flew through a forest at head height, then flew into a bunker and blew it up. Makes grunts shooting at each other obsolete. In future war, the drones will fight it out, and when you have won, three grunts will stroll in with a recharging and re-arming truck for drones, and run up the flag.

                  I saw an autonomous chinese drone swarm that flew through a forest at waist height, and recognized targets (did not blow them up, however, seemed to be unarmed.)

                  You have a point about seeing long distances from high altitude. If you can see the enemy, the enemy can see you. But what is happening is that both sides are deploying a horde of cheap, low altitude drones, to take a look around, and both sides are using the tactic of popping something expensive up to altitude to take a look at things from a long distance, launching a bunch of long distance attacks, then dropping down again, bobbing up and down.

                  In a recent Ukrainian attack, they launched a horde of cheap drones at Sevastopol, to overload Russian air defenses, followed by stormshadow missiles once they had ascertained which air defenses were fully committed.

                  When they tried that the second time, the Russians observed command and control lighting up, and took out commmand and control, with the result that the second time around, the stormshadows failed to make it.

                  That was the front line being several hundred kilometers deep. And as people on the front line disperse more and more thinly, the front line gets deeper and deeper and more and more porous. In the South Western part of Ukraine, as far from russian occupied territory as possible, behind strong and effective anti air, the Ukrainians had a bunch of valuable facilities. The Russians transported a bunch of drones on the ground through the air defenses, and blew them up from short range.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The future predicted six years ago in the short film Slaughterbots has arrived. They recently tacked on a happy ending where the UN ratifies a “legally binding treaty” banning killbots. Nice try, meatbags.

                  I get the feeling that military technology is advancing orders of magnitude faster than social technology, as it did during the Bronze Age Collapse. It’s like giving guns, booze, and hard drugs to primitive tribes whose cultures, instincts, and genetics are completely unacquainted with such things.

                • jim says:

                  It is not at all clear that military technology changed rapidly during the Bronze Age collapse.

                  The Bronze Age collapse was large numbers of fast running spread out lightly armored javelin throwers taking out the chariots of the urban aristocratic ruling class. Military tactics changed radically and weapons changed radically. But javelins and very light armor are a much older military technology than chariots.

                  What made the difference is the urban aristocrats in the chariots were degenerates, lesser men than their fathers, and the guys hurling the javelins were led by nomadic or semi nomadic aristocrats, they were not a herd of peasant conscripts. Also, shear numbers. Because of sexual degeneracy, the urban aristocrats were not reproducing, while the invaders were breeding like flies. The biggest change was that the javelin throwers had armor that an ordinary peasant would be unlikely to be able to afford – but it was light armor, much cheaper than the armor of the urban aristocrats.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The sequel if human: kill() shows an iconic billionaire drone-maker being interviewed on his iconic yacht docked in front of an iconic city skyline. Clearly a man who understands the power of drones!

                • Anon says:

                  At jim
                  So let say that the bronze age collapse is happening right now.
                  Dose the modern millitary technology make a difference
                  Can artilleries, tanks, airplane , missiles and drones make difference against the horde of nomadic people?

                • jim says:

                  Obviously. This time it is different, because technological advance continues to happen despite social decay. Technology has reached the point where it can empower a single great man.

                • Anon says:

                  Then what the urban elite/great man has to do to overcome the nomadic hordes?
                  Can technological advancement overcome social decay,
                  The degenerate elite win despite the degeneracy?

                • jim says:

                  The degenerates cannot do technology. So, in the ultimate test, are defeated in war. The American war machine has been running on the achievements of the 1970s, and as the men who built those things retire, everthing falls apart.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Technology has reached the point where it can empower a single great man.

                  A great man who had better keep his name, face, voice, and whereabouts a closely guarded secret if he doesn’t want to get splattered by a drone.

                  Welcome to the cryptocracy, where money and power keep a very low profile, and no one knows who really owns or controls anything. Imagine the accessories, like the 2033 Bentolla, — Bentley on the inside, Corolla on the outside. Dents and fake rust spots are optional, and our dealers offer a wide selection of middle-class bumper stickers.

                • alf says:

                  It would be interesting to know to what extent Putin’s movement is restricted because of threats to his life, and how that compares to historical iterations of wartime rulers.

            • skippy says:

              “Naval warfare is over. Capital ships like the Moskva will spend days in theater before being sunk by anti-ship missiles”

              If this is true, Moskva is not a very good example. It was a very old ship with old systems and was in a questionable state of maintenance. The much smaller and ostensibly less capable modern Russian corvettes in the Black Sea fleet continue to operate and have not been easily sunk.

        • S says:

          The difference is the revolutionaries could escalate in order to strip mine society for resources to wage those wars. If the US tries to follow that path you get a nuclear exchange. The only major external war I could see not following that path would be invading Mexico (and that would be a clusterfuck).

          The issue with nukes is an increasing portion of the US’s don’t work and it is becoming more obvious. Once everyone knows, the US is screwed. Trying to get the program restarted leads to the American scientists facing the fate of Gerald Vincent Bull and facilities the fate of Tuwaitha. No one is going to let an unstable and declining rival superpower access to nuclear weapons if they can help it.

          • Big Brutha says:

            Actually, an invasion into Mexico to “deal with cartels” is exactly the kind of scenario that could draw the U.S. into a bloody conflict which would easily cross borders, consume resources and men, lead to restive populations at home, and perhaps even lead to regime change in case of a large enough debacle.

          • Big Brutha says:

            Gerald Bull was quite a character and it’s worth remembering what happened to him and what has happened to Iranian nuclear scientists and their program too. Also, once the Iranians figured out to hide their nuclear scientists, their enemies came at them with the old Stuxnet virus so that would be another vector to be concerned about.

        • Western Taliban says:

          You have a good argument, but these comparisons always fail to also compare the populations, they are done in a vacuum for the sake of the argument without taking into account the specific practical circumstances. The current American population is nothing like the French population back then or the Russian population back then.

          When Russia was in an upheaval because of malicious agents trying to establish communism, it led to carnage between relatively able, masculine and energetic men. Whether it was some factory worker killing a farmer or a farmhand or smaller farmer killing a bigger farmer, they all were able, productive and skilled to some degree, only the people leading them to insanity were truly worthless, like Trotsky.

          Today, vast swathes of Western populations, and I mean the white populations and not necessarily the migrants, are complete worthless gay fat retards. Communism replacing a monarchy is the beginning stage of “muh gibs”. The current Western stage is near peak “muh gibs” and extremely close to absolute collapse with millions starving and dropping like flies.

          To TL:DR this, in Russia there weren’t landwhales in scooter carts going around anywhere, there were no trannies, no faggots, no feminism, none of this. The only one who I’ve seen emphasize this stuff here is Pax Imperialis and his point always seems to be glossed over by others, but realistically speaking the current western population is so fucking worthless that taking electric power for a week would be enough to kill most of it. Anyone who is or has been an employer to any capacity will attest to my words. The superbureacrazy is an extreme cancer, but the prospects are so, so, so, so, so bad, you guys have no idea.

          • Karl says:

            In addition to the valid points you mentioned there is also the age structure of society. Never before have there been so many old people around.

            I agree that taking electric power for a week would be enough to kill most of western population, but why are you calling the prospects bad?

            Present situation is killing my people and prevents family formation. Collapse now would be better than collapse in 10 years as the tiny percentage of competent people is declining year by year.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Yeah, I hate it when doomers predict that our rotten jew-conomy will soon collapse into its own basement at free-fall speed like WTC 7. Stop giving us false hope!

            • Western Taliban says:

              I meant prospects for hiring, people to hire, you know… you go and try to hire someone for even the most simple task, enjoy the cancer, and when you get the cancer enjoy the aids of having to do it all following regulation and law lol

              I’m not particularly concerned about this society going up in flames, I’m rather expectant of that actually, like Mayflower Sperg, that’s actually a hopeful fate.

              I’d much rather live a harsher, more dangerous and even lethal and short life but with actual air to breath, like Frontier Americans. I’m extremely tired of the gay retards, the wahmen, the endless wordsmithing, the moralizing, all of it. I pray for Alaric, so that I may join a band of true men exercising their glorious masculine power.

              My politics have reached peak GIGACHAD energy, I don’t care about “reason” and “policy” anymore, it’s all aesthetics. I don’t even care if the political structure is sane and viable on the long run, I don’t care about anything but myself and others who would agree to a masculine fraternity that pursues its own interests and cares for nothing else, everything else needs to bend the knee or die.

  6. C4ssidy says:

    If the migrants between the trenches did end up getting shot , you could offer them a better deal by physically attaching a disposable 3d printed gun which only shoots towards the enemy trench, and which blows up if they try turning around or if they hesitate. Free zombie drones

  7. Cloudswrest says:

    Off topic. This is completely insane. Instead of addressing the problem of an old, and overloaded sewer system, NYC says they are going to fix it by affecting “climate change”!!!! I kid you not! A follow up commentator called it “a reverse rain dance”.

    • S says:

      The article appears to be a string of buzzwords.

      “We can’t rebuild every sewer. It would cost $100 billion. We’d have to tear up every street in the New York,” Aggarwala said.

      Crafting more spaces to absorb storm water is the key here, along with rain gardens and catch basins. When it comes to extreme heat, it’s more deadly for New Yorkers than flooding.

      Catchbasins are drainage systems; saying you are going to build them instead of sewer systems is nonsensical since in New York they are going to need to connect to the sewers. Raingardens are fields with plants and soil that aim to maximize water absortion- aside from not having anywhere to put them in New York, it isn’t different then placing open barrels to catch rain.

  8. i says:

    Come across this video which is quite informative about the history of Work in Agrarian and Stone Age societies:

    Unfortunately he blames Capitalism for recent problems of overwork. A case of Socialists being a broken clock right twice a day

  9. RMIV says:

    hello friends we have been discussing here on Jim’s Blog some of the items collated in this post i have linked below. do we find these claims herein to be accurate as-reported?

    i myself find Point #2 most curious, it reads, “NYC Mayor Eric Adams estimates the total cost of the migrant crisis will be about $12B over the next 3 years.”

    this raises so many questions in my mind. such as, why is the NYC mayor spending time ‘estimating’ the cost of the migrant crisis? and why would he deem a crisis or indeed refer to it as such i thought NYC was of the pro-infinity niggers position. how might he have ‘estimated’ such a substantial number? i wish he’d show his math on the subject. and what predicated the cost-projection being forecast across the next 3 years, why was that time frame used? i am surprised a NYC official is noticing or is allowed to notice this problem at all.

    i hope this is of interest to y’all thank you friends.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      That must have been a great link to get censored in only three hours. Welcome to the nigger war I talked about previously. Greg Abbott is niggering NYC with the same ruthless efficiency as his forefathers who firebombed Dresden and nuked Nagasaki. It is a weapon of mass destruction against which liberals are helpless — they can’t even say its name!

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Perceptive. Transcontinental enniggerization was supposed to be their weapon. They can’t even acknowledge its use against them, because to do so would be to admit that they know how well it works.

        For Mayor Adams to even complain that the ordinance costs them money and quality of life, it gives people ideas, that’s for sure. Not that it turns tables overtly, but it helps erode the faith.

    • Guy says:

      Eric Adams is such a stupid nigger he does not understand the dynamics at play with migration, and doesn’t know what he’s not supposed to say.

      The elites are too fractured/busy to deal with him and to coordinate on how to deal with him. Either that or they haven’t launched an attack yet and will soon.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Eric Adams and his people, the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS), are being replaced with even blacker people at a terrifying speed, and he has no clue what to do about it.

        The only defense against the nigger WMD is to shoot niggers on sight, cut them into large pieces, and display them prominently as a warning to others. If it comes to that, does anyone care if your great-grand-daddy picked cotton on a plantation?

      • Pete says:

        The leftist hivemind has turned against Adams. They were already uncomfortable with him as an ex-cop, but now they’ve decided he will be the scapegoat for the migrant crisis and anything else that’s wrong with New York.

        NY’ers are screaming mad at Adams over the recent flooding of subway tunnels due to heavy rain. Never mind that those tunnels haven’t been repaired/upgraded since the Giuliani days. Adams has entered that mindless Two Minutes Hate zone with leftists, similar to how all the blame for hurricane Katrina was laid at Bush’s door.

        It doesn’t help that Adams has awarded his friends lucrative no-bid city contracts to house and feed the migrants.

  10. alf says:

    A thirty year old Moroccan shot and killed three people in Rotterdam this week. What is interesting is that the guy turned out to be a 4chan anon. Check it out — political prosecution of Asperger men

    Besides all the schizo Elliot Rodger vibes, it strikes me how ‘pepe-kek-alt-right’ the guy sounds. He uses all the vernacular. There’s a few hints at him being a Berber, such as the cultural displacement psychosis and him rejecting Christ, but otherwise… It’s almost like a successful integration? It’s weird how you’d expect him to kill in the name of Allah, but Islam is not even mentioned once, and instead he kills in the name of ‘prosecuted asperger man, hater of normies.’

    • A2 says:

      Well, torturing pets is generally seen as a bad sign so I’m not surprised about his troubles at med school or what happened. An integrated psychopath?

      • alf says:

        I’m in the Jim camp that psychopath is not a very useful concept, although its applicability makes sense here.

        His ethnicity explains a large part of the story. It’s like how you’ll read about a ruler who cut off the feet of his mistresses and you think ‘holy moly who is this psycho’, and then you read his name was Lu Yao Xuan and you realize ‘ooh it’s the Chinese being Chinese’. Similarly, Moroccans display behavior whites often find crude and shameless.

        Second is him being thrown in bioleninist clown world. He seems to be above average intelligence, so no doubt he was told he could be next minister president. But not everyone is a Vivek Ramaswamy. So you get this situation where a guy tries to fit into an alien society, fails, and fails to adjust to his failure. Add drugs and/or alcohol to the mix and a violent breakdown ensues.

        All of which is not to say he didn’t have a screw loose in him from the start. But it’s not hard to imagine that in a different world, say he’d live in Morocco among family, had been given a wife and a respectable job, he’d have lived a perfectly normal life.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Sociopathology is a word a harvardian uses to describe men with warrior virtues.

          Psycopatholgy is a word a harvardian uses to describe himself, while projecting these qualities onto an other.

          • A2 says:

            All these terms seem to change definition every now and then (surprisingly?). For instance, if memory serves, ‘schizophrenia’ once being ‘multiple personalities’ (which no longer exists?). Thus, my apologies if my usage lacked precision. E was a dangerous nutter.

            Whatever the diagnosis, I wouldn’t have liked to have the guy working in health care. Perhaps he could have been content working at the sharp end, if you will, of the pitbull shelter. Ideally, he and his co-religionists should long ago have been deported.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              >Whatever the diagnosis, I wouldn’t have liked to have the guy working in health care.

              Surgeon. Probably a good one. Assuming he had been properly managed (and later, compensated) by a stern and competent male overseer.

              On the other hand the rabbit is possibly a bridge too far. Arguments about whether to use words like psychopath aside, torturing small animals used to be said to be a tell for future serial killers. (Yet another little thing that isn’t exactly secret, but has fallen out of popular discourse. Maybe because it raises questions about all those videos of Hominid-Americans abusing cats and dogs.)

              On the first hand again, I’m idly curious whether we do know everything. If it was only the one rabbit, and the timing was as reported, then I’d say a sane and functioning society would have salvaged him for some useful role. “Creepy” and “disturbing” are code for “HR ladies and workplace women in general suspect he may be a virgin,” not “we think he might be a killer.”

              >Ideally, he and his co-religionists should long ago have been deported.

              This I grant you. I omitted color above for the sake of argument, but it is relevant to risk of both murder and malpractice.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                then I’d say a sane and functioning society would have salvaged him for some useful role.

                Yeah, public executioner. But he has to wear a hood so the female spectators don’t all fall in love with him.

          • The Cominator says:

            I don’t think young General Patton tortured small animals for fun.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              No, but if you imply that he was a sociopath, you imply that he tortured small animals. We do not know that he did not kill small animals, after all. He does fit all of the other criteria, after all. So while we cannot say whether or not he tortured small animals, we can diagnose him as a sociopath, anyway. Then every article talking about his diagnosis afterwards will be sure to mention that he was diagnosed with a condition often characterized by small animal torture.

              Headline: Gen Patton Diagnosed with Mental Disorder Often Associated with Torture of Animals. First line: Today, General Patton was diagnosed as a sociopath, which is a condition where the sufferer shows limited empathy and emotional connection, and is often connected to the torture and murder of small animals. Fifteenth paragraph: While sociopaths often inflict severe tortures on animals, little is known about the secretive Patton’s childhood and so we do not know for certain if he exhibited this sort of behavior.

              • The Cominator says:

                Patton doesn’t fit all the other criteria he just had a warrior nature and ethos.

                • alf says:

                  Wulfgar is referring to the Harvardian class having converged the psychiatric class. It’s vocabulary, jargon and literature is converged, which is a shame, because there is some interesting stuff in there.

                  Every diagnosis in the DSM becomes a priestly tool. ADHD and depression are confessional tools describing the shortcomings (but also the quirky uniqueness!) of the faithful. Sociopaths and narcissists are the evil white men. Autists are the rejected. And so on.

                  If Patton had a warrior nature and ethos, he was a sociopath. Probably tortured small animals. Smh.

                • jim says:

                  Because there is so much genuine insanity and evil on the internet, it is hard to pull off sarcasm and irony.

                  I recommend the upside down smiley 🙃 to draw attention to the upside down meaning.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Correct, Alf. The accusation and implications are the important bits here. They are going for reputation damage, and if Patton angrily responds to the accusations, then he is an unstable lunatic. If, however, he rejects the diagnosis in a calm and rational manner, then he is a cold and calculating manipulator.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Reinhard Heydrich checked nearly all the boxes (don’t know if he tortured small animals) including casual reckless risk taking for fun (he was moonlighting flying combat missions in the Luftwaffe over Russia until Hitler found out and stopped it while he was already head of counterintelligence for the Reich)… knocking up “respectable” women and abandoning them (he got booted out of the navy for this) involved in a lot of the worst stuff the Reich did at a high level while apparently never really himself being a believer according to Schellenberg in most aspects of National Socialism… don’t see it with Patton. Patton was brave but not to the point of reckless thrill seeking, not a good politician or bullshitter at all. Didn’t seem entirely bereft of conscience.

                  Headshrinkery is a pseudoscience not a hard science but thrill seekers who are bereft of conscience, shame, and fear and who seem to be only able to alleviate their boredom through thrills and power games seem a real category of people…

                • alf says:

                  You’re right Com, and Heydrich is a great example.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Heydrich’s problem was that he was in the wrong career track. You don’t promote him to general staff, but a position as a captain or colonel leading troops into battle would have been perfect for him.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Heydrich was probably the only guy in the Reichs intelligence apparatus who was actually good at his job and/or not a traitor (Canaris) but being a pure psychopath he did crazy shit like standing up in the back of an open top car and moonlighting flying combat missions while head of counterintelligence (risking capture while being in such a position).

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >he did crazy shit like standing up in the back of an open top car and moonlighting flying combat missions


                  Still safer than White women backpacking through Islamic countries. Hell, probably safer than walking down the streets of LA or Chiraq. Ok, I’m partly jesting, but “crazy” these days is really in the eye of the beholder. (I admit to having rucked through downtown ____ at nighttime, on dimly lit streets, on the bike lane for the thrill)

                  I don’t know what his motivations were for doing such things, but I do know what a shit ton of adrenaline feels like (lol, maybe I’m projecting). It’s god damn euphoric and surreal and so many other things I can’t really express in words. I’ve also talked with people who have used a wide variety of drugs. Apparently nothing can really match norepinephrine stimulants. We can conjecture from this that his thrill seeking behavior was not because of “psychopathy” but because of natural brain made drugs driving certain behaviors.

                  In a sense, what people today are calling crazy, are really just natural behaviors that arise from experiencing life and the resultant chemicals the squishy brain matter produces in response, but modern life has become so sterile, so boring, so mundane, that once normal experiences, and the behaviors that arise form them, are now myths cosigned to the “insane.”

                  It’s like someone who has never had sex (and maybe a little mentally castrated) thinking young men are “crazy” for hitting on women.

                  >thrill seekers who are bereft of conscience, shame, and fear and who seem to be only able to alleviate their boredom through thrills and power games seem a real category of people…

                  Maybe, but probably not. Most men who experience war (or even just stress like EMTs) come to love certain aspects of war. Stress shuts down conscience, shame, and fear. Stress highlights reality in a way that makes regular life dull and boring and pointless and such a horrible drag. It’s partly why combat veterans have such a hard time adjusting to civilian life. What’s the point? Add in some trauma like losing a brother and good luck on reconciling the memory euphoric rush with pain of loss once the senses return to normal.

                  Some men have good control over adrenaline just as some men have good control over alcohol addiction. Most do not, but most will never find out because they will never experience adrenaline in any meaningful amount.

                  Look at the comments.

                  “Fallujah was such a rush for a 22 year old kid. It has made the rest of my life seem boring.”

                  “Ever since I left Iraq, life has been a drag.”

                  “I’ve never served, but I do have PTSD so I hear you to a certain extent. The rush that occurred during those prolonged times becomes the norm in your head.”

                  “I miss Fallujah all time. Rather be there than stateside anymore. ”

                  >Heydrich’s problem was that he was in the wrong career track.

                  His problem was a lack of self control. Patton was similar in some ways. Would rather have a general staff full of those types of people than what ever the fuck Milley and his people are.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Still safer than White women backpacking through Islamic countries.

                  Single women do this by instinct. The hike is supposed to end with her kidnapped, raped, and married into a tribe of strong warrior men. Why do these girls end up beheaded instead? What would Ahmed’s parents do if he brought home a dirty, disheveled, scantily-clad white tourist and said, “here’s my wife!”

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >His problem was a lack of self control.

                  Well sure, which is why in spite of his good qualities, you can’t hang too much responsibility on his shoulders. An XO or aide de camp at most, if you must take him away from the front line.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Self control is learned over time. Comes with enforced expectations of higher position which it appears Himmler did not enforce. Patton made the transition from reckless bravado to appropriately less careless during his career. Would Heydrich done the same had he not been assassinated? Hard to say, but most of the greatest generals were once overly brave and young front-line leaders.

                  I think Heydrich’s behavior was in part due to the leadership structure. He was given too many positions. There was unclear hierarchy. He had to answer to Himmler of all people. What an absolute shitshow that must have been.

                  Did this really happen?

                  Doesn’t matter, the important lesson is that Battalion Commander Capt. Winters was reprimanded for risking life and limb. He was too valuable to lose. Capt. Winters decisively sent in the trusted Lt. Spears.

                  What did Himmler do with the valuable Heydrich? Second guess himself and lifted the ban on Hydrich flying combat missions in 1939. Himmler let him run wild with de facto approval from authority. Shit leadership flows downhill.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Patton was never such a ruthless and feared guy as Heydrich. Everyone in the Reichs government except Hitler himself (including Himmler Heydrichs nominal superior) was terrified of Heydrich none of Pattons colleagues were afraid of him. Patton was never a liar an intriguer or a blackmailer.

                  My point is you can fit the warrior ethos without having the traits that the headshrinkers ascribe to psychopathy.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Sentences with punctuation, like that start with capitol letters and end with periods, make you easier to understand and appear less crazy.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              When the harvardian gives his description of warriors, he is not describing warriors, but describing his perception of warriors, warriors as seen through the warped and scratchy lens of a harvardian.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                One of the most crazy things about the harvardians is in their depiction of, and thus understanding of, killing. In their films/television people often puke after killing someone, yet I see little evidence such behavior exists in real life. Rather I often see the opposite, elation in the short term potentially followed by a “low” if it was wrong, but enduring pride if it was “good.”

                They cannot conceive the act, in both reasoning and feeling, of killing. Therefore they cannot understand the warrior, therefore they cannot understand how integral force is to civilization, therefore they cannot understand civilization, and they hate what they cannot understand.

                Therefore they view the criminal murderer as a good kid who dindu nothin as being the horrified puker, and the warrior policeman as a psychopathic killing machine.

        • I happen to be reading an article called “Psychobiological Aspects of Antisocial Personality Disorder[ASPD], Psychopathy, and Violence”

          The isomorphism between behavior patterns and brain characteristics can be useful. I’m a free man because of it.
          Some characteristics of ASPD including a bottom up increase in visual cortex activity and vigilance networks. Chronic overactivation of Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis can impair attentional disengagement, and rumination. So for these sorts of people, be aware there is a visual and cognitive tendency to fixate. That can be useful to know.

          I had a bleed in my brain which would drive me to attack people and within seconds would forget anything unusual had happened. The memory loss was so complete, I didn’t even know I had an ongoing problem.
          It turned out to be connected with bleeding which overstimulated the tempral and limbic systems.

          It explained a host of very bizarre situations, Let me tell you. The removal of part of my brain also helped prove my innocence* of kidnapping-related charges which carried some long prison sentences. I have a soft spot in my heart for the biology of mind.

  11. skippy says:

    An unusually clear statement of Putin’s delusional ongoing attempts to ally with Washington, published in the Russian state press:

    “The path of Americans and Western Europeans from paranoia to metanoia is long and winding, and it will not be long before they mature into the right world. But not soon is not never.

    “The Great North is neither utopia nor dystopia; it will be neither an idyll nor a dystopia. It will be full of contradictions – yet obsessed with the unifying idea of collective leadership.

    “A common future is prefigured by common roots.

    “The three major northern civilizations, Russian, Western European, and American, draw inspiration for their political development from the image of the Pax Romana. The word of the Elder Philotheus of Pskov still guides Russia. The European Union has proclaimed Charlemagne, the ‘Emperor of the Romans’, as its forefather. Washington’s most famous hill is named after the legendary Capitol.

    “The source code of these three metacultures is embedded in the Iliad and the Gospel. Their kinship is obvious.

    “Our victory will change us as well as the so-called West. It will be a new step towards the integration of the Great North, where our country will act as a co-leader of the global triumvirate.

    “The evil of this day will be replaced by creation. And that will be the merit not so much of the politicians of the future, but of Homer and St. Mark.”

    Russia won’t be able to act correctly until it realizes that the Church of Harvard is rooted in neither the Illiad nor the Gospels, that Russia is appealing to pre-1945 European culture, and that the US is a non-European country (increasingly, literally biologically so) that has been wearing Europe as a skin suit, and, increasingly, is taking off the skin suit.

    • Big Brutha says:

      I wouldn’t say delusional. I would say premature. But it is an act of statesmanship and forethought to hold out that kind of an olive branch despite everything else.

      The reality is that the Russians spent the 20th century going through what the U.S. is going through now. They know the contours and how it works. They also, wisely, understand that whatever comes out the other end, there is still likely to be a polity rooted in the Iliad and the Gospels, or at least parts of it will.

      The percentage of America that is heritage America continues to decrease but one only needs to look at Russia to understand that you can end up cutting off portions of your territory that are no longer or never were racially or ethnically assimilable in order to maintain a core that is mostly a single ethnic group even if Russia still has an awful lot of other peoples mixed in. Let’s face it, Canada is an appendage of America and exists at the sufferance of its southern neighbor and that territory and population may well be incorporate into any future mix, with a chance to up that demographic percentage.

      In an America that divides at some future point, there may be coasts or other areas that are full of separate racial groups and that maintain the Harvard religion while other areas will be much closer to a demographic breakdown like Russia’s : 70+% of the main ethnic group with a smaller breakdown of other groups, small enough to be manageable and never again allowed to usurp control over the heritage of or leadership of the majority.

      I hope it doesn’t take 75 years or entail the same level of savagery and demographic annihilation before America comes out the other side but time will tell.

      • skippy says:

        The reference to the Capitol makes clear his intent is to ally with the current USA (the author is one of Putin’s close advisers, according to wikipedia).

        • jim says:

          ““Our victory will change us as well as the so-called West. ”

          Seems to me he expects the faith of Harvard to be discredited and disempowered in America.

          The faith of Harvard is inherently universalist, and accepts no limits to its rule. Harvard started out as as small handful of exiled refugees expelled from the Church of England by Charles the second, and has conquered almost the entire world. Naturally it sees conquest of the entire world as inevitable, morally required, and right.

          Vivek’s Thermidor is a plan to respond to a temporary external defeat by purging the faith of its most self destructive and self defeating aspects. But it is still going to pursue conquest of the entire world.

          Empires tend to be bad for the core tribe of the imperial nation. The Turks, not the provinces, revolted against the Turkish empire, and Americans need to revolt against the American Empire as the Turks needed to revolt against the Turkish empire. Even if the faith of Harvard is less evil and insane than it presently is, and no longer worships demons quite so conspicuously. Revolt against empire is inherently revolt against the faith of Harvard and revolt against the outcome of the War of Northern Aggression.

          • skippy says:

            I can’t disagree with any of that, except that I disagree that Russia being able to ally with a Thermidor government in the USA (which may or may not happen, but is one possible outcome) would be the consolidation of a “Great North” (which sounds like a dogwhistle for a white ethnostate) founded on the Gospel and the Illiad.

            Once Vivek stabilises the ship, Freud’s post-Talmud and Wycliffe’s post-Gospel will return with fire and sword.

            • jim says:


              Did I suggest that Russia would be able to ally? That was not what I intended to mean. Vivek is merely planning a strategic retreat.

              • skippy says:

                On my first reading of your post, I thought you were disagreeing with me. But, I see that you were not.

                I stand corrected.

  12. Anonymous Fake says:

    Only 6% of new workers to the most elite corporate jobs are white. Presumably, [those whites] are mostly gay, Jewish, Arab, disabled (and not from military service), or screwing Shaniqua in HR.

    [payload deleted]

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      More like getting screwed by Mr. Milk, just like Hollywood, but yeah.

    • Aryaman says:

      No one is screwing shaniqua

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Young white girl-boss founder and CEO of social-equity tech startup hires niggers, gets nigged:

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      Whites can organize when [*usual payload deleted again*].

      • jim says:

        Whites can organize when the state ceases to apply official violence, and unofficial violence that receives official approval, to any whites attempting to organize. The problem is not that we are persuaded by the wonderful truth of the ideas of globohomo, but that we are intimidated by vigorous state violence. If the democrats go brown, we will be more intimidated by state violence.

        • Calvin says:

          Yes, but also state violence will become markedly less coordinated and effective.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Explain the lack of pro-white organizations in the third world, then. [*payload deleted*]

          • jim says:

            Do you have a specific counter example of third world country that supports your case?

            Wherever whites are oppressed, the ruthless and brutal application of hard power is crushing dissent. Wherever hard power is not crushing dissent, whites are not oppressed.

            The third world countries that have a large white population are generally Global American Empire ruled, and if they are not, as for example United Arab Emirates, whites are not being oppressed, and doing very nicely. Christians in the United Arab Emirates are being oppressed, but considerably less so than in the Global American Empire, and pro Christian organisations realise they are being generously protected by a hard core Muslim regime with absolutely no inhibitions about crushing dissent or expelling troublesome minorities, so tread lightly, and any Christian that whines too much about the very mild oppression despite the very generous protection gets crushed by the ruthless application of Muslim hard power — and deserves it. He is probably a Global American Empire plant. You should show appropriate respect for the faith of the Sovereign and the state, and be relieved if the State does not attempt to force you to burn a pinch of incense to Caesar, as the Global American Empire does.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              [*not an example of a third world country that supports your claim*]

              • jim says:

                Don’t try to derail the conversation. You made the claim. Name a specific country, and let us inquire as to the facts on the ground in that country.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  I don’t mean the absence of oppression. I mean, where are whites celebrated as heroic minorities with icons like Martin Luther King Jr. and powerful organizations like the NAACP? [*payload deleted*].

                • jim says:

                  Such celebration are the holy rituals of the faith of Harvard, and reflect not black power but black powerlessness. They are pets, icons, and totens, and some of these celebrations, quite a lot of them, are yet another steel shod boot of power right in their faces, and at some level the smarter ones among them know it. A flat out right ruled nation that was pursuing Aryan objectives in the name of Aryans would never do such terrible things to people with actual power, and Nazi Germany did not do them. Where is the Jewish Martin Luther King? Ann Frank is a sacrificial victim, not an exemplar of wisdom and heroism. Her legend exists solely to deny the role of envy and covetousness in Nazi persecution of Jews.

                  What Russia is doing right now is giving sacred, iconic, and religious character to statues and depictions of the great men of its past. Who naturally happen to be all white, even though Russia has always been a multicultural and multiracial empire. That this is different from sacred character given to Martin Luther King is that this is a true celebration of white men given heroic status, while what is done to Martin Luther King is subtly a steel shod boot of power right in the faces of blacks, crushing not only white people but black people over and over and over. Each such celebration subtly implies that niggers are not normal and not real people, while the Russian celebrations say that white is normal, and that whites are more real than the subject peoples of the Russian empire.

                  China celebrates its minorities in a way similar to though less grandiosely than Harvard celebrating its blacks, and no one outside China is fooled, and I doubt all that many inside China are fooled. Harvard truthfully calls out such celebrations as genocidal repression.

                  You will notice that the Indians on this blog call out the celebration of Gandhi as a hostile domination of India by a hostile faith and foreign power. Martin Luther King is the Cathedral doing to blacks what it is doing to Indians.

                  I call this disguised but brutal repression “Epcotization”, and have called it out from time to time on my blog, both the celebration in China and the west, as soft genocide. The difference is that China celebrates yogurts as part of their program for getting rid of yogurts, while Harvard celebrates its niggers primarily as part of their program for getting rid of whites.

                  The difference between Epcotization (as in Chinese celebration of Yogurts and Harvard celebration of niggers), and real celebration as in Russia and Nazi Germany is that in real celebration, whiteness is treated as natural and normative, and the images are larger than life and heroic, but have the actual characteristics of actual people, they are us. Martin Luther is projected as other, and the message to black is “you are other, and you have to conform to this image of what blacks should be, or else”. The Chinese celebration of Yogurts is a message to Yogurts they had better lose the characteristics of Yogurts that Hans do not like, and Martin Luther King is a message to blacks that they had better lose the characteristics of blacks that Harvard does not like. That Yogurts should not be yogurt, and blacks should not be black.

                  Russia putting up and celebrating statues and paintings of its great white men is very different from what the Harvard is doing to blacks, and China is doing to Yogurts, and if any nation anywhere starts doing it to whites, that would signify not white power, but white powerlessness.

                  Martin Luther King is celebrated by polishing away his distinctively black characteristics. Martin Luther King the icon is a blackfaced white man, and what is being celebrated is the blackface. And similarly the Chinese celebration of Yogurts celebrates Han Chinese wearing Yogurt costumes. The Russian great men are celebrated for distinctively white greatness.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  To me the BLM riots looked like blacks being black while Harvard did nothing to stop them and everything to prevent anyone else stopping them. How exactly is Harvard oppressing black people?

                  By creating a melanin-based terror state so reviled that as soon as it falls, every last black person in North America will be hunted down and killed?

                • jim says:

                  Well, under segregation, blacks had real middle class jobs, and a black who committed a crime was arrested by a black cop, and probably judged by a black judge. Black universities actually taught the subject matter of the course. Now Koreans are doing all the real middle class jobs in black areas, and the middle class jobs blacks have are all fake. And they know it. And of course, the destruction of the black family and black male family authority, same as whites, but even more so. The Cathedral imposes on everyone the “matriarchal” family, to which attack blacks are more vulnerable than whites, and attacked with even greater vigor. They are also oppressed by media, the same way straight males are oppressed by media. Just as when romance is depicted you don’t see the man dancing the male role in the mating dance, and the woman the female role, you don’t see in movies blacks being black. The Cathedral cannot stand them being black. Supposedly this frees them from oppressive stereotypes, but just as straight is never actually depicted, black is never actually depicted – normal being a “stereotype”. Blacks are hungry to see blacks realistically depicted, and people making movies for black audiences exploit various loopholes to sneak past censorship, which loopholes keep getting closed.

                • S says:

                  The BLM riots were so black, the three people Kyle shot were whites.

                  ‘How exactly is Harvard oppressing black people?’

                  Aside from feminism, anarcho-tyranny and the like, Harvard is bringing in foreigners to replace and displace them (often involving force and killing).

            • Rux says:

              ^^ Jim’s response, on Frank and MLK, is pure gold. Gives form to feeling, makes palpable that which was somewhat impalpable. Thank you.

  13. Margin Zero says:

    This war does not matter.
    Such threads go to zero in 10 years.
    Crypto and its outcomes are the only thing that matters.

    • jim says:

      Because the Cathedral is incapable of making peace, we tend to get forever wars.

      Their current plan is to go Palestinian on the Ukraine.

      • Beyond Zero says:

        Crypto disintermediates disrupts debanks and ends fools and their cathedrals of already suicidal power… all wannabe cathedrals, not just todays.
        Crypto is both solution and prevention, it is thus the only thing that matters.
        All cycles spent on anything else only guarantees the putting off till far tomorrow that which you seek to achieve today.
        Get off the war.
        Get on crypto.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          “Crypto” is an Ancient Greek word meaning “hidden” or “secret”. If you can disappear to parts unknown, concealing every person and every thing you care about from greedy tribes, gangs, and states, then you have no need of banks, cathedrals, states, or war.

          Concealing your money while continuing to live in plain sight as an ordinary person only protects you during the early stages of socialism, but you must relocate to a saner country before the borders are closed and the mass killings begin.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            > before the borders are closed and the mass killings begin.

            Just one (digital) look at the Summer of Floyd showed me how possible this is. People getting arrested for defending themselves. Mobs cross-burning outside their enemies houses, with police protection.

            All that Spanish Civil War stuff went from bizarre to making perfect sense, instantly. Revelation.

          • Bible and Crypto says:


            • jim says:

              You smell like a demon worshipper to me – the same ilk as Zelensky and his latest ambassador. Maybe they are employing you directly, maybe you are employed by Zelensky’s masters who, to judge by their selection of servants, literally worship literal demons.

              I affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

              Can you affirm that in those words, or your own words of similar meaning?

            • Frank says:

              Well whatever he said, it’s fucking gay that you deleted it, IMO.
              I know right from wrong, but sure don’t need someone in way of me determining that for myself. Don’t really think we need fall to level of these media censor fags and the commie pols they asskiss.

              • jim says:

                It was nothing he said. It was what he was strangely unable to say.

                Usenet died of shills and entryists. Every forum that cannot protect its users against shills and entryists dies, and that is what you are here for, to shut down dangerous conversations, to kill this forum as you have killed so many others.

                People have limited bandwidth. You guys are here to fill the alt right’s forums with meaningless noise and to derail discussion. You are butting into conversations not with the intent of holding a conversation, but with the intent of shutting down other people’s conversations about forbidden topics. And he was here to shut down conversations about crypto, and even more, about Christianity, by making meaningless pious Christian sounding noises that strangely evaded saying anything that demon wearing the flayed skin of a human would be unable to say.

                Christianity has had a hostile entryism problem for two millennia, which Saint John the Apostle attributed to the spirit of Antichrist. And every internet forum has a massive shill and entryist problem.

                Regardless of whether literal demons are behind it as Saint John the Apostle suggested, there are a lot of literal demon worshippers organizing and funding it.

                And regardless of whether those ultimately behind it are literal demons who intend to drag us down to hell with them, the humans funding and organizing it hate us and intend to cause our deaths, as they have caused the deaths of so many Ukrainians.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  I’m glad you never fall for this freedom of speech thing jim. It is *always* a weapon in the hands of the enemy and never a principled position.

                  Like liberalism, freedom of speech is a Trojan horse. Never means what it says. When a prog speaks of freedom of speech, he means his freedom to drown out your dissent signal with angry meaningless noise.

                • Aryaman says:

                  IDK I think the view akin to “there is no such thing as freedom of speech” is right but tautologically so and misrepresents what people really mean by “freedom of speech”.

                  There is virtue in the freedom to debate and present logic. What the Westboro Baptist Church does is not freedom of speech, protesting “god hates fags and jews” outside of some veteren’s funeral is not freedom of speech, it is merely a nuisance. Likewise, the gay flag is not freedom of speech. A man going around shouting “kill all jews” is not freedom of speech. Burning the Quoran is not freedom of speech.
                  However someone publishing an article that “Hitler was right to kill jews, here is why” is freedom of speech. So is writing a treatise on why the Quoran is basically fake and gay.

                  There are always blasphemy laws but there is something virtuous and good about being able to present logic and debate anything, so long as it is really a debate, without reprisal.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, they had that freedom in medieval theocracy — they would publicly debate Jews and so forth, and the Jews were under a handicap by not being able to say anything blasphemous, a whole lot of things being blasphemous, and the Christian debater would always ask a gotcha question to which the answer would be blasphemous, and the Jew would have to circuitously dodge it. But they were able to put their argument regardless, present their ideas, and make their point (under a handicap that really did not cramp their style much). Today, you cannot hold that sort of debate with the woke. And if you hold it with anyone, a dozen government shills and entryists will show up.)

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Freedom of censorship and freedom of moderation — freedom of digital association, really, and the freedom to delegate these functions to the people of one’s CHOICE — these concepts are also among your most crucial contributions.

                  I don’t understand all of it, but I appreciate how you’re trying to bake these into your social networking model. It’s a tall ass mountain, to be sure, but at least you know where it is.

              • A2 says:

                OK BOOMER. Ride away on your Harley.

                Actually, Jim is a kind and forgiving man. IMO, he should be banning all these losers quietly and on sight. Possibly have them donate some BTC for the privilege of taking the shill test.

              • Handi says:

                A little while back I drunkposted something here that was maybe too clever by half, and it got misinterpreted as the opposite of what I meant. I got viciously attacked as a suspected enemy, but I never got censored because I wasn’t acting like a shill. Point being, you really can say anything you want around here (intentionally or unintentionally as it may be) as long as you’re responsive to challenges. Remember this: Jim censors posters, not ideas.

                I can easily tell that the poster above was a shill. I’m not going to say how, on the off chance that they’re capable of learning and would use the information to improve their craft. But it’s pretty obvious and I know Jim sees it, and I bet every other regular reader does too. The way Jim still responds to shills like they might be human is an act of magnanimous patience and charity, and the fact that they never take him up vindicates his shill theory over and over.

                • jim says:

                  > I can easily tell that the poster above was a shill

                  Feds glow in the dark. They are not allowed to improve their game, because the feds fear counter entryism, that we might enter the entryists.

                  “fuck off” has been posting no end of shill scripts under other sock puppet identities, all of which got deleted for glowing egregiously brightly. But his “fuck off” identity can now post without passing through moderation – and has not done so. I conjecture that his shill scripts were issued from his fbi computer, his “fuck off” identity was posted from his home computer to test my moderation policy, and he is not going to post shill scripts from his home computer, because no one is paying him to do so, and not going to re-use that email address on his fbi computer, because doing so would likely expose his “fuck off” identity to his supervisor. (If someone posts under that same email address but with a different username, it will show as the same cat, and if you look at the html source, which I am sure the fbi computers that are gathering data on us do, the same hash. The hash hides the email address, because I have done a little custom modification to the avatar privacy plugin, which in its original condition fails to provide any privacy, but for each email address, there is one unique hash, and few if any of the same cat.)

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Forever-war is possible in Palestine because (a) both sides have above-replacement fertility, and (b) both sides are ZOG puppet states, so there’s no danger of the stronger side winning outright.

        Sri Lanka got sick of forever-war, cut its puppet strings, and utterly crushed the Tamil Tigers. To which ZOG replied, “Congratulations! Say, have you heard of organic farming? It’s much healthier and better for the environment than those expensive pesticides and fertilizers you’re using now.” Tricky bastards.

        • jim says:

          > so there’s no danger of the stronger side winning outright.

          What would Russia winning outright look like? Russian tanks in Warsaw? Russian tanks in Washington?

          If the Global American Empire loses, but still will not make peace, what does Russia do? Just as there is a lot of the Arab world, there is a lot of Global American Empire.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            They’ll just have to (effectively) wall us off somehow. Like North Korea. “We” keep all our nutty delusions and worldviews going, for generations if need be, inside their fence.

            To finally drain the swamp, though, if they were smart they’d develop and proliferate the crypto tools that everyone needs to transact, communicate and organize safely. But that would step on their own bureaucracies’ toes, so I’m just not seeing it.

            The crypto innovations will have to come from the Outer Territories, the Neutral Zone, the Sociopolitical Bush.

          • Pete says:

            In the case of the current war in Ukraine, Russia winning outright would look like: Zelensky and his faction flee Ukraine.

            Other Ukrainians are demoralized enough to stop fighting, so much that when CIA assets offer them shipments of weapons, the Ukies tell them to fuck off.

            Russia solidifies uncontested control of the Donbas region, especially Mariupol.

            • jim says:

              > In the case of the current war in Ukraine, Russia winning outright would look like: Zelensky and his faction flee Ukraine.

              Suppose they flee to Poland and Lithuania, and continue to get very large amounts of weapons and money (though considerably less than at present, because the wind is changing, and the Global American Empire wants the war to run at a lower level). Which is what happened with the Palestinians.

              Obviously the governments and people of Poland, Lithuania, and rump Ukraine will not like that, but will not dare to say or do anything about it, lest the eye of Sauron fall upon them.

              • Pete says:

                Well, the Palestinians aren’t able to do much these days, because liberal Americans got bored with them and moved on. They simply fell out of fashion. The same will happen to the Ukes.

                Unless the Poles allow the “Ukraine gov’t in exile” to launch cross-border attacks into the Donbas, all they’ll be able to do is sit around begging for money. Does Poland really want to be the next proxy puppet to allow the US to vent their hatred of Putin through them? The US is willing to fight to the last Uke. The US would be happy to throw every last Pole into battle with Putin, but does Poland really want that?

                And Poland (I hope) will figure out that cooperating with the US means child trannies and forced importation of infinite niggers.

                I know nothing about Lithuania so can’t speak to that. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what they might do.

                • jim says:

                  Poland has already expressed extreme lack of enthusiasm for this project, but respectfully holds the gay parade and all that and is being flooded with niggers. It earlier expressed extreme lack of enthusiasm for the gay parade and the flood of niggers, to no avail. The Global American Empire ignored their objections in a way that makes a mockery of the supposed independence of the provinces.

                  Last I heard, Lithuania was enthusiastically implementing the siege of Kaliningrad. Russians are theoretically allowed to go through Lithuania to and from Kaliningrad, but are apt to get everything they carry with them confiscated. Air and sea routes to Kalingrad have not been interdicted (yet). Russia has an ancient history of doing extremely violent things about people who get between it and warm water ports, so this is an insane move.

                  If the Global American Empire decides to go ahead with this plan, what can Poland do? The Global American Empire pays very little attention to the American president. How much attention will the Polish president get?

                  A change in Poland that rendered it capable of opposing such a move would be a revolutionary change, would be the uniparty whose head quarters are in Washington losing power in the provinces similar the communist party losing power in the provinces of the Soviet Empire after Afghanistan fell.

                  If it happens, it will be as dramatic and obvious as the fall of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Empire was composed of nominally independent states, all ruled by single party run from Moscow, and so is the Global American Empire.

                • Karl says:

                  If the GAE loses power over provinces, the provinces will be free to do what they like. Drastic change will only result if the provinces want some different than what the GAE wants.

                  The progressive faith has followers in the provinces and they control governments of the provinces. Maybe theses governments are only in power because they are backed by the GAE, but I doubt that is generally the case.

                  I know nothing about Poland, but the German government would not change suddenly if the USA were to lose power in Europe. There are simply too many progressives that believe the same things the progressives in the center of GAE do.

                  When hard power is gone, faith is holding everything together. Why should the faith vanish immediately after hard power vanishes?

                  Maybe hard power is already gone and people in Europe keep following GAE because of faith, habit and normality bias?

                • jim says:

                  > Maybe hard power is already gone and people in Europe keep following GAE because of faith, habit and normality bias?

                  What happened in the fall of the Soviet Union was that Reagan, who in the primaries campaigned that Russian GDP was fake and gay, logistically exhausted them, revealing that their GDP was indeed fake and gay, as the Global American Empire has been logistically exhausted, and its GDP revealed as fake and gay. Then, here and there in little ways, the Soviet provinces started getting a little bit truculent. And then more truculent. Each small transgression led to bigger transgressions. Took a few years – but only a few.

                  But then that faith was dead, while the faith of GAE is still sort of live.

                • Rux says:

                  ‘ but the German government would not change suddenly if the USA were to lose power in Europe’

                  Populism-lite (Salvini, Le Pen, AfD) would prevail in short order if allowed. That would merely be the preface to what I’d venture would be a spirited backlash against clown world insanity, again if allowed. From those I encounter no one buys the leftist dogma, they just do what the screen tells them. As Jim stated before if the larger narrative changes the masses will follow. They don’t suffer from the nuances of rationality and so go where told, regardless of content.

                  The anti-immigration platform alone has enough legs to keep a rightish party in power for at minimum a decade. They’re chomping at the bit but right now not allowed.

                • Paul D says:

                  As Jim said, Lithuania is enthusiastically implementing the siege of Kaliningrad, one step at a time. I’m afraid we will see some action in Kaliningrad oblast in the near future. Hopefully, I will be able to report on the events as they unfold, since I’m moving there in a few days.

  14. Kunning Drueger says:

    Vlad says:

    “Seems this blog is starting to think was possible and possibly winnable I’ve always thought so. But also think it’s really hard problem. Not because they have nukes bc we have conservatives.”

    in general, I agree that the largest barrier facing the Restoration is conservatives. They are stubbornly tenacious at keeping things in place that facilitate the bigger picture, and right now that means defending 1990s liberalism. This is quite the blackpill, but I do have some good anecdotal news to report. as we see the migrant wave crashing onto the shores of our beloved fatherland, people are starting to make comments that would have been unthinkable a year ago. at a family gathering a while back, the conversation turned towards migrants, and the largely conservative group all shook their heads in dismay at the terrible treatment of the little brown people, and how that’s not reflective of how this compassionate and righteous country actually feels. when I spoke up and said the best response was a handful of machine guns pointed at the road, I was booed and hissed, and told that I needed to remember Christian charity. Not long ago, roughly same group of people talking about the same topic, and to a man, they advocated for fighter jet gun runs and land mines on the southern border. I again said that I think the machine guns would suffice, and after explaining my reasoning, which included fiscal savings as well as propaganda value, half agreed that my method was better, but the other half, unable to argue the point technically, no less disliked my method because… They weren’t able to articulate it like this, but they don’t just want to stop the migrants, they want them to suffer with a demonstration of American might.

    This is a very small sample. Of course there are still far too many compassionate conservatives out there, ready to sell the future their grandchildren have to look holy and righteous in the eyes of society now. But there is movement, subconscious and conscious. This is a timid white pill. A string of Hollywood movies or TV shows could come out, and get all of the normies back on message, conceivably. But the cathedral has degraded its capacity for soft power immensely, which is one reason, IMO, that we are seeing these really big moves, like the tentative nationalization of half a million spics. as they continue these big moves, there will be a reciprocal shift in people who would have otherwise held their tongues or even supported the regime if only to maintain the artifice of americanism.

    If I were in charge of a secret conservative media manipulation cabal, I would deluge social media with videos of black violent criminality and disgusting browns swamping the border. I find these things incredibly depressing, but they are also animating for anyone who still loves their country.

    • Doom says:

      >If I were in charge of a secret conservative media manipulation cabal
      Hah, YES exactly

      If Tucker, Rupert baby, etc etc, were truly right wing nutters as regular people claim, this is exactly what they would do.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >means defending 1990s liberalism

      They do not know what 1990s liberalism is. They only know it was a briefly calm period of relative stability. You are dealing with beer goggle nostalgia and not an ideological fixation. It is precisely for that reason why it should not be a blackpill. You can define what made the 1990s “good” however you want. You can slip in whatever ideas you want. Conservatives can be red pilled as you’ve so clearly discovered yourself. It just take consistent messaging. The obvious problem being, media shills drown out red pills; however, they are getting observably less good at shilling.

      If you’re really so inclined on finding blackpills, go on most discord channels. The leftists there know exactly what 1990s liberalism was and is, and they hate it for that reason. They hate it for not being demonic enough. There is no reasoning with them, no messaging that can work, red pilling is forever out of the picture. I do not believe they can even be swayed by power because fundamentally, I think they know there’s something wrong with themselves and consequentially they want to die and take everyone else along with them to hell.

      I think it would be helpful for you if you stopped thinking of (c/C)onservatives, small c or big C it matters not, as (c/C)onservatives. We all live in a progressive regime and as such, being residents of progressivania, can all be considered “progressivanians” just as living in America makes one “American.” Rather, view them as the “Open-Minded Progressive” Moldbug was trying to reach. Of course, those were not the quite the elves Moldbug was looking to convince, but elves with suspiciously hobbit like traits are mainly the only ones who are willing to listen.

      >If I were in charge of a secret conservative media manipulation cabal

      There’s a reason why San Fran Transit refuses to release video of “youths”

  15. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    I have heard tales from artist friends that xitter downrates and shadowbans use of words like ‘comission’ or external links to sites known for being deal-making platforms. Everything I have seen is consonant with the same sorts of things happening in every other major internet walled-garden.

    On a surface level this would make no sense; from a ‘social network’ perspective, this represents the ultimate form of commons; when you are the platform people go to to handle the business of life, you are eating the lunch of every other middle-man out there.

    Which means you once again aren’t dealing with Homo Economicus; it can only be explained in terms of aesthetic, sentimental drives, spiritual compulsion.

    If there is one characteristic that is more essential to the spiritual bureaucrat than any other, it is that any form of peer to peer organization is found anathema; men having property is anathema; men having agency is anathema. Anyone doing anything anywhere, needs to do it through the intermediation of a third party; and the more parties, the more things they are party too, the better. All matters of Creation must come to be intermediated by the Central Bureau of Creation; the true god of the spiritual bureaucrat.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      If X is going to be the GAE WeChat, communicating via satellite no less, then that will certainly involve X becoming the platform for business and payment apps. In that case (which I certainly believe), then why no strangle future competition for the time being?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        They weren’t just strangling people using other sites for commerce, they were strangling people using *twitter* for commerce, too.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        There may be a plan to make X the GAE WeChat, but only on their terms. If they don’t get to decide how people deal with each other, noone gets to deal with each other.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Economic activity is unholy and stopping it is good in any case. Any allowance for the production of value is a necessary evil at best, approaching anything close to redemption only if ordained by an intermediating priesthood. Such is the whiggish faith.

        Step one is stopping unholy unordained activity. We might get to step two, maybe, later. But it’s not really necessary, anyways, so be grateful for whatever you get, bigot.

        Step one of the Khmer Rouge was destroying the old irrigation networks to make way. There was no step two.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          And on the social level, they wiped out every means and place and medium by which people could communicate (and therefore organize) with each other, that weren’t monitored. Temples, newspapers, sitting around a campfire, the fucking mail, everything.

          It’s amazing. Any survivor’s account of that time, it’s always the same. Besides whispers in the family hut — and the kids still might rat you out — there was just no one to talk to, and nowhere to talk to them, without getting into trouble.

          It’s never been about having superior weapons or superior numbers.

    • Adam says:

      I was at an air and space museum recently, and among the displays was a single seat helicopter that was designed and built by a photographer in the 70’s who could not afford a commercial helicopter. The guy built the whole thing, modified a car V8 to power it, and fitted it with special remote camera controls for the pilot. He also taught himself how to take off, land and fly it by himself. All out of necessity, and flew it without incident for 30 years. It was a very complex little helicopter and a remarkable story.

      The one older lady in the group asked the staff of all things, certainly he had to get it licensed right? And insured etc. She was nice about asking the questions and everything but you could tell the idea that somebody could do all that successfully while not first being granted permission was a completely foreign one.

  16. The Cominator says:

    This means they are switching out the evil old retard for the Cali kook.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      They think that if they roll back the latest leftist insanity just a little bit, white men will say, “America’s back, baby!” and go sign up to fight in Ukraine.

      This ruse might actually work if their next puppet-president has an (R) after his name.

      • Adam says:

        Considering how hard Vivek is banging the 1776 drum that sounds like the plan.

        • jim says:

          Exactly so.

          If lip service to 1930s leftism (nazism) in the Ukraine worked, why not lip service to 1776 leftism? Observe Jewish elites literally embracing Nazi elites in the Ukraine. The Ukraine has more Jews in the government than any nation outside Israel, and more Nazis in the government than any nation since World War II. And now this embrace is happening in Canada, with the Canadian parliament giving a unanimous standing ovation to a very elderly member of the Waffen SS.

          If they can swallow nazism, (and still hold the gay parade, and still have child protective services kidnap children and sell them to gays, and still make the nominally Christian priesthood cheerfully accept transexuality taught to children and sex abductions by child protective services) then they can swallow 1776 leftism.

          Vivek can and does say things that the FBI shills are not allowed to say (for example he hints at the connection between the FBI and 9/11, which no troofer will go within a mile of). But then the Nazis in the Ukraine also say things you are not allowed to say (But refrain from taking out the trash when the gay parade rolls through town)

      • jim says:

        Exactly so. Recall the Canadian Parliament recently gave a very elderly member of the Waffen SS a standing ovation, which makes total sense if World War II was fought with Germany against Russia. (The bio the parliament was given did not say Waffen SS, but did say fought against Russia in World War II)

        We have always been at war with (insert latest enemy here)

        • skippy says:

          The parliament is probably full of ignoramuses, who thought, if they thought concretely about this at all, that “Russia” was somehow at war with Ukraine, without thinking very deeply about how this may be possible, or interact with other events.

          The rebranding of the Soviet Union – an explicitly internationalist, cosmopolitan, indeed anti-Russian ideological structure – as “Russia” is already a symptom of this outlook, and it affects many people including rightists.

  17. Lahl Stahp says:


      • Vlad says:

        I honestly don’t get this shill test thing. I doubt deep state is interested in this blog it’s too small but if it were I’d think they would have your site shut down or you personally
        But more so if they wanted to use the site I find it doubtful they can be thwarted by not being allowed to say certain things. I don’t know what those things are having been tested half a dozen times and saying every possible bad thing I could say against soros or whatever directed it never seems to be quite the right bad thing.
        I’m not a daily reader but I’ve read you since the early days of nrx with which I agreed w a lot but never all. I suppose I come back because I miss those days.
        Frankly I think I’m farther right than nrx certainly I give zero fucks what I say so there’s nothing I wouldn’t say but I can’t read your mind what particular thing you think a mossad soros deepstate shill can’t say. I think if they shill they can say anything. We know mossad shills and the deeps infiltrate WN orgs. Maybe fedpoast is true.
        Anyway why don’t you tell me what a fed can’t say and I’ll say it and it’ll give me an idea where you’re thinking and I’ll bet I can say even worse things.
        I’m no longer a practicing Christian but there’s nothing Christian I wouldn’t say. Ironically there’s pro demonic things I would never say catholic superstition I guess. But I believe it’s more likely there’s a creator than not. I honestly think Christianity is inherently a slave morality and will always be at risk of entry by leftists.

        • Vlad says:

          Btw neither of those alleged shillers are my posts.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          There are more interest groups than you can shake a stick at – all of which coincidentally push the party line.

          The numbers of voluntary auxiliary thought-policepersyns blot out the sun – all of which share the faith, ‘fellow travelers’ to the same destination, even if their paths to get there differ.

          There is not a single social space in existence in the anglosphere that can escape contending with whig entryism. You can not so much as make a cooking club without needing to gatekeep it.

        • jim says:

          Soros shill test. How did Soros help arrange for the deaths of four hundred thousand Ukrainian Goys.

          FBI shill test: Mueller: How did the FBI and Mueller enable 911

          Red Pill shill test. Why do women misbehave. If you disagree, tell us what why we think women misbehave.

          You are not on moderation. Which means you committed a thought crime at some point, because I seem to recall I had you on moderation and then removed you, so you probably can say these things, but you need to ask yourself why some people are unable to say them.

          The answers to all these questions have been much repeated in the comments and in the posts. You can cut and paste. If you disagree with any of the answers, just clearly state the position you are disagreeing with, and briefly explain or justify your disagreement.

          There is also a shilling organization more directly operated by Harvard, and this, unlike the largest shilling organizations, is not secret, they talk about what they are doing, but I don’t have a test that distinguishes them from other groups. They will not acknowledge anyone stating the scientific method, the scientific method works as a thought crime, but that is a bit too esoteric to work as a shill test.

          The Christian shills frequently have unpaid jobs in Churches (because someone else is paying them) One conspiracy or another has been at it for two millennia.

          • Vlad says:

            Ok I think I just don’t keep up w soros evil enough I’m aware of the gist of his mischief enough to know he a huge player in leftism previously I listed many of those things media matters etc. I’m aware he started his mischief in Eastern Europe even before wall came down. I’ll have to research what he’s done specifically he’s sort of said recently the war will be understood by Russia to be existential and caution he’s known to have bragged during 2014 conflict his ukrain orgs have been working since before fall and are somehow involved in 2014 events. I think it’s safe to say soros is the guy who works on the preconditions for cia color revolutions and the events leading to 2014 were quintessential soros I mean the nuland maiden overthrow. Since that’s all related up to todays thing it’s safe to say 400k Ukrainians. You call them goy interestingly. I’m more JQ than you and censored for that but in this case I’d agree Jews really hate Russia and want whites dead generally and are very nvolved in this Ukraine thing but I don’t think soros has same motivations as his co ethnics not expert but I understood his dad was a Esperanto utopian and that’s his motive I think Jews are also globalist but for less idealist motives that’s not to say idealism can’t be just as evil.
            Mueller prevented the military intel able danger being used to stop 911. Personally I think deep did 911 maybe using Muslims which could explain ignoring able danger.
            Why do women misbehave lol bc they’re women evolution. Look they’re designed to open legs for conquerors sans conquerors higher status guy. So that needs to be met with male authority over them. But at this point our whole civilizations a shit show due almost entirely to Jew targeted deconstruction and yeah it was our job to counter that Jew attack. Answer me how pointing to fact Jews subverting you is not a good starting place to counter terroirs when almost no one has a clue the extent of this.
            Yes I’m on permanent moderation seems you lost track. I argue certain things counter to your particular nrx pov and nrx general positions. I’m generally favorable to nrx at least to point of democracy is demotism. Not so much on solutions thus far presented monarchy.
            I do think nick land being a commie professor and year in being a lefty red diaper baby is pretty suspicious particularly when you step back from the shiny trinkets and see they’re sorta describing as ideal Elysium patchworks ruled by high cog monarchs with crypto locked toilets really sounds like what todays wef class already has and wants more off. I don’t have an alternative nearly as shiny and simple. I do point out lands website spent a lot of time on the impossibility of escape from genes. I thank him for that. But evolution is a series of patches on crappy jar drives and software ( bio driven culture) it’s not clear to me a culture of everything is possible. If we could hang on for a hardrive reboot that could start fresh without our software brand new software maybe but then I’m getting into lands post humanism which I abhor.
            I have been banned by you for being aghast at your woman position being how shall I put this delicately applied to children. Yeah we are encouraging little women that I put more on Jews than genes. As I’ve said I disagree Christianity can I cuck itself. And I make this point I feel is always misunderstood. It comes from my time at lands thinking about gnon and hbd generally and tied in with what I just said above about being hostage to old genetics and culture we are apes. Apes are hard wired for trade but also for social strategy socialism. I point this out because entryism. It’s like the Christian problem. You got this ape who is programmed for group strategy at least within his troop and you got this universal brotherhood religion. Those are entry points. I feel you have to admit and address this. If say we ignore this ape trait a leftist comes in and offers a leftist patch why not instead get ahead and offer a rightist patch. Take it to mean health insurance over free healthcare. Apes wired for fairness too.

            • jim says:

              > have been banned by you for being aghast at your woman position being how shall I put this delicately applied to children.

              Well, putting it “delicately” is a shill habit, because it is a grossly inaccurate representation of my position. (Which is far more thought criminal than that). So I probably banned you because you were arguing like a shill, failing to engage your interlocutors actual position. But obviously you are not a shill.

              The problem is that for males, sexual desire sets in a puberty like clockwork. For females, sexual desire sets in at an unpredictable age, sometimes very late, sometimes very early, and very often, ridiculously early. This leads to social problems because women can do no wrong, and even less can little girls do any wrong, so everyone pretends it is not happening – a pretence that is easy to maintain for betas males, because they don’t get to see any evidence to the contrary. The thought crime is that little girls are complicit in “child exploitation” and need to stopped and their parents held to account, and if they lack appropriate paternal authority to keep them in line, need to be shotgun married to whomever will have them, kicking and screaming.

              Before they get boobs, the problem is more young girls predating on alpha males, than males predating on little girls.

              > Those are entry points. I feel you have to admit and address this.

              Admit and address what? I don’t get what you just said. Since when is universal brotherhood a Christian value? It is a Marxist slogan. Anyone who is in favor of Universal Brotherhood is going to be sending anyone who insists on adhering to Christian values to the gulag.

              • Vlad says:

                Is brother in Christ really so different. I pulled the wrong slogan I guess I think of Christianity as being kinda unique in religion being universalist rather than most religions being our god is ours and we are therefore the best.
                I think it’s pretty specious to deny Christianity has this openness that is used against its adherents and it’s so fundamental to its theology it can’t be waved away for long. I admit it helped unite Europeans into Christendom but we were pretty isolated and of course almost as quickly the bloody prots got hold of non Latin version and Everyman became pope. Kidding sorta. Point is early leftism was using Christianity against self.
                But I know you are pretty set on this idea and most people I know who think of themselves as conservative think of themselves as Christian so it’s kinda moot.
                The point about apes I brought up is they and we have traits that could be described as socialist that word triggers but we are talking apes they also have trading genes. My point I keep trying to make is if that’s true then we ought to admit this about ourselves that to some extent we care about each other etc. and figure what’s the evo advantage and how to address it from a right perspective rather than deny it and have left exploit it. Whites seem particularly prone to this trait blacks will howl w lighter at suffering whites seem to be able to tolerate less. Obviously modernity as unaccustomed us somewhat but for instance only we tried to abolish slavery.

                • jim says:

                  > Is brother in Christ really so different?

                  Very different. All Christians are brothers, being adoptive children of God. Which does not make you a brother to non Christians, nor even to everyone who piously claims to be Christian.

                  The relevant Christian slogan is not “brothers in Christ” which is always used in reference to a narrow and small set of people, but “Peace on Earth to all men of goodwill”. Which still allows you to apply Old Testament methods to address the problems caused by men of bad will. See my post on how to commit a good Christian genocide.

                  In actual practice, I seldom have problems with someone who claims to be a brother in Christ, and when I do have problems, he always fails the ancient tests that Christians have been applying to address this problem since the days Saint John the Apostle.

                  Christians have always had a hostile entryism problem from people who want to take one way advantage of the brotherhood of Christians, and have always dealt with it with effective measures similar to those that I am applying today.

                  > it’s pretty specious to deny Christianity has this openness that is used against its adherents

                  No one denies it, except enemy shills attempting to use this openness against adherents, and adherents have always used effective measures to put a stop to the problem. A very old problem, that has a very old and highly effective solution.

                  I have difficulty following your point about apes. “Trading” is not envy and covetousness. Yes, humans are prone to envy and covetousness, which gets weaponized and made into a sacrament for political purposes. What do apes have to do with it? The Cathedral is valorizing all the seven deadly sins, and this government policy is not attributable to the fact that we are risen killer apes, and even less attributable to Christianity.

        • alf says:

          ‘The shill thing’ ranks among Jim’s most important contributions. Just like ‘the woman thing’, it is not so much that Jim is the only one who notices what he notices, just that his manner of description excellently cuts reality at its joints.

          Every movement, every single one, attracts shills. It is a law of nature. One we perhaps don’t fully understand yet, but one that is definitely related to entropy and leftism, leftists being the archetypal infiltrators aka shills, although truly, if anyone wants to win anywhere, it always pays to infiltrate your enemies.

          When you are the underdog, what you do is you infiltrate your strongest enemy and subvert them from the inside. That is what the puritans did with Christians, and later the liberals with puritans, and now the woke with liberals. Shilling got its members seats at the highest of the highest, at the cost of those they shilled on.

          When you are the topdog, what you do is you –still– infiltrate your strongest enemy, or rather, everyone who might possibly be your enemy, because after all now you’re the topdog and the topdog gets to have the most resources. Why mass infiltration? Because
          1 – you want to know what your enemies are up to
          2 – you want to throw sand in their engine

          Globohomo is losing its ability for (1). They do not know what their enemies are up to, because they can not know. To know what we are up to requires too much crimethought.

          But they are still quite effective at (2). It is not too hard to wreck engines; a little bit of sand does the trick. And they do it all the time, everywhere. Why do you think walls of one sided text spam suddenly shows up in a hot-topic blog post? Why do the same hateful/weird/distracting comments by anon handlers with constantly changing ip addresses show up? Why can none of these handles ever pass a shill test? It is a low cost, high return strategy, because you don’t even need to hijack the leadership. Derailing the conversation, muddying the waters, is enough.

          The whole emphasis on shilling hits something very fundamental, something I don’t always know how to describe in words, but nonetheless very true. A short while ago we had a guy who came in and said all the right things about women. Claimed he had six sons. But, was convinced trannies had infiltrated society. Brought that up a couple of times even. At which point I fisked him for pro-tranny shilling. Guy disappeared in a puff of smoke. Has not commented since. Was he a paid shill? Unpaid shill? You tell me, I don’t know. All I know is that gatekeeping, or let us say, checking the walls for mosquitos before bedtime, is an absolutely essential practice for a healthy community.

          • Vlad says:

            Maybe I’m not here enough to follow the inside stuff but I don’t even get what you just said. I guy sounded standup but then claimed a few times trannies had infiltrated society? General society? Haven’t they? We got a couple generals and cabinet post w them big stars sports people pretty big list. Course you get more what you encourage but they are there. Sailor coined world war T what more than ten years ago. I also saw it it coming decades before that. The music books movies been portraying it since Weimar left always telegraphs their long game decades in advance. Anyway I think I misunderstand what you were getting at.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              ‘Successfully infiltrating’ as in successfully passing, as in many if not most of the prominent females you see in popular discourse today are actually men.

              (No, they don’t pass.)

              • Vlad says:

                Yeah that’s not true but if they continue to allow toddlers the drugs it will be true sadly

                • alf says:

                  Doesn’t matter how early you start the mutilation process. A Y chromosome stays a Y chromosome.

                • jim says:

                  Won’t work even if you start it the womb. Because the Sry system is still active no matter how much hormones you give them.

                  It would be considerably more effective is started in the womb, but still just is not going to work.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Trannies are “successfully infiltrating” in the sense that everyone around them nods and pretends they’re the sex they say they are, for fear of losing their jobs (or prison, in the UK). Amazing what miracles can be achieved with brute force. The North Korean media says that the Dear Leader does not defecate, and everyone believes it.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Infiltrate is the wrong word. The vast majority of trannies did not sneak into society/government/military. They existed in those positions prior to their mental breakdown after which the regime decided to manufacture them into tranny trophies as a demonstration of power.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Yes! Thoughtcrime theory leads to shill test theory, and shill test theory leads to some hope of modern day organization, given the right tools.

          • The Cominator says:

            Shilling everything is centralized policy its the same principle as the 3rd Reich had there are no chess clubs or sewing circles only national socialist chess clubs and sewing circles. Clownworld has adopted the policy that there be only progressive and gay af chess clubs and dykey and progressive sewing circles.

          • Read This You Old Fart says:

            [*deleted*] The enemy is the power vacuum itself [*deleted*]

            • jim says:

              Manifestly there is no power vacuum. The steel boot of power is plainly visible in your inability to respond to thought crimes in a way that would reveal to your supervisor the thought crime committed – that while shills are allowed, indeed, required, to read thought crimes, but forbidden to commit them, their supervisors, who have to read what the shill is writing, are forbidden to see thought crimes, and their shills are forbidden to expose them to thought crimes.

        • NRX says:

          So what are considered the canonical NRX links to forum, video channel, and reference and book material these days?

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          out with the family and some other families attending what is an East Coast tradition when the leaves turn. large masses of children, even larger masses of the attendant. parents and siblings, usually a pretty good time. One thing that we have to be careful of as men of goodwill is to turn off analysis sometimes. You don’t want to be spending every moment like that loser in the corner at the party. thinking he’s better than everyone, particularly if you are better than everyone, as men of goodwill undoubtedly are. at the same time, the best observations are the ones made in the wild. You can twist and torture animals all day in a lab, and fall prey to the delusion that you understand something about what makes them tick, but when you go out in the wild, all your intuition and data is dust in the wind, because a creature in a foreign habitat under immense duress is never going to perform the same way as one in its element.

          picture a boy, being a boy, playing with boy toys in an environment expressly built for fun. an older girl, seeing this boy being a boy, decides that the best course of action is to grab a handful of the playful medium, and throw it at the boy. The boy, stricken by events outside his comprehension, stares in paralysis as the girl repeats the activity. on the edge of tears, unable to fathom what is happening, he stares aghast and waits for intervention from on high, which of course comes in the form of the boy’s mother, who swoops in and demands the girl point out which adult is responsible for her. It takes multiple interventions before the girl acquiesces to the demand, whereupon she is marched off in that general direction to be properly humiliated.

          as I watched all of this happen, I knew, like some kind of demigod, exactly what was happening in everybody’s brain. I knew their motivations, I knew the source of their confusion and why they were confused. It was fascinating but momentary, as life carried on, and none of these creatures were my property. later, discussing with the wife, I was very confused at her confusion. after I explained what was happening, she went through the rigmarole of disgust with my autism, over bother with my coldness, and then grudging but real acceptance that, once again, KD is right for all the wrong reasons.

          The little girl was ~8, the boy was ~5, the mom was ~30. The little boy has not even approached any kind of sexual maturity. The 8-year-old girl is flying towards it at Mach 69. the mom is still the same 15-year-old girl she will always be. female humans sexually mature in tandem with having their mental maturity frozen. The younger a girl sexually matures, the more likely it is that her mental maturity will freeze at the same age. throwing a bunch of particulate media at a younger boy is the little girl trying to figure out how to get the attention she wants. there are definitely other factors I am sure, but it is what it is. Women will do literally anything for attention. there is a bifurcation in females, and the lust for attention can sometimes transform into a sort of vampiric hold on males. mothers with firstborn sons seem to exhibit this vampirism. I think it’s a good thing, least ways it can be a good thing, but it has to stop, or be stopped, lest mommy drain a boy’s future of potential and vitality in a maniacal effort to preserve the perfection she perceives. boys just want to play, and as they grow up, play becomes work, whether it is fighting or building or leading. It is all the same thing for us. lion cubs play in a way that makes it easier for them to stalk and kill, but it doesn’t stop being play, the only thing that changes are the stakes. This means we have to dual wield motivations, because women can be fun play, but for most men it is a massive burden to satiate the desires of the flesh as well as keep the plates spinning for the desires of the mind.

          No real point here, just a little bit of data from the field.

      • ray says:


        • jim says:

          This blog is largely about discussing thought crimes.

          If you cannot reply to a thought crime in a way that reveals the thought crime to your supervisor, why are you here? You are here to drown out thought crimes with noise and to derail discussion.

          If you can respond to a thought crime in a way that reveals the thought crime, your comments will be allowed through.

          If you want to lecture us on Christianity from a “hail fellow Christian, I am more Christian than thou” position, you have to be able to affirm certain central Christian doctrines. If you disagree with Game, you have tell us what it is that you are disagreeing with, what is the theory and practice of Game that you say is wrong, in a way that would reveal the theory and facts being disputed to your supervisor.

          And, by the way, “fellow Christian”, what is your position on marital debt? Does a woman consent once and forever, or moment to moment?

          What is a shit test? Why is a shit test? Why do we think that it is essential to pass them, even if passing them involves massively breaking oppressive laws that violate marital rights and abolish marital debt? And don’t tell us that Game is contrary to God’s will unless you can affirm the divinity and eternity of Christ.

          • Aryaman says:

            Does a woman consent once and forever, or moment to moment?

            Speaking of, does the women consent at all? Your position seems to be that under the Old Testament, not at all, not really, but she might act in a way compelling her father’s consent. But in Christianity itself the answer seems to be yes (yes, once and forevermore hold her peace). Also the man obligates himself to the bride, not her father.

            I gather this from the form of solomnization of matrimony in the original Book of Common Prayer (where the bride obligates herself upon her father’s consent) and what is explicitly said and implied in Aquinas’ Summa which sets a floor on legitimate marriage at 12 for girls and 14 for boys on account of reaching “the age of discretion when each party is capable of sufficient deliberation about marriage, and of mutual fulfilment of the marriage debt” before which the contract would be void.

            The asymmetry is later clarified as arriving from the latter requirement, since girls tended to arrive at puberty first, and assures the reader that these are not bright lines and exceptions exist,

            if anyone reach the required perfection before the aforesaid age, so that nature and reason are sufficiently developed to supply the lack of age, the marriage is not annulled.


            Elsewhere he sets the age of betrothal at 7 (here it seems symmetrically so) but suggests the obligation is not really firm nor fixed, on account of the fact that by that age a boy can make promises but not really perpetual promises.

            In any case, once and ultimate consent seems better than agreement only with the father. Obviously one has to be cautious of feminist misinterpretation of scripture, but raising the status of women just enough that they have some degree free will and agency seems like it leads to more competent cooperation among men and better outcomes. Maybe for similar reasons the more competent slaves capable of skilled activity were given considerable freedom and the right to own property enforced by the courts (which enforcement was not a result of the courts recognizing human rights as much as preserving other planter’s ability to enter into mutually useful contract).

            There is only so much you can do with absolute property that has no will or agency of its own. Maybe it is better for having almost dozons of children, and your sons having almost dozons of children of their own, but probably not as good as having 4-10 children endowed with skills and knowledge and tools of the trade and the regard for fellow citizen that makes for an eventually great civilization.

            • The Cominator says:

              Female consent to marriage is the road to feminism.

              Most father’s and guardians will at least consult their daughters as to their feelings. Now I do think the law eventually should intervene if a drunk husband or one with anger management issues keeps sending his wife to the emergency room or something but women do not get to pick their primary mates in nature nor their husbands in any civilization that has sustained itself long since the Bronze Age.

              • jim says:

                Such interventions are the thin edge of the wedge to collectivizing women, and I don’t see them anywhere before 1100 AD or so.

                Christianity did not have female consent to marriage until about 1100 AD, and this was an issue which the Papacy started – came from the Lavender Mafia. But it is one thousand years ingrained in Christianity.

                Trouble is that it is not really in women’s nature to be unowned. They have difficulty reproducing in this circumstance, and become frustrated and unhappy, whereas for men it is other way around.

                When men fight for their freedom, they are fighting for their freedom. When women fight for their freedom, it is a fitness test, they are looking for a man and a tribe strong enough to take it away from them.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Agreeing with you completely on female consent to marriage.

                  The alternative to not punishing some really bad extreme case husbands though is some degree of tolerance of organized crime groups who will do it… but in Rome where the Paterfamilas technically had absolute life and death powers this evolved into feminism by other means. It’s tricky…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The drive to eliminate all edge cases to make a perfectly neat self-contained loop with no fudge factor is the road to wreaking greater evils than could have ever possibly come about otherwise.

                • Aidan says:

                  We do see female consent to marriage in pagan Iceland. A father would arrange a match, and tell his daughter “I think you should marry this guy”. And she would say “I will follow your wishes, father”, unless she emphatically refused, in which case the father would try to arrange other matches. It was not that women could choose who to marry, but that they got a veto to their fathers choice of husband. They did not seem to exercise this veto an unreasonable amount of times and turn into old maids in practice; if this happened, it was rare. Presumably a father would get a little rough or scary if his daughter turned down too many suitors. Needed the father’s assent (a positive yes) and the woman’s consent (a lack of refusal) This is clearly a loosing of older and stricter mores, a midway stage to female choice. But did not originate in Christianity. If anything, this was a moral laxity that Christianity adopted from paganism, but still shockingly functional and getting people wed and bred compared to today.

                  (Rectifying names, consent means the lack of a refusal, and meant that in 1100. In modern times, we say consent when we mean “assent”. When the German king was elected with “unanimous consent”, that meant that nobody dissented: several would say yes, and some would be absent or refuse to vote; those who refrained from voting consented. Which, incidentally, is what “governed with the consent of the masses” originally meant, the lack of widespread dissent.)

                • Eli says:

                  @Aidan: good observation. Also confirmed, albeit in many more words, here:

                  It’s interesting how definitions of old words change into denoting something different (sometimes radically so) from their original meaning. For instance, “passion” used to mean “pain,” then — around the time of Shakespeare — changed into “strong affection/obsession towards woman [for coital purpose],” then — in modern times — changed again into a generic “interest in [something].”
                  Likewise, the word “consent” used to mean “lack of veto” whereas the word “assent” used to mean an actively expressed “yes.” Today, however, “consent” means an active “yes,” whereas assent is a rarely used word, either a synonym for modern “consent” or in some murky legal context to denote an active “yes” by a person of minor age.

                  So, in the old days, the father of a bride would actively “assent” to a husband by choosing said groom and offering him to his daughter as a marriage prospect. The female’s lack of refusal/veto of this groom would mean her “consent.” And legal marriage would then take place (even though she might’ve not actively said “yes”).
                  Which brings us to the word “rape.” Used to denote, a man sexually taking a woman against the wishes of her legal owner/guardian. If the woman was unmarried, i.e. owner was the father, then a shotgun marriage to the rapist could take place or a fine taken. If the owner was another man (via legal marriage or betrothal), then it would’ve been considered an adultery, and both rapist and [raped] woman executed. Irrespective of whether the woman agreed or disagreed to the coitus with the rapist.

                  Nowadays, “rape” in the US means: coitus with a woman without her active “yes,” irrespective of whether the alleged “rapist” is the husband or not. Moreover, “consent” has to be active “yes” (i.e. an “assent” if we were to use the old definitions of “assent” & “consent”) and “provable” (i.e. if the woman retroactively claims to not have given an active “yes,” the burden of proof lies with the alleged “rapist”).

                  Words’ meanings change together with culture. No wonder the marriage and birth rates are crashed in the US.

                • A2 says:

                  Words changing meaning: gay, of course. From what I recall, that one was a top-down marketing effort.

  18. The Cominator says:

    As if Ukraine couldn’t get more cartoonishly evil (an adult gorey cartoon with demons at that) wow…

    • Hesiod says:

      According to Anglin, Zelenskyyy shitcanned his troon Mouth of Sauron earlier in the week, which obviously led to a blasphemy deficit. Abramovic may be a little over-qualified, though. Definitely decades past hitting the wall for any sexy evil sorceress role in a sword-n-sorcery yarn.

  19. Guillotine vs Elites says:


  20. Pax Imperialis says:

    Mayflower Sperg says:

    The next civil war might turn into a contest of who can torture immigrants more barbarically so that they flee to the other side and become their problem. There’s never been such a war before because there’s never been a country so packed to the rafters with useless eaters before.

    I believe this deserves it’s own comment thread. I do not know of a single war defined solely by such actions, but similarities can be found in the 1203 siege of Château Gaillard and many other medieval sieges:

    the castle’s commander, Roger de Lacy, the Constable of Chester, regretted having opened his gates to the inhabitants of the captured town, Petit–Andely, whose number had been swollen by an influx from the surrounding region, all of whom had sought refuge in the castle from the French forces. He realised that with so many mouths to feed his garrison, which had little hope of fresh supplies, would be unable to sustain the siege for long. […] In order to preserve the stores that would be quickly exhausted by these ‘useless mouths’de Lacy evicted some 500 of the oldest and weakest amongst them. The French took pity on the feeble group that emerged from the castle gates and allowed them to pass safely through their lines. A few days later a similar number were turned out from the castle and, being equally incapable of aggression, they were also permitted to cross the besieger’s lines. […] King Philip was absent from the siege at this stage, away campaigning and organising help for his Breton allies […] When he heard of this lenient treatment of the refugees, he immediately sent orders forbidding the safe passage of any further non-combatants expelled from the castle […] and he also ordered that any further groups were to be driven back to the fortress. […] De Lacy resolved to send out the remaining townspeople, […] When this ragged and disorderly band spilled from the castle they believed that they were going to rejoin their families and fellow townsfolk in safety; but instead they were to be subjected to warfare in its most vicious form. They were not met by the opening lines of the besieging forces, but by a hail of arrows and javelins. The French had followed their new orders. The refugees flew back to the castle only to find the gates locked and bolted against them. The guard responded to their pitiful entreaties to allow them back into safety with the words: ‘I do not know you […] With this the soldiers on the battlements hurled down stones and fired arrows onto the terrified masses huddled below. Racked with fear and panicking from the incomprehensible violence of their erstwhile protectors, the wretched crowd withdrew from the foot of the castle walls, and moved out of reach of the missiles and into no man’s land between the besiegers and the besieged. There on the rocky slopes beneath the castle, they were to remain for three winter months. […] All they had with which to sustain themselves were wild herbs, rarely to be found in winter, and the waters of the nearby river. […] at least half perished from starvation and hunger. But for the waters of the Seine, all would have died.

    Sir Roger de Lacy could not bring himself to cannibalize the peasants for food; he couldn’t even eat the dogs as he’d evicted them too. A highly utilitarian short term solution to the food problem. One that Zhang Xun employed to great effect during the 757 siege of Suiyang. Why the difference? It was a matter of religion, Sir Roger de Lacy could not bring himself to simply murder the peasants, or kill the beloved dogs. Though not mentioned in the sources, I suspect King Philip could not tolerate accepting the peasants due to the effect it might’ve on his own army’s logistics, and likewise, could not as a matter of religious faith murder the peasants.

    We live in a peculiar time. One in which Americans, as much as they might despise the migrants, do not have the religious faith that would grant them the will and right to simply mass murder the migrants. The right primarily views itself as being in conflict with the left and see migrants predominately as a leftist tactic. This spiritually demotes the migrants down to non-combatants, or even human tools (instrumentum humanum), so to directly kill them feels spiritually close to murder, unlike the Romans who have less problem with killing instrumentum vocale. The historical right has little will to commit outright genocide, as seen in Christian Europe’s monarchies, but it certainly has the will for expulsion. What of the left?

    The left holds dear the goddess of egalitarianism. One that looks ever more demonic as they holiness spiral. The migrant is more holy than the native. They likely don’t have the religious fervor to directly kill the migrants, but as realities of ‘useless mouths’ set in, expulsion becomes the go to solution. Or perhaps ironically, one can hope, their holiness spiraling causes them to expel the useful mouths in favor of the migrant.

    In either case the migrant starves. The migrant problem is taken care of not as a direct policy goal of either, but simply as a reality of siege warfare. Unlike medieval times, where sieges are on the scale of castles, today it’s on the scale of entire cities and states, potentially even entire nations. Likewise sieges end with storming the walls and war end with battlefields and defeated armies. To that end, the next civil war, if it does happen, will not be defined by who can torture immigrants more barbarically than the other (it will simply be a detail in history), but who can eventually victoriously march through their armies through the political centers of the other.

    My memory, ever so faulty with drink, tells me that Yarvin dismissed sending migrants to liberal cities as a form of virtue signaling… owning the libs so to speak. I think Yarvin is rather Jewish sometimes, as regardless of his great knowledge of history, he fails to recognize acts and tactics of war. The questions therein, does Greg Abbott know he’s practicing war, and if so, is the right ready to follow in his footsteps and escalate?

    • jim says:

      At present, siege warfare is absolutely dominant, but the methods of war are rapidly changing.

      Siege warefare is enormously slow, expensive, and bloody. Sending in a horde of sacred diversities might work, but I suspect our enemies would swiftly overcome their religious objections, and respond as Sir Roger de Lacy did. Still, in a holy war, the enemy is apt to get rapidly holier fast, in which case it would be an absolutely devastating move. Instead of eating the diversities, they would let the diversities eat them.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Unless the US directly gets into a war that demands adaptation, I don’t see adaptation happening. Therefore siege warfare remains dominant. War tactic/strategy is stagnant if not in decline for the same reasons why tech is in decline.

        Chicago is letting the diversities eat them. They are led by a nigger worse than Lori Lightfoot. Brandon Johnson signed a $29.4 million one-year deal with a private security firm to move about 1,600 migrants that have been living in police stations into tent encampments around the city. Tent encampments are now holy. By all means, the right should oblige the left and send more. As many as the right can find. If happening in Chicago, likely to happen in other blue territories.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Tent cities, in Chicago, in September? Next thing you know, Mayor Johnson will put up razor wire around these encampments to, uh, “protect them against white supremacist mobs”, and hire ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) to guard them. Any ADOS with an IQ over 85 knows how lucky he was to be born in the USA, and does not want his free lunch eaten by millions of freshly imported Africans.

          Liberal do-gooders will be allowed to carry armfuls of supplies into the camps, but when they try to leave, the ADOS guards will say, “I don’t know you, go back to your tent.”

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          Chicago is the most beautiful city in the Midwest and an ideal capital city for flyover America. The coastal elites want to obliterate it like they have ruined other formerly nice places like Minneapolis or St. Louis or New Orleans.

          I just wish there could be a pure red place like Chicago, but for us.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Our fedshill mascot is phonepoasting hatethought from his burner while he’s at off-site lunch

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Chicago was a forsaken pit when I was last there years ago. I doubt it’s gotten any better since. Even the “nice” parts suck. The Italian beef sandwiches and the proximity to Wisconsin are the only redeeming features.

    • skippy says:

      Most of the migrants will just leave under economic pressure. This must start happening in the UK soon as it is increasingly clear the UK is a middle or upper-middle income country now, not a high income country. It has too many migrants for its underlying desirability. But a similar effect could be achieved with punitive taxation and other disabilities.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >does Greg Abbott know he’s practicing war, and if so, is the right ready to follow in his footsteps and escalate?

      He’s got an R after his name, right? He has no clue, and he’d rather cut off all his own limbs than escalate. He’d like to throw you in prison for suggesting escalation. To him, it’s a stunt to get donations and votes, nothing more.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Trump has an R after his name, right? Maybe he has no clue, maybe he does. The fact is he’s practicing war whether he know it or not. If he doesn’t know it, by practicing war his donors and constituency come to expect it (even if they don’t know it’s war), and things escalate slowly from there. This leads to “more” cold civil war, and ultimately more escalation. America is already in cold civil war, and escalation is easy while de-escalation is hard. Some form of war follows. If he does know it, it means faster escalation, and hot civil war if the right is ready to follow in his footsteps. If not ready to follow, back to cold civil war and slower escalation.

        A similar thing happened just prior to the first American Civil War.

        The declaration of secession by South Carolina was on December 20, 1860. They demanded that the U.S. Army abandon its facilities in Charleston Harbor. On December 26, the U.S. Army moved from Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island to Fort Sumter. On January 9, 1861, a blockade was put into effect, but it wasn’t until firing on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861 that the American Civil War officially started. Remember, this was back when quite a few people still believed they could peacefully succeed from the Union. They were doing war without realizing it was war until it was official war on April 15, 1861 when Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to march on the South.

        Thus we must ask if the right is willing to follow regardless of knowing or not knowing.

        So why does knowing matter? If knowing or not knowing both potentially leads to war, what does it matter? If he knows it, it means war planning and preparation. If not, getting caught flat footed. The South did not know in 1861, and ultimately lost. The South, even when at total war, did not realize it was in a total war, which lead to lost opportunities for victory.

        And if the left de-escalates by virtue of conceding on migrants and departing all of them… well I don’t see that as likely, and if it happens it’s still a “win.”

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          The Right has been losing so hard for so long that losing is now its nature, so no, the Right is absolutely not willing to follow any leader into war. We also don’t have a leader, and no prospects for any leader – the Left has prepared the battlespace well. Our only hope is a Stalin, a Caesar, a Napoleon; our savior can only come from the Left because only the Left wins.

          • jim says:

            > Only the left wins.

            Until it does not. We have been around this merry go around many times. Well, the anglosphere has only been around it once, the restoration of 1660

            The standard way this ends is that at some point someone on the lefts see suicide coming right up, and calls a halt. He gets a bumpy ride from the re-energized right, but mostly he gets a bumpy ride from the insane left. So he calls in the military, as for example the Thermidorians calling in Napoleon. Or he is the military, for example Cromwell and Stalin. And he finds officers selected for loyalty to leftism unsatisfactory, for war inherently reactionary. So he gives a great deal of power and high office, not top office, but gives power quite disproportionate to that office to a Deng or a Monk. And then leftism does not go on winning.

            It is completely obvious that Vivek and Milei are paws of a Thermidorean left faction in the deep state that is deeply distressed by economic collapse, in the US revealed by widespread poverty and the ultimate verification of GDP – war production, in Argentina by hyperfinflation and poverty. They want to roll back economic leftism, including affirmative action, and to moderate cultural leftism to marginally less insane levels. They are still obviously leftists, but by 2023 September standards, they are HitlerHitlerHitler. As were Stalin and Cromwell.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              1660 was a long, long time ago. All the changes since then might well have altered the rules of the game in a way that makes the Left invincible. Propaganda, for one, is light years ahead of where it was, as is data organization and management. The Beast has much nicer toys to play with now.

              • jim says:

                1660 was a long, long time ago

                You are deluded by presentism. Technology changes, but people do not.

                And 1190 was even longer ago, yet everything happening today happened to Islam. Islam survived, woke did not. We have been around this merry go round many, many times.

                > the changes since then might well have altered the rules of the game in a way that makes the Left invincible. Propaganda, for one, is light years ahead of where it was, as is data organization and management. The Beast has much nicer toys to play with now.

                Everyone has much nicer toys to play with. We are better at using them than they are. Cryptocurrency has arrived, and Web 3.0 is coming. Propaganda is not more effective, but less effective. In the 1950s, everyone heard one voice. Today the legacy media today has more employees than viewers. Observe Vivek paying absolutely no attention to the legacy media while running around like mad cultivating the alt media. That is where the eyeballs are. Observe Milei’s rant about the left going viral. Huge amounts of bitcoin are moving around as counterflows of value to physical things – primarily oil tankers moving in the other direction. Propaganda is not effective by clever, well done content. Their content is terrible. The left cannot meme. They never could. America is the empire of lies, but they were never all that good at lying. I have watched old Soviet movies, and their propaganda was wonderfully better than American propaganda, far more light handed, light hearted, and just done well. Propaganda depends on being the only voice the people can hear, depends on the big lie told a thousand times at maximum volume, and all other voices silenced. Those days are long gone. Nostr is not much value yet, but is a good step towards web 3.0, is getting bigger, and large amounts of truth are moving over it, accompanied by large amounts of crypto currency. Soon more truth, and more crypto currency, will be moving over Nostr, its descendants and derivatives, or somthing better. Soviet propaganda was better because perhaps they had to compete in areas where the Americans had more cultural influence, because of the economic and military superiority of the American system, and because the system the Soviets propagandizing for obviously sucked. Today, global American Imperial economics sucks, as the Ukraine war shockingly revealed.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Leftism is an ever-expanding balloon, and the needle that pops it is called “war”. “Leftism” is just another word for “social technology that bamboozles the masses into giving you power”, while “rightism” means “social technology that wins wars”. There is a linear spectrum between them because there is no third force pulling the body politic in another direction.

                  Islam survived after 1190 by so thoroughly wrecking its infrastructure and niggerizing its population that there was little incentive for civilized people to conquer it. Niggers exist outside the political spectrum — sometimes leftists exploit them for votes and cannon fodder, sometimes rightists get sufficiently motivated and organized to exterminate great numbers of these vermin, but mostly they just live and breed like animals in abject squalor.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Their propaganda isn’t what is was in, say, 1985, but it’s an entirely different thing than it was in 1660. At their best, TV and movies convince you that you’ve personally seen and experienced the truth of Leftist narratives first hand. Bludgeoning the viewer over the head with the message is increasingly common, and it’s boneheaded move, but there’s still plenty of good, watchable stuff being made, and there’s always 1985’s catalogue to fall back on and enjoy slightly out-of-date Leftist messages when the Current Year gets to be too much.

                • dharmicreality says:

                  The GAE is collapsing before our eyes and so is its propaganda ability which is mainly reliant on hard power to reinforce the soft messaging.

                  Most GAE propaganda is about how “great” American values are, but always I noticed that it is followed by a reinforcement how *strong* America is to enforce its goodness on the world. Nobody sincerely believes in globohomo values, but were scared of the GAE hard power, but slowly that messaging is no longer carrying conviction.

                  Once the military might of the GAE is gone, Globohomo will disappear first in distant far away places and then slowly at its center of erstwhile power.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  [*deleted for presupposing elections matter and are indicative of public opinion*]

                • jim says:

                  You can argue that elections still matter, but you are going to have to address the question in a way that reveals to your supervisor that your audience disagrees, and why they disagree.

                • Vlad says:

                  An army needs a faith. Not so sure armies tend to be cynical and just fight to survive and for each other
                  A natal state needs a faith. Their faith is always the same our natal state are the chosen by our god.
                  Whites are the exception we can organize around an idea this has advantages but seems ultimately our Achilles heel.
                  I really do get how it might seem like easiest faith for white and particular white natal states is their most recent religion. And being a conservative I’d normally be supportive of all cultural,preservation in fact was till fairly recently. Thing is it truly is at bedrock a slave morality therefore leftist. Some iterations more than others but whatever iteration chosen it will come under left fire hard. And they will hammer on what a leftist Jesus was.
                  Jesus we have just been through a few hundred years of this. Furthermore whites will organize around other ideas over religion. I say give them a religion that is based on reality fundamental that they are a people worthy not simply to survive but to become god that we Europeans are destined to the stars to godhood through cohesion and reality our singular ability to grasp reality that every idea or cultural addition law or innovation must be weighed against the is it good for our people will it harm their culture or nation.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The argument for Christianity being leftist is basically the same as the argument for Ionians, Romans, Egyptians, Hindoos, and Confucians being leftist; you have a social organism that started as one thing, then it turned leftist.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  >At their best, TV and movies convince you that you’ve personally seen and experienced the truth of Leftist narratives first hand.

                  There’s an argument, going back at least to the 80s so predating the modern redpill, that “convinced you’ve personally seen and experienced…” is simply a property of moving pictures, television and film. It bypasses the normal safeguards we’ve got listening to oral reports or reading written accounts. In short, it’s a hack of the human operating system, perhaps originally unintended but certainly fully exploited thereafter.

                  Now that makes it still pretty bad that jews own hollywood and harvard determines the religion of broadcast media. But if the idea is true it means that neither “at their best” nor “leftist” are the controlling factors. Its the simple fact of moving pictures. Seize control of the moving pictures…

                  The latter is, like so much discussed here, a coup complete solution. In the meantime though there’s video clips. Crime clips have already moved the needle, cop dash and body cams have already moved the needle, but I’m sure there’s more that could be done. Fight clips have their role too, though there I look for more instances of whites winning (which do occur in frequency, but are sometimes overlooked by true crimers shading into blackpilling).

                • Read This You Old Fart says:

                  Here you correctly articulate that disintermediating power vacuums is the technical evolution of humanity as a reaction to the extant iteration of the custerf*ck cycle. Human nature must adapt to the absence of the game-able (e.g. defection, entryism, etc) collective resource power vacuum. The looming impotence of the Cathedral was (unwittingly?) laid out by John Nash in his JSTOR Ideal Money paper which describes how Bitcoin will enslave the fiat systems. Nostr lacking a blockchain thus can’t enforce permissionless eventual consistency — thus is a power vacuum as are federated systems such as Mastodon. Btw, somebody should investigate efficient PIR as an improvement to Bitmessage.

                • jim says:

                  This is actually responsive and informative, even though coming from an obvious fed gov shill. It appears to be a response, not to this post, nor to any of the comments, but to my papers

                  Mastodon and nostr are falling under globohomo domination – thanks to government shills like you. No power vacuum there, but the steel shod boot of power. The steel boot of power is plainly visible in your inability to respond to thought crimes in a way that would reveal to your supervisor the thought crime committed

                  However, nostr is rather more fixable than Mastodon. You can only fix Mastodon by radically forking it, as Gab has done.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Conservatives are neither useful nor necessary; their movement is as dead as the dodo. In the video I linked below, Democrats desperately call on other Democrats to house more immigrants because “New York City can’t do this alone!” If this flood continues unabated, the Democrats will split into factions that wage war by dumping immigrants on each other.

            • Pete says:

              Eventually they will give every migrant a rifle and promise them land in red states…all they have to do is take it from the whites who currently live there.

              Teenage white girls are just a bonus.

              • Mr.P says:

                I fear you are correct. The NYT always seems to feature prominently many happy children with clean shoes and pink backpacks in its videos of the happy migrant caravans — but I don’t buy it for a second.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t think peasant rifle armies of central American morons will work very well… now if the US government and army is still intact and they try to Rwanda the Amerikaners its different but I find it likely the government and militaries functionality and cohesion will break down much worse than now before that happens. If Biden and the people who run his administration could genocide Amerikaners by means more than importing invaders and alienating women from men they would do so but they can’t.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  If they go with the foreign army route, that means they are banking on apathy and nihilism being at some kind of critical mass. It is easy to think that is the case, but I posit that it was just as easy to think there was no way Clinton could lose in 2016 based on the polling. If they go down that road in too quickly, too blatantly, or too bigly, They will lose core of Thrall Whites they rely on in security, industry, and tech.

                  I get it guys, things are dark, but this blackpilling is super gay. Not you, TC, I agree with you.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m blackpilled in many ways but my blackpilledness stems from what I view as my cynical realism about things… and if Biden and his puppeteers could crudely exterminate Amerikaners Rwanda style they would not hesitate to do so. The pure and consistent malevolence of the Biden administration and utter unwillingness to dial it back has surprised me (it certainly will not be outflanked on the left) but in all its malevolence it has yet to be able to do anything Rwanda style or even find competent assassins ala Hillary.

                • Your Uncle Bob says:

                  Their play will be peasant armies/South African style farm raids as shock troops, while keeping system pigs around to suppress Amerikaner organization and self defense. But without directly requiring police and military to do the worst of the dirty work.

                  On a smaller scale this model is already proven and ongoing; consider black on white crime numbers compared to prosecutions for white self defense. Scaling up can happen incrementally at first. The big spike upward will somehow make sense at the time in terms of immediate politics and holiness spiraling.

                  “System breakdown” is real, but vague. Pessimistic but not irrational prediction is system pigs don’t go off mission as long as their pay is forthcoming and pensions are credibly promised.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The ability of the regime to pay for its security state is a few years from collapse.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Com, markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent, and the same is true of insane tyrannies, which are really just markets based on power instead of money. The Biden regime might tomorrow collapse into its footprint at free-fall speed like WTC 7, or it might linger on for a century while the USA slowly turns into another Haiti. It’s impossible to know.

              • S says:

                The problem with the ‘arm the migrant’ strategy is the deplorable whites are over there. The ‘good whites’ are right here- why not kill them and take their stuff?

                There isn’t an easy solution. The traditional solution for colored troops (white officers) doesn’t work because the white officers have the same incentive- why kill deplorables and get scraps when you can take everything?

                The other obvious answers- secret policing and keeping coordination in the military low- lead to backstabbing by the secret police. ‘Solving’ this by placing observation in the hands of an AI system places the power in the hands of the people who control the AI.

                The fundamental issue is it is hard to make a coherent justification for why backstabbing someone is wrong while you are in the middle of backstabbing people and ‘it is right because I have power’ means backstabbing you to gain power is the million dollar bill on the ground.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The secret police don’t start backstabbing and taking over for a long time decades arguably (one exception is that Himmler probably allowed the July Plot to go ahead and was disappointed that Hitler survived as he knew that taking over and surrendering immediately was the only way he might save himself).. arguably the GAE regime has turned the security state into a secret police force but they’ve yet to turn into cynics who dislike the ideology of the regime in the manner of the 1970s and later KGB (and also even before that Stalin deliberately picked a non communist to run the NKVD in Beria).

                • dave says:

                  clearpill: the AI isnt nearly as good as you think it is for this purpose. anyone trying to implement will be setup for failure.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >The ‘good whites’ are right here- why not kill them and take their stuff?

                  There’s a more fundamental issue at stake. To the White American, these masses of brown and black all blend into a seemingly coherent sociopolitical entity. They are not. This is a misnomer that arose from Whites historically only having to deal with the Black American Race (for the most part). A race that they created by putting various African tribes into the blender breeding of slavery.

                  ‘Arm the migrant’ would likely fail because the migrants are too diverse, too densely packed in with each other, and are being packed into cities that already are simmering with inter-ethnic and racial tension.

                  It was possible to arm the Ukrainian peasants against Russia. I don’t think mass arming the Chinese/Filipino/Korean/Indian Subcontinent/Japanese/Arab/Jewish/Puerto Rican/Dominican/Mexican/Colombian/Various African/etc of New York would turn out very well during a crisis.

                  Besides killing the ‘good whites’ right next to them, they’d be killing each other. We’ve seen this play out constantly (at low intensity) during race riots. ‘So it’s time to burn down the Korean stores because we’re protesting the Whites.’ I wonder what that looks like when the gloves comes off, they are officially given the green light to use violence, and you toss in all the other ethnic/racial rivalries.

                  It takes the US military extensive conditioning to create the little esprit de corps it does have, and that’s with an all voluntary military. The volunteers are pretty mercenary, shockingly so to civilians (especially Whites who believe they still have a patriotic military) who don’t know much about the military, and the US government is willing and able to foot a pretty big bill that comes with mercenary forces… for now.

                • Pete says:

                  “why kill deplorables and get scraps when you can take everything?”

                  This makes no sense. Might as well ask why don’t white officers rebel and take everything TODAY then? They are military men, they follow orders from their chain of command. If the chain of command says transport all the Venezuelans right outside Bumfuck Arkansas, pass out a bunch of ammunition to them and come home, that’s what he will do.

                • jim says:

                  They don’t do it today because the faith of the Republic still lives, but it is dying.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  This is a very ignorant way to portray the dynamics of commanding men and carrying out operations. It isn’t an RTS game where you build a barracks and crank out clones of some kind of platonic ideal soldier. The myth of America that animates Thrall Whites is very strong medicine, I would argue it is literally the only thing keeping them going at this point. there are types of orders they will not follow, and the incompetence of the current managerial elite is going to find that out. This dynamic will definitely change over a generational time scale, but it is not a lights on/ lights off situation.

                • S says:

                  ‘This makes no sense. Might as well ask why don’t white officers rebel and take everything TODAY then? They are military men, they follow orders from their chain of command.’

                  I remember the military openly disobeying Donald Trump; the chain of command means jack shit if power and holiness say otherwise.

                • jim says:

                  An army needs a faith. And the official faith of the state is the same as the real faith of the Army. The Republic. “All men were created equal” Except that women, gays, and blacks are more equal than white straight males. And illegal black male immigrants are more equal than retired soldiers. My solution is an older faith, but in the short term, we will likely see a showdown between people claiming more authentic adherence to the faith of woke, and people claiming more authentic adherence to the faith the Republic. A Republic, by the way, that at its founding was a Republic of property owning white males, who were the men who were actually equal.

                  In the short term, when the cold civil war finally goes hot, the tip of the spear is not going to follow orders by the faith of woke to strike down the faith of the Republic, no matter what the generals say.

              • Aryaman says:

                But this is harder to do than it sounds, at least outside of cities.

                American suburbs and exurbs are by design hostile and inaccessible to parasites on state welfare and this was their original purpose. Hence why commutes are long and public transit is nonexistent. New York City would not have been the natural or desired dumping ground for detritus from south of the border if it were not for the fact that it has public infrastructure designed to support a permanently parisitic underclass.

                Places that do not have public infrastructure or a nice commons are that way for a reason. Part of it is conscious design, and part of it is the fact that no one has reason or incentive to invest in public infrastructure to the benefit of all if freeriders can gobble it up without paying.

          • Vlad says:

            Because moldberg told you? Every civilization that emerges is the right winning every successful family corporation is the right winning. Leftism is destruction rightism is construction. War can be either it just depends who wins. Though I say war swims right I mean it’s forces all participants to reality which is right.

          • Vlad says:

            I don’t see a war happening with a leader that implies a head on war of armies. Deep state seems to be totally converged or at least any deep rights are unable to understand how converged deep is and so unwilling to destroy institution. So any right caesarean quickly arrested with no one standing. The left on left thing meh they have no enemies to left they will work out any rift.
            Only war I see is insurgency and any smart insurgents would be foolish to organize large groups with leader to take on state head on. Left will demonize them but leaders might emerge in alt media pointing to left atrocities which are inevitable and would create radicalized Americans.
            What’s napoleon scenario trump like president gets a few right wing colonels and majors to defect? Or describe this leftist that would do that over intercine dispute.
            Imagine trump was what we hoped. Could he have found anyone in Washington military industry deepstate to back a restoration? I think trumps greatest only achievement was showing that impossible possibly impossible going back to FDR

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Fascinating treatise. Should be an exploratory blog post on this in my opinion.

      It occurs to me that the active participation of all conservatives is not requisite for this kind of warfare. What is required is the tacit approval, or stubborn indifference, of the majority of conservatives to what might be happening. This means that a dedicated group of people, sworn to a very particular and rigid set of honorable, yet brutal principles could foment de-immigration waves at a medium and small scale. This is basically what Abbott is doing in Texas with the busing. And I think we can look at the response of conservatives to the busing and get some pretty clear pointers as to what something like this might do: lots of head shaking so that you know they don’t approve, but no one speaking up about how it has to stop. ironically, it is anti-immigration hardliners like myself and others who are most opposed to the busing on the right side of the spectrum. My argument against is that they are wasting a ton of resources to move migrants further into the heartland when they should just be dumping belt, fed machine gun fire and it generally southern direction. while I don’t think it is optimal, I am amenable to the idea of waves of border jumpers descending on Blue cities like locusts. there would be a high attrition rate as the mass ping pong’s back and forth between different blue cities and the surrounding red rurality. It is fairly obvious that, once things get bad enough, most of these freeloaders will leave of their own volition. but anyone who thinks this is a viable strategy needs to remember what Jim said: there is a lot of ruin in the nation.

      I think there is a persistent tendency in our intellectual neck of the woods to try and come up with brilliant plans based on accurate predictions and correct readings of history and reality. This is a good thing, but it is also a coup complete thing, at least in regards to 90% of the problems we face in current moment. It seems to me that we might want to think about what is already working, what is already happening, and the net effects of these things, *then* start ladling brilliance into the mix.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        it is anti-immigration hardliners like myself and others who are most opposed to the busing on the right side of the spectrum.

        It is estimated that 11.4 million illegal immigrants are already in the United States. Some estimates are far higher. So long as coup incomplete, they can’t be deported, but it appears they can still be moved around. More so because coup incomplete, new migrants are coming in regardless. Right now it’s only a question of where migrants end up. There’s very little to lose. Better yet, by saddling the leftist cities with them, do not have to push migrants of questionable loyalty out of friendly territory during open war. Sieges are costly and horrific if food supply runs out. The migrant problem ends up solves itself.

        My argument against is that they are wasting a ton of resources to move migrants further into the heartland

        Where is the heartland? There is no core demographic region anymore. The US became an Empire abroad and thus became an Empire at home. There are multiple nations within the Empire just as there are multiple nations within GAE. A Caesar could probably reestablish a core demographic center and thus a homeland, but again, coup complete.

        It is fairly obvious that, once things get bad enough, most of these freeloaders will leave of their own volition.

        That has not yet happened with San Fran’s tent cities full of drug addict. Things have to get quite a bit worse before they leave. At that point, will they even be able to leave? The migrants will end up in the tents. Once there why leave? It’s better than Haiti plus all the drugs they could possibly want. Money for drugs is secured by looting the CVS or 7-Eleven. Once on drugs, can they even dream of leaving. Chicago is officially building tent cities for migrants. NYC is still deciding, but it’s likely they go the tent rout. A whole industry is sprouting up around this.

        A company contracted to helped ship migrants from Florida to Democrat-led cities has been hired by Chicago officials to build tent cities for migrants, records show.

        City officials signed a $29 million contract with Virginia-based GardaWorld Federal Services and its subsidiary Aegis Defense Services on Sept. 12 for the firm to “provide temporary housing, on an as-needed basis” for asylum seekers, records show.

        >when they should just be dumping belt, fed machine gun fire

        Machine gun method is either coup complete or total war. We are in neither so far.

        >brilliant plans

        Not a brilliant plan. Coup complete is a brilliant plan. This is a war with potentially no understanding it is a war until shooting starts. Then it automatically become a total war with potentially no understanding it is a total war. This is how the South lost the civil war. It did not understand it was at war until it was a shooting war. It did not understand it was at total war until it had already lost. Thus the question, does the right leadership know it is practicing war? Do they know such a war leads to total war?

        I want them to be brilliantly planning for a coup complete (planning for a total victory). If not, planning for a total war (planning for a possible win). If not, idiotically planning for a war (not planning for winning but might escape defeat), If not, praying for Yugoslavia experience (losing horrifically but still escaping total domination). If not, praying for a Stalin (a complete lose but at least there’s an end to the leftist revolution).

        • The Cominator says:

          30 million illegals at least California alone has probably 12 million.

          • Vlad says:

            Wiki says 332m total 60% whites and 10% of the 13% blacks are not immigrants. Leaves 100m non whites. Immigrants and descendants coulter thought 60 million while writing audios in 2007 so I can’t be far off. Both the amnesties and the anchor baby doctrine are illegal Jew lawfare all 100 million must go. The slaves and Jews can discuss separately. It’s literally half the population of some of the countries they come from. Back in 80s I said we should get an acre of those countries per peon. Bad idea.
            The problem I don’t think is unwilling right it’s Christian right. IB never met a Christian comfortable with sending them all back there maybe uncomfortable with them coming in this and that way but are squeamish Christian faggots.
            Besides it’s not only issue needing fixed. All leftist causes need fixing. But right doesn’t understand crux of problem that Jesus and Jefferson were radical leftist revolutionaries so right hilariously looks to them for support. America really is a pioneer people and as such individualism is going to be really hard to pry from cold dead hands I myself live radically individualist pioneer life. Talking about monarchy by lefty Jew from San Fran not helpful average American. Need another approach.
            Putting that aside.
            A war that’s red vs blue whites is the device needed. The 100 m mostly walking distance from home will mostly self deport if war gets real enough. Legacy blacks have no where to go so will chimp out in blue areas bleeding resources. We’re putting aside how this war gets started how it’s armed just saying for now.
            Women during war quickly learn they are not equal their make work jobs were synthetic byproduct of white mens civilization. Women will need men again and men will require obedience again. Similarly faghots will fall in line.
            If the right can win the war it can keep the 100 million out and the women in kitchen faggots in closet. It could then point out how things got out of hand how individual absolute freedom implies child trannies raised by feminist lesbians etc that allowing women power alone begat leftist spiral. That conservatism is in essence the conservation of your own particular people their particular culture without which they can not survive and the place the natal state from which both are nurtured and defended and that multiculturalism is simply not possible the largest group that can succeed is a natal state. That America is a European peopled natal state and the outer edge of what’s possible
            Within this gram Jews can be dealt with. One way or another. Blacks can be informed out of fairness we will give them one last chance that the handful of whites that had anything to do with their lucky enslavement are long dead that their behavior is no longer tolerated and any black convicted of more than parking ticket is exiled to Africa.
            One Jew solution is similar tactic explain the behavior they may no longer do including mentally non assimilating and that Israel will be new home for refuseniks.

      • Vlad says:

        The leftist American revolutionaries didn’t have much local support but good propaganda. They also understood once war spread everyone gets drawn in. And most importantly they understood what a real army will do if in civilian areas for extended periods. They will rob and abuse locals. During the siege at ruby ridge I watched the feds do this. They ran up monstrous tabs at local stores for instance then didn’t pay they had begun to hate the locals who saw them as invading brutes. I also watched the local hippies from the back to land era find common ground with the redneck loggers over this. Granted living rural life is real and breaks urban left right divides
        Again aside how this war gets going but remembering the frame has to be white on white. One big assumption is left owns the military or it oughta be assumed by now. Let’s not argue to what extent the desertions etc happen. Just is this the advantage assumed. I really don’t see how left can deploy fighter jets tanks etc against the rightist insurgents who wouldn’t be stupid enough to take them on head to head. If left did this they’d turn population against them. Even in Mideast where they could somewhat they lost. Remember the economy is crashing if this is happening.

        • jim says:

          > One big assumption is left owns the military.

          And therefore the military, like every institution owned by the left is incapacitated. War tends right. Which is why the deep state turned to the Ukrainian Nazis, an organization founded by Hitler.

          When the left do that, they get unavoidably get Berias, Dengs, and Moncks in their military and secret police.

          • Vlad says:

            Seems this blog is starting to think was possible and possibly winnable I’ve always thought so. But also think it’s really hard problem. Not because they have nukes bc we have conservatives.

    • The Solution says:


    • Vlad says:

      My theory is the past several years Anarcho tyranny lockdowns etc was to drive excess democratic voters to blue states to take them over. It’s one of those things that makes you wonder if leftists don’t play 5D chess they are the luckiest motherfuckers or just seem to be able to come up with unending strategies that just keep paying dividends in multiple ways. Sure a lot of left solutions cause problems begging for new leftist solutions anon until they get you to point where people say well you can’t undo that anymore. I always say of course you can. Take non whites in America. White on white civil war. Browns will self deport to wait it out. Women will discover how unequal they are and faggots how unpopular acting that way is. After right wins browns not allowed in women and faggots not allowed out kitchen closet. Niggers will be sent to African penal colonies for any crime above parking ticket. Attrition. Jews I think a lot will flee and the ones you’d most want gone. I think no one has ever gotten Jews to assimilate in any productive way. But grant they are smart and useful if you could break them. I do think what’s needed is an understanding of reality that individualism feminism multiculturalism lead to destruction that a people thrive as a group which needs its evo feedback loop developed particular culture to survive and a land to nurture and defend its people and culture. That the propensity for whites to organize around an idea over a people is deadly. And some white nations will have to settle for whiteness as their ethnicity. Though really Canada NZ Australia are pretty much Celtic.

  21. Reziac says:

    Yesterday saw a photo somewhere labeled as 8 new UKR combat recruits.
    Was supposed to be 8 guys, but my eye said nope.
    Two male, six female trying real hard to look butch.

    • That Lacks Honor says:

      Anyone who would order a white female into battle is completely without honor as a man.
      At least never unless your heritage and culture is one of glorious warfare where both take skins and are honored as equals in the Great Hall.

      Fuck, I wouldn’t even send a green haired obese white socialist feminazi in, unless maybe she and a bunch of her homo friends begged to go in soley with a group of her own kind on a suicide mission to kill some hard target. Even then there’s a risk that some would defect and reproduce with the enemy, thus leaving you with two more enemies, and one less to kill them with.

      Why the fuck did Israel’s men put up all their women into army?

      • The Cominator says:

        “Fuck, I wouldn’t even send a green haired obese white socialist feminazi in” the right fails due to lack of ruthlessness.

        • Western Taliban says:

          At least never unless your heritage and culture is one of glorious warfare where both take skins and are honored as equals in the Great Hall.

          You missed this part from his text, you’re talking to a socialist feminazi fed defending his people. You’re not talking to someone from the right. Go to any random youtube video about wahmen and see all the comments from men saying that women need to gtfo and get blown in wars without a single care.

          The potential to a massive male awakening where women end up in chains in absolute slavery is just a couple of sparks away from realization, and the GAE is the only thing keeping it at bay. The amount of men today who want to see women suffer is extremely high and getting higher.

      • S says:

        ‘Anyone who would order a white female into battle is completely without honor as a man.

        Why the fuck did Israel’s men put up all their women into army?’

        Avoiding the obvious jokes…

        Aside from 1948, they were relegated to non-combat roles. They changed that in 2000 but with plenty of unprincipled exceptions, but over time the unprincipled exceptions are erased. So it goes.

        • The Cominator says:

          In the 1948 it made sense for the kibbutzim militias to train their women in defensive tactics (NOT as offensive infantry though) because given the enemy numbers and the small size of Israel there were going to be women at the front whether they liked it or not and women CAN at least make good snipers. Doesn’t make sense to have women in a regular army though.

          • Calvin says:

            It does if you have international leftists to appease. And besides, Israeli women still do a decent job making babies, army or no army, so they’re obviously not indulging the girlboss fantasy too much.

          • Western Taliban says:

            women CAN at least make good snipers

            I doubt it, this is a Soviet meme started to try to dab on the Nazis by saying: “look, you’re so shit you lose to women”. I’ve never seen any evidence or credible record to prove this to any degree.

            If women could make good snipers, you’d for sure have female snipers in the gay army and for sure they’d be promoting that shit every single day. They’ve been trying for decades to just somehow try to make them work at anything and they’ve failed at every turn.

            I have serious doubts you should train women in defensive tactics at all, I have a feeling it would be counterproductive when it came down to real action. Well, maybe loading weapons or something, logistics under male management, nothing that requires pulling a trigger.

            And I’m saying this as one of the more optimistic about female ability in this website. You straight up refuse to even let them work lol

            • The Cominator says:

              The Vietcong somewhat effectively used female snipers too (and Israel early on)so I think there is some truth that there are some good (though not top tier) female snipers.

              • jim says:

                Was “somewhat effectively” said by the communists, or by the people they were sniping at?

                • The Cominator says:

                  A good sniper is generally not caught killed (snipers are almost never taken prisoner) and identified…

                  I’m sure their use was exaggerated but given this goes back to un pc times I’m not willing to dismiss it as total bullshit.

                • jim says:

                  You are being anachronistic. Feminism was cancelled by the GAE 1939. Recall Amelia Earhart, the Curies, Ada, Florence Nightingale, “Women hold up half the sky” and all that. The remarkable masculinity of war was disturbing to the communists for as long as they were around.

              • Western Taliban says:

                Exactly what Jim pointed out, you’re just a victim of the communist propaganda.

                I’ll say it again:

                If women could make good snipers, you’d for sure have female snipers in the gay army and for sure they’d be promoting that shit every single day. They’ve been trying for decades to just somehow try to make them work at anything and they’ve failed at every turn.

                No one can provide a reasonable counter-argument to this position.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I can GAE propaganda is retarded and thus wants to make female grunts rather than focusing on something that historically that women can sort of actually do.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  I said reasonable.

                  Your counter-argument is too absurd for any functional human adult to take seriously and also ignores all the studies and efforts made by the gay military to get women to be useful at anything, including the Navy and the Air Force.

                  Historically women cannot sort of do it, except according to communists who strangely don’t have female anything anywhere else in their military but very conveniently a propaganda sniper for the lulz who never knew because “sniper”.

                  You choose to believe this for some reason and anything said you will rationalize away like a crimestop, pointless conversation I guess. You’ve never seen a female sniper in your entire life though, but let’s trust the communists.

                • alf says:

                  I wonder what specifically makes women bad at sniping.

                  Let’s assume a woman has the technical capacity to set up a rifle, point it and pull the trigger. That’s not the problem. Probably, a major problem is sitting still for hours on end. Women hate being alone with their own thoughts. Add to that the pressure of the situation (“oh my god am I really going to kill someone? But what if they find me first? What if I miss??”) , and it is not hard to imagine a female sniper simply giving up and returning to base, much to the frustration of her superiors.

                • jim says:

                  Men have been hunting for four million years. Women have been banging the mighty hunter for four million years.

                  Probably a whole lot of things. Hunting requires many, many things. But one factor is that a man wants to put a bullet in the target, and wants to kill the enemy. The woman wants the enemy to pass the shit test with flying colors and bang her like a drum.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Fertile age women will be bad at anything requiring a cool head. Probably post menopause this gets better (depends on temperament though) but young women are too emotionally charged to handle such responsibilities. For instance if they see an alpha chad at the other end they will stat fantasizing and avoid pulling the trigger and make rationalization for their failure.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m not aware of anyone on the German side of WW2 or the American side of Vietnam who said it was all horseshit.

                  My understanding is that sniping on the defensive requires basically hiding alone and doing a lot of repetitive task and not say moving in kit cover to cover under heavy fire and such.

                  Plenty of women with insane levels of tolerance for mind numbing repetitive tasks so i find it believable enough. And for anyone who thinks there aren’t women ruthless enough to pull the trigger and watch a guy die… look at divorce rape women are plenty ruthless. They are also operating mostly solo 90% of the time… so not ruining the unit by drama causing gossip shit testing etc.

                  So with sniping the female liabilities of toxic group dynamics weaker strength and stamina tendency to choke under stress are lessened while their greater tolerance for repetitive tasks is heightened. That’s why I find it believable enough perhaps exaggerated though.

                • jim says:

                  During the battle of Stalingrad, the Germans captured some female soldiers, and found it surprising and amusing. So they failed to notice those female snipers in action. The Germans did not notice the existence of Russian soldierettes until the battle of Stalingrad had been running for a long time, and when they finally discovered, thought it amusing.

                  No one said it was horseshit. But equally, no one noticed that soldierettes were shooting at them. No one said it was horseshit. But no one noticed it was real, either.

                  If any soldierette had ever done anything useful ever, the Germans would have had soldierette prisoners and or corpses earlier.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To clarify I’m not claiming female grunts are useful I’m claiming in some cases they probably do make passable snipers. Snipers are almost never taken alive.

                • skippy says:

                  Sniping is neither a decisive factor in any operation, nor easy to prove presnece/absence.

                • i says:

                  The Feminist and Leftist State of “Rojava” is still holding on in Syria:

                  Since the GAE focus has gone elsewhere. The casualty figures aren’t so skewed towards their faction as when the War against ISIS was on full swing.

                  They easily defeated the Arab Tribes.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            The sniper question (lol) reminds me of Annie Oakley. Unless her history is straight up fabricated, she hunted from a young age and then spent years sharpshooting in front of paying audiences. Even today, cuckservatives love to take their women to the shooting range, where they do a reasonable job of sending bullets in the direction of the target.

            But one factor is that a man wants to put a bullet in the target, and wants to kill the enemy. The woman wants the enemy to pass the shit test with flying colors and bang her like a drum.

            True but should not be taken too far. Woman can be vengeful towards those who fail the shit test. Often this takes the form of false rape accusations but, given the opportunity, they’re sometimes quite willing to kill.

            But equally, no one noticed that soldierettes were shooting at them. No one said it was horseshit. But no one noticed it was real, either.

            Given the context of urban warfare, how could the Germans possibly have known the people shooting at them were women until they got up close to corpses or took prisoners?

            I suspect it’s possible to overestimate the female tendency to give in and be taken captive. (Am trying very hard not to phrase this as “hail fellow misogynists, we overestimate…”) I recall Gregory Cochran chimping against CovfefeAnon with a WW2 story of Japanese women killing themselves rather than accepting capture. Then I think of the old testament directive to slaughter a captured city and old keep the young women for wives. It would make sense that young women are more “plastic” or amenable to captivity and that older women with children become “invested” in their social groups. Who would bridenap a 40 year old woman? So, I suspect they’ve a more concrete understanding of ingroup/outgroup mechanics than those who are biologically available for capture, and they are thus more psychologically willing to kill.

            • jim says:

              > > But equally, no one noticed that soldierettes were shooting at them. No one said it was horseshit. But no one noticed it was real, either.

              > Given the context of urban warfare, how could the Germans possibly have known the people shooting at them were women until they got up close to corpses or took prisoners?

              No shortages of dead snipers in urban warfare. You become aware of the location of a sniper, and then have to take them out.

              The Germans only became aware of the existence of soldierettes when they captured a camp. I conjecture that when a soldierette was put in a sniper post, she just did not snipe, and at some point when imminent danger of being overrun, she dropped her gun and the incoming troops just did not take her seriously as an actual soldier.

              Germans just did not become aware of soldierette snipers till they captured an entire batch of them who were not sniping at the time.

            • Fidelis says:

              Total tangent, but sometimes I feel like shit test logic is stretched. Its so braod a concept you can finegal all sorts of behavior as a shit test, and can infer all sorts of possible shit tests. To the point the concept very quickly loses prediction power when applied to less common contexts.

              I was wondering how truth finding could be accomplished here, and realized it would amount to a social science study. That lead to this new question: are social sciences inherently bad as a discipline, or just too filled with priests and women to ever properly seek truth? could reactionary social scientists create accurate and reproducible experiments that reveal truthful models of human nature?

              • Dharmicreality says:

                Shit test defined as “instinctive and provocative misbehavior (esp in the context of fertile age females) in order to elicit a violent response which would control and tame said misbehavior.”

              • alf says:

                > babe pls not everything is a shit-test
                > that’s exactly what someone shit-testing would say

              • jim says:

                The normal context is, of course, the mating dance, where it the concept fits like a glove. Anywhere else, it is a metaphor or an analogy. Though male leftists are sometimes so effeminate that they literally shit test, but that is not all that common.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Take this sniper discussion. Lets suspend disbelief and imagine for a moment this woman is sitting in the birds nest. Is it more in line to try and kill the approaching soldiers, because testing capacity to survive battle, or to miss on purpose because desire for a conquering soldier?

                  But one factor is that a man wants to put a bullet in the target, and wants to kill the enemy. The woman wants the enemy to pass the shit test with flying colors and bang her like a drum.

                  This is a question that arises when reading this discussion. What is female nature here? To test harder, or to gleefully accept capture without firing a shot?

                  I’m bringing this up because the ‘metaphor’, extrapolation of the behavior of the mating dance to the greater world, does seem to have predictive merit. But it also leads to these mostly unanswerable questions, and then strange highly hypothetical logical chains as to what the behavior would be in X situation given behavior in Y situations. Not just this sniper discussion, which is fairly far removed, but behavior of women in politics, workplaces, social groups, all of this has one foot in mating dance logic and another foot in social group dynamics logic. I think the model has merit, but lacks a great deal of refinement, and to get the model correctly refined would require lots of observation and hypothesis testing.

                  Which begged the meta question of, is it even possible to study human social dynamics the same way you might study the behavior of particles? Or is the domain hopelessly messy and best understood through thoughful intuition, as attempted maps lead you further and further from the actual territory?

                • jim says:

                  The map is not very useful. Game is not readily reducible to words. Like Paul in the New Testament, I am forced to speak in contradictions, and am endlessly misunderstood.

                  Back in the beginning, found itself inventing a new vocabulary. But for the vocabulary to meaningful, you have to grok the thing in itself. You are not going to get far with words alone.

                  The mating dance existed long before words.

                • alf says:

                  Which begged the meta question of, is it even possible to study human social dynamics the same way you might study the behavior of particles?

                  Within reason, absolutely. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing here.

                  What is a shit-test?

                  A shit-test is a part of the mating dance, in which the female misleads a man as to her true intentions. She will say A, but mean B, in order to gauge the man’s response. If the man takes A at face value, it communicates that he does not understand the mating dance and thereby might be a bad mate. So she loses interest.

                  If the man however understands that she is really meaning B, and acts in accordance as if she said B, it means he understands the mating dance. Good prospective mate, she gains interest.

                  In the mating dance, women shit-test as instinctively as men look at boobs. So we see examples all the time. Recently we had the example of a woman telling her boyfriend that she wanted to see other men, because she did not want to miss out on the fun her girlfriends were having. We know this is a shit-test, because we know women, deep in their heart, desire True Love over all else. What she was really saying was: ‘I am just not as interested in you as I used to be.’ Obviously, this was not an incident that happened in a vacuum — she was no doubt losing interest for a longer time, and he was likely missing the signs, so to phrase this as a single shit-test that the man ought to pass is a bit misleading. But taken over a longer period of time, a repeated failure of passing shit-tests, of failure to demonstrate that you as a man understand the mating dance, is what leads to this kind of outcome.

                  Obviously, not everything is a shit-test. Understanding what is a shit-test and what is not is part of the fun. I used to have plenty of fights with my wife concerning cleaning and tidying up. Because I was shit-test-trained(c), my instinct was that she was looking to complain about shit. But looking back, I was a slob and she was right. So, not always a shit-test.

                  But some things will always fundamentally be shit-tests. One of the last red pill lessons I learned was that the concept of marital rape is nonsense. Took me a while to get that one.

                • jim says:

                  Everything about game is a lot easier to understand if you put the words in the context of Evolutionary Game Theory.

                  A shit test is her giving you shit to discover if you are the shit.

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    Here is a perfect, wild kingdom, metaphor for Jim’s emphasis on the importance of a Caesar. Leopard attacks a pack of baboons. It didn’t go too well for the leopard. But note, the baboons all run until the dominant male attacks. Then the rest pile on.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      That’s it. This is why that “dominant male” job needs perks and rewards, too, because it’s so GD dangerous.

      • dharmicreality says:

        Nature is patriarchal. Nature rewards alpha males naturally, with authority, status and the best pussy. “Science” will go to great lengths to deny this.

        Leftists hate nature and hence they have a visceral hatred of healthy male behaviour. I suspect this goes deeper than mere ideology or State religion but fundamentally a physiological defect exacerbated by demon worship (which may be ultimately inter-related).

        This may also explain why they instinctively hate strong men like Trump, Putin and Modi and froth at the mouth uncontrollably when faced with this reality. These are the current examples of prominent alpha leaders in the world. They naturally look the part.

        Maybe that’s also part of the reason why they are apparently going “soft” on Vivek Ramaswami despite his all “more Trump than Trump” rhetoric. He fits more into the mould of a bugman and they probably see him (and likely correctly) as one of their species and so perceive him as less of a threat.

        • Western Taliban says:

          Maybe that’s also part of the reason why they are apparently going “soft” on Vivek Ramaswami

          After all the shilling in the blog about this guy there’s zero percent chance that is the case. Guy is a fed with a fed faction backing him.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            I said he looks like a bugman and is probably a bugman…

            the average leftie might not *know* he is a fed but instinctively feels he is one of their kind and so may not feel the visceral hatred they feel towards the likes of Trump.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              I appreciate your points. Vivek comes off like a pure bugman snake, but one who says bad boy reactionary things for no evident reason. Those very same words coming out of a more chadly Elon Musk-looking chassis and he could have been dead by now.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            My point was that beyond stated ideology and political positions, nature tends to show people for what they are through their physical features.

        • Carte Blanche says:

          This may also explain why they instinctively hate strong men like Trump

          We’re not still saying after all this time that Trump is a strong man, are we?

          Stubborn, yes. Confident, yes. Outspoken, definitely. But strong? No, non, nein, nyet, he proved his weakness over and over again day after day from 11/3/20 all the way up to 1/6/21. We hoped circumstances would turn him into a warrior, perhaps had good cause to consider it a genuine possibility, but he remained a merchant and carnival barker to the bitter end.

          Vivek isn’t any “stronger” or “weaker”, he’s just wholly owned by some deep-state faction. Trump was not owned, and that is why they hated him and continue to hate him. But the road between “not openly sucking Globohomo cock” and “ordering troops to fire on the horde of brown border jumpers and installing heavily-armed security at polling stations” is a very long one indeed, and he traveled less than halfway on it.

          Globohomo comes down hardest on weak resistance, those who are clearly on the Wrong Side of History but aren’t likely to respond to harassment and abuse with lethal force. If Child Protective Services agents have a habit of mysteriously failing to return to work after visiting your home, you’re far less apt to see them on your doorstep than someone who’s known to the neighbors as being wonderfully kind and forgiving.

          I don’t think we were wrong to be optimistic about Trump at the time, but there’s no excuse for perpetuating the fantasy now that all has been revealed. He was a talker, and for anything to change we need a killer, and a genuine killer probably isn’t going to bother with the traditional electoral campaign route.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Perhaps I wasn’t clear, but I was referring to his past as in the 2016-2019 Trump when he was definitely the alpha chad. He was genuinely a masculine and strong character despite his boomer uncle weaknesses from day 1. Their hatred of him still persists to this day though, despite his showing “weakness”.

            The funny thing is Trump is apparently to the Left of Vivek, but still Leftists get enraged by Trump more.

            My point is that, manly men tend to enrage Leftists in a far more instinctive and visceral way. That Trump failed was due to his boomer instincts and normality bias.

  23. Dharmicreality says:

    This incident by itself is insignificant but points to the larger trend of GAE getting increasingly isolated in the world by its own actions over an increasingly accelerated timeframe.

    Canada is of course the present spiritual capital of globohomo with the archetypal bugman faggot prime minister.

    The GAE is literally sinking before our eyes and globohomo is a dying religion. Though of course, nations are merely looking to replace globohomo with their own vision of “globosanshomo.”

    Seems that the acceleration of leftism is being contained by the slow death of the GAE.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      YouTube suggested to me a video about leftist Canadians preparing a contingency plan in case the US gets taken over by a right-wing regime. That would be awesome, because the new regime could just point guns at the diversity and say, “Go be Canada’s greatest strength!”, and Canada’s population would quadruple in a few weeks.

      There’s a huge difference between a war where one side has nukes and a war where both sides have nukes. Except that this weapon isn’t nukes, it’s niggers, driven toward the enemy to eat their food, ruin their neighborhoods, and rape their women.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        I can imagine Harvard’s finest moving to Canada and plotting their downfall if any form of MAGA faction gains power in the US.

        On the other hand any right wing restoration in the US should be quickly followed by military occupation of Canada and purging of Canada’s intelligentsia and undesirables.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Wherever the Harvardians decide to make their last stand, drive in hordes of their beloved Africans to keep them company. What are they going to do, dine on roast leg of nigger? (Jim says, “Sure, why not?”) They’re the gods of their own religion, so they’ll probably concoct a Talmudic rationalization for eating their diversity pets.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            One way helicopter rides for the hostile elite is a simpler and cleaner solution.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              I was talking about how to defeat them, not what to do with them afterwards. They’re not going to peacefully surrender and accept your free helicopter rides.

              My “give them the diversity they crave” strategy has already been put to use by Gov. Abbott, Pres. Lukashenko, and the ghost of Muammar Gaddafi, and it seems to be working.

              • A2 says:

                Better do it in the well-known way and require an unconditional surrender.

                • Sher Singh says:

                  Hmm, from the comments

                  “So basically Trudeau assassinated Nijjar, and then does what the left always does: instantly projected.

                  Agents of India were indeed “involved” – trying to stop it. However, they were just as incompetent as the Canadian agents, who weren’t able to make it look like a suicide.

                  This isn’t 100% or anything but it’s definitely the way to bet. Whenever a journalist says something, it’s safe to assume the exact opposite is true on every point, unless you have specific evidence to the contrary. E.g. Epstein might still be alive, never mind whether he was assassinated or committed suicide. I consider it likely (but far from guaranteed) that Nijjar is in fact dead, which would mean, by process of elimination, that Trudeau is the one that killed him.”


                • jim says:

                  My natural assumption would have been that India did it. But Trudeau going off in parliament without having any actual evidence would indicate India did not do it. If India actually did do it, Trudeau would have waited till he had a case.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  You fight wars with the army you have, and the only army Greg Abbott has is the millions of illegal immigrants the Biden regime has dumped on his doorstep.

                  The next civil war might turn into a contest of who can torture immigrants more barbarically so that they flee to the other side and become their problem. There’s never been such a war before because there’s never been a country so packed to the rafters with useless eaters before.

              • Dharmicreality says:

                If one had the ability to drive undesirables/ niggers to foreign territory you should be able to occupy said foreign territory with military force.

                Then give a choice to the hostile elite either to live the rest of their lives amidst the undesirables in their dirty fenced ghettoes or take helicopter rides.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Conquering enemy territory is hard; driving niggers out of territory you already control is easy. Niggers have a special power you can exploit: Leftists won’t shoot them, because if they did, they’d suddenly sprout square mustaches and start singing the Horst Wessel Song, a fate they consider worse than death.

        • The Cominator says:

          You’re one of the good Indians. All Jesuits we can get our hands on internationally need to die too… as soon as we are strong enough we must enforce a suppression of the order on the Vatican…

      • Aryaman says:

        I think foreign students (of which a vast majority are Indian) comprise fully one-fourth of Canada’s population 18-24. Just stunning how swiftly that country abolished itself

  24. ten says:

    Wasn’t Anatoly /ourguy/ in the past or am i misremembering?

    Anatoly Karlin 🧲💯
    Liberal Jews single-handedly accelerated scientific progress by maybe 10 years over where it would have been without them and served as an icebreaker for global ethical and moral progress. But happily there will be many other candidates to replenish the Elite Human Capital pool.

    • Aidan says:

      He was, but he got buckbroken by the GAE. That the Machiavellian “side with the greater power no matter what”(his position) is indistinguishable from the slavish buttboy is a thing worthy of rumination on.

      • Wolf says:

        Many jumped onto the Neoreaction and Alt-Right bandwagon when it was surging in 2016. The amateur movement was shut down pretty easily and the bandwagoners jumped ship. From a Machiavellian point of view, the slavish buttboy was right.

  25. JustAnotherGuy says:

    New tech decline:

    “The Coast Guard hasn’t launched a new heavy icebreaker since 1976. Out of practice, U.S. shipbuilders have had to relearn how to design and build the specialized vessel, say officials in the industry and the government…

    By comparison, Russia has three dozen national icebreakers suitable for the Arctic, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, and China has four, including two icebreaking research ships that regularly appear at high latitudes.”

    • someDude says:

      if they managed to relearn it, not tech decline

      • jim says:

        They have not managed to relearn it yet.

        The US Navy gave up on ordering new warships after they delivered one that did not work.

        I predict they will sail it into the arctic, and the crew will need to get rescued by helicopter.

      • Karl says:

        The ship will be new, heavy and able to break ice, if the ice is not too thick, one or two inches should be OK.

        So they will call it a new heavy icebreaker.

        • US Lol says:

          Nyet… US doesn’t have snow choppers either remember they keep crashing them all in their pussy ski mountain training…. US shhip will need rescue by russkiya chopper flown from russ icebreaker.

          Icebreaker need huge high torque low speed gear proptrains, thick filled void armor hulls, massive water pumps. Best they have is little water tower pumps, 90 year old museum battleship armer, and gay driveshaft like “Chevy Cruze”.

          Look at their aircraft carriers they all list to one side so bad they had to seal off lots of former in-use compartments and perma fill them with ballast and now they dont have them avail for emergency damage control anymore either.

          Now whenever they fix one of they f-35 good enough to fly knockoff fan blades on recycled climate friendly fry oil, they get shot down by ufos on galactic training mission in state like the “north carolina”.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            funny post. please to be doing the needful and qualifying the claim about aircraft carrier, vanya. ordinary claims demand ordinary evidence.

  26. ermine says:

    Jim, what you’re saying is that a man who is looking for a relationship and marriage is unattractive to a woman because she will compare him to those men who can get sex without a relationship, and therefore such a man will look less attractive to them, because she will fuck with them even if she knows that they will leave her.

    This is obviously true for the average girl. This is also true even for the majority of the minority who do say that it is important for a girl to preserve herself until marriage: because most of these girls lose their virginity to someone else. But there is a narrow layer of girls who REALLY save themselves for marriage. Of course, there are few such girls, but these are the best girls.

    And your tactic of “conquering a girl, and then the relationship will form on its own” deprives a man of the chance to get a relationship with just such girls. If not, then how to conquer the most stubborn girls in this regard?

    • jim says:

      Do not look for unicorns.

      AWALT. All women are like that.

      However, although all women are like that, there is wild variation in the age at which sexual desire sets in, unlike men for whom sexual desire sets in at puberty as reliably as clockwork. For women, usually sets in unreasonably early long before puberty, or unreasonably late long after puberty. If a woman is a virgin at eighteen or so, sexual desire is setting unreasonably late.

      > If not, then how to conquer the most stubborn girls in this regard?

      If you are in a private comfortable secure place with a woman, and sex does not ensue, she is just not that into you. (Though you need to be mindful that while men are triggered by visual and physical fertility cues, women are triggered by social cues of alpha and preselection, and she is not going to be into you until she has registered the relevant social cues.)

      • ermine says:

        If a woman begins to experience attraction later than eighteen, what does that say about her? Do you have an explanation why many girls begin to experience sexual desire before puberty and some later? Maybe late girls simply have muted instincts due to their high intelligence and peculiarities of upbringing?

        If I don’t look for unicorns, who should I look for? Is it enough that the girl has a father and there are no obvious signs of degeneration, such as dyed green hair? What are acceptable and safe approach strategies? Where won’t a guy over twenty get eaten for looking at pubescent girls? How to drag a fourteen-year-old girl into a comfortable, private and safe place?

        • jim says:

          Not very much. Seems rather random, as far as I can tell.

          > Maybe late girls simply have muted instincts due to their high intelligence and peculiarities of upbringing?

          I don’t think so, hits them all like a truckload of bricks. Lawyerette chicks are highly intelligent, or used to be before universities started printing law degrees on rolls of toilet paper, and look at them. When they meet a badass criminal, their pussy overrides their brains.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Was talking with a guy who works as a Corrections Officer. The women employees, like nurses and doctors, are rotating in and out on a nearly weekly basis because they keep getting caught having sex with the inmates.

            This gives the inmates an understandably massive moral boost, which makes them feel like they are the ones in fact running the prison, and in many ways they are.

            It wouldn’t take much to change this sorry state of affairs, which implies this is how the government wants it.

    • Neofugue says:

      > But there is a narrow layer of girls who REALLY save themselves for marriage.

      They also are all above 5 foot 10, possess an IQ above 120, weigh no more than 120 pounds, with pointy elf ears on top.

    • Doom says:

      Kid I know – 21 – tall, fit, polite, hard working. Living in a house his dad owns, rent paid to dad is counted by him as deposit for first house.

      Been with his GF since he was 19, she was 16.

      Broke up with him last week because she’s “missing out” on what her female friends have.

      By her own admission, he has set the bar super high. Nonetheless, she wants to go and be a whore. Thankfully, this has immediately redpilled him, but then, his own mother left to also go and be with her demon lover so I don’t think much of a push was needed. The conversation went like “but my girlfriends…” “OK so I’ll help you pack your things”.

      I admit I felt some hope for the future when this story was relayed to me.

      Jims prescription for relationships (which is what you are really asking about) is straightforward. AWALT, set your standards, if they don’t want to meet it, they can leave.

      • ermine says:

        There’s a difference between your girl who follows your rules and the girl who follows your rules but has been through a mile of dick before.

        • Doom says:

          Unfortunately if your expectation is to find a girl who has not had a mile of dick, you are going to be disappointed.

          It is just how it is these days. Women encourage one another to be sluts.

          I have unfortunately numerous personal anecdotes similar to the above.

          You cannot convince a low body count young woman to start a family.

          With that said, there are women who do not like sex. You may potentially find a loyal woman in this pool – she will naturally have a lower body count – but of course, she will not be able to provide you with the pornographic modern pleasure experience.

          I would suggest that is the best place to look, and that to simply let go of the desire for sex for pleasure is a worthwhile sacrifice to have a decent family.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Passport bros exist for a reason. While overseas women might not be entirely “pure,” they are not nearly as damaged as the average whore school graduate or career spinster. I know several military Officers who have done recent deployments to Japan and Korea and got married to women who were fresh out of high school. I know many civilian DoD who have done the same thing. It helps that by being the foreigner you are, ironically, the demon lover.

            The thing is, you don’t need to be working for the government to be a passport bro.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              The mail-order-bride thing died when men discovered that imported women Westernize in about two weeks.

              Most of the hatred toward passport bros seems to come from black women, which makes sense because Africa’s a pussy paradise that’s stealing their men. White countries are all very feminist now, so white men who aren’t willing to race-mix might as well stay where they are.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                passport bros solved that by going native overseas. The bride can’t (has much harder time to) Westernize if she isn’t brought over to the West.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Yes, mail-order-bride and passport-bro are two different things. My wife is MOB and I’m PB, which leaves us 5,000 miles apart.

                  The problem with both is that all white women in the world who aren’t members of isolated religious communities have already Westernized. It’s simple math: If the average single woman earns even half the salary of the average single man, she won’t quit that job and marry him without a lot of prodding from her mother, aunts, and grandmothers, and that pressure just isn’t there anymore.

          • alf says:

            While traveling I once met this cute American chick who was intent on waiting until marriage. She actually stuck to it — only allowed me to finger her, and she refused to give me head as much as I argued that giving head did not count.

            As much as a lone virgin girl traveling is an oxymoron, had I been in a more reactionary mindset at the time, I’d have married her. I forget the details, but she was definitely a remnant of rural Christian America.

            You cannot convince a low body count young woman to start a family.

            You can’t? Pretty sure you can. Well maybe as a young man you can’t. It’s hard to know what buttons to press.

            • A2 says:

              Arcade Stick CB Arcade-Stick-Right Arcade Stick LR+Arcade Button Punch or Arcade Button Kick (Punch hold or release Arcade Button Kick)

              • alf says:


                Put it this way: obviously there’s low body count young woman starting families. Seen this multiple times. Near without exception, they come from big Christian families. So seems they imitate what they know: if from a happy big family, and ‘nudged’ towards Christian men from other happy big families, they are very likely to start another happy big family.

                The entirely understandable problem is when you do not snatch a girl from that kind of semi-exclusive, semi-shrinking pool. How are you supposed to convince a girl with an average highschool experience, average college experience, to start a family?

                The wrong way to go about it would be to rationally convince her. The right way seems to me to just pass her shit-tests and watch her ‘spontaneously’ get pregnant. Woops, guess we’re a family now.

                ‘I don’t want to miss out on what my girlfriends are experiencing’ is an obvious shit-test. “Your girlfriends are experiencing dumb shit, STD’s and lots of crying. They are lonely, fat and depressed and constantly gossip and bitch about each other. I don’t get why you still hang out with them.”

                • A2 says:

                  Depends on the setting, it seems. For instance, the girls in Academia Town had boyfriends but waited until done with their degree to produce offspring. They seemed to get antsy at 25-27 though.

                  In Working Class Town, in the vicinity of where I currently live, girls (white) exit highschool and a year or two later push around strollers, as everyone agrees is right and proper. Well, some of them run away to uni of course. But as a rule of thumb.

                • Doom says:

                  Yeahhhh I regret my comment. I see 18 year olds pushing prams all the time – “lower class” women.

                  I was clearly thinking from what I assumed his frame was. I don’t think I was entirely wrong, because I think he and I were both thinking about the same class of woman – a “normal” woman, ie, one that you can go out and see in public.

                  >How are you supposed to convince a girl with an average highschool experience, average college experience, to start a family?

                  >miss out on what my girlfriends are experiencing’ is an obvious shit-test.
                  Yeah the more I think about it the more I see his reponse is literally “I’d rather you go and fuck other men than bother with you” which is exactly how she will interpret it. Massive failure.

                  I’m seeing him tonight, so, will discuss.

            • The Cominator says:

              If your fingering technique was better you’d have fucked her

              • alf says:

                Impossible, my three-finger roundabout technique is impeccable.

                But honestly, in that specific situation I’m pretty sure I got as far as possible. On later occasion she once flew out to see me, and that at this meeting I didn’t fuck her, you may attribute to my lack of game.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To be fair I’m used to doing it to fairly promiscuous women but my experience is if you rub the clit right (if they let you do that) and they lose all control. Hold off on fingerings keep to rubbing for longer than you think…

                • alf says:

                  It’s different with non-promiscuous women. Really is. I used to be big into the idea that if she doesn’t let you hit by the third date at the latest, she’s just not that into you. But my wife of all women made me wait until the fourth.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The only good girl who ever really seemed to like me was the enginerette and I wasn’t keen on ruining her life as I considered myself unworthy at the time so as much as I liked being around her I never tried to fuck her.

                • alf says:

                  Ah you were too good for her anyway.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The opposite…

                • Carte Blanche says:

                  enginerette… wasn’t keen on ruining her life… considered myself unworthy

                  Puh-leeze. Every engineerette taken off the job market is a net gain for the industry, and a huge favor to the poor schmucks still working in it. So go ahead, knock them all up, and encourage them to take every day of their mat leave and then some.

                  Don’t put women on pedestals, especially “career women”.

        • Doom says:

          Oh! Sorry for the spam. But, don’t forget ugly girls.

          I observed a guy who was no more than 25 yesterday with a great big ham beast, she was very polite, pregnant, and pushing a stroller with his other kid. Wearing a conservative dress, and no makeup.

          If they don’t think they’re worthy of male attention, indeed, if you find them somewhat repellent, they will be a good candidate.

          But it comes down to letting go of the desire for exciting porn sex.

          This is womens folly too – wanting to feel that sexual excitement constantly. Violent drug dealers are sexy, paying the bills on time is not.

          • i says:


            God gave us good reason for preferring Beauty in women:

            Related to Genetic Quality and likely resistance to disease. So its good to prefer Beauty.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Such selection pressure against female beauty causes fine hominid races to devolve into Quasimodos, a sad sight to behold.

          • Adam says:

            I’d rather have a pretty wife who had been a whore than an ugly wife who was chaste, not only for pleasure but for the success of my children.

            Never put pussy on a pedestal. Women are what they are. So long as you are sufficiently alpha to bang the girl and stop her from banging anyone else, enjoy her for who she is and forget about the rest.

            • Doom says:

              While you’re both correct, I really interpreted his line of questioning to be “how can I have a traditional, life long relationship with a woman without putting in stratospheric amounts of effort”

              Tom fuckin Brady can’t keep a wife, and don’t lets pretend that real true keep her game isn’t interpreted as “coercive control” abuse by the system. People come here all the time and imply Jim abuses women. Of course he doesn’t – its just what they need to stay.

              • jim says:

                Women want and need “coercive control”, and are deeply unhappy if they cannot get it, which unhappiness manifests as crazy behavior. Female misconduct is an instinctive reaction to weakness. The Evolutionary Game theory account of their troublemaking is that it is an attempt to get the alpha to appear and give them a well deserved bwating.

      • Aidan says:

        That is not the Jim prescription, not how you keep a girl when she gives you a shit test. She was begging him to own her, to be more alpha than the guys she imagines her girlfriends are fucking, and he failed.

        “I feel like I’m missing out” “get a hobby” “but my girlfriends” “they see twelve cats in their future and resent you for it” and so on. At the extreme end of the shit test: “if you leave because you want to get your ass pumped for five seconds by some drunk loser in a bar bathroom then nobody is ever going to find your body”

        By letting her leave, not even after a furious raging fight that involves breaking things and slapping her that is likely to end with her staying, he is going to feel like a faggot over it for years and she is likely to be eaten by twelve cats. Everyone loses. Letting a girl walk all cold and uncaring is for ones you consider little better than self-lubricating sex toys, not your high school sweetheart you’re living in a natural marriage with. Would you let a wife of three years just walk the fuck out to take some random cock? “I’ll help you pack your things”. Disgusting. She took his balls with her when she walked out the door.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          100% correct. The Cathedral has destroyed even instinctual tendencies in young men. The irony is that women are still property (and always will be), but now one just rents it from the State.

          >Would you let a wife of three years just walk the fuck out to take some random cock? “I’ll help you pack your things”. Disgusting. She took his balls with her when she walked out the door.

          What a fool.

        • Doom says:

          All true Aidan, perhaps I’m getting a little black pilled.

          Dread game is letting her walk, saying you don’t care, but when all that her friends, and the media narrative she consumes on a daily basis, is that “you’re hot you can do better”, does it work anymore?

          I did further probing because as you said, it does sound weak to fold, and there were discussions a bit longer than that, but no, no raging fights.
          Why rage about it when your girlfriend almost verbatim says “I appreciate this relationship but I want random cocks”

          Crying about it, getting clingy, all these things give girls “the ick” now.

          But you’re right, of course, you are all right to oppose this position, and I see I’m a moron for getting it so wrong.

          If you leave, you will die, is the correct position. And in hindsight, of course he is ready to let it happen, since he watched his own mother do it. I’m a shit friend!

          • jim says:

            I addressed this issue elsewhere in my game posts. Women desire credible ownership. Unfortunately, their perception of credible is long out of date. It is credible if she believes you might well kill her and her lover, that you will detect misconduct, and that you will not permit her to leave.

            Raging and getting upset is of course, counterproductive as it signals weakness. The credible threat needs to be subtle and gentle.

            • Doom says:

              Yeah, when it comes down to hit his response has really been weak – he upended his OWN life in order to meet her immediate short term need to feel like she wasn’t missing out on something retarded.

              It seems a strong position to say “I don’t care”, but ultimately – what did she say “I think I want to go and be a low priced whore with my friends” and he responded “You have so little value to me that I agree you should do this”.

              And I thought I was paying attention!

            • Aidan says:

              Raging and getting upset is indeed weakness, but it is at least proof that a man has some blood in him. “Ok I’ll help you pack” seems subhumanly cucked

              • Doom says:

                His mum walked out on his dad because the endless cancer wasn’t fun, and yet she constantly tries to insert herself into the family as “mum” still. Dad allows it.

                One brother has 2 children to a previous marriage that his current estranged wife forbade him to see – on pain of not seeing his kids with her – so he doesn’t know them at all. The only saving grace in his life is that “his” house is in his dads name so she can’t take it.

                Next brother killed himself after his 7 year psycho gf told him he was never good enough for her – of course after moving back in after the latest druggie she was drinking the semen of kicked her out. She also killed herself too, same way he did, hanged herself from stairs.

                Next brother had his high school girlfriend decide she wanted football player cock and exited their 8 year marriage a couple years ago. Took “her” money out of the house, of course.

                Next brother went overseas to be with a woman, does not engage with family anymore – pretty sure mums boyfriend abused him. With that said, the girlfriend is studying to be a girl surgeon and he isn’t employed. Just a matter of time.

                I can KIND of see why he just lets go so easily, although it is weak. Most of his male role models have been assfucked by women.

          • jim says:

            > Dread game is letting her walk

            That dread game is weakness, and everyone knows it. My dread game works better.

            • Western Taliban says:

              I wonder if your dread game is truly correct or if it’s the dread that is truly doing the work.

              To put it into perspective, a lion doesn’t threat a lioness with death, he just sets boundaries that the lioness must follow or is made to follow. From the lion’s perspective, there doesn’t seem to be any consideration of killing because there is no consideration of failure. If she gets uppity she gets a couple of roars and claws and he gets his way either way.

              When you jokingly and subtlety point out that she might end up dead if she goes rogue you are setting up boundaries and showing willingness to use force, prerequisites of successful leadership. But you’re also admitting “I cannot make you do it, so ultimately I’ll kill you”.

              While telling her you’re willing to kill her might be more effective than telling her you’re willing to leave her, telling her she has no choice and simply make her do it seems to be the true choice, since it’s a question of applied leadership, control and ownership.

              I don’t have as much experience as you and I have not been married, but it seems to me that the root of the problem is not willingness to kill and the strength doesn’t come from the willingness to kill, but rather the root of the problem is the unwillingness to control and the strength comes from the willingness to control. Killing is stronger and more controlling than abandoning, but simply dominating without a choice and acquiring submission is the ultimate form.

              To put it into yet another perspective, a man who can threaten you with death to control you, you might fear and grudgingly follow as long as he is strong enough to coerce you, but a man who can make you honestly follow him you will love, admire, die and fight for. Caesar’s army is not built on fear, it is built on altitude.

              It occurred to me reading your discussion, when I hear men having women problems it always seems to boil down to them listening and considering their women in the first place as if an equal and something outside of their control, trying to reach agreement for cooperation to some distant individual party, instead of simply telling them how things are going to be because they are theirs and that’s just it, the way a leader orders the follower.

              I remember a video of some blonde girl that went youtube-right-wing thing talking about an experience with her fiance or something. She wanted to break up and when she told him he literally just said “no, we are doing fine”. She just accepted it and actually was glad he did that, she was very happy with the relationship after it. He was some finance guy or something, no violence, no dread, pure control, “no, things are going to be this”, “ok”. Force with altitude.

              • jim says:

                I never told her I might kill her, nor implied it in any way, and would never say such a thing. At least not say it the way you imply. She just drew that conclusion.

              • A2 says:

                when I hear men having women problems it always seems to boil down to them listening and considering their women in the first place as if an equal and something outside of their control

                This is something I would have needed to hear and internalize as a young man.

              • Aidan says:

                This is true; ideally and at most times the unspoken frame is that you are in charge and her leaving is not an option. “No, we are doing fine” is the correct first response, the correct default frame, but when a shit test goes nuclear, and that frame is at risk of being broken, need to show her why that frame exists in the first place.

  27. Bwana Simba says:

    Edward Dutton has a special coming up detailing whether or not Ukrainian women are betraying Ukrainian men en mass. What has helped spark this video is, apparently, Ukrainian women are ditching Ukrainian men for western men a helluva lot. So whoever posted that theory on here a while back about this war being about western elite getting their hands on tons of Ukrainian gals might be on to something.

    • skippy says:

      Because Western elites apparently couldn’t afford plane tickets.

      It’s about destroying Ukraine and Ukrainian men.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Isn’t Dutton the limey faggot that platformed & praised some tranny last week?

      • Bwana Simba says:

        I haven’t watched all his videos. I see two where he praises Russel Brand. Do you know which episode that would be? I know he can be hit or miss, he gets a lot of red pilled stuff right and has some good books on the fall of IQ and fall of civilizations, but he fell for the COVID scan and has a weird dislike for incels.

        • Kunning Druegger says:

          He is redpilled on race, purportedly, but I am funding that all the English are cucks. They can’t help themselves I guess. Episode in question is recent IIRC.

          • Bwana Simba says:

            I have noticed that too. It’s a rare Anglo who is truly red pilled on women, even if they are red pilled on everything else. Case in point, Theodore Dalrymple used to be talked about on our side, his books being pretty good. But he has comments in the books about the treatment of women that show, even though he has all the data to prove otherwise, he is blue pilled on women. Case in point, he talked about how strict the Victorians were with women, sending hysterical women to asylums and ostracizing wicked women, and he is horrified by such notions. Likewise, one of his biggest arguments against Islam in Britain is the Muslim “don’t really believe in Islam” they are justing using it to control their women. Oh no. Men trying to control their women, God help us all. The guy will go on and on about how traditional cultures and religions were better and produced stronger people and then gasp in horror at their treatment of women.

            • Western Taliban says:

              If they are not red pilled on women they are not red pilled on anything, it’s all a lie. Someone who will not stand against female antisocial behavior and defend their own interests will not fight for anything or stand for anything, they are just posturing.

              I will go so far as to say that I’ve never met a man in my entire life who was trustworthy and worthwhile that would not acknowledge the WQ to some degree.

              • Doom says:

                Hmm. OK play devils advocate for a moment.

                Is not someone who seeks to shield women from all personal responsibility basically coming from a red-pilled frame anyway? Dalrymples tone towards men tends towards assumption they can control their own actions, women are just passive participants in comparison.

                Feminism is pretty red pilled at its core, if you really think about it. It’s all mens fault – because women have no agency.

                Real true intellectual feminsts (i’m laughing here a little) are against alimony.

                • Handi says:

                  Feminism has no core, it’s full of obvious incoherencies and contradictions because it’s made up on the spot by each woman to get whatever she wants at the moment.

                  Women’s lack of agency absolves them of many responsibilities, but necessity requires obedience in place of those. Your dog doesn’t have agency either but you still whack it if it shits on the floor.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.” -Winston Churchill in The River War, 1899

  28. Pax Imperialis says:

    @Pseudo-Chrysostom, where are you having such quality conversations? Discord? Does this look familiar?

    >[race/some reality] exists
    >Do you have a source on that?
    >A source. I need a source.
    >Ok, I’m gracious enough, here’s a source. Here’s many sources.
    >No, your sources don’t support your argument.
    >What? Yes they do.
    >The term you used is not in the source.
    >It’s an abstraction formed from an amalgamation of information from the sources.
    >Can you define it?
    >Ok, here’s a rough definition.
    >Oh, that definition isn’t good, because of x, y, z, a, b, […] x, y, z. Therefore your argument is wrong.
    >*several hours of back and forth over terms*
    >I’m not a damn lawyer… and you didn’t addressed the spirit of my statement.
    >You don’t have an argument, you can’t even define the terms you use.
    >It’s obviously true even if definitions are tricky. Do [different dog breeds/analogous reality] exist
    >Deflection! Whataboutism! Logical fallacy! Completely irrelevant!
    >Didn’t answer the question. Do [different dog breeds/analogous reality] exist?
    >Deflection! Whataboutism! Logical fallacy! Completely irrelevant!

    Occasionally, but increasingly rare

    >That’s a dog whistle you bigot!
    >So… is it true?
    >Deflection! Whataboutism! Logical fallacy! Completely irrelevant!

    • Adam says:

      Like the shills we see here, leftists are not interested in a conversation, they are interested only in dominating the discussion, and leaving the opponent exhausted, frustrated and confused by whatever means necessary.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      He was describing Wojak; you are describing Trigglypuff.

      The prototypical neckbeard thinks he is much smarter than he really is, has no social skills and a poor grasp of logic and has likely been further enstupidated by college professors and Wikipedia culture. But, and this is key, an argument with him is actually about the thing that it is about. He thinks he is right and thinks he is being persuasive. There’s nothing under the surface but sheer mediocrity.

      The prototypical SJW doesn’t care about the argument at all, and is only using it as a convenient excuse to hector and abuse you because she hates you and wants you dead. Logic is a tool of the enemy and her mind is entirely impervious to it; she is Exhausted and Doesn’t Have Time To Educate You because 98% of her time and energy is allocated to destroying your life. You don’t try to reason with an angry hornet’s nest, or an individual specimen for that matter, you either exterminate or give it a wide berth.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        I am seeing less and less Wojaks and more and more Trigglypuffs over the last decade.

        The Trigglypuffs I see are getting more and more dumb over the last decade.

        The decline in IQ used to be something akin to managed decline. Something like 13 points since the Victorians. I think we are reaching the point where decline can no longer be managed.

        • The Cominator says:

          Since late 2015 they’re all trigglypuffs, wojacks are so 2007. Wojacks have been in the Jimian holiness spiral chronology… intellectually tortured to death for insufficient leftism.

      • skippy says:

        “He was describing Wojak; you are describing Trigglypuff.”

        Is “trigglypuff” an actual meme yet?

        Such strong imagery. The new NPC.

  29. Mayflower Sperg says:

    In theory, surviving a zombie apocalypse is easy: Identify a location that’s well-stocked with useful goods, like an army base or a shopping center, convert it into a zombie-proof fortress, and wait for the zombies outside to starve.

    What always happens in the movies, and now for real in New York and Texas, is that the uninfected splinter into quarreling factions and set loose hordes of zombies upon each other, with horrific results.

  30. DavyCrockett says:

    Amazing and eye-opening story confirming what we know but viscerally in detail again, that Musk is willing to personally go into the trenches on renegade missions to expose the utter stupidity and evil of the common, vulgar conventional wisdom of “experts” and over-regulation and over-expensers, etc.

    • DavyCrockett says:

      Obviously the article futilely tries to call him an insane crazy idiot but if you know what you’re actually reading its obvious that its the opposite.

      • A2 says:

        “In that article, a number of ex-Twitter employees were quoted about how much work it would be to do that cleanly, noting that there’s a ton of stuff hardcoded in Twitter code referring to that data center (hold that thought).”

        Former twitter staff seem inordinately proud of the Twitter code and system even though it from the outside looks like a big, hacky, bashed-together ball of mud. I know, it has scaled far and at a rapid pace. The ubiquitous fail whale has been retired. Good job, as far as that goes. But please, some realism would also be nice. So for instance, hard coding data centers is not really top tier practice. In fact, it’s bottom tier.

        “When Musk talked about how he “disconnected one of the more sensitive server racks,” he meant that entirely literally, in that he literally unplugged it, involving a series of improbable (and ridiculously dangerous and stupid) decisions that resulted with him under the floorboards in the data center pulling the plug, after multiple people warned him not to.”

        Do you even have to go under the floorboards to turn off the power?

        “Another manager at the meeting said that couldn’t be done right away. “We can’t get out safely before six to nine months,” she [ahem – my note] said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Sacramento still needs to be around to serve traffic.””

        Reading on, that particular manager appeared rather to be in obstinate child mode. I assume she is no longer with Twitter, along with so many other key contributors.

        Well, all in all an amusing article, even if not intended that way. I suppose this is what Musk time looks like in practice.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Employees often have personal reasons for insisting that the company use a particular location or technology, e.g. having friends and family in Sacramento. Where I once worked, a big cost driver of our product was that each one had its own Oracle database. Why not try a free database instead? Because the DB guys wanted “Oracle” on their resumes, not “MySQL” or “PostgreSQL”! Companies that pay a lot for a database are willing to pay a lot for a database administrator.

    • Adam says:

      > “You’ll have to hire a contractor to lift the floor panels,” Alex said. “They need to be lifted with suction cups.” Another set of contractors, he said, would then have to go underneath the floor panels and disconnect the electric cables and seismic rods.

      What a fag. No wonder the company couldn’t make any money.

    • Western Taliban says:

      The faggot that wrote the article is a loser that will never accomplish anything worthwhile in his life.

      The whole situation is peak Age of Pioneers chad mentality vs Age of Intellect/Decadence virgin cuckoldry. That mentality is the real reason why Elon Musk is successful.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Fags like him rule you and me. They must be doing something right.

        • S says:

          They are willing to cut off their sons dicks to stay in good standing with Satan. Being willing to murder and torture everyone is the winning strategy for a power struggle, but it is incapable of ending a power struggle- it just ends with everyone dead and tortured.

        • jim says:

          And it is entirely plain what that something else is. They are aligning with power. But power is demanding an ever higher price from its adherents.

        • Western Taliban says:


          No, fags like him are not ruling you and me. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden have a longer list of rape victims that you have of acquaintances, they are in many ways the opposite of this fag.

          This worthless faggot is a minor minion by sucking cock like the faggot he is and not privy to the real party, he doesn’t represent the people who rule us at all. Hillary Clinton actually goes around in interviews laughing about steamrolling Libya. They do not care about “safety” except to use it as a regulatory political leverage against others and live their lives without much care or worry, randomly assassinating, randomly ravaging, randomly doing whatever. I did not see them worrying much about Afghanistan and Ukraine and talking about “safety”. Their political garbage being aired on the media all the time, like Pelosy doing the most blatant inside trading doesn’t take one second of her sleep. The vultures are complete degenerates and increasingly retarded but they are not like this faggot.

          Unfortunately they do worship demons and want to eat your innards and will push every garbage in your life to make you suffer and demoralize you, but yeah, they themselves do not particularly suffer it or worry about things like this faggot, they behave like they are the law of the land and in many ways they are.

          • Doom says:

            > fags like him are not ruling you and me.
            Very straightforward and well known rule applies.

            Who can you not criticise? They rule you. Elon has had nasty articles written about him, smear campaigns – NOT a ruler.

            Criticising Mr Soros is anti-semitic. No unpleasant rhetoric can be written about him.

            You see?

            • The Cominator says:

              The real rulers are hidden and thus you could probably criticize them as punishing you openly would alert others to their existence. You can criticize Soros but Soros is a functionaries but not an ultimate decision maker.

              • jim says:

                Shills can, and do, condemn Soros in the most vehement terms, but are strangely unable to mention his activities in the Ukraine – possibly because that would reference activites more closely connected to his paymasters.

                • Doom says:

                  Mentioning Soros’ activities in the Ukraine would be anti-semitic.

                  Remember the 6 gorillion

              • DavyCrockett says:

                Yes, you’re right, if you could somehow name the specific names of the specific real rulers, you could criticize them publicly, and not publicly punished.

                You might, or would probably, mysteriously die in some freak coincidence, and your blog post would be mysteriously deleted and never shown to anyone much and dismissed as conspiracy if a normal person ever saw it, not publicly, but secretly or privately perhaps.

                Of course most people would likely be unable to find the correct names of the correct people to begin with leaving that mute to begin with.

  31. RMIV says:

    hey Jim. thought you’d find this interesting it is footage of explosive drones being kamikaze’d into trucks on a bridge. thank you friend.

  32. Anon says:

    @ jim
    has china achieved tech parity with the new 7nm chip that huwawei produced?
    How did they managed to do it so fast?

    • jim says:

      China is still unambiguously still behind Taiwan, but catching up. They are also unambiguously ahead of the US.

  33. Pax Imperialis says:

    ‘Tales of the American Empire’ by Carlton Meyer, a retired Marine Corps Officer, is a series of many historical American Empire clearpills. It can be found here:

    His personal website is at:
    and blog at:

    Meyer’s major fault is placing in blame on “Wall Street” and “monied interests” rather than the Cathedral, although occasionally he does acknowledge with clarity the role of FDR/Truman in making the Global American Empire for more purely liberal ideological reasons.

    Being the vindictive autist sperg I am, I bring up MacArthur again, no doubt to what would be Red’s chagrin. Fuckin’ hell I do miss you Red, but being the entrenched fanatic (a Patton loyalist) I am, I must reiterate that MacArthur was a shit general and a FDR lackey.

    The American Empire’s Disastrous Defeat in 1942
    Treachery by US Army Generals in World War II

    • StJtMS says:

      Meyer looks like he has some interesting things to say however he’s dangerously naïve about the elephant in the room. His “major fault” as Pax correctly points out is actually a crippling defect. In one video (The Anglo-American War on Russia—pt 1) he refers to the early 20th century Revolution in Russia as a “peasant revolt” and thus repeats the hardcore blue-pill propaganda most of us were fed in school. As some may not be aware, 95%+ of the top 300 Bolsheviks were J€wish and the few that weren’t were usually married to J€ws. The revolution was financed largely with Wall Street money from J€wish bankers Jacob Schiff and others. Peasants were often happy to join in the toppling of apple carts but they definitely had no role in fomenting this revolt (nor any other). If this is new to you a good place to start is Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together. (A article on it is here – Download to the book can be found here:

      Knowing this is key to understanding what’s happening in the West today. In Ukraine for example, knowing that the leaders of the conflict (the US’s Nuland, Kagan, Blinken, et al, and Ukraine’s Zelinsky and some top advisors) all share the same J€wish tribal affiliation is vital to understanding why a military loss is still a win since it means an ever-growing number of dead Ukrainian and Russian slavs. J€ws form a nation within a nation wherever they are. As dual passport holders–as Ben Shapiro says about himself–they can always flee to Israel if things go to hell in the US. If the war mongering crew running US foreign policy foolishly gets the war they want with China, the potentially devastating collateral damage to the US populace will not negatively affect them nor “their” people.

      • S says:

        The Bolsheviks overthrew the provisional government; the provisional government overthrew the czar. They won because they realized the winning strategy was ‘go as far to the left as possible’ and outflanked everyone.

        • StJtMS says:

          Yes indeed, lots of J€wish infighting then–and continuing after. Also noteworthy that the son of one Moses Schiff, broker for the Rothschilds, Jacob Henry Schiff, through his Wall Street firm Kuhn, Loeb and Company financed the early 1917 overthrow of the Romanovs–leading to their eventual murders–as well as financed the Bolshevik revolution later that year.

          • The Cominator says:

            The Bolsheviks overthrowing the provisional government wasn’t financed because it didn’t cost anything… the Bolsheviks winning the civil war was the weird thing and is likely due to Woodrow Wilson and “Colonel” House backing them while pretending to back the whites.

            • skippy says:

              The US Government did spring Trotsky from a Canadian internment camp. Not saying that was because of Jews, but who knows.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              The Reds had a unitary command structure and singularity of purpose, whereas the Whites were composed of many different people who wanted many different things.

              The Reds often incited peasants and workers to murder their landlords and bosses, then warned them that they’d be harshly punished for this if the Whites won the war.

              That’s the power of demon worship — it makes you do things that can’t be undone, forcing you to serve the demon forever.

  34. Reality Check says:


    Gurulev himself (among many others; this is just the most recent example) describes the Ukrainian tactics completely differently, emphasizing the focus on the machinery and hardly a mention of infantry except in platitudinal assurances about how theirs are better. Meanwhile, what you describe as being what the Ukrainians are doing _now_ corresponds exactly to what the Russians _were_ doing six months ago. Nor do you provide any evidence whatsoever for your counterfactual.

    I know you are trying to manage an online microcult here and maintain a total information vaccuum, but this is ridiculous.

    • jim says:


      This is an entirely surrealistic and far fetched meaning you have artificially imposed on Gurulev, and I doubt you formed it by reading what he wrote, but from what a Cathedral source wrote about what another Cathedral source wrote about what another Cathedral source wrote about Gurulev, and then you dug up a random link to Gurulev that bears no particular relationship to those fourth hands claims about him.

      Obviously the Ukrainians have men near the front line of defense in the Robotyne salient, sometimes in it, and sometimes through it. They don’t have tanks and armored vehicles near it. If they do, show me a geolocated video. If Gurulev says something different, quote him, rather than some fourth hand interpretation of his words by people that want him, and me, dead. The link you gave does not appear to say or imply anything contrary to what I claimed. Supposedly he contradicts what I claimed. Not seeing it.

      Which tactics on the Robotyne salient mean that the Ukrainian offensive tactics consist of marching cannon fodder over minefields under fire from Russian positions on the hills surrounding the valley in which Robotyne is located. The videos of Ukrainian armored vehicles being blow up are all well back from the front.

      Which is consistent with enormous growth of graveyards in the Ukraine, consistent with four hundred thousand casualties over the course of this war so far.

      Note that the Challenger tank whose crew was annihilated recently was located on the safer end of Robotyne. The Ukrainians are holding their tanks and armored personnel carriers in the back, and sending cannon fodder in front, with artillery support from tanks far behind them.

      Ukrainian tactics and strategy indicate that those running this war hate Ukrainians as much or more than they hate Russians, and almost as much as they hate white Americans.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        One reason to mourn the death of physical newspapers is that they served as a great expositional tool. Our hero wakes up in the ruins of a destroyed and deserted city, and wonders, “What the fuck happened?” So he finds an abandoned shop and reads the last newspapers.

        One story told this way is the Seven Hour War in the Half-Life video game. In short, sometime in the early 2000’s aliens attacked the Earth and killed most of its population, until a mysterious Dr. Breen stepped forward and offered to negotiate with the invaders…

        Dr. Breen is portrayed as a great villain, reviled by all surviving humans, but why? In the 2020’s it’s become obvious that our present rulers hate us and want us all dead, whereas these aliens accepted our surrender and immediately stopped killing us, which makes Dr. Breen a hero in my eyes, even if it was his experiment that opened the inter-dimensional portal that allowed the invasion in the first place.

        • Pseudo-chryssotom says:

          Well, they stopped killing the humans kinetically, but the literal anti-natal sterilization field set up with their spacemagic was also going to do the job eventually, just long enough for the collaborators to be converted into forms more suitable for their purposes while the refuseniks get ontologically demoted.

        • yewotm8 says:

          I thought it was implied that Breen was already in contact with the Combine before pushing for the failed experiment that facilitated their invasion. Which is how he knew how to “negotiate” with them so well. He summoned them in the first place.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Well, good for him, and for us. He saw the present ruling elite niggerizing the entire planet, figured that all attempts to overthrow that elite would fail, and sought to save humanity in some form by summoning aliens to rule us instead. The aliens obviously want us alive, because they allowed us to surrender and live, and I doubt they’re keeping us for meat because almost any other animal on Earth is better suited for that purpose.

            • yewotm8 says:

              They didn’t save humans tho. Their goal was to enslave humanity, forbid reproduction, and drive it to extinction as slave soldiers. Not too different from the literal or metaphorical demons described by Jim.

              I’m not sure if I’m missing a joke (possible).

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Well, which is it? They already killed 90% of humanity in a few hours, might as well finish the job if that’s their goal. On the other hand, if they covet an endless supply of cannon fodder for their endless wars, they need to enslave women and breed them with their slave-soldiers.

                I don’t expect the game creators to explain this for the same reasons the creators of Warhammer 40,000 won’t explain how human reproduction works in their universe.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Warhammer 40k humans mostly reproduce the old fashioned way (space marines are sterile though and new ones are only made through bio modification of normal humans) and generally cloning humans to produce en masse is disallowed. There are exceptions Krieg has a dispensation that allows it to mass produce clone soldiers.

                  Not really familiar with the Half Life plot…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Beams of behavior created by lenses of rationalization filtering the light of desire for sadistic torture is a perfectly valid possibility.

    • Doom says:

      >I know you are trying to manage an online microcult here and maintain a total information vaccuum

      Sounds like an ad hominem

      Your opinion -> discarded as unlikely to be factual

  35. Yul Bornhold says:

    The Ukrainian deep-into-pregnancy uniform:

    • Encelad says:

      The video is from November 2022, so hopefully just a Public Relation stunt to please Globohomo by showing strong badass women.

      • Western Taliban says:

        What do you mean hopefully? If they are sending retarded whores to get blown up all the better: Total Ukrainian Death.

        • Encelad says:

          sending fertile females to their death en masse would mean Ukrainian genocide. Which is what our wicked elite wants. I am not eager to see a white nation wiped out from Earth at the orders of our enemies.
          Also, it is a huge waste of pussy.

          • Western Taliban says:

            Everyone who supports the Ukraine agenda is a demon who needs to be purified, no excuses.

            • Calvin says:

              Hatred of the current illegitimate occupation government in Ukraine does not, and should not, equal hatred for the Ukrainian people themselves.

  36. Search Box Is Goatse says:

    The search box is fucking gay.

    Add a checkbox that expands searches entire threads instead of just the OP’s.

    • jim says:

      I have numberless fixes that urgently need doing, and this issue is way down on my list of priorities. I am running wordpress software. A check for wordpress plugins that search comments revealed only Relevancsi, that is a paid product that spies on one’s user base.

      No wordpress site that I am aware of offers comment search, though they should. It is not hard. SQL directly supports search by post, comment author, and date, or any combination of those, and such searches would go mighty fast, because of the b-tree in the database. Search for what is inside comments is considerably more work, and there an unreasonably large number of comments to search through, so in order to make searches complete in reasonable time, it would be necessary to create an ajax database, which would take even more space and considerably more work. Search for comment content on a particular post by content would be easy, and would complete in reasonable time.

      A search widget for comments by date, post, and author, but not comment content, is easy. You do it. A straightforwardly implemented search (regex) over comment content for a limited range of comments selected by date, post, and author, is not hard doable,provided that there is a limit on the number of comments (Display comments in date order, most recent first and if the limit is exceeded, only display the most recent comments meeting the post, date, and time criteria, by using a limit on the number of results that your SELECT statement can return.)

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      >Search Box Is Goatse

      Huh, takes me back to old school 4chan. Chaotic, and now that I think about it, kinda evil. Moldbug was right. Chaotic can’t be really be separated from evil.

      Goatse is fucking GAE. Be ashamed for conjuring up that image.

      Google does a decent job at returning resulted with:
      “stuff you want to find” site:website url

      If that wasn’t enough for you, you can download the website and search the files with your own software. Weren’t you the techbro who was posting website suggestions previously? You should know this.

      • C4ssidy says:

        A man opening his anus is not worse than sodomy, if anything sodomy is worse, ergo goatee is more tame than gae and you’ve let globohomo numb your disgust reaction and get your values muddled up

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Surely you’re trolling me? Goatse is a picture of implied sodomy. Decades of it. Countless times. I have no idea how anyone could get like that naturally. They must be stuffing things up there.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The guy ‘behind’ goatse as it were made lots of pictures of him stuffing large objects up his rectum, hello.jpg just happened to become the most infamously viral.

          Shock sites, like meatspin and lemonparty, were a signature feature of the old wild west of the early internet.

          • Hesiod says:

            “Goatse is a reactionary issue.”

            Jim is a long-suffering host, indeed.

            • Pseudo-CHrysostom says:

              There was always a big element of ‘shock the bourgeoisie’ back that (though of course not thought of in such terms). You and the bros getting together to own the normie cattle. In fact, it was a lot like digital cattle raids in a way. What was the point of getting together to vandalize some random forum or website somewhere and ruin everyone’s day there? There’s always a good excuse naturally – but the primal energy source above all was the rush of the vandalism itself; showing that You and Your Board were top dogs, and that the gay lolcows get what’s coming to them.

              /i/nvasion and raid culture grew out of this, along with the interrelated subculture of Anonymous. This was the primordial soup guys like Weev, GNAA, and Kirtanner sprung from. (And largely died when guys like the later were converged by glowniggers.)

              This kind of aimless expression of thymos by young men was de rigueur in the mid to late 20th century. Have you ever noticed how the translation of Guy Debord’s pen name is literally ‘edgy guy’? Society of The Spectacle was in effect a description of the Polygon avant la lettre. Many of these types were nominally associated with communism, anarchism, and other leftist fronts; but in spiritual terms, they were not of the same race as their ‘fellow travelers’, so to speak.

              • Hesiod says:

                Most informative; and lest anyone doubt, my original comment was in earnest mirth because one never knows what will be in discussion here. One-upmanship in saying or doing something outrageous or transgressive builds comradery amongst the lads. But take it from someone who knows all too bitterly: that which is seen, cannot be unseen.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      In the past I’ve usually just used site specific searches with an engine when I need to find something in particular on the site. I know of several sites that just directly plug in a search engine for such purposes. You could probably use a searx instance (eg, for that here.

  37. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Poor guy had to castrate himself like this, I bet Steve Jobs would have to do some similar shit if he didn’t pass away early.

    • A2 says:

      Shed no tears for Tim Cook.

      I suppose that was taken from the latest Apple product release, because they spent a lot of time at the beginning on things like that and I went and did the dishes instead. Stylistically, it was stuffed with meats from all over the world loving the new product, set in the exclusive dried out scrub land where Apple head quarters are located. Then inevitably it cuts to the team leader, a middle-aged white(-ish) man who does the spiel. Again and again. (As one of said group, I made the thumbs-up every time.)

      • A2 says:

        NB. There was a lot of quacking about climate change and your shiny new product is made from 100% disgusting trash, and also have you heard of USB-C? It all seems to signify that the well of creativity was a bit dry this year.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Loosely on the topic of tech guy castration. Starfield is goyslop the game. Makes Baldur’s “Bear” Gate 3 look like GIGACHAD in comparison. Starfield dev team went out of their way to make GAEfield.

        -Many pointless goyslop food items that have no practical game impact. You will eat the bugs and heal nothing.

        -You will romance used up bisexual hag whores and be nagged.

        -Your choice of bros are gay cucks raising the wife’s boyfriend’s daughter.

        -You will have no interesting factions because they are all GAE girl power nigger trannies.

        -You will have no standard RPG choices as there’s only ever one “right” answer, the GAE answer.

        -You will have shit UI because the lead UI programmer is a purple haired bony vegan bitch.

        -You will see all the NPCs are ugly and fat because Bethesda hired ugly landwhale bitches.

        -You will explore Africa in space because niggers be holy.

        -I could easily write 10,000 words and it barely cover everything.

        The one good thing to come from this game is the entertainment value of messing with goyslop/nigger/tranny/hag lovers on various forums, and good lord there are many.

        Just as Tim Cook got castrated, it’s clear all the men of Bethesda got castrated as well. Or maybe not.

        Maybe, like Todd, they never had balls in the first place.

        And to think Fallout New Vegas was partly created by an actual faggot.

        • Jamesthe1st says:

          The Nexus mod website has banned all mods that remove the tranie pronouns as well. They are really pushing the GAE hard with this game.

        • Hesiod says:

          Treating Starfield as a spectator-sport due to it appearing to be primarily a talking simulator with voice-actors from a Californian wahmen’s studies department.

          Favorite comments read so far concerning the game:

          -Starfield is GOTY 2006.

          -Yeah, Starfield starts out slow but really picks up after 10 hours.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            appearing to be primarily a talking simulator with voice-actors from a Californian wahmen’s studies department.

            It’s horribly applicable to both the in-game NPCs and the irl “NPCs.” The dialogue cringe is so bad it induced psychological pain strong enough to physically manifest.

            One of my favorite comment chains.

            -I don’t like the pronouns
            -Pronouns don’t matter you bigot
            -If they don’t matter why does it matter modding them out?
            -Shut up you bigot, removing something isn’t the same as adding something

        • A2 says:

          Sounds like a winner. Tim Cook is out and oroud, in case anyone wonders.

        • TheDividualist says:

          FO4 was already this. And not even just details. The main picture. A bunch of factions, all of them kind of morally ambigous and you cannot ever make a moral choice between good and evil by joining any. Everybody hated the main storyline. But modders esp the Thuggyverse absolutely changed that. In hilarious ways like you can introduce slavery to Diamond City or basically just blow every faction up.

          I do not care much about videogames but I see this as a metaphor for something else. Why do modders regularly outperform game devs now? Because “political correctness” is not simply a list of things to not say or do. It is more like a general lobotomy. If we make any faction actually evil, someone might get offended!

          And not even general lobotomy but hiring for lobotomized people. So one guy made a sci-fi mod for Crusader Kings 2 and then they hired him and it resulted in Stellaris. One unpaid modder did the groundwork for that, the rest was mostly just artworks and game balance. This had nothing directly to do with the forbidden topics of “political correctness”. It is more like generic bioleninism, most of them time they do not dare to hire smart people because they would notice things.

          • Hesiod says:

            MMO Guild Wars 2, in its penultimate expansion, turned its literal Crystal Dragon Jesus:


            into Prismatic Crystal Dragon Jesus as the culmination of the main plot. And if that imagery is too subtle for you, there was a gay marriage between two major NPCs to elucidate its significance. Granted the couple consists of two hot lipstick lesbians as NE Asian aesthetics aren’t quite degenerate as Western these days.

            Still, the cultural backdrop of the expansion is Oriental. Magic jade is the power source for this Fairyland Seoul. Quite a vision of what GAE has in store for Zenbros.

          • S says:

            ‘A bunch of factions, all of them kind of morally ambigous and you cannot ever make a moral choice between good and evil by joining any.’

            Of the 4 ending options, 3 involve destroying the institute, just like in New Vegas, 3 involve beating the Legion. The Institute is supposed to be the villains; the issue is the Institute is stupid evil and the other 3 factions don’t have any real reason to fight each other.

            ‘So one guy made a sci-fi mod for Crusader Kings 2 and then they hired him and it resulted in Stellaris.’

            Wiz was responsible for Crusader Kings 2Plus. Crisis of the Confederation was a different guy.

            “This had nothing directly to do with the forbidden topics of “political correctness”. It is more like generic bioleninism, most of them time they do not dare to hire smart people because they would notice things.”

            If you crimestop the mating dance and difference between men and women, it becomes difficult to think about power struggles. They search for an explanation for why individuals act and reach for ‘ideas’; unmoored from connection with reality they become increasingly strange. Observe Stellaris and its ethos system; it was stupid to start with, but they dug deeper and we get such gems as Xeno-compatibility.

            That said, basic competence is in the shitter; its clear no one involved knew the term ‘Infinite City Sprawl’

            • jim says:

              I think there is a knock on effect from strange inability to notice strange and mysterious female misconduct to inability comprehend or realistically model anyone’s behavior. It is not that accurately modeling male behavior is a thought crime, but that accurate modeling leads to crimestop, and thought shuts down.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >FO4 was already this.

            It was not.

            The increase of wokeness from Fallout 3 to NV to Skyrim to Fallout 4 felt linear. The decline of RPG elements and general quality felt linear. A sustainable, managed decline so to speak. With HagFeild it went exponential to the power of 10. The bottom completely fell out. It’s like the difference between allowing the asylum inmates to form an inmate committee and sometimes humoring their requests vs having them completely and directly run the asylum.

            Just on the concept of factions:

            In FNV the right or wrong choice depends on your own moral values and judgement. The wrong choice isn’t even necessarily “evil.” Often it’s understandable and respectable, but is “wrong” because of a surprising deal breaker or personal relationship/loyalty. Even the “right” choice can hurt because of sacrifice. It feels gritty and real.

            In FO3/4 the right choice depends on what Bethesda thinks is right. The “bad” choice is still allowed but caricatured as stupid evil. Funny thing is that they kinda failed with the Brotherhood of Steel. Turns out, young men liked it regardless of Bethesda’s meddling. Modders could save the game because it mostly required some minor adjustments.

            HagField, there is no choice. It’s all GAE globalhomo. All the factions are spiritually and morally indistinguishable from each other. Even the pirates have GAE girlbosses. Nearly all the characters are tagged essential, so you can’t even kill the “wrong” NPCs. Even after their quests are done. Nearly all the quest givers are women. The only way modders can save HagField is by complete overhaul of all lore, NPCs, and quests. A complete conversion mod of a scope that you might as well be making your own game. I doubt any individual modder or team is willing to bother.

            Based modders could make their own game in Unreal Engine 5.3, the engine is powerful and easy enough to use, which raises the question why this hasn’t happened. I suspect some quasi government group is actively suppressing crimethought in indie game development.

            What happened to factions happened to all aspects of game design. From UI, to side quests, to NPC design, to dialogue, to aesthetics, to random misc items, to code optimization, to map design, to gameplay loops, to etc etc etc etc. It all went woke and to shit exponentially to the point I really question Bethesda’s ability to even produce the next Elder Scrolls.

            • Fidelis says:

              I’ve been looking forward to vast overhauls enabled by new computer generation tools, and so remain optimistic that in another year or two some heroic hobby autist will fix this game into something great. Also optimistic that they will immediately try and fail to ban the mod and sharpen the peer to peer modder community a bit. We are quickly running out of nice things.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Every scene in every movie, TV show, and video game has to include people of every race and gender identity, which I find hugely distracting. In fact and fiction, Clown World does everything based on the premises that (a) we are all the same, (b) we must celebrate our differences, (c) straight white men are evil incarnate, and so on.

              Jimianity is based on warrior aristocracy, which is itself based on the premise that good weapons are expensive and require years of dedicated training. The industrial revolution made weapons cheap, and the information revolution made them easy to use.

              Thus instead of gallant knights in shining armor, we have land wars of attrition between vast armies of peasant conscripts, while anything operating at sea is immediately destroyed.

              Just one problem: In order to have conscriptable peasants, you must first conscript young women into marriage and motherhood, because they don’t seem inclined to do it of their own accord. Or do Russian and Chinese rulers plan to import their cannon fodder from Africa?

              • alf says:

                Mayflower you seem like a good guy, so if you insist on this light blackpilling, your choice.

                But there’s a bunch of stuff I disagree with and I’ll lay it out.

                Mostly this:

                Jimianity is based on warrior aristocracy, which is itself based on the premise that good weapons are expensive and require years of dedicated training.

                Not exactly. It is based on the premise that in-fighting is easy, cooperation is hard. In Christian speak: we are all sinners, and sinning comes easy.

                It is not the weapons and technology that wins battles, it is the cooperation among the men wielding those weapons and technology. That is the tricky part, and that’s the part that Jim’s Christianity seeks to fix. Whether weapons are cheap or not, does not matter. What matters is building a restoration that is able to scale. So that means, first the wife and kids. That is easiest, biggest thing, the 100 dollar bill on the ground. The future belongs to those who show up, and those who show up with the right social technology will show up even further in the future.

                I stress the family part, even though many men are hyping themselves up about war and rifles and whatnot, because that is the part that you have the most control over, as well as the part that’s least likely to get you killed. But let us talk about war.

                We regard it as an excellent thing that anyone, anywhere, can build bomb-dropping drones and 3d printed guns. Note that it is not simple: requires iq and somewhat extensive set-up. Years of tinkering if you start from zero. But again, it is not the weapon in itself that is deadly: it is when you combine those weapons in an effective army that they become deadly. You fight with your brothers at your side — that is what makes it deadly.

                So at this point you tell me: “so what if you have a small army? The state will have a huge army. Because they’re just better at that thing.” Well yes, obviously they are. But we’re not aiming for directly challenging the state. Our aim is to stay under the radar, to make ourselves as slippery a target as possible. The state is a big dumb machine — it goes after the loudest targets. Since in-fighting is so easy, it will have no end of targets to pursue. We will simply not make ourselves a target. Wise as serpents, harmless as doves.

                Long term, it is not the biggest army that wins. It is those who are filled with the holy spirit.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  So that means, first the wife and kids. That is easiest, biggest thing, the 100 dollar bill on the ground. The future belongs to those who show up…

                  Our aim is to stay under the radar, to make ourselves as slippery a target as possible. The state is a big dumb machine — it goes after the loudest targets.

                  Been there, done that, learned the hard way that if any of your many children are retarded, you need to dirt-nap them or put them in institutions before their stupid antics attract the state’s attention to your little den of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

                • alf says:

                  That sounds like a horrible story. Can’t imagine the kind of shit show you must’ve been through. Guessing that explains your expatriation.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  A few years ago Andrew Anglin called me a “tragic figure”, which I laughed off as a gross exaggeration. My life wasn’t that bad!

                  We’ve never communicated privately. He was seeing through my public comments and inferring the full story, including the parts that had not yet happened.

                • jim says:

                  In the fall of Bronze Age civilization, aristocratic archers mounted in chariots were replaced by infantry. But it was an aristocratic infantry. The military technology did not change. The social order changed. A more numerous, less wealthy, and more fertile aristocracy conquered.

            • Western Taliban says:

              FNV was made by Obsidian, the same people who made FO2, BGI, BGII and the other D&D based CRPGs, it’s not the same developer.

              • S says:

                After they did Pillars of Eternity 2 (lots of women, but many are batshit crazy and evil) they were acquired by Microsoft and put out Outer Worlds.

                Anyone manage to get through the game? Lots to me they are converged and dying now.

              • The Cominator says:

                What is FNV (and FO2) as BG II was imho the greatest RPG ever made…

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Fall Out. Fall Out 2 was of course a masterpiece of classic CRPGs that was hugely influential, but I would not place New Vegas in the same league. Or perhaps rather said, I would not call 1999 Obsidian the same company as 2019 Obsidian.

            • Carte Blanche says:

              A complete conversion mod of a scope that you might as well be making your own game. I doubt any individual modder or team is willing to bother.

              That’s been done. Enderal was a totally new game based on Skyrim’s engine that didn’t reuse any of the original records, scripts, models, textures, etc.

              Based modders could make their own game in Unreal Engine 5.3, the engine is powerful and easy enough to use, which raises the question why this hasn’t happened

              That’s been done. Kingdom Come was widely perceived as a response to the trash that the AAA studios were putting out, back when everyone thought the Poles were super based. It was pretty well-received despite having some very clunky game mechanics. In a vacuum, I wouldn’t call it red-pilled on women, but it was at least sort of purple-pilled, and set in a medieval Europe that is entirely white and Christian.

              I suspect some quasi government group is actively suppressing crimethought in indie game development.

              Doubtful. The reasons that “based indies” aren’t crushing AAA are legion:

              – For a 3D game, thousands of man-hours go into art, models, rigging, mocap, and general polish. Fail to put in the required effort and you get Mass Effect: Andromeda.

              – For a 2D game, aesthetics are everything, and /ourguys/ just don’t have very good aesthetics. There are in-between cases, either apolitical guys with enough clout to middle-finger the SJWs, or marginally-talented dissidents, as for example Uncle Ted’s tinhorn comic empire, but the talent pool is tiny.

              – Modern games also need localization, extensive testing, multi-platform and multi-input support, often some sort of multiplayer capability, and so on. More people to pay. Can’t be done on an indie budget, even without full voice acting.

              – Game distribution is mostly gated by Steam, assuming you want to actually get paid. Although Steam is still surprisingly permissive about its content, there probably is some actual censorship or crimestop there.

              – If you want to fund your based game, forget about doing it via Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Patreon, or any of the other crowdfunding sites. They are all run by hardcore SJWs. You’d need to either be independently wealthy or be able to run extremely lean, and see previous points re: “lean”.

              No one’s stopping you from throwing something together in, say, RPG Maker, and distributing it on Steam, but making something that gamers will actually pay to enjoy and pushes an explicitly red-pilled narrative is an entirely different problem. UE4/UE5 is easy enough to get started with, and put together a toy project, sure, but making an actual game with actually interesting gameplay mechanics is another story.

              If you don’t care about narrative and are just looking for the absence of obnoxious globohomo proselytizing then plenty of successful indie games do it – FTL, Dead Cells, Cuphead, etc. But the idea of a “based game” implies a story-based game, probably an RPG, and those require a unique set of talents to produce: art, music, writing, “world building” and so on. Those people tend to be on the left, /ourguys/ do not have access to many of them, and to the extent that we do have them, it is not easy to get them organized to make a game for the same reasons it is not easy to get them organized to do anything else. Effective organization requires Schelling points, legal and police protection, ability to exclude entryists, and so on, and those are banned for /ourguys/ no matter whether we want to produce a game or a movie or a book or blog post.

              As far as modders, you’re looking at the ones specifically trying to clean up Globohomo’s footprints but you’d be shocked at just how degenerate the modding community, and especially the Bethesda modding community, is in general. For every mod removing stupid pronouns, there are a dozen more adding horrifying things like bestiality and futanari. Taken as a whole, modders are far, far worse than game developers and studios. What makes mods different is that you, the player, get to pick and choose which mods to install, and you can ignore the 99.9% that are disgusting or simply bad, and use the .1% that actually improve on the original game.

              Don’t count on either indies or modders to solve the problems in the gaming industry. There are more bad ones than good ones, and the best that the good ones can generally do is make a little niche for themselves. Having grand games is the same problem as having grand cathedrals and having ships that go to the moon; requires not only the absence of explicit suppression but an entire society oriented around the same (positive) ideals.

    • alf says:

      Gaia worship at its most literal. Their version of Gaia could stand to gain from reading a certain upcoming collection of posts on how fat is a reactionary issue. Cause she a fatty.

      • Western Taliban says:

        Someone should have asked this negress if her fat ass is carbon neutral for that matter.

    • Doom says:

      Would have been much better if mother nature had invoked Uncle Ted.

      Re: Tim Cook being out. Holy shit Jim’s blog makes me make weird connections.

      What better way to show your support for wahmens than taking out your disgusting sexual desires on other men?

      Not attractive to wahmen but love them deeply? Suck some dicks and make them happy!

  38. Sher Singh says:

    “Mandated EDC

    Interesting that one of the five weapons, mandated to the Khalsa [as mentioned in Gursobha and early Hukamnamas], is a firearm, the others being sword, bow/arrow, spear, and katar.

    Ref: Mahan Kosh quoting Gursobha [1708]”


    • jim says:

      What is interesting is that you guys don’t have firearms. Learn how to make modern weapons from Ivan the Troll, and then people will stop laughing at your priestly imitation of warriors.

      • Sher Singh says:

        What’d you say is there minimum to aim for?
        Ive started to see modern pumps even with the pistol grip.

        Far cry from machine guns but also better than double barrels.

        God bless Palmetto State Armoury


        • jim says:

          FGC-9, obviously. If Sikhs had the slightest interest in repeating their ancient glories, every Sikh would know that.

  39. RMIV says:


    i have to ask. what the hell is wrong with these people (everybody involved on the Ukraine end of things)?

    the leadership seems desirous of breaking their manpower & materiel on the Russian defenses.

    their military, perhaps at this point warranting only the loosest definition of the word, itself appears positively determined to die pointlessly and in service to traitors & their own racial enemies.

    and the backers of both that military and its leadership, decorated & civilian, appear still to believe that this war might yet be prosecuted across 10 more years.

    thus i am compelled to inquire of other apparently sane minds, are these people fucking nuts? why… is any of this that is happening being participated in by any of its participants?

    it looks ludicrous, Jim. the more i learn, the more i am having trouble crediting that any of this might be real but for retardation/insanity of those involved. thank you friend.

    • jim says:

      Your fundamental confusion is about us and them.

      The people running this war in Washington and Kiev don’t think Russians are the enemy. Russia is the far enemy, normal Ukrainians are the near enemy, and normal Americans the nearer enemy. Their primary aim is to destroy the near enemy, the Ukrainians, and me, and you. If they appear to be succeeding, I will move to Dubai. Russia is considering creating another Dubai on Kunashir island. If they try it and succeed, moving there.

      The magic ingredient of Dubai that makes Dubai Dubai, however, is an army and a faith. I am not at all sure Russia has an army capable of sustaining a Dubai. The nasty business with Yevgeny Prigozhin, would indicate it does not. But the The Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ has been doing at least some work on making Russian Orthodoxy a faith capable of sustaining a Dubai.

      • Karl says:

        Why Dubai? Isn’t that country too small and its army too weak? No nukes. What’s to keep NATO from rolling over it?

        I’m considering going to Belarus, Kazakhstan or some other allies of Russia as soon as they start drafting Germans for this war.

        • someDude says:

          Jim used the example of Dubai as a state that is resistant to any internal sabotage and defection which GAE is not and Russia is only by a bit.

          But Dubai’s weakness, as you pointed out, is resistance to external aggression.

        • jim says:

          Business. Legal and regulatory reasons. Lots of English speaking talent. Also, likely to stay out of World War III. That someone might roll over them during World War III is not a problem. Likely to be much more unpleasant if you are in a country capable of defending itself, but it gets rolled over anyway.

        • Western Taliban says:

          Who is going to roll over Dubai? You have to be kidding me you seriously mean to say NATO, as if the rest of the Muslim countries, Russia and China would let that happen lol

          NATO is a meal on wheels, we are already in WWIII and NATO is getting destroyed in Russia while India, China and the Arabs only play “trading partners” while realigning their economies to fully expunge the “rules based order”. If they got involved they could roll every single NATO country like trash. And Putin is still being very moderate.

          • China depises Islam says:

            Islam is 100% against any and all Governments and Peoples who are not Islam. Period, End Of Story. If you don’t know that, you’re an ignorant fool who needs to watch at least the Christian Polemics against Islam.

            So dont kid yourself, China despises Islam and wants it gone, China is 100% against foreign invaders having residence upon their Communism.

            To the Chinese Govt, Islam is nothing more than an Oil tank and a Rare Earth Metals mine, that’s it. China chooses to exploit that, which only builds up the strength of Islam. That’s bad. At least until those resources are raped out. Whereupon Islam will hopefully fall back to drinking camel piss and whiffing dung.

            Actually, for that matter, if there were a 3rd millenium restoration Crusade against Islam to either, accept their full public disavowance of Islam and Muhammad and their full conversion upon knowledge and faith to Christian (or whatever else), or to push them all back to Arabia by whatever means necessary, that Crusade would get my full support.

            But it appears that this world can no longer have such good things anymore.

            So you get Islam all up in your lands.

            • Western Taliban says:

              China doesn’t care about Islam outside of China, like they don’t particularly care about anything outside of China like they have never done. Because they are the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and everyone else who are a bunch of savages. They despise anything non-Han in China, they absolutely do not care about non-Han things outside of China and are willing to trade and peacefully cooperate with everyone. They are historically most adequate at doing Peace of Westphalia.

              You’re absolutely clueless and tone deaf to any other culture than your own, which looks to be white trash trailer park. You’re lost here.

      • Vlad says:

        Been telling Vlad for over a decade to turn kalingrad into a hongkong of high competence western rufusniks that but he doesn’t listen

        • jim says:

          Not going within a hundred miles of Kalingrad unless Putin takes the Vilnus corridor and good chunk of the neighboring Nato countries, Lithuania and Poland. Kalingrad is on the list for the next Nato escalation, except it was supposed to take place after the Ukrainian offensive took Crimea. The Global American Empire is plotting siege and color revolution, open society and all that, which will fail, and when color revolution fails, as it will, is going to bomb and shell the place flat.

          If the spring offensive had taken place in spring and had met Nato expectation, Kalingrad would be being shelled right now. They had it all planned. (Well, the plan was that the population would throw flowers at their liberators and celebrate democracy with the gay parade and the destruction of statues of white males, but they always have a backup plan for when the flowers are not forthcoming.)

          If it looks like Russia is going to take Kiev and install a more cooperative government, might go ahead with the plan anyway, either to take the pressure off Kiev, or just to try a different way of keeping the pressure up on Russia while they forget about Ukraine.

          A good place for a Hong Kong for Western Refusniks would be to upgrade Kunashir’s port and airport, and make Kunashir island a free trade zone. Seems like a much safer location. This is under consideration, but so far no action.

          But for a free trade zone to become a Hong Kong, a Singapore, or a Dubai, requires certain social and cultural pre-requisites – which pre-requisites Putin is afraid of.

    • jim says:

      > appear still to believe that this war might yet be prosecuted across 10 more years.

      To the last Ukrainian Goy, then the last Polish Goy, then the last American Goy. Unless, inconveniently for them, Russia runs out of Russians.

    • Carte Blanche says:

      are these people fucking nuts?


      They are nuts in the same sense that a paranoid schizophrenic is nuts: their priors, or articles of faith as you might call them, are all wrong, even ludicrous, but once you accept all those priors, including the ones that contradict the other ones, then their behavior looks completely rational.

      If you believe that the government of Ukraine is totally legitimate; if you believe that secular, technocratic, performative democracy is the only legitimate form of government; if you believe that gay parades are the only legitimate form of self-actualization; if you believe that every war that America has ever started has been a just war and that NATO is merely a benevolent police force; if you believe the International Community and Rules-Based Order are real things; then Putin really does look like an evil Hitleresque dictator who must be stopped at any cost.

      Like I said, all of those priors — those “ifs” — are entirely wrong, but the conclusion they arrive it is indeed the logical outcome of those priors, and explains why no peace is possible and no agreement will be honored.

      If nuts means acting randomly and irrationally, then not nuts. If nuts means living in a fantasy world, completely nuts.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      As a wise man once said, “These people want you broke, dead, your children raped and brainwashed, and they think its funny.”

      That’s it. That’s all there is. That’s not code for anything else, I’m not exaggerating for effect, that’s the simple and literal truth.

      In Ukraine substitute the Kagans and Nulands for “these people,” and Ukrainians for “you.” But its coming here too if they can ever swing it.

      Like an acute narcissist as a person, our ruling class is as a group. All else equal they’d prefer to be rich and successful, sure, but they want to see you suffer even more. A bad enough narcissist will burn themselves just to see you suffer too, and that’s the position we’re in with regards to our “elites.”

      The normie-tier conservative or right-winger with ancestors from the colder climes of Europe can’t even process that. Faced with open, avowed, malevolent evil they don’t believe them and act accordingly, they sputter. “Buh-buh-but WHY? Why would someone do that, what’s their real plan, what’s their secret triple bank shot that makes this make sense to my Fox News watching, nigger-ball cheering, golden retriever-brained, Williams Syndrome suffering mind? They can’t REALLY mean what they’re coming out and telling us, so what’s really going on? Or are they just that retarded?”

      No, none of those, you’ve just got a bad case of reality blindness. (But stick around, you’ve come to the right place for that.)

      Offline, face to face, once I started to look for it I could see the needle skip on the record behind people’s eyes when talking about this kind of thing. Especially anti-white and anti-Christian hatred. Not liberals, conservatives of the Trump voting and Fox News watching stripe. Tell them Hillary, Obama or Biden are evil and they’ll agree wholeheartedly. They’ll even add some other supporting evidence.

      But give them a minute and they reset. They claim to think Biden or whoever is evil, but they can’t reason one single step out from that. They skip back to wondering what the real plan is, who the real paymasters are, what’s wrong with them? Maybe China runs the ADL? Maybe the State Department want the Ukrainian women? (If that was all, there are quite evidently easier and cheaper ways to get Ukrainian women.)

      It’s frustrating as anything when you first see it. The good news is I’m starting to see enough cracks to be able to conceive of a preference cascade within my lifetime. Though things are likely to get worse before they get better, as Jim says, trees don’t grow forever, they grow until they fall.

  40. Djinn says:

    This isn’t a setback for those who want this war, this is ‘progress.’ The war isn’t for territory, it’s for demographics. The causalities aren’t a problem, they’re the _point_.

  41. dharmicreality says:

    While the West is naturally mostly focussed on Ukraine/Russia, what is happening in the rest of the world?

    I don’t follow the news all that much but from where I sit, that the GAE is shrinking in influence by the day is not in doubt any more. Russia/China want a leadership role in the alternative rules based order, but one that is increasingly “multipolar” (whatever that means).

    India also desperately wants a prime seat at a rules based order but not necessarily a GAE centric one (I call it GloboSansHomo). All efforts of the so-called “Global South” seems to be centered around creating a multi-polar GloboSansHomo to replace Globohomo-centric GAE. Recent efforts by India to showcase itself as a space power and also successfully hosting the G20 also points in this direction. The “rules based order” that Modi speaks about is not the GAE order. Modi speaks of “Vasudeiva kudumbakam” (the world is one family) which means he is keen on India taking the leadership role with Russia/Chinia).

    Increasingly it is also obvious that the world outside GAE and its satellites couldn’t care less about Ukraine. Even in the usual libtard newspapers here, Ukraine is now a footnote in the middle pages. The West has found it well nigh impossible to manufacture outrage over Ukraine by pleading, bullying or threats. There is markedly less enthusiasm over aspects of Globohomo like Gaia worship and LGBTQWERTY in most parts of the world, even though major aspects of feminism is firmly entrenched.

    The biggest problem for this “new order” is of course India-China conflict. While BRICS is emerging as a somewhat significant bloc, India vs China border and other issues persist, making this alliance somewhat fragile.

    From all this, I conclude that a real World War III while not impossible is highly improbable. The rest of the world simply do not care for GAE’s conflicts any more. I see that the present Russia/Ukraine war may evolve more as a wider Euro-centric War and maybe localized conflicts will arise in other GAE influential areas.

    GAE’s ability for color-revolution has waned significantly.

    Of course, all this is still not going to lead to a magical restoration. What is means is that Leftism is being rolled back from its current extreme levels to a moderate “Socialism with unprincipled exceptions”.

    Even if the new GloboSansHomo doesn’t take off, I still do not see GAE able to restore enough influence to manufacture a truly global World War.

    • jim says:

      > Of course, all this is still not going to lead to a magical restoration. What is means is that Leftism is being rolled back from its current extreme levels to a moderate “Socialism with unprincipled exceptions”.

      The shark has to swim or else it drowns.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Then the shark drowns, and the new regime dials back the leftism and locks it at about the level of today’s Russia: Zero tolerance for crime, no overt homosexuality, and celebrate diversity Epcot-style, but women still go to college, work in nondescript office jobs, and see motherhood as an expensive, time-consuming hobby for losers with nothing better to do.

        • jim says:

          Yes, but it is a lot easier to overthrow a dead faith than a live faith. Though the Roman faith was dead for centuries before Christianity became the state religion. Easier, but not necessarily easy.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            There are many symptoms that globohomo is dying in most parts of the world, especially where the GAE influence has shrunk considerably. The shark is clearly having less and less room to swim.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Yes, but my point is that the death of globohomo does not necessarily mean the end of feminism.

              • jim says:

                Obviously. Russia is feminist, India is feminist, Brazil is feminist. China is feminist.

                The Alawites were and are a significant faith based resistance to Globohomo, but they have for millennia had a policy of taking on the protective coloration of the dominant ruling faith, and did so with Globohomo. They implemented exact and precise female equality as thoroughly as they did so insincerely. Globohomo detected the insincerity and attempted to genocide them, largely because of that issue. But the alawites did make it look and sound that they were conceding to female equality.

                Feminism is sustained by soft power, but soft power is sustained by hard power. With hard power no more, possibilities arise. If Global American Empire loses in Ukraine, non converged faiths no longer need fear genocide in holy war.

                Russia accepted feminism, first as Soviet Communism, then even more so under Globohomo domination, and continued to do so in its efforts to reach membership of the West. But the Gay Pride Parade, the vandalism of Churches from without and within, and the destruction of statues was a bridge too far.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  More than any other group, military men are cheated on when they are off doing their duty for their country, and no one cares that [*payload deleted.*] they’re paying the price for it more than anyone else.

                  Or maybe independent soft power exists [*payload deleted.*]

                • jim says:

                  I don’t see what you claim happens, and I do not believe you see it either. You are reporting what the people in your bubble want to believe.

        • Aidan says:

          When the shark stops swimming, as it did in the USSR, the corpse is stripped by crabs; a nation looted bare by foreign powers. That will be quite unpleasant.

          • jim says:

            The corpse of the USSR invited the crabs in, and the crabs were backed by the soft power of Globohomo and the Global American Empire, and pretty soon backed by the military power of the Global American Empire. When the Global American Empire goes down, we will be facing considerably less powerful crabs.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        So the shark swims somewhere else. It swims home for hard genocide of Whites, climate tyranny, and/or total panopticon control of information and economic activity. There are still plenty of apples heaped on poorly-secured carts around here.

        • jim says:

          Probably, but this presupposes that retreat will not get out of control and continue all the way to Washington, as the retreat of the Soviet Empire from Afghanistan continued all the way to Moscow.

          Retreating is a tricky maneuver to pull off successfully. Trump would have no problem, because he would cut good deals all the way during the retreat. The current lot are just going to go deeper into denial. They will continue with business as usual until they have to rescue the embassy staff by helicopter.

          • A2 says:

            Afghanistan turned into a rout but the ones running away still managed to sprinkle their servants over the lands of their enemies at home.

            I haven’t heard any news of all the Afghan collaborators who were airdropped; did they actually integrate quietly? (Presumably no.)

    • Karl says:

      From all this, I conclude that a real World War III while not impossible is highly improbable.

      I’m inclined to agree that India, South America and large parts of Africa will probably succeed in staying out of a war of Nato, China and Russia, but such a war would be big enough to merrit the name “World War III”. That war doesn’t look improbable in my view.

      NATO keeps provoking Russia; if keeps doing that long enough chances are that it will someday succeed. In addition, there seems to be a faction in the US government that would like to have a limited war with China. Hard to say whether that faction will be strong enough to decide on foreign politics, but if it becomes strong enough it will get its limited war with China, which will then quickly surpass whatever limits the US government would like have on that war.

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Most likely it will be more Euro and Anglo centric. I don’t know if China will join Russia’s cause in Ukraine, but escalations over Taiwan may happen. Likely to be far more localized though.

    • jim says:

      Great link, but is not Blackrock doing this. Not even us doing this though we surely would if we could. It is Musk and people like the Indian exemplar mentioned in your link doing this.

      College was not a scam: It was the halls of the state religion. It became a scam when they wanted everyone to go college. Which happened a long time ago. College was a ponzi scheme, and when the ponzi bust, people adapted their behavior.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Politicians haven’t. The left hasn’t accomplished anything with regards to [*presupposition that the left wants to create value, and that everyone knows this and agrees it to be true, rather than knock over the apple cart, destroying value in the process of grabbing a few apples, deleted*]

        We wanted (and yes, I use plural here because it truly deserves it) to become rich employees in law, engineering, science, medicine, or accounting. [*no you did not*]

        • jim says:

          You wanted to become rich on the basis of having a degree that certifies you holy, rather than become rich by creating value. In the article you linked to, Rushil Srivastava realized that with an enormous over supply of people trained in holiness, the training he was receiving at university would be little use in creating value. If you actually wanted to become rich, you would have been inspired by him, rather than enraged by him.

          All your proposed programs are programs to guarantee that people who create no value, or actively destroy value, become rich at the expense of those creating value. You hate us, you want to destroy us all. Your idea of a rich employee is someone who is employed because HR forces the employer to employ him, not because he does anything useful.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*payload deleted, payload being that merit and college admissions transparency is being strengthened, when what little remains of it is being tossed*]

      I just want the status and rich employment I was promised…

      • jim says:

        You were promised it by Ponzi scammers, and you want people like me to be forced to deliver what the ponzi promised.

        What we will do when we are in power is confiscated the college endowments, and use them to partially compensate the most recently harmed of those that were harmed. As we will for any other Ponzi scam. Those scammed in a Ponzi can never be made whole, and should not be made whole, because they themselves are culpable. You cannot scam an honest man. Honest students study what they know will produce value. Which is becoming increasingly difficult to do at a university. You studied what was deemed highest status. Which is what a whole lot victims similar to yourself also studied.

        These days, when you do computer science, you use your copious spare time (copious because you mostly ignore the curriculum and classes) to study what is actually valuable, and the purpose of the degree is so that Human Resources will allow you to use what you learned in your spare time.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Holy fucking shit, has it not yet occur to you that wealth is something you’ll have to create? That it won’t simply be handed to you. Your prospect of high “status” has already sailed away a long fucking time ago. Get over it. Move on. Be productive. Find a women and start a family.

        You do not want high “status” and or “rich employment.” If you did you’d have found some pitiful entry level GS-07 job where actual skills are unimportant. Where all that matters is the degree paper. With how fucked government bureaucracy is, the slightest of competence would have you at GS-11 to 13 within 5 to 10 years making around 100k before any benefits and or untaxed TDY money which can easily add on another 50k to 100k to total compensation.

        What you seemingly really want is holiness. The right to tell others what they should think, feel, want, and do. You’re here day in and day out preaching to us in a bitch ass tone. Nothing is stopping you from going out on the streets and preaching. Did you not just recently praised the vows of poverty and celibacy of other supposedly holy men? Btw you never responded to my challenge to your professed position.

        If unmarried priests who take vows of poverty are so great, I encourage you to take a vow of poverty. Live on the streets Like St. Francis of Assisi, sleep on the ground, kicked and spat upon by junkies, and homeless people, and drunks, and swear off of internet posting for it would imply electronics, one of the pinnacle achievements of anti-poverty civilization.

        In fact, why stop there. You seem to appreciate eunuchs. Chop your dick off. I’d suggest chopping your balls off as well, but you’ve likely already have done that. At least metaphorically speaking. Go ahead, chop your material balls off as well. They don’t seem to be doing you any good.

        I can respect “holy” men… well at least some of them, but you want to be holy and reap all the benefits of Caesar. Your avarice knows no bounds and hypocrisy no depths. Repent and maybe you’ll find some salvation.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Contra Jim, I think it’s entirely possible to teach useful skills in a classroom setting, if a few conditions are met. You need good teachers of course, and you need to segregate students by ability so slow learners don’t hold back the whole class. For subjects beyond the three R’s, segregation means ruthlessly flunking out under-performers, because if you can’t understand pointers, you’ll never be a software engineer.

        Lower ed in Russia is K-11 instead of K-12 because children need an extra year at home to learn such a complex language, but they graduate at the same age. If they then go on to college, which is free, they all receive the same curriculum for another six years; they don’t major in specific subjects.

        Foreign languages are completely absent at all levels of public education, I suppose because the teachers all left to work at private language schools. I used to think Moscow State University was an exception to this overall mediocrity, but now that I’m friends with one of its students, no.

        • Your Uncle Bob says:

          Thinking about just how much education could be different:

          I can imagine a functioning apprenticeship culture, with boys starting off in everything from trades, factory work to medicine or airliner piloting as early as 12. Obviously not flying the plane or performing the surgery yet, but being around.

          I can imagine homeschooling as the default for any family of even modest means and intelligence, with public schooling a fallback for the poorest and least intelligent. With women out of the workforce and the FIRE+woke taxes repealed, this becomes entirely possible economically.

          Or public schooling superficially similar to today’s in that funded by property taxes and staffed by ed school graduates (ours not theirs), but each school and building sharply limited by size, so a city full of one room schoolhouses rather than big block incarceries. Each school kept under the Dunbar number, counting all grades, teachers and other staff.

          Or abolish education degrees entirely, even with our priests in charge, and require subject matter college degrees (math, english, history) to teach, with perhaps an education certificate of a few weeks at most.

          Or, higher grades could have online schooling with a lecture format, drawing on the dozen very best teachers in the country or the world, instead of every average teacher teaching their 30 students online as we tried during the lockdown.

          Or we could have computerized, even AI driven subject lessons modeled after current smart computerized tests, where every wrong answer gives you an easier question (now problem, or lesson) and every right answer gives you a slightly harder one.

          The American system of education was first the Prussian model of education. It was adopted and spread deliberately by specific actors, who I originally identified as communists but now could recognize as members or forbears of the Cathedral or Harvard, simply the leftmost of their time.

          So – is the big box + classroom + age segregation model of education automatic in modern societies and large populations, is it merely likely due to economies of scale plus rational ignorance on the part of parents and citizens, or is it entirely path dependent, another result of enemy action?

          I grant you possible to teach useful skills in a classroom setting, but is it optimal, ideal, or even necessary?

          I do not know the answers to those two questions. I’m stuck at the level of enjoying the freedom of even thinking those thoughts. It’s been a years long lag from first encountering John Holt’s critique of public schooling, and only and merely thinking about how to salvage something out of it (a microcosm of the American “conservative” mindset), to thinking about what would actually be ideal.

          • jim says:

            > So – is the big box + classroom + age segregation model of education automatic in modern societies and large populations, is it merely likely due to economies of scale plus rational ignorance on the part of parents and citizens, or is it entirely path dependent, another result of enemy action?

            Childcare is a major factor. People send their kids to school to get them out of their hair.

            Unschooling gets pretty good results, but this is the result of high exposure to skilled and knowledgeable adults. I conjecture that if you just put the kids in a corral and forgot about them the results would be less good.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              The Cathedral was built on [*not what the Cathedral was built on*]

              • jim says:

                It was built from the top down by holy war and conquest. A lot of that conquest, most of it, was piously gloved in soft power, but soft power was always backed by hard power, and when people failed to comply with soft power, terrible wars and frightful human costs ensued. Syria, Libya, and the Ukraine are recent examples, the War of Northern Aggression was one of many, many, older examples.

                Why cannot the priest call out groomers in the schools? He is persuaded that this is spontaneous choice by children freely choosing on their own initiative, because of what is going to happen to him if he opens his mouth. You depict this as a spontaneous mass movement from below by popular initiative. Observe what happens when people decline to be persuaded.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            The problem I see with apprenticeship is that it requires cooperation with local industry, which industry might not even exist.

            American middle schools used to have stoves, sewing machines, wood shops, and chemistry labs to teach hands-on skills, but those cost money and risked lawsuits from injured students. I don’t think Russia has these amenities even at the college level, but I can’t investigate because foreigners are forbidden to set foot in any university building unless enrolled there.

            You don’t need any special equipment to learn a foreign language, but having teachers who speak it really helps.

            • Adam says:

              The best apprentices are sons and nephews, the best masters are fathers and uncles. With education and employment, power must left in the hands of fathers.

              Rightism isn’t really imposed top down, as it would be impossible to impose agency. Rightism acknowledges failure is the default, and an acceptable outcome. With a restored family power structure, basic education and apprenticeship is the natural outcome, undertaken at their own expense for their own benefit.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              These are valid objections in the present day, but meaningless for discussion after a win. Will a Jimian Christian monarchy balk at stoves in schools?

              Re apprenticeship, my local area still has industry, albeit some of it disbursed across small shops, not all concentrated in giant corporate factories.

              But more importantly, how many millions of jobs have been outsourced by the FIREization of the economy? How many steel jobs did we send to China, and how many microchip jobs to Taiwan? Admitting we’re not getting those back any time soon, if we don’t get them back post-win there hasn’t really been a win.

              FIREization is, taken on its own, one of the most unlikely foes to beat. I would despair of winning at it entirely if it had to be done only as its own battle, without first taking on Woke. But if its done in passing with taking on Woke, or done in the mop up phase after salting Harvard, its likely to prove surprisingly easy. Our side should stop granting the premise that of course jobs go overseas, and of course real wages fall, and so on. Clearly they do, but call it out and offer a better deal.

              Not sure if that was an objection or an aside. “Functioning apprenticeship culture” could well describe a take your son to work culture, as well as a guild culture. I did not intend it to imply federal education department, centrally directed apprenticeship program.

              • jim says:

                It has suddenly become obvious that a FIRE economy cannot fight wars. The Deep state is mostly responding to this by stubborn denial, but there are clearly some deep state elements that want radical return to the production economy. Unless they send the tanks into Harvard and give some free long distance swimming lessons they are likely to run into the same headwinds as Trump did and the same bumpy ride the Thermidoreans suffered.

                The original Thermidoreans ran into problems from their right and their left. So they called in Napoleon, a competent military officer with impeccable leftist credentials. But competent military officers with good left wing credentials tend to be in short supply, for war is inherently reactionary, so a regime that tries to halt the left singularity and set a slightly less insane level of leftism is apt to call in a Beria, a Monck, or a Deng. Unfortunately our military has been purged from top to bottom of potential Dengs, Berias, and Moncks.

                Beria came from the secret police, not the military. Trump reports some good people in Military intelligence, and some good lower ranking generals. Perhaps he is right, but I suspect normality bias.

  42. Jews Did WTC says:

    [*deleted. Take the Mueller shill test*]

  43. JustAnotherGuy says:

    Recently discovered that Pashinyan and Soros have a group buddy buddy picture where they smile at the camera like they are old pals, which explains a lot of why Armenia has been constantly trying to commit suicide against Azerbajain and is doing its best to pivot away from Russia and try to ally with GAE.

    Armenia is another country that got color revolutioned and is now actively hostile against Russia, even if they don’t get annexed by Turkey/Azer, they will try to coax the local pop to suicide themselves against Russia somehow, that’s just how these NGO’d govs work. And oh look, the Armenians have also had one of their first rainbow parades too quite recently, and more are probably on the way…

    • JustAnotherGuy says:

      Oh wait, they might not have had a rainbow parade yet, I thought I was looking at one but it turned out to be somewhere else (hard to tell with the saturation of mystery meat and filth everywhere), my bad.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Georgia, probably. A few of those central Asian countries are illustrative examples of an elite being infiltrated and captured by the GAE mind virus.

  44. All US Politicians Should Be Killed says:

    [*going to silent deletion, because you are unresponsive to shill tests.*]

  45. George Soros Should Be Killed says:


    • jim says:

      Tell us what George Soros did in the Ukraine, and what the consequences were and are

      • Carte Blanche says:

        I’ve gotta ask… what is Soros’s role in the Ukraine? I know Blinken, Nuland, the execrable Kagan tribe, everyone at the looneytoons Institute for the Study of War and all the other ex-Trots, and even the Biden family, not to mention every other U.S. official both Jew and Goy dipping into the Ukie slush fund. But I’m apparently ignorant of how Soros is involved there, as opposed to the hundreds of past, present and future color revolutions that he sponsors in other countries.

        Was he somehow involved in setting up the Zelensky puppet government a few years back?

        • They All Should Be Killed says:

          [*deleted take the Soros shill test*]

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Somewhat tangential –

          >not to mention every other U.S. official both Jew and Goy dipping into the Ukie slush fund

          Rather than ‘master-race and untermenschen’, there are other terms one can use, such ‘both jew and human’, or ‘skypes and non-skypes’, or ‘untermenschen and master-race’, and so on.

          • Carte Blanche says:

            Meh. In keeping with memes like “goyslop” and older alt-right memes like “the goyim know”, the term’s been coopted to describe white Christians — or more accurately Churchians/McChristians — who are directly targeted for subversion and/or allow themselves to be subverted. Probably a riff on the Noahide laws, and not unlike the Muslim dhimmi class.

            It serves that rhetorical purpose just fine, and I see no need to turn it into an argument over racial superiority. The Jewish deli owner is not my enemy, nor is the Jewish jeweler or any of the Trump voters with middling intellects wearing silly fur hats.

            Besides, the political class (and make no mistake, it is a real class, having achieved revolutionary class consciousness some time around 2012 AKA year 4 of the Era of the Lightbringer) is largely and increasingly a mass of deracinated mystery meat, none of which deserves to be called human regardless of ancestry.

            The Jews in Washington — rather, ex-Bolshies and ex-Trots who happen to be Jewish — have a raging hate boner for Slavic peoples in general and Russia in particular, but the non-Jews are happy to go along with it in order to wet their beaks, and those of their friends in the Intelligence “Community” and the NGOs and the defense contractors. The Big Guy gets 10%. They’re all guilty.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              I know it’s used in meta-ironic senses and have done so myself for decades. Just saying you should have self-respect in cases when referring to you and yours too.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                This is probably worth expanding on since it can come on like picking nits (which it is, in certain respects).

                The main thing can perhaps be said to be whether you are speaking in your ‘own’ voice or not; this is something difficult to fully enumerate lexically, and past certain extents is ultimately a function of intuitive sensibility; the sense of art as to which to use when and how.

                We can however use illustrative examples to outline contours of the dynamic. For instance, one example from this very page: “To the last Ukrainian Goy, then the last Polish Goy, then the last American Goy”. The implicit perspective of the rhetoric can fairly obviously be sensed as that of the hypothetical khazar, who is thinking of his ‘conationals’ in such terms, and saying the silent parts out loud.

                Another example would be that time honored classic of memery, “the goyim know!” et all. Again we can see the implicit perspective being that of a hypothetical handwringer, expressing his dismay over putative ‘cattle’ looking past some form of gleichschautung (and implying the existence of such in the first place).

                At the same rate, an example of something that would *not* be this would be say, for instance, you are making a talk show, and you title it something like ‘the goyimcast’ or so on. This would be implicitly expressing mental colonization by, in this case, a judeocentric frame, thinking about the world in general and yourself in particular the same way the Other thinks about you and the world, even if nominally opposed; categorizing ‘fellows’ as beasts even in the safety of your own mind, regardless of ironic distance, showing ultimately a lack of true escape or transcendence of a demonic frame, merely derivative inversion.

        • Western Taliban says:

          As far as I know, he used Open Foundation to stage a show used as smoke and mirrors and “just cause” for the State Department maidan coup. The peak of the bizarre Orwellian spectacle was something about putting a bunch of fake astroturfed “protesters” taking a hit from a sniper in front of a political institution/building/thing or something.

          In general, every time you see some astroturf protest it’s this decrepit disgusting Jew’s hand behind every single one of those faggots. They tend to carry the same Open Foundation industrial copycat banners everywhere. I think there were plenty of those in the “Arab Spring” as well.

        • jim says:

          Yeah, Maidan coup, false flag shooting of his own people.

          • EH says:

            Don’t forget the Orange Revolution in Ukraine 2004/5 and Soros’ funding of the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House. Soros is not really a free agent but a part of the financial-intelligence agency-jew network, which would continue to exist as the dominant power even if his foundations all were dissolved. The real directors are tthe other FIRE TBTF company controlling shareholders, and their most crucial agents are judges. Soros is only the most public of the directors, he has insufficient power to stay out of the press.

            • The Cominator says:

              Who are the real masters in your opinion I’ve gone nearly mad looking…

              • jim says:

                It is the beast with seven heads and ten horns. Which is to say, no one head. Multiple conspiracies struggling for power, with conflicting projects and plans.

                Kunning Drueger explains how this results in reasonably cohesive (but insane) action. He calls the emergent decision making mechanism a soliton.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes and no… during 2020 their seemed to be frightening centralized control with every organ marching in coordinated lockstep… some exceptions but not many.

                  I’m always interested in theories about who the real bosses are… mostly I end up being able to dismiss them but every once in a while I find ones I can’t.

                • jim says:

                  Emergent unity. Every faction unites behind whichever faction seems the holiest (the leftmost) and seems to have the most impact and effect. Impact and effect are almost the same thing as leftmost in practice as leftmost, since it is easier to destroy than to build, easier to hurt than help, and leftism is always a mob chasing the shakiest applecart. But that project being accomplished, each faction then competes to be the leftmost and to have the most impact and effect.

                  Most impact, and leftmost, both lead in practice to that they want you broke, dead, and your children raped. Thus Puritan Christianity became trancedentalist postChristianity, and eventually, flat out demon worship.

                • jim says:

                  I think Krueger’s account of how the beast with seven heads manages to mostly act as if it had one head is accurate, what he calls a soliton – leading to cohesive centralized control to push an insane plan. To the extent that it can act as one man, it acts as one man who has a bad case of schizophrenia.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  Be advised, I did not write that, I only shared it. I found it very good and wanted to spread it, but I can’t take credit for it.

                • someDude says:

                  Very modest.

                  If you are not the writer, may we ask who is? Seems like a gentleman worth reading.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I linked to the Twitter post from whence the text originated. pat that, I cannot say, for I do not know.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The cynically amoral status-maximizers have no principled resistance to using leftisms to see themselves as the only powers left in the land, and the gnostic fanatics likewise have no compunctions against using cynical means in order to impose their coping strategies onto the world at large. Working hand in glove, even if not consciously, such species of men form the spokes on a ratchet that inevitably threaten to turn any organization of non-trivial age into calamity, with the former opening holes in the firewall, and in like kind setting themselves up for replacement by the later.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The goyim behave exactly like a herd of cattle, always staying together. But the Jews are not guiding this herd; they’re just cattle with longer legs. They sense the herd’s general direction, move quickly to its leading edge, and get first dibs on the best grass.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Yeah, pretty much. He provides the funding for deniable State dirty work, and was deep in the Maidan revolt.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Soros built a massive influence and patronage network of NGOs and non-profits throughout the ’90s. This creature has a life of its own, but it is fair and accurate to just call it “Soros.” This massive meta network is the lymphatic system of the GAE. They operate under the concept that obscurity is security, so if you start to dig down into any given event, you will be confronted with myriad symbols, acronyms, and organizations that all have different ostensible reasons for existing. You will have to pile through millions of words, all of it written by an actual human, but all of it also with a singular purpose: confuse the uninitiated, enervate the opposed, and energize the faithful. a million words to say one thing: We are all that matters.

          I think Soros did all this stuff because he was clever and greedy, but the ideology that powers his internal drive is the same stuff that brought us the Frankfurt School and bolshevism. It is that timeless demon that forever whispers in the ear of mankind.

          weather open society foundation was actively involved in Kiev or not, I do not know, though. I would bet they were. more critical, The methodology and strategy of open society is reproduced and scaled across the globe, with foggy bottom being the Nexus. It bears repeating, the parallel to a lymphatic system is, in my opinion, the best analogy for it. It is constantly circulating, and it swells up at any given point either consciously or unconsciously depending on circumstances.

          • Carte Blanche says:

            It’s well-known what Soros does in general, being a cutout of the US State Department tasked with running the pre-bombing stages of every color revolution and making certain “investments” in distressed currencies guaranteed to pay off as the result of said color revolution. I just wasn’t sure what he was up to in Ukraine specifically.

            Being entirely or partially behind the Maidan coup makes sense. Ukraine having always been a cesspool of corruption, I’ve never really followed their politics, so aside from recognizing the “coup” as the obviously fake and gay event it was, I didn’t dig too deep into who was really behind it. Could well have been the Soros clan.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              I think agents and apparatuses of the Soros were deployed/utilized for the Maidan Coup, but I don’t think it was their operation. My working thesis is:

              When the USSR disintegrated, an unholy union of academics, politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen took up the unholy project of “democratizing” Russia and the Soviet Satellites. Soros the man was heavily involved, and his involvement lead to the creation of The Soros. When Putin took power in 2000, he quickly began opposing the Unholy Union. The Soros was probably like a sea anemone, retracting appendages where it encountered resistance, filter feeding off of migrants, expatriates, and capital, and putting down roots where the current, temperature, and resources were beneficial. The Unholy Union was more aggressive and spiteful. When they lost their grip of Russia proper, they shifted their attention and efforts to Ukraine primarily. As Putin’s Russia became more powerful and capable, they estimated that their operation in Ukraine had numbered days, and initiated the Maidan Coup. The Soros was very helpful in doing this, but it is engaged across many fronts, horizontally and vertically, so Ukraine was just one of their areas of interest. But the Unholy Union was focused on Ukraine, possibly because of the crypto-feudalist structure that is operated by the American political class (McCain, Kerry, Mining Congolmerates, Industrial Conglomerates get Ukraine, other political warlords and different corporate entities get Central Asia, still others get Central America, etc.), and if they lost control, they would be existentially diminished compared to the other feudal agglomerations. So they used their retainers and tools to install a friendly governing structure that would happily perpetrate a genocide in the Donbas, steal from the population, crank out gasses and grains and guns, etc. As Putin’s Russia continued to rise, the situation became uncontainable in the Donbas and exploded outward.

              [I came to some interesting conclusions writing this out. I always struggled with idea that Soros was taking orders from someone, but typing this out, it all kind of locked into focus. I know it’s kind of a meander, but I at least derived some value from it lol.]

              Here’s a fascinating little thread I saw that also contributed to my thought process:


              Here’s the content for my non-clicker niggers:

              “President-Elect Biden’s feebleness and Inattention are manifest. This makes him, not a mystery, but a perfect test case for how the administrative state evolves its ideology.
              Biden is clearly not “the decider” of anything material. So others are executing the office of the President.
              I’m not focused on precisely who they are, or whether Dr Jill or Mr Klain has the upper hand at any given moment. I do postulate that they are legion; there is no single “secret President”.
              This seems extremely plausible.
              So the entity we call “Biden” is best understood as a group without an official demarcation.
              The best analogy is a “soliton” — a particle physics term for a coherent, self-stabilizing wave packet.
              Individual members of “Biden” — let’s abbreviate that as MOB — can propose actions for “Biden” to take.
              I will also drop the scare quotes hereinafter, and will refer to the human as “Joseph R Biden” if that unlikely necessity should surface.
              How do MOB choose a desired action for Biden? They seek the intersection of their personal preferences with what is possible; i.e., with what can gain consensus within Biden.
              And — most crucially — how do MOB choose which actions they will consent to? What will gain the stamp of consensus?
              If the MOB are strongly ideological, this might dominate their decision. But in the main they wish to avoid losing face, or losing the currency of trust.
              Therefore they will almost always support the proposals they expect others to support, and the converse.
              This recursion immediately collapses in the familiar way; every member wants to be the best yes-man.
              They stabilize the soliton.
              Next, what ideology emerges from this decision process?
              There are two ways to demonstrate loyalty: unstinting support for recognized allies, and unbending opposition to agreed opponents.
              So Biden will never withdraw a nomination, or replace a failure like Mayorkas. Even if they are unhappy with the result, no MOB can propose or support a course correction without appearing disloyal.
              The soliton has momentum.
              Loyalty can devolve into back-scratching. The left is particularly vulnerable to this, as it drives the “logic of parasitism” (must credit @CovfefeAnon).
              Whatever gives my leftist friends more funding and power, I will therefore support and praise.
              And Biden is incapable of initiating anything bipartisan, or supporting a bipartisan measure when it carries a taint of Republicanism. Because for a MOB, early support for a non-partisan issue carries risk of being perceived as “aiding the enemy”.
              The blob swims left.
              Though other blobs — Trump’s loose cloud of grifters, the NeverTrump goblins, etc — swim in their own direction, Only on the left does this merge seamlessly with the Logic of Parasitism so that ideological drift enhances power.
              Because there is no real loyalty, the perception of loyalty is assiduously maintained.
              Because there is no real ideology, Biden as a whole has a near-complete ideological filter.
              This won’t be new to readers of Moldbug or @eugyppius1.
              But it’s interesting how Joseph R Biden’s dementia causes the coalescence of a perfect microcosm of these issues.
              I didn’t notice it until @ErrataRob forced me to think about the phrase “Biden’s DOJ.” “

              • TheDividualist says:

                Isn’t Soros just a completely obvious CIA front?

                1) The CIA needs money. If they are financed by tax money, they have to tell politicians how they spent it. There goes secrecy. Politicians leak because they buy good press with insider information. Suppose they get money from the market. What do they have to sell? Information. Who can turn that into money? A speculator. Think Rotschilds after Waterloo. This kind of thing absolutely works and if I was the CIA I would do exactly this.

                2) The kind of open society the OSF wants is the kind of society that happily joins the GAE. They don’t even need full time professional agents anymore, the OSF does this overtly and when they need something done covertly they like how to follow someone and gather some blackmailable material, they can just give specialized training to someone from the OSF.

                So in other words, the financing does not even have to literally go to the CIA. Soros mostly just finances the OSF doing the CIA’s job. And then the CIA can tell the politicos they spent the tax money on training only and would not even lie. It is not them but an OSF employee photographing military officers in Pakistan having gay sex or whatever a CIA operation is typically like.

                Evidence: simply this is how I would do it. It simply makes sense.

  46. Yul Bornhold says:

    I would expect female battalions (conscripted or not) to to freeze in the face of a serious attack. Some of them would get some shots off but on the whole, they’ll mostly just stare as Russian troops advance, with the female hindbrain interpreting the assault as potential mates overcoming token resistance.

    But, so far, this is just nurses and doctors. We may not get to observe large scale female troop deployments. Regardless, I doubt the Russians are sufficiently redpilled to simply move up and take the women battalions captive. They’ll follow typical procedure and marinate them in artillery fire.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted hinting at a thought crime, without going so far as to actually commit one.*]

      • jim says:

        This tactic is intended to manipulate the audience, to say “I am one of you”, when it reveals you are not.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      They might do all female cadres in the rear echelon, but they would mix them throughout any combat, support, or technical battalions. They are playing by the GAE Playbook v2018 or thereabouts. Maximum impact will be broken female bodies, as they will be a liability in literally every other category.

      • Western Taliban says:

        You mean as pictures for the media? But the average man in the west has started to despise women or feel complete indifference after being bombarded with all the leftist garbage every day all day. Even random youtube videos are full of men showing complete exasperation and contempt towards women. I truly don’t think that anyone cares anymore, no psyop can change anything here, Russia is going to win over a mountain of people who needed killing and are rightfully dead. That is to say, in the day twelve of September of the year two thousand twenty three of the Lord, everyone who supports the Ukraine agenda is a demon that requires purification.

        • embeveraged commuter says:

          You’ve stumbled on an upside of drafting these women. The remaining western simps can stop donating to women online and go take an artillery shell for them in person.

        • jim says:

          The increasing insanity and evil of the Cathedral line is resulting in a certain amount of disbelief. This was apparent with the latest Trump charges. Since he has been charged with so many things, for so long, everyone is getting jaded. And, similarly, trannies are just over the top, The earlier trannies made a genuine, though entirely unsuccessful, effort to pass, but now they are getting into everyone’s faces.

          On the Ukraine, the Cathedral is committed to its media / soft power centered strategy: Create victory by announcing it and punishing anyone who doubts. Which strategy was highly successful in many color revolutions, and when it did not work, they just bombed the unpersuaded nation flat, rendering their persuasion in other countries quite persuasive. In a war of attrition with a peer power, this strategy leaves something to be desired.

          What happened with the British Challenger tank is emblematic of this war. The turrent was blown off. British announce the Challenger as success. Supposedly it protected its crew. Since the turret is made of thick steel, and what is inside the turret is mere flesh, we may conclude that the mere flesh inside the tank was sprayed over the landscape as a fine rain and the crew is now, like hundreds of thousands of other Ukrainians, “missing”. But so long as everyone believes that western tanks work great and are cutting up the Russians, who cares. These guys do not really believe that external reality exists, a viewpoint likely to lead to correction in nuclear fire.

          The reason they are not agreement capable is that they don’t really believe that Putin exists, hence incapable of making an agreement with him.

          • Karl says:

            The reason they are not agreement capable is that they don’t really believe that Putin exists, hence incapable of making an agreement with him.

            And if they were capable to make an agreement with him, they’d be replaced by an even more leftist government that would not abide to any agreement made by such an insufficiently leftist government.

            Untill the purity spiral is stopped, all governments are only transient to be replaced by an even lefter government.

  47. Anon says:

    At this point any sane person would come to the conclusion that the uki are being exterminated, so why other countries ie poland would sign up to join the war.

    • jim says:

      They are still cheerfully expending people who went along with conscription because they expected a victory parade through Crimea.

      Now that they are coming for lame men and old women, people should be able to figure out what is in store. When Napoleon started conscripting the lame, they declined to show up.

      Europe will not be expecting resistance to sending Ukrainians back to Ukraine, but is likely to encounter it. Methods similar to those applied in Ukraine are likely to be coming down in Europe.

      At the moment Ukrainian refugees in Europe are each more patriotic than each of the others. I anticipate a sudden striking diminution in this enthusiastic patriotism among the men. The women will doubtless remain enthusiastically patriotic until it is their turn. Polish turn coming up next, German turn shortly thereafter.

      • Karl says:

        The Ukrainians in Germany took some effort to avoid being drafted. Sending them back to Ukraine will be difficult. A patriotic Ukrainian might hesitate to shoot or stab a Ukainian police officer who wants to send him to the Ukrainin army, especially as he has to fear repercussions for his family, but why should he hesistate wounding or killing a German police officer who wants to send him to the Ukrainian army? At worst, he gets to spend some time in German prison.

        • Kievan Rus says:

          The correct individual and collective strategy for a 16-66yo Oleh or Oksana who doesn’t want to become an hero is to get in touch with his/her friendly local F̵B̵I̵ FSB office, and ask them what the fuck s/he should do. S/he should not expect too much leniency, what with us being almost a decade into the conflict. S/he should also not expect too much competence.

          The mistake you faggot niggers make is that you think your enemies are stupid, and you are so very clever you can always lead them around, by exploiting their adherence to their own rules. This is merely a version of the “owning the libs” stratagem. Meanwhile, your enemies have repeatedly proven that they are capable of outplaying you at every turn.

          Your stabby heros will be on the first train to Donbas, the less stabby ones on the second and third ones, and the Zeitungs will write how it was a good thing. It will be very patriotic. There will be sunflower bouquets, marching bands playing “Батько наш – Бандера”, and cattle-cars with welded doors. Some of the passengers may even get to the front alive. Very traditionally German.

          • Calvin says:

            Will they? Seems to me the state of the average German soldier or police officer is so pathetic their ability to do so is questionable even if ordered. No Azov battalions there.

          • Karl says:

            The German police is stretched to the limit. There are simply not enough German police officers to deport all Ukrainian men from Germany, even if every police officer would be motivated and willing to do so.

            As soon as there are even a few wounded German police officers, most will not want to deport any Ukrainians. German police is already looking away when they see Arabs or negroes comitting crimes, never mind civil offences, because they know that there is a significant probability of violent resistance.

            The traditionally German police is gone. Trust me on that. I live in Germany.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >At worst, he gets to spend some time in German prison.

          Naturally this would mean repatriation to Ukraine and prisoner brigades.

          • Karl says:

            Of course, but compliance will mean repatriation to a Ukrainian brigade filled with draft dodgers. Same thing.

            • Kievan Rus says:

              You’re not very bright, are you. Have you ever experience being arrested? Compliance is infinitely more survivable than whatever the murderers get. But they’re not complying, dumbass. You’re offering idiotic plans of action, mixed with complacence. “Just frag the commanding officers, they will start going easy on you” became “just stab the arresting officers, they will start going easy on you” real fast. I wonder what gems you fags will come up with next week?

              • jim says:

                Not what Karl said.

                What Karl said was that consequences of compliance are likely to be worse than the consequences for killing a police officer.

                Which likely they are, particularly as if you have half a brain, you can likely get away with killing a police officer. The incompetence and inefficiency of law enforcement continues to astonish me.

                The worst case outcome of resistance:(you have to kill a police officer) are not that much worse than the outcome of compliance, and generally you can get away with non compliance if you don’t stand in the way of the bulldozer, but combine in your face resistance with appropriate evasive action. Cops are lazy, and don’t want trouble. If it is work to get you, and likely to be dangerous, their normal inefficiency redoubles. You don’t want to kill them, they don’t want to be killed, and if requires effort to create a situation where you might have to kill them, the work is unlikely to be forthcoming. The normal inefficiency and incompetence of public servants is redoubled when efficiency and competence is potentially dangerous.

                • Kievan Rus says:

                  You guys live in a la-la land. They will not be sending bobbies. They are not sending bobbies. There are 30k+ strong occupying force in Germany alone. Most refugees that are targets of these repatriation orders are not in countries within easy travel distance to Minsk. Good luck trying to “stab lazy cops” in Nevada, lol.

                  The press-gangs in Ukraine are composed of the same disposable demographic the recruits are. You can easily (the inimitable bureaucracy that is the post-communist armed forces inevitably do) assign a percentage of the press-ganged recruits to replace the losses in the press-gangs.

                  You have correctly identified that the lack of leadership and lack of co-ordination means resistance is not possible, but your recipe for action is individual leaderless heroism. Most people are not heroic, and they should call the FSB from a burner phone, and get the leadership and co-ordination from there. Or something. Definitely not whatever you guys tell them to do, because you guys have no skin in the game, and no idea.

                  Setting of incentives using judicious application of violence is the core competence of the military. Apart from logistics, it is arguably the only competence. The grunt in Donbas is very much afraid of the 20km of landmines in front of him, but he (or soon, she) is even more afraid of his commanding officer 20km behind him, and the cluster bombs zeroed in on said grunt’s current position. Many of the draftees survive, and the frontline is quite possibly months away, and there will be many opportunities to dodge during those months. Whereas the idiots that heed your action plan and try stabbing their way out through a group of two dozen MPs with a kitchen knife, will be all dead within a few days, one way or another.

                  Non-compliance works for the Arabs, because they have unity of ideology, leadership, and are constantly being provoked by outrageous things such as ambulance crews giving out condoms and free abortions, then posting about it on Facebook. It also works, of course, because the Government both funds them and declines to prosecute, even as they post their exploits on TikTok. If it were in the Government to have a 5th column comprised of Uke draft dodgers, or to give them free refuge in Canada like they did during Vietnam, that’s what would happen. But they need meat for the meatgrinder, so we see in stark relief that accommodation of Arab non-compliance has always been very much elective.

                  According to this blog, violence is not an effective means to fight globo-homo, except for this pet project of yours where inexplicably this is a very clever exploit that will win the game for the Uke draft dodgers. Conspicuously, the exploit changes every few months. The people who are going to the front line this week were told few months ago to shoot their commanding officers. Which no longer works (it never worked), reason for which explained in this very post. So you have a new very clever plan (will also never work). Unfortunately, you fags are quite influential, and lots of people will repeat this idiocy, simply because it is coming from Jim.

                • jim says:

                  You are being unresponsive.

                  When considering non compliance, watch “a policeman’s lot is not a happy one” in the “pirates of penzance”, which accurately addresses the topic.

                  Police are lazy inefficient, and ineffective at the best of times. MP3s are even more so, and sending Ukrainian press gangs is unwise, because their habitual and customary methods are illegal in Europe, and they will not be protected by the unusual and special efficiency with which the law enforcement goes after cop killers.